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The most important bit! While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our New Zealand trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves. We get a huge amount of feedback from our guests, all of which we read and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips.

Feel free to drop us a line and we can put you in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and find out what it’s really like to travel with us!

We've been running adventure trips for over 20 years, so we have a LOT of reviews. In the interest of not making you wait eons for the page to load, we've decided to show our 100 most recent. Though, if you'd like to read older reviews, please drop us a line and we'll certainly share plenty more with you!

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  • The Scenery, The People, The Laughs....

    “Everything about this trip surpassed my expectations...the scenery, the guides and the other guests...
    I laughed the entire was certainly one of the best trips I’ve ever taken!”
    James Silva – Massachusetts, United StatesTui, December 2018
  • Outdoor Mindbending

    “Unparalleled scenic views, experiences, adventures, all in the hands of fit, fun, funny guides. Hard to top this.”
    Mark Patterson – Montana, United StatesTui, December 2018
  • An Amazing Trip

    “My husband and I enjoyed the trip enormously. The guides were terrific - both Kelsey and Simon were attentive and encouraging, kind and sympathetic when the hills became too steep and the sandflies too aggressive. We met lovely people, with whom we’d love to stay in touch.”
    Elena Patterson – Alabama, United StatesTui, December 2018
  • A Breathtaking, Memorable, and Fun Adventure!

    “Words alone cannot describe the amazing experience that was provided from this tour!”
    Trang Ngoc Le – California, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • Great NZ South Island Adventure with Active Adventures!

    “My husband and I really enjoyed the Rimu trip. Laura and Hailey did an excellent job keeping the group happy and comfortable during the two weeks of our Rimu adventure in November 2018. There were 6 other people in the Rimu group and none of us knew each other before the trip but we enjoyed meeting new people and we all were on a good level of health and fitness needed for this active adventure. The hardest section for me was the cycling the one day for about 20 miles, but Laura and Hailey coaxed me through it and very beautiful scenery. A couple of my favorite parts of the trip were our visit to Milford Sound and Kayaking in Okarito lagoon near Franz Josef Glacier. We saw a range of birds there including some white herons, the royal spoonbill and paradise ducks!”
    Rebecca Dombcik – Washington, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • Nov 13-24 Kauri Trip with Andy and Jo :)

    “wonderful trip made even better by wonderful guid and driver Andy and wonderful cook and guide Jo”
    Ken Marts – Colorado, United StatesKauri, December 2018
  • An Active Family Adventure

    “Friends of ours had visited New Zealand years ago. They informed us that it was THE place to go to have an active adventure. We had dreams of hiking, whitewater, sleeping in cabins and more. When lady luck gave us the opportunity to travel to that remote destination, we searched for a simple way to fulfill those dreams. We certainly found the right spot.

    We are not, by definition, an outdoor family that goes backpacking every week-end *or any week-end*. Yet, we wanted to enjoy this type of life for a week. But, we needed a bit of help. The logistics behind putting this together was beyond our means with our busy regular life. So, we jumped and decided to go against our normal grain and book a trip with an agency.

    What we found was great. We had Astrid and Hailey as our 2 guides. Both of them were jewels in their own rights. They pushed us beyond our limits (go Oli, you CAN make it to the top of the valley). They kept us safe (always a watchful eye during river crossings). They made us laugh (Tim Tams and Slice of Heaven come to mind). They led us to discover hidden beauties (Siberia Valley was our best spot). What we found in New Zealand met the huge expectations that we had set for ourselves. The kids even forgot all their electronica for a little while. Beautiful!

    If you have the funds, this is certainly a great trip. Enjoy!”
    Robert Drolet – Aichi, JapanTui, December 2018
  • Best Choice We Could Have Made

    “This was our first tour with AA, and we are so glad we made the choice to see New Zealand this way. Our guides were so knowledgeable, explaining wildlife, flora, and the cultural significance of so many things. It was great being able to go on vacation and not have to worry about anything. They took wonderful care of us and even gave us a little surprise on our anniversary.”
    Amy Poole – Ontario, CanadaKauri, December 2018
  • Tui Trip, November, 2018

    “First of all, New Zealand is a beautiful country that must be seen and experienced. Couple that with awesome guides and a great itinerary and you get a fantastic trip. Lots of time just being a passenger the first couple of days. But we did do short hikes to break up the hours. However, the scenery is wonderful so the hours went by fast. The weather was quite variable. I think we saw all seasons on our trip. But it was spring at the time so that was expected , and also forewarned by Active Adventures. Probably good to have some hiking experience. The Crucible Lake hike (Day 3?) is listed as about a 4 mile hike with about a 2000 ft elevation gain. However, the first two miles is down the valley, so it's all flat. Then, about a 900 ft elevation gain in about 3/4 mile, pretty much hand over hand on tree roots, and branches grabbing here, then a steady climb to the lake. We also crossed streams a few times that were a couple of times nearly as deep as our knees. Lots of hours in soggy boots. I suppose you could insist on changing into Tevas. But we cross enough streams that I think changing footwear that many times would add too much time to the hike. Just have dry socks and sandals ready for the end of the day. However, Crucible Lake is worth the effort. Once we got past the steep bit the sight of the glacier carved valley and the rock formation that buttressed Crucible Lake are sights to behold. The lake was mostly frozen when we got to it. That was pretty cool. We were fortunate that this day was sunny then overcast and cool. Perfect for the flight in (which was spectacular) and the hike. I also highly recommend the helicopter option to Franz Joseph Glacier. Definitely the easiest walk all week. We spent a lot of time just standing around since the contracted guides were doing all the work cutting steps. But the experience of the being on the glacier is hard to explain. We're glad we did. Milford sound is stunning. Lives up to the billing for sure. Hike up to Key summit (Day 6 or 7) is one of those hikes with a lot of "bang for the buck". Not a difficult hike on a great trail but the views are amazing. We opted not to do the optional hike on Day 5, the day off at Queenstown. It was pouring down rain that day, anyway. (That's my excuse). But we went wine tasting instead. Lots of stuff to do at this cute resort town anyway. I'd give Kaleb, Lauren, and Emma, our guides, 10 stars out of 5. They were just wonderful. They were knowledgeable, very friendly, very accommodating, and just really nice people. They worked their butts off. They also had great leadership and group management skills. It was like herding cats at times during our adventures, I'm sure. The contracted guides for the glacier tour and sea kayak paddle were also great. We were also lucky to be in a group that had really good chemistry too. Wonderful scenery, awesome guides, great traveling companions. Wonderful trip !!!”
    Rene Buendia – Washington, United StatesTui, December 2018
  • Kauri Trip

