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The most important bit! While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our New Zealand trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves. We get a huge amount of feedback from our guests, all of which we read and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips.

Feel free to drop us a line and we can put you in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and find out what it’s really like to travel with us!

We've been running adventure trips for over 20 years, so we have a LOT of reviews. In the interest of not making you wait eons for the page to load, we've decided to show our 100 most recent. Though, if you'd like to read older reviews, please drop us a line and we'll certainly share plenty more with you!

Keen to read reviews elsewhere? Or even post a review about us if you've been on one of our trips? Check out our Google Maps listing.

We're unable to list our trips on Trip Advisor as we don't offer stand alone day tours. However, many people have travelled with us over the years, so you can read about us on their forums if you like! 

  • Guides Make All The Difference!

    “From the moment you are picked up, the hospitality and attention to detail by the guides and Active Adventures will blow you away! Every aspect of Rimu was thoughtful and maximized my experience in New Zealand and I couldn't be more thankful. This trip was the perfect combination of great food, great hikes and even better guides. Who knew you could eat cheesecake on top of a mountain? I would come back in a heartbeat! Thanks Simon and Ruby!”
    Nick Deligiannis – Ontario, CanadaRimu, February 2019
  • A Must-Do for Every Active Vacationer

    “My husband and I asked a friend who has traveled the world what her favorite trip has been so far. Her response to us was that there is no one favorite, but since we love active vacations, we MUST do the Rimu Trip with Active Adventures while we are still physically able. She and her husband absolutely loved this adventure! Even though it's been 15 years since they had the Rimu experience, they still remember it as spectacular and worthy to be their FIRST recommendation. Trusting her advice, I immediately booked our own Rimu trip. We returned a few weeks ago. It is so hard to find appropriate adjectives to describe this experience!!! The scenery in every direction was breath-taking. Our guides, Daniel and Kelsey, were informative, attentive, fun-loving, and just plain awesome. They worked non-stop to make our time on the South Island as "epic" as possible from chasing the sunset on a Punakaiki Beach, safely ascending/descending Robert Ridge and Mueller glacier hike, to supplying us with jokes and riddles to help us forget how hard we were working on a few of these treks. Not all our hikes were strenuous or challenging, but the few that were left my husband and I with a great sense of accomplishment and so happy that we could experience it together! I definitely understand why our friend jumped to recommending this trip immediately! I doubt our memories of this vacation will ever fade! Thank you Active, Daniel, and Kelsey. We look forward to the next trip we plan with you.”
    Kathy Steed – Pennsylvania, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Manuka Trip

    “Loved everything about the trip. The Maori stories and legends were very interesting. The food was excellent. Mel is a great cook! Thanks again to Mel, Liana and Dan K. for being such gracious hosts.”
    Sandra Brownlow – Illinois, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • Rimu 2019

    “We have travelled extensively. This may have been the most memorable trip we have done. Guides and settings were both fantastic!”
    Dave Haddix – Ohio, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Excellent

    “Lauren and Simon, our guides, made the trip. Their energy, knowledge and desire to accommodate us all was remarkable. We could never have gone to Lake Crucible on our own and that hike will stay in my memory forever. They were the crucial piece to get us all where we wanted and needed to be. The rawness and beauty of New Zealand has left me speechless. ”
    Barbara Tracey – Vermont, United StatesTui, February 2019
  • Kauri North Island January 2019

    “Great trip! Everything promised was delivered, as well as some extra goodies. All good, nothing bad. Would have loved it to have lasted longer!”
    Jonathan Fishman – California, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • Epic Adventure

    “Great way to see the South Island, from Nelson Lake National Park to Milford Sound, back country hiking, sea kayaking and mountain biking. ”
    Jean Van Der Lee – Alberta, CanadaRimu, February 2019
  • Wonderful People, Great Adventures

    “Great sights and wonderful guides make up for several long drives on this adventure. The things you see just get better and better. Accommodations are great, food is plentiful and all our fellow travelers were great friends by the end. Hiking good, not too stressful. I especially liked the day of biking and the day of kayaking in the astonishing Milford Sound.”
    Peggy Ernst – Oregon, United StatesTui, February 2019
  • Great Times!

    “Wow, cannot begin to decribe some of the things I saw on this adventure. I loved the flight over Queenstown area and the drive into the Milford Sound. The Sound itself was beautiful and kayaking there a great experience. Pim and Astrid were outstanding, taking great care of us but making it fun too! Some of the drives were long but views fantastic.”
    Neil Ernst – Oregon, United StatesTui, February 2019
  • South Island Kiwi, I believe

    “Wonderful, wonderful.”
    Mark Beasom – California, United StatesKiwi, February 2019
  • North Island

    “We had a wonderful time with the other people on the tour and especially out two guides, Josh and Ineka. This was the first "take care of everything" type of vacation we've ever been on and it was fantastic! Our guides were flexible, accommodating and sympathetic to all of our needs and desires. I really cannot say enough about this well run company and the two guides that were responsible for us. EXCELLENT ”
    Mark Beasom – California, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • What an amazing Country and MJ and Kaleb were THE BEST!!

    “We had a great time for the 2 weeks..we had amazing weather which helped make the trip more enjoyable. Can’t give enough STARS to our guides Kaleb and MJ. On all counts they made the trip well managed, organized on time and ready with a laugh and a smile. The hikes had options for us “lesser athletes” and really enjoyed the 3 day Kayak options. Another highlight was our Queenstown free time and the Tanglewood lodge - kudos to Steve and Linda for a great setting and hospitality. ”
    Helen Spry – Alabama, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Manuka 2019

    “The Manuka trip is an amazing way to see the South Island, and learn about the culture, environment and history...and get lots of good hiking/tramping!!! The Active team is tremendous; knowledgable and fun! Great food and lots of it!”
    Mark Imhoff – Colorado, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • Wow!

