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Review ratings for our individual trips

Capybara 4.71
114 reviews
Condor 4.46
528 reviews
Jaguar 4.48
1430 reviews
Tapir 4.29
194 reviews
Tortuga 4.51
957 reviews
  • Jaguar May 2016

    “Cynthia was fantastic! Great group of people. Truly the hardest thing I have ever done and most memorable. Local guides knowledgable and supportive. Chama got me through on the Inka Trail when I was struggling.”
    – Washington, United States Jaguar, May 2016
  • Playful nature at its finest!

    “My Galapagos journey was fabulous! I still carry with me the wonder of our snorkeling adventures, especially with the sea lions visiting, dancing and playing with us and the graceful sea turtles gently meandering through the water in their scout for lunch. Our friendly, enthusiastic and easy-going guide, Pepo, was outstanding--he was so impressive with his deep knowledge of the individual island habitats, the animals and their varying species and habits, history, and culture. I am so grateful to have been able to fulfill my long-held desire to visit the Galapagos through this awesome tour!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tortuga, May 2016
  • Childhood dream to reality.

    “I've imagined and dreamed of visiting the Galapagos Islands since I was about 8 years old. Maybe it was Dr Doolittle or Jacques Cousteau - who knows how such ideas get stuck in a child's head, but the Tortuga trip was a dream realised and it exceeded all my expectations. There were surprises and delights every day, not to mention the added bonus of having a guide/teacher/naturalist/conservationist/geologist/surfer Pablo, who bought alive the history of the islands and the mysteries and magnificence of evolution and the animal kingdom.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tortuga, May 2016
  • Exquisite Ecuador

    “From the ancient crumbling Spanish architecture of Quito, to the majestic glaciers, mountain grasslands, volcanoes and the Amazon...Ecuador is a scenic feast for the eyes and a country of amazements for nature buffs. Very few tourists, with gentle helpful locals, so if you can - go! After the earthquake devastation on the coast they could use the tourist dollars.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tapir, May 2016
  • The best trip ever

    “If you have the opportunity to take this trip, do! It's the trip of a lifetime and everything about it was well organized and amazing. I'd highly recommend a trip through active adventures!”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, May 2016
  • A great trip.

    “The change of the first day's program did not reach me. Having to be "bike ready" was possible as people were so helpful but not the better way.”
    – Texas, United States Tapir, May 2016
  • Really? It was only the second time you ran it?

    “As the name implies, Active Tours are just that Active and subject to all sorts of unknowns. What makes them so good is the Tour Leader's ability to adapt and improvise. We hiked much quicker than expected, so we were able to take a quick nap after lunch in the shadow of Inca Ruins. We climbed much slower than expected, so we got to the Salt mines as the sun set. I was really surprised when Jhayro said this was only the second time the it ran, it was so well done I had thought they had it all down pat. As always, great job!”
    – Hawaii, United States Iguana, May 2016
  • Aventura Fantastica!

    “This was our second Active Adventures trip and while we went to Peru mainly to see Machu Picchu, I feel it was only a fraction of the fun we had during our trip. For me, hiking at 14,000+ feet, climbing rocks via ferrata to go zip lining was an awesome experience despite being very prone to altitude illness (we got there a day early and I was fine by the second day) and having a hubby who is very afraid of heights. Machu Picchu was magnificent but I really enjoyed the less crowded Incan and pre-Incan sites we visited more because we had them nearly all to ourselves. Our tour leader Jhayro and another local guide Daniel (who we had for 3 days in Peru) also made our trip extra special being so friendly and fun to be with both while leading us on adventures as well as during meals and on the bus.

    The food we had in Peru was excellent and that is coming from someone who is usually viewed as a picky eater with a fussy stomach. My hubby, who is a much more adventurous eater than I, tried alpaca and guinea pig and both were surprisingly good (yes, I tried them too!). After a couple days, we were used to not drinking the tap water or flushing paper down toilets so neither were a big deal. In fact, when we were in Quito, it seemed strange to be able to do so!

    For the Galapagos portion of our trip, we were led by Jose since our scheduled guide Pablo couldn't be there due to a family emergency. Jose was very knowledgable about the local geology, flora, fauna and variety of other things and with several in our group being (former) teachers or scientists, we sure did ask a lot of questions. The unique wildlife of the islands was the primary reason I wanted to visit and I loved seeing Galapagos turtles again as I'd not seen them since I was a child back in the 60's (I remember riding on some in a zoo which I know now was so wrong!). It was my first time seeing marine iguanas and blue footed boobies in the wild and I also enjoyed seeing a variety of other creatures that are in other places but we don't see very often, even living in Hawaii which has very similar geology.

    Like Hawaii, each of the Galapagos Islands was different and it was interesting to see how they varied. The different forms of transportation we used to get from island to island were also adventures in themselves: 2 hour ride on a speed boat and an hourish ride on a teeny prop plane!

    The only thing that was not quite what we expected with this trip was that some of the activities listed on the Galapagos Island itinerary we did not get to do. Nevertheless, the trip was fantastic and being probably my one and only trip to South America, it will always be remembered.”
    – Hawaii, United States Iguana, May 2016
  • More than I could have asked for!

