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Now for the most important bit! We get a huge amount of feedback from our clients, all of which we read and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips. While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves.

We encourage you to let us know if you'd like us to put you directly in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active Adventures trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and to find out what it’s really like to travel with us, a top rated tour company!

We've been running adventure trips for over 20 years, so we have a LOT of reviews. In the interest of not making you wait eons for the page to load, we've decided to show our 100 most recent. Though, if you'd like to read older reviews, please drop us a line and we'll certainly share plenty more with you!

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  • Great Trip

    “1st class and professional from start to finish. Both Jackie and Carrie were outstanding. Even though we had to make changes based on weather they always had a plan and options for us. 14 days passed in the blink of an eye. The food, the accommodations, the activities, the camaraderie, and the enthusiasm were all outstanding. We would not hesitate to recommend Active Adventures and are already thinking about future trips.”
    – Nebraska, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Spectacular!

    “I can't imagine a better way to see the South Island than on Rimu. Challenging? Definitely.... but worth every step!”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Rimu Was Extraordinary

    “We have been dreaming of visiting New Zealand for a long time, we wanted to see and explore all the best sites in an active way, but doing this on our own would have been overwhelming! Active Adventures was the complete answer. They took us to the best places, sites and beautiful landscapes that we could only have dreamed about. Our group was small which allowed us all to bond, our guides Astrid and Steve could not have been better - fun, knowledgeable, organized and excellent cooks. I got the sense they really enjoyed what they do! I would strongly recommend this tour - a trip of a lifetime that words can’t describe - we will never forget it.”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, February 2018
  • South Island Rimu Trip

    “My South Island trip was outstanding, even with the cyclone that came ashore on the second day! The itinerary needed to be changed because of all the washed out roads to places that we were suppose to venture to. Our guides, Jackie and Carrie, came up with new plans that were great. A mark of a good company is when they can handle unexpected events, such as a cyclone, and still provide their guest with a trip of a life time. Thank you A.A. for a great and safe trip!”
    – Connecticut, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Nov 2017 Rimu with Claire, Carrie and Natalie

    “The trip was so well organized and orchestrated. Claire’s driving was phenomenal with a bus full of gabbing woman and windy narrow roads. Natalie’s home baked goodies, nice touch. We were fed so so very well. So many highlights, like who lugs bottles of champagne and glasses on a hike to surprise us at the top?! Or having stubbies waiting for us as we emerge from the woods after two nights at the hut.”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

    “The Condor trip with our tour leader, Zac, was AWESOME! Our W guide, Cem, was also exceptional. The two of them kept us at a great pace and kept us laughing. You're on this trip for the scenery, and it was breath-taking. A great one word description of the landscape is "rugged". This tour provides a nice balance of longer hiking days and shorter hiking days with just truly stunning scenery including Torres del Paine, French Valley, Grey Glacier, Perito Morano glacier, and Fitz Roy. Definitely do the ice hiking!”
    – Virginia, United States Condor, February 2018
  • Kauri Trip 2018

    “This was a wonderful trip that was challenging and rewarding for me. The scenery was beautiful and the guides so pleasant and adaptable. I loved the food they prepared which was healthy and fresh. I would recommend this trip to my active friends.”
    – North Carolina, United States Kauri, February 2018
  • Rimu - Feb 2018

    “Could not have been happier with our guides, their level of preparation/organization and the stunning beauty of the South Island.”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Jan 2018 Rimu with Steve and Astrid

    “My wife and I were on the January 15th 2018 Rimu trip with Steve and Astrid. It was a trip that met all of our hopes and expectations! We were a part of what developed into a very small and close nit group of 6 travelers and 2 guides. The wonderful experience of spending such a thrilling time with such a group in such a fantastically gorgeous environment was one of the highlights of my lifetime experiences. I feel that spending 2 weeks of challenging daily activities culminating in the 3 day Angelus challenge hike could not have been better. Helping and pushing each other through with support and laughter will always be remembered. I find myself now back home after 2 weeks still reminiscing daily about our moments spent together. My thanks to our wonderful young guides who led us, supported us and fed us so well.”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Had to Come Back

    “The Kauri was our second Active Adventures New Zealand trip, the first being the Manuka on the South Island in 2015. We had such fun on the first trip and fell in love with New Zealand so we had to come back. That said, I was concerned that anything could live up to our first experience. I need not have worried. The Kauri exceeded expectations in all respects. First and foremost, our guides, Andy and Jo, were unbelievable. Andy is a font of knowledge about all things New Zealand (geology, geography, flora, fauna, history, food, wine, etc., etc., etc.) and his way of sharing that information over the course of the trip was remarkable. Jo is a delightful person who can do just about anything in the kitchen but also committed to doing whatever was necessary to make sure everybody on the trip was comfortable throughout. She was a huge help organizing our off day activities in Auckland as well as making restaurant recommendations. Both guides are lively conversationalists and just great fun to be around. The variety of activities and sights on this North Island trip included hiking (lots of hiking, beware of Andy's morning "strolls"), snorkeling, sandboarding, caving, cross country bike riding through the forest and swimming just about anytime water was available. Oh, lots of eating and drinking too. Alas, no weight lost on this trip. The hiking was challenging at times with some significant elevation gains, sometimes rocky trails and/or stairs but doable for we 60+ year olds. We were not able to do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing due to inclement weather that day (not terribly unusual it sounds like) but the guides had back up hikes at the ready. Accommodations were more than adequate rangeing from lux to quirky but comfortable. Several are in unique settings you are unlikely to find on your own. The food was phenomenal. Hats off to Jo in the kitchen and Andy on the grill. I have rarely eaten so well. Dietary allergies and intolerances didn't phase them at all. People ask what my best memory is but I think, for me, it was a seamless whole woven together by our guides into a wonderful tapestry that I will never forget. Great job.”
    – Illinois, United States Kauri, February 2018
  • Amazing South Island Rimu Trip!!

    “The diversity of what we saw and did on the Rimu trip was amazing!! Beautiful mountain and glacier views, our first sea kayak experience, the sub-tropical West Coast rain forests, caving to see glowworms, cycling the Hawea River Trail, and a challenging but very rewarding Angelus Circuit hike. We were fortunate to be with a wonderful group of people - a great team that encouraged each other throughout the trip. Our guides (Dani & Pepper) were outstanding, very positive, and full of energy. We were so impressed with Active Adventures that we will be hiking on their Mont Blanc tour this summer.”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Another Incredible Adventure with ACTIVE!

