Active Adventures Europe is our newest destination and we're super excited to run our first guided tours here in 2016. You probably know by now, we've been running adventure trips around the globe for over 20 years, so we're fairly qualified in this space, we reckon... We could hang around all day telling you how incredible our new Europe trips are, but the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves. We get a huge amount of feedback from our guests, all of which we read and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips, so stay tuned because we'll be posting every single review here following our innaugural adventures!

  • Beyond Amazing Mont Blanc!

    “This trip was our second time with Active Adventures. The tour du Mont Blanc is one of the most scenic places on earth to hike. Views were spectaculars in all three countries (France, Switzerland and Italy) visited during the tour. Our guides, Jean-Marc, Karinne and Andy, were all great, available, helpful and making sure all of us were enjoying the activities either hiking, biking or kayaking. In a nut shelf, a great trip and wonderful experience.”
    Claire Barrette-Remy – Ontario, CanadaTour du Mont Blanc, December 2018
  • The Dolomites Dazzle Like No Other Place On Earth!

    “It was a great idea to link the Tour du Mont Blanc with the Dolomites trip! I really enjoyed seeing the contrasts between these regions of Europe. Stunning views on both, but completely different and unique experiences. We were lucky to have Richard as our lead guide, a true northern Italian outdoor enthusiast.”
    Tamara Higgins – Colorado, United StatesDolomiti, November 2018
  • Absolutely Breathtaking! Must do Trip!

    “Our Aug 2018 trip to hike/bike/kayak one of the most scenic places on earth was epic! Mont Blanc is truly special and AA makes it so by whisking you away from one beautiful town to the next. Accommodations are each unique, from Pointe Isabelle to a quirky historic gem at the base of our hike several days later. The variety of activities, food and lodging keep you hopping (and hoping it will never end). We absolutely loved this trip, and Holy helped achieve our goals on the TMB!”
    Tamara Higgins – Colorado, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, November 2018
  • Beyond Expectations

    “Everything from incredible vistas, interesting guides, delicious and abundant food and interesting tidbits of local lore made this trip one that went beyond my expectations. Hiking through 3 countries and experiencing varied terrain and activities made this an exceptional adventure.”
    Dick WheelerJr – Massachusetts, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, October 2018
  • Spectcular In Every Respect

    “This was a fabulous trip with spectacular scenery, guides, food and people. I joined my aunt, mom and dad for their first retirement adventure and the trip exceeded all of our expectations. Our Chamonix and Active Adventure guides made sure everyone in the group had a very memorable experience.”
    Meaghan Wheeler – Wyoming, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, October 2018
  • What a Way to Celebrate Retirement

    “We chose this trip to celebrate retirement and it couldn't have been better. From fabulous guides to spectacular vistas, amazing foods to great accommodations, from varied experiences to local history in 3 different countries, this trip couldn't have been more perfect. The pacing of varied activities and the enthusiasm and professionalism of Jean-Marc, Andy and Karin made this an amazing way to start our retirement.”
    Patty Wheeler – Massachusetts, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, October 2018
  • Mt Blanc

    “Excellent local guide who ensured we all had a food and cultural experience as well as awesome mountains.”
    Barbara Wenzel – New York, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, October 2018
  • Mont Blanc

    “The Tour de Mont Blanc was amazing. Both the Active guide (Jo) and the local guides (Bernadette & Isabelle) were amazing and it was a true pleasure to get to experience the Alps with them. The food was amazing (the cheeses were delicious and tasted even better in the stunning mountain settings where it was eaten). Beautiful views, great experiences and wonderful people made for an amazing trip. Thank you!”
    Jennie Castleton – British Columbia, CanadaTour du Mont Blanc, October 2018
  • Spectacular!

    “Yes, the Dolomiti landscape is spectacular and this trip brought me right in it! I loved our guides Richard and Paolo, who were highly knowledgeable, fun and exercise machines. The weather was perfect, the food delicious and plentiful, the lodging exceeded my expectations, the work outs were just right, and I had a lovely group with which to share this very memorable journey.”
    Monica Aranguren – Massachusetts, United StatesDolomiti, October 2018
  • Tour du Mont Blanc

    “This trip was the most challenging trip I have done but the most spectacular. Breathtaking scenery, perfect weather, great company, too much cheese and wine but I earned it. I have already recommended this trip to others.”
    Kristen Wiltshire – New South Wales, AustraliaTour du Mont Blanc, October 2018
  • A Piece of Heaven

    “This was my 1st Active Adventures trip but not my last. We had 13 participants with 3 professional guides, our Trip Leader, Joanna McHugh, a native hiking guide, and expert kayaking guide, Giuliano. These guides worked so well together and made the trip such fun for us all while revealing this beautiful area to us. Unlike my granite clad mountains of New Hampshire, these hikes were so green passing through summer grazing pastures with ”
    Cecelia Peacock – New Hampshire, United StatesDolce Vita, October 2018
  • Well Paced Trip with Breathtaking Views

    “There are not many trips where pretty much everywhere you look has a good view. This was one of those few trips. The activities were very well paced as well.”
    Jason Waitkins – New York, United StatesDolomiti, September 2018
  • Hike of Rifugio Crespi - Day 2

    “The hike of Rifugio Crespi was my favorite! I loved the sound of the bells as we passed the herd of cows, the beautiful chalets in the hamlet and the delicious lunch with local cheeses and beers and the great capuchino!!”
    Ivette Alonso-Triack – San Juan, Puerto RicoDolce Vita, September 2018
  • Tour du Mont Blanc

    “Wonderful hiking adventure with spectacular views of the Alps and their glaciers. Our guides were well informed and very helpful in getting us over any "rough spots". Our group of hikers was fun, varied and really enhanced the experience. The wine, cheese, and bread were spectacular and our picnics were delicious and I would have gained 5 pounds if it wasn't for all the hiking!”
    Vicki Cefola – Pennsylvania, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2018
  • Mt. Blanc Trip

    “We had a great time and loved our guides and the views.”
    Renee Scott – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2018
  • Heaven in the Alps

    “What a beautiful 8 days in the Alps surrounding Mont Blanc! Breathtaking views every day complemented by a picnic lunch of local cheeses and charcuterie. The kayaking and bike ride were a great way to add variety to the hikes. Loved the towns of Chamonix and Courmayeur in particular.”
    Curt Weber – Nebraska, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2018
  • Pierre's Tour du Mont Blanc

    “I thought the trip was fantastic, The scenery was remarkable. The Guides were awesome. I recommend this trip for any avid hiker. I say avid as the days can be long and requires you to be prepared.”
    Pierre Pelletier – Quebec, CanadaTour du Mont Blanc, September 2018
  • Simply Amazing!

