The most important bit! While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our South America trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves. We get a huge amount of feedback from our clients, all of which we read, process and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips.

Feel free to drop us a line we can put you in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and find out what it’s really like to travel with us!

In the meantime, here’s a selection of our reviews:

Review ratings for our individual trips

Capybara 4.71
114 reviews
Condor 4.49
339 reviews
Jaguar 4.48
1418 reviews
Tapir 4.28
182 reviews
Tortuga 4.51
931 reviews
  • Bucket-List-Worthy

    “Amazing trip and really well executed! Might have even learned a few things without even trying! :)”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, November 2015
  • “Erick Farfan was great dealing with the demonstrations,road barriers and schedule changes needed.”
    – New York, United States Jaguar, November 2015
  • Great active trip

    “I recently took the Tapir trip in Ecuador. The trip was active and exciting, which is what I expected. The person touch is what makes the difference. We were able to eat local food and spend time with local folks which really added the cultural piece too.”
    – Alabama, United States Tapir, November 2015
  • An epic adventure that we are still talking about!

    “There is a huge amount to say about our trip but to summarise:
    Active are a brilliant company to travel with. Their itinerary, logistics, people and service are incredible.
    Peru is such a beautiful and diverse place to visit and the Jaguar trip gave us a great taste of it from the high plateau and mountains to the dense jungles and stunning villages. It is a well crafted mix of activities, sights, food and experiences. The shorter excursions to markets and villages added so much and the chance to hike, kayak and mountain bike in carefully selected areas was awesome.
    The people were great. Our group were great fun to be with and our guide Erick was brilliant - really thoughtful, knowledgeable, relaxed and an organisational machine. He really is exceptional. We miss him and everyone on the trip!”
    – Bristol, United Kingdom Jaguar, November 2015
  • The importance of the trip leader

    “Two things made the trip:
    The leader (Erick Farfan) was excellent. In spite of demonstrations and a cancelled flight (after we had boarded the plane even) he came through with alternatives and worked to keep people positive.
    We had a small group (7) who all got along.”
    – Alberta, Canada Jaguar, November 2015
  • Don't just visit Peru, experience it!

    “Climb the rocky trails. Camp by a mountain lake. Touch the Inca ruins. Zoom into the Sacred Valley on a bike. Savor a home cooked Peruvian meal. Taste a guinea pig. Listen to the Amazon rain forest at night. Watch the soaring Caracara birds. Paddle across crystal clear Lake Titicaca and feel the cool water run down your arm. Know the difference between a llama and an alpaca. Dance to the panpipe flute music. Smell the fresh cut reeds of a floating island. Learn about the culture, the history, and maybe a bit of Quechua language along the way.
    All this and more will be part of your Active Adventure Peru trip. You may encounter a few travel challenges, this is South America after all, not Disneyland. But be assured you will be in the capable hands of Active Adventures, and your intrepid guide will always have 'Plan B' up his/her sleeve.
    Truly a unique travel experience for those who want to go a bit beyond traditional sightseeing. You will return home with many many tales to tell and a smile on your face.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, October 2015
  • “Our guide Frank was exceptional and made sure that we experienced everything- the people, the culture, the history, the food and of course the beautiful scenery!”
    – New York, United States Jaguar, October 2015
  • “I have taken many tour led trips with several different companies. and Active Adventures was by far the best. The guides were exceptional and "ACTIVE" was the name of the game. Whether we were hiking, biking, or kayaking, the guides were spot on to make sure personal needs were met with genuine smiles and caring. The attention to detail was very impressive and the ease of moving from one location and mode of transportation to another was flawless. I was very spoiled on this trip and Look forward to taking another trip with Active Adventures. I really liked traveling with only eleven people, small groups make a big difference. Our guide, Cynthia, is a jewel. Thank you Active Adventures!!”
    – Colorado, United States Jaguar, October 2015
  • Incredible Experience

    “The trip exceeded all my expectations The itinerary was fantastic and our guide Frank was one of the very best I have ever encountered in over 20 trips. His insight into Peruvian life, history was incredible. The feeling of Peruvian family that he instilled in our group is something I will remember for a long time. The encounters with Peruvian children and adults on our Lares trek will always be remembered fondly. Most of all, Frank's quiet encouragement, concern and help with climbing the highest pass on the Lares trek helped me make it. I tested my limits to the maximum but Frank was always there for me and others to make sure we did not exceed those limits.”
    – New York, United States Jaguar, October 2015
  • a truly fine life experience

    “My trip was especially memorable because of the wealth of information shared by our guide, Pepo. He informed us about the geology, the flora, the birds, the sea life/creatures, the history of the Galapagos. This information enriched my appreciation of all that I saw and experienced.

    The sea lions were a hoot...sleeping on, under, in between any and every surface available....benches, boats, piers, sidewalks, bushes, in addition to rocks and sandy beaches. Would have missed the presence of the "beach masters" if they had not been pointed out by our guide, lurking just below the surface of the water, close to shore. The giant turtles in the water had no fear of amazing to share such close proximity with these creatures. The giant land tortoises were shy, but oh so numerous. Birds a plenty and beautiful fish viewed while snorkeling. The food and accomodations were excellent. The activities were doable for my level of fitness and age, 71.”
    – Washington, United States Tortuga, October 2015
  • OK, but needs to be improved in a few areas

    “We had a general feeling that with our small group size (4) on the Inca trail, we had the lesser pick of porters, campsite locations, sanitary conditions, etc. Our local guide even mentioned to us that we were short on porters, and they were reluctant to provide adequate, SAFE drinking water and restroom facilities. Other larger groups had portable toilet facilities, instead of having to use the limited, NASTY toilets at the campsites. We felt like second class citizens during the entire Inca trail, when comparing ourselves to the larger groups who appeared to have much nicer amenities. All 4 of us were sick on the Inca trail, and we are convinced the unsanitary conditions and improperly managed drinking water was the cause. This was entirely unacceptable for any reputable tour guide company.”
    – South Carolina, United States Jaguar, October 2015
    Active Adventure's Response:
    I was shocked and deeply saddened by the news of your family’s experience on the Inca Trail during your 'Jaguar' trip in September.
    We take great care with the relationships of our supply partners. The outcome of your trip experience communicated through your survey, and our follow up phone conversations, has led to a significant change with our supply partner in Peru.
    Since hearing about your experience with our Inca Trail supply partner, we have decided to have our supplier on the Lares Trail, operate for us on the Classic Inca Trail as well. We have had a strong relationship and partnership with Mayra and her team (our Lares Trail supplier) for the last 8 years. We are extremely confident that Mayra understands the importance of providing care for the health and well-being of our clients at all times.
    Our new supplier guarantees a high level of sanitation, cleanliness and a generous supply of clean, safe drinking water. Further to this they have assured us they can camp in the best possible locations. We take the well-being and safety of our clients very seriously and it is the primary concern on all of our trips. Thank you Kevin for your feedback and the opportunity to explain what measures we have taken to ensure this continues to be the case.
    - Robin Wiseley, Managing Director
  • Best 65th Birthday Present to Myself Ever! What an adventure!

    “As a solo traveler, I had some concerns about going on this trip, since I was "Number 11". However, the group meshed together well, thanks in large part to our leader Cynthia's ability to facilitate group dynamics, and the structure of the trip itself. Active Adventures provides such diversity of experiences, that there is always something to be enjoyed, and everyone is always included. I loved Peru, the people, the food the many festivals we saw, and all the guides who introduced us to their amazing culture. The Lares Trail was truly luxury camping with wonderful, tasty meals and a warm cozy place to sleep at night. We were given hot water bottles for our sleeping bags! Even the "Porta potty" was luxurious and private! I have no idea how those porters could pull off such efficiency. They even baked me a cake and decorated our dining tent! If you are a solo traveler, don't hesitate to take this trip, it was a blast! I am also grateful for the "emergency horse" I was provided when the hiking at high altitude was a bit too grueling for me, and my struggle turned into fun! That sweet tempered horse, along with his porter, Santiago, made it possible for me to complete the trail! Thank you, Active Adventures, for the best birthday present, Ever!”
    – Florida, United States Jaguar, October 2015
  • The Peruvian indigenous people

    “Where to start? An unexpected rich exposure to the world of the indigenous Peruvian people: past and present. Jaguar is much more than a multi sport adventure into the Andes and the Amazon jungle. The Andes and Amazonia provide the context to better understand the history of the people who lived in this area and to appreciate the people who live there now.”
    – Washington, United States Jaguar, October 2015
  • Galápagos revealed

    “This trip is way up on the list of favorite experiences for me. From the charming small and quirky hotels to the luxury of swimming with sea lion, sea turtles, schools of colorful fish, rays, and shark it was one delightful thing after another. Each day brought something surprising: could be a bike ride, could be a very special tree house, could be floating underneath boobies and penguins lazing on rocks. Just plain wonderful.”
    – Washington, United States Tortuga, October 2015
  • A lesson in preserving our natural world

    “Excellent experience: the place, the people, and the wildlife. For us, a much greater experience than we imagined. Pepo shared with us his deep commitment to his homeland and his commitment to reciprocity with the environment. Very encouraging to us. We left the islands feeling that the younger generation is committed to a broad view that we can sustain and enhance the environment instead of depleting it.”
    – Washington, United States Tortuga, October 2015
  • Ancient Peru at our fingertips

    “While a summary of the trip was provided before we embarked, in no way we're we prepared for the intensity of the experience of embracing locals cultures, and there are many separate groups. Our guide Frank, is descended from proud Incas and allowed us entry into the mysterious past of these clever people. The discoveries did not stop with Incas as we traveled south to meet, and stay with, other groups who live in their ancient ways. We came away with a lot of respect for the "Peruvian" peoples.”
    – Washington, United States Jaguar, October 2015
  • Adventure with Inca history

    “This is my second visit in Peru, I was so happy to be back and see Machu Picchu in all the Inca glory and to be able to walk to the Sun Gate (my previous visit to Machu Picchu it rained and it was foggy, I only had a glimpse of 15 minutes). The other highlight that I loved on this trip was our trek on the Lares Valley and the encounter with the local people and children, beautiful landscape and the achievement of reaching the pass when I thought I couldn't take another step. .....At the top it was so beautiful and breathtaking. The bike rides gave us the possibility to enjoy the surroundings at our leisure. Walking up to the terraces of Pisaq and rediscover Ollantaytambo in the sacred valley i was able to see and enjoy the Inca history. Everything was so well organised and the food provided was yummy.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Jaguar, October 2015
  • A good cross section on Peru

    “From the moment our group met in Cusco until the end in Lima 2 weeks later I enjoyed every moment of the trip. Cynthia the tour leader as well as the local tour guide were all very good and really nice people to get to know.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Jaguar, October 2015
  • “I was excited about this trip before I left, more excited after arriving in Peru and continued that way until I returned home.”
    – Colorado, United States Jaguar, October 2015
  • Aug 14 2015 Tortuga with Pepo

    “Wonderful experience and thoroughly enjoyed it.”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, September 2015
  • “A great adventure, many different activities and excellent support from our guide.”
    – New Hampshire, United States Jaguar, September 2015
  • Amazing Awesome Active Adventures!!

    “Well done Active. You supplied all you promised..even managing to provide a delightful group to share our adventure with. For an organised trip we feel we have a good understanding of real Peruvians and their lifestyle. We were spared none of life's realities for ordinary people there while feeling we contributed a little to improving their lives..we hope by adding to their tourist dollar. Our guides were first class and shared themselves and their lives, passions and hard bits with us. The physical challenges were just right and well monitored and managed. Thankyou”
    – Queensland, Australia Jaguar, September 2015
  • Amazing trip!

    “Fantastic trip, I loved hiking the Lares trek and arriving at Machu Picchu at the crack of dawn. Elder was a fun and exciting leader and the group was very close-knit after two weeks.”
    – Connecticut, United States Jaguar, September 2015
  • Amazing guide

    “Erick made our Peru experience a trip of a lifetime.”
    – Alberta, Canada Jaguar, September 2015
  • Condor March 2015

    “An amazing trip - challenging hikes with the most incredible views, truly great leadership and organization, close camaraderie within the group, awe-inspiring moments, and so much fun!”
    – Alberta, Canada Condor, September 2015
  • Condor March 2015

    “This was a great trip. The hikes were challenging and rewarding, amazing views, amazing group. I really enjoyed being "off the beaten track" - my kind of holiday!”
    – Alberta, Canada Condor, September 2015
  • Money well spent.

    “This is hands down the most tiring and most exhilarating trip I have ever been on. The itinerary was very well organized with plenty to do. We also were blessed with awesome people in our group, and outstanding leadership from our guides. Elder and Danny were a wealth of knowledge and insight into the culture of the Quechua people and the history of Peru. I would not trade this trip for anything in the world. Other tour companies exist, but there is only ONE Active Adventures. Thanks for the great memories.”
    – Ohio, United States Jaguar, September 2015
  • Could not have been better

    “I recently went on the Tortuga trip with my dad and it was an experience that will never be forgotten. The staff went out of their way to help when the airline lost my luggage, our guide (Pepo) was incredible with our diverse group, the food was fantastic and the Galapagos was more than I could have ever bargained for. Thank you Active Adventures, you gave us the opportunity to share something that will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives. It could not have been better.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Tortuga, August 2015
  • Tapir

    “Despite landslides and rain, Jhayro (our HERO guide) was able to come through with alternative activities. Ecuador is a small country with so much to do and see! Ecuadorians we met were all warm, friendly, and helpful. Accommodations, tours, food, and group dynamics were all outstanding!”
    – California, United States Tapir, August 2015
  • Tortuga Adventure

    “I had a wonderful time great mix of activities and very lucky with travel companions who became good friends”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, August 2015
  • Mainland Ecuador

    “I have not been able to stop raving about this trip. Jhayro was an amazing guide. When weather in the Amazon did not cooperate with the itinerary, Jharyo had an amazing alternative to go hike the Quilotoa Crater. The view here is unlike anything I have ever seen before.”
    – New York, United States Tapir, August 2015
  • Tortuga with Pablo

    “My expectations were high for this trip and the actual trip exceeded them! Pablo was an excellent tour guide and was excited to share his passion for the Galapagos with us.
    We saw so much animal life while snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and on the boat crossings. Everyday was filled with fun and exciting experiences.
    I would definitely recommend the Tortuga trip through Active Adventures!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tortuga, August 2015
  • Jaguar 7/26/15 Team Haqu

    “Hiking up mountains, petting Alpacas, having a wild monkey on your shoulder, kayaking, and of course Macchu Picchu. This was an amazing trip made even more so by our guide Frank and all of the Active staff.”
    – Illinois, United States Jaguar, August 2015
  • Sheer Amazingness!!

    “This trip was life changing and beyond what we could have expected! Active made this trip memorable by providing us with gregarious, experienced, and incredibly knowledgeable guides.”
    – Illinois, United States Jaguar, August 2015
  • Close up view of Galapagos

    “Best way to experience the animals and land of the Galapagos Islands!!!!”
    – New York, United States Tortuga, August 2015
  • Close & Personal with Ecuador Countryside

    “The people and places were breathtaking!!!!!”
    – New York, United States Tapir, August 2015
  • Peru Rocks

    “It was a great trip, well organized, perfect weather, great tour guide.”
    – Colorado, United States Jaguar, August 2015
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “It was hard to know what to expect when we booked the tour, but it was truly way beyond our expectations. Elder our guide was so much fun and extremely dedicated to his job, it was obvious that he loves his job. Attention to detail was great, food was great and plentiful. A trip that was hard to fault.”
    – Otorohanga, New Zealand Jaguar, August 2015
  • Still buzzing!

    “Our Jaguar trip really did deliver the trip of a lifetime and we arrived home ready to book our next holiday with Active. The itinerary was well thought out in every detail, with great little surprises dropped in along the way just adding icing to the cake. Elder is an exceptional guide who over delivers in every facet of his job. Frank, our Inca Trail guide also did a great job.”
    – Otorohanga, New Zealand Jaguar, August 2015
  • New Bucket List

    “Didn't know what to expect, being so busy until we left for our trip. We were amazed with the Galapagos and all aspects of our trip there. Food, lodging were much better than expected. Most impressive was our guide, Pepo, who seemed to anticipate our every need. We will never forgett this adventure!”
    – British Columbia, Canada Tortuga, August 2015
  • Unique and amazing family trip Capybara, Peru

    “This family trip and the company of the "cream of the cream" of the Peru guides - Cynthia - was the most signing experience of our lives! We have been emerged in a thought through and so well-organized trip by Active adventures, serving us all the ingredients to allow our family to experience that Peru, its cities, villages, islands, its nature, fauna, flora, its history, its food, its people, are UNIQUE and AMAZING and experience the trip of a lifetime!!! Afra, Mira, Deia, Sandra and Rudi, Italy”
    – Varese, Italy Capybara, August 2015
  • Definitely Active, Definitely Awesome!

