Why Travel With Us

Why Travel With Us

Why Travel With Active Adventures

What's an Active Adventure all about?

We're Kiwis, and for 25 years we've been sharing our love of adventures. We believe that you can't truly experience a country through a bus window, or on the tourist trails that you read about in Lonely Planet. Sure, we'll include some of those 'bucket-list' hikes and locations, but we're all about getting 'off the beaten track' and up close to the culture and people that make a destination and travel experience so special.
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Here's what an adventure with us looks like!

why us guides

Our guides and adventure planners

We're often asked the question 'Why should I travel with Active Adventures, rather than go independently and plan it myself?' and our incredible guides are the first, and biggest reason! They are the story when it comes to traveling with us. You'll be guided by personable, friendly, active, empathetic people, who love showing off our superb trip destinations, but more than just that, they love watching you experience it. Our guides will entertain you, they'll cook delicious meals for you, make sure every aspect of your trip is safe, enjoyable, and full of lasting memories. Imagine a cross between Bear Grylls, David Attenborough and a Four Seasons Hotel concierge and you'll get the idea of what these guys are like! If you've traveled with us before, we won't have to tell you what a difference an exceptional guide makes in building that special camaraderie Active Adventures trips are known for and to make the absolute most of your time. If this is your first guided trip, you're in for a real treat.
Why Travel With Us

We’re with you, every step of the way

Travel can be stressful. Airlines, luggage, connections, timing, confirmations, the list goes on. We want to make sure an adventure you embark on with us, is one you’ll rave about to your friends. Unlike most travel operators we have a specific Customer Care team who are here to help you with everything from your booking, to how you get to meet the group (and make sure you’re on time!) to any support you need while travelling. We can even help you out with your plans for before you join us and after you leave! Get home revived, relaxed, and proud of what you’ve achieved – let us take care of the nitty-gritty.
why us safety

World-class safety standards

Safety is always a priority when you're exploring in the wilderness, and we have an impeccable record. Our guides are trained extensively, they have their outdoor First Aid certificate, food safety certificate, they undergo our customised and comprehensive guide training trip and our lead guides have a full class 2 drivers license with passenger endorsement - plus there's always a support team available here at HQ. Another reason to travel with the experts.
Why Accommodation

Carefully picked locally-owned accommodation

We like to visit some exciting locations by bike, on foot, rafting, kayaking, and canyoning, but we also enjoy our creature comforts. Our days end with hot showers, clean rooms and delicious meals. We even arrange rest days, where you can read a book all day or shop till you drop. Most important of all - our aim is to exceed your expectations and we will do all we can to make this vacation the best one you've ever had. Accommodation can be very hard to come by in travel hotspots once the busy seasons really take off. By travelling with us you know that we've booked space for all of our trips years in advance, so there's never the disappointment of not being able to stay at that perfect place!
Why Travel With Us Food

Food is part of the adventure

Food is such an important part of any trip - and getting the right fuel on an active holiday is crucial. We aim to provide high quality, local and fresh food for every meal. Whether you are in a back-country hut, a remote lodge or a small town, we’ve mastered our popular recipes and handpicked our favourite restaurants, so you’ll finish every meal feeling re-energised for your next adventure. If you’ve chosen to join us on one of our overnight hiking trips, you’ll be the envy of other hut guests. Forget the dehydrated and canned food and instead enjoy delicious restaurant quality warm dinners, and of course, a tasty well-earned dessert to finish. If you have dietaries, that’s no worries at all. We cater to almost any dietary requirements - our guides are experts at whipping up feasts for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. Plus, if you have any preferences (or dislikes!), simply let us know beforehand and we’ll be sure to pass along the message to our guides.
Why Travel With Us

No hidden costs

Another reason to travel with us, as opposed to planning and taking your own trip, is cost. We believe our trips represent good value, and once you've considered all of the expenses involved in running all-inclusive trips, we think you will too. You see, we have no hidden costs and everything is included, you'll find all of this information clearly laid out in our itineraries, so you don't have to do any guesswork. This means we don't limit people to two cups of tea a day and an entree and main or main and dessert only! Other tour operators charge what looks like a really cheap price, but it only covers road transport, guides, and accommodation. We think of all the small things. This is your trip of a lifetime and we're going to do everything possible to exceed your expectations!
why us fitness v2

The physical side

Our trips are sometimes physically and mentally challenging. That said, our trips are designed for people who understand that a little challenge means a lot of reward. You might not be an athlete, or have even done any serious trekking before, but if you’ve got a little bit inside you that wants to take on a physical challenge, be it big or small, then we can help you light the fire!
Active Hearts Foundation

