Embracing Local Culture Enhances the Travel Experience - the Māori Culture of New Zealand

Embracing Local Culture Enhances the Travel Experience - the Māori Culture of New Zealand

Traveling goes beyond visiting new lands; it grants the traveler the chance to fully engage with different ways of life. Developing an appreciation of the local culture while traveling, opens doors to authentic experiences, and deepens connections.



PROVIDENCE, RI.,  – June 16, 2023

A recent Wakefield Research Study found that for travel in 2023, 97% of travelers' key consideration and motivator for travel was to encounter authentic experiences that embrace local cultures, with 68% seeking opportunities to explore historical sites and cultural heritage. Active Adventures offers a range of experiences for their guests to engage, learn, and forge connections with the indigenous heritage of New Zealand. 

Māori culture is an integral part of day-to-day life in New Zealand. Māori and English are the official languages of New Zealand, with both languages seen on road signs and public buildings. Māori phrases are used in mainstream media and in everyday New Zealand English conversations. The connection between the land, the sea, and its people has huge significance to Māori, with many myths and legends recounting how the earth and New Zealand came to be. These stories are retold in beautiful wood carvings, artwork and designs that are seen all over the country.  

On an Active Adventure in New Zealand there are many opportunities to engage in this unique culture: 

When we asked Miriam (Maryland, USA) a recent guest of our Ultimate North Island Adventure tour, what the highlight of her trip was, she said “An inspiring guided forest tour by a Māori leader and cultural performances that brought out the uniqueness of the Māori culture – an outstanding experience!”  Lynda (California, USA) who also recently traveled this tour commented, “Our two guides’ expert knowledge of local culture made this trip unforgettable. We were treated to a wide variety of experiences and every day was an adventure!” 

By investing time in learning local greetings, comprehending customary practices, and being immersed in the vibrant cultural narratives of New Zealand, travelers will experience a vacation adventure in ways beyond imagination. All these experiences will undoubtedly make a visit all the more memorable and deepen the traveler’s connection to Aotearoa “the Land of the Long White Cloud”, New Zealand


About Active Adventures & Austin Adventures:  

With over 60 years of combined experience, Active Adventures and Austin Adventures set the standard for inspiring, all-inclusive, small-group adventures in the most breathtaking regions of the world. Their teams across New Zealand, North America, Peru, Nepal, and the Netherlands ensure every detail is looked after. Hand-picked guides with a wealth of experience and local knowledge lead the way as guests enjoy exclusive accommodations, top-notch dining, and unique activities showcasing the best of each region.  

Each of their 100+ trips is crafted to perfection, encouraging guests to not only challenge themselves physically but also to take a deep dive into the local way of life in every destination. For more information, please visit activeadventures.com and austinadventures.com.