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The most important bit! While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our New Zealand trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves. We get a huge amount of feedback from our guests, all of which we read and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips.

Feel free to drop us a line and we can put you in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and find out what it’s really like to travel with us!

We've been running adventure trips for over 20 years, so we have a LOT of reviews. In the interest of not making you wait eons for the page to load, we've decided to show our 100 most recent. Though, if you'd like to read older reviews, please drop us a line and we'll certainly share plenty more with you!

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  • Best Trip Ever

    “Every day was a unique adventure. Great group, guides and landscapes. Looking forward to our next journey with Active.”
    Carmen Lamar – Colorado, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • Great Trip!

    “Loved the trip. Lots of fun, education, and challenge. Great leadership by Holly and Claire”
    Don Ferris – British Columbia, CanadaManuka, April 2018
  • Mar 4 2018 Weka

    “This truly was the trip of a lifetime. I will never forget how well Nick and Elder took care of us all. Very caring and fun.”
    Maggie Steder – Wisconsin, United StatesWeka, April 2018
  • Tui Trip Review

    “Our Tui trip was fantastic. A great group of travelers from age 19 to 70 ish.
    James and Carrie, our guides, could not have been better, as they shared their knowledge and stories of New Zealand. We enjoyed their good humor and enthusiastic leadership. When some bad weather interfered with the daily plan, headquarters and our guides did a great job in providing for our comfort, safety, and finding a way to enjoy our day. This 8 day trip provides a great introduction to the beauty of the South Island.”
    Paul Tichenor – Michigan, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • Mother Daughter Trip to New Zealand - Tui Trip March 2018

    “I can't tell you how fantastic this trip was for my 21yo daughter and I. I had done a lot of homework on this trip and couldn't imagine doing it any other way than with Active Adventures.
    The guides made our trip. They were enthusiastic and attentive every minute!!
    Our accommodations were clean and comfortable. Our excursions were well thought out and we even stopped along the way for a daily added detour which was great.
    I would recommend this to any who want to see and do a lot in the short amount of time we had.
    Nice job Active Adventures!”
    Kim Delamont – Colorado, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • Rimu 2018, We will Always Remember!

    “An outstanding trip that met all my expectations and so much more. Our guides Ash, Lauren and Pepper were truly outstanding and made the trip one in a lifetime. I close my eyes and I can see the sights and smell and taste NZ. From hiking in Nelson Lakes National Park to kayaking and biking, it was all wonderful.
    We will be back....”
    Romana Davies – Texas, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • Outstanding, Attentive Guides

    “We had a great tour including an amazing variety of terrains with beautiful scenery. I especially loved all the waterfalls. We had outstanding guides who were very attentive, professional and efficient.”
    Judy Evans – Wisconsin, United StatesWeka, April 2018
  • Perfect Way to Pack South Island Awesomeness into 7 days!

    “The title says it all. If you have a week to hit the highlights, this is the prefect trip. The route and sites selected were ALL amazing. The activities were accessible to a wide range of active abilities, and the guides were hands-down the best adventure guides I’ve had. Besides the incredible beauty the South Island offers at every turn, there were a few things that stood out for me that make Active Adventures the right choice. 1- Group size was perfect. 2- the logistics management of the guides. The guides are masters at anticipating your fun level and changing things up if needed (such a socked-in rain). 3- speaking of guides, they are knowledgeable, personable, and professional. They kept us on track and entertained. I can’t say enough about them! 4- Food and coffee is always flowing. I was always fed and prepped for activities with plenty of delicious New Zealand coffee stops. Also, much of the meals were made delicious and fresh by the guides! Active Adventures knows what they are doing, and it shows in the quality of their tours. Booking with them is a no-brainer! We’ll definitely be booking with them again.”
    Melissa Reyes – Texas, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • What an Adventure!

    “If you are looking for an escorted outdoor adventure, this is it! New Zealand's South Island is beautiful! Our guides, Daniel and Maddi, were wonderful. They have so much knowledge about the area and are always one step ahead. Just bring your active self, comfortable gear, and sit back. Active Adventures has the rest. We did the optional 3 day kayak package. You will not be disappointed! Thanks Active Adventures!”
    Renee Soerink – Washington, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • One of the Best Guided Adventure Trips

    “I’ve taken several trips overseas with different tour companies and Active Adventures is definitely the best! The guides Ash and Lauren were unbelievable! They made sure all of our dietary requirements were met and all of the meals (even during backpacking) were delicious and the best! They were amazingly strong (I don’t think any of us could have carried their packs) and Pipa (the 3rd guide who was with us due to our group size of 13) even carried another hiker’s 25lb pack plus her own! Ash was super knowledgeable with NZ’s history, trees, birds, local must eats and dos. They even provided us a list of restaurants to go to in Queenstown during our free day (I ended up spending 3 full days there after the trip and ate at most of the places on that list and every one of them was delicious!) they made the trip even more special besides the incredible scenery and the hard work of getting to the huts! The accommodations were excellent just wished we had more time to enjoy them!”
    Jessica Lo – Washington, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • Best of the South Island

    “From start to finish, our trip was amazing. Starting with our knowledgable and capable guides who kept us on our Kiwi toes!! Jackie and Carrie were marvelous. Their attention to detail was amazing whether we were beginning a Great Walk or taking care of our meals. They exceeded my expectations for sure, as did the entire trip. New Zealand is a beautiful country and this was a great way to enjoy it!”
    Susan Hidalgo – North Carolina, United StatesKiwi, April 2018
  • Stunning and Gorgeous

    “It was hard to return from the high of this trip. Every day held a new adventure. The scenery was stunning at all points. The food was delicious whether we ate out, or the guides cooked for us.
    Early in the trip a cyclone hit the West Coast where we were headed and the guides, with help from the home office, recovered quickly and seamlessly. This was the case two other times during our 14 days when the weather didn't cooperate. We're planning future trips!”
    Carrol Murray – Nebraska, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • "Sweet As" South Island Rimu tour with Ash & Astrid

