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"You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well" - Jeff Bezos

Now for the most important bit! We get a huge amount of feedback from our clients, all of which we read and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips. While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves.

We encourage you to let us know if you'd like us to put you directly in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active Adventures trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and to find out what it’s really like to travel with us, a top rated tour company!

We've been running adventure trips for over 20 years, so we have a LOT of reviews. In the interest of not making you wait eons for the page to load, we've decided to show our 100 most recent. Though, if you'd like to read older reviews, please drop us a line and we'll certainly share plenty more with you!

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  • New Zealand Wonderland

    “Our tour took us to the most amazing places. Such diverse landscape. New Zealand gave me a taste of our earth’s natural wonders. I loved every moment. New Zealand seems to do things right. Clean water! Fresh air!”
    Patricia Lynch – New Mexico, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • Tui Trip Terrific

    “Our Tui Trip (Nov. 11-18, 2018) was fantastic. We really enjoyed all the hiking and especially, the plane ride, jet boat, & night on the Milford Wanderer. Our guides, Dan S & Pepper, were super: friendly & fun, but also professional & skilled. They drove the bus, cooked many great meals, organized all our activities, & answered all our questions, day after day. We highly recommend this trip.”
    Jim Callison – Georgia, United StatesTui, December 2018
  • Beyond my Wildest Dreams!

    “Jackie and Pepper made this the trip of a lifetime. FABULOUS guides!

    This was the perfect way to see the South Island of New Zealand up close and personal. I learned a lot and got plenty of excercise. Somehow they struck exactly the right balance between activities and relaxation.

    For people who like excercise and the outdoors this is the perfect way to experience the unspoiled and breathtaking beauty of the South Island!”
    Bob Chortek – California, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • Best Guides Ever

    “Nick and Lauren took care of every detail for our small group of 9. Their easygoing Kiwi personalities made for great teamwork. With Nick at the wheel and Lauren handling chef duties, we were in good hands always. The group was allowed flexibility so that stronger hikers could press on while others could meander and take a slower pace without feeling like they were holding up the group. They were also knowledgeable regarding flora, fauna, and all things New Zealand. Great memories thanks in large part to two great guides.
    John Hearne – Hawaii, United StatesManuka, December 2018
  • Far Exceeded My Expectations

    “Our Patagonia trip with Active Adventures far exceeded my expectations. Part of what made our trip amazing was our luck with the weather. We prepared for cold temps, rain, high wind and we were shocked with beautiful blue skies and only a few days of cool weather.
    The organization of trip by Active Adventures couldn't have been better and always was smooth. The trip we chose hit all of the major highlights of Patagonia such as hiking the W, seeing the penguins, viewing the glaciers at Lago Grey then crossing into Argentina to stay in Calafate and El Chatlen to hike.
    Our guide Gem in Patagonia was also amazing. Active Adventures couldn't have found a better guide. Gem always had a smile on his face, always had a joke of sometimes and really got along with every personality type in our group.
    I'd book again with Active Adventures and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to travel to Patagonia.”
    Kraig Sederquist – California, United StatesCondor, December 2018
  • Awesome Guides + Awesome Scenery=Totaly Awesome Trip

    “Superbly led and provisioned trip, turned 11 strangers into a family.
    The trekking was very manageable so you acclimatized easily. The scenery was breathtaking (and not just because of the elevation).
    Each tea house provided a multicultural bonanza of challenges and humor.
    The porters were helpful, friendly, and great dancers at the last night's boogie!
    I would certainly recommend Active Adventures and their fantastic leaders D.K. and Arjun”
    Leslie Smith – Virginia, United StatesAST, December 2018
  • The Adventure of Patagonia

    “The trip was awesome, though not for the light hearted! The extremes of Patagonia - the constantly changing weather and the challenging hikes totally proved thoroughly exhausting, but exhilarating. Each day seemed better than the next! Glad I was in good shape to handle all the obstacles!”
    Kathy Whittington – Virginia, United StatesCondor, December 2018
  • New Zealand Trip

    “Had a wonderful time! The food was great! Our guides Kim and Astrid were outstanding.”
    Sylvia Tang – California, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • An exciting challenge for anyone who wants to see the south island

    “We loved the Tui trip. We found it exciting with some challenges that left us exhausted at the end of the day. When we were looking for a tour, this is what we were searching for and we couldn't be happier that we found it for such a beautiful place. Our trip was fantasic and Simon and Kelsey made that happen!”
    Amy Poole – Ontario, CanadaTui, December 2018
  • The Scenery, The People, The Laughs....

    “Everything about this trip surpassed my expectations...the scenery, the guides and the other guests...
    I laughed the entire was certainly one of the best trips I’ve ever taken!”
    James Silva – Massachusetts, United StatesTui, December 2018
  • Outdoor Mindbending

    “Unparalleled scenic views, experiences, adventures, all in the hands of fit, fun, funny guides. Hard to top this.”
    Mark Patterson – Montana, United StatesTui, December 2018
  • An Amazing Trip

    “My husband and I enjoyed the trip enormously. The guides were terrific - both Kelsey and Simon were attentive and encouraging, kind and sympathetic when the hills became too steep and the sandflies too aggressive. We met lovely people, with whom we’d love to stay in touch.”
    Elena Patterson – Alabama, United StatesTui, December 2018
  • Jaguar Tour

    “This was a trip of a lifetime! From biking through a beautiful valley, to hiking the Inca trail in four days, then jetting over to the Amazon. It was a whirlwind of awesome! All the while having every day stress free and preplanned. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. Can't wait for our next Active Adventure!”
    Mason Ray – Kansas, United StatesJaguar, December 2018
  • Jaguar Trip in Peru

    “We took our family of six on this amazing trip. Wilson was a perfect tour guide. He spoke very good English and catered to our every need. He was very patient answering my children's constant questions. We ate the most incredible food and saw so much of Peru. It really was the trip of a lifetime!”
    Erin Summers – Idaho, United StatesJaguar, December 2018
  • A Breathtaking, Memorable, and Fun Adventure!

    “Words alone cannot describe the amazing experience that was provided from this tour!”
    Trang Ngoc Le – California, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • Great NZ South Island Adventure with Active Adventures!