    “This is our second time with Active and we couldn't be more pleased, the care taken to look after us, the food! The stunning accommodations were simply awesome! Richard was very attentive and very helpful with knowledge, he was really a lot of fun! Would recommend active to everyone! Loved loved every moment! Thanks so much for another amazing adventure!”
    Beth Dunphy – Nova Scotia, CanadaDolomiti, September 2018
  • Fantastic!

    “Couldn't be more pleased! Had an awesome time! This is our 2nd trip with Active, cant wait for our next one!!”
    Ron Dunphy – Nova Scotia, CanadaDolomiti, September 2018
  • The Most Surreal Trip Ever!

    “Hiking in the Alps has always been a dream, and this trip went beyond my expectations. The knowledgeable guides were awesome, the hikes, though sometimes tough, were more than worth it with the scenery and breathtaking views. So surreal! The weather made it all perfect with beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine. The lunch picnics, with bare feet in the high alpine meadows will be among my favorite memories. Awesome trek!”
    Vivian Pelletier – Quebec, CanadaTour du Mont Blanc, September 2018
  • Challenging Hike!

    “This was another wonderful hiking adenture with Active. It was more challenging than expected, but we enjoyed every minute!”
    Benny Benson – Puntarenas, Osa, Costa RicaTour du Mont Blanc, September 2018
  • An Amazing Adventure

    “The Tour du Mont Blanc with Active Adventures was fantastic. Everything you could need was factored into the trip. Jo, Jean Marc and Karen were fantastic guides, providing information and support along the way. The days were challenging but very enjoyable. The accommodation and food were excellent. The variety of experiences were well organised and made the most of your time away. The best outdoor holiday I have ever experienced.”
    Dorothy Campbell – New South Wales, AustraliaTour du Mont Blanc, September 2018
  • The Dolce Vita trip is Living the Good Life!

    “If hiking in some of the most breathtaking scenery and dipping your feet in the cool waters of Lake Orta or Lake Como is your idea of "living the good life" then this is the trip for you. The guides were knowledgeable and took us to places that were interesting and beautiful. Our group had fun together and I loved how accommodating the guides were to give each person the experience they wanted based on their physical level. This was my third Active Adventure trip and I keep coming back because they are so well organized and make sure that you have a trip that will stay with you for years to come.”
    Janet Anderson – Louisiana, United StatesDolce Vita, September 2018
  • Wonderful way to see Northern Italy, the Alps and the Lakes

    “The Dolce Vita is an excellent way to be hosted and genuinely taken care of as you undertake a couple of wonderful hikes in the northern Italian Alps, then proceed to the famous Lakes to see and kayak on Lake Como and Lake d'Orta. All this, whilst enjoying sumptuous Italian cuisine and their excellent wines, not to forget the daily gelato.”
    Varina Nissen – Queensland, AustraliaDolce Vita, September 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “The Tour du Mont Blanc is an amazing trip, made even more so by Active Adventures Europe and our phenomenal guides. It's challenging in parts, but the beauty of this area makes every step worth it. Our guides made such a difference...they not only guided us safely through the trail, they kept us motivated every step of the way. I'm now a big fan of Active Adventures, and can't wait to try another tour with them.”
    Paula Gregory – Colorado, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2018
  • Perfect Trip!

    “The trip was planned, coordinated and executed by Active Adventures to perfection. While the guides on all trips have been great, Holly was superb. She couldn't have been more attentive and fun. While I just got home last week, I'm already planning my next Active Adventure.
    Kendall Montgomery – Texas, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2018
  • Mont Blanc Tour 2018

    “Another fantastic trip by AA. There is nothing you could do to improve! The guides were the best - very knowledgeable and flexible. It takes the right personality to deal with a variety of clients. These ladies have the right personal and professional skills. The lodging and meals were grand as were our daily picnic lunches. We were very fortunate to see some of the UTMB runners! I highly recommend to anyone who is an avid hiker.”
    Ginger Kelly – Colorado, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2018
  • Eataly and Just Ten-minutes More

    “Eataly, as our group called the trip, after a well-known food emporium in Italy and the United States, also describes one of the highlights of it. In addition to spectacular scenery especially near Alagna, the village closest to Switzerland, the hiking and kayaking were what I expected.

    Alas, I’m probably the first person to arrive on an Active Adventure hiking trip with a torn meniscus, the result of an immediately previous trip en route.

    As I was limited to kayaking, the guides, Jo, who I hiked with in New Zealand and known for being the very supportive ten-minutes-more guide, and the two Italian guides, Andrea for hiking and Guiliano for kayaking were excellent and extremely well-qualified.

    The accommodations, especially in Alagna and Bellagio were terrific, with a few glitches at a couple of others, the result of electric storms.

    La Dolce Vita was a sweet trip, easily accessible, and fun. ”
    Julie Semel – New York, United StatesDolce Vita, September 2018
  • Magnificent

    “Loved this tour! We were fortunate enough to be the only 2 people on it so were totally spoilt by our guides Andy, Suzanne and Holly. Andy and Suzanne were so knowledgeable and always looked out for us. They catered for our level of fitness, therefore we completed our days hiking with enough time to have a relaxing coffee or beer. So glad we trained for this tour! The food was excellent and accommodation great. We’d certainly love to come back and explore this beautiful part of the world again. ”
    Min Beattie – Victoria, AustraliaTour du Mont Blanc, September 2018
  • Fantastic experience

    “Everything about the trip was delightful. We had excellent guides, delicious meals, smooth logistics, and a completely stress-free vacation. ”
    Tiffany Randall – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, August 2018
  • Beautiful Dolomiti

    “This tour of the Dolomites was awesome. Our guides Mike and Ivan were great and catered the hikes to suit our level of fitness. The Dolomites were spectacular and staying in the refugios was so lovely. The food was plentiful and delicious. Loved every moment.”
    Min Beattie – Victoria, AustraliaDolomiti, August 2018
  • A Wonderful Trip

    “I loved every day of this trip. The guides were fabulous and the hiking amazing. Having trained for the trip, our guides ensured we were suitably challenged with the hikes and we were extremely happy with everything we did. We were so well looked after and had lots of laughs along the way with our amazing guides in this incredible part of the world.”
    Bron Johns – Victoria, AustraliaTour du Mont Blanc, August 2018
  • Everyone Should See This Place.

