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  • Rod

    “Our family of four took a 10 day trip in the Galapagos. Going with a tour company ensures all details are taken care of so you get to just enjoy what’s at hand. Travel can be quite challenging as the elements of mother nature is always around you. Bring your adventurous attitude and let your guides show you what you have wanted to see all your life.”
    Rod Fong – British Columbia, CanadaTortuga, January 2019
  • Galapagos Tortuga

    “Amazing unique area of the world. Being greeted by a sea lions on arrival who made his way through our meeting was a fantastic way to start the program. The the time spent on the land and sea were well balanced out”
    Krista Saunders – Ontario, CanadaTortuga, January 2019
  • Tortuga Tour: Trip of a Lifetime!

    “The Galapagos Islands has been near the top of my bucket list for about 40 years, so it was important that I had a great experience for my one and only trip there. The Tortuga tour actually exceeded my very high expectations. Galakiwi/Active Adventures have gotten all of the details down to a science. From the duffel we used, to providing all of the equipment (bikes, wet suits, snorkels, flippers, scuba gear, safety vests, kayaks, and more), transfers, hotels, meals, and sights - plus the talented tour leaders, guides, and assistants - this LAND BASED trip was designed to be efficient yet hit all of the highlights. It was both educational and FUN. The small group size made our encounters more personal, and the members of our group all bonded; we were a great fit. Our guide, Pablo, is an AWARD WINNING biologist who (get this!) was the guide for Sir David Attenborough when they were filming in the Galapagos Islands. He was an absolute wealth of knowledge, and he's a native of Isabela Island. We saw all of the landscapes, featuring trees and plants, volcanoes (learned a lot about lava!), birds, reptiles, and all of the marine animals! The Galapagos Islands are a wonderland, a true ecological treasure. I'm so glad we experienced it the Tortuga way.”
    Nell Eakle – Illinois, United StatesTortuga, January 2019
  • Unforgettable Experience

    “The Galapagos Tortuga trip was was perfect for us. We moved from island to island with the opportunity to explore land and sea. We learned about each of the islands: their history, the culture of the people, and the plants and animals that only exist on the island as well as the the ones introduced. With all of that we still had lots of opportunity to snorkel, and saw more fish and sea life than we could have imagined. Pepo, our guide answered all of our questions and shared with us the beauty that is the Galapagos. He made sure that we were well prepared for our activities. Having a guide like Pepo that is so passionate about the Galapagos, his home, helped to make the trip unforgettable. Highly recommended!”
    Lori Morgan – Alberta, CanadaTortuga, January 2019
  • Truly a Trip of a Lifetime!

    “I have been wanting to go to the Galapagos for more than 20 years and finally had the opportunity after retiring. Though retired I wanted to be very active and this was the perfect fit! I hiked, biked, boated, snorkeled, scuba dived and still had time to take a nap in a hammock on my veranda overlooking the water. Our guide Pablo was fantastic, he was informative, passionate about the Islands and the conservation work being done there but also wanting each of us to love our planet. He made sure to help us see whatever we had on our individual bucket lists. The accommodations were wonderful and the food was awesome! I hated to leave.”
    PJ Nielsen – California, United StatesTortuga, December 2018
  • Just When You Thought it Couldn’t Get Any Better...

    “We have been many places on this planet. We have seen experienced some amazing sites, sounds and cultures but none as spectacular and unique as we marveled at on our Tortuga trip. From our first encounter with sea lions and Blue Footed Boobies on San Cristobal to the giant tortoises on Isabella and Santa Cruz we just couldn’t believe the what all we were getting to encounter and experience. It wasn’t just a sightseeing experience either. The immersion into the history behind these beautiful islands and their history was just an incredible experience. As the title says, just when we thought it couldn’t get any better it would. Our guide, Pablo, has passion for his profession like few. His enthusiasm and energy were contagious. There was so much to see and experience that 10 more days would have been welcomed. Nicely done.”
    Todd Young – Missouri, United StatesTortuga, December 2018
  • Tapir Tour, Volcano and Jungle Risks and Rewards

    “We bicycled down Cotopaxi! While there, saw wild horses, llamas, and Ecuadorean fox, a rainbow, and soaring caracara birds (falcons). We rode horses up into the highlands (dressed warmly like gauchos) and stayed at a working hacienda; took an open gondola cable car ride across a gorge & waterfall; stood next to the roaring Devil's Cauldron cataract; rode on the Swing at the End of the World! We hiked into the Amazon rainforest, scaling a series of waterfalls at about a 70 degree angle (or more); we slept in the rainforest; saw an indigenous woman make fibers from plants, as well as pottery from clay harvested from the river (decorated with natural dyes); and saw thieving capuchin monkeys play tricks on shopkeepers in Puerto Misahualli. And then to the luxurious thermal spas of Termas Papallacta!

    Every detail of our trip was perfectly coordinated, and all was always in readiness for our arrivals. The food was delicious and our kind and knowledgeable trip leader, Mauro, became like a family member to us. We actually ate "lemon ants" and also grilled grubs! Why not?! Ecuador is a stunning country, well worth a visit!”
    Nell Eakle – Illinois, United StatesTapir, December 2018
  • Ambassadors of Ecuador and South America.