    “My husband and I really enjoyed the Rimu trip. Laura and Hailey did an excellent job keeping the group happy and comfortable during the two weeks of our Rimu adventure in November 2018. There were 6 other people in the Rimu group and none of us knew each other before the trip but we enjoyed meeting new people and we all were on a good level of health and fitness needed for this active adventure. The hardest section for me was the cycling the one day for about 20 miles, but Laura and Hailey coaxed me through it and very beautiful scenery. A couple of my favorite parts of the trip were our visit to Milford Sound and Kayaking in Okarito lagoon near Franz Josef Glacier. We saw a range of birds there including some white herons, the royal spoonbill and paradise ducks!”
    Rebecca Dombcik – Washington, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • Nov 13-24 Kauri Trip with Andy and Jo :)

    “wonderful trip made even better by wonderful guid and driver Andy and wonderful cook and guide Jo”
    Ken Marts – Colorado, United StatesKauri, December 2018
  • An Active Family Adventure

    “Friends of ours had visited New Zealand years ago. They informed us that it was THE place to go to have an active adventure. We had dreams of hiking, whitewater, sleeping in cabins and more. When lady luck gave us the opportunity to travel to that remote destination, we searched for a simple way to fulfill those dreams. We certainly found the right spot.

    We are not, by definition, an outdoor family that goes backpacking every week-end *or any week-end*. Yet, we wanted to enjoy this type of life for a week. But, we needed a bit of help. The logistics behind putting this together was beyond our means with our busy regular life. So, we jumped and decided to go against our normal grain and book a trip with an agency.

    What we found was great. We had Astrid and Hailey as our 2 guides. Both of them were jewels in their own rights. They pushed us beyond our limits (go Oli, you CAN make it to the top of the valley). They kept us safe (always a watchful eye during river crossings). They made us laugh (Tim Tams and Slice of Heaven come to mind). They led us to discover hidden beauties (Siberia Valley was our best spot). What we found in New Zealand met the huge expectations that we had set for ourselves. The kids even forgot all their electronica for a little while. Beautiful!

    If you have the funds, this is certainly a great trip. Enjoy!”
    Robert Drolet – Aichi, JapanTui, December 2018
  • Another Great Active Adventures Trip

    “AA hit the sweet spot for me again with this trip. I had originally been looking at boat based Galapagos trips but am glad I went with AA and their land based approach. The hotels and restaurants we used added local flavor and gave me a better feel for the islands. Pablo was an amazing guide and his enthusiasm and knowledge of the islands added a lot to the experience. Great food, great fun and great people. So glad I went with Active Adventures.”
    Tim Reed – Massachusetts, United StatesTortuga, December 2018
  • Another Great Active Adventures Trip

    “Great food, great fun, great people. Erick was a wonderful guide. Highly recommend this trip.”
    Tim Reed – Massachusetts, United StatesJaguar, December 2018
  • Best Choice We Could Have Made

    “This was our first tour with AA, and we are so glad we made the choice to see New Zealand this way. Our guides were so knowledgeable, explaining wildlife, flora, and the cultural significance of so many things. It was great being able to go on vacation and not have to worry about anything. They took wonderful care of us and even gave us a little surprise on our anniversary.”
    Amy Poole – Ontario, CanadaKauri, December 2018
  • Mikes Tortuga trip

    Mike Pammett – Ontario, CanadaTortuga, December 2018
  • Mind-Blowing Land of Glaciers, Wind and Empanadas

    “I knew Patagonia was supposed to be beautiful - that there were granite peaks and glaciers... but really nothing can prepare you for the mind-blowing scenery when you see it with your own eyes. The glaciers are IMMENSE! that's the ony word I can come up with to describe their sheer size and power - the patagonian ice shelf is so big I can't fathom how much ice/water is there! And the Perito Moreno glacier is so awe-inspiring - when you see and hear the sonic boom of a house-sized iceberg calving off the face of the glacier and plunging into the lake - I could have stayed and watched it for days! The W trek was again more intricate, more varied scenery and more lakes and glaciers than I had expected, and when the weather finally cleared for us in El Chalten I hadn't even realised the sheer size of FitzRoy that had been hiding behind the clouds.
    People always talk about the Patagonian weather but seriously - that WIND! It was relentless, strong winds every day. The Guides were amazing - Cynthia, Gustavo, Cem and Javi - we were so spoiled with their knowledge and attention to details. The hotels we stayed in far exceeded my expectations - especially in Puerto Natales - it as the most amazing shower!”
    Fe Davies – Otago, New ZealandCondor, December 2018
  • Tui Trip, November, 2018

    “First of all, New Zealand is a beautiful country that must be seen and experienced. Couple that with awesome guides and a great itinerary and you get a fantastic trip. Lots of time just being a passenger the first couple of days. But we did do short hikes to break up the hours. However, the scenery is wonderful so the hours went by fast. The weather was quite variable. I think we saw all seasons on our trip. But it was spring at the time so that was expected , and also forewarned by Active Adventures. Probably good to have some hiking experience. The Crucible Lake hike (Day 3?) is listed as about a 4 mile hike with about a 2000 ft elevation gain. However, the first two miles is down the valley, so it's all flat. Then, about a 900 ft elevation gain in about 3/4 mile, pretty much hand over hand on tree roots, and branches grabbing here, then a steady climb to the lake. We also crossed streams a few times that were a couple of times nearly as deep as our knees. Lots of hours in soggy boots. I suppose you could insist on changing into Tevas. But we cross enough streams that I think changing footwear that many times would add too much time to the hike. Just have dry socks and sandals ready for the end of the day. However, Crucible Lake is worth the effort. Once we got past the steep bit the sight of the glacier carved valley and the rock formation that buttressed Crucible Lake are sights to behold. The lake was mostly frozen when we got to it. That was pretty cool. We were fortunate that this day was sunny then overcast and cool. Perfect for the flight in (which was spectacular) and the hike. I also highly recommend the helicopter option to Franz Joseph Glacier. Definitely the easiest walk all week. We spent a lot of time just standing around since the contracted guides were doing all the work cutting steps. But the experience of the being on the glacier is hard to explain. We're glad we did. Milford sound is stunning. Lives up to the billing for sure. Hike up to Key summit (Day 6 or 7) is one of those hikes with a lot of "bang for the buck". Not a difficult hike on a great trail but the views are amazing. We opted not to do the optional hike on Day 5, the day off at Queenstown. It was pouring down rain that day, anyway. (That's my excuse). But we went wine tasting instead. Lots of stuff to do at this cute resort town anyway. I'd give Kaleb, Lauren, and Emma, our guides, 10 stars out of 5. They were just wonderful. They were knowledgeable, very friendly, very accommodating, and just really nice people. They worked their butts off. They also had great leadership and group management skills. It was like herding cats at times during our adventures, I'm sure. The contracted guides for the glacier tour and sea kayak paddle were also great. We were also lucky to be in a group that had really good chemistry too. Wonderful scenery, awesome guides, great traveling companions. Wonderful trip !!!”
    Rene Buendia – Washington, United StatesTui, December 2018
  • Top Notch Galapagos Trip!