    “The Dolomites are an amazing place to hike. The landscape is extraordinary and being amongst it has been an awesome experience. Mike and Ivan are fabulous and knowledgeable guides. The trip notes and itinery are excellent and a bit of pre-trip training totally paid off. Mike is such a friendly and funny guy that kept us laughing throughout the trip. 10 out of 10 I would totally recommend this trip.”
    Bron Johns – Victoria, AustraliaDolomiti, August 2018
  • Abbreviated, Active, and Awesome

    “The first six days of this adventure was simply put - AWESOME. The trip guides were first class, the hiking challenges were a challenge, the accommodations very adequate, and the fellow hikers- top notch. Active Adventures tailored my trip to meet other previously scheduled commitments. Great organization and terrific hiking support. Be prepared for a superlative adventure.”
    Guy Anderson – Florida, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, August 2018
  • Mont Blanc Adventure

    “I travelled on my own from New Zealand to do this tour, so was slightly apprehensive. From the first day when meeting the guides till the finish, I was very well looked after. The food was amazing, the guides were awesome and the walks exceeded all expectations.”
    Leanne Ealam – Nelson, New ZealandTour du Mont Blanc, August 2018
  • Another Hit from Active Adventures

    “The Dolce Vita trip was everything I hoped it would be. The guides were professional, knowledgable and responsive to the needs of each individual in our group. Jo, Andrea and Juliano took great care of us and shared all the beauty, culture and food the Lakes District had to offer. The hikes through the mountains and valleys, punctuated by the sounds of running water and cowbells, were breathtaking. I was surprised that our time in the quieter lesser known destinations, Alagna and Lake Orta, were my favorite parts of the trip. We had a very special moment when a large group from a family reunion cheered us on at the top of the mountain after our final long hike. On an especially hot day our guides gave us a choice of activities and we opted to visit beautiful gardens instead of a strenuous hike. Every day we ate and drank our way through delicious Italian cuisine. We had a wide variety of fresh fish and pasta, as well as daily treats of espresso, gelato and awesome desserts. This was my 5th Active trip and I'm hoping to try one more adventure next year.”
    Andrea Rudolph – New York, United StatesDolce Vita, August 2018
  • Dolce Vita

    “This has been the most fantastic trip I have ever been on. I can pinpoint it to the fact that it turned out to be genuinely personal in all respects. Not only were our 2 guides, Andrea and Jo Jo extremely personable, but their constant cooperation, collaboration, caring, fun loving ways and eagerness to exhibit and display the essence of Dolce Vita through customs, culture and food was always top of mind. Andrea shared knowledge of his homeland, mountain valleys and home turf proudly. We learned about mountain life, mountaineering and rescue and saw many spiritual sights. The choice of hotels was exquisite, each with their own charm. Thanks also to Julianno for bringing kayaks and his expertise all the way from Genoa. The shore lunch of fresh focaccia bread was especially delicious. Our kayaking days were unforgettable, with spectacular views and opportunities for refreshing swims in all 3 lakes. This trip had all 5 senses at work. We SAW spectacular views. We HEARD the sounds of cow bells in the meadows and rushing water in waterfalls and rivers. We SMELLED the fresh air of mountains and glaciers. We TASTED the amazing Italian food and drink especially the desserts at the urging of Jo Jo. Her adventurous spirit wanted us to enjoy every aspect. We FELT the amazing warmth and hospitality of all we met. We especially felt the coolness and silkiness of the refreshing waters of the 3 lakes. I will never forget this trip. Thanks to all.”
    Sandy Drury – Ontario, CanadaDolce Vita, August 2018
  • Dolomite trip

    “Jo was great, all smiles all the time. You could not help being happy and having a good time when she was with us. She has had lots of experience with travel and adventure a real plus on our trip. Loved the fact that she is a little older and could relate to us. Maturity when it counted and always fun.”
    Anthony Preissler – Maryland, United StatesDolomiti, August 2018
  • Eataly!!!! We Sure Did Live La Dolce Vita!!

    “The Dolce Vita trip was beyond amazing. Had an incredible journey as mother and daughter exploring the little known gems in Northern Italy. Our guides were full of knowledge (was there anyone Andreas didn’t know?) and humour, especially our DBB, even helped me with my very shaky Italian. We were never short of adventure be it hiking up mountains or through valleys to stunning views, to paddling around and swimming in stunning lakes to finding a random cafe to stop for espresso or if the time was right a spritz. Now that I’m home it’s got me dreaming of Italy again. Thanks a million guys (especially our guides Jo, Andreas and Giuliano)!!”
    Kelly Oliver – Victoria, AustraliaDolce Vita, August 2018
  • I would go back to the Italian Lakes in a heartbeat!

    “This was my second trip with Active and it won't be my last! The hiking in the mountains was unlike any hiking I have done before. It was stunning! The days spent kayaking were equally amazing. What's not to love when you get to kayak, get out to swim and drink espresso, kayak some more, take a break for a picnic lunch, kayak again, take a gelato break?! Nothing, I tell you! The scenery, food, guides, and travel companions all made for an amazing trip!”
    Melissa Munno – California, United StatesDolce Vita, August 2018
  • Best Trip....EVER

    “No regrets. Not one bad thing to say. Jo and Andrea, our guides, were the best. They worked so well together. They were funny, encouraging, flexible. We were fortunate in only having five hikers. What a treat. If there were occasions you doubted your capabilities, Jo and or Andrea were there to help you through. The meals, (remember it’s pronounced Eataly) were outstanding. Accommodation was very good. Small local hotels were utilized. My experience was so good, I am now seriously considering Mt. Blanc or the Dolomites next year. Thank you Active Adventures.”
    Christine Jenkins – Ontario, CanadaDolce Vita, August 2018
  • Incredible Trip!

    “Love everything about Active Adventures! Great planning and hospitality by amazing ACTIVE crew (Andrew and Fabien were so nice, knowledgeable, easy going and fun)! Tour du Mont Blanc is pure heaven on earth experience - so special to be in midst of mountains and glaciers so close and yet not so remote. We saw civilized world almost every night; chatted with local communities as we stayed in various places on the route. Kayaking in absolutely BLUE water was the cherry on top! I could go every year!”
    Manisha Shah – Ohio, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, August 2018
  • Fantastic Dolomite Adventure

    “Great trip guides, fun, enjoyable fellow travelers/hikers. Challenging activities,
    and beautiful and awesome scenery”
    John Styer – Maryland, United StatesDolomiti, July 2018
  • First Time But Not Last!

    “This trip gave me a lot of fresh air and good feelings! I haven't had an experience like this before!
    Very good!”
    Lan Xie – North Carolina, United StatesDolce Vita, July 2018
  • La Dolce Vita!

    “This trip far exceeded my expectations, which were already high because it was our second Active Adventures trip. Our guides showed us the best of Northern Italy in a way that few tourists get to experience. They managed the logistical details seamlessly and all we had to do was enjoy the beauty and culture of Italy. I highly recommend La Dolce Vita!”
    Claudia Worth – Massachusetts, United StatesDolce Vita, July 2018
  • A Place Everyone Should See

    “Weeks later we still are talking about the trip.”
    Roderick Cooper – Florida, United StatesDolomiti, July 2018
  • June 16 - 27 Tour du Mont Blanc - Beyond our Expectations!

