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Now for the most important bit! We get a huge amount of feedback from our clients, all of which we read and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips. While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves.

We encourage you to let us know if you'd like us to put you directly in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active Adventures trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and to find out what it’s really like to travel with us, a top rated tour company!

We've been running adventure trips for over 20 years, so we have a LOT of reviews. In the interest of not making you wait eons for the page to load, we've decided to show our 100 most recent. Though, if you'd like to read older reviews, please drop us a line and we'll certainly share plenty more with you!

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  • Amazing Two Weeks

    “We had a wonderful two weeks with a great group of trip mates, two outstanding guides, and a very diverse itinerary. The only thing I would change is the weather. But we trekked on!”
    Marie Shull – North Carolina, United StatesKiwi, May 2018
  • Great Place to visit

    “Each island brought a new day of discovery...they were all beautiful and each had its own highlights...Highly recommend.”
    Cindy Fowser – New Jersey, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • Cusco, Inca Trail

    “Eric Farfan was an amazing guide. He was very knowledgeable, patient, kind, and had so much respect for my fear of heights. Which I did overcome while hiking the Inca Trail.”
    Robin Goebel – Texas, United StatesJaguar, May 2018
  • Tortuga

    “Zambo was a fantastic guide. So knowledgable and full of enthusiasm. The Galapagos was unbelievable. More than I would have expected. We had a great group of people on this trip with us. We have made friends with all of them and treated each other like family. ”
    Robin Goebel – Texas, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • Amazing Adventure Led by Guide of the Century!

    “As a 71 year old not really active senior, I was a bit leery about joining this adventure, but my friends talked me into it. Thanks to our compassionate, passionate, caring guide Pablo, I was able to participate in every expedition (I chose snorkeling the tunnels rather than hiking the volcano!) and learned more about the Galapagos islands and its flora, fauna, and geography than I ever thought possible.”
    Susan Ze – Arizona, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • Manuka

    “Fabulous! Thank you for a wonderful adventure!”
    Alice Feller – California, United StatesManuka, May 2018
  • An Amazing Adventure

    “What a fabulous trip! Everything was so well-organized and all of the people involved were fabulous. We got the guide of the century having Pablo as our naturalist. Pablo managed to have a surprise for us each and every day. It was like he special-ordered all the best from weather to food to unusual plants and animals each day. We saw so many plants and animals that I'd never seen before. It was incredible to come across tortoises in the wild and this was the first time I'd seen flamingos in the wild and got to see them fly. That was spectacular. It was great to get to snorkel nearly every day. Swimming with the sea lions, tortoises, hammerheads, reef sharks was memorable. I loved seeing a bryde whale and the manta rays on one of our travel days on the boat as well as a bird feeding frenzy after our snorkel at Kicker Rock. All of the boat captains did a fabulous job maneuvering the boats for the best views and photos of the wildlife and scenery. The kayaking day at Isabela was one of our favorite days. What a gorgeous bay! I would have loved to have stayed on Isabela for one more day so that we could have gone on the Sierra Negra hike AND go snorkeling at Los Tuneles. We had to choose one or the other, but it would be great to do both (based on the pictures I saw). This is a terrific company and I will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks for a great experience.”
    Georganne Nuger – California, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • GREAT Highlights/Overview of the South Island of Aotearoa/NZ

    “When you only have a week, and no way to plan your own journey, and enough money, THIS IS THE TRIP. I still have trouble believing Active Adventures could put so many different activities (hiking, kayaking, cycling, airplane flight, overnight cruise, jet boat) in so many different locations in one week. The small-sized group was great (we avoided booking a guided trip with a different company that had "only 50 others" - yikes!) 7 of us and 2 guides. This meant a nice-sized vehicle rather than a touring coach, and good interactions. The guides were young Kiwis who clearly love their country, and have learned much about it. The emphasis was on seeing the land, the water, the wildlife, and learning a bit about native Maori culture rather than on plush accommodations and 5-star dining. That said, the hotels/motels were more than adequate, and they are places to which we'll return if we ever get the chance. It was pricey, but we'd never have been able to do this ourselves, and we had a BLAST. And now we know where we want to go back and go more slowly.”
    Julie Peyton – Oregon, United StatesTui, May 2018
  • Sweet As....

    “My experience with Active Adventures on the South Island of New Zealand was as sweet as the sweetest Manuka honey. I was amazed by the adventure in itself; the dazzling landscapes, the flora and fauna but bedazzled by our expert guides who maneuvered our van and trailer with expertise, prepared fantastic meals and dealt with any and all situations with a professionalism way beyond their millennial ages of 23 and 26. There were never any worries, lots of laughter and organization of each day that caused me to have no worries. Some of the daily itineraries had to be adjusted due to weather, road conditions or cancellations and Jackie and Lauren just rolled with it and kept us informed and happy. The hikes we took were just right for my level of fitness. The sights and sounds met all of my expectations and I would definitely do it all again.”
    Nancy Hopkins – Missouri, United StatesKiwi, May 2018
  • It Lived Up To My Expectations!

    “I've wanted to see New Zealand for 30 years. It lived up to my expectations.”
    Marianne Denniston – Georgia, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • Awesome North Island Adventure

    “We had an awesome time with Active Adventures on the Kauri North Island trip with our tour guide Andy. An excellent variety of hikes, water activities, and mountain biking with a backdrop of fantastic ocean, forest, and mountain scenery. The accommodations and meals were great. But best of all was our experienced guide Andy who led the hikes, provided the right dose of New Zealand history and culture while driving us from one adventure to the next, and cooked us great meals. Well done! ”
    Michael Wellons – New Jersey, United StatesKauri, May 2018
  • Kiwi Adventures

    “The Kiwi trip is an excellent exploration of the South Island. Fantastic scenery, a great variety of relaxed outdoor activities, plenty of good food and great accommodations, and awesome guides from Active Adventures NZ.”
    Michael Wellons – New Jersey, United StatesKiwi, May 2018
  • Rimu New Zealand

