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Best Time To Visit New Zealand

Thinking of joining us here in New Zealand for an adventure vacation? Well, the next decision you'll need to make is when to come.

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New Zealand is a mountainous island nation sitting isolated in the Southwest Pacific, and so the weather tends to be pretty unpredictable. That said, it means that you can come at any time of year and still get glorious days! Here at the bottom of the world (or top, depending on how you look at it!) our seasons are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere’s and most people who visit New Zealand choose to come during our summer season, which is December through February.

Here's a handy infographic that we've created, that displays a few of the highlights through the calendar year! 

best time to visit NZ infographic

Summer - Warm and bustling

Months: December, January, February
North Island weather: 20-24⁰C (68-75⁰F), 60-100mm of rainfall per month
South Island weather: 19-23⁰C (66-73⁰F), 35-60mm of rainfall per month
Hiking Conditions: Long, warm days. This is definitely the most popular time to hike in New Zealand!

New Zealand truly does come into its own in the summer, as an outdoor lover's paradise. Particularly between the months of December to February you'll see people at the beach, hiking in the forest or biking on our cycling trails. It's a popular time of year for getting outdoors in nature, and experiencing life at a slower pace.

December - The start of summer, warm weather and a buzz in the air leading up to the holidays. The days are reaching their longest hours, making for plenty of time to go adventuring. Always a fantastic month to be in New Zealand.

January - Warmest month, heaps going on and the festive spirit carries on from Christmas! There are lots of summer events at this time of year, with races of all shapes and sizes most weekends, as well as festivals and concerts. 

February - Mid-summer and another fabulous and very popular month to be in New Zealand. Races and triathlons are held throughout the country each weekend, to take part in or just watch! Slap on the sunscreen and wear a hat.

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Summer Hiking in New Zealand

Photo: Kelly Zeiler and Wendy Woods enjoying a mid-summer hike in New Zealand's Siberia Valley, on board the 8 day 'Tui' trip.

Autumn/Fall - Perfect for Hiking

Months: March, April, May
North Island weather: 17-22⁰C (62-71⁰F), 90-130mm of rainfall per month
South Island weather: 13-19⁰C (55-66⁰F), 60-100mm of rainfall per month
Hiking Conditions: Cooler, less crowds on the trails, and very consistent weather. Incredible photography too!

If you want to escape the busiest season on the trails, then fall months are great for hiking. It's a little cooler, a little quieter, but so beautiful as the leaves on the trees change colour and the first dustings of snow arrive on the hills. As long as you've got a few layers of clothing, you're in for a treat because you will have most of the hiking trails to yourself.

March - Late-summer, warm days, summer breezes and moderate daylight hours to make the most of being outdoors. It's still common to get a few hot days in March, so covering up from the sun is still important! 

April - Start of Fall/Autumn - stunning colours as the leaves change colour on the trees. Crisp, clear days and there may be a bite in the air some days so you'll need an extra layer or two, but all in all it's a beautiful month and a great time to be here.

May - Early-winter, temperature dropping, but still some beautiful days.

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Autumn Fall Hiking in New Zealand

Photo: Brigitte Rosson and her travel companions, hiking early in the Nelson Lakes National Park, early April, on board the 14 day 'Rimu' Ultimate South Island Adventure.


Months: June, July, August
North Island weather: 11-15⁰C (51-59⁰F), 120-150mm of rainfall per month
South Island weather: 7-12⁰C (44-53⁰F), 70-130mm of rainfall per month
Hiking Conditions: Cool, crisp mornings with a crunch under foot. Loads of blue skies, and you'll be hiking in a tee by lunch time.

Some people don't realise how awesome New Zealand is in the winter! ...apart from our Australian visitors who head across the Tasman to make the most of our winter slopes. If you're not a skier, then it's an amazing time to come winter hiking in New Zealand – the trails are quiet and the mountains all around are snow-capped. There’s even a few hot pools that you can trek to amongst the mountains. There are a number of ski areas throughout the country, but being based in Queenstown we spend most of our time at CardronaTreble Conethe RemarkablesCoronet PeakOhau and Mount Hutt.

