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  • Tortuga Trip Review

    “Being a lifelong student of biology, the Galapagos Islands have been near the top of my travel bucket list for a long, long time. I initially looked at a number of different travel options including land based, sea/boat based & combinations of both. I decided on Active Adventure's Tortuga trip because it was land based in regards overnighting/sleeping, included quite a diverse array of activities including hiking, biking, kayaking & snorkeling, all of the activities in which I like to participate. Their itinerary also included visiting multiple islands via transfer by boat, so, AA seemed to provide the best of both worlds. What was most impressive was about the trip was our excellent world recognized guide, Pablo. I have never traveled with a more enthusiastic, detail oriented guide who not only speaks excellent English, but is obviously knowledgeable about & proud of Ecuador & the amazing Galapagos Islands. Pablo truly loves what he does and it shows!! ”
    Lou Elsaesser – Ohio, United StatesTortuga, March 2019
  • Condor Trip 2019

    “The Condor trip by far exceeded all expectations. We we especially blessed with unbelievable weather, as well as an exceptional group of fellow travelers. To the guides and folks at Active Adventures, the way the trip was curated to constantly provide new landscapes, new vistas and keep us on the move to fill the schedule was well done. Bravo!! Can't overlook the attention to detail with the hikes and accommodations in the back country and in the remote towns of Patagonia which made the experience one that will great memories and campfire tales for years to come.”
    David Witt – California, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Condor with GustavoM...Feb 24, 2019

    “Excellent trip with great guides. Gustavo is a star and guided in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. The local guides were excellent as well! Couldn't have hoped for better weather.”
    Dwight Kroll – California, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Memories that will stand the test

    “I think the Patagonia trip was fun and exciting. We had such a great time!”
    Nancy Stolz – Connecticut, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Amazing 2 weeks!

    “This was my second trip with Active and I can't say enough about how wonderful both experiences were. Active thought about every small detail, which allowed me to just enjoy the experience without having to worry about planning at all. Cem was a great guide! He was super knowledgeable and friendly and he kept the group laughing. Patagonia is seriously beautiful and I would recommend using Active if you want to truly enjoy the experience care free!”
    Jackie Silva – New Jersey, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Backpacker's Paradise

    “Our Active Adventure in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park was a backpacker's paradise! The diverse terrain lead through wooded paths, along glacial lakes, and up to breathtaking panoramic views. The fresh glacial water was ready to drink! And the comfortable refugios nestled into the mountainsides made for the perfect, relaxing end to an active day outdoors. Our guides were professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgable about the wildlife and biodiversity we encountered. As somebody who has backpacked in the American Rockies, Europe, and the Himalayas, this trek in Torres del Paine will always hold a special place in my heart. ”
    Melissa Wishner – New York, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Condor Trip

    “Best trip, best leader, best group, best trip ever to a truly incredible area of the world. I will treasure forever the people and land of Patagonia !”
    Barbara Yarwood-Wishner – New York, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Nature Only Surpassed by People

    “I thought the views were going to be the highlight of my trip in Patagonia. While the views and nature certainly took my breath away, what highlighted my experience was the people. Our local guides were knowledgeable, approachable, and fun. The people who were on the trip with us were such an eclectic group who meshed so well. I truly loved being disconnected from the digital world and immersed in Patagonia and the people we were with.”
    Alli Wisher – New York, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Truly an Active Adventure

    “Our family has been fortunate to travel quite a bit and this trip was truly a highlight. Special thanks to our trip leader Arturo who handled every detail. The trip was very well described in terms of difficulty and fitness level. My 3 daughters (20-24) and my wife and I all had a spectacular time”
    Jerry Wishner – New York, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Awe-inspiring Adventure

    “The Condor trip is an amazing adventure to one the most awe-inspiring regions on earth - from the soaring towers of Torres del Paine to the expansive Perito Moreno Glacier to the iconic peaks of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. It was truly a “pinch me” experience. The variety of activities was impressive and each day promised a new experience. The entire trip was very well organized and led by highly competent and caring guides. Cem, our lead guide, went out of his way to make the trip memorable, even organizing our own Argentina grill our final dinner together. I can’t say enough about Anna, one of our W Trek guides – her wealth of knowledge, sense of humor, and patience while tending my tortured toes were greatly appreciated. She and Cem made a great team, both representing the best of Active guides. I look forward to my next Active Adventure.”
    Susan Carpenter – Iowa, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • The legend that is Patagonia

    “I've planed and looked forward to this trip for two years and it exceeded all my expectations ”
    Pat Thorneycroft – West Midlands, United KingdomCondor, March 2019
  • The Most Amazing Place on Earth!

    “We have been to some wonderful places on earth but these islands are beyond belief! We loved the fact that this trip was land based which allowed us to spend all of our time actually on the islands or on the waters around the islands with all the beauty and all of the creatures. The wonderful travel between the islands allowed us to see places we could never have seen otherwise. This was our third Active Adventure trip and it met all of our expectations and exceeded them! Our guide, Zambo, was incredibly knowledgeable and his stories about growing up on Galapagos were so much fun to listen too. We would actually like to go again!”
    Cindy Koubsky – Minnesota, United StatesTortuga, March 2019
  • Galapagos meets all requirements for amazing!

    “Wow! This trip brought me to a world of nature I could not have imagined even with all the reading and research possible to do beforehand. Zambo, our guide, was able to bring us to islands and waters that can only be seen to appreciate. The lovely hotels we were able to stay at on four different islands gave us a hands on experience I don't think we would have had if on a cruise ship. Our small group of seven became close and enjoyed all the experiences together. It was an amazing trip.”
    Bob Koubsky – Minnesota, United StatesTortuga, March 2019
  • Beautiful Scenery, Excellent Hiking, and Wonderful People!

    “The Condor trip was amazing! Each day presented us with a new landscape and they were all spectacular! The hikes were challenging but not back-breaking. All of the lodging was quite nice as well. The refugios on the W-trek were better than anticipated and offered our group a great opportunity to bond. What really made the trip was all of the people that we met. The Active staff from the office will answer any question you have no matter how minor; Amy from the travel agency had great recommendations; Cem was a fantastic guide throughout the trip and really brought our group together with his sense of humor; Victor and Phillipe were great W-trek guides and supported our group when a few of us were not feeling well; Juan from El Chalten was also great and we loved hearing his stories about climbing Fitz Roy; and finally Rafael from Hotel Patagonia Queen in El Calafate was amazing and provided a 5 star hospitality experience!

