At age three young Mirjam told her mum she was off to explore the world. "Fine," she said, assuming she would play in the street as always. But the toddler walked 4km across town. She was finally found with her feet dangling in a pond feeding the ducks. A stranger contacted her mum who rode her bike out to retrieve her daughter.  After that first taste of freedom, Mirjam never stopped exploring. As a kid, she was taken on biking-vacations by her parents. As a teenager, she hiked solo through several European countries. When Mirjam was said to be “taking a vacation” at age 21, she didn't return for 16 years. In that time she re-discovered bike travel and has now cycled across 63 countries. Mirjam experienced incredible things along the way, like hiking up Mount Ararat in Turkey, participating in a traditional Turkmen wedding (Turkmenistan) and working in a mine in outback Australia.  Now she's been back in the Netherlands for 2.5 years where she lives in the countryside and takes her daughter (2) out camping at every opportunity. After all, there is still so much to explore! 

Mirjam  Mirjam 

My Favourite Destination:

Everywhere with big beautiful skies! So far, Northern Canada, Tibet, and Outback Australia are in the top 3.

Destination I want to visit:

Russia, and the 130 other countries I haven't been to yet!

Most Amazing Experience while Traveling:

Cycling the Dempster Highway and Ice road to Tuktoyaktuk in Northern Canada in Winter, unsupported. Building my own Igloo and then sleeping in it for two nights while the northern lights were playing overhead.



Favorite outdoor activity:

Cycling (of course!) Hiking in the mountains, kayaking, sleeping under a million stars. Mirjam