We give back

Joining the dots between hiking trails, we'll often pass through small, traditional towns, opting to stay the night to introduce our guests to the local way of life. We wouldn't still be running adventure tours if we hadn't taken the time to acknowledge and support small communities. After all, it's communities like this that make our trips special and unique. We also support some epic charities! These being; The Active Hearts Foundation, the Kea Conservation Trust and 180 Degrees Trust. As you can imagine, we have a lot of outdoor equipment, such as tents, packs and sleeping bags. We upgrade this gear as necessary, to keep you nice and comfortable in the backcountry, and we donate our second-hand equipment to schools in Christchurch. You could consider it an investment in our future Active Adventures guides! Also, during the busy months, we're operating many trips throughout New Zealand and whilst we plan our food requirements to 'military sophistication', we sometimes have a little leftover at the end of a tour. Our logistics team in Christchurch deliver this food, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as non-perishable items to the Salvation Army.
why us reviews

Our guests love us

You may have already spotted a heap of reviews on our website, but here are a few more, for good measure! "As a solo traveler, I rely on a trusted company that can get me safely from point A to B, especially when I’m unfamiliar with the area. At the same time, I expect them to provide excellent customer service (addressing questions/concerns, employing outgoing/knowledgeable guides, etc.). After my third trip with Active Adventures, I feel safe to assume that they check all of these boxes off for me!” - Kevin, USA (EBC Trip, June 2019) “When I started planning my New Zealand adventure vacation, more than anything, I wanted to be sure it included the right mix of activity and relaxation. The 'Kiwi' trip was spot on for me! I loved the small group size and the variety of daily adventures that were included. We covered a lot of New Zealand territory but our great guides, Lauren and Kaleb, made our travels truly awesome by keeping us informed, safe, and on-time. They were congenial, knowledgeable, organized and great fun! ” - Gloria, USA (Kiwi Trip, May 2019)

Our Trips... from our Guests' Perspective

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Take 10% off the trip price when you book a trip and pay in full

By paying in full we are able to pass on savings to our guests, but please note that by opting for this payment plan, your booking becomes non-refundable, non-cancellable, and non-changeable. This offer is only valid for reservations where the trip is no sooner than 180 days from the departure date at time of booking.

We highly recommend that you purchase Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance. We recommend Redpoint Insurance – you can find details here.

T&Cs Apply. Read more here.


Why Travel With Us


Experience adventure the way you want

You’ll be inspired and exhilarated, enjoying mind-blowing scenery on foot, in a sea kayak, or by bike - all at your own pace.

benefits awards

Crafting award-winning trips for decades - the Kiwi way

We're proud of our Kiwi roots and you’ll love our professional and warm style of hosting. We’re always here to help with planning... even hiking boot recommendations!

benefit time v2

Every detail covered, to maximise your time

We've got everything covered – top-notch meals, comfortable transport, superb accommodation, amazing guides and INCREDIBLE service.

benefit group travel

Group travel for those who aren’t ‘group travelers’

With an average of 12 guests per departure and an industry-leading 6:1 guest-to-guide ratio, you'll get to know your fellow travelers and have the flexibility to go at your own pace.

benefit gems

Explore hidden gems through our expert local guides

All our carefully selected guides are highly experienced and have deep personal connections to nature and culture. You’ll enjoy an authentic local experience.

benefit review

4.85 out of 5 from 6601 reviews. That’s pretty solid.

We could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our trips are... but the best people to hear it from are our guests themselves.

Frequently asked questions

Who travels on an Active trip?

We’re not in the business of qualifying people for an Active tour based on their age, or fitness level, or where they come from – or anything else for that matter. We always design our trips with ultimate flexibility in the forefront of our minds. All we ask – and this is important – is that you have a genuine desire to take an active vacation. And in return we’ll totally exceed your expectations and share with you our favourite places in a wonderfully personalised way, that no other company achieves. You can be 22 or 78 years old and still enjoy a trip of a lifetime with us. If you’re still not sure, give us a bell and we’ll talk you through the details.

How do I book flights?

We recommend to research flights online first and then check in with us here at Active HQ. After years of helping travellers achieve their dreams, we certainly know a good flight deal when we see one.

We also recommend chatting to our preferred travel partner – Fuzion TravelThey’re our experienced hand-picked experts in travel, passionate about what they do, and will tailor-make your flight itinerary to match your Active Adventures tour. 

Get in touch with them directly by email – active@fuziontravel.co.nz or at +1-833-244-5886 from USA and Canada or +64-9-527-7893 and let them know your preferred travel plans, including any stopovers or extra nights’ accommodation, and theyll put everything in place for you. They offer a total travel solution and five-star service that you’ll want to tell your friends about! 