    All in all it was an awesome trip and I look forward to my next Active Adventure!”
    Mike Moncrief – New Jersey, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • The Trip of Extremes, Highlands and Lowlands

    “I loved this trip! I had been to Ecuador before and wanted to see it more thoroughly and this trip did that for me and my husband. The extreme altitude differences that we experienced showed us parts of EC that we didn't know existed! We experienced everything so personally as we we rode the horses from the gorgeous Hacienda Porvenir way up in the highlands and rode in the motorized canoe on the Napo River lowlands to stay in the Amazon Rainforest lodge. Our guide Mauro was amazing as we traveled the many miles between our adventures. His experience and knowledge created an environment of safety and awe. We appreciated so much Mauro's skill in flexibility as we made adjustments for the weather and various areas of interest. We were able to always enjoy the local cuisine in incredibly interesting settings such as the local town restaurant surrounded by monkeys to home made meals from the family operating the Sasha Sisa jungle lodge. This was our second Active Adventure trip, having done the Rimu in New Zealand last year, and we were not surprised by the challenging waterfalls hike through the cascading water. There is no other hike quite like this one! We also were very impressed with the local specialist guides we met alone the way as we biked and climbed. Thank you Mauro and thank you Active Adventures for this opportunity!”
    Cindy Koubsky – Minnesota, United StatesTapir, March 2019
  • Tapir Trip 2019

    “I want to thank our guide, Mauro, for leading us through an extraordinary experience of activities exploring high mountains and the Amazon basin.”
    Bob Koubsky – Minnesota, United StatesTapir, March 2019
  • March 2019 Condor trip

    “This was a wonderful trip. The guides were fantastic, the food was awesome, the accommodations were terrific and the other people on the trip were truly wonderful. The backpacking and hiking were challenging, but worth every minute of exertion. As an added benefit, I also a lot of wildlife, as well as many birds. ”
    Barbara Delaney – Maryland, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Puma Feb. 17, 2019

    “The trip was great to see South America for the first time with Active Adventures. There was a good variety of activities and plenty of allowance for varying abilities. Loved seeing the different terrains - from steppe to rainforest to fiords. ”
    Roberta Roll – New York, United StatesPuma, March 2019
  • Great trip

    “This was a great trip and Mayra was an excellent guide. We saw many things that we would not have seen otherwise. Very beautiful scenery.”
    Amy Rosen – Massachusetts, United StatesPuma, March 2019
  • If you want AMAZING, take the Condor trip!

    “If you are looking for a trip that features rugged beauty, unspoiled landscapes and a different 'scene' each time you turn around, this is the one to take! Our many hikes were diverse enough, challenging but not relentless, and complimented by excellent guides knowledgeable of the land and its people. You wont be disappointed especially if lucky enough to have Zach as your tour leader.”
    Gretchen Butts – Maryland, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Patagonia Condor Trip Was Excellent!

    “The Patagonia Condor trip did not disappoint! The scenery was outstanding, and the hiking trails were generally very good. We learned a new hiking term ("Patagonia flat") and we learned what wind can be. The W-hike refugios were better than expected - showers, restaurants, bars - definitely "glam" backpacking! At the Gray Glacier, the kayak trip and the walk on the glacier were amazing, and we enjoyed the lovely touch of tea and cookies in the boats and on the ice. The hiking in the Fitz Roy area was also fabulous, and we were thrilled to have a clear view of Monte Fitz Roy on our final day. We learned even more about wind here! Our head guide Gustavo was excellent but we found all our guides were professional, knowledgeable, and did a great job at keeping us on track in our activities.”
    Joan Gallaway – British Columbia, CanadaCondor, March 2019
  • Wow

    “My sister and I celebrated our 60th birthdays in Galapagos February 8-18, 2019, organized through Active Adventures and a local touring company, Galakiwi. Our active, land based "Tortuga" tour consisted of a group of just seven people and our awesome guide, a Level 3 naturalist, Galapagos native with a degree in Biology, "Zambo." (We also had an assistant guide on each island as well as a Captain and first mate of the brand new, really nice boat which was ours for the week.) Every person we met on each of the four islands we visited clearly enjoyed Zambo as much as we did, and our small group was greeted and treated like welcomed visitors everywhere we went.

    Thanks to Zambo, a steward of his beloved homeland, we all understand and respect the beauty of this perfectly balanced place on Earth. Most days, he was with us at least twelve hours a day, biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, boating, snorkeling, eating, and teaching us about everything we did or saw or ate. He is an amazing teacher and didn't leave a detail untouched. Zambo made us feel safe even when we were out of our "comfort zones," surprised us over and over again with his wealth of knowledge, and never disappointed when it came to food! Every restaurant, every inn, every picnic, every snack was homemade, healthy, and memorable! Will we ever forget our warm chicken and rice picnic near the rim of a volcano in the rain? Or the yummy traditional soup before every lunch and dinner? Or the freshly squeezed fruit juice? Or the catch of the day? Or the fresh fruit on the boat after a snorkel? And the homemade dessert twice a day...

    Being land based, we enjoyed the islands' friendly, gracious people much more than had we been on a boat tour. (Did you know there is NO crime in the Galapagos?!) Our accommodations were second to none, considering the remoteness of the islands, and were just another example of every detail that was carefully planned and executed by Active Adventures, Galakiwi, and, of course, Zambo and his assistants. Even on Floreana, the least inhabited island of the archipelago, we had ocean-front rooms in a simple but special place, Hotel Wittmer. We were fortunate to meet the inn owners, who have owned the inn for generations, and purchase a fabulous book written by Margret Wittmer about life on Floreana (which is the basis for The Galapagos Affair, a documentary on NetFlix). I even had homemade cake made by the Wittmers on my 60th!

    I brought home pounds of fantastic coffee beans from a farm we visited, crazy-good chocolate from another local family, and some gorgeous, locally made art. But the most important souvenir I brought back to Vermont is a greater respect for our planet and its inhabitants. Experiencing the untouched beauty of the islands' heavenly fauna and flora was life changing. The symbiotic relationship of all living things in Galapagos is simply out of this world.

    Gracias por un viaje de tu vida!
    Jeanne Grant – Vermont, United StatesTortuga, March 2019
  • Amazing trip, Amazing guides, Trip of a lifetime!

    “To say this trip was unbelievable is an understatement! From the beautiful scenery, vistas, to the wonderful, kind caring guides, this trip was truly a trip of a lifetime! To drink out of glacial streams, walk on a glacier, see MT Fitz Roy and all the other amazing sights were truly a wonder!”
    Jolene Spear – Oregon, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Patagonia the Ultimate Hiking Experience

    “My wife and I expected a great experience. What we got was a lifetime experience that started a new chapter in our lives. The guide Jay was more of a life instructor. This trip will test you physically and sometimes mentally so Jays professionalism and attention to your needs was vital for this to come off well. We loved Claudio and Javier on the W Trek which again requires people that can educate, motivate and care for your needs. Truly terrific people. I can see us doing another trip with Active Adventures!”
    Paul Stolz – Connecticut, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Fabulous Trip!!

