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We encourage you to let us know if you'd like us to put you directly in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active Adventures trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and to find out what it’s really like to travel with us, a top rated tour company!

We've been running adventure trips for over 20 years, so we have a LOT of reviews. In the interest of not making you wait eons for the page to load, we've decided to show our 100 most recent. Though, if you'd like to read older reviews, please drop us a line and we'll certainly share plenty more with you!

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  • Just go to New Zealand with Active Adventures - YOLO

    “If you are going to New Zealand you owe it to yourself to go with the best - Active Adventures. They really are a superb, professional, caring, safe but most of all just fun to be with. You could not ask for better guides, great food and fabulous itineraries. I have done other adventures (Everest Base Camp, Inca Trail, Tour du Mt Blanc) so I have experience with other guided adventure trips. But without a doubt a tour with Active Adventures is a class above the rest and way more fun and laughter along the way. So if you are going to New Zealand read no further just pick a trip with Active Adventures and you will have memories to last a lifetime.”
    – Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Manuka, February 2017
  • North Island Adventure

    “Great trip on the North Island. The meals were tasty yet healthy. The information I received was more a learning experience. I was able to sit in the front seat of the van quite often and would see great things on the road show. The birds we saw while hiking helped to get my bird buzz on.”
    – Oregon, United States Kauri, February 2017
  • South Island Adventure 2017

    “I was able to keep active while vacationing and develop new found skills while hiking. The guides kept us safe while challenging our skills and abilities.”
    – Oregon, United States Rimu, February 2017
  • Patagonia adventure

    “If you want amazingly beautiful scenery, get in shape and take this trip! The hiking is very difficult at times, but the mountains, glaciers, and lakes are unbelievable. Our guides were patient and encouraging when I thought I could not go one more step. And nothing can take the place of the feeling you get when you round that final curve and come across the most beautiful view you have ever seen in your life. Except the feeling the next day, when the view is even more amazing!”
    – South Carolina, United States Condor, February 2017
  • Tui experience

    “This trip provided a good balance of activities with the necessary travel time to access the different parts of the South Island. The trip was well organized, and the guides were super. They accommodated our individual desires and capabilities, as well as being good cooks, leaders, and knowledgeable guides. Our group quickly melded into collegial and interesting companions, and that make the experience that much better. The itinerary provides a taste all that the South Island offers. I'm happy to have chosen this company to tour with.”
    – Arizona, United States Tui, February 2017
  • Seeing Patagonia my way

    “Our trip to Patagonia with Active South America was just what I had hoped for, having traveled with Active in New Zealand. With all the accommodations, meals, and transportation provided, I could put my energy into hiking to the glacial lakes and peaks that were even more awesome than I had expected them to be. I appreciated the well-chosen trails and local guides who taught us about the land and customs, and for me, about my special interest, birds. The warm welcome and special service we received at every hotel and restaurant was thanks to our guide Cynthia who has endeared herself to the Chilean and Argentinian hosts who treated us as her special friends. Cynthia is a pro. While warm, energetic, enthusiastic and fun, she is on top of the details and can solve problems when they arise. Walking in the beech forest, wading in glacial lakes, kayaking beside enormous icebergs, and hiking to the base of towering granite peaks are experiences I will remember always. Thank you, Active!”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2017
  • Tony's Excellent Patagonia Adventure

    “From our first gathering Sunday evening at our hotel in Punta Arenas to our departure 14 days later from El Calafate, the Condor adventure was spectacularly beautiful, challenging and exhausting at times, congenial, very well organized and guided, and unforgettable. Our trip leader Cynthia Valadares handled every detail with apparent ease and dealt with any challenges with ease and grace. Our guides in Torres del Paine NP and in El Chalten shared their deep love and knowledge of these areas, each step of the way.”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2017
  • Great trip

    “I think this is the best one I have taken with Active!”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, February 2017
  • Condor January 2017.

    “Ever since reading Bruce Charwin's in Patagonia I have been intrigued by Patagonia. So after 40 years my dream came true and, in spite of not always perfect weather, it exceeded my high expectations.”
    – Washington, United States Condor, February 2017
  • Amazing!

    “This was our first experience with Active Adventures. It was everything we dreamed of and more. Excellent guides, facilities, activities and food. Loved it!”
    – Florida, United States Tortuga, February 2017
  • Condor Trip

    “In my opinion, the unique aspect of this trip is the ability to hike in Patagonia in both Chile and Argentina. Each offers a very different hiking experience and scenery-- the W-trek and glaciers of Chile and the high mountains of Argentina. Both are spectacular. Appreciated the varied itinerary including kayaking and biking and the knowledgable and friendly guides.”
    – Minnesota, United States Condor, February 2017
  • Fun, active trip

    “I had a great time and loved the amount of activity. Every day was a new and fun experience in different places. It wasn't too much or too hard, but a good mix of experiencing the culture while hiking/biking/rafting. I always felt safe and really enjoyed our Guide, Jairo. Our group was very small (only 3 others!), which was also nice. Highlights include the horse ranch and owner who taught me how to ride, the hot sprints at the end as well as the hike, and biking down the volcano.”
    – New York, United States Tapir, February 2017
  • Tui Trip

    “In one word, this trip was FANTASTIC! We had Dani and Mel as our guides, and they helped us and looked out for us every step of the way. I am vegetarian, and they took that into account for every meal and there were no issues at all. They always put us first and made sure we were prepared and enjoying every aspect of the tour. I loved the intensity of the activities and hikes; we did not feel rushed at any point. We were able to take our time. Great memories that we will never forget!”
    – Illinois, United States Tui, February 2017
  • Exceeded Expectations!

