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  • Peru - The Most Unassuming Hidden Travel Gem.

    “I was very impressed with the diverse eco-systems; each has its own rugged charm. I am determined to tell everyone I know - go and see it to believe it!

    Daniel (guide) was amazing; he really cares for each and every one he travels with. I am so thankful for that. I would like to keep in touch via facebook. I hope he enjoys his travels in Canada this March.

    Marteen (driver) super fun dude.”
    – Manitoba, Canada Capybara, January 2018
  • Great Trip!

    “We had a great time on this trip! We really enjoyed all that Peru had to offer, and our guide, Daniel, was fantastic. We would recommend this trip highly!

    Nathan, Elijah, Isaac - Mesa, Arizona”
    – Arizona, United States Capybara, January 2018
  • Much More Than Iguanas

    “The Iguana trip in December 2017 was adventurous and outlandishly beautiful. We went in the off-season, were 2 very compatible couples, biked, kayaked, snorkeled and hiked with condors, turtles, fish, iguanas and sea lions. The people of Peru and Ecuador are welcoming and friendly. The food was awesome as were our guides.”
    – Ohio, United States Iguana, January 2018
  • Trip to Peru

    “Magnificent Cusco and Machu Picchu. Delicious food, beautiful city, well organized hike and excellent Eric and Hosea”
    – , Tanzania, United Republic of Jaguar, January 2018
  • Lovely Trip to the Peru Jungle and Lake Titicaca

    “Loved the giant otters, beautiful birds and monkeys in the Jungle, enjoyed Puna and the people of Lake Titicaca.”
    – , Tanzania, United Republic of Chinchilla, January 2018
  • Great Trip!

    “Trip was great - our tour guide Daniel was fantastic and every detail was looked after!”
    – Manitoba, Canada Capybara, January 2018
  • An amazing adventure

    “Thank you for the opportunity to see so much in such a short period of time.”
    – Queensland, Australia Iguana, January 2018
  • An adventure

    “A massive trip with so many memories and fab experiences. Great to bookend the trip with extra days if you can as we found the travelling tiring. From Brisbane we found we'd flown 16 sectors!”
    – London, United Kingdom Iguana, January 2018
  • One More off the Bucket List

    “I would definitely endorse this trip to anyone considering going to this area. This trip was near perfect in all ways, we were a bit off season so there were not so many crowds, the weather though overcast many days was great (even had sun in Machu Picchu) Our guides (Eric and Peppo) were wonderful hosts, showing us an area which you can tell they love and are proud of. The food was wonderful, accommodations were overall great....totally loved the dome room in San Cristobal, only caveat was the room in Cusco had issue with sewer gas escaping into the room.”
    – Ohio, United States Iguana, December 2017
  • Great trip, great food and guides.

    “We had such a good time on the trip. The food, accommodations, and sites were great. We were lucky enough to have a small group (3) which made it even nicer.
    Machu Picchu and the hiking in Peru were great, Great food and accommodations.
    The trip got even better once we got to the Galapagos. Hiking, snorkeling/scuba, kayaking, and biking were great. Pepo did a fantastic job tailoring our activities around the weather. The food was great for all the seafood lovers, vegetarians will have to be a little patient.”
    – Ohio, United States Iguana, November 2017
  • Amazing!

    “We have a goal of visiting each continent, and our trip to South American with Active South America did not disappoint! This is our second Active Adventures and we will be back for more. Peru and the Galapagos were beautiful and every detail of the trip was attended to perfectly. Thank you, Active, for a wonderful and memorable holiday.”
    – South Carolina, United States Iguana, October 2017
  • Iguana 2017

    “This was a really good trip, essentially of two halves. Peru with its amazing mountains and then Galapagos with incredible wildlife. Best to be fit when you come, the Peruvian hikes are challenging, which is great, whereas Galapagos is more relaxed.”
    – Cambs, United Kingdom Iguana, October 2017
  • Iguanas - September 2017