    “This trip was a fantastic way to truly experience Peru in a variety of authentic ways, while staying active and also eating some of the best food of my life! It was awesome not to have to worry about any of the details, and the part of the trip I was able to attend (I could only do the seven day trip) was fantastic. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and fun, and went to great lengths to make sure everyone in our group was having a great time. I would absolutely recommend this trip for anyone that wants to really experience Peru, and go deeper into the culture than most tourists go.”
    – DC, United States Jaguar, August 2015
  • Fantastic trip

    “The Tortuga trip was fantastic! Everything was organised with great attention to detail. The guide was very knowledgable and approachable. To visit the Galapagos was amazing: the turtles, tortoises, iguanas, and especially the sea lions and penguins were so nice to see in nature! The hotels were nice and mostly right at the beach. I would definetely recommend this trip to anyone!”
    – , United Arab Emirates Tortuga, August 2015
  • Simply Awesome Active Adventures Lares Trail Trip

    “The 14-day Jaguar trip in Peru is definitely my best vacation experience. Active Adventures has done an awesome job in its meticulous planning of a good spread of activities and our trip leader, Elder Bejar executed the plan flawlessly. The selection of activities was excellent and we were treated to numerous pleasant surprises along the way. Choice of menu during the Lares trail and selection of restaurants was excellent. Elder Bejar was outstanding!!! Such passion in the way he shared his knowledge and experiences was simply a joy to listen to his anecdotes and not forgetting the numerous occasions that he went out of the way to ensure that the group's needs were taken care off and in encouraging me to complete the biking trips. Thank you Elder and thank you Active for a truly great and awesome experience. Active will certainly be my first choice of vacation hereafter!!”
    – , Singapore Jaguar, August 2015
  • “Pepo was a fantastic guide. Having grown up and living with his family on the islands, he was a wealth of information on the Galapagos. Snorkeling was fantastic. Weather was perfect. Organization was top notch. My second trip with Active Adventures was equally as awesome as the Peru trip last year.”
    – California, United States Tortuga, August 2015
  • Once in a lifetime experience!

    “We could not have been happier with this trip as it turned out to be everything we had hoped it would be and then some! From the incredible places we went, things we saw, and animals we encountered to our amazing Naturalist guide Jessica this trip delivered on its promises and then some. The itinerary turned out to be the perfect mix of active, restful and just plain fun with interesting lodging and incredible food at every turn. We would recommend Active Adventures and, more specifically, the Tortuga trip to anyone looking to take part in the kind of tour that you couldn't possibly put together and execute on your own.”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, August 2015
  • "Excellent, the trip of a lifetime!" doesn't even cover it.

    “This really was a trip of a lifetime and more! I've been dreaming of visiting Peru for over 13 years, and being able to save up enough money to finally make my dream come true was a lot of work. With that being said, I must say that every year of dreaming, every hour worked, and every penny spent was worth it!

    We've always traveled independently, and were a bit nervous about booking and traveling on a group excursion. Even though Active came highly rated by a friend who had traveled with your group about 10 years ago, we were still nervous about what it would actually be like to be with the same people for two weeks, rather than on our own. I was so happy to find that all our fears were unfounded. The people we were paired with for travel were easy to get along with and our leader was excellent (more about him later).

    Peru is an amazing country with so much to offer. Traveling independently would have been fine, but I have a hard time believing that we would have been immersed in the country's culture, history, and scenic beauty as thoroughly if we had not gone with Active. We loved everything we did on the trip, but what stood out the most as highlights were our days hiking the Lares trail and all the amazing food that we got to try (oh, and pisco sours too).

    The most important reason we were able to learn as much about Peru as we did was because of our amazing leader, Elder. I believe Elder went above and beyond what would be expected of a group leader. He was so enthusiastic about showing us his love for and knowledge of Peru. I have no idea where all his energy comes from, but it was refreshing to experience and made for a memorable time. Not only did he always have the answers to our questions, he anticipated what we'd want to know by pointing out what to see, explaining more details about nature, history, culture, telling us what was best to order at each restaurant, or what it was like to grow up in Peru. Everything we did was well-timed and organized, and our movement from one activity to another or from place to place was seamless.

    I would never hesitate to recommend this particular trip or your company. It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I share details of our adventure with my friends and coworkers. Thank you, Active and Elder for making this a true dream come true!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Jaguar, July 2015
  • A great way to see the Galapagos!

    “Active Adventures (and their local representatives at Galakiwi) were terrific. They go over and above to ensure that everyone really enjoys their vacation. Jessica is an awesome guide, very knowledgeable about not only the wildlife and plants you will see, but also about the local culture and history of the islands.

    This is definitely the best way to see the islands. Although you're busy during the days, we often got the opportunity to explore a little in the evenings, getting a taste of the local culture that wouldn't be possible from a cruise ship.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tortuga, July 2015
  • An absolutely amazing trip!

    “What a great way to see Peru and experience the rich culture Peruvians offer to visitors. Every detail of our 2 weeks was well organized. The Active Adventures team supported travelers prior to and during the trip. They have partnered with local companies and guides to provide additional support for each aspect of the trip. We had fantastic guides on our Inca Trail hike; our bike rides; in the Amazon and at Lake Titicaca. Our trip leader, Erick, was PHENOMENAL and helped to make this trip so memorable for us. Each day he shared his knowledge and sense of humor with us and was attentive to the needs of each traveler in our group. We packed a lot into each day – getting to see many beautiful sunrises and sunsets along the way. This was our first vacation with a tour company and Active Adventures has set the bar for us!”
    – Maine, United States Jaguar, July 2015
  • Top-Notch Trip

    “The Tortuga itinerary was so thoughtfully planned and seamlessly executed. Active Adventures gave us an all-access pass to the National Park and all the tools and toys to enjoy every moment. We consider ourselves very independent travelers and capable of just about anything, but there is no way we could have done even half of the activities or gained nearly as much knowledge without their expert guiding. This was such a fun and fulfilling trip--thank you!”
    – New Jersey, United States Tortuga, July 2015
  • Dream vacation

    “Trip was fantastic! My highlight was Machu Picchu. Cynthia and the Active Adventure crew made the trip so easy & stress free. It was everything I expected and more!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Capybara, July 2015
  • What a great experience

    “Active was so organized. Every day was planned and worked smoothly. We were always on the move. The information we received from our our guide as well as his friendship was excellent.”
    – Florida, United States Jaguar, July 2015
  • My most amazing adventure

    “Just returned from my Jaguar trip in Peru. So well organized, from first email to last, itinerary was accurate with some surprises too, equipment list given to us included everything we needed for the two weeks, the food was amazing as were all the restaurants we were taken to. The hike on the Inka Trail was the hardest thing I have ever done but with the help of the wonderful Guide, Porters and Cook we were able to accomplish our goal. The one thing I will always be thankful for other than meeting 8 other wonderful trip mates, is that I got to meet our guide, Elder. He is the most passionate, honest, respectful person I have ever met.”
    – Florida, United States Jaguar, July 2015
  • Expectations Exceeded

    “Every promise was kept, and then some, for our Capybara Trip. Cynthia, our Trip Guide, was amazing in her knowledge of the places we went, the patience she had with someone (myself) who did not get as fit as I wanted. The itinerary were locations on a map, Cynthia made them awesome destinations. Thank You for putting together such a great Itinerary to give us the experience of a lifetime!!”
    – Virginia, United States Capybara, July 2015
  • “Well organized, guides were excellent. Erick made this holiday for sure.
    Will look for more Active Adventures”
    – Manitoba, Canada Jaguar, July 2015
  • Great trip

    “Great trip. Got to celebrate my moms 68th Birthday while hiking through the Sacred Valley. What a way to ring it in!!! Active made our whole trip a breeze. Our guide was beyond knowledgeable and a great friend to everyone in the group by the end of our trip.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, July 2015
  • Definitely the trip of a lifetime

    “This trip was incredible. Erick was an amazing trip leader - he was extremely passionate and knowledgable about the history and the activities. He was fun to be around and made sure that all the members of our group were well taken care of. Peru is unbelievably beautiful and diverse and we were able to see so much more that I could have on two weeks of my own. Everything was so well organized, planned and executed.”
    – Arizona, United States Jaguar, June 2015
  • Mother / Daughter Peru Trip

    “The best experience I've had in my life. I am so thankful my daughter and I did this, worth every dollar spent. These memories will stay with us for a lifetime.”
    – Arizona, United States Jaguar, June 2015
  • Amazing travel in Peru

    “Amazing trip! Couldn't have asked for a better guide, Erick truly made the trip. There is quite a bit of hiking the first week so make sure you prepare. Also most of the trip will be at high altitudes so altitude sickness medicine is essential. This was my second trip with Active Adventures and they continue to impress me. I will definitely plan other trips with them.”
    – APO/FPO AP, United States Jaguar, June 2015
  • 5 Gold Stars for Active Adventures & Elder!

    “The answer to all the questions I get about my time in Peru: it was a cultural immersion, which is precisely what I wanted. All I knew about the country was Machu Picchu, the Peruvian textiles, and Lake Titicaca. Being a 'foodie' I was bowled over by the wonderful food I experienced - especially what our porters created after they set up our camp sites. Our leader, Elder, combined in depth knowledge with careful attention to each person (and we were a challenging group! 2 drop outs due to a biking accident, 3 drop outs due to altitude sickness & I ended up on my magnificent mount - a mule, due to altitude sickness) and a wonderful sense of humor. The man is made of pure energy. We couldn't stop marveling at his ability to be up beat at all times, no matter what the fates threw at him. I am so happy I took the Lares Trail instead of the Classic Trail - hiking through the mountains with no one but ourselves and the local people, mixed with alpacas & sheep.”
    – Florida, United States Jaguar, June 2015
  • Active Adventures - Tortuga

    “You can read about the Galápagos Islands but once you step onto your first island, you realize the experience is going to be more than you could have imagined.”
    – West Virginia, United States Tortuga, June 2015
  • Active Adventures - Tapir

    “We compared several tour companies and decided to use Active Adventures based on their "giving back to the community" philosophy and the array of activities available.

    The adventure was incredible and we couldn't have lucked out more by having Jhayro as the group leader. His professionalism, knowledge and infectious personality amplified the whole experience.”
    – West Virginia, United States Tapir, June 2015
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “This is my second trip with Active Adventures and I can say it was an awesome time. I really enjoyed the waterfall canyoning, zip lining and bungee jumping. I plan to return to Ecuador for the Galapagos Islands trip.”
    – Tennessee, United States Tapir, June 2015
  • Jaguar, May, 2015

    “We had an amazing time with Active Adventures during our two weeks in Peru. Every part of the trip was well planned and carried out. Elder was a great trip leader: knowledgeable, patient, organized and extremely personable. From the Amazon to the Andes to the Altiplano regions, we had a great time!”
    – North Carolina, United States Jaguar, June 2015
  • Jaguar trip

    “This trip was amazing! Every day we were so impressed by the incredible amount of intricate coordination and care taken to ensure that we needed to worry about nothing but enjoying an incredible country with incredible people. There are not enough words to express how professional, caring, helpful, intelligent, and just plain wonderful our guide Erik was. Everyone in contact with us through Active Adventures was truly amazing. I have highly recommended Active adventures already and will book another tour with them. Thank you for a GREAT experience!”
    – Connecticut, United States Jaguar, June 2015
  • Nonstop Adventures

    “At first, being with Active in Peru seemed all about the fun -- trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking in the jungle mud; looking out at jaw-dropping Andes vistas; waking up to exotic jungle noises. The trip definitely was an immersion into the perfect sampling of what the country has to offer. Thinking back, though, what enriched my life most is the deep pride Peruvians -- including our guide, Erick and all the Active crew -- have in their culture, their country and their history. They never stopped sharing their extensive knowledge and their pride was compelling. My favorite moment: silently observing our muleteer ask the gods of the earth and the mountains to bless his food and listening as our guide respectfully and quietly explained privately to me the rich history and meaning of that moment.

    Yes: fabulous fun; great nonstop adventures in Peru's mountains, lakes and jungles; flawless logistics; endless caring and support for each of us. But bottom line? One of the richest cultural experiences I've ever had, and sharing it with my two grown children does make this the trip of a lifetime. Thank you!”
    – DC, United States Jaguar, June 2015
  • Amazing adventure!

    “My Jaguar adventure was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend this trip! We explored Peru from a very human level- by personally interacting with local people from several different parts of the country, trying new foods at the best restaurants and shopping at local markets, and of course by engaging in all kinds of different activities from hiking to biking to kayaking. I can't say enough positive things about my guide Elder- he was supportive, fun, intuitive, caring, knowledgeable, and able to make decisions on the fly based on the needs of the group. Every moment of this trip was well thought out, well organized, and thoughtfully constructed. As a solo traveler, I always felt included and that I was a valued member of the group. I will definitely travel with Active on another trip!”
    – Kentucky, United States Jaguar, June 2015
  • “The trip was made excellent by having such an excellent guide in Elder! He's one in a million!”
    – New South Wales, Australia Jaguar, June 2015
  • “I was worried about traveling internationally, but thanks to our guide and active adventures I couldn't have felt safer! It really was a trip of a lifetime!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, June 2015
  • Best run yet easy-going tour.

    “This was a 5 star trip from the guide, food, accomodations and how easily everything ran.”
    – New Hampshire, United States Tortuga, June 2015
  • Talk about Active Adventure, I lost 12lbs in Peru, no joke!

    “The best thing about our trip was our tour guide Eric. We've had many guides over the years, and Eric was by far the best tour guide ever! He's so patient, so kind, so caring, so real. He obviously loves his job and it shows through in everything he does. Eric is fun, energetic, professional, and makes the trip all it's meant to be and more. The whole trip is excellent, but Eric is the glue that brings it all together.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Jaguar, June 2015
  • Tortuga with Pablo

    “Pablo was wonderfully enthusiastic about the islands. His love for the islands and everything they represent helped entertain us while providing us with historical facts. His easy-going mannerism was a delight and helped make this trip an enjoyable experience.”
    – Minnesota, United States Tortuga, June 2015
  • What a trip

    “This trip was beautiful and certainly active.
    14 days days allowed us to really emerge into the Peruvian culture. The memories will last forever.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Jaguar, June 2015
  • Peru: Andes to Amazon adventure

    “This trip was two weeks of solid fun. Despite being the home of tourist-draw Machu Picchu, Peru still feels fairly unspoiled.”
    – , Sweden Jaguar, May 2015
  • May 2015 Ecuador Tapir trip with Jhayro

    “Trip of a lifetime...the cloud forest was spectacular! Jhayro was wonderful, knowledgeable and worked hard to make our trip a lot of fun.”
    – Minnesota, United States Tapir, May 2015
  • It was an Active Adventure

    “We got to see and experience all Galapagos had to offer. Never a dull moment with 2 activities each day that let you interact with wildlife in their natural environment and experience various climate conditions all in the same place .”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, May 2015
  • “I had a great time on this trip. The Galapagos is an amazing place and we were constantly busy doing fun adventurous things. Highly recommended”
    – California, United States Tortuga, May 2015
  • “I found the trip to be very exciting and full of adventure. Jhayro was a great leader and filled the moments with the best Quito and surrounding areas have to offer. I was just going to do the Galapago's trip but so happy that I chose to do both. You can check out my pictures on facebook, Cynthia Rothrock in the photo album Ecuador Quito/Galapagos. I highly recommend this trip.”
    – California, United States Tapir, May 2015
  • “A very good trip. Well organized and tons of stuff to do. Our guide was great and very knowledgeable. I never worried about a thing it was seamless.”
    – Ontario, Canada Jaguar, May 2015
  • Awesome

    “Thoroughly enjoyed a very short two week adventure in southern Patagonia.”
    – Ohio, United States Condor, May 2015
  • Awesome

    “It fulfilled my need to have an active vacation, and not just sit in a bus and drive around.”
    – Ohio, United States Condor, May 2015
  • Patagonian outdoors trip

    “The whole experience was really good. Organisation was great as was the company of the guides, and the food was plentiful. Tramping was great and the experience of the glaciers and of course the mountains was unforgettable. The group was a small and friendly one, which made the whole experience all the more memorable.”
    – West Coast, New Zealand Condor, May 2015
  • Dad & Son get away

    “It was a very good trip. Peru is an excellent choice for interesting sights and a variety of experiences. The people are warm, friendly and very humble. High praise to Zac who was very attentive, informative & knowledgeable. A great representative for Active Adventures. I really enjoyed the small group and the many varied activities.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, May 2015
  • Active review jaguar trip

    “From start to finish this Active trip was perfectly organized. Our guide ( Elder) was as good as it gets and had the personality to not just get along with everyone but befriend and give the impression he was enjoying the trip just as much as we were. His enthusiasm was contagious! The trip exceeded our high expectations!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, May 2015
  • Another Score for Active

    “This is our second trip with Active. The first was the Tortugas trip to the Galapagos with Pepo. That set the bar and our expectations mighty high. This trip was certainly close. This trip was physically more strenuous and the scenery was more spectacular. Of course, it is impossible to beat the Galapagos wildlife though we did see some pretty cool stuff especially in the rainforest part of the trip. Pepo set the platinum standard for guides, but Elder (in Peru) was no slouch in terms of knowledge, personality and care for all of our fellow travelers. Now our only question is what is our next Active trip?”
    – California, United States Jaguar, May 2015
  • The first of more Active Adventures! (April 2015)

    “For me, travelling to Peru was going to be a trip of a lifetime since it would be "out of my comfort zone" (All of my travel, although extensive, had been in Europe, where I lived for 5 years, and North America). Active Adventures made this trip unforgettable mostly because of our expert and extraordinary guide, Elder (he is a gem!), and the perfectly organized, ambitious itinerary which showed us so many aspects of this amazing country that most tourists don't ever see. Every day unfolded practically seamlessly; our accomodation, whether hotels, jungle huts or tents, was comfortable and easy; our food, whether in restaurants or cooked by our talented porters, was varied and delicious; and the knowledgeable and passionate local guides offered rare glimpses into the unique experiences of their lives as Peruvians. The activities were so well orchestrated, with excellent equipment (bikes and kayaks) and gave us unique perspectives of landscapes that few visitors are privileged to experience. Many of the places on the Jaguar trip offered spontaneous encounters with local people which added so much to the trip. For me this was a journey which one can hardly place a value on. Thank you Active! I'll be back!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Jaguar, May 2015
  • The Ups and Downs of Peru

    “Peru is about lots of going "up" and lots of going "down" and that rhythm was the fun "comment" of our group. The excitement was achieving the "up" experiencing the incredible environment on the journey and the joy of reaching the end of the "down." Above all, the variety of the Jaguar trip was invigorating and exciting. It was not always easy... but it was always a great day.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Jaguar, May 2015
  • Amazing Experience

    “This trip was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. The Islands were beautiful, the people were friendly, and our guide was extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend this trip to anyone and I can't wait for the next time I get to visit the Galapagos!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tortuga, May 2015
  • Galapagos

    “My husband and I had a great trip to the Galapagos. Loved the small group and our local guide, Pablo, was great; very knowledgeable and excited about all the islands have to offer. Snorkling at Kicker Rock was wonderful beyond words.”
    – North Carolina, United States Tortuga, May 2015
  • We Don't Watch The Movie, We Make The Movie!