    “Fantastic trip. Andy is a wealth of information and Jo’s smile and enthusiasm were infectious. Good guides really make the trip. We had days with less than optimum weather but they made sure we had a wonderful time.”
    Stuart Bowser – Ontario, CanadaKauri, December 2018
  • They Call Themselves Active Adventures for Good Reason

    “Our recent Tui Active. Adventure. certainly lived up to its name--the active adventure of a lifetime. We had an amazing experience with one of Active's competitors 1 1/2 years ago and so our first impulse was to book with them again. We chose Active instead because who better to show us New Zealand than a company that has its roots there. The Tui Active Adventure gave us an introduction to some of the very best that New Zealand's South Island has to offer. While that alone was glorious, the thing that sets Active apart is its people. From the time we first started exploring trip options to the good-bye hugs with our Guides at the end--everyone has been amazing--warm, genuine, patient (oh, so patient), resourceful, knowledgeable, and caring--wonderful in every way.”
    Tam McClelland – Georgia, United StatesTui, November 2018
  • Kauri

    “Jo and Andy were great. Andy is so knowledgeable on so many NZ subjects and has a great delivery. I wound up calling him 'Google Andy'. He added greatly to the tour as a learning experience. I particularly appreciated his natural history knowledge, being something of a naturalist myself. Jo is beautiful at looking after her charges -- feeding us well and mothering (in a nice way) the tardy, the forgetful and the lost.”
    Marilyn Williams – Washington, United StatesKauri, November 2018
  • Beautiful Country, Great Way to Experience it.

    “The scenery in New Zealand is amazing and our guides were incredibly knowledgeable about everything and did their best to get us to see the South Island. Food was a excellent, more than half the meals were cooked by our guides. When we stayed in hotels, they were mostly 4 and 5 star, except when we were in a hut or in a remote area. Everything went off without a hitch.”
    Ed Tang – California, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Rimu November 2018

    “Fantastic time. Kim and Astrid were awesome guides! Great food with lots of activities to burn calories. Accomodations very good.”
    Wayne Hall – Colorado, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Karen Cox

    Karen Cox – Colorado, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • "Not all those who wander are lost"

    “Wow, this was a wonderful trip! The Rimu trip consisted of just the right proportions of adventures and pampering. This trip showcases so many beautiful features of the South Island that it makes your head spin. Seeing each new site was just as fun as sitting around the dinner table talking and laughing with Liana, Laura, and the rest of our small, cozy group. Liana and Laura were equal parts fun guides and sources of information. Both guides went out of their way personalize each adventure, whether it was retrieving green lipped mussels from a local mussel farm to simply allowing a little more time to explore a fruit farm. We were very impressed by the amount of knowledge they were able to provide on a wide variety of topics. " What type of tree is that?", "Why so many flightless birds?", etc, etc... Our guides were world class ambassadors of New Zealand. They made sure that we experienced all that the island had to offer. ”
    Elizabeth Love – Missouri, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Tui Trip

    “Our family of 4 had a superb 8 day trip with our 2 excellent guides, Tess and Clara. We renamed our group with our other team member, Annie,’plan B’ as the itinerary was changed 3 times due to the weather. With such a small group, due to the flexibility and willingness of our guides, we were still able to do pretty much everything we had planned, just in a slightly different order! Tess and Clara completely spoiled us with delicious meals, even in remote mountain huts ! It is difficult, looking back, to choose a favourite activity as they were so varied ; suffice to say we loved them all and enjoyed learning about NZ , it’s history ,culture and nature from our guides as we drove around. A first class trip I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. ”
    Helen Tucker – Devon, United KingdomTui, November 2018
  • Amazing Kiwi Trip Oct2018

    Terry Jendon – Georgia, United StatesKiwi, November 2018
  • You Can be a Kiwi!

    “We saw and learned to appreciate all things NZ. The itinerary was great and Nick and Ruby thoughtfully made adjustments when necessary to fit weather and timing conditions as they arose. The selection and pacing of activities was very well planned. The attention to detail was exemplary, including the birthday party decorations in the van and occasional music selections cued to the scenery. We all got along very well and enjoyed each other's company. The food Ruby prepared was delicious and very nicely presented. Nick was well informed and a great driver. He even searched out answers to my questions about some of the plants we saw. I personally enjoyed the satisfaction of being able to match the aspects of some of the activities that were a bit more challenging for me than they were for others (e.g. I hadn't ridden a bike that far in over 50 years). I was glad that we easily kept pace with the others on the hikes.”
    Gary Wallace – California, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Takahe Hike

    “Our trip with Active Adventures was awesome. Even with my arthritic feet I was able to most of the hiking. The beauty around us took my breath away. The organisation from Active Adventures and our guides - Lauren and Kim - was excellent.
    Would highly recommend the company.”
    Jane Landey – Gauteng, South AfricaTakahe, November 2018
  • Exceeded Expectations!

    “Our north island NZ trip was amazing! The sheer beauty of the surroundings, the itinerary that AA put together and our guides made each and everyday fantastic. The hiking was breathtaking and challenging enough to make it a real hikers delight. No two days were the same and the word "adventure" definitely played a part :). Jo and Andy were top notch guides, with Andy's knowledge on everything NZ a pleasure to listen to. Food was great, lots of laughs - felt like we were hiking with old friends. Highly recommend it!”
    Tammy Banting – Alberta, CanadaKauri, November 2018
  • Worth Waiting For

    “I first communicated with Miriam at Active Adventures in 2015, asking for more information about the various New Zealand trips I had seen on their website. 3 years and nearly 30 emails later, my wife and I had one of our best adventure trips, ever! To anyone considering a tour of South Island with Active Adventures, no matter how long it takes to make your dream come true, it will be well worth it.”
    Maggie Hopffgarten – Colorado, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Carol

    “Had a wonderful time in the TUI Trip with my daughter who is working in New Zealand. We had two cheerful, supportive and very competent Kiwi young lady guides who guided us on an exciting cross section of outdoor pursuits!
    Had a grand time doing lots of physical activity under their watchful eyes. Also covered more ground that we could have managed ourselves on our first New Zealand Adventure! It was “sweet as””
    Carol Harris – Ontario, CanadaTui, November 2018
  • Back "Home", But Homesick for the South Island!

    “On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate this trip with Tess, Clara and the Tucker family a 37.”
    Annie Close – California, United StatesTui, November 2018
  • Kia Ora !!

    “New Zealand is such an amazingly beautiful country with such a diversity of landscapes, and I feel like we saw & experienced the best of it on our Rimu trip ! Our guides did an awesome job of juggling our activities based on the weather changes & challenges. The trip was a perfect combination of challenging activity, conservation education, cultural experience & relaxation.”
    Peggy Ensign – Colorado, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Awesome!

