The most important bit! While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our Himalayas trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves. We get a huge amount of feedback from our guests, all of which we read and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips.

Feel free to drop us a line and we can put you in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and find out what it’s really like to travel with us!

We've been running adventure trips for over 20 years, so we have a LOT of reviews. In the interest of not making you wait eons for the page to load, we've decided to show our 100 most recent. Though, if you'd like to read older reviews, please drop us a line and we'll certainly share plenty more with you!

  • A Place Like No Other

    “Our journey in the Mustang Region of Nepal took us to a place that is somewhat out of step with the Western World we live in. As a destination it has beautiful scenery, friendly gentle people and a spiritual aspect that even an avowed atheist could feel.
    The Active Guides that led our tour were terrific, they were willing and able to take care of all of our parties needs. They sorted out travel problems quickly and effectively when these arose. The overall team included guides, porters, cooks and horse handlers and all were willing to do the extra little things that make a difference whenever they arose.
    Overall an extremely memorable and enjoyable tour, of a remote and isolated part of the world, that we could not have had without such high quality guides, porters and cooks.”
    Brian Esposito – Victoria, AustraliaMustang, January 2019
  • Great Trip and Adventure

    “Great trip, well taken care of by Active Adventures, Kuru was a great guide and asset to the team., Shree (Earthbound) was incredibly knowledgeable and was a great asset in negotiations and dealing with the pros and cons of the scheduling and semantics.”
    Al Terestre – Massachusetts, United StatesEBC, January 2019
  • EBC Trek 10/1/2018

    “So glad we chose Active Adventures for the trek to Everest Base Camp. Their guides and porters are the best. Our health and well being was their primary concern. They are very knowledgeable about the geography, history, and culture so we learned a lot along the way. We stayed at the best tea houses and always had en-suite bathrooms where available...a total luxury. Everything was planned in advance so we never had to wait for meals or at tea stops during the trek. The group was small so we had a lot of personalized attention. Pre and post trek we were taken to the best restaurants ever! The food was fantastic! Loved our guides, Kim and Gokul! I would not hesitate to recommend Active Adventures (and have), for the best possible experience. ”
    Slue Railsback – California, United StatesEBC, December 2018
  • Awesome Guides + Awesome Scenery=Totaly Awesome Trip

    “Superbly led and provisioned trip, turned 11 strangers into a family.
    The trekking was very manageable so you acclimatized easily. The scenery was breathtaking (and not just because of the elevation).
    Each tea house provided a multicultural bonanza of challenges and humor.
    The porters were helpful, friendly, and great dancers at the last night's boogie!
    I would certainly recommend Active Adventures and their fantastic leaders D.K. and Arjun”
    Leslie Smith – Virginia, United StatesAST, December 2018
  • Chandler von Schrader (aka: Pumpkin)

    “You won't be able to blink - there is so much to take in... mountains, waterfalls, tea-houses, suspension bridges and of course - the locals, who are both beautiful and gracious. This is a wonderful trek and well managed - do this trip!”
    Chandler von Schrader – Virginia, United StatesAST, November 2018
  • Khumbu 2018

    “I was just completely engaged with all my senses during the hike! I loved the Himalayas and Mel was outstanding as were all of the porters! Kathmandu was not my favorite place but the experience was highlighted by Active Adventures exceptional knowledge of places to see and eat.
    Overall I have no complaints and only 1 suggestion. Provide an alternative itinerary to those who cannot or choose not to hike such long distances but wish to savor the days with shorter hikes and longer tea house stays.”
    Patricia Bakhshi – California, United StatesKhumbu, November 2018
  • AST

    “AST the trip was amazing and challenging, made so by the incredible leadership of all your staff. They perfectly supported us - even the porters who were a joy to be around! I’ll be back for sure, thank you Active Adventures!”
    Jackie Smola – British Columbia, CanadaAST, November 2018
  • Denis

    “Remarkable trip with Active - my first, but hopefully not my last! Having two close friends and two nephews on the trip with me made it even more special. A unique time away from the daily world hassles to get to know my nephews even better than in the past and share a magnificent trip of a lifetime with them as well.”
    Denis Chagnon – New York, United StatesAST, November 2018
  • Annapurna

    “A trip of a lifetime. The hardest and most rewarding thing i have ever done. The guides were fantastic, friendly and really supportive of everyone. The accommodation and food was great. I really got a sense of the culture. Breathtaking scenery made me want to get up everyday and get going.”
    Natalie Shepherd – New South Wales, AustraliaAST, November 2018
  • AST

    “Well run trip all logistics taken care of. I felt very safe and in capable hands”
    Bruce Laugesen – , New ZealandAST, November 2018
  • Annapurna Sanctuary

    “It has been my life long dream to see an 8000 meter peak, so being a recent retiree, I decided now was the time. The trip was equal parts fascinating cultural experience and gorgeous scenery. Trekking during the Dashain festival added extra interest and intrigue. The schedule and pace worked very well and was challenging at times. The trip guidance on conditioning was spot on and I felt prepared and grateful to have followed the advice. I am not sure what I expected but the food was an enjoyable pleasant surprise. Elder and Arjun along with the porters were an experienced capable team determined to maximize the experience of all of us. With Elder and Arjun handling logistics and planning, the porters worked incredibly hard caring for the trekkers and behind the scenes at meal times. This was my second Active Adventures trip and both were of the highest quality experience. The fellow trekkers were also great and added to the experience. The only bummer was the clouds filled in and visibility was poor by the time we got to Annapurna Sanctuary. The good thing is that there is other spectacular scenery and views of Machapuchare and Annapurna South. We were able to see the top of Annapurna 1 from just below Machapuchare base camp. You can't go wrong with this trip.”
    Dick Harmon – Ohio, United StatesAST, November 2018
  • 2018

    “Our trip was fantastic because of our wonderful guides! Their attitude and ability to adapt the logistics kept us safe, together, and fulfilled - without ever letting on how much care that took on their part. KUDOS!!!!”
    Rick Leary – California, United StatesAST, November 2018
  • Wonderful Time in Nepal Hiking

    “Our trip guides and porters were outstanding, so supportive and helpful (and fun!). The hiking, the views and the accommodations and food were way beyond our expectations and it was so much fun! ”
    Sue Jones – Florida, United StatesKhumbu, November 2018
  • A Bit of NYC in the Himalayas