    “I have never traveled solo before, so I was very hesitant to take a trip like this. I'm so glad I did! Active took all of the stress out of planning the trip, so all I had to do was enjoy my time! The rolling green hills of the Sacred Valley, majestic mountains of the Andes, the wonder itself of Machu Pichu! And that was only in Peru! The Galapagos was better than I could have imagined. At one point I was swimming with sea turtles, sea lions, eagle rays, and yes, penguins! I was in absolute awww the entire time in Galapagos. This truly was an amazing trip and I would highly recommend it anyone!”
    – Washington, United States Iguana, May 2016
  • Spring Adventure

    “I travelled with my 11 year old son and although he's been on many adventures, this trip to Galapagos in April tops our list of favorites! This was in great part because of Pablo, who is the best naturalist/guide we've ever had. It felt like we were traveling with a friend. Pablo was amazing and made a lasting impression on my son who for the first time, cried when it was time to say goodbye.”
    – New Jersey, United States Tortuga, April 2016
  • 6-Stars

    “Beyond amazing. Loved every minute of it. Words cannot do it justice... you need to experience it yourself.”
    – Louisiana, United States Tortuga, April 2016
  • Galapagos Tortuga

    “We had a fantastic time in Galapagos and enjoyed days packed with activities. This was our first trip using Active Adventures and we were impressed with well organised days, varied activites from bike riding, climbing volcano, kayaking, snorkelling and enjoying fantastic wild life in Galapagos.
    Pepo -our guide is extremely knowledgable and most lovely person who made our days fun and interesting. We enjoyed the variety of different islands visited and loved the taste of local life we were introduced to, including family tree house in highlands of San Cristobal and local restaurants sharing the benches with sea lions.
    Snorkelling with sea turtles, sharks and sea lions was unforgettable. The scenery was breathtaking with beautiful beaches, amazing rock creations of lava tunnels and tranquil bays and sunsets. Ocean kayaking was fun- watching penguins and blue boobies, pelicans waiting for fisherman's left overs....Each island brought its unique experience and history with it. We had opportunity to dive as well as snorkel and the trip organisers gave us plenty of opportunities to meet all our interest and needs. Our group of 10 was excellent size and felt more like a big family holiday. I would recommend Active Adventures to everyone as this was a fantastic activity holiday and a good value for money. The tour was organised with thoughtfulness by very friendly and knowledgeable staff. We felt safe and extremely well looked after. Thank you to every one and especially Pepo! Pepo, please give our regards to your dad who joined us for a bit of our trip. We will treasure the photo of him and Pepo in the giant tortoise shell!”
    – Surrey, United Kingdom Tortuga, April 2016
  • “Amazing trip! If time is not your luxury, this trip truly offers the best of the best for Peru and Galapagos. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a mix of adventure, culture and chill once you get to the Galapagos.”
    – Alberta, Canada Iguana, April 2016
  • Animal Kingdom

    “This really was a most enjoyable trip. Everybody who goes to the Galapagos expects to see lots of animals, and we were certainly not disappointed!
    We liked the range of activity and especially we liked the guide, Pepo. He is absolutely brilliant, so caring, kind and friendly, and his knowledge in encyclopaedic! If you get him as a guide, you will be very pleased!”
    – Surrey, United Kingdom Tortuga, April 2016
  • Outstanding!

    “Thoughtful and well prepared, friendly and helpful staff at every turn. The active adventure title is a fitting description and not just a marketing gimmick. Hiking, biking, snorkeling, kayaking, and awesome accommodations. The Active Adventures / Galakiwi teams are excellent at what they do. Pepo our guide is the best ambassador and genuine professional for the Galapagos Islands -- very, very knowledgeable about the eco-systems and plants and animal life, and such a thoughtful and friendly individual, we really appreciated all he did to make this such a memorable trip. You will find the people and culture of the region extremely open and welcoming. This was certainly the trip of a lifetime, and especially hassle free thanks to the diligence of our Active Adventure / Galakiwi team!”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, April 2016
  • Super Trip!

    “Our guide had a "super plan" and it made for a super trip! Great weather, good mix of people, small group size and good activity level each day made for an enjoyable way to see the Galápagos Islands.”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, April 2016
  • Dream Come True

    “I'd always heard the Galápagos was a very special place, and now I can confirm that it is indeed an incredible and unique place. I've traveled quite a bit, but never had so many jaw dropping sights and experiences. The fish, birds, and animals are truly amazing! Our guide, Pepo was one of the best guides I have ever had. I loved the high activity level of this trip, allowing us to see and do the maximum each day.”
    – Minnesota, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • Amazing Trip

    “This was an amazing trip! It was active, nature-oriented, and great for seeing wildlife. There was always something to do (e.g., biking, hiking, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, visiting breeding centers/interpretation centers, looking at wildlife). The accommodations were great (especially considering how it was advertised I thought it would be rougher but it wasn't), and the food was delicious (it was great for those who love seafood, but there were always great options for those that don't). Also, staying on the land allowed us to see and experience more than if we were on a cruise ship. For example, one night we walked around the pier at night after the people on the cruise ships had to be back at their boats, and we saw a sea lion and over 20 baby blacktip sharks having a feeding frenzy on fish. Additionally, our guide Pepo was wonderful! He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and funny. Overall, this is one of my favorite tours I have ever been on. If you are on the fence about it, just go you won't regret it!”
    – Maryland, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • “Great trip, good group of people and a terrific guide.”
    – Washington, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • Galapagos by land and sea

    “With Pablo as our guide, and a great group for conversation and fun, the Galapagos Islands were unique and beautiful. It would be nice to have a few more days in which there was more than one option for adventure. And our hotel on Santa Cruz was a poor substitute for the one listed for the tour. But staying on land gives you a chance to connect with the locals, and wander a little on your own in ways that would not be likely on a cruising tour.”
    – Michigan, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • It Was an Active Adventure!