    “What an amazing way to visit New Zealand. Lot's of driving but well worth it and was able to see most of the South Island. Hiking was amazing as well as the kayaking at Milford Sound. The guides, Carrie and Koru were both amazing and very patient with all of us. Places that we stayed were all very nice and the weather we had was amazing!”
    Brigitte Rosson – Texas, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • You Had Me At Sea Turtles

    “The Galapagos was everything I expected and then some! Zambo was a perfect guide and our group was terrific. We had talked about a land based trip vs. a sea based, and although I love the idea of staying on the water, I get sea sick in a bath tub. I liked being on land so we could explore the towns we were in and appreciate the Galapagos culture.”
    Lori Alter – Texas, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • 10 Days in Paradise

    “The trip was wonderful and the group was very compatible. Zambo and Paulo did a great job showing us their beautiful part of the world. The wildlife and the food were outstanding and exceeded my very lofty expectations.”
    Anne Weitz – Idaho, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • First Solo Trip - So Worth It!

    “This was my first international trip where I traveled alone and it was so worth it! Every last detail is planned for you so it couldn't be any easier. The packing list was right on ( I used everything they suggested bringing) and rented a couple items to save enough packing space to allow me to bring only a carry on. I love active trips but get nervous trying to plan out all of the logistics.(where to stay, best things to see, transportation, etc) It was wonderful to find a way to travel without all the additional headaches. Would definitely travel with this company again!”
    Shelly Stefanik – Wisconsin, United StatesCondor, May 2018
  • What a Wonderful Experience!

    “Overall, the Tortuga trip exceeded our expectations. Our guides Zambo and Paulo were great, travel was easy, the hotels and food were excellent, and the wildlife viewing was better than I had hoped. I really like the "active" part of the Active Adventures tours.”
    Tom Weitz – Idaho, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • Lake Titicaca Really Exists

    “Lake Titicaca was a surprise I didn't expect. The floating Islands were amazing and I loved our homestay on Amantani Island. ”
    Lori Alter – Texas, United StatesChinchilla, May 2018
  • Machu Picchu is Amazing! Completing the Hike is Victory!

    “Machu Picchu is one of the "New 7 Wonders of the World" - on the same list as the Great Wall of China. Hiking the Inca Trail at 62 is the most difficult challenge physically I have undertaken. But I did it!! The exhilaration of crossing Sleeping Woman Pass at 14,200 feet is almost (but not quite) as amazing as our first views of Machu Picchu from above. We loved the trip - the food, the sherpas, our guide, and the miracles of history and the 21 civilizations of Peru, culminating with the Inca Empire. How did they build this? Miracles of engineering as remarkable as the pyramids in Egypt!”
    Brian Alter – Texas, United StatesJaguar, May 2018
  • Do Not Miss Lake Titicaca - and Amazonia was great!

    “Our experience on Lake Titicaca, with the Floating Islands and the Uros people, and with the overnight on Amantani Island is why we travel. Lake Titicaca - the highest navigable lake in the world at 12,500 feet, and salt water being a trapped part of the ocean is magnificent waterscape. We travel not only to see special places. We also want to meet the people and experience the culture first hand. Our way of life is a great way, but it is not the only way, nor is it the only right way. We loved meeting and spending a night in the home of these indigenous people.”
    Brian Alter – Texas, United StatesChinchilla, May 2018
  • This Trip Was My Wife's Lifelong Dream - and it Came TRUE!

    “Galapagos is simply amazing. If you love to experience wildlife nose to nose this is the place. Sea Lions, Iguana, Pelicans, Sea Turtles, Giant Tortoises, Sharks, Blue Heron etc. Snorkeling, hiking - we loved it all. A great trip for adults, and your kids if they swim and snorkel. This is a wildlife adventure to remember forever.”
    Brian Alter – Texas, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • A Wonderful Experience!

    “The Active Adventures Himalayas trek to Annapurna Base Camp was a truly fantastic experience. Our guides Melissa & Arjun and our porters Kedar & Sudharsun are all great people! The ascent to ABC at 4am to be present for sunrise is a memory I will always treasure. I'm very thankful and grateful for this experience. Thank you to everyone at Active Adventures!”
    Ticia Downie – Alberta, CanadaAST, May 2018
  • Delightful Galapagos

    “Fantastic trip...a sensory feast for the soul. Many unique experiences including snorkeling with iguanas and one afternoon we watched and giggled with amazement as a young seal and a young black tip reef shark played in this small pool in the lava rocks. WOW!”
    Steve Leslie – Colorado, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • Maximum Use of Vacation Time

    “Love the fact that every day there was so much to see and do in the great outdoors of New Zealand! The guides were not only tons of fun but also very knowledgeable about their awesome country. They knew how to efficiently revise the schedule when weather interfered such that every day was seamless from morning to night. Loved the fact the guides prepared healthy meals whenever it was necessary to keep to a time schedule. Would love to return again to take in the areas where mother nature's rainstorms impacted our ability to safely hike into some areas. Recommend this trip to anyone who loves being active!”
    Joan Berkowitz – Washington, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • Manuka

    “An absolutely wonderful adventure and the people who made it exceptional where our two guides, Claire and Holly.
    Both were very organized, fun and professional!”
    Jeanne Keith-Ferris – British Columbia, CanadaManuka, May 2018
  • Kauri

    “Wow, we enjoyed our first leg of the journey through Active Adventures so much -- I am happy we went for the double header!
    We spent our entire vacation time with Active Adventures -- one whole month! Not a missed beat on the part of your company -- everything was executed perfectly -- thank you!”
    Jeanne Keith-Ferris – British Columbia, CanadaKauri, May 2018
  • Manuka trip March 2018

    “Wonderful trip, guides were great organisers and great company. They put huge effort into making it interesting and fun.”
    Brian Reilly – , United KingdomManuka, May 2018
  • Best Hike Ever