    “Our guides and hotel staff were perfect ambassadors of Ecuador and South America.
    I didn’t know what to expect even though I had read the itinerary. Many travel outfitter businesses make fantastic claims about what they can deliver, only to fall short. NOT SO with this trip.
    My wife and I came to Ecuador two days early to get acclimated to the altitude. We had made early reservations for the hotel that Active Adventures uses. Active Adventures made our early reservation for us.
    From the moment we were picked up by the EB’s shuttle every detail seemed to fall in place. An extraordinary feeling to have while in another country. The Eb hotel is a very impressive hotel and the staff quickly became like a second family.
    Every day brought something new and exciting. Each morning I was left wondering how our guides could match the day before….and every day I was pleasantly surprised by what we saw, and experienced. I cannot write enough positive things about this trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands through Active Adventures. My wife and I will surely use Active Adventures for future trips for New Zealand, Nepal, and Patagonia/Antarctica.
    Brad Eakle – Illinois, United StatesTapir, December 2018
  • Beautiful Archipelago

    “A great experience and multiple adventures.”
    Carrol Murray – Nebraska, United StatesTortuga, December 2018
  • Another Great Active Adventures Trip

    “AA hit the sweet spot for me again with this trip. I had originally been looking at boat based Galapagos trips but am glad I went with AA and their land based approach. The hotels and restaurants we used added local flavor and gave me a better feel for the islands. Pablo was an amazing guide and his enthusiasm and knowledge of the islands added a lot to the experience. Great food, great fun and great people. So glad I went with Active Adventures.”
    Tim Reed – Massachusetts, United StatesTortuga, December 2018
  • Mikes Tortuga trip

    Mike Pammett – Ontario, CanadaTortuga, December 2018
  • Top Notch Galapagos Trip!

    “I expected adventure and critters and first class treatment, which I got, of course. What I didn’t expect was the passion and scientific knowledge of our Galakiwi guide Pablo V. I learned so much about this very special place. I thought this was a once in a lifetime trip, however I now want to return. I also appreciate all the information I received ahead of time for planning purposes. And this really was all inclusive as advertised, meaning no hidden or surprise costs. I appreciate that. Don’t forget to bring cash though as credit cards are not accepted in most places. Cara from Tampa FL.”
    Cara Visser – Florida, United StatesTortuga, December 2018
  • Not One Worry!

    “AA is wonderful and highly recommend! We normally travel independently, but after research on the Galapagos we decided to go with a land based tour. A friend recommended AA and they lived up to the hype.
    AA took care of everything and it allowed for a complete experience of the Galapagos.
    Accommodations were clean and functional, meals were great, transfers were professional and guide Pablo was extremely knowledgeable.”
    George Marin – California, United StatesTortuga, November 2018
  • Magical Islands and Knowledgeable Guide

    “Pepo really brought the life and history of the Galapagos to life for us. From the history of the early settlers and pirates to the conservation efforts to protect this unique ecosystem, he knew and imparted it all. The trip was a great balance of activity and a chance to relax and explore. Great food, comfortable accommodations and active days left me ready for more the next day.”
    Peg DeBiasi – Florida, United StatesTortuga, November 2018
  • Unexpected Joy of a Trip

    “This started as mostly a filler trip for me in between the two trips that were my main focus (Galapagos and Inca Trail) and I found overall it was right up there with my favorite adventures. Hiking down a huge waterfall and then hiking right up through the center of one was simply amazing. Horseback riding up a volcano, nature walks, city visits, a taste of the Amazon basin, there was a bit of everything. And who can turn down relaxing the last couple of days in hot springs right outside your bedroom? Great add on trip to either of the two other adventures and well worth the time and expense.”
    Peg DeBiasi – Florida, United StatesTapir, November 2018
  • Galapagos October 2018

    “Our guide Pepo and Paulo could not have been better! The weather was perfect, the water clear and the visibility great.”
    Scott Peterson – Missouri, United StatesTortuga, October 2018
  • Unbelievable Trip

    “Going to the Galapagos was a trip of my dreams. The snorkeling was beyond words. The sea life we saw was wonderful. Our accommodations gave us a true insight into life on the islands. They were clean, comfortable with nice views. Pepo was a very knowledgeable guide. He did all he could to make us comfortable and to get full benefits of our swims. The food was very good - liked the local diet. Would recommend this trip to anyone.”
    Rosanne Rushton – New York, United StatesTortuga, October 2018
  • Tortuga

    “Fantastic! The beauty of the islands was exceptional. The ecology and environment were so important and so well explained by the guides. Best and most knowledgeable guides I have ever had the honor of being around. This trip will live in my memory forever, as will the smiles and laughter of everyone there!”
    Lyle Freeman – Nevada, United StatesTortuga, October 2018
  • Exceeded Expectations!

    “Outstanding trip from start to finish. Booking, organization, travel arrangements, logistics, lodgings, excursions, meals... all handled flawlessly. Our guide, Pepo, was so impressive. Superb knowledge of all things Galapagos - marine life, flora & fauna, geography, geology, history and culture. His personality, sense of humor and patience with all of us was wonderful. The snorkeling, scuba, hiking & kayaking were all very nice, and Carlos (dive guide) was great too. Meals were all very good and arranged expertly. Sea Lions and tortoises were ubiquitous (like pigeons in Chicago...they are everywhere). Blue footed boobies; great frigate birds exhibiting their trademark 'inflated red bellies', iguanas galore...just a few of the highlights. We are big fans of Active Adventures (and now Galakiwi) having now experienced this as well as New Zealand's South island in 2017, and we'll likely be back for more! Thanks for a great experience!”
    Hans Anger – Florida, United StatesTortuga, October 2018
  • A New Appreciation for Animals and Nature

    “This trip opened my eyes to all of the incredible wildlife and nature that exists on the Galapagos Islands, but also carried over to when I returned home. I started to notice and appreciate all the little things around me more often, so I am truly grateful for what this trip has given me in my life.”
    Sydney Donati-Leach – Colorado, United StatesTortuga, September 2018
  • Pepo was Amazing!

    “Pepo was amazing! Patient, funny, spent his down time with us, got to know us! Loved the Galapagos aquatic animals, and especially going on the Los Tuneles extra trip. Well worth it! Great lodging, and food was excellent. It was important to me that we stayed on land, and very glad we did, no seasickness for me! Will recommend this trip to everyone!”
    Kylee Brock – Utah, United StatesTortuga, August 2018
  • Tortuga Trip

    “Absolutely amazing, fun and well organized. Our guide Pepo was the best. It was a very active vacation and we saw so much wildlife. The accommodations were really nice. This is a must trip for everyone. My whole family enjoyed the trip.”
    Dianne Bridgeman – Massachusetts, United StatesTortuga, August 2018
  • Tortugua

    “Loved the trip, especially swimming and snorkeling with the tortoises and sea life. Beautiful! Pepo was the best guide I’ve ever had. He made the trip so interesting and fun!”
    John Bridgeman – Massachusetts, United StatesTortuga, August 2018
  • The Wonder of the Galapagos

    “Pablo was our guide on this amazing journey to the Galápagos. He has been nominated as one of the ten best guides in the world by Wanderlust. He was truly superb, filling us with so much knowledge about his wonderful world. The food was tasty, the accommodations were clean, comfortable, close to all the action, with ocean views from every room. All the plans went smoothly, and we even experienced our first earthquake on Isabela. ”
    Terri Donati – Colorado, United StatesTortuga, August 2018
  • Wonderful Trip!