    “The activities, the people, the food were all outstanding. Each of our guides was knowledgeable and friendly. They were sincere in their desire to show us their country and share the culture. Although we went during the wet season we had beautiful weather and the only rain we encountered was during one of our bike rides. Erick, our main guide was extremely helpful whether it was recommending a place to do laundry, a place to eat or an emergency visit to the dentist. My husband and I are both 60 and we participated AND completed all the activities planned so don't be intimidated by itinerary. No pressure to do everything either if you would rather ride in the van or skip a day hike. We will be back!”
    – Texas, United States Jaguar, March 2016
  • Fantastic Jaguar trip!

    “I took my nephew on the Jaguar trip in January, and we had a great time. The guide, Erick, was extremely prepared, organized, and easy to get along with. I could not imagine a better experience. It exceeded our expectations!”
    – Oklahoma, United States Jaguar, March 2016
  • Fun, Flexible and Phenomenal

    “Our trip to the Galapagos with Pablo was outstanding. From the moment we met in San Cristobal to our departure from Santa Cruz, our trip was educational, entertaining and engaging. Pablo was a phenomenal guide with deep knowledge of the islands. His guidance and direction was crucial in the success of the trip. He was able to accommodate all participants regardless of age, fitness or interests. I whole-heartedly recommend the Tortuga trip with Pablo.”
    – Michigan, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • A Great Trip

    “Active Adventures tries to get it all in for you. Biking, hiking, snorkeling and kayaking. Really liked that it was a land trip. Our guide Jessica, could not have been better! She was so knowledgeable, patient and overall organized. Glad we went with A.A. for a second trip... first one was in New Zealand.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • Eleven Days Off of the Grid

    “From Mitand del Mundo (middle of the world) to the natural wonders of the Galápagos Islands, this trip is a must not miss for nature lovers everywhere. Our guide lives on Isabella and knew everyone we met on each of the islands. We saw animals not in evidence anywhere else on Earth: flocks of wild flamingoes, marine iguanas, Galápagos Sharks, and of course the ubiquitous giant tortoises. Every detail of the excursion was well planned and executed. There was time for individual pursuits and the accommodations were better than I had imagined. I will recommend Active Adventures/Galakiwi to anyone wanting a hands-on, Eco-friendly tour of "Darwin's Place".”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • Amazing trip with scenery, science, and cultural understanding

    “Amazing trip; couldn't have been more perfect. We loved the sights and the amazing flora and fauna of the Galapagos of course, but what set this trip apart was our amazing guides, especially Pablo, and getting to stay on the islands. Pablo was a wealth of knowledge not only about the science, ecology, and behavior of the various endemic species we saw, but also about the impact of the human element, introduced species, and climate. His passion for the islands was incredible. He made this the trip of a lifetime for all of us, but especially our very inquisitive 11 year old son. The places we stayed were great, and it was a privilege to get to stay on the islands - there is much more to be seen this way.”
    – California, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • Awesome adventure!

    “Enjoyable trip with good mix of activities on a realistic time schedule. Our guide (Jessica) was excellent. She was friendly, very knowledgeable, and offered a good variety of options many days. We saw all that was advertised and more. Jessica was excellent at making sure all 11 of us were having a great time while being able to coordinate and accommodate for ages 25-80. I highly recommend this trip.”
    – Illinois, United States Tortuga, February 2016
  • Amazing Time in Patagonia!

    “Beautiful weather, great lodging, and wonderful guide and group! Our leader, Cynthia really made this a trip of a lifetime!”
    – Alberta, Canada Condor, February 2016
  • Spectacular Experience

    “Despite being the youngest trip member by almost 25 years, I had an amazing time. From start to finish, the trip was well organized and executed. You can tell that the money we paid for the trip went to excellent use. The hotels were fabulous and the food was top notch.
    Our guide, Pablo, was beyond passionate about the Galapagos and really made the trip. His knowledge and love for the islands is inspiring. (Every time he saw litter, he made it a point to pick it up and keep the islands clean.) I loved how there were extra guides for hikes and snorkeling excursions in case a trip member wanted to go back early. There was a perfect amount of down town in relation to the active adventures we took daily. This trip was a spectacular experience that I would recommend to any person of any age.”
    – New Jersey, United States Tortuga, February 2016
  • Only 20 more minutes

    “The Condor trip in particular the W Trek was a challenge in that our belongings were transported not by porters but by ourselves. Jim and Cynthia were attentive to the group's different speeds of trekking and accommodated us accordingly. When they were asked how much further we had to struggle up or down hill the answer was always "just 20 more minutes". We soon learned Patagonian time is different! The trip was great. We had a great group of fellow travelers who enhanced the enjoyment even further.
    The scenery was indescribable, one must see it to appreciate the grandeur.”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, February 2016
  • Fantastic trip!