    “Cahit was absolutely fantastic, as were the other guides. Everything went without a hitch...all hotels, meals, transports, etc. were as smooth as silk. Cahit and AA made it all look easy. It was so nice not having to worry about details. And we virtually never had to dip into our wallets along the way...except for the guide tips, which were given with joy for a job well done.
    The name Active Adventures is certainly appropriate...there were very few moments that we weren't on the move. If you are hungry for an adventure, and not just a scenic trip, Active is the way to go. Everyone, from start to finish, was a pleasure to deal with. And our group was a great bunch...all thirteen of us completed every activity every day. It was great meeting them and making new friends.

    Bob Spurgeon – California, United StatesCondor, March 2019
  • Condor 2019

    “We were a very fun, energetic group of 11 with Gustavo Martinez as guide.Gustavo is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We were lucky to have a weather that allowed us to do all the highlights of the trip, Magallanes island, W trek, Kayak on Grey lake, the walk on the glacier, Perito Moreno and Los Glaciares National Park. The extra guides we have were friendly and professional as well, Victor and Felipe for the W and Lucila for the Glaciares park.
    The choice of the different hotels in Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and El chaten were good. In El calafate, the manager has a special bond with your tour operator, he showed us the special of the video of the rupture of Perito Merino from last year that he did. The barbecue in the evening was a good surprise for all of us, we had really appreciated the Asado meats. Particuliar special for me, it was my birthday, Gustavo was very thoughtful to prepare something special with a delicious cake. Special day for me, we couldn't see the Fritz Roy from the beginning in El Chalten, it was always in the clouds and finally on the 18 , we saw the sunny peaks of the Cerro Torre and the Fritz Roy during our last wonderful hike.”
    Sylvie Janin – British Columbia, CanadaCondor, March 2019
  • Galapagos Tortuga, Feb 2019

    “What a fantastic trip! Everything that was promised was delivered. All the transfers took place without a hitch and all the people involved were fantastic. From Lenny in Quito to Zambo on the islands and all the others who helped in various ways from hauling luggage to driving the boat, they were all top notch.
    I knew that there would be wildlife but I didn't expect to have to watch where I was walking for fear of stepping on a lizard! We even got a pod of dolphins on our first boat transfer between the islands. I fell in love with the sea lions. So many babies, too.
    The food was always plentiful and tasty and several of the meals were downright great.
    My only complaint is the air was too hot and the water too cool, but that is my personal issue. Didn't stop me from learning how to snorkel. I didn't even freak out when we saw sharks right below us.”
    Kate Kempton – Ontario, CanadaTortuga, March 2019
  • Galapagos, Tortuga, 2019

    “This truly is a special place. I remember being in the water at the beach in Puerto Villamil and thinking that that was the best beach in the world. Sea lions and penguins swimming all around me. Boobies and pelicans diving right beside me. Warm water, white sand and very few people. Just fantastic!”
    Steve Moll – Ontario, CanadaTortuga, March 2019
  • Amazing Journey In Patagonia

    “We just returned home from 2 weeks on the Condor trip to Patagonia. We could not be more pleased with the our guide, Gustavo, who made sure everything was comfortable for us along the way - always with a understanding smile. The land itself is beyond beautiful and we were blessed with near perfect weather and a great group of people to make things even better. The accommodations were all clean and comfortable and we were more than well fed. If I had more time we'd have added on the Puma trip, but we'll save that for another trip. A truly wonderful experience.”
    Matthew Steele – New Hampshire, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Pushing the Boundaries of my Comfort Zone

    “As I age I feel it is important to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I was worried about holding up the group but I found I am stronger than I think and the guides were great for encouraging and congratulating everybody on their accomplishments. I loved the trip, the scenery, the activities and meeting all the like minded people.”
    Susan Papp – British Columbia, CanadaCondor, February 2019
  • Well Organized! Well Executed! Definitely......Well Worth It!!

    “Active Adventurers South America Condor trip was a fantastic experience. From the first time I read of what all the trip involved I was hooked. Patagonia is a multi-faceted place so one has to be prepared for anything; especially weather changes. Many of the hikes are in National Parks however none of them are a walk-in-the-park. All of them provide tremendous rewards; sights and sounds you can only appreciate first-hand as well as personal highs for having hoisted the pack and completed the trek. One of the most amazing aspects of this trip that I did not anticipate was the glaciers. So many glaciers that have had and continue to have a profound impact on the landscape and ecosystem of Patagonia. It was all very humbling and sure puts things in perspective. We are here for such a short time and to see what has transpired over millions of years before us and surely will continue to develop for millions of years after us; to be there for a snippet in time and take it all in was one of the more profound experiences in my life. In addition to the visual beauty of the region and the personal physical accomplishments I enjoyed there was another amazing and unanticipated aspect to all of this;the wonderful people that made up our group. We were 11 intrepid travellers who came from different places and cultures who, over our 14 days together, really hit it off. We know we have made some friends for life. A sweet bonus to what was really a great adventure.”
    Fred Plant – New Brunswick, CanadaCondor, February 2019
  • Organized, active, and memorable!

    “The Active Adventures tour to the Galapagos was extremely well-organized, down to the selection of the best local restaurants and hotels. At first the activity level seemed daunting but after a day or so, we looked forward to the 2 planned activities each day and enjoyed the pace. We felt sorry for the tourists on the cruise ships bobbing in the bay, knowing they were limited to a daily excursion to the island followed by a generic cruise dinner and entertainment each night. A land-based tour is the way to go for sure. We really felt immersed in the culture and liked the fact that we were contributing to the local economy. Our guide, Zambo, was the best! ”
    Jenn Grant – Vermont, United StatesTortuga, February 2019
  • Zac's Group

    “First, Patagonia is so beautiful.
    Second, our guide Zac was so fantastic.
    Third, there was too much food, believe that or not.
    Fourth, The four day W hike was very stenuous.”
    Norbert Leska – Pennsylvania, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Condor Hiking Adventures -- Everything I expected and so much more

    “Active Adventures Condor Hiking Tour was well planed and executed from sign up to final goodbye. Our tour guide and fearless leader was Zac who insured our safety, satiety and wilderness experience. He is a very kind caring man who truly made sure I finished the hikes even when I doubted I could. He was able to adjust to our groups unique pace and comfort levels by deploying his assistant guides. Marcello and Josie were our Chilean guides and they are equally excellent guides and caring people. Louis in Argentina was fun, knowledgable and made sure we saw all there was to see especially Fitz Roy. Each venue be it in the mountains or in the small towns provided very unique opportunities to meet new people and cultures. ”
    Linda Leska – Pennsylvania, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Active Adventures--Patagonia

