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Review ratings for our individual trips

Capybara 4.71
115 reviews
Condor 4.46
532 reviews
Iguana 4.74
20 reviews
Jaguar 4.49
1514 reviews
Tapir 4.25
206 reviews
Tortuga 4.52
1014 reviews
  • Great family time in Gallapagos

    “All went really well with the trip. Loved the Guide (Pepo). Completed nearly all of the itinerary, but not quite all. Good group of fellow travelers, though not all of them were expecting (or tolerant of) kids in the trip (8 and 14 yr old). Would definitely recommend the trip and the guide to anyone who was interested in a Gallapagos adventure.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tortuga, December 2016
  • Great Trip, Very Informative, Always Moving

    “It was a great trip. Guide was fantastic, the wildlife and locations we saw would have never been the case without the guided trip. The transportation and logistics were so smooth, we never waited once.”
    – Illinois, United States Tortuga, December 2016
  • Excellant trip! I would come back and do it gain!

    “Pepo was a wonderful guide. He made the trip special and was so accommodating and knowledgeable. Honestly one of the best trips I have ever taken!”
    – Minnesota, United States Tortuga, December 2016
  • Condor Nov 16

    “have used Active in NZ for Rimu trip and Condor trip lived up to expectations. It's some of the simple things like size of groups, quality of guides etc that make the difference for me. The sorting out of tips and meals just makes for an easy time as I travel for the trekking not the organising :-) good stuff active. Thanks”
    – Essex, United Kingdom Condor, December 2016
  • Jaguar Trip

    “Thanks Active Adventures for making this another trip of a lifetime. This is our second trip and once again it met all our expectations and more. Our guide, Erick, did an outstanding job keeping the trip exciting, educational and enjoyable.”
    – Alaska, United States Jaguar, December 2016
  • Nov. 6 Jaguar with Erick

    “This trip was an absolutely outstanding experience for myself and my husband! Everything was so wonderful! Our guide Erick selected outstanding places to eat and made superb meal recommendations. I am thankful that he was able to control the weather while we were there. The people, landscape, culture and architecture were over the top. Erick was so patient and fun to be with. Our group couldn't have been better traveling companions. All of our activities were well paced and very doable. We love Active Adventures! This was our second trip to South America with Active and we look forward to booking another trip with them soon.”
    – Alaska, United States Jaguar, December 2016
  • Condor

    “Great trip. Been on several previous trips with other companies; this one was comparable. Food at restaurants was usually very good but bland at the refugios. Got to try out my paltry Spanish. Hiking with full packs not as burdensome as I anticipated. Scenery great. Rugged hikes but good trails. Cynthia and Jem were great guides. Well planned activities.”
    – Virginia, United States Condor, December 2016
  • Tortuga

    “Pepo - best guide ever!”
    – Minnesota, United States Tortuga, December 2016
  • Knowledgeable Guides

    “Our Classic Inca Trail Guide, Puma, showed me how much he loved this land and the people who lived on the land, both present and future!”
    – Ontario, Canada Jaguar, November 2016
  • Like an Inca in Peru

    “This trip was better than I could've ever expected. The Inca Trail was the most incredible hardest thing I've ever done both mentally and physically and I could not have done it without our guide Zac and my new found friend Cynthia. Machu Picchu was the perfect culmination to the pilgrimage. The rest of the trip and all of my other wonderful new friends including our guide Erick will never be forgotten. I will be talking about this trip for years to come and cannot wait to go on my next Active Adventure!”
    – New York, United States Jaguar, November 2016
  • Enchanted Paradise

    “This trip was worth every penny. From the moment you leave the airport on San Cristobal you are surrounded by the magic of the Galapagos. We saw every animal we hoped to and then some. There were plenty of opportunities to relax with a local beer and watch the sea lions play or iguanas scuttle across the beach or you could use spare time to fit in extra mountain biking or snorkeling. Our guide, Pepo, was absolutely wonderful. He is from San Cristobal and I really enjoyed his insider's perspective on the islands. Every day was a learning experience. The trip was expertly planned and organized. Never a dull moment!”
    – Washington, United States Tortuga, November 2016
  • Galapagos Adventure

    “This was the perfect honeymoon. The animals were amazing, the accommodations and travel smoothly planned. The tour guide, Pepo, was everything we could have hoped for - knowledgeable, amiable, and local. Active Adventures even managed to get our bags to the airport after the airline lost them in the nick of time to join us on our travels!”
    – Washington, United States Tortuga, November 2016
  • South America Adventure

    “As a first time traveller to South America it was a great comfort to travel with local guides who were not only proficient in Spanish but also more importantly familiar with all of the great local places to visit. Pepo and Zac were invaluable guides, they made us feel welcome from the first minute. Pepo had great insight about the Galapagos Islands and the time we spent at his family tree-house was great fun. Zac is full of knowledge about Peru, the sacred valley, the Incas and recommendations for the best places to eat. The professionalism displayed by Zac as our tour guide was unbelievable! He was able to seamlessly re-organise our trip schedule as there was a local strike with road closures. His knowledge of the area and the people meant that we hardly even noticed the change in our itinerary. I cannot recommend him enough! I have previously traveled with Active in New Zealand so I knew that I was in for a lovely trip. My expectations were well met and my only criticism is that the tour wasn't longer! The trip has opened my eyes to the beauty of Peru and the Galapagos and now I just can't wait to go back and it explore it even more.”
    – Western Australia, Australia Iguana, November 2016
  • Fantastically organized

    “The planning, organization and minute by minute support provided by Active Adventures was top notch. Erick was always there for us and the additional guides that we had along the way for cycling, kayaking and jungle tours were excellent. We really enjoyed the surprises that Erick provided to top off our days! Except for Lima, there were not a lot of English speaking locals in Peru, so I found it imperative to have such good local guides. We were also impressed with the food and equipment provided for cycling, kayaking and the support on the Inca trail. Active Adventures is a great company to work with!”
    – Ontario, Canada Jaguar, November 2016
  • Best trip ever!

