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  • Exceeded Expectations!

    “From start to finish, our guides (Ben and Emma) spoiled us with first-class service. Always cheerful and genuinely caring for our every need. Accommodations were all GREAT, as was the food and the always available snacks on the bus. As food preparers/chefs, they always made sure we were fed well and on time... important after many a gruelling hike. The hiking was more challenging than I thought, but worth every breath and groan. The bus was comfortable (a necessity for the long rides) and spacious. The South Island was as gorgeous as billed, and fortunately for the group I brought along the magnificent weather we experienced throughout. If this is typical of Active Adventures experience, then I will for sure be a repeat AA customer. Good Job!!”
    – Florida, United States Rimu, December 2017
  • Outstanding Trip!!

    “This trip was especially great because of our guides, Ben and Emma. I cannot say enough good things about those two. They were extremely patient, energetic, and very sincere.
    The trip has a wide variety of activities that allowed us to see and experience most of the South Island, keeping us away from the more congested tourist hangouts. I really felt like we saw the true South Island and not just the tourist trap attractions.
    The only reason I have not given it a 5 star rating is because my wife and I are very active and do very challenging trips that most people would never want to take on. It was not a trip of a lifetime for me only because of that. Take "trip of a lifetime" away from the 5 stars and just have excellent and I would mark that. Excellent trip!!!!”
    – Alaska, United States Rimu, December 2017
  • Loved it!

    “We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and felt we saw and experienced much of the island. Ben and Emma were exceptional guides: friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and hard working! We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with this trip and they went out of their way to make it even more special. The sites were amazing and to top it off we had outstanding weather.”
    – Alaska, United States Rimu, December 2017
  • The Most Beautiful Place in the World

    “Thank you to Active Adventures for a most spectacular trip. I traveled with my daughter, to celebrate her college graduation, and my brother. The Kiwi people are the friendliest people on the planet. Our guides were extremely helpful, cooked awesome meals, and taught us so much about New Zealand. They took care of everything. All we had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride. The locations for the lodging were probably the best views in all the country. We stayed right in the center of Queenstown, next to a remote area of a lake with views of Mt. Cook, in a small towns next to the ocean. They were all very clean and neat, always with a pot of tea ready, and cookies for a snack. There was always an excess of food. No one ever went hungry. In fact, I don't think I ever ate so much on holiday. The activities were fun and varied, relaxing at times, strenuous on occasion but with awesome views as payback. I am recommending this trip to all my friends, and already planning the next one.”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, December 2017
  • Epic Trip!

    “We did a custom trip very similar to the Rimu. Wonderful guides, accommodations and fantastic little surprises throughout the trip.”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, December 2017
  • 2017 Oct/Nov Rimu

    “My 2017 Rimu trip was fantastic! Somehow our fabulous guides Ben and Emma arranged for clear sunny skies, a great mix of travelers, and an all around fun time. Seriously though, our group of 10/11 (we had a late addition) got along well from day 1 - we learned about each other's backgrounds, played cards and dice games, and shared bottles of wine. Ben and Emma worked tirelessly to make sure our travels were smooth - often 16+ hour days for them. Emma cooked wonderful meals for us and made sure everyone's dietary requests were met. Ben drove Whina (our bus) so well for so many hours to get us to our destinations - we'll never forget the tunnel! And they both were great guides on the hikes. Thanks for all the wonderful memories!”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, December 2017
  • Fantastic Trip

    “This was certainly a trip of a lifetime. I believe doing these guided tours takes you off the beaten track, and shows you what NZ really has to offer. Our guides gave us great insight, helped us when we needed help, and let us explore when we wanted the freedom. They catered to everyone in our group, and really brought the group closer together.”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, December 2017
  • South Island Adventure

    “I cannot say enough about my Active Adventures Tui trip of the South Island of New Zealand. If you are looking for a tour that will take you to some of the most stunning natural settings the South Island has to offer, then book this trip. Be sure to cross the rivers “kiwi style”, you will appreciate the bragging rights after the fact! Climb to Lake Crucible, it is a spectacular view and worth every sweaty step. Sleep in the mountain hut, it is a unique experience. As for our amazing guides, Katie and Eve, Active Adventures certainly made the right selection with these two; they made this trip unforgettable.

