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Daniel Sutherland

New Zealand Guide

Dan-holding-a-kea-by-a-branch-for-bioSeemingly quiet and serious at first you'll soon discover Dan has a cheeky sense of humour and a wonderful passion for all things New Zealand. He is a typically good Kiwi with a fascinating life, which if prompted he will tell you all about. He is a proud Dad and family man and extremely capable outdoors person. He will make sure your trip is one you'll remember for ever.


  • “Dan did a phenomenal job of keeping the group on schedule and made sure the out travels went smoothly. He's definitely loves NZ and it shows in the stories he tells and just his overall awareness of the everything that is NZ. Great person too! I see him excelling at the leadership position with every trip and becoming one of your top guides (if he already isn't). Thanks for everything, Dan!”
    Alex DePalma (Chicago, Illinois, United States) December, 2014
  • “Dan clearly loves his job. He was a fountain of knowledge about New Zealand and his unique living environment prompted loads of questions which he was more than happy to answer. Great cook as well - I haven't eaten half as well since getting home.”
    Joanne Smith (Putney, London, United Kingdom) June, 2013
  • “Dan's great knowledge of Maori's legends and culture, and understanding of his country was refreshing. I am sure he will make one amazing Lead Guide one day. Most incredible thing Dan cooked for us....home-made waffles in a remote mountain hut. Thank you Dan, you are a star!”
    Leilani Cati-heimsath (Ashtead, Surrey, United Kingdom) June, 2012
  • “Dan was really nice, easy going. A very creative cook - was not expecting such a variety of cuisine.”
    Caroline George (New York, New York, United States) December, 2010
  • “Dan was awesome. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. He did a great job with our kids, particularly our 2 boys who bonded with him. He did a great job cooking, always making the meals delicious and different. Besides, he introduced us to Fergburger, our new favorite burger joint! Dan was like family. He helped indoctrinate us to the world of rugby.”
    Mark Silverstein (Atlanta, Georgia, United States) June, 2010
  • “Excellent, Daniel could not have done a better job. Among the best guides I have ever used.”
    Larry Jordan (Arlington, Texas, United States) February, 2010
  • “Dan was superb. He was really friendly and was always one step ahead of everyone. Nothing was too much for him. I know there is so much that goes on behind the scenes with a trip like this, so a big thank you to Dan. He did a fantastic job.”
    Michelle Tagg (Jindalee, Queensland, Australia) February, 2010
  • “Great guy, talked to each of us on eating preferences/allergies and always tried to please us. His pavlova performance was unforgettable, as was the Tim Tam game. And he's a great hiking guide too!”
    Pat and Rick Byler (Jackson, Michigan, United States) February, 2010
  • “Daniel was very much service oriented. He went out of his way on many occasions to carry extra weight or run ahead of the group to have the meal set up as we arrived. They were special touches that showed that he truly cared about what he was doing. He also shared a knowledge of the country that was valued and appreciated. Do whatever it takes to keep these guides!”
    Michele Budd (Ketchikan, Alaska, USA) December, 2009
  • “Dan was brilliant. Being a non hiker, he got me out of a couple of situations! I turned upside down like a turtle in a stream and he hoiked me out (without being soaked!) and he also got me down from the top of Aoraki when I went over on my ankle! Great guy!”
    Karen Roberts (Derbyshire, United Kingdom) March, 2009
  • “Dan is hilarious. We requested something ridiculous like 4 different varieties of yogurt bars and he got them, no questions asked. Dan really went above and beyond to make us happy.”
    Dorothy Thurston (Massachusetts, USA) January, 2009
  • “Dan was awesome! I never saw him sit still except while we were on the bus. Otherwise, he was prepping our food, schleping our bags and taking our photos for our scrapbooks. Also, he was extremely patient, friendly and a great leader.”
    Robert Candido (Michigan, USA) December, 2008
  • “Daniel was fun and energetic. He did an amazing job with all the food, even producing a cheesecake in the middle of siberia valley - FAB! What was so nice was that whilst it was clear our guides were working very hard, we never once as a group saw this - a lot of the work was done behind the scenes so to speak so we as a group were able to enjoy ourselves and their involvement in our conversations even more.”
    Sarah Lucas (United Kingdom) December, 2008

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