    “an unexpected gem!! As a solo traveler who enjoys "hardcore" fitness adventures and off the beaten path backpacking trips...I was not sure I would enjoy " group" travel and all that comes with it.....Boy was I wrong!! :) I would go again tomorrow ! Thank you for opening my eyes to this new way of travel :)”
    Catherine Drury – Arizona, United StatesTui, November 2018
  • Tui Trip

    “FABULOUS GUIDES: Lauren and Caleb were funny, informative, polite,encouraging and very accommodating. I wouldn’t have made it to the Summit on the final day without Lauren’s encouragement and patience. To help me achieve that, she even carried my backpack for the last part of the hike
    ACCOMADATIONS: Each location that we stayed at had very cozy and quaint accomadations.
    FOOD:The food was fantastic. Not only did our guides prep, cook and serve each guest, they took each guest’ dietary needs into consideration.
    ACTIVITIES: We wanted adventure and boy, ACTIVE ADVENTURES DELIVERED! I’ve never had a vacation that included such a variety of thrilling activities to experience in a short amount of time. The trip to New Zealand not only took my breath away, it stole my heart! ”
    Terri Krawietz – Texas, United StatesTui, November 2018
  • Best Time Ever

    “This trip was run efficiently and with a lot of spontaneity and fun in addition to great planning, fantastic food, rapid weather adaptations and tremendous organization and easy interactions. Not to mention fantastic scenery and well, crazy weather!”
    Sally Zuspan – Utah, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • 2018 Rimu Trip - Solo Traveler

    “This was my second trip with Active Adventures, the first being the “Jaguar” in Peru in 2017, and once again they did not disappoint!! By far the best two weeks I could have spent for my first trip to New Zealand! Our tour guides, Kaleb and Pepper, were fun, outgoing, knowledgeable, and were able to accommodate all travelers in our group. I had such a blast meeting other solo travelers like myself, as well as hiking, biking, kayaking, and exploring all of the beauty that is the South Island. Already planning my next Active Adventures trip in 2019 :)”
    Kevin Bui – New Hampshire, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Kiwi Tour

    “This was truly one of the best tour trips I've ever been on. I loved being out hiking each day and the scenery of the southern island of New Zealand is unbelievably beautiful. My guides, Maddi and Jackie, were outstanding - friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. I'd recommend this tour to everyone that loves being outdoors.”
    Kit Richardson – Virginia, United StatesKiwi, November 2018
  • Oct 2018 Kiwi Trip

    “Trip of a lifetime, can’t recommend the Kiwi trip highly enough! We had beautiful weather 90% of the trip and were really able to take advantage of some of the most stunning surroundings on the planet (it was stunning during marginal weather too). Perfect blend of driving, hiking, eating and sleeping.....bus was clean, modern and very comfortable with huge windows to enjoy the scenery. Hikes were varied and beautiful, some more challenging than others but all doable with a reasonable level of fitness. Accommodations were all comfortable and safe, most of them with great views from inside the room. Almost every meal was provided for the entire 14 days. Whether it was a lodging restaurant, town restaurant, or meal prepared by the guides, food was healthy, plentiful and delicious!
    Our guides, Maddie and Jackie were an absolute delight. They were a fantastic team....hardworking, attentive and a lot of fun to be around. They were very flexible and dealt with all details of the trip efficiently and seamlessly, allowing us to just enjoy ourselves. We can’t wait for our next Acive Adventures trip....the Kiwi trip set a very high bar!”
    Marc Hamann – Georgia, United StatesKiwi, November 2018
  • Challenging and exciting tour

    “I freely admit I wasn't mentally prepared for some of the challenging hikes we completed,since hiking is not a big part of my regular routine, but I got through since I'm very fit - and also learned a lot about hiking. We encountered more than one unexpected turn of events during the trip but the guides always had a way to complete the adventure and keep everyone safe. It was a real treat having Josh, Annika and Greg along since we got super personalized service all the way through. I realize this isn't the case on most tours so we were very lucky. Overall I had a fabulous time and was stunned by the beauty of every spot we visited.”
    Barbara Murray – California, United StatesKauri, November 2018
  • Fantastic Variety

    “We truly enjoyed the different routes that we went on each day offering us a glimpse of all the great walks.
    I have sent a detailed report already to Lynette”
    Jane Barenblatt – Western Cape, South AfricaTakahe, November 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime, Really!!

    “We are still basking in the memories of our trip with to New Zealand with Active Adventures and our guides, Jackie and Maddi! The trip was excellent and scenery was picture perfect. We said over and over we couldn't believe how the views could be more beautiful from one place to the next! We lucked out with almost perfect weather and a small group of eight. We enjoyed traveling with old friends and meeting new friends and would love to travel with Active Adventures again in the future.”
    Shelley Hamann – Georgia, United StatesKiwi, November 2018
  • Tui Trip - Caitlin and Tess

    “Amazing trip. Wonderful experience. It was everything we expected and more. ”
    Roger Cormier – Ontario, CanadaTui, November 2018
  • The Reluctant Traveller

    “I have to confess that before we started planning this trip I, not my husband, was a reluctant traveler. I am 72 and in good shape but the thought of New Zealand intimidated me. I went along because it was my husband's dream for many, many years, and after all, it was our 50th wedding anniversary. We absolutely loved the Rimu trip. Liana and Laura were the best, most capable, knowledgeable guides. Liana a powerhouse of organization, knowledge about every corner of the South Island and the Maori history that came with it. Her driving in difficult terrains was exceptional and we always felt safe - add to this that she was super funny. Laura, the best company AND the best cook! How can a young woman after hiking with us the whole day, arriving wherever we arrived, create within an hour a super delicious and healthy dinner and next morning a fantastic breakfast?! Now for the trip... What a well organized, thought out and gorgeous trip this was. Everything worked like clockwork. While we visited towns, they snook away to buy provisions. There was plenty of fruit and granola bars in the bus or the hikes to pump energy into you if needed. The hikes, the bike rides and the kayaking were magnificent and I am glad that I did not shy away. I was slower than the younger people but I had plenty of encouragement from all of them. My husband was in heaven taking photos of every corner, river, cloud, lake and mountain of this beautiful country. Thank you Active Adventures, Liana and Laura, for the many beautiful and thoughtful moments you gave us.
    Anna Maria and Paul Radvany”
    Paul Radvany – Massachusetts, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • The Kiwi Tour Rocks!