    The Maori call New Zealand Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud. After taking this trip Aotearoa now has a special place in my heart and I cannot wait to return for another visit.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Tui, December 2017
  • Perfect

    “The trip was perfect and our guides, Jo and Andy, are awesome!”
    – , Kauri, December 2017
  • Perfect

    “The trip was impressive and our guides, Jo and Andy, are awesome!”
    – , Singapore Kauri, December 2017
  • Amazing Adventure!

    “Absolutely the BEST way to experience all the amazing things that New Zealand has to offer! This trip lived up to it's name and truly was an Active Adventure - we hiked, biked and kayaked across the gorgeous South Island.
    Skip the massive tour buses and join Active Adventures to go beyond the major tourist routes!”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2017
  • Beautiful Trip Through Remote Corners of the Country

    “Our Active Adventures 'Tui' tour on the South Island of New Zealand was wonderful. With the help of our exceptional guides and our new comrades we were able to see so many breathtakingly pristine natural wonders, and engage with them in such fun ways. The trip was fast paced and exciting. Highly recommended!”
    – Shizuoka-ken, Japan Tui, December 2017
  • Fabulous guides

    “Great guides, great scenery, good fun!”
    – , United Kingdom Kauri, December 2017
  • Great Active Fun!

    “A great way to see a beautiful country, and have some fun activities and exercise....really enjoyed it!”
    – Montana, United States Rimu, December 2017
  • Flawless

    “My first trip to New Zealand. Active adventures guides and itinerary on the South Island were flawless. We hiked, biked, and kayaked as well as riding a comfortable bus through gorgeous country inspired by the knowledge and stories shared by our wonderful guides.”
    – DC, United States Rimu, December 2017
  • Unbelievable weather!

    “Our guides really made the trip! Katie and Eve were fantastic, and the South Island was so beautiful. I can't recommend the Tui trip enough.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tui, November 2017
  • Great Way To See The South Island In A Week

    “The 'Tui' trip is a great way to see the key parts of the south island if you only have a week. I really feel like I saw the most important parts of the southern island and got a feel for New Zealand history and culture.”
    – New Jersey, United States Tui, November 2017
  • Amazing Tui Adventure!

    “My husband and I were looking for a way to see the "outdoorsy" aspects of New Zealand but we only had a short chunk of time. Active Adventures was a perfect fit for us. The guides were amazing at showing us the ropes, teaching us some Kiwi culture, and helping us push our limits in all things active. We are already looking at some other options and can't wait to get back to New Zealand again soon!”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, November 2017
  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

    “I booked this trip through Adventures in Good Company USA who used Active Adventures as their local partner. I sincerely hope you continue to partner for similar trips - both companies excel at providing a fantastic experience. The Guides clearly love their country and enjoyed sharing their enthusiasm with us. We soon trusted the guides when they said “it’s only a 10 minute walk but worth it!” Or shared fun things like “Tim Tam Slams”. I have been home a week, going through pictures and am so grateful for the experience.”
    – Arizona, United States Rimu, November 2017
  • Awsome Adventure!

    “Wonderful, well organized trip. Our guides were amazing, insightful, funny, adept and a joy to travel with. I appreciated the diversity of activity each day and the pace at which we traveled. Our guide/driver Claire, shared local stories and lore that helped us to better understand the local culture and history of the areas we traveled in. Food and accomodations were great. Thank you!”
    – California, United States Rimu, November 2017
  • Wow, What a Trip!

    “I have been on many trips, from the Serengeti to the Himalayas, and this trip through the South Island of NZ ranks among the top! First and foremost, the gals who guided us on the hikes, across rivers, on bike trails and more, were exceptional!! Their skills (guiding, driving, communication, exploring, culinary, social, etc.) were exemplary. That combined with the stunning beauty of your lakes, mountains, glaciers, fjords, forests and pastures made each day a joy to wake up to. In our 14 days we certainly experienced an array of beauty and adventures that will not be forgotten. I also appreciated the friendly people, the clean, fresh air and the conservation efforts that are practised in NZ. Your clean bathrooms were an added bonus! Thank you for providing exceptional service and for being so attentive to our every need. This trip was "sweet as"!”
    – California, United States Rimu, November 2017
  • Perfect New Zealand Trip