June - Officially the start of winter and the beginning of the wait for the first snow and the ski fields to open. It's also time for Queenstown Winter Festival, a great event held annually with plenty of activities for the whole family. 

July - Winter - ski fields open and it's all go on the mountain! Powder days and being first on the slope for the early morning runs are what it's all about. At the same time, the hiking trails are even more peaceful and serene than normal, so it's an amazing time of year to hike the backcountry valley trails.

August - Winter still and probably one of the best months for snow sports.


Winter Hiking New Zealand

Photo: Marc Ewing Chow enjoying a sunrise hike, showing us how beautiful hiking in New Zealand's winter is. This photo was taken on board our 14 day 'Winter Rimu' New Zealand Winter Adventure.


Months: September, October, November
North Island weather: 16-20⁰C (60-68⁰F), 90-120mm of rainfall per month
South Island weather: 13-19⁰C (55-66⁰F), 60-100mm of rainfall per month
Hiking Conditions: Warmer days, quiet trails, snow-capped mountains on a background of blue skies. Most New Zealander's favourite time of the year to get out hiking in the back country.

The clocks spring forward, the sun warms up and the days are longer. We all love spring! As much as we can't get enough of winter sports, we're never too sorry when the springtime sun makes an appearance. With lambs bouncing around the fields, daffodils and fruit trees blooming and the longer daylight hours, there's a definite shift in mood. Spring is an excellent time to visit New Zealand and while November tends to be fairly quiet on the tourist front, it's certainly not a bad time to be here. Being an adventure tour company, our season really cranks up in early November, so our guides are fresh and excited to be back on the road - we have heaps of trip dates scheduled throughout the season too.

September - Late-winter, snow sports usually still going strong, with the first blossoms starting to appear.

October - A change is in the air as spring comes around! There are warmer days and longer daylight hours, and everyone shakes off the winter cold.

November - Mid-spring, beautiful days and plenty of lambs jumping in the lush green fields. A little bit windy on occasion, but not too many tourists around.


Spring on the Mueller Ridge

Photo: Lynette Warmington enjoying comfortable spring hiking temperatures on the Mueller Ridge, in Mount Cook National Park. Discover the Mueller Ridge hike on board our 'Rimu' and 'Manuka' trips, on New Zealand's South Island.

Check out our Special Events page to get an idea for when some of our popular racing events and festivals are held each year.

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“Fantastic coastal walks, beautiful islands and the icing on the cake was the Tongariro Crossing which our group completed in perfect weather.”
Herts, United Kingdom
Kauri, April 2015
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Trip Reviews

  4.43 out of 5 (from 894 reviews)

Whatever the dream, if its New Zealand, find a way!!

Where do I even start?!?!? NZ has been #1 on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until I realized I couldn't wait forever for that perfect time, to have X amount of money saved, to have a companion to go with me...that I decided to JUST GO ALREADY! And I suggest you do the same! Don't wait another moment. I went alone but found the most wonderful companions I could have ever hoped for! Even got a great roommate. The guides, Claire and Jess were PHENOMENAL! I started crying off and on a few days before the end of the trip because I became that attached to them and knew I would never see them again. Leaving at the airport, I couldn't even speak I was so upset and saying goodbye. So wonderful and beyond knowledgeable! I miss Jess' cooking and Claire's coffee already and I just got back yesterday!!! But seriously folks, the Manuka was beyond what expectations I could have ever dreamed. Yes it was indeed physical, so be ready for that; but there were some flatter, easier options for those that chose to not exert so much energy. There were a couple of times I wanted to just quit, but Claire and/or Jess kept me going saying it would be worth it (for the view AND the accomplishment) and MAN WERE THEY RIGHT!!!

The food, the company, the knowledge, the laughs, the comradery, the views, the EXPERIENCES....all of it was TOP NOTCH! I have my memories that will last a lifetime; best money I have EVER spent.

Don't wait! GO! I plan to go back in a couple of years to do the entire Milford Track. That's my only regret is that I didn't spend the extra to do that. But that's on me, not AA!
June Vidrine Review Image
– Texas, United States
Manuka, March 2017
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