    “Kate and I were a bit hesitant about signing up for the Condor due to our ages (70 and 73). However we trained by hiking hills with light packs starting 6 months or so before the trip. The training paid off as we were able to make the bigger hikes in Torres del Paine and Fitzroy area with nothing more than slightly sore legs at the end of the day. The evenings in the refugios were great. We were surrounded by energetic, cheerful mostly younger hikers from many countries. The refugios themselves are basic but clean and warm. The scenery was stupendous and dramatic. There were cloud wreathed peaks, rainbows, wind squalls, avalanches, wildflowers and lakes of many hues of blue. Our group was varied in age and background and conversations were lively and enlightening. Later on in the trip we moved from refugios to boutique hotels and were delighted by the friendly spirit of the locals.
    Most of all however we enjoyed the company of our trip leader Cynthia. She clearly loved her job! She was great at getting us on the trail on time, arranging buses, restaurant bookings and helping with the little details. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the parks, the history and human nature. Always friendly and smiling. What a good person she is. We wish her well in her next adventure and she has an open invitation to visit with us at our home in the high Sierra of California.
    Richard Harvey”
    Richard Harvey – California, United StatesCondor, May 2018
  • Incredible Time in Patagonia!

    “We had an absolute blast on the Condor trip. The scenery down there is some of the most drastic in the world, and the trip allowed us to see as much as possible in the time we had. Cahit was a fantastic, enthusiastic guide who kept the group motivated all trip. Our local guides, Ana and Cristian, were great as well. As my brother and I were a bit younger than the group, we very much appreciated the guides finding ways to challenge us on the trail. Food and lodging was also nice throughout the trip. Highly recommend!”
    Jordan Altaras – Washington, United StatesCondor, May 2018
  • Could Not Have Asked For A Better Holiday!

    “This trip was so amazing, that I did not know how badly I needed it until it was over and I returned home. New Zealand is a beautiful country and it was almost overwhelming how much we were able to see and explore in just two short weeks. Our guides were superb and challenged the scenery for title of best part of the trip. ”
    Justin Sheldon – Washington, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • Exceeded our expectations - New Zealand is AMAZING!

    “We had never done a "guided" trip before and I now tell friends it the only way to go, especially with Active Adventures! First of all we cannot say enough about the amazing job all our guides did. They were so kind, knowledgeable, and caring in making sure we had the best experience on our tour. They were the best! They made each day an "Adventure" and shared their love and knowledge of New Zealand with us. On top of being super guides they also can cook! The meals that they prepared for us along the way were more than one would expect out of a chilly box. We looked forward to sharing these delicious meals together with our fun group. Traveling with our group in our mini bus was a pleasure. There was plenty of room, comfortable ride, good music and there was always plenty of fresh fruit, snacks and water available for us. The schedule is obviously well planned and we looked forward to each day and new Adventure that was scheduled. The guides were well aware of any limitations and worked around these so that we could still fully enjoy and make the most of the day. There were many days of feelings of accomplishment for doing what we did and we always slept well at night. We felt that this trip gave us a wonderful first time tour of the North Island. The accommodations that we stayed at were excellent. Always clean and comfortable and some had the most amazing views. It was always a treat when you spent two nights in the same place. When the guides weren't cooking, the places that we ate were always very good. My only complaint is with myself because I did not take the advise about how much clothes to pack and I packed way too much! The majority of the places we stayed had laundry facilities so we could do laundry. I am now much more aware of this for our next Adventure. We've travelled quite a bit in our 48 years of marriage and we tell people that this is the first time we can honestly say that we loved EVERYTHING about this trip, New Zealand and the people we met along the way.”
    Nancy Shaw – New York, United StatesKauri, May 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “After completing the 11 day Kauri trip on the North Island and having a week on our own, we met our group for the 14 day Kiwi tour of the South Island. It was a much larger group with diverse personalities and physical abilities. Once again we were blessed with two excellent guides who love what they do. We had a much larger group on this trip and Koru and Emma made sure that everyone's needs were met (and there were many!). Koru's knowledge about the Mauri culture and New Zealand was astounding. He was also aware of any limitations among the group and made sure that we made the best of every adventure we were doing. Emma was a great guide and super organizer in making arrangements for the day and in preparing meals for all of us and those with special dietary requirements. I don't know how she does it! The meals they prepared were always delicious. The bus was comfortable and once again we always had a plentiful supply of fresh fruits and snacks and water available for us. There was a considerable amount of driving on this trip so it was important to be comfortable. Our schedule was well planned and when adjustments had to be made because of weather our guides were at the ready with other options for us to do. All the activities were designed to meet everyone's abilities and give a sense of gratification upon completion.

    The accommodations we stayed at were great with the exception of the Makarora Lodges which were just a lot more rustic than what we had been used to.

    For us, doing the Kiwi tour was the best way to see and learn about the South Island.”
    Nancy Shaw – New York, United StatesKiwi, May 2018
  • Exceeded My Expectations

    “Awesome. Exceeded my expectations!Very well organized and Patagonia scenery is incredible”
    Dale Murdoch – Nebraska, United StatesCondor, May 2018
  • Trekking the Inca Trail

    “We had an amazing trip trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu and then Flying to Puerto Maldonado to explore the Amazon Rain forest. We were incredibly well cared for by our Active Adventures trip guide, Zack. The 4 day trek to Machu Pichu was guided by Wilson. He made sure that each of us was able to complete the trip, by encouraging us and teaching us about the spiritual nature of the area. He watched our pace carefully and made sure that each of us felt supported. Our group of 4 close friends will be forever grateful for the experiences that we had on this trip.”
    Roya Murray – Nova Scotia, CanadaJaguar, May 2018
  • Wildest Dreams!

    “The entire trip was beyond my wildest dreams. From the spectacular beauty of the country, the fabulous accommodations, the hiking adventures and our two awesome tour guides Ashleigh and Lauren. I did not want to leave the country and hope to be back for another breathtaking adventure in New Zealand with Active Adventures. ”
    Annette Hollingsworth – Texas, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • A wonderful World! Galapagos is a Divine Treasure

    “I had a fabulous trip! Zambo and Paulo were great! You can't even describe it but suffice to say photos can't do this justice and there's magic in the wildlife. A treasure not to be missed!”
    Priscilla Merrill – New Hampshire, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • Wonderful Trip in a Gorgeous Country!