    “We kept thinking that each day was the highlight of the trip but it just kept getting better and better. ”
    Chip Brown – Florida, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • Fabulous Way to Discover the South Island

    “I loved the Tui trip high level of diversity in activities, landscapes and locations. It was a great way to discover the nature and culture of NZ. The guides were great and the flexibility allowed each of us to find the best rhythm. So much fun and beauty!!”
    Claire Pairaud – California, United StatesTui, February 2019
  • Excellent

    “We've taken several adventure tours and really enjoyed them all, but this was our best trip ever!”
    Mike Edles – California, United StatesWeka, February 2019
  • Excellent Adventures

    “What a wonderful trip! Every detail was well planned; with a comprehensive itinerary. The guides were attentive, knowledgeable, so hard working and fun to be around. Wow, what a beautiful island. I'm so glad I chose Active Adventures New Zealand for this fantastic trip. There is no way I could have planned this trip on my own, and been able to achieve the depth of experiences I had with Active Adventures.”
    Karen Lutsky – Massachusetts, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Kauri 2019

    “My husband and I were looking for a walking tour for select dates and location ... we were referred to Active Adventures, a sister company of the one providing walking tours that we were in contact with. The front end staff were great - not pushy but attentive and they listened. When they reached out to us and said there was a small group and the demographics were close we took the plunge of a more active adventure than we had been thinking about. The information and follow up was thorough ... altho the packing list is a bit generic (we didn't need serious hiking boots, gloves, touques, rain gear, day pack size that we carried given the hike and the season of our trip) so we could have asked for more specific details and most likely would have been provided better information.

    Andy and Jo were great - welcoming, good communicators, organized, excellent local information and flavour, accomodated our dietary preferences, encouraged us on the trail when we needed it. They made this an overall, great experience for me and my husband.

    This was our first guided and organized 'walking' trip and I would definitely sign up for another!

    Personally, I really enjoyed the level of activity - there is no way that we could have organized as many hikes, walks, swims, sliding down sand dunes as we packed in the 5 days of this trip. I was glad that we were in an 'age appropriate' group. My husband and I are in our late '60s and so it was great that before we booked we had the information and bit of a heads up about the others on our trip. It no doubt would have been quite a different experience for us if we were in with 'adventurers' a whole lot younger.

    Again - thanks Jo and Andy for everything.”
    Beverley Walker – Alberta, CanadaKauri, February 2019
  • Kauri 2019

    “Thanks to Andy and Jo for everything. They provided great insights into NZ history and current situation. Thanks to Jo for all the extra encouragement when it was needed - much appreciated.
    This trip was definitely action packed. We managed to fit in several walks, hikes, water adventures and sand duning! in a short period of time.
    I will remember Andy's favourite word as 'undulating' ... still not sure what the difference between a 'climb' and 'undulation' is...”
    Peter Walker – Alberta, CanadaKauri, February 2019
  • Awesome in Every Way!

    “What a trip! Nick and Elder were a great team and knew their business. Everything went smoothly, insights were plentiful, and the cooking superb. It was evident that this trip had been well planned, validating riders' experience and building the level of challenge. When we showed some new Kiwi friends our trip itinerary, they were quite complementary of the extent of the South Island we would experience. Well done!!”
    Bill Knight – Maryland, United StatesWeka, February 2019
  • Extraordinary, other worldly yet this is our world

    “You’ve heard it before, trip of a lifetime and yet also the gateway to a fresh way of seeing our world, new horizons, new sensitivities to our natural world. Did I mention fun, companionable, delicious, gorgeous...I believe this Rimu trip had it all and I have made new friends with shared interests that I already plan to see again. Do it, you won’t regret a single sore muscle!!!”
    Valerie Carter – North Carolina, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Rimu 2019

    “We've now been in New Zealand more than twice the time we spent with Active Adventures. The country itself is growing on us like nothing we've ever experienced. Valerie and I have done several guided tours, all of which have been superb. This one was certainly the best yet. I really appreciated the overall strategy of the sites we visited and that James knew other little spots to stop so we could appreciate the people and treats of South Island in as broad a sense as possible. The stop in Queenstown gave us a very appropriate time to recover.

    It was especially impressive how James and Astrid went immediately to work to learn what made each of us on the tour "tick" and then to develop a personalized relationship with each of us. James, in particular, recognized on the first day that it would be hard for me to make it on the ascent and ridge-crossing of Mt Robert. I was crushed not to make that part of the trip, but James was quite sensitive and exercised very good judgment, giving me the options as plainly as possible in my own terms. Astrid did much the same later in the trip. I appreciated this personal consideration, because these are skills not everyone has. There were countless moments of pure joy along the way; the haunting, magical tarn at the top of the routeburn track in the relentless rain, which then turned to our advantage as we entered Milford Sound and found all faucets fully on, which was spectacular as we exited the tunnel. The weather cooperated with us many other times as well, giving us 360 views of Mt Cook in the sun from Braemar Station. As a scientist, I especially appreciated sites like the pancake rocks, where nature had sculpted a beauteous mini-landscape unlike anything I'd ever seen, by processes I did not understand and left me wonderstruck. In short, the adventure was presented accurately beforehand as we reserved our spot, and then overwhelmed us with satisfaction. Lodgings and food were first-rate.”
    Charlie Carter – North Carolina, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Kea Trip

    “The whole trip was wonderful. All the places we visited were spectacular. Both of our guides were excellent and friendly.”
    Tiffany Seyler – Georgia, United StatesKea, February 2019
  • Kauri Trip

    “We had a wonderful time. Both Greg and Clara were wonderful guides, very attentive to our needs. Greg was very knowledgeable about the history and current events in NZ, and his stories made the long bus drive more interesting. Clara was very attentive in our diet needs and went the extra miles to get us what we needed.”
    Tiffany Seyler – Georgia, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • "Down Under" in NZ

    “ NZ is a spectacular ,diverse country filled with beautiful varied coastlines and beaches, mountain ranges, glaciers, lakes, forests and farmland.
    These areas are in relatively close proximity compared to Canada and hence can be seen and enjoyed over a 4 week period.
    This combined with the friendly people, Maori culture, as well as the great craft beers , excellent wine, coffee and bakeshops around every corner make this a great country to visit.”
    Heather Ritchie – British Columbia, CanadaManuka, February 2019
  • Manuka

    “Active Adventures New Zealand has this trip down to perfection in every aspect. There is some flexibility for the guides to change hikes if necessary due to weather, and the guides are knowledgeable and experienced enough to make these decisions. The acommodations were very nice as were the meals. Guides were very personable and looked after everyone well including special meal requirements, logistics planning, etc. Without being overwhelming Holly and Ellie filled some driving time with some Maori lore which was nice. Hikes were beautiful and varied in difficulty which was nice. Aside from the wonderful meals prepared by our guides the restaurant locations were great. I liked having a free day in Queenstown.”
    Terry Harmon – Delaware, United StatesManuka, February 2019
  • Fabulous trip - highly recommended!

