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  • Ellie, Emma and Pepper

    “Best team ever! I thought Eric from Peru couldn't be topped but these guys are right up there with him!”
    Pat Dyble – Michigan, United StatesKiwi, March 2019
  • Kauri Trip

    “My husband and I did the full 11 day trip with Josh and Annika. We had a small group of seven which was perfect. I was outside my comfort zone a few times, but our guides and trip mates provided the encouragement I needed. I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to the Maori culture, especially Josh's Maori tales. Annika was an awesome cook, whipping up delicious picnics and evening meals. One thing is for sure--you will never go hungry on and Active Adventures trip!! The behind the scenes work was flawless. As far as we knew, food magically appeared and the bus never ran out of gas!! We were blessed with wonderful weather until Cyclone Oma made its appearance, but Josh and Annika provided alternate hikes that kept us dry (for the most part) and happy.”
    Debbie Perona – Indiana, United StatesKauri, March 2019
  • Better than winning the lottery!

    “Cannot say enough wonderful things about Active Adventures. This was our 2nd time traveling with Active AND having the wonderful fortune of Andy and Jo being our guides again as well. Tui was such a fun trip and wonderful way to spend the holidays! Every day was full of amazing scenery, laughter and adventure. NEVER a dull moment! And, as always, Andy and Jo took such great care of us every step of the way. When you travel with them, it's like being with family (family that you WANT to travel with!!)! They make you laugh, embrace the awe around you, push your limits in a safe manner, and just enjoy everything about life.

    The only complaint was that the trip had to eventually come to an end and it's been hard re-adjusting to the reality of being back home!! We keep looking for sheep and waterfalls and weren't fond of trading the hiking shoes back in for work shoes - -but it's only until our next adventure with Active. Thank you Jo and Andy for not only being the most fantastic guides, but now also our dear friends. We truly love you guys!
    Sharon Wultich – California, United StatesTui, March 2019
  • Wild Weka Trip Feb 17 - March 2...!

    “This Weka trip in New Zealand was undoubtably the best trip package that we have ever been on and we've been on quite a few! Of the 15 best destinations to visit on the south island, I'll bet that we saw twenty of them during our trip. Unbelievably beautiful country, kind, helpful and fit citizens plus our guides were extremely experienced and attentive to each and every one of our diverse interests. For me some of the best highlights were: the ferry ride on fabulous Milford Sound, the bike ride to Mavora Lake through the stunning and primitive country (even in a sleet storm!), the two big hikes up Key Summit and Mueller Glacier for awesome views, skinny dipping in pristine, turquoise Lake Pukaki, group jumps at Castle Hill and hikes through the rain forest around Lake Matheson. Our lead guide Danny was superb in her driving skills along the narrow NZ roadways. Every time we passed a noteworthy spot, she would grab the microphone and give us a run down of the unique NZ vegetation, birds or geology. I found her comments particularly informative and spot on. I would also recommend that folks taking this trip consider running the Shotover River white water raft excursion on their day off in Queenstown. In summary, this trip was a "6" on a "5" scale...! ”
    Peter Cowdery-Corvan – New York, United StatesWeka, March 2019
  • Rimu Trip

    “This trip was such a treat! We enjoyed the amazing variety of the South Island's varied geography, well-plan activities, delicious meals, and best of all fun, skilled and engaging guides.”
    Nancy Rooney – Virginia, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • The Magical South Island

    “Our guides, Ellie and Emma, were the best ever. They bent over backwards to accommodate everyone on the trip. Each day revealed another wonderful aspect of New Zealand geography and culture. All my senses were overwhelmed by the beauty and magic of this place. This small group trip was active, fun, informative, and worthy of anyone's bucket list!”
    Stephanie Greenley – Texas, United StatesKiwi, March 2019
  • Fabulous Trip

    “From the minute we met our group and guides we knew we were going to have a wonderful trip. The guides were very knowledgeable about the eco sysyem, history, legends, geography of New Zealand. They communicated on a regular basis of the places we were hiking and the places we were staying. The country of New Zealand is so beautiful with the coastline, mountains and forests.”
    Kerry Froehlich – Minnesota, United StatesKiwi, March 2019
  • Amazing Trip!

    “I can't say enough good things about Tess, Laura, and the whole Active Adventures team. They really gave us a special trip that we'll never forget. ”
    Steve Clark – California, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • Best Trip Ever in the History of Trips

    “I wish there were more stars to add for how much we enjoyed our Rimu trip. My husband and I took our two teenage sons and the four of us couldn't have been happier. The level of hospitality offered by our guides, Laura and Tess was out of this world. We learned so much about everything we saw, and were treated like royalty. Chef Laura was amazing, my boys are still raving about all of the meals she made. Tess was an excellent driver and trip leader. Together, they were perfect. Zero complaints. Our trip had the perfect balance of physical activity and beautiful drives through the country.I can not recommend this trip enough. It blew our expectations away. We knew we would have a great time, but not THIS much of a great time. Active Adventures gets an A+++. We can't wait to sign up for another trip.”
    Kori Clark – California, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • Vacation of a lifetime

    “My wife and I were blessed with being paired with a couple of the best guides New Zealand has. Not only were Josh and Annika knowledgeable with the hikes and other adventures, but also the history of the country and the Maori. They catered to our needs to the point it turned into a running joke “ you forgot the oatmeal”. Anyways, after the second day they felt like family. The north island of New Zealand is even more beautiful than I imagined. Great job Active Adventure!”
    Sam Swartz – Michigan, United StatesKauri, March 2019
  • As good as it gets

    “Active Adventures does everything right. Ellie and Ruby were fantastic tour guides, all accommodations were top-notch,and the food was fabulous. The itinerary was just right. Filled with amazing sites and activities, but never too much to enjoy it all. Just perfect.”
    Heidi Moak – New York, United StatesKiwi, March 2019
  • Awesome - the best trip ever!