    “The title of this review is my favorite quote from our guide, Elder, and it certainly explains everything. We did not visit Peru, we experienced Peru, from the mountains to the Amazon basin to the high plateaus. Within days we felt as if we were part of the country and not just tourists. I was amazed as to how detailed and planned the trip turned out to be. We all had choices as to how much we wanted to exert and experience and I personally went farther than I ever expected I was able to do. It was great to be challenged and then be able to meet the challenge. The professional, encouraging coordinators and guides became our window to a wonderful country. I have never been exposed to or succeeded in a more exciting, challenging adventure. We most definitely will be looking to book a new adventure soon. I can't wait to try another trip!”
    – Michigan, United States Jaguar, May 2015
  • We Are ACTIVE!

    “What a great trip. I honestly wouldn't change a thing. Our guides were all wonderful. The activity level was perfect. The accommodations were comfortable and the entire trip came together like clockwork. I am very impressed with Active Adventures and will definitely recommend to others.”
    – Idaho, United States Jaguar, May 2015
  • Fantastic Adventure

    “The Jaguar trip exceeded our expectations and we are so glad that we chose it as our way to see Machu Picchu! Everything was well organized and the variety of Activities kept us moving and on our toes.”
    – Idaho, United States Jaguar, May 2015
  • Fantastic Trip

    “Great guide and driver. Perfect mix of activities. Saw so much without burning too much time in transit. Have already recommended Active and the Tapir Trip to friends.”
    – New York, United States Tapir, May 2015
  • Nature at its best!

    “I'd always wanted to visit the Galapagos. Like for many, it was on my bucket list. Pablo, our guide, was so passionate about his love of the islands, and we learned so much about the unique land and marine animals as well as the stunning volcanic landscape. I am especially pleased that Active is a land-based tour company supporting local businesses on the islands.”
    – California, United States Tortuga, April 2015
  • Adventures in Ecuador

    “The Tapir trip is more than we expected in that is was truly an "active" trip. Adrenaline rushes included mountain biking down Cotopaxi Volcano and hiking up a waterfall! Ecuador is a beautiful country with volcanoes, mountains and canyons, rivers, cloud forests, tropical forests, jungles and beaches. The Tapir trip has something for everyone and our guide's enthusiasm and love of his country added to the experience.”
    – California, United States Tapir, April 2015
  • Condor Tour of Patagonia

    “I had an excellent trip except for not seeing penguinos. Seriously the group leader, Cynthia, did a great job and took good care of us. She was knowledgeable and had everything planned and set up. She took care of individual needs, too. I can not say enough about her. The group got along well. And the other guides were very good. The hiking was challenging and scenery was great, very beautiful. Had a wonderful time!”
    – Arizona, United States Condor, April 2015
  • Peru Adventures

    “Active Adventures did a great job putting together a momentous experience. Everything was incredibly well-organized and executed flawlessly. But our wonderful guide, Zac, was the secret ingredient to this perfect vacation. I highly recommend this trip!”
    – Illinois, United States Jaguar, April 2015
  • “We had a great time on our trip. The hiking was great as was the food and lodging. Our guide was excellent and so were the porters and chefs. We couldn't have asked for more!”
    – Ontario, Canada Jaguar, April 2015
  • Condor Feb. 2015

    “As an occasional day hiker and not having any multi-day trekking experience, I was worried that I would not be able to hold up to the physical rigors of backpacking for several days. I found the hiking and backpacking on this trip to be just about perfect for me. Yes the steep ascents were about at the limit of what I could handle but I managed to make it through all of them. What made it great was that had I felt that I would not be able to do some of these before hand then I had the option to skip these portions of the hikes if I wanted to.

    The itinerary of starting off with the multi-day Torres Del Paine W trek, having a little transportation break to get to Argentina, then having only day hikes the second week was PERFECT! It gave my body time to recover after the first week. Staying in hotels the second week also was a nice thing to look forward to after the refugios on the W.

    I had a difficult time trying to decide what clothes and gear to bring since being from Hawaii I had no cold weather to train in. Cynthia our guide was invaluable in helping me weed out all the unnecessary clothes and gear I did not need for the W trek beforehand and being able to store all this extra stuff in Puerto Natales was a godsend.

    The meals on the trip were better than I expected, our group was fantastic company, the biking and kayaking were good additions to add variety, and the ice hiking was totally AWESOME.

    I am still amazed at the logistics of the trip. Getting our group from here to there was totally smooth and well planned out. Having the tour boat rendezvous with our ice hike boat mid-lake to pick us up and already be loaded with our backpacks that we had left behind at the refugio was mind blowing. My roommate had missed his flight over and arrived many hours late after we had already departed on the bus to Puerto Natales. Yet somehow Cynthia had arranged to have him greeted and picked up from the airport and transported to our hotel that same night so he didn't miss any of the trip. She even had dinner saved for him at 1:00 am when he arrived!

    Overall I was totally satisfied with the trip and felt it surpassed all my expectations of how the trip should be.”
    – Hawaii, United States Condor, April 2015
  • Fabulous from start to finish

    “This was our 4th Active trip and all our expectations were met. Sebastian our guide was the best; accommodations, food, activities were all first rate. We love the superb organization of Active. They think of everything...and this makes the trip the best. i don't know another travel company that takes your laundry somewhere for you! And it's the little extras that make Active so special. 1. Getting out prior to arriving at Perito Merino and hiking along the shore for a quiet, non tourist crowded view of the glacier. 2. Taking us out of town to start our hike to the mirador for Fitz Roy...avoiding all the crowds and making for a fabulous hike rather than just an "out and back". We are so glad we found Active.”
    – North Carolina, United States Condor, April 2015
  • Judy's Galapagos

    “No shortage of food!
    Super Pepo with his Super Plan for everyday was a great guide. There wasn't a creature or plant or rock formation he couldn't identify.”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, April 2015
  • Galapagos Adventure

    “Start to finish, Active Adventures was easy to coordinate with and has put together an itinerary that gives you the highlights of this incredible archipelago. Pepo was extraordinary, charming, informative, knowledgeable, the best guide. Very glad to do the land tour and not the cruises, really was able to experience the culture staying in the towns and interacting with local folks.”
    – Maine, United States Tortuga, March 2015
  • Tortuga

    “Once you got to the the Galapagos, the trip was wonderful. Pepo was well informed, funny and a great guide. It was well worth the trip.”
    – Virginia, United States Tortuga, March 2015
  • Wonderful trip

    “The condor trip was wonderful. Patagonia is a beautiful place - full of soaring jagged mountain peaks, breathtaking glaciers, awesome scenery. The Torres del Paine is absolutely stunning. The whole trip was superbly well organised. But the real joy of travelling is the people you meet - our group was great fun, the local guides were knowledgeable and interesting, and it was a great way experience this remote part of the world.”
    – Bay of Plenty, New Zealand Condor, March 2015
  • Unique and unforgettable experiences in southern Patagonia

    “I will remember the W-Trek forever - everything from standing below the "three towers", walking past blocks of glacial ice, and seeing condors circling high above, to picking Calafate berries along the trail and drinking glacial water fresh from the streams!”
    – Victoria, Australia Condor, March 2015
  • Great Hikes

    “Chile and Argentina offer spectacular scenery and our hikes offered great views at a comfortable pace. Planning was great as you were able to store your packs for the continued hike to the top. We had a great group and enjoyed having Cynthia as our guide again. I highly recommend Active Adventures to anyone considering this journey.”
    – New York, United States Condor, March 2015
  • My first time to South America

    “This was my 3rd trip with Active in 3 years. Patagonia was beautiful and the people in the group were friendly. Cynthia was very professional and things were going smoothly. Even the weather was fine and the locals told us that we were lucky to have such a good weather.”
    – , Israel Condor, March 2015
  • Awesome Scenery

    “This trip was amazing. While we have hiked many places, the scenery here was incredibly spectacular, I can't express it in enough words. The glaciers were at their best as we had fantastic weather. We were fortunate to have Cynthia as a guide who we traveled with last year on the Peru trip. We enjoyed the restaurants she picked. I really liked the timing of the trip wherein travel down time came after four days of hiking. I was appreciative of our early morning start times in Argentina as we were on our return hike when most groups were hiking uphill in the hot sun.”
    – New York, United States Condor, March 2015
  • The Best of Peru

    “Capybara was the perfect way to get to know Peru-- a taste of everything!”
    – Connecticut, United States Capybara, March 2015
  • Condor Trip

    “Overall this was a spectacular trip. Cynthia was a fantastic guide. She took care of all the details to accommodate everyone and was a joy to talk to. Very good variety of restaurants and food and atmosphere to enjoy. The hikes were easy in places and challenging in other places but the views were well worth the effort. My most memorable part of the trip was hiking on Grey Glacier. It was fantastic and eye opening. Drinking the cold clear glacier water was really great. Another standout guide was David on the Argentina treks. Will remember this trip for a long time.

    – Wisconsin, United States Condor, March 2015
  • Fantastic Trip!

    “The beauty of Ecuador along with our outstanding guide Jhayro made this trip a once in a lifetime experience. I cannot possibly say enough about how well run this trip was. I'm looking forward to my next Active Adventures trip!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Tapir, March 2015
  • Nonstop adventure!

    “All day, everyday you're doing something amazing! Jessica did an amazing job at showing us the real Galapagos. She took us to special places that not everybody that visits the islands gets to go. What an amazing week full of birds, sea lions, iguanas, fish, and so much more. The wildlife is breathtaking and beautiful. I never thought I'd get to experience Galapagos. But boy, did I! We hiked volcanos, swam with sharks, got up close and personal with Blue Footed Boobies, and enjoyed so much fresh seafood I thought I'd explode after every meal. Every island was spectacular but Floreana was my favorite. I liked how secluded we were and listening to the waves crash on the beach at night while I fell asleep was magical. I love the Galapagos! Can't wait to get back!”
    – North Carolina, United States Tortuga, March 2015
  • 5 Stars, all day, every day!

    “Everything on this trip was exceptional! From the food and lodging to the guides and adventures, this trip was absolutely amazing. I successfully challenged myself everyday and experienced things I never imagined I would. I ate bugs(which were delicious), ziplined over a kilometer across the Andes, biked down a volcano, gained some culture with a local rainforest village, hiked UP a waterfall, and made some amazing new friends. Lynette and the Active Team took such good care of us, too. They had everything planned so we didn't have to think twice about anything. I've never had such a great time on a trip, ever! Thanks for the memories, I'll cherish them, and I can't wait to go back!”
    – North Carolina, United States Tapir, March 2015
  • Condor 2/2015

    “This was an amazing trip with wonderful guides. We loved the hiking and backpacking and appreciated all the info we received prior to the trip as it was very helpful. Our group was blessed with wonderful people who enjoyed being together and sharing adventures. We would love to do another Active Adventures trip as they are very well organized and know the places and the people of the regions we visited.”
    – Arizona, United States Condor, March 2015
  • Great adventure at the end of the world

    “Great adventure with great guides, great food, great hikes at the end of the wordl! The road to Punta Arenas is called ruta fin del mundo and that is true. Far away from everything else you can find spectacular mountains, glaciars, lakes, huge steppe, condors, guanacos.”
    – , Germany Condor, March 2015
  • Awesome Adventure

    “This trip exceeded our expectations in every way - the scenery, accommodations, food, organization, etc. we will definitely travel with Active again.”
    – Manitoba, Canada Condor, March 2015
  • Condor in Patagonia

    “Our third trip with active, and again an amazing one! Between Peru, New Zealand, and Patagonia, I will not be put on the spot and say which one was the best, they all were. Patagonia is one of the most "photogenic" corners of the world. We experienced awesome winds, and calm sunny days. We saw mountains and glaciers we'll talk about for years! Physically, probably the most challenging hiking of the three, I'm glad we prepared for it. Every time we go out and feel wind on our faces now, it puts a great smile on our faces! You guys (and gals) are able to give US BY FAR THE BEST trips and BEST VALUE!”
    – Georgia, United States Condor, March 2015
  • Perfect Patagonia!

    “Our Condor Patagonia trip was awesome! The weather was good, and Cynthia, our guide was great! She handled all the details fantastically, and navigated through the few minor hiccups (e.g. Misplaced belongings, food allergies, etc.) like the seasoned professional she is. She knew everybody along the way, and that ensured the best service for all of us. She was our "Mom" for the trip and took excellent care of us!”
    – South Carolina, United States Condor, March 2015
  • Had an Amazing time!

    “When asked what I liked best about the trip, the only answer I can give was EVERYTHING! From the amazing scenery, to the fun and knowledgeable guides, kayaking, biking, hiking, great meals, even the weather, it was all fabulous!”
    – South Carolina, United States Condor, March 2015
  • Condor Feb. 8, 2015

    “World-class hiking, great leader and guides!”
    – Arizona, United States Condor, March 2015
  • Condor Feb. 8, 2015

    “This is a world-class hike lead by an excellent leader, Cynthia, and great local guides.”
    – Arizona, United States Condor, March 2015
  • Another incredible Active trip!

    “The Condor was my 4th trip with Active and they continued to impress. This is truly a trip of a lifetime and & I would absolutely recommend it.”
    – California, United States Condor, March 2015
  • Abundance of Animals

    “This trip delivered on the promise of seeing animals. Every day was another exciting discovery of more animals.”
    – Washington, United States Tortuga, March 2015
  • An excellent opportunity to see the Galapagos up close

    “The two highlights of the trip; Our guide Jessica along with the other seven members of our group. Jessica is superb. We enjoyed the opportunity to stay on four of the islands and travel by boat in the morning hours. It gave us the chance to meet the locals, stay in local lodges and eat at local restaurants while still traveling to four islands. Enjoyed the diversity including kayaking, biking, snorkeling, hiking and boating. It was a bit challenging for a 72 year old but well worth the effort. The biggest challenge was adjusting to the heat. We enjoyed seeing the wildlife and vegetation in all its forms but you never know in advance how the group's dynamics and the guide will work out. They couldn't have been better.”
    – California, United States Tortuga, March 2015
  • Awesome, amazing and beautiful!!

    “This was an amazing trip. Everything was taken care of and sebastion was a great guide along with roberto. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was just perfect. Definitely a trip of a life time, can't wait for the next one”
    – California, United States Condor, March 2015
  • Galapagos

    “Excellent time amazing wildlife, beautiful landscape, and the best part knowledgeable staff completing an amazing package.”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, March 2015
  • Truly excellent adventure

    “Excellent planning, fantastic, knowledgeable and friendly guide, interesting group of people to meet and sped time with. Really loved the island hopping - getting to see different islands each with their own unique flavour. And the different activities - snorkeling at Kicker Rock being the absolute highlight of the nature on the trip.”
    – , Panama Tortuga, March 2015
  • tortuga, galapagos

    “Our guide Jessica was knowledgeable, organized, an excellent leader who helped me to have a deeper knowledge of the Galapagos than just the animals and the terrain.”
    – California, United States Tortuga, March 2015
  • Condor

    “The W hike was everything you read about and more. It is like the Millford Sound on steroids. Our guide was outstanding. By far the best guide that I have ever had in any activity type trip. Well worth your time and money.”
    – Tennessee, United States Condor, March 2015
  • Wonderful time!

    “This was a great trip! We got to see so much of the islands. All the wildlife that you hope to see on a trip like this. The SCUBA diving and snorkeling was amazing. The hiking was full of wildlife and beautiful and striking scenery. Jessica is a great guide who is full of knowledge and a lot of fun. This is definitely a trip I would do again.”
    – Washington, United States Tortuga, March 2015
  • Great time in Ecuador!

    “Had a great time in Ecuador. The trip was a great mix of active and relaxing time. Hiking, cycling, scenery and good people. Loved the Zip line and waterfall hiking in the jungle. Follow that with a relaxing day in the hot springs. Bliss! Jhayro was a great guide. His knowledge was wonderful and he was very available with his time. A great trip with so much to do, great accommodations, delicious food and wonderful memories. Thanks Active!”
    – Washington, United States Tapir, March 2015
  • Amazing Adventure, Well Planned, Spectacular Guide

    “The trip was spectacular in all respects - activities, scenery, food, and lodging. Cynthia couldn't have been a better guide. The region is beautiful and the itinerary covered all the highlights - with a lot of little special touches as well. Better than I could have ever imagined.”
    – Oregon, United States Condor, February 2015
  • Super Trip - Super Plan!

    “Galapagos was first on my bucket list and our guide Pepo made it a very awesome adventure. Snorkelling was superb, hiking the volcano was excellent and kayaking was great. Lots of great birds and other creatures. I was so glad to have chosen a land based trip, as it was great to walk around the towns in the evenings and get a real feel for life on the various islands.”
    – Alberta, Canada Tortuga, February 2015
  • What a special place

    “I knew it would be a place like no other, but it still took my breath away. How could I imagine sea lions sleeping on benches like old winos, giant turtles blocking the road, prehistoric iguanas lounging on the beach ...”
    – , Finland Tortuga, February 2015
  • Trip leader Zacarius de Ugarte was the best!

