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Arturo Rojas

Peru and Patagonia Trip Leader

Tell us about yourself?
Most of my friends say that I’m a fun guy, but I would just say that I like to smile! I was born and grew up in Lima, so it was where I started guiding. I have travelled the whole of Peru and other parts of South America … and climbed lots of mountains in the Andes. I love kayaking, trekking and playing soccer as well as taking pictures and writing. I really enjoy Peruvian food, and all kinds of food, so I know the best places to find the best dishes!

One sentence that sums you up?
I walk to get away and leave negative thoughts, which helps me to smile for all that I have in life.

One tip for our travellers?
Open all your senses to understand and enjoy a real local experience!

Arturo Active Adventures South America Guide


  • "He was so fun! His english was great and his knowlege of American Pop culture was better than mine! He took us to very uniqe and local restaurants. He was able to answer all questions we had about the area we were in."
    Corey Anden (Eden, Utah, United States), Marley Colt (Ogden, Utah, United States) May 2014
  • "Arturo is the best guide I've ever had. He kept us positive and motivated, even when I thought I would collapse. He has a good attitude and knows his stuff. "
    Julie Dalrymple (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) August 2011
  • "Arturo was fantastic. He did an incredible job, and I would request him again if I ever went back to Peru. His local knowledge and the relationships he had with the locals was second to none. Many other tour groups were jealous of us because of what a great trip leader he was."
    Chris Smith (Chicago, Illinois, United States) August 2011
  • "He was humourous, knowledgeable, kind, intuitive to the groups personalities. We wondered if anyone could compare to Pablo (Galapagos) but Arturo was wonderful and fun. So happy which was contagious. "
    Ingrid Thompson (Dundas, Ontario, Canada) July 2011
  • "He was as good as it gets. Funny, knowledgeable, caring. He would be the reason I would book again. When I had a toothache, he sought out a dentist who could see me the same day and came as my interpreter. He was first rate in every way. Everything ran on time, much to my surprise."
    Ron Campeau (Orillia, Ontario, Canada) September 2010
  • "Do whatever you need to do to keep this young man. He dealt with everything so well. We got stuck in major traffic jam and he jumped out and directed traffic on 2 occasions so we could get through. He also knew everyone and was as kind to them as he was with us. He was stuck with 6 women over the age of 45 and he fit right in. I cannot say enough about him. 2 of us got sick and he hung out to make sure we were ok. Just wonderful and so full of life and love for his country. We all felt like his mother. I would hire him in a New York second."
    Rochelle Coleman (Cleburne, Texas, United States) July 2010
  • "Cannot say enough good things about him. Would not change a thing!!! We laughed for 14 Days!"
    Kim Zacher (Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States) July 2010
  • "Arturo has the best personality, you couldn't have a better guide! He fit in with everyone in our group and every other person we came in contact with. People at the markets, restaurants, hotels, shops, other guides, hosts, everyone!! He is so respected and has so much respect for others. I can't say enough about Arturo, but it wouldn't have been the perfect trip without him!!! I would give him 100 on all the following aspects."
    Karen Kellogg (Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States) July 2010
  • "Arturo was the best guide we ever had, very personable, funny and made everyone feel great. We had many guides on other trips, but Arturo was the best we ever had. Give him a raise and do not lose him -- cannot say enough of him. "
    John Munz (Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada) May 2010
  • "What a pleasure to have. Loved his country and was proud to show the culture. Arturo was one of the best tour hosts I have ever had. "
    Mark Hornig (Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada) May 2010
  • "Arturo is a keeper! He has a 6th sense about him... He is a good manager and has a great sense of humor! He was very thorough and his knowledge of the local history and culture is second to none! I will remember him for a long time to come as we spent time on Christmas Day in Machu Pichu! Awesome!"
    Sujit Prabhu (Houston, Texas, United States) December 2009 Capybara Family
  • "Arturo was one of the best guides I have had on a vacation. He was very knowledgeable about all the places we visited. "
    Kim Moore (Gatineau, Quebec, Canada) October 2009
  • "Arturo made the trip! He's an incredible human being who easily bonds with people and ensures that everyone is taken care of to their own liking. He's well organized, well-mannered, well-tempered, and never shows stress. He is your greatest asset!"
    Jennifer Horspool (The Woodlands,Texas,United States) Sep 09
  • "Arturo is a fantastic guide and trip leader. He worked tirelessly and his efforts really made everything go smoothly. Moreover, his fun and dynamic personality kept everyone smiling even when the inevitable delays came along."
    David Hardy (Larchmont,New York,United States) Sep 09
  • "Arturo was AWESOME. He showed the right amount of professionalism, friendliness and compassion. His winning personality showed through every day."
    Rob Snyder (Levittown,Pennsylvania,United States) Sep 09
  • "Arturo was constantly there for us, no matter what. He displayed a kind, giving, selfless attitude all throughout the trip. I was very impressed with how quickly he jumped to a position of leadership and action when something went wrong or when someone got sick. He really wanted us to get to know his country and his culture, which made the trip unforgettable. He was also kind in sharing personal stories with us and going above and beyond what is most likely required of trip leaders."
    Julia Lemmon (Virginia, USA) Mar 2009
  • "He was kind, funny, informed, professional and just a lovely human being! "
    Shaun Pennington (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands) Mar 2009
  • "Bottom line, ASA is lucky to have such an incredible person on their staff. Arturo definitely made our trip what it was. His professional guiding abilities are well rounded and very solid. The marks I am giving him are 100% (all maximum) sincere and well earned. My wife and I were both very impressed and grateful for Arturo. You always felt like he was your leader but at the same time a friend. Arturo is truly a unique individual and is perfect for what he is doing!"
    Thomas Akeson (Oregon, USA) Nov 2008
  • "We want to make sure you know just how good Arturo is. He was such an outstanding leader, compassionate, empathetic, very witty and caring. I can't recall ever meeting someone so very much 'together'. We will forever remember how he helped us get over those passes and how he became a good friend. A true credit to your company."
    Colin and Linda Hansford (New York, USA) Aug 2008
  • "Arturo was outstanding. He has a great personality. I love his wit. He is also extremely patient and professional. He was a great guide and really made the trip a pleasure."
    Laura Silverstein (USA) Apr 2008
  • "Arturo is awesome. He is informative, funny, empathetic, and made the trip very fun."
    Vito Tocco (USA) Apr 2008
  • "Arturo was the most amazing guide ever! He was always concerned for our safety and made sure we were having fun and enjoying each day of our trip. We loved his ready smile and sweetness. Arturo never seemed stressed-out or pressured, he dealt with issues in a very calm and sweet manner. I told him he was a big part of why my vacation was so awesome!"
    Darlene Deschambeault (Groton, USA) Dec 2007
  • "Arturo was great! Trustworthy and well organized, authoritative, personable and not too pushy, and willing to help with anything and everything. Arturo created a "team" out of his entourage."
    Peter Brackett (Florida, USA) Dec 2007
  • "Over the past 25 years, I've been on many tours all over the world and been lucky to have had some very good guides. Even so, Arturo will be the one I will still remember years from now. What a phenomenal guide - he is one of those rare instances of being the right person in the right job. He was charming, friendly, and had infinite patience. He made a great tour awesome!"
    Gerry McDermott (California, USA) Dec 2007

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