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Camino de Santiago Adventure

  • 9 Days
  • 14 People Max

    5 - 14 guests

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  • Trip Start: Bilbao
  • Trip End: Santiago de Compostela
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Discover hidden coves, traverse rolling green hills and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as you conquer the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain.

On this 9-day hiking adventure, you'll hike some of the most breathtaking scenery and oldest trails of Spain as you explore the Camino de Santiago.

Each day brings new landscapes, from the architectural wonders of Bilbao, to the golden sand beaches, quaint villages and mountain trails of Asturias to the woodland paths, ancient ruins and rugged coastline of Galicia. The Camino del Norte and the Camino Primitivo are sure to impress. Yet, the journey holds so much more than scenery. Trek in the footsteps of pilgrims, who, for thousands of years, made their way along the same routes to the tomb of the apostle St. James. As you hike, you'll be met with rich traditions still very much alive today in these Celtic regions, and upon reaching Monte de Gozo, you'll feel firsthand the astonishing site of Santiago de Compostela.

When your Northern Spain hiking journey comes to a close at Cape Finisterre, there's no doubt the Camino de Santiago will leave a lasting impression in your heart.

Camino de Santiago ~ Itinerary

Trip Start: Bilbao Trip End: Santiago de Compostela
  • Day 1Meet group, explore Bilbao and enjoy traditional foods

  • Day 2Transfer to Llanes. En-route stop to visit caves. Hike the coastal trails of the Camino del Norte.

  • Day 3Continue hiking on the Camino del Norte. Transfer to Oviedo

  • Day 4Begin hiking along the Camino Primitivo, explore ruins, then transfer to Tineo

  • Day 5Hike remote and forested trails of Camino Primitivo, enjoy lunch at Berducedo, enter Galicia and explore ancient Roman walls

  • Day 6Explore the ruins of a Celtic-Roman hillfort, hike a final section of the Camino Primitivo and discover the Camino Frances

  • Day 7Morning hike on the Camino, then transfer to Monte do Gozo. Continue hiking to Plaza del Obradoiro. Free afternoon and evening to explore the city

  • Day 8Visit Santiago's bustling market, drive to Cape Finisterre, hike to the cape and lighthouse. Enjoy a celebratory farewell dinner

  • Day 9Enjoy a final breakfast, say your goodbyes

  • Day 1

    Meet group, explore Bilbao and enjoy traditional foods

    Our adventure begins in the dynamic port city of Bilbao. Here, you'll meet your guides and fellow travelers at 5:30 pm at the joining hotel. After a short orientation, we'll head down to the Estuary of Bilbao and enjoy a pleasant stroll along the water and through the marvelous old city center packed with architectural wonders. Tonight, you'll sample authentic Basque cuisine at a local eatery.

    Hotel Barceló Nervión, Bilbao (Dinner)

  • Day 2

    Transfer to Llanes. En-route stop to visit caves. Hike the coastal trails of the Camino del Norte.

    Today you get your first taste of the stunning Costa Verde. After departing Bilbao and driving along the dramatic Atlantic coast, we'll reach the region of Cantabria, where we'll visit a UNESCO World Heritage cavern containing some of the world's oldest known cave art.. The morning will be spent exploring the Costa Verde as we hike a stunning seaside route that links golden beach after golden beach. We'll then continue to the Celtic region of Asturias and our overnight base of Llanes. A short walking tour through the town's labyrinth of streets brings us to the town's former fish auction house. Next door we'll enjoy lunch at a seafood and cider tavern with views over the marina. After lunch, we'll begin our 1st hike along the Camino del Norte, a spectacular seaside route following scenic clifftop paths among green meadows, linking golden beaches and sandy coves.