    “We were expecting a great trip and this one delivered. Our guide (Pablo) was incredibly good. The facilities, food and transportation were all first rate.”
    Larry Holt – California, United StatesTortuga, August 2018
  • Margie's Review

    “Our trip was amazing! Pepo, our tour guide, is very knowledgeable and fun. We loved seeing all of the unique creatures in their natural habitats and came home inspired to be more proactive in protecting our own environment.”
    Margie Ramsey – California, United StatesTortuga, August 2018
  • Our Guide Pepo Was Amazing

    “Our guide Pepo was amazing. He was so knowledgeable about Galapagos history, animals and culture. Plus he was very fun. We always looked forward to hearing his daily "Super Plan". He made our trip educational and fun.”
    Kate Weinreich – Colorado, United StatesTortuga, July 2018
  • True Vacation

    “This was the best trip I have ever been on! I am a school teacher and have the luxury of summers off. Last summer I was sitting around without plans and thought, “I need to go on a trip!” I have not been on a big trip before because I was skeptical of traveling alone. I have few friends who share my passion for international travel and have the finances and circumstances to justify a vacation like this. The first decision I had to make was to decide where I wanted to go. Choosing the Galápagos was easy because my favorite animal is a tortoise! After going on the vacation, I have no complaints other than I wish I could have stayed there longer. Our local Galakiwi guide, Pepo, was so knowledgeable about the islands and I learned so much about the history, animals, plants, and culture of the Galapagos. I built incredible relationships with everyone on my trip that made me realize that as humans, we are never alone. There is always going to be someone just as adventurous, just as silly, just as goofy, just as nervous, just as shy, and just as crazy as you! I will definitely be going on another Active Adventures trip in the future. I felt very well taken care of and never had to worry or think about what I would eat or what activities were planned for the day. I have already recommended this company to all my friends and family. BEST VACATION EVER!”
    Julianna Strickland – Texas, United StatesTortuga, July 2018
  • Amazing Trip

    “Amazing trip. Pepo was a fantastic guide with knowledge about history, geography etc of the islands. He could answer just about every question.”
    Sarah Brickles – California, United StatesTortuga, July 2018
  • Tortoises, Turtles, Iguanas...What a Trip!

    “This is our 3rd trip with Active - previously we have travelled to Peru and New Zealand - and again LOVED it. From the moment we arrived in Quito to our last day there, we were treated as honorable guests participating in an amazing adventure in South America. Well done Active. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to anyone who wants to hike, swim, kayak and most importantly see the beautiful fauna and flora in this relatively remote space of our planet - the Galapagos.”
    Roys Ellinas – Wisconsin, United StatesTortuga, June 2018
  • Amazing Galapagos!

    “This was our third trip with Active Adventures (we have also completed Active Trips in Peru and New Zealand), and like the others, this one was completely amazing!
    As usual, everything in the trip was well planned and executed.
    Our guide, Zambo, was knowledgeable, organized, and unfailingly optimistic, taking any bumps (rainy weather, our lack of snorkeling experience) absolutely in stride.
    The Galapagos Tortuga trip has a very nice variety of activities, including kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, biking, and visits to conservation areas, so you are never bored. Since this was a concern for me, I will add that I am 53 years old, exercise 30-60 min per day at home, and I made the trip without a problem – although if you want even more exercise, the opportunity is certainly there.
    This trip is particularly amazing because it stays on the islands and not on boats. This both supports the local people and helps you get to know the culture. No other way to do it, in my opinion!
    Another amazing active adventure!
    Libby Ellinas – Wisconsin, United StatesTortuga, June 2018
  • Interesting and unusual

    “I’ve been interested the Galápagos Islands since learning about them in school, so it was wonderful to finally see them and their fascinating creatures in real life. The first surprise was how many humans actually live full time there - 30,000 on the four inhabited islands. I had always envisioned the islands as having no human habitation, except maybe scientists! We were able to see many of the well-known animal inhabitants, both on land and underwater, including blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, sea iguanas, green sea turtles, rays, lots of fish, and, of course, the giant tortoises. Visiting the giant tortoise breeding centers was really interesting. The snorkeling was fun, albeit a little chilly out in the open water. Where we snorkeled in more protected water, it was warmer. The hotels we stayed in were wonderful - nearly all facing the water, with clean and comfortable rooms. The meals were excellent, and our only complaint was there being too much food at times! Because this is a land-based trip, we traveled by speed boat between destinations. We were lucky that the seas were fairly calm, because we heard it can get rough sometimes. Our guide, who went by the nickname Zambo, grew up in the islands and was excellent - attentive, helpful, and organized. This was our third Active Adventures trip, and as far as this one being “active”, it was less so than the others, which makes it suitable for a wider range of travelers.”
    Ann Zeman – Washington, United StatesTortuga, June 2018
  • Wow!