    “I expected adventure and critters and first class treatment, which I got, of course. What I didn’t expect was the passion and scientific knowledge of our Galakiwi guide Pablo V. I learned so much about this very special place. I thought this was a once in a lifetime trip, however I now want to return. I also appreciate all the information I received ahead of time for planning purposes. And this really was all inclusive as advertised, meaning no hidden or surprise costs. I appreciate that. Don’t forget to bring cash though as credit cards are not accepted in most places. Cara from Tampa FL.”
    Cara Visser – Florida, United StatesTortuga, December 2018
  • Kauri Trip

    “Fantastic trip. Andy is a wealth of information and Jo’s smile and enthusiasm were infectious. Good guides really make the trip. We had days with less than optimum weather but they made sure we had a wonderful time.”
    Stuart Bowser – Ontario, CanadaKauri, December 2018
  • They Call Themselves Active Adventures for Good Reason

    “Our recent Tui Active. Adventure. certainly lived up to its name--the active adventure of a lifetime. We had an amazing experience with one of Active's competitors 1 1/2 years ago and so our first impulse was to book with them again. We chose Active instead because who better to show us New Zealand than a company that has its roots there. The Tui Active Adventure gave us an introduction to some of the very best that New Zealand's South Island has to offer. While that alone was glorious, the thing that sets Active apart is its people. From the time we first started exploring trip options to the good-bye hugs with our Guides at the end--everyone has been amazing--warm, genuine, patient (oh, so patient), resourceful, knowledgeable, and caring--wonderful in every way.”
    Tam McClelland – Georgia, United StatesTui, November 2018
  • Unforgettable Moments in Peru

    “I did the Jaguar trip in October and I enjoyed every moment from arrival to departure. Everything was taken care of by the programm and by our amazing guide Zac. The group was small, accommodations very comfortable and food indescribable. I loved hiking on the Lares trail. The crew took really good care of us and the equipment was perfect. I always felt save during the whole trip. I definitely recommend travelling with Active Adventures. Enjoy your trips!”
    Rebecca Schleicher – Bavaria, GermanyJaguar, November 2018
  • Kauri

    “Jo and Andy were great. Andy is so knowledgeable on so many NZ subjects and has a great delivery. I wound up calling him 'Google Andy'. He added greatly to the tour as a learning experience. I particularly appreciated his natural history knowledge, being something of a naturalist myself. Jo is beautiful at looking after her charges -- feeding us well and mothering (in a nice way) the tardy, the forgetful and the lost.”
    Marilyn Williams – Washington, United StatesKauri, November 2018
  • Khumbu 2018

    “I was just completely engaged with all my senses during the hike! I loved the Himalayas and Mel was outstanding as were all of the porters! Kathmandu was not my favorite place but the experience was highlighted by Active Adventures exceptional knowledge of places to see and eat.
    Overall I have no complaints and only 1 suggestion. Provide an alternative itinerary to those who cannot or choose not to hike such long distances but wish to savor the days with shorter hikes and longer tea house stays.”
    Patricia Bakhshi – California, United StatesKhumbu, November 2018
  • Chandler von Schrader (aka: Pumpkin)

    “You won't be able to blink - there is so much to take in... mountains, waterfalls, tea-houses, suspension bridges and of course - the locals, who are both beautiful and gracious. This is a wonderful trek and well managed - do this trip!”
    Chandler von Schrader – Virginia, United StatesAST, November 2018
  • Absolutely Breathtaking! Must do Trip!

    “Our Aug 2018 trip to hike/bike/kayak one of the most scenic places on earth was epic! Mont Blanc is truly special and AA makes it so by whisking you away from one beautiful town to the next. Accommodations are each unique, from Pointe Isabelle to a quirky historic gem at the base of our hike several days later. The variety of activities, food and lodging keep you hopping (and hoping it will never end). We absolutely loved this trip, and Holy helped achieve our goals on the TMB!”
    Tamara Higgins – Colorado, United StatesTour du Mont Blanc, November 2018
  • The Dolomites Dazzle Like No Other Place On Earth!

    “It was a great idea to link the Tour du Mont Blanc with the Dolomites trip! I really enjoyed seeing the contrasts between these regions of Europe. Stunning views on both, but completely different and unique experiences. We were lucky to have Richard as our lead guide, a true northern Italian outdoor enthusiast.”
    Tamara Higgins – Colorado, United StatesDolomiti, November 2018
  • AST

    “AST the trip was amazing and challenging, made so by the incredible leadership of all your staff. They perfectly supported us - even the porters who were a joy to be around! I’ll be back for sure, thank you Active Adventures!”
    Jackie Smola – British Columbia, CanadaAST, November 2018
  • Beautiful Country, Great Way to Experience it.

    “The scenery in New Zealand is amazing and our guides were incredibly knowledgeable about everything and did their best to get us to see the South Island. Food was a excellent, more than half the meals were cooked by our guides. When we stayed in hotels, they were mostly 4 and 5 star, except when we were in a hut or in a remote area. Everything went off without a hitch.”
    Ed Tang – California, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Denis

    “Remarkable trip with Active - my first, but hopefully not my last! Having two close friends and two nephews on the trip with me made it even more special. A unique time away from the daily world hassles to get to know my nephews even better than in the past and share a magnificent trip of a lifetime with them as well.”
    Denis Chagnon – New York, United StatesAST, November 2018
  • Rimu November 2018

    “Fantastic time. Kim and Astrid were awesome guides! Great food with lots of activities to burn calories. Accomodations very good.”
    Wayne Hall – Colorado, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Karen Cox

    Karen Cox – Colorado, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • "Not all those who wander are lost"

    “Wow, this was a wonderful trip! The Rimu trip consisted of just the right proportions of adventures and pampering. This trip showcases so many beautiful features of the South Island that it makes your head spin. Seeing each new site was just as fun as sitting around the dinner table talking and laughing with Liana, Laura, and the rest of our small, cozy group. Liana and Laura were equal parts fun guides and sources of information. Both guides went out of their way personalize each adventure, whether it was retrieving green lipped mussels from a local mussel farm to simply allowing a little more time to explore a fruit farm. We were very impressed by the amount of knowledge they were able to provide on a wide variety of topics. " What type of tree is that?", "Why so many flightless birds?", etc, etc... Our guides were world class ambassadors of New Zealand. They made sure that we experienced all that the island had to offer. ”
    Elizabeth Love – Missouri, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Tui Trip