    “Our Condor trek was absolutely amazing! Everything promised in the brochure happened. Cynthia, our guide, was outstanding. She went above and beyond to make sure our trek was the best. I really don't know how one person could do what she did. She treated everyone like family. The accommodations, transportation, food, trekking experience were second to none! You need to be in shape. Your always on the go. The W trek was exciting, great views. The kayaking and glacier climb were really fun. The view of Fitz Roy from the lake is world class, absolutely breathtaking! If you want to get great trekking experience and be tired at the end of the day, do this one!”
    – Colorado, United States Condor, February 2017
  • Not Just Tortoises

    “As advertised, the trip began and ended in Quito, Ecuador. Everything from then on was taken care of to keep us happy and busy for the ten days. Like a good field trip, we were informed about the hours to come for activities and equipment we needed to bring along. The many exotic animals of the Galapagos Islands are exceedingly wonderful and well protected, with proper information and warnings to us by our professional National Park Guides, always at our sides. The people of our group were all like minded adults who were ready for this Active Adventure, and blended and shared well. The amount of busy time was balanced with some relaxing time. They know how long to keep us moving and when to relax. The meals were fantastic and delicious. The two times we needed to buy a supper gave us the chance to explore and pick something we wanted, large or small. The trip was wonderful. We are so glad we went.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tortuga, February 2017
  • It doesn't get much better!

    “What a fantastic time traveling with family and new-found friends! New Zealand is an absolutely beautiful country, with thrills and adventure around every corner (and there a lot of them)! Our guides Ken and Elder were as good as they come; from their knowledge of the country, to their welcomed encouragement on the trail and the water. Oh, and did I mention their wholesome and delicious cooking?!?
    I would not hesitate to travel with Active Adventures again. Their organization, communication and willingness to please were simply over the top. Next year in Patagonia perhaps???”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, February 2017
  • Educational, active, fun trip and all with nice friendly people.

    “What can really make a trip special is the people you travel with. We had an interesting mix of friendly people and a informative, personable tour guide , Pepo.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tortuga, February 2017
  • Patagonia Trip of a Lifetime

    “This was an amazing adventure in Patagonia! We had the best group of people, our guides were superior and the adventures were non-stop day by day. The hiking was absolutely stunning, the food was fabulous, the accommodations were wonderful and oh, the wine-superior. Everything about this trip was awesome!”
    – South Carolina, United States Condor, February 2017
  • Astonished and delighted

    – California, United States Rimu, February 2017
  • “One of the best trips I've been on. Ken and Elder were such great guides and the passion they displayed was fantastic.”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, February 2017
  • Rimu, January 2017

    “We had high expectations for the Rimu trip, which were all exceeded. The South Island is a magical place. The trip was like spending two weeks in a national park. Even the occasional moisture added to a rain forest feel. The activities, which technically involved hiking, kayaking and biking, also included understanding of the culture, agriculture, city life, and experience sharing with fellow trip members. Jordan and Tory really made the trip into an experience through their knowledge, constant helpful support, excellent cooking and capacity to fully engage with us as a team. True professionals! The group connected immediately. Accommodations were excellent. We even "timed" kayaking Milford Sound the day following a major storm, resulting in the hundreds of waterfalls being at peak. Perfect trip. Thank you, Active Adventures.”
    – Iowa, United States Rimu, February 2017
  • Absolutely wonderful experience!

    “We have always wanted to travel to New Zealand, yet weren't sure how we might approach the potential journey. After looking at online reviews we contacted a Kiwi friend and former travel guide, who confirmed our thinking that Active Adventures would provide an amazing experience. To hike, bike, and kayak our way through 6 national parks in 14 days with special friends seemed just perfect. And it was exactly that, perfect!”
    – Oregon, United States Rimu, February 2017
  • “It really was the trip of a lifetime! I have never been to a more beautiful place and would go back in a heartbeat if I could!
    Cynthia, our guide, was simply amazing, managing to keep 14 different people happy and never making it seem like it was any effort at all. She is a wonderful ambassador for Patagonia!”
    – Texas, United States Condor, February 2017
  • The Great Adventure

    “The organization of the trip regarding schedule hikes and driving was well conceived and executed. Long drives where always broken up with hikes in between or visiting small towns for a stretch of the legs. The hikes provided spectacular beauty and on occasional days an excellent physical challenge that everyone loved! The trip also sprinkled in fun adventures of helicopter, small prop plane, river jet boat, and bike rides. A well timed day of rest and adventure on your own in Queenstown allowed trippers to bungee jump, swing, zipline, or just chill in this hip town.”
    – DC, United States Tui, February 2017
  • Kauri

    “Overall thought this trip was better than anticipated. There is so much emphasis
    on the South Island from trip brochures that it downgrades the North's offerings.

    Very professional, very organized, always has a smile (a beautiful one at that!)
    For some reason has a calming influence on just about any situation. Understand she is a long term Active employee and does a great job.

    His knowledge alone is worth the price of admission. Having taken some
    other day guides and the like, I would be hard pressed to find someone
    who knows their region better. He took us to a couple of spots off grid we really enjoyed. Strong, with a temperament that makes you think he is allows
    worrying and planning for the group, he is very good.