    “I had an amazing time on my Iguana trip to Peru and the Galapagos Islands. The Peru trip was much more strenuous than I expected but our guide, Erick was vigilant in keeping us together and encouraging us the whole time. He was fantastically organized, fun and knowledgeable which enhanced the whole experience! The Galapagos trip was lead by Galakiwi which did feel more laid back, and flexible. Pepo and Juan Carlos led us through Kicker Rock and amazing landscapes. I thought the Galapagos would be the highlight of my trip, but Peru proved to be the main event. I was fortunate that my group became fast friends of diverse but like-minded people. Overall, an amazing trip!”
    – Michigan, United States Iguana, October 2017
  • Fun trip!

    “I had a great time!”
    – California, United States Iguana, October 2017
  • 2017 Iguana Trip

    “The Peru portion of the trip with Erick was spectacular. Erick's attention to detail, compassion for each individual on the trip and genuine love for Peru made this portion of the trip absolutely amazing.”
    – Florida, United States Iguana, September 2017
  • 2017 Iguana Trip

    “The Peru portion of the trip was spectacular. Erick truly cares about the overall experience of his clients. He paid attention to all the details of the trip from the experiences of the country, the restaurants and the excursions. He didn't leave any stone unturned when it came to having fun and caring about his clients. I highly recommend Erick to anyone wanting to have a fabulous time in Peru.”
    – Florida, United States Iguana, September 2017
  • Amazing Guide

    “Our tour guide Zac was amazing and made us feel very welcome!”
    – California, United States Capybara, August 2017
  • Iguana Trip

    “Our guides Erick and Jessica could not have been better. Our group was well taken care of, and we experienced a trip of a lifetime that we could not have done without them.”
    – Georgia, United States Iguana, August 2017
  • Wow!

    “This was one of the most memorable trips of our lives. Hats off to Active Adventures for putting together an amazing itinerary and delivering on every aspect of our trip!”
    – New Jersey, United States Capybara, July 2017
  • Great Time with Grandchildren!

    “Varied experiences. Saw much of Peru which many people don't get to experience.
    It was a perfect trip to take with our grandchildren.”
    – California, United States Capybara, July 2017
  • Great Trip with our Grandchildren!

    “We loved seeing so much of Peru with two of our granddaughters. Our guide, Zac, made the trip fantastic!”
    – California, United States Capybara, July 2017
  • Would Go Again in a Heartbeat!

    “We have had two wonderful experiences with your company. Each one was a trip of a lifetime. We are so fortunate to have found out about your company. Thank you.”
    – New Hampshire, United States Iguana, June 2017
  • Phenonmenal Guide

    “Zac is a phenomenal guide - his knowledge of Peru and its history, his sense of humor, enthusiasm, leadership, attention to detail, and clear concern for the well-being of each member of the group made him the best guide I've ever met!”
    – Colorado, United States Iguana, May 2017
  • The trip of my dreams!

    “The Iguana trip was better than was advertised! I had prepared for the trip to Peru by reading about the history of the area in the book, The Last Days of the Incas, by Kim MacQuarrie. When we visited the many different Inca sites, the history came alive for me. I could picture the great battles, and the capture of the Inca rulers, and the narrow escapes. It was wonderful! Cuzco was a beautiful city surrounded by mountain peaks and full of many good places to eat. After Peru, going to the Galapagos was like a beach vacation in the most beautiful place in the world. We loved snorkeling and seeing the giant land tortoises. We saw every animal associated with the Galapagos and more! I still can't believe I was lucky enough to find this trip with Active Adventures. Top notch all the way around. Thank you to our wonderful guides who we loved!”
    – Texas, United States Iguana, April 2017
  • Amazing trip - learned so much, and want to come back