    “This was my 7th trip with ACTIVE Adventures, and there is a reason I stick with the same company. The itineraries are perfectly crafted for adventure travelers who enjoy a fun challenge and a great overall experience. The trips tend to attract like-minded individuals, making the group quickly turn into a family. However, what truly makes this company stand out among the rest are the high-caliper local guides, who quickly become integral members of your travel-family. Every day of the Condor trip provided new challenges, which were approached with confidence and overcome with ease. Every evening ends with a smile and a full-stomach, ready to take on the next day's adventure. I highly recommend this trip to any individuals who want to experience the Patagonian mountains with the comfort of new friends and family.”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2018
  • Amazing Galapagos Islands

    “A great time, made especially so by the company of our truly excellent guide Pepo. Really enjoyed the variety and pace of each day. One place I am really glad to have had the privilege to have visited.”
    – Nelson, New Zealand Tortuga, February 2018
  • Mainland Ecuador

    “Had a great time here....this exceeds our expectations. We'll be back for sure.”
    – Nelson, New Zealand Tapir, February 2018
  • Fantastic Active Trip

    “We've completed 5 other group bike trips in Europe and we had a fantastic time with Active Adventures in New Zealand! We felt like we saw the entire South Island, and the vantage point gained by biking and hiking was truly unique. The guides were amazing and the meals they prepared were top-notch. Great travel companions and a fantastic trip!”
    – Ohio, United States Weka, February 2018
  • Exceeded My Expectations

    “Of course the scenery and the activities were fantastic - but what makes this tour special is the excellent organisation along with the knowledge and people skills of the leader and his assistant.”
    – Nelson, New Zealand Tortuga, February 2018
  • Amazing Trip! Epic!

    “It is hard to find words to describe this epic trip. Our group included six travellers and two excellent guides! This 'Rimu' trip of two weeks included some of the most beautiful vistas in the world. We had beautiful weather and so enjoyed the New Zealand summer since we are from the north. The camaraderie with our team created a level of togetherness which increased as we paddled, biked, and hiked the most amazing trails I have ever seen. Our food made by Astrid was delicious and we looked forward to every snack and meal to the point I was a little disappointed when it was a time to eat out! Our lead guide Steve helped me through a few tricky moments of climbing as needed and drove our van so skillfully. It was the top trip of many trips! Not sure how many times I said “Wow”!”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “I had been wanting to do this trip for 10 years and finally made it happen, and it was the best trip I have ever been on and it was worth the wait.”
    – Virginia, United States Condor, February 2018
  • Wonderful Tui Trip!

    “Jackie and Ash were awesome. They were fun, capable and kept us all going and well fed.
    We couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable trip. Thank you very much for a wonderfully warm and welcoming New Zealand experience. The hike up to the glacial lake will never be forgotten. Corinne”
    – California, United States Tui, February 2018
  • The Long Awaited Trip

    “I could not have had a better New Zealand tour group than Active Adventures. Not only did I get to see beautiful locations in the North Island, but I also got to hike stunning trails and learn about Kiwi culture. My guides were terrific...and great cooks too. As one who has lived with Celiac for close to 10 years, I was blown away at how easily the guides were able to provide delicious gluten free meals...that was a small treat. I will definitely be returning to complete the second half of the Kauri trip!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Kauri, February 2018
  • The Long Expected Trip

    “In 2012, when I learned that Peter Jackson was going to build the set of The Shire with permanent materials, I knew that it was time for me to go to New Zealand. I was 8 when "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" was released in theaters, and since then I have grown up with both the movies and J.R.R. Tolkien's books. These stories became very dear to me and New Zealand became (and always will be) Middle-earth. I have always wanted to visit NZ, but I never knew how or when that would happen. The deciding moment came in 2012. I saw my chance to visit an "actual" piece of Middle-earth. But I also wanted to experience New Zealand apart from the tourist spots. I wanted to explore and see NZ not just for it's role in the films but because of it's unique, natural beauty. So I went to Google to see what I could find that would satisfy my wish to see New Zealand. I forget the exact phrase I searched, but I know that Active Adventures was the first result. It was meant to be. Within days after exploring the site, I received a call from a representative named Matthew and we started talking about my trip. I was still in college at the time and explained that I would have to wait 5 years before I could go. It was a nice chat and I was reassured that New Zealand would still be there in 5 years. But 5 years is a long time, and although I was making plans, my trip seemed like a far off dream.
    But before I knew it, I was packing for New Zealand. By this time, my trip had evolved into 2 Active Adventure trips and 12 days on my own to explore places like Wellington and Matamata. I completed my degree and now it was time to begin a new chapter of my life. A month-long trip to New Zealand was a perfect start.
    It's hard to put into words how much I enjoyed this trip - incredible, terrific, amazing, life-changing...these sentiments don't seem to encompass how much this trip meant to me. I waited 5 long years, working and studying, and saving for this trip-of-a-lifetime. I could not ask for a better tour group than Active Adventures. The group was just the right size; the guides were friendly, cheerful, knowledgeable, and made sure I got the most out of my time in New Zealand. The food was amazing - I'll definitely be recreating the recipes at home. Having never really done intense hiking before, I've discovered a love for hiking in New Zealand. There were some trails that I though I wouldn't be able to complete, like the Angelus Circuit, but I did it! And I'd do the hikes again. I got so much out of traveling with Active Adventures that I will be looking for similar adventures of my own when spring comes along at home. It's hard to believe my trip is finished. I've waited for so long and worked so hard to get to New Zealand...where did the time go? I have memories to last a lifetime and photos and stories to remind me of where I've been. Though I will explore the world, I know that I'll be returning to New Zealand again and again. Active Adventures allowed me to see the incredible country they call home, and I'd be lying if I said that NZ hasn't become a home-away-from-home to me. I will never forget this trip.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • A Great NZ Sampler

    “A great way to see and sample the South Island.”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Rimu January 2018... Even more beautiful in hindsight.

    “Pretty hard to capture with mere words just how beautiful and challenging this trip was. Only now, with the clarity of hindsight and reviewing my photos, am I really beginning to grasp the magnitude of the natural wonder that is New Zealand. And reviewing the map against where we traveled shows that we saw a pretty good chunk of the South Island on our Rimu trip, and only whets my appetite to see even more.

