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A bit about Europe

There's no easy way to sum up Europe, especially not within the confines of a page on our website. What can we say about the world's second smallest continent that is home to 750 million people and an estimated 83 languages? There is a lot to be said – it's fascinating, intriguing, overwhelmingly beautiful, and an assault to the senses - and mind bending when you think about its historical significance. But we'll leave the nitty gritty to the historians, and our local guides when you join us on one of our adventures!

In the time frame of a couple of thousand years, Europe has established itself as a melting pot of cultures, the birth place of western culture, art, civilisation, democracy, modern industrial productions, practices and diplomacy. It continues to be an ongoing experiment in all these areas – the best example being the formation of the European Union and the elimination of borders. What becomes apparent when you visit Europe, is that it's also a land of contradictions all in a relatively small land mass – politically, culturally, artistically and geographically. It's the contradictions, history, culture and landscape that make Europe one of the most incredible and unique adventure destinations in the world. Is there anywhere else in the world where you can sea kayak around a crystal clear alpine lake, and follow it up with a stroll to a quiet street side café for a wine and cheese lunch in a town surrounded by buildings over 600 years old?

Share a coffee with a mountain hotel owner in Italy, while hikers from all around Europe and the world chatter in their native language, and the next day explore Switzerland's oldest and most renowned wine region; experience the attention to detail in a venetian art gallery and the next day stroll past a herd of cows in a picture perfect alpine meadow in the Dolomites. There's nothing that looks or feels out of place in this land of beautiful contradictions.

Dolomites restaurant

- Relaxing at a rest stop, on the 'Dolomiti' trip. 

Trip Reviews

  4.80 out of 5 (from 117 reviews)

Put this trip on your to-do list!

Another wonderful trip with Active Adventures! That is what I say about Active Europe’s Tour du Mont Blanc. This was my fourth trip with Active and once again I was impressed with how they do business. Active’s Andy and Nick were excellent representatives for Active Adventures. They are fun, personable, engaging, helpful, and quick to help if there was a problem. The local guides, Jean-Marc, Suzanne, and Jean-Pat, were fun and a joy to be around. Their English language skills were excellent which was great since my French is pathetic! Point to a mountain or an object of curiosity and they could tell you about it. The whole crew worked together great to ensure everyone enjoyed the hiking regardless of pace, weather or skill level. The accommodations were great. Even the one hotel described a “rustic” (meaning it didn’t have en-suite bathrooms) by the guides was delightful. The food was excellent as to be expected and thankfully the hiking burned off the calories allowing for full indulgence at every meal! Oh! The Cheese! The wonderful cheese! Be prepared to sample some of the best cheeses around.
Now, for the important part, the Tour du Mont Blanc. Definitely something everyone should do in their life. The Alps are magnificent and the towns along the way are beautiful. Active picked great trails to hike that highlighted the beauty of the area. Throw in their choice of towns to explore (especially Annecy’s Old Town), kayaking and mountain biking and it really is an Active Adventure. I highly recommend taking the gondola from Courmayeur, Italy all the way to the Agullie de Midi if the weather is nice (Mother Nature was kind to us with only one day of rain, some fog, and LOTS of clear skies). The view from the gondola over the glaciers is awe-inspiring. Definitely a highlight of the trip. Active doesn’t pay for this but it is well worth the Euros. Active does pay for an Aguille de Midi trip from Chamonix, France but it doesn’t cross the glaciers so I suggest doing it from Italy (weather permitting) and choose the Accro-Park option in Chamonix at the end of the tour. However you decide to do it, the Agullie de Midi is a must do. The views of the Mont Blanc mastiff are spectacular! If you like zip lines and ropes courses the Accro-Park is a great time. If you want a challenge and have the time I recommend doing the Black course (they have four courses; Green, Blue, Red, and Black). Overall, I really enjoyed this trip. If Active didn’t have so many other trips I want to do, I would do this one again!
Damon Weimer Review Image
– Washington, United States
Tour du Mont Blanc, September 2016
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