Maxie grew up in LaGrange, Georgia, just a few miles from Pine Mountain - famous as the beloved vacation destination of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Although he embraced the outdoors as a child, it was not until after college when he spent almost five months on the Appalachian Trail that his true love for the outdoors blossomed. Since that time, Maxie has been lucky enough to have amazing opportunities around the globe including an unsupported trek to Everest Base Camp, summiting over half of the 50 state high points, and hiking from Mexico to the Sierra Nevada. And then somewhere along the way, the passion for outdoor adventure turned into a career. 


Since venturing into the active travel industry half a decade ago, Maxie has had the opportunity to teach and guide in some of the most beautiful and cherished locales on the planet. Despite the numerous places he has been blessed to visit, the "must see" list somehow always grows longer. When Maxie is not out guiding, he trades his backpack for a briefcase and "practices" law. Which oftentimes consists of staring out the window, tugging at his tie and wishing he could be back out there, wherever that may be. Maxie loves sharing his passion for the outdoors with others and is grateful to be able to play a part in forging trips of a lifetime! 


What’s Your Favorite Vacation Destination?

Las Vegas. Yeah, yeah, I know. But go ahead and tell me another major metropolitan area more conveniently located to a greater expanse of state and federally protected land. Think about it, I will wait.

What’s Your Favorite Hike?

Cactus to Clouds from Palm Springs to Mt. San Jacinto. It has almost everything – the desert, snow-capped mountains, steep climbs, vastly different ecosystems, and a view that John Muir described as “the most sublime spectacle to be found anywhere on this earth.” And when you are done you can ride the world’s largest, rotating tram car back to where you started!

What’s Your Favorite Bike Ride?

A circumnavigation of the Kathmandu Valley on a rented bicycle navigating with a hand drawn map. The best part was getting lost and finding a lot more than just my way back home.

Favorite Movie?

O Brother, Where Art Thou? by the Coen Brothers

Favorite Book?

“A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson. It is fascinating enough that it is a quick read but long enough that I need to re-read it every few years to refresh my memory.

Favorite Song?

“Not Dark Yet” by Bob Dylan.

When Did You First Catch the Travel Bug?

After college and before grad school when I lived out of a backpack on the Appalachian Trail.

What are your Hobbies?

Books, motorcycles, journals and hospice volunteer work. And to keep my t-shirt collection looking fresh, I like to race ultras and triathlons.