    “If you're looking for a peaceful, serene surrounding this is not the trip for you. The trails were filled with hundreds of people trekking from both directions, many herds of pack animals along with human mules, and considerable congestion at times. You will want your dust mask handy which will also protect your face from the wind, sun and cold. The trekking was different in that many of the trails were composed of irregular stones and I'm not sure how I would have done without my hiking poles - they are a must! Even at 13,000ft, you can find an Irish pub, a Swedish bakery, and Italian coffee...we have totally transformed the mountain economy and they completely cater to the Western appetite for material things, including western toilets, as well as food. The villages, communities and city of Namche were physically stunning from their use of rocks and stones and it was a beauty i had not ever seen in a third world country before. That was the mountains...The city of Kathmandu, however, was a dirt pit with narrow streets that had to accommodate hundreds of humans walking in both directions, cars and motorcycles in both directions, and very little room to safely walk from one place to the next. The hotel AA booked in Kathmandu is a paradise in the middle of all the chaos and a delightful place to stay. The guesthouses in the mountains were simple but adequate. Be prepared to share a bathroom with the group which will happen a few times on the trip and know that your hands will always be in your pocket to pay for internet, charging your phone or tablet, toilet paper, soap...the little but necessary things. Flexibility is the name of the game on this trip - if your plane is unable to leave Lukla due to weather, be prepared to pay $400 for helicopter service which should be reimbursed by your travel insurance company. It sounds awful, doesn't it, but it wasn't - the guides were great, the people in my group were fun, the culture was very different and the scenery was lovely. Would I go back? Would I recommend this trip to a friend? It was nothing like I envisioned yet, after all is said and done, I'm glad I went.”
    Rita Carole – California, United StatesKhumbu, November 2018
  • A Trip Over 20 Years in the Making!

    “I honestly don't even know where to start. It was a dream of mine to see Everest in person ever since seeing the IMAX documentary as a young kid. Life had a way of catching up with me and for a long time I never thought it would come to fruition. Finally, in late 2017, I realized it was time to make a move and committed to dropping the deposit with Active Adventures. Instantly, my excitement spiked and at no point in the process was I disappointed. Active Adventures' office staff, and later the guides Kim and Gokul, made every aspect of the trip enjoyable beyond expectations. Kim and Gokul were always there to help, answer questions, and support us along the trek and it was reassuring that we had knowledgeable and capable guides to help us to EBC. I have zero regrets and would readily recommend Active Adventures to anyone interested in their treks. I witnessed the level of service that other trekkers experienced while on the same trip with different companies and it doesn't compare with what you receive through Active. From the time I landed in Kathmandu, until the day I left, I knew that everything would be taken care of and I was free to just enjoy the views, experience, and company! I undoubtedly will use them again for future trips!”
    Joe Langlais – Colorado, United StatesEBC, November 2018
  • Amazing

    “What a trip. From start to finish it was beyond my expectation. The organisation was seamless, the scenery stunning and the local people, guide and porters wonderful. I did not know any of my fellow trekkers at the start of the trek, but what a great fun bunch they were. Can’t recommend Active, Dan (our guide) and his team more highly. Am desperate to do another!!”
    Miranda Marsh – Auckland, New ZealandAST, October 2018
  • Annapurna

    “Annapurna is definitely a trip you will never forget. The scenery is out of this world. Our leaders and porters could not have been more professional and knowledgeable. The amount of work performed daily on everyone's part was absolutely phenomenal. Could not have asked for better care. Would highly recommend but one needs to be fit and able to withstand the occasional discomfort of the teahouses!”
    Susie Coordt – Texas, United StatesAST, October 2018
  • Loved Every Step

    “The mountains and views will be there whoever you travel with. There will be tea houses and rest stops regardless of if you travel on your own or got with one of the thousands of tour companies you might find in Kathmandu. But I’m convinced you will only have guides like Elder Shree and Koru with Active Adventures. Elder’s attention to detail meant no surprises, Koru’s quiet empathy meant he saw everything that might have caused concern, and Shree’s pace setting meant I never felt tired. They just made a great trip a brilliant experience.”
    Jim Tosh – Arbroath, United KingdomEBC, October 2018
  • Once in a Lifetime

    “A great way of experiencing a new culture and to appreciate nature. In the process, you make new friends in your guides and fellow travelers. You finish your journey with a sense of accomplishment that has forever imprinted in your memories. ”
    Saumeel Mehta – Florida, United StatesEBC, October 2018
  • A Fantastic Trip!

    “A wonderful trip, perfectly planned. Everything was spot on and I had a wonderful time. Kim and Shree were also impeccable; the perfect balance of personable but professional. They were so much fun!”
    Hannah Conibere – North Yorkshire, United KingdomAST, October 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “One of the most beautiful places on earth! The natural wonder - day after day - of the Annapurna Sanctuary is awe-inspiring, and watching the sun rise on Annapurna South was definitely the highlight. The knowledgeable and friendly Active Adventures guides and porters made this trek a fun and educational experience.”
    Daniel Meloy – DC, United StatesAST, October 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime for Body, Mind, and Soul

    “Having done an Active trip in New Zealand a few years ago, I was prepared for great hikes, amazing scenery, and excellent hospitality. I wasn't prepared for how much the Mustang trip would change my soul, however. The hikes were challenging, but all doable. Our guides kept our group at a perfect pace which allowed plenty of time for photos and taking in the breathtaking views (day after day after day)! As with all Active trips, the leaders handle every detail, leaving you free to soak in the culture and expand your mind, whether learning about Buddhism, the economy, or cuisine. But the most special thing on the Mustang trip for me was how deeply it touched and replenished my soul. Away from the busy lives and noise which clutters our society, I fell into a rhythm which allowed me to be present for each step of our journey. I learned to let go of the anxiety of what is to come and the sadness of what was left behind. A huge part of that can be credited to our guides, DK, Shree and Gokul who led me along the paths of Mustang not only physically, but also spiritually. They shared so much of their world, of their food, their culture, their passions, their patience. If you've ever considered taking a trek, do this one. Your spirit will thank you.

    And as far as some of the practical things of the trip go... Food was incredible! Gokul and his team got fresh meat, eggs, and produce at every chance, ensuring healthy and delicious meals and first-rate service. I'm still missing my morning tea service! Knowing how to cook at a camp, I was astounded at the variety of foods and enjoyed learning chef's secrets at many stops. The camping was awesome. Tents were spacious and sleeping mats and bags were very comfortable. Even better, the team set them up and broke them down each day. Like our other Active trip, we followed the packing list to a "T" and were glad. They know what you need and what you don't need so just follow the list. And truly, if you don't have anything, just buy it in Kathmandu (cheap and great selection of gear). My only thought to add was I wish I'd brought a swim top and pair of board shorts so that I could use the outdoor streams and hoses in a couple of camps to clean up. Also, a pair of slides would have been handy for slipping on for night time bathroom breaks from the tent without dealing with laces or taking off socks. The altitude was challenging, but not problematic. Most of our group took Diamox, but a few of us didn't. I wasn't able to do any higher altitude training before the trip, but regular hikes of 10+ miles and lots of up and downs prepared me well.