Also, please be aware that travel insurance is a must on all our trips and means you can travel with peace of mind.

What's included on an Active Adventure?

Our trips fares include just about everything, specifically:

  • Guiding services
  • Accommodation
  • Meals and snacks (except on days specified in our itineraries where we have found people enjoy sampling the local cafes, eateries and bars)
  • All your activities (although there are optional extras available if you want more)
  • Transport for the duration of your trip

All you need to do is arrive and bring some pocket money for souvenirs, a few drinks here and there if you want them and for a few meals.


What if I don’t have time to do a whole trip?

We appreciate that not everyone is able to take a lot of vacation or holiday time, so our trips are all really flexible. If you’re tight on time then we can talk through some shorter trip options that mean you can still have an amazing experience, and we can shorten it to suit your time frame. Call or email us and we’ll work it out for you.


What is the accommodation like on Active trips?

Our accommodation varies from trip to trip and day-to-day – you’ll stay in a variety of places from jungle lodges to mountain huts, local motels and friendly lodges. Our focus is on getting you out into amazing places in the most stunning parts of the world, so this isn’t a tour of the world’s fanciest hotels! Another focus of ours is having a good place to rest and rejuvenate at the end of a busy day, and to make sure we are fully charged for the next day’s activities, so you’ll always find yourself in a clean, comfortable room, quite often with a spectacular view

Trip prices are based on twin-share arrangements (i.e. two guests per room), unless otherwise stated. For solo travellers, we'll pair you with another person of the same gender to share rooms with and if there's no one suitable to share with, there's no forced single supplement! However, if you specifically request your own rooms, you can opt to pay the single supplement fee. Solo travellers who book within 90 days of departure, where there are no other solo travellers willing to share, will be required to pay the single supplement fee.

Families consisting of four guests travelling with children aged 17 and under will be automatically assigned one shared room. However, the following alternative rooming allocations are available:

  • Families consisting of four guests with all children aged 13 and above are welcome to opt for additional rooms as per advertised double occupancy adult rates.
  • Families consisting of four guests with at least one child aged 12 and under are automatically assigned a shared room. However, families can opt to pay the adult rates for all guests in their family to have an additional room.
  • The same principles apply for families consisting of more than four guests.

Rooming preferences are subject to availability and must be communicated in writing at time of booking. Automatic assignments as per this policy will be applied in the absence of any specification provided by guests. Any request for additional rooms during trips will be at guests’ own expense and subject to rates made available by the accommodation provider at the time. All minors (guests aged 17 and under) must be accompanied by at least one adult.

Who else will be on the trip?

Our trips attract a wide range of people from all different backgrounds, countries and ages, which makes our small group adventures all the more interesting and fun. All our people tend to enjoy active lifestyles, great food, good company and new experiences. If this sounds like you, then you’ll be in good company. If you’re feeling nervous about traveling in a group, then you won’t be the only one and we can assure you that it almost always works out to be a positive and life enriching experience. There’s also plenty of time to enjoy your own company if you don’t want to do group time for the whole time and you can go at your own pace on the trails. We’re really flexible and can ensure your trip is everything you want it to be, and hopefully more.

Do I need any outdoor experience to go on an Active Adventure?

You certainly don’t need any technical skills (such as kayaking lessons or rope skills) though some outdoor experience in hiking would be an advantage or a good idea to try before you arrive. This is so you can be familiar with your hiking boots and have them well worn in (blisters are really no fun), setting a comfortable and sustainable hiking pace and making sure you are all set to have the best possible time.


What level of fitness do I need?

It’s difficult to specify a fitness level as there’s no universal rule, but we’ve found time and time again that people who enjoy active lifestyles involving walking, gym sessions, swimming, travelling, bike riding or keeping fit, usually love our trips. Our trips can be challenging in places, though with a few practice hikes under your belt before you arrive, you’ll find yourself in good shape to enjoy yourself thoroughly. If you’re looking for a bus tour, then our trips are probably not for you, as while we do have to spend a bit of time in our trusty transport, it’s only so we can see the best places and get to the next stunning hike or viewpoint to get out and get our boots dirty.

If you're looking for some support to help you get prepared for your trip of a lifetime, try Fit For Trips. They'll provide you with a complimentary fitness consultation. They customise their Fit For Trips programs specifically for you to make the most of the activities in your chosen itinerary. 

Will it be too active for me?

This is the question we get asked the most! Our trips are designed for real people who enjoy the outdoors, so you don’t have to be a triathlete in training or anything (though if you are, that’s all good too)! You’ll find our trips are active, challenging in places (like on the Inca trail or on the 3-day hike in New Zealand for instance) and will leave you rejuvenated, refreshed and full of energy by the end. Age and experience is not important, as long as you enjoy being outdoors, are open to trying new things and want to feel a fantastic sense of achievement at the end of every day then our trips are for you. We always recommend doing practice hikes and a bit of training before your trip so you can enjoy your experience all the more. Our fantastic guides will encourage you on your way, make sure you are comfortable and well informed, and ensure you are having the trip of a lifetime. You will be in good company!


