Caitlyn grew up in New England exploring lakes, mountains, and the northeast coast. In college, on a summer whim, she went to work on a dude ranch in Wyoming and has been smitten with the wide open spaces of the west ever since. After getting her marketing degree, she moved west to work for outfitters on backcountry horseback trips in Yellowstone National Park and the Absaroka wilderness in Wyoming. Caitlyn founded and operated a gourmet food business and was a true “Spice Girl”. During the summer, Caitlyn loves the challenge of backpacking, paddleboarding on rivers, kayaking, and camping, often with her adventurous teenage daughter. In the winter months, she can be found skiing or travelling worldwide. Caitlyn is excited to deliver memorable outdoor adventures to guests and share the natural world..


Caitlyn's favorite travel destination?

I love Costa Rica for the variety of outdoor adventures, exotic birds and animals, fresh fruit, environmentally responsible living, and the friendly people.

Caitlyn's favorite adventure activity

I love exploring new natural places on land or in the ocean.

Caitlyn's favorite Active or Austin Adventures trip?

They all look amazing!

When did Caitlyn get the travel bug?

I got the travel bug after my mom took us to Europe when I was in 7th grade. My favorite part was staying with a family in a small fishing village in Norway. My mom knew them from a college exchange trip. I remember getting used to eating pickled fish for breakfast with rich, dark bread. My sister and I played soccer with the local kids until late into the night since there were so many hours of daylight in summer.

What Destination is on Caitlyn's Bucket List?

The Seychelles for sailing and scuba diving.

What are Caitlyn's Hobbies and Special Talents?

Travel, cooking, dancing, sailing, scuba diving, ping pong, cribbage, and I am secretly a comedian!