Patagonia Hiking Adventure

Patagonia Hiking Adventure Condor

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  • ACTIVE 1

    What's The Rush?

    I’m not a triathlete, but I’m in decent shape and I’m not looking to experience a place just through a bus window. I’m happy to slow down on the trail, soak it in and breathe in the fresh air.

  • ACTIVE 2

    Leg Stretcher

    Sure, I own some hiking boots, they’re even worn in, but they don’t go on long trips. I like my creature comforts and I like to give a range of activities a go.

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    Earn Your Lunch

    I stay active on vacation so that I can eat and drink what I like without feeling guilty. I season my trips with a little fresh exercise.

  • ACTIVE 4

    Challenge Accepted

    I’ll let my trusty guides sweat the small things, so I can focus on my goal. Getting to the top, reaching the end, achieving my dreams! Sure, it’ll be tough, but the views will be worth it.

  • ACTIVE 5

    The Ultimate

    I’ve put in the hard yards and now I get to reap the rewards. I’m a seasoned adventurer, not afraid to get my boots wet.

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  • 14 Days - US$6299
  • 10 Days - US$5599
  • 8 Days - US$4999

Trip Introduction

Southern Patagonia, for hikers in particular, is always near the top of the bucket list. Immense craggy mountain ranges erupt straight up from colossal boulder fields, vast rivers of ice calve into deep blue lakes, and its intricate coastline is strewn with uncharted fiords and inlets. It’s the type of scenery that leaves an indelible impression in your memory – one that photos will never quite manage to replicate. On the ‘Condor’, you’ll visit some of the most amazing places on Earth, by foot, kayak, bike and boat. You’ll enjoy incredible views as you hike in the Fitz Roy area of Argentina, trek in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, bike near Laguna del Desierto and sea kayak amongst icebergs on Grey Lake. If you have a passion for the outdoors, then the ‘Condor’ is the trip for you! Combine the 'Condor' with the 14-day 'Puma' for the ultimate Patagonia Adventure (8-day option available).


  • Visit Magdalena Island penguin colony or Cueva del Milodón
  • Multi-day ‘W’ trek in Torres del Paine National Park
  • Kayak and boat cruise on Grey Lake
  • Hike to the base of Monte Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre
  • Visit Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Hike Los Glaciares National Park
  • Bike Laguna del Desierto
  • Hike Lomo del Pliegue Tumbado

What's included on our Condor trip?

  • All guiding services
    - You’ll have an experienced trip leader with you for the entire duration, as well as specialist local guides in select locations.
  • All accommodations
    - Charming hotels in the towns and cities.
    - Refugios (backcountry lodges) on the W-Trek.
  • All meals
    - Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire trip.
  • All activities
    - Hiking, kayaking, biking.
    - Scenic cruises.
  • All domestic transport
    - Comfortable air-conditioned van travel.
    - Departure airport transfer.
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Interactive Trip Map


Day 1 — Arrive in Patagonia

Welcome to Chilean Patagonia! The windswept plains of this southern region stretch on for miles, joining Chile’s rugged coastline and majestic mountain peaks into one of the world’s most awe-inspiring mountain environments, perched on the edges of the icy isthmus and fiords of the southern Pacific Ocean. If you plan on arriving early today, chat to us about for suggestions for your first day in Patagonia! This evening you’ll meet your trip leader and head out to a local restaurant for your first taste of Patagonian cuisine.
Hotel Rey Don Felipe, Punta Arenas (Dinner)

Day 2 — Cruise and hike Magdalena Island penguin colony, or explore Cueva del Milodón

This morning we’ll take a cruise, weather permitting, across the Magellan Strait to Magdalena Island. The Island is protected, and uninhabited by humans, and is home to the largest penguin colony in Southern Chile, with around 60,000 breeding pairs of Magellanic penguins. Alternatively, if the Magellan Strait, which is subject to high swells, is uncrossable, we’ll head instead to Cueva del Milodón (Cave of the Mylodon). In this case, after breakfast, we’ll take a scenic drive through the fertile Patagonian lowlands to Puerto Natales, and on to the cave system. Alongside a local guide, we’ll explore all three caves, spread across an area of a few square kilometres, culminating in the lair of the mystical mylodon – a gigantic, and now extinct member of the sloth family, which survived in the region up until around 5,000 years ago. You’ll want to get your photo taken next to the life-size replica of this ancient beast at the cave entrance! Afterwards we’ll explore the nearby interpretation centre, then head back to Puerto Natales for dinner together.
Hotel Natalino, Puerto Natales (All meals)

Day 3 — Start ‘W’ hike, Torres del Paine National Park

Today we’ll begin the legendary four-day ‘W’ hike, an amazing trek among sheer granite peaks, snow-clad mountains, glacial lakes and the thick Magellanic forest. We’ll follow the Rio Ascensio Valley as it winds its way up to the park’s namesake. As we reach the top of the boulder field near the end of our hike, we’ll come face to face with one of the most famous mountain landscapes in the world – above you, three mammoth granite peaks rise like tombstones from the rugged hills and snow-coated mountains of Patagonia to pierce the sky – Torres del Paine (‘Towers of Blue’). At a height of about 900 metres (3000 feet), they are believed to be the highest natural cliff faces in the world. Tonight you’ll sleep well at a cosy refugio (mountain lodge), a welcome sight after a full day’s hike.
Refugio, Torres del Paine (All meals)

Day 4 — Hike to Los Cuernos, Torres del Paine National Park

It’s an easier hike today, as we contour around the northern shore of Lake Nordenskjold, a glacial lake in the heart of the national park. As we head around the lake, we’ll start to see glimpses of Los Cuernos – Spanish for ‘The Horns’ – three fantastically sculpted grey and white sedimentary and granite peaks rising 244 metres (800 feet). The intense turquoise hue of the lake and starkness of the mountains make for spectacular photo opportunities. This evening, we’ll stay in the shadow of the mountains at Refugio Los Cuernos.

Refugio Los Cuernos, Torres del Paine (All meals)

Day 5 — Hike French Valley, Torres del Paine National Park

We’ll rise with the sun this morning to begin our hike up French Valley for a closer look at Los Cuernos. This ravine is probably one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see, with multiple glaciers cascading down its steep sides, creating a patchwork of ice and rock. The track steepens as we ascend a ridge line to the upper French Valley past waterfalls and mountain tarns. At the top, we’ll have incredible views of a massive natural amphitheatre, filled with the awesome French Glacier, the Paine Massif and Cuernos granite towers. This afternoon, we’ll hike to Refugio Paine Grande.
Refugio Paine Grande, Torres del Paine (All meals)

Day 6 — Hike to Refugio Grey, kayak Grey Lake

Grey Glacier is a 200 metre (650 feet) high wall of ice that marks the northern end of Grey Lake. This is one of the largest calving glaciers in the world, with giant ice cliffs that plummet into the depths of the lake. Our hike finishes at the lake, where we’ll meet our specialist kayak guides. They’ll match you with a kayak and provide all the necessary equipment for a unique way to explore Grey Lake and enjoy amazing views of the glacier and icebergs. When we return to shore, we’ll head to Refugio Grey, where we spend our last night in Torres del Paine National Park.

Refugio Grey, Torres del Paine (All meals)

Day 7 — Hike to Grey Glacier, scenic cruise across Grey Lake

This morning we’ll hike a bit further up the valley to a magnificent lookout over the Grey Glacier. 

Optional: Ice-hike (add US$199)

An alternative option today is to strap on crampons, pick up an ice axe and hike on the glacier! Led by specialist glacier guides you’ll take a private boat across to Nunatak Island where you can safely access the glacier. You’ll hike through these amazing ice formations checking out the crevasses, seracs, tunnels and pools of glacial meltwater. At the end of your hike on the ice you’ll return by boat again to your group.

Optional: 'Touching the Ice' hike (add US$110)

Another less strenuous glacier hiking option is the ‘Touching the ice’ trip. On this activity you’ll take a 15-minute boat trip across the glacier’s terminal lake, to a point at which we can access incredible close-up views of the glacier. Then it’s a guided hike to areas where the glacier’s retreat is strikingly clear, and up to the glacier’s edge. Afterwards we’ll head back to our ‘Zodiac’ boat and return to the shore. This is a shorter, less strenuous option that still allows you a unique view and access to the glacier.

Both of these ice hike options are extremely popular, so we offer advance reservations with the guiding company. At the time of booking, or up until one month before your trip, we can reserve a space for you, or you can leave your decision until the start of your trip and your guides will get you a spot, if it’s available. 

After we’ve finished our morning’s activities we’ll regroup and catch the boat across Grey Lake, taking in views of the surrounding mountains. When we complete our boat trip, we’ll head back to Puerto Natales, where we started our hike four days ago, for a well-earned rest and another tasty meal together.
Hotel Natalino, Puerto Natales (All meals)

Day 8 — Travel to El Calafate

Welcome to Argentina! Today we’ll cross the border to the home of Tango, Evita Peron and Diego Maradona. We’ll journey north to El Calafate and Los Glaciares National Park, one of the greatest wilderness areas in South America. It’s also one of the most diverse – in addition to the vast mountain ranges and glaciers, it’s home to forests of guindo, lenga (a type of beech tree) and ñirre scrub, as well as a multitude of lakes and rivers. We’ll arrive in El Calafate in the afternoon, so you’ll have the rest of the day to chill out on the shores of Lago Argentino, South America’s third largest lake, with a surface area of over 1,600 square kilometres (617 square miles). You can relax and enjoy your surroundings, or you can head off on one of the many hikes in the area. A particular favourite of ours is the short walk to Laguna Nimes, a renowned bird sanctuary where geese, ducks and flamingos make their home. For dinner tonight we find that most people want to explore their options or have an early dinner, though of course you’re welcome to join your guide for dinner too!
Patagonia Queen Hotel, El Calafate (All meals)

Day 9 — Visit Perito Moreno Glacier

If you thought the glaciers in Chile were amazing, today will take your breath away. We’ll get right up close to the base of Perito Moreno Glacier with a local specialist guide to watch blocks of ice crack off the glacier’s imposing terminal face and fall into the pastel-blue waters of Lago Argentino. This icefield is part of the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water and forms a natural dam to the opposite shore that separates the two halves of Lago Argentino. With no escape route, the water level on the southern side of the lake can rise up to 30 metres (90 feet) above the level of the main lake.
Patagonia Queen Hotel, El Calafate (All meals)

Day 10 — Hike Mirador Laguna Torre

This morning we’ll travel to El Chalten, a charming and remote mountain village, known for its amazing hiking and mountaineering opportunities that quite literally begin on your doorstep. From the heart of this rapidly-growing outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, you can see the tips of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre peaks, as well as the lovely Rio de las Vueltas winding its way past town. We’ll hike through Patagonian dry lands and dramatic boulder fields to Mirador Laguna Torre (Spanish for ‘Tower Lagoon Lookout’) for heart-stopping views up the Fitz Roy valley to Cerro Torre, a spectacular granite spire looming over a sprawling mass of ice. Today is a relatively relaxing day, in preparation for tomorrow’s big hike into the heart of Los Glaciares National Park!

Hotel Posada el Barranco, El Chalten (All meals)

Day 11 — Hike to Laguna de los Tres

Today we’ll journey a short way to the start of an incredibly scenic hike to Campamento Poincenot. From here we can look directly up to the towering Monte Fitz Roy. You’ll find it hard to imagine that the views of the brooding Fitz Roy massif could get any better, and you can choose to stay here and take in the views or make the steep climb up to Laguna de Los Tres, at the foot of the glacier. All of a sudden, if you’ve chosen to go on ahead, you’ll reach the crest and be greeted by stunning close-up views of Monte Fitz Roy looming above a glacial lake. Today is a real highlight and the views are amazing, no matter how far you get!
Hotel Posada el Barranco, El Chalten (All meals)

Day 12 — Bike Laguna del Desierto and hike Los Huemules Reserve

Today we’ll journey north from El Chalten to Laguna del Desierto. We’ll take a great walk to a lookout beside the Lagoon to warm up the legs, and maybe get another view of Fitz Roy, before saddling up for an awesome bike ride that descends gently back toward El Chatlen along an unpaved road. We’ll be riding in the valley basin of the River de las Vueltas and in several spots the road runs alongside the river and past spectacular waterfalls. After regrouping for lunch at Los Huemules Reserve, we’ll switch back into our hiking boots for this afternoon and hike to the Blue & Green Lagoons.
Hotel Posada el Barranco, El Chalten (All meals)

Day 13 — Hike Lomo del Pliegue Tumbado

Today’s hike will give you a new appreciation for the incredibly huge and beautiful steep peaks of Southern Patagonia. We’ll begin our hike on the Loma del Pliegue trail bright and early, embarking on a 900 metre (3000 feet) hike to the top of the rounded lomo (hill). First we’ll pass through the Patagonian beech forest then ascend onto the wide plateau, where the views start getting seriously beautiful. Upon reaching the summit, we’ll be greeted by one of the most incredible sights you’re ever likely to see – the towering peak of Monte Fitz Roy rising high above the Torre Glacier and Laguna Torre. Just make sure you’ve packed your wide-angle lens to take in all of this view! Later, we’ll descend the trail back down to El Chalten and head onwards to El Calafate, where over dinner we’ll celebrate one of the best hikes anywhere in the world.
Patagonia Queen Hotel, El Calafate (All meals)

Day 14 — Depart for home

This is the end of your ‘Condor’ trip and you’ll go home knowing you’ve kayaked, biked and hiked your way around one of the most spectacular alpine regions on Earth. Your trip leader will arrange transport to the El Calafate airport for you, if you’re flying out today, and if you’re staying on, we can help you arrange extra hotel accommodation.


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Oct 13, 2019 – Oct 26, 2019 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Oct 27, 2019 – Nov 09, 2019 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Nov 10, 2019 – Nov 23, 2019 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Nov 13, 2019 – Nov 26, 2019 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Nov 17, 2019 – Nov 30, 2019 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Nov 24, 2019 – Dec 07, 2019 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
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Dec 01, 2019 – Dec 14, 2019 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Dec 08, 2019 – Dec 21, 2019 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Dec 11, 2019 – Dec 24, 2019 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Dec 15, 2019 – Dec 28, 2019 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Dec 22, 2019 – Jan 04, 2020 US$6299 Full
Dec 25, 2019 – Jan 07, 2020 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Dec 29, 2019 – Jan 11, 2020 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Jan 08, 2020 – Jan 21, 2020 US$6299 Almost full Check Availability
Jan 12, 2020 – Jan 25, 2020 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Jan 19, 2020 – Feb 01, 2020 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Jan 22, 2020 – Feb 04, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Jan 26, 2020 – Feb 08, 2020 US$6299 Almost full Check Availability
Feb 02, 2020 – Feb 15, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Feb 05, 2020 – Feb 18, 2020 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Feb 09, 2020 – Feb 22, 2020 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Feb 16, 2020 – Feb 29, 2020 US$6299 Almost Full - Check Now! Check Availability
Feb 19, 2020 – Mar 03, 2020 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Feb 23, 2020 – Mar 07, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Mar 01, 2020 – Mar 14, 2020 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Mar 04, 2020 – Mar 17, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Mar 08, 2020 – Mar 21, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Mar 15, 2020 – Mar 28, 2020 US$6299 Filling up Check Availability
Mar 18, 2020 – Mar 31, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Mar 22, 2020 – Apr 04, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Nov 08, 2020 – Nov 21, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Nov 11, 2020 – Nov 24, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Nov 15, 2020 – Nov 28, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Nov 22, 2020 – Dec 05, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Nov 25, 2020 – Dec 08, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Nov 29, 2020 – Dec 12, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Dec 06, 2020 – Dec 19, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Dec 09, 2020 – Dec 22, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Dec 13, 2020 – Dec 26, 2020 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Dec 20, 2020 – Jan 02, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Dec 23, 2020 – Jan 05, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Dec 27, 2020 – Jan 09, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Jan 03, 2021 – Jan 16, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Jan 06, 2021 – Jan 19, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Jan 10, 2021 – Jan 23, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Jan 17, 2021 – Jan 30, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Jan 20, 2021 – Feb 02, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Jan 24, 2021 – Feb 06, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Jan 31, 2021 – Feb 13, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Feb 03, 2021 – Feb 16, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Feb 07, 2021 – Feb 20, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Feb 14, 2021 – Feb 27, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Feb 17, 2021 – Mar 02, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Feb 21, 2021 – Mar 06, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Feb 28, 2021 – Mar 13, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Mar 03, 2021 – Mar 16, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Mar 07, 2021 – Mar 20, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Mar 14, 2021 – Mar 27, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Mar 17, 2021 – Mar 30, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability
Mar 21, 2021 – Apr 03, 2021 US$6299 Great Check Availability

Useful Info

No Forced Single Supplement:

Most other travel companies charge all solo travellers a single supplement fee. We don't! When it comes to accommodation, our trip fares are based on a twin-share rate, which means we'll match you up with another person of the same gender to share a room with. If there's no one suitable to share with, there's no forced single supplement! Having said that, if you specifically request your own room, you can opt to pay the additional single supplement fee.

Trip start:

On the first day of this trip you’ll meet your Active Adventures South America trip leader and the rest of your group at the joining hotel in Punta Arenas, Chile at 6pm.

Trip end:

On the last day of your trip we can drop you off at the El Calafate airport (FTE) for any flights departing any time after breakfast. If you want to arrive earlier or leave later, we’re happy to help out with extra hotel accommodation.

Recommended flights:

If you’re flying in on the first day of the trip, we recommend arriving in Punta Arenas (PUQ) by about 4pm on Sunday. Punta Arenas is the main gateway town to Chilean Patagonia and the major airline LAN flies into here. On the last day of your trip, you can fly out from El Calafate airport any time after breakfast. If you're considering an early morning flight please let us know so that we can make arrangements.


During the 4-day/3-night Torres del Paine trek we’re in backcountry lodges with hot showers, three course meals, bunk beds and wonderful views! The rest of the time we stay in clean, comfortable, family-owned inns and hotels in the heart of the action.


The 'Condor' trip is one of our more adventurous trips, and has options to suit a wide range of fitness levels and outdoor experience. If you keep reasonably active and like to give things a go, you're likely to enjoy the trip much more. If you're used to pushing yourself, we'll keep you challenged as well. Typically, hikes on the 'Condor' trip range between three and six hours to complete, with longer hikes on the W-trek. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to chat about this trip.


  • Amazing 2 weeks!

    “This was my second trip with Active and I can't say enough about how wonderful both experiences were. Active thought about every small detail, which allowed me to just enjoy the experience without having to worry about planning at all. Cem was a great guide! He was super knowledgeable and friendly and he kept the group laughing. Patagonia is seriously beautiful and I would recommend using Active if you want to truly enjoy the experience care free!”
    Jackie Silva – New Jersey, United States March 2019
  • Backpacker's Paradise

    “Our Active Adventure in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park was a backpacker's paradise! The diverse terrain lead through wooded paths, along glacial lakes, and up to breathtaking panoramic views. The fresh glacial water was ready to drink! And the comfortable refugios nestled into the mountainsides made for the perfect, relaxing end to an active day outdoors. Our guides were professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgable about the wildlife and biodiversity we encountered. As somebody who has backpacked in the American Rockies, Europe, and the Himalayas, this trek in Torres del Paine will always hold a special place in my heart. ”
    Melissa Wishner – New York, United States March 2019
  • Condor Trip

    “Best trip, best leader, best group, best trip ever to a truly incredible area of the world. I will treasure forever the people and land of Patagonia !”
    Barbara Yarwood-Wishner – New York, United States March 2019
  • Nature Only Surpassed by People

    “I thought the views were going to be the highlight of my trip in Patagonia. While the views and nature certainly took my breath away, what highlighted my experience was the people. Our local guides were knowledgeable, approachable, and fun. The people who were on the trip with us were such an eclectic group who meshed so well. I truly loved being disconnected from the digital world and immersed in Patagonia and the people we were with.”
    Alli Wisher – New York, United States March 2019
  • Truly an Active Adventure

    “Our family has been fortunate to travel quite a bit and this trip was truly a highlight. Special thanks to our trip leader Arturo who handled every detail. The trip was very well described in terms of difficulty and fitness level. My 3 daughters (20-24) and my wife and I all had a spectacular time”
    Jerry Wishner – New York, United States March 2019
  • Awe-inspiring Adventure

    “The Condor trip is an amazing adventure to one the most awe-inspiring regions on earth - from the soaring towers of Torres del Paine to the expansive Perito Moreno Glacier to the iconic peaks of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. It was truly a “pinch me” experience. The variety of activities was impressive and each day promised a new experience. The entire trip was very well organized and led by highly competent and caring guides. Cem, our lead guide, went out of his way to make the trip memorable, even organizing our own Argentina grill our final dinner together. I can’t say enough about Anna, one of our W Trek guides – her wealth of knowledge, sense of humor, and patience while tending my tortured toes were greatly appreciated. She and Cem made a great team, both representing the best of Active guides. I look forward to my next Active Adventure.”
    Susan Carpenter – Iowa, United States March 2019
  • The legend that is Patagonia

    “I've planed and looked forward to this trip for two years and it exceeded all my expectations ”
    Pat Thorneycroft – West Midlands, United Kingdom March 2019
  • Beautiful Scenery, Excellent Hiking, and Wonderful People!

    “The Condor trip was amazing! Each day presented us with a new landscape and they were all spectacular! The hikes were challenging but not back-breaking. All of the lodging was quite nice as well. The refugios on the W-trek were better than anticipated and offered our group a great opportunity to bond. What really made the trip was all of the people that we met. The Active staff from the office will answer any question you have no matter how minor; Amy from the travel agency had great recommendations; Cem was a fantastic guide throughout the trip and really brought our group together with his sense of humor; Victor and Phillipe were great W-trek guides and supported our group when a few of us were not feeling well; Juan from El Chalten was also great and we loved hearing his stories about climbing Fitz Roy; and finally Rafael from Hotel Patagonia Queen in El Calafate was amazing and provided a 5 star hospitality experience!

    All in all it was an awesome trip and I look forward to my next Active Adventure!”
    Mike Moncrief – New Jersey, United States March 2019
  • March 2019 Condor trip

    “This was a wonderful trip. The guides were fantastic, the food was awesome, the accommodations were terrific and the other people on the trip were truly wonderful. The backpacking and hiking were challenging, but worth every minute of exertion. As an added benefit, I also a lot of wildlife, as well as many birds. ”
    Barbara Delaney – Maryland, United States March 2019
  • If you want AMAZING, take the Condor trip!

    “If you are looking for a trip that features rugged beauty, unspoiled landscapes and a different 'scene' each time you turn around, this is the one to take! Our many hikes were diverse enough, challenging but not relentless, and complimented by excellent guides knowledgeable of the land and its people. You wont be disappointed especially if lucky enough to have Zach as your tour leader.”
    Gretchen Butts – Maryland, United States March 2019
  • Patagonia Condor Trip Was Excellent!

