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Shree Adhikari

Nepal Guide

Active Himalayas are lucky to have 3 brothers all guiding for us! Shree is the younger and loves the mountains and Nepalese culture. He always creates a fun safe environment for his guests to get the most out of their Himalayan experience. Never without a positive word and an infectious smile Shree will be singing and dancing while sharing his knowledge of the Nepalese with you. He is based in Kathmandu with his wife and two beautiful young daughters.

Shree profile


“Shree changed my mindset in a way he may not have been intending to or trying to. He often reminded us Western type A's that what happened tomorrow didn't matter. All we needed to do was enjoy the moment -- not fret about it ending and not worry about what is to come. It made some of the most challenging physically times not just bearable, but enjoyable. ”
- Jane Kurtz (Portland, Oregon, United States), Mustang August 2018

“Shree is so wonderful! He was the heart and soul of our group and our trip. He is kind and hilarious, always making us laugh or singing! He is so patient and always waited for the slower members of the group, making sure everyone was doing ok, all the time. His knowledge of place and culture was extremely valuable, and I loved learning everything about Nepal that he shared with us. ”
- Becky Moore (Stonington, Connecticut, United States), AST September 2017

“Shree was also amazing. I enjoyed his company as well. Being Nepalese, it was nice to hear about Nepal and have him explain cultural aspects from his perspective. He was an encouraging guide at all times. He worked well with Kate and the porters. He jumped in and helped wherever. He always had a smile on his face. I enjoyed his humming and his great pace on the hike which helped me. At one point he saw I was uneasy about a bridge and let me go across first on my own so there would be less swaying. On another very narrow wooden bridge,he offered to walk across with me. I appreciated that.”
- Nancy VanOverbeke (St. Cloud, Minnesota, United States), AST October 2016

Trip Reviews

  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16031 reviews)

    5 Stars x 3

    I rated this as 5 stars, "Excellent, the trip of a lifetime", but actually that is not totally true. It is actually 1 of 3 trips of a life time. The other two were the AA Jaguar Tour and the AA Condor tour. All three were outstanding and each qualified as a "trip of a lifetime".
    Stan Jacobson Review Image
    – Minnesota, United States
    AST, November 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16031 reviews)

    EBC 2017 Trip

    What an amazing experience! There was so much more to the trek than was advertised. The immersion into the Nepali culture was unexpected and a delight. DK and his crew are professionals! They kept us safe and got us across across the finish line. We had a blast while we were doing it. I can not say enough about our porter team too! What a terrific group of men. Whom ever does your hiring should get a raise. Keep up the awesome adventures.
    Jim Lauer Review Image
    – Ohio, United States
    EBC, May 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16031 reviews)

    Have to Experience it to Believe it

    Don't know where to start and don't want to write a book but want anyone who is considering this trek to do it with Active Adventures. Why? I'm 62, still in good health and shape. Have experienced two other treks over the past ten years with other outfitters. Machu Picchu in Peru and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. There was a huge difference in personal care and attention to expedition details. What impressed me the most was the attention to every detail required to make this trek to Base Camp not only successful but an enjoyable one too. There was not one negative experience that Active Adventure was in control over (lodging, food, permits etc). My mind was put to ease every day when our daily heart rate and oxygen levels were tested and medication was made available to you should you experience the effects of altitude sickness. Our guide’s knowledge of the history and culture of the Nepalese people added to the enjoyment of our journey.
    Steven Edwards Review Image
    – Ontario, Canada
    EBC, January 2018
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16031 reviews)

    EBC with Dan K

    I had a great time with wonderful team members, guides and porters. I will remember this trip as one of the best and treasure the memories for long, long time.
    Fusa Iwamoto Review Image
    – Massachusetts, United States
    EBC, June 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 16031 reviews)

    EBC Nov 2016

    Quit my job, booked my flights and off I went. I had no expectations as I did not have much time to prepare and plan. Perhaps that's what made it an even better adventure. You will be challenged. You will need to dig deep. When things get tough at the higher altitudes, just put one foot in front of another and stay positive!
    Megan Rath Review Image
    – Pennsylvania, United States
    EBC, January 2017



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Above all, we aim to be amazing hosts. We're proud of our kiwi roots, and our professional, warm and relaxed style of running trips around the world is unforgettable.

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