    “Our family of 4 had a superb 8 day trip with our 2 excellent guides, Tess and Clara. We renamed our group with our other team member, Annie,’plan B’ as the itinerary was changed 3 times due to the weather. With such a small group, due to the flexibility and willingness of our guides, we were still able to do pretty much everything we had planned, just in a slightly different order! Tess and Clara completely spoiled us with delicious meals, even in remote mountain huts ! It is difficult, looking back, to choose a favourite activity as they were so varied ; suffice to say we loved them all and enjoyed learning about NZ , it’s history ,culture and nature from our guides as we drove around. A first class trip I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. ”
    Helen Tucker – Devon, United KingdomTui, November 2018
  • Annapurna

    “A trip of a lifetime. The hardest and most rewarding thing i have ever done. The guides were fantastic, friendly and really supportive of everyone. The accommodation and food was great. I really got a sense of the culture. Breathtaking scenery made me want to get up everyday and get going.”
    Natalie Shepherd – New South Wales, AustraliaAST, November 2018
  • AST

    “Well run trip all logistics taken care of. I felt very safe and in capable hands”
    Bruce Laugesen – , New ZealandAST, November 2018
  • Amazing Kiwi Trip Oct2018

    Terry Jendon – Georgia, United StatesKiwi, November 2018
  • You Can be a Kiwi!

    “We saw and learned to appreciate all things NZ. The itinerary was great and Nick and Ruby thoughtfully made adjustments when necessary to fit weather and timing conditions as they arose. The selection and pacing of activities was very well planned. The attention to detail was exemplary, including the birthday party decorations in the van and occasional music selections cued to the scenery. We all got along very well and enjoyed each other's company. The food Ruby prepared was delicious and very nicely presented. Nick was well informed and a great driver. He even searched out answers to my questions about some of the plants we saw. I personally enjoyed the satisfaction of being able to match the aspects of some of the activities that were a bit more challenging for me than they were for others (e.g. I hadn't ridden a bike that far in over 50 years). I was glad that we easily kept pace with the others on the hikes.”
    Gary Wallace – California, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Not One Worry!

    “AA is wonderful and highly recommend! We normally travel independently, but after research on the Galapagos we decided to go with a land based tour. A friend recommended AA and they lived up to the hype.
    AA took care of everything and it allowed for a complete experience of the Galapagos.
    Accommodations were clean and functional, meals were great, transfers were professional and guide Pablo was extremely knowledgeable.”
    George Marin – California, United StatesTortuga, November 2018
  • Takahe Hike

    “Our trip with Active Adventures was awesome. Even with my arthritic feet I was able to most of the hiking. The beauty around us took my breath away. The organisation from Active Adventures and our guides - Lauren and Kim - was excellent.
    Would highly recommend the company.”
    Jane Landey – Gauteng, South AfricaTakahe, November 2018
  • Exceeded Expectations!

    “Our north island NZ trip was amazing! The sheer beauty of the surroundings, the itinerary that AA put together and our guides made each and everyday fantastic. The hiking was breathtaking and challenging enough to make it a real hikers delight. No two days were the same and the word "adventure" definitely played a part :). Jo and Andy were top notch guides, with Andy's knowledge on everything NZ a pleasure to listen to. Food was great, lots of laughs - felt like we were hiking with old friends. Highly recommend it!”
    Tammy Banting – Alberta, CanadaKauri, November 2018
  • Annapurna Sanctuary

    “It has been my life long dream to see an 8000 meter peak, so being a recent retiree, I decided now was the time. The trip was equal parts fascinating cultural experience and gorgeous scenery. Trekking during the Dashain festival added extra interest and intrigue. The schedule and pace worked very well and was challenging at times. The trip guidance on conditioning was spot on and I felt prepared and grateful to have followed the advice. I am not sure what I expected but the food was an enjoyable pleasant surprise. Elder and Arjun along with the porters were an experienced capable team determined to maximize the experience of all of us. With Elder and Arjun handling logistics and planning, the porters worked incredibly hard caring for the trekkers and behind the scenes at meal times. This was my second Active Adventures trip and both were of the highest quality experience. The fellow trekkers were also great and added to the experience. The only bummer was the clouds filled in and visibility was poor by the time we got to Annapurna Sanctuary. The good thing is that there is other spectacular scenery and views of Machapuchare and Annapurna South. We were able to see the top of Annapurna 1 from just below Machapuchare base camp. You can't go wrong with this trip.”
    Dick Harmon – Ohio, United StatesAST, November 2018
  • Worth Waiting For

    “I first communicated with Miriam at Active Adventures in 2015, asking for more information about the various New Zealand trips I had seen on their website. 3 years and nearly 30 emails later, my wife and I had one of our best adventure trips, ever! To anyone considering a tour of South Island with Active Adventures, no matter how long it takes to make your dream come true, it will be well worth it.”
    Maggie Hopffgarten – Colorado, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Carol

    “Had a wonderful time in the TUI Trip with my daughter who is working in New Zealand. We had two cheerful, supportive and very competent Kiwi young lady guides who guided us on an exciting cross section of outdoor pursuits!
    Had a grand time doing lots of physical activity under their watchful eyes. Also covered more ground that we could have managed ourselves on our first New Zealand Adventure! It was “sweet as””
    Carol Harris – Ontario, CanadaTui, November 2018
  • Back "Home", But Homesick for the South Island!

    “On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate this trip with Tess, Clara and the Tucker family a 37.”
    Annie Close – California, United StatesTui, November 2018
  • Kia Ora !!

    “New Zealand is such an amazingly beautiful country with such a diversity of landscapes, and I feel like we saw & experienced the best of it on our Rimu trip ! Our guides did an awesome job of juggling our activities based on the weather changes & challenges. The trip was a perfect combination of challenging activity, conservation education, cultural experience & relaxation.”
    Peggy Ensign – Colorado, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Awesome!

    “an unexpected gem!! As a solo traveler who enjoys "hardcore" fitness adventures and off the beaten path backpacking trips...I was not sure I would enjoy " group" travel and all that comes with it.....Boy was I wrong!! :) I would go again tomorrow ! Thank you for opening my eyes to this new way of travel :)”
    Catherine Drury – Arizona, United StatesTui, November 2018
  • Tui Trip

    “FABULOUS GUIDES: Lauren and Caleb were funny, informative, polite,encouraging and very accommodating. I wouldn’t have made it to the Summit on the final day without Lauren’s encouragement and patience. To help me achieve that, she even carried my backpack for the last part of the hike
    ACCOMADATIONS: Each location that we stayed at had very cozy and quaint accomadations.
    FOOD:The food was fantastic. Not only did our guides prep, cook and serve each guest, they took each guest’ dietary needs into consideration.
    ACTIVITIES: We wanted adventure and boy, ACTIVE ADVENTURES DELIVERED! I’ve never had a vacation that included such a variety of thrilling activities to experience in a short amount of time. The trip to New Zealand not only took my breath away, it stole my heart! ”
    Terri Krawietz – Texas, United StatesTui, November 2018
  • Best Time Ever