    “My wife and I are in our mid-60s. We're in relatively good shape but not in our 30s! So the more relaxed but still vigorous hikes and adventures associated with the Kiwi Tour were a perfect match for our stamina and endurance. While there's a considerable amount of driving to complete the circuit of the South Island in 11 days, there's no end to the beautiful vistas and frequent leg-stretching and photographing opportunities. The hikes were invigorating and always yielded wonderful views of New Zealand. Transportation on the Active Adventures bus was safe, smooth and very comfortable - Jackie was an accomplished and considerate driver. Maddi prepared and coordinated terrific meals and snacks throughout our tour, and the lodging arrangements were consistently high caliber. Both of them were extremely courteous, knowledgeable and helpful on all our daily excursions. A day off in Queenstown was a stroke of planning genius - keep that on the schedule! We made a major investment to fly half-way around the world for this vacation and Active Adventures did not disappoint us!”
    Ron Richardson – Virginia, United StatesKiwi, November 2018
  • South Island Adventure Rimu

    “A wonderful, challenging at times, fun adventure filled with beautiful scenery and good memories. Pepper & Kaleb were great guides. So many people told me New Zealand was beautiful and this trip proved it as we saw so much on our trip around the South Island. Thank you! Karen - Texas, USA”
    Karen Wohlrabe – Texas, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Great Trip! Great Guides! Great Time!

    “My wife and I just turned 60 and celebrated by going to the South Island on the "Tui" trip. We had a fantastic time, very well planned and organized by Active Adventures, and our guides Claire and Kelsey were excellent. The highpoints were the Siberia Valley overnight, with small plane ride in and jet boat ride out, the kayaking in Milford Sound, and the time in beautiful Queenstown. Highly recommended!”
    Scott Ness – New Mexico, United StatesTui, November 2018
  • Kauri Trip

    “The trip was amazing. From the first day we met Maddie and Liana we were well taken care of. The knowledge they both shared and imparted to us was amazing. It was the trip of a lifetime and it did not disappoint.”
    Roger Cormier – Ontario, CanadaKauri, October 2018
  • Words Can't Express the Awesomeness of this Trip!

    “I joined the group in Christchurch for the 10 day option, from the get go this trip was amazing. Not only were my fellow travel companions a blast to be with, the scenery breath taking, our guides Koru and Carrie were outstanding. The level of hospitality, attention to detail, local knowledge, and friendliness was amazing. It was awe inspiring to witness how hard Koru and Carrie worked to ensure every detail of our trip went smoothly. Carrie was an outstanding cook! I expected to eat simple camp meals, but Carrie outdid herself with hot nutritious food for every meal. We also couldn't have asked for better weather, we had blue skies nearly everyday of the trip! We got an impromptu lay day during our stint in the Copland Track from the deluge of rain the area received. Despite this, Carrie and I still ventured out and got to witness the grandeur of the track and brave the less than perfect weather. Soaking in the the hot springs after getting soaked from the rain made it worth it. Whether it was a short hike, the Copland track, kayaking in Milford Sound or eating at local spots this trip exceeded all expectations. I'm already looking forward to doing another trip.”
    Stephen Goo – California, United StatesWinter Rimu, October 2018
  • Fabulous

    “This trip was just fabulous. The guides, Caitlyn and Tess were top notch. They were kind and respectful and attended to our every need. I could not have asked for better. I was very nervous about this tour to begin with and Tess made me feel comfortable before we even left the airport. I cannot say enough about these two guides. Food was great and the sights were beyond measure. ”
    Anne Scholz – Oregon, United StatesTui, October 2018
  • New Zealand 'Rimu'

    “Had a fabulous time. Our 2 guides were great: knowledgable and fun to be with. Feel like I was able to see the sights and feel the culture of the different parts of NZ.”
    Keith Calder – Texas, United StatesRimu, October 2018
  • Amazing Adventure

    “I had such a great time on the Tui trip with Kelsey and Claire! There is no way I would've been able to see or do everything we did on my own on the South Island without the Active Adventures itinerary. Everything was so organized and the most efficient use of our time. Kelsey and Claire were amazing guides. They got to know each of us in the group and made sure we were able to see and do everything we wanted! This trip went above and beyond my expectations, and it's something I will never forget! :) ”
    Tessa Humphries – British Columbia, CanadaTui, October 2018
  • Tui Teriffic!

    “The tour was great and we made both friends and memories. Our guides, Maddi and Nick B. took very good care of us, in the planning of all the big and little details so that we were able to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of New Zealand.”
    Kathy Absher – Washington, United StatesTui, October 2018
  • An Excellent Start!

    “Kauri was my second trip abroad, my first by myself that I organized and you guys were a great part of that! The 5 days I spent with Liana and Maddie were very well organized! Liana knows her country well and the knowledge she was able to impart is exactly why I want to travel, not just to visit a different place, but to learn about the place, its people, its culture and its ecology. Maddie did a great job filling in the gaps, helping to organize and she is a wonderful chef! I will be back in the future to visit the South Island and will definitely do business with Active there and in other countries I plan to visit! Thank you Miriam for getting me all set up and thank you Active, for a wonderful trip!”
    Jerome Merrill – Colorado, United StatesKauri, October 2018
  • Land of the Long White Cloud

    “A fabulous trip with a small but lovely group of like-minded travellers. Well paced and a mix of well known and off the beaten track places which show the true beauty of this amazing country. Loved the variety and the attention to detail. Thank you to my fellow travellers and our amazing guides.”
    Barbara Anderson – Queensland, AustraliaRimu, October 2018
  • What a Way to See New Zealand!

    “We thoroughly enjoyed our time in New Zealand with Active Adventures. New Zealand is a beautiful country with lots to see, but seeing it in an active way really gives you a chance to appreciate so many things you wouldn't get a chance to otherwise. But above that, the guides and staff with Active Adventures couldn't have been better. We had so much fun with Nick and Maddi! They were helpful, knowledgeable, adaptable, kind and friendly.”
    Tom Absher – Washington, United StatesTui, October 2018
  • New Zealand....a MUST do trip!!