    “We got to see everything you've always heard of in the Galapagos.”
    Ken Zeman – Washington, United StatesTortuga, June 2018
  • Great Tortuga Trip

    “This trip operated like a well oiled machine. Very organized and well run. The highlight for me was the flora and fauna and the protections in place to make sure the environment thrives.”
    Astrid Green – Oregon, United StatesTortuga, June 2018
  • Galapagos Adventure

    “My Galapagos adventure was a great experience. I had never snorkled before, so I can't believe I actually snorkeled with amazing creatures, including sharks, turtles, and sea lions. Our group experienced an extra bonus swimming with a huge school of golden rays. Zambo was a wonderful guide: so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about all aspects of the trip. His good cheer was infectious and gave our group great 'karma.'”
    Andrea Rudolph – New York, United StatesTortuga, June 2018
  • Great Place to visit

    “Each island brought a new day of discovery...they were all beautiful and each had its own highlights...Highly recommend.”
    Cindy Fowser – New Jersey, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • Tortuga

    “Zambo was a fantastic guide. So knowledgable and full of enthusiasm. The Galapagos was unbelievable. More than I would have expected. We had a great group of people on this trip with us. We have made friends with all of them and treated each other like family. ”
    Robin Goebel – Texas, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • Amazing Adventure Led by Guide of the Century!

    “As a 71 year old not really active senior, I was a bit leery about joining this adventure, but my friends talked me into it. Thanks to our compassionate, passionate, caring guide Pablo, I was able to participate in every expedition (I chose snorkeling the tunnels rather than hiking the volcano!) and learned more about the Galapagos islands and its flora, fauna, and geography than I ever thought possible.”
    Susan Ze – Arizona, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • An Amazing Adventure

    “What a fabulous trip! Everything was so well-organized and all of the people involved were fabulous. We got the guide of the century having Pablo as our naturalist. Pablo managed to have a surprise for us each and every day. It was like he special-ordered all the best from weather to food to unusual plants and animals each day. We saw so many plants and animals that I'd never seen before. It was incredible to come across tortoises in the wild and this was the first time I'd seen flamingos in the wild and got to see them fly. That was spectacular. It was great to get to snorkel nearly every day. Swimming with the sea lions, tortoises, hammerheads, reef sharks was memorable. I loved seeing a bryde whale and the manta rays on one of our travel days on the boat as well as a bird feeding frenzy after our snorkel at Kicker Rock. All of the boat captains did a fabulous job maneuvering the boats for the best views and photos of the wildlife and scenery. The kayaking day at Isabela was one of our favorite days. What a gorgeous bay! I would have loved to have stayed on Isabela for one more day so that we could have gone on the Sierra Negra hike AND go snorkeling at Los Tuneles. We had to choose one or the other, but it would be great to do both (based on the pictures I saw). This is a terrific company and I will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks for a great experience.”
    Georganne Nuger – California, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • You Had Me At Sea Turtles

    “The Galapagos was everything I expected and then some! Zambo was a perfect guide and our group was terrific. We had talked about a land based trip vs. a sea based, and although I love the idea of staying on the water, I get sea sick in a bath tub. I liked being on land so we could explore the towns we were in and appreciate the Galapagos culture.”
    Lori Alter – Texas, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • 10 Days in Paradise

    “The trip was wonderful and the group was very compatible. Zambo and Paulo did a great job showing us their beautiful part of the world. The wildlife and the food were outstanding and exceeded my very lofty expectations.”
    Anne Weitz – Idaho, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • What a Wonderful Experience!

    “Overall, the Tortuga trip exceeded our expectations. Our guides Zambo and Paulo were great, travel was easy, the hotels and food were excellent, and the wildlife viewing was better than I had hoped. I really like the "active" part of the Active Adventures tours.”
    Tom Weitz – Idaho, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • This Trip Was My Wife's Lifelong Dream - and it Came TRUE!

    “Galapagos is simply amazing. If you love to experience wildlife nose to nose this is the place. Sea Lions, Iguana, Pelicans, Sea Turtles, Giant Tortoises, Sharks, Blue Heron etc. Snorkeling, hiking - we loved it all. A great trip for adults, and your kids if they swim and snorkel. This is a wildlife adventure to remember forever.”
    Brian Alter – Texas, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • Delightful Galapagos

    “Fantastic trip...a sensory feast for the soul. Many unique experiences including snorkeling with iguanas and one afternoon we watched and giggled with amazement as a young seal and a young black tip reef shark played in this small pool in the lava rocks. WOW!”
    Steve Leslie – Colorado, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • A wonderful World! Galapagos is a Divine Treasure

    “I had a fabulous trip! Zambo and Paulo were great! You can't even describe it but suffice to say photos can't do this justice and there's magic in the wildlife. A treasure not to be missed!”
    Priscilla Merrill – New Hampshire, United StatesTortuga, May 2018
  • Once in a Lifetime Vacation

    “Every island has different wildlife to enjoy. There was so many sea lions, golden rays, whales, large sea turtles, land tortoise, blue footed boobies, hammer heads, Galapagos shark, etc. the guides are amazing. They take you biking, kayaking, hiking, diving, etc. never a dull moment.”
    Penny Miller – Florida, United StatesTortuga, April 2018
  • Tortuga with Pablo

    “We enjoyed living on the islands for this trip. It gave us a much better feel for the islands and the country. We felt like we were living it, not just visiting it. Pablo was passionate about the Galapagos Islands and committed to ecology. It was a very enjoyable trip.”
    Dave Lardinois – Wisconsin, United StatesTortuga, April 2018
  • Great Fun, Interesting Trip

    “The Tapir trip in Ecuador was amazing. Lovely country, wonderful guide, Mauro. We got to see and experience so many different landscapes and adventures - including cycling down Cotopaxi Volcano, a walk around a lagoon near Cotopaxi, a night at a charming hacienda, views and swinging over cliffs in Banos, a lovely lunch near Banos, an Amazon waterfall hike that was challenging but terrific, a night at a rustic Amazon lodge with the sounds of the jungle lulling us to sleep, boat rides along the Napo River, a visit to a demonstration of local Amazon crafts, a visit to a wildlife rescue place on the Napo River, a beautiful thermal spa east of Quito with a lovely hike along a river wedged between two lush green mountains, and a final stay at a new, luxury hotel outside Quito near the airport. Mauro, our guide, told us many interesting facts about the country and was very attentive to our wishes and needs.”
    Bruce Smith – California, United StatesTapir, April 2018
  • An Absolutely Stunning Trip