What is your cancellation policy?

CANCELLATION BY YOU (Worldwide trips)

In the event you need to cancel your trip, the following cancellation charges will apply: 

  • Cancellation 91 days before trip departure: Full trip payment refunded, less deposit
  • Cancellation 90-61 days before trip departure: 50% of trip payment refunded. 50% forfeit. 
  • Cancellation 60-0 days before trip departure: 100% forfeit.


In the event you need to cancel your trip, the following cancellation charges will apply: 

  • Cancellation 181 days before trip departure: Full trip payment refunded, less deposit
  • Cancellation 180-91 days before trip departure: 50% of trip payment refunded. 50% forfeit. 
  • Cancellation 90-0 days before trip departure: 100% forfeit. 

Any deposits not transferred to future trips are non-refundable and will be forfeited. All refunds are less any non-refundable expenses incurred by Active Adventures. 

Requested changes to your trip and/or date must be made prior to 90 days before your departure.  In the event you need to change your trip and/or date, the following will apply: 

  • One change (trip and/or date): free of charge  
  • Second and subsequent changes: A fee of 300 per person per change consistent with the currency in which your booking was made (USD $300, CAD $300, NZD $300, GBP £300, EUR €300, AUD $300) 
  • New trip pricing (where applicable) will apply for all changes 

A cancellation or postponement will take effect from the date which Active Adventures receives written notification of the cancellation or postponement. This cancellation policy includes voluntary or involuntary early departure from a trip. No refunds will be given for missed or unused services such as accommodation, activities or meals. We strongly recommend travel insurance which covers cancellation fees at the time of booking. 

*Cancellation and postponement terms and conditions may differ for certain group trips, as well as Cruises, Private Journeys, and Extensions. These exceptions are clearly indicated in the detailed itineraries for each of these trips. 


We occasionally may have to cancel any trip at any time before departure for commercial reasons beyond our control, including if the minimum numbers required to operate the trip are not reached.  If we do have to cancel your trip, you can transfer the fare to an alternate departure date for no additional fee or alternatively opt for a refund, including your deposit.  

In circumstances where the cancellation is due to any conditions or event outside our control, including but not limited to natural disasters, pandemics, border restrictions, terrorism or political instability, Active Adventures will re-book you on an alternative trip or will offer you a future trip credit valid for 24 months. 

If you’re re-booked to a new departure, as a result of your booking being cancelled by us or force majeure, the cancellation terms in effect on the date when your booking was changed will apply for your new booking. 

All credits and refunds resulting from cancellations for any reason will be less any non-refundable expenses incurred by Active Adventures.  Active Adventures is not responsible for any additional expenses you may have incurred as a result of your booking, including but not limited to visas, vaccinations, medical expenses, clothing, equipment, testing, quarantine, travel insurance excess or non-refundable flights.  

How do I book my trip?

Whenever you’re ready, it’s easy to book your Active Adventure. When you’ve done your research, driven yourself crazy with the choices and made your final decision, follow these steps:

1. Book your spot

The fastest way to reserve your trip is to give our experts a call

Alternatively, you can complete a booking request directly from our website - you'll just need to choose the departure date that suits you and fill in your personal details and pay your deposit, which is $500 per person. Once you’re all signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email giving you access via a login on our Your Travel Details page where you can access your booking pages and fill in your trip details online.

2. Check your international flight options

Your booking pages and trip notes will outline where you need to be and when to start your trip, so you can move forward with booking your flights. If you’re lucky enough to have time, it’s nice to arrive a few days early to settle into the new place and get used to your surroundings. If you’re on a tight schedule it’s no worries, the trip start time will be outlined in your trip information.

You’ll no doubt have your own preferred method of researching flights, however, we do recommend that you contact our preferred travel partner - Fuzion Travel. We’ve chosen them to work with our guests because they’re very good at what they do, and their super impressive service standards match ours. Email them on active@fuziontravel.co.nz or phone toll-Free from USA & Canada: +1-833-244-5886.

3. Complete your booking pages online

By logging into your online booking information via our club page you’ll gain access to your itinerary, useful info, a detailed packing list and all the information you need for your trip. There are a few things to fill in – medical and dietary information, insurance details, gear hire requests etc. – to ensure you are well prepared for your adventure.

4. You're all set

You can now start packing your bags and crossing the dates off your calendar. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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