    “Amazing country.... fantastic sights to see... great guides... overall wonderful experience, especially doing it with my son!!”
    Jake Weinstein – Quebec, CanadaTui, October 2018
  • Marvellous 'Kea' trip

    “Can't recommend the family Kea trip enough. Our guide Mel seemed to have endless energy and inspired us all to relax, play and enjoy.”
    Jessica Upton – Oxon, United KingdomKea, October 2018
  • Amazing Trip

    “My wife and I decided to come to New Zealand because we love hiking and mountains, and it was at the top of both of our bucket lists. We were able to get the time off to do the trip right (17 days) and made it into a 5 year wedding anniversary present to ourselves. We originally planned to do everything ourselves, but quickly got overwhelmed by the amount of work that was going to take. We searched for guided trips, and were thrilled to find Active Adventures because of the overnight backpacking portions of the trip. Everything on the trip worked out great! Koru (our guide) was amazing! As a Maori, he had unparalleled knowledge of the land, customs, and beliefs of the people of New Zealand. It was very obvious that he loves his country, and loves to share it with like-minded travelers. I asked him about ten thousand questions throughout the trip, and he had an answer for pretty much every one. The hiking was amazing, the people friendly, and the time well enjoyed. My wife and I will definitely be back to Active Adventures for another trip somewhere else in the world!”
    John Martino – Virginia, United StatesWinter Rimu, October 2018
  • Winter Rimu

    “This trip was simply amazing. Being able to explore the South Island of New Zealand with someone catering to you made it that much more enjoyable. I didn’t have to plan out meals, where I should go or anything! I loved having a local guide show me New Zealand. I highly recommend Active Adventures. ”
    Alyssa Bass – Texas, United StatesWinter Rimu, September 2018
  • New Zealand Winter Rimu

    “Our Winter Rimu trip was fantastic from beginning to end. We had a few travel snafus getting into New Zealand but Active Adventures was easy to reach when we needed them and once picked up, Koru immediately put us at ease and took over the hard work. Accommodations throughout were great and Koru and Lauren made some excellent food for us to enjoy throughout. We especially enjoyed the two overnight trips to Aspiring Hut and Welcome Flat Hut. We also appreciated the flexibility of both guides to do more or less activity each day depending on how everyone was feeling. Not having to worry or think about what was next on the trip helped us to relax and fully immerse ourselves in the experience. Both Koru and Lauren were extremely knowledgeable about local culture as well as the flora and fauna of New Zealand. There were very few questions we asked that they couldn't answer. Great trip! ”
    Allison See – Ohio, United StatesWinter Rimu, September 2018
  • Kauri, Koru and Us!

    “Having had an awesome Rimu trip in 2016, we decided that North Island meant the Kauri trip in 2018, and we were not disappointed. As ever, Active Adventures lived up to its name and provided a truly epic look at North Island, in the well looked after way that we had come to expect. It was unexpected, however, that we would be the only clients on the tour and so had a fully personalised trip and Koru (our wonderful guide) became our friend, mentor and Maori expert. What a treat.
    North Island is, of course, very different from South Island. Less epic mountains and more coastal bays, less outback and more culture, and (coming in June instead of February) less hot sun and more variable weather. Coming from Scotland we are used to all 4 seasons in one day, and found the temperatures very conducive to walking and the intermittent storms were dramatic, but Koru directed the activities to suit the weather and we found clear skies and fantastic views nearly everywhere we went.
    We had so many highlights that it is difficult to specify a couple, but in our minds forever are the night walk to the biggest and oldest kauri trees, singing Maori chants in the starlight; the stunning coastal walks; the visit to the Treaty Grounds (only organised because of bad weather at that point but very very good and so glad we got to do it); glowworms in caves in a wetsuit and rubber ring; Tongariro Crossing with crampons and ice picks (!) and Koru's constant happy smile and attention to us.”
    Valerie Heslop – Aberdeenshireshire, United KingdomKauri, September 2018
  • Great First Experience of the South Island NZ

    “Trip is well organized and food is excellent. Guides for the trip I was on were excellent: Katie and Maya. They were a great team which created a comfortable team oriented atmosphere. They shared local, and natural history stories through out the trip which gave great background and context to what we were seeing and experiencing. They were clear about what to expect each day by providing a preview the evening before and again at breakfast so we could have the right gear/clothing handy. I can't say enough about Katie and Maya and their integral part in my excellent experience.”
    Brenda Davis – Massachusetts, United StatesRimu, August 2018
  • Into the Unknowns of the North Island

    “Upon coming home from my trip, everyone I know who has been to New Zealand has been dazzled by my explanations of where I went. I booked with Active because I wanted an opportunity to see places I probably wouldn't manage to see as a tourist on my own, and to do activities safely that were adventurous and fun and outside the run-of-the-mill tours I could book with others. Since it was winter, I chose the North Island Kauri trip. It was everything I wanted. We did lots of adventurous, difficult (but not *too* difficult) hikes and other activities and saw parts of New Zealand that most tourists don't ever manage to see. Jackie and Maddi put their personal touches on our tour, and were aces at making sure we did great things even in the face of some obstacles. It was exactly what I needed out of my vacation. Thanks, Active!”
    Jessi Grieser – Tennessee, United StatesKauri, August 2018
  • Lovely Winter Adventure

    “Amazing trip! Our guides, Jackie and Maddie were knowledgeable, friendly, and very energetic. Every place we traveled to along the way was beautiful and memorable. I will never forget this trip. It was the amazing way to see a good part of the North Island.”
    Kristen Deffenbaugh – New Jersey, United StatesKauri, August 2018
  • Kauri Adventures on the North Island

    “I recently came home from a truly amazing adventure. My sister, brother and I met up with two other travelers to be guided around the North Island. We were able to learn about the ancient Waipoua Forest and the Kauri trees, enjoy sandy beaches (complete with sand boarding!), hike beautiful trails, and meet wonderful people. We even had some detours that resulted in visiting the glow worm caves. Our guides, Maddi and Jackie were knowledgeable, experienced, and entertaining! The accommodations were lovely. If you are looking for a trip that takes you around the New Zealand countryside and coastlines, I highly recommend Active Adventures!”
    Emily Deffenbaugh – New Jersey, United StatesKauri, August 2018
  • Amazing

    “This was an amazing trip. More than I ever thought it would be. Jackie and Maddie were fantastic and knowledgeable guides. They made the trip very enjoyable. Will recommend this trip and Active Adventures to my friends. Loved every minute of it.”
    Mary Wcisel – Indiana, United StatesKauri, August 2018
  • Fabulous

    “I really loved the Winter Rimu. The scenery was simply breathtaking and the range of activities was very good. When weather intervened - inevitable in winter and on the west coast! - our guides had great alternatives up their sleeves and we were always kept up to date with plans and other ideas. They catered for the various needs and personalities in the group brilliantly and helped us bond as a cohesive team - I can’t fault their professionalism and hard work throughout. There is quite a bit of driving, which has to be the case to get to the various locations, but every day had variety and on the long driving days we still stopped and looked around places of interest and got a quick walk in where possible. The long hikes to the mountain huts were unforgettable!”
    Bob Justham – , ChinaWinter Rimu, August 2018
  • Discovering the North Island

    “My family's trip was everything it promised to be... plus more! Jackie and Maddi were excellent tour guides, and made us feel so welcome in New Zealand. If you are looking for an adventure that will educate you about New Zealand's past... both historically and geographically - this is the journey for you!”
    Greg Deffenbaugh – Colorado, United StatesKauri, July 2018
  • Best Trip Ever!