    “Amazing adventure! This tour exceeded our expectations in many ways. The hikes, views, guides, food and companions all made the trip extremely special. We lucked out with exceedingly great weather too. There was little rain and the wild flowers were beautiful. Since our trip was early in the spring there was some snow to play in too. The hiking days were a lot of work, but SO rewarding. We would love to return to this area in the future and highly recommend this tour to anyone that is interested in hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc.”
    Anne Banks – Florida, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, July 2018
  • Great Time in the Dolomites

    “Would recommend this trip to anyone looking to enjoy hiking in the beautiful Dolomites without having to do all the leg work/preparation yourself. You just need to show up and hike!”
    Karen Preissler – Maryland, United StatesDolomiti, July 2018
  • Does It Get Any Better Than This?!

    “An amazing and unforgettable trip. Awesome fellow travellers, incredible guides and scenery, food and adventures that invigorated the mind and body.”
    Anne Oliver – , New ZealandDolce Vita, July 2018
  • Met My Expectations - One of the Most Beautiful Places

    “My 2nd trip with Active was incredible. I loved the mountains, hikes, and food. If you love to hike, this is a trip for you.”
    Rhonda Cooper – Florida, United StatesDolomiti, July 2018
  • Absolutely Breathtaking Scenery!

    “This Active Adventures trip was an excellent exploration of the Dolomites (unarguably, the loveliest mountains in Europe). The trip was physically challenging and mentally rewarding. The late June departure allowed for an abundance of wildflowers in the pristine alpine meadows. Being a flat lander and a bit jet-lagged, I struggled the first day with significant ascents. With coaching from our trip guides, I adjusted and improved my breathing as the trip continued. The included meals were quite good - even those in hotels or rifugios. The three-day hike from rifugio to rifugio was quite an experience and lent to a camaraderie not experienced in most small-group tours.”
    Pam Taylor – Texas, United StatesDolomiti, July 2018
  • Fantastic Trip!

    “Dolomites are beautiful and hiking here was like no other mountain range. Incredible! The variety of activities on this trip made it exciting and each new vista was breath taking. The Via Ferrata was incredible and a definite must-do.”
    Fiona Tennant – Ontario, CanadaDolomiti, July 2018
  • Dolomiti

    “Definitely an active adventure. Flush with many new experiences, this trip provided scenic beauty at every turn in the journey. The hospitality was outstanding wherever we stayed and the trip leader and local guides were all very accommodating.”
    Al Kaled – Ohio, United StatesDolomiti, July 2018
  • Dolomiti

    “The Dolomites are a treasure that can't be captured in spectacular in every direction! The trip itinerary took us in an "active" fashion to different "adventures" each day. Our guides, Jo and Richard, were fun, knowledgeable, attentive and social. What a blast!!!”
    Mark Imhoff – Colorado, United StatesDolomiti, July 2018
  • Thank You Active Adventures

    “This trip was wonderful.
    Transportation, lodging, food, information on the country and people.
    Jo and Ricard are a huge part of it. Fun, patient, knowledgeable, and easy going friendly people.
    Diane Imhoff – Colorado, United StatesDolomiti, July 2018
  • Doesn’t Get Any Better!

    “This is the second trip my husband and I have taken with Active Adventures and have already signed up for our third! From the trip leaders to the amazing hikes, the food and our new friends we voted this our best trip ever.”
    Roz Spiritus – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, February 2018
  • My First Trip with Active Adventures, DEFINITELY Not My Last

    “This tour around Mont Blanc was in all respects a terrific experience. The organizational aspects from pre-trip communications to the drop off at the airport afterwards were uniformly first class. Our guides were spectacular, both the local guides from Guides de Chamonix and Nick, the Active Adventures representative. Each day's hiking was carefully planned to suit the abilities of our 7 member group. Both the alternative activity days, kayaking and cycling, were a pleasure and a welcome break from hiking.

    I cannot compliment the guides enough. Fabian, the guide who planned the routes and hiked with us each day was highly skilled and a veritable treasure trove of local knowledge. He made thoughtful 'on the fly' route changes to suit unexpected conditions and carefully explained his rationales. His diversions to routes less travelled greatly improved the days' experiences, and his continuously cheerful demeanor and patience with our limitations made each day's hiking a true pleasure.

    Jean Marc, whose main roles were transport of our luggage and preparation of the picnic lunches, was also most cheerful and helpful. He guided the day of cycling and did a great job. The meals were utterly spectacular and often were supplemented with items from his own garden.”
    Dave Coulter – Utah, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, October 2017
  • Time to Pay Homage to Mont Blanc

    “The Alps blew our minds! We live at altitude and among mountains (Salt Lake City), but suffice it to say they are nothing like the Alps. The scenery was incredible. But our main guide, Fabien, made the trip outstanding! His love for and knowledge of these mountains, his concern for retreating glaciers, his humor, and most of all - the great picnics on the mountains - made every day a joy. We chose Active Adventures because of the diversity of activities (including a day of kayaking, a day of cycling and a day of rest scattered among the 12 days of the trip). Also, we were delighted to learn Active Adventures employs guides from the Compagnie des Guides du Mont Blanc to lead the trips. (I had heard great things about this company but chose not to go on a completely French tour - too taxing for my poor French.) Nick from Active Adventures was very helpful and kept us from falling too far behind on the trail. Perfect blend of hard work and pleasure.”
    Carol Coulter – Utah, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, October 2017
  • Tour du Mont Blanc,"What a friend we have in Cheeses"

    “WOW, our second Active Adventures trip, we did a Rimu awhile back and have experience with several other active trip providers, this TDMB was by far the best trip we have ever taken. Our group of seven was so outstanding, from the wonderfully warm, friendly Aussie 20-something couple, to the adrenaline filled army officer from the pentagon to the two septuagenarian couples who, coincidentally were neighbors in Utah, we could not have gotten along any better. Our guides, Nick, Fabien and Jean Marc were so caring, efficient and knowledgeable and made every moment special for all of us. They were flexible, extremely competent and warmly engaging. Just what you would wish for in an adventure trip in the Alps. Accommodations were varied but always charming, clean and comfortable. Our weather was spectacular! No rain, cool, comfortable hiking temperatures just perfect all the way through. The meals were fabulous, from daily breakfasts, picnic lunches in beautiful Sound of Music settings, and an assortment of delicious dinners. Did I mention the cheese? Don't plan on losing weight on this trip no matter how far you hike.