    “The Kauri trip around the North Island of New Zealand was superb and exceeded all our expectations. The accommodation was always in great locations, the food was superb, and the guides were excellent (super-enthusiastic, really knowledgeable, supremely professional, hardworking and talented). The trip involved so many different activities and experiences - we loved it.”
    Stuart Watson – Cumbria, United KingdomKauri, February 2019

    “It's hard to describe the recent Weka trip we took with Active Adventures. Nick B and Elder were not only accomplished guides who not only looked after our every detail of our 14 days in the South Island of N, but were genuinely friendly, hospitable and accommodating to every request. Importantly, Nick and Elder were always concerned with our safety and comfort. ”
    Michael Donovan – Oregon, United StatesWeka, February 2019
  • Phenomenal!

    “An absolutely amazing trip! The rides, the hikes, the views, the lodging, the FOOD, were all phenomenal, but the best thing about it: our guides. They were absolutely outstanding in every way.”
    Laura Edles – California, United StatesWeka, February 2019
  • Exceeding Expectation Adventures!

    “Thanks to the incredible hospitality, knowledge, friendliness, encouragement, and spirit of our guides, Andy and Jo, the beauty of the countryside of the north island of New Zealand, and the outstanding itinerary the Kauri was exceptional! From "home cooked" meals, to the personal satisfaction of completing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, to charming accommodations, and an ongoing history and geography lessons of the area, the adventure was extraordinary and lots of fun! ”
    Jim Rogers – Nevada, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • Sweet Dreams are Touring the South Island of New Zealand!

    “If you are fortunate to travel around the South Island with Astrid and James; they are Active Adventures tour guides and chefs extradinaire. You are in for the adventure of a life time. They are always present and made everyday more wonderful than the day before. They are extremely professionally, and made sure everyone was enrolled in the perfect activity for their skill set. The tour group Active Adventures is more than just an adventure tour; it is an experience you want in your life. Thank you Active Adventures for your excellent communication skills, listening to my needs, and meeting my requests. My journey with Active Adventures was life changing.”
    Anne Spelman – Maine, United StatesRimu, February 2019
  • Kauri

    “We had a fabulous 11 days in the North Island. It was certainly active and encouraged us to participate in some fun experiences. We loved the sand surfing mountain biking and hiking aspects. We had two amazing guides, Josh and Annika who catered for all our needs. And the crossing......terrible conditions but we made it!! It was such an achievement.”
    Jenny Angus – New South Wales, AustraliaKauri, February 2019
  • Kauri Adventure

    “This was a fine introduction to the north island's beauty and terrain. We only did the second half of the Kauri adventure but enjoyed every day's challenges. Andy and Jo are exceptional guides and truly good people. Time with them was part of the joy.”
    Sandy Rogers – Nevada, United StatesKauri, February 2019
  • Amanda "Sam" Conley

    “Truly an adventure of a lifetime. I am well traveled, world-wide, but have never been so completely immersed in a country. From the hikes, bike rides and kayaking experiences to the visits to local bakeries and restaurants, we were introduced to the South Island. Simon one of our guides, being from the area, offered a continuing education as we traveled the limited roads. One day we stopped at a tiny bird sanctuary, another day we visited a salmon farm. He shared facts, history as well as folklore about the area allowing us to not only appreciate the beauty but understand it as well. Our other guide Ruby set the tone of our trip. She was very organized, personable and a fantastic cook! There was a couple in our group with special dietary needs, she quietly served them meals which fit their needs without drawing attention to the differences. She prepared healthy meals and always included wonderful desserts which we all loved! Every evening she served "nibbles" with wine which allowed our group to gather and share our experiences. Often Ruby and Simon would join us during this special time which pleased all of us as we got to know them better. ”
    Sam Conley – New Mexico, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Amazing Trip!!

    “What a fabulous week in New Zealand! It was the trip of a lifetime. Our guides were amazing and made everything so easy and fun. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!”
    Tanya Roth – Illinois, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • Triumphant Tui

    “Our Tui trip was truly an incredible adventure. From one spectacular vista to another, the southern island offers an abundance of natural beauty to delight in. We also enjoyed the variety of activities involved from hiking, biking, kayaking to swimming in ice cold glacier filled pools with cascading waterfalls. Our guides were very energetic and full of enthusiasm. Our accommodations ranged from the elegant to the unique and quaint. The meals and snacks provided, and in some cases prepared by our guide with limited resources, were excellent . All in all, a wonderful experience with many fond memories to last a lifetime.”
    Tim Oxley – Illinois, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • Rimu Adventure

    “This trip was a ton of fun. I really enjoyed the range of experiences and areas that my wife and I were able to explore during this trip trip. The guides were phenomenal. Their skill, knowledge, and ability to adapt to the unforeseen was impressive. Sharing our adventure with like minded strangers, many of whom are now great friends, was also a major factor in making this trip one to remember.”
    Ron Leaf – Alberta, CanadaRimu, January 2019
  • Rimu

    “We thought our Active Adventures trip to Peru was amazing; but this trip was even better! Our fearless leaders (Simon and Ruby), the itinerary, the country ...all just incredible. We could not have been "happier campers". Many, many thanks.”
    Lee Silbert – Colorado, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Rimu 2019

    “What an incredible way to experience the South Island of New Zealand, great guides, great accommodation, great food and great laughs. Simon and Ruby took incredible care of us with impeccable attention to detail, always keeping the atmosphere fun and friendly. One of the best trips I have ever been on and I feel very lucky to have met everyone that I did. Rain or shine this was the time of a lifetime and one that I will remember forever. ”
    Charlotte Wright – , New ZealandRimu, January 2019
  • Impressive Trip

    “When you combine the gorgeousness of New Zealand, fantastic guides Elder and Nick, exciting bike trails, and great guests, it's a recipe for an awesome time. Elder and Nick bent over backwards to make sure we were always safe, well taken care of, and happy. I highly recommend the Weka adventure!”
    Bob Metcalf – Iowa, United StatesWeka, January 2019
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “My husband and I have been dreaming of going to New Zealand for many years. This was a major bucket list item and it turned out to be all we had hoped for - and more. Everyday was a new adventure. The Angelus Hut hike was a challenge but so very worth the effort. All of the other hikes, bike rides and kayak adventures were amazing too. New Zealand is an absolutely beautiful country and everyone is so friendly. Ruby and Simon could not have been better as our trip leaders. Their enthusiasm, local knowledge, sense of humor and encouragement made the trip so fun and rewarding. We love Active Adventures. This was our second trip with you guys and we are already looking into trip number three. Thanks so much for giving us such a fabulous vacation.”
    Nancy Geyer – Colorado, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Takahe Was Perfect For Us!!!