    “Wow, the south island of New Zealand is "sweet as". Rimu takes you on an incredible trip of amazing sights... it is a good mix of physical challenges (don't underestimate the Nelson Lakes multi day hike or the "staircase" climb at Aoraki/Mt. Cook...challenging hiking days but with stunning natural views), satisfying food and frequent breaks during the travel days. Highlights include the two overnights at the Braemar sheep station by Lake Pukaki, Milford Sound experience, visit to the working sheep farm on Lake Wakatipu near Queenstown and the overnights at Lakehead and Angelus Huts in Nelson Lakes. Both Ash and Astrid are lovely young women who are confident and patient guides and are good ambassadors for the beauty of New Zealand and friendliness of the Kiwis. Plus they can tackle a tough hike then drive or cook for the group without any seeming effort. It was a fabulous trip and I can't wait to return to New Zealand with another Active Adventures tour.”
    Kristin Certain – Florida, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • Enjoyable and Accommodating

    “I've been on a lot of group tours, and this one by far was the most enjoyable. The scenery was stunning, the activities were easily adaptable for a variety of exertion levels, the guides were friendly, informative, and super organized. I was also very impressed by the on-the-fly creation of a modified itinerary for the two group members whose flight was delayed so that they didn't miss any of the sights. I will definitely travel with Active Adventures again!”
    Jennifer Lange – California, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • Yes to the North Island of New Zealand

    “About 7 years ago I spent over a month in the South Island and always planned on hiking in the North Island. This was the year. Active Adventures helped to make it a special trip, one that I will never forget. The hikes, other activities, accommodations, guides were excellent.”
    Kathy Gallo – Illinois, United StatesKauri, April 2018
  • Fabulous Overview of the South Island

    “This was a terrific trip which provided a fabulous overview of the South Island and included a fun range of activities (hiking, kayaking, boating, glacier trek, etc.) The small group size of 12 people was especially nice and guides Claire and Lauren were amazing. Claire (our lead guide) is a treasure. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the history of New Zealand and its various localities as well as the landscape we were experiencing. She included historical legends about different areas of the island which really was fun and she spontaneously added stops along the way such as the Chasm near Milford sound and a pub in Cardrona. She and Lauren were very attuned to the groups needs and exuded nothing but positive vibes throughout the trip. It also was particularly fun hiking portions of three different Great Walks as they are all so different.”
    Robin Werner – California, United StatesKiwi, April 2018
  • South Island Could Not be Better

    “We had a wonderful time on the South Island. The scenery, activities and accommodations were fantastic. It is truly a paradise, clean, sparsely populated. In addition, our guides were incredible. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and a lot of fun!”
    Bob Goeltz – Missouri, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • Wonderful North Island Trip

    “We had a great time on the North Island. Some great activities and very good guides.”
    Bob Goeltz – Missouri, United StatesKauri, April 2018
  • South Island is Utopia

    “Well worth your money... Don't hesitate to go... the South Island is Utopia. Spectacular scenery everywhere, clean air, clean water, fresh food, variety of activities. I am 61 and had the time of my life on a jet boat, helicopter, 6-seater plane, sea-kayaking, biking. Slept in a hut, on a boat. Guides were fun, friendly, well-informed, responsible. Loved it and want to go back”
    Geri Goeltz – Missouri, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • Wonderful Trip

    “Delightful exploration of many South Island treasures. Active Adventures knows how to pace each day for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Expert guides leave no room for disappointment!”
    Kevin Werner – California, United StatesKiwi, April 2018
  • Adventure of a Lifetime! Bucket list✅

    “Claire & Holly’s Most Excellent Adventure! I felt privileged to be on their Manuka Tour. The guides can either make or break a trip, so I was thrilled to experience the best! I’m so impressed with their knowledge, fun spirit, culinary skills, and especially, their attention to details! I couldn’t believe how they catered to each individual’s needs or preferences! Of course, the scenery and hikes were amazing everywhere we explored! How can you go wrong with New Zealand landscape?! Top notch all the way!”
    Kathy Viola – California, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • Manuka 2018

    “Our guides, Claire & Holly, were very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful in every manner. They made the experience quite rewarding.”
    Ed Wiest – California, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • A Wonderful Trip

    “It was a wonderful trip. Our group was really fun and Holly & Claire are both real gems. We could not have been happier.”
    Tim Conarro – Colorado, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • Excellent Taste of the South Island Walks

    “The 5 day Takahe trip was the perfect sampling of the South Island. Claire and Holly took great care of everything allowing us to take in the amazing and overwhelming beauty. Even when it rained 2 inches on us in one outing, they kept the group spirit high, kept us on track and made sure we got to still enjoy the sights. They personalized the trip, making sure we got great insights into history, culture and the plant/wildlife that make this place unique. Active Adventures did a great job preparing a wonderful itinerary, letting us know what gear we'd need and ensuring we got everything in on time. Logistics can be hard, but they made it a snap!”
    Melissa Delvecchio – Oregon, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • So Much to Say Because the Trip was Beyond Great