    “This trip was run efficiently and with a lot of spontaneity and fun in addition to great planning, fantastic food, rapid weather adaptations and tremendous organization and easy interactions. Not to mention fantastic scenery and well, crazy weather!”
    Sally Zuspan – Utah, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • 2018

    “Our trip was fantastic because of our wonderful guides! Their attitude and ability to adapt the logistics kept us safe, together, and fulfilled - without ever letting on how much care that took on their part. KUDOS!!!!”
    Rick Leary – California, United StatesAST, November 2018
  • 2018 Rimu Trip - Solo Traveler

    “This was my second trip with Active Adventures, the first being the “Jaguar” in Peru in 2017, and once again they did not disappoint!! By far the best two weeks I could have spent for my first trip to New Zealand! Our tour guides, Kaleb and Pepper, were fun, outgoing, knowledgeable, and were able to accommodate all travelers in our group. I had such a blast meeting other solo travelers like myself, as well as hiking, biking, kayaking, and exploring all of the beauty that is the South Island. Already planning my next Active Adventures trip in 2019 :)”
    Kevin Bui – New Hampshire, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Andes Adventure!

    “We loved the Jaguar tour. No matter how many pictures you've seen of Machu Picchu, or the Andes, seeing it for ourselves -- and hiking the Lares Trek -- was even better than we anticipated. The organization was great; our guide was fantastic (thank you, Zach!). The Peruvian Amazon is also fascinating; it was great to see 1000+ year-old trees -- and all kinds of wild life. ”
    Jennifer Howse – Ontario, CanadaJaguar, November 2018
  • Kiwi Tour

    “This was truly one of the best tour trips I've ever been on. I loved being out hiking each day and the scenery of the southern island of New Zealand is unbelievably beautiful. My guides, Maddi and Jackie, were outstanding - friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. I'd recommend this tour to everyone that loves being outdoors.”
    Kit Richardson – Virginia, United StatesKiwi, November 2018
  • Incredible Experience!

    “From the initial contact with Active Adventures to the end of our trip, the staff in New Zealand and the guides we had in Peru were thorough, personable and professional making the visit to Peru extremely enjoyable and adventurous. Everything went like clockwork and Gustavo handling any problems that arose with good humor and grace. Hiking the Inca Trail was demanding and profoundly rewarding due to our guide, Puma, keeping us moving while also developing in us a deep respect for the traditions of the people and land. The remainder of our trip to the Amazon basin and Lake Titicaca were also informative and interesting experiences with all the modes of travel and sights along the way. There was never a dull moment. Our fellow travelers were a great group and we all pulled together to help each other, when necessary. I am already considering my next Active Adventures trip.”
    Larry Dresdale – New York, United StatesJaguar, November 2018
  • Oct 2018 Kiwi Trip

    “Trip of a lifetime, can’t recommend the Kiwi trip highly enough! We had beautiful weather 90% of the trip and were really able to take advantage of some of the most stunning surroundings on the planet (it was stunning during marginal weather too). Perfect blend of driving, hiking, eating and sleeping.....bus was clean, modern and very comfortable with huge windows to enjoy the scenery. Hikes were varied and beautiful, some more challenging than others but all doable with a reasonable level of fitness. Accommodations were all comfortable and safe, most of them with great views from inside the room. Almost every meal was provided for the entire 14 days. Whether it was a lodging restaurant, town restaurant, or meal prepared by the guides, food was healthy, plentiful and delicious!
    Our guides, Maddie and Jackie were an absolute delight. They were a fantastic team....hardworking, attentive and a lot of fun to be around. They were very flexible and dealt with all details of the trip efficiently and seamlessly, allowing us to just enjoy ourselves. We can’t wait for our next Acive Adventures trip....the Kiwi trip set a very high bar!”
    Marc Hamann – Georgia, United StatesKiwi, November 2018
  • Challenging and exciting tour

    “I freely admit I wasn't mentally prepared for some of the challenging hikes we completed,since hiking is not a big part of my regular routine, but I got through since I'm very fit - and also learned a lot about hiking. We encountered more than one unexpected turn of events during the trip but the guides always had a way to complete the adventure and keep everyone safe. It was a real treat having Josh, Annika and Greg along since we got super personalized service all the way through. I realize this isn't the case on most tours so we were very lucky. Overall I had a fabulous time and was stunned by the beauty of every spot we visited.”
    Barbara Murray – California, United StatesKauri, November 2018
  • Wonderful Experience

    “Our trip was beyond our expectations- the hike was challenging but worth every step. The scenery was breathtaking. Our guides were outstanding in regard to providing us with background history and information. We also must say we have great respect for the work and care provided to us by our porters.”
    Mark Erbstoesser – Wisconsin, United StatesJaguar, November 2018
  • Fantastic Variety

    “We truly enjoyed the different routes that we went on each day offering us a glimpse of all the great walks.
    I have sent a detailed report already to Lynette”
    Jane Barenblatt – Western Cape, South AfricaTakahe, November 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime, Really!!

    “We are still basking in the memories of our trip with to New Zealand with Active Adventures and our guides, Jackie and Maddi! The trip was excellent and scenery was picture perfect. We said over and over we couldn't believe how the views could be more beautiful from one place to the next! We lucked out with almost perfect weather and a small group of eight. We enjoyed traveling with old friends and meeting new friends and would love to travel with Active Adventures again in the future.”
    Shelley Hamann – Georgia, United StatesKiwi, November 2018
  • Wonderful Time in Nepal Hiking

    “Our trip guides and porters were outstanding, so supportive and helpful (and fun!). The hiking, the views and the accommodations and food were way beyond our expectations and it was so much fun! ”
    Sue Jones – Florida, United StatesKhumbu, November 2018
  • Tui Trip - Caitlin and Tess

    “Amazing trip. Wonderful experience. It was everything we expected and more. ”
    Roger Cormier – Ontario, CanadaTui, November 2018
  • From the Andes to the Amazon

    “Terrific trip from start to finish. Knowledgeable guides, terrific food and accommodations, challenging hikes and glorious scenery. Peru is a beautiful country. I would recommend the Jaguar trip to everyone.”
    Anne Vallee – Nova Scotia, CanadaJaguar, November 2018
  • Not Sure How We'll Top This Trip