    “We had the best trip ever with Active Adventures and would recommend it to anyone. Holly and Ellie were our guides and were awesome!!! The accommodations and food were the best, and then the beautiful hikes and voyages couldn't be beat.”
    Michael Perry – Utah, United StatesManuka, January 2019
  • Amazing Experience!

    “We had an incredible experience on our trip! Our 2 guides, Holly and Ellie, were attentive, organized, friendly, and very knowledgeable about all of the places that we visited. They took really great care of us! The food Holly prepared was fantastic, and Ellie was a cheerful driver. We have been telling all our friends and family and referring people to book with Active Adventures!”
    Debbie Perry – Utah, United StatesManuka, January 2019
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “Our Tui trip this past January was the best outdoor trip we have ever taken! Out guides Dani and Ruby were such a delight - informative, fun, funny, and always professional. They worked well together and we couldn’t have been more pleased. We’ll definitely do another trip with Active Adventures.”
    Thomas Carlisle – California, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • Christmas Like a Kiwi

    “This is a fantastic trip, Dani and Ruby were excellent guides. They took great care to ensure we were comfortable, well informed about the country, well fed, and got as much activity as we wanted. We had fantastic weather the whole trip and was able to spend a lovely Christmas day in Queenstown.”
    Grace Arianoutsos – Texas, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • The Thrill of it All...

    “Where to begin?14 unforgettable days of cycling and hiking the amazing New Zealand landscape. A huge thumbs up to Active Adventures for providing us with the most incredible guides on the planet. Thank you Barnsey and Elder. A cohesive happy excited and motivated group of 10 was all of our good fortune. Cycle by day.. eat drink wine by night... always rewarding hikes along the way to break up the bus rides which were in themselves spectacular. A couple of days were just hiking due to the demands of the routes and delivered jaw dropping vistas. Highly recommend this adventure! ”
    Laurel Morello – California, United StatesWeka, January 2019
  • The Best Way to Become a Part of South Island!

    “How hard can it be to read a guide book and follow a map? Wondering if you should do this on your own or go with Active Adventures? DEFINITELY go with the guided trip for your first trip to South Island. There IS so much to see and do...but much driving is required to get between places. With this trip we had a fantastic narrator during each of our hikes as well as along the longish travel times between adventures of the day. It meant so much to be able to wonder as the guide told us about the history of where we were as well as the Maori legends. The island came to life! And then everyone could relax on the drive to the next hike or kayak or bike. Because we had someone else do all of the planning, we were able to enjoy every minute of our time.”
    Belle Six – Texas, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Best Trip Ever

    “My wife and I are travel agents, and we agree that this was our favorite trip ever - and we've been all over the world. The guides make the trip and James and Maya were fabulous. We're definitely going back to New Zealand. You can't see it all in one trip.”
    Joe Cereola – California, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Adventures in New Zealand

    “Nancy and I had a wonderful time on our Takahe Great Walks Discovery on December 16th thru December 20th. The hike thru New Zealand was part of a three month journey that started in Thailand in October -- saw us travel thru China, New Zealand and finish in Australia at the beginning of January, 2019. We finally arrived home here in the USA on January 10th. A highlite of our travels was our Takahe hiking trip thru New Zealand. We started to plan our trip last summer and wanted to include a trip to New Zealand. Who knew when we would ever be back in this part of the world again. At first, we had not included New Zealand as part of our three month trip. But we had several people tell us, that we really needed to check out New Zealand and how it was so different than Australia. We also had a family at our church, tell us about the hiking/camping trip they had taken thru New Zealand and how much fun and how beautiful it was. I believe that they also recommended Active Adventures as a place to make reservations and get information about a trip to New Zealand.
    The 5-Day Takahe Great Walks Discovery was just a good fit for us. It combined several hiking trips, with a night on Doubtfull Sound, while staying at lodges along the way. We really did not want to be camping along the way. This was a perfect trip for us.
    We had a wonderful time and saw some beautiful parts of New Zealand. Queenstown was gorgeous and staying and hiking in the Lade Te Anou was wonderful. These are two areas that if we ever get the chance, would like to come back to New Zealand and spend more time. Just a wonderful area.
    But what rally made our trip were our two guides, Tess & Kelsey. We met them Sunday morning and to our surprise, we were the only people on our trip. We just received so much attention from Tess & Kelsey and we had a fantastic time together. Also, the meals they prepared were terrific. It was a great time and we are very grateful for the chance to take this trip. ”
    Bill Hamill – Pennsylvania, United StatesManuka, January 2019
  • A new bar was set...not sure it can be matched!

    “There is not one thing I can think of that Active Adventures could do better. The trip did what I had hoped: introduced me to the South Island through hiking, kayaking and biking. Everything was top notch, from the gear to the snacks to the lodging. The attention to detail from the planning team in HQ to the trip’s incredible guides, Ruby and Dani, was impressive. I’ve taken guided hiking trips before in other parts of the world, and Active Adventures is easily the best company I’ve ever used. The Rimu Tour was AWESOME. I didn’t want it to end.”
    Heather Forshey – California, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Rain, Green, Water, Grey, Cloudy, Sunny

    “At every turn in the road, and there were many, another surprise awaited. Whether a magnificent new vista, a rare bird, a splendid trail, or another story of the Maori People and their proud heritage, there was never a dull moment. The weather provided everything it had, but all in manageable doses. The rain came early in the trip but it assured us of more lush grass, and tumbling waterfalls. When the rain ended, the sun came out. Not too hot, not too cold, just providing light to another remarkable mountain. The clouds were the best anywhere. Changing in mood and speed, they danced with the sun and wind, turning to firey flames for hours as the sunset.
    Our guides were knowledgable, cheerful, and bent on everyone's enjoyment of a country they are justifiably proud to live in. Our group quickly merged into a team of comrades, quick with a joke, or pint, or encouragement on a tough hike. ”
    Michael McCoy – California, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Best Experience Ever!