    “Well... from the time Pepper and Hailey picked us up we were in excellent care - and totally not aware of what was waiting for us! The beautiful South Island is just there waiting to be enjoyed, but it was Pepper and Hailey that made the trip really extra-ordinary! They are a dynamic team together! We enjoyed incredible meals sprinkled with great conversation and always entertained by Pepper and Hailey's vibrant personalities! They were so fun and engaging!
    What was my favorite part of the Rimu Trip? Everyday! Ha! :) I did love everyday - there were no bad days! And in my opinion, every day was indeed PERFECT! (well except on the 1st day at the Braemer Station when I messed up the coffee! That is story that should be shared from Pepper's point of view!!)

    A memory maker for sure was when we were on our way into Milford Sound. It had rained most of the day as we hiked Kepler and Routeburn Tracks, and I did not realize what a gift this was going to be for us as we drove through the Homer-Tunnel and then emerged into daylight to witness these spectacular waterfalls flowing everywhere!! Pepper had cued up some beautiful-emotional music that crescendo-ed just as we hit daylight and the sight of those waterfalls! An amazing memory that could not be captured on film but will be etched in my memory and heart for a life-time!! It was a thrill that left me silent as we made the drive down to the shores of Milford Sound. Stunning.
    Our weather turned from rain to sunshine and we enjoyed a hike to Roberts Point with a beautiful view of Franz Josef Glacier. It was the first time that Pepper had a sunny day to do this hike and see the glacier too! So, you know it's a great day when the Active Adventure guide is taking pictures too! :) Pepper gifted us with Whittaker chocolate at the top of Roberts Point as well. A treat!! It is the little things that Pepper did every day that made what we were doing so, so special.
    Another highlight for me was the 3-day hike in Nelson Lakes. There were 3 firsts for me on this hike. The first time I went over-night back-packing as opposed to long day hikes and a stay in a nice hotel for the evening. The first time I carried a full backpack loaded down. :) The first time I slept out in a tent under the stars in the mountains. And even more special to be the mountains in NZ. My husband and I enjoyed witnessing the massive number of stars we could see in the night sky! A very special night.
    The hike from Saint Arnaud to Lakehead Hut - and then to Angelus Hut was a challenge and a thrill. The mountains and the streams were so beautiful making that steep climb to Angelus Hut. Once at Angelus Hut we enjoyed sitting on the deck and sharing stories and drinking hot tea. And I do believe our guides got some proper treatment with a shoulder massage for one and a foot massage for the other. (we were working hard to win their hearts as they had won ours!) We got up early to begin our last trek and another wonderful site to see the sunrise come over the mountains and cast its beautiful glow on the lake. The hike along Roberts Ridge was also stunning. I loved every part of this 3-day hike!!

    So, we as a group all loved Pepper and Hailey and told them often that they were having 5-star days! It only seemed logical that we would be their favorite group! Right!? We asked several times - and although they hid their true feelings well, we did all receive Active Adventure hats at our last dinner! So, we must have been their favorites! right!? Thank you to the marketing team for that gift. I wore mine home!
    Saying good-bye was hard. Who would have thought that we would fall so in love with New Zealand and our Active Adventure guides! But we did. A very sad good-bye as we watched the van pull away.
    As you can tell my heart was touched deeply by this trip, so thank you to all of you behind the scenes as well. You do all things with excellence! Pepper and Hailey do all things with excellence!! Please know that.
    New Zealand, Active Adventures, Pepper and Hailey captured my heart - that is the bottom line for me. Thank you again for this EPIC trip! and I can only hope that I will return one day and do another trip.

    KC Hicks – South Carolina, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “Can't say enough about how we loved our trip with active adventures! Lovely accommodations. Not fancy but comfortable with excellent locations. Loved the communal meals. We had a special group. Maddie and Danni were fantastic guides. Can't say enough about Danni. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious. Both ladies had a unexhausting knowledge of the area, flora and fauna and the history of New Zealand and the Moari. What a special pair leading a special trip.”
    Wayne Heike – Massachusetts, United StatesWeka, March 2019
  • Manuka Trip 2019

    “This was a wonderful trip! Our first time in New Zealand -- what an enchanting country. Jackie and Lauren were great hosts: efficient, safe transport, wonderful food, and a fount of information and knowledge about our travels and in response to questions. The hand-over to Ultimate Travel for the Milford Track went smoothly and we felt well-prepared physically and mentally by all the hikes we went on beforehand. We were sad to have the trip end at last, but feel we have made some good friends and have had a marvelous vacation. Thank you!”
    Don Cooke – California, United StatesManuka, March 2019
  • A Wonderful Experience

    “Our trip exceeded expectations. First of all, New Zealand is a beautiful country and the people welcoming and kind. The weather was great as well with only 3 days having any sort of rain. Specific to our Active Adventures tour, our guides Pepper and Hailey were exceptional. They were skilled in their respective roles in guiding, understanding, listening, informing and driving. We all bonded with them on the first day! Five out of five stars! Our tour bus was comfortable and safe. The food was perfect. I'm a picky eater but somehow almost everything tasted great to me. The activities were challenging yet within our physical capabilities. I would not have wanted to do the 3 day Nelson Lakes hike in the pouring rain but the weather cooperated and was beautiful! Thanks to Active Adventures New Zealand for a wonderful time we will always remember!”
    Rich Stones – California, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • How can I retire in New Zealand?

    “Everywhere you look in New Zealand is beautiful. You simply cannot take enough photos and they never quite capture the magnanimity of it beauty. To top all the amazing places we travelled, our group was fortunate enough to have two truly amazing guides, Laura and Tess. Both were well-informed about the flora and fauna (never thought I'd get so interested in native birds!), great cooks, had hilarious personalities (Tess was a great prankster!), and were strong women (Laura carried TWO packs at Nelson Lakes!). New Zealand, you hit the lottery with your resources: your beauty and your people. ”
    Laura Evans – Virginia, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • Rimu Adventure

    “The Rimu set the bar high for my first 14 days in New Zealand. The adventure format was excellent with challenging hikes full of vistas and undulating walks through the temperate rainforests. Amplifying the Rimu were Daniel and Kelsey, who are excellent & special leaders, full of care & concern for our group as a whole and for each individual group member. They provided constant support and encouragement in all the hikes. They took every opportunity to provide additional treks and insights above and beyond the program format. They earned my trust and respect. They imparted their local knowledge and insights into the Maori culture both on the trail and on the bus. The accommodation & meals were exceptional. Between your trip schedule & the excellence of your leaders, the Rimu has been one of my best treks ever!!”
    Dave Voino – Ontario, CanadaRimu, March 2019
  • Kauri adventure