    “A magnificent myriad of worlds in one amazing week...Volcanoes, jungle, waterfalls, hot springs, hiking, biking, horseback riding, snow, tropics, bird watching, traditional artisan demonstrations... Our main guide, Mauro, was incredible - a wonderful interpreter, intuitive, intelligent and very knowledgeable (history, topography, geography, animal and plant life, characteristics of each town and village...) He and I share a love of birds so that was a special treat. He was also clear, direct and vigilant on any issues of safety, especially during physical challenges. We were always well taken care of.... Each local guide and proprietor were accommodating, personable and sincere. I often felt as if we were sharing in a little part of their lives instead of just being tourists. My traveling companion and I are intensely curious and learned so much about a beautiful country that we knew virtually nothing about, while having an unbelievable time! In addition to being regularly awestruck, we laughed a lot and had so many wonderful conversations. This experience will stay with me for the rest of my life...”
    Jamie Virostko – Virginia, United StatesTapir, April 2018
  • Best Vacation Ever!

    “I decided to tag along with my friends on this trip, without having given too much thought about the Galapagos prior and it ended up being an amazing experience! We had ample opportunities to get up close to the wildlife and experience the unique environment. Pepo was a wealth of knowledge and taught us all so much about the geology, biology, history and culture of the islands. Going through this journey as a group was a wonderful experience, allowing us to connect and share our collective appreciation of the islands, their wildlife, and their people. I would highly recommend this adventure to anyone considering it and is looking for an engaging way to experience the islands up-close and take in all they have to offer.”
    Richmond Pagaduan – California, United StatesTortuga, April 2018
  • Amazing

    “This trip was amazing. We had a brilliant time. Galapagos Islands are more than beautiful, organization was perfect and Pepo was the best guide we’d had in our lives. Thank you!”
    Marzi Dubiel – Malopolska, PolandTortuga, April 2018
  • A Trip to Do Twice!

    “The Tortuga Trip is a wonderful blend of land and sea, with a wonderful guide named Pepo. It is a delight to learn about the history of such a special place in the world, the uniqueness of its animals, the richness of the scenery, and the friendliness of its people. It was a grand adventure.”
    Cathy Leslie – Colorado, United StatesTortuga, April 2018
  • The Bodkin's March 2018 Tortuga Trip

    “The trip was fantastic, every detail was thoughtfully considered. Our guide, Pablo, was superb, his knowledge, enthusiasm, and presentation resulted in a trip that was educational, interesting and entertaining. Pablo and Paoulo made sure that everyone was comfortable and safe during activities and the offsite staff was accommodating of every need. The Galapagos Islands and their natural and human history offer unique windows into our world.”
    James Bodkin – Washington, United StatesTortuga, March 2018
  • Fantastic Trip

    “I loved every bit of this trip - the activities, the people, the wonderful creatures we encountered, the local food, the accommodations. Even the weather cooperated! But I must say that our guide Zambo's knowledge, enthusiasm, and kindness were what really made this trip so special! His love for his country and positive attitude were contagious, and we learned so much while having such fun!”
    Susan LaHoda – Colorado, United StatesTortuga, March 2018
  • Exceeded Expectations!

    “Our trip to the Galapagos exceeded expectations in every way. All transports and activities were extremely efficient - there was never any waiting around. We had a full plate of activities, with just the right amount of down time. Fabulous!”
    Mary Porter – Maryland, United StatesTortuga, March 2018
  • Amazing Trip!

    “Far exceeded my expectations! Amazing time, great people, highly recommend!”
    Vince Ruisi – Ontario, CanadaTortuga, March 2018
  • Annie's Tortuga Trip

    “Everyone at AA was genuinely keen on making our trip the best possible. The trip was well planned, yet flexible to meet the preferences of our small group (6 people). Our guide, ZAMBO, was ever cheery and a font of interesting information on everything from the animals to the geological formations, to the best dishes at local restaurants. It was a great bonding experience for my daughter and myself.”
    Annie Lannigan – Rhode Island, United StatesTortuga, March 2018
  • Great Active Trip!

    “This was a great trip made even better by having Pablo as our quide. Pablo was so knowledgeable and passionate about the Galapagos. His explanation of how life begins on a barren volcanic landscape was enlightening - an "ah-ha" moment. The locally made food was great.”
    Elizabeth Rohrbach – New Mexico, United StatesTortuga, March 2018
  • Another Wonderful Adventure

    “Pablo was wonderful - passionate and knowledgeable! The organization of the trip was excellent and everyone was very accommodating to special requests. Galapagos was a major bucket list trip for me and going with Active Adventures made sure it didn't disappoint! Thank you for another wonderful adventure!”
    Jomana Fikree – , United KingdomTortuga, March 2018
  • Awesome Trip!!

    “Our guide Pablo was SO knowledgeable and passionate about the wildlife and plant life on the Islands. We loved snorkeling with the sea lions, sea turtles, sting rays, baby sharks and other fish. The biking was great fun also. The tortoises were amazing. Lovely, lovely!!”
    Kaye Lardinois – Wisconsin, United StatesTortuga, February 2018
  • Feb 2018 Galapagos

    “Excellent trip. Pablo is top notch. He is personable and knowledgeable and very respectful. The accommodations were outstanding. Overall an excellent trip.”
    Jason Medlock – Ohio, United StatesTortuga, February 2018
  • Galapagos Was Fantastic

    “This trip was even more than I expected/hoped for. I learned so much from Pablo and his enthusiastic and passionate presentations, about Giant Tortoises and Marine Iguanas. Especially the various rescue operations, combined with the different species due to lava flow - wonderful.”
    Susan Hollis – New York, United StatesTortuga, February 2018
  • Fantastic Trip!