    “This truly was the trip of a lifetime. My wife set it up for my 50th birthday and I could not be happier. Our Guide Erick, was the best, and Johann (our Inca Trail Guide from Quechua Treks, Peru) guided us on the Inca Trail. Both I consider friends now and hope we keep in touch. I've wanted to see Machu Picchu since I was a boy, so I was really looking forward to the trip. What I did not know was Machu Picchu was not the highlight of the trip. I'd have to say the Inca Trail was, with Lake Titicaca second, and the Jungle third, although the last two could be switched up a bit. Peru has so much to offer, I know that now but did not then. I love the people, the culture, and the scenery. I could go on for days but suffice to say, we have thought long and hard about a trip to top this one, spending hours and days on it, and thus far have come up empty. While Peru was exciting, adventurous, and wondrous at the same time, I truly feel Active Adventures made the trip the best it could be. I don't see how it could have been any better. Active Adventures was so good we are looking to plan our next adventure through them. We are not wealthy people and I initially considered the trip very expensive, but after going on it I feel it was money very well spent and would do it again without hesitation.”
    Mark Courtenay – Maine, United StatesJaguar, November 2018
  • Incredible Trip

    “I had an absolute blast trekking through Peru with our group and guide leader. The Jaguar Trip with Active South America did not disappoint! From our time in Cuzco, hiking the Sacsayhuaman fortress, biking through the Sacred Valley and hiking the Pisac ruins, our Lares Inca 3-day hike through the Andes Mountains, visiting Machu Picchu and also the Amazon Jungle - this trip had it all. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the area, local culture and history of Peru and the Incas and he made our trip very safe and enjoyable. I would recommend this trip to anyone looking to challenge themselves with the Incan hike and experience the culture and beauty that Peru has to offer. Truly amazing!”
    Alain Vallee – New Brunswick, CanadaJaguar, November 2018
  • A Bit of NYC in the Himalayas

    “If you're looking for a peaceful, serene surrounding this is not the trip for you. The trails were filled with hundreds of people trekking from both directions, many herds of pack animals along with human mules, and considerable congestion at times. You will want your dust mask handy which will also protect your face from the wind, sun and cold. The trekking was different in that many of the trails were composed of irregular stones and I'm not sure how I would have done without my hiking poles - they are a must! Even at 13,000ft, you can find an Irish pub, a Swedish bakery, and Italian coffee...we have totally transformed the mountain economy and they completely cater to the Western appetite for material things, including western toilets, as well as food. The villages, communities and city of Namche were physically stunning from their use of rocks and stones and it was a beauty i had not ever seen in a third world country before. That was the mountains...The city of Kathmandu, however, was a dirt pit with narrow streets that had to accommodate hundreds of humans walking in both directions, cars and motorcycles in both directions, and very little room to safely walk from one place to the next. The hotel AA booked in Kathmandu is a paradise in the middle of all the chaos and a delightful place to stay. The guesthouses in the mountains were simple but adequate. Be prepared to share a bathroom with the group which will happen a few times on the trip and know that your hands will always be in your pocket to pay for internet, charging your phone or tablet, toilet paper, soap...the little but necessary things. Flexibility is the name of the game on this trip - if your plane is unable to leave Lukla due to weather, be prepared to pay $400 for helicopter service which should be reimbursed by your travel insurance company. It sounds awful, doesn't it, but it wasn't - the guides were great, the people in my group were fun, the culture was very different and the scenery was lovely. Would I go back? Would I recommend this trip to a friend? It was nothing like I envisioned yet, after all is said and done, I'm glad I went.”
    Rita Carole – California, United StatesKhumbu, November 2018
  • The Reluctant Traveller

    “I have to confess that before we started planning this trip I, not my husband, was a reluctant traveler. I am 72 and in good shape but the thought of New Zealand intimidated me. I went along because it was my husband's dream for many, many years, and after all, it was our 50th wedding anniversary. We absolutely loved the Rimu trip. Liana and Laura were the best, most capable, knowledgeable guides. Liana a powerhouse of organization, knowledge about every corner of the South Island and the Maori history that came with it. Her driving in difficult terrains was exceptional and we always felt safe - add to this that she was super funny. Laura, the best company AND the best cook! How can a young woman after hiking with us the whole day, arriving wherever we arrived, create within an hour a super delicious and healthy dinner and next morning a fantastic breakfast?! Now for the trip... What a well organized, thought out and gorgeous trip this was. Everything worked like clockwork. While we visited towns, they snook away to buy provisions. There was plenty of fruit and granola bars in the bus or the hikes to pump energy into you if needed. The hikes, the bike rides and the kayaking were magnificent and I am glad that I did not shy away. I was slower than the younger people but I had plenty of encouragement from all of them. My husband was in heaven taking photos of every corner, river, cloud, lake and mountain of this beautiful country. Thank you Active Adventures, Liana and Laura, for the many beautiful and thoughtful moments you gave us.
    Anna Maria and Paul Radvany”
    Paul Radvany – Massachusetts, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • The Kiwi Tour Rocks!

    “My wife and I are in our mid-60s. We're in relatively good shape but not in our 30s! So the more relaxed but still vigorous hikes and adventures associated with the Kiwi Tour were a perfect match for our stamina and endurance. While there's a considerable amount of driving to complete the circuit of the South Island in 11 days, there's no end to the beautiful vistas and frequent leg-stretching and photographing opportunities. The hikes were invigorating and always yielded wonderful views of New Zealand. Transportation on the Active Adventures bus was safe, smooth and very comfortable - Jackie was an accomplished and considerate driver. Maddi prepared and coordinated terrific meals and snacks throughout our tour, and the lodging arrangements were consistently high caliber. Both of them were extremely courteous, knowledgeable and helpful on all our daily excursions. A day off in Queenstown was a stroke of planning genius - keep that on the schedule! We made a major investment to fly half-way around the world for this vacation and Active Adventures did not disappoint us!”
    Ron Richardson – Virginia, United StatesKiwi, November 2018
  • A Trip Over 20 Years in the Making!