    All in all this was a wonderful trip. Where we used to select our vacations based upon who is providing trips to locations we want to see, we now chose them based upon where Active Adventures is going. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. Ross Heaton”
    Ross Heaton – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, October 2017
  • It'll do ;)

    “Chipper guides? Check.
    Invigorating hikes? Check.
    Grand vistas like you've seen never before? Check.
    Nice and sometimes funky, cool lodging? Check.
    Good food and libations? Check and check.
    Go. It's worth it.”
    Chris Conyers – Washington, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2017
  • Dolomites - A Hiker's Paradise!

    “Dolomites area is a hiker's paradise. Itinerary included many varied hikes throughout this area. Having bases in the villages of Cassiano and Cortina with daily hikes then into the National Park with stays in the mountain refugios exposed us to many beautiful sights. Great trip -- we'll never forget the snow day!”
    Kathy Stetson – California, United StatesDolomiti, September 2017
  • Great Trip!

    “Great combination of exercise, food, culture and history, and gorgeous sites!”
    John Joly – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2017
  • Nancy Babbott's Adventure Around Mt. Blanc

    “Loved it all and was sad to finish - beautifully organized. The guides Fabian, Andy and Lucia were knowledgeable, flexible, energetic and patient- with twinkling senses of humor as well!”
    Nancy Babbott – Vermont, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2017
  • What a Great Trip!

    “This trip was full of laughs, beautiful mountains, and awesome kayaking and mountain biking!! You should definitely go!”
    Pooja Bakhai – Massachusetts, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2017
  • Awesome Scenery, Wonderful people!

    “The Tour du Mont Blanc with Fabien and Nicole was the trip of a lifetime. This was my first time in France...and the Alps. I was expecting spectacular, and I got it and much more. Not only was the scenery beautiful, the food was to die for (yes, I gained weight). The hikes were well planned and filled our days just right. After the hikes we were not too fatigued to check out the cute places we were staying. Fabien and Nicole are great!! They really added to the magic of this trip.”
    Caroline Zago – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2017
  • Amazing Views, Great Guides and Yummy Food

    “Amazing trip, loved the hikes with all the great views, our guides Fabian and Andy were amazing and made the hikes educational and fun. The food was great too!”
    Karen Phang – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2017
  • Magnificent Tour du Mont Blanc

    “This was a wonderful trip with magnificent scenery, knowledgeable and very friendly guides, restful lodging, superb food, and terrific weather. My spouse and I enjoyed our fellow travelers, and our eyes were delighted by the scenery, our palates pleased by the food (including the trail side lunches), and we were impressed by the organization. We could work hard on the trail (or water or bikes) and relax about lodging and meal details as we learned about the culture and history of the region. Two Hiking Poles Up!”
    David Babbott – Vermont, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, September 2017
  • Bucket List checked off!

    “Amazing trip, breathtaking views, outstanding fellow travelers and guides, awesome activities, fabulous food.”
    Alison Joly – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, August 2017
  • Lovely Trip

    “The Tour du Month Blanc was wonderful! The hikes were great and our tour leaders--Andrew and Fabien were fabulous. I really enjoyed all of the hiking (we had nice weather) and also had a blast mountain biking and kayaking. And the food....the food was so good. The pack lunches had a variety of meats and LOTS of cheese as well as salads, fresh fruit, chips, much food. We did not go hungry! ”
    Vanessa Kalis – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, August 2017
  • A Very Fun Challenge

    “The hikes were pretty tough at times, but our guides always maintained a good pace to keep things challenging without being too difficult. Every hike seemed to have yet another amazing view, making the uphill/downhill always feel worth it! The guides were all very friendly and knowledgeable. If weather permits, I highly recommend paragliding in Chamonix. It offers a unique and beautiful view of the valley and mountains.”
    Matt Kelly – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, August 2017
  • Wonderful Trip!

    “This was my first time on an Active Adventures tour, but I'll be back! Every aspect of the tour was outstanding - the guides, the organization, the accommodations and meals, and of course the other guests who shared the adventure. The route offered a good balance of challenge and enjoyment, and accommodated a range of hiking abilities and fitness, with some kayaking and mountain biking thrown in for variety. Jean-Marc has to be the best guide ever - you could not have picked anyone better.”
    Fred Beavers – Colorado, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, August 2017
  • Best Hiking Ever!

    “This was definitely a trip of a lifetime! I had not imagined that the Italian Dolomites were so beautiful. The hiking was so perfect and the accommodations were excellent! So hard to return home and not have a beautiful Refugio to stop at for lunch or lodging now! The guides were excellent and I learned so much about the area from Ivan. I also enjoyed the biking day and the Via Ferrata was an absolute blast! Thank you Active Adventures!”
    Beth Julian-Wang – California, United StatesDolomiti, August 2017
  • Most Awesome

    “Our Tour du Mont Blanc was nothing short of awesome. Challenging hikes, spectacular mountains, wonderful food and fantastic guides.”
    Lark Dunham – Colorado, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, July 2017
  • Dolomiti

    “This active adventure was wonderful for me. In fact, one of the best trips I have ever taken. I loved the trekking, fellow trekkers, guides, food, history, etc. All of it. What an amazing, beautiful, fun vacation. I feel so fit!”
    Jenny Wada – Hawaii, United StatesDolomiti, July 2017
  • Tour du Mont Blanc 2017

    “This trip was amazing - full of jaw-dropping scenery (mountains, glaciers, rivers, cow pastures and more) that I'll never forget. The hiking isn't always easy but we were always rewarded throughout with inspiring views. As we hiked from France to Italy to Switzerland, our experienced guides Jean Marc and Andy were able to keep us moving while providing ample time to appreciate the surroundings. The hotels and inns on the trip were clean and comfortable and the food and wine was delicious. I honestly can't think of anything that could be improved! Thanks Active, for a great adventure!”
    Barbara Stamos – Massachusetts, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, July 2017
  • High Flying Epic Adventure

    “Andrew and Jean Marc are the best! They feed off of each other, with knowledge, professionalism and a great sense of humor. It makes the long days so enjoyable that I wanted to keep on trekking. I would recommend this trip to everyone.”
    Mimi Goodman – Colorado, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, July 2017
  • Wonderful Trip!

    “Active Adventures came through once again!! What a great experience trekking Mont Blanc!”
    Derald Goodman Jr. – Colorado, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, July 2017
  • I did it!