    “3rd trip with Active Adventures, and all have been wonderful, stupendous, eye opening, with fabulous guides, and staff. Peru was an amazing country to visit; beautiful scenery, people, and culture. The Inca and pre-Incan archeology were of course incredible to see first hand. However, this was greatly enhanced by the depth of knowledge and historical context that our guide, Daniel, supplied. The lodge in the Amazon was my personal favorite place I have ever stayed - so beautiful, and a true experience to see the wild macaws, toucans, peccaries..... and so on. Lake Titicaca was beautiful and so rich in such a variety of cultures, and languages! Daniel our guide was incredibly gracious, kind, knowledgeable. The food was great, and the places we stayed as always with Active - fun, interesting and quite comfortable. Most of all, we were so impressed with the behind the scenes staff. The first day of our trip we were unable to make our first destination due to an airline problem. Active's staff scrambled to rearrange our entire itinerary so that we didn't miss anything. This meant rescheduling flights, permits, room reservations, etc.... and all over the Christmas Holidays. A true test of a great group of people is how they respond when something unexpected happens, and Active's staff proved how adept they were. From our point of view, everything was perfect and smooth, but we recognize and truly appreciate the work that went on behind the scenes to give us such a great experience. Thanks to all.”
    – California, United States Capybara, January 2017
  • South America Adventure

    “As a first time traveller to South America it was a great comfort to travel with local guides who were not only proficient in Spanish but also more importantly familiar with all of the great local places to visit. Pepo and Zac were invaluable guides, they made us feel welcome from the first minute. Pepo had great insight about the Galapagos Islands and the time we spent at his family tree-house was great fun. Zac is full of knowledge about Peru, the sacred valley, the Incas and recommendations for the best places to eat. The professionalism displayed by Zac as our tour guide was unbelievable! He was able to seamlessly re-organise our trip schedule as there was a local strike with road closures. His knowledge of the area and the people meant that we hardly even noticed the change in our itinerary. I cannot recommend him enough! I have previously traveled with Active in New Zealand so I knew that I was in for a lovely trip. My expectations were well met and my only criticism is that the tour wasn't longer! The trip has opened my eyes to the beauty of Peru and the Galapagos and now I just can't wait to go back and it explore it even more.”
    – Western Australia, Australia Iguana, November 2016
  • “A stellar bucket list trip with outstanding guides. The Peru part of our trip was complicated by a local strike causing havoc with our original itinerary but Zac and the Active Adventures folks were amazing in rearranging the itinerary, lodging, meals, etc. Pepo was super in the Galagagos. Both parts of the trip were great fun and very professionally run. Very active but doable for four of us in our 60's.”
    – Illinois, United States Iguana, October 2016
  • Peru and Galapagos Islands

    “The two regions of this trip were so different. In Peru, learning about Inca history, seeing the structures that they built with minimal tools and that have survived for centuries and getting to spend time in small towns and interacting with local artisans was fabulous. The Galapagos Islands were a wildlife fest with snorkeling, kayaking and boat rides between islands and viewing sea "creatures" in the shallows and deep water. You also hiked volcanos and saw land tortoises, iguanas and the topography change as you go from lush to lava fields. Wonderful experiences”
    – Illinois, United States Iguana, October 2016
  • My first taste of Sth America

    “The trip lived up to all that it offered and more. The organisation and the guides were exemplary. Fully recommend it to all active golden oldies!!”
    – Auckland, New Zealand Iguana, August 2016
  • Capybara Adventure!

    “I recently went to on the Capybara tour with my son. We had Arturo as our guide. I was so happy with this tour. I found Active Adventures online. I read the reviews and had phone conversations with staff and emails who were always happy to answer any of my many questions. My 19 year old son worked hard to pay for his part of the tour and I wanted it to be really great for him especially.
    We both had the best time. We were fed amazing food that I never expected. I had no idea that we would be having such healthy and tasty meals. We were always told what the plan the next day was going to be and in detail. Any needs we had Arturo would make sure they were met. He was absolutely the best. A very educated, kind, thoughtful and funny young man. Could not have been happier with tour itenarary and our tour guide, Arturo. Would do another Active Adventures tour again and actually looking at booking one for next year! Thank you for a really special trip with my dear son! Many happy memories forever.”
    – Utah, United States Capybara, August 2016
  • Great trip!