    Overall, the best trip of my life. Thank you Active!”
    Jane Kurtz – Oregon, United StatesMustang, September 2018
  • Mustang Was an Amazing Trip That Delivered on So Many Levels

    “The tremendous organisation by Active Adventures meant everything was covered even when the unexpected happened. The Guides, our local support team and the other people on this trip were a very big part of why the trip was so enjoyable. Our plane flight from Pokhara to Jomsom was cancelled due to weather but then we ended up going by helicopter, it was fantastic. The majestic and vast vistas of the Mustang Region were ever changing with the light and different rock formations. The centuries old monasteries gave an insight into the people's culture, as did staying in the villages and appreciating their way of life. It was wonderful having our own local chef on the trek, we were so well looked after with the quality and freshness of the food. The guides were so careful about setting the pace for the trek to take into account the altitude. I really enjoyed the trekking, there was alot of up and down but there were plenty of breaks and things to see too. I found myself getting stronger as we went along, I overcame some personal challenges and at times I was very moved by what I heard and observed. The trip made a big impact on me and I highly recommend it.”
    Annette Esposito – Victoria, AustraliaMustang, September 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “This was the trip of a lifetime. We walked from Jomsom to Lo Manthang, and beyond, over 100 miles in 12 days. Each day presented new challenges: high passes up to 13,500ft, and long stretches of "Nepali flat" undulations. During the long days, I felt myself getting stronger each day, until the two 14 mile days were easily taken in stride. I learned so much about Tibetan Buddhism and about this hidden and unspoiled region of Nepal. I will never forget our guides, the Nepali team, and the team of hearty guests. I highly recommend this trek to all who seek adventure.”
    Susan Sevilla – California, United StatesMustang, September 2018
  • Amazing Guides

    “I had trouble breathing at higher altitudes, and a couple of other members of our group had some other issues. Our guides Amanda and Gokul made arrangements for us to continue hiking. Some of us didn't get to EBC, but we still enjoyed the trip of a lifetime! I got to ride a horse across the Hillary Bridge! Thanks for carrying my backpack, Bibek!”
    Debbie Panebianco – New York, United StatesEBC, August 2018
  • Memorable Trek with Great Guides and Porters to Great Places

    “Driving miles up a dry river bed from Pokhara to the trail head, seeing remarkable agricultural terraces carved out of steep hill sides, hiking through bamboo and cloud forests along and across river valleys and scenic canyons, and then sunrise over the predawn Annapurna massif at base camp. What an adventure. And all those inexorable stone steps stretching for what seemed all the way. Memorable!”
    Craig MacDonald – Massachusetts, United StatesAST, June 2018
  • EBC - March/April 2018

    “This truly was the Adventure of a Lifetime!! We had high expectations and they were exceeded in every way; our wonderful guides Amanda and Gokul, the incredible scenery, the fantastic hospitality everywhere we went!”
    Cindy Franz – Virginia, United StatesEBC, June 2018
  • Awesome Trip

    “This trip was everything I hoped for. The guides were the best; professional and knowledgeable in the local people, customs, language and high alpine trekking. This was the first time in a lifetime of travel and outdoor adventure that we had ever used a guide. I didn't know what to expect as we have always been "on our own" during climbing, hiking, traveling and camping. It was a good choice as trekking in Nepal is obviously serious and can be a complicated event. especially when you factor in the remoteness and especially the altitude. Our guides were the best in every respect and I now count them as good friends. I have no complaints about anything as I didn't expect (or want) plush accommodations and gourmet food. We went there for the mountains, the history and for a tough physical challenge, which we had in spades. We hope to go back again at some point to climb Island Peak. Especially after seeing other guide services while there, we were very happy we chose Active Adventures as our guides. You guys are the best we saw. I loved that our group was small too. In my opinion that makes a big difference in the experience. I will recommend Active to everyone I know that is considering a trip to EBC. Thanks again for your professional and friendly service. It was worth every penny.
    PJ Roarke Jr. – Florida, United StatesEBC, June 2018
  • Fantastic EBC Trip, Even if Cut Short...

    “Even though I got sick at Gorak Shep and I failed to make the 3k final afternoon trek to base camp, this trip was a once in a lifetime adventure. The trip leader, Claire, and guide, Shree, were beyond professional and caring. I am definitely glad that Active Adventures was my choice as an outfitter. All aspects of the trek were defined and all we had to do was trek and enjoy the beauty of the people and the scenery of the Himalayas.”
    David Schaeffer – Texas, United StatesEBC, June 2018
  • Experience of a Lifetime

    “To start, everything was 10/10. Especially the two wonderful people that we were fortunate enough to have as our guides, Elder and Amrit. Consummate professionals, exceptionally friendly, extremely knowledgeable, with a real concern and attention to my well being. Simply outstanding!

    When you're with the right people, the rest of the trek will take care of itself. Stay healthy, have fun, listen to the advice of your guides, put in the elbow grease, and you'll slide into base camp like a dolphin down a water slide. ”
    Branden Roarke – Florida, United StatesEBC, May 2018
  • Travelling Alone

    “I've done two trips with Active in the last 3 years. I have met some fantastic people, some of whom will be friends for life!”
    Dave Bacon – Alberta, CanadaAST, May 2018
  • A Wonderful Experience!

    “The Active Adventures Himalayas trek to Annapurna Base Camp was a truly fantastic experience. Our guides Melissa & Arjun and our porters Kedar & Sudharsun are all great people! The ascent to ABC at 4am to be present for sunrise is a memory I will always treasure. I'm very thankful and grateful for this experience. Thank you to everyone at Active Adventures!”
    Ticia Downie – Alberta, CanadaAST, May 2018
  • Active Accomodates!

    “Active went above and beyond expectations when my traveling companion suffered from altitude issues. They re-organized our trek in Namche to route us to villages nearby where my partner could enjoy the local culture as well as enjoy the fantastic views all around us. Kudos to Amanda, Gokul and Bibek (who was exceptional in his guidance and friendship to my partner throughout).”
    Ron Bagliere – New York, United StatesEBC, April 2018
  • Incredible Himalayan Adventure!