    “Had an amazing time on the Condor trip. This was my second time traveling with Active and they do not disappoint. The itinerary was wonderful and had the right balance between activity and a bit of down-time mixed in. The hiking and scenery were spectacular. I feel like I really got the flavor of Patagonia over the course of the two weeks. Highly recommend!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Condor, February 2016
  • Super Plan

    “I truly believe that staying on the four islands (instead of a ship) and being able to eat at local restaurants, mingle with the Educadorians as well as partaking in other special land based activities made the trip even more memorable then I had imagined. Our Naturalist guide, Pepo who was born and raised on San Cristabol and has achieved level Three of his profession and was the very essence and spirit of a wonderful trip both from an educational aspect as well as a true adventure!!”
    – Hawaii, United States Tortuga, February 2016
  • An extraordinary Experiential learning travel experience

    “From our first day of biking from the highland in the rain to the beach and snorkeling with a few sea lions in a beautiful bay which began our amazingly active, awesome nine days with our fabulous naturalist guide Pepo. Pepo's insight of the flora, fauna, and the geology and history of the Galapagos Islands and interesting tours of the intriguing indigenous and endemic animals and their habitats was very special. He took special care and attention to our needs and wants throughout the trip. I am glad to say that it was one of the most experiential learning travel trips I have ever taken.”
    – Hawaii, United States Tortuga, February 2016
  • Spectacular treks

    “The treks planned for the "Condor" adventure vacation are beautiful beyond my ability to describe verbally or to capture on camera. They simply have to be experienced by doing the hikes. I thought no mountain views of shear granite could rival Yosemite. but I was wrong. Both Torres de Paine and Mount Fitzroy do just that.”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2016
  • The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done

    “This was, indeed, the trip of a lifetime. All my interactions with AA prior to the trip were great. They were very friendly and made everything easy. The only thing is that they may have slightly understated the fitness level required to do well. But I did it!”
    – New Jersey, United States Condor, February 2016
  • The most imortant trip of my life

    “The hardest trip, and the best trip, came back in love with the journey.”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, February 2016
  • We made it! Top of the world trip!

    “One of the most challenging physical trips I have endured..... But every step was rewarded with the spectacular vistas, amazing weather and incredible experience”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, February 2016
  • Patagonia

    “The Patagonia terrain is breathtakingly beautiful with craggy mountains, green glacial lakes, and expansive views. The hiking was challenging but the climbs were worth the effort as the vistas were spectacular. I loved the pace, the activities and the expertise provided by Active Adventures.”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, February 2016
  • 50 year old resets clock

    “I thought I was over the hill in middle age but this trip has reset my clock. I would do it again next week.”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, February 2016
  • JAN 10 2016 Condor with Cynthia

    “The hikes were amazingly beautiful! After reaching an incredibly dramatic viewpoint, I would think, "This is the highpoint of the trip! There can't possibly be anything more breathtaking than this!" But I was wrong. Each hike brought new and splendid vistas beyond my imagination.”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2016
  • Magic in Patagonia

    “I have seen the pictures, read the articles and looked at the maps. When I actually stood at the miradors (scenic vistas) and saw with my own eyes....well no words, no picture, no map can describe the utterly spectacular grandeur of this land.”
    – Minnesota, United States Condor, February 2016
  • Exceptional scenery, exceptional support, exceptional colleagues

    “We knew Patagonia would provide scenery like no other and this was beyond our expectations. We were lucky enough to have tremendous weather - NO Rain and barely any wind - so maybe we missed the full experience. Our guide Sebastian took care of every need and kept us on schedule. Our travel companions were a great group - tremendous nightly conversations on the day's events and the state of the world. All good. Get in shape and take this hike!”
    – Arizona, United States Condor, February 2016
  • Zacarias was amazeballs

    “To the say the least, Zacarias was the best guide I could have ever hoped for. 11 out of 10, would go again!!!”
    – Idaho, United States Jaguar, January 2016
  • Condor trip with Cynthia

    “This was my second trip with Active Adventures, my first trip was Peru in 2014 and I didn't think that would ever be equaled. The Condor trip once again far exceeded my expectations and proved to be a physical challenge with the most spectacular views of mountains and glaciers you will ever see. Top this having Cynthia as our tour guide made the trip of a lifetime.”
    – Minnesota, United States Condor, January 2016
  • “Sebastian was amazing, kind, funny, knowledgable and supportive. Everything was so organized and communicated to us. I was very comfortable being in 2 countries that I didn't speak the language. We had a great group and really enjoyed spending time with them.”
    – Arizona, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Condor, Jan 10

    “It was a great trip, even with missing penguins because of bad weather, rest of trip was excellent with perfect weather, got lucky with weather, Didn't need rain gear or warm weather gear but better to have and not need it. Some very tough hikes but knowing I completed them was very satisfying.
    Cynthia was an excellent guide, she was well organized and made trip go smoothly and always in a good mood and smiling. The variety of food was great as I enjoy trying the local cuisines. We were never hungry. Had plenty of rest between hikes and hot showers every night to refresh us.
    Great trip and would highly recommend it”
    – Illinois, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Amazing mountain views

    “Payagonia is the most beatiful area I have seen. Aided by almost perfect weather, we clearly saw the best and most rugged peaks. Challenging, but doable hikes, put us in the front row seats for amazing views. Cynthia, our guide, was terrific. Both extremely personable and a real pro with more experience than any other guide I have encountered. The 2 weeks were very well planned and everything went smoothly”
    – Michigan, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Galapagos Adventure by Land

