W-Trek Trekking Guide

W-Trek Trekking Guide

Trekking Guide Front Covers 4 v2

The W-Trek Trekking Guide

Get your free W-Trek Trekking Guide, filled with inspiration for your trip to Patagonian Chile and Argentina! 

This beautiful full-color digital picture book is the perfect way to wet-your-whistle towards creating the trip of a lifetime!

What’s Inside:

  • When is The Best Time to Hike
  • How Difficult is the Trek
  • Where to Start & Finish Your Trek
  • Side Trips & Activities
  • Food, Facilities & Accommodation
  • Packing List
  • Map of the Route
  • Guide-Recommended Itinerary
  • Extending Your Trip to Argentina
  • What Did Past Hikers Think?

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