    “This was a trip I had begun dreaming about over forty years ago. The two weeks went so fast and were so much more than I had imagined. The scenery was spectacular: rain forests, mountains, pristine lakes, clear rivers, waterfalls, range land, rolling hills, farmland, the Tasman Sea! Just as your brochure explains but in person the scenery is so much more. Active Adventures deserves credit for making our two weeks such an awesome experience.
    Each day we were given a variety of choices so we could ride or hike as little or as much as we wanted and most of us rode! Then our outstanding guides, Nick and Elder had a few surprises along the way like Glow Worm Caves, Hokitika jade, real made-in-front-of-you fruit ice cream (from the fruit you pick), the Espresso Bomb trailor (NZ knows how to make great coffee!) and endless waterfalls! Since this is more of a bicycling tour it is not surprising my husband and I spent the weeks in a group of eleven equally enthusiastic bicyclists (with a wide range of skill levels and needs) being guided by Nick and Elder, extraordinarily talented cyclists, hikers, coaches and guides. Nick and Elder seemed to work round the clock making sure everything was perfect for all of us and much of our joy from this trip come from their unending efforts to make it the best for each of us. Nick kept us briefed on what was next, what the weather might be like (always carry an extra layer in NZ as it is so unpredictable!), and he made us all feel safe and relaxed as he drove the narrow roads in NZ. Thanks, Nick! Elder, as “tail-end Charlie” encouraged those of us who lagged behind often just wanting to stop and take more photos. Sometimes he aided by taking photos, giving us riding tips and other times he simply let us know we were doing fine and it was okay to go at a slower pace. For me this was critical as I have been involved in three separate accidents (two involving vehicles and one caused by another cyclist) and can become inexplicably anxious. Nick and Elder were both non-judgmental when I chose to ride in the van a few times. Other times I surprised myself (as well as them I think) by taking off and zooming ahead absorbed in the scenery. Nick and Elder, aka “brothers from different mothers” are terrific cooks (breakfast, lunch and dinner), wonderful guides to the local places (I’m drooling just thinking of the Arrowtown Bakery’s delicious pies), and wonderful about keeping our van stocked with fruit and nutritious bars as well as NZ treats (hokey pokey, pineapple lumps). They kept our van windows clean (so critical for great photos) and even fixed the noise (someone stored rocks in the overhead?). Elder and Nick helped identify what we were seeing, told us Maori tales, fed us information on NZ and answered our questions. There were also numerous books for us on NZ in the van. Nick even took the time to consult his grandfather on one question. We shared riddles and answered their quizzes. Elder brought in his own perspective as a native of Peru (where my husband had lived as a child) and a guide in Ecuador and Nepal.
    Our group really bonded and cheered for each other. Near the end of the trip we called the office to see about getting the entire group their own Weka bike jerseys and we were successful much to the amazement of Nick and Elder (who totally deserve a percentage of the sales). It is really due to their love of NZ, bicycling and people as well as the support of the entire Active Adventures staff that we all had such a great time and wanted the Weka jersey as a way to keep the memories of our trip alive. Thanks to the entire team at Active Adventures!”
    Millie Meyer – New Mexico, United StatesWeka, April 2018
  • Great Way to Sample 3 of the Great Walks

    “Our guides, Holly and Claire, were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, fun and well organized. We would recommend this to anyone of any age (we're in our 70's) who enjoys wilderness hiking and climbing and viewing the beauty of New Zealand's Fiordland. They were great at keeping our group on track and cohesive in spite of the widely different paces of participants.”
    Dan Cope – Florida, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • Hiking New Zealand

    “Wonderful trip with outstanding guides.”
    Carol Lindahl – Arizona, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • A Total Delight

    “Everyone knows New Zealand will be gorgeous, but this trip was fabulous mostly because it was so well planned by Active Adventures, and so incredibly well led by our two guides, Katie and Astrid. They made everything seamless, positive and light, encouraging us in the tougher hikes all the while making endless arrangements and great food behind the scenes. They seriously upped the fun quotient. This knitted our group together and made us realize we were truly on the vacation of a lifetime.”
    Paula Alvary – Massachusetts, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • Amazing Adventure

    “This was a wonderful trip full of daily activities and lots of fun. Our guides, Daniel and Maya, were terrific and very knowledgeable. The best part was the 3 day trek which took us through some beautiful country and was really challenging. Cannot say enough about the trip and our trekking group as everyone was encouraging and always there to help.”
    Nancy Cooper – Ontario, CanadaRimu, April 2018
  • Comfort Zone

    “The most memorable thing that I've taken from my Active Adventure trips to New Zealand is that you're going to see and do things that will completely take you out of your 'comfort zone' and 'thrill you'. You're not sitting on a bus, and 'staring through glass at new worlds'... You are actually hiking those mountains, biking through those rainforests, and kayaking through those glacier lakes. At the end of the day, you and your fellow adventurers are sharing a glass of wine and feeling really proud about what you accomplished as a team. The guides are magnificent. They're with you every step of the way, and they prepare the most wonderful snacks, lunches and meals when that day is done. Their attention to detail and service is simply amazing. I doubt anyone could provide me a better time on vacation.”
    Johnnie Walker – Connecticut, United StatesKauri, April 2018
  • Rob's Rimu Review

    “The trip exceeded my expectations! It was the most fun I've had in a two week period. The hiking was enjoyable, and occasionly very challenging. Overall NZ is breathtaking via a hiker's perspective. Apart from the hiking spending time with my fellow travellers was very enjoyable, and our guides Ken and Pepper really made the trip as enjoyable as possible. Can't wait to go again with Active Adventures!”
    Rob Bozic – New South Wales, AustraliaRimu, April 2018
  • Kiwi Adventure

    “Wonderful guides in Jackie and Carrie. They bent over backwards for us!”
    Hector Hidalgo – North Carolina, United StatesKiwi, April 2018
  • Incredible!

    “How does one begin?! NZ had been number one on my bucket list since before retiring almost 2 years ago. While eagerly awaiting my 'Weka' Trip, little did I imagine it would exceed my excited expectations! Beginning with Elder and Nick, our 2 excellent young guides, to the itinerary, equipment, gourmet meals, top-notch accommodations and congenial group, I could not have asked for a better balance of cycling & hiking adventures and touring sites. Elder and Nick’s hard work and planning 24/7 were key in making this such a fantastic trip! They demonstrated concern for everyone’s safety and welfare, expertise in biking and hiking, knowledge of the sites, NZ and history, and gourmet cooking skills. They encouraged and guided. Above all their integrity, patience, love of NZ and sense of humor made for an unforgettably fantastic experience.
    Thank you!”
    Deby Six – California, United StatesWeka, April 2018
  • March 'Kiwi' 2018

    “New Zealand sells itself. We could have rented a van like so many others and had a good time. However, our hosts, Jackie and Carrie, took us to the best places and the most authentic vendors. After our trip I felt like we had experienced the best of the South Island.”
    Bill Sandercock – Arizona, United StatesKiwi, April 2018
  • A Great Adventure

    “My expectations were exceeded by this 8 day “Tui” adventure. With great weather and interesting travelling companions, my husband and I had a fabulous time. Our guides/leaders/cooks, Katie and Astrid, kept us entertained, informed and well fed throughout the entire week. Congrats to Active Adventures for being committed to showing people from other countries just how beautiful the South Island of New Zealand is. This “Tui” trek was simply a trip of a lifetime for someone who grew up on the prairies in Canada and now lives in Toronto.”
    Chris Conacher – Ontario, CanadaTui, March 2018
  • Amazing Guides

