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Bolivia’s landscape is rugged, within its borders you’ll find the Atacama Desert, the Amazon Basin and the Andes Mountains – so upgrading transport routes has been a slow moving project! Despite this, progress is undoubtedly being made - for example, a safe alternative to the infamous ‘Death Road’ opened in 2009, it’s now more of a tourist spot than a dance with death.

The forceful geographical features also make flying the most reliable form of transport and the only quick way to get between major towns. The bus is a much cheaper option but with the unsealed roads and basic seating, your body may be a little upset with you afterwards. 

Whatever you decide, you’ll find some information below to help you on your travels and if you’ve got any questions (or you’ve decided that you’d like us to take care of all the details), get in touch with our travel experts today!

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Flying in


There are three international airports in Bolivia, La Paz’s El Alto International airport, Santa Cruz’s Viru-Viru International airport and cochabamba’s Jorge Wilstermann International Airport. Aside from these there are a number of domestic airports too, so getting around via air is easily done.


If you’re heading over purely for tourist reasons and you’re from Australia, Great Britain, Canada or most of the EU, you won’t need a visa. If you’re from the US, you will need a visa and this currently costs $160US. If you get hold of one on arrival, you’ll need proof of hotel reservation and sufficient funds for your trip, the upside is that this visa is valid for ten years and allows multiple entries.

Bussing in

There is no denying it, many of the roads in Bolivia are average at best. There have been some ongoing improvements but the terrain, landslides and protests hinder progress. The landslides can take anywhere from two hours to two days to sort out, but the protests can last up to five days, often with little information on when they’ll come to an end. 

You should also be weary of which companies you choose for your travels. Bus drivers have a notoriously bad name for themselves in Bolivia with numerous reports of reckless and dangerous driving. If you choose to travel with us, we save the trouble of road travel and take flights instead!

On the plus side the buses are extremely cheap and there are heaps of different routes that you can take, some with numerous stops and some with a little less. So, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting from A to B, but be aware that it won't be a comfortable ride. 

Local transport

You can get around in the larger towns on foot, bike, by taxi and by mini-bus. All of these options are reasonably priced, but it helps if you can speak a little Spanish so that you can be sure you're heading in the right direction.

If you choose to travel by taxi be aware that anyone in Bolivia can turn their car into a taxi purely by sticking a sign in the window, it’s used by many as a way of supplementing income. There are radio taxis which are safer, but they are slightly more expensive.

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