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Top Destinations in Nepal

Let us help you choose your destination in Nepal...

When Mother Nature turned her attention to South Asia, she gifted Nepal with some of the most unique terrain imaginable. The gigantic mountains and ferocious rivers have huge climactic impact and have created an abundance of diversity in a relatively small place. So whether you’re answering the call of the Himalayas or following that sweet scent of Nepali tea, you'll be blown away by the choices on offer.

The Everest region and Kathmandu are popular spots to visit, but there is still heaps to see throughout the rest of the country. We've selected some of our top destination picks below to help you narrow down your options.

If you have specific questions about your Himalayas adventure feel free to flick through an email, give us a call or request a free brochure, we've spent a lot of time planning and executing well balanced and life-changing trips in this region.

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1. Kathmandu

Location: Central Nepal, Capital city
Highlights: Durbar Square (the historical and religious centre of the city), Boudhanath Stupa (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Pashupatinath Temple (the country's most important Hindu temple), Monkey Temple (Swayambhunath, the oldest stupa in Nepal)
Best time to visit: Autumn/Spring (September, October, November, March, April, May)
Best way to see it: On foot or by rickshaw 
Which trips go here: All Himalayas trips

Cultural Bells in Kathmandu

2. Everest Base Camp

Location: South Everest Base Camp - Nepal (most popular), North Everest Base Camp - Tibet
Highlights: Flight to Lukla (incredible scenery), Namche Bazaar (the world's highest market place with incredible 360 views), the Sherpa Culture, the achievement of reaching Everest Base Camp!!
Best time to visit: Autumn/Fall (September, October, November)
Best way to see it: Guided tour, by helicopter
Which trips go here: The Everest Base Camp Trek

Group on the Everest Base Camp Trek

3. Pokhara 

Location: Pokhara is 200km (120 miles) west of the capital Kathmandu
Highlights: Boat on Phewa Lake (the second biggest lake in Nepal which has a temple in the middle), Shanti Stupa (The World Peace Pagoda), Paragliding, Zip-lining, Pokhara Tibetan Centre
Best time to visit: Autumn/Spring (September, October, November, March, April, May)
Best way to see it: Guided tour, by boat, on foot
Which trips go here: Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, Forbidden Kingdom of Lo Trek

Boats on Lake Phewa Pokhara

4. Lukla

Location: Lukla is in the north-east of Nepal
Highlights: The scenic flight in and out, visit the local school and monastery, acclimatise before starting the trek to Everest Base Camp
Best time to visit: Autumn/ Spring (September, October, November, March, April, May)
Best way to see it: Guided tour, Mountain Flight
Which trips go here:  Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Lodge to Lodge Trek

Lukla airport

5. Annapurna Massif

Location: The Annapurna Massif is in north-central Nepal
Highlights: The Massif has one peak over 8,000m, thirteen peaks over 7,000m and sixteen over 6,000m, Annapurna Base Camp, Machapuchare Base Camp, the natural hot springs in Jhinudanda
Best time to visit: Autumn/Spring (October, November, March, April, May)
Best way to see it: Guided tour
Which trips go here:  Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

sunrise in the annapurna massif

6. Mustang

Location: The Mustang Region is in Northern Nepal
Highlights: The Red Cliffs, the Muktinath Temple, well preserved and authentic culture, The Jampa Gompa (built in the 15th century), The Cave Gompas of Luri Gumba, views of the Annapurna Massif
Best time to visit: From March to December (Winter becomes difficult as many villagers migrate to lower regions)
Best way to see it: Guided tour
Which trips go here:  Forbidden Kingdom of Lo Trek

horses grazing next to red cliffs of mustang

7. Popular Villages 

Location: Throughout Nepal
Names: Namche Bazaar (Everest Base Camp trek), Chitwan, Janakpur, Khumjung (Everest Base Camp Trek), Jhinudanda (Annapurna Sanctuary Trek), Geling (Forbidden Kindgom of Lo Trek), Jomsom (Forbidden Kindgom of Lo Trek)
Best time to visit: Autumn/Spring (October, November, March, April, May)
Best way to see it: Guided tour
Which trips go here: All of our Himalayas trips pass through and stay at various villages.

the village of Namche Bazaar in Nepal

8. Popular Religious Sites

Location: Throughout Nepal
Names: Bouddhanath Monastery (the largest monastery in Nepal), Swayambhunath Monastery (also known as monkey-temple), Jamba Gompa (incredible mandala painted walls), Khumjung Monastery
Best time to visit: Autumn/Spring (October, November, March, April, May)
Best way to see it: Guided tour, on foot
Which trips go here: All of our Himalayas trips visit various monasteries.

Swayambhunath Monastery in Kathmandu

Trip Reviews

  •   4.74 out of 5 (from 226 reviews)

    Couldn't be more pleased

    Pleased especially that I made it to EBC! Out of the 10 of us 5 made it all the way. Can't believe this old man (63) was one of them. I know the only reason I did make it was due to the excellent leaders and sherpas. They were incredibly attentive and professional. We all feel how lucky we were to have the trek leaders that we had, and to have such a fun group. It far exceeded my expectations; the incredible mountains, accommodations, ample food, and exceptional leadership. The acclimation days and the slow steady pace are all that attributed to my personal success. Thank you especially Elder and Argen. I hope to take another of your treks next year, looking at Peru. Thank you to the entire Active Adventures team!
    Mark Steiner Review Image
    – California, United States
    EBC, December 2017
  •   4.70 out of 5 (from 37 reviews)

    Trip of a lifetime

    I have been to some pretty far away places around the world like Cambodia, Tanzania, Norway and France. As unique and fun as they all were, none of them can top the amazing experience I had in Nepal with Active Adventures. Everything was incredible throughout the whole trip, the food was incredible, every lodge we stayed in was great. The people above all were so nice and caring. The sightseeing was mind blowing and beautiful. This trip was everything I expected it to be and more.
    Brynn Mehan Review Image
    – Colorado, United States
    Khumbu, April 2017
  •   4.62 out of 5 (from 248 reviews)

    5 Stars x 3

    I rated this as 5 stars, "Excellent, the trip of a lifetime", but actually that is not totally true. It is actually 1 of 3 trips of a life time. The other two were the AA Jaguar Tour and the AA Condor tour. All three were outstanding and each qualified as a "trip of a lifetime".
    Ted Jacobson Review Image
    – Minnesota, United States
    AST, November 2017
  •   4.74 out of 5 (from 226 reviews)

    Everest Base Camp, Sept - Oct 2017

    Great trip. Elder and Arjun are so great. They make an awesome team and really care about the people on the trip and the people working with them. The Himalayas are too hard to describe and pictures do not do them justice. There is no scale to compare them to when talking about them. You simply have to see it. Oh, Ama Dablam is magnificent. There were times when the scenery literally brought tears to my eyes. In a good way. Kathmandu is an experience for sure, but have mixed emotions about the city itself.
    – Indiana, United States
    EBC, October 2017
  •   4.74 out of 5 (from 226 reviews)

    EBC with Dan K

    I had a great time with wonderful team members, guides and porters. I will remember this trip as one of the best and treasure the memories for long, long time.
    Fusa Iwamoto Review Image
    – Massachusetts, United States
    EBC, June 2017



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