    “This was a wonderful trip! My wife and I usually do not travel with a group, but in this case, it was the right choice. The landscape covered by this trip is quite varied and mostly spectacular. It was great having food, accommodations, admission tickets and all the other details handled for us, especially since neither of us speak good Spanish. Some of the hiking and backpacking routes were quite challenging for us, but we did have the option of omitting a few of the most difficult climbs (up and back trips to peaks from lower rendezvous points). This meant we could tailor the trip to a certain degree to our abilities and desires. Our guide, Cahit, was extremely good. He was extraordinarily knowledgeable, patient and skilled at managing a group of people of disparate abilities and personalities. He was also a great conversationalist over a range of topics--literature, archaeology, history, culture of Patagonia, etc. We got to see places and wildlife, and experience things I'm sure we would not have done on our own.”
    Kenneth Gabard – New York, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Absolutely Spectacular

    “The Condor trip was absolutely amazing and the organisation of the entire trip was flawless.
    Cahit the guide was so personable and ensured everyone was looked after so we could just enjoy the trip which we all did.
    The scenery and the food was fantastic. To top it off we were very lucky we had great weather most of the time and experienced the wild winds which added to the experience.
    Thank you Active for such an amazing trip.”
    Phan Ha – Victoria, AustraliaCondor, February 2019
  • PataGOnia FFY Expedition (# 12)

    “Our trip was my 12th expedition to fund raise for causes to support youth in southern Indiana USA. Active Adventures staff and guides proved a quality partner for me, with a prime location. I commend the organization and staff without reservation. I was well pleased from start to finish. A hoped for bonus was a remarkable cast of characters whom I enjoyed as crew, and as guides. I will have a suggestion or two, as you wish. Not many, though. Feel free to use my name - Waltero Glover.

    This was one if not the most awesome international expedition I have been on since beginning them at age 59 begininng with Everest in Nepal. My goal became to climb the Seven Summits. My quest ended after five of the Seven. After suffering broken ribs in a fall on Mount Rainier while training for Antarctica and Alaska that led to open heart surgery, I decided that going longer, as opposed to higher, would better serve me. Thus came El Camino across Spain, Rainbow Mountain in Peru, England Coast to Coast, and then this wonderful trip via Active Adventures. Along the way almost $150,000- has been raised to support children, particularly to combat youth obesity and promote wellness.”
    Waltero Glover – Indiana, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Condor Trip..... Nothing Less Than Spectacular....

    “This trip was amazing .... sights .... like nothing I have seen.... trip leader, Gustavo, amazing... kind... attentive... fun...all the local Guides, Felipe, Victor , Lucila....and those on the kayaks, all were knowledgeable, patient, fun!!!! This trip will go down in the books ... Thank you Active Adventure!!!!!”
    Elizabeth Steele – New Hampshire, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Patagonia

    “Excellent trip. Marvellous views, great guides, very good instruction for the new skills we learned, great food, awesome group!”
    Greg Garvin – Ontario, CanadaCondor, February 2019
  • The Trip of a Lifetime!

    “We had the time of our lives on the Condor trip with Active Adventures! Patagonia is absolutely amazing, and the views combined with our excellent guide made it the trip of a lifetime. We thought the layout of the 14 days was perfect, and felt like we got an authentic Patagonian experience. We are recommending this trip to all of our friends!”
    Ally Malinowski – British Columbia, CanadaCondor, February 2019
  • Good Trip

    “Overall a good, enjoyable trip.”
    Monty Bindra – California, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • A Very Challenging, But Rewarding Adventure

    “I had not hiked outside of the United States. At almost 73, I decided to tackle this Patagonia Adventure and an adventure it was. I trained hard for it and my training was extremely beneficial. One could not train for the terrain or the Patagonia winds, but those winds now make me smile.....both certainly make for good stories. Our guides were fantastic and every detail was considered. They were both encouraging and cautious when they needed to be. Our group, although different in ages and skill level, clicked from day two and all encouraged each other. LOTS of laughs were shared after each day as we enjoyed our meals, stories, and "what's next".
    Thank you Active Adventures for putting together a trip that included the penquins, kayaking, hiking the glaciers, and biking....we did them all in addition to the W trek and many other wonderful trails. Thank you to the group and guides for helping make many wonderful memories.”
    Nancy Conner – Indiana, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Amazing Trip

    “We loved our Condor trip. We are active travelers and were adequately challenged. The scenery, the hikes, the the trails...all exceptional and we feel blessed to have had the opportunity to see this part of the world. It feels like a secret....what a privilege to visit it! The towns and experiences were all authentic. We loved the W trek--even opted to stay in a tent one night, which was fantastic, despite a rain/wind storm. The Glacier trek was an unexpected highlight, and we loved our days hiking around Mt. Fitz Roy and being based in El Chalten. Such a cool little town. Meeting people from all over (on our trip, all Americans or Canadians) was a highlight and our Guides were each outstanding. I'm already thinking about what might be our next trip....”
    Leslie Kramer – New York, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Tortuga

    “This was by far the most interesting vacation we’ve taken. The accommodations were top notch and the food was fantastic.Pepo our guide really made the trip an adventure for our group of seven. I’ll be planning our next trip to Costa Rica next year.”
    Rick Clausen – Washington, United StatesTortuga, February 2019
  • Tortuga

    “So great to visit such an enchanting world. Learned about many interesting plants and animals. The snorkeling was the best . Pepo was knowledgeable and kind. We had a wonderful group and really bonded . It truly was a trip of a lifetime!”
    Angie Clausen – Washington, United StatesTortuga, February 2019
  • Patagonia Condor Trip

    “Overall, this was an excellent trip. It was well organized, the guides were excellent, and the W trek was a fantastic hiking experience. The scenery was second to none. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to hike, and wants to see the most picturesque places in the world.”
    Jean-Pierre Mobasser – Indiana, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Epic Lifetime Memories

    “It was challenging, it was hard work, it was worth every step. Around the corner after a hard climb were stupendous and breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, glaciers and rainbows, that we had only seen in magazines. Our guides led with energy and encouragement every step and celebrated with us the rewards. All so well organized and smooth and exactly what we needed. Thank you!”
    Laurie Holman-Ross – Ontario, CanadaCondor, February 2019
  • Being in a Painting

    “This trip was intense, exhausting, exhilarating and amazing! The pictures simply don’t do it any justice. If you’re apprehensive about taking the trip,
    Don’t be! You fee like you’re hiking along in a painting. ”
    Elizabeth Galerneau – Texas, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Love the Lakes District

    “Had a great time in the Lakes District of Argentina / Chile. ”
    Pamela Albin – Minnesota, United StatesPuma, February 2019
  • Rugged mountain paradise

    “I think Patagonia, especially the Chilean side, is the real Middle Earth. Breathing the air felt like inhaling pure energy, snowmelt straight from the streams was the best water I've drunk, and no matter how tired I was, the whole time I just felt like "this is what my body was designed for;" I don't know how else to describe it. Our trip leader and guide for the W trek were awesome, and we were all really glad we decided to go with a guided trip; I couldn't count how many times we were like, "...oh, I would never have thought of [x logistical / navigational thing]." We could have used more updated guidance beforehand - do reach out to them directly instead of going by the pdfs provided in terms of both what to pack and the distances to be prepared for. But once you get there, it's truly the hike of a lifetime with some of the best guides in the business!”
    Chris Field – California, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Patagonia: more than it’s cracked up to be

    “Active Adventures’ Patagonia trip left us breathless. The raw beauty of the landscape only barely surpassed the exquisiteness of the planning involved to make the journey go so smoothly. A perfect vacation.”
    Julie Lipkin – Massachusetts, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Wonderful Trip!