    “I didn't know it was possible to pack so much fun in such a small amount of time. Active Adventures surpassed my expectations of what could be accomplished in 8 days. How can you beat hiking, biking, jet boating, and flying amongst the most amazing and secluded scenery New Zealand has to offer? I am so glad I got to experience New Zealand as opposed to just seeing it. Our guides, Hailey and Ruby, were great. I felt safe and looked after the whole time. They took care of everything. On day one, I was asked about my food requirements. Bonus! They catered to my dietary needs. I came to this trip as a single traveler and felt right at home with my fellow adventure seeking enthusiasts. Thanks an awesome adventure!”
    Amy Ball – Ohio, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • Trip Of a Lifetime

    “The guides were very well prepared. Any question I had was answered about our New Zealand trip. The guides also went out of their way on many occasions to help everyone on the trip with just little things. We took the Tui trip and were very blessed with good weather for the trip. The food and accommodations were fine. My only concern is that since the bar has been set very high now then my next Active Adventures trip will have to be amazing plus.
    George Hurlbert – Nevada, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • Lifetime Dream

    “Our trip was awesome & a dream come true. New Zealand is like heaven on earth. We had perfect weather & perfect tour guides. One of my favorite adventures was the plane ride over to Siberia--the view was incredible w/picture perfect scenery. For the hike out we had a beautiful sunshiny day...then a jet boat ride back to our original destination! I also enjoyed Milford Sound w/the overnight stay on the ship. The hiking trails were magnificent & worth every step of the way! The tour guides accommodated my vegan meals & were always interactive w/our group! We felt so welcome!”
    Gail Hurlbert – Nevada, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • Kauri (first 5 days) - Five Days of Fun!

    “I added the first 5 days of the Kauri trip onto the backend of my Tui trip and it was the perfect compliment. While the south island had amazing and rugged scenery, the north island did not disappoint with it's beautiful coast lines and beaches! We hiked, sand boarded, and snorkeled our way across the north island while learning a lot about the Maori culture. I highly recommend doing both islands. Our guides, Greg and Clara, spoiled us. Thanks for a great time!”
    Amy Ball – Ohio, United StatesKauri, January 2019
  • A Learning Experience

    “This trip was extremely well done, with friendly and knowledgeable guides. Beyond seeing so much of the beautiful country, I left feeling like I had learned valuable information that I would have never gotten or appreciated otherwise!”
    Molly Madden – Arizona, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Beyond Expectations

    “I'd heard NZ was a beautiful country. Active Adventures, however, guided my group through an experience of outstanding, vast, intense natural wonders while also providing fun, excellent food, welcoming & comfortable accommodation, professional and wonderful guides, and they let us all hike or meander according to our own preference, all the while taking care to make sure we were all safe and accounted for. I could not have asked for a better outfitter for my first trip to New Zealand. I would most definitely travel with Active again.”
    Leslie White – California, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • Donna--New Mexico

    “Wonderful trip. Hit the highlights of the South Island. Waterfalls everywhere we looked.”
    Donna Lentz – New Mexico, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • New Zealand Fiordland Sojourn

    “The perfect getaway. Superb vistas. Excellent guides. Seamless organisation. Wonderful, healthy! food. Flexible itinerary for different fitness levels.”
    Edna Hardeman – New South Wales, AustraliaManuka, January 2019
  • Brain and Brawn

    “Had a great time hiking up and up and up and learning about the Maori culture.”
    Catherine Hatton – Ontario, CanadaKauri, January 2019
  • RIMU North - Christmas 2018

    “I have been fortunate to do a few adventure vacations around the world with different tour companies, and I will say that this was the best of them all. The itinerary included so many amazing places, one after another. Our guides (Dani and Ruby), were equally amazing in that they made the excursion feel like a "family" vacation in that they helped our group integrate and share the adventure together. They did a great job immersing themselves into our group, experiencing the whole thing with us while doing all of the leg work (okay, we had to hike ourselves), for us in regards to planning, getting us where we needed to be, and feeding us great food. I learned so much about the wonderful country of New Zealand, its people, history, plant life, wildlife, and more from Dani and Ruby. My appreciation for New Zealand has definitely grown. We did the 3-day hike has our option on the tour. It was a tough trek but well worth it. I enjoyed the mix of trekking, biking, and kayaking. I felt safe and well organized throughout the entire trip. I would not have changed a thing.”
    Brian McNeil – California, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Incredible Guides, Landscapes & Activities

    “Our trip with Active Adventures was phenomenal! Every detail was taken care of, yet still flexible to our needs. New Zealand is a stunning country with so much to do and see, and the guides were so knowledgable about the history, environment and culture. I'd recommend traveling with Active Adventures to anyone!”
    Kari Madden – Arizona, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Phenomenal trip!

    “Beautiful nature, fantastic guides, great group and activities!”
    Alexia Dorozynski – , Russian FederationRimu, January 2019
  • December 2018

    “The trip definitely packs in tons of adventure. Saw so many things within such a short time period. In just one day, went from glaciers and mountains to rugged beaches. Every day was a new surprise.”
    Beth Rosenstein – Maryland, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • Everyone Needs a Little Zeal!

    “The guides with Active Adventures, New Zealand lead you through the heart and soul of New Zealand. Every day we were introduced to outstanding scenery, challenging but do-able hikes, bike rides, and kayaking. Food was thoughtfully prepared or provided, and needs were always anticipated. But this trip was beyond the basics of good food and good scenery. The vitality, the kick-ass, can-do, always smiling, leaders reminded us and re-introduced us to the art of having fun. I am grateful for the experience and will forever translate their Zealand spirit in my day to day living. This trip was more than a vacation, more than a sightseeing trip. In the beauty of nature and in the beauty of the leaders, sharing their honest selves, I re-acquainted myself with myself and things that I hold value and I will always be grateful. Tricia, Atlanta, Georgia”
    Tricia Stearns – Georgia, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • A Trip of My Lifetime.

