Though Sjoerd grew up in the flat countryside, as he grew older he began to appreciate the mountains more and more, especially when he could traverse them by bike. As an adult, he alternated between traveling, working, studying, and traveling some more. He finished his degree in outdoor education, and then completed a master's degree in humanistic counseling. In between studying, he explored Australia for almost a year (this is where he truly caught the travel bug, traveling from North to South by bike), as well as the East Coast of the United States, Europe, Morocco, India and Sri Lanka. Being a former competition bike racer, he knows a lot about cycling and how to sit on a bike perfectly. He enjoys helping guests experience various countries by bike, and seeing the joy this brings them. Through his time as a guide, he finally discovered that cycling at a leisurely pace is a far better way to experience a country than racing through it! When not guiding for Austin Adventures, Sjoerd spends time with his family and friends, works in a local climbing gym, and makes his way to the mountains when he finds time. In the French Alps he has worked as a cook, chalet host and mountain guide. Though he loves these temporary forays into the mountains, one day he hopes to stay there!

My Favorite Destinations?

Prague, France, Morocco & India

Destinations I Want to Visit?

The Himalayas!


Sports in general

Favorite Books?

Joe Speedboot, Gora, and The Name of the Rose

Favorite Outdoor Activities?

Biking, Rock Climbing & Kayaking