    “The Condor Trip was the vacation of a lifetime. Our itinerary struck the right balance of activities and down time. On these trips, guides are very important, and Zack, our overall guide was excellent. He always maintained his good humor and professionalism and provided helpful encouragement when we needed an extra boost to complete a hike. Two weeks flew by and we had a great time!”
    Karen Maczuga – Michigan, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Great Trip

    “Over all the scenery and the hiking was fabulous. The highlights were the W hike and Fitz Roy hike. Accommodations were good and the food was good”
    Frank Kwiatek – Michigan, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Awesome Trip

    “Mauro was an excellent guide! He is super knowledgeable and accommodating. We really enjoyed exploring Ecuador, especially the waterfall hike excursion. ”
    Billie Archuleta – California, United StatesTapir, February 2019
  • Ecuador in a Nutshell!

    “I enjoyed this tour around Ecuador. Mauro was a fantastically knowledgeable guide wither it was the culture we were traveling though or the local plants and animals that lived in the locations that we stopped at. Accommodations were highly impressive for the price of the trips as well! I would highly recommend the Trip!”
    Aaron Archuleta – California, United StatesTapir, February 2019
  • Best Trip to Patagonia

    “This was my third visit to Patagonia. I was in the Lakes area 4 years ago to do a marathon and other visiting. This was an excellent combination of pretty vigorous activity (for me) and seeing natures’s grandeur in the lakes, fjords and volcanoes. I’m still having dreams about the trip 6 days after coming home.”
    Mary Croft – Arizona, United StatesPuma, February 2019
  • Coming Back for More

    “The Condor was my fourth trip with Active Adventures. As in all previous trips, the guides were great, the adventure exciting and I hope I can add another trip with them in the future. A class operation!”
    Steve Bender – Iowa, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Majestic Beauty

    “Nothing compares to the beauty of Patagonia. ”
    Kathleen Knolle – Texas, United StatesCondor, February 2019
  • Exceeded Expectations

    “The trip was everything and more of what I was expecting. The scenery and views were spectacular and the hiking was challenging but doable. The guides, both in country and our AA guide, were for the most part engaging and a lot of fun while also looking out for our safety. They were accommodating and encouraging and never showed impatience as our group of twelve stopped many times along the way to take photos. Overall, it was a great two weeks.”
    Mary Ricciardello – Texas, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Condor

    “Enjoyed trip immensely . Staff was very helpful. I was a slow hiker, it did not matter. Some one walked with me so I can finish the trip at my pace. I did not feel 79 years old. Our guide Jay made our entire trip very enjoyable. Weather could have been better but I like challenge I received the challenge from rain and wind.”
    Sadru Hemani – Massachusetts, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Patagonia January 2019

    “The scenery was incredibly beautiful. The hikes were often long, but not arduous. The rooms at the refugios were comfortable and it was nice to have a hot shower every day. The guides were fun and helpful.”
    Doug Sandvig – Texas, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Simply Amazing

    “Wow! What a trip. Very challenging and rewarding. The first day hike was beautiful with sunshine for most of the day. Then one of our guides said "it's going to get windy" and boy did it. Before the day was over, we had huge winds, a little snow, sleet and rain. All part of the Patagonia adventure. It was a good introduction for the rest of the week: mostly beautiful and delightful with little bits of weather and tired muscles.”
    Mary Goodman – Texas, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Sensory Overload

    “One beautiful view after another- one great experience after another. Every day was memorable. Our guides were great, as were the people in our group. I can't say enough good things about our trip.”
    Jerry Gilboe – Michigan, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Memorable Adventures That I Will Always Treasure

    “An absolutely wonderful trip, maybe even more so in hindsight since I now have time to reflect on all we saw and did. Active Adventures could not have done more to ensure that all the logistics of traveling around these amazing islands were handled with ease so we could focus on the beauty around us and making memories.”
    Kathy Chudoba – Utah, United StatesTortuga, January 2019
  • Jaguar Trip - December 2018

    “This trip was fantastic! The group size - 5 - was perfect in that allowed for individual attention and yet meet great people as well. The guides - Wilson and Johan - were wonderful and really made for a good experience. This was my first trip with Active Adventures and I will definitely travel with them again. I am a seasoned traveler and Active Adventures was among one of the best tour groups I have used.”
    Beth Muehl – Maryland, United StatesJaguar, January 2019
  • Magical Experience

    “Loved the people I travelled with and what an amazing place the Galapagos is. Pablo our guide was simply magnificent. So passionate and informed on a wide array of subjects, we learnt something new daily. There were numerous occasions I couldn't imagine the next day being more exceptional than the day we just had and yet they did, day after day. I had to pinch myself a few times - the entire experience was a dream come true . Thank you for an amazing time.”
    Nicky Getley – , MaltaTortuga, January 2019
  • Incredible Trip!

    “Our guides thought of everything! It was a great group of people, gorgeous scenery and a variety of activities.”
    Sally Hall – Colorado, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Down Under and to the Left ( Patagonia)

    “Simply an amazing trip with so many good memories. I spend 14 days including Christmas and New Years with 12 strangers that molded into a very enjoyable group. All of our guides we excellent and very knowledgeable. The hikes and scenery were breathtaking. I hiked with a previously torn ACL and did fine taking my time. I love capturing the moments with pictures and was able to do so. We were blessed with amazing weather due to our collective positive Karma. Highly recommend this trip of a lifetime”
    Thierry Wilbrandt – Indiana, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • The Patagonia Condor Trip is One for the Bucket List!

    “I've been following Active Adventures (originally Active New Zealand) for almost 20 years. My wife and I finally got around to booking our first trip with Active and we only wish we had done it sooner. It was the trip of a lifetime! Our hikes through Torres Del Paine and El Chalten/Fitz Roy were simply amazing. Our guides: Gustavo, Karina, Javier and Aime were exceptional. We can't wait to take another trip with Active!”
    Ben Smith – Georgia, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • December 2018

    “Life is all about experiences and the Condor trip validates that philosophy. There are two distinct memories that we will cherish forever.
    First would be the overwhelming natural beauty of Patagonia – Torres Del Paine & Monte Fitz Roy .
    Second is the Guides. They are exceptional and genuinely love what they do. It shows in their interaction with people and nature. They go above and beyond and take care of every little detail to make it easy on you both mentally and physically. Their warmth and hospitality will win you over and that is something that will remain forever in our memories.