    If you are considering an adventure tour with knowledgeable fun loving guides, who also happen to be fantastic cooks, then look no further. Active Adventures has everything covered. We stayed in top notch accommodations, from a sheep station to a luxury riverside bungalow, and we started each day with a great breakfast, had a hearty lunch break during the day's activity, and finished with appetizers in the evening before a delicious dinner. Did I mention these guides can cook? And that fresh food using local ingredients tastes even better after a full day of adventure. And adventure is what you'll be doing, each and every day.

    So pick out a trip, book it, and do it. You'll be glad you did.”
    – Montana, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Beautiful and Flawless

    “The trip was fantastic! The itinerary had just the right balance, allowing us to hike to amazing places, while mixing in kayaking and other activities. Some of sites were so breathtaking that when I sent my daughters some pictures, they jokingly accused me of using Photoshop. Besides the amazing places we got to visit, something else consistently stood out to me. It was obvious to me that Active Adventures has spent time establishing relationships with local restaurant owners, hotel operators, even shuttle drivers. Our guide, Cynthia, was consistently greeted by the local business owners as a friend. As such, I consistently felt welcomed where ever we went and that the service we received was top notch. Things were always organized, and on time. All I had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride. Well, that and hike on occasion :) I left thinking “That’s what a vacation should always feel like.””
    – California, United States Condor, February 2018
  • First time in New Zealand

    “It was a beautiful trip! We were in so many places and we had seen so many of the natural beauties of New Zealand in a short time.
    Our guides were great, very professional, knowledgeable, easy going, accommodating and friendly
    The trip covered a lot of activities for any level of fitness.
    The plane ride, the jet boat ride, the nocturnal cruise in Milford Sound and the kayak experience and bike riding were all wonderful.
    Thank you for the great experience!”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, February 2018
  • Condor January 2018

    “What a great adventure! The Condor trip is well thought out, with an excellent itinerary. The hikes were often challenging with easier ones thrown in. The experience of the W trek with its amazing scenery and geography, as well as learning about the unique flora and fauna is a treasure, as was the opportunity to stay at the refugios. Travel to the penguin colony and Perito Moreno as well as to Torres del Paine and to the hiking locations near El Chalten were all organized and pleasant. The small hotels in Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, El Calafate and El Chalten were well chosen; the Patagonia Queen in El Calafate is a delight. We had the best guide ever - Cynthia Valledares! A font of knowledge who is blessed with a bubbling personality and who, on top of the other million details, arranged many excellent dinners at local restaurants. We enjoyed Rosario who added her services for the W trek, and Luis for his knowledge and lovely measured pace on the hikes out of El Chalten. I would happily do another trip with Active Adventures!”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, February 2018
  • A must do trip to explore Patagomia

    “The trip was very well managed and organized, with excellent tour guides who took great care of the group. The trip provides a great opportunity to explore the beautiful Patagonia on both Chilean and Argentinean side. Do not miss the Ice Hike :)”
    – , United Arab Emirates Condor, February 2018
  • Well done

    “This was a well organized trip done by very competent guides who went above and beyond
    their duties to provided what was a excellent experience.
    I think that the group size was an excellent number and the choice of activities made it better still.
    I would also like to thank the staff for locating and delivering my lost luggage.

    Thank you for an excellent experience”
    – Idaho, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Exceptional Adventure

    “The 'Weka' trip surpassed all my expectations. Our guides were attentive, supportive and always full of good humor. The scope and breadth of the trip was remarkable. So many environments and landscapes, each more beautiful than the last. The biking and hiking was challenging and worth the effort. This was the perfect introduction to the South Island and definitely whet my appetite to return and see more.”
    – Vermont, United States Weka, February 2018
  • A Special Place

    “New Zealand is a very special place. The natural beauty was inspiring and the well planned trip provided unique opportunities to experience the magical environment.”
    – Wisconsin, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Awesome Guides

    “Andy was both our chauffer and lead guide for this trip. He is a font of knowledge and has the ability to share that knowledge in a timely and fascinating way. His driving was steadfast, confident, and reassuring while he was able to share this information during the trip. He also made an effort to get to know each participant and demonstrated interest in each of us, our respective backgrounds, other trips experienced and other places that we are interested in visiting. He was able to share his experiences with other AA trips in other parts of the world that "piqued" our interests. Jo was fantastic as well. Her culinary talents are exceptional and the variety that she provided and the ease with which she prepared the food was unparalleled. She made an effort to "rotate" her seat in the bus to be able to interact with each person and like Andy get to know each participant. I am hoping that some day I can join another Active Adventure with Andy and Jo if not in NZ somewhere else in the world.”
    – Illinois, United States Kauri, February 2018
  • Holiday Trip 2018

    “Our guides Ken and Carrie were great! We had a wonderful time with all the activities and the variety of experiences was perfect.”
    – Nevada, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Rimu, Experience NZ's Stunning Nature

    “Searching for a suitable tour, the 'Rimu' promised exactly what I was looking for: daily outdoor activities, lovely accomodations and good coffee :-). This tour exceeded my expectations!! Our attentive and friendly guides kept us active and challenged every day. We experienced New Zealand's nature hiking, cycling and kayaking. Throughout the whole tour everything was organised and taken care of. They prepared delicious meals and picnics. Daily surprises such as a cold drink after a long hike or an especially beautiful lookout during the bus ride completed this outstanding tour. Furthermore we got to know many stories about New Zealand's customs, it's flora and fauna, the Maori...We had the chance to fully "immerse" into New Zealand and take home an unforgettable experience!”
    – , Switzerland Rimu, February 2018
  • Trekking with Arturo and Gem

    “Overall our entire adventure was fabulous... truly the vacation of a lifetime. Our guides made the journey incredible - always informative and helpful. Arturo's sense of humor even made the wind and rain bearable. Around every bend in the trail we encountered another breathtaking vista, exactly as promised.”
    – Washington, United States Condor, February 2018
  • Epic Scenery and Trek!