    “Hard to say what the best part was - every day was incredible with great guides, good food, challenging trekking and stunning scenery. After a lifetime of reading about the Himalayas and the exotic places - Lukla, Khumjung, Namche Bazaar - to finally experience it was a dream come true. Exotic, exciting, fun to the max! Loved the different foods, the smells, the sights, the people. The kids on the trail along the way were so curious and friendly. This was a great interface with a culture and lifestyle that is fast disappearing.”
    Tom Ress – Alabama, United StatesKhumbu, April 2018
  • April 1 2018 Khumbu with Shree and Kim

    “How to express the impression of our trip is a challenge because every possible positive adjective we could use can only compare to the majesty of the Himalayas themselves. Words can not describe how hard all our team members worked to make those of us feel special and to insure our trip was absolutely perfect! Their enthusiasm for every day was contagious and the beauty surrounding us each and every moment can not easily be described, unless you've been there and been there with a world class operation like Active Adventures! Every detail was attended to and communicated so well by Shree and Kim and of course our hard working (but always smiling) porters! We would travel anywhere with Active Adventures and will hold these memories near and dear forever. Thank you to our team and for making this trip one of a lifetime.”
    Lisa Omelina – Wyoming, United StatesKhumbu, April 2018
  • Highly Recommend Khumbu

    “Our Khumbu trek exceeded our expectations. The trails were a challenge but not difficult if you have physically prepared for some steep and uneven terrain. Views of the Himalayas made the trip well worth the effort as well as side trips to the Buddhist Monasteries along the way. We could not have been happier with our guides Kim and Arjun for their knowledge and assistance along the way.”
    Edward Erway – Kentucky, United StatesKhumbu, April 2018
  • Awesome

    “This was an awesome trip. I enjoyed every second of it. Enjoyed the people around me, I made some new friends. Amanda and Gokul were great. I got the cough and cold in the beginning of my trek. Amanda and Gokul were on top of their game in making me feel better. The porters were just amazing people, they carried our overly weighted duffel bags without a second's complaint.”
    Mae Stinnett – Alaska, United StatesEBC, April 2018
  • EBC Trip March 2018

    “When I booked the trip, I booked with Active Adventures in spite of there being less expensive tour operators offering similar trips. I hoped that your company would offer a high-quality trip, and I was not disappointed. Mel and Bishal were always extremely professional, but at the same time full of fun. This made it very easy for us (clients) to have a marvellous experience from start to finish.
    Personally, I really enjoyed the "detour" via Khumjung on the way back to Namche Bazaar. It added another dimension to the trip.
    Thank you!”
    Sandra Graham – Gauteng, South AfricaEBC, April 2018
  • EBC March 18

    “It was a great trip. Melissa and Bishal really took good care of us during the trip and after. We had a great time with other group members and porters. It is a lifetime experience that we will treasure forever.”
    Jenny Quan – California, United StatesEBC, April 2018
  • Great Trip

    “The trip was better than I had imagined. It was never a dream of mine to go to the Everest region but being there felt like a dream. Is that really Mt. Everest over there? Wow. The scenery was truly awesome, the hiking challenging and the camaraderie great among our small group. Amanda was a fine guide showing concern for all and Amrit,on his maiden voyage to the Everest region, was always helpful. The porter's work was greatly appreciated led by Dr. Suman who has a bright future ahead of him. This was an early season trip and the tea houses were really cold. This is no joke! Get a hot water bottle.”
    Drew Greenland – Connecticut, United StatesKhumbu, March 2018
  • The Best!

    “This trip was just right for me. It was challenging, but not to the degree of going to Base Camp would have been. We saw the beauty of the Khumbu Valley and the experience of trekking in the Everest region without going above 12,500ft. Our guides were just fabulous! Amanda was very conscientious and knowledgeable about the area and hiking at high altitude. Our Nepalese guide smoothed the way through tea houses, lunch stops, and porter support. We couldn't have asked for a better team of guides! It was unforgettable!”
    Ginny Nayden – Maryland, United StatesKhumbu, March 2018
  • Mt. Everest Base Camp Trip Review

    “It was the trip of a life time. I really enjoyed my trip! Arjun and Elder were the best guides. Though got sick at the end but Arjun and Elder were there like family members to take care of me and I’m grateful for their great service!”
    Riaz Murtuza – California, United StatesEBC, March 2018
  • Have to Experience it to Believe it

    “Don't know where to start and don't want to write a book but want anyone who is considering this trek to do it with Active Adventures. Why? I'm 62, still in good health and shape. Have experienced two other treks over the past ten years with other outfitters. Machu Picchu in Peru and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. There was a huge difference in personal care and attention to expedition details. What impressed me the most was the attention to every detail required to make this trek to Base Camp not only successful but an enjoyable one too. There was not one negative experience that Active Adventure was in control over (lodging, food, permits etc). My mind was put to ease every day when our daily heart rate and oxygen levels were tested and medication was made available to you should you experience the effects of altitude sickness. Our guide’s knowledge of the history and culture of the Nepalese people added to the enjoyment of our journey.”
    Steven Edwards – Ontario, CanadaEBC, January 2018
  • In the footsteps of some great people

    “Nothing compares with the Himalayas and with Mt Everest in particular. That is because of the uniqueness of the place, the history, the geography, the people, and the culture. And it is because, for me, this was a personal test unlike any I have ever attempted, and probably ever will. Active Adventures provided the opportunity, the expertise, and the support to enable this experience. It was and will always be much much more than simply getting to Everest Base Camp. That is an achievement, but the journey there and back was at least as important as the point of arrival.”
    Chris Eichbaum – , New ZealandEBC, December 2017
  • Awesome Nepal!

    “What an amazing trip! Just the accomplishment of trekking all the way to Annapurna Base Camp is amazing, but the view when you get there puts it over the top!”
    Jolene Bergeson – Alberta, CanadaAST, December 2017
  • EBC - an unexpected journey

    “The decision to go to EBC was actually a quick one. It was not on my bucket list, I really knew nothing about Nepal or the Himalayas and I never had the Everest “bug.” But when I was halfway through the rough year that was 2017 (both politically in the US as well as personally and professionally), I knew I needed a vacation. I had a great experience in New Zealand in October of 2016 – a truly magical place and a great active adventure – I started perusing the Active Adventures site to see where I could go when I had free time in November. I inquired online and almost immediately got a call back and there was a spot on the trip I was looking at. I booked immediately.

    Then suddenly thought “what the f&*k have I done?”

    Fast forward to November, I arrived in Kathmandu (after many emails and OBI notifications later) well prepared to start my journey. I will say, I wish I had gotten the Nepal visa in advance, but couldn’t ship my passport to the embassy due to work which could call me out of the country on a day’s notice. That said, I rolled with it – which is the mindset you need for the entire trip.

    There is so much I could say about everyone from Active Adventures – I had the pleasure of being on a trip with not only the primary and Nepali guide (Mel and Gokul) but also Button (in training) but also John and Michelle from HQ. This trip is no joke – there is so much to manage with a group in the Himalayas. You have no idea what these mountains have in store – the altitude, the elements, the long days and for even the most well-travelled explorer simple accommodations. We had challenges and folks fell ill and there were emergency evacuations and early departures, which Mel and Gokul handled with grace. I really was amazed at how they could manage all the logistics but most riveting was their personal connection to both us tourists as well as literally everyone we met on the road.

    As I mentioned above, I never really planned to go to Nepal, and now I am seriously contemplating how I can go back soon. It was truly a magical and spiritual place – and I can’t thank the entire Active Adventure team enough for that experience.

    I know I didn’t give great soundbytes in the above, so if there is anything I can more specifically address, please let me know. Or if there is more I can extol about Mel or Gokul, I am happy to provide.”
    Linda Sughrue – New York, United StatesEBC, December 2017
  • A life adventure!!