    “I could not have dreamed of a more perfect trip to New Zealand. Every day was a new adventure exploring the beauty of this wonderful country. I loved all of our activities-hiking, biking, and kayaking. We had the most fantastic guides, Claire, Nat and Carrie! They made a wonderful trip even more spectacular! Every detail was planned and thought out. Delicious meals they prepared, restaurants ready for us on our arrival, surprise stops on our routes, the music, the stories and preparing us to safely enjoy an adventure of a lifetime!”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, November 2017
  • Wow

    “Super trip with enthusiastic, capable, knowledgeable, encouraging and fit Eve and Katie. Saw so much more with people who knew where to go- from the best views of the Franz Josef glacier, to what to buy in the small town of Hokitita. We felt a bit stretched "all hikes in New Zealand are uphill-that is where the views are, awed (stars are bright), well fed and excited. We could never have organized a small plane ride, grass field landing, wade across a glacier fed river, hike, and a jet boat out, in a town with a population of 70, and not listed in any guidebook. This was followed by a postcard perfect bike ride along the trail between two lakes-over multiple suspension bridges, then a cruise on Milford Sound where whale blow holes were spotted, seals cavorted and rare Fiordland penguins flapped on the shore. Still haven't culled down the over 800 pictures taken in a week. I appreciated the guides' ability to stay positive with different personalities in the group, to be sure all had the trip they wanted. We drove ourselves the week before - it was indeed more relaxing to be able to give this responsibility to someone else. If you are in reasonable shape, love being outside and enjoy national park type accommodations and food- you will have a blast on this trip.”
    – Delaware, United States Tui, November 2017
  • A Must Do!

    “Rimu was truly an incredible experience! Jackie and Lauren did a fantastic job of showing us the beauty and magic of The South Island! I have memories (and tons of pictures) to last a lifetime... or at least until I return again. The landscapes, the physical activity, the super-friendly natives, the never ending supply of laughs and good food, I could go on and on! Active Adventures, you have created a lifelong fan and I can not wait to visit again! A class act!”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, November 2017
  • A Magical Adventure in New Zealand

    “We loved our New Zealand Active Adventure! Ben and Emma were delightful guides that were skillful, knowledgeable and simply said the most lovely people to spend our time with. The people we connected with for this adventure couldn’t have been more fun and lovely travel companions. We felt extraordinarily lucky to have been placed with such fantastically fun and friendly fellow travelers. We were delighted to share the exquisite beauty of NZ with the amazing guides and fellow travellers that you set up for us.”
    – California, United States Rimu, November 2017
  • Kauri

    “We had an amazing time and saw some wonderful scenery. Andy and Jo looked after us really well, they were awesome. Perfect hosts.”
    – West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Kauri, November 2017
  • Amazing Tui Trip

    “We had an amazing time in New Zealand and enjoyed our Tui trip of the South Island! It was an excellent way to travel and see so many different places in one trip. Our guides, Eve and Katie, were great! They were extremely knowledgeable and very attentive to our needs, and always made sure we were well fed. We would definitely recommend the Tui trip to anyone traveling to New Zealand!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tui, November 2017
  • Amazing South Island Experience

    “The Tue trip was everything I hoped for and much much more. NZ is the most beautiful place on earth and our guides Katie and Eve made the journey fun, safe, comfortable and easy! This is the only trip of this kind I have taken where I felt truly refreshed when I arrived back at my home. How Active consistently finds guides of this calibre and character is a mystery to me. Both of my trips with Active have been outstanding!”
    – Oregon, United States Tui, November 2017
  • Great Way to Experience the South Island

    “This vacation was a great combination of active and pure sightseeing. Lots of good hikes and terrific landscape.”
    – Ontario, Canada Tui, November 2017
  • Could Not Have Asked For More