    “We had a fantastic time and I must give top marks to Active Adventures. The whole trip was orchestrated wonderfully from start to finish. We could see that all contingencies were anticipated well before the trip commenced and it ran very smoothly. I talked with a person who did not use this company and the difference was like night and day.”
    – Ontario, Canada Jaguar, November 2016

    “First of all, I want to say what a FANTASTIC "Jaguar" trip we had with Active Adventures in Peru. After talking with many other travellers we meet in Peru, Active Adventures were head and shoulders above other tour groups. They meet and exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the best guides "Eric" and our 4 day Inca hike Guide "Puma". They started as our guides and we finished as friends.”
    – Ontario, Canada Jaguar, November 2016
  • One from the bucket list

    “We had high expectations for this trip and they were exceeded!”
    – Ontario, Canada Jaguar, November 2016
  • Everything I hoped for

    “This was my bucket list trip and it did not disappoint! As a biology major, the main draw was the wildlife, the natural history, and scientific significance of the Galapagos but it was also so much more. Our guide, Pepo, led our small group on a journey of discovery while sharing his expertise and great sense of humor. Our fellow adventurers were so much fun and we bonded over great food, once in a lifetime experiences, and fun in the sun. I highly recommend Active Adventures and will most likely book another trip with them soon!”
    – Oregon, United States Tortuga, November 2016
  • My Excellent Active Adventure!

    “Such a fabulous trip. The challenge of hiking at altitude, biking and kayaking through some amazing scenery, and experiencing the culture and the diversity of Peru is something I will always remember. I was so impressed with everyone involved - our guide (Erick), our trail specialist (Puma), our activity specialists for the Amazon, biking and kayaking, our porters on the trail, and the support they received in dealing with any and all issues that arose during the two weeks.”
    – Ontario, Canada Jaguar, October 2016
  • Awesome Active Adventure

    “We had been told how well organized the trip would be but we were blown away by the organized, efficient and professional manner in which all of the staff conducted themselves and their duties. Not having to worry about tents and campsites and food allowed us to thoroughly enjoy the scenery and the people we encountered. Our guides Eric and Jose were excellent historians as well as trailblazers and were especially good at adjusting our trek through the Andes since we had some health and fitness issues to deal with (including Debby having an intestinal problem on the very first day of our journey).”
    – Kentucky, United States Jaguar, October 2016
  • Amazing galapagos

    “Thanks to Active Adventures and especially Jessica and her team for an amazing time in the Galapagos. Really enjoyed the diving, snorkeling and other activities on or near the sea, even during the travel between islands there was plenty to see and learn about; the diversity, adaption to the environment, and specialisation of the wildlife, including the people!, that live(d) on Galapagos (and mainland Ecuador) was so interesting.
    Fresh and largely locally sourced food was great! Liked the simplicity with less gizmos that often end up thrown away. Thought the people, especially Galapagos, were aware of the environment, recycling and less rubbish and wastage.
    Fascinating place!”
    – Bay of Plenty, New Zealand Tortuga, October 2016
  • A true meeting

    “A trip that allows you to meet with the true peruvian insider ..... You just keep asking for more”
    – , New Caledonia Jaguar, October 2016
  • “A stellar bucket list trip with outstanding guides. The Peru part of our trip was complicated by a local strike causing havoc with our original itinerary but Zac and the Active Adventures folks were amazing in rearranging the itinerary, lodging, meals, etc. Pepo was super in the Galagagos. Both parts of the trip were great fun and very professionally run. Very active but doable for four of us in our 60's.”
    – Illinois, United States Iguana, October 2016
  • Peru and Galapagos Islands

    “The two regions of this trip were so different. In Peru, learning about Inca history, seeing the structures that they built with minimal tools and that have survived for centuries and getting to spend time in small towns and interacting with local artisans was fabulous. The Galapagos Islands were a wildlife fest with snorkeling, kayaking and boat rides between islands and viewing sea "creatures" in the shallows and deep water. You also hiked volcanos and saw land tortoises, iguanas and the topography change as you go from lush to lava fields. Wonderful experiences”
    – Illinois, United States Iguana, October 2016
  • Jaguar trip 9-16

    “I was interested in this trip because I had always dreamed of going to Machu Picchu and the only reason I was traveling to Peru was because that is where Machu Picchu was. As it turned out, getting to Machu Picchu was great but it wasn't even one of the highlights of the trip! I am so glad I went on this trip with Active Adventures because it exposed us to much more of Peru than we would have seen had we just trekked to Machu Picchu. Erick our guide was like our "peruvian google" who could answer just about any question we had about his country. As with the Condor trip I took to Patagonia last year, I always felt taken care of and could relax because all the little details were worked out by Erick and his Active Adventures Crew. Couldn't have had a better time in Peru than our Jaguar trip!”
    – Hawaii, United States Jaguar, October 2016
  • Colorful Peru!

