Peru Hiking and Adventure Tours

Sure, you'll get a good workout amongst great scenery on our Peru adventure tours, but they offer so much more as well. Where else in the world can you trek for three days to arrive at a mystical Inca citadel perched on a mountain top? Or kayak the highest navigable lake in the world to a floating village made completely of reeds?

It's this convergence of discovering an alluring ancient culture, meeting fascinating people and exploring the stunning natural landscapes that make our Peru adventure tours unforgettable.

Trip Reviews

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“Before the Caybara trip I had researched some of the places we were going to visit. The real thing far exceeded what I expected. Each day was a pleasant surprise. I would recommend Active South America to anyone wanting to see as much of Peru in ten days as one can.”
– Kentucky, United States
Capybara, June 2009
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