    Overall Jo and Phil made a good team we really enjoyed.”
    – Manitoba, Canada Kauri, February 2017
  • Great trip,Great Time!

    “We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The itinerary was well planned. Michelle and Rachel were excellent hosts. Would definitely recommend Active Adventures!”
    – DC, United States Tui, February 2017
  • “Awesome trip. Even though I went by myself, not knowing anyone, I still had an amazing time. Tough spot to get to but well worth it. Guides are knowledgeable, fun to be with, and I'm already researching my next trip.”
    – New York, United States Condor, February 2017
  • The unparalleled Patagonia Experience

    “ACTIVE Patagonia is a direct uninterrupted experience through one's feet, eyes and all other senses. It's an intense absorption of Patagonia with all its amazing beauty. One is in and with Nature to the fullest extent, surrounded by magnificent landscapes.”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2017
  • “We loved it! Erick our guide was super patient, knew the culture, knowledgeable, concerned with safety! We would do one with Erick again in a heartbeat!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Jaguar, February 2017
  • One Honey Sweet of an Adventure

    “Outstanding tramping with superior guides”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Manuka, February 2017
  • Birthday we'll never forget

    “We expected a great trip with where we were going, BUT Active Adventures guides (Michele and Rachael) made it that much more special. Their knowledge, expertise and storytelling abilities made it fun and engaging. Accommodations were better than anticipated, they were great.
    An absolute must for those thinking about this type of a trip.”
    – California, United States Tui, February 2017
  • Special Attention

    “Throughout the trip, we were constantly being monitored by our guides. During our hikes, there was often one guide in the front and the other in the back. My husband strained a muscle immediately prior to our arrival to New Zealand. On a couple of hikes, my husband had to return back to the bus. One of the guides followed him back while the rest of us proceeded forward with the other guide.

    The guides figured out quickly our special "likes" and "dislikes." One of our members had a dozen food allergies. I had none except I love salmon and prefer decaf coffee. Sure enough, I had decaf coffee every morning and fresh salmon at least 4 times during the tour.

    The guides went out of their way to know us. Each day, one or both of them would hike and talk with me. Sometime we talked about family while other times we talked about New Zealand or the U.S.”
    – Oregon, United States Kiwi, February 2017
  • Amazing!

    “This trip was amazing in so many ways that I am still trying to process all the beautiful places we hiked!
    Our excellent guide Cynthia made the whole trip so easy that all we had to do was to enjoy our surroundings!!”
    – Texas, United States Condor, February 2017
  • Great introduction to New Zealand

    “When visiting New Zealand, one must be aware of the tendency for Mother Nature to intervene. We altered our backpacking due to epic rains! The earthquake last year kept us out of the northeast coast due to slides (slips down under). Low clouds downed the helihikers. And high winds kept us out of kayaks at Milford sound. Our guides always had excellent backup plans and we had a ball.”
    – Illinois, United States Rimu, February 2017
  • Beyond My Expectations......

    “COMPLETELY MISSING my daily Active Adventures around North Island with Andy and Jo aka "Tarzan and Jane." It was an AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE SPECIAL ADVENTURE from the moment of our first "Hello" to our misty-eyed farewell. This being my first Active Adventure, I now know why Active Adventures is a first class operation and has an extremely high return rate of repeat travelers. Andy and Jo are beyond AWESOME, they are FIRST CLASS PROFESSIONAL GUIDES ALL THE WAY!!!

    Andy and Jo are so passionate about everything, literally EVERYTHING. The historical knowledge they shared of their breathtaking "home" while out and about was so enlightening and educational. They touched on everything from the Primordial Gods to the current state of the economy; the geology of the land from each tiny sand pebbles, sea shells and dirt to the beautiful trees (Kauri), pastures, mountains, waterfalls, coastline, rivers and streams: then from cicadas, birds, cows and sheep to the non-existence of predatory animals.....there was always a story to be shared.

    Each morning we woke up to delightful breakfasts with warm smiles stretching as far west and east as possible. It was a perfect way to start the days, our daily gift if you will. Lunches and dinners were equally enjoyable and delicious, something I personally would prepare in my own kitchen but missing the colorful cupcake apron.

    Each activity was bittersweet, a journey into the unknown that always left you wanting more. Our itinerary was action packed, filled with amazing destinations yet they still managed to squeeze in some extra jumps, swings, “walks” and stops into the mix of things. They were in touch with our strengths and limitations and kept our group moving harmoniously together. They were the BEST GUIDES for each step of our adventure and the beauty of it all was we were out enjoying the day with friends or better yet, family.

    Their effortless hospitality was in a league of its own and downright immeasurable. I was convinced they could read our minds because things would magically appear. They were in tune with every need and desire. Who creates and plays a song list to sync with the mood and temperament of the days travels…..our one and only of course! I'm still humming to the song of OPO!!

    Andy and Jo made this North Island trip, a trip of a lifetime. I can only imagine what treasures and gifts the South Island beholds. One thing is for sure, I'm making it another “Active Adventure” and requesting our special "Tarzan and Jane" to walk us about…….