    “The Patagonia Condor trip did not disappoint! The scenery was outstanding, and the hiking trails were generally very good. We learned a new hiking term ("Patagonia flat") and we learned what wind can be. The W-hike refugios were better than expected - showers, restaurants, bars - definitely "glam" backpacking! At the Gray Glacier, the kayak trip and the walk on the glacier were amazing, and we enjoyed the lovely touch of tea and cookies in the boats and on the ice. The hiking in the Fitz Roy area was also fabulous, and we were thrilled to have a clear view of Monte Fitz Roy on our final day. We learned even more about wind here! Our head guide Gustavo was excellent but we found all our guides were professional, knowledgeable, and did a great job at keeping us on track in our activities.”
    Joan Gallaway – British Columbia, Canada March 2019
  • Amazing trip, Amazing guides, Trip of a lifetime!

    “To say this trip was unbelievable is an understatement! From the beautiful scenery, vistas, to the wonderful, kind caring guides, this trip was truly a trip of a lifetime! To drink out of glacial streams, walk on a glacier, see MT Fitz Roy and all the other amazing sights were truly a wonder!”
    Jolene Spear – Oregon, United States March 2019
  • Patagonia the Ultimate Hiking Experience

    “My wife and I expected a great experience. What we got was a lifetime experience that started a new chapter in our lives. The guide Jay was more of a life instructor. This trip will test you physically and sometimes mentally so Jays professionalism and attention to your needs was vital for this to come off well. We loved Claudio and Javier on the W Trek which again requires people that can educate, motivate and care for your needs. Truly terrific people. I can see us doing another trip with Active Adventures!”
    Paul Stolz – Connecticut, United States March 2019
  • Fabulous Trip!!

    “Cahit was absolutely fantastic, as were the other guides. Everything went without a hitch...all hotels, meals, transports, etc. were as smooth as silk. Cahit and AA made it all look easy. It was so nice not having to worry about details. And we virtually never had to dip into our wallets along the way...except for the guide tips, which were given with joy for a job well done.
    The name Active Adventures is certainly appropriate...there were very few moments that we weren't on the move. If you are hungry for an adventure, and not just a scenic trip, Active is the way to go. Everyone, from start to finish, was a pleasure to deal with. And our group was a great bunch...all thirteen of us completed every activity every day. It was great meeting them and making new friends.

    Bob Spurgeon – California, United States March 2019
  • Condor 2019

    “We were a very fun, energetic group of 11 with Gustavo Martinez as guide.Gustavo is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We were lucky to have a weather that allowed us to do all the highlights of the trip, Magallanes island, W trek, Kayak on Grey lake, the walk on the glacier, Perito Moreno and Los Glaciares National Park. The extra guides we have were friendly and professional as well, Victor and Felipe for the W and Lucila for the Glaciares park.
    The choice of the different hotels in Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and El chaten were good. In El calafate, the manager has a special bond with your tour operator, he showed us the special of the video of the rupture of Perito Merino from last year that he did. The barbecue in the evening was a good surprise for all of us, we had really appreciated the Asado meats. Particuliar special for me, it was my birthday, Gustavo was very thoughtful to prepare something special with a delicious cake. Special day for me, we couldn't see the Fritz Roy from the beginning in El Chalten, it was always in the clouds and finally on the 18 , we saw the sunny peaks of the Cerro Torre and the Fritz Roy during our last wonderful hike.”
    Sylvie Janin – British Columbia, Canada March 2019
  • Amazing Journey In Patagonia

    “We just returned home from 2 weeks on the Condor trip to Patagonia. We could not be more pleased with the our guide, Gustavo, who made sure everything was comfortable for us along the way - always with a understanding smile. The land itself is beyond beautiful and we were blessed with near perfect weather and a great group of people to make things even better. The accommodations were all clean and comfortable and we were more than well fed. If I had more time we'd have added on the Puma trip, but we'll save that for another trip. A truly wonderful experience.”
    Matthew Steele – New Hampshire, United States February 2019
  • Pushing the Boundaries of my Comfort Zone

    “As I age I feel it is important to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I was worried about holding up the group but I found I am stronger than I think and the guides were great for encouraging and congratulating everybody on their accomplishments. I loved the trip, the scenery, the activities and meeting all the like minded people.”
    Susan Papp – British Columbia, Canada February 2019
  • Well Organized! Well Executed! Definitely......Well Worth It!!

    “Active Adventurers South America Condor trip was a fantastic experience. From the first time I read of what all the trip involved I was hooked. Patagonia is a multi-faceted place so one has to be prepared for anything; especially weather changes. Many of the hikes are in National Parks however none of them are a walk-in-the-park. All of them provide tremendous rewards; sights and sounds you can only appreciate first-hand as well as personal highs for having hoisted the pack and completed the trek. One of the most amazing aspects of this trip that I did not anticipate was the glaciers. So many glaciers that have had and continue to have a profound impact on the landscape and ecosystem of Patagonia. It was all very humbling and sure puts things in perspective. We are here for such a short time and to see what has transpired over millions of years before us and surely will continue to develop for millions of years after us; to be there for a snippet in time and take it all in was one of the more profound experiences in my life. In addition to the visual beauty of the region and the personal physical accomplishments I enjoyed there was another amazing and unanticipated aspect to all of this;the wonderful people that made up our group. We were 11 intrepid travellers who came from different places and cultures who, over our 14 days together, really hit it off. We know we have made some friends for life. A sweet bonus to what was really a great adventure.”
    Fred Plant – New Brunswick, Canada February 2019
  • Zac's Group

    “First, Patagonia is so beautiful.
    Second, our guide Zac was so fantastic.
    Third, there was too much food, believe that or not.
    Fourth, The four day W hike was very stenuous.”
    Norbert Leska – Pennsylvania, United States February 2019
  • Condor Hiking Adventures -- Everything I expected and so much more

    “Active Adventures Condor Hiking Tour was well planed and executed from sign up to final goodbye. Our tour guide and fearless leader was Zac who insured our safety, satiety and wilderness experience. He is a very kind caring man who truly made sure I finished the hikes even when I doubted I could. He was able to adjust to our groups unique pace and comfort levels by deploying his assistant guides. Marcello and Josie were our Chilean guides and they are equally excellent guides and caring people. Louis in Argentina was fun, knowledgable and made sure we saw all there was to see especially Fitz Roy. Each venue be it in the mountains or in the small towns provided very unique opportunities to meet new people and cultures. ”
    Linda Leska – Pennsylvania, United States February 2019
  • Active Adventures--Patagonia

    “This was a wonderful trip! My wife and I usually do not travel with a group, but in this case, it was the right choice. The landscape covered by this trip is quite varied and mostly spectacular. It was great having food, accommodations, admission tickets and all the other details handled for us, especially since neither of us speak good Spanish. Some of the hiking and backpacking routes were quite challenging for us, but we did have the option of omitting a few of the most difficult climbs (up and back trips to peaks from lower rendezvous points). This meant we could tailor the trip to a certain degree to our abilities and desires. Our guide, Cahit, was extremely good. He was extraordinarily knowledgeable, patient and skilled at managing a group of people of disparate abilities and personalities. He was also a great conversationalist over a range of topics--literature, archaeology, history, culture of Patagonia, etc. We got to see places and wildlife, and experience things I'm sure we would not have done on our own.”
    Kenneth Gabard – New York, United States February 2019
  • Absolutely Spectacular

    “The Condor trip was absolutely amazing and the organisation of the entire trip was flawless.
    Cahit the guide was so personable and ensured everyone was looked after so we could just enjoy the trip which we all did.
    The scenery and the food was fantastic. To top it off we were very lucky we had great weather most of the time and experienced the wild winds which added to the experience.
    Thank you Active for such an amazing trip.”
    Phan Ha – Victoria, Australia February 2019
  • PataGOnia FFY Expedition (# 12)

    “Our trip was my 12th expedition to fund raise for causes to support youth in southern Indiana USA. Active Adventures staff and guides proved a quality partner for me, with a prime location. I commend the organization and staff without reservation. I was well pleased from start to finish. A hoped for bonus was a remarkable cast of characters whom I enjoyed as crew, and as guides. I will have a suggestion or two, as you wish. Not many, though. Feel free to use my name - Waltero Glover.

    This was one if not the most awesome international expedition I have been on since beginning them at age 59 begininng with Everest in Nepal. My goal became to climb the Seven Summits. My quest ended after five of the Seven. After suffering broken ribs in a fall on Mount Rainier while training for Antarctica and Alaska that led to open heart surgery, I decided that going longer, as opposed to higher, would better serve me. Thus came El Camino across Spain, Rainbow Mountain in Peru, England Coast to Coast, and then this wonderful trip via Active Adventures. Along the way almost $150,000- has been raised to support children, particularly to combat youth obesity and promote wellness.”
    Waltero Glover – Indiana, United States February 2019
  • Condor Trip..... Nothing Less Than Spectacular....

    “This trip was amazing .... sights .... like nothing I have seen.... trip leader, Gustavo, amazing... kind... attentive... fun...all the local Guides, Felipe, Victor , Lucila....and those on the kayaks, all were knowledgeable, patient, fun!!!! This trip will go down in the books ... Thank you Active Adventure!!!!!”
    Elizabeth Steele – New Hampshire, United States February 2019
  • Patagonia

    “Excellent trip. Marvellous views, great guides, very good instruction for the new skills we learned, great food, awesome group!”
    Greg Garvin – Ontario, Canada February 2019
  • The Trip of a Lifetime!

    “We had the time of our lives on the Condor trip with Active Adventures! Patagonia is absolutely amazing, and the views combined with our excellent guide made it the trip of a lifetime. We thought the layout of the 14 days was perfect, and felt like we got an authentic Patagonian experience. We are recommending this trip to all of our friends!”
    Ally Malinowski – British Columbia, Canada February 2019
  • Good Trip

    “Overall a good, enjoyable trip.”
    Monty Bindra – California, United States February 2019
  • A Very Challenging, But Rewarding Adventure

    “I had not hiked outside of the United States. At almost 73, I decided to tackle this Patagonia Adventure and an adventure it was. I trained hard for it and my training was extremely beneficial. One could not train for the terrain or the Patagonia winds, but those winds now make me smile.....both certainly make for good stories. Our guides were fantastic and every detail was considered. They were both encouraging and cautious when they needed to be. Our group, although different in ages and skill level, clicked from day two and all encouraged each other. LOTS of laughs were shared after each day as we enjoyed our meals, stories, and "what's next".
    Thank you Active Adventures for putting together a trip that included the penquins, kayaking, hiking the glaciers, and biking....we did them all in addition to the W trek and many other wonderful trails. Thank you to the group and guides for helping make many wonderful memories.”
    Nancy Conner – Indiana, United States February 2019
  • Amazing Trip

    “We loved our Condor trip. We are active travelers and were adequately challenged. The scenery, the hikes, the the trails...all exceptional and we feel blessed to have had the opportunity to see this part of the world. It feels like a secret....what a privilege to visit it! The towns and experiences were all authentic. We loved the W trek--even opted to stay in a tent one night, which was fantastic, despite a rain/wind storm. The Glacier trek was an unexpected highlight, and we loved our days hiking around Mt. Fitz Roy and being based in El Chalten. Such a cool little town. Meeting people from all over (on our trip, all Americans or Canadians) was a highlight and our Guides were each outstanding. I'm already thinking about what might be our next trip....”
    Leslie Kramer – New York, United States February 2019
  • Patagonia Condor Trip

    “Overall, this was an excellent trip. It was well organized, the guides were excellent, and the W trek was a fantastic hiking experience. The scenery was second to none. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to hike, and wants to see the most picturesque places in the world.”
    Jean-Pierre Mobasser – Indiana, United States February 2019
  • Epic Lifetime Memories

    “It was challenging, it was hard work, it was worth every step. Around the corner after a hard climb were stupendous and breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, glaciers and rainbows, that we had only seen in magazines. Our guides led with energy and encouragement every step and celebrated with us the rewards. All so well organized and smooth and exactly what we needed. Thank you!”
    Laurie Holman-Ross – Ontario, Canada February 2019
  • Being in a Painting

    “This trip was intense, exhausting, exhilarating and amazing! The pictures simply don’t do it any justice. If you’re apprehensive about taking the trip,
    Don’t be! You fee like you’re hiking along in a painting. ”
    Elizabeth Galerneau – Texas, United States February 2019
  • Rugged mountain paradise

    “I think Patagonia, especially the Chilean side, is the real Middle Earth. Breathing the air felt like inhaling pure energy, snowmelt straight from the streams was the best water I've drunk, and no matter how tired I was, the whole time I just felt like "this is what my body was designed for;" I don't know how else to describe it. Our trip leader and guide for the W trek were awesome, and we were all really glad we decided to go with a guided trip; I couldn't count how many times we were like, "...oh, I would never have thought of [x logistical / navigational thing]." We could have used more updated guidance beforehand - do reach out to them directly instead of going by the pdfs provided in terms of both what to pack and the distances to be prepared for. But once you get there, it's truly the hike of a lifetime with some of the best guides in the business!”
    Chris Field – California, United States February 2019
  • Patagonia: more than it’s cracked up to be

    “Active Adventures’ Patagonia trip left us breathless. The raw beauty of the landscape only barely surpassed the exquisiteness of the planning involved to make the journey go so smoothly. A perfect vacation.”
    Julie Lipkin – Massachusetts, United States February 2019
  • Wonderful Trip!

    “The Condor Trip was the vacation of a lifetime. Our itinerary struck the right balance of activities and down time. On these trips, guides are very important, and Zack, our overall guide was excellent. He always maintained his good humor and professionalism and provided helpful encouragement when we needed an extra boost to complete a hike. Two weeks flew by and we had a great time!”
    Karen Maczuga – Michigan, United States February 2019
  • Great Trip

    “Over all the scenery and the hiking was fabulous. The highlights were the W hike and Fitz Roy hike. Accommodations were good and the food was good”
    Frank Kwiatek – Michigan, United States February 2019
  • Coming Back for More

    “The Condor was my fourth trip with Active Adventures. As in all previous trips, the guides were great, the adventure exciting and I hope I can add another trip with them in the future. A class operation!”
    Steve Bender – Iowa, United States February 2019
  • Majestic Beauty

    “Nothing compares to the beauty of Patagonia. ”
    Kathleen Knolle – Texas, United States February 2019
  • Exceeded Expectations

    “The trip was everything and more of what I was expecting. The scenery and views were spectacular and the hiking was challenging but doable. The guides, both in country and our AA guide, were for the most part engaging and a lot of fun while also looking out for our safety. They were accommodating and encouraging and never showed impatience as our group of twelve stopped many times along the way to take photos. Overall, it was a great two weeks.”
    Mary Ricciardello – Texas, United States January 2019
  • Condor

    “Enjoyed trip immensely . Staff was very helpful. I was a slow hiker, it did not matter. Some one walked with me so I can finish the trip at my pace. I did not feel 79 years old. Our guide Jay made our entire trip very enjoyable. Weather could have been better but I like challenge I received the challenge from rain and wind.”
    Sadru Hemani – Massachusetts, United States January 2019
  • Patagonia January 2019

    “The scenery was incredibly beautiful. The hikes were often long, but not arduous. The rooms at the refugios were comfortable and it was nice to have a hot shower every day. The guides were fun and helpful.”
    Doug Sandvig – Texas, United States January 2019
  • Simply Amazing

    “Wow! What a trip. Very challenging and rewarding. The first day hike was beautiful with sunshine for most of the day. Then one of our guides said "it's going to get windy" and boy did it. Before the day was over, we had huge winds, a little snow, sleet and rain. All part of the Patagonia adventure. It was a good introduction for the rest of the week: mostly beautiful and delightful with little bits of weather and tired muscles.”
    Mary Goodman – Texas, United States January 2019
  • Sensory Overload

    “One beautiful view after another- one great experience after another. Every day was memorable. Our guides were great, as were the people in our group. I can't say enough good things about our trip.”
    Jerry Gilboe – Michigan, United States January 2019
  • Incredible Trip!

    “Our guides thought of everything! It was a great group of people, gorgeous scenery and a variety of activities.”
    Sally Hall – Colorado, United States January 2019
  • Down Under and to the Left ( Patagonia)

    “Simply an amazing trip with so many good memories. I spend 14 days including Christmas and New Years with 12 strangers that molded into a very enjoyable group. All of our guides we excellent and very knowledgeable. The hikes and scenery were breathtaking. I hiked with a previously torn ACL and did fine taking my time. I love capturing the moments with pictures and was able to do so. We were blessed with amazing weather due to our collective positive Karma. Highly recommend this trip of a lifetime”
    Thierry Wilbrandt – Indiana, United States January 2019
  • The Patagonia Condor Trip is One for the Bucket List!

    “I've been following Active Adventures (originally Active New Zealand) for almost 20 years. My wife and I finally got around to booking our first trip with Active and we only wish we had done it sooner. It was the trip of a lifetime! Our hikes through Torres Del Paine and El Chalten/Fitz Roy were simply amazing. Our guides: Gustavo, Karina, Javier and Aime were exceptional. We can't wait to take another trip with Active!”
    Ben Smith – Georgia, United States January 2019
  • December 2018

    “Life is all about experiences and the Condor trip validates that philosophy. There are two distinct memories that we will cherish forever.
    First would be the overwhelming natural beauty of Patagonia – Torres Del Paine & Monte Fitz Roy .
    Second is the Guides. They are exceptional and genuinely love what they do. It shows in their interaction with people and nature. They go above and beyond and take care of every little detail to make it easy on you both mentally and physically. Their warmth and hospitality will win you over and that is something that will remain forever in our memories.

    One tip to future hikers is to make sure they are physically fit to endure the “Patagonian Flats” , this is not a relaxing vacation. It makes you work hard and rewards you with sights of jaw dropping natural beauty.”
    Satyaki Mohan Ray – Michigan, United States January 2019
  • Best Guides Ever!

    “Super engaged, friendly, and knowledgeable guides took us through spectacular mountain and glacier scenery and made the Condor trip an unforgettable visit to Patagonia!”
    Erika Kosina – California, United States January 2019
  • Awesome Experience

    “No matter how many photos I've seen of Patagonia online, being able to see it with my own eyes still took my breath away.”
    Vivian Gao – California, United States January 2019
  • Condor December 2018

    “Amazing trip. Cahit was a great tour guide -- always smiling and positive and he made sure we had a great experience!!! The hike and the refugios on the W Trek were amazing during the first week. I thought there was no way the second week could be better but the scenery of Mount Fitzroy and the area around El Chalten were even better. Don't miss out on southern Patagonia!!!”
    Sara Crawford – Nevada, United States January 2019
  • Patagonia Condor

    “Everything was incredible - couldn't have been more perfect!”
    Jay Phillips – Alabama, United States January 2019
  • Fantastic Trip

    “The Condor trip includes two very beautiful national parks, and a good amount of challenging hiking. It was a very active trip in a beautiful setting.”
    Jeff Pekrul – California, United States January 2019
  • Fabulous Adventure

    “Patagonia exceeded our expectations and this was not only due to the magnificent scenery but the detailed planning of Active Adventures and our local guides - Gustavo, Cem, Felipe, Machi, and Paola. I think that our whole group agreed that we would follow our guides anywhere! Our group ranged in age from 20 to 70 and they empowered and encouraged us all to walk at our own pace, appreciate the beauty that surrounded us and have joy in the adventure. We feel privileged to have met our guides who clearly love their jobs and taught us all to embrace Patagonia, take care of the environment, and live in the present. This will not be the last trip we take with Active Adventures.”
    Mary Karen Vellines – North Carolina, United States January 2019
  • December 2018

    “Spectacular. Mother Nature is a beast. Breathtaking. Humbling.
    Great guides, great weather, great experience. Should have been
    a bucket list item for a lot longer. So happy to have done this trip.”
    John Gallant – Massachusetts, United States January 2019
  • Fantastic Way to See Patagonia

    “My husband thoroughly enjoyed The Condor trip we took with Active Adventures-South America. This is our 2nd AA trip (first was The Jaguar) and we still highly recommend traveling with them. We were both rapidly approaching 61 when we made the trip and were hopeful that we would be able to complete all the activities. We did just fine but there were some challenging portions that made us very glad that we had worked out as much as we did prior to the trip. The trip was well organized and we not only saw beautiful sights and learned a lot of history, we enjoyed getting to know our fantastic guides. Cahit was a fantastic leader and we loved his stories and great sense of humor. He was energetic and intelligent and made everything enjoyable! Anna (W Trek guide) was also great and did a fantastic job of explaining the geography of the area. She was tons of fun and her coffee got us going each morning!!! Local guides Juan, Luis and Maya (?) we also wonderful. The hikes are tough but the sights at the end of each day are SO worth the effort!”
    Erin Dodson – Idaho, United States December 2018
  • It Just Keeps Getting Better!

    “This is our second trip with Active Adventures and we're already considering a third. Can't say enough about how well the trips come together. The guides are very personable, professional and organized. The trips, while very active, provide just the right level of activity and recuperation time to make the adventures very enjoyable.”
    Layne Dodson – Idaho, United States December 2018
  • Penguins and Torres and Glaciers...Oh My!!!

    “The scenery was magnificent with each day presenting a new and remarkable treat for the mind, body and soul. Our guide Cynthia was terrific. Her passion for the area was infectious and her knowledge, energy, overall fun loving personality put the trip over the top. From day one, our group of 14 travelers and 2 guides meshed together so well that I felt as if I left with as many new close friends from 4 different continents. The adventure was certainly active and physically challenging but was well worth the effort.”
    Cheryl Braitberg – Georgia, United States December 2018
  • One of the Most Incredible Trips of My Life!

