Ultimate North Island Adventure 'Kauri'

Ange and Claire from Active HQ join our 5-day ‘Kauri’ trip!

Ange and I were very excited to be heading up to the Far North on our ‘Kauri’ adventure! Having enjoyed an early taste of winter here in Queenstown with an unexpected snowfall in mid-April, we were more than ready to head north for some sunshine and warm weather, and we weren’t disappointed – it was […]

Active Adventures Roadshow

2015 Roadshow update – Boulder!

Well, that’s it! Done and dusted. Our roadshow of the American West Coast has come to an end, and our final stop was Boulder, in Colorado. After dropping our friend Dave at LAX early in the evening (the lucky guy was leaving to go on a surf trip to El Salvador!) we spent our final […]


2015 Roadshow update – even sunnier SoCal!

It seems like ages ago since our last update, but it was only a week. A lot has happened since we left the elephant seal colony at San Simeon. It seems appropriate to continue our story with more wildlife tales. Every good road trip needs a ‘shark sighting’… Some of you may have heard of […]

'Rimu' Trip Active Adventures

Miri joins our ‘Rimu’ trip for 8 days

I already knew our guides were great, but I was blown away by their amazing knowledge of our quirky New Zealand history, native birds and the vast New Zealand bush. The phrase that sticks in my mind the most from the trip is the guides (Dan and Celia) saying they “made it” or “made it […]

Active Adventures Roadshow

2015 Roadshow update – sunny NorCal!

California! For me, just hearing the name has always evoked images of big redwood trees, long LONG stretches of arid coastline, incredibly open, eclectic and friendly people, and for some reason, a scene from the 2nd Austin Powers movie (where there’s a car chase along highway 1 on Pacific). And so far, Northern California has certainly […]