    “The W trek on the Condor Patagonia Trek was definitely one of the oh-so-many highlights of this trip. The stunning scenery was breathtaking and ongoing every day. Loved the penquins, sea lions, and so many stunning glaciers. The kayak day and bike day were both a fantastic experience. You think the view is spectacular and you walk over a hill and it gets even better. What was surprising was the quality of the refugios - hot showers every night and great tasting food! Compared to the refugios in Europe (no showers, sometimes no toilets), these were more like bed and breakfasts and were very comfortable. Our guide, Cynthia, was an expert in the area and really made the trip special. We have done treks in the Himalayas and Alps in Italy and Slovenia, and this is by far the best trip ever in terms of hiking, scenery, food and accommodation. The trip of a lifetime - for sure!”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, February 2018
  • 2018 Kiwi Tour

    “Absolutely loved my 'Kiwi' trip! The hikes, the guides, the food and even all the other travellers were wonderful.”
    – Wisconsin, United States Kiwi, February 2018
  • Harry

    “Excellent accommodations/food. Guides were knowledgeable. Location and geography is breathtaking.”
    – Idaho, United States Condor, February 2018
  • In Active Adventures I Trust

    “This was my 3rd trip with Active. South Island NZ in 2014, Mt Everest Base Camp Trek in 2016 and now North Island for Christmas 2017! Each trip was so different but the best of the best! Kauri was fantastic!! So much Maori culture and history! It just flowed out of our guide Andy too, his telling of Maori history was the best part of the days where we had a long drive, he is an awesome story teller!! Jo had so many things up her sleeve for us! She led us on the Tongariro Crossing, Sand boarding and so many other phenomenal days. This woman is pure adventure and she can COOK!! The accommodations were fantastic! Meals were amazing! Beachcombing is second to none at Mangawhai! I don't think there is any place quite like NZ! Just go!”
    – British Columbia, Canada Kauri, February 2018
  • Patagonia or bust!

    “After a 9 month reschedule due to untimely hip repairs we finally embarked on what was to be a real fun adventure to truly treasure. We had put the hard training yards in and the weather was great, so you could say we were lucky, but these were minor details in the overall success picture of this trip. This trip was organised so well in so many ways it actually made us sit up and pinch ourselves. Thanks Active Adventures well done... Cheers”
    – Canterbury, New Zealand Condor, February 2018
  • Puma

    “I loved this trip - the scenery is amazing! The guide in each location were great, and we learned a lot from them as they shared their appreciation for the local landscape and life. Learning about the many diverse ecosystems on the hikes, nature reserve guided walks, and kayaking was a highlight. The hikes are great, with both steep climbs and easier parts, and stunning views the whole way! Especially loved kayaking the fjord and trying out the very HOT springs! The variety of nature, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls is fantastic. Truly, a most special introduction to northern Patagonia! Thanks for everything!”
    – Michigan, United States Puma, February 2018
  • One For The Bucket List!

    “The Condor trip with Active was nothing short of amazing. Zac was a wonderful guide and we had a great group. The 'W' trek was the absolute highlight of the trip. The scenery is just breathtaking and well worth some hard days on the trail. Sea kayaking on Grey Lake and the hike on Grey Glacier were also incredible.”
    – New York, United States Condor, February 2018
  • Condor trip South America

    “This is by far the most amazing trip I have ever joined. I had a wonderful time. It is well organized and every aspect of the trip has been well thought out. Special thanks to Zach our tour leader, who really made a big difference to my experience. I call him the Papito of the group. He is like a father, who genuinely took care of his children. He wasn’t just doing a job, he truly cared. He loves what he does and is passionate about it. He made sure we were safe and comfortable, and he even ensured that I was able to eat my special diet, gluten free and dairy free. All the local guides were excellent as well. The places we visited were spectacular. One of my favorite moments is kayaking amongst the glacier, what a blast! The choice of restaurants where we ate was superb. I truly enjoyed authentic Chilean and Argentinian cuisine. One of the hardest things for me on this trip was carrying my backpack, which was half my size since I am a tiny person! If I had to do it again, I would bring a feather lite blanket, instead of the sleeping bag which I did not even use during the trip. It would have been easier on my back since I have a back issue, but I survived it! Overall, I can say that Active adventures is the way to go if you want to trek Patagonia. It’s worth it! Thank you Active Adventures for this memorable experience I will cherish forever.”
    – Florida, United States Condor, February 2018
  • Excellent, Second to None

    “From the office in NZ, to the guides in Patagonia, the trip was carefully planned and organized. The variety of activities (hiking, biking, kayaking, glacier trekking) set this itinerary apart. The quality of the guides was a 10. The accommodations are often austere, but the meals were generally very good. I have trekked in the Himalayas and the European Alps, and rafted down the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, all with leading travel outfitters in their regions, and Active Adventures is 2nd to none.”
    – Arizona, United States Condor, February 2018
  • Awesome Adventures

    “Although the trip started off slowly due to weather, Natalie and Jasmine our guides, made it all work out, constantly tweaking our trip so as to take advantage of cultural and geographic points. Once the weather cleared the beautiful country of New Zealand was ours for exploring. Again the girls were top notch, their knowledge and familiarity of the areas being explored is to be complimented. Top attractions 1. The Tongariro hike- Magnificent!! 2. Black water rafting and the glow-worms, lots of fun. Thank you for a wonderful trip. And thank Jasmine and Natalie again for me!!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Kauri, February 2018
  • Fabulous Trip!

    “Great guides, great destinations - we felt safe, entertained and totally taken care of for the whole trip.”
    – California, United States Tui, February 2018
  • Excellent

    “This trip went beyond my expectations in every aspect. Active Adventures knows what they're doing and provides the most thoughtful and best experience. I've done many organized trips over the world with other companies, and this was one of the best I've taken. The company and guides create a trip that feels personal (not touristy at all) of the most amazing spots of New Zealand, while choosing exceptional and beautiful places to stay. This was exactly what I was hoping for (even better). This trip has one activity after the next, so if you enjoy being active, you will love this trip. Thank you, Active Adventures!”
    – California, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Rimu Trip Review - Jan 15, 2018

    “Great Trip! Well planned, very enjoyable group, excellent guides! Really got a great feel for the South Island of New Zealand! I just hope I will be able to get back someday!”
    – Delaware, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Best Trip Ever!