    THANK YOU ANDY, JO, and ACTIVE ADVENTURES ~ for without your existence, I would not have this special memory to cherish and share!!!”
    – California, United States Kauri, February 2017
  • Great time, great guides

    “Had so much fun with Dani and Mel as our guides. They did such a great job for us. Loved each varied part of the trip. Day 2 hike at Franz Josef was a bit hard for a first major hike. Loved Siberia valley. Loved Milford sound. Trip overall was excellent. Would definitely highly recommend.”
    – Illinois, United States Tui, February 2017
  • Worth it 100%

    “Honestly, this was probably the hardest thing I have ever done....but I don't regret going and experiencing everything that came our way. My guides were really great. They really cared for each person on the trip and checked in regularly with those who were having any sort of difficulty along the trek. The porters were also really awesome, they put in so much work for us and were always happy it seemed, we all really appreciated them! The trekking was hard....but we each made it to the next tea house each day. So it's all about perseverance over there.
    Some trials:
    *Several people including myself had travel belly. The guides always provided soap for hand washing and water tablets for our drinking water, but some of us still got hit. But the guides helped us right away and always checked in.
    *Weather. It was quite rainy for a good portion of the trip. It brought out the leaches...though they don't hurt and are easy to remove. It is kind of gross.
    *So many stairs!!! So much up and down. So it was rough sometimes. But now I love the stairmaster at the gym. Funny huh?
    In conclusion, you should go :)”
    – British Columbia, Canada AST, February 2017
  • Viento, viento, y mas viento

    “I saw a t-shirt in El Chalten with this printed on it. Now I get it! Even with the wind, rain, some very hard trails, I wouldn't trade this trip for anything (well maybe a little less rain). It was set in the most dramatic places I have ever been, had great guides, and was a personal challenge that I'm very proud to have completed. The beauty of Patagonia will stay with me forever. Thank you Active Adventures!”
    – California, United States Condor, February 2017
  • Galapagos - Tortuga Trip

    “Wow! The Tortuga tour of the Galapagos Islands was an incredible experience. Active Adventures answered all my questions during the booking process and provided exactly the information I needed to be prepared for the trip. It couldn't have been easier. The guides were AMAZING - - very knowledgeable about the islands and provided a wealth of information about the geology, flora and fauna, wildlife, and culture. They were extremely diligent in making sure that everyone's individual needs were met and that the entire group was loving every minute. This truly was a trip of a lifetime and I can't thank Active Adventures enough for their organization of every detail!!”
    – Ohio, United States Tortuga, February 2017
  • The only way to "do" the south island

    “What a great trip! There is no way we could have seen or done half as much on our own. The sights were amazing, rain or shine. The hiking was a mix of easy and tough. Food was great. The accommodations were top of the line and such a welcome retreat after an active day. We had a really lovely, interesting, and inclusive group. Kim did a fantastic job driving the winding mountainous roads. It only took a day to learn to look at what Tess is wearing...if she takes a layer off, you should too! Wonderful trip, so glad we went with Active!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Tui, February 2017
  • Magnificent Manuka

    “Traveling to NZ had been a bucket list destination for quite some time. I researched several different companies to find a hiking trip that really grabbed me. It wasn't until I heard of Active Adventures from a recent client that it all came together. I looked at the Manuka itinerary and was sold. I signed up immediately and wasn't disappointed. Now I know why everyone says NZ is one of their most memorable trips. Stunningly beautiful. We also had two absolutely fantastic guides, Koru and Joe.”
    – California, United States Manuka, February 2017
  • Graduation gift of a lifetime

    “As a recent college graduate, the one thing I wanted to do was travel. I was completely unfamiliar with New Zealand, and my parents wanted to ensure I was safe and could know where I was going each day. Active Adventures was a great way to have the time of my life while being safe. Our group ranged in activity levels, but Andy and Jo made sure we all were comfortable while encouraging us every step of the way. From my initial call with the Active team, to booking, and eventually the trip, I did not have a single problem and had the experience of a lifetime! Thanks Mom and Dad, and thank you Active Adventures!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tui, February 2017
  • Endurance and Joy

    “My trek to EBC was probably the most difficult single thing I have ever attempted and succeeded at. The first couple of days on the trail I just wanted to turn around and go back, but both DK and Gokul were there cheering me on like they were my biggest fans. That alone gave me the right mental attitude to charge ahead. My fellow trekkers were awesome giving me plenty of encouragement.I live in a beautiful place but the Himalayas are in a class all their own. When I reached EBC I was utterly exhausted but overwhelmed with incredible joy. I learned a few things about myself and and know that I can succeed at what I put my mind to. When I am ready for another trek Active Adventures will be my guide.”
    – Washington, United States EBC, February 2017
  • My biggest best trip ever

    “Endless physical activities, super nice guides and a friendly small group made for the best ever trip (so far :)).”
    – Minnesota, United States Tui, January 2017
  • A trip of a lifetime

    “Our Condor trip with Cynthia was a trip of a lifetime. Cynthia did a wonderful job of teaching us about Patagonia. The trip had a terrific balance of hiking, kayaking and biking.”
    – Ohio, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Great Trip!

