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It's no wonder Patagonia is synonymous with hiking, with its colossal glaciers, abundant emerald lakes and lush forests all on an epic scale. Almost a mythical region on a map, Patagonia defies national boundaries by spanning the lower portion of Chile and Argentina. At the heart of this vast wilderness area is the Torres Del Paine National Park. The 'Towers of Blue', sheer granite peaks rising a kilometre (3,000 ft) into the sky, offer a neck-bending panorama on the world renowned W-Trek. These magnificent landscapes are what wide-angle lenses were designed for!

Colossal rivers of ice, including the impressive Perito Moreno and Grey Glaciers, divide the towering mountain ranges, making you feel like you're almost in Antarctica, and you almost are – it's only 1600 km (1000 miles) away! There's no better way to soak it all in than with your boots on the ground, at handlebar height, or with a paddle in your hands.

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Condor - Our guide Cynthia was the best tour guide I've ever had

“Our guide Cynthia was the best tour guide I've ever had. The logistics of the trip were flawless and all of the local guides she contracted were of the highest calibre specifically Jahid in Chile and Lucianao in Argentina. The group wanted for nothing and Cynthia's attention to the needs of each of the 13 guests was beyond all expectations. We all made lifetime friends that would not have been possible without Cynthia's ability to take away all of concerns of the trip”
– California, United States
Condor, April 2011
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