    “I have never been on a guided tour before so I did not know what to expect. I researched New Zealand's South Island and wanted to experience all the sites that were on the Rimu itinerary. My expectations were low going into the trip. What I discovered is that the Active Adventures tour and our guide Melissa (Mel) McCartney blew me away. The accommodations were great and way better than I could have booked on my own. The hikes, biking, kayaking and swimming were perfect and the food (especially Mel's cooking) was fantastic. The only downside was the driving time in the bus but there was no other way to cover the ground we did without a little sacrifice. James Stephens, Our driver and Lead Guide, was a great driver and as a son of a police officer, made us feel safe as he confidently drove us around the island. Both Mel and James kept us on schedule, made sure we were looked after and well taken care of. They were very pleasant and told stories of Maori legends, Kiwi history and NZ lifestyle. When they realized that several of us were more physically fit, they designed different hikes so everyone would be happy. We had six trekkers on the bus and all of us fell in love with Mel. She is the perfect guide and she loves what she does. She is a great cook, organizer and so casual and fun. Mel and James really made this trip fun for all. I have and will continue to recommend this trip to everyone.
    Thank you for a great trip.”
    – California, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Great Guides, Beautiful Countryside

    “The trip was an exciting experience of New Zealand. The guides took very good care of us and helped with any of our needs and wishes. I am so pleased with the trip and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see beautiful scenery and take an active part in enjoying it. I would and may do it again .”
    – New York, United States Kiwi, February 2018
  • Terrific Trip!

    “This was an absolutely terrific trip. I just can't say enough good things about it. Claire and Lauren were great guides and made a great trip even better. I highly recommend this trip for anyone who wants to cover a lot of ground but in a somewhat more relaxed fashion”
    – Texas, United States Kiwi, February 2018
  • Condor - Patagonia Adventure

    “The Condor with Zac, was a wonderful travelling adventure, extremely well organised and delivered by an experienced and competent team of travel professionals both in NZ and SA. All aspects of this trip were delivered in a way to make the trip a continuous enjoyable experience; transfers, accommodation, meals, entertainment, other guides & drivers and impromptu activities were all excellent. There was always opportunities for the more active people in the group to extend themselves and go the extra distances and/or complete additional activities or if you wanted a more relaxed approach this was also accommodated. I cannot speak highly enough of our tour leader Zac; his local knowledge, photography, sense of humour, organisation skills & logistics, ability to easily overcome various issues during the trip without us even noticing, great choice of restaurants, New Years fireworks display & drinks on the beach at Punta Arenas, this list goes on and on!! The other guides Jorge & Aimee were also excellent & worked so well with Zac to look after us all on this trip.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Condor, February 2018
  • A Great Taste of the South Island

    “It's obvious that the Rimu Tour has been tuned to perfection over time. The venues are wonderful and the food is excellent (thank you Mel!). Many hours in the bus, but that was to be expected given the breadth of coverage. I'd highly recommend this tour without hesitation!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Patagonia 2018

    “Had a great trip with Active Adventures, could not have asked for more. The itinerary, guides, housing, food, transfers, etc were top rate. We had a diverse and fun mix of people to travel with. A very memorable experience.”
    – Colorado, United States Condor, February 2018
  • I Thought I Had Died and Gone to Heaven!

    “New Zealand is the most gorgeous country you will ever visit. Couple that with kind, friendly, fun people, and you have the trip of a lifetime. My husband and I thought about hiding from Claire and Lauren, our awesome guides, so we would never have to go home. But we had our sweet pup waiting, so we had to leave. But we left one challenge to bring us back, the Tongariro Crossing, and who knows, maybe we’ll even do the Nevis Bungy. OK, or not.”
    – North Carolina, United States Kiwi, February 2018
  • Doesn’t Get Any Better!

    “This is the second trip my husband and I have taken with Active Adventures and have already signed up for our third! From the trip leaders to the amazing hikes, the food and our new friends we voted this our best trip ever.”
    – California, United States Tour du Mont Blanc, February 2018
  • Great Way to Explore the South Island

    “A wonderful, well-organized hiking/exploring trip with skilled, attentive, enjoyable guides who made it feel like it was customized just for us. I can highly recommend Active Adventures for a great way to hike and explore the natural beauty of the South Island. Our guides, Daniel and Liana were outstanding.”
    – Connecticut, United States Manuka, February 2018
  • Amazing Experience of a Lifetime!

    “Best itinerary - covering W-Trek, Perito Moreno Glacier, El Chalten, and Mt Fitzroy!
    Best team - This was my first experience travelling with Active Adventures. AA certainly exceeded my expectations in all aspects (guides, drivers and fun team to travel with). Jay is the best guide I have ever had.
    Well organized - Weather cooperated for most of our trip. Active team handled even the worst case scenario with ease. For example, on our last day at Torres del Paine, getting out of the park was challenging due to weather. But the Active team went above and beyond in ensuring our safety, and did so as smoothly as possible.”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2018
  • Rimu trip with Amanda T & Maya

    “A beautiful trip, between the scenery, hikes, sea kayaking, delicious food, the guides' kindness & attention, fitness & knowledge of the surroundings, I could not have asked for anything more. It was rejuvenating & enjoyable.”
    – New York, United States Rimu, February 2018
  • Exhilarating!

    “Exhilarating is the only word that comes to mind when I think about the Condor trip. At times, I had to dig deep in my mental fortitude to over come the physical challenges of a steep climb but the reward was ever so gratifying. The sights were never ending, at each turn you were left in awe of the beauty of the landscape of Patagonia.”
    – Ontario, Canada Condor, January 2018
  • Great Way to Enjoy a Beautiful Country

    “Great hiking, kayaking and biking. We covered a good amount of the South Island in a very comfortable bus. The guides were excellent, food was great. I highly recommend this tour.”
    – Wisconsin, United States of America Rimu, January 2018
  • It Was a Trip Full of Action!

    “We really enjoyed this south island trip.
    Both Dani and Maya are full of energy and appears to enjoy what they do!
    Dani is very knowledgeable about the history of the area and people.
    They are problem solvers and went out of their ways to accommodate this large group of travelers!”
    – Texas, United States of America Tui, January 2018
  • Amazing Family Trip

    “We travelled with our 20 and 23 yo boys and met another family and a single woman. The 8 of us hit the road, trails, lakes, bike trails together. The pace was excellent. The guides terrific. Even though the weather did not cooperate well, we had a great and memorable trip. Loved having everything meticulously planned, yet some ability to be spontaneous and adapt to the group's desires. Truly a vacation: all we had to do was show up! Meals, lodging, hikes, etc. all "happened" for us!”
    – Washington, United States of America Rimu, January 2018
  • Galapagos Dream Come True

    “I am so happy that I booked my Galapagos adventure with Active Adventures/Galakiwi. It was just what I was looking for - a great balance of a good variety of activities and learning about the biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands with a small group of like-minded individuals. A land-based trip is the way to go, leaving more tourist dollars in the local economy. I can't speak highly enough about the organization and logistics of the company - or the enthusiasm and knowledge of our tour guide, Pablo. New friends and incredible sights with memories to last a lifetime.”
    – Montana, United States of America Tortuga, January 2018
  • An Unbelievable Experience

    “The Rimu trip was beyond phenomenal! The sights we saw were breathtaking and the small group size allowed us all to bond and truly enjoy our time together exploring this magnificent country. Our guides were fantastic and provided lots of information and fun facts, along with a large amount of encouragement as we tackled some of our adventures! I'm still searching for words to describe just how great a trip it was!”
    – Nebraska, United States of America Rimu, January 2018
  • A blast!

