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Now for the most important bit! We get a huge amount of feedback from our clients, all of which we read and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips. While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves.

We encourage you to let us know if you'd like us to put you directly in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active Adventures trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and to find out what it’s really like to travel with us, a top rated tour company!

We've been running adventure trips for over 20 years, so we have a LOT of reviews. In the interest of not making you wait eons for the page to load, we've decided to show our 100 most recent. Though, if you'd like to read older reviews, please drop us a line and we'll certainly share plenty more with you!

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  • Awesome vacation!

    “We did the last 5 days of the Kauri trip (added on to our Tui trip) and it was a lot of fun. There was a good variety of activities and all of them were really enjoyable. We had multiple hikes that were challenging but with great views. The mountain biking was a lot of fun and the guides for that activity were really great. We also got to do the glow worm caves, which was an interesting experience. Andy and Jo were great too, easygoing and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Active Adventures for a fun and active vacation!”
    – Virginia, United States Kauri, April 2017
  • You Are Stronger Than You Realize

    “Many people go on a vacation to relax, sit in the sun, and read. For me, I chose Active Adventures because I wanted to see the world by pushing myself out of my comfort zone and challenging myself both mentally and physically. The Rimu trip did not disappoint as it delivered exactly that! I loved learning a new skill (kayaking), embracing my passion for travelling through the most incredible terrain (cycling), and pushing myself to exceed what I thought I could ever do (climbing up to the Mueller Ridge). From those experiences, particularly the last one, I realized that in life when things seems hopeless or beyond your capability you are stronger than you realize. When you 'actively' engage your mind and body, you CAN climb that mountain!. Every day was an adventure, filled with memories I will treasure for a lifetime and take with me into my job as I train the next generation to build grit for the mountains they are sure to have in their future!
    None of this would have been possible without the incredible guides we had. Kim and Ashleigh were a phenomenal team. They worked so well together and met our every need. I appreciated how they gave us just enough information about where we were going or what we were doing. They allowed us to discover our potential and pushed us on to victory.
    This will definitely not be my last trip!”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, April 2017
  • Amazing adventure

    “Can't say enough about how great our guides were and how amazing our trip to Basecamp was! A defining moment in our lives for sure! Thank you for the most awesome adventure in our lives!”
    – Nova Scotia, Canada EBC, April 2017
  • Awesome!

    “Great hiking, awesome scenery, terrific guides, delicious food and more than comfy accommodations !”
    – Arizona, United States Manuka, April 2017
  • Beautiful scenery with some Maori culture too

    “We wanted to see some of the North Island in addition to our Tui trip so we tacked on the last five days of the Kauri trip. What an excellent tour! Tongariro Crossing wins for best hike/activity of the Kauri trip! Almost a month later and I still look at pictures from that hike every day!”
    – Virginia, United States Kauri, April 2017
  • The most fun 2 weeks ever

    “I was fortunate enough to be a member of the March Kiwi trip to New Zealand’s South Island. It’s hard to recount all the wonderful highlights from this vacation as each day brought amazing new sights and experiences as well as too many laughs to mention. In one memorable day we went from a glacier high in the mountains to a beach with endangered dolphins doing flips near the shore. From the Milford Sound waterfall, Abel Tasman boat ride in high seas, beautiful hikes, seeing the milky way under the dark sky at Braemar, to bathroom stops and talking toilets, smashing sandflies, cocktail hours and singing old songs: it was all magical.

    We were so lucky to have Koru and Rachael as the leaders of our exuberant group. They kept us in line, encouraged us on long hikes, cooked great meals and generally took great care of us. After my wonderful Kauri trip I was not surprised that the Kiwi adventure was also well organized with flexible, patient and knowledgeable guides who also knew how to laugh and have fun.

    What really made this trip outstanding was the excellent chemistry of our group (and with our guides). We never lacked for conversation and we laughed and talked nonstop from the moment we convened for breakfast each morning.

    This trip helped awaken my sense of adventure and was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I came on my first hiking vacation by myself and feel like I’ve made lifelong friends and found a new passion to pursue in my retirement. I’m already planning at least one more Active Adventures trip.”
    – New York, United States Kiwi, April 2017
  • Absolutely amazing!

    “My husband and I did this trip to celebrate our 10-year anniversary and we couldn't have asked for a better vacation. The hikes were fun and challenging (in a good way!); the views were spectacular everywhere we went; and Ken and Kim (our guides) made the trip perfect. They were super knowledgeable and friendly and made everything fun. We felt like we got to see New Zealand in a unique way that you could never get with your standard tour group. We will definitely be looking at doing more tours with Active Adventures in the future!”
    – Virginia, United States Tui, April 2017
  • Rimu

    “A wonderful introduction and exploration of the South Island. Each day was a new experience and an adventure. If you are looking to explore the South Island, this tour hits many of the major highlights and peaks your curiosity to come back and explore further!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • Do It.... Don't Wait

    “In total, the Khumbu trip was outstanding. We expected the trek to be physically challenging and several times, those expectations were achieved. Our guides were great, comfortable, never stressed and took care of all the coordination’s, all the details required, from the simple to the more complex. We were totally immersed, enjoyed so many extraordinary moments, were impressed often and in awe of the spectacular views. We were thankful for the ease and harmony that our guides, Mel and Gokul, instilled in us. Thank you two for watching over the flock and for being so tremendously skilled at your jobs. We totally enjoyed the experience, the environment and will hold these memories forever and perhaps even return for another trip in Nepal in the near future. It was great.”
    – New Jersey, United States Khumbu, April 2017
  • Rimu Rules

    “Excellent trip. Content is outstanding. Delivery is outstanding. Execution is flawless. A very well done experience in a beautiful country. Ken and Elder are the PhD's of guides. If all guides were as good as Ken and Elder, you would be a publicly traded company with a stock value rivaling Apple.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • couple from Little Rock

    “My husband and I had been thinking about a trip to New Zealand for at least 5 years but planning it seemed overwhelming. When a friend told us about her trip with Active New Zealand we decided to look into the options. It was everything we had dreamed it would be and more. There just could not have been a better way for us to actually see and do all that we did in 2 weeks. Kudos to our wonderful guides, Amanda and Holly!!! I have put out 2 ferns on my front porch to remind me of them and of our once in a lifetime trip.”
    – Arkansas, United States Manuka, April 2017
  • Best vacation yet!