    “I had a blast! My group was fantastic, everyone got along, fellow trekkers with many common interest. The guides were incredible and went above and beyond to ensure we had an incredible time. Patagonia is one of the most incredible places I have ever been too, I am glad I went with this tour it allowed me to really see Patagonia and pushed me to hike further than I likely wouldn't on my own.”
    Robert Paladino – California, United States December 2018
  • Condor Adventure

    “our trip with jay on the condor was exceptional. Very well organized, good pace with options to extend hiking on several days, seamless transportation, excellent meals and accomodations. We were amazed by the grandeur and breathtaking beauty of patagonia, and hiking every day( almost) was always filled with new vistas. i have no reservations about recommending this trek!”
    Kim Schurman – Colorado, United States December 2018
  • My Fifth Active Trip

    “This was my fifth trip with Active and they just keep getting better! Everything ran smoothly (as always) and we could not have had a better time. The weather was perfect and the group was great! I can't wait for my next trip with Active!”
    Mike Verdirame – New York, United States December 2018
  • Far Exceeded My Expectations

    “Our Patagonia trip with Active Adventures far exceeded my expectations. Part of what made our trip amazing was our luck with the weather. We prepared for cold temps, rain, high wind and we were shocked with beautiful blue skies and only a few days of cool weather.
    The organization of trip by Active Adventures couldn't have been better and always was smooth. The trip we chose hit all of the major highlights of Patagonia such as hiking the W, seeing the penguins, viewing the glaciers at Lago Grey then crossing into Argentina to stay in Calafate and El Chatlen to hike.
    Our guide Gem in Patagonia was also amazing. Active Adventures couldn't have found a better guide. Gem always had a smile on his face, always had a joke of sometimes and really got along with every personality type in our group.
    I'd book again with Active Adventures and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to travel to Patagonia.”
    Kraig Sederquist – California, United States December 2018
  • The Adventure of Patagonia

    “The trip was awesome, though not for the light hearted! The extremes of Patagonia - the constantly changing weather and the challenging hikes totally proved thoroughly exhausting, but exhilarating. Each day seemed better than the next! Glad I was in good shape to handle all the obstacles!”
    Kathy Whittington – Virginia, United States December 2018
  • Mind-Blowing Land of Glaciers, Wind and Empanadas

    “I knew Patagonia was supposed to be beautiful - that there were granite peaks and glaciers... but really nothing can prepare you for the mind-blowing scenery when you see it with your own eyes. The glaciers are IMMENSE! that's the ony word I can come up with to describe their sheer size and power - the patagonian ice shelf is so big I can't fathom how much ice/water is there! And the Perito Moreno glacier is so awe-inspiring - when you see and hear the sonic boom of a house-sized iceberg calving off the face of the glacier and plunging into the lake - I could have stayed and watched it for days! The W trek was again more intricate, more varied scenery and more lakes and glaciers than I had expected, and when the weather finally cleared for us in El Chalten I hadn't even realised the sheer size of FitzRoy that had been hiding behind the clouds.
    People always talk about the Patagonian weather but seriously - that WIND! It was relentless, strong winds every day. The Guides were amazing - Cynthia, Gustavo, Cem and Javi - we were so spoiled with their knowledge and attention to details. The hotels we stayed in far exceeded my expectations - especially in Puerto Natales - it as the most amazing shower!”
    Fe Davies – Otago, New Zealand December 2018
  • First Solo Trip - So Worth It!

    “This was my first international trip where I traveled alone and it was so worth it! Every last detail is planned for you so it couldn't be any easier. The packing list was right on ( I used everything they suggested bringing) and rented a couple items to save enough packing space to allow me to bring only a carry on. I love active trips but get nervous trying to plan out all of the logistics.(where to stay, best things to see, transportation, etc) It was wonderful to find a way to travel without all the additional headaches. Would definitely travel with this company again!”
    Shelly Stefanik – Wisconsin, United States May 2018
  • Best Hike Ever

    “Kate and I were a bit hesitant about signing up for the Condor due to our ages (70 and 73). However we trained by hiking hills with light packs starting 6 months or so before the trip. The training paid off as we were able to make the bigger hikes in Torres del Paine and Fitzroy area with nothing more than slightly sore legs at the end of the day. The evenings in the refugios were great. We were surrounded by energetic, cheerful mostly younger hikers from many countries. The refugios themselves are basic but clean and warm. The scenery was stupendous and dramatic. There were cloud wreathed peaks, rainbows, wind squalls, avalanches, wildflowers and lakes of many hues of blue. Our group was varied in age and background and conversations were lively and enlightening. Later on in the trip we moved from refugios to boutique hotels and were delighted by the friendly spirit of the locals.
    Most of all however we enjoyed the company of our trip leader Cynthia. She clearly loved her job! She was great at getting us on the trail on time, arranging buses, restaurant bookings and helping with the little details. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the parks, the history and human nature. Always friendly and smiling. What a good person she is. We wish her well in her next adventure and she has an open invitation to visit with us at our home in the high Sierra of California.
    Richard Harvey”
    Richard Harvey – California, United States May 2018
  • Incredible Time in Patagonia!

    “We had an absolute blast on the Condor trip. The scenery down there is some of the most drastic in the world, and the trip allowed us to see as much as possible in the time we had. Cahit was a fantastic, enthusiastic guide who kept the group motivated all trip. Our local guides, Ana and Cristian, were great as well. As my brother and I were a bit younger than the group, we very much appreciated the guides finding ways to challenge us on the trail. Food and lodging was also nice throughout the trip. Highly recommend!”
    Jordan Altaras – Washington, United States May 2018
  • Exceeded My Expectations

    “Awesome. Exceeded my expectations!Very well organized and Patagonia scenery is incredible”
    Dale Murdoch – Nebraska, United States May 2018
  • Best Holiday Ever!

    “Best holiday I've ever had.”
    Richard McGowan – New South Wales, Australia April 2018
  • Soaring with the Condors

    “Patagonia is a wild and magical land carved from wind and glaciers. It's beauty is graced by crags, tarns and rainbows, its lofty peaks shrouded by the mists and washed clean by the frequent rains. It is a land only limited by one's own imagination. There were many times that I expected to round a bend in the trail only to find a group of dwarves with a wizard clambering by. Arturo with Active Adventures did an amazing job of introducing us to this breathtaking land. This was the first trek I've been on, and all the details were managed by AA which allowed me to just focus on this incredible adventure. I look forward to my next trip with them.”
    Rebecca Childs – Washington, United States April 2018
  • Put Patagonia at the Top of Your Trip List!

    “Words cannot truly describe the magnificent beauty of this region. Wild, remote, stunning and dramatic are just a few that come to mind. Combine this with a friendly, knowledgeable and supportive guide like Cahit, and an intrepid group of fellow travelers, and one truly has the trip of a lifetime. Finally, Active doesn't miss a beat with the details. This was our second tour with Active Adventures. We will most definitely be back for more!”
    Dean Altaras – Washington, United States April 2018
  • Best Hiking in the World

    “The hikes were amazing. The guides were very knowledgeable. The views were incredible. Great restaurants in the small towns.”
    Alan Lapointe – California, United States April 2018
  • Worth It!

    “It wasn’t easy but worth the effort. Jaw-dropping scenery with unforgettable experiences including kayaking among icebergs, hiking on a glacier, watching dolphins play around our boat. An amazing journey!”
    Andrea Carver – Alberta, Canada April 2018
  • Not Enough Superlatives!

    “I don't have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to adequately describe this trip. Any adventure is about people first. The guides Rosario, Luis and especially Cynthia were knowledgeable, organized and most importantly great companions. We wanted to kidnap Cynthia and bring her back to Canada, but someone else beat us to it. We were very lucky with our fellow hikers, all interesting and generous people with a taste for adventure and fun. The accommodations were all good, but special kudos to the Patagonia Queen and its owners who went out of their way to make us feel welcome. Again we were blessed with fantastic weather, the icing on the cake in this land of sublime beauty. Breathtaking is not too strong a word. Although we have dozens of fantastic photos; none of them can capture the magnificence of this area. I'm so glad I did this trip!”
    Ken Sanders – Ontario, Canada April 2018
  • Blown Away (Literally)

    “One of the best trips - best trip leader, awesome local guides, and a FUN group of people. I travelled with my cousin and this is our 3rd Active trip- each of our trips can be associated with a certain weather condition and for this one it was the WIND! I have been back for almost 3 weeks and I am still in awe of all of the beauty in Patagonia!”
    Diana Ramos – California, United States April 2018
  • Epic Patagonia Adventure

    “The beauty of Patagonia was beyond anything I had imagined. So rugged, dramatic, and untouched. Our main guide, Cahit, and the other guides who joined us for specific parts of the trip were fabulous individuals. The logistics went off without a hitch, and we lucked out with the weather. Last, but definitely not least, our group was incredible. We gelled immediately and truly enjoyed being together. It was very hard to say goodbye!”
    Gigi Altaras – Washington, United States April 2018
  • Condor 2018

    “Had an Amazing trip once again with the Active team! Cynthia was a great guide and accommodated and multi-tasked like no other! The Condor trip was everything I expected and thanks to Cynthia and the team aka guides and drivers for making it all happen! Looking forward to another great trip ahead! Thanks Active!”
    Starr Montoya – California, United States April 2018
  • Wonderful

    “I used wonderful, but you could pretty much choose any superlative you wanted to and it would probably apply to this trip. Patagonia is a beautiful, inspiring place. Being able to experience it with knowledgable, fun guides like Cahit, Anna, and Cristian is a true gift. Throw in nearly perfect weather (which in Patagonia is very unusual), and a fun, easy-going group of companions, and you feel like you've won some sort of trip lottery. I will never forget this trip, and can't wait to book the next one.”
    Jay Perry – California, United States March 2018
  • Better Than I Imagined!

    “Visiting Patagonia was a dream of mine, forever and this amazing trip was better than I could have possibly imagined! Everything was perfect and I can't wait to travel with Active Adventures again!”
    Laura Goldner – New Hampshire, United States March 2018
  • Pure Perfection

    “Loved every second of the trip - the guides, the group, everything was absolutely fantastic. Including the unpredictable Patagonia weather - which was just about perfect for the two week duration of the trip. Would recommend to anybody who enjoys the outdoors - what an adventure!”
    Goranka Bjedov – California, United States March 2018
  • This Was an Awesome Adventure!

    “The Condor trip was absolutely wonderful. The combination of the itinerary and guides could not have been better. It is definitely at the top of all time best trips. I can't wait for the next trip which my wife is already investigating.”
    Wayne Goldner – New Hampshire, United States March 2018
  • Beautiful Scenery and Great Hikes

    “My husband has wanted to do this trip for several years. I hesitated as the Refugio stays were way out of my comfort zone. The whole trip was great, and even the Refugio’s were ok. Our guide Cynthia was just amazing - she knows what she’s doing, is prepared for everything, and was very encouraging. I really don’t know how she did it all! We were with a great group of people, and feel we have gained new friends that we hope to meet on another trail some day.”
    Cathy Tileston – Florida, United States March 2018
  • Patagonia at its Best

    “This was a fantastic trip which was well planned with quality places to stay, eat, and view the wonders of Patagonia. The guides were all excellent and knowledgeable making the trip super informative. Other activities such as kayaking, glacier hike, and mountain biking added to the exploration of a very unique and diverse environment. The transportation from locations was very comfortable. The Patagonia of Chile and Argentina was stunning and the organization by Active Adventures created the perfect experience.”
    Donna Small – Oregon, United States March 2018
  • Patagonia

    “I loved the Condor adventure with Arturo. It was breathtaking, challenging, historical, and FUN. I loved every minute and will never forget my South American experience. Arturo was the best, and his sense of humor kept us laughing all the time. I would love to repeat the trip but will take another Active Adventures which are the best and perfect for my lifestyle.”
    Cynthia Rothrock – California, United States March 2018
  • Memorable Experience ... Seasoned, Service-centric Guides

    “Fast-paced tour with good variety of activities. Enjoyed the lead & care of experienced Guides. We were truly blessed with great weather the whole trip!”
    Doi Mei Vivian Chan – California, United States March 2018
  • Patagonia

    “Majestic mountains have always been a passion of mine, the Condor hike certainly delivered an abundance of fabulous mountain views and along with our great weather and hearty meals one could only lap up each day's highlights. This hike kept on delivering highlights day after day just when you thought it could not get better a new experience began. Cahit, well what can I say...always smiling, eager to help in any way, always looking for the best option on the day, he did a great job.”
    Brian Geue – South Australia, Australia March 2018
  • Exceeded our Expectations!

    “This was our second trip with Active Adventures (did the Rimu trip back in Nov 2011), and they delivered yet again. The guides were very skilled, knowledgeable and had a wonderful sense of humor. The food and drink was delicious and abundant. The accommodations were clean, comfortable, and full of character. The vistas were unreal (mountains, glaciers, and lakes, oh my!). There was no shortage of activity - we certainly earned our meals! Where we won the lottery, though, was with the group. There was an amazing cohesion that occurred on this trip, and we spent a large portion of our time laughing together. We couldn't have asked for better.”
    Chris Baca – Colorado, United States March 2018
  • Challenging and Fun!

    “My trip to Argentina and Chile was more than I imagined it would be. I was in awe of the natural beauty of the areas we hiked in. However, the most important thing I take home with me is the personal relationships I formed with my group, especially my leader, and now friend, Mayra Callo. She was amazing. I am a "beginner hiker" so her patience and close attention on the harder treks was appreciated! She knew so much about the area and it was a pleasure learning about South America from her. In addition, her personality made all of us feel like family, with Mayra being the Mother :) She took great care of all of us. We all had so much fun was sad to leave. Anyone who has any reservations about booking a trip should just do it! They won't be disappointed!!”
    Tina Avallone – New Jersey, United States March 2018
  • Awesome Active Adventure

    “This was one of the most memorable vacations my husband and I have ever taken. Being in good physical shape was definitely a plus, as we were did lots of physically demanding activities (which is exactly the type of adventure we were looking for!). The guides were outstanding, particularly Mayra (who was our main guide) and Gem (who accompanied us on the W-Trek). We were very fortunate in having a very small group, which made the trip feel very intimate. As for the trip itself, the scenery was spectacular, the food was delicious and abundant, and the activities were varied and very well coordinated. I would definitely recommend Active Adventures, and this trip in particular, to anyone looking for a trip of a lifetime!”
    Eve Duddy – California, United States March 2018
  • Condor Trip Exceeded my Expectations

    “I'm an avid hiker/outdoors-enthusiast in the Pacific NW USA and, for many years, I've dreamt of exploring the rugged Patagonia landscape. After taking a wonderful Active Adventures trip to New Zealand last year, I decided to book the 'Condor' adventure for 2018. To be honest, the 'Condor' trip, for me, was rather more beautiful, scenic, memorable, and challenging than the NZ-Rimu trip (which I also loved)! I don't like to use the term "trip of a lifetime" as I always want to keep travelling - yet this trip was one of the best I've ever taken! Such is the beauty of this incredible part of the world and, of course, the tremendous organizational efforts and guide-quality of Active Adventures!
    The majesty of the Torres del Paine National Park mountains in Chile to the soaring towers of the Fitz Roy area in Argentina will never escape my mind.
    Navigating in that part of the world doesn't come easy. The various national parks, border crossings, base-camp towns, permits, ferry boats, inter-city transit, shuttles, etc. were all masterfully coordinated by the Active team. I didn't have to think, once, about trip logistics. All I had to do was show up to the start-city and then hike/eat/drink - and enjoy! The quality of the guides - our every-day main guide and the various guides we had in Torres Del Paine, Perito Moreno, and El Chalten - were absolutely top-notch. You simply couldn't have asked for better quality guides than the ones which Active has in this part of the world. For any outdoors enthusiast, I simply cannot recommend enough this adventure with this company.”
    Brian Holsclaw – Washington, United States March 2018
  • Amazing Adventure

    “Our Condor adventure was definitely amazing! The trip was brilliantly orchestrated by Arturo in Patagonia who looked after our every need from morn to night, with efficiency, charm and mucho humour.
    It was a tough journey, but worth every step. ”
    Paula McGowan – New South Wales, Australia March 2018
  • Active Adventures knows Patagonia

    “It was obvious from our first night in Patagonia that Active Adventures was very capable of leading a first class trip through the area. Our guide, Cynthia, was personable, professional and capable. ”
    Leah White – Louisiana, United States March 2018
  • Condor 2018

    “This IS the trip of a lifetime! The itinerary is excellent, including the highlights of Patagonia and more! Trip logistics are well planned and expertly executed. Our guide, Arturo was one step ahead at all times and clearly has developed relationships with all hotels, refugios, restaurants and especially our local guides, creating incredible, seamless travel. The local guides, Cem (Jim) on the W Trek, Christian in El Chaltan, our drivers and specific activity guides were all excellent and willing to share their knowledge and love for their countries. This trip was FUN, Arturo is fun and all the new friends we met on our trip were fun!!!”
    Cindy Jacobs – Maine, United States March 2018
  • Patagonia 2018

    “This trip was a great experience. The scenery and hikes were amazing. ”
    Priya Chandrakumaran – Ontario, Canada March 2018
  • The Condor Trip Was Awesome!

    “The trip was physically challenging but the mountains and glaciers and wildlife were well worth the sweat! The weather was variable and mostly very windy, but we followed the "what to bring" list and were prepared for everything. The "W" trek rewarded some hard work with breathtaking views of the "Towers" and the "Horns" as well as several extraordinary glaciers, ice fields and lakes. The glacier hike on Grey Glacier was phenomenal! We have pictures of us inside a deep blue ice cave! The mountains and glaciers in Glaciares National Park were immense, Glacier Perito Moreno with a 250 foot face occasionally calving into the ice filled waters below. Views from the boat were spectacular with wind sculpted ice statues towering above the deck. The food was from good to excellent at restaurants and at the refugios on the "W" trek, and everywhere was well supplied with cold beer and excellent Chilean and Argentinian red wines. But best of all were the people we got to know, sharing our adventures, both challenging and relaxed.”
    John Stevens – California, United States March 2018
  • Huge Country with Stunning Scenery

    “Great scenery and fantastic guides - all different but perfect for the different parts of the trip.”
    Caroline Corkill – Southland, New Zealand March 2018
  • A Great Adventure

    “At the end of two weeks hiking along some of the most glorious trails I have ever seen, I was bone tired but exhilarated by the beauty and challenge of it all. A wonderful adventure in an amazing place with terrific guides and companions.”
    Judy Houck – Wisconsin, United States February 2018
  • Everything I Hoped it Would Be

    “This trip was great in every way. My brother and I took the trip together and were pleased with every aspect it. The meals were excellent and our local guides were fun and Friendly. Thanks again Cem (Jim)and Lucy. We took the Inca Trail trip with Active 10 years ago and were fortunate enough to have Cynthia for some part of both trips. She is great at her job and makes everyone feel good about their effort and accomplishments. We are looking for another adventure now and we will most likely go somewhere with Active again.”
    Steven Carter – Colorado, United States February 2018
  • Absolutely AMAZING!

    “The Condor trip was definitely a trip of a lifetime! My husband and I loved every aspect of this amazing experience. We got to see scenery that was straight out of a magazine. The guides Cynthia and Gem were outstanding! I love them both! Our group of 14 was beyond my expectations. They were some of the best people I have ever met and feel enriched by this experience. Thank you Active Adventures!”
    Blanca Lapointe – California, United States February 2018
  • What Tremendous Places, People, and Landscapes!

    “I have had Patagonia on my bucket list since before I knew it was known as a bucket list destination. Climber Yvon Chouinard (who of course started the Patagonia company) visited my high school in the late '60s with tales and pictures of the place! I was primed for a fair amount of work on the trails and for a fair amount of rainy, windy weather in order to reap the rewards of the up close and personal views of peaks, glaciers, and of course penguins! Yes, the hikes are work, but not too much work, and our weather (in late Jan) really held! We only had one little bit of rain one day. The wind, however, seemed incessant - so what! Our main guide, Cynthia, was wonderful! Very empathetic, patient, accommodating, and very fun!! The other guides were very competent and friendly. The food, whether homemade trail lunches, refugio offerings, or restaurants in town were all very tasty and filling!! Can you say lamb, beef and empanadas of all kinds?! If you are a hiker and love magnificent mountain views, this is a trip for you!”
    Stephen Scott – Colorado, United States February 2018
  • Amazing Place, Amazing Guides

    “This was an amazing trip to an amazing place! Every step on the hikes brought another amazing view. And the guides were great (thank you Jay!). They took great care of us and shared some great stories.”
    Denise Pearsall – California, United States February 2018
  • Unforgettable Trip!

    “This was a marvellous, exciting and emotional trip for me!
    The group we shared it with got on so well - and were all so energetic, they made it all brilliant... our guides, the locals, the wildlife, the accommodation, the food, the wines it was all conducive to feeling spoilt - while you trecked hard during the day... a perfect Patagonia trek!”
    Francia Furler – Australian Capital Territory, Australia February 2018
  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

    “The Condor trip with our tour leader, Zac, was AWESOME! Our W guide, Cem, was also exceptional. The two of them kept us at a great pace and kept us laughing. You're on this trip for the scenery, and it was breath-taking. A great one word description of the landscape is "rugged". This tour provides a nice balance of longer hiking days and shorter hiking days with just truly stunning scenery including Torres del Paine, French Valley, Grey Glacier, Perito Morano glacier, and Fitz Roy. Definitely do the ice hiking!”
    Sandy Landsberg – Virginia, United States February 2018
  • Another Incredible Adventure with ACTIVE!

    “This was my 7th trip with ACTIVE Adventures, and there is a reason I stick with the same company. The itineraries are perfectly crafted for adventure travelers who enjoy a fun challenge and a great overall experience. The trips tend to attract like-minded individuals, making the group quickly turn into a family. However, what truly makes this company stand out among the rest are the high-caliper local guides, who quickly become integral members of your travel-family. Every day of the Condor trip provided new challenges, which were approached with confidence and overcome with ease. Every evening ends with a smile and a full-stomach, ready to take on the next day's adventure. I highly recommend this trip to any individuals who want to experience the Patagonian mountains with the comfort of new friends and family.”
    Georgina Lean – California, United States February 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “I had been wanting to do this trip for 10 years and finally made it happen, and it was the best trip I have ever been on and it was worth the wait.”
    Judy Russell – Virginia, United States February 2018
  • Beautiful and Flawless

    “The trip was fantastic! The itinerary had just the right balance, allowing us to hike to amazing places, while mixing in kayaking and other activities. Some of sites were so breathtaking that when I sent my daughters some pictures, they jokingly accused me of using Photoshop. Besides the amazing places we got to visit, something else consistently stood out to me. It was obvious to me that Active Adventures has spent time establishing relationships with local restaurant owners, hotel operators, even shuttle drivers. Our guide, Cynthia, was consistently greeted by the local business owners as a friend. As such, I consistently felt welcomed where ever we went and that the service we received was top notch. Things were always organized, and on time. All I had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride. Well, that and hike on occasion :) I left thinking “That’s what a vacation should always feel like.” ”
    Patrick Stewart – California, United States February 2018
  • Condor January 2018

    “What a great adventure! The Condor trip is well thought out, with an excellent itinerary. The hikes were often challenging with easier ones thrown in. The experience of the W trek with its amazing scenery and geography, as well as learning about the unique flora and fauna is a treasure, as was the opportunity to stay at the refugios. Travel to the penguin colony and Perito Moreno as well as to Torres del Paine and to the hiking locations near El Chalten were all organized and pleasant. The small hotels in Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, El Calafate and El Chalten were well chosen; the Patagonia Queen in El Calafate is a delight. We had the best guide ever - Cynthia Valledares! A font of knowledge who is blessed with a bubbling personality and who, on top of the other million details, arranged many excellent dinners at local restaurants. We enjoyed Rosario who added her services for the W trek, and Luis for his knowledge and lovely measured pace on the hikes out of El Chalten. I would happily do another trip with Active Adventures!”
    Sydney Gee – Ontario, Canada February 2018
  • A must do trip to explore Patagomia

    “The trip was very well managed and organized, with excellent tour guides who took great care of the group. The trip provides a great opportunity to explore the beautiful Patagonia on both Chilean and Argentinean side. Do not miss the Ice Hike :)”
    John Mady – , United Arab Emirates February 2018
  • Trekking with Arturo and Gem

    “Overall our entire adventure was fabulous... truly the vacation of a lifetime. Our guides made the journey incredible - always informative and helpful. Arturo's sense of humor even made the wind and rain bearable. Around every bend in the trail we encountered another breathtaking vista, exactly as promised.”
    Vicki Winn – Washington, United States February 2018
  • Epic Scenery and Trek!