    “This was an excellent trip, above my high expectation, probably the best outdoors trip of my life (and I've done a lot). Super cool, professional, patient, knowledgeable, accomodating guides, Lauren and Hailey - I can not overstate how well they did their jobs. Beautiful and diverse country, fantastic scenery, excellent itinerary.”
    Mike Tsoupko-Sitnikov – California, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Wonderful Trip

    “We really enjoyed all the activity during the tour. The tour has a very nice pace to it. We cover a lot of ground and the guides are great and making stops along the way to experience a beautiful short hike or learn about Manuka Honey. We really liked the layout of the tour. One day we would go hiking and the next we would go kayaking. If we had a big hike one day, the next day would still be action packed but gave us time to recover. We can't wait to go on our next active adventure.”
    Kellie Bertsch Cereola – California, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Ultimate NZ Takahe Experience

    “It is impossible to effectively convey the impact of the Takahe (NZ) trip. Cruise Doubtful and Milford Sounds, trekking along sections of the Routburn, Milford and Kepler tracks and all in perfect weather. Knowledgeable guides made it a spectacular and informative trip. Now I understand why this region of NZ is regarded as one of the best trekking adventures in the world. No question!! ”
    Peter Gunning – New South Wales, AustraliaManuka, January 2019
  • So Glad I Went!

    “I went as a solo traveler, and was worried about being isolated. But it turned out there were other solo travelers, and the group as a whole really came together.
    I am an avid kayaker, and one of the days of kayaking in Marlborough Sound may have been my best kayaking day ever. It was early in the morning, and the water was like glass. There were mountains in the distance and not a cloud in the sky. Just perfect!”
    Carole Gibson – North Carolina, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • Josh and Annika.

    “Josh and Annika were absolutely fantastic. Everything about the trip was great, but the two of them were the glue that brought all of the constituent parts together. ”
    Joseph Hewett – California, United StatesKauri, January 2019
  • Rimu Dec 17-30/18

    “Fantastic trip! The sites, scenery and activities were all amazing. Packed two weeks but there was no way to see and do so much on our own. Our guides Dani and Ruby were second to none! They both made the trip extra special !”
    Phil Goldband – Ontario, CanadaRimu, January 2019
  • Tui trip 12/24 to 12/31/2018

    “The trip was amazing. We covered an incredible amount of terrain in the South Island in only a week! We did drive quite a bit but it was a perfect time to enjoy the beautiful NZ scenery and rest for the next outdoor adventure. The one day rest stop at Queenstown was perfect. Wonderful, fun and tourist friendly town and it gave us a chance to physically recover for the next phase of the trip. Terrific trip.”
    Dave Yee – Washington, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • Tui - What a trip!

    “From the moment we met our guides Hailey and Ruby we felt completely welcome and cared for. Within 10 minutes our group of 10 strangers quickly became close friends, I've never seen anything quite like that before, and our guides played no small part in making that happen. The journey and activities were all fun, accommodations ranged from terrific to rustic but pretty much the best available for our locations. We never went hungry and most of the time, whether prepared by Hailey and/or Ruby, or by others, the food was excellent. In the end no one wanted the trip to end and even saw a few tears as each person or couple was dropped off, truly a trip of a lifetime!”
    Ken Hill – Texas, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • My Kiwi October, 2018 trip

    “Once Again...another Active Adventure trip that exceeded my expectations. I had a wonderful time with Maddi, Jackie and our group. We started out as strangers and became friends.
    I had to miss the trip in February due to breaking my foot, so I worried that I would not be able to keep up, but Jackie and Maddi were
    so compassionate and kind to my needs, that I kept up with the group with no problem.
    I look forward to another Active Adventure trip in the future. ”
    Kathleen Bowser – Ontario, CanadaKiwi, January 2019
  • Could It Get Any Better?

    “Fun and adventure beyond what I could have imagined. The captivating beauty of New Zealand, experienced in daily full monty submersion of diverse and amazing activities. Josh and Annika trumped and spoiled us with 5-star animated full-service aim-to-exceed (not just please) - as our guides, educators, facilitators, supporters, and friends. Entirely gobsmacked beyond testimony, this was far and away the very best trip I have ever had. Who can know or anticipate how rewarding and life-changing a trip and travel itinerary like this will be until you've lived it?”
    Karen Klix – Michigan, United StatesKauri, January 2019
  • Kauri October 2018

    “I so really enjoyed the Kiwi trip, but the Kauri trip taken right after, took it up another notch in hiking, scenery and the energy of this fun group of new friends. The hikes we did over the 5 day challenged me, which I was so ready for. I didn't think the scenery could get any better than the south Island, but not to be disappointed, the North Island was so beautiful too. ”
    Kathleen Bowser – Ontario, CanadaKauri, January 2019
  • Slice of Heaven

    “The Rimu trip with Astrid and Pim as truly a Slice of Heaven (as the songs states) :) Everything was perfect: our guides (knowledgeable, fun and interesting people), the itinerary (flexible and versatile), the food (healthy and plenty of it), transportation (although I did like Kate better then Frank - sorry Astrid - more leg room)….I would do it again in a heartbeat!!! We have already told many friends about New Zealand and Active Adventures (and wear our ball caps proudly :)”
    Leah Bornstein – Colorado, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • South Island Adventure

    “You certainly justify the "Active" in your name! Between the hiking, jet boats!, planes, cruising and biking, we did more and saw more than I thought could be fit into 8 days - and there was still free time for hang gliding, bungee jumping and patio therapy :). Jo and Andy were the perfect team of guides, bringing fun and a wealth of local knowledge that made the excursions that much more memorable. The memories of this trip will last a long time. ”
    Chris Coggans – Ontario, CanadaTui, January 2019
  • Adventure of Lifetime!