    “The trip was great, the guides were very relatable and worked to meet our standards of the trip. To be personal and show the places but also culture is what made it so fun. Astrid did a wonderful job in hospitality and information. James was a strong leader of the group and gave a challenge but also insight to the group about the area. Thank you again and we look forward to another trip with your company.”
    – Wyoming, United States of America Rimu, January 2018
  • Patagonia - Don't worry, be happy

    “I couldn't have asked for a better experience in the amazing Patagonia region. The trip started off with a few hiccups with lost baggage and missing flights, but the gang at Active, especially Mayra, did all they could to help reunite me with my bag - even offering to bring me shopping in Punta Arenas and lending me gear for the W trek.
    The local active guides went above and beyond to pick up my bag from Puerto Natales and deliver it to me in El Calafate. The trip overall was amazing, but it’s the little things that truly showed Mayra and the team cared about each of us.
    I can’t say enough about how well organized the trip was – Mayra makes it look easy but we all know she was behind the scenes coordinating everything, finding the most amazing local restaurants, and lining up the next day’s activities. Mayra’s passion for the mountains and the outdoors shines through in her work and is contagious. She was more than a guide to our group, she became a dear friend.
    All the local guides were great, extremely knowledgeable and personable adding to the beauty and experience.
    I can’t say enough about the experience, the food, and the people I met.
    The itinerary was very well outlined - every day we had an amazing adventure awaiting us. I didn’t feel that I was missing out on any opportunity while on the trip, except that I wish I could have stayed longer.
    The only recommendation I have is to inform the younger travelers of the typical age group of the active tours. I had assumed it would be an older age range due to the price of the tour, but the photos online were a bit misleading. I wouldn’t change my trip for the world as everyone on my trip was amazing and I learned a lot, but can see that may not always be the case depending on the different personalities you have on a trip.”
    – DC, United States of America Condor, January 2018
  • Amazing Patagoina

    “Just an amazing trip. From the Penguin Colonies to the W Trek to Grey Glacier Hiking was out of this world. The guides Myra and Cem were outstanding. Having great guides makes a great adventure an amazing adventure with lifetime memories. And i was lucky enough to have some really amazing people in the group which made the trek even more enjoyable”
    – New Jersey, United States of America Condor, January 2018
  • Oh-my-Gosh!

    “it was truly a fabulous trip! Only 7 other travelers and 2 great guides, and every day was packed with gorgeous scenery and fun ways to work off the calories. We enjoyed a nice mix of accommodations, from luxury hotel to a rustic but spotless A-frame in a secluded wide spot in the road, and everything in between. Truly memorable: Tanglewood on Queen Charlotte Sound, and the low-key but gorgeous place at Milford Sound. Superb food, Button and Maya were fabulous guides, and even the time in the van was pleasant with so much to see. Interesting fellow travelers too!”
    – Washington, United States of America Rimu, January 2018
  • Tui Trip

    “Excellent trip, very well run and great guides.”
    – Illinois, United States of America Tui, January 2018
  • Galapagos Dream Trip

    “My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our Galapagos adventure. It was full of things we expected - seamless planning and execution, beautiful scenery, fascinating wildlife, comfortable lodgings and a superb guide - and things we didn't expect, such as an excellent dinner in a highlands lodge and porpoises frolicking in the bow wave of our boat. We enjoyed the variety of activities and the chance to stay on four islands, giving us a feel for the culture, as well as the natural world of the Galapagos.”
    – Colorado, United States of America Tortuga, January 2018
  • Puma Adventure in Northern Patagonia

    “All round excellent trip - packed with activities, loads of jaw dropping scenery and very well arranged. High-end restaurants exceeded my expectations and were exactly what was needed, especially after some of those long days of strenuous hiking.”
    – Ontario, Canada Puma, January 2018
  • New Zealand - South Island

    “Had a great vacation and our guides made it even more fun.”
    – Ohio, United States of America Tui, January 2018
  • The Great Outdoors!

    “Amazing way to connect to the natural beauty of New Zealand. The hut to hut hike pushed me to the limits of my endurance but every step was worth the views! Between the hiking, biking and kayaking, we experienced the vast and varied terrain that was breathtaking.”
    – DC, United States of America Rimu, January 2018
  • Fantastic Trip on the South Island

    “We had a wonderful trip on the South Island. The Guides Nick and Tory were fantastic, always there for you and motivated to have us experience everything in a positive way. Their knowledge of the island and the people really added to the experience, their true love for their country. Everyday was filled with adventure and excitement. The group bonded well. We had great fun together. The rides and hiking were breathtaking.”
    – Ontario, Canada Weka, January 2018
  • Peru - The Most Unassuming Hidden Travel Gem.

    “I was very impressed with the diverse eco-systems; each has its own rugged charm. I am determined to tell everyone I know - go and see it to believe it!

    Daniel (guide) was amazing; he really cares for each and every one he travels with. I am so thankful for that. I would like to keep in touch via facebook. I hope he enjoys his travels in Canada this March.