    “When my wife and I started talking about how we wanted to celebrate our 10 year anniversary we started to think big. We had come across pictures of New Zealand. We started looking at Lord of the Rings Tours but they seemed to focus more seeing the studios or showing up at a photo stop. We wanted something more adventurous. After searching online for awhile we found the Active Adventures site. Fast forward a year and we were landing in Christchurch getting ready to kick off the tour! We both had high expectations for the trip, and man did it deliver!
    It seemed like every day we got to see scenery that took our breath away. We loved the physical activity, the sense of accomplishment every day”
    – Virginia, United States Tui, April 2017
  • Active

    “The trip was the best trip ever! The guides were wonderful and the sites were breathtaking. We were on the South Island, which is amazing! We were able to take a small plane into the Siberian Valley, which was an adventure in itself. Our group was small (8), which was really great. We all got along really well.”
    – Oregon, United States Tui, April 2017
  • Rimu March 2017

    “It was an amazing trip that covered most of the South Island. Dani and Liana did a fabulous job making sure each of us got the most out of our trip. They are full of life and energy. it was a joy to have them as our guides.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • worth all of the sweat and laughs

    “I was on the Rimu trip through much of the South Island with tour guides Kim and Ash. I was only able to make 8 days of the trip because I had a prior commitment to meet a family member in the North Island. So my review will only be able to cover my 8 days, although I believe the trip was for a total of 14 days. The trip was excellent on many levels. The tour leaders were outstanding. They drove us in a cool bus, made most of our 3 meals a day and provided snacks in the bus. They lead us on the hikes and activities and seemed to make all arrangements(along with the cool Active Adventures office team support)for our journeys. Our guides were both in their mid 20's and I have to say the most positive and mature people I have ever met. They kept us on schedule and showed us a good variety of terrain in the South Island. New Zealand is really amazing. At times it reminded me of Alaska and also northern California perhaps Hawaii as well. The vegetation is beautiful, lush and the scenery incredible. We were in their Fall October months and so we did have some wet weather, but nothing that stopped us from enjoying the trip. I attended this journey as a single person and that was not a problem because there were 3 other women on the trip and we just were able to share hotel rooms which was great. I chose the Hiking Option through Nelson Lakes and that was an amazing and challenging journey. The real reward for me was making it up the very steep parts, over rocks and lots of tree roots. In the beginning of the trip I was not sure I was in good enough physical shape. I am a tennis player and skier and like to hike and walk a lot but after a few days hiking I found out that I could handle it . That was a big relief because I really wanted to enjoy the trip to the best of my ability. I also have to say that I lucked out because our group was really outstanding. They came from all over the USA and Canada and they were a fun and upbeat team. We were also close in age and that was also interesting in terms of our professional lives and personal cross roads.This turned out to be the perfect experience for me. It kicked me up a notch in terms of physical demands of day after day exercise and reminded me of being in camp as a child, but showed me a beautiful country that I will hopefully some day return to see more of.”
    – California, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • Rimu, March 2017

    “Thank you for sharing New Zealand with us! Dani and Liana are amazing women, we loved getting to know them and appreciate how hard they worked to make sure that our trip was everything it could be.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • “Great trip with fun and knowledgable guides. Accommodations and food were great.”
    – Washington, United States Kauri, April 2017
  • Tui Trip-March 2017

    “I cannot say enough positive things about how wonderful and seamless this trip was from start to finish! The timing for every piece of our journey was impeccable, and I could tell Active Adventures has honed their craft well! We have recommended this to many of our friends and family, as this was a trip of a lifetime for me and my husband!
    David and Tonya Ward
    Colorado USA”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, April 2017
  • Extraordinary experience!

    “This adventure was perfect in every way. We appreciate all the thought that went into the planning, to make it that way. It had just the right balance of hiking, biking, and kayaking, as well as of rigorous days and relaxing ones. Days that had to involve longish bus travel were appropriately broken up. The two things we appreciated most were the skill, competence, and temperament of our leaders, Tory and Jordie, who were able to rise to every occasion; and the way the trip allowed for different fitness and interest levels: I couldn't have done the strenuous hiking my husband did, and loved the kayak or hiking options provided. Extremely well organized for everyone's enjoyment.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • A terrific trip

    “It is hard to say enough about our Rimu trip with Jordan and Tory as our trip leaders. We were fortunate to have good weather and a great group but the planning and just plain hard work of Active Adventures and our trip leaders is what made it so memorable. For my wife and I, a particular plus, and what made the trip possible for us, are the options offered if one member of a couple doesn't feel comfortable with the more challanging parts of the trip.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • A life-changing adventure

    “Getting off my plane jet-lagged with almost no hiking experience I really didn’t know what to expect from my Kauri trip. I needn’t have worried- our amazing guides, Jo and Andy, had everything covered. With their encouragement and expertise I was able to complete all the activities on our tour. My biggest accomplishment was hiking the Tongariro Alpine crossing with my group. We spent almost 7 hours on this challenging trail and when the fog cleared we were treated to spectacular views. We also spent a fun day racing down beautiful forest trails on our mountain bikes. Our group was also treated to two memorable water activities. The first was the optional rafting adventure on class 5 rapids that we decided to do on a rainy day. The other activity was exploring Waitomo caves. The pictures we bought from the sponsoring companies highlighted what amazing experiences they both were. Seeing pictures of our group in a little raft perched on top of the rapids half covered by water perfectly captures the moment. Tubing in the Waitomo glowworm (actually maggots but that doesn’t sound as exciting) caves was unlike anything I’d experienced. Floating in the darkness, jumping over small waterfalls and seeing glowworms on the ceiling was a fitting end to our wonderful journey.