    “The trip was overall amazing. The guides were all very knowledgeable and were always trying to make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable. I really could not be more impressed. Each of them was likeable and friendly (as well as informational). They took us to great sites and great restaurants. 5 star!!!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Iguana, July 2016
  • Great way to venture into South America

    “Fabulous way to combine the Inca trial and Galapagos islands. Hiking at 14,000 feet and sandy beaches packed with sealions. Meet real people, share ral experiences, get to meet wildlife up close!”
    – Essex, United Kingdom Iguana, June 2016
  • truly active

    “Active Adventures packs a lot into two weeks. The pace is very fast and being in good condition is very important. This trip went to two places on my bucket list and I enjoyed both immensely. Machu Picchu was everything I expected and a bit more. The Galapagos Islands were a treat, especially the giant tortoises.”
    – Ohio, United States Iguana, June 2016
  • Iguana Trip

    “The South America Adventure was a highlight of a lifetime! Our guides were fantastic, especially Jhayro! Jhayro led our group on many adventures through Peru, including rock climbing, biking, zip-lining, and hiking to amazing Inca ruins. We ate incredible cuisine at a variety of restaurants, and one day, we were served a picnic lunch as fine as we could get in a 5-star restaurant. The hotels were comfortable and quiet and clean. One of our guides, Daniel, was an expert speaker on a variety of topics. We learned about the history, geology, flora and fauna, and culture of each area. No questions went unanswered, even if he had to do research and inform us the next day. Our group was small enough to bond and enjoy each others company. Iguana was a wonderful experience!”
    – Ohio, United States Iguana, June 2016
  • Really? It was only the second time you ran it?

    “As the name implies, Active Tours are just that Active and subject to all sorts of unknowns. What makes them so good is the Tour Leader's ability to adapt and improvise. We hiked much quicker than expected, so we were able to take a quick nap after lunch in the shadow of Inca Ruins. We climbed much slower than expected, so we got to the Salt mines as the sun set. I was really surprised when Jhayro said this was only the second time the it ran, it was so well done I had thought they had it all down pat. As always, great job!”
    – Hawaii, United States Iguana, May 2016
  • Aventura Fantastica!

    “This was our second Active Adventures trip and while we went to Peru mainly to see Machu Picchu, I feel it was only a fraction of the fun we had during our trip. For me, hiking at 14,000+ feet, climbing rocks via ferrata to go zip lining was an awesome experience despite being very prone to altitude illness (we got there a day early and I was fine by the second day) and having a hubby who is very afraid of heights. Machu Picchu was magnificent but I really enjoyed the less crowded Incan and pre-Incan sites we visited more because we had them nearly all to ourselves. Our tour leader Jhayro and another local guide Daniel (who we had for 3 days in Peru) also made our trip extra special being so friendly and fun to be with both while leading us on adventures as well as during meals and on the bus.

    The food we had in Peru was excellent and that is coming from someone who is usually viewed as a picky eater with a fussy stomach. My hubby, who is a much more adventurous eater than I, tried alpaca and guinea pig and both were surprisingly good (yes, I tried them too!). After a couple days, we were used to not drinking the tap water or flushing paper down toilets so neither were a big deal. In fact, when we were in Quito, it seemed strange to be able to do so!

    For the Galapagos portion of our trip, we were led by Jose since our scheduled guide Pablo couldn't be there due to a family emergency. Jose was very knowledgable about the local geology, flora, fauna and variety of other things and with several in our group being (former) teachers or scientists, we sure did ask a lot of questions. The unique wildlife of the islands was the primary reason I wanted to visit and I loved seeing Galapagos turtles again as I'd not seen them since I was a child back in the 60's (I remember riding on some in a zoo which I know now was so wrong!). It was my first time seeing marine iguanas and blue footed boobies in the wild and I also enjoyed seeing a variety of other creatures that are in other places but we don't see very often, even living in Hawaii which has very similar geology.