    “What I will remember is not the places, but the people we met, including our three guides. Most especially, our trip leader, Zacarius de Ugarte, was a true host for Peru, an ambassador for his native country. Places like Peru become real when they are represented by one who "feels" the place in himself. Zacarius's energy was infectious, and his knowledge of all things Peruvian way more than we could digest. Hit by altitude sickness, I might have gone home. His generosity carried me through, and is something I will always remember. He made the trip for me!”
    – New Jersey, United States Jaguar, February 2015
  • Patagonia was everything we hoped for thanks to ACTIVE!

    “Thanks to ACTIVE we were able to enjoy all the wonder that Patagonia had to offer. The Condor trip was excellently curated to ensure that we got to see the most beautiful spots and we never had to worry about a thing (except making our legs work for the hikes! ;)). Cynthia was incredible! She took great care of us and was always offering helpful tidbits about what we were seeing and experiencing. We could not have imagined a better trip or better guide!”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2015
  • Peruvian Perambulations

    “I booked a couple of Active New Zealand tours a few years ago, and those were pretty nifty--but the Jaguar blows them out of the water. Hiking the Inca Trail really put the "active" in Active Adventures, and while the Amazon and Lake Titicaca side trips were less strenuous, both were culturally and environmentally rich and engrossing. All our guides were first rate: smart, knowledgeable and with a broad and deep command of English as a second language. This is a first-rate excursion, with high altitudes the only cautionary note.”
    – Virginia, United States Jaguar, February 2015
  • The Condor, a trip of a lifetime

    “As we sat on a log eating our lunch in French Valley, the glacial stream was racing downhill in front of us and the glaciers across the valley were cracking and popping. We talked about how could we ever find a better view to take in over a lunch break? Turned out you set us up with spectacular lunch spots nearly every day. It is hard to say which one was the best. They all beat sitting at my desk back at work!!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Condor, February 2015
  • Wow!

    “This was a trip of a lifetime. We did some amazing trekking in a stunning part of the world. It was nice not to have to worry about any of the logistics. Our guide, Cynthia, was incredible and made sure everyone was happy. I've traveled a lot in South America and was very impressed with our accommodations, food, and overall how smoothly everything went. My only suggestion would be smaller group size.”
    – Colorado, United States Condor, February 2015
  • Condor trip

    “We almost didn't do this trip due to the cost but we were able to see & do so much more than if we had tried to plan a trip ourselves, it was great!”
    – Colorado, United States Condor, February 2015
  • Condor

    “Once again, Active Adventures was at the top of their game! This has been our 3rd Active trek and each time the quality and the experiance always exceeds our expectations. I can't image trusting another company with our adventures around the world. Active Adventures truly does meet ALL of our needs. Whether the needs are small or big we always felt special thoughout the whole trip!
    Mimi and Derald
    Outdoor Junkies :)”
    – Colorado, United States Condor, February 2015
  • El Calafate

    “This week we began in El Calafate and greatly enjoyed the hikes and adventure atmosphere in El Chaten. The downside to this week was the fact that every long bus ride and/or hike paid off w/great views. The exception was leaving El Chaten to see the giant sloth and the penguins. It seemed a bit anticlimactic after all o the spectacular experiences. My suggestion for this part of the trip is to spend an extra day in ElChaten. Maybe make it a "you pick" day...choose my biking, fishing, climbing or an additional hike.
    The guides were awesome and Cynthia was brilliant!”
    – Arkansas, United States Condor, January 2015
  • Ecuador and Galapagos Islands

    “Celebrating our 20th anniversary in Ecuador and Galapagos Islands was fantastic, Every detail of this adventure was equally attended to and well organized. The in country staff and Naturalist Jessica were spot on and extremely attentive and resourceful. I highly recommend Active Adventures if you want to experience a remarkable vacation. Well Done! Chip Callan Chesapeake VA”
    – Virginia, United States Tortuga, January 2015
  • A wonderful group of people and guide with unparalled scenery

    “Cynthia was a fabulous guide. Laid back yet very professional and personable. She interacted well with our children who loved her and was so accomodating and knowledgable. Patagonia was an epic trip for my family and I!

    We must have lucked out on the group of folks on the trip with us. We all came together like one big family, everyone interested in everyone else's wellbeing and spending time talking with each other. You wouldnt have known that that was the first time we met each other.”
    – , Trinidad and Tobago Condor, January 2015
  • “Cynthia was a fabulous guide. Laid back yet very professional and personable. She interacted well with our children who loved her and was so accomodating and knowledgable. Patagonia was an epic trip for my family and I!

    We must have lucked out on the group of folks on the trip with us. We all came together like one big family, everyone interested in everyone else's wellbeing and spending time talking with each other. You wouldnt have known that that was the first time we met each other.”
    – , Trinidad and Tobago Condor, January 2015
  • Wonderful Company

    “Active Adventures really helped us see 2 weeks worth of incredible things as we went through Peru. They were so accommodating and even if we knew what was going to happen we were still in awe.”
    – Texas, United States Capybara, January 2015
  • Raw, Challenging and Awesome

    “We enjoyed every aspect of Patagonia - wind, rain, sun - and were prepared for it all! We were glad to expereince the rawness of the region! The hiking was challenging but worth every step...the vistas are breathtaking. Sebastian is a real pro and added to the adventure with his knowledge of the region and his wonderful sense of humor. Thanks!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Condor, January 2015
  • Natural beauty, rewarding work and good times with new friends

    “Active's two-week Condor trip was the perfect way to spend my holiday break. Though my group was lucky to have near-perfect weather throughout the adventure, I'm sure I would've loved every minute of it nonetheless because of the challenging but enjoyable hikes, jovial vibe of the group and unfailing friendliness and support of our guide, Cynthia. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to go on a trip to Patagonia; I won't ever forget it.”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, January 2015
  • Condor - Patagonia At It's Finest

    “What a wonderful trip. Take it for the magnificent scenery. Take it for the physical challenge. Take it to meet new friends. Take it to break away from the norm. Whatever your reason, you won't regret booking your Condor adventure.”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, January 2015
  • Patagonia 2015

    “We've traveled all over the world. Sometimes on guided trips such as this. Sometimes on our own. Active Adventures, and our guide Sebastian in particular, made it the most enjoyable and stress free trip ever. Every detail was handled, allowing us to focus on hiking, enjoying the amazing scenery, and having fun!”
    – Colorado, United States Condor, January 2015
  • Into the Valley of the Volcanoes

    “It was a fascinating trip through the valley of the volcanoes and across the countryside. Thanks to our guide Jhayro who was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would also like to mention our driver Eduardo who was skillful, patient and helpful. He navigated through traffic in crowded towns and through steep mountain roads expertly and never made us feel unsafe.

    The main highlight of this trip was the biking down the volcano Cotopaxi. We drove through rough terrain up the volcano Cotopaxi until we could feel the freezing wind coming down from the glaciers on top of the volcano. This volcano was as imposing as it was stunning. The glaciers looked magnificent and we were all tremendously excited about our ride. We started riding down on rough terrain and it was exhilarating. The sights were astonishing and frequently we would stop and admire the volcano and the stark surroundings. This was the highlight of our trip.

    Our time in Banos was very pleasant. The volcano Tungurahua overlooked this picturesque little mountain town. We enjoyed hiking and rafting. We loved wandering the streets of this little town and experiencing a slice of Ecuadorian life. There was a lot of street art that was intriguing. The waterfalls and public baths were fascinating. We stayed in Hotel Samari which was excellent. There was a resident peacock and there was even a piano in a gazebo in the middle of the expansive grounds! We also enjoyed the spa and the hot tub at the hotel.

    Another highlight was the boat ride on the Napo River. It was wonderful to experience the river and its surrounding rainforests which were vibrant, full of life and seemed impenetrable.

    We also enjoyed the hot spring resort Termas Papallacta. While soaking in the hot springs which were right in front of our hotel rooms we were suddenly visited by a Sword-billed Hummingbird. It fed on the nectar of the Angel’s Trumpet flower that bloomed right next to the hot spring. We were shocked at seeing this amazing bird. Its bill was longer than its entire body! This was another highlight of our trip. We soaked in the hot waters until the sun set over the impressive Andes mountains.

    Overall it was a fascinating and wonderful trip across mountains, rivers and rainforests. The Ecuadorian landscape will forever remain in my fondest memory.”
    – Idaho, United States Tapir, January 2015
  • A Trip Through Wonderland

    “A wonderful trip through a Wonderland! Everything in Galapagos went like clockwork which was due to detail planning and meticulous management by the team in Galapagos. Jose, our guide, was excellent and he was a fountain of knowledge and information. It was a pleasure having him as our guide.

    The Giant Tortoises were the main highlight of the trip. At the ranch in Santa Cruz we hiked around the tortoise country. There were tortoises of various sizes. There were even some tortoises in a marsh that was completely covered with red algae. From a distance it looked like artificial turf of a tennis court, except that there were tortoise shells sticking out from it! We saw giant tortoises lounging in the mud, eating in slow motion (for us anyway!), walking deliberately across the fields carrying their huge shell effortlessly and of course trying to hide. When disturbed they made a loud hissing sound and recessed their heads into their carapace while bringing their strong front feet with sharp claws in front of their faces in a defensive posture. We spent a long time basking in the splendor of these magnificent creatures. They were truly extraordinary and it was a highlight of our trip to spend time in their presence.

    One of the caretakers at the tortoise breeding facility in Isabela Island showed us an eight day old tortoise which was barely bigger than the egg it just recently hatched from. It is humbling to realize that this tiny creature will one day become a giant of this land and will outlive us, our children and our children’s children. Live long and prosper, adorable little dude!

    The other main highlight of the trip was the marine iguanas. They melded their prehistoric bodies into the crags and crevices of the volcanic rocks and left strange trailing marks on the restless sand. Then there were the brightly colored marine iguanas. They had red and green splotches over their entire bodies. The males fought with each other to gain the highest spot on the rocks. They moved slowly on land and swam elegantly in water. They were a surreal sight.

    The other highlights of the trip were, sea lion rookery at La Loberia beach, dolphins and fin whales, kayaking in Isabela bay, snorkeling in the Tintoreras, fearless penguins, sunset on the black sand beach in Floreana, magnificent flamingoes, graceful eagle rays and of course the blue footed boobies at Darwin Bay.

    My favorite moment was at Darwin Bay in San Cristobal Island where the wind was a balmy seventy and frigate birds circled the sky. The sun peeped through lazy clouds in the horizon while a yellow finch darted in front and vanished into the towering cacti. It was the time of the day when brown pelicans searched for their last bit of morsel before retiring for the day. Blue footed boobies preened on guano covered rocks as they too ready themselves for the passing of the sunlight. Perhaps the sea lions noticed the passing of the light. They are aptly described as lumbering on land but in the water they darted frantically. They must sense a final feeding before retiring for the night. The water where a few stragglers still snorkel lazily is bluish green and the surf hitting the cove is as bright as a fresh coat of vanilla ice cream. Looking over them all was the statue of Charles Darwin, his back to the cove. He was welcoming us all to his beloved Galapagos. The sun started to gently descend into the horizon and an eerie calmness descended upon the land. The frantic feeding of the yellow finned tuna had given way to tranquility, a silent waiting but not a permanent ending. The frigate birds had finally ceased their hovering. They were now perched on the cliffs and on a few precariously hanging trees. There was no one there as the sun finally set over the magnificent Galapagos. It was a moment of unimaginable peace. It was a moment worthwhile to have come so far for.

    I carry in my heart the wonder and beauty of the Galapagos and the hospitality of the people. That will remain with me forever. Thanks for making that happen.”
    – Idaho, United States Tortuga, January 2015
  • January 2015 Condor Trip

    “I thoroughly enjoyed my Patagonia Condor trip. From the hiking, kayaking, and wildlife to the beautiful scenery, I couldn't have asked for more. After the trip, I tried to identify my favorite part of the trip, but couldn't seem to keep it to one thing. The W-hike was great and I enjoyed staying in the refugios (which was something I had never done). The kayaking was also a highlight. It was also stress free, as Sebastian took care of organizing everything - including packed lunches for our hikes. I highly recommend this trip.”
    – Colorado, United States Condor, January 2015
  • Christmas in Patagonia

    “Active Adventures and our guide Sebastian did everything possible to make our trip as enjoyable as possible. All the details were incredibly well organized and a complicated itinerary went off without a hitch. Our family really enjoyed the entire experience.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Condor, January 2015
  • Fantastic in all respects!

    “Everything was top-notch . . . Our guide, Jose was exceptional. Hotels and food much better than I expected. The scenery and wildlife even exceeded my very high expectations. Fun activities with quality equipment and support staff. Don't miss this trip!”
    – Washington, United States Tortuga, January 2015
  • So Amazing!

    “I took my son here, for his 21st birthday. Patagonia has been on our bucket list, for a long time. This is our third trip with Active Adventures and they went beyond our expectations. All of our needs were met. We had fantastic guides. We saw the most spectacular mountains, wildlife, glaciers, caves,...”
    – Georgia, United States Condor, January 2015
  • All this and swimming with dolphins!

    “So thrilled I made this trip; and Jessica as our guide couldn't have done more to explain the flora and fauna and make sure everything ran smoothly. Getting to jump off the boat and swim with dolphins in the middle of a transfer between islands was a top highlight.”
    – , United Kingdom Tortuga, January 2015
  • Best guide ever!!! Sebastian really took good care of everybody.

    “It was the trip I've been dreaming about for many years and Active Adventures did not disappoint. I was glad I did this trip and my team mates and guide made it even more special.”
    – Hawaii, United States Condor, January 2015
  • Doug's 2014 Condor Trip

    “The scenery of Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and the Southern Ice Fields, along with Torres Del Paine and Cuernos Del Paine, was spectacular. The diversity of terrain one sees in Patagonia, from grasslands to massive lakes, jagged peaks to endless glaciers is incredible.”
    – California, United States Condor, January 2015
  • S. American Adventure! Condor

    “What an awesome trip. Breathtaking views, challenging hikes, glaciers and mountains and more glaciers and mountains! Plus the hospitality of South America, and being at the bottom of the earth. What an amazing experience. You have to enjoy mountains and glaciers-- because hiking to, kayaking and sailing near was what this trip was about. Plus great guides. The trip leader Sebastian was excellent, well organized, efficient as he could be (we were on holiday is S America, after all) and fun to be with. He made the trip run very smoothly, and had a few tricks up his sleeve as to the best times to go places for the best views and least crowds, as well as some delicious restaurants serving up some regional delights. I was very pleased with the trip over all. I did not have to worry about any details at all, except getting myself up those steep and arduous hikes, and what to take home in terms of memories, photos and souvenirs. The packing list could be improved, because I did not realize how cold and windy it would be. No need to pack any shorts or light clothing, warm weather gear, rain gear and sun/wind protection is what you need the most. Even though the sun was out quite often, it was very cold, and very windy all day every day, and I went during their Springtime. Plus I also recommend hiring/renting a sleeping bag for the W Trek portion, because you can return it right after the trek, you do not need it for the rest of the trip, and it will just weigh you down and take up space in your luggage.”
    – California, United States Condor, January 2015
  • Jaguar 2014

    “I loved my 4th trip with Active Adventures! Peru was magnificent, our adventures were fascinating and of course our guide was top notch!”
    – Connecticut, United States Jaguar, December 2014
  • Scenic Splendor!

    “Patagonia is by far the most scenic place I've ever visited. I can't imagine any other place topping this one. The hiking was amazing, just the right amount of challenge for a seasoned hiker! The guides were amazing. The trip was so well organized, all you had to do was show up and the rest was taken care of. This is my second Active trip, and I'll be back for more!”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, December 2014
  • Amazing time in Patagonia

    “Patagonia is a unique and stunning area that should be at the top of every traveler's list. I had an amazing two weeks trekking through Chile and Argentina with great scenery, weather, and company. Sebastian is a wonderful and knowledgeable guide who ensured that our trip ran smoothly at all times. Highly recommend.”
    – New York, United States Condor, December 2014
  • Loved the dedication of Galapagos community toward preservation

    “I had a wonderful experience with the unique creatures of the Islands. However, what really took my breath away was the obvious dedication of the residents of the Islands toward maintaining a healthy environment for themselves and the nonhuman residents.”
    – California, United States Tortuga, December 2014
  • Another fabulous active trip

    “Everyday led to an amazing site with tall massifs, blue glaciers, and clear lagoons. The ice-blue of the lagoons, the calving of the glaciers, and the clear taste of the rivers is not something we will see anywhere else.”
    – Oregon, United States Condor, December 2014
  • Amazing!!!

    “Patagonia is definetly worth a trip! Amazing landscape, really impressive glaciers and outstanding views. All this - with the great group we had and our fantastic guide Sebastian.”
    – , Germany Condor, December 2014
  • Best adventure trip yet

    “The trip was excellent, everything we had hope for. We have been to many other adventure destinations and I thought this was truly the most superb of any of them. The scenery, the challenge, the organization and the trip leader all outstanding. Only thing I would say is that you should not have two trips running simultaneously.”
    – Alberta, Canada Condor, December 2014
  • Chris Mitchell Condor Review

    “Really an awesome trip overall! Sebastian was great and he was even able to order us excellent weather.”
    – APO/FPO AA, United States Condor, December 2014
  • Carol Mitchell Condor Review

    “I really loved the trip!”
    – APO/FPO AA, United States Condor, December 2014
  • Unforgettable!!!!