    “Enough hiking and challenges to satisfy, yet still with opportunities to relax. Great sampling of the different parts of the South Island, a variety of activities & lodgings, delicious meals, and the best guides ever! Thank you, Jackie & Pepper!”
    DeAnn Ringgenberg – Texas, United StatesRimu, May 2018
  • Kiwi, March 2018

    “Our guides were fantastic, and of course the scenery and hiking were incredible. The people are friendly, and the country is not crowded or noisy. Several times on the trip, I thought, "Wow, I'm really enjoying being able to do this without the stress of driving, making hotel and dinner reservations, juggling hikes due to the fickle weather, etc." I would do it again in a heartbeat. I need to explore the North Island now!”
    Steve Palkovitz – Virginia, United StatesKiwi, April 2018
  • Tui March 2018 - Amazing trip!

    “This was the trip of a lifetime! I saw so many beautiful sites, enjoyed the company of a great group of people, and had the opportunity to experience some things I never thought I would. Everyone at Active Adventures did a wonderful job of making sure questions were answered and all details were sorted. Liana and Simon were excellent guides who made sure everything we needed was taken care of while at the same time being fun, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about everything New Zealand had to offer!”
    Theresa Pastoria – Michigan, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • New Zealand North Island Kauri Trip

    “Absolutely amazing. Had a fantastic time with our wonderful guide Andy. It was a great mix of activities - hiking oceanside, forests, and mountains, sand board surfing, snorkeling, and mountain biking. We even squeezed in a little ocean fishing, which Andy cooked up for our dinner. We really enjoyed being in a small group, which allowed for a lot of flexibility. New Zealand is gorgeous. ”
    Helen Wellons – New Jersey, United StatesKauri, April 2018
  • Great guides!

    “The guides on our trip, Daniel and Sambo, were exceptional. They knew the areas well and took good care ou us. They really made the trip enjoyable.”
    Pat OBryan – Illinois, United StatesIguana, April 2018
  • Tui Trip

    “This trip was wonderful, enjoyed every minute and it was so well organized. Our guides were the best.”
    Don Walker – Colorado, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • Kiwi Trip

    “The combination of stunning vistas, welcoming companionship, super accommodations, and energetic guides (Koru and Emma) couldn't have been better. This trip was just what I needed. As described, some of the adventures asked me to step out of my comfort zone - sea kayaking, for instance. And, am I glad I did!!”
    Larry Martin – Georgia, United StatesKiwi, April 2018
  • The Challenge of the Classic Inca Trail

    “For anyone who wants to challenge themselves this is the trip for them. The scenery was breath taking and the camping is certainly luxury. You are treated like a queen.”
    Maggie Means – Florida, United StatesJaguar, April 2018
  • Best Holiday Ever!

    “Best holiday I've ever had.”
    Richard McGowan – New South Wales, AustraliaCondor, April 2018
  • Perfect Guides

    “A really great trip. Very well organised with really friendly and helpful guides, excellent food and a great sense of camaraderie. The scenery and culture was wonderful and the trip built nicely to a climax.”
    Jack Levell – , OmanKauri, April 2018
  • Incredible Himalayan Adventure!

    “Hard to say what the best part was - every day was incredible with great guides, good food, challenging trekking and stunning scenery. After a lifetime of reading about the Himalayas and the exotic places - Lukla, Khumjung, Namche Bazaar - to finally experience it was a dream come true. Exotic, exciting, fun to the max! Loved the different foods, the smells, the sights, the people. The kids on the trail along the way were so curious and friendly. This was a great interface with a culture and lifestyle that is fast disappearing.”
    Tom Ress – Alabama, United StatesKhumbu, April 2018
  • Wonderful Guides, Great Trip

    “Had a fantastic time on this trip. Andy and Jo were fantastic and if the weather prevented us from doing one activity, then they always had an alternative. I was the one always bringing up the rear of the group on the trails and Andy and Jo always looked out for me and never made me feel I was holding anyone up. I am so glad I took this trip and tried all the activities. Cannot wait to go on another trip with this company.”
    Kathy Orta – California, United StatesKauri, April 2018
  • Active Accomodates!

    “Active went above and beyond expectations when my traveling companion suffered from altitude issues. They re-organized our trek in Namche to route us to villages nearby where my partner could enjoy the local culture as well as enjoy the fantastic views all around us. Kudos to Amanda, Gokul and Bibek (who was exceptional in his guidance and friendship to my partner throughout).”
    Ron Bagliere – New York, United StatesEBC, April 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “It was definitely trip of life time. I loved the adventure.”
    Flora Riyahi – Nova Scotia, CanadaJaguar, April 2018
  • NZ coming back!

    “Loved the bush hikes, the wind whipped alpine crossing, and the soothing mineral springs baths.”
    Michael Orta – California, United StatesKauri, April 2018
  • Once in a Lifetime Vacation

    “Every island has different wildlife to enjoy. There was so many sea lions, golden rays, whales, large sea turtles, land tortoise, blue footed boobies, hammer heads, Galapagos shark, etc. the guides are amazing. They take you biking, kayaking, hiking, diving, etc. never a dull moment.”
    Penny Miller – Florida, United StatesTortuga, April 2018
  • Best Trip Ever

    “Every day was a unique adventure. Great group, guides and landscapes. Looking forward to our next journey with Active.”
    Carmen Lamar – Colorado, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • Great Trip!

    “Loved the trip. Lots of fun, education, and challenge. Great leadership by Holly and Claire”
    Don Ferris – British Columbia, CanadaManuka, April 2018
  • More Than I Ever Imagined

    “The depth of this trip was astounding: guides, itinerary, accommodations, our group, THE GUIDES, and the country. Daniel and Maddi orchestrated each day with finesse, talent, knowledge, humor and vigor; Maddi was exceptional in her attention to individual needs. I wish there had been an opportunity to stretch each day into two or three...”
    Susan Wade – Utah, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • Do It!