    “Our guides, Carrie and Jackie were amazing! They are great ambassadors for your beautiful country. Working as a team, they were on the spot for every detail. The meals were delicious and the accommodations were great. Not even a "wee bit of rain" dampened our adventure.”
    Irma Sandercock – Arizona, United StatesKiwi, March 2018
  • Hiking through the Land of the Long White Cloud

    “After living 20 years in S.E. Alaska, walking in the rain was something I was hoping to avoid. But the spectacular views made it worthwhile and on clear days it was breathtaking. One of those clear days was Mt Cook and though all those steps to the overlook seemed a little daunting the view was worth it. Claire and Emma are outstanding and I doubt you could find a more competent pair. When option 1 and 2 were both closed because of slips (slides) Claire found an outstanding option 3. The friendliness of the people, lack of trash, clear drinkable water from nearly all lakes and streams, good food, beautiful scenery,and great leaders and companions made for a great trip.”
    Bob McGregor – Washington, United StatesKiwi, March 2018
  • Great Adaptation to Changing Conditions.

    “We had a wonderful time on the Kiwi trip. I was especially impressed with how well Button, Liana, and the AA team handled the situation when a cyclone stranded us briefly in Franz Josef and closed the road we had been planning to take. We didn't necessarily see exactly the same places we were scheduled for, but the replacements were fun too. It was a great job of dealing with a difficult situation. And Milford Sound is a spectacle beyond belief.”
    Doug Sprugel – Washington, United StatesKiwi, March 2018
  • Incredible Trip

    “The Tui trip was absolutely incredible. I couldn't have imagined a better way to explore New Zealand's South Island. It was an 8 day whirlwind of adventure, and everything was impeccably coordinated. Simon and Liana took care of every detail, while making sure we all had a blast. The accomodations were unique, the food was plentiful, and the days were jam-packed with memorable activities. It was an unforgettable experience - thanks Active!”
    Brittany Gibbons – Nevada, United StatesTui, March 2018
  • Tui Adventure

    “This trip was all I had hoped for and then some. I expected beautiful scenery and exciting activities, but I did not expect the personal touch from our guides. One of the group members mentioned chips and salsa... that night we had chips and salsa to go with our appetizers. They knew I love birds, so I was introduced to every bird possible - along with descriptions of the birds’ personalities and habits. There seemed to be no end to Dani and Emma’s knowledge about New Zealand and that made a huge impact on our trip! We all felt like family by the end of the week, and for a person traveling alone, that is a wonderful gift!”
    Janet Slover – Texas, United StatesTui, March 2018
  • Hike + Bike South Island

    “Our Weka trip was AWESOME from start to finish. The South Island has so many wonderful locations, and all those we rode or hiked through were outstanding. The trip avoided crowded locations for all but the most iconic venues - Aoraki, Milford Sound - which I certainly appreciated. The result was a feeling of remoteness most fitting for an adventure trip. As a competitive mountain biker, I was worried that the rides would be too tame and boring. Not the case! The surroundings were always deeply interesting, and I was able to add riding in various ways to get a great workout every day. The capper was our day off in Queenstown, when (together with our guides Nick and Elder, and cheered on by Ellie and Tess) I was able to race in the Motatapu MTB Race! WAY too much fun.
    Our tour group really came together, laughing and cheering each other on for the whole 14 days. Some really great conversations in the bus, on the trail, at meals. Folks went out of their way to support and encourage each other. This was set in motion by our fabulous tour guides, Nick and Elder. They made every aspect of the trip fresh and exciting, from natural history, to human history, geology, current NZ conditions. Great senses of humor, really engaged every one of us. Managed the whole trip with impeccable dexterity - so pro! Yet so spontaneous. And, not to be taken for granted at all, Nick is a great driver.
    We will gladly look to tour with you all again, especially a bike trip.”
    David Redding – California, United StatesWeka, March 2018
  • How Will We Top This?!

    “I was a bit anxious about our trip, since we've never gone on a guided tour before. But Katie and Astrid quickly put aside any worries. The trip was amazing and the scenery beautiful. Our guides were wonderful - they were competent, entertaining and fun. They have set the bar high for any future vacations - how will we top this?”
    Monique Scharlotte – New Hampshire, United StatesTui, March 2018
  • Our Perfect Vacation!

    “We’ve been home from our Kauri trip a couple weeks now and I’m still on cloud nine! This was the most amazing experience: the hiking was challenging but incredible, the food was exquisite, the scenery and beauty of New Zealand was pure paradise! My daughter and I began the trip as non-hikers and just wanted to experience a new place, we left as two people that plan to do many more hiking trips and can’t wait to join Active Adventures again. I can tell when I explain how great this trip was to my friends/family that they just can’t quite comprehend how perfect and amazing this trip actually was, I guess they will just have to join me next time! One last thing, our guides Andy and Jo were both incredible. They made every single moment of our time special, educational, and fun. From Andy’s explanations of everything “Kiwi”, to Jo’s delicious cooking, and everything in between, they really made our experience perfect!
    We can’t wait until we join you again!”
    Chris Rosman – Nebraska, United StatesKauri, March 2018
  • Active Adventure Sums it Up!

    “The company name pretty much sums up this trip "Active"! This adventure provides an excellent overview of the South island's geography, history and culture. Activities are diverse, varied and interesting. The full day schedules are extremely rewarding. Can't think of a better way to experience the South Island.”
    Bob Wigmore – British Columbia, CanadaRimu, March 2018
  • Loved the trip!

    “Surprised the age of the entire group was retired except for my wife and I. We had a blast. Lots of learning. Lots of good food. Lots of amazing hikes! Lots of cows. A decent amount of rain. Wouldn't change a minute of it (except maybe the rain...but that just became part of the experience.)

    Also, when they suggest bringing gloves for the Tongariro Crossing, they aren't kidding. Don't make that mistake. I ended up wearing socks at mittens. Thank goodness my guide was prepared! ”
    Nick Spears – Virginia, United StatesKauri, March 2018
  • Just do it!