    One tip to future hikers is to make sure they are physically fit to endure the “Patagonian Flats” , this is not a relaxing vacation. It makes you work hard and rewards you with sights of jaw dropping natural beauty.”
    Satyaki Mohan Ray – Michigan, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Best Guides Ever!

    “Super engaged, friendly, and knowledgeable guides took us through spectacular mountain and glacier scenery and made the Condor trip an unforgettable visit to Patagonia!”
    Erika Kosina – California, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Awesome Experience

    “No matter how many photos I've seen of Patagonia online, being able to see it with my own eyes still took my breath away.”
    Vivian Gao – California, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Rod

    “Our family of four took a 10 day trip in the Galapagos. Going with a tour company ensures all details are taken care of so you get to just enjoy what’s at hand. Travel can be quite challenging as the elements of mother nature is always around you. Bring your adventurous attitude and let your guides show you what you have wanted to see all your life.”
    Rod Fong – British Columbia, CanadaTortuga, January 2019
  • Packed In All The Highlights Of Peru And Galapagos

    “This trip was exactly what we hoped for - packed with gorgeous views, amazing history, beautiful handcrafts and lots of time being out in the beautiful landscapes. Our time in the Galapagos was equally magnificent - we swam with turtles and sharks, saw many unique birds and enjoyed the unique culture on 3 separate islands. The guide were incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at managing the group. We were thrilled with this second trip with Active after a wonderful time in New Zealand last year.”
    Audrey Wennink – Illinois, United StatesIguana, January 2019
  • Awesome Peruvian Adventure!

    “Every detail was taken care of from the lodging in Cusco, ground transportation to/from the airport and sites, meals, there wasn't anything I needed to worry about other than to show up and have fun. The first couple of days in Cusco was perfect to get acclimated and familiar with the area. Wilson was great in answering any questions we had and making sure we were taken care of. Johan was our guide on the Inca Trail part of the trip, and I was very impressed with him! He wore so many hats and was extremely knowledgable not only about all the historical sites but also the plant life, animals, and all the history of the Incas and the trail. He knew when to give us the space to enjoy the hike and scenery and when to show us something of interest. He even went out of his way to tell other visitors when they were doing something wrong, like sitting on top of stone walls of the ruins. You could tell he was passionate about these historical sites and preservation of them so future generations could enjoy them. ”
    Khem Suthiwan – Colorado, United StatesJaguar, January 2019
  • Great Introduction to Lake Titicaca

    “Although it was just a short trip down to Puno and Lake Titicaca, it was a great way to see the area and visit some of the islands.”
    Khem Suthiwan – Colorado, United StatesChinchilla, January 2019
  • Galapagos Tortuga

    “Amazing unique area of the world. Being greeted by a sea lions on arrival who made his way through our meeting was a fantastic way to start the program. The the time spent on the land and sea were well balanced out”
    Krista Saunders – Ontario, CanadaTortuga, January 2019
  • Jaguar

    “Amazing trip to a very colorful country. Enjoyed the whole trip”
    Krista Saunders – Ontario, CanadaJaguar, January 2019
  • December 2018

    “We had a fun, exciting, wonderful trip of a lifetime! We did not want to be driven around on a bus with old people, and this sure was nothing like that! It also was manageable for those of us who wanted to be outdoors and active, but are not military buff. Erick was very accommodating about adjusting the trip activities to fit our abilities, and he was fast thinking, capable and resourceful about getting help when I got in trouble with altitude sickness and its effects. He and Pablo were both enthusiastic, fun and engaging guides. They both took us to a wonderful variety of great restaurants with fabulous food throughout the trip.”
    Amy Lauterbach Pokorny – New York, United StatesIguana, January 2019
  • Condor December 2018

    “Amazing trip. Cahit was a great tour guide -- always smiling and positive and he made sure we had a great experience!!! The hike and the refugios on the W Trek were amazing during the first week. I thought there was no way the second week could be better but the scenery of Mount Fitzroy and the area around El Chalten were even better. Don't miss out on southern Patagonia!!!”
    Sara Crawford – Nevada, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Patagonia Condor

    “Everything was incredible - couldn't have been more perfect!”
    Jay Phillips – Alabama, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Fantastic Trip

    “The Condor trip includes two very beautiful national parks, and a good amount of challenging hiking. It was a very active trip in a beautiful setting.”
    Jeff Pekrul – California, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Andean Adventure

    “The Alpaca trip was a wonderful hiking-oriented adventure in the Peruvian Andes with exceptional guides (Mayra from Active and Lichi from partner Andean Lodges). Machu Picchu is beautiful but the standout was our 3-day trek in Ausangate. Just watch out for the altitude sickness if you don't have prior experience this high up.”
    Lucas Wood – Maryland, United StatesAlpaca, January 2019
  • Amazing In-Depth Experience of Sacred Valley, Ausangate, Macchu Picchu

    “This was an amazing trip that offered cultural depth and access to some of the most beautiful parts of the Sacred Valley, Macchu Picchu and Ausangate with some challenging and beautiful hikes. The lodge-to-lodge experience was beyond compare - we didn't see a single non-Andean person along our our three-day hike (until we passed the Rainbow Mountain) and the lodge services (cooking, house-cleaning) were performed by people from local villages, which really added a special flair (not to mention the delicious, authentic Andean foods our wonderful cook, Hernan, made for us!!). The fact that llamas carried our things from lodge to lodge was also very cool. Everything was extremely well-organized and seamless on this adventure, thanks mainly to our tremendous guide, Mayra, whose in-depth knowledge of local experiences (and the locals of the many towns we stopped in) as well as great food/restaurantms made our trip absolutely amazing. I was truly impressed when Mayra came up with an alternative set of activities for a day when my husband was too sick to hike - those activities proved to be some of the highlights of the trip. Overall, I could not recommend this Active Adventures trip enough!! Fabulous!”
    Rebecca Sheehan – Maryland, United StatesAlpaca, January 2019
  • Fabulous Adventure

    “Patagonia exceeded our expectations and this was not only due to the magnificent scenery but the detailed planning of Active Adventures and our local guides - Gustavo, Cem, Felipe, Machi, and Paola. I think that our whole group agreed that we would follow our guides anywhere! Our group ranged in age from 20 to 70 and they empowered and encouraged us all to walk at our own pace, appreciate the beauty that surrounded us and have joy in the adventure. We feel privileged to have met our guides who clearly love their jobs and taught us all to embrace Patagonia, take care of the environment, and live in the present. This will not be the last trip we take with Active Adventures.”
    Mary Karen Vellines – North Carolina, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • December 2018

    “Spectacular. Mother Nature is a beast. Breathtaking. Humbling.
    Great guides, great weather, great experience. Should have been
    a bucket list item for a lot longer. So happy to have done this trip.”
    John Gallant – Massachusetts, United StatesCondor, January 2019
  • Epic!