    “The Galapagos had been in my sights for a while, and this trip certainly did not disappoint. I loved the land-based itinerary Active Adventures offered, and am so glad we opted for this instead of a cruise. I loved the small, often beachfront lodgings and the opportunity to poke around the islands in the mornings and evenings outside planned activity times, and also the fact that it afforded me the opportunity to dive, since that was a highlight for me. The activities themselves were extraordinarily well organized. There was always something to do and look forward to but we never felt rushed or overwhelmed. Jessica, our Galapagueña guide, was lovely, energetic and extremely knowledgeable and informative - I couldn't have asked for a better person to show us the islands. Overall, a truly spectacular trip for anyone who wants to really experience the islands rather than just see them from a boat.”
    – New York, United States Tortuga, January 2016
  • Condor

    “A fantastic trip around the breathtaking scenery of Patagonia. Hiking the W in Torres del Paine was something I'll never forget. Great group of like minded people surrounded by magnificent landscapes and lots of good stories made for a wonderful holiday. Sebastian was an exceptional guide, so organised and helpful but always making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and having a laugh. He managed the unexpected with true professionalism! He is a credit to your company :)”
    – Victoria, Australia Condor, January 2016
  • Iguanas everywhere

    “I expected to see marine iguanas, but never thought I'd have to take care to not step on town. Overall the trip provided a great sampling of the various biomes and unique animals of the Galapagos.”
    – California, United States Tortuga, January 2016
  • Best Vacation Ever!!!!!!

    “My fourth trip with Active and this was the best one yet. Once again they did a wonderful job organizing all the details and making sure everything ran smoothly. Our guide, Arturo, always picked the best restaurants. The hotels were clean and comfortable. There was always a planned activity with just the right amount of down time. The scenery in Chile/Argentina is stunning. This is a trip I would take over and over again.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Fantastic Patagonian Adventure trip

    “The trip far exceeded the written itinerary. Although we expected the incredible scenery that Patagonia has to offer, we were pleasantly surprised with the fantastic group of people we shared the experience with. Arturo's attention to detail made the trip effortless for us. Will definitely book another Active Adventure trip.”
    – Illinois, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Fantastic trip!

    “Beyond my expectations!!!”
    – Washington, United States Tortuga, January 2016
  • Great variety. Great people. Great trekking/hiking.

    “First of all, Arturo did a fabulous job. The itinerary was great. I love a physical trip and this qualified. W trek is right on par with the tour of Mont Blanc. Mount Fitzroy and El Chalten were spectacular. The group was great- mix of nations and ages. I'm signing up for my second Active trip for next year in New Zealand.”
    – Illinois, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Patagonia feels like heaven on earth!

    “This was indeed a trip of a lifetime, and I truly mean it. I can't think of a better place where one feels so connected with nature. Patagonia has it all - from towering mountains to gorgeous valleys, from breathtaking glaciers to pearly-white snow, from rain to the sun, and I could go on and on. Everywhere I turned looked like a postcard. And above all, our group had some wonderful people and a great tour guide to make the trip even more memorable. Big thanks to Active Adventures for putting this together and for taking good care of us during the 2 weeks we were out there amidst sheer beauty.”
    – State/province, United Arab Emirates Condor, January 2016
  • Condor

    “I loved this trip.
    The itinerary is such that you really get to see and experience Patagonia. Everything surpassed my expectations from the accommodations, to the food, to the amazing hikes. You really get an up close tour through some of the most amazing landscapes in the world”
    – Massachusetts, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Fantastic trip!

    “This was a great trip in many ways. The details of the trip were well planned and well executed. Our guide, Erick, did a great job of staying on top of everything. All of the transfers and accomodations were excellent- on time, always ready, never a worry.
    Erick also did a great job of introducing us to Peruvian culture- food, customs, traditions, ancient and modern history were incorporated into our daily routines. This was one of the most interesting and educational trips I've ever taken.”
    – Texas, United States Jaguar, January 2016
  • A Perfect Trip That I Will Never Forget

    “I wish I was better with words so I could write a beautiful review, but I will do this anyway because I really want people to know how spectacular this trip was. Erick was amazing beyond all expectations as a guide (and on this trip covering numerous locales, that is saying a lot). I can't say enough positive things about Peru as a country! From Machu Picchu to the people in the villages on the Lares trail to the porters on the hike (who I am forever indebted to) to the animals in the Amazon.... The two week itinerary would be complicated if handled on your own, but the Active Adventures team and Erick made the details a non issue. I would recommend this trip for sure!!”
    – Colorado, United States Jaguar, January 2016
  • Perfect Trip

    “Our guide, Jessica, gave us a fantastic experience in every way. She was delightful, informative and fun. We decided that the land based "island hopping" trip was a great choice. The hotels were in great locations and the activities were well organized using good equipment (bikes, scuba gear,kayaks etc.). A perfect trip.”
    – Maryland, United States Tortuga, January 2016
  • Absolutely amazing vacation!!!

    “This was truly a trip of a lifetime!! The views were amazing and we were blessed with terrific weather. I feel so accomplished by what I was able to achieve and loved the feeling of really being in the middle of nowhere.”
    – Illinois, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Jan 1st Tortuga with Pablo

    “This was an absolutely amazing adventure with the most knowledgeable tour guide ever. There really wasn't anything Pablo did not know. Truly incredible!”
    – Michigan, United States Tortuga, January 2016
  • “The trip leader was fantastic!”
    – Virginia, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Tapir

    “Great trip and trip leader.”
    – Hawaii, United States Tapir, January 2016
  • When can I move??