    “Exceeded all expectations. Jessica our guide was so knowledgeable and answered all questions about fauna, flora, history and culture. She was a great leader and companion. The whole group enjoyed her company. The itinerary was well balanced, organized, exciting and fun!!!!”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, December 2014
  • Over the top

    “our recent trip to the Galapagos was a trip of a lifetime! We had been thinking about visiting these remote islands for 20 yrs., but never had the time or found a land based itinerary to actually sign up. But finally the stars aligned and we found a tour company that did NOT stay on a boat. We wanted to be on land on various islands to experience the local flavor and meet some local people as well. This itinerary was what we had looked for all those years. The 4 islands were so different in flora, fauna and geography, we loved each island and hope to return again in the near future. Jessica was a perfect guide to talk about the history, environmental challenges and the hope to protect these islands for future generations. She always had an answer to various questions from our group and made this trip so wonderful. Highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to delve a little deeper into these islands.”
    – Connecticut, United States Tortuga, December 2014
  • Another Excellent Active Trip.

    “The Jaguar Trip, as with my other Active trips, was a trip of a lifetime. On the Jaguar trip, the highlights were the insights into Peruvian culture, the outstanding scenery and the action / activity packed itinerary. Our guide, Erick did a fabulous job; knowledgable, great organizer and wonderful sense of humour.”
    – Nova Scotia, Canada Jaguar, December 2014
  • Amazing Adventure in the Andes

    “I had an amazing time on my trip to Peru with Active. Our guide, Erick, was fantastic. He was passionate about Peru and its history and you could tell that he really loved what he did and genuinely cared about each of us and ensuring that we were getting what we wanted out of the trip. My favorite part was the Lares Trek through the Andes, the scenery was breathtaking!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, December 2014
  • “Amazing cultural experience with an incredible tour guide who catered to every single person's needs in any way she could. There was just the right amount of physical activities and personal down time, mixed in with amazing meals. Great trip all around!”
    – Connecticut, United States Tortuga, December 2014
  • Amazing Scenery!

    “Patagonia is certainly a place to add to your bucket list - stunning scenery, especially in Argentina the ice fields are amazingly beautiful. It can be cold but we had fantastic weather, with only a half day of rain. The W-trek was pretty tough, and the refugios are very basic with the food simple and limited at times. The hotels were good, although the internet needs to be assessed in many of the locations. The guides were excellent and our group lots of fun!”
    – Malaysia, Malaysia Condor, December 2014
  • A great way to see Peru and Machu Picchu

    “A very well designed, well supported trip that prepares you to hike up and over The Andes at high altitude and in good spirits. The visit to Machu Picchu was the centerpiece of the trip, but every day's activities were vigorous and enjoyable. Good companionship and excellent food served every meal.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, December 2014
  • Sebastian rocks the world

    “Everything was well organized and Sebastian is one of the best tour guides I've every had. Super knowledgeable and kind. Thanks”
    – Alberta, Canada Condor, December 2014
  • “The Condor was the most challenging experience of my life. The guides were excellent and lead us on an incredible journey. The scenery was spectacular, the mountains breathtaking. I would recommend this adventure to everyone.”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, December 2014
  • A truly active trip in Ecuador!

    “This trip was a great way to see a lot of Ecuador in a little time! You are always on the move but it never felt like too much traveling. We enjoyed all of the activities from horseback riding to mountain biking to canyoning and hiking. Ecuador is a beautiful country with amazing scenery and worth taking the time to explore!”
    – New York, United States Tapir, December 2014
  • Jaguar 2014

    “Loved every minute of the trip and so special to do it with my mum! Everything was all organised for us we could just relax and enjoy all the activities - Cynthia took great care of us!!”
    – Bay of Plenty, New Zealand Jaguar, December 2014
  • Tortuga Trip

    “This truly was a trip of a life time for us. Our guide, Jessica, did all she could to make this a very enjoyable, fun and educational trip for us and our group. Thank you, Jessica, and all the staff involved in making this a trip we will not forget.”
    – Alaska, United States Tortuga, November 2014
  • “Excellent guide in Jessica who is a fine ambassador for the Galapagos Islands.”
    – New Hampshire, United States Tortuga, November 2014
  • Fantastic Active Adventure

    “This trip lived up to everything I hoped it would. Amazing people, scenery and experiences. Thank you Active Adventures once again”
    – , United Kingdom Tapir, November 2014
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “This trip was far beyond my expectations. Peru - wow what an amazing country. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Active Adventures Tours and in particular this tour to anyone considering the sights of Peru. You will not regret it. Very professional company and awesome guides. So much to do and so much to see. Thank you Active and thank you Cynthia.”
    – Western Australia, Australia Jaguar, November 2014
  • “Active South America is the best company I have ever traveled with. They make you feel like you are a VIP from day one. I can't wait to book my next trip with them!”
    – Colorado, United States Jaguar, November 2014
  • Two Wonderful Weeks in Peru!!

    “It was truly a trip to remember! The landscapes of the Lares trail were incredible. I will always cherish this trip as it offered so many diverse opportunities to view Peru and its many natural landscapes and architecture. From the mountains of the Lares Inka Trail -to the jungle -to the waters of the beautiful Lake Titikaka... it was one incredible day after another. Thanks to our wonderful guide, Cynthia, we were well taken care of... Thank you, Active Adventures”
    – Virginia, United States Jaguar, November 2014
  • Jaguar Trip with Erik

    “Our trip was over the top. I have been on many trips over my lifetime, but this one was effortless from the organization up front to the care we were given during our trip. We could not have asked for a better guide. Erik was the most wonderul guide and person. His knowledge, organization and personal care for each of us was more than we could have asked for. We saw many other groups during our tour and we can definitely say we were given 5 star treatment the entire time compared to the others. We have left a little saddened as we miss Erik so much. I would recommend Erik as a guide for anyone visiting Peru -- he was outstanding. Thanks again for all. Miraculous is all I can say.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, November 2014
  • A Fantastic Time in Peru

    “Once again, Active Adventures hits it out of the ballpark! This was my second trip with Active Adventures, and it sure won't be my last. Hiking to Machu Picchu is a bucket list adventure and you are in great hands with Active. Our guide, Cynthia, was absolutely outstanding along with all the numerous local guides that assisted along the way. Each had so much to offer in the way of enlightening us about local culture, flora and fauna, wildlife, ancient Inca civilization and the Peruvian way of life. This trip is so much more than just Machu Picchu, you feel like you have experienced the genuine and beautiful country and people of Peru. Thank you Active for another picture perfect and fun filled adventure of a lifetime!”
    – Arizona, United States Jaguar, November 2014
  • Awesome Galapgos

    “This trip was awesome from start to finish. The guides were enthusiastic each and every day. Very informative, knowledgeable and helpful. The food was excellent as well as the hospitality at all the hotels.”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, November 2014
  • An absolute experience of a life time!

    “A trip I'll never forget with new friendships made and plenty of laughs along the way!!!”
    – Victoria, Australia Jaguar, November 2014
  • Jaguar - October 2014

    “We had a great group on this trip and on the Rimu trip we did a few years ago. It is great to meet like-minded folks with such energy and enthusiasm for everything these holidays bring.”
    – Midlothian, United Kingdom Jaguar, November 2014
  • Jaguar..

    “Our guide Cynthia was awesome. She was very informative, interesting and accommodating. Always had a smile on her face and nothing was too much trouble. The food during the whole trip was exceptional... even when hiking the trails!! THANK YOU... I loved every minute”
    – Western Australia, Australia Jaguar, November 2014
  • Special Trip - Special Place

    “The people on the Galapagos islands we visited - (San Cristobal, Floreana, Isabela and Santa Cruz) -- were very friendly (including the wildlife). I felt like I visited very special and unique islands)... sea lions on park benches, marine lizards leading us down a trail, penguins posing on rocks, and sea turtles standing on their heads -- 10 feet underwater. Don't expect the Ritz - that is not what this trip is about. Rather, it is for those who wish to visit a place of pristine natural beauty - (fauna and flora). I'd go again in a heartbeat!!”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, October 2014
  • Active Adventure! Active Adventure! Active Adventure

    “This trip was OUTSTANDING! The experiences (adventures) we encountered, the other people in our group and our tour guide Cynthia all came together to make this an extraordinary experience. In hindsight it all now seems rather magical.”
    – Minnesota, United States Jaguar, October 2014
  • Amazing

    “I loved the whole trip and our guide Pepo was truly super! He was so informative and having grown up in the area, he provided us with a more personal view of the surrounding wildlife and island areas.”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, October 2014
  • This Trip Should be Mandatory for Every Bucket List

    “I have been on around twenty guided adventure trips and this was my third great adventure with Active. Of all of my trips, covering six continents, this was the best so far. The natural beauty combined with the features unique to the Galapagos, our fantastic guide Pepo, and a great group made this a fantastic trip. I really would not change a thing about the trip. The itinerary, activities, equipment provided, transportation between the islands, food and lodging were first rate. I would urge any adventure traveler who has not been to the Galapagos to book the Tortuga trip this afternoon.”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, October 2014
  • laughter and comraderie

    “Pepo's leadership and sharing his love of his Galapagos set the tone for me of loving my experiences and connecting with the group was the tops for me. We moved thru all the activities with such ease. Pepo was a unique and wonderful leader/guide.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tortuga, October 2014
  • Building Memories for a Lifetime

    “It is hard to imagine that the trip could have been better. The Galapagos is an incredible place and this was a great way to see it. The group bonded well together and we had one adventure after another. Pepo is really a special guide. He is knowledgeable and nice and funny. When Pepo spoke, I listened. And this is coming from a retired science teacher so I already knew quite a bit and had a critical ear. Pepo really made a good trip great. I am impressed with Active Adventures and hope to make another trip. If you can come up with another Pepo, I'll be really impressed”
    – California, United States Tortuga, October 2014
  • Fantastic Peru Trip

    “I'm so glad we decided to increase our trip to see and experience more of Peru than simply hiking the Inca Trail. Cynthia was a terrific guide with a great personality and highly organized to manage all the minutia with never the hint of a glitch. This was absolutely the best adventure I've ever had.”
    – Minnesota, United States Jaguar, October 2014
  • Peru Jaguar Tour with Cynthia

    “I could not have been more pleased with this trip. Every detail was handled to perfection. Our guide, Cynthia, was fantastic. She addressed our questions/concerns in a thoughtful and professional manner. Her organizational skills were superb and she was a genuinely fun person. My birthday occurred during the trip and she arranged a celebration (with cake) on two occasions. It's difficult to say what the best part of the trip was: Inca Trail, Amazon jungle, Lake Titikaka. Staying with a local Quechua family on Amantani was very special. I am seriously interested in Patagonia as my next adventure.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, October 2014
  • Expectations Exceeded

    “Can't put into words what a wonderful experience this trip was. Peru is an amazing country to visit. Our guide, Cynthia, did a bang up job on our tour!!!!!!! :)”
    – Minnesota, United States Jaguar, October 2014
  • What an experience!

    “We loved it, even the most challenging and exhausting moments. Our guides were great, the group was great, the country and it's people fascinating, even the weather cooperated nicely.”
    – Alberta, Canada Jaguar, October 2014
  • Galapagos -FANTASTIC!

    “I saw everything I had heard about and more! Marine iguanas, volcanoes, hammerhead sharks, white tipped reef sharks, Mola Mola fish, sea lions, sea horses, giant tortoises, turtles, penguins and flamingos (who'd think you could see them on the same trip!) and too many fish to mention. Beautiful scenery every day. Black sand beaches, white sand beaches, volcano hike was like being on another planet.”
    – Maryland, United States Tortuga, October 2014
  • Best Trip Ever!!

    “Fantastic trip package. Yohn our tour guide was very knowledgeable. He made our trip very fun and enjoyable. He was awesome and found our 2 lost cameras at two different locations on the same day. He wasn't just a tour guide he was a friend.”
    – California, United States Capybara, October 2014
  • life changer

    “handled fantastically by Active Adventures....from communication re the trip itself, to the travel, to the coordination with guides and all the details...all handled effortlessly and competently! awesome!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, October 2014
  • Absolutely Wonderful

    “My family and I had such a blast exploring Peru with Active. It was incredibly well organized and they went above and beyond to make sure the entire group was safe, healthy, and happy! We all would absolutely choose Active for another adventure in the future!”
    – Arizona, United States Jaguar, October 2014
  • Adventures in Peru

    “The Jaguar Trip was everything I expected and more! Absolutely amazing. I didn't want it to end! I can't wait to do another trip with Active Adventures!”
    – Alberta, Canada Jaguar, October 2014
  • Unbelievable adventure

    “I always wanted to go to Machu Picchu since I was a small child but I never understood how unbelievable the whole country would be. Between the people, the food, your great guides, the history, the incredible genius of the inca city planning and building, everywhere ..... I am totally in awe of the country. The 4 day inca trail to Machu Picchu was incredibly hard but totally worth every step. Bring hiking poles!”
    – New York, United States Jaguar, October 2014
  • Magnificent Galapagos!

    “Land based Galapagos is the way to go! I'm so grateful we got to really experience the islands by being immersed in the culture as opposed to being on a live aboard. Pepo is an awesome guide! I'm not sure there is a better naturalist guide on the islands - he's a great leader, teacher, and photographer! The food and accommodations were much more than I had anticipated. Buy yourself a good camera for this trip - you will take many photos - it's a trip of a lifetime!”
    – South Carolina, United States Tortuga, September 2014
  • I love Ecuador :)

    “Jhayro was an excellent tour guide and did an outstanding job of showing us his country. The itinerary is well thought out with great food and accommodations. From the bike ride down Cotopaxi to the trip in the Amazon and canyoning up waterfalls - all was great!! I would recommend this trip to anyone.”
    – South Carolina, United States Tapir, September 2014
  • The Best

    “The Jaguar trip was beyond my expectations. The scenery, the organization of the trip, the varied activities, and experience of the culture were fantastic. As good as Active Adventures (the company) is, the real test is when you interact with the guides. Our guides were the best. Cynthia, Frank, and Oswaldo all were outstanding. Great attitudes, flexible, knowledgeable, entertaining and a joy to be with. Thanks for the great trip.”
    – Minnesota, United States Jaguar, September 2014
  • Peru Aug-Sept 2014

    “Active Adventures devised a wonderful way to experience a magnificent country such as Peru, it's people, its history, its cuisine and its breathtaking scenery.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Jaguar, September 2014
  • A multisport trip in an Ecuador you never imagined!

    “I expected a fun trip but I was nicely surprised. It was really a great trip. Very well paced and Jhayro (our guide) was very accommodating! It was nice to meet with his family too. I liked the introduction to the different fruits and unusual snacks. The highlight of my trip was the waterfalls hike in Pimpilala but everything else was well done. La Hacienda was amazing and the horseback ride across the fields was very relaxing. I am a novice rider and the owner himself together with his crew made sure each one of us was assigned a horse suitable to the level of the rider. The experience was so uplifting that I am thinking about riding horses now. As for the bike ride, there was a van behind us at all times. If we wanted to rest, they picked up the bike and we joined the group when you feel like it. The rainforest and the thermal baths were another show of what Ecuador has to offer. If there is anything to change in this trip, maybe make it a couple of days longer to enjoy Ecuador diversity. With 4 solo travellers, Active Adventures can definitely advertize itself as the best available option for solos in adventure tourism. I will definitely choose Active South America again. Thanks”
    – Ohio, United States Tapir, September 2014
  • The Wonders of our Natural World

    “How does one describe the Galapagos? Animals of every kind, lots of them; snorkeling like I've never experienced; a wonderful guide who not only loves his work and culture but who knows natural history! Every second of everyday was filled with WOW activities, experiences, sites. Plus there was enough time for personal exploration. Everywhere we went we were taken care of by competent, friendly people. It was a dream vacation.”
    – South Carolina, United States Tortuga, September 2014
  • Superb Adventure

    “Exactly what the web brochure promised and more. Every day was filled with fun activities, beautiful vistas, and plenty of very good food. Moreover, we got to experience the real Ecuador: local food, coffee, great ice cream, the Amazon, and so many native animals! To remember the trip were many unique souvenirs, picturesque accommodations & sites and wonderful people. Sooo special...!”
    – South Carolina, United States Tapir, September 2014
  • A priceless trip!

    “Peru is a wonderful country to visit: beautiful, interesting and diverse. Active South America and Cynthia, our tour guide, really took care of everything. We didn't have to worry about any details. We just enjoyed the trip. The blend of activities helped us see Peru from many different perspectives.”
    – Ohio, United States Jaguar, September 2014
  • Great way to see Peru

    “I decided to do this trip because I was already in Ecuador and thought I wanted to see Machu Picchu and was amazed at the beauty and diversity of Peru- a wonderful experience”
    – New York, United States Jaguar, September 2014
  • Great experience

    “I decided to do the Tapir trip without knowing much about Ecuador and was pleasantly surprised to discover an amazing country with tons of activities and such a variety of climates- it was like seeing three countries in one trip! Definitely recommend it”
    – New York, United States Tapir, September 2014
  • Aug 14 - Jaguar Trip (14 Day Option)

    “The trip had a great mix of activities in particular Lares trail was more challenging than expected but also exceeded expectations; stunning and varied scenery; amazing historic ruins; very friendly people and educational learning about the challenges of a developing society. A very enjoyable trip thank you.”
    – London, United Kingdom Jaguar, September 2014
  • Snorkeling the Galapagos

    “An excellent trip. We were able to snorkel the very first day, enjoying the sea lions off the beach. Food and accommodations were awesome. Our guide was knowledgeable about the islands' history and nature.”
    – South Carolina, United States Tortuga, September 2014
  • A Round Trip of Equador

    “Each day was packed from beginning to end. We rode horses on day one, then mountain biking on day two. Although the weather was a bit difficult I felt comfortable on my very first trip on mountain bikes as Jhayro made sure that the other guides stayed with me and helped me all the way to the end. The next day was delicious with a much needed massage and relaxing around Banos. I also experienced my first zip-line which was extremely scary, but a great experience. The waterfalls were beautiful and worth the hike through the narrow cave-like walkway. But the best part of the trip was conyoning the waterfalls. Besides a beautiful hike expertly led by Jharo who again took care that I was not ever left alone as the last hiker, he encouraged me to climb the falls and made sure I was secure and comfortable in accomplishing the task. It will be the part of this section of our two weeks that I will always remember. The Amazon was amazing, the family wonderful, the experience fun. Finally the last day at the spa relaxed us and prepared me for the next juncture of the trip. Needless to say the food and accommodations were better than I ever expected.”
    – South Carolina, United States Tapir, September 2014
  • Galapagos, Islands of Wonder!