    “Machu Picchu has always been my dream destination for years. I really enjoyed all the activities throughout this trip. Active and the local guides definitely spent a lot of effort in setting out this trip. I very much appreciate all the support and guidance.”
    Bingli Mo – California, United StatesJaguar, January 2019
  • Tortuga Tour: Trip of a Lifetime!

    “The Galapagos Islands has been near the top of my bucket list for about 40 years, so it was important that I had a great experience for my one and only trip there. The Tortuga tour actually exceeded my very high expectations. Galakiwi/Active Adventures have gotten all of the details down to a science. From the duffel we used, to providing all of the equipment (bikes, wet suits, snorkels, flippers, scuba gear, safety vests, kayaks, and more), transfers, hotels, meals, and sights - plus the talented tour leaders, guides, and assistants - this LAND BASED trip was designed to be efficient yet hit all of the highlights. It was both educational and FUN. The small group size made our encounters more personal, and the members of our group all bonded; we were a great fit. Our guide, Pablo, is an AWARD WINNING biologist who (get this!) was the guide for Sir David Attenborough when they were filming in the Galapagos Islands. He was an absolute wealth of knowledge, and he's a native of Isabela Island. We saw all of the landscapes, featuring trees and plants, volcanoes (learned a lot about lava!), birds, reptiles, and all of the marine animals! The Galapagos Islands are a wonderland, a true ecological treasure. I'm so glad we experienced it the Tortuga way.”
    Nell Eakle – Illinois, United StatesTortuga, January 2019
  • Unforgettable Experience

    “The Galapagos Tortuga trip was was perfect for us. We moved from island to island with the opportunity to explore land and sea. We learned about each of the islands: their history, the culture of the people, and the plants and animals that only exist on the island as well as the the ones introduced. With all of that we still had lots of opportunity to snorkel, and saw more fish and sea life than we could have imagined. Pepo, our guide answered all of our questions and shared with us the beauty that is the Galapagos. He made sure that we were well prepared for our activities. Having a guide like Pepo that is so passionate about the Galapagos, his home, helped to make the trip unforgettable. Highly recommended!”
    Lori Morgan – Alberta, CanadaTortuga, January 2019
  • Fantastic Way to See Patagonia

    “My husband thoroughly enjoyed The Condor trip we took with Active Adventures-South America. This is our 2nd AA trip (first was The Jaguar) and we still highly recommend traveling with them. We were both rapidly approaching 61 when we made the trip and were hopeful that we would be able to complete all the activities. We did just fine but there were some challenging portions that made us very glad that we had worked out as much as we did prior to the trip. The trip was well organized and we not only saw beautiful sights and learned a lot of history, we enjoyed getting to know our fantastic guides. Cahit was a fantastic leader and we loved his stories and great sense of humor. He was energetic and intelligent and made everything enjoyable! Anna (W Trek guide) was also great and did a fantastic job of explaining the geography of the area. She was tons of fun and her coffee got us going each morning!!! Local guides Juan, Luis and Maya (?) we also wonderful. The hikes are tough but the sights at the end of each day are SO worth the effort!”
    Erin Dodson – Idaho, United StatesCondor, December 2018
  • It Just Keeps Getting Better!

    “This is our second trip with Active Adventures and we're already considering a third. Can't say enough about how well the trips come together. The guides are very personable, professional and organized. The trips, while very active, provide just the right level of activity and recuperation time to make the adventures very enjoyable.”
    Layne Dodson – Idaho, United StatesCondor, December 2018
  • Machu Picchu Baby

    “We feel lucky to have discovered Active Adventures as our Jaguar trip was outstanding. We have prior done some pretty adventurous trips, many self booked/arranged, and were looking for a true complete package and Active Adventures absolutely impressed. The pre-trip material was high quality and ensured we were prepared. We were extremely impressed with the accomodations, to include the camp setup made possible by the superb porters (fresh popcorn and camp seats at midday hike breaks!) and a ready campsite with dining tent, table and chairs *and* a toilet tent! Our guide, Erick, was quite personable, extremely knowledgeable, and made certain everything was in order (amazing meals at restaurants in Cusco, porters, permits, campsites, etc). The only downside to the trip was the heat and humidity in the jungle (we knew it was summer, but coming from Cusco it was a bear) that we couldn’t escape due to the lodge not having air conditioning or even room fans (power via generator only during limited hours), though seeing the wild animals was pretty neat. Add to it all our travel buddies, on our same tour, are amazing people who we are already talking with about touring Patagonia together!”
    Lee Schoeppner – Nevada, United StatesJaguar, December 2018
  • Peru 10 Day JAGUAR

    “Highly recommend this tour and our guide, Eric! The guide book and packing list, provided by Active Adventures, were perfect tools to prepare. Cusco and and the 4 day trek on the Inca trail were great. The camping experience was way better than I had expected!!! The porters are such hard workers and made sure our tents were all set before we arrived to each campsite. We had a chef who made delicious meals. A very clean toliet set up for us to use. After Machu Picchu, we went to the Amazon. It was hot and moist. Seeing wild animals and having drinks at the bar were great! I would just would recommend having fans in the rooms.
    Overall, fantastic experience! We already plan to book a tour in Patagonia with Active Adventures! ”
    Zuly Schoeppner – Nevada, United StatesJaguar, December 2018
  • Truly a Trip of a Lifetime!

    “I have been wanting to go to the Galapagos for more than 20 years and finally had the opportunity after retiring. Though retired I wanted to be very active and this was the perfect fit! I hiked, biked, boated, snorkeled, scuba dived and still had time to take a nap in a hammock on my veranda overlooking the water. Our guide Pablo was fantastic, he was informative, passionate about the Islands and the conservation work being done there but also wanting each of us to love our planet. He made sure to help us see whatever we had on our individual bucket lists. The accommodations were wonderful and the food was awesome! I hated to leave.”
    PJ Nielsen – California, United StatesTortuga, December 2018
  • Just When You Thought it Couldn’t Get Any Better...

    “We have been many places on this planet. We have seen experienced some amazing sites, sounds and cultures but none as spectacular and unique as we marveled at on our Tortuga trip. From our first encounter with sea lions and Blue Footed Boobies on San Cristobal to the giant tortoises on Isabella and Santa Cruz we just couldn’t believe the what all we were getting to encounter and experience. It wasn’t just a sightseeing experience either. The immersion into the history behind these beautiful islands and their history was just an incredible experience. As the title says, just when we thought it couldn’t get any better it would. Our guide, Pablo, has passion for his profession like few. His enthusiasm and energy were contagious. There was so much to see and experience that 10 more days would have been welcomed. Nicely done.”
    Todd Young – Missouri, United StatesTortuga, December 2018
  • Tapir Tour, Volcano and Jungle Risks and Rewards

    “We bicycled down Cotopaxi! While there, saw wild horses, llamas, and Ecuadorean fox, a rainbow, and soaring caracara birds (falcons). We rode horses up into the highlands (dressed warmly like gauchos) and stayed at a working hacienda; took an open gondola cable car ride across a gorge & waterfall; stood next to the roaring Devil's Cauldron cataract; rode on the Swing at the End of the World! We hiked into the Amazon rainforest, scaling a series of waterfalls at about a 70 degree angle (or more); we slept in the rainforest; saw an indigenous woman make fibers from plants, as well as pottery from clay harvested from the river (decorated with natural dyes); and saw thieving capuchin monkeys play tricks on shopkeepers in Puerto Misahualli. And then to the luxurious thermal spas of Termas Papallacta!