    “The W trek on the Condor Patagonia Trek was definitely one of the oh-so-many highlights of this trip. The stunning scenery was breathtaking and ongoing every day. Loved the penquins, sea lions, and so many stunning glaciers. The kayak day and bike day were both a fantastic experience. You think the view is spectacular and you walk over a hill and it gets even better. What was surprising was the quality of the refugios - hot showers every night and great tasting food! Compared to the refugios in Europe (no showers, sometimes no toilets), these were more like bed and breakfasts and were very comfortable. Our guide, Cynthia, was an expert in the area and really made the trip special. We have done treks in the Himalayas and Alps in Italy and Slovenia, and this is by far the best trip ever in terms of hiking, scenery, food and accommodation. The trip of a lifetime - for sure!”
    Liz Ling – Ontario, Canada February 2018
  • Harry

    “Excellent accommodations/food. Guides were knowledgeable. Location and geography is breathtaking.”
    Harry Ostapenko – Idaho, United States February 2018
  • Patagonia or bust!

    “After a 9 month reschedule due to untimely hip repairs we finally embarked on what was to be a real fun adventure to truly treasure. We had put the hard training yards in and the weather was great, so you could say we were lucky, but these were minor details in the overall success picture of this trip. This trip was organised so well in so many ways it actually made us sit up and pinch ourselves. Thanks Active Adventures well done... Cheers”
    Barry Gray – Canterbury, New Zealand February 2018
  • One For The Bucket List!

    “The Condor trip with Active was nothing short of amazing. Zac was a wonderful guide and we had a great group. The 'W' trek was the absolute highlight of the trip. The scenery is just breathtaking and well worth some hard days on the trail. Sea kayaking on Grey Lake and the hike on Grey Glacier were also incredible.”
    Rob Hedlund – New York, United States February 2018
  • Condor trip South America

    “This is by far the most amazing trip I have ever joined. I had a wonderful time. It is well organized and every aspect of the trip has been well planned. Special thanks to Zach our tour leader, who really made a big difference in my experience.. I call him the Papito of the group. He is like a father, who tirelessly look after the welfare of his children. He wasn’t just doing a job, he truly cared. He loves what he does and is passionate about it. He made sure we were safe and comfortable, and he even ensured that I was able to eat my special diet, gluten free and dairy free. All the local guides were excellent as well. The places we visited were spectacular. One of my favorite moments is kayaking amongst the glacier, what a blast! The choice of restaurants where we ate were superb. I truly enjoyed authentic Chilean and Argentinian cuisine. One of the hardest things for me on this trip was carrying my backpack, which was half my size since I am a tiny person! If I had to do it again, I would bring a feather lite blanket, instead of the sleeping bag which I did not even use during the trip. It would have been easier on my back since I have a back issue, but I survived it! Overall, I can say that Active adventures is the way to go if you want to trek Patagonia. It’s worth it! Thank you Active Adventures for this memorable experience I will cherish forever.”
    Lili Germain – Florida, United States February 2018
  • Excellent, Second to None

    “From the office in NZ, to the guides in Patagonia, the trip was carefully planned and organized. The variety of activities (hiking, biking, kayaking, glacier trekking) set this itinerary apart. The quality of the guides was a 10. The accommodations are often austere, but the meals were generally very good. I have trekked in the Himalayas and the European Alps, and rafted down the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, all with leading travel outfitters in their regions, and Active Adventures is 2nd to none.”
    Kevin Curran – Arizona, United States February 2018
  • Condor - Patagonia Adventure

    “The Condor with Zac, was a wonderful travelling adventure, extremely well organised and delivered by an experienced and competent team of travel professionals both in NZ and SA. All aspects of this trip were delivered in a way to make the trip a continuous enjoyable experience; transfers, accommodation, meals, entertainment, other guides & drivers and impromptu activities were all excellent. There was always opportunities for the more active people in the group to extend themselves and go the extra distances and/or complete additional activities or if you wanted a more relaxed approach this was also accommodated. I cannot speak highly enough of our tour leader Zac; his local knowledge, photography, sense of humour, organisation skills & logistics, ability to easily overcome various issues during the trip without us even noticing, great choice of restaurants, New Years fireworks display & drinks on the beach at Punta Arenas, this list goes on and on!! The other guides Jorge & Aimee were also excellent & worked so well with Zac to look after us all on this trip.”
    Murray Thompson – New South Wales, Australia February 2018
  • Patagonia 2018

    “Had a great trip with Active Adventures, could not have asked for more. The itinerary, guides, housing, food, transfers, etc were top rate. We had a diverse and fun mix of people to travel with. A very memorable experience.”
    Chris Allison – Colorado, United States February 2018
  • Amazing Experience of a Lifetime!

    “Best itinerary - covering W-Trek, Perito Moreno Glacier, El Chalten, and Mt Fitzroy!
    Best team - This was my first experience travelling with Active Adventures. AA certainly exceeded my expectations in all aspects (guides, drivers and fun team to travel with). Jay is the best guide I have ever had.
    Well organized - Weather cooperated for most of our trip. Active team handled even the worst case scenario with ease. For example, on our last day at Torres del Paine, getting out of the park was challenging due to weather. But the Active team went above and beyond in ensuring our safety, and did so as smoothly as possible.”
    Then Murthi – California, United States February 2018
  • Exhilarating!

    “Exhilarating is the only word that comes to mind when I think about the Condor trip. At times, I had to dig deep in my mental fortitude to over come the physical challenges of a steep climb but the reward was ever so gratifying. The sights were never ending, at each turn you were left in awe of the beauty of the landscape of Patagonia.”
    Christine Newport – Ontario, Canada January 2018
  • Patagonia - Don't worry, be happy

    “I couldn't have asked for a better experience in the amazing Patagonia region. The trip started off with a few hiccups with lost baggage and missing flights, but the gang at Active, especially Mayra, did all they could to help reunite me with my bag - even offering to bring me shopping in Punta Arenas and lending me gear for the W trek.
    The local active guides went above and beyond to pick up my bag from Puerto Natales and deliver it to me in El Calafate. The trip overall was amazing, but it’s the little things that truly showed Mayra and the team cared about each of us.
    I can’t say enough about how well organized the trip was – Mayra makes it look easy but we all know she was behind the scenes coordinating everything, finding the most amazing local restaurants, and lining up the next day’s activities. Mayra’s passion for the mountains and the outdoors shines through in her work and is contagious. She was more than a guide to our group, she became a dear friend.
    All the local guides were great, extremely knowledgeable and personable adding to the beauty and experience.
    I can’t say enough about the experience, the food, and the people I met.
    The itinerary was very well outlined - every day we had an amazing adventure awaiting us. I didn’t feel that I was missing out on any opportunity while on the trip, except that I wish I could have stayed longer.
    The only recommendation I have is to inform the younger travelers of the typical age group of the active tours. I had assumed it would be an older age range due to the price of the tour, but the photos online were a bit misleading. I wouldn’t change my trip for the world as everyone on my trip was amazing and I learned a lot, but can see that may not always be the case depending on the different personalities you have on a trip.
    Kaitlyn Stelmack – DC, United States of America January 2018
  • Amazing Patagoina

    “Just an amazing trip. From the Penguin Colonies to the W Trek to Grey Glacier Hiking was out of this world. The guides Myra and Cem were outstanding. Having great guides makes a great adventure an amazing adventure with lifetime memories. And i was lucky enough to have some really amazing people in the group which made the trek even more enjoyable”
    Max Murad – New Jersey, United States of America January 2018
  • Amazing Trip

    “It was an awesome trip through some amazing country. Hikes were hard work at times but very rewarding. Well organised and professional.”
    Peter Dennis – New South Wales, Australia January 2018
  • A Great Third Trip With Active

    “This was my third trip with Active (first was the Winter Rimu in 2011, followed by the Annapurna Sanctuary trek in 2013) and it was an absolute blast, as always! Our guide, Zac, was warm, friendly and accommodating and managed our large group with expertise and infinite patience. We also had fantastic local guides on both our 'W' trek and in El Chalten, making for a wonderful crew of experts to guide us on our adventure. The hiking was extremely challenging, but worth it for the spectacular views we enjoyed along the way. We lucked out with perfect weather during our entire trip, and I think all of us really enjoyed the incredible vistas we were treated to from start to finish! As with every Active trip I have taken, our accommodations were cozy, comfortable and convenient, and I really enjoyed the time Zac took to book delicious meals for us at every stop-- he really worked tirelessly throughout to make sure we were all happy, content and full after our hard work and it was so appreciated! The only even remotely negative thing I have to say is that the first two days of our trip were New Years Eve and Day, and it started things off rather slowly as we had to forfeit our penguin cruise and first few meals in favor of a local tour and hotel food-- but it was our choice to book this window so not entirely Active's fault and Zac, as always, was smiling and positive throughout, which lifted my mood! Aside from that, this was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and worth absolutely every mile. Don't hesitate to book and enjoy every moment!”
    Maggie Voelzke – DC, United States January 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “Spectacular scenery, awe-inspiring mountains and glaciers, gale force winds, snow, amazing food (including grazing on wild berries along the way) and fantastic guides who really looked after us to the nth degree made up the Patagonia experience! This was truly an active adventure - we saw and did all the highlights. A trip of a lifetime!”
    Heather-Ann Briker-Bell – Queensland, Australia January 2018
  • Mayra and Cem were Just the Best

    “My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour at the end of 2017 into 2018 in Patagonia. Mayra was outstanding as our group leader. She always was willing to help if there was an issue, always explained what to expect, always looking out for us to ensure we were enjoying the experience and just an absolutely wonderful person. Cem was our guide during the W trek. He was funny, informative, truly helpful and always helping the group get through the hard parts. Juan and Cecila were our guides on the other parts and they were very friendly as well.”
    John Duddy Jr – California, United States January 2018
  • Patagonia - Life is Good

    “First we will say that Cynthia, our requested trip guide made this the best possible trip. I cant say enough kind words about my friend Cynthia. She puts her whole heart and soul into guiding our adventures and I feel lucky to have her as a friend after traveling with her in Peru as well a year ago. Thank you Active so much for enabling my daughter to get to travel with her as well and get to know her. Having her as our guide meant the world to me. My daughter just loved her as I do and they were great friends on the trip.
    That being said, we loved Patagonia, really everything about it. As well Gem was a wonderful local guide who we really liked as well. Southern Patagonia was amazing and after the trip we went on to explore N Patagonia and also loved that. In our future we want to come back and I could easily spend 3 months exploring this exceptional area. Thank you Active for giving us such a wonderful experience as usual. This was my 5th Active trip and certainly won't be my last. I love Active, you do an amazing overall job with wonderful like minded guests. I always meet such wonderful people on your tours. Thank you for being such a trusted company that I can count on for an excellent experience.”
    Penny Fink – California, United States January 2018
  • Julian's Condor Review

    “The Condor trip to Patagonia is really a unique and once in a lifetime experience. I was constantly in awe of the beauty and vastness of the Patagonian wilderness and vistas. Active has set up a great itinerary filled with activity and tremendously knowledgable guides. I cannot recommend this trip enough!”
    Julian Lean – California, United States January 2018
  • Trip Review Condor

    “The Active Adventures "Condor" trip to Patagonia and the Argentinean Andes is a "must do" adventure if you enjoy hiking around glaciers, lakes and mountains. The views are spectacular. The quality of the guides is first rate on all elements of this trip. ”
    Ron Nissen – Queensland, Australia January 2018
  • Awesome trip!

    “Very well curated trip with awesome activities and fantastic views. Our guides were knowledgeable and helpful, facilitating a cohesive group and a really great trip. Now if only you could change the wind?!”
    Becky Sias – Oregon, United States January 2018
  • Condor

    “The trip was well planned out and made the most of our time in Patagonia. The hikes were challenging at times but it was worth it. ”
    Cauleen Svanda – New Mexico, United States January 2018
  • Condor - incredible Patagonia with great guides

    “Patagonia, both Chile and Argentina are absolutely breathtaking. The itinierary of the trip ensured that we saw all the major sights, and experienced the hiking, food and culture of both countries. Our main guide Jait, was very knowledgeable and worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone on the trip were included, whilst keeping the mood light, and everyone's spirits high. This is the way to see and experience Patagonia with Active Adventures it is an excellent trip.”
    Varina Nissen – Queensland, Australia January 2018
  • Patagonia - Another winner - Our 4th Active Adventure

    “We would recommend this trip to anyone that has thought of going to Patagonia - South. We have only had success and wonderful memories on our trips with Active Adventures. This one is another winner. I would like to thank our wonderful team leader/guide Zac for making it even more special, also to our delightful companions - Brian (old friend from our Peru trip), Laura and Kathyrn (new young friends) for sharing the experience. I cannot say enough about Gem our guide through Chile - W-trek. If you are looking to experience the people, the beautiful and volatile environment that is Patagonia then this trip is for you.”
    Derek Scott – Florida, United States January 2018
  • Fabulous Trip

    “This is a great trip! The itinerary is fun and active and has a little variety. The people were great, and the guides, Cahit, Anna, and Aime were stellar. It was the perfect combination of people, weather and terraine. And, Active Adventures really does make it easy so you can leave your worries at home. If you want to be stunned into silence again and again by sheer natural beauty, this is a trip that will give you what you want!”
    Peggy Pitchford – Colorado, United States January 2018
  • Thank You Active Adventures!

    “Excellent trip, great guides and new friends!”
    Marisa Magrino Weldon – Florida, United States January 2018
  • Enjoying Patagonia with no worries

    “Had a wonderful trip. All staff (guides and drivers) were fantastic and everything was planned and/or looked after by them. Had no worries whatsoever while in the hands of Active Adventures, including when the weather turned bad and plans needed to be changed, quick. The Argentinian side of the trip felt somewhat less packed and at times, like I could have been doing more. Still worth a five stars from me.”
    Jos̩e Poirier РMassachusetts, United States December 2017
  • Each challenge rewards you with the beauty of the region

    “ It was everything I imagined and more. The beauty of Chile and Argentina come to life through every step - uphill, downhill and around every turn. The W trek was the highlight for me personally because I wanted to check the box and say 'I did it'. I am truly impressed with the care and attention provided by our guides. Not a single detail is missed. Cahit made the experience so personal to each member of the group for the entire 2 weeks. Anna was our rockstar guide for the W and Aime took great care of us as the rains hit us in Argentina. The itinerary was just perfect. If Patagonia is on your bucket list, do it with Active Adventures. The guides will teach you so much about the region, the wildlife, the plants, and more. And the local hotels and restaurants you visit are just wonderful. Our favorite souvenirs include a local Chilean spice and a sandwich spread that we just had to bring home! I keep looking at my pictures and feeling fortunate for the fabulous memories made and new friendships created. ”
    Kristen Barry – Pennsylvania, United States December 2017
  • “Every time we stopped we had magnificent views in every direction. Patagonia is beautiful. If you love beautiful places with stunning scenery this is the place for you. To truly enjoy it, you need to be in shape to hike relatively steep hills and up to 13 miles in a day. ”
    Steven Kram – Colorado, United States December 2017
  • Condor Trip Amazing

    “The "W" is an amazing opportunity for anyone who enjoys hiking in remote, beautiful areas. It is full of mountain vistas, waterfalls, streams, and even a glacier and icebergs! My husband and I absolutely loved it including the time in the refuggios! The food was delicious and the people were lovely! We loved the zodiac trip at the end to climb on rock to see the glacier up close. We also enjoyed the towns of Puerto Natales, and El Calafate. Both had great restaurants, and interesting shops. Argentina and the Monte Fitz Roy was quite exciting. We especially enjoyed seeing the glacier icebergs and hiking in such beautiful mountain scenery. Our guide, Cahit was amazing, and our guide, Anna on the "W" was as well. So was our guide Aime who we had in El Chatan. I highly recommend this trip!!!”
    Emily Eberle – Tennessee, United States December 2017
  • Nov. 2017 Condor trip with Cynthia

    “What an awesome trip with one of the best guides ever. I would highly recommend this to all. The scenery was amazing, the activities were sweet, and the places stayed were top notch especially the one in El Calafate. The Refugio's were nicer than expected with ok food. ”
    Jim Gray – Colorado, United States December 2017
  • Perfect Patagonia

    “Had a wonderful time on the Condor trip with Cynthia. The trip was well planned and we traveled with such great folks. Couldn't have been better. Cynthia even arranged for great weather! ”
    Sarah Gray – Colorado, United States December 2017
  • Best Trip Yet

    “The Condor trip was my first adventure into South America. Admittedly, I was a worried that my lack of Spanish and inexperience on the continent would spoil the opportunity. I could not have been more wrong. The Condor trip was my best adventure yet!
    Our guide Cahit quickly proved to be an amazing leader. He was highly knowledgeable about the region, helpful in every language situation, highly organized and just a really fun human being. He helped our group bond quickly and made sure each of us enjoyed our time in Patagonia. All the supportive guides were also very friendly and supportive. Our W-Trek guide, Cem helped make some very challenging hikes a hoot of a time with his great personality.
    As for the adventures, the Condor package is amazing. Without a doubt, hiking the W-Trek and Monte Fitz Roy are two of most treasured experiences. The glaciers, icebergs, biking, hiking, wildlife, weather, terrain and people in this region are amazing. I would strongly prescribe this experience to any human wanting to see beauty and experience adventure. Thank you, Active Adventures, for this wonderful experience!”
    Jeremy Chambers – Idaho, United States December 2017
  • Best Trip Yet

    “The Condor trip was my first adventure into South America. Admittedly, I was a worried that my lack of Spanish and inexperience on the continent would spoil the opportunity. I could not have been more wrong. The Condor trip was my best adventure yet!
    Our guide Cahit quickly proved to be an amazing leader. He was highly knowledgeable about the region, helpful in every language situation, highly organized and just a really fun human being. He helped our group bond quickly and made sure each of us enjoyed our time in Patagonia. All the supportive guides were also very friendly and supportive. Our W-Trek guide, Cem helped make some very challenging hikes a hoot of a time with his great personality.
    As for the adventures, the Condor package is amazing. Without a doubt, hiking the W-Trek and Monte Fitz Roy are two of most treasured experiences. The glaciers, icebergs, biking, hiking, wildlife, weather, terrain and people in this region are amazing. I would strongly prescribe this experience to any human wanting to see beauty and experience adventure. Thank you, Active Adventures, for this wonderful experience!”
    – , December 2017
  • Worth every penny!

    “As someone who mostly travels independently, the thought of signing up for a two week organized group trip was rather intimidating but after reading all the reviews for Active, I thought I would give it a try... and I am so glad I did! Active Adventures made everything flow effortlessly- from the second I signed up until we were dropped of at the airport. The itinerary for the Condor trip is phenomenal, covering lots of different areas of Southern Patagonia and highlighting the most beautiful places. The W trek was one of the highlights of the trip and was even more enjoyable thanks to our guide, Cem, who was a wealth of knowledge about the flora and fauna and brought such a fun energy to the group. Additionally, our tour leader, Zac, had such a positive spirit, strong sense of humor and passion for his work that showed during our two weeks getting to know him. He was so well organized and made sure everything was lined up so we could relax and enjoy our downtime- including nailing a birthday dinner and cake! Would highly recommend this trip and organization to anyone in the future!”
    Laura Postles – Pennsylvania, United States December 2017
  • Amazing Patagonia!

    “The Condor trip to Patagonia was amazing. Great weather, great travel companions and great guides. Cynthia, Anna and Fredrico did an exceptional job, they were knowledgeable, friendly, humorous and patient. I truly appreciated Cynthia’s french press coffee and the cake at the refugio for Bill’s birthday!
    Some hiking days were challenging but very rewarding. Active Adventures did a wonderful job of planning the itinerary, hotels and restaurants. I would definitely book another vacation with Active Adventures.
    Yvonne Bellanger – Saskatchewan, Canada December 2017
  • Great Condor Trip

    “We just finished a Condor trip with eight other folks and our guide, Cynthia. The trip was awesome and Cynthia did a terrific job of keeping everything fun, organized, and hassle-free - she is a gem. We were very fortunate to have wonderful weather, which made every day enjoyable, memorable, and often spectacular. I thought the trip was very well organized and thought out, and the itinerary was excellent - really much better than several other trips we were considering. Of course, the scenery is amazing, and the itinerary maximises our enjoyment of it. We had three long (13 mile) days, but all of us did just fine. I was surprised by the excellent quality of the meals, which were much better than I expected - the choice of restaurants was great. The hotels were also very good. And the refugios were much nicer than I expected, and great places to end each day. This was our fifteenth adventure trip (with various companies) and this is definitely one our favourites, and one that we will never forget. I certainly would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a Patagonia trip.”
    Robert Bedoll – Washington, United States December 2017
  • Fantastic Trip

    “Trip was very well organized and totally enjoyable. Excellent guides”
    Bill Clements – Saskatchewan, Canada December 2017
  • Trip of a lifetime!

    “As a woman in her 60s I was a little apprehensive about the physical demands of this trip. But with a bit of training, and a willingness to push myself a bit, I had an amazing time! Hiking, backpacking, kayaking, glacier trekking, biking - I did it all! It was a trip that I'll remember forever.”
    Lynn Schwartz – Minnesota, United States December 2017
  • "Outdorphin" Fix Satisfied!

    “Patagonia was on my bucket list. Mountains are my happy place where I feel the grandeur of nature and the smallness of myself! Fresh air, vivid flowers, crystal blue skies, surreal endless majestic horizons, pristine rivers, icy glacial water, and the comradery that comes from a shared experience with new friends. All of this and more from Active Adventure’s Condor trip.
    Every step on every hike lead to a payoff for your eyes and soul. If you love to get your endorphins from being outside – you can get your “outdorphin” fill from a trek like this. An unbelievable trip - with memories for a lifetime. All enjoyed with my best friend while making new friends!
    Renee Gutzman – Minnesota, United States December 2017
  • Spectacular Patagonian Adventure

    “The 2 week hiking trip to Patagonia was really fantastic! The scenery was jaw-droppingly gorgeous on every activity - including hiking through the W-Trek in Torres del Paine, kayaking and ice hiking on Grey Lake and Grey Glacier, hiking to the base of Cerro Torre and Fitzroy range. Our guide, Cynthia, was very organized, enthusiastic, thoughtful, patient, and fun. Everything was planned well and executed superbly. The restaurants Cynthia took us to were all excellent, and the packed lunches for the hikes were tasty and plentiful. All the local guides during our adventure were knowledgeable and wonderful. Even the weather was outstanding for most of our 2-week adventure. It was a trip of a lifetime and a privilege to experience such a beautiful part of the world.”
    Christine Chwe – New Jersey, United States December 2017
  • Seamless Trip, Amazing Guide!