    “One of the best things about this trip was the variety of activities we participated in. Everything from hiking to mountain biking, kayaking and snorkeling. Also, I absolutely loved that we stayed on land overnight. This allowed us to really engage in interaction with the people and culture of the Galapagos Islands and explore on our own. Each day brought a new surprise in what wildlife we would see. A trip of a lifetime for sure!”
    – South Carolina, United States Tortuga, August 2014
  • My first trip to Peru

    “Peru is an extraordinary country/place/culture. It is so diverse and expansive. I left longing and continue to long to see more of Peru and understand more of Peru's history, it's people and their culture. My wife and I have been blessed by our travels over the years, but I believe Peru has been the most impressionable. I look forward to our return.”
    – Texas, United States Jaguar, August 2014
  • Ecuador, and amazing country!

    “When I signed up for the TAPIR trip, I had no idea I was in for a total immersion in all of the varied and different areas of Ecuador. From the busy city of Quito, to the vast beauty of Cotopaxi, then to Banos for relaxation and shopping and the Amazon and Highlands, Ecuador has something to offer everyone. I was very impressed with how very nice and cordial all of the Ecuadorian people were. Many asked me where I was from and welcomed me to their country. The Ecuadorians are very proud of their country. The food was fabulous also and I enjoyed getting to experience both home made meals and local restaurant fare. And the activities chosen kept us busy but the schedule also allowed us relaxation time. The activities were challenging but not so much that they could not be done. I loved the waterfall canyoneering and our unplanned side trip that Jhayro arranged to zipline the valley. The visit to Ivan and his Amazon home was an experience I will never forget. I have wonderful photos of the happy children and our face painting. I really cannot think of anything that I did not like about this trip. If anyone in our group needed something, Jhayro was right on it and it was done. All you had to do was ask. My friends are very intrigued with this trip and I have sent them the information. It truly is a bucket list trip, and I was very pleased with the variety of things we accomplished on the trip!”
    – South Carolina, United States Tapir, August 2014
  • PABLO made the Galapagos a truly special experience

    “The Galapagos with any tour company would be great. With Pablo and Active Adventures, this trip moved into first place in our family trip ranking. The overall schedule and organization were supreme, as there was little waiting around for the next activity to start. Each activity was amazing, only to be followed by an even better experience. Pablo was a knowledgable and considerate tour guide who made everything, from the Galapagos geology to the frigate bird feeding habits, seem interesting to our entire family.”
    – New Jersey, United States Tortuga, August 2014
  • Fabulous trip - Active Adventure delivers once again!

    “This trip was my fourth trip (3rd one to South America) with Active and it didn't disappoint. Our trip leader Erick (who lives in Cusco himself) was amazing, knowledgable, attentive & considerate and went out of his way to ensure everybody's safety and enjoyment at all times. We had a fabulous group (9 of us) with mixed backgrounds and abilities but we all had a wonderful time and managed to see the best and worst of Peru!”
    – New South Wales, Australia Jaguar, August 2014
  • Never a dull moment

    “We ALL loved our Peru trip - including our 4 children aged 11- 17 years. We could never have seen or done so much without Active in such a relatively short time. Peru itself is so hugely diverse and being able to have a glimpse into some of the varying cultures was very special.”
    – , New Zealand Jaguar, August 2014
  • A trip NOT to miss.

    “What a joy; amazing treks with an incredibly professional staff. Could not have been a more rewarding and wonderful experience.”
    – Colorado, United States Jaguar, August 2014
  • Amazing!

    “Our trip with Active was fabulous! It was everything that was promised and more. Our guide, Yohn, was patient, very knowledgeable and a lot of fun. To be honest, I could not have asked for a better trip. Thank you, Yohn and Active!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Capybara, August 2014
  • A Taste of Peru

    “Absolutely the trip of a lifetime. Our incredible guide, Cynthia, was there for each person in the group, always, in sickness, health and fun. The two week Peruvian adventure was extremely well organized, from meals, lodging, bicycles, kayaks, boats, hiking, planes, taxis...everything flowed easily. Cynthia's comfort and clarity allowed us a sense of freedom and safety, while exploring new lands. I was able to completely surrender to her competence. This trip is what it says...Active Adventure. We were on the move, challenging ourselves, physically and emotionally. The glow of Peru shines brightly in my heart. Thank you!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, August 2014
  • Trip of a lifetime, until the next Active Adventure

    “Fabulous food, lodging, sights, sounds and travel companions.”
    – Kentucky, United States Jaguar, July 2014
  • “Erick was a gracious knowledgeable guide. We loved the Inca trail. Erick named us the "Gonzales family" because we were a bit speedy on the trail. Food was great. Even tried Guinea Pig! Machu Picchu was a highlight. Peruvian jungle provided the opportunity to befriend an eccentric parrot who wanted to come running with me. Lake Titicaca home stay was fantastic. Even managed a couple of goals playing football with the locals - they still won 4-2 though.”
    – , New Zealand Jaguar, July 2014
  • What a country

    “One attraction is better than the next. Machu Picchu is the big draw, but I felt the Amazon, Lake Titicaca, and the Lares Trek were equal, I can't pick a favorite. Very well organized trip, Active sweats the details-- down to snacks and water-- so you don't have to.”
    – Ohio, United States Jaguar, July 2014
  • Exceptional tour!

    “I could not have asked for a better adventure! Trekking to Machu Picchu was the experience of a lifetime. Overall on the trip, the scenery was epic and the activities were all well-paced and enjoyable. Logistically, the food was excellent and the accommodations and transfers exceptional. Our guide, Cynthia, could answer any question, accommodate any request, and was generally just a lot of fun to travel with. Thank you Active South America!”
    – , United States Jaguar, July 2014
  • Jaguar

    “If only we had more time.... We opted for 7 of the 14 day Jaguar trip and would have loved to stay for all of it. Sadly, we only had 7 days to travel. WOW! What an amazing 7 days! This was my first hiking trip and Cynthia made every step of it. Peru is amazing! The people, food and breathtaking scenery are all incredible! Active Adventures gave us a first rate experience with enough free time to explore and wander on our own. Cynthia is an amazing guide and made us feel like family. She fostered a love of the land and people. Her passion for the mountains and her country was infectious. She also had a wicked good card game that our family is still playing!! Everything was "my favorite!" Can't wait to book again (with Cynthia) on an Adventure to Patagonia. Our first Active Adventure has created a new passion for hiking and a thirst to see more of South America. From start (gathering info thru New Zealand office) to finish (arriving home) every member of the AA team treated us with professionalism, urgency and friendliness. Give them all a raise! ;)”
    – Florida, United States Jaguar, July 2014
  • Jaguar Peru

    “Peru is definitely a trip of a lifetime and Active South America knows all the hidden gems for you to explore from hikes to restaurant selection. Cynthia, our tour guide, absolutely thought of everything to make our trip itinerary seamless, from bottled water every night down to having bowls of water to wash our hands in before eating while hiking. I cannot say enough fabulous things about Cynthia, who no doubt played a huge role in making the trip as memorable as it was. She was the perfect balance of friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and organized. When my flight got delayed almost 24 hours, there was an Active employee waiting for me at the airport to get me caught back up with my group. When I wasn't feeling well, she had chicken soup made for my dinner. I will no doubt be looking to book another trip with Active Adventures in the very near future as the price of the trip truly was all-inclusive and I did not feel nickeled and dimed for anything. I can honestly say the trip was worth every penny.”
    – New Jersey, United States Jaguar, July 2014
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “My spouse and I really enjoyed going to Peru and experiencing the breathtaking landscape of South America (quite literally, we were hiking at 14,000 feet!). Our guide, Cynthia, was fantastic and the key to our trip's success. The views were amazing, we did something physically active everyday, and it was great not having to worry about meals, lodging, or boredom.”
    – DC, United States Jaguar, July 2014
  • Our Peru Adventure

    “This was truly a trip of a lifetime. For our 25th Anniversary we decide to head to Peru, and we couldn't have picked a better adventure. Cynthia, our guide was fantastic and so much fun. Every aspect of the trip was incredible - the guides, the people, the hiking, biking, kayaking - it was all so memorable. Thank you for helping us celebrate our anniversary with such a wonderful adventure.”
    – Colorado, United States Jaguar, July 2014
  • Cabybara, June, 2014

    “A wonderful trip and a wonderful guide. Our kids are ages 7, 11, and 12, and they loved it.”
    – Minnesota, United States Capybara, July 2014
  • Reality tops imagination every time

    “I knew this trip would be amazing, but the real thing was so much better than I could have imagined. The group was great, the activities were perfect, the guide made sure we took advantage of every opportunity for greatness that we came across. Truly amazing.”
    – Georgia, United States Tortuga, June 2014
  • Variety is the spice of life

    “I had no idea Ecuador has so much to offer. This trip provides a great combination of activities to showcase the beauty of Ecuador.”
    – Georgia, United States Tapir, June 2014
  • Another Planet!

    “Going to Galapagos has been on our bucket list for at least 3 years. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to see the country through Pablo's eyes. Pablo was a phenomenal guide - very patient, kind, caring, accommodating, knowledgeable and passionate about his beautiful home! He certainly inspired us to want to continue to share the beauty and awe of the Galapagos Islands with our family and friends!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tortuga, June 2014
  • Another Planet!

    “Going to Galapagos has been on our bucket list for at least 3 years. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to see the country through Pablo's eyes. Pablo was a phenomenal guide - very patient, kind, caring, accommodating, knowledgeable and passionate about his beautiful home! He certainly inspired us to want to continue to share the beauty and awe of the Galapagos Islands with our family and friends!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tortuga, June 2014
  • Loved the Galápagos Islands!

    “When I returned from the Galapagos Islands, family and friends would ask me to tell them what the highlight of my trip was. My answer began with watching my child snorkel with the sea lions... the penguins ... the sea turtles ... And then I continued with seeing the blue footed boobies ... the tortoises ... the hammerhead sharks ... hiking to the volcanoes ... and the list goes on and on. We had the most amazing guide, Pepo, who shared with all 9 of us, his expertise and knowledge of the Islands. This was an adventure, a vacation, and an education all in one.”
    – California, United States Tortuga, June 2014
  • Best Trip I've Ever Taken

    “I absolutely loved the Jaguar trip. Not only was Peru beautiful, but Cynthia was a phenomenal guide who went the extra mile to make sure all of her clients were comfortable and happy. I enjoyed every part of the trip, and I will book with Active again in the future!”
    – Virginia, United States Jaguar, May 2014
  • This truly is the trip of a lifetime!

    “Our group of 16 did the Tortuga trip with Pablo and Pepo in April and what a fabulous time we had! The Galapagos are stunning and I am so glad that we got to stay on the islands rather than on a cruise ship. Staying on the islands gave me a more intimate feeling of the people, the land, the birds, the marine iguanas and of course all the sea lions! Pablo and Pepo were fantastic guides and I was always amazed at their knowledge as well as their amazing ability to get all of us where we needed to be in the most efficient way possible. It seemed like we could ask Pablo and Pepo anything about the Galapagos and they knew the answer. This made the trip for me. I'm a nature lover but a birder first and I was so happy that I could ask either one of them the names of the birds I was seeing and they could tell me. I also liked that Pablo and Pepo both shared what it was like to live in the Galapagos with us. Just an all round amazing trip. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone especially if Pablo and Pepo are your guides!”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, May 2014
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration to Remember

    “I have wanted to visit the Galapagos for years, and this trip didn't disappoint! What a fabulous place to celebrate any of life's milestones!”
    – California, United States Tortuga, May 2014
  • Endemic Galapagos

    “A unique trip for a unique destination. Every one knows the islands are home to some very special endemic species. By using land-based accommodations this trip also lets you appreciate the Galapagoean community.”
    – California, United States Tortuga, May 2014
  • A Trip to Remember

    “It usually takes less than a day, for work to negate all the good a vacation has done for my peace of mind. Not with this trip. I came home jazzed enough to drive my colleagues nuts with all my renewed energy and zest for life!”
    – California, United States Tapir, May 2014
  • Active Tapir

    “Both mind and body loved it! This trip fulfilled the "active adventure;" fun physical activity while exploring the diversity of culture and regions that mainland Ecuador has to offer.”
    – California, United States Tapir, May 2014
  • Incredible!

    “This trip was truly incredible - from the wildlife encounters that have to be seen to be believed, to the beautiful islands, to the funny nights out and the delicious coffee. It was well organised, tonnes of fun and our guide Zambo was amazing - he shared a huge depth of knowledge and did it all with a smile. Couldn't ask for more.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tortuga, May 2014
  • An amazingly action-packed week in a super diverse country!

    “Such a fun way to explore some of Ecuador's highlights! Why stand outside yet another plaza or church taking photos, when you can instead be speeding down Cotapaxi on a mountain bike, climbing waterfalls in the Amazon, and rafting through the rivers of Banos?! From the point of initial enquiry, right through to trip delivery, Active Adventures were a thoroughly professional and super friendly company to deal with. Definitely look forward to going on more adventures with them in the future.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tapir, May 2014
  • Jaguar (7day)

    “Jaguar (7 day version) was a 40th birthday present to myself. Every detail was taken care of by Active Adventures, which is important when traveling abroad alone. My guide(s), Frank and John, were knowledgable and entertaining. The food was amazing and Machu Pichhu did not disappoint. I will be using Active for my next Adventure!”
    – Missouri, United States Jaguar, May 2014
  • Over the top

    “This was a truly amazing trip. Expensive but worth every penny. I believe it would be impossible for anyone to utilize their trip time anywhere near as well as Pablo and Pepo did. One morning we had breakfast, went by bus to beach, kayaked for an hour, watertaxi to iguana island and walked around, watertaxi back out in bay to snorkel, watertaxi back to dock, bus to lunch. And if that's too fast paced for you, no problem, you can sit out on some of it. Both guides kept a finger on the pulse of the group and varied the itinerary accordingly. For example, stopped the bus on the way home one day and we all got out and picked guava's which were then dropped off at the breakfast restaurant for guava juice the next day. Loved all the wildlife and natural surroundings and the history the guides provided. Staying on the islands in small hotels gave a wonderful feel for life there. Just an amazing trip.”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, May 2014
  • Best time of my life

    “This trip absolutely blew my mind. The Galapagos Islands are simply like no other place on earth. We were able to see such a diverse array of wildlife and so many animals up close and personal. Pepo, our guide was so passionate and knowledgeable. My personal favourite was the snorkelling, what an indescribable experience to be surrounded by fish, sea turtles, sharks and sea lions all at once. I cannot wait to return!!”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, May 2014
  • “Torture trip is absolutely the trip of a lifetime. It was much more than an adventure trip!”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, May 2014
  • Great trip into pre-history

    “A unique trip exposing a person to a unique new world of volcanic rock with birds reptiles and fish which have adapted to this strange land, unlike anything one would see anywhere else!”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, May 2014
  • “Tortuga with Pablo was a fun trip full of great activities & information. Our 2 entertaining guides were knowledgable & very expressive. The accommodation & food was terrific. I especially appreciated the attention paid to keeping us safe. I enjoyed staying on 4 islands & the variety of activities.”
    – , Tortuga, May 2014
  • Simply Amazing, Trip of a lifetime!

    “The tour was so well organized everything flowed from one activity to the next. Our guide Pepo was so informative, friendly, and spot on when finding wild life. Didn't want to come home, and can't wait to go back.”
    – New York, United States Tortuga, April 2014
  • Outstanding, as always!

