Growing up next to a farm in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Ryan could always be found running side by side with the cattle. After high school, he packed up his things and moved down to Delaware, and became a Fighting Blue Hen. After his freshman year at the University of Delaware, he decided he wanted to be a social studies teacher. Three years later, during his student teaching, he realized some of his students were being held back, because Spanish was their native language.

To remedy this, he moved to Spain for a year with the goal of becoming fluent in Spanish. Since Spain, he has bounced around from the Bronx to Newark for his teaching gigs. On the weekends, you can find Ryan bartending at his neighborhood pub. During his time off, he can be seen cruising past cars in Hoboken on his bike, or scaling the mid-sized mountains of New Jersey. He has spent his past two summers exploring the islands of St. John and Puerto Rico, and is excited to have the opportunity this summer to help you find your adventure.


What’s your favorite vacation destination?

Luquillo in Puerto Rico. There is so much wildlife to observe, and the sand is gold.

What’s your favorite hike?

Stairway to Heaven in New Jersey. It was the first mountain hike my friends and I did together, and we try and go back once a year. 

What’s your favorite bike ride?

The path I take from my place in Hoboken to Liberty State Park in Jersey City. You get three different types of bike rides condensed into one trip: City, Waterfront, and Park. At the end of it you get a very intimate view of the Statue of Liberty.

Favorite movie?

Into the Wild

Favorite book?

The Alchemist

Favorite song?

Midnight Lorry by Dispatch

When did you first catch the travel bug?

After my first solo traveling adventure in Nazare, Portugal. Seeing people surf waves higher than 60 feet and meeting incredible people really opened up my eyes to the beauty of traveling.

What are your hobbies?

Trying to learn new instruments, hiking, snorkeling, reading, playing basketball, and hanging out with friends and family.