    “On our Active Trip we were surrounded by beauty. From our guides to the scenic countryside everything was relaxed and accommodating. We loved the variety of activities from hiking and biking to floating in the underground caves. Meals were healthy and delicious prepared by our lovely guide. I definitely want to visit again and get to know the South Island!”
    Tricia Timmons – Washington, United StatesKauri, July 2018
  • Memory Maker

    “Active Adventures' Winter Rimu is a memory maker. The views, excursions, story swapping, endless laughter, and rad people will forever be etched in my memory bank. Our sweet as guides, DK and Elder, made every day insanely fun. They are so unbelievably good at what they do and their in-depth knowledge about the local ecology, culture, and history of New Zealand is nothing short of impressive. Seeing the beauty of the South Island through their eyes put the already breathtaking views on a whole new level. DK and Elder were more than accommodating; they were genuinely kind and made everyone feel like a million bucks, even if there was a little liquid sunshine on the radar. I loved every single day on our itinerary and I loved my group. We quickly went from strangers from all different backgrounds, hometowns, and ages to a team of friends. Our long roadies were filled with music and laughter. To top it off, the food was absolutely delicious. For me, the Winter Rimu was about self-discovery, active days, spectacular sites, and constant smiles. My face still hurts from smiling so much! The memories I've made on this two week adventure are the kind that don't fade. It was just what I was looking for and then some.”
    Whitney Wells-Corfield – Virginia, United StatesWinter Rimu, July 2018
  • Another Awesome Active New Zealand Adventure!

    “My fifth 'Active Adventures' trip didn't disappoint! Great weather, great hiking, great group and of course, great trip leaders, DK and Elder. The "Winter Rimu" showcased the amazing New Zealand landscape in a different light from the summer "Rimu" I had previously done - with snow capped mountains everywhere, crisp clear sunny days, and a fun group to enjoy it all with.”
    Trina Hellicar – New South Wales, AustraliaWinter Rimu, July 2018
  • Sweet As!!!

    “Simply put the Winter Rimu was a trip of a lifetime. The scenery was spectacular as was the awesome group of people with amazing leaders, D.K. & Elder. ”
    Matthew Sloan – Illinois, United StatesWinter Rimu, July 2018
  • The Best Introduction to the South Island You Could Wish For!

    “Thank you Active Adventures - but Thank you DK and Elder for the most amazing trip ever! They really showed their passion and love for their country and were very keen and kind to show each and every one of us their individual attention and make us feel welcome and included in the trip - Thank you again!”
    Josh Brown – Buckinghamshire, United KingdomWinter Rimu, July 2018
  • 2018 Winter Rimu with Dan K and Elder

    “This truly was the trip of a lifetime, largely due to the expert knowledge and camaraderie of DK and Elder, along with an amazing group of fellow travelers.”
    Marc Ewing-Chow – California, United StatesWinter Rimu, July 2018
  • Great Time

    “It was a great time with good combinations of different activities.”
    Anke Gahrns – , GermanyRimu, July 2018
  • Incredible!

    “I absolutely love Active. My husband and I have always wanted to visit New Zealand, but were only able to travel in June. We decided to go even though it would be cold, and potentially wet. Yes, it was BOTH, but it was worth it! (Especially with some merino long underwear...haha.) Beautiful place, phenomenal hikes and adventures, amazing culture, and delicious food. Our guides were awesome. When can I come back??? ”
    Donalyn Ruiz – California, United StatesKauri, July 2018
  • Absolutely Amazing!

    “My Rimu trip was fantastic! It was very well organized, guides Koru and Carrie were very knowledgeable about the areas we visited and it was great to get a feel for what New Zealand is all about. I loved staying in some of the smaller, less known areas, and the choices of hikes were fabulous and really highlighted the beautiful nature in New Zealand. We also lucked into some great weather, especially for it being so close to winter, and I knew I was seeing some amazing sights when both guides were out snapping pictures right alongside us! This was definitely a trip of a lifetime and one I will always look back on with a huge smile on my face. I would come back in a heartbeat!”
    Jacqui Slade – British Columbia, CanadaRimu, June 2018
  • Couldn't Have Been Better!

    “The 'Rimu' trip was a great way to see the range of different terrain of the South Island without having to worry about logistics like driving and finding trailheads on my own! With great fall weather and wonderful new hiking buddies, this was an unforgettable adventure! On top of that, my guides were so much fun and had lots of history and stories to share along the way. Couldn't have had a better trip with Active Adventures.”
    Hannah Gendelman – Massachusetts, United StatesRimu, June 2018
  • Pleasant Surprise

    “We had been planning a trip to New Zealand for several years. We looked at renting a camper and driving around to all the beautiful sites on our own...we are so glad we didn’t.

    Going with a small group with knowledgeable guides was a great decision. Everyday we had new and exciting experiences. Somehow each day was better than the previous one. The real advantage of going with guides who know the country is you get to experience off the beaten path sites that you would never find on your own. Every day we were told what time breakfast started and what our itinerary for the day was. No worrying about driving, where to stop for meals, and where to stay for the night. Another pleasant surprise was how much the group added to the overall experience.

    Highlights for us: the multi-day kayaking was fantastic, Milford Sound was awe inspiring, the night time hike to see the glow worms felt like being at camp (for adults), and the beauty of the West Coast beaches will stay with us for a really long time.

    We are already planning our next Active Adventure trip.”
    Tina Kelly – Colorado, United StatesRimu, June 2018
  • Manuka

    “Great hiking, enjoyed the walk on the glacier at Franz Josef, and the Milford Sound Trek was the highlight for my six weeks in New Zealand, on three Active Adventures.”
    George Wark – Ontario, CanadaManuka, June 2018
  • RIMU Bucket List Trip

    “Active Adventures New Zealand exceeded my expectations. From the itinerary to the accommodations to the meals to the phenomenal guides, I couldn't have asked for better.”
    Angela Sieloff – Texas, United StatesRimu, June 2018
  • Variety and Flexibility

    “What i love most about this tour is not just the variety of the activities, but more importantly the flexibility of choosing what I would like and not like to do. If something is too hard or too inconvenient, I was always given the choice to opt out of that activity.”
    Rhyan Uy – , PhilippinesTui, June 2018
  • Kauri February 2018