    “What an amazing once-in-a lifetime adventure I took with Active Adventures!!”
    Robb Muse – Pennsylvania, United StatesAST, December 2017
  • Couldn't be more pleased

    “Pleased especially that I made it to EBC! Out of the 10 of us 5 made it all the way. Can't believe this old man (63) was one of them. I know the only reason I did make it was due to the excellent leaders and sherpas. They were incredibly attentive and professional. We all feel how lucky we were to have the trek leaders that we had, and to have such a fun group. It far exceeded my expectations; the incredible mountains, accommodations, ample food, and exceptional leadership. The acclimation days and the slow steady pace are all that attributed to my personal success. Thank you especially Elder and Argen. I hope to take another of your treks next year, looking at Peru. Thank you to the entire Active Adventures team!”
    Mark Steiner – California, United StatesEBC, December 2017
  • Met awesome people & learned a lot about myself

    “Great trip! Learned a lot about myself & others. Our guides, people in our group & the Nepali people all taught me something. I will take away confidence, humility, pride & santi...santi is Nepali & means calm yourself, calm your soul...I now have new friends & found I CAN dance! Some days were harder than others but every day was new, an adventure! Achieving ABC was worth the harder days. Anything worthwhile takes a little hard work. The scenery, so beautiful!!! The porter, the boys, deserve SO much credit! Without them, the trip wouldn’t be possible! They are superheros! It’s not required to tip. You don’t have to. However, please understand how much the porters do. We trek to ABC with only our day packs. The boys do same trek but do so carrying everyone's stuff, for the entire trip! They do so as a way to support their families & the trek just wouldn’t be possible without them. They do this without complaint. They smile, support & encourage everyone along the way. They are amazing! Kim & Shree are great guides & work so well together! They are very knowledgeable.”
    Caden Perry – Oregon, United StatesAST, December 2017
  • Learned a lot

    “Kim & Shree were amazing! Both took care of me when I was having a hard time. Not with the difficulty of trek but just realizing I needed a change in my life. They took time out to talk to me & listen. Kim & Shree make an excellent team & are very knowledgeable about Nepal. I felt comfortable with their skills. ABC was a great adventure! I proved I could accomplish something not everyone gets the opportunity to achieve. The ABC trek has lush jungles & the majestic Himalayas, how can you go wrong! Loved dancing w/guides & our porters! Loved meeting them & learning about their culture.”
    Tyller Perry – Oregon, United StatesAST, December 2017
  • Peak Life Adventure

    “We had an incredible trip and our guides and porters were incredible.
    Gokul was such a great companion, trail guide, and all around friend.
    DK was amazing...dealt with all issues in a very professional manner...never a problem.
    Our team of young porters...simply GREAT.
    Jon and Sherry”
    Jon Mahoney – British Columbia, CanadaKhumbu, December 2017
  • Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

    “The AST was truly a trip of a lifetime. Everything from the itinerary to the guides to the porters to the food and accommodations was wonderful.”
    Susan Ayres – Wisconsin, United StatesAST, December 2017
  • Great Trip!

    “Great trip! Guides (and guides-in-training) were very personable, organized, fun and helpful. Plenty of information and guidance provided up front. Great food! Tea houses were very comfortable and in exotic locations. Good daily itineraries. Evening singing and dancing performances by the porters were memorable. Looked forward to those... Many thanks to Anil. On summit night, with my dim headlamp, he helped me the entire route. I would have never made it without his help.”
    Dave Moore – Connecticut, United StatesAST, December 2017
  • Annapurna

    “This trip from start to finish was PHENOMENAL. Elder and Shree were amazing fun and very knowledgeable. It was by far, the "trip of a lifetime". I was very very pleased with everything with Active Adventures. I hope to be back on a future trip with you guys! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!”
    Aimee Goodman – New Jersey, United StatesAST, November 2017
  • Great Adventure

    “Elder took such great care of everyone on the trip and made us all feel like family. The boys were amazing with the care they took in making sure our every need was met. Shree has a wealth of knowledge about Nepal and the mountains that is invaluable.”
    Cheri Greenstreet – Florida, United StatesAST, November 2017
  • Amazing!

    “Every aspect of this trip was amazing ...from our arrival in Kathmandu, to the time in Pokhara, to the actual trek.

    Our guides (Elder and Shree) were great. Both were obviously well trained and highly experienced. It was clear that our safety was top priority for them, but at the same time, they made sure that we had the best experience possible at all times.

    Obviously, the scenery was amazing. Just as amazing though, were the people and culture of Nepal. One of the amazing aspects of this trip was that it allowed us to witness and experience this culture in such an intimate manner.

    Overall, this truly was the trip of a lifetime. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”
    John Ayres – Wisconsin, United StatesAST, November 2017
  • Quality Plus

    “Amazing, yes. Despite an unexpected setback Active Adventures worked so hard, not only to adapt, but to exceed service. My goals accomplished, our guides gave me the finest support. Recommendations available to all. Sweet as.”
    Robert Robak – California, United StatesEBC, November 2017
  • Another Great Active Trip!

    “This was my sixth trip with Active and my second one to Nepal. I was fortunate to have DK and Gokul again as our guides and between them and the porters who helped out along the way they made the trip one that I will look back on as one of the best I've ever done, and trust me when I say I have traveled a great deal in my time and this comes straight from my heart!
    Paul Cassot – New York, United StatesKhumbu, November 2017
  • Epic Trek In Nepal

    “Active Adventures is first class all the way, Elder and Shree (and the boys) were awesome, our group was fantastic, the weather was fabulous and the scenery was epic! Everyone should be so lucky to be able to do the EBC Trek. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. What else is there to say!?”
    Anne Marchildon – Ontario, CanadaEBC, November 2017
  • Trip #6

    “We've travelled the world with Active for 20 years now! There is a reason for that....just the best company to go on an adventure with. Our latest, the Khumbu with DK and Gokul, was another GREAT life affirming experience to connect with the natural beauty of Nepal, its culture and its people. I am in love with all three. I get a lump in my throat when I think about my trips with you to Nepal. To have DK and Gokul, who lead our Annapurna trek 4 years ago, as our guides and brothers again was truly the BEST. 2 finer guides and friends you will never find. You really have "no worries mate" when they lead you day by day on your journey. I cannot give enough praise to them and all the boys who made the adventure so great. Thank you all, I love you!”
    Ed Cassot – New York, United StatesKhumbu, November 2017
  • Kumbu, Nepal, 2017

    “A truly amazing adventure. You're at the top of the world, so there's a beautiful view around every corner. And you're guided by people who know and love the country. It's a workout, though. Be in shape.”
    Mark Karuzis – Massachusetts, United StatesKhumbu, November 2017
  • "Not your Average" Vacation