    “Organization: Amazing. Pace: Active! Guides: A big TEN. Group: Really nice. Beauty of NZ: Obvious. I loved everything about the trip. No joke about the "get fit" recommendation. Nick and Tess are amazing guides, I need to start there. They made everyone feel special. Nick kept us laughing all the time. But they were also so encouraging when hikes were tough. I felt they really cared about us. I thought it was weird that so many reviews talked about the food being good until I was on the trip realizing that Tess was doing a lot of the cooking or organizing so yes, the food was great. Accommodations were so nice. I would recommend anyone thinking of doing the trip to stop thinking and sign up.”
    – Israel, Israel Tui, November 2017
  • So Glad I Also Traveled the North Island

    “These guys run such an amazing trip. I can't believe how much we did in five days (I joined the second half after the 8 day Tui trip in the South Island). The pace was fast, the variety was terrific. The guides - Andy and Jo - I can't say enough about how great they were - caring, encouraging, upbeat, fun, knowledgeable. There is a lot to learn about New Zealand in the North, and amazing hikes and views. The places we stayed were great, much nicer than I expected. The ability of the guides to cook for us and organize picnic meals that were all great was another surprise. Not an easy trip - the part about getting fit is not a joke. It makes the trip more enjoyable. Basically, I am so glad I did this trip. The memories are with me all the time.”
    – Israel, Israel Kauri, November 2017
  • Wonderful Overview of the South Island

    “Taking the Tui trip in early November was a fast paced way to see a huge amount of South Island. The itinerary was filled with challenging hikes that explored gorgeous rain forests and often led to breath taking views. The weather changes on a dime and I'm glad that I followed the suggested packing list because it got quite cold some days. One of my favorite things about this trip was the variety of activities. Yes, we did a lot of short walks and substantial hikes, but we also experienced a jet boat ride in the rain on a pristine river, a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier, a scenic flight and a bike ride along a crystal clear river that finished in the charming town of Wanaka. The highlight of the trip for me was the two days in Milford Sound. The area is magical with gushing waterfalls and massive tree covered mountains. I loved being on the boat over night after getting a taste of walking the Milford Track with the naturalist who explained the history as well as the flora and fauna of the area. The morning cruise to the Tasman Sea allowed us to see penguins, dolphins and sea lions. All of that was followed by a peaceful kayak trip and a hike up the "Divide" portion of the Routeburn Track. Our guides - James and Maddi - were outstanding. They were both super responsible and had great personalities. James was a focused driver and did a good job of keeping us organized and on time. Maddi provided for us as a chef and "Jill of all trades". Specifically, she went out of her way to make sure that I always had an ice pack for my bum knee. On that note, this trip keeps the participants moving, but the guides were usually able to adjust the activities to suit the needs of each individual. The bus was fairly comfortable with 15 passengers and I enjoyed the "Classic Road Trip" and "Reggae Classics" soundtrack. Sometimes if felt a little bit like summer camp for grown ups. In general the food was not what I would call gourmet, but it was fresh, wholesome and plentiful. I loved that the snacks on the bus were mainly fresh fruit and healthy snack bars.”
    – California, United States Tui, November 2017
  • Wonderful Trip on the South Island!

    “Our South Island adventure was wonderful! Katie and Astrid were great, taking care of everything we needed. It was so nice not to have to worry about anything the whole week. We saw beautiful scenery throughout the trip and we only had inclement weather one day. It’s hard to say what the highlight would be. Franz Josef Glacier? The plane ride into Siberia Valley and the hike out? The night spent on Milford Sound? So many amazing activities! We would totally recommend the Tui and our guides, Katie and Astrid.”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, November 2017
  • Great Active Honeymoon!

    “What an awesome experience! We had such a great time with our TUI guides & Active Adventures group... just wish that we could have stayed more days together :-) The itinerary was full of variety, and well-organised; the scenes were amazing, breathtaking in their beauty. The Siberia Valley experience was just mind-blowing! The sheer amount of places to visit and activities to do was so impressive. Our guides James and Maya were really easy-going, friendly, and always with a smile on their faces; we really loved them! And were also lucky to have Evie, Leo, and Jennie as lovely fellow-travellers. Thanks guys for making our honeymoon unforgettable! We will certainly recommend this TUI trip to anyone planning on visiting New Zealand.