    “The Kauri achieved the high bar set by the Rimu for my last 11 days in New Zealand. In between the two Active Adventures, I did the Kepler with 6 Auzzie friends. The Kauri adventure format was excellent with shorter but challenging hikes full of vistas and undulating walks through the temperate rainforests. Amplifying the Kauri were Andy and Jo who are excellent & special leaders, full of care & concern for our group as a whole and for each individual group member. They provided constant support and encouragement in all the hikes. They took every opportunity to provide additional treks & adventures and insights above and beyond the program format. They earned my trust and respect. They imparted their local knowledge and insights into the Maori culture both on the trail and on the bus. The accommodation & meals were exceptional. Between your trip schedule & the excellence of your leaders, the Kauri has been one of my best treks ever!! ”
    Dave Voino – Ontario, CanadaKauri, March 2019
  • It was a trip of a lifetime.

    “Our guides, the landscape, the food, the itinerary and all the active adventure made our two weeks with AA on New Zealand's south island non-stop enjoyment. Did I mention the guides....oh yes... they were absolutely incredible. They did everything possible to provide us with an amazing experience - they were better than the scenery, which is really saying something. ”
    Cynthia Orcutt – Maine, United StatesWeka, March 2019
  • Weka - a trip we'll never forget

    “We had high expectations for this trip, having been recommended by friends - and it exceeded these in every respect. We've been all over the world on biking/ walking holidays and this was easily the best. We met some great people in our group - we all seemed to gel really well. Every day was a highlight and our guides Dani and Maddi were simply superb - they worked so hard to make sure everything was the best it could be - hopefully they enjoyed their time with all of us as much as we did with them. Already thinking about coming back!”
    John Bain – Inverurie, United KingdomWeka, March 2019
  • Best Ever

    “Absolutely LOVED the WEKA trip! While challenging, it was also just the amount of activity and relaxing down time. With the help of our incredible guides, we laughed, learned about the culture and land and really had a chance to sample the many diverse places of the South island. Thank you Maddie and Dani!”
    Mary Ellen Heike – Massachusetts, United StatesWeka, March 2019
  • Bert V Rimu 18 Feb - Mar 3

    “I took a leap of faith based on TripAdvisor and other online reviews (and was otherwise blind to how it would turn out)
    and it was everything it was advertised to be. I would have never known how to get to all the places that were visited.
    The guides were well organized and energetic, and you could tell that the accomodations were well thought out.”
    Bert Verstraete – New Mexico, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • South Island Highlights

    “I took the Rimu Active Adventure trip to finally see the things I'd missed out on the South Island from my three previous visits. I was happy to have a holiday and be taken care of by two wonderful young women who were knowledgeable, capable, and fun! One was a great cook and the other a competent driver. Both were very fit and ambitious!! It was fabulous to see all the sights and do active things every day around the island. The guides shared history and stories of the landscape, animals and Maori customs. Probably what stood out to me, as the slowest hiker and biker, was the patience exhibited by the guides. They stayed with me and encouraged me when I was struggling, never once making me feel bad. They each deserve a medal for the care they showed to each and every one of us on the trip. Thank you to Active Adventures and Pepper and Hailey!!”
    Tammy Owen – Oregon, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • Active and an adventure!

    “We had a great two weeks with Kim and Astrid. They are unfailingly well-organized, enthusiastic, and energetic and took us to see spectacular places. I will never forget being presented with birthday cupcakes (complete with a candle), while sitting on a gravel beach beside a glacial lake. ”
    Deborah Chotner – Virginia, United StatesKiwi, March 2019
  • Active Adventure Kiwi Trip with Kim and Astrid

    “Active Adventures is a great group to tour New Zealand. If you love the outdoors and hitting all the cool spots, this is the trip for you. We are glad we didn't have to drive the hairpins curves of the South Island and felt totally comfortable in the small van. Lots of activities were planned and we never felt that we were trapped in the van. Our leaders, Kim and Astrid were top notch and fed us well too. Seamless travel in a lovely country.”
    Annie Gillespie – Texas, United StatesKiwi, March 2019
  • Kiwi - February, 2019

    “'Wonderful trip. The guides were excellent, and our tour-mates were, too. New Zealand is spectacular and lived up to my "bucket-list" expectations. (It helped that we had outstanding weather - believe it or not.) The hiking was great. The general atmosphere in New Zealand was a pleasure to experience: open and friendly, laid back but energetic. All in all, a super vacation.”
    Maynard Davis – Virginia, United StatesKiwi, March 2019
  • NZ at its Best

    “Simply an amazing trip. From the moment we landed our guides sought out our specific interests and gave us so much more adventure and fun than even we had in mind.
    The itinerary was clear, manageable, comprehensive and with options it was also individualized.
    With a wide range of ages and athletic focus our group came away smiling —a testament to Kaleb and Ruby P, our amazing NZ guides”
    Melanie Abrams – California, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • M Martin Kauri

    “Excellent - really enjoyed it. Combined with the Tui trip I feel we got covered a lot of New Zealand in two weeks.”
    Marg Martin – Ontario, CanadaKauri, March 2019
  • Incredible country, amazing guides

    “We now understand the allure of New Zealand. It's a country that is cherished by the people who live there and it shows in how they preserve and appreciate its beauty. We were lucky to have a wonderful group of people, but most of all, the guides Maddi and Danni made the trip special. They were extremely hard working but made the trip fun and relaxing while maintaining the "Active" in Active Adventures. You're lucky to have both of them, and we look forward to going back to see the north island.”
    Kenji Sax – Nevada, United StatesWeka, March 2019
  • Active Adventure Kiwi Trip with Kim and Astrid

    “This was an outstanding trip for newly retired travelers who love the outdoors. The emphasis was on spending as much time as possible in the extraordinary South Island landscape and minimizing the time on the bus. The guides were knowledgeable and charming. This trip cannot be effectively duplicated by unguided travelers. ”
    Trey Gillespie – Montana, United StatesKiwi, March 2019
  • Kiwi Trip 2019

    “Great support for a wide-ranging visit to a wonderful place”
    John Crandell – Virginia, United StatesKiwi, March 2019
  • A welcoming time...