    “This is my second trip with Active and it didn't disappoint. The food, accommodations, the guides and the sites were all awesome. Jean-Marc is a great guide with a ton of knowledge and great stories. Andy was a great guide and there to offer encouragement when needed. The area is so beautiful and I feel lucky that I had the chance to experience the country. This will not be my last Active Adventures trip. I would recommend the trip to anyone, but be sure to get in shape first. The hiking is no joke.”
    Jen Kuck – South Dakota, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, July 2017

    “The Dolomites are so dramatic and fantastic - just like a post card, loved the trip and how Active layed it out.”
    David Smith – Illinois, United StatesDolomiti, July 2017
  • Hiking Mont Blanc

    “All the hotels were excellent. Much like the other 4 trips I took with Active Adventures, the guides were well organized, the food excellent and the tour was well thought out.”
    Phil Schmidt – Colorado, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, July 2017
  • Hiking in the Alps

    “The trip with Active Adventures to the Mount Blanc area was great. The scenery is unbelievable in all three countries. The hikes were all wonderful and yet very demanding. That made the trip even more rewarding for us. We got to do things we never have done before on the off day. Paragliding in Chamonix was a first and fabulous. All of the small towns we travelled to were lovely. The accommodations in these towns were great. Nice small hotels that all were so much a part of those towns. All of the meals were also great. The lunches were just the right amount and much of the local food such as cheese. All of the dinners were very good.
    Our tour guides were great. Jean-Marc knows the Mount Blanc area so well. Andy was always available and helpful. Together they made the trip a pleasure.”
    Harry Dickens – CA, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, July 2017
  • Memorable Trip!

    “I celebrated my 68th birthday on the pass between France and Italy, what a great day. This trip takes you over many passes, up and down valleys with spectacular views. Our guides knew the way across snow fields, roaring streams, the best rest stops and the perfect meadows for our lunch buffets. They take care of everything so you can just enjoy the journey.”
    Liz McCarthy – Rhode Island, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, July 2017
  • TMB 10 Jun 17

    “This was my first trip with Active, and it was far more that I even expected! The guides were truly outstanding and made the adventures fun, informative, and challenging to whatever level we wanted. The route and itinerary had clearly been selected with great care. I felt that we experienced the very best of this gorgeous area, with a nice variety of adventures. The logistics, meals, and accommodations were first-rate and a welcome end to each day's events. For all we got and the memories we made, I feel that the Active tour was a great value and the very best way to see the Alps.”
    Richard Kelly – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, July 2017
  • My Mont Blanc Circuit

    “This trip not only provided an upfront tour of one of the most beautiful places in Europe,but with amazing guidance, it pushes you out of your comfort zone both physically and mentally. In addition you make new wonderful friends who encourage you along the way. Almost everyone on our trip had been on multiple Active Adventures before which shows what a wonderful company it is. We started planning our next trip before we flew home.”
    Linda Dickens – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, July 2017
  • Stunning Beauty of Mont Blanc

    “This was my fourth trip with Active and I will return again. First, the trip is well planned to challenge you while maximizing the exhilaration of completing the TMB section each day. We were lucky to have sun and cool breezes to keep us going. Jean-Marc's (Chamonix mountaineer) familiarity with the trail, it's mountains, culture, fauna, flora and history was refreshing, informative and humorous. Fantastic guide. Most of all I felt gratitude for the stunning beauty we were surrounded by each day and the new perspective in which to view this impressive, snow covered peak, Mont Blanc. Add to this great food, comfortable accommodations and the expert hands of both Andy (Active guide) and Corinne (Chamonix chef and logistics ) and wonderful new friends...all ingredients for an unforgettable 12 days of mountain magic.”
    Virginia Guilfoile – North Carolina, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, June 2017
  • Another good one!

    “This is my second trip with Active and it has made me a true devotee!
    It is wonderful to know the arrangements are being expertly handled so I can just relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery and the challenge of the hikes. (Did I say "relax"??)
    I loved this trip!”
    Susan Knower – Wisconsin, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, January 2017
  • Great way to see the Alps!

    “Really enjoyed experiencing the best of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps through local guides. Active Adventures always adds in a local touch which is something that makes them unique and a reason to travel with them. Enjoyed mixing in kayaking, mountain biking and having time to explore on our own. Amazing trip and highly recommend it!”
    Deanna Angello – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, December 2016
  • “The trip was well coordinated. Everything seemed to flow smoothly with rooms ready upon arrival from the days adventures.”
    Birute Jurjonas – Virginia, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, November 2016
  • Voila!!!!

    “I enjoyed the challenge and definitely felt achievement at the end. I realise if i had been a little fitter maybe could have been a bit more fun but nevertheless very glad to have completed the walk . Scenery was magnificent and guides excellent.”
    Wendy Riebe – South Australia, AustraliaTour du Mont Blanc, November 2016
  • Stunning

    “Stunning is the first word that comes to mind. This was my 4th trip with Active and as usual it was 5 stars across the board. When I first heard about the trip I called Phil to learn more. He told me the Dolomites were the most stunning, picture perfect landscape he's seen and he wasn't exaggerating. I've never said WOW so many times before. Every turn would lead to a breathtaking scene.
    The trip was managed very well as are all Active trips. The guides were great, within days feeling like long time friends. The food and accommodations were excellent, luxury mountain hiking with 5 course meals, electricity and plumbing to be found at every stop!
    The Dolomites are a must visit and I can't think of a better group to do it with than Active Adventures. Looking forward to my next adventure with them.”
    Boris Diskin – New Jersey, United StatesDolomiti, October 2016
  • Dolce Vita 2016

    “We have taken many trips in our 60+ years to places across the United States, Canada, South America, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. Our trip with Active Adventures to the Italian Lakes District and our extended visit in Italy has to be in our top three if not our favorite trip of all time! It was definitely Dolce Vita, the SWEET LIFE. The Italian Alps and the Lakes, the hikes and the paddling were certainly up to Active Adventure’s high standard. The beauty of the mountains and the Lakes and the invigorating way we experienced them were fantastic! The things that set this trip apart and put it over the top were the culture, food, and history of the region. Having the combination of Andy, our New Zealand guide, and Enrico, our native Italian, was awesome. Enrico helped us understand first-hand the Italian people and their way of life and gave us insights and access to more than we could imagine. It seemed everywhere we went, they all knew Enrico. The food experiences were unbelievable. The small size of our group and the relationship we built made it seem as if we were family and friends completing a once in a lifetime adventure. I can’t give enough kudos to Active Adventure these two guides for this marvellous experience.
    Ernest Alphin – North Carolina, United StatesDolce Vita, October 2016

    “Mt Blanc is a giant rock. And this trip is essentially you walking around it. Doesn’t sound too FIVE star does it? Well, as rocks go it’s pretty spectacular. And you get to go through three countries where they speak a bunch of non-English languages that I’m sure I was supposed to learn in high school and use TWO currencies … (Really Switzerland? With the Franc … Get over yourself). Although there are other trips and other providers that will guide you around this rock, the Active trip is better because the people that work for Active are awesome at what they do. We worked with Lynette in NZ to book the trip and although we never met, we are pretty much best friends now. I can think of no better indication of a good business than return customers. Of the twelve people in our group, ALL of them were return Active customers. Why? The Guides.