    “A Great trip! Despite unseasonably high levels of rainfall, Andy always had a Plan B, which was greatly enjoyed. Together with Jo's great culinary skills, this was a memorable adventure.”
    George Wark – Ontario, CanadaKauri, June 2018
  • Our Amazing Honeymoon

    “Words cannot explain just how incredible this trip was. Katie and Astrid were wonderful guides and the entire trip was perfect, and I hate using that word. We had rain, sunshine, and even a hike through the snow at Ben Lomond, and I wouldn't have changed a thing. This was the experience of a lifetime and I strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to get a little more out of a vacation!”
    Frank Garcia – Florida, United StatesTui, June 2018
  • The Best Trip with the Best Tour Guides - Claire & Holly

    “My husband and I went on our Honeymoon to New Zealand for 2 weeks and took half of the time to be with Active Adventures. That was the best decision we could have made. It was extremely well organized, just the right amount of activity, hit just about all the places we wanted to go on our bucket list, the accommodations were more than we expected, and we couldn't have had better tour guides than Claire & Holly. They were extremely friendly, welcoming, talkative, informative, cooked great meals, had great conversations, were very passionate about the outdoors and wildlife, and overall really great hosts. This was our first time doing a official tour when traveling, and it exceeded our expectations. We could go at our own pace on the hikes and enjoy the group for the social aspect, but also get off on our own to have some peace and quiet. We really don't have a bad word to say. Highly Recommend!”
    Laura Miller – Iowa, United StatesManuka, June 2018
  • New Zealand or Bust

    “New Zealand is beautiful and we had a fabulous time!! This trip is not for the faint of heart but you will see some extraordinary rain forests, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, sunrises and sunsets. Oh, I can't forget the birds.

    Our 2 weeks with Kim and Holly were wonderful. They make an excellent team. They made sure we were never bored! The food Holly created was a definite highlight. Kim and Holly were relentless is their efforts for us to learn about Maori and New Zealand legend, language and history. And we did learn! It was all so much fun. They both are so well versed in the flora, fauna and geology of the area.

    They kept us on our toes and on schedule. They were quick on their feet when a planned event had to be altered and they were always very patient with the group.

    Our group was small with 4 people the first week and 6 people the second week. As with every group there is a variety of physical activity levels, Holly and Kim were always so accommodating and encouraging. The most challenging hike for me was our trek to the Welcome Flat Hut on the Copeland Track. (I guess I am not as young as I used to be.) The most annoying pests on the trip were the sand flies. I survived the Copeland Track and the sand flies and took some amazing pictures. It is hard not to take amazing pictures in New Zealand, it is such a beautiful and dramatic island and country.”
    Terry Thomas – California, United StatesWinter Rimu, May 2018
  • Winter Rimu

    “Elise and I had a great time on your trip. Holly was a great cook and Kim kept us on schedule. They both shared lots of interesting information. I liked the variety of activities offered so we had a break from hiking some days. The Copeland hike was very beautiful yet hard on the body near the end. The hot springs were a nice welcome. Both Elise and I would have liked to reach one peak if possible. The kayak in Milford Sound was amazing and beautiful. All the drives were very scenic.”
    Chris Huet – Ontario, CanadaWinter Rimu, May 2018
  • All About Active Participation and the Guides

    “We were apprehensive about taking a guided tour with other people, but we took a leap of faith based on other reviews and speaking with Active Adventures and we weren't disappointed. Staying busy and outdoors in a country which seems to have been created for such was ideal, and our guides, Kim and Holly, were excellent resources for history and local knowledge. Kim was a great driver, Holly the perfect chef, and both excellent guides and quick thinkers whenever the weather necessitated a slight change in plans. Don't think we would have done the long "hut" hikes without them, but so glad we did. Very rewarding! Still fit but nearing 70, this was ideal for us with lots of activity but someone else planning everything and doing all the driving! Highly recommend.”
    Duncan Thomas – California, United StatesWinter Rimu, May 2018
  • Experiencing New Zealand's Finest

    “What a great trip we had! Every day we felt like living beings inside nature’s paintings. Many Thanks to our wonderful guides Carrie & Koru, who showed us the most spectacular sites of New Zealand’s South Island.”
    Walter Frankmoelle – Nevada, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • Amazing Two Weeks

    “We had a wonderful two weeks with a great group of trip mates, two outstanding guides, and a very diverse itinerary. The only thing I would change is the weather. But we trekked on!”
    Marie Shull – North Carolina, United StatesKiwi, May 2018
  • Manuka

    “Fabulous! Thank you for a wonderful adventure!”
    Alice Feller – California, United StatesManuka, May 2018
  • GREAT Highlights/Overview of the South Island of Aotearoa/NZ

    “When you only have a week, and no way to plan your own journey, and enough money, THIS IS THE TRIP. I still have trouble believing Active Adventures could put so many different activities (hiking, kayaking, cycling, airplane flight, overnight cruise, jet boat) in so many different locations in one week. The small-sized group was great (we avoided booking a guided trip with a different company that had "only 50 others" - yikes!) 7 of us and 2 guides. This meant a nice-sized vehicle rather than a touring coach, and good interactions. The guides were young Kiwis who clearly love their country, and have learned much about it. The emphasis was on seeing the land, the water, the wildlife, and learning a bit about native Maori culture rather than on plush accommodations and 5-star dining. That said, the hotels/motels were more than adequate, and they are places to which we'll return if we ever get the chance. It was pricey, but we'd never have been able to do this ourselves, and we had a BLAST. And now we know where we want to go back and go more slowly.”
    Julie Peyton – Oregon, United StatesTui, May 2018
  • Sweet As....

    “My experience with Active Adventures on the South Island of New Zealand was as sweet as the sweetest Manuka honey. I was amazed by the adventure in itself; the dazzling landscapes, the flora and fauna but bedazzled by our expert guides who maneuvered our van and trailer with expertise, prepared fantastic meals and dealt with any and all situations with a professionalism way beyond their millennial ages of 23 and 26. There were never any worries, lots of laughter and organization of each day that caused me to have no worries. Some of the daily itineraries had to be adjusted due to weather, road conditions or cancellations and Jackie and Lauren just rolled with it and kept us informed and happy. The hikes we took were just right for my level of fitness. The sights and sounds met all of my expectations and I would definitely do it all again.”
    Nancy Hopkins – Missouri, United StatesKiwi, May 2018
  • It Lived Up To My Expectations!