    Before this trip I would never have considered myself to be adventurous but now I’m eager for my next challenge. This was my first Active Adventures journey and I am currently making plans for one or two more within the next year. Active and its guides put together a trip that met all our needs. Andy and Jo took care of all the logistics. Not only did they safely navigate the roads and hotel accommodations but along the way they enthusiastically told us about all aspects of New Zealand past and present. Everywhere we went people greeted them as friends and gave us wonderful service. After a long day of hiking we would take a quick shower and within an hour Jo would produce wonderful healthy dinners including beautiful salads, curry, lasagna, barbecue and desserts. I also enjoyed the camaraderie of our little group and appreciated what interesting and supportive people they all were.”
    – New York, United States Kauri, April 2017
  • An awesome country and fantastic trip operator

    “We saw the motto for New Zealand when we arrived at the airport - open minds, open spaces, open hearts - and this describes perfectly our experience. Active Adventures embodies these words by taking us to incredible places and having kind, thoughtful and passionate guides.”
    – Maryland, United States Manuka, April 2017
  • A Great Eight Days

    “My wife, Shanen, and I had a goal of running a marathon on all seven continents and our seventh took place on March 18, in Rotorua, NZ. So two days after completing our goal, we returned to Christchurch and met up with our guides, Hillary and Dan, along with our fellow travelers. As good fortune would have it we all clicked as a group and off we went.

    For the remainder of our journey it was clear that both Hillary and Dan took great joy in what they do. Furthermore, and of great importance to us, they ensured meals had met our vegetarian and vegan needs. We were never made to feel our dietary needs were inconvenient to them and they were handled in such a way that all of us were able to enjoy our group meals.

    The actual adventure was well planned out and the expectations of each day were always explained. Our group was one that started together, made sure all finished and enjoyed the adventure.”
    – Arizona, United States Tui, April 2017
  • “We saw some truly amazing sights which included the stunning Kauri trees. We were fortunate to see the Father at dusk and it seemed even more impressive as the sun was setting. The whole trip was a real experience and certainly challenged us! Lots of really worthwhile hikes including the fabulous Alpine crossing. That IS something people who consider themselves hikers should do (even if moaning and groaning along the way!)”
    – California, United States Kauri, April 2017
  • Fantastic time, sometimes strenuous always worth it

    “Had an excellent time. W trek was sometimes very tough but definitely worth the effort. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They took good care of us throughout. The trip was well organized and smoothly run. We will absolutely be looking to active adventures for similar trips in the future.”
    – Kentucky, United States Condor, April 2017
  • Wonderful Manuka Trip With Active Adventures, New Zealand

    “Hi, I'm back home in the USA after my Manuka adventure with Active Adventures, New Zealand. I would like to compliment everyone in your company that I came in contact with....from my initial contact with Fiona to my pre-trip emails with Lynette everything was handled with complete professionalism. This was my first adventure with your company but I'm pretty sure that it will not be my last.
    Everything during the trip went forward in a very efficient manner. I was amazed at the energy level and efficiency of our guides Amanda and Holly. The amount of work that they were able to accomplish during the course of a day, their energy levels and very positive attitudes made the trip enjoyable for all of us clients. Also, their knowledge of their country and their willingness to share made the trip even more enjoyable for me.
    Again, thank you to all and especially to Amanda and Holly....I really enjoyed my first visit to New Zealand.”
    – Arizona, United States Manuka, April 2017
  • “An awesome trip. Loved the hikes, the bike ride into Wanaka and the kayaking at Okarito and Milford Sound. We had glorious food, lots of laughs at group dinners and shared our love of travel.”
    – Montana, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • Can I come back NOW?

    “I had been planning a trip to New Zealand for decades and seriously for several years before I went. Normally I do not travel in groups. For New Zealand I thought it would be good due to the distance and initially thinking I'd be traveling alone since I wanted to enjoy the country via outdoor activities and not have to plan it all which I have always done. (As it turns out a couple of good friends joined me on the trip as well!)

    From the moment my conversations with Active Adventures began and continue today, everything is top notch. It does not matter who I speak with. I have changed dates of travel and the trip and every interaction has been great.

    I assumed that anyone interested in such a trip would be "good people" and I was right! Our trip was a group of 7 independent people from various walks of life who thoroughly enjoyed each other and were considerate of one another.

    I was so happy to have gone when the tourist season was not in full bloom as I prefer nature to tourists. ( - ;

    From the moment that Nick and Jess picked us up at the airport they were a delight. I was surprised this was the first time they worked together. One thing I especially want to point out is that when we had bus trouble, no one knew it (I did because I was at the front with Nick and just noticed something sounded a bit different and he made a call to the office.) Nick and Jess handled the situation and when there was a plan, in his understated manner, we went on our way to the sheep farm as scheduled and another guide came with another bus and we didn't miss a beat. (I did prefer our newer bus for many reasons but most importantly we got to where we needed to go seemlessly and professionally.) Part of what impressed me is just how responsible and maturely Nick handled this and any other surprise. Jess, as well, was amazing in this situation and in taking care of all of us.

    In terms of the trip itself. Beautiful. The country is beautiful. I hope you manage to keep it that way. There certainly is concern on my part for that. Everywhere we went Nick and Jess made sure we were all happy and taken care of on the hikes. I liked learning about nature and am always interested in learning more.

    I loved everywhere we traveled.”
    – Indiana, United States Kiwi, April 2017
  • Awesome Challenge

    “The TUI trip provided a wide-range of outdoor activities in an unbelievable setting on the South Island. Liked the mix of hiking, biking, kayaking and overall area knowledge provided by the guides.”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, April 2017
  • The trip of my dreams!

    “The Iguana trip was better than was advertised! I had prepared for the trip to Peru by reading about the history of the area in the book, The Last Days of the Incas, by Kim MacQuarrie. When we visited the many different Inca sites, the history came alive for me. I could picture the great battles, and the capture of the Inca rulers, and the narrow escapes. It was wonderful! Cuzco was a beautiful city surrounded by mountain peaks and full of many good places to eat. After Peru, going to the Galapagos was like a beach vacation in the most beautiful place in the world. We loved snorkeling and seeing the giant land tortoises. We saw every animal associated with the Galapagos and more! I still can't believe I was lucky enough to find this trip with Active Adventures. Top notch all the way around. Thank you to our wonderful guides who we loved!”
    – Texas, United States Iguana, April 2017
  • Amazing Trip!