    For this trip, we had three French guides from Companie des guides de Chamonix and one Kiwi from Active. The French guides were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and fun. I would recommend all of them without hesitation, especially Jean-Marie our driver (see below). But Kiwi Nick from Active was the Difference Maker. He is so incredibly nice that you know he has a wonderful girlfriend back in New Zealand. And they do all these wonderful couple activities that are super cool. Like paddle boarding. And you can’t wait to hang out with them because they’re awesome. And they booze, of course, because couples that DON’T booze should not be trusted #lifelesson. And you may say, ‘Well Neil that’s not appropriate saying that about a guide’s personal life’ ... but whatever. Lynette is not going to take it out of this review because we are best friends. Nick handles all his guide responsibilities extremely well but it feels like he is a part of the group. He’s experiencing and sharing this trip along with you rather than just showing you Mt Blanc. Rarely will a guided trip like this go EXACTLY to plan. Weather, injuries, construction, conflicting personalities among the group, etc. are just some of the problems the guides need to be prepared to deal with quickly. Thankfully we had few of these issues, but Nick was always attentive to our enjoyment. I’m still not sure how he put up with me. I know how horrible I am. I live me every day.

    Beyond the guides, the trip is strong.
    ACTIVITIES: Although you are hiking in a relatively compact area the hikes are varied and challenging enough to make that post-hike beer taste awful nice. The kayaking day was beautiful but marred by our decision to use a double kayak. Or as they should be known, “Murder Boats”, because after about 5 minutes in a double kayak you want to bludgeon each other to death. Get the single. The last day we did the rafting option because the rope course was rained out. Not only did we not die, we ended up having a lot of fun cruising on glacial water through downtown Chamonix. On the free day in Courmayeur, I did the via ferrates up Mont Chetif, which was fun. The hike to the top was the toughest hiking of the trip. I would recommend planning your off day before the trip rather than on the fly. The via ferrates does sell out.

    MEALS: There was cheese LITERALLY everywhere. If you don’t like cheese like me, just keep quiet about it. Those French obsess over cheese like there is alcohol in it. The lunch spots were transcendent. That’s when you could feel truly present in the Alps. Whatever crap you had waiting back home, like say … Ellen in HR who is pretty much just the worst (don’t worry, she’ll never read this. I bet she drowns kittens on vacation. She. Is. The. Worst.), all that stuff melts away. The dinners were local and delightful.

    HOTELS: The accommodations are essentially ski lodges. We had hot showers, warm beds and beers. A few places had pools & hot tubs. They were all close to our hikes which cut down on van time, which I’m sure disappointed my trip mates because they probably enjoyed my daily dissertations on the importance of hair metal in American culture #Cinderella.

    Overall, these Active folks know what they are doing and you will have fun on this trip. Maybe I’ll get to meet you on one of their other trips I’m sure we’ll be signing up for in the future … Patagonia hmmm? I’ll be the one talking about David Lee Roth.

    Neil C
    Jean-Marie (Driver): I think they based the “Most Interesting Man in the World” ad campaign on this guy. If he is a part of your group, sit next to him during meals and buy him wine. Get him to talk, his life is amazing. We had a guy on our trip that did 28 marathons, 33 triathlons, was a licensed pilot, spoke French, played hockey … ON ICE and that dude wanted to hear more from Jean-Marie. I shouldn’t even be allowed to read his biography (and there was a rumor he was going to write one)! He’s THAT interesting. One of the day off options should be, “Go drinking with Jean Marie”. I’d do the trip all over again if they added that. It was an injustice that he carried my bags. At least my bag was light #manpacking
    Neil Crossan – California, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, October 2016
  • The Mighty Dolomites

    “Active Adventures did again! Another great experience for the books. From the great hospitality from our guides to our accommodations everything was perfect! The Dolomites are indescribable, never have I seen such beauty and breath taking views at every corner! Something you can only experience in person! Great job Active!! ”
    Starr Montoya – California, United StatesDolomiti, October 2016
  • Challenging but Worth it!!

    “The people, the view, the food, the lodging were all spectacular! At the end of every day after hiking and biking just made that glass (or bottle) of pinot even more tasteful and rewarding. The entire trip was very well organized and catering to our individual liking and capability. Thank you Phil for your patience and sense of humor!!”
    Christine Pien – Massachusetts, United StatesDolomiti, October 2016
  • Sept 17 2016 Dolomityi

    “Simply put, this trip would rate as being one of those experiences that I will value throughout my life!”
    Doug Dischino – Connecticut, United StatesDolomiti, October 2016
  • TDM is Amazing

    “This was an amazing trip. Our trip leader was awesome and the local guides were amazing. We had a great group of people. The itinerary was great. I love how Active mixes in some kayaking and cycling. The hotels were good the food was truly amazing. I was so impressed with the daily picnics. I highly recommend this trip! Thanks Active for another great experience. ”
    Rob Basque – Ontario, CanadaTour du Mont Blanc, October 2016
  • “The trip hit all of the marks! The hikes were spectacular, the planning impressive, the accommodations exceptional, the food great, the guides were at your service, knowledgable, fun, funny & just great to hang out with. Just show up and take the ride.”
    Pat Sheehy – California, United StatesDolomiti, October 2016
  • Dolomites

    “ Because we were going to be in Italy we decided to bookend our trip with a day in Venice. Active Adventures picked us up at the Marco Polo Airport and within two and one half hours we were transported to San Cassiano. The juxtaposition of the urban to the pastoral was a shock to the senses.
    It was not hard to make the transition though. Right away we were immersed in our new surroundings. On the very first day, jet-lagged and reeling we were hiking in the rolling hills of San Cassiano.
    The first days of the trip used the hotel in San Cassiano as a base of operations. We trekked to Santa Croce through the beautiful countryside to a Refugio that used to be a Monastery. By chance, a choir was giving a concert in the chapel and we were treated to an event that may not have been scheduled, but was one of those special occasions that you have to relish when it happens.
    The next day we visited the tunnels of Lagazuoi, a monument to the stupidity of war, but an adventure that should not be missed. Deep in the heart of the mountain, in dark tunnels it was not hard to imagine the suffering of the soldiers.
    Afterwards we split into two groups. One group would continue hiking while the other group would participate in a via ferratta. I went on the via ferratta and topped out on Mount Averau. I beheld a 360 degree view that was breathtaking. A via ferratta is not for everyone, but I found the challenge exhilarating.
    Today we are beginning our trek through the Dolomites, a grand mountain range of solid limestone. Geologically speaking they were once the floor of an ancient sea. We hiked from Refugio to Refugio. These were like small hostels complete with showers and five course meals. This is the most civilized hiking I have ever done. Everyday we would traverse the most exquisite scenery only to stop for cappuccino and cake before continuing on to our lodgings and then taking an afternoon exploration hike. A great way to spend the day. After three days and two nights it was hard to leave the back country for the Cortina’s hustle and bustle.
    Cortina is the gem of this area. Once the venue for the winter Olympics it has taken on the mantle of the Aspen of Italy. From here we took a magnificent mountain bike ride to Dobbiaco. The next day we circumnavigated Cime de Lavaredo. This was a fitting culmination to our adventure.
    I cannot say enough about the guides; they were excellent. They kept us busy, motivated and with a good laugh now and then. A bit of humor takes the edge off some of those days that take a toll.
    It is hard to explain an Active Adventure. You would never be able to accomplish such a complicated itinerary on your own . They take care of all the logistics, and the activities are not easy but they are within the capabilities of anyone with a reasonable level of physical fitness. But there is an extra component of camaraderie that is brought to bear that creates an unforgettable moment in time.”
    Joe Sheehy – California, United StatesDolomiti, October 2016
  • Dolomiti

