Jonathan was raised by Pondersosa pines, Fox squirrels, and Pikes Peak, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Never a green grassy lawn, postage stamp backyard or cookie cutter house. Always at risk of huge medical expenses from time spent airborne on mountain bikes, or subjecting his parents to high home insurance premiums by crafting fires and shelters in the backyard. A deep and meaningful discovery of human connection to the natural world wrecked his shot at ever sitting at a desk professionally. He has since pursued a career in outdoor education and professional rafting and backpack guiding. He lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA and spends his time feeling small amongst the canyons, mountains, mesas and valleys of the geologic area known as the Colorado Plateau.


What's Your Favorite Travel Destination?

My backyard! I love leaving out the front door on grand adventures!

What's Your Favorite Adventure Activity?

I love a good multi-sport adventure. It is a beautiful thing to combine biking, hiking, boating, and climbing into a cross-country, multi-day, human powered, fun fest!

What Has Been Your Most Inspiring Adventure Experience?

I had a wonderful and formative adventure several years ago in a sandstone desert. I plotted a 24-day commute to begin my season guiding raft trips in Flagstaff. I hitched a ride from Colorado to the deserts of Canyonlands and began my adventure by climbing beautiful walls with friends for several days. I stashed my bike at the end of a long trail and caught a ride to the trailhead. From here I hiked several days back to my bicycle, hopped on and rode a hundred miles towards work. On my way, I met kind strangers who let me join their multi-day river expedition and agreed to shuttle my bike. I spent many days with them and said a teary goodbye. I then finished up my ride with another couple hundred or so miles to Flagstaff. I have a lifetime of memories from this single, short, experience.

When Did You First Get The Travel Bug?

The first time I ever saw a map! I knew instantly I had to know what it looked like on the ground.

What Destination Would You Most Like to Travel To?