    Hotel Don Paco, Llanes (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    Hiking: 9.5 kilometers (5.9 miles), 3 hours, elevation + 185 meters (607 feet)

  • Day 3

    Continue hiking on the Camino del Norte. Transfer to Oviedo

    Today we continue our hike on the Camino, following coastal paths through elegant green meadows, alongside hidden coves and across stunning beaches. En-route we'll pass by Spanish civil war defensive structures and some surprising dinosaur footprints. When hunger strikes, we'll stop for lunch at a lovely inlet then transfer to Oviedo, the capital of Asturias. Here, we'll learn about the relics of the Kingdom of Asturias on a guided tour of San Salvador Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage complex. You'll even have the chance to see the Cloth of Oviedo, which is believed to have been wrapped around Jesus' head in the tomb.

    NH Oviedo Principado, Oviedo (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    Hiking: 11.2 kilometers (7 miles), 3 hours, elevation + 230 meters (755 feet)

  • Day 4

    Begin hiking along the Camino Primitivo, explore ruins, then transfer to Tineo

    The scenery changes today as we begin our hike along the Camino Primitivo, the oldest of all the Camino pilgrimage routes. Trading in the beach for forest and sand for pastureland, we'll hike towards Tineo, set high in the hills above the Narcea River valley. After a break for a well-deserved and picturesque lunch, we'll continue hiking through dense forest until we reach an abandoned 12th-century Benedictine Monastery that once played an important role in providing aid and support to pilgrims on their way to Santiago. We'll take time to explore the ruins before transferring to our hotel in Tineo.

    Hotel Palacio de Meras, Tineo (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    Hiking: 16.6-20.6 kilometers (10.3-12.8 feet), 5-6 hours, elevation + 400 meters (1,350 feet), elevation - 485 meters (1,590 feet)

  • Day 5

    Hike remote and forested trails of Camino Primitivo, enjoy lunch at Berducedo, enter Galicia and explore ancient Roman walls

    Be sure to have your camera ready as today we embark on perhaps the most spectacular section of the entire Camino Primitivo. Our hike takes us uphill through one of Spain's most uninhabited regions until we reach an isolated pass showcasing 360-degree views of mountain forests and green hillsides. Be sure to keep your eye out for wild horses grazing nearby! After taking time to enjoy the views, we transfer to the tiny parish of Berducedo for lunch. We finally enter Galicia on our way to Lugo, whose 3rd-century Roman walls surrounding the old town are a UNESCO World Heritage site. We'll take time this evening to tour the historic walls and visit the renowned Lugo cathedral. Dinner is on your own tonight.

    Gran Hotel de Lugo, Lugo (Breakfast, Lunch)

    Hiking: 6.6 kilometers (4.1 miles), 3 hours, elevation + 547 meters (1,795 feet), elevation - 98 meters (321 feet)

  • Day 6

    Explore the ruins of a Celtic-Roman hillfort, hike a final section of the Camino Primitivo and discover the Camino Frances

    This morning we visit a museum and the aging ruins of a Celtic-Roman hillfort settlement before setting out on our final hike along the Camino Primitivo. Today, we meander through fairytale-like forest paths and into tiny hamlets scattered across the Galician countryside. We'll stop for lunch in Melide, a town where the Camino Primitivo and Camino Frances merge into a single Way. If your stomach isn't already grumbling, hunger is sure to strike as soon as you smell the freshly baked pastries and almond cakes ever so apparent in Melide's historic centre. After, we'll continue along the Camino through grand oak forests before calling it a day.

    Pazo de Eidian or Pazo de Sedor, Melides) (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    Hiking: 9.6 - 11.8 kilometers (6 - 7.9 miles), 3 - 3.5 hours, elevation + 230-285 meters (755-935 feet), elevation - 170-215 meters (558-705 feet)

  • Day 7

    Morning hike on the Camino, then transfer to Monte do Gozo. Continue hiking to Plaza del Obradoiro. Free afternoon and evening to explore the city

    We start the day off right with our first hike on the Camino Frances. We'll see many more pilgrims this morning compared to the previous day's solitude. Afterward, we transfer to Monte do Gozo (Mount of Joy), located on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela. Here, just like the pilgrims, you'll see your first glimpse of the city's famous cathedral spires. Our hike then continues to Plaza del Obradoiro, Santiago's grandiose square. Take time this afternoon to explore the city and sit down for a relaxing lunch on your own. If you'd like, you can rejoin the group for a tour with a local guide and attend a pilgrim's mass at the cathedral. You may even get to witness the swinging of the Botafumeiro, which is one of the largest incense censers in the world. Dinner is on your own tonight, allowing you more time to explore the wonders of the city.

