Pablo Valladares

Galapagos Islands Guide

Pablo has gained a reputation within the local community of the Galapagos Islands for his infectious enthusiasm and passion for wildlife and conservation. After studying biology and natural sciences at the University of Guayaquil, he came to the Galapagos Islands as part a six month volunteer program for the Charles Darwin Research Station and Galapagos National Park. As he worked with the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre of Isabella Island, his interest in outdoor activities and eco-tourism grew and led him to another project that he would devote the next eight years of his life to. He continued with the Charles Darwin Research Station working in education, communication and participation of the local community. This experience further strengthened his passion for the islands, the human aspect and impact, and for Isabella Island in particular where he has lived since 1998. "In May 2006, I left the station and started to work as a guide on Sierra Negra Volcano, sharing with curious visitors my experience and love for nature." Pablo continues to guide today and lives on the island of Isabella with his family. In his spare time he surfs regularly and helps to run local competitions, to encourage the younger generations into the sport.


"Galapagos is life, is death, is understanding and discovery and is origin and end. Galapagos is a trip beyond borderlines, it is a constant change and challenge for all kind of beings that arrived here, including us. I love it all" - Pablo

Surfing, reading, horse backriding, walking the beach and the highlands, martial arts. 

Most memorable moment?
There are so many! Once, two clients and me were on the bridge of the boat and I said, just imagine if a whale came out right now just to look at us! And... Less than 6 seconds later a whale came out on the left side of the boat and we all saw it!

Another time we almost crashed against a blue whale that was with her baby! It was 08:10am on the 12th of June, my birthday!

The big hug, smile and thanks that I get from people in their 70's that have never snorkelled before and to see that spark of happiness in their eyes when they were looking at a turtle or a shark!

On another of my birthdays I met Sir David Attenborough! And it was the first of five awesome days sharing nature with him. I could keep telling stories of special moments all day long...


“Pablo was absolutely the best guide I have ever had, including multiple day trip excursions I have done in the past. We were so lucky to have him. He is a gem.”
- Terri Donati (Evergreen, Colorado, United States), Tortuga July 2018

“Pablo was awesome! I can't say enough about how he shared an honest enthusiasm and interest that was infectious.”
- Forrest Glick (Palo Alto, California, United States), Tortuga August 2017

“Hanging out with Pablo wasn't only good for your brain, it was also good for your soul. What an exceptional guide! We often joked as a group that we felt sorry for the other guided groups on the island because they didn't have Pablo - we felt very superior! His depth of knowledge regarding biology, history, ecology, conservation and geology, along with his deep love for the islands and all it's inhabitants infected us all.”
- Row Hanley (Bilgola, New South Wales, Australia), Tortuga May 2016

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