    “If anyone is on the fence about going, just do it! It was a lot of fun.

    Nick Spears – Virginia, United StatesTui, March 2018
  • Fun in the South

    “What an amazing time we had with two wonderful, fun guides and another couple!!! We went to places and did things we would not have experienced if we had not been on the tour. We feel that our time on the tour gave us a great feel for what this amazing country has to offer. We want to come back!!!! Thank you, Ash and Tess for being the best of company!!!!”
    Pam Moller – Queensland, AustraliaTui, March 2018
  • Sun in the North

    “A wonderful 5 days travelling around the ocean-hugging North. New activities (namely sandboarding and snorkelling) were a hit and the inclusion of a Maori cultural element was most appreciated.”
    Peter McWhinney – Queensland, AustraliaKauri, March 2018
  • Wonderful Trip with Great Friends.

    “We had a group of 4 couples on the "Tui trip" and had a wonderful experience. The guides were fabulous and extremely knowledgable. They were at their best when the weather (Cyclone Gita) threw us a curveball. (That's a baseball term. Sorry you cricket lovers)!”
    Bobby Upp – Louisiana, United StatesTui, March 2018
  • Excellent introduction to the North Island!

    “Excellent introduction to the North Island! Andy and Jo couldn't have been better!”
    Ed Zerambo – Arizona, United StatesKauri, March 2018
  • Wonderful Tour of South Island

    “Staff were really helpful in planning stages of this trip, and our guides were so knowledgeable and personable; they made the trip the gem that it was.”
    Carlotta Richard – Oregon, United StatesKiwi, March 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “This was such an amazing trip! Our guides Ash and Astrid did a fantastic job. Everyday was met with amazing views and challenging activities like kayaking, biking and hiking. Two weeks felt like a month because we did so much in one day but there was still some down time to enjoy the beauty that is New Zealand. A must for anyone who wants to be active in New Zealand.”
    Kilo Piedra – California, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Exceeded Expectations

    “This is a trip that can be enjoyed by all since the hikes can be modified on different levels. Beautiful scenery every day!”
    Meryl Stein – Texas, United StatesKiwi, March 2018
  • Guided Trips are the Way to Go!

    “I had been wanting to hike in New Zealand for some time, and finally had enough time off. Trying to figure out the hut system, what to see and how to get around seemed a bit overwhelming. Even moreso since I was traveling solo. Active looked to be a great way to travel without having to stress about the planning, travel, etc. Though I had never traveled like this before, I saw the places I wanted to travel to, and others I would have likely not have found alone. Everyone on the trip was pleasant and easy to talk to, friendly and, like me had a great time. Our guides, Katie and Astrid, really made the trip with their upbeat attitudes, informative revelations on everything we saw, continual answering to our sometimes badgering questions and always being ready to help out.”
    Henry Shenk – Louisiana, United StatesTui, March 2018
  • One. More. Time.

    “What to say? I probably should have done the 2 week North Island trip, too. Only so many vacation days, sadly. It was so wonderful. Cyclones included. Andy and Jo were so much fun and wanted us all to have a great time. I would book it again...and again....and again. ”
    Becky McKenna – Massachusetts, United StatesKauri, March 2018
  • Amazing!

    “I am not sure I have the right words to describe my experience. All I can say at this moment is, 3 weeks later I am still feeling very much inspired to continue my love for travel and exploration. Ash and Astrid we're the bees knees! No doubt they thought we were nutzo but we had so many laughs and good meals together. New friends were made! ”
    Becky McKenna – Massachusetts, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Amazing!

    “I am not sure I have the right words to describe my experience. All I can say at this moment is, 3 weeks later I am still feeling very much inspired to continue my love for travel and exploration. Ash and Astrid we're the bees knees! No doubt they thought we were nutzo but we had so many laughs and good meals together. New friends were made! ”
    – , Rimu, March 2018
  • Jodi and Renee's Manuka

    “The trip was incredible! Fantastic itenerary, great food, good people. I couldn’t have imagined better!”
    Jodi Welborn – Colorado, United StatesManuka, March 2018
  • Weka

    “Really, really liked this trip. Of course the bike trails and scenes were spectacular, but the food and the people and the guides made it extra special. Everyday was a whirlwind of adventure. Thank you.”
    Peter Hodson – Ontario, CanadaWeka, March 2018
  • Best Ever!

    “Trip of a Lifetime for sure! I’m still on a NZ High :-D))
    Thanks to Nick B & Melissa for their knowlegde & Expertise experience, which made our trip successful & FUN! With their encouragement, I was able to challenge myself & push beyond what I thought my abilities were.......THANK YOU!!! Such a pleasure getting to know Nick & Mel, we were spoiled & enjoyed every minute of this adventure with them. Highly recommend Active Adventures NZ making dreams come TRUE!”
    Wendy Woods – Montana, United StatesTui, March 2018
  • Weka - New Zealand

    “Wow!! What a trip! This hiking & biking tour was breath-taking both figuratively and literally. Our guides made our adventure challenging, yet fun. They were knowledgeable, encouraging and you could tell they are truly passionate about what they do. This tour captured all the great highlights of New Zealand staying just off the beaten path so we could really experience the diverse beauty and savory tastes of the island. Our group enjoyed ourselves so much we are already discussing another Active Adventure trip in 2019. Thank you Active Adventures for a wonderful experience!”
    Sue Stohrer – California, United StatesWeka, March 2018
  • Thanks

    “Kim and Lauren were terrific guides.”
    Dan McCool – Utah, United StatesTui, March 2018
  • Thanks

    “We highly recommend Active Adventures; they do a terrific job.”
    Dan McCool – Utah, United StatesKauri, March 2018
  • Great Trip

    “Had a fantastic time on our South Island 'Rimu' trip. I cant say enough about our guides, Simon and Carrie. They were VERY accommodating and did an outstanding job. Food was fantastic and the hiking and sights were super! A bit more bus time than I was expecting but looking at the map Active provided of the South Island and all the cities and sights we saw, I should have expected that and no regrets! Highlight of the trip for us was the Angelus Hut despite some rain and low clouds. Thank you for how organized the trip was before, during and after. We really enjoyed our two days in Christchurch before the trip and 3 days in Auckland after.”
    Mark Rodning – Minnesota, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • I'd Recommend this Trip to Just About Everyone!