    “I honestly don't even know where to start. It was a dream of mine to see Everest in person ever since seeing the IMAX documentary as a young kid. Life had a way of catching up with me and for a long time I never thought it would come to fruition. Finally, in late 2017, I realized it was time to make a move and committed to dropping the deposit with Active Adventures. Instantly, my excitement spiked and at no point in the process was I disappointed. Active Adventures' office staff, and later the guides Kim and Gokul, made every aspect of the trip enjoyable beyond expectations. Kim and Gokul were always there to help, answer questions, and support us along the trek and it was reassuring that we had knowledgeable and capable guides to help us to EBC. I have zero regrets and would readily recommend Active Adventures to anyone interested in their treks. I witnessed the level of service that other trekkers experienced while on the same trip with different companies and it doesn't compare with what you receive through Active. From the time I landed in Kathmandu, until the day I left, I knew that everything would be taken care of and I was free to just enjoy the views, experience, and company! I undoubtedly will use them again for future trips!”
    Joe Langlais – Colorado, United StatesEBC, November 2018
  • Magical Islands and Knowledgeable Guide

    “Pepo really brought the life and history of the Galapagos to life for us. From the history of the early settlers and pirates to the conservation efforts to protect this unique ecosystem, he knew and imparted it all. The trip was a great balance of activity and a chance to relax and explore. Great food, comfortable accommodations and active days left me ready for more the next day.”
    Peg DeBiasi – Florida, United StatesTortuga, November 2018
  • Unexpected Joy of a Trip

    “This started as mostly a filler trip for me in between the two trips that were my main focus (Galapagos and Inca Trail) and I found overall it was right up there with my favorite adventures. Hiking down a huge waterfall and then hiking right up through the center of one was simply amazing. Horseback riding up a volcano, nature walks, city visits, a taste of the Amazon basin, there was a bit of everything. And who can turn down relaxing the last couple of days in hot springs right outside your bedroom? Great add on trip to either of the two other adventures and well worth the time and expense.”
    Peg DeBiasi – Florida, United StatesTapir, November 2018
  • A Vista that Must be Seen to be Believed!

    “The 3 days of hiking in the cold rain on the Classic Inca Trail were worth every last ache in my knees and quads when we were treated to the sun opening up the view of the amazing Machu Picchu. This is definitely a tough hike and a week later my 63 yr old knees are just starting to forgive me for the abuse I put them through to see this wonderful place. The porters running those trails with our gear will always leave me amazed. How often do we truly challenge our limits? History, culture, amazing food on the trail, comfy tents (complete with hot water bottles for our feet) all added to the trip of a lifetime.”
    Peg DeBiasi – Florida, United StatesJaguar, November 2018
  • 2018 Jaguar trip with Gustavo

    “My trip to Peru was wonderful! Gustavo, our general guide for the whole trip, was great: informative, warm, attentive to all of our big or little needs. I always appreciated how he would escort us wherever we needed to go: from getting cash at an ATM to going shopping in the local artisans market. He was always willing to translate and even help bargain, if needed! The other guides for our Classic Inca trail trip and for our jungle excursions were equally informative and fun and engaging. Puma, our Inca trail guide, infused our trek with fascinating archaeological history and a deep sense of sacredness in the places we were passing through. I felt really well taken care of at the same time as I was challenged and exhilarated by the sights, sounds, smells of each of the new places I was exploring. I loved the level of activity and found it happily affirming that I am strong and fit and still able to do the things I love to do at 61 years old. My fellow travel companions were fun and interesting and we supported each other when challenged by anything from high altitude hiking to biking or kayaking. No one felt left behind. I will definitely look at other trips you offer and recommend Active Adventures to my friends.”
    Diane Norman – Massachusetts, United StatesJaguar, November 2018
  • Expectations Exceded!!!

    “Thank you. Start to finish this was the most incredible trip I have ever taken. Your company is organized, responds rapidly to emails and delivers on its promises. Great tour, knowledgeable guides, and well planned. The Inca trail was challenging both emotionally and physically, but the encouragement of the group and the team leader helped me to push through to the end. I never imagined that camping out on a mountain could be so spectacular - great locations and amazing food as well (even a portable toilet!!) I cannot wait to book my next adventure.”
    Genie Tartell – New York, United StatesJaguar, November 2018
  • South Island Adventure Rimu

    “A wonderful, challenging at times, fun adventure filled with beautiful scenery and good memories. Pepper & Kaleb were great guides. So many people told me New Zealand was beautiful and this trip proved it as we saw so much on our trip around the South Island. Thank you! Karen - Texas, USA”
    Karen Wohlrabe – Texas, United StatesRimu, November 2018
  • Great Trip! Great Guides! Great Time!

    “My wife and I just turned 60 and celebrated by going to the South Island on the "Tui" trip. We had a fantastic time, very well planned and organized by Active Adventures, and our guides Claire and Kelsey were excellent. The highpoints were the Siberia Valley overnight, with small plane ride in and jet boat ride out, the kayaking in Milford Sound, and the time in beautiful Queenstown. Highly recommended!”
    Scott Ness – New Mexico, United StatesTui, November 2018
  • Kauri Trip

    “The trip was amazing. From the first day we met Maddie and Liana we were well taken care of. The knowledge they both shared and imparted to us was amazing. It was the trip of a lifetime and it did not disappoint.”
    Roger Cormier – Ontario, CanadaKauri, October 2018
  • Words Can't Express the Awesomeness of this Trip!

    “I joined the group in Christchurch for the 10 day option, from the get go this trip was amazing. Not only were my fellow travel companions a blast to be with, the scenery breath taking, our guides Koru and Carrie were outstanding. The level of hospitality, attention to detail, local knowledge, and friendliness was amazing. It was awe inspiring to witness how hard Koru and Carrie worked to ensure every detail of our trip went smoothly. Carrie was an outstanding cook! I expected to eat simple camp meals, but Carrie outdid herself with hot nutritious food for every meal. We also couldn't have asked for better weather, we had blue skies nearly everyday of the trip! We got an impromptu lay day during our stint in the Copland Track from the deluge of rain the area received. Despite this, Carrie and I still ventured out and got to witness the grandeur of the track and brave the less than perfect weather. Soaking in the the hot springs after getting soaked from the rain made it worth it. Whether it was a short hike, the Copland track, kayaking in Milford Sound or eating at local spots this trip exceeded all expectations. I'm already looking forward to doing another trip.”
    Stephen Goo – California, United StatesWinter Rimu, October 2018
  • Fabulous

    “This trip was just fabulous. The guides, Caitlyn and Tess were top notch. They were kind and respectful and attended to our every need. I could not have asked for better. I was very nervous about this tour to begin with and Tess made me feel comfortable before we even left the airport. I cannot say enough about these two guides. Food was great and the sights were beyond measure. ”
    Anne Scholz – Oregon, United StatesTui, October 2018
  • New Zealand 'Rimu'

    “Had a fabulous time. Our 2 guides were great: knowledgable and fun to be with. Feel like I was able to see the sights and feel the culture of the different parts of NZ.”
    Keith Calder – Texas, United StatesRimu, October 2018
  • The Iguana Trip is Adventurous and Fun!