    “Peru is a marvelous canvas of color, music and history; beautiful people, delicious food and breathtaking scenery. This adventure to Peru was amazing! It was a dynamic journey full of beauty and fun. From an unforgettable hike at the Lares Inca Trail to submerging into the life of the local families at Amantani Island! Everything during the trip was executed in an organized and safe manner. Thank you to our fantastic group leader, Erick, and to all my lovely travel Amigos for making this adventure a colorful one! This is how you celebrate Life!
    Abinette from Puerto Rico”
    – South Carolina, United States Jaguar, October 2016
  • “The adventure begins to become just a wonderful memory. Over all the trip was amazing and the organisation with its (almost) all inclusive arrangements was impressive. There were so many high spots, it is hard to give a single highlight. The stay on Amantani island was very special, the views in the Andes were spectacular, the hotels were comfortable and the food everywhere was plentiful and delicious.
    One of the best things about this trip was meeting such a lovely group of fellow travellers. We had such fun together. Erick our guide was very efficient and hard working. He must have found it challenging to shepherd such a lively group around but he managed to make it great fun as well as keeping us safe and free of worry.
    All in all I am so happy that I took this trip and will recommend Active Adventures to anyone considering such an adventure.”
    – North Somerset, United Kingdom Jaguar, October 2016
  • Amazing

    “Every detail surprised and delighted.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, October 2016
  • Awesome experience

    “It was a life changing experience... I highly recommend this trip to everyone.”
    – Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Jaguar, October 2016
  • Wonder- fulled Galapagos

    “Wonderful food! local, fresh and delicious and plenty of it
    Wonderful guide! Jessica the personality of the Galapagos, fun, full of local knowledge and a great organiser
    Wonder fulled Islands, wildlife and sites to see
    A Brilliant Trip!”
    – , New Zealand Tortuga, September 2016
  • Happy to have chosen this trip

    “There seemed to be so many choices of trips but Active Adventures attracted me with the fact it was land based Galapagos trip and included hiking, biking and kayaking. The trip exceeded expectations and I am very glad to have chosen Active Adventures. Food was great. Active Adventures staff was great. Activities were great, and to top it off everyone in our group was great. I am even more convinced now that a land based Galapagos trip was the way to go.”
    – Ohio, United States Tortuga, September 2016
  • Once in a Life Time Experience

    “The entire staff on the trip from our incredible guide to the individual drivers made the trip amazing even when things don't go the way you want them to.”
    – New Jersey, United States Jaguar, September 2016
  • Tortuga, Galapagos

    “You have to visit the islands to believe how amazing they actually are and how innovative the people who live there have become, very little goes to waste.”
    – North Lanarkshire, United Kingdom Tortuga, September 2016
  • Tapir

    “Jhayro was a great guide, and made the trip a great one, even helping to expand my Spanish vocabulary. A brilliant trip that everyone should take”
    – North Lanarkshire, United Kingdom Tapir, September 2016
  • ECUADOR South America

    “I had an incredible trip exploring the beautiful scenery of Ecuador. Our guide Hiro was extremely informative and his erudition was obvious; also had the opportunity to meet his vivacious daughter who brought another great personality to our group! Our small group was awesome and I had a great time getting to know each member. I enjoyed the active aspect of the trip, everything from cycling, hiking, and ascending waterfalls in the Amazon was a perennial experience!! Definitely will be joining Active on another trio!!

    Ps: food was amazing!!”
    – Wyoming, United States Tapir, September 2016
  • Fantastic Peru!

    “The guides were great; the weather was perfect (even the snow just after cresting a 15,000' peak); the sites were amazing; the activities well planned and thought out. Every excursion went smoothly and all told it was a fantastic trip.”
    – Virginia, United States Jaguar, September 2016
  • “Excellent combination of cultural and geographic aspects of Peru. Trip was well organized and well led. Hiking the Inca Trail was definitely the highlight!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Jaguar, September 2016
  • Loved the trip

    “The trip to Galapagos was wonderful. I loved the tortoises, snorkeling, kayaking, volcanoes.”
    – Ohio, United States Tortuga, August 2016
  • Fantastic!

    “This trip is action packed with thing to do. Jessica, our guide, was very knowledgeable and passionate about each island and activity that we did. The wildlife was amazing and the trip was well organized. I wouldn't call this tour a "vacation" in the traditional sense. This tour is more of an experience! I'd recommend it to anyone interested in wildlife, geology, and conservation!”
    – North Carolina, United States Tortuga, August 2016
  • Great trip!

    “We had a smart, funny, and skilled guide who showed us beautiful and amazing things. Peru was incredible, it was a great trip.”
    – Washington, United States Jaguar, August 2016
  • My first taste of Sth America

    “The trip lived up to all that it offered and more. The organisation and the guides were exemplary. Fully recommend it to all active golden oldies!!”
    – Auckland, New Zealand Iguana, August 2016
  • Jaguar 2016

    “The world is a diverse place. Peru is a must-see. The Jaguar trip by Active South America gives you a very good sampling of what this country is about from the cities and towns to the mountain to the jungle to the lake environments and the peoples and wildlife which make them home. This is quite the challenging trip for those of us who are relative lowlanders. This was our third trip with Active and they never disappoint. The guides are always first rate as they do everything possible to help you maximize your enjoyment of the trip no matter the circumstances. We love adventure and surely there will be more trips in our future. Out of the many many choices today Active will always be given first consideration.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Jaguar, August 2016
  • Capybara Adventure!