    Every detail of our trip was perfectly coordinated, and all was always in readiness for our arrivals. The food was delicious and our kind and knowledgeable trip leader, Mauro, became like a family member to us. We actually ate "lemon ants" and also grilled grubs! Why not?! Ecuador is a stunning country, well worth a visit!”
    Nell Eakle – Illinois, United StatesTapir, December 2018
  • Ambassadors of Ecuador and South America.

    “Our guides and hotel staff were perfect ambassadors of Ecuador and South America.
    I didn’t know what to expect even though I had read the itinerary. Many travel outfitter businesses make fantastic claims about what they can deliver, only to fall short. NOT SO with this trip.
    My wife and I came to Ecuador two days early to get acclimated to the altitude. We had made early reservations for the hotel that Active Adventures uses. Active Adventures made our early reservation for us.
    From the moment we were picked up by the EB’s shuttle every detail seemed to fall in place. An extraordinary feeling to have while in another country. The Eb hotel is a very impressive hotel and the staff quickly became like a second family.
    Every day brought something new and exciting. Each morning I was left wondering how our guides could match the day before….and every day I was pleasantly surprised by what we saw, and experienced. I cannot write enough positive things about this trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands through Active Adventures. My wife and I will surely use Active Adventures for future trips for New Zealand, Nepal, and Patagonia/Antarctica.
    Brad Eakle – Illinois, United StatesTapir, December 2018
  • Penguins and Torres and Glaciers...Oh My!!!

    “The scenery was magnificent with each day presenting a new and remarkable treat for the mind, body and soul. Our guide Cynthia was terrific. Her passion for the area was infectious and her knowledge, energy, overall fun loving personality put the trip over the top. From day one, our group of 14 travelers and 2 guides meshed together so well that I felt as if I left with as many new close friends from 4 different continents. The adventure was certainly active and physically challenging but was well worth the effort.”
    Cheryl Braitberg – Georgia, United StatesCondor, December 2018
  • One of the Most Incredible Trips of My Life!

    “I had a blast! My group was fantastic, everyone got along, fellow trekkers with many common interest. The guides were incredible and went above and beyond to ensure we had an incredible time. Patagonia is one of the most incredible places I have ever been too, I am glad I went with this tour it allowed me to really see Patagonia and pushed me to hike further than I likely wouldn't on my own.”
    Robert Paladino – California, United StatesCondor, December 2018
  • One of the Most Beautiful Trips Ever!

    “This trip explores one of the most beautiful regions of the world. Each day we were surrounded by snow capped mountains, lakes or fiords. I really enjoyed the variety of landscapes and the and the varied activities we used to explore them. And as always our guides were excellent.”
    Alan Moore – Nova Scotia, CanadaPuma, December 2018
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Trip Reviews

  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16233 reviews)

    Toughest hike yet but rewarding

    The "W" was one of the toughest hikes we've undertaken because of straight line steep grades and rocky trails. But when we finished we felt like we had met the challenge and all our pre-trip workouts were worth it. Our guide, Cahit, was fantastic - knowledgeable, outgoing and optimistic. The adding of mountain biking and kayaking was a nice touch!
    Jim Santori Review Image
    – Minnesota, United States
    Condor, December 2016
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16233 reviews)

    Condor - incredible Patagonia with great guides

    Patagonia, both Chile and Argentina are absolutely breathtaking. The itinierary of the trip ensured that we saw all the major sights, and experienced the hiking, food and culture of both countries. Our main guide Jait, was very knowledgeable and worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone on the trip were included, whilst keeping the mood light, and everyone's spirits high. This is the way to see and experience Patagonia with Active Adventures it is an excellent trip.
    Varina Nissen Review Image
    – Queensland, Australia
    Condor, January 2018
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16233 reviews)

    "Make it happen and you absolutely will not be disappointed"

    The Galapagos Islands turned out to be everything you hear about and more! My style of travel has never been geared towards tours or trips (EQ Type: Authentic Experiencer), however I signed up for the Tortuga trip last minute to join my parents and couldn't have been more pleased! Being a land-based tour vs. boat tour we were able to support the local economies on the various islands we visited while experiencing the authentic and incredible wildlife and landscapes the Galapagos has to offer. We got to enjoy a variety of local restaurants rather than eating the same buffet meal similar with other tours and stay in a range of different accommodations along the way. Our tour guide Pablo however, really made the trip and I am not sure if it would be quite as amazing without him. The passion, knowledge and love he has for the Galapagos Islands glimmered through every day we were with him and his smile shared with each new experience was priceless. The only disappointment of the trip was that it would have been good to know extra activities such as diving, are non-refundable if a illness or anything else comes up last minute as they often do and it may have affected our choice to opt out earlier. Saying this, I would very strongly recommend the Tortuga trip to everyone. If you every have the chance to visit the Galapagos Islands, make it happen and you absolutely will not be disappointed. Each day we were left amazed and utterly shocked at how much we were able to see and do with each activity. I have traveled to some pretty spectacular places around the world but this trip is a once in a lifetime experience. - Myla xo
    Myla Yeomans-Routledge Review Image
    – British Columbia, Canada
    Tortuga, December 2016
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16233 reviews)

    Squeege perfect

    Mountains, rock climbing, kayaking, penguins, glaciers, flamingos, and awesome food-- patagonia has it all! Arturo's laugh made me laugh all that much harder, and Cem is the best at everything adventurous. An incredible Christmas present for us all!
    Camille Johnson Review Image
    – Florida, United States
    Condor, January 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16233 reviews)

    Simply Awesome

    Incredible doesn't cover it. This trip gave a truly comprehensive Patagonia experience. Congratulations must go to whoever designed the sequence/structure. Each day presented us with a never-to-be-topped experience, promptly upped a notch the next..for the FULL trip duration!! No faults with accommodation, meals, transportation etc. Jay was absolutely awesome (I'll be running out of superlatives soon). Personable, great leader, communicator and guide. No problem ever became a problem. He and his brother Gem made this a real ILE (incredible life experience). Still don't know how he managed to arrange for the variety of weather and wildlife. For anyone thinking about doing this trip - don't think, DO. And I would recommend Active adventures!
    Justin de Beer Review Image
    – Ontario, Canada
    Condor, December 2017



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