    Marteen (driver) super fun dude.”
    – Manitoba, Canada Capybara, January 2018
  • Memorable Trip

    “The Tui trip included a variety of activities and allowed us to see quite a bit of the South Island. The scenery was outstanding - it was everything we hoped for. The guides were fantastic. This is a trip we will be talked about for a long time to come.”
    – Maryland, United States of America Tui, January 2018
  • Best Hike

    “The highlight of the trip was the Tongariro Alpine crossing. It was a challenging hike with magnificent scenery. Definitely one of the best hikes we have done.”
    – Maryland, United States of America Kauri, January 2018
  • Kauri - North Island Trek

    “This was everything I'd hoped it would be. The most amazing adventure for me and my two daughters (aged 21 and 18). The BEST guides who were helpful, fun, flexible and knowledgeable. I'm coming back.”
    – Ontario, Canada Kauri, January 2018
  • Tui with Dani and Maya

    “My Tui trip was an excellent "Active" adventure.. without Bill&Ted.
    Dani and Maya showed up on the 12/25.. and their exuberance set the tone for the trip. Really, enjoyed myself on this guided tour. The itinerary was perfect, and gave us a great overview of the South Island. I wish I had done the helicopter ride to the Franz Josef glacier; if I had to do it again it would have been worth the fee. Loved the rain forest hotel stay there too.
    Siberia Hut/Lake Crucible was an awesome hike.. enjoyed the bush plane flight into the valley - scary but fun. Tough climb up beside the falls, but the views were well worth it. Walking through the meadows towards the lake was amazing. Awe-inspiring views. Lake Crucible/Valley: tired from the climb, the view towards Lake Crucible drove you to move forward. Lake Crucible itself is pretty cool with its floating "glaciers" great hike. I Enjoyed the hike out as we headed for the valley and rivers. The jet boat ride was awesome - besides the thrills of the ride we got the extra "pop" of the views of the mountains. Meeting up as a group and then doing a bike ride in the afternoon added to the adventure. It was awesome going from an alpine environment to a social bike ride. It's amazing how the environments change so quickly, those 2 days are a workout but worth it.
    The day off in Queenstown was good, allowed us to rest up but also time to get a feel of the resort culture and kiwi Hospitality of New Zealand.
    The Milford Sound portion was amazing as we arrived during a heavy downpour to see the thousands of waterfalls produced by the rains. The views and splendor made you want to to stand in the rain to observe. Enjoyed the overnight stay on the boat, and the dinner. Next day we kayaked, it was my first time which was enjoyable. It is something that i will pursue as a hobby based on this experience.
    I'd like to personally thank both Dani, and Maya. They were personable, fun, and kept the trip on track. Both had great personalities, and took care of us on both X-Mas Day, and NYE, much appreciated.
    Based on my positive experience I would recommend the Tui Trip and Active Adventures to someone else.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tui, January 2018
  • Absolutely the Trip of a Lifetime!

    “Not that I expected anything less from Active, but this trip was phenomenal. I could not have been happier with the caliber of the staff, the hotels, and the activities. I also asked for some changes at the last minute that Active and the whole local staff were more than willing to accommodate. I was incredibly grateful for their kindness and service. I actually showed up on the trip with a severe cold and got even more sick for a couple of days on the trip - and it was still one of the best trips of my life!”
    – Virginia, United States of America Tortuga, January 2018
  • Great Trip!

    “We had a great time on this trip! We really enjoyed all that Peru had to offer, and our guide, Daniel, was fantastic. We would recommend this trip highly!

    Nathan, Elijah, Isaac - Mesa, Arizona”
    – Arizona, United States Capybara, January 2018
  • WOW!

    “Where do I begin?
    At the beginning I guess.
    This trip was brilliant and perfect for anybody.
    The guides make it possible for everybody to join in everything.
    The activities are challenging but fun.
    The food is excellent and lots of it!
    The accommodation was staggeringly good.
    If you suffer with travel sickness - beware lots of long minibus trips but a good selection of music and snacks made them bearable.
    New Zealand is a beautiful country and the people are amazing.
    This trip will be in my heart and mind forever.
    Thanks xxxx”
    – West Sussex, United Kingdom Rimu, January 2018
  • Amazing Trip

    “It was an awesome trip through some amazing country. Hikes were hard work at times but very rewarding. Well organised and professional.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Condor, January 2018
  • Majestic New Zealand

    “Active Adventures attracts like-minded explorers who are up for anything and fun to boot! New Zealand is a remarkable country - and seeing the South Island through the special lens of this tour was truly life changing. The astounding beauty allowed me to feel more connected to our planet, collective community and to myself. Thank you for sharing this majestic place with us!”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, January 2018
  • A Wonderful, Relaxed, Fun-packed, Gorgeous Adventure.

    “The title says it all, our guides were great, and the group dynamics were amazing. It’s not every time you luck out with a trip like this and we sure did. Between the dynamics of Astrid and James and that of the group, we had a truly special group and trip, and I can’t imagine having it done any other way... the way Astrid and James worked together to lead the group was pure magic. Truly. I think the only way I’d ever do an active trip again is if I had the two of them to guide it together. No joke. They rocked it that hard. Thanks to you all. I will never forget it.”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2018
  • A Great Third Trip With Active

    “This was my third trip with Active (first was the Winter Rimu in 2011, followed by the Annapurna Sanctuary trek in 2013) and it was an absolute blast, as always! Our guide, Zac, was warm, friendly and accommodating and managed our large group with expertise and infinite patience. We also had fantastic local guides on both our 'W' trek and in El Chalten, making for a wonderful crew of experts to guide us on our adventure. The hiking was extremely challenging, but worth it for the spectacular views we enjoyed along the way. We lucked out with perfect weather during our entire trip, and I think all of us really enjoyed the incredible vistas we were treated to from start to finish! As with every Active trip I have taken, our accommodations were cozy, comfortable and convenient, and I really enjoyed the time Zac took to book delicious meals for us at every stop-- he really worked tirelessly throughout to make sure we were all happy, content and full after our hard work and it was so appreciated! The only even remotely negative thing I have to say is that the first two days of our trip were New Years Eve and Day, and it started things off rather slowly as we had to forfeit our penguin cruise and first few meals in favor of a local tour and hotel food-- but it was our choice to book this window so not entirely Active's fault and Zac, as always, was smiling and positive throughout, which lifted my mood! Aside from that, this was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and worth absolutely every mile. Don't hesitate to book and enjoy every moment!”
    – DC, United States Condor, January 2018
  • A Magical Experience!