    Erica & Alex, Italy”
    – Bolzano, Italy Tui, November 2017
  • Rain or Shine

    “The Tui trip was a great way to see some of the South Island through hiking, biking, and kayaking. If the weather is nice it just makes everything spectacular. If it's raining, the weather is balanced out by the fun interactions with fellow tour mates and guides, excellent food, and good accommodations.”
    – Alaska, United States Tui, November 2017
  • Kiwi Birds Do Exist!

    “Our 8 day Tui excursion on the South Island with Active Adventures literally was the trip of a lifetime. We absolutely fell in love with New Zealand. Our guides were fantastic! They chauffeured us all over the countryside, led us up and down trails and mountains, fed us like royalty, and treated us like family. I can't say enough great things about our experience. Needless to say, we highly recommend this company. Go with these people if you want to see the country the right way - by foot, by bike, by air, and by sea. It's mind-boggling how much we did in just over a week. Oh and we also managed to see the elusive yet real Kiwi birds in one of the preservation centers - what a treat. All I can say is - Sweet As!!!!”
    – South Carolina, United States Tui, November 2017
  • NZ Rimu Adventure

    “I've been all around the world, and few places have left me awe struck. The natural beauty of New Zealand is one of those places and it will leave you speechless. The only thing that surpassed the scenery of NZ was Active Adventures' services and the phenomenal guides. This trip was a trip and adventure of a lifetime!!”
    – California, United States Rimu, November 2017
  • Heaven

    “Some call New Zealand home; I call it Heaven. Hiking, biking, kayaking - all with views of spectacular mountain ranges. Everything about this trip was wonderful. Now that I'm home, I'm wondering how I'll ever organize all of our photos.”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, November 2017
  • Tui October 2017

    “Just returned from a Tui trip last month and it was AWESOME! Our fantastic guides, James and Maya, took care of everything to make our trip comfortable, safe, and tasty (Maya's pavlova was delicious!). They encouraged this 59 year old novice hiker up and down the mountains, and were so much fun to be around. We really enjoyed talking with these two and hearing about life in NZ. When our camera didn't work, James stepped in and took a bunch of excellent pictures for us which he promptly shared.
    With Active Adventures, it's all of the fine details that make them an exemplary company to deal with: from the friendly office staff who provide thorough preparation information, travel assistance, helpful advice about anything and everything I asked, to the trip itself with great guides who took us through the week with every detail taken care of, and, of course, the most amazing scenery. New Zealand is truly one of the most beautiful places we have been. Getting to know and enjoy our fellow Tui adventurers, Alexander and Erica from Italy and Jennie from Alaska, made the trip even better.”
    – Arizona, United States Tui, November 2017
  • The Best Way to Spend my 30th Birthday!

    “Going to New Zealand has been at the very top of my bucket list for quite a long time and I finally decided to scratch it off when I turned 30. Active Adventures was, from the beginning, the only tour group I would consider travelling with. They were the only group that not only had everything I wanted to do in New Zealand, but also had the highest level of professionalism and ratings that made me trust them.
    From the moment they picked us up at the airport I was certain I’d judged them correctly. Tess was simply an amazing tour guide (we called her mum because that’s exactly how we felt about her) not only was she fun, she took care of us, fed us, and kept us organized. Andy supplemented the tour with such interesting history and facts that I felt like I was on a school trip (in a good way!).
    All in all it was an amazing vacation, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!
    Thank you Active Adventures for making my 30th the year to remember!”
    – Florida, United States Rimu, November 2017
  • Oct 2017 Rimu

    “Outstanding collaboration between our guides and the weather gods allowed us to experience a nearly rain-free trip around the South Island. Expansive views of Mt Cook, Fiordland and Milford greeted us every day. The guides were also able to seamlessly adjust the trip schedule to accommodate a delayed arrival flight, an unexpected trail closure and a bit of stormy weather near the end of our trip. Well done!”
    – Oregon, United States Rimu, October 2017
  • I Love Active Adventures!