    “Adventurous, challenging and varied days full of fun with a small group of entertaining travelers.”
    Susan Wade – Utah, United StatesKauri, April 2018
  • April 1 2018 Khumbu with Shree and Kim

    “How to express the impression of our trip is a challenge because every possible positive adjective we could use can only compare to the majesty of the Himalayas themselves. Words can not describe how hard all our team members worked to make those of us feel special and to insure our trip was absolutely perfect! Their enthusiasm for every day was contagious and the beauty surrounding us each and every moment can not easily be described, unless you've been there and been there with a world class operation like Active Adventures! Every detail was attended to and communicated so well by Shree and Kim and of course our hard working (but always smiling) porters! We would travel anywhere with Active Adventures and will hold these memories near and dear forever. Thank you to our team and for making this trip one of a lifetime.”
    Lisa Omelina – Wyoming, United StatesKhumbu, April 2018
  • Mar 4 2018 Weka

    “This truly was the trip of a lifetime. I will never forget how well Nick and Elder took care of us all. Very caring and fun.”
    Maggie Steder – Wisconsin, United StatesWeka, April 2018
  • Tui Trip Review

    “Our Tui trip was fantastic. A great group of travelers from age 19 to 70 ish.
    James and Carrie, our guides, could not have been better, as they shared their knowledge and stories of New Zealand. We enjoyed their good humor and enthusiastic leadership. When some bad weather interfered with the daily plan, headquarters and our guides did a great job in providing for our comfort, safety, and finding a way to enjoy our day. This 8 day trip provides a great introduction to the beauty of the South Island.”
    Paul Tichenor – Michigan, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • Mother Daughter Trip to New Zealand - Tui Trip March 2018

    “I can't tell you how fantastic this trip was for my 21yo daughter and I. I had done a lot of homework on this trip and couldn't imagine doing it any other way than with Active Adventures.
    The guides made our trip. They were enthusiastic and attentive every minute!!
    Our accommodations were clean and comfortable. Our excursions were well thought out and we even stopped along the way for a daily added detour which was great.
    I would recommend this to any who want to see and do a lot in the short amount of time we had.
    Nice job Active Adventures!”
    Kim Delamont – Colorado, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • Highly Recommend Khumbu

    “Our Khumbu trek exceeded our expectations. The trails were a challenge but not difficult if you have physically prepared for some steep and uneven terrain. Views of the Himalayas made the trip well worth the effort as well as side trips to the Buddhist Monasteries along the way. We could not have been happier with our guides Kim and Arjun for their knowledge and assistance along the way.”
    Edward Erway – Kentucky, United StatesKhumbu, April 2018
  • Rimu 2018, We will Always Remember!

    “An outstanding trip that met all my expectations and so much more. Our guides Ash, Lauren and Pepper were truly outstanding and made the trip one in a lifetime. I close my eyes and I can see the sights and smell and taste NZ. From hiking in Nelson Lakes National Park to kayaking and biking, it was all wonderful.
    We will be back....”
    Romana Davies – Texas, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • First Class Trip

    “My adventure in Peru was amazing. My guide Zach was very knowledgeable and helpful with anything you could throw at him. The accommodations and crew and food were absolutely incredible. I highly recommend Active Adventures for your world trip journeys.”
    Andrew Reed – Idaho, United StatesJaguar, April 2018
  • Awesome

    “This was an awesome trip. I enjoyed every second of it. Enjoyed the people around me, I made some new friends. Amanda and Gokul were great. I got the cough and cold in the beginning of my trek. Amanda and Gokul were on top of their game in making me feel better. The porters were just amazing people, they carried our overly weighted duffel bags without a second's complaint.”
    Mae Stinnett – Alaska, United StatesEBC, April 2018
  • Tortuga with Pablo

    “We enjoyed living on the islands for this trip. It gave us a much better feel for the islands and the country. We felt like we were living it, not just visiting it. Pablo was passionate about the Galapagos Islands and committed to ecology. It was a very enjoyable trip.”
    Dave Lardinois – Wisconsin, United StatesTortuga, April 2018
  • Great Fun, Interesting Trip

    “The Tapir trip in Ecuador was amazing. Lovely country, wonderful guide, Mauro. We got to see and experience so many different landscapes and adventures - including cycling down Cotopaxi Volcano, a walk around a lagoon near Cotopaxi, a night at a charming hacienda, views and swinging over cliffs in Banos, a lovely lunch near Banos, an Amazon waterfall hike that was challenging but terrific, a night at a rustic Amazon lodge with the sounds of the jungle lulling us to sleep, boat rides along the Napo River, a visit to a demonstration of local Amazon crafts, a visit to a wildlife rescue place on the Napo River, a beautiful thermal spa east of Quito with a lovely hike along a river wedged between two lush green mountains, and a final stay at a new, luxury hotel outside Quito near the airport. Mauro, our guide, told us many interesting facts about the country and was very attentive to our wishes and needs.”
    Bruce Smith – California, United StatesTapir, April 2018
  • Outstanding, Attentive Guides

    “We had a great tour including an amazing variety of terrains with beautiful scenery. I especially loved all the waterfalls. We had outstanding guides who were very attentive, professional and efficient.”
    Judy Evans – Wisconsin, United StatesWeka, April 2018
  • Perfect Way to Pack South Island Awesomeness into 7 days!