    “The trip was made by the varied itinerary, the attention to detail and the GUIDE. Jay was fantastic and managed all situations with ease and was never phased. We saw many possible difficulties had we done this on our own but by doing through Active made it so much more enjoyable. When things were cancelled, an alternative was always at hand. Everything seemed to go seamless. It helped having great travelling companions.”
    Harald Weber – , South Africa December 2017
  • Condor Trip 11/12/17 - Doug and Lorie Pfaff. New York

    “We had an absolutely amazing time! We were blown away with the beauty of Patagonia! Our group was fantastic and our leader Cynthia was the best! Cynthia was always there if anyone needed anything and she made sure the trip ran smoothly. She is also very knowledgeable about the entire region and most importantly she is a very nice person! Zac was an added bonus on the trip (leader in training) and all of the local guides were just fantastic. Zac was always there for anyone in the group and made the trip extra special with his awesome sense of humour! The accommodations and food were all great. We are still on a "high" from this trip that we hope never ends. We would recommend Active Adventures and of course the "Condor" trip to anyone. We thank everyone from Active as we know a lot of work goes on behind the scenes for a trip like this to be so special.
    We hope to be able to travel with you again! All of our best! Doug and Lorie”
    Doug Pfaff – New York, United States December 2017
  • Simply Awesome

    “Incredible doesn't cover it. This trip gave a truly comprehensive Patagonia experience. Congratulations must go to whoever designed the sequence/structure. Each day presented us with a never-to-be-topped experience, promptly upped a notch the next..for the FULL trip duration!! No faults with accommodation, meals, transportation etc. Jay was absolutely awesome (I'll be running out of superlatives soon). Personable, great leader, communicator and guide. No problem ever became a problem. He and his brother Gem made this a real ILE (incredible life experience). Still don't know how he managed to arrange for the variety of weather and wildlife. For anyone thinking about doing this trip - don't think, DO. And I would recommend Active adventures!”
    Justin de Beer – Ontario, Canada December 2017
  • Condor

    “Beyond expectations. The hiking was world class and the logistics so well organised ”
    Billa Eickhoff – , South Africa December 2017
  • Spring in Patagonia

    “I am more convinced than ever that November is the month to visit and hike Patagonia. The red of the flowering fire bushes, blue sky, orchids on the side of the trail, the odd snow flake - it is the best season! The W trek is not a 'walk in the park' but worth every breath and drop of sweat. I highly recommend it.”
    Irene Fritschi Nelin – British Columbia, Canada December 2017
  • Condor - Chile, Argentina

    “My sister and I travelled to New Zealand with Active and had an amazing trip. They are well organised and put together trips with lots packed in! Our trip to Patagonia was awesome. Our guides were fun and the trip went smoothly. We had days of incredible hiking in Patagonia. The W-Trek was a highlight. I highly recommend this trip to anyone that loves to hike and kayak.”
    Kim Barna – Michigan, United States December 2017
  • Top Notch!

    “From my first contact with Active Adventures through the full Condor trip I was impressed with the attention to detail, service and unfailing commitment to making sure everyone in the group experienced the best of Patagonia. Our guides were incredible, Cynthia (we miss you!), Cem and the ever entertaining Zac. Thanks for everything.”
    Ann Kane – Ontario, Canada December 2017
  • Awesome Trip - Everything I'd Hoped For!

    “Every day brought something new and/or spectacular. Can't say enough about how glad I was with how the trip worked out. This is the first time traveling with Active Adventures so I didn't know what to expect. I was hopeful it would be great, and it was. Cynthia was our guide and she was really great. Zac was along for the ride as he would begin leading some Condor trips starting the following week. He was also awesome. Can't say enough of how Cynthia had everything dialed in. Her and Zac's enthusiasm really drove the trip home. It was challenging at times, so make sure you make an effort to get in some decent shape. I was a novice hiker coming in - so it was worth renting poles.
    You'll walk away with a new meaning for the word 'flat' (or Patagonia flat), and what a 'breeze' is... :)”
    Dan Rojek – Illinois, United States December 2017
  • Tough But Worth It

    “A great and challenging two weeks that offered plenty of rewarding views. A great tour of the beautiful region that is Patagonia.”
    Jason Waitkins – New York, United States December 2017
  • Wonderful Trip

    “Wonderful trip! Another great Active Adventure. Astounding scenery and a solid workout! A good mix of roughing it and luxury.”
    Rick Siedband – Minnesota, United States October 2017
  • Fantastic trip

    “This was my first hiking trip, and I must say it was fantastic!!! Patagonia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been (and I travel a lot). I want to mention that you have to be in reasonably good physical condition to enjoy this trip. I am glad that I trained for it. Arturo, our tour guide and Catherine (the W Trail guide) were excellent. They also made sure that they accommodated my dietary requirements (gluten, diary, and soy free) on the W Trail, which is not an easy task. I enjoyed every moment of the trip. I will definitely book another trip with Active Adventures, now that I know how much I enjoy hiking and active trips.”
    Simona Walsh – Pennsylvania, United States August 2017
  • Fantabulous!

    “This is our second Active trip and it was equally as great as the first! The guides were fantastic. You all know how to take care of active adventurer types. We lucked out on the weather and the views were stunning. Such a gorgeous part of the world. Another check-off on the bucket list.”
    Rochelle Finzel – Colorado, United States June 2017
  • Loved every minute, but not the Blisters !

    “The trip was everything it was supposed to be, and well worth the effort. From the moody weather to the gorgeous sunshine, from the penguins to the condors, we would do it again !”
    Cathy Leslie – Colorado, United States May 2017
  • Trip to remember

    “Active Adventures, Arturo and local guides have done a great job making sure Patagonia trip experiences become memories of a lifetime for Natalie and I. The trip had it all - great sightseeing, strenuous hiking, biking, kayaking, hiking on a glacier, accommodations - simple to luxurious, great food... I only wish the weather would have been more cooperative. It was also great being part of a fun and easy going group... hopefully will see each other again on future Active trips!”
    Alex Yampolsky – California, United States April 2017
  • Fantastic time, sometimes strenuous always worth it

    “Had an excellent time. W trek was sometimes very tough but definitely worth the effort. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They took good care of us throughout. The trip was well organized and smoothly run. We will absolutely be looking to active adventures for similar trips in the future. ”
    Stephen Hobbs – Kentucky, United States April 2017
  • Another Great Active Adventures Vacation!

    “I've come to expect excellent vacation experiences from Active Adventures and the Condor trip with Arturo did not let me down. It was another fantastic adventure with a great itinerary, amazing views, outstanding guiding and a terrific group of fellow travelers. ”
    Brooke McDermott – Connecticut, United States April 2017
  • “Generally enjoyed the trip but I fell down on the second day of the W-trek in Patagonia. We Had great tour guides and company which made up for the disappointment of not being able to fully participate in the trip.”
    Siew Hong Lim – Singapore, Singapore March 2017

    “From the moment we met in the hotel lobby in Chile to our last good bye in Argentina, it was the a perfect adventure! ”
    Joelle Andren – Washington, United States March 2017
  • Lou D'Agostino's Condor

    “Dear Friends,
    Certainly I was predisposed to expect a great time because of three other positive Active trips but this time was especially memorable. Firstly, although I have always met interesting people on Active trips, this one was filled with the most friendly and athletic folks ever. Not only generous in spirt but quick to help each other to be certain all went well. Yes, there were a few instances where I had to remind myself that 'getting out of my comfort zone' was part of the experience. It was all good.
    I have always been intrigued by 'Cape Horn' and dreamed of someday getting as close as I could, so for me, this was my 'trip of a lifetime'. It was made particularly enjoyable by our chief guide and companion Cynthia Villadares.
    All the best,
    Louis D'Agostino – New York, United States March 2017
  • If it were easy everyone would do it.

    “This was my first visit to Patagonia and it was spectacular. The entire Active Adventures team made this trip an absolute pleasure from ease of booking, clear and thorough information about the trip, and an incredibly well organized adventure. Cynthia, our guide was very professional and organized. and was just a great person with whom to spend a couple of weeks. We had a diverse group of folks from all over the U.S. and we all got along very well. We experienced heavy rain and overflowing rivers and trails for the first few days, but that just brought us closer together as we relied on each other to make our way. Then the sun came out and we saw some of the most beautiful mountains, lakes and glaciers that can be seen anywhere in the world. I've been home for over a week and I can't wait to book my next trip!!! ”
    Rich Laws – Colorado, United States March 2017
  • Patagonia 3/2017

    “This truly was one of those 'trips of a lifetime'! The challenges we faced as a group the first week due to the unusually heavy rains helped bond our group early on making this one of the best trips people wise I have ever been on. We had to help each other safely ford many unexpected creek and river crossings. The leadership both Cynthia and the local guides provided was expert and excellent making what could have been a disappointing, miserably wet, or even dangerous experience an exciting and safe one....We rose to the challenge in great part a response to their spirit and professional attitude, especially Cynthia's.”
    Kate Lesslie – Pennsylvania, United States March 2017
  • Active is the Word!

    “I thoroughly enjoyed my Condor adventure. I've been on a few of these hosted by other companies and I think Active Adventures is the best so far - a good value too. When you say all-inclusive, you mean it. We often ordered whatever we wanted right off the menu. Arturo and the other guides did a great job. The itinerary was excellent - I know because a few times we barely made the connection to a boat. There was little down time. Doing the W Hike in the first week is also key - We were fresh and ready then. The weather on our trip was not ideal. We totally missed seeing Fitz Roy, despite 4 days in El Chalten. Oh well. Mother Nature didn't cooperate. The only thing that would've made the trip better would be better accommodations at some of the refugios. I know you can't control this and there's not a lot of choice, but, boy, some of those shower facilities and bathrooms were just awful. I'm looking forward to hiking with you guys again soon. :)”
    Henry Gorecki – Illinois, United States March 2017
  • February 26th Condor with Arturo

    “The experience was amazing!! Active Adventures put us with a Great team of Guides, and I want to express that with the utmost praise! The hiking group was so much fun, which made the trekking exciting and a joy. I traveled with my girlfriend (Joelle) who is a more seasoned hiker than me, and the inspiration for the trip so cudos to her! The only small consideration I believe might help would be better maintenance at some of the Refugio's, I will let someone else in the group mention it by name!”
    Tim Chiles – Washington, United States March 2017
  • Awesome experience

    “Our recent Condor trip with Cynthia was awesome. Cynthia did a great job as our trip leader. She was fun to be around, full of facts, and attended to all the details. The scenery was breathtaking, food and drink delicous and I would highly recommend this trip.”
    Alan Fisser – Colorado, United States March 2017
  • Feb 5 2017 Condor with Arturo

    “It was a fabulous trip. Arturo is a very considerate, competent, and creative guide with a wonderful sense of humor.”
    Kate Bernhardt – Colorado, United States March 2017
  • Awesome experience

    “Amazing experience with our North American friends. The photos never did the views justice. Around every corner there was another beautiful lake, another awesome glacier or forrest. Truly a land of contrast on our road trips. Cynthia was an incredible guide and she went out of her way to accommodate everyone. I won't forget this adventure!”
    Anne Oliver – Western Australia, Australia March 2017
  • Patagonia Dreaming

    “I had wanted to hike in Patagonia since the 1980's when I was heavy into mountaineering in Seattle, WA. I had lost this dream until we saw that Active Adventures offers the Condor trip. I loved every windy and even drippy step of the W trek. My first view of Grey Glacier took my breath away. And then we had Fitzroy and Cerro Torre in glorious sunshine. A dream of adventure come true!”
    Marilyn Glenn – Washington, United States March 2017
  • Patagonia peregrinations

    “First off, I have to confess that I had very little concept of what this particular trip would entail in terms of the environment. Although I'd been on several other AA trips and knew the level of care and attention I could expect logistically, I had only the fuzziest mental image of Patagonia itself. I knew there would be mountains and wind, but beyond that I was venturing into terra incognita, pulled primarily by the romanticism of the name and reassured by my prior experiences with AA that I would not be disappointed. And I was not.
    Patagonia was, in a word, fantastic. Or awesome. Or incredible. (OK, let's not quibble about my math.) The mountains and the wind are in fact just as overwhelmingly THERE as conventional accounts have it, the former extraordinarily angular, rugged and often foreboding, the latter a relentless force that smothered those same mountains with waves of clouds, kicked up numerous rainbows from the surrounding lakes and whipped our bodies as we struggled to find our footing.
    But there was so much more. In contrast to what may seem like a hostile combination of land- and wind-scape, Patagonia is remarkably non-threatening to visitors. No snakes, ticks, poisonous spiders or poisonous plants. No thunder storms. No predators that compel concern, since the Patagonian pumas are so skittish that anyone is lucky even to spot one. The landscape, meanwhile, is a visual feast of ice fields, tarns, rumbling avalanches (initially misinterpreted as distant thunder), guanacos and rheas, soaring condors, great vistas of open space, those wind-whipped rainbows. . . .
    And AA once again came through with its signature attention to detail: attentive and knowledgeable guides, super (even posh!) accommodations and smooth underlying logistics. Thanks to all for their contribution to a super experience.”
    Andy Zipser – Virginia, United States March 2017
  • Amazing trip, well run operation by people who love what they do

    “Overall, a great trip! Patagonia is everything imagined and more. No picture represent the feeling of being there with eyes closed. Treks little harder on two days of the trip: First day (Torres Del Paine) and Mount Fitz Roy trek (25kms), but rewards outweigh the effort.
    All guides, Cynthia, Gem, Paula were outstanding.
    Vijay Sharma – Ohio, United States March 2017
  • Truely an Amazing Vacation

    “We really enjoyed this beautiful land. Cynthia and Paula (local guide) did an outstanding job of organizing and taking care of our group. They really enjoyed explaining the geology as well as the flora and fauna we were looking at. There was always time for pictures or views as we moved along this picture perfect land.”
    Stephen Tatham – Washington, United States March 2017
  • Amazing trip to El Fin Del Mundo! (End of the World)

    “Challenging hikes to see two of the "Eighth Wonders of the World": the granite towers and glacial lake of the Torres del Paine in Chile and Mont Fitzroy in Argentina. Hiking combined with kayaking on opaque Grey Lake in front of a massive glacier, ice hiking on the glacier, biking next to the Wandering river.. paradise for the Active traveler! Nice hotels, interesting cuisine and our wonderful guide (AKA our trekking mother) Mayra made for a terrific trip! This is my second trip with Active (South Island New Zealand) and could not have been better.
    Chris Clark – New York, United States March 2017
  • Condor

    “This trip was excellent. The guides were fantastic (super friendly and great with seamlessly managing various ages of people and fitness levels), it was very well organized and the weather held all but two days of the entire trip allowing really amazing views of most mountain vistas. A real must for the bucket list.”
    Kathleen Christians – Wisconsin, United States March 2017
  • Like A Postcard

    “The mountains, glaciers and icebergs of Patagonia were some of the most incredible sites I have ever seen. Many days were like walking into a postcard. "Am I really here?" Active took the worry out of the travel and planning and our guides were incredible! Arturo made the trip and our local guides were knowledgeable and skilled - Cem and Juan were great! Thanks Active for an amazing journey!”
    Sarah Lundeen – Wisconsin, United States March 2017
  • Patagonia

    “Wonderful trip with the added benefit of speaking Spanish. Loved it!”
    Sarah Baskin – Connecticut, United States February 2017
  • Patagonia is amazing!

    “The hiking on the W-Track and in Los Glaciares National Park was just as beautiful as I had always dreamed about. Our trip leaders, Arturo and Chem, were knowledgeable and fun to talk to and the food and accommodations were great.”
    Lori Shepherd – Wisconsin, United States February 2017
  • See the best of Patagonia and eat like a king!

    “Great itinerary to see Chilean and Argentine Patagonia! While many people come to hike Torres del Paine, which is awesome, I thought Mount Fit Roy and Cerro Torre were even more spectacular in Argentina! Wished we could have hiked to more places in Argentina. Also loved the food and the ability to choose your own meals! I ate like a king!”
    Patrick Nguyen – Colorado, United States February 2017
  • Patagonia adventure

    “If you want amazingly beautiful scenery, get in shape and take this trip! The hiking is very difficult at times, but the mountains, glaciers, and lakes are unbelievable. Our guides were patient and encouraging when I thought I could not go one more step. And nothing can take the place of the feeling you get when you round that final curve and come across the most beautiful view you have ever seen in your life. Except the feeling the next day, when the view is even more amazing!”
    Donna Hobbs – South Carolina, United States February 2017
  • Seeing Patagonia my way

    “Our trip to Patagonia with Active South America was just what I had hoped for, having traveled with Active in New Zealand. With all the accommodations, meals, and transportation provided, I could put my energy into hiking to the glacial lakes and peaks that were even more awesome than I had expected them to be. I appreciated the well-chosen trails and local guides who taught us about the land and customs, and for me, about my special interest, birds. The warm welcome and special service we received at every hotel and restaurant was thanks to our guide Cynthia who has endeared herself to the Chilean and Argentinian hosts who treated us as her special friends. Cynthia is a pro. While warm, energetic, enthusiastic and fun, she is on top of the details and can solve problems when they arise. Walking in the beech forest, wading in glacial lakes, kayaking beside enormous icebergs, and hiking to the base of towering granite peaks are experiences I will remember always. Thank you, Active! ”
    Sherryl Taylor – California, United States February 2017
  • Tony's Excellent Patagonia Adventure

    “From our first gathering Sunday evening at our hotel in Punta Arenas to our departure 14 days later from El Calafate, the Condor adventure was spectacularly beautiful, challenging and exhausting at times, congenial, very well organized and guided, and unforgettable. Our trip leader Cynthia Valadares handled every detail with apparent ease and dealt with any challenges with ease and grace. Our guides in Torres del Paine NP and in El Chalten shared their deep love and knowledge of these areas, each step of the way. ”
    Tony Taylor – California, United States February 2017
  • Condor January 2017.

    “Ever since reading Bruce Charwin's in Patagonia I have been intrigued by Patagonia. So after 40 years my dream came true and, in spite of not always perfect weather, it exceeded my high expectations.”
    Ake Almgren – Washington, United States February 2017
  • Condor Trip

    “In my opinion, the unique aspect of this trip is the ability to hike in Patagonia in both Chile and Argentina. Each offers a very different hiking experience and scenery-- the W-trek and glaciers of Chile and the high mountains of Argentina. Both are spectacular. Appreciated the varied itinerary including kayaking and biking and the knowledgable and friendly guides.”
    Carol Sarnat – Minnesota, United States February 2017
  • Exceeded Expectations!

    “Our Condor trek was absolutely amazing! Everything promised in the brochure happened. Cynthia, our guide, was outstanding. She went above and beyond to make sure our trek was the best. I really don't know how one person could do what she did. She treated everyone like family. The accommodations, transportation, food, trekking experience were second to none! You need to be in shape. Your always on the go. The W trek was exciting, great views. The kayaking and glacier climb were really fun. The view of Fitz Roy from the lake is world class, absolutely breathtaking! If you want to get great trekking experience and be tired at the end of the day, do this one!”
    Galen Pavone – Colorado, United States February 2017
  • Patagonia Trip of a Lifetime

    “This was an amazing adventure in Patagonia! We had the best group of people, our guides were superior and the adventures were non-stop day by day. The hiking was absolutely stunning, the food was fabulous, the accommodations were wonderful and oh, the wine-superior. Everything about this trip was awesome!”
    Jayne Carbone – South Carolina, United States February 2017
  • “It really was the trip of a lifetime! I have never been to a more beautiful place and would go back in a heartbeat if I could!
    Cynthia, our guide, was simply amazing, managing to keep 14 different people happy and never making it seem like it was any effort at all. She is a wonderful ambassador for Patagonia!”
    Lisie M Morvant – Texas, United States February 2017
  • “Awesome trip. Even though I went by myself, not knowing anyone, I still had an amazing time. Tough spot to get to but well worth it. Guides are knowledgeable, fun to be with, and I'm already researching my next trip.”
    Leo Chien – New York, United States February 2017
  • The unparalleled Patagonia Experience

    “ACTIVE Patagonia is a direct uninterrupted experience through one's feet, eyes and all other senses. It's an intense absorption of Patagonia with all its amazing beauty. One is in and with Nature to the fullest extent, surrounded by magnificent landscapes.”
    Ami Oren – California, United States February 2017
  • Amazing!

    “This trip was amazing in so many ways that I am still trying to process all the beautiful places we hiked!
    Our excellent guide Cynthia made the whole trip so easy that all we had to do was to enjoy our surroundings!!”
    Debra Pence – Texas, United States February 2017
  • Viento, viento, y mas viento

    “I saw a t-shirt in El Chalten with this printed on it. Now I get it! Even with the wind, rain, some very hard trails, I wouldn't trade this trip for anything (well maybe a little less rain). It was set in the most dramatic places I have ever been, had great guides, and was a personal challenge that I'm very proud to have completed. The beauty of Patagonia will stay with me forever. Thank you Active Adventures!”
    Linda Sheppard – California, United States February 2017
  • A trip of a lifetime

    “Our Condor trip with Cynthia was a trip of a lifetime. Cynthia did a wonderful job of teaching us about Patagonia. The trip had a terrific balance of hiking, kayaking and biking. ”
    Mike McGovern – Ohio, United States January 2017
  • The Majesty of the Mountains

    “The beauty of Patagonia is inspiring. It's physically challenging with the frequent changes in weather but so worth the awesome scenery. The camaraderie among some of the fellow hikers was great. Think I met some new life-long friends!”
    Vicki Houle – California, United States January 2017
  • Patagonia Overload

    “Patagonia has been on my "bucket list" for a number of years and I finally got the opportunity to check that off the list. I researched a few other adventure companies but felt that Active Adventures offered the most diversity at a price point that was competitive with everyone else. I was not disappointed. From the very first meeting with Cynthia in Punta Arenas until our goodbye in El Calafate, the trip was as good as I expected. Cynthia was a 5 star trip leader and you never had to worry that things were being taken care of. All the hotels and restaurants that we were at were first rate. Excellent meals and comfortable place to stay. Even the Refugio's on the "W" trek were fun places to stay. The hiking we did was great and the hikes were not exactly "cupcake" hikes. You really needed to be in shape. Our two different hiking guides, Jim and Luis were top notch. Friendly and very informative. It was a pleasure being around them. From a visit to Magdalena Island to see the penguins, to a hike on Grey Glacier and a visit to Perito Moreno Glacier, it was all a thrill. Even the bike ride on a unpaved road was a challenge.
    For anyone that wants a great trip to Patagonia, I would highly recommend Active Adventures Condor Trip. Cynthia was the bomb!”
    Joe Magruder – North Carolina, United States January 2017
  • Condor with Cynthia

    “Great trip. Cynthia is the best in organizing and taking care of everyone. I've done two trips with Active with Cynthia as guide. This company and guide are best. They cover all the details and are prompt in responding to questions. They are my first choice for overseas trips. ”
    Ginger Kelly – Colorado, United States January 2017
  • Patagonia 2016

    “Trip was amazing - Harder the hikes the better the view”
    Dean Clough – Massachusetts, United States January 2017
  • Amazing Trip

    “Patagonia is a fascinating place. The scenery was stupendous, some of the hiking was a bit challenging but all worth it. ”
    Penny Schultz – Nevada, United States January 2017
  • Latitude 53 degrees and Loving It,

    “What a privilege it was to travel to Patagonia with three generations of our family. It is such a beautiful part of the world but also, so removed from the anxieties and pressures of the modern, social media/plugged-in world, and the Trump nastiness. The trekking was especially beautiful with the wild flowers in bloom and sunshine on our shoulders.