    “From hiking, to biking, to snorkeling, to walking around Cuzco, Quito and 3 Galapagos Islands, this trip has it all. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, efficient transportation of several modes: vans, trains, planes, ferry, speedboat, or dive boat! Amazing architectural wonders like Machu Pichu, Huchuy Qosqo, a 6 mile wide volcano crater, all kinds of interesting animals, many wonderful meals at very nice restaurants, lots of safe drinking water, fun group interaction, and guides who were very knowledgeable and professional made for a complete and unforgettable experience. And lots of opportunities to shop too! We'll never forget it and hope to keep in touch with our new friends who shared the adventure with us.”
    Mary-Jane Sackett – Massachusetts, United StatesIguana, October 2018
  • Amazing

    “What a trip. From start to finish it was beyond my expectation. The organisation was seamless, the scenery stunning and the local people, guide and porters wonderful. I did not know any of my fellow trekkers at the start of the trek, but what a great fun bunch they were. Can’t recommend Active, Dan (our guide) and his team more highly. Am desperate to do another!!”
    Miranda Marsh – Auckland, New ZealandAST, October 2018
  • Galapagos October 2018

    “Our guide Pepo and Paulo could not have been better! The weather was perfect, the water clear and the visibility great.”
    Scott Peterson – Missouri, United StatesTortuga, October 2018
  • Perfect trip

    “I had never taken such a trip alone. I had no worries, within a few hours we were all friends. Our guide Eric was very knowledgeable we could not stump him. He went out of his way to make sure we were all comfortable. The food on the trip was gourmet in every respect. The meals served on the trail were unbelievable not only taste but presentation. I was a little slower than other hikers but Eric and Lucianna were very patient and helpful. I would highly recommend this trip to all.”
    Rosanne Rushton – New York, United StatesJaguar, October 2018
  • Unbelievable Trip

    “Going to the Galapagos was a trip of my dreams. The snorkeling was beyond words. The sea life we saw was wonderful. Our accommodations gave us a true insight into life on the islands. They were clean, comfortable with nice views. Pepo was a very knowledgeable guide. He did all he could to make us comfortable and to get full benefits of our swims. The food was very good - liked the local diet. Would recommend this trip to anyone.”
    Rosanne Rushton – New York, United StatesTortuga, October 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “What a finely tuned operation Active Adventures has. Our trip to Peru was flawless. The quaint hotel in Cusco, our young and helpful guide Gustava, the food - AA spared no expense, we dined in some of the finest restaurants. Hiking the Inca trail the whole reason for our trip to Peru.... was brilliant only made even better by having such a spiritual and knowledgeable guide in Puma.”
    Lena Clement – California, United StatesJaguar, October 2018
  • Amazing Adventure

    “I had such a great time on the Tui trip with Kelsey and Claire! There is no way I would've been able to see or do everything we did on my own on the South Island without the Active Adventures itinerary. Everything was so organized and the most efficient use of our time. Kelsey and Claire were amazing guides. They got to know each of us in the group and made sure we were able to see and do everything we wanted! This trip went above and beyond my expectations, and it's something I will never forget! :) ”
    Tessa Humphries – British Columbia, CanadaTui, October 2018
  • Tortuga

    “Fantastic! The beauty of the islands was exceptional. The ecology and environment were so important and so well explained by the guides. Best and most knowledgeable guides I have ever had the honor of being around. This trip will live in my memory forever, as will the smiles and laughter of everyone there!”
    Lyle Freeman – Nevada, United StatesTortuga, October 2018
  • Tui Teriffic!

    “The tour was great and we made both friends and memories. Our guides, Maddi and Nick B. took very good care of us, in the planning of all the big and little details so that we were able to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of New Zealand.”
    Kathy Absher – Washington, United StatesTui, October 2018
  • Couldn’t Ask for More

    “The trip was amazing. Every little detail was taken care of. Our guide was great and worked with the group in a way that everyone got what they wanted/needed out of the trip. I really can’t say enough about the Lares trail and the support along the way. The food was almost as incredible as the views. The schedule was perfect. Machu Picchu was everything that we expected and our time in the jungle was great. I highly recommend the Jaguar trip.”
    Dave Ross – Colorado, United StatesJaguar, October 2018
  • An Excellent Start!

    “Kauri was my second trip abroad, my first by myself that I organized and you guys were a great part of that! The 5 days I spent with Liana and Maddie were very well organized! Liana knows her country well and the knowledge she was able to impart is exactly why I want to travel, not just to visit a different place, but to learn about the place, its people, its culture and its ecology. Maddie did a great job filling in the gaps, helping to organize and she is a wonderful chef! I will be back in the future to visit the South Island and will definitely do business with Active there and in other countries I plan to visit! Thank you Miriam for getting me all set up and thank you Active, for a wonderful trip!”
    Jerome Merrill – Colorado, United StatesKauri, October 2018
  • Exceeded Expectations!

    “Outstanding trip from start to finish. Booking, organization, travel arrangements, logistics, lodgings, excursions, meals... all handled flawlessly. Our guide, Pepo, was so impressive. Superb knowledge of all things Galapagos - marine life, flora & fauna, geography, geology, history and culture. His personality, sense of humor and patience with all of us was wonderful. The snorkeling, scuba, hiking & kayaking were all very nice, and Carlos (dive guide) was great too. Meals were all very good and arranged expertly. Sea Lions and tortoises were ubiquitous (like pigeons in Chicago...they are everywhere). Blue footed boobies; great frigate birds exhibiting their trademark 'inflated red bellies', iguanas galore...just a few of the highlights. We are big fans of Active Adventures (and now Galakiwi) having now experienced this as well as New Zealand's South island in 2017, and we'll likely be back for more! Thanks for a great experience!”
    Hans Anger – Florida, United StatesTortuga, October 2018
  • Jaguar, September 2018

    “We had history, scenery, and great travel companions - all while exploring the Peru countryside. Our Jaquar trip gave us a chance to see classic historic sites, but the highlight was the less traveled, beautiful and challenging Lares Trek. Our guide and the support team were wonderful, planning every detail. We came home feeling refreshed and accomplished, and looking forward to another Active Adventure.”
    Nancy Karuzis – Massachusetts, United StatesJaguar, October 2018
  • Loved Every Step

    “The mountains and views will be there whoever you travel with. There will be tea houses and rest stops regardless of if you travel on your own or got with one of the thousands of tour companies you might find in Kathmandu. But I’m convinced you will only have guides like Elder Shree and Koru with Active Adventures. Elder’s attention to detail meant no surprises, Koru’s quiet empathy meant he saw everything that might have caused concern, and Shree’s pace setting meant I never felt tired. They just made a great trip a brilliant experience.”
    Jim Tosh – Arbroath, United KingdomEBC, October 2018
  • Annapurna

    “Annapurna is definitely a trip you will never forget. The scenery is out of this world. Our leaders and porters could not have been more professional and knowledgeable. The amount of work performed daily on everyone's part was absolutely phenomenal. Could not have asked for better care. Would highly recommend but one needs to be fit and able to withstand the occasional discomfort of the teahouses!”
    Susie Coordt – Texas, United StatesAST, October 2018
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