    “I recently went to on the Capybara tour with my son. We had Arturo as our guide. I was so happy with this tour. I found Active Adventures online. I read the reviews and had phone conversations with staff and emails who were always happy to answer any of my many questions. My 19 year old son worked hard to pay for his part of the tour and I wanted it to be really great for him especially.
    We both had the best time. We were fed amazing food that I never expected. I had no idea that we would be having such healthy and tasty meals. We were always told what the plan the next day was going to be and in detail. Any needs we had Arturo would make sure they were met. He was absolutely the best. A very educated, kind, thoughtful and funny young man. Could not have been happier with tour itenarary and our tour guide, Arturo. Would do another Active Adventures tour again and actually looking at booking one for next year! Thank you for a really special trip with my dear son! Many happy memories forever.”
    – Utah, United States Capybara, August 2016
  • Tortuga july 2016

    “Amazing trip with an amazing guide. thank you”
    – Pahurehure, New Zealand Tortuga, August 2016
  • The best of Peru

    “Our trip with Cynthia and Zac was super well organized and so informative. We were well informed about what to expect for every meal, hike, bike ride, flight and boat trip. This was enhanced by what was the best crew team in Peru. Every person connected with our Active Adventure was so welcoming. We learned so much about the history of the Inca's, the wildlife and foliage, customs of areas and current issues. Amazing meals on the Inca trail and adventures on picnics and in restaurants. It was truly a perfect and unforgettable active adventure!”
    – Alberta, Canada Jaguar, August 2016
  • Macchu Picchu JULY24 2016

    “We were on the Jaguar trip and had no complaints whatsoever! Cynthia Valladores was our trip leader, she was absolutely fantastic. My girlfriend got sick and was on the verge of not hiking when she arranged for a doctor which allowed her to make the hike. All that expense and planning would have been for nothing! She made ALL the difference!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, August 2016
  • Amazing experience

    “Everything was perfect!!! Cynthia, our group leader, is amazing!!! Every detail is attended to and we were very well taken care of. I was very pleasantly surprised how good the food was while hiking the Inca trail! That cook is able to make a better meal on a hiking trail than most people can make in a fully stocked kitchen!!!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, August 2016
  • Wonderful Trip

    “Terrific Trip!! Beautiful Country! Terrific Organization! Wonderful Guides! Great Food! I was very impressed with Cynthia and Puma and all the others that contributed to making this kind of trip possible. It is a sign of a well run organization when it values and hires such terrific people. They took very good care of us, were extremely well educated, and were very easy to get along with not to mention patient and fun. The Inca Trail views were absolutely breath taking but this really was a very well rounded trip. I enjoyed the cities of Cuzco and Puno, the trip to Porto Maldonado and the jungle with the extremely interesting hotel, and Lake Titicaca with our trips to a couple of the islands and stay with one of the families. Our tour of Lima was a great way to finish off our trip. One more thing-the food was absolutely the best. I have never eaten that well.”
    – Minnesota, United States Jaguar, August 2016
  • Great guide

    “Jessica was wonderful and so was the intern Jessica. Loved the people on the trip. Nice size group - 13!”
    – Ohio, United States Tortuga, August 2016
  • Amazing trip to Peru

    “Our trip to Peru surpassed my expectations. Cynthia our trip leader was amazing and truthfully made our experience a once in a lifetime one. I would most definitely travel with Active Adventures again in the future!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, July 2016
  • Amazing adventures!

    “Active Adventures totally lived up to their name for our trip in Peru! Hiking the Inka trail, boating on the amazon, fishing for piranhas, cycling to the sacred valley and kayaking on Lake Titicaca we were active every day of the trip! Thank you Cynthia, Zack and the amazing team at Active Adventures for the trip of a lifetime in Peru!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, July 2016
  • Re-energised

    “This trip was certainly "active". The Lares trail was my highlight and pushed me to the limits. It was wonderful to share this trip with such an amazing group of people of all ages. The guides were superb.”
    – Western Australia, Australia Jaguar, July 2016
  • Jaguar to Peru June 19

    “This truly was the trip of a lifetime! Peru is a beautiful and fascinating country. Active adventures is a first rate organization and we were well prepared upon arrival and throughout the trip. We cycled, hiked, camped and journeyed into the jungle. All equipment was first rate and the food excellent. Loved Erick, a wonderful guide in every regard. Daniel as well was terrific.
    Our group of ten were fearless and hilarious. Would do this again tomorrow. Thank you Active!!”
    – Ontario, Canada Jaguar, July 2016
  • Amazing time!

    “We had an amazing time on our Active Adventures Jaguar trip to Peru. The Active Adventures team were incredible, taking care of everything so well. Our guide for the whole two weeks, Cynthia, was so friendly and went over and above multiple times to make sure that everyone had a great time. The Inca Trail was tough, and the weather didn't entirely cooperate, but when we finally got to Macchupicchu it was so worth it. Just seeing that stunning place made the journey worthwhile, but then the rainforest and Lake Titicaca were waiting for us! I'd highly recommend this trip and this company, and they certainly live up to their name!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, July 2016
  • Amazing adventure

    “I was unsure of exactly what I signed up for when I started this trip but it truly was the trip of a lifetime. Each day we had something unique and exciting planned. We were never board and the adventures we participated in soon helped our tour group bond together and become a second family. The tour was very well organized and our tour leader was excellent.”
    – Indiana, United States Jaguar, July 2016
  • We did it! With style and fun!