    “All the activities were well planned, fun & a bit challenging! And the scenery was beautiful. Our guides were well prepared, and informative.”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, April 2017
  • Mar 11,2017 trip with Koru and Rachel

    “My wife and I have been traveling the globe for the past 20 years, with small tour groups about twice a year. This trip was absolutely the best tour we have been on. This was our second time in New Zealand in ten years. The tour guides Koru and Rachel were fantastic , so well organized and hard working. This tour was five star all the way. The sites, accommodations and the food was great.”
    – Oregon, United States Kiwi, April 2017
  • Summer camp for adults

    “This was my (our) first group trip, and it was like summer camp for adults...except the adults were the kids and the kids (let's say younger adults) played the role of adults.
    We dreamed of this trip 40 years ago (when we were in college) and it did not disappoint”
    – Connecticut, United States Kiwi, April 2017
  • Stunningly beautiful

    “A continual immersion in nature and it's beauty very capably guided by Super- Pepo with his daily Superplan.”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, April 2017
  • “Excellent, we had a great time and the team was very fun and supportive. Liana and Greg were first class and I would highly recommend them.”
    – Oregon, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • “The trip was great and our leaders were first class. Greg and Liana were fantastic and they made the trip doable and great fun.”
    – Oregon, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • Outstanding New Zealand

    “It was a wonderful trip, with great guides, and activities in a beautiful country. The variety of experiences and scenery make me want to return. Here I thought I would make just one trip to New Zealand.”
    – Illinois, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • BEST trip I've ever been on!

    “My 17-year old daughter and I went on the Khombu Trip March 12 - 26, 2017 and had the most memorable, amazing trip ever. I've had the privilege of seeing a lot of the world, and this trip to Nepal blew me away. Mel and Gokul were incredible guides who could answer every question we asked, knew all about the history of every place we visited, and you could tell they loved sharing the beauty of Nepal with us. Even our pre-planning was a breeze with the help of”
    – Colorado, United States Khumbu, April 2017
  • An amazing experience!

    “I loved this trip!! We had a great group of 13, with two guides who were professional, flexible, knowledgeable and just as kind as could be. Every aspect of the trip was developed and planned to maximize our time and enjoyment!! The countryside is so beautiful it takes your breath away!! I highly recommend this trip!!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Manuka, April 2017
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “I have been to some pretty far away places around the world like Cambodia, Tanzania, Norway and France. As unique and fun as they all were, none of them can top the amazing experience I had in Nepal with Active Adventures. Everything was incredible throughout the whole trip, the food was incredible, every lodge we stayed in was great. The people above all were so nice and caring. The sightseeing was mind blowing and beautiful. This trip was everything I expected it to be and more.”
    – Colorado, United States Khumbu, April 2017
  • Best trip ever!

    “We have been traveling several times a year for the last 18 years and this was the best trip we have ever been on. Rachael and Koru were great. They should be paid double for their great service. This trip was well planned with many breaks during the day. All the hikes were in beautiful areas from rain forest to flowing rivers to the glaciers. The food was wonderful. I was amazed at what Rachael and Koru would cook for us. New Zealand is a beautiful country and I thank Active Adventures for taking us there.”
    – Oregon, United States Kiwi, April 2017
  • Awesome Rimu Adventure

    “This truly was the trip of a lifetime--beyond awesome in so many ways. The scenery was incredible, the activities were varied and wonderful, the lodgings and meals were memorable, and, best of all, the company and guides were seamlessly delightful. We got to experience places of amazing natural beauty and encounter wildlife that we never could have managed to access on our own. We were nurtured and guided by our guides, Greg and Liana, as well as given just the right amount of free time and solitude. Greg seemed to know everything about history, geology, botany, ornithology, and culture, and could answer every question we could think of with authority and humor. Liana was a stalwart, never-complaining chef, and a strong, responsible, kind guide. Amazingly, the weather cooperated to give us incredible outings --for instance, the day before we went to Milford Sound it rained 1.2 meters, but when we were there not a drop of rain, and perfect kayaking conditions as well as hundreds and hundreds of effervescent waterfalls. I will never forget this adventure, and never forget the wonderful people I was privileged to share it with.”
    – California, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • Not a thing missing from this trip!

    “Our guide, Jess, was absolutely perfect. She was extremely knowledgeable about the Galápagos and amazing with the logistics and organizational part of the trip. We waited for nothing and had top-notch service everywhere we went. Award-winning trip in every way. I would not hesitate to book with Active Adventures again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
    – New Brunswick, Canada Tortuga, April 2017
  • Manuka with Claire and Jess

    “I loved this trip because it was conducted in a small group which made it easy to become acquainted. Not enough can be said for how Claire and Jess made this trip what it was. They were professional, informative, friendly and just great fun. We got lucky with the weather in that we had two days of light rain with most of the rest of the days near perfectly warm and sunny. The trip was well paced and the locations we visited were simply beautiful. The lodging and food was excellent. This was simply a great trip with a great group of people. The trip ended way too soon for me.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Manuka, April 2017
  • Great Companionshi[

    “Our guides were the best and we had a wonderful group of people traveling with us that made the trip so enjoyable.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Manuka, April 2017
  • Beyond Our High Expectations

    “To anyone who is considering Active Adventures and you're wondering all the things we were; Is it worth the price tag, will I be challenged, can I keep up, will I see a variety of things, will I like the food, will the guides be helpful, good people? The answer to all these questions and more is YES.

    My wife and I waited 7 years to take our dream trip of a lifetime to New Zealand. We placed our trust in Active Adventures and I can never describe how amazing the trip was. Truthfully, they made it more than a trip or vacation. It was a true life experience. From the moment we inquired years ago, our friends at AA kept in touch, were never pushy, but encouraged us to be part of an adventure with them.

    After we paid our money, my mother was told she had stage 4 Cancer. When I called and told the staff at Active, they told me whatever they had to do to work with me to make the trip happen now or at another time, they would work with me. Luckily, she's doing great and we were able to go. The point of the story is that you are more than a Master Card payment to this company. They treat you with respect and kindness from day one and the way they handles that situation told me everything I needed to know about them as a company and as people.

    What truly made the trip was our guides. DK and Elder are two of the most genuine, amazing people you could ever meet. Their attention to detail, work effort and knowledge of the country was unreal. The food that the lads cooked was better than what we had in restaurants on our trip and the restaurant food was great. I could go on and on about the boys and how encouraging they are, as well as helpful, friendly, as well as how very professional they are. But honestly, they are amazing people who did everything they could to ensure each person on the trip got the best experience they could in their own way.

    The lodging was awesome. I could go on and on but I'll simply state that each place you stay, as well as each place you visit, was a different experience. We were always very comfortable, even in the hut after 7 hours of an uphill climb. Though I could have slept on rocks that night and it would have been perfect!

    The bus, which I was most concerned about, was actually very comfortable. With so many beautiful places to see, the rides were quick and the boys had facts, stories, and history about pretty much every site outside the window.