    “Before leaving for NZ, we had read and heard about the incredible Kiwi hospitality. We were pleased that these impressions were not just realized but surpassed. Our first and best impression was made by our AA guides. While thoroughly professional and knowledgeable they also made each of us feel not only welcome but over the course of our trip made our group a real traveling community. ”
    Lisa Winger – Illinois, United StatesTui, March 2019
  • 5 star Tui trip

    “Dear Active adventures:

    My husband and I were recently on the tui trip with Tess and Astrid. We would like to say that we were extremely happy with the overall trip from the pick up in Christchurch to dropoff in Queenstown.

    The scheduling, accommodations, entertainment and expertise from our guides as well as the overall itinerary was second to none. Tess and Astrid were knowledgeable, organized, professional and responsible with just the right amount of humor. It was fun to have Holly join us for siberia valley and matched the high level of service your whole team demonstrated. Thank you for the flawless and amazing adventure. ”
    Jenna Rowland – Colorado, United StatesTui, March 2019
  • Tui Fun with Nick B and Elder

    “Nick and Elder were fantastic guides. Although we were rained out of one of our major events for the week, they did a good job of modifying the schedule of activities to get us close to what we were expecting to do. Nick and Elder could not have been more patient and positive for a group of wildly different ages and abilities. Their playfulness and sense of humor was great.

    We were treated to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and there was an amazing mix of activities with hiking, biking, kayaking, helicopters (optional), scenic flight, jet boating, cruising, and relaxing in Queenstown. To get all of that in required a lot of daily movement and long hours in the van. The only real time to relax was the two-night stay in Queenstown.

    Overall, it was a great trip with a good group of people, great guides and lots of activity and sightseeing.

    Jeff Lum – Washington, United StatesTui, March 2019
  • Everything I Hoped For

    “This was the first organized adventure tour I've ever been on and I have to say the bar has been set extremely high. Everything about this trip was exceptional--not just the activities, which were superbly planned and executed, but the food (too much good food--I guess that's a criticism. I gained three pounds and I expected to lose a few), the hotels, and the company. Our guides Dan and Ruby were so fun and professional, incredibly prepared and at our beck and call. I loved all the activities; I'm a pretty experienced backpacker and the trip we took to Angeles Hut has to rank among the best trips I ever took in my life. I'm completely sold on Active Adventures and will be looking to take additional trips with them when I can afford it.”
    Brad Shurmantine – California, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “I absolutely loved the Rimu Trip. Our guides, Astrid and Kim, were absolutely fabulous. The trip was well planned out, accommodations were first class, the food was simply amazing. I am so glad I found Active Adventures to take this trip around New Zealand's South Island.”
    Uli Keeley – Colorado, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • New Zealand's North Island is simply amazing

    “I had a fabulous time touring the North Island with Andy and Jo. They are a wonderful team. Completing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing was definitely the highlight of the trip!”
    Uli Keeley – Colorado, United StatesKauri, March 2019
  • NZ Tui Adventure

    “Fantastic guides. Excellent travel mates. Organized and well thought out itinerary. ”
    Jill Lum – Washington, United StatesTui, March 2019
  • Rimu 2019

    “We had a great time seeing some extraordinary scenery. Our guides, James and MJ, where knowledgeable, great cooks and fun to be around. This was a trip of a lifetime.”
    Marc Collette – Maine, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • Unforgettable Honeymoon

    “Our Tui trip was the best decision we could have made for a honeymoon! Our guides, Elder and Nick, went above and beyond to ensure we were all having a wonderful time. We can't choose just one favorite part of our trip. ”
    Jo Geren – California, United StatesTui, March 2019
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “Wonderful country, Great guides, awesome scenery, fun activities”
    Dave Anderson – Virginia, United StatesRimu, March 2019
  • Nothing short of Amazing!

    “I was a bit timid booking an online trip halfway around the world however, the process was very thorough and very easy to follow. My questions were answered within a day and I understood exactly what to expect from them and exactly what was needed from me.

    Once I arrived and met DK and Kelsey, our guides for the next 8 days. Every.Single.Detail. was absolutely perfect! Our group was small and intimate, our accommodations very comfortable, the walks were just right- some challenging and some relaxed.

    The country is absolutely majestic! I learned so much about the culture and the people of New Zealand, the environment, the history, and conservation practices.

    The biggest take-away for me was how genuine and authentic this trip was. Our guides were not just doing their job but, they made sure to get to know each one of us as individuals and found ways to make sure each person enjoyed the trip regardless of abilities, personalities and needs. Best of all was the care and love they have, not just for New Zealand but, for the entire world and humanity. I don't know if this is true for all Kiwi's but, what a fine example these two set for all of us to follow.
    Thank you so very much!
    I promise, you will not go wrong booking this adventure! ”
    Peggy Meder – Virginia, United StatesTui, March 2019
  • New Zealand Highlights

    “Pim, Astrid and Ruby were excellent. A lot of driving time. You need to do that to see all you want but be aware.”
    Sue Schwager – Massachusetts, United StatesTui, March 2019
  • This is a Must For NZ!!

    “I was planning my 30th birthday and stumbled across active adventures and it was the best thing ever! In one week I felt like I truly got a great idea of the north island than I ever could have done by myself! With the hiking and maintaining biking and swimming, I was able to see all of the natural wonders and I have photos for a lifetime. If you love the outdoors and love to travel, this is the group to join!”
    Michael Mozia – New Jersey, United StatesKauri, March 2019
  • Out of my Comfort Zone

    “I thought I was athletic but this trip really pushed me...and I loved every minute of it!”
    Stephen Mozia – Texas, United StatesKauri, March 2019
  • Wow

    “Can you plan all of my vacations?”
    Ned Froehlich – Minnesota, United StatesKiwi, March 2019
  • Active Adventures Guides The Best!