    “We knew NZ would be beautiful but the trip that Active Adventures gave us was amazing. Lauren and Kaleb were wonderful and we truly had the adventure of a lifetime!”
    Jackie Roach – Texas, United StatesTui, January 2019
  • A Lush Wonderland

    “We were only with the trip for 2 days and the weather was inclement, but Koru and Laura worked professionally to ensure we still had an amazing time in Mt Aspiring national park and central Otago and still got in some adventure and good hikes.”
    Fe Davies – Otago, New ZealandTui, January 2019
  • A Trip That Will Not Be Rimu-ved From Memory

    “It was my first time visiting NZ and what an experience! Truly enjoyed the scenery and wonderful company of the group. The trip would not have been complete without the intriguing story telling by MJ of each place we went and the interesting information shared about NZ's nature by both guides during the hikes. Very well-organized, well thought out and personally, well-fed trip. Only wished that I would have been able to Kayak further out at Milford sound and hiked further all the way to Alex's Knob. Overall, thank you to MJ and Liana for helping to create a very memorable first visit to NZ!”
    Rachael Li Xiujing – , SingaporeRimu, January 2019

    “My husband and I throughly enjoyed our RIMU trip in November 2018. The trip when very smoothly thanks to our friendly and experienced guides Kim and Astrid. Active Adventures provided great accommodations, superb food, and wonderful adventures. A great way to see and experience New Zealand.”
    Bonnie Leaf – Alberta, CanadaRimu, January 2019
  • Great Way to See New Zealand Beauty

    “Very good way to experience 4tracks in New Zealand. Well organized.”
    Randy Hoffman – California, United StatesManuka, January 2019
  • Super South Island

    “The Rimu trip was excellent. We had great weather and were able to see a good part of the south island. ”
    Sarah Gray – Colorado, United StatesRimu, January 2019
  • RIMU Northbound 10-23 December 2018

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Our guides, Astrid and Pim, were just great, and they did an especially good job in responding to changing circumstances due to weather or other contingencies. I had travelled by car through the South Island 15 years ago but did not have the opportunity to hike, kayak or just 'get into the wild'. The RIMU tour provided a smorgasbord of activities and spectacular surrounds, and being able to hike, bike ride, kayak and horse ride all on the same tour was a unique experience. I can now return the South Island at some state in the future to go on more extensive hiking or kayaking tours in such magnificent locations as Milford Sound. ”
    Rob Bruce Webster – New South Wales, AustraliaRimu, January 2019
  • Great Trip, Great Guides

    “The Kauri trip was well organized and well thought out. We saw a good part of the north island and had many fun adventures. Our guides Jo and Andy were the best. Andy is very informative on New Zealand history and Jo is a great cook.”
    Sarah Gray – Colorado, United StatesKauri, January 2019
  • North of the South

    “This was my first trip to the North Island, though I've been to the South Island once with Active Adventures and once on my own. I thought that this was a great trip, and hit all of the highlights that I expected. We certainly kept moving (Active) through a range of diverse activities, so I wouldn't recommend this trip if your idea of a vacation is to sit on the beach. The trip leaders were outstanding, notably Annika's permanent optimistic and enthusiastic attitude, and Josh's can do spirit. Don't miss the optional SCUBA diving on "A Perfect Day". Surprising an octopus 18 meters down was a highlight of the trip. ”
    Steve Levy – Vermont, United StatesKauri, December 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “This trip exceeded my expectations! I was way out of my comfort zone since I am more of a couch surfer. Claire and Maya were excellent guides and supported us all the way and more!
    I highly recommend this trip!”
    Cindy Chua – Texas, United StatesKiwi, December 2018
  • Jim's Rimu Trip

    “Third Active Adventure; South America Patagonia and New Zealand Kauri trip. The planned itineraries, the location of the adventures, and the great guides which we had made the trips top notch. Maybe taking another one sooner than later.”
    Jim Gray – Colorado, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • A Fantastic NZ Experience, There Will Be Others!!

    “I had planned on sending a review of my trip prior to receiving this request. I was so busy telling so many
    people of the super time I had, I never found the time.
    Working in the airline industry, now in my 36th year, I have opportunities to travel that others don't, and I do.
    Have been many places, done many things. This NZ trip ranks near the top of the list, for many reasons.

    The primary reason the trip was so fantastic, Andy, the group leader. As I described my experienced to family, coworkers and friends. There were only 3 of us, (Romy , Chris and myself) I don't know if others had cancelled or whatever, does not matter, as we 3 basically had a private tour.

    I would describe Andy as a person who has a true passion for what he does. His detailed knowledge of the places we visited was quite remarkable. Each day bought a exciting new adventure, exactly what I signed up for. I had so many fun moments on the trip, not possible to list all of them, just know that I am absolutely
    and completely satisfied with the choice I made in selecting A.A. NZ .
    I am planning a return in 2019 or 20, perhaps doing the 2nd half of the trip.

    I met some of you in person, when I was in Queenstown (had a blast there)

    To summarize my trip I will say thank you Andy ! You were a enthusiastic, totally competent, well organized ,
    group leader, who also prepared delicious meals.”
    Bob Carroll – Texas, United StatesKauri, December 2018
  • New Zealand lives up to the hype and Active Adventures is the perfect host to show it to you

    “The scenery is spectacular, the locals are so friendly, and Active's itinerary shows it to you in an action packed way!
    Every day we explored this amazing country by hiking a noteworthy trail, paddling the stunning waterways and even biking! Going on this kind of adventure is a great way to get up close and personal with a country and its people.
    Our guides, Leana and MJ, looked after us with great care and good humor. They also fed us well!
    It's no wonder New Zealand tops many folks' Bucket List - it deserves to be up there. And Active Adventures, based in New Zealand, knows the country better than anyones so you truly get an insider's curated adventure. I am well traveled and consider this trip to be a trip of a lifetime!”
    Kit Parks – North Carolina, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • Add the North Island if you are already doing the South Island!

    “I had planned to spend an extra week in Queenstown and Christchurch on my own after doing the Rimu on the South Island, but when I found out three of the folks on my original tour were doing the 5 day North island add on, I was happy to find out that Active could fit me in. I'm so glad they did as they sure packed a lot into five days and the North Island is so different than the South! Andy and Jo were superb guides and with our small group, we were able to be nimble and even add in a few more treats!”
    Kit Parks – North Carolina, United StatesKauri, December 2018
  • Fantastic Adventure Buffet

    “This trip was perfect for my wife and me. We are both very athletic and have not done any of the world famous New Zealand tracks before. So, getting to hike one day each on the Routeburn Track, Milford Track, Kepler Track, and Ben Lomand, was about as good as it could get for us. In addition, the overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound was spectacular, and occasionally mystical. Our guides, Nick and Lauren were fun to be with and really know New Zealand. Nick drove and was very safe. Lauren was in charge of meals, and the food was consistently excellent. Accommodations excellent. The small group enabled us to feel very comfortable right from the start. ”
    Howard Hoffman – California, United StatesManuka, December 2018
  • Always Awesome!