    “I've wanted to see New Zealand for 30 years. It lived up to my expectations.”
    Marianne Denniston – Georgia, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • Awesome North Island Adventure

    “We had an awesome time with Active Adventures on the Kauri North Island trip with our tour guide Andy. An excellent variety of hikes, water activities, and mountain biking with a backdrop of fantastic ocean, forest, and mountain scenery. The accommodations and meals were great. But best of all was our experienced guide Andy who led the hikes, provided the right dose of New Zealand history and culture while driving us from one adventure to the next, and cooked us great meals. Well done! ”
    Michael Wellons – New Jersey, United StatesKauri, May 2018
  • Kiwi Adventures

    “The Kiwi trip is an excellent exploration of the South Island. Fantastic scenery, a great variety of relaxed outdoor activities, plenty of good food and great accommodations, and awesome guides from Active Adventures NZ.”
    Michael Wellons – New Jersey, United StatesKiwi, May 2018
  • Rimu New Zealand

    “What an amazing way to visit New Zealand. Lot's of driving but well worth it and was able to see most of the South Island. Hiking was amazing as well as the kayaking at Milford Sound. The guides, Carrie and Koru were both amazing and very patient with all of us. Places that we stayed were all very nice and the weather we had was amazing!”
    Brigitte Rosson – Texas, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • Maximum Use of Vacation Time

    “Love the fact that every day there was so much to see and do in the great outdoors of New Zealand! The guides were not only tons of fun but also very knowledgeable about their awesome country. They knew how to efficiently revise the schedule when weather interfered such that every day was seamless from morning to night. Loved the fact the guides prepared healthy meals whenever it was necessary to keep to a time schedule. Would love to return again to take in the areas where mother nature's rainstorms impacted our ability to safely hike into some areas. Recommend this trip to anyone who loves being active!”
    Joan Berkowitz – Washington, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • Manuka

    “An absolutely wonderful adventure and the people who made it exceptional where our two guides, Claire and Holly.
    Both were very organized, fun and professional!”
    Jeanne Keith-Ferris – British Columbia, CanadaManuka, May 2018
  • Kauri

    “Wow, we enjoyed our first leg of the journey through Active Adventures so much -- I am happy we went for the double header!
    We spent our entire vacation time with Active Adventures -- one whole month! Not a missed beat on the part of your company -- everything was executed perfectly -- thank you!”
    Jeanne Keith-Ferris – British Columbia, CanadaKauri, May 2018
  • Manuka trip March 2018

    “Wonderful trip, guides were great organisers and great company. They put huge effort into making it interesting and fun.”
    Brian Reilly – , United KingdomManuka, May 2018
  • Could Not Have Asked For A Better Holiday!

    “This trip was so amazing, that I did not know how badly I needed it until it was over and I returned home. New Zealand is a beautiful country and it was almost overwhelming how much we were able to see and explore in just two short weeks. Our guides were superb and challenged the scenery for title of best part of the trip. ”
    Justin Sheldon – Washington, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • Exceeded our expectations - New Zealand is AMAZING!

    “We had never done a "guided" trip before and I now tell friends it the only way to go, especially with Active Adventures! First of all we cannot say enough about the amazing job all our guides did. They were so kind, knowledgeable, and caring in making sure we had the best experience on our tour. They were the best! They made each day an "Adventure" and shared their love and knowledge of New Zealand with us. On top of being super guides they also can cook! The meals that they prepared for us along the way were more than one would expect out of a chilly box. We looked forward to sharing these delicious meals together with our fun group. Traveling with our group in our mini bus was a pleasure. There was plenty of room, comfortable ride, good music and there was always plenty of fresh fruit, snacks and water available for us. The schedule is obviously well planned and we looked forward to each day and new Adventure that was scheduled. The guides were well aware of any limitations and worked around these so that we could still fully enjoy and make the most of the day. There were many days of feelings of accomplishment for doing what we did and we always slept well at night. We felt that this trip gave us a wonderful first time tour of the North Island. The accommodations that we stayed at were excellent. Always clean and comfortable and some had the most amazing views. It was always a treat when you spent two nights in the same place. When the guides weren't cooking, the places that we ate were always very good. My only complaint is with myself because I did not take the advise about how much clothes to pack and I packed way too much! The majority of the places we stayed had laundry facilities so we could do laundry. I am now much more aware of this for our next Adventure. We've travelled quite a bit in our 48 years of marriage and we tell people that this is the first time we can honestly say that we loved EVERYTHING about this trip, New Zealand and the people we met along the way.”
    Nancy Shaw – New York, United StatesKauri, May 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “After completing the 11 day Kauri trip on the North Island and having a week on our own, we met our group for the 14 day Kiwi tour of the South Island. It was a much larger group with diverse personalities and physical abilities. Once again we were blessed with two excellent guides who love what they do. We had a much larger group on this trip and Koru and Emma made sure that everyone's needs were met (and there were many!). Koru's knowledge about the Mauri culture and New Zealand was astounding. He was also aware of any limitations among the group and made sure that we made the best of every adventure we were doing. Emma was a great guide and super organizer in making arrangements for the day and in preparing meals for all of us and those with special dietary requirements. I don't know how she does it! The meals they prepared were always delicious. The bus was comfortable and once again we always had a plentiful supply of fresh fruits and snacks and water available for us. There was a considerable amount of driving on this trip so it was important to be comfortable. Our schedule was well planned and when adjustments had to be made because of weather our guides were at the ready with other options for us to do. All the activities were designed to meet everyone's abilities and give a sense of gratification upon completion.

    The accommodations we stayed at were great with the exception of the Makarora Lodges which were just a lot more rustic than what we had been used to.

    For us, doing the Kiwi tour was the best way to see and learn about the South Island.”
    Nancy Shaw – New York, United StatesKiwi, May 2018
  • Wildest Dreams!

    “The entire trip was beyond my wildest dreams. From the spectacular beauty of the country, the fabulous accommodations, the hiking adventures and our two awesome tour guides Ashleigh and Lauren. I did not want to leave the country and hope to be back for another breathtaking adventure in New Zealand with Active Adventures. ”
    Annette Hollingsworth – Texas, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • Wonderful Trip in a Gorgeous Country!

    “Enough hiking and challenges to satisfy, yet still with opportunities to relax. Great sampling of the different parts of the South Island, a variety of activities & lodgings, delicious meals, and the best guides ever! Thank you, Jackie & Pepper!”
    DeAnn Ringgenberg – Texas, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • Kiwi, March 2018

    “Our guides were fantastic, and of course the scenery and hiking were incredible. The people are friendly, and the country is not crowded or noisy. Several times on the trip, I thought, "Wow, I'm really enjoying being able to do this without the stress of driving, making hotel and dinner reservations, juggling hikes due to the fickle weather, etc." I would do it again in a heartbeat. I need to explore the North Island now!”
    Steve Palkovitz – Virginia, United StatesKiwi, April 2018
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