    As for the hikes, the biking, the kayaking; the views and landscapes are surreal. It cannot be described. You need to experience it. But do not be discouraged or worry about "not keeping up." The guides make sure that everyone is involved no matter what the skill or fitness level.

    The people you meet on these trips are just amazing. We were so fortunate to meet such beautiful people. They helped make the experience.

    In summary, there are many companies to chose from. We were very lucky in finding Active Adventures. DK and Elder, along with all the staff, are the reason the trip was as amazing as it was. Everything was so well planned and never could we have seen so much without their precise planning and organization. New Zealand was the experience of a lifetime and we owe it all to Active Adventures.

    Newfoundland and Labrador
    – Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Rimu, April 2017
  • “Everything ran absolutely as seamlessly as possible, Congrats to the Active Adventures team. The weather was perfect. Our guide, Pepo was terrific. He was attentive to all of our needs and safety, and fielded every question with depth of knowledge and intelligence. As a native of the Island he is sensitive and cares deeply about their well being and continuance. This showed through in all his words and actions. He displayed kindness and humor and was generally just a great traveling companion.

    I had read much before my trip and was not let down by what the Islands had to offer. The trip as a whole offered a quite perfect blend of activities, relaxation and unique new experiences. All the accommodations were at least just fine, a couple quite splendid. The food was delicious (fishatarian) and most bountiful.

    My only wish is that the airline scheduling involving arrival and then transfers from Quito to the Island worked out a little more smoothly. This is not a criticism of Active Adventures, but more of the airlines. So the bookend of the trip were not nearly the fun of the trip itself.”
    – Texas, United States Tortuga, April 2017
  • A great experience

    “Overall experience was excellent. Claire and Jess were very knowledgeable. They also made a point to make unscheduled stops at other great locations on the way when we had time to do so. The food couldn't have been better. The accommodations were also excellent.”
    – Ohio, United States Manuka, April 2017
  • Humbled Hiker

    “Beautiful country with kind beautiful people. I was challenged by the hiking and impressed with the love of the guides for their country.
    Will never forget sitting in the Angulus Hut listening to the languages from all over the world. People sharing their meals in happy, grateful awe of being in a very special gathering of people sharing the wonders of the world.

    I considered myself an experienced hiker, taking on steep, long trails living in Colorado. I was humbled by the challenging backpack tramp to Angulus Hut. Survived the rock scrambling that wasn't part of my skill set”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • The spirit of New Zealand

    “The ten days of magical waterfalls, lakes, Kauri trees, geo thermal parks and Maori cultural experiences was a perfect fit to the South Island Rimu trip. Sprinkle in gloworms, sand boarding, a mountain bike lesson and I am very grateful I left New Zealand with the North Island magical memories.”
    – Colorado, United States Kauri, April 2017
  • Another Great Active Adventures Vacation!

    “I've come to expect excellent vacation experiences from Active Adventures and the Condor trip with Arturo did not let me down. It was another fantastic adventure with a great itinerary, amazing views, outstanding guiding and a terrific group of fellow travelers.”
    – Connecticut, United States Condor, April 2017
  • Very Impressed!

    “I was very impressed with how organized and professional our tour was. Our guides, Phil and Ashley, were incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, PATIENT, hardworking, and of course, friendly and fun! It was a tight schedule and they managed to get us all where we were supposed to go on time and in one piece (and well fed). I highly recommend this tour. What a beautiful country!”
    – Oregon, United States Kauri, April 2017
  • Great Outdoor Adventure!!

    “If you enjoy group travel and want to have some challenging and fun hiking, kayaking and cycling adventures that would be hard to organize on your own--this is the trip for you!”
    – Oregon, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • Rimu NZ 2016

    “Our Rimu tour was an amazing composite of beautiful NZ nature, amazing co-adventurerers, knowledgable and friendly guides, and well-planned, active kayaking, hiking, and bicycling.”
    – California, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • Unbelievable vacation!

    “What can I say! This was the best vacation we have ever taken as a family. I have been looking for a trip with activity, and I came to the right place. From the beginning, Greg and Tess made us feel right at home. The kids loved hiking and the incredible scenery. On our free day, our entire family went skydiving to complete our amazing trip. Experiences in life are so important to us and this is not one that will be forgotten. The photographers, Jacob and Hamish, were great as well. By the end of the trip, we truly felt like our family had grown by four! Thank you for everything and I would definitely recommend this trip to others!”
    – Florida, United States Tui, March 2017
  • “Generally enjoyed the trip but I fell down on the second day of the W-trek in Patagonia. We Had great tour guides and company which made up for the disappointment of not being able to fully participate in the trip.”
    – Singapore, Singapore Condor, March 2017
  • Rimu trip January 2017

    “In spite of my unanticipated fitness changes, I was accommodated as if I was someone's favorite grandmother. Because the trip was to be a retirement celebration for my husband, I was reluctant to cancel because of unexpected knee problems so hoped for the best. And it was the best! I was given permission to do what I could, and assisted to do more at other times. I couldn't ask for more except to return after knee replacement this spring!”
    – Iowa, United States Rimu, March 2017

    “From the moment we met in the hotel lobby in Chile to our last good bye in Argentina, it was the a perfect adventure!”
    – Washington, United States Condor, March 2017
  • Even better than expected, and I expected a lot

    “This was a truly awe inspiring trip---from the mountains to the rain forest to Milford Sound. A friend of mine advised me not to go on this trip. He said if I did, I would never have anything better to look forward to and he may have been right.
    Realizing that an extraordinary amount of work is done by the office and support staff, I still have to say that this trip would not be what it was without the guides, Nick and Tory, going above and beyond what anyone could have expected. They have got to be among the best.
    Thank you to the entire gang at Active Adventures.”
    – South Dakota, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • Whatever the dream, if its New Zealand, find a way!!

