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Finding Flights to Patagonia

Sorting out Patagonia flights and Patagonia travel doesn't have to be complicated.

International flights can often seem more complicated than they necessarily are, especially to places like Patagonia that are a little further off the beaten tourist track than, say, Peru. The good news is flights to Patagonia needn't cause you a headache, especially if you plan your trip early and go through a travel agent who can find you the best deal. Here is a bit of a run down on flights to Patagonia from North America, Australia/New Zealand or the UK. This is only a broad summary to help get your head around air travel to this part of the world, so for more information contact your travel agent, or check out the airline websites.

Or Contact Darren - he's happy to help you coordinate your plans or if you would like more information on travel to Patagonia.

Finding flights to PatagoniaFinding flights to PatagoniaFinding flights to Patagonia

Insider's Tip!

If you have a stopover in Santiago Airport and want somewhere to relax between flights, there are several lounges within the airport including the Neruda and Mistral Lounges (open to travellers flying with One World affiliated airlines including LAN) where you can wait in comfort. Facilities include internet access, comfortable seats, entertainment and showers!

Patagonia flights from the United Kingdom:

For people travelling from the UK, Patagonia isn't as far away as you may think. Flights can travel via Spain or Brazil, or even New York, and it usually takes a bit over a day and up to 35 hours to arrive right in the heart of Patagonia. Once you're here, the time difference is around four hours (which may vary slightly depending on day light saving), so jet lag isn't a big deal and the crisp mountain air will soon clear any cobwebs from your head after your flight! There are numerous airlines that fly to this part of the world from the UK including TAM (Brazilian carrier), America Airlines, Delta and LAN Airlines. Contacting a local travel agent is a great way to organise flights as they have access to all airline databases and can compare prices and flight routes to get you the best deal.

Patagonia flights from USA and Canada:

If you're travelling from the USA or Canada, you'll most likely fly using one of the Lan Alliance airlines (including Lan Airlines, Lan Peru, Lan Argentina and Lan Chile). Lan Airlines have a great website that is easy to operate and available in English or Spanish. They run regular direct flights to Santiago from Los Angeles, New York and Miami. From Santiago you can transfer on to flights to Punta Arenas. If you're travelling from Canada, you have a little further to come, but you'll still find flights relatively uncomplicated, usually with two or three stopovers. Flights generally take between 15-20 hours. This may seem like a long time but a huge advantage of travelling to this part of the world is there is virtually no time difference, so you don't have to worry about scheduling time aside to recover from jetlag!

Perito Moreno Glacier

Patagonia flights from Australia/New Zealand:

If you're travelling from the Pacific you'll be crossing the international dateline on your way over and on your way back from Patagonia. There are direct flights from New Zealand and Australia to Santiago, Chile and from there it's a short connecting flight to Patagonia (Punta Arenas).

Punta Arenas flights

If you are joining us for the Condor: Patagonia adventure trip, your trip starts in Punta Arenas, Chile. Punta Arenas is the main gateway town to Chilean Patagonia and major airline LAN flies into here. If you are flying into Punta Arenas on the first day of your trip your flight will need to land by 4pm.

Your trip ends in El Calafate, Argentina. You can fly out any time after lunch on the last day of the trip.

Visa requirements

People from the USA, Canada, Britain, Germany and most other western countries are issued with a 90-day tourist visa upon arrival, provided your passport is valid for 6 months beyond the dates of your trip.
In Chile and Argentina there are reciprocity fees, depending on which passport you are travelling on. Please ask us for further details on these fees.

Trip Reviews

  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 938 reviews)

    Truely an Amazing Vacation

    We really enjoyed this beautiful land. Cynthia and Paula (local guide) did an outstanding job of organizing and taking care of our group. They really enjoyed explaining the geology as well as the flora and fauna we were looking at. There was always time for pictures or views as we moved along this picture perfect land.
    Stephen Tatham Review Image
    – Washington, United States
    Condor, March 2017
  •   4.55 out of 5 (from 1341 reviews)

    Best trip ever!

    Wonderful 30th anniversary trip to the Galapagos -- so glad we were able to explore these amazing islands. A true adventure for two biology majors! We really got a sense of the strong environmental preservation efforts underway there, and were in awe of the amazing land and sea creatures we encountered. Plus a terrific local guide and fun group of co-travelers made this a trip of a lifetime!
    Shirley Kring Review Image
    – Massachusetts, United States
    Tortuga, March 2017
  •   4.55 out of 5 (from 1341 reviews)

    "Make it happen and you absolutely will not be disappointed"

    The Galapagos Islands turned out to be everything you hear about and more! My style of travel has never been geared towards tours or trips (EQ Type: Authentic Experiencer), however I signed up for the Tortuga trip last minute to join my parents and couldn't have been more pleased! Being a land-based tour vs. boat tour we were able to support the local economies on the various islands we visited while experiencing the authentic and incredible wildlife and landscapes the Galapagos has to offer. We got to enjoy a variety of local restaurants rather than eating the same buffet meal similar with other tours and stay in a range of different accommodations along the way. Our tour guide Pablo however, really made the trip and I am not sure if it would be quite as amazing without him. The passion, knowledge and love he has for the Galapagos Islands glimmered through every day we were with him and his smile shared with each new experience was priceless. The only disappointment of the trip was that it would have been good to know extra activities such as diving, are non-refundable if a illness or anything else comes up last minute as they often do and it may have affected our choice to opt out earlier. Saying this, I would very strongly recommend the Tortuga trip to everyone. If you every have the chance to visit the Galapagos Islands, make it happen and you absolutely will not be disappointed. Each day we were left amazed and utterly shocked at how much we were able to see and do with each activity. I have traveled to some pretty spectacular places around the world but this trip is a once in a lifetime experience. - Myla xo
    Myla Yeomans-Routledge Review Image
    – British Columbia, Canada
    Tortuga, December 2016
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 938 reviews)

    Generally enjoyed the trip but I fell down on the second day of the W-trek in Patagonia. We Had great tour guides and company which made up for the disappointment of not being able to fully participate in the trip.
    Siew Hong Lim Review Image
    – Singapore, Singapore
    Condor, March 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 938 reviews)

    Active is the Word!

    I thoroughly enjoyed my Condor adventure. I've been on a few of these hosted by other companies and I think Active Adventures is the best so far - a good value too. When you say all-inclusive, you mean it. We often ordered whatever we wanted right off the menu. Arturo and the other guides did a great job. The itinerary was excellent - I know because a few times we barely made the connection to a boat. There was little down time. Doing the W Hike in the first week is also key - We were fresh and ready then. The weather on our trip was not ideal. We totally missed seeing Fitz Roy, despite 4 days in El Chalten. Oh well. Mother Nature didn't cooperate. The only thing that would've made the trip better would be better accommodations at some of the refugios. I know you can't control this and there's not a lot of choice, but, boy, some of those shower facilities and bathrooms were just awful. I'm looking forward to hiking with you guys again soon. :)
    Henry Gorecki Review Image
    – Illinois, United States
    Condor, March 2017



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