    Like Hawaii, each of the Galapagos Islands was different and it was interesting to see how they varied. The different forms of transportation we used to get from island to island were also adventures in themselves: 2 hour ride on a speed boat and an hourish ride on a teeny prop plane!

    The only thing that was not quite what we expected with this trip was that some of the activities listed on the Galapagos Island itinerary we did not get to do. Nevertheless, the trip was fantastic and being probably my one and only trip to South America, it will always be remembered.”
    – Hawaii, United States Iguana, May 2016
  • More than I could have asked for!

    “I have never traveled solo before, so I was very hesitant to take a trip like this. I'm so glad I did! Active took all of the stress out of planning the trip, so all I had to do was enjoy my time! The rolling green hills of the Sacred Valley, majestic mountains of the Andes, the wonder itself of Machu Pichu! And that was only in Peru! The Galapagos was better than I could have imagined. At one point I was swimming with sea turtles, sea lions, eagle rays, and yes, penguins! I was in absolute awww the entire time in Galapagos. This truly was an amazing trip and I would highly recommend it anyone!”
    – Washington, United States Iguana, May 2016
  • “Amazing trip! If time is not your luxury, this trip truly offers the best of the best for Peru and Galapagos. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a mix of adventure, culture and chill once you get to the Galapagos.”
    – Alberta, Canada Iguana, April 2016
  • Unique and amazing family trip Capybara, Peru

    “This family trip and the company of the "cream of the cream" of the Peru guides - Cynthia - was the most signing experience of our lives! We have been emerged in a thought through and so well-organized trip by Active adventures, serving us all the ingredients to allow our family to experience that Peru, its cities, villages, islands, its nature, fauna, flora, its history, its food, its people, are UNIQUE and AMAZING and experience the trip of a lifetime!!! Afra, Mira, Deia, Sandra and Rudi, Italy”
    – Varese, Italy Capybara, August 2015
  • Dream vacation

    “Trip was fantastic! My highlight was Machu Picchu. Cynthia and the Active Adventure crew made the trip so easy & stress free. It was everything I expected and more!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Capybara, July 2015
  • Expectations Exceeded

    “Every promise was kept, and then some, for our Capybara Trip. Cynthia, our Trip Guide, was amazing in her knowledge of the places we went, the patience she had with someone (myself) who did not get as fit as I wanted. The itinerary were locations on a map, Cynthia made them awesome destinations. Thank You for putting together such a great Itinerary to give us the experience of a lifetime!!”
    – Virginia, United States Capybara, July 2015
  • The Best of Peru

    “Capybara was the perfect way to get to know Peru-- a taste of everything!”
    – Connecticut, United States Capybara, March 2015
  • Wonderful Company

    “Active Adventures really helped us see 2 weeks worth of incredible things as we went through Peru. They were so accommodating and even if we knew what was going to happen we were still in awe.”
    – Texas, United States Capybara, January 2015
  • Best Trip Ever!!

    “Fantastic trip package. Yohn our tour guide was very knowledgeable. He made our trip very fun and enjoyable. He was awesome and found our 2 lost cameras at two different locations on the same day. He wasn't just a tour guide he was a friend.”
    – California, United States Capybara, October 2014
  • Amazing!

    “Our trip with Active was fabulous! It was everything that was promised and more. Our guide, Yohn, was patient, very knowledgeable and a lot of fun. To be honest, I could not have asked for a better trip. Thank you, Yohn and Active!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Capybara, August 2014
  • Cabybara, June, 2014

    “A wonderful trip and a wonderful guide. Our kids are ages 7, 11, and 12, and they loved it.”
    – Minnesota, United States Capybara, July 2014
  • My first Adventure Trip

    “For me,the trip was an unexpected surprise. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I really liked the choice of hotels. However, I was somewhat let down by the unexpected change in the Amazon Lodge, as the schedule mentioned a different lodge that I was hoping to see. I also liked the restaurants that we were taken to. In short, I think the Capybara Family Adventure was a good choice for my summer vacation.”
    – , Puerto Rico Capybara, July 2013

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