    “Where do I even start?!?!? NZ has been #1 on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until I realized I couldn't wait forever for that perfect time, to have X amount of money saved, to have a companion to go with me...that I decided to JUST GO ALREADY! And I suggest you do the same! Don't wait another moment. I went alone but found the most wonderful companions I could have ever hoped for! Even got a great roommate. The guides, Claire and Jess were PHENOMENAL! I started crying off and on a few days before the end of the trip because I became that attached to them and knew I would never see them again. Leaving at the airport, I couldn't even speak I was so upset and saying goodbye. So wonderful and beyond knowledgeable! I miss Jess' cooking and Claire's coffee already and I just got back yesterday!!! But seriously folks, the Manuka was beyond what expectations I could have ever dreamed. Yes it was indeed physical, so be ready for that; but there were some flatter, easier options for those that chose to not exert so much energy. There were a couple of times I wanted to just quit, but Claire and/or Jess kept me going saying it would be worth it (for the view AND the accomplishment) and MAN WERE THEY RIGHT!!!

    The food, the company, the knowledge, the laughs, the comradery, the views, the EXPERIENCES....all of it was TOP NOTCH! I have my memories that will last a lifetime; best money I have EVER spent.

    Don't wait! GO! I plan to go back in a couple of years to do the entire Milford Track. That's my only regret is that I didn't spend the extra to do that. But that's on me, not AA!”
    – Texas, United States Manuka, March 2017
  • 2017 Manuka Trekl with Claire and Jess

    “Awesome trip.....
    New Zealand is a beautiful country with plenty of great hikes and sights to see. Jess and Claire were fantastic guides. Would go again in a heartbeat!

    – Massachusetts, United States Manuka, March 2017
  • “I would like to extend kudos to our trip leader Ken. He was an inspiration to me. He encouraged me on hikes I was questioning myself about and gave me praise every step of the way. You are the BOMB Ken. Also, he is a very courteous driver. i felt very safe with him driving.”
    – Minnesota, United States Tui, March 2017
  • “The Manuka trip was fantastic!! Our guides, Michelle and Mel were outstanding. They took care of every detail, always available for any questions we had. Super leadership skills, very friendly and approachable. I loved that each day Michelle would describe our hike and the hike was exactly how she had explained it - great preparation! The meals they prepared were fantastic, as were our accommodations. Michelle carefully detailed the plan for each day, so we always were aware of where we were going, how long it would take, etc. Everything was on time, again, great organization. So fantastic to travel so far and simply enjoy because all the details are taken care of !!”
    – California, United States Manuka, March 2017
  • Rimu with D K and Elder

    “Given that we were 20 years older than any of the other travellers we were with, we felt very cared for and found both of the guides were able to taylor each experience to our comfort level. The guides couldn't have been more delightful. Our whole experience was extremely bonding with our all on our "party bus"!”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • excellent Kauri trip - 1st 5 days

    “Excellent in all respects: great guide - very friendly, very informative, very accommodating, excellent driver, and an excellent cook. Trip was well steaped in Maori tradition and legend; great itinerary - all the activities were enjoyable and at an appropriate level of exertion; there were only 4 of us on the 1st 5 days, all very compatible, and that was great; I'm only sad that I didn't sign up for the 2nd half of the tour; I now feel I have a good sense of the north half of the North Island; loved the huge Kauri trees.”
    – Illinois, United States Kauri, March 2017
  • excellent Rimu tour

    “Guides were great; accomodations were great to ok; food was good; scenery was spectacular; activities were challenging and enjoyable”
    – Illinois, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • General

    “Tremendous guides that tailored our Active Adventures to the guests, weather and environment. Awesome time and a tremendous group of fellow travelers”
    – Massachusetts, United States Manuka, March 2017
  • we did it all!!!!

    “This was an amazing trip, thanks to the great group company, beautiful scenery, fabulous organisation, and especially our great guides Rachel and Kim. They were able to share their love for New Zealand and all their youthful energy and enthusiasm in an incredibly contagious way(including the horrible flu germs that went around our group)...many thanks! Looking back on all we did and saw, I really can't think of one highlight that overall supercedes anything else, but for me personally their gentle support on our three day challenging Nelson Lakes hike was invaluable. I would go on another Active trip in a heartbeat, and so look forward to hearing what you folks are up to as I settle back into life in the Northern Hemisphere.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Rimu, March 2017
  • “This was truly the trip of a lifetime!! Amazing guides, perfect size, and the most beautiful scenery made this an unforgettable adventure! I did not want to leave when it was over. I would recommend Active Adventures to anyone!!”
    – Virginia, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • Out of this world!

    “I can't believe our Active Adventures Rimu trip has come to an end! What a truly fantastic 2 weeks traveling around the South Island: incredible weather; wonderful, strong and inspiring people; landscape to die for and 2 amazingly kind and caring guides for whom nothing was too much. I still have Ed Sheeran's "castle on a hill" spinning around in my head - it's the song of the holiday! Thank you all so much for a magical fortnight.”
    – , Switzerland Rimu, March 2017
  • wonderful Active Adventure

    “The following sums my trip up. My sister said that after hearing my enthusiatic recounting of my trip, she wants to go to NZ.”
    – Illinois, United States Kauri, March 2017
  • Every view a winner!

    “It was truly a dream come true. From the incredible views to the tireless efforts of our guides, Claire and Jess, an incomparable experience. There were so many experiences packed into two weeks, I'd already forgotten some until I began to review my photos. I am fortunate to have been able to experience the Manuka trip.”
    – Texas, United States Manuka, March 2017
  • Lou D'Agostino's Condor

    “Dear Friends,
    Certainly I was predisposed to expect a great time because of three other positive Active trips but this time was especially memorable. Firstly, although I have always met interesting people on Active trips, this one was filled with the most friendly and athletic folks ever. Not only generous in spirt but quick to help each other to be certain all went well. Yes, there were a few instances where I had to remind myself that 'getting out of my comfort zone' was part of the experience. It was all good.
    I have always been intrigued by 'Cape Horn' and dreamed of someday getting as close as I could, so for me, this was my 'trip of a lifetime'. It was made particularly enjoyable by our chief guide and companion Cynthia Villadares.
    All the best,
    – New York, United States Condor, March 2017
  • Kiwi adventure Feb 25, 1917

    “The trip was a wonderful adventure on the South Island, with a good mix of time being active and getting to new destinations of tremendous beauty. I only wish we might have stayed longer. Greg and Tess were great guides and hosts who made everything run smoothly.”
    – Ontario, Canada Kiwi, March 2017
  • “A trip of a lifetime! Like no other place I've ever been. Where Animals coexist with humans in harmony. Wild sea lions play with you as you snorkel, dolphins play with your boat, owls let you walk a hand width from them and giant tortoises are your obstacles as you bike. Pepo our guide was incredible and brought his incredible islands alive through his stories and knowledge! Best trip I've ever been on and would highly reccommend it! Wouldn't change a thing!!”
    – Ontario, Canada Tortuga, March 2017
  • RIMU - Or Becoming a Kiwi!