    “This was an absolutely amazing adventure! Loved it. Great explanations of the natural world. Lovely hotels that handled three people easily. The food was great. See all the islands so up close and personal was just amazing. And everything was so well taken care of. All the people with Galakiwi did a great job.”
    Deborah Hollis – New Mexico, United StatesTortuga, February 2018
  • Amazing Galapagos Islands

    “A great time, made especially so by the company of our truly excellent guide Pepo. Really enjoyed the variety and pace of each day. One place I am really glad to have had the privilege to have visited.”
    Tony Rowe – Nelson, New ZealandTortuga, February 2018
  • Mainland Ecuador

    “Had a great time here....this exceeds our expectations. We'll be back for sure. ”
    Tony Rowe – Nelson, New ZealandTapir, February 2018
  • Exceeded My Expectations

    “Of course the scenery, food and the activities were fantastic - but what makes this tour special is the excellent organisation along with the knowledge and people skills of the leader and his assistant.”
    Erena Rowe – Nelson, New ZealandTortuga, February 2018
  • Galapagos Dream Come True

    “I am so happy that I booked my Galapagos adventure with Active Adventures/Galakiwi. It was just what I was looking for - a great balance of a good variety of activities and learning about the biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands with a small group of like-minded individuals. A land-based trip is the way to go, leaving more tourist dollars in the local economy. I can't speak highly enough about the organization and logistics of the company - or the enthusiasm and knowledge of our tour guide, Pablo. New friends and incredible sights with memories to last a lifetime.”
    Peggy Cordell – Montana, United States of AmericaTortuga, January 2018
  • Galapagos Dream Trip

    “My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our Galapagos adventure. It was full of things we expected - seamless planning and execution, beautiful scenery, fascinating wildlife, comfortable lodgings and a superb guide - and things we didn't expect, such as an excellent dinner in a highlands lodge and porpoises frolicking in the bow wave of our boat. We enjoyed the variety of activities and the chance to stay on four islands, giving us a feel for the culture, as well as the natural world of the Galapagos.”
    Lisa Schneck – Colorado, United States of AmericaTortuga, January 2018
  • Absolutely the Trip of a Lifetime!

    “Not that I expected anything less from Active, but this trip was phenomenal. I could not have been happier with the caliber of the staff, the hotels, and the activities. I also asked for some changes at the last minute that Active and the whole local staff were more than willing to accommodate. I was incredibly grateful for their kindness and service. I actually showed up on the trip with a severe cold and got even more sick for a couple of days on the trip - and it was still one of the best trips of my life!”
    Shannon Arts – Virginia, United States of AmericaTortuga, January 2018
  • A Magical Experience!

    “When I first learned of the Galapagos in 9th grade biology class, I never dreamed that I would one day visit this magical place! There is an incredible uniqueness about the wildlife that you will not find anywhere else. I loved watching the sea lions interact with each other and teasing the marine Iguanas around the rocks. There were dozens of sea turtles and hundreds of colorful fish, beautiful red crabs, majestic sting rays, playful dolphins, colorful blue footed boobies, prehistoric gigantic tortoises and the cutest penguins I have ever seen! Our guide Zambo was exceptional! He was so passionate about sharing the culture and history of the islands - not to mention truly an expert in "everything Galapagos". I highly recommend this trip with Active Adventures and I loved my stay on the islands! It will always have a special place in my heart!”
    Zina Cappiello – New Jersey, United StatesTortuga, January 2018
  • Magical!

    “I don't usually gravitate toward organized tours, but this has changed my mind. Everyday was a magical adventure and well-paced. Pepo was so knowledgeable, friendly and just a warm person. I loved that everyday we did something active - I think I was healthier on vacation than I am in real life! The Galapagos was a trip of a lifetime and this tour made sure that I saw everything I could see. Additionally, I learned so much about the wildlife and conservation that I will continue to provide random facts to my friends and family for years. Words cannot express how much I loved this trip and this adventure. It really has opened up my eyes.”
    Stephanie Dang – California, United StatesTortuga, January 2018
  • First Class Holiday

    “This was my second trip with Active and it didn’t disappoint. Flawlessly organised, a great group, wonderful holiday and a knowledgable and enormously fun guide.”
    Harry Stokes – London, United KingdomTortuga, January 2018
  • Active Adventures South America ROCKS!

    “Awesome trip! Our guide, Pepo, is the best active guide out there. He was knowledgeable, fun, patient, and attentive. I highly recommend Active Adventures South America. We just showed up for our “Tortuga” Galapagos trip and they took care of everything. Customer service was incredible during information gathering stage (to determine the best trip for us), booking, trip prep and during the entire trip. We will definitely book with Active Adventures again.”
    Dee Kittner – Maryland, United StatesTortuga, January 2018
  • Tapir trip Review

    “The Tapir trip to Ecuador certainly lived up to its "active adventure" name with Hiking, Horseback riding, Cycling and climbing through multiple waterfalls. The variety and the excellence of your guide Mauro made this an unforgettable trip and I highly recommend both Active Adventures and your Tapir trip.”
    Ron Nissen – Queensland, AustraliaTapir, January 2018
  • “Awesome trip. Zambo is one of the best guides we've ever had on a trip like this. Super knowledgeable, very patient, great with logistics, etc. And Sina was a wonderful addition. They make a perfect team & couple! ”
    Frank Genna – New Jersey, United StatesTortuga, January 2018
  • Awesome Trip

    “Our trip to the Galapagos was simply amazing and Zambo was the best guide ever. We hiked, biked, snorkeled, kayaked, sailed, swam, and learned so much. I keep telling everyone that we felt like we were in a Nat Geo episode. Animals were everywhere...and it was awesome.”
    Deborah Padula – New Jersey, United StatesTortuga, January 2018
  • Superb Ecuador - don't miss this tropical paradise

    “Ecuador is a gem, and should not be missed. The Active Adventures Tapir trip ensures that you experience many of the highlights of this gorgeous country. From the outset you will experience new adventures like cycling down Mt Cotopaxi from 4,500m, walking around beautiful countryside and heading upriver to an EcoLodge. This beautiful, multi-day activities are thoroughly enjoyable, and your guide Mauro Chavez is exceptional, highly professional, capable and engaging, definately one of the best guides I've had the pleasure to meet. ”
    Varina Nissen – Queensland, AustraliaTapir, January 2018
  • A Beautiful Adventure

    “This was my second trip with Active Adventures and it did not disappoint. From start to finish, every detail was taken care of. We snorkelled with reef sharks and sea turtles, kayaked next to Galapagos penguins and marine iguanas, and walked on the beach next to the sea lions. Our Guide, Zambo, shared his knowledge of and his passion for these Islands all along the way. A trip to remember.”
    Robin Campol – British Columbia, CanadaTortuga, December 2017
  • December Tortuga

    “Another Active Adventures Adventure this time in Ecuador. Beyond incredible trip. Land based Galapagos tour way to see how the local people live on the island, contribute to their economy and enjoy delicious local cuisine.”
    Judy Pan – California, United StatesTortuga, December 2017
  • Galapagos Rocks!