    “This was the best trip of my lifetime! The only disappointment was that there was not enough rain, as the guides had really talked up how awesome the rain can make the landscapes look. But we had no rain! Seriously the guides were marvellous and really made the trip with their warmth, enthusiasm, support and all around good cheer - they rivalled the beauty of New Zealand.”
    – DC, United States Rimu, October 2017
  • A Memorable Trip That Will Always Be a Part of Me

    “Hello my name is Mario Salazar, from San Francisco California. I took the Rimu trip to have an experience of visiting the beautiful country of New Zealand and all it could offer as a first time visitor. The nature of the parks and activities that I did was worth the time to travel there.The trip became a memorable experience that left me wanting to come back as there is a lot to see and try to take in. The time I spent there made me feel a longing to come back one day and continue my trek in the land of the Kiwi, be it by Kayak, or on the trek of personal growth, hiking a mountain almost a mile up. I thank the guides for showing us the fabulous land of New Zealand and being part of something that will be part of me always. Thank you Active Adventures! and thank you New Zealand for leaving something special in me.”
    – California, United States Rimu, October 2017
  • Amazing Experience with Wonderful Guides!

    “Just finished the last half of the Rimu trip and I can’t say enough about Active Adventures. It was my first time going with a travel group instead of with a friend or solo, and I thought this would be my one and only time. After travelling with my group and wonderful guides, Andy and Tess, I really think I might have to go with Active Adventures again! This was an amazing trip and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”
    – , Korea, Republic of [South] Rimu, October 2017
  • Winter Rimu 2017

    “The trip of a lifetime and 5 stars. Seems a little redundant when this trip is my 4th with ACTIVE. All prior trips and this one (Winter Rimu) have been trips of a lifetime. The guides are very knowledgeable and professional. Active always seems to find the right people to represent them. Just the right blend of biking, kayaking, and hiking. New Zealand is a beautiful country. Such a variety of climates.
    At 65 years of age this trip was a challenge but very doable. I am looking forward to a future 5th trip with ACTIVE. Many thanks to Tess and Steve our guides.”
    – Colorado, United States Winter Rimu, October 2017
  • Amazing New Zealand

    “This trip was just a great trip - the guides, the group, the activities and scenery!! We found New Zealand to be a pristine, gorgeous place and loved every minute!”
    – Colorado, United States Winter Rimu, October 2017
  • Great Trip

    “Great trip! Diverse and interesting hikes, bike riding, and kayaking in spectacular landscape. I particularly appreciated having all the trip details covered, so I didn't need to worry about any of the arrangements. A turn-key experience.”
    – California, United States Winter Rimu, October 2017
  • Will Be Visiting New Zealand Again

    “Once again Active proves they are the best. The trip is fine-tuned, the guides are enthusiastic and the scenery is unbelievable. I am trying to figure out what I can sell so I can go back again as soon as possible.”
    – Colorado, United States Winter Rimu, October 2017
  • Best One Yet!

    “This was our 3rd Active trip and I would rate this the best of all of them. While the beauty of Nepal and Peru were hard to beat, the combination of things in New Zealand made this trip our favorite. Starting with the guides, I don't think we could have had a better combination of Steve and Tess. They both brought great things to the adventure and their talents really complimented the experience. Tess was a great cook who kept us well fed. Steve was an excellent driver and DJ who always got us through to our destination. Both were excellent guides who provided the motivation we needed and the details about NZ that made the trip special.

    The lodging for this trip was far better than we have had on other trips. This is probably because NZ is a much more modern country, but it was obvious that Active had worked hard to select the best lodging for each of the destinations. We always felt safe and comfortable in the accommodations.

    The destinations for our adventures really gave us a good taste for New Zealand. Two weeks is a very short time to discover a new place. Active did a great job of selecting hikes, biking and kayaking locations that gave us a great taste of NZ. We really enjoyed each of the destinations.”
    – Colorado, United States Winter Rimu, October 2017
  • Making unforgettable father-son memories

    “The majestic variety of New Zealand, on a far-away-from-home adventure immersed in rich culture, history and physical exertion, was the back drop for quality time with my now retired dad. We enjoyed conversations and getting to know each other's similarities and differences while experiencing the snowy mountains, richly dressed rain forests, various waterfalls, bright green rolling fields and expansive, wild oceans. Our tour guides were perfect tens in attitude, patience and knowledge. I have only compliments. I'll think on this in old age.”
    – Texas, United States Winter Rimu, October 2017
  • Winter Rimu