    “This was a bucket list trip of a lifetime! Active Adventures went above and beyond to make us comfortable, safe and we had a bunch of fun from the Andes to the Amazon!”
    – Oregon, United States Jaguar, July 2016
  • Why Peru?

    “Reasons to go to Peru? Fabulous food, people, culture and geography.
    Reasons to choose Active Adventures? Outstanding local guides (notably Erick) who provide a myriad of experiences for a complete & truly active immersion experience.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, July 2016
  • Couldn't Have Done It Ourselves

    “From four course picnics to an entire team to assist in the trek, we simply couldn't have had the same experience if we'd planned our own trip. Our guide Erick was simply the best. A wonderful trip!”
    – Washington, United States Jaguar, July 2016
  • Jaguar June 2016

    “Well ran trip. Very active itinerary. You will be tired. Lots of early mornings but ultimately worth it. History at every turn. Cynthia was/is awesome. All of our guides were great and passionate. All very knowledgeable. If you want to see Peru and Macchu Picchu, this is the way. Details are handled, flights on the trip handled for you. Any concerns addressed and handled. Highly encourage anyone to take this trip. This is my second trip with Active and I am sure there will be more.”
    – Indiana, United States Jaguar, July 2016
  • Amazing adventure - amazing guide

    “The trip from beginning to end was an incredible, although challenging, experience. I would not have thought it was possible to jam so many incredible experiences into so short of time. The variety of experiences, activities, and landscapes was amazing. And Cynthia was the most incredible guide to show us all through it.”
    – Maine, United States Jaguar, July 2016
  • Peru a country with oppurtunities for the future

    “What struck me traveling in Peru was beside the wonderful nature, the healthy way of living. Healthy food, healthy people with healthy teeth. Not so much stress as we are used to nowadays. I would like to go back!”
    – Värmland, Sweden Jaguar, July 2016
  • Great trip!

    “The trip was overall amazing. The guides were all very knowledgeable and were always trying to make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable. I really could not be more impressed. Each of them was likeable and friendly (as well as informational). They took us to great sites and great restaurants. 5 star!!!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Iguana, July 2016
  • You won't regret it!

    “Awesome fun with family and friends. Really enjoyed meeting new friends, hiking, biking, kayaking and eating!”
    – Tennessee, United States Jaguar, July 2016
  • Great way to venture into South America

    “Fabulous way to combine the Inca trial and Galapagos islands. Hiking at 14,000 feet and sandy beaches packed with sealions. Meet real people, share ral experiences, get to meet wildlife up close!”
    – Essex, United Kingdom Iguana, June 2016
  • truly active

    “Active Adventures packs a lot into two weeks. The pace is very fast and being in good condition is very important. This trip went to two places on my bucket list and I enjoyed both immensely. Machu Picchu was everything I expected and a bit more. The Galapagos Islands were a treat, especially the giant tortoises.”
    – Ohio, United States Iguana, June 2016
  • Iguana Trip

    “The South America Adventure was a highlight of a lifetime! Our guides were fantastic, especially Jhayro! Jhayro led our group on many adventures through Peru, including rock climbing, biking, zip-lining, and hiking to amazing Inca ruins. We ate incredible cuisine at a variety of restaurants, and one day, we were served a picnic lunch as fine as we could get in a 5-star restaurant. The hotels were comfortable and quiet and clean. One of our guides, Daniel, was an expert speaker on a variety of topics. We learned about the history, geology, flora and fauna, and culture of each area. No questions went unanswered, even if he had to do research and inform us the next day. Our group was small enough to bond and enjoy each others company. Iguana was a wonderful experience!”
    – Ohio, United States Iguana, June 2016
  • Jaguar trip Peru June 2016

    “This is a trip I had wanted to do for a couple of years now and I finally did it and it certainly didn't disappoint, this truly was a trip of a lifetime for me. Peru is an amazing country, the culture, the people, the colour, all of it was stunning. It was certainly challenging, even more so because of the high altitude, but that is what I want out of my travel experiences. Our guide Cynthia was the best guide we could have asked for, her wealth of knowledge on her country was so vast and interesting and she always made us feel like one big family. Thank you Cynthia and thank you Active Adventures for giving me the best memories.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Jaguar, June 2016
  • Unbelievable Peruvian adventure

    “Nine months of preparation still didn't prepare us for the unbelievable non-stop action Active Adventures had in store for us. They really do put "active" at the top of the list. For two weeks our guides immersed us and saturated us with Peru. As we reflect on our trip it is hard to believe we did and saw so much.
    Active Adventures were impeccable in their their arrangements and execution. The logistical details for the trip were considerable and our group was constantly amazed at the seamless delivery of everything.
    We were kept fully informed and attended to as we took airplanes, trains, private coaches, tut tuks, bikes, kayaks, motor boats and, hiked and toured through Peru.
    All we had to do was enjoy ourselves and our companions.
    Our guides and other support help always made us feel safe, secure and well attended to. To a person they were exceptional.”
    – Ontario, Canada Jaguar, June 2016
  • “Cynthia was excellent going above and beyond in all areas. She was constantly upping herself daily. She was great and I would welcome going on a trip with her”
    – California, United States Jaguar, June 2016
  • Peru - an amazing South American country :)

    “Peru is a beautiful country full of culture contrasts, food, history and breathtaking landscapes. The trip we had was unforgettable. The guide was excellent - always willing to share the extensive knowledge about his country. He always made sure we had everything in check and supported us every step of the way. The group we were with was also a really great bunch making the trip even more memorable, thus making it easier to make new friends through this venture. We were exposed to all possible experiences during our 2 week trip. I will surely recommend Active Adventures to others.”
    – , Malta Jaguar, June 2016
  • One for the books!