    “You know a trip has been successful when you'd rather lose your passport than get on the plane home. The hike on the Lares Trail was some of the most spectacular scenery I have seen in my life. We camped out in the school yard of a local Quechua village and stopped along the path to pass out school supplies to kids. It felt like an actual introduction to Peruvian culture instead of typical tourism. The trek into the Amazon was a lot more removed from reality, but the rest of the trip was so amazing, that was almost irrelevant. Probably the most important aspect of the experience was our guide, Zacarias. He was exceptional. He was very knowledgeable and great at explaining, but he was also incredibly personable, fun, and wonderful to be around. We were also very fortunate to have two professional cameramen with us, Alex and Leo, that really helped pull the group together and make it an incredible experience. The only problem I see with this trip was liking it so much I want to move there...”
    – Wyoming, United States Jaguar, January 2016
  • “Terrific locations with terrific guide! Every segment of the trip was very well thought out and the guide could not have been better in positively responding to ever changing (but normal) situations.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Condor, January 2016
  • “Terrific locations with terrific guide! Every segment of the trip was very well thought out and guide could not have been better in positively responding to ever changing (but normal) situations.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Condor, January 2016
  • “This was an incredible trip to a spectacular place. It was so well run. Sebastian was efficient and fun. Excellent job! The weather was perfect, but we were told not to count on that!”
    – New Hampshire, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Ecuador Active Adventure

    “The trip was full of excitement. Each day we went on a memorable experience. We were also able to interact with local people which would have been difficult if we planned the trip on our own.”
    – Ohio, United States Tapir, January 2016
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “Wonderful collection and combination of spectacular scenery, outdoor activities, and good people in a fascinating part of the world. In addition to the rich fauna and flora, we loved learning about the rich history of Patagonia.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Condor(s) in Patagonia

    “Hiking in Chile and Argentina is terrific. The weather was a little bit of everything but the hiking was always superb. You need to be fit to enjoy the trip but penguins, guanacos, caracaras, rheas, foxes, what must be the world's largest rabbits and, of course, condors are wonderful. Did I mention stunning, granite walls, towers and glaciers?”
    – Arizona, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Great sights, people, and adventure!

    “Had an amazing trip to Ecuador with my family. Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly, he even had us to his family's home for a local meal. I loved all of the active trips; it was a unique way to see areas of an unfamiliar country. We could not have loved our group more; strangers turned into friends! So many great memories!”
    – Ohio, United States Tapir, January 2016
  • Dec 27 2015 Tapir with Jhayro

    “Amazing trip exploring so much of Ecuador, a beautiful and diverse country. Active it was! We had many adventures we could not have done on our own. Great group, great itinerary and great friends made on this trip.”
    – Ohio, United States Tapir, January 2016
  • I love Ecuador

    “Challenge yourself to new things and people: this is Tapir”
    – California, United States Tapir, January 2016
  • Unforgettable, Amazing, & Unique Experience

    “Where do I begin? Thank you to Active Adventures and Arturo Rojas for the most memorable trip I have ever been on. At first, I was nervous to travel alone to a foreign land, but as soon as I met Arturo and my fellow Active travelers, I felt so at home. The people I formed relationships with were so amazing, friendly, and full of energy. I loved the diversity this trip brought in ALL aspects. You meet people from all over the world, and you see every terrain from small beaches, to mountains, to big blue lakes (my favorite part of the trip) to mystical forests. The weather was a mixture of sun, rain, wind, and snow, and the wildlife scattered about is a great plus. The hikes were full of excitement with a good balance of intensity. Some days were VERY challenging, and others were just long walks in the park. 10/10 would recommend this company and trip to anyone even SLIGHTLY interested in traveling to Patagonia.”
    – Louisiana, United States Condor, January 2016
  • The trip was amazing!

    “It exceeded my expectations in virtually every way. I'm so glad my wife and I decided to arrive in Quito a couple days early to experience the beautiful city. The Galapagos Islands were equally beautiful and the activities were AWESOME! We saw more wildlife than we expected and learned a lot from our guide Pablo. The hotel accommodations were a little better than expected and the meals were GREAT! I would highly recommend this trip to others who enjoy the great outdoors in all its splendour!”
    – Alabama, United States Tortuga, January 2016
  • AMAZING trip!

    “My husband and I had high expectations for this trip, yet our experience exceeded our hopes and dreams. We swam with sea turtles, sea lions, penguins with marine iguanas swimming by! The beaches were beautiful and the accommodations were adequate to awesome! Everything was so well organized, AA thought of everything! We would highly recommend that others use this company and explore this paradise! We plan to use AA again! Thank you for the wonderful memories!”
    – Alabama, United States Tortuga, January 2016
  • 2015 Patagonia

    “Our comprehensive trek through Patagonia was a true adventure with each day bringing new scenery and memorable experiences. The trip was well organized and the guides were a delight. There was a nice balance of "roughing it" combined with more relaxing moments. This is a beautiful area of the world - not to be missed.”
    – Maine, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Great Patagonia experience

    “Wonderful adventure as advertised, tremendous experience for myself (72 years), my wife and daughter. Sebastian was a great guide, leader and new friend..having previous backpacking experience I had in mind the challenges to be faced, I found a lot of comfort in being in the company of Sebastian and knew that we were safe and well looked after. The trails were more difficult than we anticipated and we, me in particular, should have been better prepared (in better shape) Leading a group trip is not an easy chore and I was impressed with Sebastian's leadership and focus on being safe, smart and enjoying the trip in that order. But..what awesome sights we experienced and the three of us were so full of personal accomplishment when we completed the adventure. The evening meals were a real treat and delight, excluding a couple at the park refugios, but better than cooking out of your own pot. Well thought out and enjoyable agenda - enjoyed the kayaking, the glacier walk and the short bike riding outings as well.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Condor, January 2016
  • beautiful Hiking!