    “I really can't say enough good things about this trip! New Zealand is such a beautiful country and touring it with locals who are familiar with the locations and the history of many of the most iconic sites is really the only way to do it. I really appreciated all the Maori history/legends Koru, our fantastic guide/driver, shared with us. I also applaud his driving patience/skill; the roads really are, as the signage says, "different". Lauren was an absolutely wonderful cook (she could totally make a living as professional caterer!) and enthusiastic guide. They both were very warm/friendly, had a lot of knowledge to share, were very encouraging to those of us perhaps not quite as fit as we would have liked (especially on a few of the steeper climbs), and were keen to hear about our backgrounds, areas of interest, etc. If I had to pick out my favorite hikes, I'd have to say both Franz Josef glacier and Aoraki/Mt Cook were absolutely stunning (the perfect weather didn't hurt).”
    Michele Martin – Maryland, United StatesKiwi, March 2018
  • Tui Trip

    “As seasoned travelers we know what makes a great trip. Our guides Nick and Mel were over the top with all aspects of the trip. From the minute of our pickup to our improvised departure, through cyclone Gita we never missed a beat. Wouldn’t change a thing. A true trip of a life time.”
    Kelly Zeiler – Montana, United StatesTui, March 2018
  • Rimu 2018

    “It has only been a little over a week since the end of my Rimu trip and I already miss New Zealand. The South Island has to be one of the most incredible places on the planet, with crisp and clean air, pristine lakes at the bases of mountains and the gorgeous rugged West Coast. There is literally beauty everywhere you look. The trip was enhanced by our two intrepid guides, Jackie and Pepper, who seemed prepared for any eventuality. They were able to provide lots of background information about New Zealand's culture, nature and geography, which added so much to the trip and brought the amazing scenery to life. I had always been hesitant to travel to New Zealand given the distance and effort involved in getting there but now that I've done it I am so glad I did. It was so worth it and I would recommend it to anyone.”
    Barbara Stamos – Massachusetts, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • WOW!

    “This trip exceeded all of our expectations. From the itinerary to our amazing guides Jo & Andy each day was a great adventure. This trip was truly a trip of a lifetime from the first day to the last. All I can say is we can't wait until our next Active Adventures trip!”
    Karen Halkovic – Nevada, United StatesKauri, March 2018
  • Beautiful North Island

    “Great way to taste everything the North Island has to offer, from sandy beaches in the North to majestic Kauri trees, to Maori customs, to scenic coastal trails, to active geysers, to hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, to glow worm caves! Personable guides, homemade meals and small group size made the trip even more enjoyable.”
    Jean Van Der Lee – Alberta, CanadaKauri, March 2018
  • 'Kauri' New Zealand

    “The accommodations were great. I was the only vegetarian on the trip and the guides, Natalie and Jasmine, modified things quite well. We had a fun group, the Kiwis were friendly, kind and anxious to ensure we had everything we needed. Tongariro Crossing and Waitomo Caves were the highlights of the trip. I wished we could have mountain biked more to explore the trails, redwood forests and native lands.”
    Susan Yasuhara – Colorado, United StatesKauri, March 2018
  • Great Adventure in the South Island

    “We had a great time! The itinerary covered a large part of the South Island including hiking parts of all the South Island's famous treks. Food was excellent, I came back 4 lbs heavier! Weather mostly cooperated, but I would say if you don't want to get wet, New Zealand may not be your best vacation spot. Hikes were mostly moderate in effort {5-7 miles} with a few steeper, rocky sections. You don't need to be crazy fit, but hiking daily and a full schedule will add up; rest when you get home!”
    George Radu – California, United StatesManuka, March 2018
  • Another Memorable Trip with Active!

    “The Rimu trip was my 6th trip with Active Adventures and it again confirmed why I enjoy traveling with them. The trip was very well organized. The guides (local to New Zealand) were professional & FUN! We did so many activities that will forever be etched in my memory...kayaking Milford sound, hiking a section of the Routeburn Track, 3 day backpacking trip through Nelson Lakes. All amazing!”
    Kristy Woodward – California, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Awesome Group Travel

    “The scenery was great and we definitely were active but one of the best parts of the trip was the warm social interaction with my fellow travelers as well as our guides. It was great having a driver who knew the roads and allowed me to enjoy the views. One word of advice. The lushness of western NZ is due to lots of rain. Be prepared with a good rain suit and waterproof boots. The weather changes quickly and is part of the adventure. You will be experiencing nature up close and personal. Enjoy.”
    Joe Schneeweis – Minnesota, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Our Intro to NZ South Island by Active Adventures

    “Our trip was pretty much perfect. We learned so much from Koru and Lauren. We enjoyed great views by going on great hikes. We had great food, much of it prepared by Lauren, with help from Koru both in the prep and the clean up. The group was knowledgeable, diverse, and interesting. We had fun together trying to photograph and identify birds, flowers, bugs, and trees. After completing the tour my wife and I continued for an additional week, renting a car in Greymouth, and touring to Nelson, the Queen Charlotte Track, and Blenheim. Doing so we discovered how nice it had been to simply ride in the van with someone else driving and choosing eating spots and accommodations. And of course New Zealand's South Island was just a day-to-day highlight reel. Like I said, perfect.”
    Damon Meyer – Washington, United StatesKiwi, March 2018
  • New Zealand Adventure

    “Great trip. Katie and Tess (our guides) made the trip very memorable. ”
    Peter Landini – California, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • The Guides Made the Trip Special!

    “This statement is very true when it comes to my experience with Jasmine and Natalie! Not only is New Zealand a beautiful country and the 'Kauri' tour shared some spectacular highlights with us - but our guides made the experience exceptional. Both of them were friendly and fun, informative along the journey and treated us so well. They anticipated our needs and surprised us with things that they had heard our group talking about, for example, Hokey Pokey ice cream, or dark chocolate as a snack after a hike.”
    Sharon Wiley – Ontario, CanadaKauri, March 2018
  • Stunningly Beautiful!