    “The title says it all. If you have a week to hit the highlights, this is the prefect trip. The route and sites selected were ALL amazing. The activities were accessible to a wide range of active abilities, and the guides were hands-down the best adventure guides I’ve had. Besides the incredible beauty the South Island offers at every turn, there were a few things that stood out for me that make Active Adventures the right choice. 1- Group size was perfect. 2- the logistics management of the guides. The guides are masters at anticipating your fun level and changing things up if needed (such a socked-in rain). 3- speaking of guides, they are knowledgeable, personable, and professional. They kept us on track and entertained. I can’t say enough about them! 4- Food and coffee is always flowing. I was always fed and prepped for activities with plenty of delicious New Zealand coffee stops. Also, much of the meals were made delicious and fresh by the guides! Active Adventures knows what they are doing, and it shows in the quality of their tours. Booking with them is a no-brainer! We’ll definitely be booking with them again.”
    Melissa Reyes – Texas, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • An Absolutely Stunning Trip

    “A magnificent myriad of worlds in one amazing week...Volcanoes, jungle, waterfalls, hot springs, hiking, biking, horseback riding, snow, tropics, bird watching, traditional artisan demonstrations... Our main guide, Mauro, was incredible - a wonderful interpreter, intuitive, intelligent and very knowledgeable (history, topography, geography, animal and plant life, characteristics of each town and village...) He and I share a love of birds so that was a special treat. He was also clear, direct and vigilant on any issues of safety, especially during physical challenges. We were always well taken care of.... Each local guide and proprietor were accommodating, personable and sincere. I often felt as if we were sharing in a little part of their lives instead of just being tourists. My traveling companion and I are intensely curious and learned so much about a beautiful country that we knew virtually nothing about, while having an unbelievable time! In addition to being regularly awestruck, we laughed a lot and had so many wonderful conversations. This experience will stay with me for the rest of my life...”
    Jamie Virostko – Virginia, United StatesTapir, April 2018
  • What an Adventure!

    “If you are looking for an escorted outdoor adventure, this is it! New Zealand's South Island is beautiful! Our guides, Daniel and Maddi, were wonderful. They have so much knowledge about the area and are always one step ahead. Just bring your active self, comfortable gear, and sit back. Active Adventures has the rest. We did the optional 3 day kayak package. You will not be disappointed! Thanks Active Adventures!”
    Renee Soerink – Washington, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • Best Vacation Ever!

    “I decided to tag along with my friends on this trip, without having given too much thought about the Galapagos prior and it ended up being an amazing experience! We had ample opportunities to get up close to the wildlife and experience the unique environment. Pepo was a wealth of knowledge and taught us all so much about the geology, biology, history and culture of the islands. Going through this journey as a group was a wonderful experience, allowing us to connect and share our collective appreciation of the islands, their wildlife, and their people. I would highly recommend this adventure to anyone considering it and is looking for an engaging way to experience the islands up-close and take in all they have to offer.”
    Richmond Pagaduan – California, United StatesTortuga, April 2018
  • One of the Best Guided Adventure Trips

    “I’ve taken several trips overseas with different tour companies and Active Adventures is definitely the best! The guides Ash and Lauren were unbelievable! They made sure all of our dietary requirements were met and all of the meals (even during backpacking) were delicious and the best! They were amazingly strong (I don’t think any of us could have carried their packs) and Pipa (the 3rd guide who was with us due to our group size of 13) even carried another hiker’s 25lb pack plus her own! Ash was super knowledgeable with NZ’s history, trees, birds, local must eats and dos. They even provided us a list of restaurants to go to in Queenstown during our free day (I ended up spending 3 full days there after the trip and ate at most of the places on that list and every one of them was delicious!) they made the trip even more special besides the incredible scenery and the hard work of getting to the huts! The accommodations were excellent just wished we had more time to enjoy them!”
    Jessica Lo – Washington, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • Best of the South Island

    “From start to finish, our trip was amazing. Starting with our knowledgable and capable guides who kept us on our Kiwi toes!! Jackie and Carrie were marvelous. Their attention to detail was amazing whether we were beginning a Great Walk or taking care of our meals. They exceeded my expectations for sure, as did the entire trip. New Zealand is a beautiful country and this was a great way to enjoy it!”
    Susan Hidalgo – North Carolina, United StatesKiwi, April 2018
  • Soaring with the Condors

    “Patagonia is a wild and magical land carved from wind and glaciers. It's beauty is graced by crags, tarns and rainbows, its lofty peaks shrouded by the mists and washed clean by the frequent rains. It is a land only limited by one's own imagination. There were many times that I expected to round a bend in the trail only to find a group of dwarves with a wizard clambering by. Arturo with Active Adventures did an amazing job of introducing us to this breathtaking land. This was the first trek I've been on, and all the details were managed by AA which allowed me to just focus on this incredible adventure. I look forward to my next trip with them.”
    Rebecca Childs – Washington, United StatesCondor, April 2018
  • EBC Trip March 2018

    “When I booked the trip, I booked with Active Adventures in spite of there being less expensive tour operators offering similar trips. I hoped that your company would offer a high-quality trip, and I was not disappointed. Mel and Bishal were always extremely professional, but at the same time full of fun. This made it very easy for us (clients) to have a marvellous experience from start to finish.
    Personally, I really enjoyed the "detour" via Khumjung on the way back to Namche Bazaar. It added another dimension to the trip.
    Thank you!”
    Sandra Graham – Gauteng, South AfricaEBC, April 2018
  • Stunning and Gorgeous

    “It was hard to return from the high of this trip. Every day held a new adventure. The scenery was stunning at all points. The food was delicious whether we ate out, or the guides cooked for us.
    Early in the trip a cyclone hit the West Coast where we were headed and the guides, with help from the home office, recovered quickly and seamlessly. This was the case two other times during our 14 days when the weather didn't cooperate. We're planning future trips!”
    Carrol Murray – Nebraska, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • "Sweet As" South Island Rimu tour with Ash & Astrid

    “Wow, the south island of New Zealand is "sweet as". Rimu takes you on an incredible trip of amazing sights... it is a good mix of physical challenges (don't underestimate the Nelson Lakes multi day hike or the "staircase" climb at Aoraki/Mt. Cook...challenging hiking days but with stunning natural views), satisfying food and frequent breaks during the travel days. Highlights include the two overnights at the Braemar sheep station by Lake Pukaki, Milford Sound experience, visit to the working sheep farm on Lake Wakatipu near Queenstown and the overnights at Lakehead and Angelus Huts in Nelson Lakes. Both Ash and Astrid are lovely young women who are confident and patient guides and are good ambassadors for the beauty of New Zealand and friendliness of the Kiwis. Plus they can tackle a tough hike then drive or cook for the group without any seeming effort. It was a fabulous trip and I can't wait to return to New Zealand with another Active Adventures tour.”
    Kristin Certain – Florida, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • Enjoyable and Accommodating