    Active Adventures organized us perfectly in the sense that our transportation, refugios, and food were efficiently and tastefully selected. Arturo was so, so nice to our grandkids. Chem was delightful and so kind. What brilliant new friends we made and how kind and inclusive they were with the teenagers we had in tow.

    We loved the ACTIVE in Adventures. We earned our good meals and good beds by stretching our limits over our two week trek. My husband and I were by far the oldest pair on the trail, but we loved it and who knows, maybe we will be back for our 60th anniversary.”
    Carolyn Johnson – Florida, United States January 2017
  • Fantabulous

    “A simply amazing trip-- pristine scenery, magical and majestic mountains, and all coordinated seamlessly by a fantastic trip leader and guides. Our family of seven-- spanning the ages of 78 to 12-- was perfectly supported, educated, and delighted by Arturo our trip leader and the local guides. They are all kind, fun, and experienced. Cem was true to his name, a gem, ever so patient with those of us with sore joints, and always with a sparkle or story to share.”
    Krista Toomre – Florida, United States January 2017
  • Squeege perfect

    “Mountains, rock climbing, kayaking, penguins, glaciers, flamingos, and awesome food-- patagonia has it all! Arturo's laugh made me laugh all that much harder, and Cem is the best at everything adventurous. An incredible Christmas present for us all!”
    Camille Johnson – Florida, United States January 2017
  • It rocked!

    “Awesome group trip, especially from someone who likes to do it on their own. Guides, travel arrangements, ease of it all was incredible-- perfect.”
    Harold Johnson – Florida, United States January 2017
  • Patagonia's Greatest Hits

    “A well-curated tour of Patagonia's greatest hits. The well-organized activities and well-informed guides assured us of worry-free comfort and meaningful insights to the parade of Patagonian delights that dazzled our eyes and tickled our palates. (The farewell dinner done in a quincho expertly executed by the parillero was an over-the-top carnivorous feast capped by the lip-smacking, artery-clogging Mata Hambre.) Arturo and Anna charmed with their hospitality, solicitousness, and good humor. While I found the fitness level required was more than advertised, the gregarious guides and cheerfully chill companions kept the mood light and fun.”
    Edgar Jose Ampil – Metro Manila, Philippines January 2017
  • Better than expected

    “I had done one group tour before and lots of hiking with my local hiking club, but this tour was beyond what I was expecting. The people, the guide, the coordination and logistics - all were fantastic and well done. Of course, what truly made the trip was the amazing location and breathtaking adventure.”
    Amy Linsky – Massachusetts, United States January 2017
  • Awesome

    “Just returned from two weeks travelling with Active Adventures in Patagonia and it could not have been better. The scenery was spectacular, the days and evenings varied and interesting and we ate and were treated like royalty. Everything was first class on our trip including our tour leader Arturo Rojas who was professional and just awesome in every way. We had a group of 15 trekkers and we very quickly became fast friends. I'm sure there are many companies out there but from my experience I don't think you can go wrong with Active Adventures. I'm already looking forward to my next trip with them. ”
    Bill Murphy – Massachusetts, United States January 2017
  • Patagonia

    “Patagonia, a true beauty. Massive, beastly mountains, lovely people, challenging hikes, all made for an unforgettable trip. ”
    Renee West – Virginia, United States January 2017
  • Patagonia

    “One of my top trips!”
    Kirt West – Virginia, United States January 2017
  • Patagonia Condor

    “Cem, our tour leader was fabulous as well as the local tour guides. The trip was amazing and simply beyond words. The scenery was so amazing that it made every step, every steep incline worth the efforts. Was disappointed that the penguin tour was cancelled due to weather on the first day. The food was excellent; Cem did a super job selecting the restaurants outside of the W Refugios. ”
    Lillian Luu – Nevada, United States January 2017
  • Trip of a lifetime...

    “From ease of getting information about the trip, applying for it and being helped with all administrative necessities..... it was a pleasure to deal with "Active Adventures".
    The actual trip was very close to what was advertised and turned out to be a challenging adventure with great experiences and rewards. ”
    Dieter Lehmann – Florida, United States January 2017
  • Condor trip-a real active adventure

    “It was a great trip that I enjoyed very much. This is my 2nd tour with Active adventures since 2014. Our tour guides Arturo and Jim (on W-track) were great trip leaders and sincere, caring people, their presence throughout the trip is a key fact to make us feel safe and supported.

    The meals are very good and well arranged. The only venue that might need future improvement is the size of the vehicle that been employed for our group of 15-17 people. ”
    Jenny Quan – California, United States January 2017
  • Whoa! What an incredible trip!

    “There aren't any words that could properly prepare you for what is in store. Patagonia was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

    Cynthia was an amazing guide, she took such good care of us! She routinely went above and beyond to ensure we were safe, happy, healthy and well fed. What a gem she was! And on top of being great at her job, she's just an awesome person, fun, smart, flexible, just the kind of person you want touring you around the edge of the earth for 2 weeks.

    The trip itself was absolutely breathtaking. No photo could do that place justice. The W trail was an amazing hike full of ever changing views (and lots of wind!). Definitely, pay the extra to do the Grey Glacier hike! It was a trip highlight!

    Get ready to take your jacket on and off more in one day than you would over the course of a month back home :) Everything they say about the weather is true. You are at the mercy of the elements, but for the most part, we lucked out with weather (and when we didn't Cynthia always had a plan B).

    I'm so glad we did this! We will definitely be touring with Active again. Those folks do a stellar job of setting you up for an exciting adventure.
    Celeste Olds – Washington, United States December 2016
  • An eye opening experience.

    “When I first found the Active Adventures website I knew I had stumbled across something very special. I have wanted to visit Patagonia since I was a young kid, and when I saw the pictures of the people with Active Adventures smiling and laughing, I knew that I had to try it. Rarely in my experience is the actual experience better than I thought it could be. This is one of those times. Active Adventures paired me with a group of people who are diverse, interesting, fun, and surprising. They provide a guide who is excited about the experience as well, and who takes pride in doing a fantastic job for his or her group. Everything from deliciously prepared food in some of the finest restaurants in southern Chilè and Argentina, to putting in extra miles and hours hiking ensuring that the group members are satisfied and engaged with their experience. (Seriously, Arturo is awesome and at the very least deserves a bonus) You will not be sorry, I know I am not. ”
    Simon Driskell – Alabama, United States December 2016
  • Condor Adventures Dec 2016

    “Patagonia Chile and Argentina was my first visit to South America and the adventures were definitely everything I expected. My adventures with Cynthia and Active far exceeded everything I expected. Cynthia was an exceptional tour leader, full of knowledge, wit and charming kindness. She was attentive to every group member's needs and ensured that everyone was safe and well looked after. Filled with humour and wit, Cynthia is a highly efficient tour leader who is organized and passionate about leading groups. She always enjoyed being in the outdoors and spoke with excitement and knowledge about the highlights on the trip. Cynthia was always friendly, down to earth and very funny.
    The passion that she has for what she does helped to invigorate our group with a high and positive energy. The group that we had was an awesome group that came together and became like a small family in the short two weeks we spent together. My overall experience was more enriched because the group gelled and genuinely enjoyed one another's company. I spent two amazing weeks trekking Patagonia Chile and Argentina, experiencing some of nature's greatest landscapes. I'm grateful to have experienced it with the group we had, and for Cynthia, for helping to make a series of grand and treasured memories. I'll never forget my time in Patagonia. The tour was top-notch, greatly organized and run with efficiency. Thank you. A round of applause, Active!”
    Sophia Yee – Ontario, Canada December 2016
  • Spectacular Time!

    “We had a spectacular time in Patagonia! The venue was beautiful, challenging and exciting; Active did a great organizational job as well as Arturo our lead guide. Arturo is a multidimensional person that took great care of us at all times. Our group was very diverse, interesting spanning all age groups which got along great. Bottom line is that we had a fantastic time at a fantastic place with fantastic people. It was a very challenging trip that we are proud to have done. ”
    Alan Offstein – Pennsylvania, United States December 2016
  • An incredible adventure

    “There are too many highlights to list them all, but seeing a puma hunt guanaco
    is a near tie with the unscheduled glacier river crossing. Had we not been with Active Adventures, we would not have been able to complete the 'W' trek, due to a downed bridge and shady Chilean politics. We were one of only four groups able to complete the full 'W' due to the 'puente malo' and our guides Arturo and Cem were super-starts getting the entire group across the river (x3)!

    Words can't describe how amazing the trip was and a huge part of that was how Active arranged it and adapted to the situations on the ground. I would definitely
    go on any of their other trips.”
    Dave Katz – Massachusetts, United States December 2016
  • Absolutely Incredible

    “I truly never imagined the trip would be as awe-inspiring and soulful as it was. Our tour guide, Cynthia, was by far one of the most compassionate, caring, knowledgeable individuals I have ever met. She went above and beyond for everyone in our group and am incredibly grateful to have experienced this trip with her as our guide. The views of Patagonia are indescribable and the overall beauty surrounding one is almost surreal as to believe places like this exist in the world. I truly hope everyone has a chance in their life to take this trip and just soak in every second of the majestic beauty that engulfs you each and every day.”
    Margarita Morton – Texas, United States December 2016
  • Patagonia Adventure

    “A wonderful trip with great views and excellent hiking. Our guides really took care of us and everything was handled beautifully. The accommodations and food were first rate. Loved the trip.”
    Mike Bandrowski – California, United States December 2016
  • Toughest hike yet but rewarding

    “The "W" was one of the toughest hikes we've undertaken because of straight line steep grades and rocky trails. But when we finished we felt like we had met the challenge and all our pre-trip workouts were worth it. Our guide, Cahit, was fantastic - knowledgeable, outgoing and optimistic. The adding of mountain biking and kayaking was a nice touch!”
    Jim Santori – Minnesota, United States December 2016
  • Magnificent views

    “This was clearly one of the more spectacular trips we've taken because of the mountains, glaciers and beautiful weather. But it was a tough one. The W segment was a bit crowded so be ready to share a lot of the trail with a lot of people, especially at the refugios.”
    Colleen Santori – Minnesota, United States December 2016
  • Condor Nov 16

    “have used Active in NZ for Rimu trip and Condor trip lived up to expectations. It's some of the simple things like size of groups, quality of guides etc that make the difference for me. The sorting out of tips and meals just makes for an easy time as I travel for the trekking not the organising :-) good stuff active. Thanks”
    Bob Sewell – Essex, United Kingdom December 2016
  • Condor

    “Great trip. Been on several previous trips with other companies; this one was comparable. Food at restaurants was usually very good but bland at the refugios. Got to try out my paltry Spanish. Hiking with full packs not as burdensome as I anticipated. Scenery great. Rugged hikes but good trails. Cynthia and Jem were great guides. Well planned activities.”
    Shel Fineman – Virginia, United States December 2016
  • Another Active Home Run

    “This was my third trip with Active Adventures and my third continent! As usual, all of the preparatory communication, etc., was flawless. Every aspect of the trip exceeded my expectations... including the weather which was just spectacular. The style and philosophy of Active is exactly what I looked for and I'll continue to look to join future adventures as long as these legs hold out!”
    Peter Oldziey – Delaware, United States October 2016
  • Condor

    “The Condor trip was excellent! I love it. It was my first time on a hiking trip & I've chosen Patagonia - such a magical place & heavenly place for hiking. I guess being open minded & just going with the flow without worrying too much is the right attitude when it comes to hiking holidays because you really can't predict mother nature. I was lucky to have good weather & good company with the group. Both my guide Cynthia Valladares (our tour leader) & Cem Inal (our W-hike guide) are super super excellent, lovely people, patient & they just made my trip so much easier. The Condor trip itinerary was very well planned. I'm not disappointed & I would recommend "Active Adventures" for the Patagonia, South America hiking trip. ”
    Kim Chai – New South Wales, Australia April 2016
  • Magnificent views, great company incredible well organized tour

    “I felt the trip was very well organized. The tour guides were well informed and really took care of us. The trip was challenging but the tour guide was very encouraging and by our side all the way.
    Andrea Blum – California, United States April 2016
  • Patagonia 2106

    “Don't know what was more amazing - Patagonia or the level of service we received from all our guides. A wonderful experience.”
    Joseph Thomas – Connecticut, United States April 2016
  • Awesome trip

    “This was an awesome trip, with the scenery more spectacular than expected. We were lucky of course, that the weather cooperated.”
    Lois Fitzpatrick – Ontario, Canada March 2016
  • Ultimate Patagonia

    “The trip was very very good and was made more so by the professional and engaging trip guides Arturo and Jem. The accommodations and transportation and food choices were nearly always spot on. I had recently completed the 105 mile backpacking trip of the Tour du Mont Blanc and while that was more physically challenging, this trip offered some special and spectacular scenery. I do think that perhaps it could have been laid out more thoughtfully as, in my opinion, we spent to much time on buses traveling from one point to another. ”
    Jacob Sitkin – Pennsylvania, United States March 2016
  • Beautiful but challenging trip

    “The mountains and glaciers were beautiful and Cynthia was an outstanding guide, maybe the best we have ever had in almost 20 trips of this type. However the hiking was very demanding for someone in his late 60s. ”
    Jim Locke – New York, United States March 2016
  • Beautiful and challenging

    “Cynthia is a real treat! Patagonia is a beautiful place full of mountains and glaciers!
    Be prepared to hike!”
    Annabelle Irey – New York, United States March 2016
  • Fantastic Trip

    “Patagonia should be on anyone's wish list to visit and Cynthia did an incredible job running the trip.”
    Frank Reddick – Alberta, Canada March 2016
  • Patagonia (Chile/Argentina

    “Fantastic Trip!”
    Page Christis – Maryland, United States March 2016
  • The Best Experience of a Lifetime

    “What an adventure!!! We had the best two weeks. The trip was amazing. The itinerary was very well thought out. Cynthia (Yas) our guide was outstanding going out of her way to make the trip so special. The organisation was faultless, everything went like clockwork. I have travelled with Active Adventures before and I would highly recommend them again.
    The Condor Trip is challenging and probably there should be more information given regarding the difficulty of the trip. That was my only suggestion so that everyone can handle the hike as well as take the pressure off the guides if someone is not coping.”
    Trish Dyball – New South Wales, Australia March 2016
  • How do you decide if a trip is 4 star or 5 star?!

    “The trip was super great - only reason is 4 star not 5 star is because we plan to have many more trips like this - and what if the next one is better? Is there such a thing as 6 star?!! Thanks Active for getting us excited about our next adventure. Looking forward to the Mt Blanc circuit!”
    Nicky McPherson – Hastings, New Zealand March 2016
  • Maybe the most beautiful place I have ever visited

    “The trip was amazing. From beginning to end it was flawlessly executed. Each of our four guides were outstanding. Arturo, Cem, Juan, Sergio...all perfect in every respect. Transportation, meals, hotels...all good. My only even slightly negative comment is the first day hike on the W was really long...not sure there is any way of remedying that as I like that direction of the W. I am happy, happy, happy...”
    Dick Cable – Connecticut, United States March 2016
  • “Dick and Joe, were fantastic! They really did their research to find a guide in Jemm and Arturo that showed care and compassion for the entire group!”
    Gary Risler – Pennsylvania, United States March 2016
  • South America Trek

    “Active Adventures with Arturo at the helm provided an awesome adventure. Arturo's upbeat, fun-loving, steady disposition allowed us to feel safe and cared for as we engaged in a challenging energetic trek to magnificent natural beauty. He was knowledgeable about everything including the restaurant choices and he was able to answer all of our questions about the country, history, landscape and culture. I couldn't have been happier and it was the trip of a lifetime!”
    Robin Risler – Pennsylvania, United States March 2016
  • Patagonia

    “You must see for yourself snowcovered mountains, crystal clear streams, soaring condor in the sky, hear thunder talk of the glacier, taste calafate and take in the beauty of this land and people. It's Patagonia.”
    Oksana Bantley – Colorado, United States March 2016
  • Trip Leader

    “Sebastian, our trip leader, was very good at solving problems with logistics, and other things. And keeping us on task.”
    Dominic Bona – New Jersey, United States March 2016
  • Awesome!

    “Breath-taking views and heart-warming hospitality! Another indelible Active trip. When I lost in boredom and mundane, Active trips strike me how beautiful the world is and how happy I was when travelling with Active folks. ”
    Jian Guan – Maryland, United States March 2016
  • Don't go !! It will stay in your head forever !!

    “Having been to Galapagos with Active we were excited to sign up to the Condor. This trip was stunning. As usual Active had a brilliant guide, seamless organisation, superb food and just thought of everything. Paddling with icebergs, amazing panoramas, hiking the glacier, exciting and challenging trekking and just great fun every day! This is a brilliant trip.”
    John Dyball – New South Wales, Australia March 2016
  • Brilliant!

    “Breathtaking scenery and fun itinerary. Cynthia was amazing, and the local guides were great as well. The trip went by far too quickly!”
    Amy Partridge – Massachusetts, United States March 2016
  • It was an amazing adventure that was organised seamlessly.

    “Patagonia is beautiful and the locations we were taken to and the timing of our hikes were extremely well planned. Our hiking group bonded to form a close knit team that are continuing to contact each other well after the trip. Our guide Cynthia was exceptional, words can't describe how she continually went beyond what was expected of her. I miss my hiking family, including Cynthia as she was our mum. I also miss the simplicity of hiking and enjoying the Patagonian beauty and wilderness as well as earning the exhaustion you feel after a satisfying days hike.”
    Wendy Priddle – New South Wales, Australia March 2016
  • Patagonia

    “Had a great time, Arturo and the specialty guides were awesome and very knowledgeable. Breathtaking and amazing views. It is a Hikers dream.
    Not sure if drinking out of streams and the tap water of the refugios was so advisable. Half of our group had some stomach issues. I definitely recommend the hiking poles, maybe pack a knee brace. Also bring something to put on the dry sandwiches from the refugios. Refugio Grey has a place for massage that is also good. The weather is unpredictable so not every part is always possible.
    Still awesome trip and would go with Arturo to the Fin del Mundo anyday ”
    Tom-Oliver Klein – California, United States March 2016
  • Beyond my highest expectations

    “Patagonia is an incredibly beautiful corner of the world in which the visitor is treated to an amazing vista every hour. Active Adventures has created an itinerary for that experience. Cynthia, our trip leader, meticulously organized our trip. Our local guides were incredibly knowledgeable and informative. All spoke flawless English.”
    Kip Webb – California, United States March 2016
  • Amazing Time in Patagonia!

    “Beautiful weather, great lodging, and wonderful guide and group! Our leader, Cynthia really made this a trip of a lifetime!”
    Evan Koutecky – Alberta, Canada February 2016
  • Only 20 more minutes

    “The Condor trip in particular the W Trek was a challenge in that our belongings were transported not by porters but by ourselves. Jim and Cynthia were attentive to the group's different speeds of trekking and accommodated us accordingly. When they were asked how much further we had to struggle up or down hill the answer was always "just 20 more minutes". We soon learned Patagonian time is different! The trip was great. We had a great group of fellow travelers who enhanced the enjoyment even further.
    The scenery was indescribable, one must see it to appreciate the grandeur.”
    Sue Whyte – Ontario, Canada February 2016
  • Fantastic trip!

    “Had an amazing time on the Condor trip. This was my second time traveling with Active and they do not disappoint. The itinerary was wonderful and had the right balance between activity and a bit of down-time mixed in. The hiking and scenery were spectacular. I feel like I really got the flavor of Patagonia over the course of the two weeks. Highly recommend!”
    Gillian McCabe – Massachusetts, United States February 2016
  • Spectacular treks

    “The treks planned for the "Condor" adventure vacation are beautiful beyond my ability to describe verbally or to capture on camera. They simply have to be experienced by doing the hikes. I thought no mountain views of shear granite could rival Yosemite. but I was wrong. Both Torres de Paine and Mount Fitzroy do just that.”
    Steve Land – California, United States February 2016
  • The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done

    “This was, indeed, the trip of a lifetime. All my interactions with AA prior to the trip were great. They were very friendly and made everything easy. The only thing is that they may have slightly understated the fitness level required to do well. But I did it!”
    Sue Bona – New Jersey, United States February 2016
  • The most imortant trip of my life

    “The hardest trip, and the best trip, came back in love with the journey.
    Larry Koza – Ontario, Canada February 2016
  • We made it! Top of the world trip!

    “One of the most challenging physical trips I have endured..... But every step was rewarded with the spectacular vistas, amazing weather and incredible experience”
    Tammy Laforty – Ontario, Canada February 2016
  • Patagonia

    “The Patagonia terrain is breathtakingly beautiful with craggy mountains, green glacial lakes, and expansive views. The hiking was challenging but the climbs were worth the effort as the vistas were spectacular. I loved the pace, the activities and the expertise provided by Active Adventures.”
    Deb Price – Ontario, Canada February 2016
  • 50 year old resets clock

    “I thought I was over the hill in middle age but this trip has reset my clock. I would do it again next week.”
    Jack Laforty – Ontario, Canada February 2016
  • JAN 10 2016 Condor with Cynthia

    “The hikes were amazingly beautiful! After reaching an incredibly dramatic viewpoint, I would think, "This is the highpoint of the trip! There can't possibly be anything more breathtaking than this!" But I was wrong. Each hike brought new and splendid vistas beyond my imagination. ”
    Jeannie Land – California, United States February 2016
  • Magic in Patagonia

    “I have seen the pictures, read the articles and looked at the maps. When I actually stood at the miradors (scenic vistas) and saw with my own eyes....well no words, no picture, no map can describe the utterly spectacular grandeur of this land. ”
    Stan Jacobson – Minnesota, United States February 2016
  • Exceptional scenery, exceptional support, exceptional colleagues

    “We knew Patagonia would provide scenery like no other and this was beyond our expectations. We were lucky enough to have tremendous weather - NO Rain and barely any wind - so maybe we missed the full experience. Our guide Sebastian took care of every need and kept us on schedule. Our travel companions were a great group - tremendous nightly conversations on the day's events and the state of the world. All good. Get in shape and take this hike!”
    Mark Casey – Arizona, United States February 2016
  • Condor trip with Cynthia

    “This was my second trip with Active Adventures, my first trip was Peru in 2014 and I didn't think that would ever be equaled. The Condor trip once again far exceeded my expectations and proved to be a physical challenge with the most spectacular views of mountains and glaciers you will ever see. Top this having Cynthia as our tour guide made the trip of a lifetime.”
    Kevin Berg – Minnesota, United States January 2016
  • “Sebastian was amazing, kind, funny, knowledgable and supportive. Everything was so organized and communicated to us. I was very comfortable being in 2 countries that I didn't speak the language. We had a great group and really enjoyed spending time with them. ”
    Lynnette Casey – Arizona, United States January 2016
  • Condor, Jan 10

    “It was a great trip, even with missing penguins because of bad weather, rest of trip was excellent with perfect weather, got lucky with weather, Didn't need rain gear or warm weather gear but better to have and not need it. Some very tough hikes but knowing I completed them was very satisfying.
    Cynthia was an excellent guide, she was well organized and made trip go smoothly and always in a good mood and smiling. The variety of food was great as I enjoy trying the local cuisines. We were never hungry. Had plenty of rest between hikes and hot showers every night to refresh us.
    Great trip and would highly recommend it”
    David Book – Illinois, United States January 2016
  • Amazing mountain views

    “Payagonia is the most beatiful area I have seen. Aided by almost perfect weather, we clearly saw the best and most rugged peaks. Challenging, but doable hikes, put us in the front row seats for amazing views. Cynthia, our guide, was terrific. Both extremely personable and a real pro with more experience than any other guide I have encountered. The 2 weeks were very well planned and everything went smoothly

    John Adams – Michigan, United States January 2016
  • Condor

    “A fantastic trip around the breathtaking scenery of Patagonia. Hiking the W in Torres del Paine was something I'll never forget. Great group of like minded people surrounded by magnificent landscapes and lots of good stories made for a wonderful holiday. Sebastian was an exceptional guide, so organised and helpful but always making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and having a laugh. He managed the unexpected with true professionalism! He is a credit to your company :)”
    Emma Moloney – Victoria, Australia January 2016
  • Best Vacation Ever!!!!!!