    “Pictures don't capture the beauty of the Dolomites. Around every bend and hill climbed stands a new view more stunning then the last. Our guides-Mike, Phil and Richard were an added bonus!”
    Diana Ramos – California, United StatesDolomiti, October 2016
  • Mountain Hiking

    “What a way to inspire the soul.
    Be prepared for a lot of hard yards (or meters), superb scenery and fantastic food.
    All this and the guiding prowess that is first class ensuring that this "Bucket List" item gets a great big tick for satisfaction and achievement most only dream of.”
    Bob Riebe – South Australia, AustraliaTour du Mont Blanc, October 2016
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Trip Reviews

  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16233 reviews)

    Dolce Vita 2016

    We have taken many trips in our 60+ years to places across the United States, Canada, South America, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. Our trip with Active Adventures to the Italian Lakes District and our extended visit in Italy has to be in our top three if not our favorite trip of all time! It was definitely Dolce Vita, the SWEET LIFE. The Italian Alps and the Lakes, the hikes and the paddling were certainly up to Active Adventure’s high standard. The beauty of the mountains and the Lakes and the invigorating way we experienced them were fantastic! The things that set this trip apart and put it over the top were the culture, food, and history of the region. Having the combination of Andy, our New Zealand guide, and Enrico, our native Italian, was awesome. Enrico helped us understand first-hand the Italian people and their way of life and gave us insights and access to more than we could imagine. It seemed everywhere we went, they all knew Enrico. The food experiences were unbelievable. The small size of our group and the relationship we built made it seem as if we were family and friends completing a once in a lifetime adventure. I can’t give enough kudos to Active Adventure these two guides for this marvellous experience.
    Ernest Alphin Review Image
    – North Carolina, United States
    Dolce Vita, October 2016
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16233 reviews)

    Lean Review

    What an incredible trip! The itinerary has the perfect balance of activities to keep the trekking exciting but not too exhausting, and provides flexibility in the case of unexpected changes that may come up. The food was one of the highlights of the trip; there is nothing quite like setting up a picnic on the side of a mountain full of cheeses, meats, and other delightful treats. But what truly made this an exceptional adventure were our guides Phil, Andy, Jean Marc, and Jean Marie. Their energy, enthusiasm, and flawless teamwork provided the signature of an ACTIVE Adventure, and continues to make these trips stand miles apart from any other travel company. Though we started as 10 individuals, we quickly became 1 family. Thank you for another unforgettable journey; we look forward to the next one!
    Georgina Lean Review Image
    – California, United States
    Tour du Mont Blanc, July 2016
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16233 reviews)


    This active adventure was wonderful for me. In fact, one of the best trips I have ever taken. I loved the trekking, fellow trekkers, guides, food, history, etc. All of it. What an amazing, beautiful, fun vacation. I feel so fit!
    Jenny Wada Review Image
    – Hawaii, United States
    Dolomiti, July 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16233 reviews)

    Put this trip on your to-do list!

    Another wonderful trip with Active Adventures! That is what I say about Active Europe’s Tour du Mont Blanc. This was my fourth trip with Active and once again I was impressed with how they do business. Active’s Andy and Nick were excellent representatives for Active Adventures. They are fun, personable, engaging, helpful, and quick to help if there was a problem. The local guides, Jean-Marc, Suzanne, and Jean-Pat, were fun and a joy to be around. Their English language skills were excellent which was great since my French is pathetic! Point to a mountain or an object of curiosity and they could tell you about it. The whole crew worked together great to ensure everyone enjoyed the hiking regardless of pace, weather or skill level. The accommodations were great. Even the one hotel described a “rustic” (meaning it didn’t have en-suite bathrooms) by the guides was delightful. The food was excellent as to be expected and thankfully the hiking burned off the calories allowing for full indulgence at every meal! Oh! The Cheese! The wonderful cheese! Be prepared to sample some of the best cheeses around.
    Now, for the important part, the Tour du Mont Blanc. Definitely something everyone should do in their life. The Alps are magnificent and the towns along the way are beautiful. Active picked great trails to hike that highlighted the beauty of the area. Throw in their choice of towns to explore (especially Annecy’s Old Town), kayaking and mountain biking and it really is an Active Adventure. I highly recommend taking the gondola from Courmayeur, Italy all the way to the Agullie de Midi if the weather is nice (Mother Nature was kind to us with only one day of rain, some fog, and LOTS of clear skies). The view from the gondola over the glaciers is awe-inspiring. Definitely a highlight of the trip. Active doesn’t pay for this but it is well worth the Euros. Active does pay for an Aguille de Midi trip from Chamonix, France but it doesn’t cross the glaciers so I suggest doing it from Italy (weather permitting) and choose the Accro-Park option in Chamonix at the end of the tour. However you decide to do it, the Agullie de Midi is a must do. The views of the Mont Blanc mastiff are spectacular! If you like zip lines and ropes courses the Accro-Park is a great time. If you want a challenge and have the time I recommend doing the Black course (they have four courses; Green, Blue, Red, and Black). Overall, I really enjoyed this trip. If Active didn’t have so many other trips I want to do, I would do this one again!
    Damon Weimer Review Image
    – Washington, United States
    Tour du Mont Blanc, September 2016
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16233 reviews)

    Tour du Mont Blanc

    This was a wonderful trip around Mt. Blanc with scenery that never quit (except that one rainy day!) The organizing was well-done, even though it is a new adventure for Active. Having the French guides added wonderful flavor and knowledge for the trip. The accommodations were all very satisfactory and we really didn't tire of cheese or chocolate! Highly recommend!
    Louise Burpee Review Image
    – South Carolina, United States
    Tour du Mont Blanc, September 2016



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