    “When I first learned of the Galapagos in 9th grade biology class, I never dreamed that I would one day visit this magical place! There is an incredible uniqueness about the wildlife that you will not find anywhere else. I loved watching the sea lions interact with each other and teasing the marine Iguanas around the rocks. There were dozens of sea turtles and hundreds of colorful fish, beautiful red crabs, majestic sting rays, playful dolphins, colorful blue footed boobies, prehistoric gigantic tortoises and the cutest penguins I have ever seen! Our guide Zambo was exceptional! He was so passionate about sharing the culture and history of the islands - not to mention truly an expert in "everything Galapagos". I highly recommend this trip with Active Adventures and I loved my stay on the islands! It will always have a special place in my heart!”
    – New Jersey, United States Tortuga, January 2018
  • Trip of a life time

    “My wife and I planned this trip with some friends to try something new and to maximize the experience of New Zealand. We spent 8 days hiking, biking, and kayaking through the South Island. Every day was action packed with something different to do. We got to try new things, test a few of our limits that we wouldn't have normally done, and learn a few things about local culture along the way. I can't say enough good things about our guides Ben and Liana. They were enthusiastic about everything we did and full of information. They helped us push limits and get the most out of the experiences we had. Everyone I've told about our trip has been wowed by the awesome things we got to see and do.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tui, January 2018
  • Much More Than Iguanas

    “The Iguana trip in December 2017 was adventurous and outlandishly beautiful. We went in the off-season, were 2 very compatible couples, biked, kayaked, snorkeled and hiked with condors, turtles, fish, iguanas and sea lions. The people of Peru and Ecuador are welcoming and friendly. The food was awesome as were our guides.”
    – Ohio, United States Iguana, January 2018
  • The Perfect Amount of Challenge!

    “Flying into the Siberia Valley, hiking up to an alpine lake, sleeping in a back country hut, and jet boating back to civilization - all in a 36 hour period - means I earned bragging rights and street cred! Many thanks to our wonderful guides for their encouragement and knowledge. Truly a trip of a lifetime.”
    – Ohio, United States Tui, January 2018
  • An Amazing New Zealand Adventure

    “Active Adventures is very lucky to have Katie and Natalie on your staff. The guides set the community on a trip like this and they did such a great job of creating a welcoming environment. You can tell that both Katie and Natalie love what they do, therefore they bring more to the trip. For example Katie had a bag of her own personal books about New Zealand that we could look at, her goal to tell us a new Maori story everyday, as well as her in depth knowledge that made the trip much richer. I would have missed so much if I had rented a car and traveled to the same places. On a scheduling front I very much enjoyed the day hikes that were off a gravel road and places that were out of the way from the tourist attractions. I became sick on the first night and Katie arranged a late check out as well as plan b options for the hike if I needed them. On the second part of the trip Natalie was very welcoming and did an exceptional job on cooking the meals. Also on this leg Katie did a wonderful job at driving during a flash storm. Her driving throughout the trip was a very professional safe experience.
    Thank you for not canceling on me with only 2 participants on the first leg of this trip.”
    – Alabama, United States Kauri, January 2018
  • A Wonderful and Exciting Adventure

    “Active Adventure is very lucky to have Koru on their staff. The guide makes the trip and Koru made the trip a welcoming, learning adventure. He is great at creating a positive community within his groups. He has great insight showing New Zealand as if we were all locals. Koru, Katie, and Natalie were great at helping me with my personal bird count challenge. Koru had great understanding of the trails and it showed. He gave great advice on hikes to do out side of the trip and knew great routes to avoid the masses of tourist. He also is a wonderful cook. Overall I believe that Koru loves what he does, therefore, he passes on that passion to participants to create a magical experience.
    Thank you for not canceling the trip with just 2 participants.”
    – Alabama, United States Manuka, January 2018
  • Trip to Peru

    “Magnificent Cusco and Machu Picchu. Delicious food, beautiful city, well organized hike and excellent Eric and Hosea”
    – , Tanzania, United Republic of Jaguar, January 2018
  • Lovely Trip to the Peru Jungle and Lake Titicaca

    “Loved the giant otters, beautiful birds and monkeys in the Jungle, enjoyed Puna and the people of Lake Titicaca.”
    – , Tanzania, United Republic of Chinchilla, January 2018
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “Spectacular scenery, awe-inspiring mountains and glaciers, gale force winds, snow, amazing food (including grazing on wild berries along the way) and fantastic guides who really looked after us to the nth degree made up the Patagonia experience! This was truly an active adventure - we saw and did all the highlights. A trip of a lifetime!”
    – Queensland, Australia Condor, January 2018
  • Mayra and Cem were Just the Best

    “My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour at the end of 2017 into 2018 in Patagonia. Mayra was outstanding as our group leader. She always was willing to help if there was an issue, always explained what to expect, always looking out for us to ensure we were enjoying the experience and just an absolutely wonderful person. Cem was our guide during the W trek. He was funny, informative, truly helpful and always helping the group get through the hard parts. Juan and Cecila were our guides on the other parts and they were very friendly as well.”
    – California, United States Condor, January 2018
  • Exceeds expectations at every turn!

    “I always have a picture in my mind of what I want to accomplish on a trip such as this. First time I can honestly say all my expectations were surpassed checking every bucket list item off and then some!”
    – Ohio, United States Kea, January 2018
  • Action Packed Road Trip - Fantastic Experience For Our Family

    “We loved our trip overall and appreciated the amount of miles and activities we were able to cover and experience in a two week itinerary. Every detail was thoughtfully executed and our guides were terrific; we actually can't say enough about how much we admired Jackie's driving and Emma's cooking not to mention their cheerful and encouraging leadership of our group! I was impressed with the bus which provided comfort, storage of daily items (YAY for cupholders!) and wonderful panoramic views; excellent since we logged a lot of miles on it. The hiking, biking and kayaking were epic & strenuous and led us to amazing sights. It was our goal to see as much of the South Island as we could on our first trip to New Zealand and the 'Rimu' trip sure delivered that.
    Our family has taken many guided adventure trips (road and mountain biking, rafting, and hiking) in America and Europe and your company is one of the very best at what you do. Thank you for a wonderful trip full of treasured memories.”
    – New Mexico, United States Rimu, January 2018
  • *Waaaay* Better Than Trying to Plan This Awesome Trip Ourselves!

    “Seamless, perfectly executed trip to the beautiful South Island.
    Just book it. You won't regret it. Active adventures had everything planned flawlessly. So many of our stunningly beautiful hikes were crowd-free. We felt sorry for the DIY tourists driving badly in their rented cars. We had so much fun, and really appreciated that the trip was so well tailored for our enjoyment. 100% fun 0% stress and hassle.”
    – California, United States Kiwi, January 2018
  • Dream Trip to New Zealand

    “We'd wanted to go to New Zealand for years and were so happy we chose to do it with Active Adventures. We never would have seen and done as much without being on a tour where they handled everything. The guides were highly competent as well as being fun and setting a relaxed tone. It was wonderful how they guided us through some of the most beautiful places on earth and could also tell us about history and wildlife. They were flexible and helped us navigate the different physical levels of each family member. Food was healthy and delicious. Both the adults and kids had a blast.”
    – Illinois, United States Kea, January 2018

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