    “If you’re a fit independent outdoors ‘animal’ you will love this Rimu tour! Plus you’ll get far more out of your vacation time by leaving the care & feeding part to a fully professional Active team. Pack everything they suggest for each day’s activities – nothing more, nor less. They run a tight schedule with time leftover for worthwhile surprises. And they seemingly sweep away the hassles...
    Midway through my trip I caught up with fellow Americans who were traveling on their own (on the wrong side of the road!). And they remarked at how much information I was able to share with them – as though I were a Kiwi – by just paying attention to Active's local guides. Be smart, make it memorable. Priceless!”
    – Alabama, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • Best trip ever!

    “Wonderful 30th anniversary trip to the Galapagos -- so glad we were able to explore these amazing islands. A true adventure for two biology majors! We really got a sense of the strong environmental preservation efforts underway there, and were in awe of the amazing land and sea creatures we encountered. Plus a terrific local guide and fun group of co-travelers made this a trip of a lifetime!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tortuga, March 2017
  • Wonderful

    “We had a wonderful time. Great scenery and travelling companions and the tour guides Claire and Jess were superb. Highly recommend.”
    – Australian Capital Territory, Australia Manuka, March 2017
  • If it were easy everyone would do it.

    “This was my first visit to Patagonia and it was spectacular. The entire Active Adventures team made this trip an absolute pleasure from ease of booking, clear and thorough information about the trip, and an incredibly well organized adventure. Cynthia, our guide was very professional and organized. and was just a great person with whom to spend a couple of weeks. We had a diverse group of folks from all over the U.S. and we all got along very well. We experienced heavy rain and overflowing rivers and trails for the first few days, but that just brought us closer together as we relied on each other to make our way. Then the sun came out and we saw some of the most beautiful mountains, lakes and glaciers that can be seen anywhere in the world. I've been home for over a week and I can't wait to book my next trip!!!”
    – Colorado, United States Condor, March 2017
  • Patagonia 3/2017

    “This truly was one of those 'trips of a lifetime'! The challenges we faced as a group the first week due to the unusually heavy rains helped bond our group early on making this one of the best trips people wise I have ever been on. We had to help each other safely ford many unexpected creek and river crossings. The leadership both Cynthia and the local guides provided was expert and excellent making what could have been a disappointing, miserably wet, or even dangerous experience an exciting and safe one....We rose to the challenge in great part a response to their spirit and professional attitude, especially Cynthia's.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Condor, March 2017
  • Great Trip to NZ South Island

    “Enjoyed the adventurous activities while touring the South Island. Good mix of hiking, biking, kayaking, river crossing, and site seeing. Hiking difficulty and distances were just right, and guides were knowledgeable and fun. Good way to travel with a group.”
    – Florida, United States Tui, March 2017
  • “We enjoyed the trip, Amanda and Hillary (and Joe) were great. We had fantastic weather and the general locations included on the trip were exactly where I would have chosen to go if left to my own choosing. Wish we could have made it to Kaikora (spelling?), but that was out of your control.

    So (you might ask) why wasn't it "Excellent, the trip of a lifetime". For me it's having to deal with "strangers" for two weeks - I could probably handle a week a little better, but certain things can drive you crazy in 14 days. Most of the people were great, others (to my mind) were annoying. Major point being, this has nothing to do with your staff, your itinerary or anything else under your control - so AA did just fine. Some of the activities might have been a little more challenging, but overall I thought the general level of difficulty was fine.”
    – New York, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • Had a great time, some very memorable adventures

    “Our guides were excellent, fun, relaxed, flexible and very organized. We had some amazing adventures. Most meals were prepared by the guides and were excellent, plenty of tasty food in relaxed settings, which I prefer to restaurant meals. We covered a lot of ground in a short time and had to keep on schedule to get to all the things on the itinerary. Note this is an "Active" adventure, not a "beach" type vacation, so approach it with a can-do attitude and you'll have a great time.”
    – California, United States Kauri, March 2017
  • Active is the Word!

    “I thoroughly enjoyed my Condor adventure. I've been on a few of these hosted by other companies and I think Active Adventures is the best so far - a good value too. When you say all-inclusive, you mean it. We often ordered whatever we wanted right off the menu. Arturo and the other guides did a great job. The itinerary was excellent - I know because a few times we barely made the connection to a boat. There was little down time. Doing the W Hike in the first week is also key - We were fresh and ready then. The weather on our trip was not ideal. We totally missed seeing Fitz Roy, despite 4 days in El Chalten. Oh well. Mother Nature didn't cooperate. The only thing that would've made the trip better would be better accommodations at some of the refugios. I know you can't control this and there's not a lot of choice, but, boy, some of those shower facilities and bathrooms were just awful. I'm looking forward to hiking with you guys again soon. :)”
    – Illinois, United States Condor, March 2017
  • Tortuga with Eduardo

    “What a wonderful experience to spend Christmas in the Galapagos with such a experienced, caring leader for our adventure. Eduardo made sure all of our needs were meet and went above and beyond to make sure we have a very enjoyable time in his home country. I will always keep him and his family in our hearts and he made me feel like part of his family!”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, March 2017
  • Tortuga with Eduardo

    “What a great experience to be snorkeling with all the amazing animals! REMARKABLE!!”
    – Colorado, United States Tortuga, March 2017
  • New Zealand - RIMU Trip

    “Trip of a lifetime! What an amazing, unforgettable trip. Our guides were fantastic and Active Adventures is perfection! Professional, knowledgeable, they take care of everything. All you need to do is show up. I'd love to redo that entire trip. Don't miss it!!”
    – Indiana, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • Late Summer West Coast South Island NZ

    “Combination of great weather, great guide skills, great scenery and great companionship make this an active but not exhaustive adventure.”
    – Texas, United States Tui, March 2017
  • Kauri Trip

    “For those who love to be truly active in their leisure time, the Kauri trip in North Island certainly does not disappoint. I did the complete 11 days - you can choose to do either the first half or the last hinging on the free day in Auckland if you wish.