    Hotel Monumento San Francisco, Santiago de Compostela (Breakfast)

    Hiking: 9.6 kilometers (5.9 miles), 3 hours, elevation + 225 meters (730), elevation - 385 meters (930 feet)

  • Day 8

    Visit Santiago's bustling market, drive to Cape Finisterre, hike to the cape and lighthouse. Enjoy a celebratory farewell dinner

    This morning we'll delight our senses with an early visit to Santiago's bustling market, where an incredible selection of seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruit await. We'll then drive to Cape Finisterre, the final destination for many pilgrims who walked the Way of St. James. The cape is also the historical ‘Land's End’ reached by pagan pilgrimages predating Christianity. As we enjoy a hillside trail to the cape and lighthouse, take in the spectacular views of Costa da Morte (Coast of Death), so named for the innumerable shipwrecks over the centuries. After a hearty seafood lunch, we return to Santiago. The remainder of the afternoon is yours to discover the sights of the city. This evening we meet for a celebratory dinner at one of the area's finest restaurants.

    Hotel Monumento San Francisco, Santiago de Compostela (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    Hiking: 5.2 kilometers (3.2 miles), elevation + 215 meters (705 feet), elevation - 125 meters (410 feet)

  • Day 9

    Enjoy a final breakfast, say your goodbyes

    After a final breakfast, we'll say our goodbyes. You can choose to transfer on your own to Santiago's airport or continue your explorations of this fascinating region of Spain.

    No Accommodation (Breakfast)

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Useful Info

Where does the trip start?

On the first day of the trip we’ll meet you at Hotel Nervión at 5:30pm. You are welcome to book your pre-trip stay at this hotel directly or any other hotel in Bilbao, though you must make your own way to this pick-up point at the pre-designated time.

Where does the trip end?

Your trip ends after breakfast and you're welcome to fly out any time. You'll need to make your own way to the Santiago de Compostela Airport, located 20 minute drive from the joining hotel.

What flights do you recommend?

Arrival: If you're flying in on the first day of the trip, we recommend arriving in Bilbao by 4pm.

Departure: Flying out on the last day of the trip, we recommend departing from Santiago de Compostela any time after breakfast for both domestic and international. If you are considering alternative flight times, please check with us.

How much luggage can I bring on the Camino?

You'll need one piece of luggage plus a daypack. Your main piece of luggage can be anything from a backpack, to a sports bag with wheels or a suitcase and a good quality trekking daypack 25-30 litres (2000 cubic inches) is required for the days on the trail.

How do rooming arrangements work?

Trip prices are based on shared arrangements (typically two guests per room), unless otherwise stated. For solo travellers, we’ll pair you with another person of the same gender to share rooms and if there’s no one suitable to share with, there’s no forced single supplement. However, if you specifically request your own rooms, you can opt to pay the single supplement. Solo travellers who book within 90 days of departure, where there are no other solo travellers willing to share, will be required to pay the single supplement. 

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  • Families consisting of four guests with all children aged 13 and above are welcome to opt for additional rooms as per advertised double occupancy adult rates.
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  • The same principles apply for families consisting of more than four guests.

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Is tipping expected in Europe?

Tipping is not expected in Europe however you might want to tip a little extra if you feel someone gave really fantastic service, but it's not really necessary. Many of our people also choose to tip their Active Adventures Europe trip leaders and local guides and we recommend USD$20 per day, per guest, per Trip Leader/guide.

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