    “Our trip was exactly what we hoped for, with everything we expected from the Active Adventures crew (our second tour with them). We set out to experience a trip that was "not your average" vacation, something that would take us to places very different from our everyday life. Our trek was challenging, but left us with a great sense of satisfaction. Traveling with Nepali staff gave us a deep appreciation of the fortitude of the Nepali people.”
    Nancy Karuzis – Massachusetts, United StatesKhumbu, November 2017
  • 5 Stars x 3

    “I rated this as 5 stars, "Excellent, the trip of a lifetime", but actually that is not totally true. It is actually 1 of 3 trips of a life time. The other two were the AA Jaguar Tour and the AA Condor tour. All three were outstanding and each qualified as a "trip of a lifetime". ”
    Stan Jacobson – Minnesota, United StatesAST, November 2017
  • 5 Stars x 3

    “I rated this as 5 stars, "Excellent, the trip of a lifetime", but actually that is not totally true. It is actually 1 of 3 trips of a life time. The other two were the AA Jaguar Tour and the AA Condor tour. All three were outstanding and each qualified as a "trip of a lifetime". ”
    Ted Jacobson – Minnesota, United StatesAST, November 2017
  • There and Back Again

    “This was my first trip with Active and I had a marvelous time. Very good guides, reasonable mileage goals, excellent organization & logistics management. Would love to book another trip with them!”
    Sarah Dearing – California, United StatesEBC, November 2017
  • Dream Trip!

    “It all seems like a dream now...Can't believe I made it to Everest Base Camp! One of the best and hardest things I've ever done. Round every bend is a new view worth a picture or two (or 3 or 4...).”
    Bert Weldon – Wisconsin, United StatesEBC, November 2017
  • Always Up!

    “This was a great trip through the mountains of Nepal! Great company, great guides and fantastic porters. We all pulled together to complete a challenging hike and to make it an adventure to remember. Lots of work, but worth it! Dancing around the bonfire with our porters on our final evening in the mountains was a special treat! Did I mention the steps?”
    Mark Anderson – Minnesota, United StatesAST, November 2017
  • A Wonderful Adventure

    “This was truly a trip of a lifetime. From the vibrant streets of Kathmandu to the peace and majesty of the Himalayas we were always seeing something new and beautiful. DK, Gokul and “the boys” looked after everything so capably. The route, food and accommodations were all excellent. Trekking was a new and challenging experience for us but left us with a real sense of accomplishment. What wonderful memories we have!”
    Heather Forbes – Nova Scotia, CanadaKhumbu, November 2017
  • EBC with Active Adventures - You Will Not Be Disappointed!

    “Trekking to EBC has been a long time goal of ours. We have done an extensive amount of backpacking in the NY Adirondacks including the 46 High Peaks and the 135 mile, 13 day Northville-Placid Trail. Teri and I have spent a lot of time keeping ourselves in shape and it paid off for us in Nepal. Our trek, guided by Elder and Shree, brought us to places that took our breath away with the scenery and beauty of the land. Not to forget, we were up in altitudes which sometimes impacted progress, easily overcome by a brief rest period. These young men demonstrated a love for the land and were committed to ensuring each member of the "Team" made it to EBC safely and had fun getting there. This trek is a journey, not just a destination. We say this because every turn of the corner you see mountains, villages, and people more beautiful and interesting than the previous. Active Adventures (Elder and Shree), ensured we had the gear we needed, the pace we required, food in our bellies, a nice place to sleep, but most importantly to feel a part of a trekking family. They did not do it alone. We had prearranged porters and a lead porter as well as the support of Active Adventures back home. Bottom line, you cannot go wrong booking with Active Adventures...we plan to take another trip with them in the future.”
    Mike Fields – New York, United StatesEBC, November 2017
  • Best Mother/Daughter Trip Ever!

    “My recent trip to Nepal (EBC) has been a wonderful life altering experience! Having my 2 daughters Melody and Emily with me on this adventure has left me with memories I will cherish always. Elder and Shree were exceptional guides. Both always professional, knowledgeable and kind. Our group of eleven all successfully made it to EBC but that was just one of our experiences. We were exposed to the beautiful culture of Nepal on so many levels. Our trip was well organized from the beginning to the end.
    Thank you Active Adventures!”
    Karen McCague – Ontario, CanadaEBC, November 2017
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “The Annapurna trip was the most difficult and most amazing thing I've ever done! An incredible adventure that tested me to the max! A great experience!”
    Judy Collinson – Ontario, CanadaAST, November 2017
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “We planned to do the Annapurna Base Camp trip as a 40th wedding anniversary trip to challenge ourselves and force ourselves out of our comfort zone. I was very worried about altitude sickness because I cannot take the drugs for it. Active managed our altitude gain carefully, forced us to drink lots of water....and we got to ABC no problem! To enjoy this in shape! The beauty is worth the effort. Thanks for an awesome trip.”
    Deane Collinson – Ontario, CanadaAST, November 2017
  • Wonderful Annapurna

    “A trip to Nepal has been on my travel list for many years. Everyone thinks of Everest when they hear Nepal but Annapurna is where it's at for me. The scenery was absolutely beautiful; the trek was wonderfully strenuous; Amanda (our dear Button) and Amrit were teriffic guides; our porters were great guys and loads of fun (with great dance moves, too); and our group was cohesive and a lot of fun. I've been asked several times since returning home whether the trip was all I expected it to be and all I can say is that it was even more than I expected!!”
    Diane Wilson – Minnesota, United StatesAST, November 2017
  • Great trip

    “Scenery was incredible, and what a cultural experience! A little more crowded than what I expected due to the size of other groups.”
    Ben Sarno – New York, United StatesEBC, October 2017
  • Most Amazing Trip Ever!!

    “An amazing experience and made all the better by our guides DK and Gokul who shared their knowledge of the places we visited and taught us a new Nepalese word every day. This is definitely the trip of a lifetime with the most amazing scenery, places to visit, and people to meet. If you only do 1 trip, this is it!”
    Jo Peebles – North Lanarkshire, United KingdomEBC, October 2017
  • Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

    “Great trip, well organized and guided. Our guide Amanda (Button) and Nepalese guide Shree were a lot of fun to spend time with. They managed the pace of the trek well and all came through with no problems. The weather this time of year turned out to be excellent. I'd do another trip with Active.”
    Dick Lester – Washington, United StatesAST, October 2017
  • Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

    “First of all I need to mention how superb the Active Adventures Team are, from the organization of the trip to the guides provided. This is our second trip with this company and I fully recommend them.
    The Annapurna Trek was by far the hardest thing we have done so far. It's not for the faint hearted and don't go if you are not prepared to rough it a little, it's all part of the adventure! The rewards are well worth the hardship, the scenery was spectacular and the Nepalese people were wonderful to be with. I never thought we would ever go to the Himalayan mountains and trekking there is definitely the best way to experience their splendor!”
    Dominique Parsons – Florida, United StatesAST, October 2017
  • Everest Base Camp, Sept - Oct 2017

    “Great trip. Elder and Arjun are so great. They make an awesome team and really care about the people on the trip and the people working with them. The Himalayas are too hard to describe and pictures do not do them justice. There is no scale to compare them to when talking about them. You simply have to see it. Oh, Ama Dablam is magnificent. There were times when the scenery literally brought tears to my eyes. In a good way. Kathmandu is an experience for sure, but have mixed emotions about the city itself.”
    Brandon Kibby – Indiana, United StatesEBC, October 2017
  • Amazing Nepal

    “Fascinating exploration in a third world country. The Nepalese have very little but want very little. They are wonderful to be with, usually smiling and ready to help. The guides and itinerary allowed us to see how these people live and work. Our guides were very good. They were extremely informative and also were sensitive to the needs of each and every trekker.”
    Jay Gorham – Washington, United StatesAST, October 2017
  • A Fabulous Annapurna Sanctuary Adventure!