    “I cannot tell you how wonderful Ruby and Ellie were as our guides on our adventure. They had never worked together before but made an unbelievable team: great fun, very knowledgeable, lots of Maiori stories, very attentive to everyone's needs. Ruby was a wonderful cook and I think we all gained weight. The trip itinerary went without a hitch; we covered so much ground! And of course New Zealand was absolutely wonderful; the country and the people. It was a wonderful trip, but much more so because of our wonderful Active Adventures guides. ”
    Mo Ewing – Colorado, United StatesKiwi, March 2019
  • Gail from Colorado - WEKA trip

    “This trip was better than advertised. Lots of biking and hiking as expected. The country is gorgeous, What really made the trip were the three guides, Nick, Maddy and Dani. They were organized, efficient, full of interesting information, upbeat and great cooks to boot. They taught us back yard cricket which was a ball. They were good at adjusting any part of the bike rides / sightseeing / hikes to accommodate our desires. We even got to watch the Superbowl in Greymouth, which required altering the day's schedule. Cannot say enough about the quality of the guides. We met other Active Adventures guides during and after out trip and they were always friendly and helpful. ”
    Gail Nichols – Colorado, United StatesWeka, February 2019
  • Sweet As

    “Just wanted to say thank you for putting together such an amazing adventure. I'm sure we all took home memories that will last for a lifetime. ”
    Dan Helberg – Florida, United StatesTui, February 2019
  • Epic Trip

    “This was an epic adventure, all that I had hoped for and more. To start we had really great guides, Simon and Ruby. Everything went like clockwork and our guides brought us the best weather ever. I thought I was in good shape, but the hikes brought me down a few notches. Did not help that I was not feeling well for the better part of the trip. But Simon or Ruby stayed with me even though I was left in the dust by the others. And I know if they thought it was going to be too tough that they would have stopped me from plunging ahead. For me the one day rest in Queenstown was very welcomed. This trip had everything: vans, bikes, boats (2), planes and even a helicopter, that was so worth the additional charge. The lodging was varied but very comfortable and fitting for where we were, added to the memory of this great trip. Only suggestion was that some of the meals could have been a bit better, some were great, while others were not so hot. But we had more than enough to eat and was not a distraction. This trip was well worth the money and the journey. Not to be missed. Thanks Ruby, Simon and Action Adventures.”
    Stephen Smedes – Michigan, United StatesTui, February 2019
  • Rimu Adventure

    “If you want to see the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, the Rimu trip is the way to do it! Our two kiwi guides were fun, informative, and passionate about their country. We all learned a lot, as we enjoyed the delicious local cuisine in our trip around the island. We benefitted from their knowledge of the out-of-the-places and the local history. The well-chosen adventures, whether it was hiking, biking, or kayaking, showed us the various topographic features and climate around the island. It is a beautiful place!”
    Christine Chamberlain – Maine, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • What We Did Last February

    “This was the first time Tami and I have tried a guided tour and we were very pleased. We were lucky to have teamed up with a group of compatible and very friendly fellow travelers. We enjoyed the range of accommadations and it was kind of exciting to see were we would stay next. Its clear that Active Adventures designed the trip to let us see and experience a variety of settings each with its own quirks. We really enjoyed our guides MJ and James. Listening to them joke and laugh even if it was just with each other always made us feel good. They make a great team and a great team delivers great results. We think they delivered great results.”
    Jay Hiserote – Oregon, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • A MAZING!!!

    “I researched online and found the tour company Active Adventure. The reviews were great and as a solo traveler I wanted to be sure that I was safe, guided and not alone. Right from the start Ellie and Holly made everyone welcomed and excited to start our adventure. Everything from the bus, the resource books, the snacks, the clear communication, the schedule and ALL the knowledge that was imparted was fantastic. The destinations and timetable was perfect for my level of fitness (which is pretty good) and having time to appreciate the different locations. Never did I feel rushed or that I couldn’t take the extra time to soak up the beauty of NZ. The meals that were prepared over the course of the whole trip were great. Nice variety and always fresh. I could go on about how organized, prepared and flowing the trip was but what was so much more was the absolute joy and fun that I had. Ellie and Holly are wonderfully fun, engaging, caring and knowledgeable. I loved the hiking, the set your own pace style, learning about all of the flora and fauna and the Maori lore of NZ. The trip was physically active, the food delicious, the company excellent and the natural beauty amazing. I learned, laughed, ate, sweat and slept well. Accommodations were Great!!!
    I so appreciated the bonding of our group and have made fast friends that I know I will keep for life. Not once did I feel lonely, being surrounded by others who are also doing something we all love..... being one with nature. Holly and Ellie are the best ambassadors of Active Adventures and more importantly of New Zealand. They do you more than proud and they definitely elevate this experience from great to outstanding. I loved every moment of this trip and would not hesitate in recommending it to others. I am already planning to return to NZ in 2020. Thank you for such an amazing introduction to beautiful NZ. ”
    Shaz Butler – Kentucky, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • Fantabulous!!!

    “Chip and I were so very excited to travel to the south island and start our trip with Active Adventures and were blown away by the beautiful, pristine scenery and wonderful people including three of the greatest guides, Liana, Mel and D.K.!! We hiked every day and each hike and adventure just kept getting better and better....We could not have been happier with our choice with Active Adventures and cannot wait to come back and do more! The attention to detail from the guides was far beyond our expectations and they kept us entertained everyday with interesting stories of the culture and places we were hiking. The itinerary was packed with fun and different things to do and our group couldn't have been any more fun, we made friends for life! The guides were easy going and patient and Mel was an amazing chef and we loved eating the fresh food and New Zealand beer and wine, what a treat! Although our hike was the Manuka trip, our guides told us about the other trips they have guided in Nepal, and the north island and we cannot wait to get back to your beautiful country....Thank you for giving us a trip of a lifetime, ”
    Angie Brown – Florida, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • Kauri with Andy and Jo

    “We have never done a trip like this, and now we are converts. Andy was the most professional, attentive, thoughtful, knowledgeable guide! Due to the size of our group, Jo got the week off, but she met us for a couple of meals and she also contributed so much to our knowledge of the flora, fauna, and history of this beautiful area and it's indigenous people. I have never been on a trip like this and I know we will be traveling with Active Adventures again. When I retire, look out Active Adventures! Thank you for such an amazing experience. It exceeded all expectations. We thank Andy for making this happen. ”
    Mary Shurmantine – California, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • 5 day north island- Kauri

    Leigh Kellis – Maine, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • Tour de Force

