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The Best Places to Eat in Peru

There is no place quite like Peru. And no, we’re not just talking about the ancient Inca ruins, the beautiful Andean scenery, and the staggering biodiversity of the Amazon. We mean the gastronomy. Peru is a hotspot when it comes to international cuisine, the centre of a gastronomic revolution. With some of the best fusion cuisine in the world, in Peru you will find Andean delicacies and criolla traditions with unique Asian and European twists. Where are the best places to go to check out the action? Take a look at our list of some of the best restaurants in Lima  and Cusco.

Astrid y Gaston, San Isidro, Lima

Astrid y Gaston Restaurant Lima at night

Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio is internationally renowned for his unique ability to serve up delectable fusion dishes. His restaurant empire stretches across three continents, but his Lima flagship restaurant (regularly named as one of the world’s best) is right at the centre of the action. You will find a range of flavors at this novoadina-meets-French-cuisine hotspot. However, the highlight of the menu is arguably the Peking guinea pig, which offers a unique French twist on an Andean classic.

Cicciolina, Piso, Cusco

If you want an authentic Andean cuisine experience, this is the place to get it. This high-end restaurant  is all about authentic flavors. Cicciolina only uses the freshest vegetable and herbs and locally sources much of the menu from the Sacred Valley. One of Cusco’s most beloved restaurants, you will definitely want to stop in for a meal.

Cicciolinas restaurant Cuzco Peru

Chicha, Cusco

Another Gaston Acurio restaurant, Chicha serves up traditional Andean dishes, like tacu tacu, lomo saltado, and ceviche. However, menu highlights include the river prawns and tender Alpaca burgers. The best part? It is set in a gorgeous colonial building and the service is truly fantastic.

Chica Cuzco

La Lucha, Miraflores, Lima

La Lucha serves up one of the best criolla sandwiches in Lima. It's set right across from Parque Kennedy in the heart of Miraflores. We recommend the pollo con pina.

La Lucha

Matsuei, San Isidro, Lima

Lima is every seafood lover’s paradise. There is a special place in this city for sushi lovers. A hearty population of Japanese immigrants along with a steady supply of high-quality fresh catch (Peru is home to one of the world’s biggest fishing industries) means that great sushi abounds in the Peruvian capital. Matsuei is one of the best sushi joints in the city. Make sure you try the acevichado roll!

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Tio Mario’s, Barranco, Lima

Anticuchos are a true Peruvian delicacy. Essentially skewered cow heart marinated in vinegar and spices, this simple dish has ancient origins, dating back to the Incas. Your Peruvian adventure is not complete without a skewer of these, and Tio Mario’s is arguably the best place to find them. An added bonus? The restaurant is situated in a beautiful blue house in the historic and bohemian Barranco. After dinner, you can take a stroll through the beautiful plaza and admire the Republican-era architecture.

Tio Mario

Wa Lok, Historic Center, Lima

No trip to Peru is complete without sampling some chifa, a unique Peruvian-Chinese food fusion. Wa Lok, set in the heart of city’s bustling Chinatown, is the place to check out the chifa action. You will find dumplings, skewers, stir fries, and the signature chaufa rice.

Chifa Wa Lok

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