Jose Luis 'Pepo'

Galapagos Islands Guide

Pepo has been working as a Naturalist Guide for many years now. He began volunteering at the Charles Darwin Research Station after finishing high school. During his two years as a volunteer, he completed his Dive Master Certification and Galapagos Marine Reserve Dive Guide course. He went on to work in a dive centre and was able to spend four years exploring the underwater world of the Galapagos. Following in the footsteps of his sister Jessica (another of our guides), he completed the Naturalist Guide Course in 2005 and has worked on boat and land based tours since. Pepo is always ready to get in the water in search of his favourite sea animal, the manta ray and is known for his sharp eye at spotting underwater wildlife.


Where did you grow up?
I was born here on San Cristobal Island and have been here ever since!

What’s your favourite sport or activity?
Surfing is definitely my favourite sport and San Cristobal Island has very good breaks. Ping Pong would be my second option!

Your dream destination?
Africa, for its culture and wildlife.

How would you describe yourself?
Easy-going, I like to K.I.S.S. and show my family, friends and visitors how beautiful life is in the Galapagos Islands.

Most delicious meal that you can cook?
Ecuadorian ceviche (marinated seafood)

One tip for our travellers?
Get ready to have an unforgettable adventure in the Galapagos and get ready to love our world even more! 

Your most memorable moment guiding?
Scuba diving with orcas and snorkelling with whale sharks!


“Pepo was THE BEST. He made the whole trip enjoyable and worthwhile. Each day and evening, he briefed us on everything we needed to know for the upcoming day’s activities. He took care of the dietary needs of individuals in our group and gave a heads up about possibilities of sea sickness. He was able to answer almost every obscure question that we asked about the islands and if he didn’t know an answer, he was quick to find out. He had an excellent sense of humor and by the end of the trip, became a friend. ”
- Julianna Strickland (Pearland, Texas, United States), Tortuga June 2018

“Pepe was he best guide we have ever had.”
- Dee Kittner (Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States), Tortuga December 2017

“Pepo was the best guide I have experienced. His passion and knowledge were second to none. The trip wouldn't have been the same without his super plans and attention to detail. ”
- Rema Lolas (New South Wales, Australia), Tortuga November 2016

Trip Reviews

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    From the moment they picked us up at the airport I was certain I’d judged them correctly. Tess was simply an amazing tour guide (we called her mum because that’s exactly how we felt about her) not only was she fun, she took care of us, fed us, and kept us organized. Andy supplemented the tour with such interesting history and facts that I felt like I was on a school trip (in a good way!).
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    Great guide

    Jessica was wonderful and so was the intern Jessica. Loved the people on the trip. Nice size group - 13!
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