    “Fantastic trip in all respects. Nick, Maddi and Dani were wonderful guides: hard working, knowledgeable, unfailingly pleasant and responsive, and a joy to be with, despite the age gap between us (most of us are in our sixties and seventies, they are all in their twenties).”
    Philip Gleason – Maine, United StatesWeka, February 2019
  • Absolutely Amazing

    “Koru and Emma worked so hard and made this such an amazing experience. I didn't want it to end - will definitely be back for more!!”
    Jill Stolt – Washington, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • Kauri 2019

    “Excellent trip. Don't let the prospect of "short" hikes deceive you. What appears to be lacking in distance is more than made up for in elevation changes. Five to seven km can be a real work out.”
    Jeff Hutchison – Virginia, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • Awesome South Island

    “This trip includes every different geographic environment on the island.”
    Jeff Hutchison – Virginia, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • Great Guides

    “Organized, calm, fun, smart, hardworking and caring”
    DeDe Imhoff – Colorado, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • Fun Times

    “We had a great time with the Active Adventures NZ team of Dan and Mel. Their knowledge of the history and nature along the way made the trip much more meaningful. The people in our group really meshed well. Everything went very smoothly. If this is your first time to NZ, you have to "walk" to truly get the vibe and the beauty of the country. ”
    Curt Lange – California, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • What an Adventure!

    “We completed the full North Island Tour in late January and it was spectacular! The sights were amazing, food was impeccable and the people were delightful. We would highly recommend this once of a lifetime adventure!”
    Lyndsey Nalu – Alabama, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • Fabulous Adventure

    “My wife and I, along with our 20 and 26 year old children, had planned a 3 week vacation to New Zealand. We wanted an opportunity to explore the country and we were looking for an adventure. The 14 day Rimu trip ticked off all the boxes and took us to places we would never have discovered on our own. Our trip leaders were excellent and accommodated us in every way imaginable. The activities, meals and lodgings were first rate. We had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to explore the South Island in an active way. ”
    Dave McDougall – British Columbia, CanadaRimu, February 2019
  • Guides Make All The Difference!

    “From the moment you are picked up, the hospitality and attention to detail by the guides and Active Adventures will blow you away! Every aspect of Rimu was thoughtful and maximized my experience in New Zealand and I couldn't be more thankful. This trip was the perfect combination of great food, great hikes and even better guides. Who knew you could eat cheesecake on top of a mountain? I would come back in a heartbeat! Thanks Simon and Ruby!”
    Nick Deligiannis – Ontario, CanadaRimu, February 2019
  • Manuka Trip

    “Loved everything about the trip. The Maori stories and legends were very interesting. The food was excellent. Mel is a great cook! Thanks again to Mel, Liana and Dan K. for being such gracious hosts.”
    Sandra Brownlow – Illinois, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • A Must-Do for Every Active Vacationer

    “My husband and I asked a friend who has traveled the world what her favorite trip has been so far. Her response to us was that there is no one favorite, but since we love active vacations, we MUST do the Rimu Trip with Active Adventures while we are still physically able. She and her husband absolutely loved this adventure! Even though it's been 15 years since they had the Rimu experience, they still remember it as spectacular and worthy to be their FIRST recommendation. Trusting her advice, I immediately booked our own Rimu trip. We returned a few weeks ago. It is so hard to find appropriate adjectives to describe this experience!!! The scenery in every direction was breath-taking. Our guides, Daniel and Kelsey, were informative, attentive, fun-loving, and just plain awesome. They worked non-stop to make our time on the South Island as "epic" as possible from chasing the sunset on a Punakaiki Beach, safely ascending/descending Robert Ridge and Mueller glacier hike, to supplying us with jokes and riddles to help us forget how hard we were working on a few of these treks. Not all our hikes were strenuous or challenging, but the few that were left my husband and I with a great sense of accomplishment and so happy that we could experience it together! I definitely understand why our friend jumped to recommending this trip immediately! I doubt our memories of this vacation will ever fade! Thank you Active, Daniel, and Kelsey. We look forward to the next trip we plan with you.”
    Kathy Steed – Pennsylvania, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Rimu 2019

    “We have travelled extensively. This may have been the most memorable trip we have done. Guides and settings were both fantastic!”
    Dave Haddix – Ohio, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Kauri North Island January 2019

    “Great trip! Everything promised was delivered, as well as some extra goodies. All good, nothing bad. Would have loved it to have lasted longer!”
    Jonathan Fishman – California, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • Excellent

    “Lauren and Simon, our guides, made the trip. Their energy, knowledge and desire to accommodate us all was remarkable. We could never have gone to Lake Crucible on our own and that hike will stay in my memory forever. They were the crucial piece to get us all where we wanted and needed to be. The rawness and beauty of New Zealand has left me speechless. ”
    Barbara Tracey – Vermont, United StatesTui, February 2019
  • Wonderful People, Great Adventures

    “Great sights and wonderful guides make up for several long drives on this adventure. The things you see just get better and better. Accommodations are great, food is plentiful and all our fellow travelers were great friends by the end. Hiking good, not too stressful. I especially liked the day of biking and the day of kayaking in the astonishing Milford Sound.”
    Peggy Ernst – Oregon, United StatesTui, February 2019
  • Great Times!

    “Wow, cannot begin to decribe some of the things I saw on this adventure. I loved the flight over Queenstown area and the drive into the Milford Sound. The Sound itself was beautiful and kayaking there a great experience. Pim and Astrid were outstanding, taking great care of us but making it fun too! Some of the drives were long but views fantastic.”
    Neil Ernst – Oregon, United StatesTui, February 2019
  • Epic Adventure

    “Great way to see the South Island, from Nelson Lake National Park to Milford Sound, back country hiking, sea kayaking and mountain biking. ”
    Jean Van Der Lee – Alberta, CanadaRimu, February 2019
  • North Island

    “We had a wonderful time with the other people on the tour and especially out two guides, Josh and Ineka. This was the first "take care of everything" type of vacation we've ever been on and it was fantastic! Our guides were flexible, accommodating and sympathetic to all of our needs and desires. I really cannot say enough about this well run company and the two guides that were responsible for us. EXCELLENT ”
    Mark Beasom – California, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • South Island Kiwi, I believe

    “Wonderful, wonderful.”
    Mark Beasom – California, United StatesKiwi, February 2019
  • Manuka 2019

    “The Manuka trip is an amazing way to see the South Island, and learn about the culture, environment and history...and get lots of good hiking/tramping!!! The Active team is tremendous; knowledgable and fun! Great food and lots of it!”
    Mark Imhoff – Colorado, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • What an amazing Country and MJ and Kaleb were THE BEST!!