    “I've been on a lot of group tours, and this one by far was the most enjoyable. The scenery was stunning, the activities were easily adaptable for a variety of exertion levels, the guides were friendly, informative, and super organized. I was also very impressed by the on-the-fly creation of a modified itinerary for the two group members whose flight was delayed so that they didn't miss any of the sights. I will definitely travel with Active Adventures again!”
    Jennifer Lange – California, United StatesRimu, April 2018
  • EBC March 18

    “It was a great trip. Melissa and Bishal really took good care of us during the trip and after. We had a great time with other group members and porters. It is a lifetime experience that we will treasure forever.”
    Jenny Quan – California, United StatesEBC, April 2018
  • Yes to the North Island of New Zealand

    “About 7 years ago I spent over a month in the South Island and always planned on hiking in the North Island. This was the year. Active Adventures helped to make it a special trip, one that I will never forget. The hikes, other activities, accommodations, guides were excellent.”
    Kathy Gallo – Illinois, United StatesKauri, April 2018
  • Northern Patagonia with Active Adventures is a Must-Do

    “Our trip to New Zealand (South Island) with Active Adventures a couple of years ago was great, and our recent trip to Northern Patagonia with them was quite different and equally great. They know how to do it, both for groups of 14 or so (as we were in New Zealand) and for groups of just 5 (as we were in Patagonia). The right level of activity/adventure and great variety - we had the opportunity to be pushed if that is what we wanted on a particular day (like a hike with more elevation gain than we had done before) or, and this is critical, the individual freedom to ratchet that back at any time, with no pressure either way. As they say, "no worries". Our all-trip guide (Mayra) was great beyond words - knowledgeable, engaging, flexible (necessary, because the always unpredictable weather there can force itinerary changes), able to solve any problem - and always fun. And the local guides who joined us for hikes, kayaking, rafting, etc. were all terrific as well. We had experiences, many of them (some of which developed spur of the moment), that we will treasure forever.”
    Bruce Maximov – California, United StatesPuma, April 2018
  • Fabulous Overview of the South Island

    “This was a terrific trip which provided a fabulous overview of the South Island and included a fun range of activities (hiking, kayaking, boating, glacier trek, etc.) The small group size of 12 people was especially nice and guides Claire and Lauren were amazing. Claire (our lead guide) is a treasure. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the history of New Zealand and its various localities as well as the landscape we were experiencing. She included historical legends about different areas of the island which really was fun and she spontaneously added stops along the way such as the Chasm near Milford sound and a pub in Cardrona. She and Lauren were very attuned to the groups needs and exuded nothing but positive vibes throughout the trip. It also was particularly fun hiking portions of three different Great Walks as they are all so different.”
    Robin Werner – California, United StatesKiwi, April 2018
  • South Island Could Not be Better

    “We had a wonderful time on the South Island. The scenery, activities and accommodations were fantastic. It is truly a paradise, clean, sparsely populated. In addition, our guides were incredible. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and a lot of fun!”
    Bob Goeltz – Missouri, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • Wonderful North Island Trip

    “We had a great time on the North Island. Some great activities and very good guides.”
    Bob Goeltz – Missouri, United StatesKauri, April 2018
  • South Island is Utopia

    “Well worth your money... Don't hesitate to go... the South Island is Utopia. Spectacular scenery everywhere, clean air, clean water, fresh food, variety of activities. I am 61 and had the time of my life on a jet boat, helicopter, 6-seater plane, sea-kayaking, biking. Slept in a hut, on a boat. Guides were fun, friendly, well-informed, responsible. Loved it and want to go back”
    Geri Goeltz – Missouri, United StatesTui, April 2018
  • Wonderful Trip

    “Delightful exploration of many South Island treasures. Active Adventures knows how to pace each day for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Expert guides leave no room for disappointment!”
    Kevin Werner – California, United StatesKiwi, April 2018
  • Adventure of a Lifetime! Bucket list✅

    “Claire & Holly’s Most Excellent Adventure! I felt privileged to be on their Manuka Tour. The guides can either make or break a trip, so I was thrilled to experience the best! I’m so impressed with their knowledge, fun spirit, culinary skills, and especially, their attention to details! I couldn’t believe how they catered to each individual’s needs or preferences! Of course, the scenery and hikes were amazing everywhere we explored! How can you go wrong with New Zealand landscape?! Top notch all the way!”
    Kathy Viola – California, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • Manuka 2018

    “Our guides, Claire & Holly, were very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful in every manner. They made the experience quite rewarding.”
    Ed Wiest – California, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • A Wonderful Trip

    “It was a wonderful trip. Our group was really fun and Holly & Claire are both real gems. We could not have been happier.”
    Tim Conarro – Colorado, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • Put Patagonia at the Top of Your Trip List!

    “Words cannot truly describe the magnificent beauty of this region. Wild, remote, stunning and dramatic are just a few that come to mind. Combine this with a friendly, knowledgeable and supportive guide like Cahit, and an intrepid group of fellow travelers, and one truly has the trip of a lifetime. Finally, Active doesn't miss a beat with the details. This was our second tour with Active Adventures. We will most definitely be back for more!”
    Dean Altaras – Washington, United StatesCondor, April 2018
  • Excellent Taste of the South Island Walks

    “The 5 day Takahe trip was the perfect sampling of the South Island. Claire and Holly took great care of everything allowing us to take in the amazing and overwhelming beauty. Even when it rained 2 inches on us in one outing, they kept the group spirit high, kept us on track and made sure we got to still enjoy the sights. They personalized the trip, making sure we got great insights into history, culture and the plant/wildlife that make this place unique. Active Adventures did a great job preparing a wonderful itinerary, letting us know what gear we'd need and ensuring we got everything in on time. Logistics can be hard, but they made it a snap!”
    Melissa Delvecchio – Oregon, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • Amazing