    “Wow! That was a word we used so many times on our 'Tui' adventure. Every corner we turned or path we climbed led to a stunning view that left us feeling both energized and awed.”
    Sharon Wiley – Ontario, CanadaTui, March 2018
  • Great Trip with Great leaders and Great Group

    “We really enjoyed our trip to New Zealand and the incredible hiking on the South Island. We lucked out with the weather as we only had two days of rain. Our favorite part was the Milford Track hike from inn to inn. The scenery of the place is simply stunning. We enjoyed the variety of hikes and our guides were very knowledgeable about the flora of New Zealand and culture. The only downside are the drives. You cover a good deal of territory during the trip which necessitates a good deal of time in the van.”
    Pam Roberts – Indiana, United StatesManuka, March 2018
  • Eleven Years Later. . .

    “It's worth noting at the outset that I took the exact same trip (clockwise Rimu) 11 years ago, when Ash and Tory were barely teenagers and my legs and lungs were a lot stronger. How things have changed! and how much they remain the same!!
    In terms of change: the South Island is busier, more built-up and more heavily trafficked than ever before. I saw scores of RVs where a decade ago there where almost none, fleets of tour buses, and steady streams of traffic on roads that were once quiet country lanes. Milford Sound was abuzz with boats on the water and single-prop airplanes overhead, and Hokitika (among other towns) was overrun with tourists - like us! All of which is to say, in some ways New Zealand has become the victim of its own success: the very attributes that most attracted visitors have been diminished by those same visitors arriving in such enormous numbers.

    In terms of things remaining the same: Active Adventures continues to shine, both in terms of its itinerary and the high calibre of its guides. The isolation and views afforded by Braemar Station make it an ideal opening chapter for the trip (and far less punishing at the outset than the alternative of hiking the Southern Alps beginning day two); the west coast is still as thrilling in its scenery; and the Angelus Circuit remains a breathtaking (literally!) capstone on the fortnight. Ash and Tory, meanwhile, were extraordinarily attentive, involved and knowledgeable, keeping everyone in high spirits and ensuring that those of us who needed some kind of accommodation got it without drama or self-consciousness. Both women are exceptional at what they do.”
    Andy Zipser – Virginia, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Our Excellent Adventure

    “We are still travelling, so this is a brief reply from Tongariro visitor center:
    Emma and James get rave reviews for their energy, attention to detail, glowing personalities (Really!) and providing a wonderful intro to NZ. Our traveling companions were ALL delightful. We remain in your wonderful country until 18 March, then on to Australia. We’re grateful we chose AA to begin our journey.”
    Sheila Malcolm – Colorado, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Great Trip

    “This was a brilliant trip. Superb guides with great information about every place we went. Great pace with a good balance of medium and harder hiking. Highlights: information from guides during the trip; delicious and healthy food; spectacular views; great pace. Lowlights: I’m scratching to find lowlights; but due to the shorter duration of the trip and the number of areas that are visited; there is a lot of travel time. I don’t know how that can be reduced though.”
    Justine van der Werf – Queensland, AustraliaTui, March 2018
  • Amazing Trip!

    “Really enjoyed the 'Tui' trip. Amazing guides. They were super knowledgeable and easy to get on with. Brilliant group of people and some memories of a lifetime created.”
    Chris Schumacher – East sussex, United KingdomTui, March 2018
  • A Fabulous Taste of the Beauty of New Zealand’s South

    “This was a great taster of New Zealand’s South Island with lots of great physical activity balanced with opportunities to rest, enjoy the scenery and learn about New Zealand’s fascinating culture and heritage. Our guides Dani and Liana were knowledgeable, cheerful and personable throughout. They prepared excellent nutritious meals and kept us fully informed about the agenda at all times. They did an excellent job of balancing the very different expectations and fitness levels of the individuals in the group and helped create an environment where we could all enjoy ourselves convivially despite our varying needs.
    Accommodation was excellent and travel comfortable and easy.
    All in all the trip provided us with a great introduction to what needs to be done to appreciate the magnificent natural beauty of New Zealand “close up and personal”. We will be back for more.”
    Jan Orman – New South Wales, AustraliaManuka, March 2018
  • New Zealand the Right Way

    “New Zealand has long been on the top of my active vacation list. Having hiked a lot in the Swiss Alps - including Active Adventures' first Mt. Blanc trip - and kayaked in Vancouver Islands, the allure of New Zealand's famed treks and fiords was strong. Active's 'Rimu' trip was the perfect way to experience New Zealand's grandeur. From kayaking in the pristine Okarito Lagoon with its beautiful white herons to hiking part of the Routeburn Track to Key Summit, the 'Rimu' is a wonderful two-week journey.”
    Tom Metzloff – North Carolina, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Incredible. Just Incredible

    “This trip was amazing. I wouldn’t change a thing. Our guides were fantastic. Jasmine and Natalie are the best!!! Great food. Great lodging. Beautiful views and life changing experiences. Wonderful experience from the moment we looked at the website all the way to the end of the trip. Very accommodating to everyone’s needs and ability. I only wish I had more time!”
    Jill Spears – Virginia, United StatesKauri, March 2018
  • Rebecca and Karen‘s Excellent Adventure

    “If you want an adventure to commemorate your retirement or an anniversary of friendship, this is the one! My friend and I have been travelling together for 40 years and this was the icing on the cake. The 'Rimu' hiking adventure gave us just enough of a challenge and just enough relaxing, friendship, and good food to feel like a luxury vacation. I recommend the three day hiking option. The guides are excellent and you couldn’t do this trip nearly as well without them. Thank you!”
    Karen Koelsch – Minnesota, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Fun and Challenging Trip