    “To be honest, I wasn't sure what I was getting into when my sister and I signed up for this trip - but it definitely turned out the be one of the best trips I had so far.
    I really did have a great time. The organisation of the whole 2 weeks was very well managed, with excellent guides who knew the local culture and the best options to accommodate preferences of each individual. The locations visited and the accommodation were perfect. The food provided was of the best quality and amount! We were never left hungry nor thirsty.
    The activities were well spread to have breaks in between and the level of difficulty was adjusted to each individual. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who is into culture and some physical exercise.
    I simply had a fantastic time with the whole group and guide :)”
    – , Malta Jaguar, June 2016
  • “Great experience, a huge opportunity for nature lovers to familiarize themselves and get very close to Galapagos life. Tour leader Pablo Valladares makes the trip a lifetime experience.”
    – , United Arab Emirates Tortuga, June 2016
  • Experience the Real Galapagos!

    “The trip was very well organized and managed from booking until the end of the tour! The itinerary was perfectly crafted in a balance of active and relax pace, gave us the best wildlife and Island experience! The land base tour definitely the best way to explore and appreciate the beauty of Galapagos and a better chance to interact with locals too. Food, accommodations and transport were well taking care of. Credit must go for the exceptional local naturalist guide Pablo who was so passionate to share everything you wish to know about Galapagos from geography, history, wildlife and some interesting stories you only get to know from the local..his presentation was simply fascinating!
    I would strongly recommend the Tortuga tour if you wish to have a different and memorable experience with Galapagos, better still get Pablo as your guide and you will understand everything!
    Thanks Active Adventures team, and Galakiwi.
    – , United Arab Emirates Tortuga, May 2016
  • Peru

    “Peru is a fascinating country and our trip covered four very different regions and we were able to really experience the land and people. It was an intense trip. I am very glad we made the trip. Thanks”
    – California, United States Jaguar, May 2016
  • Absolutely amazing!!!

    “This was the trip of a lifetime. It was easily the most physically challenging thing I have ever done, but so worth it. Our guide Cynthia could not have been any better. Her knowledge, organization, and care made her the perfect leader. Our Inca Trail guide Chemma (sp?) was wonderful as well. The only part of the entire program that I would have changed was the long bus ride to Puno, but it was a necessary evil to get us where we needed to go. I cannot offer enough praise for the entire experience! Thank you Active Adventures and Cynthia, I will never forget the experience or the people I shared it with!”
    – Washington, United States Jaguar, May 2016
  • Jaguar May 2016

    “Cynthia was fantastic! Great group of people. Truly the hardest thing I have ever done and most memorable. Local guides knowledgable and supportive. Chama got me through on the Inka Trail when I was struggling.”
    – Washington, United States Jaguar, May 2016
  • Playful nature at its finest!

    “My Galapagos journey was fabulous! I still carry with me the wonder of our snorkeling adventures, especially with the sea lions visiting, dancing and playing with us and the graceful sea turtles gently meandering through the water in their scout for lunch. Our friendly, enthusiastic and easy-going guide, Pepo, was outstanding--he was so impressive with his deep knowledge of the individual island habitats, the animals and their varying species and habits, history, and culture. I am so grateful to have been able to fulfill my long-held desire to visit the Galapagos through this awesome tour!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tortuga, May 2016
  • Childhood dream to reality.

    “I've imagined and dreamed of visiting the Galapagos Islands since I was about 8 years old. Maybe it was Dr Doolittle or Jacques Cousteau - who knows how such ideas get stuck in a child's head, but the Tortuga trip was a dream realised and it exceeded all my expectations. There were surprises and delights every day, not to mention the added bonus of having a guide/teacher/naturalist/conservationist/geologist/surfer Pablo, who bought alive the history of the islands and the mysteries and magnificence of evolution and the animal kingdom.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tortuga, May 2016
  • Exquisite Ecuador

    “From the ancient crumbling Spanish architecture of Quito, to the majestic glaciers, mountain grasslands, volcanoes and the Amazon...Ecuador is a scenic feast for the eyes and a country of amazements for nature buffs. Very few tourists, with gentle helpful locals, so if you can - go! After the earthquake devastation on the coast they could use the tourist dollars.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tapir, May 2016
  • The best trip ever

    “If you have the opportunity to take this trip, do! It's the trip of a lifetime and everything about it was well organized and amazing. I'd highly recommend a trip through active adventures!”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, May 2016
  • A great trip.

    “The change of the first day's program did not reach me. Having to be "bike ready" was possible as people were so helpful but not the better way.”
    – Texas, United States Tapir, May 2016
  • Really? It was only the second time you ran it?