    “There are not enough superlatives to describe the trip and our guide Pepo. I think it is best summed up by saying that the emotional, physical and spiritual impact of seeing and interacting with the animals in the wild is mind bending and almost overwhelming. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and insightful. I do believe that he could teach at any university in the US! He and his staff (Juan-Carlos and Paolo) made sure that we were all having the experience of a lifetime. I would like to say that Pepo should be pulled from the field to teach other guides but that would be depriving the next luck group who might get him of an amazing experience. ”
    Michael Arts – Wisconsin, United StatesTortuga, December 2017
  • Like Being in a Travel Magazine Article!

    “There are not enough superlatives to describe our Tortuga adventure. Every day was like being part of a travel magazine article - beautiful, serene, interesting, educational, awesome, incredible, unique..and that's just the start. EVERYTHING was fantastic from start to finish - the accommodations, guides, food and OF COURSE - the nature, culture and history.”
    Susan Arts – Wisconsin, United StatesTortuga, December 2017
  • Galapagos Trip with Active Adventures August 2017

    “I have been on several international trips, and due to the variety and how different each trip is, I don't tend to like to pick a favorite. At least until my trip to the Galapagos with Active Adventures. I can honestly say that this was the most amazing trip I have ever been on! We got to do a huge variety of activities and really get the full Galapagos experience. Our guide, Zambo, was absolutely phenomenal, I could not have asked for a better person to have lead us on our trip. Zambo definitely was a significant factor in making our trip as amazing as it was. From snorkeling and seeing sharks, rays, eels, and sea lions, to biking, to hiking, we did and saw so many different, amazing things. I will remember this trip forever.”
    Alanna Thompson – Ontario, CanadaTortuga, September 2017
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “The Galapagos Islands was on my daughter's bucket list after she took an eco course in university. Thank goodness for education! It was by far my favorite trip I have taken, and my 6th continent visited. It was the perfect balance of active adventure, nature, education and leisure. Our guide Zambo was fantastic! It was an amazing experience from day 1 and each day just got better and better. Every island we visited offered us something new and different. Snorkelling at Kicker Rock and having reef sharks surround us was unbelievable. The marine life was incredible. Black tip reef sharks, an eagle ray, sea turtles .. were all the highlight ... but the amount of fish we saw was amazing. A diver in our group saw hammerhead sharks! We chose the Galapagos for the wildlife and we weren't disappointed. Friendly sea lions and iguanas were everywhere. We saw everything we had hoped and even more. On the way to Floreana Island we had dolphins swim and jump beside the boat; but what was even more wonderful was the 3 humpback whales - a calf and its parents. The calf was quite interested in our boat and came right up to us. We sat on the hull for 30-40 minutes and watched the whales surface and "play" around our boat ... an experience that none of us will ever forget. We were all in awe! Seeing those magnificent creatures in their natural habitat was surreal.
    From biking to hiking to kayaking to snorkelling we were kept busy and active, which was good since the food was fantastic! Every place we stayed at and ate at was fantastic. I love how Active Adventures supports the local economy and so many different businesses benefitted from our tour.
    It was by far the best vacation I have taken so far. Everything was perfect! And I cant say enough about Zambo ... he took care of all of us!!! He was our mother, mentor and educator! Thank you Active Adventures for giving Alanna and I a trip of a lifetime!”
    Gabriele Thompson – Ontario, CanadaTortuga, September 2017
  • Peru, Galapagos & Ecuador

    “We did our trips with a company called Active Adventures out of New Zealand. We did the New Zealand trip in 2014 and this past March did the Peru, Galapagos & Ecuador. We thought the New Zealand trip was great, the Peru, Galapagos & Ecuador was even better. The company really takes care of you and stays in unique places (eg. the Hacienda with horseback riding in Ecuador, etc.)”
    Jim Leffelman – Illinois, United StatesTapir, September 2017
  • Amazing Wildlife!

    “Amazing wildlife at every turn with a really knowledgeable guide.”
    Kat Stern – London, United KingdomTortuga, September 2017
  • Galapagos Trip Was Everything I Imagined and More

    “This was my second trip with Active Adventures and again they did not disappoint. From the easy booking process, personal attention, and gentle reminders everything runs smoothly from day one.”
    Bonnie Wassileff – California, United StatesTortuga, September 2017
  • Surprising Ecuador

    “We didn't know much about Ecuador - this was a fill-in trip between two others. It's a great place, especially the volcanos. Altitude takes a bit of getting used to but well worth it.”
    Peter Tuft – Tasmania, AustraliaTapir, September 2017
  • Awesome Galapagos

    “Wonderful trip, Pablo was a wonderful guide. I'm not especially an animal person, but nevertheless the wildlife was the absolute highlight of this trip.”
    Peter Tuft – Tasmania, AustraliaTortuga, September 2017
  • Ecuador

    “We had an amazing week in Ecuador. Each day was a new adventure, and the scenery was beautiful. The best part was Jhayro, our tour guide. He was knowledgable, personable, and genuine. We could tell that he wanted us to experience how special Ecuador is. ”
    Ryan Quale – Minnesota, United StatesTapir, September 2017
  • Ecuador - August, 2017

    “This trip was even more incredible than we thought it was going to be! We met such wonderful people while enjoying phenomenal scenery. We experienced something new each day and will treasure our unforgettable memories of Ecuador!”
    Stephanie Smith – Minnesota, United StatesTapir, September 2017
  • Naturalist Dream

    “The Galapogos Islands were all I had imagined. The animals were so accessible but also in their natural state. Our guide, Pablo was a wealth of knowledge and his passion for the natural environment was very infectious. The trip left me yearning for more time to linger.”
    Robyn Tuft – Tasmania, AustraliaTortuga, September 2017
  • Volcano Binge

    “Ecuador should be more on the visitors bucket list. Spectacular scenery which ranges from the upper Amazon to glacier capped active volcanoes. Our guide Jhayro was excellent and able to tailor the trips to the group.”
    Robyn Tuft – Tasmania, AustraliaTapir, September 2017
  • Everything We'd Hoped For!