    “We had a great time for the 2 weeks..we had amazing weather which helped make the trip more enjoyable. Can’t give enough STARS to our guides Kaleb and MJ. On all counts they made the trip well managed, organized on time and ready with a laugh and a smile. The hikes had options for us “lesser athletes” and really enjoyed the 3 day Kayak options. Another highlight was our Queenstown free time and the Tanglewood lodge - kudos to Steve and Linda for a great setting and hospitality. ”
    Helen Spry – Alabama, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Wow!

    “We kept thinking that each day was the highlight of the trip but it just kept getting better and better. ”
    Chip Brown – Florida, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • Excellent

    “We've taken several adventure tours and really enjoyed them all, but this was our best trip ever!”
    Mike Edles – California, United StatesWeka, February 2019
  • Fabulous Way to Discover the South Island

    “I loved the Tui trip high level of diversity in activities, landscapes and locations. It was a great way to discover the nature and culture of NZ. The guides were great and the flexibility allowed each of us to find the best rhythm. So much fun and beauty!!”
    Claire Pairaud – California, United StatesTui, February 2019
  • Awesome in Every Way!

    “What a trip! Nick and Elder were a great team and knew their business. Everything went smoothly, insights were plentiful, and the cooking superb. It was evident that this trip had been well planned, validating riders' experience and building the level of challenge. When we showed some new Kiwi friends our trip itinerary, they were quite complementary of the extent of the South Island we would experience. Well done!!”
    Bill Knight – Maryland, United StatesWeka, February 2019
  • Excellent Adventures

    “What a wonderful trip! Every detail was well planned; with a comprehensive itinerary. The guides were attentive, knowledgeable, so hard working and fun to be around. Wow, what a beautiful island. I'm so glad I chose Active Adventures New Zealand for this fantastic trip. There is no way I could have planned this trip on my own, and been able to achieve the depth of experiences I had with Active Adventures.”
    Karen Lutsky – Massachusetts, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Kauri 2019

    “My husband and I were looking for a walking tour for select dates and location ... we were referred to Active Adventures, a sister company of the one providing walking tours that we were in contact with. The front end staff were great - not pushy but attentive and they listened. When they reached out to us and said there was a small group and the demographics were close we took the plunge of a more active adventure than we had been thinking about. The information and follow up was thorough ... altho the packing list is a bit generic (we didn't need serious hiking boots, gloves, touques, rain gear, day pack size that we carried given the hike and the season of our trip) so we could have asked for more specific details and most likely would have been provided better information.

    Andy and Jo were great - welcoming, good communicators, organized, excellent local information and flavour, accomodated our dietary preferences, encouraged us on the trail when we needed it. They made this an overall, great experience for me and my husband.

    This was our first guided and organized 'walking' trip and I would definitely sign up for another!

    Personally, I really enjoyed the level of activity - there is no way that we could have organized as many hikes, walks, swims, sliding down sand dunes as we packed in the 5 days of this trip. I was glad that we were in an 'age appropriate' group. My husband and I are in our late '60s and so it was great that before we booked we had the information and bit of a heads up about the others on our trip. It no doubt would have been quite a different experience for us if we were in with 'adventurers' a whole lot younger.

    Again - thanks Jo and Andy for everything.”
    Beverley Walker – Alberta, CanadaKauri, February 2019
  • Kauri 2019

    “Thanks to Andy and Jo for everything. They provided great insights into NZ history and current situation. Thanks to Jo for all the extra encouragement when it was needed - much appreciated.
    This trip was definitely action packed. We managed to fit in several walks, hikes, water adventures and sand duning! in a short period of time.
    I will remember Andy's favourite word as 'undulating' ... still not sure what the difference between a 'climb' and 'undulation' is...”
    Peter Walker – Alberta, CanadaKauri, February 2019
  • Extraordinary, other worldly yet this is our world

    “You’ve heard it before, trip of a lifetime and yet also the gateway to a fresh way of seeing our world, new horizons, new sensitivities to our natural world. Did I mention fun, companionable, delicious, gorgeous...I believe this Rimu trip had it all and I have made new friends with shared interests that I already plan to see again. Do it, you won’t regret a single sore muscle!!!”
    Valerie Carter – North Carolina, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Kauri Trip

    “We had a wonderful time. Both Greg and Clara were wonderful guides, very attentive to our needs. Greg was very knowledgeable about the history and current events in NZ, and his stories made the long bus drive more interesting. Clara was very attentive in our diet needs and went the extra miles to get us what we needed.”
    Tiffany Seyler – Georgia, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • Kea Trip

    “The whole trip was wonderful. All the places we visited were spectacular. Both of our guides were excellent and friendly.”
    Tiffany Seyler – Georgia, United StatesKea, February 2019
  • Rimu 2019

    “We've now been in New Zealand more than twice the time we spent with Active Adventures. The country itself is growing on us like nothing we've ever experienced. Valerie and I have done several guided tours, all of which have been superb. This one was certainly the best yet. I really appreciated the overall strategy of the sites we visited and that James knew other little spots to stop so we could appreciate the people and treats of South Island in as broad a sense as possible. The stop in Queenstown gave us a very appropriate time to recover.