    “As the name implies, Active Tours are just that Active and subject to all sorts of unknowns. What makes them so good is the Tour Leader's ability to adapt and improvise. We hiked much quicker than expected, so we were able to take a quick nap after lunch in the shadow of Inca Ruins. We climbed much slower than expected, so we got to the Salt mines as the sun set. I was really surprised when Jhayro said this was only the second time the it ran, it was so well done I had thought they had it all down pat. As always, great job!”
    – Hawaii, United States Iguana, May 2016
  • Aventura Fantastica!

    “This was our second Active Adventures trip and while we went to Peru mainly to see Machu Picchu, I feel it was only a fraction of the fun we had during our trip. For me, hiking at 14,000+ feet, climbing rocks via ferrata to go zip lining was an awesome experience despite being very prone to altitude illness (we got there a day early and I was fine by the second day) and having a hubby who is very afraid of heights. Machu Picchu was magnificent but I really enjoyed the less crowded Incan and pre-Incan sites we visited more because we had them nearly all to ourselves. Our tour leader Jhayro and another local guide Daniel (who we had for 3 days in Peru) also made our trip extra special being so friendly and fun to be with both while leading us on adventures as well as during meals and on the bus.

    The food we had in Peru was excellent and that is coming from someone who is usually viewed as a picky eater with a fussy stomach. My hubby, who is a much more adventurous eater than I, tried alpaca and guinea pig and both were surprisingly good (yes, I tried them too!). After a couple days, we were used to not drinking the tap water or flushing paper down toilets so neither were a big deal. In fact, when we were in Quito, it seemed strange to be able to do so!

    For the Galapagos portion of our trip, we were led by Jose since our scheduled guide Pablo couldn't be there due to a family emergency. Jose was very knowledgable about the local geology, flora, fauna and variety of other things and with several in our group being (former) teachers or scientists, we sure did ask a lot of questions. The unique wildlife of the islands was the primary reason I wanted to visit and I loved seeing Galapagos turtles again as I'd not seen them since I was a child back in the 60's (I remember riding on some in a zoo which I know now was so wrong!). It was my first time seeing marine iguanas and blue footed boobies in the wild and I also enjoyed seeing a variety of other creatures that are in other places but we don't see very often, even living in Hawaii which has very similar geology.

    Like Hawaii, each of the Galapagos Islands was different and it was interesting to see how they varied. The different forms of transportation we used to get from island to island were also adventures in themselves: 2 hour ride on a speed boat and an hourish ride on a teeny prop plane!

    The only thing that was not quite what we expected with this trip was that some of the activities listed on the Galapagos Island itinerary we did not get to do. Nevertheless, the trip was fantastic and being probably my one and only trip to South America, it will always be remembered.”
    – Hawaii, United States Iguana, May 2016
  • More than I could have asked for!

    “I have never traveled solo before, so I was very hesitant to take a trip like this. I'm so glad I did! Active took all of the stress out of planning the trip, so all I had to do was enjoy my time! The rolling green hills of the Sacred Valley, majestic mountains of the Andes, the wonder itself of Machu Pichu! And that was only in Peru! The Galapagos was better than I could have imagined. At one point I was swimming with sea turtles, sea lions, eagle rays, and yes, penguins! I was in absolute awww the entire time in Galapagos. This truly was an amazing trip and I would highly recommend it anyone!”
    – Washington, United States Iguana, May 2016
  • Spring Adventure

    “I travelled with my 11 year old son and although he's been on many adventures, this trip to Galapagos in April tops our list of favorites! This was in great part because of Pablo, who is the best naturalist/guide we've ever had. It felt like we were traveling with a friend. Pablo was amazing and made a lasting impression on my son who for the first time, cried when it was time to say goodbye.”
    – New Jersey, United States Tortuga, April 2016
  • 6-Stars

    “Beyond amazing. Loved every minute of it. Words cannot do it justice... you need to experience it yourself.”
    – Louisiana, United States Tortuga, April 2016
  • Galapagos Tortuga

    “We had a fantastic time in Galapagos and enjoyed days packed with activities. This was our first trip using Active Adventures and we were impressed with well organised days, varied activites from bike riding, climbing volcano, kayaking, snorkelling and enjoying fantastic wild life in Galapagos.
    Pepo -our guide is extremely knowledgable and most lovely person who made our days fun and interesting. We enjoyed the variety of different islands visited and loved the taste of local life we were introduced to, including family tree house in highlands of San Cristobal and local restaurants sharing the benches with sea lions.
    Snorkelling with sea turtles, sharks and sea lions was unforgettable. The scenery was breathtaking with beautiful beaches, amazing rock creations of lava tunnels and tranquil bays and sunsets. Ocean kayaking was fun- watching penguins and blue boobies, pelicans waiting for fisherman's left overs....Each island brought its unique experience and history with it. We had opportunity to dive as well as snorkel and the trip organisers gave us plenty of opportunities to meet all our interest and needs. Our group of 10 was excellent size and felt more like a big family holiday. I would recommend Active Adventures to everyone as this was a fantastic activity holiday and a good value for money. The tour was organised with thoughtfulness by very friendly and knowledgeable staff. We felt safe and extremely well looked after. Thank you to every one and especially Pepo! Pepo, please give our regards to your dad who joined us for a bit of our trip. We will treasure the photo of him and Pepo in the giant tortoise shell!”
    – Surrey, United Kingdom Tortuga, April 2016
  • “Amazing trip! If time is not your luxury, this trip truly offers the best of the best for Peru and Galapagos. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a mix of adventure, culture and chill once you get to the Galapagos.”
    – Alberta, Canada Iguana, April 2016
  • Animal Kingdom

    “This really was a most enjoyable trip. Everybody who goes to the Galapagos expects to see lots of animals, and we were certainly not disappointed!
    We liked the range of activity and especially we liked the guide, Pepo. He is absolutely brilliant, so caring, kind and friendly, and his knowledge in encyclopaedic! If you get him as a guide, you will be very pleased!”
    – Surrey, United Kingdom Tortuga, April 2016
  • Outstanding!