    “Karu and Joe were great leaders. The Milford Track was a spiritual experience because of all the beauty! The other hiking was also great.”
    – California, United States Manuka, January 2017
  • Great guides

    “Our guides were great! Couldn't be better.”
    – Utah, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • South Island Treking trip

    “We are both keen walkers and had the Milford Trek on our hit list. We have already done the C2C in the UK, The Inca trail and the TMB in Europe (also in the 'top ten'). The Manuka trip allowed us to do the Milford Trek but also walk other treks on S Island such as The Diamond Lake and Mount Cook which were also awesome. The Milford Trek does live up to its name as 'The finest walk in the World'! The scenery everywhere is truly spectacular even when it rains which often enhances the experience.”
    – East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Manuka, January 2017
  • The Majesty of the Mountains

    “The beauty of Patagonia is inspiring. It's physically challenging with the frequent changes in weather but so worth the awesome scenery. The camaraderie among some of the fellow hikers was great. Think I met some new life-long friends!”
    – California, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Extraordinary!

    “Great guides, great trip companions, extraordinary scenery, and friendly Kiwis! This was a well-balanced trip that emphasized hiking, but also including other interesting diversions. I cannot say enough about our guides. They were excellent.”
    – Maryland, United States Manuka, January 2017
  • Tui Trip Rocks!

    “I've never purchased a trip because of my personal reasons and that I can do this on my own. Wow was I mistaken! If anyone has second thoughts about the Tui trip please don't, it was an adventure I will never forget. A very big thank you to our guides Claire and Racheal as well as the team at Active Adventures.”
    – Washington, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Active and adventurous

    “Our trip guide, Pepo, was warm-hearted, knowledgeable and very experienced in all things Galapagos and water-related. He answered all our questions and conducted us through the trip efficiently and attentively. We saw and did more than we expected. It was fun, interesting and enlightening. The food was fantastic too.”
    – Oregon, United States Tortuga, January 2017
  • Patagonia Overload

    “Patagonia has been on my "bucket list" for a number of years and I finally got the opportunity to check that off the list. I researched a few other adventure companies but felt that Active Adventures offered the most diversity at a price point that was competitive with everyone else. I was not disappointed. From the very first meeting with Cynthia in Punta Arenas until our goodbye in El Calafate, the trip was as good as I expected. Cynthia was a 5 star trip leader and you never had to worry that things were being taken care of. All the hotels and restaurants that we were at were first rate. Excellent meals and comfortable place to stay. Even the Refugio's on the "W" trek were fun places to stay. The hiking we did was great and the hikes were not exactly "cupcake" hikes. You really needed to be in shape. Our two different hiking guides, Jim and Luis were top notch. Friendly and very informative. It was a pleasure being around them. From a visit to Magdalena Island to see the penguins, to a hike on Grey Glacier and a visit to Perito Moreno Glacier, it was all a thrill. Even the bike ride on a unpaved road was a challenge.
    For anyone that wants a great trip to Patagonia, I would highly recommend Active Adventures Condor Trip. Cynthia was the bomb!”
    – North Carolina, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Rimu 2017 New Zealand

    “My New Zealand trip with Active Adventures was full of excitement, beauty and of course, adventure! I am certain I would not have seen or experienced many of the sights if I had scheduled this experience on my own. Active Adventures knows where to take you, how to get there and where to stay. Some very sweet, out of the way places were explored. Thanks so much for a super three weeks!”
    – Utah, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Condor with Cynthia

    “Great trip. Cynthia is the best in organizing and taking care of everyone. I've done two trips with Active with Cynthia as guide. This company and guide are best. They cover all the details and are prompt in responding to questions. They are my first choice for overseas trips.”
    – Colorado, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Amazing! Such an incredible experience

    “From the moment we arrived as a group, we felt included and taken care of. The staff are highly attentive and organized and maintained a great deal of professionalism throughout the trip. We visited amazing locations and felt like we had a good sense of the South Island. Every detail, logistic and meal was taken care of, making it very enjoyable. They varied our activities throughout the day, from hiking and biking, to kayaking. We created great friendships with the other participants and were very sad to leave at the end of the trip. I cannot wait to go on another trip with Active Adventures and have already recommended them to a wide variety of people!”
    – New York, United States Tui, January 2017
  • “There is no way we could have planned all the adventures we had on this trip. The logistics and coordination efforts were well thought out. Our guide was very knowledgeable and a lot of fun to be with. The accommodations were wonderful, food fit for a king and animals to entertain us at every turn. It truly was a trip to remember!!”
    – Georgia, United States Tortuga, January 2017
  • Excellent Trip

    “If you like outdoor activities this is your dream trip. The itinerary is very well planned. The scenery and landscapes are beautiful. Our guides Tia and Alex are fabulous. They are youthful, caring, knowledgeable, and extremely professional. Their hardwork made the entire trip smooth and enjoyable. Everyday is packed with interesting and exciting outdoor activities: multi-day hiking in Nelson Lake NP, kayaking in Milford Sound, biking along the shore of Wanaka Lake, and day hiking the Routeburn, Kepler, Sealy Tarns, Hooker Valley and many other beautiful short tracks in various NPs of the South Island. The group mates are very friendly and fun and the small group size made it easy to socialize. In addition, the food is healthy and very delicious. Thanks to every member of the group, in particular our great guides Tia and Alex, it is your care, warmth, encouragement, and tolerance that made this trip truly unforgettable.”
    – Kansas, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • New Zealand Doesn't Disappoint

    “My husband said this every evening we were there! The guides support and attitude, the environment and natural beauty of the South Island, the quality of accommodations, food and the local people we'd meet all combined to make this a trip of a lifetime.”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • What an adventure!