    “My fourth trip with Active and this was the best one yet. Once again they did a wonderful job organizing all the details and making sure everything ran smoothly. Our guide, Arturo, always picked the best restaurants. The hotels were clean and comfortable. There was always a planned activity with just the right amount of down time. The scenery in Chile/Argentina is stunning. This is a trip I would take over and over again. ”
    Kristen Laubach – Pennsylvania, United States January 2016
  • Fantastic Patagonian Adventure trip

    “The trip far exceeded the written itinerary. Although we expected the incredible scenery that Patagonia has to offer, we did were pleasantly surprised with the fantastic group of people we shared the experience with. Arturo's attention to detail made the trip effortless for us. Will definitely book another Active Adventure trip. ”
    Stephanie Wood – Illinois, United States January 2016
  • Great variety. Great people. Great trekking/hiking.

    “First of all, Arturo did a fabulous job. The itinerary was great. I love a physical trip and this qualified. W trek is right on par with the tour of Mont Blanc. Mount Fitzroy and El Chalten were spectacular. The group was great- mix of nations and ages. I'm signing up for my second Active trip for next year in New Zealand.”
    John Wood – Illinois, United States January 2016
  • Patagonia feels like heaven on earth!

    “This was indeed a trip of a lifetime, and I truly mean it. I can't think of a better place where one feels so connected with nature. Patagonia has it all - from towering mountains to gorgeous valleys, from breathtaking glaciers to pearly-white snow, from rain to the sun, and I could go on and on. Everywhere I turned looked like a postcard. And above all, our group had some wonderful people and a great tour guide to make the trip even more memorable. Big thanks to Active Adventures for putting this together and for taking good care of us during the 2 weeks we were out there amidst sheer beauty. ”
    Vishnu Sankaran – State/province, United Arab Emirates January 2016
  • Condor

    “I loved this trip.
    The itinerary is such that you really get to see and experience Patagonia. Everything surpassed my expectations from the accommodations, to the food, to the amazing hikes. You really get an up close tour through some of the most amazing landscapes in the world”
    Lauren Brewer – Massachusetts, United States January 2016
  • Absolutely amazing vacation!!!

    “This was truly a trip of a lifetime!! The views were amazing and we were blessed with terrific weather. I feel so accomplished by what I was able to achieve and loved the feeling of really being in the middle of nowhere. ”
    Lisa Zak – Illinois, United States January 2016
  • “ The trip leader was fantastic! ”
    Alan Khalili – Virginia, United States January 2016
  • “Terrific locations with terrific guide! Every segment of the trip was very well thought out and the guide could not have been better in positively responding to ever changing (but normal) situations. ”
    Jackie Lenth – Massachusetts, United States January 2016
  • “Terrific locations with terrific guide! Every segment of the trip was very well thought out and guide could not have been better in positively responding to ever changing (but normal) situations. ”
    Andy Falender – Massachusetts, United States January 2016
  • “This was an incredible trip to a spectacular place. It was so well run. Sebastian was efficient and fun. Excellent job! The weather was perfect, but we were told not to count on that!”
    David Prend – New Hampshire, United States January 2016
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “Wonderful collection and combination of spectacular scenery, outdoor activities, and good people in a fascinating part of the world. In addition to the rich fauna and flora, we loved learning about the rich history of Patagonia.”
    Judy Sharkey – Massachusetts, United States January 2016
  • Condor(s) in Patagonia

    “Hiking in Chile and Argentina is terrific. The weather was a little bit of everything but the hiking was always superb. You need to be fit to enjoy the trip but penguins, guanacos, caracaras, rheas, foxes, what must be the world's largest rabbits and, of course, condors are wonderful. Did I mention stunning, granite walls, towers and glaciers?”
    Deb Liggett – Arizona, United States January 2016
  • Unforgettable, Amazing, & Unique Experience

    “Where do I begin? Thank you to Active Adventures and Arturo Rojas for the most memorable trip I have ever been on. At first, I was nervous to travel alone to a foreign land, but as soon as I met Arturo and my fellow Active travelers, I felt so at home. The people I formed relationships with were so amazing, friendly, and full of energy. I loved the diversity this trip brought in ALL aspects. You meet people from all over the world, and you see every terrain from small beaches, to mountains, to big blue lakes (my favorite part of the trip) to mystical forests. The weather was a mixture of sun, rain, wind, and snow, and the wildlife scattered about is a great plus. The hikes were full of excitement with a good balance of intensity. Some days were VERY challenging, and others were just long walks in the park. 10/10 would recommend this company and trip to anyone even SLIGHTLY interested in traveling to Patagonia. ”
    Lindsey Seibert – Louisiana, United States January 2016
  • 2015 Patagonia

    “Our comprehensive trek through Patagonia was a true adventure with each day bringing new scenery and memorable experiences. The trip was well organized and the guides were a delight. There was a nice balance of "roughing it" combined with more relaxing moments. This is a beautiful area of the world - not to be missed.”
    Jim Bilodeau – Maine, United States January 2016
  • Great Patagonia experience

    “Wonderful adventure as advertised, tremendous experience for myself (72 years), my wife and daughter. Sebastian was a great guide, leader and new friend..having previous backpacking experience I had in mind the challenges to be faced, I found a lot of comfort in being in the company of Sebastian and knew that we were safe and well looked after. The trails were more difficult than we anticipated and we, me in particular, should have been better prepared (in better shape) Leading a group trip is not an easy chore and I was impressed with Sebastian's leadership and focus on being safe, smart and enjoying the trip in that order. But..what awesome sights we experienced and the three of us were so full of personal accomplishment when we completed the adventure. The evening meals were a real treat and delight, excluding a couple at the park refugios, but better than cooking out of your own pot. Well thought out and enjoyable agenda - enjoyed the kayaking, the glacier walk and the short bike riding outings as well.”
    Larry Weldon – Pennsylvania, United States January 2016
  • beautiful Hiking!

    “This was my third Active Adventures trip and I loved it (previous Jaguar and Rimu). Patagonia had the most natural scenic beauty that I have experienced. Hiking the W trail was a highlight. Sign up for the glacier ice hike - it was amazing. 2 other tips - take your favorite instant coffee packs - (Starbucks for me) and a small, lightweight, fold up pack for when you can leave your main back pack but need something to carry a few items on the W hike. I was worried about being cold but it was actually too warm in the Refugios. We booked a post trip cruise with Australis and it was a nice addition to the trip.”
    Betsy Bohannon – Tennessee, United States January 2016
  • Great adventure

    “I had a fantastic time with Cynthia on the Condor trip. Every detail was attended to- all we needed to do was enjoy ourselves and soak in the beauty of this amazing area.”
    Lisa Chafin – California, United States January 2016
  • Patagonia...better with Active Adventures.

    “The trip far exceeded my expectations.”
    Sharon Berman – Nevada, United States December 2015
  • Patagonia

    “From the start of the trip I was impressed on how many of the 10 other group members were repeat customers of Active Adventures. By the end of the trip I totally understood why! Cynthia exceeded all expectations as a group leader! The organization of our trip, lodging, and food was outstanding. The scenery was off the charts and was an overall an amazing trip! ”
    Jim Backhus – California, United States December 2015

    “This trip was the most challenging trip I have ever taken. The days were long but I expected that with gorgeous views. Once started on the W trail there is no turning around. I got great pictures and really feel a good sense of accomplishment!!!”
    Lynn Blum – Florida, United States December 2015
  • No words can describe it!

    “No words can describe the awesomeness of this trip. It was the most challenging experience I've ever had. As one of the "geezers" on the trip, there were times I thought I just can't take another step. But I did it! The guides were super patient, encouraging, and supportive. All the guides were knowledgeable and passionate about their areas.

    The scenery...glaciers, lakes, mountain peaks...were beyond magnificent. Truly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on this planet.

    Except for the first night, accommodations were first rate and meals were exceptional. We definitely were well fed on this trip! Our van driver, Mariones, was a delight and very professional. As a group, we all got along very well, and had a lot of fun. I'm sure some of the younger people of the group got a little impatient with us seniors, but they were all good sports and very supportive.

    Having said that, there are a couple of areas of concern. The first hotel was not good...the location was off the bus route and some people had to walk through town from the central bus stop dragging their luggage along steep and uneven streets. Breakfast was the worst at any of the hotels.

    Some people were disappointed in the accommodations at the refugios, but I felt that was all part of the W experience...I would not change that.

    Understanding that getting us on the road on time, and loading the van with luggage and people is very chaotic, it would be worth it to take a few extra minutes to ensure all luggage is aboard. Although we had two daypacks with the luggage, someone must have put them to the side to be loaded later and they never made it on the van. Sebastian located them at the hotel in Calafate and ensured us he would ship them to us.

    I totally misunderstood the bike portion of the trip...I expected more of a cruising experience instead of a difficult mountain biking experience. I am not comfortable on bikes to begin with, and to be on poor equipment with no guidance or instruction, was very disconcerting. Because of my inexperience and discomfort with mountain bikes and terrain (rocky, roots, holes, shrubs, very narrow trail, etc.) I did fall a few times and ended up walking my bike the last 100 yards or so. I was not injured, but did sustain many bruises and scrapes and scratches. My lady parts will never be the same!
    Based on the trip literature, I underestimated the degree of difficulty. Should indicate that you must be in excellent physical shape. If I had known the specifics for each hike, and the biking, I never would have signed up...AND I WOULD HAVE MISSED THE BEST TRIP EVER! Thanks for challenging me to prove that I could do it!!! ”
    Bobbi Rubingh – Colorado, United States December 2015
  • Patagonia is amazing

    “Trekking, kayaking, amazing views it was a great trip!”
    Jim Rubingh – Colorado, United States December 2015
  • Wonderful trip to Patagonia, nice group and excellent guides

    “I had a great time hiking and traveling with the group of 15 people, we got along fine and had a really good time. The hiking was good and the views of the mountains were just unbelievable, it was awesome. The glaciers were very impressive and beautiful too.. We encountered very high winds, 50 -60 mph and it actually blew a few people over, luckily not over the edge! All was memorable!”
    Jamie Casey – California, United States December 2015
  • Condor trip review

    “Fantastic trip on so many different levels. The rugged natural beauty of Patagonia is very special and this extensive trip provided a great lens and appropriate way to experience this part of the world.”
    Chris Roehm – Illinois, United States December 2015
  • Experience worth every bit of effort!

    “Cynthia, our guide, was the heart and soul of the group. She took care of everything and made sure our mood stayed strong and upbeat the entire time. There were 12 people in the group and each one of us felt personally taken care of throughout the entire 2 weeks of our trip.

    Don't be fooled, this trip is not for the feint of heart (or feet). The W trek especially, pushes you to your limits but the feeling you get when you have reached the top of the trail is so worth it!

    This was my first time ever backpacking and the guides (Cynthia, Arturo and Cem especially) were never frustrated or impatient when I lagged behind. Their encouragement and support helped me get to the top (and down) each time. My whole group was just as supportive with everyone high fiving each other after a successful climb or day.

    The food on the W was fine - not great, but what do you expect when essentially staying in summer camps and packing a bag lunch (although there is still room for improvement on the lunches). The food the rest of the trip was amazing - Cynthia has great connections and has certainly done her homework finding unique and cool places to dine.

    The hotel choices throughout the trip were good, with one really nice stand out that we stayed at for three days. Cynthia's relationships with the hotel owners/managers is clear, and we received special attention at each place we stayed which was a nice touch.

    I will admit I would have liked to have something to break up the hiking a little bit more. By the last couple days I was a little bit saturated with "climb big hill to see gorgeous mountain". We did have a bike trip scheduled for the last day, but we were all so tired and worn out by then that it lost its appeal.

    One really great thing about the guides at Active is that if you chose to do something different (ie. skip a hike) then they ensure that you have a safe alternative and don't feel any coercion to participate in all activities.

    This is my second Active trip and so far I am a huge fan! I look forward to more Active Adventures in the future.”
    Lisa Fagan – California, United States December 2015
  • wonderful trip

    “Loved the trip. Everything was well done. Cynthia was fantastic. I have had good guides on both my other Active Trips (Machu Pichu and Galapagos, but Cynthia added something extra. Only critique is that while Peru and Ecuador had more of a mix of activities, bike riding, horseback riding, a little urban in Cuzco, this one overdid for me) the hiking. Loved the W Trek, but would have enjoyed other options in El Cheltan (a whitewater trip maybe?) ”
    Alan Gordon – California, United States December 2015
  • Condor March 2015

    “An amazing trip - challenging hikes with the most incredible views, truly great leadership and organization, close camaraderie within the group, awe-inspiring moments, and so much fun!”
    Lee Cech – Alberta, Canada September 2015
  • Condor March 2015

    “This was a great trip. The hikes were challenging and rewarding, amazing views, amazing group. I really enjoyed being "off the beaten track" - my kind of holiday!”
    Steven Cech – Alberta, Canada September 2015
  • Awesome

    “Thoroughly enjoyed a very short two week adventure in southern Patagonia. ”
    Alex Giardini – Ohio, United States May 2015
  • Awesome

    “It fulfilled my need to have an active vacation, and not just sit in a bus and drive around. ”
    Vicky Giardini – Ohio, United States May 2015
  • Patagonian outdoors trip

    “The whole experience was really good. Organisation was great as was the company of the guides, and the food was plentiful. Tramping was great and the experience of the glaciers and of course the mountains was unforgettable. The group was a small and friendly one, which made the whole experience all the more memorable.”
    Anthony Fortune – West Coast, New Zealand May 2015
  • Condor Tour of Patagonia

    “I had an excellent trip except for not seeing penguinos. Seriously the group leader, Cynthia, did a great job and took good care of us. She was knowledgeable and had everything planned and set up. She took care of individual needs, too. I can not say enough about her. The group got along well. And the other guides were very good. The hiking was challenging and scenery was great, very beautiful. Had a wonderful time!”
    Robert Wolk – Arizona, United States April 2015
  • Condor Feb. 2015

    “As an occasional day hiker and not having any multi-day trekking experience, I was worried that I would not be able to hold up to the physical rigors of backpacking for several days. I found the hiking and backpacking on this trip to be just about perfect for me. Yes the steep ascents were about at the limit of what I could handle but I managed to make it through all of them. What made it great was that had I felt that I would not be able to do some of these before hand then I had the option to skip these portions of the hikes if I wanted to.

    The itinerary of starting off with the multi-day Torres Del Paine W trek, having a little transportation break to get to Argentina, then having only day hikes the second week was PERFECT! It gave my body time to recover after the first week. Staying in hotels the second week also was a nice thing to look forward to after the refugios on the W.

    I had a difficult time trying to decide what clothes and gear to bring since being from Hawaii I had no cold weather to train in. Cynthia our guide was invaluable in helping me weed out all the unnecessary clothes and gear I did not need for the W trek beforehand and being able to store all this extra stuff in Puerto Natales was a godsend.

    The meals on the trip were better than I expected, our group was fantastic company, the biking and kayaking were good additions to add variety, and the ice hiking was totally AWESOME.

    I am still amazed at the logistics of the trip. Getting our group from here to there was totally smooth and well planned out. Having the tour boat rendezvous with our ice hike boat mid-lake to pick us up and already be loaded with our backpacks that we had left behind at the refugio was mind blowing. My roommate had missed his flight over and arrived many hours late after we had already departed on the bus to Puerto Natales. Yet somehow Cynthia had arranged to have him greeted and picked up from the airport and transported to our hotel that same night so he didn't miss any of the trip. She even had dinner saved for him at 1:00 am when he arrived!

    Overall I was totally satisfied with the trip and felt it surpassed all my expectations of how the trip should be.”
    Randy Yee – Hawaii, United States April 2015
  • Fabulous from start to finish

    “This was our 4th Active trip and all our expectations were met. Sebastian our guide was the best; accommodations, food, activities were all first rate. We love the superb organization of Active. They think of everything...and this makes the trip the best. i don't know another travel company that takes your laundry somewhere for you! And it's the little extras that make Active so special. 1. Getting out prior to arriving at Perito Merino and hiking along the shore for a quiet, non tourist crowded view of the glacier. 2. Taking us out of town to start our hike to the mirador for Fitz Roy...avoiding all the crowds and making for a fabulous hike rather than just an "out and back". We are so glad we found Active.”
    Marty Kirchner – North Carolina, United States April 2015
  • Wonderful trip

    “The condor trip was wonderful. Patagonia is a beautiful place - full of soaring jagged mountain peaks, breathtaking glaciers, awesome scenery. The Torres del Paine is absolutely stunning. The whole trip was superbly well organised. But the real joy of travelling is the people you meet - our group was great fun, the local guides were knowledgeable and interesting, and it was a great way experience this remote part of the world.”
    Angela Maltby – Bay of Plenty, New Zealand March 2015
  • Unique and unforgettable experiences in southern Patagonia

    “I will remember the W-Trek forever - everything from standing below the "three towers", walking past blocks of glacial ice, and seeing condors circling high above, to picking Calafate berries along the trail and drinking glacial water fresh from the streams! ”
    Sally Lai – Victoria, Australia March 2015
  • Great Hikes

    “Chile and Argentina offer spectacular scenery and our hikes offered great views at a comfortable pace. Planning was great as you were able to store your packs for the continued hike to the top. We had a great group and enjoyed having Cynthia as our guide again. I highly recommend Active Adventures to anyone considering this journey.”
    Phillip Weaver – New York, United States March 2015
  • My first time to South America

    “This was my 3rd trip with Active in 3 years. Patagonia was beautiful and the people in the group were friendly. Cynthia was very professional and things were going smoothly. Even the weather was fine and the locals told us that we were lucky to have such a good weather. ”
    Yoram Rotbach – , Israel March 2015
  • Awesome Scenery

    “This trip was amazing. While we have hiked many places, the scenery here was incredibly spectacular, I can't express it in enough words. The glaciers were at their best as we had fantastic weather. We were fortunate to have Cynthia as a guide who we traveled with last year on the Peru trip. We enjoyed the restaurants she picked. I really liked the timing of the trip wherein travel down time came after four days of hiking. I was appreciative of our early morning start times in Argentina as we were on our return hike when most groups were hiking uphill in the hot sun.”
    Darlene Carlson Weaver – New York, United States March 2015
  • Condor Trip

    “Overall this was a spectacular trip. Cynthia was a fantastic guide. She took care of all the details to accommodate everyone and was a joy to talk to. Very good variety of restaurants and food and atmosphere to enjoy. The hikes were easy in places and challenging in other places but the views were well worth the effort. My most memorable part of the trip was hiking on Grey Glacier. It was fantastic and eye opening. Drinking the cold clear glacier water was really great. Another standout guide was David on the Argentina treks. Will remember this trip for a long time.

    Dennis Wilson – Wisconsin, United States March 2015
  • Condor 2/2015

    “This was an amazing trip with wonderful guides. We loved the hiking and backpacking and appreciated all the info we received prior to the trip as it was very helpful. Our group was blessed with wonderful people who enjoyed being together and sharing adventures. We would love to do another Active Adventures trip as they are very well organized and know the places and the people of the regions we visited.”
    Mary Cochran Wolk – Arizona, United States March 2015
  • Great adventure at the end of the world

    “Great adventure with great guides, great food, great hikes at the end of the wordl! The road to Punta Arenas is called ruta fin del mundo and that is true. Far away from everything else you can find spectacular mountains, glaciars, lakes, huge steppe, condors, guanacos.”
    Jens Emmerich – , Germany March 2015
  • Awesome Adventure

    “This trip exceeded our expectations in every way - the scenery, accommodations, food, organization, etc. we will definitely travel with Active again.”
    Fern Karlicki – Manitoba, Canada March 2015
  • Condor in Patagonia

    “Our third trip with active, and again an amazing one! Between Peru, New Zealand, and Patagonia, I will not be put on the spot and say which one was the best, they all were. Patagonia is one of the most "photogenic" corners of the world. We experienced awesome winds, and calm sunny days. We saw mountains and glaciers we'll talk about for years! Physically, probably the most challenging hiking of the three, I'm glad we prepared for it. Every time we go out and feel wind on our faces now, it puts a great smile on our faces! You guys (and gals) are able to give US BY FAR THE BEST trips and BEST VALUE! ”
    Cristina Negrea – Georgia, United States March 2015
  • Perfect Patagonia!

    “Our Condor Patagonia trip was awesome! The weather was good, and Cynthia, our guide was great! She handled all the details fantastically, and navigated through the few minor hiccups (e.g. Misplaced belongings, food allergies, etc.) like the seasoned professional she is. She knew everybody along the way, and that ensured the best service for all of us. She was our "Mom" for the trip and took excellent care of us!”
    Kevin Tempel – South Carolina, United States March 2015
  • Had an Amazing time!

    “When asked what I liked best about the trip, the only answer I can give was EVERYTHING! From the amazing scenery, to the fun and knowledgeable guides, kayaking, biking, hiking, great meals, even the weather, it was all fabulous!”
    Karen Tempel – South Carolina, United States March 2015
  • Condor Feb. 8, 2015

    “World-class hiking, great leader and guides!”
    John Standifer – Arizona, United States March 2015
  • Condor Feb. 8, 2015

    “This is a world-class hike lead by an excellent leader, Cynthia, and great local guides.”
    Leslie Standifer – Arizona, United States March 2015
  • Another incredible Active trip!

    “The Condor was my 4th trip with Active and they continued to impress. This is truly a trip of a lifetime and & I would absolutely recommend it.”
    Kristy Woodward – California, United States March 2015
  • Awesome, amazing and beautiful!!

    “This was an amazing trip. Everything was taken care of and sebastion was a great guide along with roberto. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was just perfect. Definitely a trip of a life time, can't wait for the next one”
    Jose Piedra – California, United States March 2015
  • Condor

    “The W hike was everything you read about and more. It is like the Millford Sound on steroids. Our guide was outstanding. By far the best guide that I have ever had in any activity type trip. Well worth your time and money.”
    Gania Barnes – Tennessee, United States March 2015
  • Amazing Adventure, Well Planned, Spectacular Guide

    “The trip was spectacular in all respects - activities, scenery, food, and lodging. Cynthia couldn't have been a better guide. The region is beautiful and the itinerary covered all the highlights - with a lot of little special touches as well. Better than I could have ever imagined.”
    Michelle Gardner – Oregon, United States February 2015
  • Patagonia was everything we hoped for thanks to ACTIVE!