    “The AST trek was a fabulous adventure! It was physically demanding but so worth it! Our guides Mel and Shree were outstanding, full of fun and highly knowledgeable about Nepal, the people and the flora and fauna. The food was wonderful, varied and very plentiful! The views changed constantly, from rhododendron forest, to wonderful vistas of snow-capped mountains and high mountain valleys with raging whitewater, to beautiful stone villages! The whole experience was marvelous!”
    Tess Wilson – Connecticut, United StatesAST, October 2017
  • Seriously a Trip of a Lifetime

    “I had no clue what to expect going to Nepal, climbing to ABC, being gone for so long. When I first got there I will say I was a little nervous. All the people, cars, buildings, it was a little overwhelming and scary but by the time I said goodbye I cried the whole way to the airport. The people I met felt like family and I didn't want to leave them. I feel like a piece of me was left behind. Everyone treats you great, and welcomes you into their lives. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime and one I will always hold close to my heart”
    Alissa Ingersoll – South Carolina, United StatesAST, October 2017
  • Transformative Travel

    “The EBC Trek in May led by DK, Shree and Bibek is something that will forever be etched in my memory. Their knowledge of the route, places, culture and their wonderful hospitality made this experience even more memorable. The porters' (Suman, Aksh, Baji and the rest of the men) presence made this trip possible and without them, I would not have experienced Nepalese culture at its finest. They are the most humble, selfless, strong people I've ever encountered. The Himalayas' scenery was out of this world and despite Everest Base Camp being the end goal/destination, what I remember and will treasure the most are the people I've met on this trip and along the way. Thank you Active Adventures for organizing a trip that was transformative in every way. DK, Shree, Bibek and Aksh, thank you for taking care of us like we're family. Nepal, you are amazing and I left a piece of my heart when I left you.”
    Analyn Palugod – GUAM, GuamEBC, July 2017
  • EBC with Dan K

    “I had a great time with wonderful team members, guides and porters. I will remember this trip as one of the best and treasure the memories for long, long time.”
    Fusa Iwamoto – Massachusetts, United StatesEBC, June 2017
  • Excellent As Always

    “The Mustang Trek takes you through the most amazing scenery in a peaceful and serene environment. Very few tourists/hikers (especially compared to Annapurna Base Camp hike) which is an absolute plus.”
    Preetha Krishnan – Oregon, United StatesMustang, June 2017
  • The EBC Trip Exceed Expectations

    “This trip exceeded my expectations, almost solely due to DK, Sheree, Bibek and the porter crew. The guys work hard, have a good sense of humor and go out of their way to answer any and all questions.
    The culture of Nepal and the trekking region was an eye opener and something we should all experience.
    A must do trek for any world adventurer!”
    Roland Robinson – Alberta, CanadaEBC, June 2017
  • Worth Every Penny!

    “I had the pleasure of trekking EBC this May and man, I'm struggling to find words to sum up what I believe to have been a once in a life time experience. DK is a wonderful, knowledgeable, and well respected guide all throughout the Himalayas and all over Nepal. He made the experience what it was for me. His love and passion for the Nepali people always made for a warm welcome and a sense of feeling like family in each tea house along the way. This was hands down the highlight for me and what ultimately made me extend my travels in a place that feels like home.

    It was important to me that the porters were well looked after and not being taken advantage of, and this company promotes that! The boys (porters), were so friendly it was incredible that these guys carry the weight of others and constantly have a smile on their face - it's inspiring to see and something I learnt from. Thanks Active for choosing such a great group of hardworking individuals and having their best interests at heart.

    Being 23 I know I still have ages of experiences to come my way, but I can confidently say that there won't ever be one quite like it. Active is a great company to book your adventures with - they're well organized, experienced and all around good-hearted people. Next year I hope to find myself in South America and I'll definitely be booking my trekking through Active!

    Thanks again to everyone who made this an epic experience!”
    Ashley Hebner – Alberta, CanadaEBC, June 2017
  • Everest Base Camp Trek!

    “I feel blessed to have gone on the EBC trek. It was more than just waking up early and putting one foot in front of the other to get to the next destination. It was a personal journey, where we all had a chance to interact with the Nepali people, and experience life the way they do. My advice to anyone wanting to do this trek is to laugh and smile on the difficult days, be generous to the ones guiding and helping you, and do as the Nepalese do. Eat dal bhat with your hands, drink up a lot of great tea, and let your guard down on the dance floor (when the opportunity arises)! The trail isn’t easy, but I guarantee as soon as you reach EBC you will feel like a new person! Thank you DK for your thoughtfulness and knowledge of Nepali culture. Thank you Kim for your encouragement and smile on the tough days. Thank you to Suri, our assistant Nepali guide, and the porter men (who are the most humble and strongest people I have ever met). This is much more than a trek, it’s an experience!

    -John Doiron
    Durham, NH - USA
    John Doiron – New Hampshire, United StatesEBC, June 2017
  • EBC Trip May 2017

    “First of all, Nepal is amazing! From the people and the culture to the scenery and history, Nepal was fascinating! I grew up in a small town and read about Mt. Everest, but I never thought I'd ever make it to see it for myself. So surreal! As for the trip itself, the accommodations were about what I expected, in some cases even better then expected, and the guides were superb. DK is awesome, not just for knowledge of Nepal, but his interaction with locals and his explanations for local customs and traditions makes the trip that much more impressionable. You can tell he has made many friends in the area through working for Active and through his charity, as there's so many people we met along the way that love DK. Really awesome guide for these trips, can't say it enough. Our other guide, Kim, was coming into her own, and I feel will do really well as a guide in the future as well. I'd like to give the porters a shout out as well, they were the real muscle behind our trip and they do their jobs kidding and playing with us along the way. Biebek for president! I'll keep this review short and sweet, once in a lifetime experience, wish I could relive it over again...Thanks”
    Tyler Friesen – Alberta, CanadaEBC, June 2017
  • EBC trek 3/27-4/14, 2017

    “To behold many of the highest mountains in the world on the trek, the one word that kept popping up in my head was GLORIOUS! Yes the trek was demanding in many ways; very dusty, sometimes seemingly endless steps or loose irregular rocks that go up and down even when traversing to a destination with the same altitude as the departure point, very basic bathroom facilities, sharing crowded trails with other trekkers and yak caravans.
    The trek was long and tiring and when it was done, I needed a few weeks to recover. But now after being home awhile, I look at my pictures of the trip and think what a great time I had and want to go back!”
    Randy Yee – Hawaii, United StatesEBC, May 2017
  • Harder Than Expected, But Worth It!