    “The southbound Rimu trip was a fun and challenging trip. Active Adventures took care of all of the tough logistics and treated us with supreme Kiwi hospitality. Each day was planned with meals, transportation and our unique daily adventure. Our guides, Ash and Astrid were informative and always had a smile on their face even when our boisterous American and Aussie group were making fun of their Kiwi accents. The Mount Cook and Angelus hut hikes were especially satisfying climbs. We certainly slept well those nights! Astrid prepared our vegetarian meals with aplomb and I ended up gaining 6 pounds during the 14 days. Well done Astrid! Ashley drove our van, Willy, with great care and we never worried about our safety while in her care. She is a master backer-upper. She also filled our heads with facts and figures as we toured through the different New Zealand regions. This was our first time in New Zealand and every Kiwi we met was very friendly and proud of their country. Our appetite is only whetted and we will return again to your beautiful country.”
    Chad Bearden – Florida, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Kiwis Are Special People

    “I really had fun. Tori and Steve (the real Steve) did a great job as we traveled the Southern Island in Bruce (the mini bus). This trip is properly named “Active Adventure “ we were active and had a great adventure. The group of nine strangers got along really well. I felt well cared for and safe even during cyclone Gita. The accommodations were outstanding and the food was awesome. Tori’s packed lunches were delicious and filling. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful island nation with me. Cheers, Mikey”
    Mikey Connor – Wisconsin, United StatesWeka, March 2018
  • Rimu

    “If you like beauty, physical activity, making new friends, and learning about New Zealand, then this is the trip for you.This trip was the highlight of 40 years traveling. Active Adventures New Zealand does it right.”
    Maddie Laule – Massachusetts, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Fantastic!

    “From start to end this trip was wonderful! We can't say enough about our guides, Katie A. and Tess, our tour mates and the hiking, biking and kayaking. Active Adventures has thought of everything to make the activities so enjoyable. The backpacking trip was fantastic, and the Valentine's Day dessert Tess baked for us at the Angelus hut was above and beyond the "call of duty". We loved Katie's Maori legends and driving music. The trip couldn't have been better.”
    Jane Norris – Minnesota, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Fantastic Holiday!

    “We had been planning this trip for almost a year and it lived up to and beyond our expectations. Biking is such a brilliant way to see a place and Active Adventures did an outstanding job to showcase so many beautiful places. Biking with water on one side and the mountains as a backdrop was so awesome. Our two guides were wonderful and so knowledgeable; they were flexible and eager to help out or give information to enrich our holiday experience.”
    Nell Johnstone – Ontario, CanadaWeka, March 2018
  • Rimu Trip Feb 2018

    “What a wonderful trip! I was a bit apprehensive when I booked this trip because I was recovering from hip surgery but needed that extra motivation to get back to my active life. worked out perfect!! I hiked, biked, walked on glaciers, kayaked..... I did it all and came back stronger than when I left. You did a great job connecting us with a wonderful group of people I know call friends. And our guides, Katie and Tess. I love those girls! They made everything so enjoyable!”
    Bonnie Landini – California, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • The Rain Couldn't Dampen our Spirits on This Amazing Trip

    “This was an awesome trip, despite the 7 straight days of rain! Andy and Jo are a great team and it was wonderful to have them as our guides. They provided us with lots of options and maintained their enthusiasm and professionalism. Stunning scenery.”
    Barb Junkin – Ontario, CanadaKauri, March 2018
  • When Can I Come Back?

    “Active Adventures has organized a perfect itinerary to experience the South Island and our guides were not only well-trained and professional, but so personable and attentive. This trip was a great mix of outdoor activities with the group and some time on our own to explore towns. While there is a good amount of time in the bus, that's to be expected as we are touring the entire south island! Besides, the bus is comfortable with a great snack basket and there are interesting views and stops along the way.”
    Lorien Armour – Oregon, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Five Days Packed with Beauty and Lifetime Memories

    “Our group of five enjoyed wonderful hikes, great meals, and some wild rides (both mountain biking and tubing in the Waitomo Caves). But our guides, Andy and Jo made the trip outstanding. Andy's organizational skills and knowledge of the history of New Zealand along with Jo's fantastic culinary skills made the trip very special. Their attention to detail, passion and desire to adapt to every situation were superb. ”
    Scott Mills – California, United StatesKauri, March 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “Every day was a new adventure. The scenery and activities varied so much and it was the best way to see New Zealand in 8 days”
    Jean Walker – Colorado, United StatesTui, March 2018
  • North Island Kauri

    “The North Island was an amazing adventure. We were kept busy hiking, biking snorkelling and kayaking, and our guides were very easy going and helpful in every way. We saw and experienced more of the Maori culture, the large Kauri trees (words cannot describe), and felt the love and appreciation of the Maori people for the land, birds and all living species. It was great to have them guide us through the kauri forests. The trip is spit in half in the middle with a day in Aukland, and the first half we had 12 in the group and the second half there were 13 (A lot) in our group. I prefer smaller groups. The scenery was amazing, Natalie and Jasmine were amazing as well. An AMAZING trip! Loved it!”
    Colleen Clark – Ontario, CanadaKauri, March 2018
  • Achieving Happiness

    “Have you ever had a sequence of events that one after another makes you smile? Well for me that was my most recent trip Feb 9-18 on the Rimu trip with Katie A and Tess. I was excited to have a lot of unique experiences while abroad and I got just that. We had a few changes to our original plan due to some weather and road issues but each of the guides provided some context and great supplemental hikes and activities along the way. There would be no other way to travel NZ. Katie and Tess found a waterfall that neither of them had stopped at on one of our days and sharing the new discovery was pretty awesome to share with a kiwi. They provided great history, trivia and created a friendly atmosphere while driving longer distances. I would positively sign up again to finish the Rimu south route as I wasn't able to get the last few days in and get back on to explore the North Island. With how well this was planned I am even looking into other Active Adventures destinations around the globe.”
    Ashley Miller – North Carolina, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • Amazing Trip

    “The Rimu trip exceeded our expectations from the quality of our great guides Pepper and Dani to the breathtaking and exhilarating hikes. Even the accommodations and food were great. We were there during a cyclone and our guides took care of everything, we were never worried and could just relax and enjoy the trip. We look forward to going to the North Island next with Active Adventures.”
    Michael Meyer – Illinois, United StatesRimu, March 2018
  • New Zealand Rimu - My 5th Active Adventures Tour

    “Hard to imagine how the trip could have been better.”
    Doug Dischino – Connecticut, United StatesRimu, March 2018
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