    “This was my third Active Adventures trip and I loved it (previous Jaguar and Rimu). Patagonia had the most natural scenic beauty that I have experienced. Hiking the W trail was a highlight. Sign up for the glacier ice hike - it was amazing. 2 other tips - take your favorite instant coffee packs - (Starbucks for me) and a small, lightweight, fold up pack for when you can leave your main back pack but need something to carry a few items on the W hike. I was worried about being cold but it was actually too warm in the Refugios. We booked a post trip cruise with Australis and it was a nice addition to the trip.”
    – Tennessee, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Great adventure

    “I had a fantastic time with Cynthia on the Condor trip. Every detail was attended to- all we needed to do was enjoy ourselves and soak in the beauty of this amazing area.”
    – California, United States Condor, January 2016
  • Outstanding experience in Galapagos

    “My Tortuga trip was absolutely amazing. I always hesitate to give 5 stars, but this trip came very close. I was very lucky to have got a small group of 10 and a fantastic guide, Jorge, who taught me so much about the islands. As well, the private room, excellent food and outstanding fauna and flora, took the experience beyond my expectations. You will NOT be disappointed!”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, January 2016
  • Patagonia...better with Active Adventures.

    “The trip far exceeded my expectations.”
    – Nevada, United States Condor, December 2015
  • Patagonia

    “From the start of the trip I was impressed on how many of the 10 other group members were repeat customers of Active Adventures. By the end of the trip I totally understood why! Cynthia exceeded all expectations as a group leader! The organization of our trip, lodging, and food was outstanding. The scenery was off the charts and was an overall an amazing trip!”
    – California, United States Condor, December 2015

    “This trip was the most challenging trip I have ever taken. The days were long but I expected that with gorgeous views. Once started on the W trail there is no turning around. I got great pictures and really feel a good sense of accomplishment!!!”
    – Florida, United States Condor, December 2015
  • No words can describe it!

    “No words can describe the awesomeness of this trip. It was the most challenging experience I've ever had. As one of the "geezers" on the trip, there were times I thought I just can't take another step. But I did it! The guides were super patient, encouraging, and supportive. All the guides were knowledgeable and passionate about their areas.

    The scenery...glaciers, lakes, mountain peaks...were beyond magnificent. Truly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on this planet.

    Except for the first night, accommodations were first rate and meals were exceptional. We definitely were well fed on this trip! Our van driver, Mariones, was a delight and very professional. As a group, we all got along very well, and had a lot of fun. I'm sure some of the younger people of the group got a little impatient with us seniors, but they were all good sports and very supportive.

    Having said that, there are a couple of areas of concern. The first hotel was not good...the location was off the bus route and some people had to walk through town from the central bus stop dragging their luggage along steep and uneven streets. Breakfast was the worst at any of the hotels.

    Some people were disappointed in the accommodations at the refugios, but I felt that was all part of the W experience...I would not change that.

    Understanding that getting us on the road on time, and loading the van with luggage and people is very chaotic, it would be worth it to take a few extra minutes to ensure all luggage is aboard. Although we had two daypacks with the luggage, someone must have put them to the side to be loaded later and they never made it on the van. Sebastian located them at the hotel in Calafate and ensured us he would ship them to us.

    I totally misunderstood the bike portion of the trip...I expected more of a cruising experience instead of a difficult mountain biking experience. I am not comfortable on bikes to begin with, and to be on poor equipment with no guidance or instruction, was very disconcerting. Because of my inexperience and discomfort with mountain bikes and terrain (rocky, roots, holes, shrubs, very narrow trail, etc.) I did fall a few times and ended up walking my bike the last 100 yards or so. I was not injured, but did sustain many bruises and scrapes and scratches. My lady parts will never be the same!
    Based on the trip literature, I underestimated the degree of difficulty. Should indicate that you must be in excellent physical shape. If I had known the specifics for each hike, and the biking, I never would have signed up...AND I WOULD HAVE MISSED THE BEST TRIP EVER! Thanks for challenging me to prove that I could do it!!!”
    – Colorado, United States Condor, December 2015
  • Amazing!