    “Just like the previous 6 trips I've taken with Active, it was incredible! ”
    Ally Gaylor – Indiana, United StatesKauri, December 2018
  • December 2018 Trip

    “The trip was outstanding. My goal was to enjoy a sampling of what the South Island had to offer and this trip filled the bill. The boat tours of Doubtful and Milford Sounds were outstanding, as were the day hikes on the Milford, Routeburn and Kepler Tracks. I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the guides. Both Nick and Loren knew their stuff, and were outstanding cooks to boot! They were courteous, organized, safe and very aware of the particular needs of each client. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone with limited time to explore the wonders of the South Island.”
    Alan Burke – Washington, United StatesManuka, December 2018
  • New Zealand Wonderland

    “Our tour took us to the most amazing places. Such diverse landscape. New Zealand gave me a taste of our earth’s natural wonders. I loved every moment. New Zealand seems to do things right. Clean water! Fresh air!”
    Patricia Lynch – New Mexico, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • Active Adventures New Zealand RIMU

    “We had the best vacation ever! The scenery, activities, food, and our guides were exceptional. From hiking in Nelson Lakes, to kayaking in Milford Sound, to heli hiking on the Franz Joseph glacier, to hiking to Sealy Tarn, and staying at Braemar Station with magnificent views of Mount Cook - every day brought another awe inspiring appreciation of New Zealand.”
    Sheryl Kuo – Pennsylvania, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • Fun Time!

    “I had a fantastic time! Laura and Hailey were excellent guides, cooks, drivers and entertainers! Fun hikes, a great bike ride and several kayaking adventures added to make the trip worthwhile!! ”
    Helen Robinson – Oregon, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • Amazing guides - Outstanding Adventure

    “We just completed the 14 day Rimu trip and it was incredible! Each day was somehow more amazing than the day before. We were so impressed with our guide’s passion for the outdoors, knowledge of the flora and fauna of New Zealand as well as the never ended support and five-star hospitality provided. The physical challenge was a perfect flow for me, and the sense of accomplishment when reaching our goal look-outs was a real high. The variety of great food and accommodations added to the adventure. Saving the best for last - the scenery was outstanding. The west coast in particular is gorgeous and Fiordland and Mt. Cook are staggering. ”
    Amy Youngs – Virginia, United StatesRimu, December 2018
  • Manuka Trip 2018

    “Great trip! We lucked out with the weather. We had one afternoon of rain the whole trip. We had a great time. Nick B and Lauren were exceptional guides. They make a great team. ”
    Kirk Girard – Ontario, CanadaManuka, December 2018
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Trip Reviews

  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16032 reviews)

    Graduation gift of a lifetime

    As a recent college graduate, the one thing I wanted to do was travel. I was completely unfamiliar with New Zealand, and my parents wanted to ensure I was safe and could know where I was going each day. Active Adventures was a great way to have the time of my life while being safe. Our group ranged in activity levels, but Andy and Jo made sure we all were comfortable while encouraging us every step of the way. From my initial call with the Active team, to booking, and eventually the trip, I did not have a single problem and had the experience of a lifetime! Thanks Mom and Dad, and thank you Active Adventures!
    Sara Elwell Review Image
    – Pennsylvania, United States
    Tui, February 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16032 reviews)

    Rimu Trip - Should be #1 on Your Bucket List

    First of all, the guides were "hands-down" the "BEST EVER"!!! They made this trip extra special. Katie C and Lauren were always looking out for our best interest. They were great at engaging each of us in the group, they took the time to get to know each one of us, they made sure they included groceries that you liked and more. They were fun, energetic and full of happiness! They worked very hard and feed us very well. The food was amazing!!! A big THANK YOU to both of you beautiful young women! Thank you active adventures for hiring fun and inspiring women!
    Vicki Igou Review Image
    – California, United States
    Rimu, December 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16032 reviews)

    Awesome Tui Trip!

    My husband and I traveled to New Zealand for a late honeymoon and our adventure started with the Tui Trip which couldn't have been better! Between the amazing places we visited along the South Island from our unbelievable guides who quickly became friends, the trip definitely exceeded our expectations! We quickly learned how kiwis truly cherish and appreciate what their beautiful country has to offer and are so thankful to have had such a wonderful experience. New Zealand will always hold a special place in our hearts, along with our memories of hiking, biking, cheers-ing, and chatting with new friends. Thank you Koru and Liana, for making our trip so unforgettable!
    Lauren Hussey Review Image
    – New Hampshire, United States
    Tui, December 2016
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16032 reviews)

    Bonzer trip to the South Island

    Thanks to Greg and Mel for a memorable exploration of New Zealand's South Island. Need to come back to enjoy the wonders of this place.
    Ted Jackson Review Image
    – Tennessee, United States
    Tui, March 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16032 reviews)

    Loved NZ Kea Adventure

    New Zealand is a beautiful country, but the experience would not have been half as memorable if it were not for our AA guides. They were professional, could answer any question about NZ, incredibly competent in all ways and so much fun! But it would be unfair not to mention the preliminary support team leading up to the trip. All requests and needs were handled quickly and efficiently. And last, but not least, the itinerary was so well thought out. I enjoyed every minute of the trip and was sorry to see it end.
    Lori Schimpf Review Image
    – California, United States
    Kea, January 2017



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Above all, we aim to be amazing hosts. We're proud of our kiwi roots, and our professional, warm and relaxed style of running trips around the world is unforgettable.

We're VERY picky about who we select to work in our team, and we have people from all over the world lining up to guide our trips. So we get to hire the absolute BEST in the business.

As soon as you get off the plane, we've got all the details of your vacation covered – top notch meals, comfortable transport & accommodation, amazing guides and INCREDIBLE service.

Whether you’re new to adventure travel, or you’ve never travelled in a group before, you’ll find yourself arriving home positively different from when you left.

With our small groups (no more than 14), you'll get to know our team, your fellow travellers, and have the flexibility and freedom to do as much (or as little!) as you like.

It's all about getting there under your own steam – on foot, in a sea kayak, or by bike. What better way is there to experience mind blowing scenery? If it's your first time, no worries – our expert guides have got you covered.

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