    “Thoughtful and well prepared, friendly and helpful staff at every turn. The active adventure title is a fitting description and not just a marketing gimmick. Hiking, biking, snorkeling, kayaking, and awesome accommodations. The Active Adventures / Galakiwi teams are excellent at what they do. Pepo our guide is the best ambassador and genuine professional for the Galapagos Islands -- very, very knowledgeable about the eco-systems and plants and animal life, and such a thoughtful and friendly individual, we really appreciated all he did to make this such a memorable trip. You will find the people and culture of the region extremely open and welcoming. This was certainly the trip of a lifetime, and especially hassle free thanks to the diligence of our Active Adventure / Galakiwi team!”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, April 2016
  • Super Trip!

    “Our guide had a "super plan" and it made for a super trip! Great weather, good mix of people, small group size and good activity level each day made for an enjoyable way to see the Galápagos Islands.”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, April 2016
  • Dream Come True

    “I'd always heard the Galápagos was a very special place, and now I can confirm that it is indeed an incredible and unique place. I've traveled quite a bit, but never had so many jaw dropping sights and experiences. The fish, birds, and animals are truly amazing! Our guide, Pepo was one of the best guides I have ever had. I loved the high activity level of this trip, allowing us to see and do the maximum each day.”
    – Minnesota, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • Amazing Trip

    “This was an amazing trip! It was active, nature-oriented, and great for seeing wildlife. There was always something to do (e.g., biking, hiking, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, visiting breeding centers/interpretation centers, looking at wildlife). The accommodations were great (especially considering how it was advertised I thought it would be rougher but it wasn't), and the food was delicious (it was great for those who love seafood, but there were always great options for those that don't). Also, staying on the land allowed us to see and experience more than if we were on a cruise ship. For example, one night we walked around the pier at night after the people on the cruise ships had to be back at their boats, and we saw a sea lion and over 20 baby blacktip sharks having a feeding frenzy on fish. Additionally, our guide Pepo was wonderful! He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and funny. Overall, this is one of my favorite tours I have ever been on. If you are on the fence about it, just go you won't regret it!”
    – Maryland, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • “Great trip, good group of people and a terrific guide.”
    – Washington, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • Galapagos by land and sea

    “With Pablo as our guide, and a great group for conversation and fun, the Galapagos Islands were unique and beautiful. It would be nice to have a few more days in which there was more than one option for adventure. And our hotel on Santa Cruz was a poor substitute for the one listed for the tour. But staying on land gives you a chance to connect with the locals, and wander a little on your own in ways that would not be likely on a cruising tour.”
    – Michigan, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • It Was an Active Adventure!

    “The activities, the people, the food were all outstanding. Each of our guides was knowledgeable and friendly. They were sincere in their desire to show us their country and share the culture. Although we went during the wet season we had beautiful weather and the only rain we encountered was during one of our bike rides. Erick, our main guide was extremely helpful whether it was recommending a place to do laundry, a place to eat or an emergency visit to the dentist. My husband and I are both 60 and we participated AND completed all the activities planned so don't be intimidated by itinerary. No pressure to do everything either if you would rather ride in the van or skip a day hike. We will be back!”
    – Texas, United States Jaguar, March 2016
  • Fantastic Jaguar trip!

    “I took my nephew on the Jaguar trip in January, and we had a great time. The guide, Erick, was extremely prepared, organized, and easy to get along with. I could not imagine a better experience. It exceeded our expectations!”
    – Oklahoma, United States Jaguar, March 2016
  • Fun, Flexible and Phenomenal

    “Our trip to the Galapagos with Pablo was outstanding. From the moment we met in San Cristobal to our departure from Santa Cruz, our trip was educational, entertaining and engaging. Pablo was a phenomenal guide with deep knowledge of the islands. His guidance and direction was crucial in the success of the trip. He was able to accommodate all participants regardless of age, fitness or interests. I whole-heartedly recommend the Tortuga trip with Pablo.”
    – Michigan, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • A Great Trip

    “Active Adventures tries to get it all in for you. Biking, hiking, snorkeling and kayaking. Really liked that it was a land trip. Our guide Jessica, could not have been better! She was so knowledgeable, patient and overall organized. Glad we went with A.A. for a second trip... first one was in New Zealand.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tortuga, March 2016
  • Eleven Days Off of the Grid

    “From Mitand del Mundo (middle of the world) to the natural wonders of the Galápagos Islands, this trip is a must not miss for nature lovers everywhere. Our guide lives on Isabella and knew everyone we met on each of the islands. We saw animals not in evidence anywhere else on Earth: flocks of wild flamingoes, marine iguanas, Galápagos Sharks, and of course the ubiquitous giant tortoises. Every detail of the excursion was well planned and executed. There was time for individual pursuits and the accommodations were better than I had imagined. I will recommend Active Adventures/Galakiwi to anyone wanting a hands-on, Eco-friendly tour of "Darwin's Place".”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, March 2016

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