    “Our Active guide, Mel, was awesome! She did everything possible to make sure each person in our group was taken care of and safe. Our local guide, Gokul, was amazing too. He kept a perfect pace for the people in front and was full of helpful information. The route itself was harder than we anticipated, and down right brutal in some stretches, but in the end it was worth the great experience & beautiful views. I felt really proud of myself for pushing myself beyond my physical limits some days. I can't imagine a better way to see this region than through this tour.”
    Laura Gorecki – Texas, United StatesKhumbu, May 2017
  • Khumbu, April 2017

    “Active Adventures and its guides were incredible and made the trip well worth the experience.”
    Vicki Sisco – Texas, United StatesKhumbu, May 2017
  • EBC 2017 Trip

    “What an amazing experience! There was so much more to the trek than was advertised. The immersion into the Nepali culture was unexpected and a delight. DK and his crew are professionals! They kept us safe and got us across across the finish line. We had a blast while we were doing it. I can not say enough about our porter team too! What a terrific group of men. Whom ever does your hiring should get a raise. Keep up the awesome adventures. ”
    Jim Lauer – Ohio, United StatesEBC, May 2017
  • Great guides make all the difference.

    “Annapurna has been a dream for 28 years and it did not disappoint.
    Active Adventures went out of their way for every member of our group.
    The interaction with the Nepali porters made the trip feel authentic.
    Thanks DK, Arjun, Elder & Claire! An incredible experience... ”
    Kim Sandell – Florida, United StatesAST, May 2017
  • Amazing

    “I am not sure there are words to describe what the trip was like. D.K., Arjun, Claire, and Elder made two weeks into a lifetime of memories. The support, the friendships, the knowledge of the culture, the kindness, and the people made this trip. D.K. Had more knowledge of people and the culture so that you really were emersed in it for two weeks. It was far more than a hiking trip, it was a trip to learn and appreciate the Nepali people and their culture. The group was great and I think we all bonded over an experience that we will remember forever. Personally, I did get sick but I was able to keep going and never thought a lot about it as I had the support of Arjun, Claire and Elder along with D.K to help me along. They went way beyond what they had to do to make sure I along with everyone else succeeded on this hike. A hike of this magnitude is a difficult one and to be able to say everyone was successful and left with an incredible sense of accomplishment says tons about your staff and the people you employ. You have an amazing group and I cannot say enough positive things about all of them, from the guides to the office staff answering questions and helping us make sure we had all that we needed for the trip. I have already recommended you to everyone I have told about this trip and I do hope I am able to do another hike with you. I have hiked with other groups but you are in a league of your own way above all others. From the bottom of my heart..thank you for a gift that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Anna”
    Anna Flynn – Kansas, United StatesAST, April 2017
  • Best Travel Company EVER!

    “I can't imagine any trekking company doing a better job than Active Adventures. Everything promised was delivered, and more. The head guide, DK, was the best trekking guide I have encountered in a dozen treks in places around the world. The group size was very small (9). A highlight was the warm and personal relationship with the Nepali porters and guide, so that we all felt like were part of a big family, sharing language lessons, card games in the evening, Nepali songs, and developing a real rapport.”
    Susan Sevilla – California, United StatesAST, April 2017
  • Amazing adventure

    “Can't say enough about how great our guides were and how amazing our trip to Basecamp was! A defining moment in our lives for sure! Thank you for the most awesome adventure in our lives! ”
    Beth Dunphy – Nova Scotia, CanadaEBC, April 2017
  • Do It.... Don't Wait

    “In total, the Khumbu trip was outstanding. We expected the trek to be physically challenging and several times, those expectations were achieved. Our guides were great, comfortable, never stressed and took care of all the coordination’s, all the details required, from the simple to the more complex. We were totally immersed, enjoyed so many extraordinary moments, were impressed often and in awe of the spectacular views. We were thankful for the ease and harmony that our guides, Mel and Gokul, instilled in us. Thank you two for watching over the flock and for being so tremendously skilled at your jobs. We totally enjoyed the experience, the environment and will hold these memories forever and perhaps even return for another trip in Nepal in the near future. It was great.”
    Jim Porter – New Jersey, United StatesKhumbu, April 2017
  • BEST trip I've ever been on!

    “My 17-year old daughter and I went on the Khombu Trip March 12 - 26, 2017 and had the most memorable, amazing trip ever. I've had the privilege of seeing a lot of the world, and this trip to Nepal blew me away. Mel and Gokul were incredible guides who could answer every question we asked, knew all about the history of every place we visited, and you could tell they loved sharing the beauty of Nepal with us. Even our pre-planning was a breeze with the help of ”
    Kristen Mehan – Colorado, United StatesKhumbu, April 2017
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “I have been to some pretty far away places around the world like Cambodia, Tanzania, Norway and France. As unique and fun as they all were, none of them can top the amazing experience I had in Nepal with Active Adventures. Everything was incredible throughout the whole trip, the food was incredible, every lodge we stayed in was great. The people above all were so nice and caring. The sightseeing was mind blowing and beautiful. This trip was everything I expected it to be and more. ”
    Brynn Mehan – Colorado, United StatesKhumbu, April 2017
  • Worth it 100%

    “Honestly, this was probably the hardest thing I have ever done....but I don't regret going and experiencing everything that came our way. My guides were really great. They really cared for each person on the trip and checked in regularly with those who were having any sort of difficulty along the trek. The porters were also really awesome, they put in so much work for us and were always happy it seemed, we all really appreciated them! The trekking was hard....but we each made it to the next tea house each day. So it's all about perseverance over there.
    Some trials:
    *Several people including myself had travel belly. The guides always provided soap for hand washing and water tablets for our drinking water, but some of us still got hit. But the guides helped us right away and always checked in.
    *Weather. It was quite rainy for a good portion of the trip. It brought out the leaches...though they don't hurt and are easy to remove. It is kind of gross.
    *So many stairs!!! So much up and down. So it was rough sometimes. But now I love the stairmaster at the gym. Funny huh?
    In conclusion, you should go :)”
    Alina Ingelsman – British Columbia, CanadaAST, February 2017
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