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Popular Religious Sites in Nepal

Nepal is a cultural mecca, it is architecturally rich with religious sites in the form of monasteries, gompas and stupas, many guarding a treasure trove of vivid artwork that is…

A Little Guide About Kathmandu, Nepal

All four of our Nepal tours start and finish in Kathmandu, Nepal, so you'll have a chance to explore this bustling capital city at some point during your Active Himalayas…

Hiking in the European Alps

A hiking & mountaineering dreamThe European Alps stretches across seven countries in Western Europe – France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, Litchenstein and Slovenia.

New Zealand Historic Facts You Should Know Before Your Trip

Although there is some uncertainty as to the exact timeframe, archaeological evidence seems to indicate that New Zealand was settled by Polynesians sometime around 1300 AD The first European to…

Skiing in New Zealand: Our 5 Most Famous Ski Fields

 Ski Coronet Peak - the local's choice and the closest ski field to Queenstown. Coronet Peak is the most developed ski area in the South Island.

Hike the Lake Waikaremoana Track

The Lake Waikaremoana Track, located within Te Urewera National Park, is a 46 kilometre, three to four day tramping track of moderate difficulty.