    “This trip was amazing. We had a brilliant time. Galapagos Islands are more than beautiful, organization was perfect and Pepo was the best guide we’d had in our lives. Thank you!”
    Marzi Dubiel – Malopolska, PolandTortuga, April 2018
  • So Much to Say Because the Trip was Beyond Great

    “This was a trip I had begun dreaming about over forty years ago. The two weeks went so fast and were so much more than I had imagined. The scenery was spectacular: rain forests, mountains, pristine lakes, clear rivers, waterfalls, range land, rolling hills, farmland, the Tasman Sea! Just as your brochure explains but in person the scenery is so much more. Active Adventures deserves credit for making our two weeks such an awesome experience.
    Each day we were given a variety of choices so we could ride or hike as little or as much as we wanted and most of us rode! Then our outstanding guides, Nick and Elder had a few surprises along the way like Glow Worm Caves, Hokitika jade, real made-in-front-of-you fruit ice cream (from the fruit you pick), the Espresso Bomb trailor (NZ knows how to make great coffee!) and endless waterfalls! Since this is more of a bicycling tour it is not surprising my husband and I spent the weeks in a group of eleven equally enthusiastic bicyclists (with a wide range of skill levels and needs) being guided by Nick and Elder, extraordinarily talented cyclists, hikers, coaches and guides. Nick and Elder seemed to work round the clock making sure everything was perfect for all of us and much of our joy from this trip come from their unending efforts to make it the best for each of us. Nick kept us briefed on what was next, what the weather might be like (always carry an extra layer in NZ as it is so unpredictable!), and he made us all feel safe and relaxed as he drove the narrow roads in NZ. Thanks, Nick! Elder, as “tail-end Charlie” encouraged those of us who lagged behind often just wanting to stop and take more photos. Sometimes he aided by taking photos, giving us riding tips and other times he simply let us know we were doing fine and it was okay to go at a slower pace. For me this was critical as I have been involved in three separate accidents (two involving vehicles and one caused by another cyclist) and can become inexplicably anxious. Nick and Elder were both non-judgmental when I chose to ride in the van a few times. Other times I surprised myself (as well as them I think) by taking off and zooming ahead absorbed in the scenery. Nick and Elder, aka “brothers from different mothers” are terrific cooks (breakfast, lunch and dinner), wonderful guides to the local places (I’m drooling just thinking of the Arrowtown Bakery’s delicious pies), and wonderful about keeping our van stocked with fruit and nutritious bars as well as NZ treats (hokey pokey, pineapple lumps). They kept our van windows clean (so critical for great photos) and even fixed the noise (someone stored rocks in the overhead?). Elder and Nick helped identify what we were seeing, told us Maori tales, fed us information on NZ and answered our questions. There were also numerous books for us on NZ in the van. Nick even took the time to consult his grandfather on one question. We shared riddles and answered their quizzes. Elder brought in his own perspective as a native of Peru (where my husband had lived as a child) and a guide in Ecuador and Nepal.
    Our group really bonded and cheered for each other. Near the end of the trip we called the office to see about getting the entire group their own Weka bike jerseys and we were successful much to the amazement of Nick and Elder (who totally deserve a percentage of the sales). It is really due to their love of NZ, bicycling and people as well as the support of the entire Active Adventures staff that we all had such a great time and wanted the Weka jersey as a way to keep the memories of our trip alive. Thanks to the entire team at Active Adventures!”
    Millie Meyer – New Mexico, United StatesWeka, April 2018
  • Great Way to Sample 3 of the Great Walks

    “Our guides, Holly and Claire, were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, fun and well organized. We would recommend this to anyone of any age (we're in our 70's) who enjoys wilderness hiking and climbing and viewing the beauty of New Zealand's Fiordland. They were great at keeping our group on track and cohesive in spite of the widely different paces of participants.”
    Dan Cope – Florida, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • Best Hiking in the World

    “The hikes were amazing. The guides were very knowledgeable. The views were incredible. Great restaurants in the small towns.”
    Alan Lapointe – California, United StatesCondor, April 2018
  • Hiking New Zealand

    “Wonderful trip with outstanding guides.”
    Carol Lindahl – Arizona, United StatesManuka, April 2018
  • Worth It!

    “It wasn’t easy but worth the effort. Jaw-dropping scenery with unforgettable experiences including kayaking among icebergs, hiking on a glacier, watching dolphins play around our boat. An amazing journey!”
    Andrea Carver – Alberta, CanadaCondor, April 2018
  • A Trip to Do Twice!

    “The Tortuga Trip is a wonderful blend of land and sea, with a wonderful guide named Pepo. It is a delight to learn about the history of such a special place in the world, the uniqueness of its animals, the richness of the scenery, and the friendliness of its people. It was a grand adventure.”
    Cathy Leslie – Colorado, United StatesTortuga, April 2018
  • Not Enough Superlatives!

    “I don't have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to adequately describe this trip. Any adventure is about people first. The guides Rosario, Luis and especially Cynthia were knowledgeable, organized and most importantly great companions. We wanted to kidnap Cynthia and bring her back to Canada, but someone else beat us to it. We were very lucky with our fellow hikers, all interesting and generous people with a taste for adventure and fun. The accommodations were all good, but special kudos to the Patagonia Queen and its owners who went out of their way to make us feel welcome. Again we were blessed with fantastic weather, the icing on the cake in this land of sublime beauty. Breathtaking is not too strong a word. Although we have dozens of fantastic photos; none of them can capture the magnificence of this area. I'm so glad I did this trip!”
    Ken Sanders – Ontario, CanadaCondor, April 2018
  • Blown Away (Literally)

    “One of the best trips - best trip leader, awesome local guides, and a FUN group of people. I travelled with my cousin and this is our 3rd Active trip- each of our trips can be associated with a certain weather condition and for this one it was the WIND! I have been back for almost 3 weeks and I am still in awe of all of the beauty in Patagonia!”
    Diana Ramos – California, United StatesCondor, April 2018
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