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Jessica Cornejo

Galapagos Islands Guide

Jessica, like her brother Pepo, was born and raised in the Galapagos, on the island of San Cristobal - making her a true 'Galapagueto'. She has said, "Since I was a little girl my dream was to work as a naturalist guide to share and explain to people how the Galapaguetos live here, spending day after day with this unique flora and fauna." After completing her university training in Cuba, she returned to Galapagos in 2002 to fulfil her dream by completing the Naturalist Guide Course and entering the tourism world. Jessica's love of the flora, fauna and amazing animals of Galapagos shines when she explains about the behaviour of giant breeching whales or the tiny workings of sally light foot crabs. Jessica lives in San Cristobal with her family.


What is it about the Galapagos Islands that you really love?
A life without stress, friendly people, wildlife and snorkelling in the rich waters of the Galapagos.

What hobbies do you have?
I love playing ping-pong and dancing!

What is your most memorable moment guiding?
I absolutely love big marine animals, so my most memorable moments have been swimming next to sharks, dolphins and manta ray. And next time whales :)


  • “How lucky for us to have Jessica as our guide throughout our weeklong experience in the Galapagos! She was everything anyone would want in a knowledgeable, passionate, accommodating, patient, easy going, fun guide!”
    Jan Fitzsimmons (Alabama, United States), Mary McLendon (Alabama, United States), Bill Waters (Alabama, United States), Kailey Goins (Alabama, United States), Kassidy Goins (Alabama, United States), Tortuga July 2016


    “Jessica was phenomenal, the absolute perfect guide. She helped us with every little thing that came up and answered every random question our trip mates had about what we were seeing. Totally awesome all around!”
    Katherine Schroeder (Port Orange, Florida, United States), Matthew Schroeder (Port Orange, Florida, United States), Tortuga July 2015

  • “Jessica was SO knowledgeable! OMG. Very well educated about everything in her field so it seemed. Very pleasant as well and super helpful. She is fantastic at what she does. Way to go Jessica!”
    Florence Dixon (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) April, 2013

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