    “Great adventure with wonderful guides Alex and Tia!”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Fabulous Kauri trip

    “We absolutely loved the trip. Of course the scenery was amazing. But also the guides were fun, engaging, informative, helpful and flexible! They genuinely focused on us and our having a "memorable vacation of a lifetime experience". And we did! The activities were all fun, not too challenging and we always felt safe. Lodging and food was also terrific. We had good mix of action, history, culture and environmental. To anyone evaluating which Active
    Adventures NZ trip to take - I highly recommend the Kauri trip. Try the North Island, you won't be disappointed.”
    – California, United States Kauri, January 2017
  • Kiwi & Active Adventures - Perfect!

    “With great anticipation, and admittedly high expectations, Ann and I left New Orleans on Christmas Day to begin our trip to the North Island of New Zealand. We each had long wanted to see this special place! From the moment that Phil and Vanessa picked us up, until the time that Phil and Elder dropped us at the airport for our return flight, we could not have been happier, or more satisfied, with our trip. Phil, Vanessa, and Elder were perfect guides... and hosts. The history and information that Phil shared along the way helped us understand, and therefore appreciate even more, the places we visited and the people we met. We fell in love with the North Island, and its people and history! With Active Adventures having arranged practically everything, and Phil, Vanessa, and Elder taking great care of us along the way (even preparing our last 2 wonderful evening meals), we had nothing to do but rise each morning and enjoy our day! Perfect!”
    – Louisiana, United States Kauri, January 2017
  • Patagonia 2016

    “Trip was amazing - Harder the hikes the better the view”
    – Massachusetts, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Amazing Honeymoon Experience

    “We decided to travel around NZ with Active Adventures for our honeymoon. What an incredible decision! All the logistics were taken care of for us, so we didn't have to worry about any of it while we were focusing on planning the wedding. The staff were terrific....excellent tour guides and went above and beyond for us. New Zealand itself is such a gorgeous place and was a great place to kick off married life. Active Adventures really does it right and the group sizes (max 14) are perfect. We had an amazing experience and plan to travel with Active Adventures again on our next adventure!”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Incredible

    “Second trip with Active Adventures and was impressed with their organization and activities. Zac, a native of Cusco, was our guide. He provided my family with the most amazing experience of Peru. Zac was informative, fun, and the best guide we have ever experienced!”
    – California, United States Jaguar, January 2017
  • January 2 2017 Rimu with Ken and Holly

    “Just fantastic--knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring guides, unbelievable sights every day, went way beyond our expectations.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Amazing Trip

    “Patagonia is a fascinating place. The scenery was stupendous, some of the hiking was a bit challenging but all worth it.”
    – Nevada, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Latitude 53 degrees and Loving It,

    “What a privilege it was to travel to Patagonia with three generations of our family. It is such a beautiful part of the world but also, so removed from the anxieties and pressures of the modern, social media/plugged-in world, and the Trump nastiness. The trekking was especially beautiful with the wild flowers in bloom and sunshine on our shoulders.

    Active Adventures organized us perfectly in the sense that our transportation, refugios, and food were efficiently and tastefully selected. Arturo was so, so nice to our grandkids. Chem was delightful and so kind. What brilliant new friends we made and how kind and inclusive they were with the teenagers we had in tow.

    We loved the ACTIVE in Adventures. We earned our good meals and good beds by stretching our limits over our two week trek. My husband and I were by far the oldest pair on the trail, but we loved it and who knows, maybe we will be back for our 60th anniversary.”
    – Florida, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Fantastic trip

    “This was a great family vacation. The hiking, biking, and kayaking were awesome! We are an athletic family and it was just the right amount to keep everyone excited and wanting more. Nick and Hillary were terrific leaders and always up for activity and educating us on NZ. Thanks for a great trip.”
    – Michigan, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Fantabulous

    “A simply amazing trip-- pristine scenery, magical and majestic mountains, and all coordinated seamlessly by a fantastic trip leader and guides. Our family of seven-- spanning the ages of 78 to 12-- was perfectly supported, educated, and delighted by Arturo or trip leader and the local guides. They are all kind, fun, and experienced. Cem was true to his name, a gem, ever so patient with those of us with sore joints, and always with a sparkle or story to share.”
    – Florida, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Squeege perfect

    “Mountains, rock climbing, kayaking, penguins, glaciers, flamingos, and awesome food-- patagonia has it all! Arturo's laugh made me laugh all that much harder, and Cem is the best at everything adventurous. An incredible Christmas present for us all!”
    – Florida, United States Condor, January 2017
  • It rocked!

    “Awesome group trip, especially from someone who likes to do it on their own. Guides, travel arrangements, ease of it all was incredible-- perfect.”
    – Florida, United States Condor, January 2017
  • 2017's first Tui trip

    “The Tui trip exceeded my (high) expectations - it was a trip of a lifetime! Spectacular scenery, beautiful hikes, friendly trip-mates and superb guides - and generally some great weather to boot!”
    – Illinois, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Rimu January 2017

    “Never having gone on a guided trip I was not sure what to expect and uncertain how I would like it. The trip was filled with once in a lifetime experiences that I will never forget. I did and saw things in New Zealand with our guides that my husband and I would never have done. It was one of the most fantastic experiences I have ever had traveling. Our guides were amazing in their knowledge, enthusiasm and warmth. We hope to go on another trip with Active, but can not imagine how we it could equal this awesome experience.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Super experience.

