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Daniel Terrazas

South America Guide

Where were you born and where did you grow up?
I was born in Cusco - Peru. And I lived in the Amazon jungle until I finished primary school.

I love mountain biking, travelling to new places, and I also enjoy reading history books.

What’s been your greatest outdoor adventure to date?
I once went to a snowcapped mountain on a trail called the Salkantay Trail, it was three days of hiking by myself, and I loved every moment of it.

What did you do before discovering a passion for guiding?
I worked in other hospitality roles, including as a hotel receptionist. I was also an assistant guide, and a truck driver!

Do you have a favourite quote that you live by?
I have a couple: "Today for you, tomorrow for me. That is reciprocity." it's an inka quote. And another I really like is "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style." I can't remember where I heard that one but it stuck with me.

Describe a life experience that has shaped you today:
It's not an experience exactly, but the biggest influence of all on me, was, and continues to be my father. He is the most hardworking person I know, he worked so hard to give my brothers and I our education. And I'm so grateful to him.


  • "Daniel was GREAT!!!!!!!! He was so concerned about each of us, and so knowledgeable and passionate about teaching us the local history and culture. He was also always working in the background because of the rearranged itinerary to make everything perfect for us. He was really great with our very active, talkative 11 year old son, who adored Daniel like a big brother..”
    Lydia Andrews-Jones (Lake Forest, California, United States) Capybara Dec 22 2016

Trip Reviews

  4.49 out of 5 (from 1936 reviews)

7 Day Jaguar Adventure

I have nothing but positive reviews for this week-long adventure of a lifetime (I would have loved to stay on for the full 14 day experience, but unfortunately work responsibilities limited my time away). As a seasoned solo traveler/hiker, and it being my 30th birthday week, I must rank this trip as my top guided-tour experience. Everything from the Lares Inca Trail experience (with its less crowded characteristics making it a much more attractive alternative to the Classic Inca Trail, at least to me), to the accommodations, the food (which can be catered to most anyone’s dietary needs, at least from what I experienced both first hand and from others in the group...still not sure how the chef/porters can transport all that fresh food and whip up such fantastic meals miles and miles from the nearest town!?), our tour leader Daniel and other affiliated guides and porters...quite honestly above and beyond what my original expectations were for the trip! I met several fellow hikers from around the world with whom I bonded and would now call lifelong friends, and have numerous photos and memories to last a lifetime! I would also like to mention that during our 4 day/3 night hike, we encountered several other hikers along the trail who were with various other tour companies (some of which I had researched prior to booking with Active Adventures), and were told several stories about various mishaps and/or negative experiences they were having with their tour leaders...perhaps we lucked out with our fantastic tour leader, but I definitely do not regret for a second my decision to ring in the third decade of my life with Active Adventures! I can’t thank you guys enough and will definitely keep you in mind for my next hiking adventure, wherever that may be :)
Kevin Bui Review Image
– New Hampshire, United States
Jaguar 2017, October 2017
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