    “The trip was everything we had hoped for! Pablo was awesome. Very knowledgeable. We wish the trip had been longer!”
    Leslie Choe – New Jersey, United StatesTortuga, August 2017
  • Best Tour Guide Ever!

    “Our tour guide, Pablo, could not be beat! His knowledge and enthusiasm was overflowing. As an added bonus, he was great with keeping our kids engaged and entertained.”
    Jessica Rempfer – Washington, United StatesTortuga, August 2017
  • Truly a Trip of a Lifetime

    “When friends ask "how was your trip?", the words fail me. I wish I could share the incredible moments with them. How do you describe the magic of snorkelling with dolphins in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, or feeling like you've befriended a sea lion? We can't say enough about our trip with Active Adventures. What an incredible trip!”
    Chantal Mills – Ontario, CanadaTortuga, August 2017
  • What an Adventure!

    “This trip was definitely an active adventure! We experienced things I never had before, like reverse canyoning for example. Jairo was an excellent guide and leader. He designed quite the adventurous, active trip that we will never forget. I loved the hacienda and the horseback riding. The horses were wonderful, well trained and well taken care of. I also loved meeting our guide's family and enjoying home cooked meals with them.”
    Chantal Mills – Ontario, CanadaTapir, July 2017
  • Awesome!

    “Our 7 year old son didn't want to leave Ecuador. We had prepared him extensively for this trip and he was a real trooper. He loved everything about this trip and, since we've come back home, he talks about his trip to Ecuador almost daily.
    Perhaps other parents of children who are on the autism spectrum can appreciate how challenging it can be to find something your child will eat, never mind in a foreign country! Jhayro was wonderful with our son and they really connected. Dominik loved being Jhayro's co-pilot and occasional side-kick. ”
    Dominik Ellis – Ontario, CanadaTapir, July 2017
  • Ecuador and the edge of the Amazon

    “Great trip and very organised. The guide was very knowledgable and had a great sense of humour. He was also patient and flexible with parts of the group. The accommodation was very comfortable and we were very well fed with amazing food throughout the trip.”
    Regina Bolton – Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaTapir, July 2017
  • Galapagos

    “We felt that we had the guide of the Century...Pablo...he should be a National Treasure! His enthusiasm, knowledge, sensitivity, thoughtfulness...fantastic!”
    Chrissie Thomson – Otago, New ZealandTortuga, June 2017
  • One More Off the Bucket List

    “Great adventure trip with a multitude of activities”
    Cole Dolinger – Pennsylvania, United StatesTortuga, June 2017
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Trip Reviews

  •   4.50 out of 5 (from 1973 reviews)

    We loved it! Erick our guide was super patient, knew the culture, knowledgeable, concerned with safety! We would do one with Erick again in a heartbeat!
    Linda Hunter Review Image
    – Wisconsin, United States
    Jaguar 2017, February 2017
  •   4.55 out of 5 (from 1341 reviews)

    Great Trip

    The naturalists were so informative about not only the local plants and animals, but had rich historical knowledge that really added to the experience.
    Owen Ward Review Image
    – Massachusetts, United States
    Tortuga, January 2017
  •   4.55 out of 5 (from 1341 reviews)

    Simply said: Excellent

    We’ve booked our trip with Active Adventures from NZ but ended up with Galakiwi Adventures as the implementing party. A bit confusing at the beginning but it turned out quite well.
    Our trip through the Galapagos Islands started in San Cristobal, followed by Floreana, Isabela and ended in Santa Cruz.
    We booked an all-inclusive trip and it turned out to be a very good decision. In fact we realized only after a few days how convenient is was to have everything organized for you and how much time you can actually safe. Starting with swimming gear that is provided as part of the package. Transportation to the ferry, getting on & off, having the transportation ready when you arrive, all those organizational aspects are taken care off which makes travelling from island to island very easy and smooth. Then hotels are ready, check in & out done super fast, luggage’s pick up etc. all organized. Lunch and/or dinners arranged in advance to maximize the vacation time and reduce wasted time to a bare minimum. What else to say besides that the organization was simply said excellent!!!
    Then we had Zambo our tour guide, a fantastic & very knowledgeable person.
    Not only questions from adults were not a problem for him, our kids and the other families kids who were also part of the group constantly came up with all sorts of questions and somehow, Zambo always had an answer.
    All of this made it a great vacation; we enjoyed it a lot
    Thomas Mueller Review Image
    – Sai Kung, Hong Kong
    Tortuga, April 2017
  •   4.50 out of 5 (from 1973 reviews)

    Great trip!

    We had a smart, funny, and skilled guide who showed us beautiful and amazing things. Peru was incredible, it was a great trip.
    Kevin O'Brien Review Image
    – Washington, United States
    Jaguar 2017, August 2016
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 939 reviews)

    Beautiful Scenery and Great Hikes

    My husband has wanted to do this trip for several years. I hesitated as the Refugio stays were way out of my comfort zone. The whole trip was great, and even the Refugio’s were ok. Our guide Cynthia was just amazing - she knows what she’s doing, is prepared for everything, and was very encouraging. I really don’t know how she did it all! We were with a great group of people, and feel we have gained new friends that we hope to meet on another trail some day.
    Cathy Tileston Review Image
    – Florida, United States
    Condor, March 2018



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