Meet Brooke! This island girl hailing from the East Coast and the area collectively known as Cape Hatteras National Seashore and the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a sweet, salty, savvy, ocean-minded, life-saving, machine. Brooke has a rather large and impressive skill set as a career lifeguard which started when she was 18 and has continued to grow to the present day. Her focus on safety and education goes a long way in the recreational world where she has dedicated her life to offering her expertise to those who wish to get out of their comfort zones and live a more adventurous life. Brooke attended AB-Tech in Western North Carolina which sits just on the outskirts of the city of Asheville.

During her time in college, she became an avid outdoorsman who would frequently spend her time exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway and other wilderness areas surrounding the city all while holding down the beaches of Hatteras Island in the summertime. When She’s not guiding for the AA Team she’s hanging with family, making time for friends but also traveling to Puerto Rico where she works as a recreational aid and water sports instructor. She teaches people how to SUP, Surf, Snorkel, Kayak, and interact with the ocean. When she’s not in the water, she probably hanging in her hammock on top of some green lush mountain top with an epic overlook or planning her next cross-country trip. Some of her recent travels include Dinosaur National Park, Death Valley, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, the Redwood forest, and revisiting some of her favorite places like Cape Hatteras and the Cradle of Forestry.


What’s your favorite vacation destination?

A tropical one. Places like the U.S. and the British Virgin Islands, or Hawaii and Indonesia. I am naturally drawn to water whether it be oceans, rivers, or lakes so that combo of a clear, warm, ocean and a cool, freshwater jungle has really got a hold on me. Incredible beaches and mountaintop views accompanied by its dramatically different regions of waterfalls, foothills, and shoreline oozing with delicious cuisine, people, and culture. Yep, sign me up!

If I had to pick one place that really has it all, I’d have to say, Puerto Rico.” What’s your favorite hike? “Favorite hike so far has been an overnighter I did with my sister at Haleakala National Park on the Island of Maui in Hawaii. We backpacked down into the Crater of the Volcano, stayed the night under a dark starry sky, woke up in the house of the rising sun, saw an owl on our way out, and made it back to the van just before the rain. It was intense incline and terrain, and we got super lucky with an amazing weather window, which is rare. Best Saint Patty's Day ever!

What’s your favorite bike ride?

Brevard North Carolina offers some of the BEST mountain biking around on the East Coast but my favorite bike ride, without a doubt, has been one where I rented a sweet geared bike in the Wharf District of San Francisco while I was there visiting a few years ago. We biked across the Golden Gate Bridge, got to take amazing pictures, saw the sights, did the things! Might seem super touristy, but it was still epic.

Favorite movie?

The Kill Bill movies were written and directed by Quentin Tarantino along with world-renowned surfer John Florences film A View From a Blue Moon.

Favorite book?

The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama along with The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

Favorite song?

First thing that comes to mind right now, Badfish by Sublime, otherwise probably something Jimi Hendrix, like Country Blues. There is also a song called Love on Me by Galantis and that has been a go-to get me super pumped up song lately. 

When did you first catch the travel bug?

Catch-it? I’m pretty sure I owe it to my mom because I think I was born with it. Mom was a pro at loading up the minivan and taking me and my two sisters on all types of day trips or excursions whether it was a zoo, a museum, the beach, camping, or checking out a new town.

She definitely instilled that type of curiosity and love for adventure into my life. She took me on my first tropical vacation when I was 17 to St. John in the US Virgin Islands. That is definitely where the search for an endless summer began.

What are your hobbies?

The list goes on and on as an avid waterman and lover of all things outdoors but when I’m not surfing, or teaching others how to surf,  you’ll probably catch me cruising around on my carver skateboard in search of smooth pavement. Board, but never bored.”