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How Expensive is Iceland?

Iceland isn’t very big but it is a country of superlatives. It boasts Europe’s most powerful waterfall, biggest glacier and is the most energy efficient nation in the developed world. However, did you know it is also one of the most expensive countries in the world? It’s currently number five! Our Iceland itineraries offer outstanding value for money – so you get the most out of your vacation in this exceptional destination.

Below we've given you a bit of an idea of value comparison between travelling with us (on the left) and 'doing it yourself' (on the right).


On our trips you'll be treated to a culinary experience to rival any in the world! Surrounding Iceland is the bountiful North Atlantic ocean, so fresh seafood is always a popular option. Lamb and Icelandic Skyr (pronounced 'skeer', a dairy product that's been around for nearly 1,000 years) are two other staples of the Icelandic diet. These days, with technological advancements and abundant geothermal energy, Icelanders are able to utilise freshly grown, locally sourced ingredients year-round, which has lead to an imaginative cuisine of ancient recipes fused with more modern ingredients. 

ACT 18476 Iceland Value Comparision Meals


We like to find locally-run hotels and guesthouses that are comfortable and charming, with sublime views. On the 'Stelkur' trip there is also a multi-day hike where you'll stay in classic back-country cabins - an experience not to be missed!

ACT 18476 Iceland Value Comparision Sleeping


If you're visiting Iceland from North America or Europe, the good news is, it's a relatively affordable airfare. For example, flights from the USA are as low as $150 to $400 return. As with all Active Adventures trips, once with the group, all your transport is covered for the duration of the trip.

ACT 18476 Iceland Value Comparision Journey


Before launching our Iceland trips our team spent a lot of time meeting with the locals and exploring the country. We take a great deal of pride in our itineraries, carefully crafting them to offer the right balance of activity and downtime. The other consideration we take is to ensure we cover the 'must see' highlights, but find the time to explore a little deeper, to places you wouldn't know to visit on your own. 

ACT 18476 Iceland Value Comparision Activities


If you've been on an Active Adventures trip before you'll know that our trip leaders and guides are our not so secret weapon! They're the ones that create the magic. In Europe you'll have Andy or Jo leading your group - these two guide our North Island, NZ trips during the Southern Hemisphere summer and then jet to Europe to guide our Iceland and mainland Europe adventures. Having this connection with New Zealand (where Active Adventures is based) ensures we're always providing an extraordinary experience - check out the review below that sums things up pretty well (Andrea, mentioned here is our local Italian guide). 

Dolce Vita

“This has been the most fantastic trip I have ever been on. I can pinpoint it to the fact that it turned out to be genuinely personal in all respects. Not only were our 2 guides, Andrea and Jo Jo extremely personable, but their constant cooperation, collaboration, caring, fun loving ways and eagerness to exhibit and display the essence of Dolce Vita through customs, culture and food was always top of mind. Andrea shared knowledge of his homeland, mountain valleys and home turf proudly. We learned about mountain life, mountaineering and rescue and saw many spiritual sights. The choice of hotels was exquisite, each with their own charm. Thanks also to Julianno for bringing kayaks and his expertise all the way from Genoa. The shore lunch of fresh focaccia bread was especially delicious. Our kayaking days were unforgettable, with spectacular views and opportunities for refreshing swims in all 3 lakes. This trip had all 5 senses at work. We SAW spectacular views. We HEARD the sounds of cow bells in the meadows and rushing water in waterfalls and rivers. We SMELLED the fresh air of mountains and glaciers. We TASTED the amazing Italian food and drink especially the desserts at the urging of Jo Jo. Her adventurous spirit wanted us to enjoy every aspect. We FELT the amazing warmth and hospitality of all we met. We especially felt the coolness and silkiness of the refreshing waters of the 3 lakes. I will never forget this trip. Thanks to all.”
Ontario, Canada
Dolce Vita, August 2018
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ACT 18476 Iceland Value Comparision Guides

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