    “Great guides in Andy and Jo and we were lucky to have exceptional traveling partners in our group.”
    – Minnesota, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Rimu Jan 2017

    “Awesome trip! Gorgeous country. What really made the trip was the guides- Ken and Holly! They were fabulous. Holly made awesome food every night and they both had great knowledge in multiple aspects of NZ. They were also very accommodating to the different members of the group and their own individual needs. Multiple highlights of the trip including Braemer Sheep station over looking mt cook, hiking in Nelson Lakes National Park (awesome snow storm up at Angelia Hut), and hiking in fjordland national park. Would definitely do another trip with active- esp if Ken and Holly were leading!”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • This trip will make you want to come back

    “This was a wonderful trip led by Michelle and Rachael. As a single traveller, the group size was ideal so I didn't feel overwhelmed by the couples and family groups.
    Quite simply this trip gives a superb overview of the South Island taking in some of the key sights of the area.... to the point where it just makes you want to come back. The pace and variety of the trip was set at the right level to suit everyone, including the option to have a lesser climb on the overnight section. The accommodation and the meals provided by Active were extremely good, and some of the settings were breathtaking. Quite simply the camera did not do the scenery justice and I can't wait to come back and explore some more of the country.”
    – Middlesex, United Kingdom Tui, January 2017
  • Outstanding Place, Outstanding Guides

    “We loved the way this brief tour showed us the full variety of NZ's South Island, and our guides knew how to take care of everything we wanted. They made it all look effortless, too.”
    – Nebraska, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Kauri

    “What an amazing introduction to the North Island. Every day was unique - starting with the hiking and boogie boarding on the sand dunes to seeing a kiwi released was exceptional. Walking through the rain forest and seeing the phenomenal kauri trees are memories we will treasure forever!”
    – Alberta, Canada Kauri, January 2017
  • Patagonia's Greatest Hits

    “A well-curated tour of Patagonia's greatest hits. The well-organized activities and well-informed guides assured us of worry-free comfort and meaningful insights to the parade of Patagonian delights that dazzled our eyes and tickled our palates. (The farewell dinner done in a quincho expertly executed by the parillero was an over-the-top carnivorous feast capped by the lip-smacking, artery-clogging Mata Hambre.) Arturo and Anna charmed with their hospitality, solicitousness, and good humor. While I found the fitness level required was more than advertised, the gregarious guides and cheerfully chill companions kept the mood light and fun.”
    – Metro Manila, Philippines Condor, January 2017
  • “I had always heard how beautiful New Zealand was, which was why it was at the top of my travel list, so I was prepared to be predictably impressed, but even with this anticipation, I was taken aback by each stunning vista. New Zealand is an amazing place and the Rimu trip captures so many aspects of its appeal- incredibly friendly people, adventure, beauty, good food- all rolled into one. Our guides, Dani and Tory, were phenomenal ambassadors for all that the trip offers and made each adventure fun and exciting, even when challenged by the, at times, unpredictable weather. Always with a smile and word of encouragement, their warmth and love for the country was infectious.”
    – Florida, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • “Well planned, balanced varied activities.
    Enjoyed the activities, the food, the ambiance.
    Welcoming Kiwis contribute to a relaxed and pleasant vacation.
    Super guides very competent: Amanda and Jess.”
    – Quebec, Canada Kiwi, January 2017
  • Jaguar - April 2016

    “Zac was an incredible tour guide - he was very knowledgeable, encouraging and had a great sense of humor!! This was the experience of a lifetime - hiking the Inca Trail, trekking in the Amazon Jungle and seeing monkeys, caiman, capybaras, a sloth and a tarantula, and boating around Lake Titicaca - it truly was an "Active Adventure" that we'll never forget!!”
    – Virginia, United States Jaguar, January 2017
  • Can't wait to come back!

    “Ever since I arrived back home I wake up thinking about NZ and our Tui trip! It was exactly what I had hoped it would be like and better! Better because not just the scenery and activities were amazing, but because of the people. Our guides Claire and Rachael took incredible care of us, (down to how we liked our tea and coffee) were fun to be around, really knew their stuff, and were total
    professionals! We can't wait to come back!!!”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Perfect Vacation!

    “Our Manuka trip offered the perfect mix of locales, hiking trails, and even weather! Our guides Greg and Kim and Hillary shared history, culture, mythology, music, and laughter every day. They were so professional and enthusiastic. I loved visiting the variety of places that Manuka offers - rainforests, mountains, beaches, cities - and coming home with a reading list!”
    – Alabama, United States Manuka, January 2017
  • Excellent Trip!

    “Our entire family really enjoyed our 14 day Kiwi adventure. The guides, Amanda and Jess, were the best at everything from driving the bus, to knowledge of the area, flora and fauna, and also amazing cooks. The weather was challenging at times but as Amanda says, "there is no bad weather, just bad gear." The landscape was breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime.”
    – New York, United States Kiwi, January 2017
  • Amazing Trip

    “My wife and I joined this tour as part of our honeymoon trip and we couldn't of been happier. Everything was unbelievably well organized, the accommodations exceeded our expectations, the size of the group was great and there was a good range of activities that enabled us to get a good feel of all the diversity found in the Galápagos Islands.

    We have never used a tour company before when travelling as we like to have flexibility, choose our own accommodations, avoid crowds and be active. However, I would definitely recommend Active Adventures to anybody and would definitely do another tour with them.

    Thanks for everything!!”
    – Alberta, Canada Tortuga, January 2017
  • Best trip ever!