    “This was our fourth trip with Active, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of meeting on the Active New Zealand Rimu trip. 10 years, a marriage and three kids later, our lives have certainly changed, but Active Adventures continue to deliver high quality, high adventure trips to the most beautiful destinations! Sebastian was well-organized, knowledgeable and highly enthusiastic. He and Active took care of all the "details" so that we could relax and enjoy another "trip of a lifetime". Can't wait for our next Active Adventure!”
    – Montana, United States Condor, April 2014
  • Fun and More Fun in Ecuador

    “I had a fantastic time. The guide (Jessica) was a charming eloquent individual. My companions were interesting and cool people. The wild life was a gas. My only problem was that equator sun. I'm a red head and didn't put enough sun screen on my face and looked like I was attacked by a jaguar at the end.”
    – Illinois, United States Tortuga, March 2014
  • “We had a fabulous time. Our guide, Jessica, was amazing. She was extremely versed in all aspects of the trip. A walking encyclopedia!”
    – Alabama, United States Tortuga, March 2014
  • “We had a fabulous time. Our guide, Jessica, was amazing. She was extremely versed in all aspects of the trip. A walking encyclopedia! I called her "sunshine"”
    – Alabama, United States Tortuga, March 2014
  • A trip to remember

    “I have always wanted to go to Patagonia, but wasn't sure I could do it alone. So I signed up with Active Adventure, a decision I certainly did not regret. The scenery was incredible, my traveling companions lots of fun, and the trip well organized and planned out. It was great to have all the logistics taken care of, so we could simply enjoy all that Patagonia had to offer. To top it off, our guide Cynthia was absolutely amazing and made the trip even better!”
    – New York, United States Condor, March 2014
  • Patagonia Mania

    “I was not entirely sure what to expect from this trip. I had only seen pictures of Torres del Paine. This was an adventure of a lifetime. The scenery is amazing, the hikes are challenging and the culture is unique. Active is a wonderful company. Our guide, Cynthia, was absolutely amazing. Everything was well organized, we didn't have to worry about food and lodging... we could just concentrate on the hikes and the scenery. Dining was a great experience, ranging from hearty meals at the refugios, to delicious beef and lamb dinners at local restaurants. I highly recommend this trip.”
    – Alabama, United States Condor, March 2014
  • Really happy we did the land based tour

    “This trip exceeded our expectations. I am so happy that we went on this trip via land vs. sea. This way we were able to learn about the local communities that help ensure the longevity and beauty of the area. Our guide, Pablo, made the trip excellent. His knowledge and love of the area is infectious.”
    – New York, United States Tortuga, March 2014
  • Amazing trip

    “This trip was everything I hoped it would be! Definitely a trip of a lifetime, absolutely amazing!”
    – California, United States Tortuga, March 2014
  • Trip to the bottom of the earth

    “Just returned from an amazing trip to the bottom of the earth. Grateful for the entire experience of trekking, glacier hikes, good friends, good wine and overwhelmingly beautiful scenery in every direction.”
    – DC, United States Condor, March 2014
  • Great Mother-Daughter trip

    “The Active Adventures trip turned out to be a wonderful once in a life time event for my daughter and me. We were able to enjoy the beauty of Patagonia, face the challenges of backpacking, ice hiking, kayaking and biking and not have the worry of planning and scheduling and coordinating! Our group was fun, supportive and positive minded, and our guides were fantastic.”
    – Arizona, United States Condor, March 2014
  • Must see Galapagos

    “This is my second trip with Active and I have not been disappointed. I must say the guides were very knowledgeable, informative and not to mention easy on the eyes. Being from a small island myself I was pleasantly surprised by the culture, history and the pride the people of the Galapagos Islands have. I will recommend to my friends.”
    – , Trinidad and Tobago Tortuga, March 2014
  • Fantastic

    “It was a superb trip and great experience: incredible landscapes and nature, great history and architecture, warm and welcoming people, grand food. The various activities enabled us to appreciate and enjoy Peru and its people, and the superior guiding of Elder really made the difference.”
    – London, United Kingdom Jaguar, March 2014
  • Loved Patagonia - more hiking!

    “This was a wonderful trip. The scenery and hiking is everything that I expected and more. Kayaking on Lago Grey and ice hiking on Grey Glacier were highlights. Hotels were comfortable and restaurants were well chosen with excellent food choices. Our trip leader was professional, friendly, and made the trip seem effortless. A few tweaks to the itinerary, including adding another day of hiking, would bring this to a 5 star trip.”
    – Wisconsin, United States Condor, March 2014
  • Don't see the islands from a boat...

    “I didn't want to see Galapagos islands from a cruise boat. I wanted to stay on the islands and mingle with the locals...both human and otherwise. This trip did just that.”
    – New York, United States Tortuga, March 2014
  • Tapir trip review

    “I'd say it exceeded my expectations!”
    – Ontario, Canada Tapir, March 2014
  • So much fun stuff in one week!

    “Mountains, then Jungle, then back to the mountains. This sums up Tapir. Everyday I found myself challenged and had fun doing it. A MUST for anyone who wants an active trip in Ecuador.”
    – New York, United States Tapir, March 2014
  • Unforgettable Patagonian Adventure

    “After booking our Condor trip I spent 6 months buying clothing and equipment so I would be prepared for all weather and hiking conditions. Patagonia is known for its unpredictable episodes of intense wind and rain. Your packing list was extensive, but I felt fully prepared to layer for each hike which allowed me to take in the sheer beauty of my surroundings in comfort. After a long climb to the bases of Fitz Roy and Los Cuernos, we could only look in awe at the beauty that lay before us! Sebastian, our guide, was efficient, organized and caring. He made our safety a top priority, and with humor and surprise treats, went out of his way to make this trip an unforgettable Patagonian adventure.”
    – California, United States Condor, March 2014
  • Condor January 26th

    “This was an awesome trip! Sebatian was absolutely fabulous and really made the trip memorable. He paid attention to each of us, and made sure that we all got something special along the way that he knew was meaningful. That kind of attention and thoughtfulness is really what made this trip special. I will recommend the Condor trip to anyone intrepid enough to go to the end of the world!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Condor, February 2014
  • 1/26/14 Condor Trip with Sebastian

    “Amazing scenery - rigorous hiking - Sebastian was well organized and kept us on track!”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2014
  • Patagonia 1-26-2014

    “I would actually rate the trip a 4.5. There are a few trips of a lifetime and this is a must see. Had our group not been as large and diverse, I would have rated it a 5. We had unseasonably good weather and I can see why National Geographic rated Patagonia one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world. The Active trip covers the highlights very well, without rushing the sights. Our guide Sebastian was a great ambassador for his country and I couldn't have asked for better. He is knowledgeable, competent, kind, fun and knows how to handle a vast array of personalities and abilities - letting each traveler get the most out of their trip. I would highly recommend both Active and this trip in particular.”
    – Michigan, United States Condor, February 2014
  • Just Amazing!

    “I could not have asked for a better trip! Being from a big city, I wanted an active escape into nature. The Active Condor trip provided all that and more. Our guide Sabastian was always going out of his way to ensure everybody was having a good time and that everything was seamless. This was a perfect trip for a single traveler. By the end of our two weeks we felt as part of a family and now I have friends from all over the world. A big thanks to everybody at Active for truly making this a trip of a lifetime!”
    – Illinois, United States Condor, February 2014
  • Condor

    “Wonderful trip! Our trip leader Sebastian was amazing and the adventure was perfect. We were never bored or without something wonderful to experience. It was a wonderful Patagonia experince and I cannot say enough good things about our leader Sebastian.”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2014
  • Postscript

    “On my journey home from Patagonia I sat next to the window on the flight from Punta Arenas to Santiago and peered out at the mountains below. Waves of turbulent rock pierced frothy clouds. There was the great Southern Chile ice field, flowing glaciers and icy lakes. I had to pinch myself - I WAS THERE!”
    – New York, United States Condor, February 2014
  • Condor with Sebastian

    “This was truly everything I expected and more. This was a fantastic active adventure. The wild wind of Patagonia blew into my heart. Sebastian is a real asset to your trip. He effortlessly organized all the details so that we could just enjoy the trip without a care. We kept saying to him, you are working so hard, how can you do this all, he would reply "I love it" and I believe him, he loves his work and does it well. I don't know who your other leaders are, but we are glad Sebastian led our group.”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2014
  • Fly like a Condor (we saw quite a few of them)

    “A terrific trip, really active and I had a great time with wonderful new friends, and our trip leader Sebastian was outstanding.”
    – Missouri, United States Condor, February 2014
  • Jaguar Dec-Jan

    “As if the views were not spectacular enough, every location we went, we got to know our local guides who gave us incredible insight into the Peruvian culture and spirit. Local people were so proud of their homes, farms and families. They were eager to show us that pride, answer all of our questions, make us feel comfortable. I was very humbled by how hard these people work and how happy they are. A breath of fresh air!”
    – Kansas, United States Jaguar, February 2014
  • “Life changing fantastic trip. Met great people. Had an unforgettable time.”
    – Kansas, United States Jaguar, February 2014
  • Consider renaming the company "Cynthia Adventures"

    “The trip was very well planned, providing a smooth, comfortable and relaxing (while active!) experience. But the real jewel of the trip was our guide, Cynthia - you have the best active adventure guide on our pale blue dot working for your company. We can't wait to take another trip with Active, and we'll be seeking her out specifically!”
    – South Carolina, United States Condor, February 2014
  • Charlie's Thoughts on Condor

    “Many vacations leave one with happy memories but veterans of the Condor adventure leave Patagonia with a sense of accomplishment as well.”
    – Connecticut, United States Condor, February 2014
  • Hiking Inca Trail is Excellent Four Days

    “Challenging but fun, educational, and inspiring. We saw MANY amazing Inca sites. Never imagined that those mountains could support such a huge and busy civilization. The genius involved in developing the systems is astounding. The scenery is truly magnificent. Loved learning about the native flora and fauna. The Amazon was fascinating as well, and we were super lucky to get glimpses of river otters. The drive up to the Altiplano was most interesting. My least favorite spot was the Uros Islands, which while interesting in construction, did not seem to remain an authentic culture, but mostly a tourist attraction. However our subsequent trip to Taquile and Amantani were delightful.”
    – Maryland, United States Jaguar, January 2014
  • Inca Trail Trek, Peru

    “My family and I have traveled with Active before and really enjoyed it. When looking for your groups to go to South America we immediately decided on Active. The trip was amazing! Being a teenager, it was to share my experiences with my friends when we got back home! My family and I went on the Inca Trail trek. While hiking on the first day, I was amazed with the scenery! No picture can show the beauty of the mountains and valleys! It was amazing to turn the corner and see Inca ruins throughout the hike! On the second day, the views got even better! Also the feeling of accomplishment when I reached Dead Women's Pass at 14,000 feet was great! The third day was one of my favorites. Though it is the longest day of hiking, the Inca ruins were amazing! Also at lunch it was amazing to see the back of Machu Picchu mountain! It was really exciting to know we were that close! On the last day, we reached Machu Picchu! I was so happy to be there! By hiking there I felt like I earned my right to be there! I would not have had the same satisfaction that I had by hiking the 4 days to get there!!! I was amazed about the size of Machu Picchu! It is so much bigger than I imagined it! Again no picture can show the sheer size of it! Also the scenery around Machu Picchu was spectacular!!! I will remember this trip for the rest of my life, thank you Active for giving me an my family the opportunity to experience Peru and Machu Picchu!”
    – Minnesota, United States Jaguar, January 2014
  • Non-stop adventure

    “What a truly excellent adventure. Peru is an amazing place and having great tour guides and a tour group makes in even more enjoyable. The places visited and activities balance out adventure with culture with environment. Great balance between being on the go and having a chance to relax and take in as much of Peru as you can. The tour guides make this trip, always in control and ensure that everyone is having fun. The group I was on were a great bunch of people from all over, each was there to have a good time and enjoy the trip. Definitely be recommending the trip and looking at Active Adventures for my next holiday adventure.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Jaguar, January 2014
  • Great trip

    “Guides were very knowledgeable and were able to flex with the unpredictable weather conditions. Great group of people on the trip as well.”
    – California, United States Condor, January 2014
  • Patagonia

    “The trip was a fantastic experience. The scenery was spectacular. The food and company was really great. The whole experience was enhanced by our guide whose professionalism and helpfulness made the trip one I shall always remember.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Condor, January 2014
  • Inca Trail At Christmas

    “The Active South America 'Jaguar' trip far exceeded our expectations. We knew ACTIVE would do a good job, and the experience and adventure of the Inca Trail was fantastic! Hard, but worth it.”
    – Minnesota, United States Jaguar, January 2014
  • “This is probably the best trip I have taken. Peru is amazing - the landscape and the people are unmatched. I'd travelled with Active before (to the Galapagos) and I enjoyed that trip. However, this trip truly has set the bar higher. Elder and Erik were amazing leaders. Consistently, they put forth effort to make sure everyone was happy and to meet individual needs.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, January 2014
  • Todd and Kelli's Excellent Adventure

    “This was our honeymoon trip and it was perfect! The organization and details of each day were well thought out and executed and it was a treat just to get up and enjoy each day. This was our first trip with an agency/group and we were pleased with how much we enjoyed it. What stood out to us about Active Adventures was their social responsibility, including the environment, supporting local businesses, and charity. Active was recommended to us and we would definitely recommend an Active trip to others.”
    – Nevada, United States Jaguar, January 2014
  • Great way to experience Peru!

    “This was our second trip with Active, and once again, we found ourselves well cared for! Our guide, Elder, was great! He was fun, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. His love for his country was so evident and he shared it with all of us.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, January 2014
  • Fantastic trip!!

    “The Weidner family really enjoyed this trip. We LOVED our Active New Zealand trip five years ago so our expectations were very high. Active South America not only met but far exceeded our expectations.”
    – Minnesota, United States Jaguar, January 2014
  • Incredible!!

    “This was a once in a lifetime adventure that I would do again in a heartbeat!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Jaguar, January 2014
  • Tortuga

    “The Galapagos exceeded my expectations! The tortoises, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, sea lions were everywhere and so accessible. Our accommodations were good and frequently located right on the beach. Wonderful seafood meals and entertaining companions. I highly recommend this trip.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tortuga, January 2014
  • Wonderful experience

    “We loved the Jaguar trip - recommend it to anyone looking for a fun active vacation!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, January 2014
  • Great Trip!

    “I can't believe how much we got to see and do in just two weeks! It was so nice to travel as part of a small group - there was always somebody walking your speed on the hike or sharing your interests. It was also great to see so much without having to plan the little things that can become big things in a hurry: where to eat, where to stay, how to get from A to B. Definitely looking forward to the next trip!”
    – Virginia, United States Jaguar, December 2013
  • Amazing Patagonia - So glad we had Active to guide us!

    “We had such an incredible time on our Condor trip. It lived up to its name too, we saw plenty of condors! Sebastian was a fantastic guide - he really cared about making our trip as worry-free and enjoyable as possible. He has been leading this trip for five years and it shows - he knows so many little tricks that make all the difference in having streamlined logistics. He is also a fantastic story-teller and we learned so much about Chilean and Argentine culture (and humor!) from him. There were SO many occasions that we were glad to have Sebastian's knowledge, expertise, and resources to shepherd us! The trip itself was simply incredible. It's hard to decide what I enjoyed the most: from the grandeur of Torres del Paine Park and Monte Fitz Roy to the glacier walk, the kayaking and more. Then there was the delectable pisco sours, wine, fish, and steak to enjoy with Sebastian's tales. For me, it was worth every penny for the trip of a lifetime!”
    – Arizona, United States Condor, December 2013
  • A Condor in El Dorado

    “Thank you to all at Active Adventures for making my Condor trip a truly amazing experience. The hikes took us through some of the best scenery in the world. The beauty is hard to describe but the overwhelming splendour of the rock formations, the surprisingly varied colours of the lakes and glaciers and the wind-defying flowers enriches the soul and humbles the mind - an uplifting spiritual experience. We walked, kayaked and cycled through El Dorado and came back with golden pixels and shiny memories that will rejuvenate the weariest of souls for a very long time. My only concern on this trip was deciding where to point my camera next! We saw some amazing sights but kayaking amongst the icebergs of Grey Lake was uplifting and out of this world. A good balance of varied activities was undertaken and at no point did we spend too much time travelling on buses. The group was guided by an amazing leader (Sebastian) who went out of his way to ensure that all our needs were met, tolerated no gremlins and went out of his way to facilitate making special requirements a reality. Thank you Sebastian for always being friendly and waiting patiently for me to finish taking yet another photograph. When we did have an unfortunate injury to one of the hikers (broken leg), true professionalism was shown in the way in which the injured person was taken care of, never left alone with strangers and was evacuated from rough terrain in a remote region to receive the required medical attention in a city hospital. A well organized and fantastic trip.”
    – Gauteng, South Africa Condor, December 2013
  • Enchanting Peru

    “My Jaguar trip with Active Adventures was a truly unique experience and one that I will always remember fondly. The trip was active, but allowed for some rest days to reset between activities. The trek to Machu Picchu was incredible and we were fortunate to have little rain even though it was the beginning of the rainy season. I enjoyed the interactions with the local people and being immersed in the culture with the stay with the local family on Lake Titicaca. I highly recommend this adventure to anyone who wants to experience the beauty and culture of Peru.”
    – Colorado, United States Jaguar, December 2013
  • Condor December 1-15 2013

    “A fabulous experience unparalleled anywhere else I have trekked. From the scenery to the food to the fellow trekkers ... a once-in-a lifetime adventure.”
    – Florida, United States Condor, December 2013
  • “The trip was very well organised and executed. I thought Sebastian did a marvelous and skilled job. There were a few things that didn't go as planned/desired and he handled these situations very well. He's also very proud of Chile and to be Chilean. It showed and added to the experience that he wanted us to have admiring the best of Chile.”
    – Washington, United States Condor, December 2013
  • Condor - November 2013

    “All the guides - in every activity - had to be among the, if not the, very best. We never floundered as a group. As on every occasion, complicated or unforeseen, Sebastian or the guide or guides in charge cleverly and thoughtfully worked through to a solution. This was a heart stopping, heart quickening, heart filling adventure.”
    – Washington, United States Condor, December 2013
  • Wowsers

    “What an amazing part of the world! Really recommend it and the tour guides with Active were just brilliant - wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly so much without their stories, advice, help, jokes, etc, etc! Highly recommended.”
    – , United Kingdom Condor, December 2013
  • Patagonia - 11/18 to 11/30/13

    “This trip met and exceeded all of our expectations in every possible way! Our guide, Sebastian, was amazing.”
    – New York, United States Condor, December 2013
  • Condor Nov 2013

    “My Patagonia experience was top notch! I had my mind set on Patagonia since 2012 and when I began researching I didn't understand why I couldn't find more competitive pricing packages and a wider array of tour companies. Now I understand why! Exploring Patagonia is an art that no oversell convenience packaging like Living Social or Groupon can mimic. Active got it right. For starters, the Pack List to FAQs was spot on! (I couldn't believe that I used every single item that I packed). The W-trek was amazing – challenging and rewarding! The selection of cities and quaint hotels was a far cry from typical international tourist traps. Sebastian and the guides we had for segments of the trip were professional and knowledgeable - it was obvious that they each thoroughly enjoyed educating teams of folks about the history and topography that make Patagonia the 8th wonder of the world.”
    – DC, United States Condor, December 2013
  • Awesome

    “Awesome is the only word that comes near describing the delights experienced on our Condor experience. Over the years we have wandered this fabulous world and seen unbelievable sights, met unforgettable people and am still amazed what is out there to be discovered. For us Fitzroy was the crowning glory. The sight of this mountain will stay with me forever. I have given up trying to explain to others the joy this mountain can bring and try and convince them to put on a pair of boots and start walking.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Condor, December 2013
  • An amazing adventure in Peru!