    It was especially impressive how James and Astrid went immediately to work to learn what made each of us on the tour "tick" and then to develop a personalized relationship with each of us. James, in particular, recognized on the first day that it would be hard for me to make it on the ascent and ridge-crossing of Mt Robert. I was crushed not to make that part of the trip, but James was quite sensitive and exercised very good judgment, giving me the options as plainly as possible in my own terms. Astrid did much the same later in the trip. I appreciated this personal consideration, because these are skills not everyone has. There were countless moments of pure joy along the way; the haunting, magical tarn at the top of the routeburn track in the relentless rain, which then turned to our advantage as we entered Milford Sound and found all faucets fully on, which was spectacular as we exited the tunnel. The weather cooperated with us many other times as well, giving us 360 views of Mt Cook in the sun from Braemar Station. As a scientist, I especially appreciated sites like the pancake rocks, where nature had sculpted a beauteous mini-landscape unlike anything I'd ever seen, by processes I did not understand and left me wonderstruck. In short, the adventure was presented accurately beforehand as we reserved our spot, and then overwhelmed us with satisfaction. Lodgings and food were first-rate.”
    Charlie Carter – North Carolina, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • "Down Under" in NZ

    “ NZ is a spectacular ,diverse country filled with beautiful varied coastlines and beaches, mountain ranges, glaciers, lakes, forests and farmland.
    These areas are in relatively close proximity compared to Canada and hence can be seen and enjoyed over a 4 week period.
    This combined with the friendly people, Maori culture, as well as the great craft beers , excellent wine, coffee and bakeshops around every corner make this a great country to visit.”
    Heather Ritchie – British Columbia, CanadaManuka, February 2019
  • Manuka

    “Active Adventures New Zealand has this trip down to perfection in every aspect. There is some flexibility for the guides to change hikes if necessary due to weather, and the guides are knowledgeable and experienced enough to make these decisions. The acommodations were very nice as were the meals. Guides were very personable and looked after everyone well including special meal requirements, logistics planning, etc. Without being overwhelming Holly and Ellie filled some driving time with some Maori lore which was nice. Hikes were beautiful and varied in difficulty which was nice. Aside from the wonderful meals prepared by our guides the restaurant locations were great. I liked having a free day in Queenstown.”
    Terry Harmon – Delaware, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • Fabulous trip - highly recommended!

    “The Kauri trip around the North Island of New Zealand was superb and exceeded all our expectations. The accommodation was always in great locations, the food was superb, and the guides were excellent (super-enthusiastic, really knowledgeable, supremely professional, hardworking and talented). The trip involved so many different activities and experiences - we loved it.”
    Stuart Watson – Cumbria, United KingdomKauri, February 2019

    “It's hard to describe the recent Weka trip we took with Active Adventures. Nick B and Elder were not only accomplished guides who not only looked after our every detail of our 14 days in the South Island of N, but were genuinely friendly, hospitable and accommodating to every request. Importantly, Nick and Elder were always concerned with our safety and comfort. ”
    Michael Donovan – Oregon, United StatesWeka, February 2019
  • Phenomenal!

    “An absolutely amazing trip! The rides, the hikes, the views, the lodging, the FOOD, were all phenomenal, but the best thing about it: our guides. They were absolutely outstanding in every way.”
    Laura Edles – California, United StatesWeka, February 2019
  • Exceeding Expectation Adventures!

    “Thanks to the incredible hospitality, knowledge, friendliness, encouragement, and spirit of our guides, Andy and Jo, the beauty of the countryside of the north island of New Zealand, and the outstanding itinerary the Kauri was exceptional! From "home cooked" meals, to the personal satisfaction of completing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, to charming accommodations, and an ongoing history and geography lessons of the area, the adventure was extraordinary and lots of fun! ”
    Jim Rogers – Nevada, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • Sweet Dreams are Touring the South Island of New Zealand!

    “If you are fortunate to travel around the South Island with Astrid and James; they are Active Adventures tour guides and chefs extradinaire. You are in for the adventure of a life time. They are always present and made everyday more wonderful than the day before. They are extremely professionally, and made sure everyone was enrolled in the perfect activity for their skill set. The tour group Active Adventures is more than just an adventure tour; it is an experience you want in your life. Thank you Active Adventures for your excellent communication skills, listening to my needs, and meeting my requests. My journey with Active Adventures was life changing.”
    Anne Spelman – Maine, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Kauri

    “We had a fabulous 11 days in the North Island. It was certainly active and encouraged us to participate in some fun experiences. We loved the sand surfing mountain biking and hiking aspects. We had two amazing guides, Josh and Annika who catered for all our needs. And the crossing......terrible conditions but we made it!! It was such an achievement.”
    Jenny Angus – New South Wales, AustraliaKauri, February 2019
  • Kauri Adventure

    “This was a fine introduction to the north island's beauty and terrain. We only did the second half of the Kauri adventure but enjoyed every day's challenges. Andy and Jo are exceptional guides and truly good people. Time with them was part of the joy.”
    Sandy Rogers – Nevada, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • Amazing Trip!!

    “What a fabulous week in New Zealand! It was the trip of a lifetime. Our guides were amazing and made everything so easy and fun. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!”
    Tanya Roth – Illinois, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • Amanda "Sam" Conley

    “Truly an adventure of a lifetime. I am well traveled, world-wide, but have never been so completely immersed in a country. From the hikes, bike rides and kayaking experiences to the visits to local bakeries and restaurants, we were introduced to the South Island. Simon one of our guides, being from the area, offered a continuing education as we traveled the limited roads. One day we stopped at a tiny bird sanctuary, another day we visited a salmon farm. He shared facts, history as well as folklore about the area allowing us to not only appreciate the beauty but understand it as well. Our other guide Ruby set the tone of our trip. She was very organized, personable and a fantastic cook! There was a couple in our group with special dietary needs, she quietly served them meals which fit their needs without drawing attention to the differences. She prepared healthy meals and always included wonderful desserts which we all loved! Every evening she served "nibbles" with wine which allowed our group to gather and share our experiences. Often Ruby and Simon would join us during this special time which pleased all of us as we got to know them better. ”
    Sam Conley – New Mexico, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Triumphant Tui

    “Our Tui trip was truly an incredible adventure. From one spectacular vista to another, the southern island offers an abundance of natural beauty to delight in. We also enjoyed the variety of activities involved from hiking, biking, kayaking to swimming in ice cold glacier filled pools with cascading waterfalls. Our guides were very energetic and full of enthusiasm. Our accommodations ranged from the elegant to the unique and quaint. The meals and snacks provided, and in some cases prepared by our guide with limited resources, were excellent . All in all, a wonderful experience with many fond memories to last a lifetime.”
    Tim Oxley – Illinois, United StatesTui, January 2019
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