    Just like the Rimu trip on South Island which I did a few years back, the Kauri had a number of magical ingredients that make for a memorable holiday - first and foremost being the quality of the guides. Andy and Jo took us through the Kauri with a wonderful balance of hard facts, democratic decision making, sound leadership, great empathy for the guests' individual needs, and best of all their good humour and obvious enthusiasm for NZ. They not only guided us through the walks and activities, but also cooked us fabulous healthy meals! Nothing was too much trouble.

    Second, the magnificent scenery, and the variety of environments they took us to, including lovely beaches, remote islands, huge dunefields, forest walks, rocky ascents to waterfall overlooks, and perhaps most spectacular the volcanic activity around Rotorua, which cannot be described in words or photos - you just have to be there! Amongst this busy programme there was even time to do the spectacular white water rafting on the Kaituna River near Rotorua, which includes a whopping 7 metre drop that is still giving me nightmares!

    The accommodation is everywhere set in beautiful places, spacious, and one could say luxurious. Despite the hectic pace, I came back utterly relaxed, because I didn't have to worry about a thing, it was all planned perfectly for us!

    There are a few comments I'd make about things that they may not make clear in the brochures. First, in North Island much of the walking (except the Tongariro Alpine Crossing) is through forest. For a country that laments the loss of over 90% of its native forest, we certainly got a good sampling of what is left! That meant views on the climbs were often limited. Second, there are hardly any native wild flowers in NZ, so don't expect Alpine prettiness. Likewise the fauna are limited, and often nocturnal. Finally, for anyone who has been lucky enough to see the coral in tropical waters, the snorkelling around the Poor Knights Islands lacks the colour of a real coral reef, although there are plenty of lovely fishes.

    Finally be aware that Active means Active - one or two on our trip were not quite up to all the activities, though they still had a great time and Andy always found a Plan B for them.

    These are small points - I can't imagine that anyone would grade this trip less than 5 stars! Well done Active - keep up the good work!
    Terry Hardaker, Oxford”
    – Oxford, United Kingdom Kauri, March 2017
  • Kiwi

    “We had a great time. New Zealand is beautiful and our tour guides, Koru and Jess, showed it to us to perfection. Great hikes, terrific food, wonderful companions and ideal locations.”
    – Colorado, United States Kiwi, March 2017
  • Rimu trip

    “I would rename it to the "Most Active Adventure" I enjoyed this adventure from beginning to end. Although the through hike was far more difficult than I had immagined, I an impressed that I was able to complete the trek.”
    – Maine, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • Organized and Fun!

    “Great trip! ... the guides were very well organized and were very knowledgeable about the local areas and history, flora, fauna, and were more than willing to share it all with us.

    Having the logistics of such a trip so well taken care of made it easy to just enjoy the time we were there.”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • Tui February 2017

    “Fantastic tour of New Zealand. Definitely stayed "active" throughout the whole trip! Already planning my next visit through Active Adventures.”
    – Alabama, United States Tui, March 2017
  • Rimu rocks!

    “Our expectations for this trip were outrageously, unreasonably high. And those expectations were exceeded! We love nature and interesting topography, and we love activity. We got an abundance of all of that. What a great combination! We wanted to be away from the crowds and see the country up close, and we got that too. The guides made it all so easy and real - no spin on reality, no superfluous talking-up of what we were seeing or doing. They were a wealth of information that was not just factual, but meaningful and relatable. The whole trip was all well planned, well organized, and well executed. We feel very lucky to have had such an experience.”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • Great way to maximize two weeks in New Zealand

    “We had hoped to spend four to six weeks in New Zealand, but work shortened our trip to two weeks. With a longer trip we might have rented a car and an apartment and explored on our own, but with less time we decided to turn our adventure over to experts. Friends who had used Active Adventures recommended the Ramu trip, and we are forever thankful to them. There is no question that we experienced much more than we would have on our own in two weeks, and the unique experiences we enjoyed we could not have duplicated in two months. Cannot recommend it highly enough.”
    – Maine, United States Rimu, March 2017
  • Rave for Rimu!

    “Our adventure began from the moment we touched down in Christchurch and were greeted by our warm and friendly guide. Despite our flight being very delayed, Active Adventure staff ensured that we were greeted at the airport and taken to where the rest of the group was gathered. This attention to detail remained throughout the trip. The South Island scenery is stunning and the choices for our hikes, kayaking and cycling were excellent. For me, this type of well guided trip is truly vacationing! All I need to do is show up on time and I'm presented with stunning scenery, great exercise, tasty, healthy, food and most of the time, good accommodations. I do have one suggestion to help make some of the longer bus rides more entertaining. I would like to see a media system installed on the bus so that we could watch interesting cultural stuff about New Zealand along the way. This would help pass the time---there are some rides where the scenery outside was entertaining enough, but on other occasions it would have been a nice added touch! Congratulations on running an excellent trip all around! I hope to be back on another Active Adventure...maybe Himalayas?”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, March 2017
  • Awesome Kiwi Adventure

    “The Kiwi trip was outstanding. The scenery, hikes, lodging, food and guides were fantastic.”
    – California, United States Kiwi, March 2017
  • McKinnon's NZ Active Adventure 2017

    “For us there were two things going on here. Mainly it was a time when we could be together as a family again; and then secondly it enabled us to experience a part of NZ that I was somewhat familiar with in my early 20's.
    The trip exceeded expectations, and is something we'll remember positively forever. Most importantly, I think, the trip helped us all reconnect as a family.”
    – Wisconsin, United States Tui, March 2017
  • Feb 19-26 Active Adventures TUI trip

    “Really had a fantastic 8 day TUI trip to the South Island led by Joe and Steve of Active Adventures. Great way to experience New Zealand for the first time. Those two worked really hard to make the trip go smoothly from start to finish. Great music, great meals, amazing scenery, hiking, and conversation. Only problem was it all went too fast. I hope to get back to NZ someday soon. It was everything I hoped and more!”
    – Minnesota, United States Tui, March 2017
  • February 26th Condor with Arturo

    “The experience was amazing!! Active Adventures put us with a Great team of Guides, and I want to express that with the utmost praise! The hiking group was so much fun, which made the trekking exciting and a joy. I traveled with my girlfriend (Joelle) who is a more seasoned hiker than me, and the inspiration for the trip so cudos to her! The only small consideration I believe might help would be better maintenance at some of the Refugio's, I will let someone else in the group mention it by name!”
    – Washington, United States Condor, March 2017

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