    “Thanks to ACTIVE we were able to enjoy all the wonder that Patagonia had to offer. The Condor trip was excellently curated to ensure that we got to see the most beautiful spots and we never had to worry about a thing (except making our legs work for the hikes! ;)). Cynthia was incredible! She took great care of us and was always offering helpful tidbits about what we were seeing and experiencing. We could not have imagined a better trip or better guide!”
    Vered Frank – California, United States February 2015
  • The Condor, a trip of a lifetime

    “As we sat on a log eating our lunch in French Valley, the glacial stream was racing downhill in front of us and the glaciers across the valley were cracking and popping. We talked about how could we ever find a better view to take in over a lunch break? Turned out you set us up with spectacular lunch spots nearly every day. It is hard to say which one was the best. They all beat sitting at my desk back at work!! ”
    Mike Dillis – Wisconsin, United States February 2015
  • Wow!

    “This was a trip of a lifetime. We did some amazing trekking in a stunning part of the world. It was nice not to have to worry about any of the logistics. Our guide, Cynthia, was incredible and made sure everyone was happy. I've traveled a lot in South America and was very impressed with our accommodations, food, and overall how smoothly everything went. My only suggestion would be smaller group size. ”
    Linnea Nelson – Colorado, United States February 2015
  • Condor trip

    “We almost didn't do this trip due to the cost but we were able to see & do so much more than if we had tried to plan a trip ourselves, it was great!”
    Carol Nelson – Colorado, United States February 2015
  • Condor

    “Once again, Active Adventures was at the top of their game! This has been our 3rd Active trek and each time the quality and the experiance always exceeds our expectations. I can't image trusting another company with our adventures around the world. Active Adventures truly does meet ALL of our needs. Whether the needs are small or big we always felt special thoughout the whole trip!
    Mimi and Derald
    Outdoor Junkies :)”
    Mimi Goodman – Colorado, United States February 2015
  • El Calafate

    “This week we began in El Calafate and greatly enjoyed the hikes and adventure atmosphere in El Chaten. The downside to this week was the fact that every long bus ride and/or hike paid off w/great views. The exception was leaving El Chaten to see the giant sloth and the penguins. It seemed a bit anticlimactic after all o the spectacular experiences. My suggestion for this part of the trip is to spend an extra day in ElChaten. Maybe make it a "you pick" day...choose my biking, fishing, climbing or an additional hike.
    The guides were awesome and Cynthia was brilliant!”
    Dave Castronova – Arkansas, United States January 2015
  • A wonderful group of people and guide with unparalled scenery

    “Cynthia was a fabulous guide. Laid back yet very professional and personable. She interacted well with our children who loved her and was so accomodating and knowledgable. Patagonia was an epic trip for my family and I!

    We must have lucked out on the group of folks on the trip with us. We all came together like one big family, everyone interested in everyone else's wellbeing and spending time talking with each other. You wouldnt have known that that was the first time we met each other.”
    Chrysanthe Munn – , Trinidad and Tobago January 2015
  • “Cynthia was a fabulous guide. Laid back yet very professional and personable. She interacted well with our children who loved her and was so accomodating and knowledgable. Patagonia was an epic trip for my family and I!

    We must have lucked out on the group of folks on the trip with us. We all came together like one big family, everyone interested in everyone else's wellbeing and spending time talking with each other. You wouldnt have known that that was the first time we met each other.”
    Tobin Munn – , Trinidad and Tobago January 2015
  • Raw, Challenging and Awesome

    “We enjoyed every aspect of Patagonia - wind, rain, sun - and were prepared for it all! We were glad to expereince the rawness of the region! The hiking was challenging but worth every step...the vistas are breathtaking. Sebastian is a real pro and added to the adventure with his knowledge of the region and his wonderful sense of humor. Thanks!”
    Sandy Lampman – Wisconsin, United States January 2015
  • Natural beauty, rewarding work and good times with new friends

    “Active's two-week Condor trip was the perfect way to spend my holiday break. Though my group was lucky to have near-perfect weather throughout the adventure, I'm sure I would've loved every minute of it nonetheless because of the challenging but enjoyable hikes, jovial vibe of the group and unfailing friendliness and support of our guide, Cynthia. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to go on a trip to Patagonia; I won't ever forget it.”
    Luc Rinaldi – Ontario, Canada January 2015
  • Condor - Patagonia At It's Finest

    “What a wonderful trip. Take it for the magnificent scenery. Take it for the physical challenge. Take it to meet new friends. Take it to break away from the norm. Whatever your reason, you won't regret booking your Condor adventure.”
    Gil Rinaldi – Ontario, Canada January 2015
  • Patagonia 2015

    “We've traveled all over the world. Sometimes on guided trips such as this. Sometimes on our own. Active Adventures, and our guide Sebastian in particular, made it the most enjoyable and stress free trip ever. Every detail was handled, allowing us to focus on hiking, enjoying the amazing scenery, and having fun!”
    Chris Dillis – Colorado, United States January 2015
  • January 2015 Condor Trip

    “I thoroughly enjoyed my Patagonia Condor trip. From the hiking, kayaking, and wildlife to the beautiful scenery, I couldn't have asked for more. After the trip, I tried to identify my favorite part of the trip, but couldn't seem to keep it to one thing. The W-hike was great and I enjoyed staying in the refugios (which was something I had never done). The kayaking was also a highlight. It was also stress free, as Sebastian took care of organizing everything - including packed lunches for our hikes. I highly recommend this trip.”
    Jacquie Seabert – Colorado, United States January 2015
  • Christmas in Patagonia

    “Active Adventures and our guide Sebastian did everything possible to make our trip as enjoyable as possible. All the details were incredibly well organized and a complicated itinerary went off without a hitch. Our family really enjoyed the entire experience.”
    George Estes – Massachusetts, United States January 2015
  • So Amazing!

    “I took my son here, for his 21st birthday. Patagonia has been on our bucket list, for a long time. This is our third trip with Active Adventures and they went beyond our expectations. All of our needs were met. We had fantastic guides. We saw the most spectacular mountains, wildlife, glaciers, caves,...”
    Gail Jones – Georgia, United States January 2015
  • Best guide ever!!! Sebastian really took good care of everybody.

    “It was the trip I've been dreaming about for many years and Active Adventures did not disappoint. I was glad I did this trip and my team mates and guide made it even more special. ”
    Janice Magdalena – Hawaii, United States January 2015
  • Doug's 2014 Condor Trip

    “The scenery of Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and the Southern Ice Fields, along with Torres Del Paine and Cuernos Del Paine, was spectacular. The diversity of terrain one sees in Patagonia, from grasslands to massive lakes, jagged peaks to endless glaciers is incredible.”
    Doug Donalson – California, United States January 2015
  • S. American Adventure! Condor

    “What an awesome trip. Breathtaking views, challenging hikes, glaciers and mountains and more glaciers and mountains! Plus the hospitality of South America, and being at the bottom of the earth. What an amazing experience. You have to enjoy mountains and glaciers-- because hiking to, kayaking and sailing near was what this trip was about. Plus great guides. The trip leader Sebastian was excellent, well organized, efficient as he could be (we were on holiday is S America, after all) and fun to be with. He made the trip run very smoothly, and had a few tricks up his sleeve as to the best times to go places for the best views and least crowds, as well as some delicious restaurants serving up some regional delights. I was very pleased with the trip over all. I did not have to worry about any details at all, except getting myself up those steep and arduous hikes, and what to take home in terms of memories, photos and souvenirs. The packing list could be improved, because I did not realize how cold and windy it would be. No need to pack any shorts or light clothing, warm weather gear, rain gear and sun/wind protection is what you need the most. Even though the sun was out quite often, it was very cold, and very windy all day every day, and I went during their Springtime. Plus I also recommend hiring/renting a sleeping bag for the W Trek portion, because you can return it right after the trek, you do not need it for the rest of the trip, and it will just weigh you down and take up space in your luggage. ”
    Jennifer Robb – California, United States January 2015
  • Scenic Splendor!

    “Patagonia is by far the most scenic place I've ever visited. I can't imagine any other place topping this one. The hiking was amazing, just the right amount of challenge for a seasoned hiker! The guides were amazing. The trip was so well organized, all you had to do was show up and the rest was taken care of. This is my second Active trip, and I'll be back for more!”
    Rosey Jagnjic – Ontario, Canada December 2014
  • Amazing time in Patagonia

    “Patagonia is a unique and stunning area that should be at the top of every traveler's list. I had an amazing two weeks trekking through Chile and Argentina with great scenery, weather, and company. Sebastian is a wonderful and knowledgeable guide who ensured that our trip ran smoothly at all times. Highly recommend. ”
    Jackie Barrett – New York, United States December 2014
  • Another fabulous active trip

    “Everyday led to an amazing site with tall massifs, blue glaciers, and clear lagoons. The ice-blue of the lagoons, the calving of the glaciers, and the clear taste of the rivers is not something we will see anywhere else.”
    Preetha Krishnan – Oregon, United States December 2014
  • Amazing!!!

    “Patagonia is definetly worth a trip! Amazing landscape, really impressive glaciers and outstanding views. All this - with the great group we had and our fantastic guide Sebastian.”
    Gisela Balghuber – , Germany December 2014
  • Best adventure trip yet

    “The trip was excellent, everything we had hope for. We have been to many other adventure destinations and I thought this was truly the most superb of any of them. The scenery, the challenge, the organization and the trip leader all outstanding. Only thing I would say is that you should not have two trips running simultaneously.”
    Wayne Lyons – Alberta, Canada December 2014
  • Chris Mitchell Condor Review

    “Really an awesome trip overall! Sebastian was great and he was even able to order us excellent weather.”
    Chris Mitchell – APO/FPO AA, United States December 2014
  • Carol Mitchell Condor Review

    “I really loved the trip!”
    Carol Mitchell – APO/FPO AA, United States December 2014
  • Amazing Scenery!

    “Patagonia is certainly a place to add to your bucket list - stunning scenery, especially in Argentina the ice fields are amazingly beautiful. It can be cold but we had fantastic weather, with only a half day of rain. The W-trek was pretty tough, and the refugios are very basic with the food simple and limited at times. The hotels were good, although the internet needs to be assessed in many of the locations. The guides were excellent and our group lots of fun!”
    Jenny Savage – Malaysia, Malaysia December 2014
  • Sebastian rocks the world

    “Everything was well organized and Sebastian is one of the best tour guides I've every had. Super knowledgeable and kind. Thanks ”
    Bruce Elzinga – Alberta, Canada December 2014
  • “The Condor was the most challenging experience of my life. The guides were excellent and lead us on an incredible journey. The scenery was spectacular, the mountains breathtaking. I would recommend this adventure to everyone. ”
    Brenda Griener – Ontario, Canada December 2014
  • Outstanding, as always!

    “This was our fourth trip with Active, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of meeting on the Active New Zealand Rimu trip. 10 years, a marriage and three kids later, our lives have certainly changed, but Active Adventures continue to deliver high quality, high adventure trips to the most beautiful destinations! Sebastian was well-organized, knowledgeable and highly enthusiastic. He and Active took care of all the "details" so that we could relax and enjoy another "trip of a lifetime". Can't wait for our next Active Adventure!”
    Todd Fisher – Montana, United States April 2014
  • A trip to remember

    “I have always wanted to go to Patagonia, but wasn't sure I could do it alone. So I signed up with Active Adventure, a decision I certainly did not regret. The scenery was incredible, my traveling companions lots of fun, and the trip well organized and planned out. It was great to have all the logistics taken care of, so we could simply enjoy all that Patagonia had to offer. To top it off, our guide Cynthia was absolutely amazing and made the trip even better!”
    Melanie Eckersley-Maslin – New York, United States March 2014
  • Patagonia Mania

    “I was not entirely sure what to expect from this trip. I had only seen pictures of Torres del Paine. This was an adventure of a lifetime. The scenery is amazing, the hikes are challenging and the culture is unique. Active is a wonderful company. Our guide, Cynthia, was absolutely amazing. Everything was well organized, we didn't have to worry about food and lodging... we could just concentrate on the hikes and the scenery. Dining was a great experience, ranging from hearty meals at the refugios, to delicious beef and lamb dinners at local restaurants. I highly recommend this trip. ”
    Brad Higginbotham – Alabama, United States March 2014
  • Trip to the bottom of the earth

    “Just returned from an amazing trip to the bottom of the earth. Grateful for the entire experience of trekking, glacier hikes, good friends, good wine and overwhelmingly beautiful scenery in every direction. ”
    Kelly Melsted – DC, United States March 2014
  • Great Mother-Daughter trip

    “The Active Adventures trip turned out to be a wonderful once in a life time event for my daughter and me. We were able to enjoy the beauty of Patagonia, face the challenges of backpacking, ice hiking, kayaking and biking and not have the worry of planning and scheduling and coordinating! Our group was fun, supportive and positive minded, and our guides were fantastic.”
    Kathryn Melsted – Arizona, United States March 2014
  • Loved Patagonia - more hiking!

    “This was a wonderful trip. The scenery and hiking is everything that I expected and more. Kayaking on Lago Grey and ice hiking on Grey Glacier were highlights. Hotels were comfortable and restaurants were well chosen with excellent food choices. Our trip leader was professional, friendly, and made the trip seem effortless. A few tweaks to the itinerary, including adding another day of hiking, would bring this to a 5 star trip. ”
    Erin Trost – Wisconsin, United States March 2014
  • Unforgettable Patagonian Adventure

    “After booking our Condor trip I spent 6 months buying clothing and equipment so I would be prepared for all weather and hiking conditions. Patagonia is known for its unpredictable episodes of intense wind and rain. Your packing list was extensive, but I felt fully prepared to layer for each hike which allowed me to take in the sheer beauty of my surroundings in comfort. After a long climb to the bases of Fitz Roy and Los Cuernos, we could only look in awe at the beauty that lay before us! Sebastian, our guide, was efficient, organized and caring. He made our safety a top priority, and with humor and surprise treats, went out of his way to make this trip an unforgettable Patagonian adventure.”
    Ann Smith – California, United States March 2014
  • Condor January 26th

    “This was an awesome trip! Sebatian was absolutely fabulous and really made the trip memorable. He paid attention to each of us, and made sure that we all got something special along the way that he knew was meaningful. That kind of attention and thoughtfulness is really what made this trip special. I will recommend the Condor trip to anyone intrepid enough to go to the end of the world!”
    Chelle Porper – Massachusetts, United States February 2014
  • 1/26/14 Condor Trip with Sebastian

    “Amazing scenery - rigorous hiking - Sebastian was well organized and kept us on track!”
    Pam Rood – California, United States February 2014
  • Patagonia 1-26-2014

    “I would actually rate the trip a 4.5. There are a few trips of a lifetime and this is a must see. Had our group not been as large and diverse, I would have rated it a 5. We had unseasonably good weather and I can see why National Geographic rated Patagonia one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world. The Active trip covers the highlights very well, without rushing the sights. Our guide Sebastian was a great ambassador for his country and I couldn't have asked for better. He is knowledgeable, competent, kind, fun and knows how to handle a vast array of personalities and abilities - letting each traveler get the most out of their trip. I would highly recommend both Active and this trip in particular.”
    Keri Libbe – Michigan, United States February 2014
  • Just Amazing!

    “I could not have asked for a better trip! Being from a big city, I wanted an active escape into nature. The Active Condor trip provided all that and more. Our guide Sabastian was always going out of his way to ensure everybody was having a good time and that everything was seamless. This was a perfect trip for a single traveler. By the end of our two weeks we felt as part of a family and now I have friends from all over the world. A big thanks to everybody at Active for truly making this a trip of a lifetime! ”
    Brandon Hagg – Illinois, United States February 2014
  • Condor

    “Wonderful trip! Our trip leader Sebastian was amazing and the adventure was perfect. We were never bored or without something wonderful to experience. It was a wonderful Patagonia experince and I cannot say enough good things about our leader Sebastian.”
    Judy West – California, United States February 2014
  • Postscript

    “On my journey home from Patagonia I sat next to the window on the flight from Punta Arenas to Santiago and peered out at the mountains below. Waves of turbulent rock pierced frothy clouds. There was the great Southern Chile ice field, flowing glaciers and icy lakes. I had to pinch myself - I WAS THERE!”
    Jamie Deming – New York, United States February 2014
  • Condor with Sebastian

    “This was truly everything I expected and more. This was a fantastic active adventure. The wild wind of Patagonia blew into my heart. Sebastian is a real asset to your trip. He effortlessly organized all the details so that we could just enjoy the trip without a care. We kept saying to him, you are working so hard, how can you do this all, he would reply "I love it" and I believe him, he loves his work and does it well. I don't know who your other leaders are, but we are glad Sebastian led our group.”
    Virginia Jensen – California, United States February 2014
  • Fly like a Condor (we saw quite a few of them)

    “A terrific trip, really active and I had a great time with wonderful new friends, and our trip leader Sebastian was outstanding. ”
    Dave Smallwood – Missouri, United States February 2014
  • Consider renaming the company "Cynthia Adventures"

    “The trip was very well planned, providing a smooth, comfortable and relaxing (while active!) experience. But the real jewel of the trip was our guide, Cynthia - you have the best active adventure guide on our pale blue dot working for your company. We can't wait to take another trip with Active, and we'll be seeking her out specifically!”
    Chase Stoudenmire – South Carolina, United States February 2014
  • Charlie's Thoughts on Condor

    “Many vacations leave one with happy memories but veterans of the Condor adventure leave Patagonia with a sense of accomplishment as well. ”
    Charlie Hatton – Connecticut, United States February 2014
  • Great trip

    “Guides were very knowledgeable and were able to flex with the unpredictable weather conditions. Great group of people on the trip as well.”
    Pete Caretto – California, United States January 2014
  • Patagonia

    “The trip was a fantastic experience. The scenery was spectacular. The food and company was really great. The whole experience was enhanced by our guide whose professionalism and helpfulness made the trip one I shall always remember.”
    Brian Goldstraw – New South Wales, Australia January 2014
  • Amazing Patagonia - So glad we had Active to guide us!

    “We had such an incredible time on our Condor trip. It lived up to its name too, we saw plenty of condors! Sebastian was a fantastic guide - he really cared about making our trip as worry-free and enjoyable as possible. He has been leading this trip for five years and it shows - he knows so many little tricks that make all the difference in having streamlined logistics. He is also a fantastic story-teller and we learned so much about Chilean and Argentine culture (and humor!) from him. There were SO many occasions that we were glad to have Sebastian's knowledge, expertise, and resources to shepherd us! The trip itself was simply incredible. It's hard to decide what I enjoyed the most: from the grandeur of Torres del Paine Park and Monte Fitz Roy to the glacier walk, the kayaking and more. Then there was the delectable pisco sours, wine, fish, and steak to enjoy with Sebastian's tales. For me, it was worth every penny for the trip of a lifetime!”
    Melanie Braunbeck – Arizona, United States December 2013
  • A Condor in El Dorado

    “Thank you to all at Active Adventures for making my Condor trip a truly amazing experience. The hikes took us through some of the best scenery in the world. The beauty is hard to describe but the overwhelming splendour of the rock formations, the surprisingly varied colours of the lakes and glaciers and the wind-defying flowers enriches the soul and humbles the mind - an uplifting spiritual experience. We walked, kayaked and cycled through El Dorado and came back with golden pixels and shiny memories that will rejuvenate the weariest of souls for a very long time. My only concern on this trip was deciding where to point my camera next! We saw some amazing sights but kayaking amongst the icebergs of Grey Lake was uplifting and out of this world. A good balance of varied activities was undertaken and at no point did we spend too much time travelling on buses. The group was guided by an amazing leader (Sebastian) who went out of his way to ensure that all our needs were met, tolerated no gremlins and went out of his way to facilitate making special requirements a reality. Thank you Sebastian for always being friendly and waiting patiently for me to finish taking yet another photograph. When we did have an unfortunate injury to one of the hikers (broken leg), true professionalism was shown in the way in which the injured person was taken care of, never left alone with strangers and was evacuated from rough terrain in a remote region to receive the required medical attention in a city hospital. A well organized and fantastic trip. ”
    Dieter Kieck – Gauteng, South Africa December 2013
  • Condor December 1-15 2013

    “A fabulous experience unparalleled anywhere else I have trekked. From the scenery to the food to the fellow trekkers ... a once-in-a lifetime adventure.”
    Paul Loch – Florida, United States December 2013
  • “The trip was very well organised and executed. I thought Sebastian did a marvelous and skilled job. There were a few things that didn't go as planned/desired and he handled these situations very well. He's also very proud of Chile and to be Chilean. It showed and added to the experience that he wanted us to have admiring the best of Chile.”
    Marilyn Williams – Washington, United States December 2013
  • Condor - November 2013

    “All the guides - in every activity - had to be among the, if not the, very best. We never floundered as a group. As on every occasion, complicated or unforeseen, Sebastian or the guide or guides in charge cleverly and thoughtfully worked through to a solution. This was a heart stopping, heart quickening, heart filling adventure.”
    Mary Jane Swindley – Washington, United States December 2013
  • Wowsers

    “What an amazing part of the world! Really recommend it and the tour guides with Active were just brilliant - wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly so much without their stories, advice, help, jokes, etc, etc! Highly recommended.”
    Marie Davies – , United Kingdom December 2013
  • Patagonia - 11/18 to 11/30/13

    “This trip met and exceeded all of our expectations in every possible way! Our guide, Sebastian, was amazing.”
    Marge Keskin – New York, United States December 2013
  • Condor Nov 2013

    “My Patagonia experience was top notch! I had my mind set on Patagonia since 2012 and when I began researching I didn't understand why I couldn't find more competitive pricing packages and a wider array of tour companies. Now I understand why! Exploring Patagonia is an art that no oversell convenience packaging like Living Social or Groupon can mimic. Active got it right. For starters, the Pack List to FAQs was spot on! (I couldn't believe that I used every single item that I packed). The W-trek was amazing – challenging and rewarding! The selection of cities and quaint hotels was a far cry from typical international tourist traps. Sebastian and the guides we had for segments of the trip were professional and knowledgeable - it was obvious that they each thoroughly enjoyed educating teams of folks about the history and topography that make Patagonia the 8th wonder of the world. ”
    Adrienne Ewing – DC, United States December 2013
  • Awesome

    “Awesome is the only word that comes near describing the delights experienced on our Condor experience. Over the years we have wandered this fabulous world and seen unbelievable sights, met unforgettable people and am still amazed what is out there to be discovered. For us Fitzroy was the crowning glory. The sight of this mountain will stay with me forever. I have given up trying to explain to others the joy this mountain can bring and try and convince them to put on a pair of boots and start walking. ”
    Dick Wilson – New South Wales, Australia December 2013

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