    “I went on this trip as a solo female traveler & am incredibly glad I did! The guides couldn't have been more informative of the kiwi culture and our group was perfect. Every activity was extremely organized. Highly suggest this trip for anyone only having 8 days to explore the South Island!”
    – Texas, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Better than expected

    “I had done one group tour before and lots of hiking with my local hiking club, but this tour was beyond what I was expecting. The people, the guide, the coordination and logistics - all were fantastic and well done. Of course, what truly made the trip was the amazing location and breathtaking adventure.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Condor, January 2017
  • A Fantastic trip

    “This is the best way to tour South Island of New Zealand. Enjoy the spectacular views, experience the first hand of back country and meet the physical challenges. With small group of people and two dedicated guides, what else one ask for?”
    – Kansas, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Best trip I have ever taken

    “There are many layers to this trip
    1. The Group - It was really fun being in a group, and our group was really fun! Sometimes I hung out with people in my family, sometimes I hung out with someone else in the group. This variety and freedom was very enjoyable.
    2. The Guides - Koru and Ash were sooo great. Koru is a polished, learned and experienced leader. Ash is a fabulous cook, so much fun, and cared about each of us on the trip.
    3. The Country - Stunning! We covered so much of the South Island that we were able to see many sides of it's weather and terrain. Really great route.
    4. Activities - It was great sharing a physical activity with others, something I know brings people together. Hiking was great. At the end of a long hike was a fabulous surprise, like a glacial lake with ice burgs, or a beautiful high-mountain vista, or a glo-worm tunnel. Biking was super fun, and I wish there had been one more day of it. In hind site I personally would have selected the biking 3day excursion. The kayaking was great. Heavy chop or glassy lakes, we kayaked in it.
    5. Accommodations - These were just great. As nice as it can be being out in the countryside. I loved how we all ate together every meal.
    5. Pace - I thought the trip was very well planned. Just when we needed a break in the beginning from jet lag, and our trip activities, a two day respite was there in Queenstown where we could recharge. I recharged and my family bungy jumped! Also, activities were structured so that the not so keen could bail out at a stopping point.”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Awesome

    “Just returned from two weeks travelling with Active Adventures in Patagonia and it could not have been better. The scenery was spectacular, the days and evenings varied and interesting and we ate and were treated like royalty. Everything was first class on our trip including our tour leader Arturo Rojas who was professional and just awesome in every way. We had a group of 15 trekkers and we very quickly became fast friends. I'm sure there are many companies out there but from my experience I don't think you can go wrong with Active Adventures. I'm already looking forward to my next trip with them.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Patagonia

    “Patagonia, a true beauty. Massive, beastly mountains, lovely people, challenging hikes, all made for an unforgettable trip.”
    – Virginia, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Patagonia

    “One of my top trips!”
    – Virginia, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Fun Adventure

    “Active Adventures does an excellent job of organizing adventure trips that allow you to actively explore the country and experience the local culture. This trip was an outstanding opportunity to see the entire country of Peru. It was wonderful to hike the Inca Trail and see Machu Pichu, explore the beautiful town of Cusco, visit the Amazon as well as the different islands of Lake Titicaca.”
    – California, United States Jaguar, January 2017
  • Rimu - A Kiwi Adventure

    “We knew we wanted to have an outdoor experience in New Zealand and our Active Adventure guides made our trip an adventure delight beyond our expectations. The group was well matched and we felt like a group of explorers rather than participants on a tour group.”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Patagonia Condor

    “Cem, our tour leader was fabulous as well as the local tour guides. The trip was amazing and simply beyond words. The scenery was so amazing that it made every step, every steep incline worth the efforts. Was disappointed that the penguin tour was cancelled due to weather on the first day. The food was excellent; Cem did a super job selecting the restaurants outside of the W Refugios.”
    – Nevada, United States Condor, January 2017
  • Loved NZ Kea Adventure

    “New Zealand is a beautiful country, but the experience would not have been half as memorable if it were not for our AA guides. They were professional, could answer any question about NZ, incredibly competent in all ways and so much fun! But it would be unfair not to mention the preliminary support team leading up to the trip. All requests and needs were handled quickly and efficiently. And last, but not least, the itinerary was so well thought out. I enjoyed every minute of the trip and was sorry to see it end.”
    – California, United States Kea, January 2017
  • Tui Trip 2017

    “How could this have been any better? Can't think of any way. Our guides were extraordinary and handled every request or complication with ease and grace. The weather can be tricky, making this somewhat challenging, but you'd never know that from how they acted with the group. They always had options up their sleeves. Every day was some new adventure. Some challenging, some not. Always choices if things were too challenging. We plan on coming back for another trip as soon as we can.”
    – North Carolina, United States Tui, January 2017
  • New Zealand and Kiwis are the Best!

    “It would be difficult to overstate how impressed I was with our Active Adventure tour. Mel and Claire were absolutely incredible!! Steve was great too, but he was only with us for the hike up and back from the Aspiring Hut. Plus, he was weighed down by a rock he so generously carried up the hill for Mel.
    Anyway, Mel and Claire made Active Adventures (and New Zealand) look so good! They were EVERYTHING I could hope for: friendly, funny, knowledgeable, professional, hard-working, kind, easy-going, energetic, .... Thank you for one of the best 2-week periods of my entire life!”
    – California, United States Kea, January 2017

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