    “My now wife Sarah and I decided a few years ago that we wanted to have a small, intimate destination wedding at Machu Picchu. We've been travel junkies for just under a decade and have been to a number of European countries as well as a few trips to other states here in the USA. Born and raised in central New York State, we're city folk that look forward to occasionally getting out into the world to appreciate the variety of amazing natural wonders, history, cultures, languages and people that share this enormous planet with us. In the past, we've always mapped out and navigated our own vacation adventures. This was our first ever guided trip... and Active Adventures set a new bar of expectation for how we'll look into our vacations going forward, in fact we were so impressed that our next vacation will almost certainly be one of the other guided adventures that Active offers. Peru is like no place in the world we've ever been before. The constant but ever-changing backdrop of the Andes coupled with the timeless landscaping and stonework of the Incas and pre-Incas immediately removes you from your day-to-day life and transports you to another time. There aren't adequate words to describe the sensation of wonder that the scenery's something that has to be experienced in order to understand. Our guide Yohn was immediately likeable and was, in my opinion, a master of his trade. Not only did he provide us with facts about where we were, he also elaborated on a lot of the myths, legends and musings in order to give us a better sense of the mystery that abounds in the mountains the Incas and their predecessors once called home. But he was always careful to separate fact from fable so we could come away from our trip with both proven knowledge and a heightened sense of wonder about this world and its history. Furthermore, he talked about his own life and experiences growing up in Peru which even further rounded out our immersion. By the end of the trip, we had an experience of Peru that was deeper, more intimate, and more memorable that anything we could have arranged on our own. I could literally write a book-long review of how awesome this trip was and there wouldn't be a single sentence of negativity. Active handled the arrangements of our wedding, and we were provided a ceremony conducted by two Shamans (father and son) and catered to by wonderful staff on the mountainside of the Pisac Ruins (we were unable to book a ceremony at Machu Picchu due to recently enacted Peruvian regulations. But I'm glad it worked out the way it did! It was amazing!). Like I said, I could go on and on and on... There are so many things I haven't even mentioned like the unforgettable few days in the Amazon Rainforest, the 4-day hike up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, the plethora of ruins we encountered, the man-made floating islands on Lake Titicaca, and SO MUCH MORE. And the people of Peru were AWESOME. We never for a moment felt unsafe, in fact we felt welcome by everyone. I'll end by saying this... Our primary point of interest in deciding on this trip to Peru was, of course, Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is every bit as amazing as you can imagine and more, BUT... I say with full conviction that nearly every day we spent in Peru was filled with sights and wonders we didn't expect. In hindsight, Machu Picchu was just one small part of the overall experience, and there are a great many places on this trip that rivaled it in its ability to just leave you speechless in their presence. If you are considering this trip... Stop considering and start planning. It will enrich your life immensely. Also, be prepared to sweat... They're not called ACTIVE Adventures for nothing :-)”
    – New York, United States Jaguar, December 2013
  • Tortuga Trip Review

    “I was so very happy to have chosen Active Adventures land-based Galapagos trip. Not only did we experience all the incredible wildlife and fantastic natural history, but we also got a close-up sense of island living by staying each night in small towns. The wide variety of activities kept us going all day long. I am not sure how the trip could have been any better.”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, December 2013
  • Tortoises in Tortuga

    “If you have an interest in endangered species and the biology behind Darwin's theories, the Galapagos is a fascinating place to explore. This trip gives you a great perspective from land and sea of this important place.”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, December 2013
  • Traveling Tapir

    “Lots of varied activities and interesting cultural experiences on this mainland Ecuador trip. This is a good adventure for those wanting to experience various eco-systems in Ecuador.”
    – Colorado, United States Tapir, December 2013
  • Peru 2013

    “The Jaguar trip was one of my favorite trips ever and my wife and I do a lot of traveling. My favorite portion of the trip was the Lares Trail hike where we were able to get away from the tourist areas and see people living in the mountains the way that they have lived for centuries. I may need to go back and do the classic Inca Trail for comparison. I feel as though we had a good overview of Peru and it's Inca heritage. Cynthia was the best guide I have had on a tour such as this and we gave her some challenges!”
    – , Jaguar, December 2013
  • Awesome

    “This trip exceeded our expectations! Michael and I were looking to get to married in Peru and the Active team put together a beautiful wedding ceremony for us that we will remember for a lifetime. I have waited to visit Peru for a long time and loved the itinerary for this tour. We had a lot of great experiences around the country and it was beautiful. Our tour guide Yohn was fantastic; it was like traveling with a friend who took care of all the details. On the Inca Trail we had a great guide in Frank and the best porters on the trail. I cannot wait to take another trip with Active Adventures!”
    – New York, United States Jaguar, December 2013
  • Jaguar trip comments

    “Trip was, wonderful and very varied locations...saw many beautiful sights and a rich variety of environments/nature/wildlife. Inca Trail hike was difficult (altitude) but well worth the effort. Excellent guide (Frank) and support team. Amazon headwater trip was exceptional. Wonderful location (Amazonia Ecolodge) and good jungle hikes. The anaconda we saw was an unexpected highlight.”
    – North Carolina, United States Jaguar, November 2013
  • Climbing the Mountain

    “When we booked this adventure, we were unsure of the difficulty between the two options to choose - classic Inca Trail or the Lares. Being in our 70's we have always held our own in all kinds of adventures. But this time the altitude got Gloria. She was all right with the muscle required, but could not keep up from labored breathing and often rest. Soon we could not meet the time schedule for each night's camp site. Alas! we must turn back. Indeed, we saw many people of all ages returning also. This short account is written to praise Active for the way in which they handled this disappointing turn of events. They turned a bad experience into a good one and arranged to get us on the Lares and ultimately to Machu Picchu. The trip was full of great adventure and we sincerely recommend Active for the trip.”
    – Texas, United States Jaguar, November 2013
  • Tortuga Trip comments

    “Good trip and good guide (Pepo). We had only 4 people (including us) on the trip so it was very personal and excellent interactions with Pepo. He did a great job getting a substitute guide for our time on Santa Cruz (he had badly hurt his ankle the day before on Isabela). The trip was a bit less active than we had expected....more free 'explore on your own' time we used for some additional hiking....but we felt perhaps a guide on these would have been helpful.”
    – North Carolina, United States Tortuga, November 2013
  • Land based trip is the best

    “So glad we chose Active and a land based trip to the Galapagos. I think we got to see more and experience the islands more than you could from a boat.”
    – North Carolina, United States Tortuga, November 2013
  • Beautiful mountains

    “This was a wonderful adventure along the Inca Trail and more. The only downside is that the route is well-traveled. This is more about seeing classic sites than a wilderness adventure.”
    – Maryland, United States Jaguar, November 2013
  • Pablo Rocks!!

    “Wow, trip of a lifetime. I would move to Isabella and live there for awhile. Pablo absolutely made this trip. He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his islands and all that is on them (including the people on his island). We saw turtles and penguins and sea lions and flamingos and iguanas everywhere, everyday. Swimming with the turtles and penguins and sea lions is amazing (if somewhat shocking at first!). Beautiful to see and be a part of.”
    – California, United States Tortuga, November 2013
  • From Volcanos to the Amazon Jungle

    “This trip was quite good and Jhayro was great! The highlight for me was the hike up the river climbing up the waterfalls. The active piece definitely pushes you, but not beyond what you are capable of. Would have enjoyed slightly less driving around, but overall a very good trip and I'm glad we tacked it on to the Galapagos (Tortuga) trip.”
    – California, United States Tapir, November 2013
  • Peru Lares Trail October 2013

    “Our family group of seven, aged 31 to 61, had a wonderful time with aggressive hikes for 5 days including a 9 hour hike to just short of 16,000 feet, nice bike ride, day unscheduled and 3 days in the jungle. Unscheduled day was white water rafting 2 hours outside of Cuzco which I recommend adding to all trips. Our primary guide, Cynthia, was terrific and very helpful keeping us all challenged, entertained, well fed and full of smiles.”
    – Wisconsin, United States Jaguar, November 2013
  • Bucket list experience

    “The Galapagos trip was perfect. Would not change anything. Pablo was amazing as was the itinerary.”
    – California, United States Tortuga, November 2013
  • JUST GO!

    “It was tremendous! I feel so lucky and privileged to have visited this fabulous place. Pablo our guide was so passionate about the history ecology and preservation of this beautiful part of the world. We saw every animal there was to see and super close up! Snorkeling with sea lions, turtles and penguins was definitely a highlight! So fun.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tortuga, November 2013
  • Travels with friends, old and new

    “We traveled with another couple that we met on an adventure in southeast Asia. This proved to be equally exciting and a good way to make new friends. A highlight was homemade Martinis in our tent after a long day of hiking.”
    – Washington, United States Jaguar, November 2013
  • Trip of a lifetime is an understatement

    “Even though the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in itself is an experience, I will never forget that without Active Adventures it wouldn't have been quite the same. We had the most knowledgeable guides and we were all treated like one big family. Cynthia was fantastic; it was if we had known her all our lives. Because of Cynthia I would consider doing another trip to South America with Active Adventures.”
    – Colorado, United States Jaguar, November 2013
  • Jaguar 2013

    “This trip was phenomenal. The activities were great. The main guide was wonderful, easy to work with, and extremely helpful. The individual activity guides were also very friendly and knowledgeable. Every trip detail was very well thought out. For example, on our travel day from Cuzco to Puno, they brought bicycles along so we could bike some of the track instead of sitting in the van for six hours. The trip was perfectly balanced between activities and free/relaxation time. We also learned a lot about Peruvian culture and history, much more than we expected. All in all, an incredible trip.”
    – Washington, United States Jaguar, October 2013
  • Great trip!

    “Peru was an amazing country and seeing it on the Jaguar trip was great! Cynthia our guide, was awesome. She was informative, easy to get along with, and definitely had a passion for what she does. The activities we did were fun, all the food we ate was delicious, and I can't speak highly enough about the trip! We also happened to have a really fun, and easy going group, which added to the experience.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, October 2013
  • Unlike anything I've ever done!

    “The Jaguar trip was the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. I originally planned this trip around checking Machu Picchu off my bucket list but throughout the course of the trip, I did things I never knew I always wanted to. From hiking the Lares Trail to staying with a family on Amantani Island, I experienced more than I ever thought I would. This was unlike any vacation I have ever taken and something I will never forget. I can't wait to go on my next Active Adventure.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, October 2013
  • Wonderful experience

    “The trip was wonderful. Pablo is an excellent guide and his passion for his work and his home certainly shines through. I truly believe that having him as our guide made our Galapagos experience that much more special. We were fortunate enough to have a captain and a skipper that were very skilled - we even were so lucky to spot a humpback whale and dolphins when traveling in between islands. So happy to have gone on this trip to such an extraordinary place!”
    – New York, United States Tortuga, September 2013
  • What a challenge!

    “This trip was extremely challenging! I had never done anything like it before, and it really pushed me to the limit ... in a good way! Peru is incredibly beautiful and has so much to offer. What made out trip amazing was our incredible guide, Elder. The people we met were incredible. Definitely the trip of a lifetime!”
    – Connecticut, United States Jaguar, September 2013
  • The Only Way to See the Andes

    “Incredible experience. We had a great group of mixed ages and experiences to travel with. The ability to be active on a trip like this meant I went home feeling in better shape than when I started. Best kind of vacation!”
    – Minnesota, United States Jaguar, September 2013
  • Pregnant and Happy!

    “This trip was wonderful. I am so glad I was able to take this trip with my Mom. We got to spend some quality time together in a wonderful place observing wildlife that we could not find anywhere else in the world. I was a little concerned before getting to Ecuador because I was five months pregnant and wasn't sure I would be able to participate in all the activities. But our guide Pablo was amazing and, while I generally stayed in the back of the pack, his enthusiasm for the Galapagos and nature in general kept me motivated. I didn't want to miss anything he had to say or show us. Outstanding!”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, September 2013
  • Fantastic Adventure!

    “This trip has so many highlights - the people, the trek, the home stay, the kayaking, the food ... couldn't have asked for more!”
    – Midlothian, United Kingdom Jaguar, September 2013
  • Peru!

    “Peru is a beautiful country! My view of Peru expanded as a result of going on the tour. Before the trip Peru was Machu Picchu ... but now when I think about the country I remember impressive mountains and colourful culture and music and jungle and history and friendships! I had a fantastic trip!”
    – Ontario, Canada Jaguar, September 2013
  • Amazing experience!

    “The trip provided us with an intimate view of the breathtaking Peruvian landscape and warm people. We loved our hikes although the altitude was challenging at times. Cynthia was a fabulous guide who helped our group to bond in a very special way. Our favorite part was the Amazon where we hope to return.”
    – New Jersey, United States Jaguar, September 2013
  • Thank you!

    “Amazing trip ... fantastic job of coordinating all travel arrangements and everything ran so smoothly. I absolutely cannot say enough about our guides Yohn, Frank and Eric. They made the trip ... so knowledgeable, calm, and helpful.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Jaguar, August 2013
  • Tapir trip

    “It was an amazing trip with our guide Jhayro and the eight members of our group. I liked the fact that most of the decision making was done by Active Adventures and they seemed to know exactly what we wanted to do. It was nice to have someone else take care of all the details including lodging, meals and transportation. All we had to worry about was to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the adventure, and the comradery of our group. Our guide was all that we could ask for and more. He clearly had us and our enjoyment in his best interest. I loved the fact that this flatlander from Kansas could spend time and bond with interesting people from Russia, England, Singapore, Venezuela and Colorado. The conversation around the dinner table each evening was incredible. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!”
    – Kansas, United States Tapir, August 2013
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “I've just returned from a Jaguar tour in Peru; it was a trip I will never forget!! The whole trip was well organised and worth every penny. I found myself with a fantastic mix of people and a brilliant tour guide. The activities took us away from the tourist trail and allowed you to experience the 'real' Peru from a completely different perspective ... whether that was from a bike, kayak or from a mountain pass at 4800m altitude!”
    – Somerset, United Kingdom Jaguar, August 2013
  • Very impressed!

    “Really enjoyed the trip and loved Cynthia! She's amazing and everything was very organized and well run. Already recommending it to friends!”
    – Colorado, United States Jaguar, August 2013
  • One heck of a trip this was!!

    “Having been lucky enough to have had the chance to travel around the world a fair bit, I would rate my Jaguar trip with Active as probably the best trip ever. Even as I write this, I can't help but go down the memory lane and think of those two incredible weeks spent in Peru. Serenity, thrill, adrenalin rush, joy and sheer beauty - mix these with some lemon, salt, spice, chopped onions and salmon, and voila - you get a 'ceviche' of a trip! Loved it to bits and can't wait for another one with Active!”
    – Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jaguar, August 2013
  • If you're physically able to make the trip, don't think twice!

    “This trip was everything I could have asked for and more. I couldn't have asked for a better leader - Cynthia definitely made the trip what it was. She knew so much, was so helpful, and extremely fun and friendly. The Jaguar trip was incredibly well planned and excellently structured. It is clear that Active has done its research and knows what is best for its clients. I was certainly encouraged to take another trip with Active, and didn't want Jaguar to end - the people, the program, the experiences and the memories are all unforgettable!”
    – New York, United States Jaguar, August 2013
  • Wow!

    “What a great adventure!! Extraordinary leader! Unforgettable wildlife experiences! Wonderful activities! LOVED IT!”
    – New York, United States Tortuga, August 2013
  • Thanks!

    “Pepo was a wonderful trip leader. Sam, the intern that joined us, was particularly supportive during my first snorkeling experience. I appreciated the individualized encouragement! Loved the varied activities!”
    – New York, United States Tortuga, August 2013
  • Great experience!

    “Tapir was a great way to explore Ecuador, from the Cotopaxi Volcano to the Amazon Jungle. The highlight of the trip was being able to taste home-cooked Ecuadorian cuisine made by the wife of our guide - Jhayro.”
    – , Singapore Tapir, August 2013
  • Another fine Active trip

    “Wonderful trip with Active. Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was an experience of a lifetime. The Amazon was also great. My favorite part of the trip was Lake Titicaca. Our guide, Cynthia, was really good. The local guides used along the way were also great.”
    – Minnesota, United States Jaguar, July 2013
  • Great time, unique honeymoon experience

    “My husband and I had a wonderful time on the Jaguar trip to Peru. It made for a fun and unique honeymoon experience that we will remember forever. Elder, our guide, was fantastic, extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about sharing his home country with everyone. In addition to a memorable trip to Peru, we made lasting friendships with everyone on our excursion and hope to reunite on another Active Adventure some day!”
    – Texas, United States Jaguar, June 2013
  • Amazing!

    “What an amazing trip! Our Jaguar adventure was very well organized - we were well taken care of every step of the way. I'm recommending it to all my friends as something they simply must do. Yohn did a wonderful job and our group was so much fun! We are looking forward to planning another Active Adventure.”
    – Colorado, United States Jaguar, May 2013
  • Absolutely magical.

    “The Galapagos are everything you'd hope them to be - absolutely magical. I was stunned by the variety of wildflife I saw and was especially thrilled to get up close and personal to both sea lions and turtles whilst snorkelling. And seeing giant tortoises in the wild was a privilege.”
    – West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Tortuga, April 2013
  • We highly recommend the trip.

    “Great trip. Excellent mix of adventures. Lodging was super. Food local and tasty.”
    – , Panama Tapir, January 2013

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