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Inca Trail vs. Lares Trail: How to Get the Most out of Your Adventure

As you plan your trip to Peru and to Machu Picchu specifically, you’re undoubtedly expecting the journey of a lifetime - and frankly, there’s a lot of pressure associated with…

Discover Machu Picchu, The Most Famous Inca Ruins in Peru

Peru has so many ancient ruins, villages imbued with an infusion of ancient and modern Incan tradition, mixed with a melting pot of colonial and pre-Spanish Peruvian culture.

Doubtful Sound Overnight Cruise: An Experience Like no Other

Doubtful Sound, like so many places, was discovered somewhat by accident.

Bolivia Culture and Customs

The culture and customs in Bolivia are unique and have been shaped predominantly by the Catholic Spaniards, traditional Andean culture and ancient indigenous groups.

Is It Safe to Travel to Bolivia?

If you’ve been thinking about travelling to South America, safety will have undoubtedly crossed your mind and if you’re looking for answers, the short one is yes – it’s safe!…

City Guide to La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, also known as ‘the city that touches the clouds’, sits at a whopping 3,600m above sea level and houses around 835,000 people.