    “The Galapagos Islands are a truly magical place! The closeness with nature is like nothing I have ever experienced, and it was amazing. Every day on the Tortuga trip was enjoyable, informative, and awe-inspiring. I met great people and had a wonderful guide (Pepo) who really brought everything to life with his incredible knowledge and superb story-telling abilities. It was an incredible experience!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Tortuga, December 2015
  • Patagonia is amazing

    “Trekking, kayaking, amazing views it was a great trip!”
    – Colorado, United States Condor, December 2015
  • Wonderful trip to Patagonia, nice group and excellent guides

    “I had a great time hiking and traveling with the group of 15 people, we got along fine and had a really good time. The hiking was good and the views of the mountains were just unbelievable, it was awesome. The glaciers were very impressive and beautiful too.. We encountered very high winds, 50 -60 mph and it actually blew a few people over, luckily not over the edge! All was memorable!”
    – California, United States Condor, December 2015
  • Condor trip review

    “Fantastic trip on so many different levels. The rugged natural beauty of Patagonia is very special and this extensive trip provided a great lens and appropriate way to experience this part of the world.”
    – Illinois, United States Condor, December 2015
  • Experience worth every bit of effort!

    “Cynthia, our guide, was the heart and soul of the group. She took care of everything and made sure our mood stayed strong and upbeat the entire time. There were 12 people in the group and each one of us felt personally taken care of throughout the entire 2 weeks of our trip.

    Don't be fooled, this trip is not for the feint of heart (or feet). The W trek especially, pushes you to your limits but the feeling you get when you have reached the top of the trail is so worth it!

    This was my first time ever backpacking and the guides (Cynthia, Arturo and Cem especially) were never frustrated or impatient when I lagged behind. Their encouragement and support helped me get to the top (and down) each time. My whole group was just as supportive with everyone high fiving each other after a successful climb or day.

    The food on the W was fine - not great, but what do you expect when essentially staying in summer camps and packing a bag lunch (although there is still room for improvement on the lunches). The food the rest of the trip was amazing - Cynthia has great connections and has certainly done her homework finding unique and cool places to dine.

    The hotel choices throughout the trip were good, with one really nice stand out that we stayed at for three days. Cynthia's relationships with the hotel owners/managers is clear, and we received special attention at each place we stayed which was a nice touch.

    I will admit I would have liked to have something to break up the hiking a little bit more. By the last couple days I was a little bit saturated with "climb big hill to see gorgeous mountain". We did have a bike trip scheduled for the last day, but we were all so tired and worn out by then that it lost its appeal.

    One really great thing about the guides at Active is that if you chose to do something different (ie. skip a hike) then they ensure that you have a safe alternative and don't feel any coercion to participate in all activities.

    This is my second Active trip and so far I am a huge fan! I look forward to more Active Adventures in the future.”
    – California, United States Condor, December 2015
  • Finding The Real Galapagos

    “This Galapagos trip was labelled an active adventure which quite frightened me since at 71 years old I am no longer as active as I once was. My fears were increased when I met my trip mates who all looked very fit. However the guide Pablo made it possible for me to do every event by making small and large accommodations. I had a wonderful time and I felt this trip revealed a lot more about the Galapagos than just Darwin and the animals. We met the people and experienced island areas that no one else I know has ever visited. This was a trip to remember forever.”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, December 2015
  • wonderful trip

    “Loved the trip. Everything was well done. Cynthia was fantastic. I have had good guides on both my other Active Trips (Machu Pichu and Galapagos, but Cynthia added something extra. Only critique is that while Peru and Ecuador had more of a mix of activities, bike riding, horseback riding, a little urban in Cuzco, this one overdid for me) the hiking. Loved the W Trek, but would have enjoyed other options in El Cheltan (a whitewater trip maybe?)”
    – California, United States Condor, December 2015
  • Epic

    “All in all, this trip was not what I expected because I had no expectations and just needed out of dodge so desperately! I had an epic adventure full of complete surprises because I totally let go and had no idea what to expect next.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tortuga, December 2015
  • BJ Peru

    “Exceeded expectations. Educational but didn't feel like you were pumped full of information. Guide was exceptional. Knowledgable, personable (had friends EVERYWHERE) and managed to tailor activities to interest/fitness level. I would change nothing!”
    – Virginia, United States Jaguar, December 2015
  • BJ Galapagos

    “A beach vacation with environmental/cultural dimensions. Great water activities along with educational outings.”
    – Virginia, United States Tortuga, December 2015
  • “This trip was better than I expected; the proximity to the natural world was amazing and I was pleased that there was "people" culture and history in the towns where we stayed. So glad to be land based!”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, December 2015
  • Machu Picchu - Lares

    “What an unbelievable life-changing trip. AA thought of every detail and was highly organized and great. Erick was an awesome trip leader and really looked out for our safety and well-being at all times. Highly recommend Active for your next adventure trip!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Jaguar, December 2015
  • Bucket-List-Worthy

    “Amazing trip and really well executed! Might have even learned a few things without even trying! :)”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, November 2015
  • “Erick Farfan was great dealing with the demonstrations,road barriers and schedule changes needed.”
    – New York, United States Jaguar, November 2015
  • Great active trip

    “I recently took the Tapir trip in Ecuador. The trip was active and exciting, which is what I expected. The person touch is what makes the difference. We were able to eat local food and spend time with local folks which really added the cultural piece too.”
    – Alabama, United States Tapir, November 2015

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Spring Adventure

“I travelled with my 11 year old son and although he's been on many adventures, this trip to Galapagos in April tops our list of favorites! This was in great part because of Pablo, who is the best naturalist/guide we've ever had. It felt like we were traveling with a friend. Pablo was amazing and made a lasting impression on my son who for the first time, cried when it was time to say goodbye.”
– New Jersey, United States
Tortuga, April 2016
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