    “Everything was handled fantastically. Having things pre-arranged and having a driver really helped to remove stress so I could just hang out and enjoy the views on the way to each part of the country. Having native Kiwis who really knew and understood the land helped us enjoy and appreciate what we were seeing. Steve and Tess are amazing guides. Consider yourself lucky if you get one or both of them as guides on your trip! Steve is hilarious and Tess is an amazing cook! We all were fed so well on this trip. I really feel like the Winter Rimu is the best trip Active Adventures offers for New Zealand. You get to see Mt. Cook and also hike the amazing Copland Track. The itinerary is wonderful. It's quite active, which was exactly what I was looking for, but also a nice balance of more relaxed mellow days to recover. Going in the winter was wonderful because all the places we went weren't packed with other people and sandflies were at a minimum. This really was an incredible, amazing, wonderful trip of a lifetime. I'm so happy I found Active Adventures! I loved my Winter Rimu trip!”
    – Oregon, United States Winter Rimu, October 2017
  • Dream Trip of a Lifetime

    “I had always wanted to go to New Zealand, but being a teacher, and because most trips are in January or February that was out of the question. When the Winter Rimu was offered in my summer vacation I was ecstatic. I wasn't sure what to expect as it was your winter in New Zealand but the weather was great and it was an unbelievable experience.”
    – Connecticut, United States Winter Rimu, August 2017
  • Winter Rimu

    “Winter Rimu was a fantastic trip! The scenery was breathtaking and our guides were exemplary. And, despite being a winter trip, the weather didn't slow us down.”
    – California, United States Winter Rimu, August 2017
  • Winter Splendor - No Crowds!

    “Winter Rimu was a trip of a lifetime which created wonderful memories with my son as his high school graduation trip. We may or may not remember the rain, the cold, the snow, but we will surely remember the togetherness, the chance to explore the beauty of nature, test momma's strength on the hikes and when the sun was out the scenery would take your breath away. Our group was small, fun, the trip well organized. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.”
    – Florida, United States Winter Rimu, August 2017
  • Awesome Trip!

    “The trip overall was great! Very well organised and the accomodation was better than I would have booked for myself. My guides Tess and Nick where the best part of the trip. They have the patience of saints as some of us where quite sick and high maintenance. Tess cooked awesome food and looked after our every need, plus she was a treat to be around. Nick's commentary was entertaining and I couldn't fault his driving skills. They both where heaps of fun, was quite sad to say goodbye to them both. My highlights of the trip would be Mt Cook and the Copland Hut. Can't beat the scenery!!! I also had my birthday during the trip and it's definitely one to remember, I felt super special with the decorations and the cake the crew put together for me. Definitely a trip to remember!”
    – Australian Capital Territory, Australia Winter Rimu, August 2017
  • Awesome Tour Awesome Guides

    “The planned tour was very exciting and challenging. The guides were knowledgeable and very helpful. When the hike or climb was challenging the guides were there to ensure safety and a great experience. We were burning calories and the food provided was delicious, healthy and more than sufficient to power us through the activities. The entire tour was very educational due to the knowledge of our guides. Each days drive and activity provided learning as the guides educated and added to the experience.”
    – Texas, United States Winter Rimu, August 2017
  • Perfect Winter Rimu Adventure

    “It was an excellent trip. Wonderful sites and guides with a well planned itinerary!”
    – California, United States Winter Rimu, July 2017
  • Had a Great Time, and Made New Friends

    “Had a great time, Jordie and Ash were great hosts and guides. Also met some new friends from Canada who we are still in touch with! Great experience all around.”
    – Oregon, United States Tui, July 2017
  • Reconnecting with Nature

    “I had a wonderful time on my trip! It was exactly what I needed and was looking for; two weeks to reconnect with nature and see parts of New Zealand I'd have only been able to find on foot, by kayak, or by bike. I know I wouldn't have seen or done as much as I did had I not signed up with Active Adventures! I'll definitely go on another trip with them in the future.”
    – New York, United States Rimu, July 2017
  • Exceeded my Expectations. A Trip to Treasure.

    “Active adventures provided an outstanding New Zealand experience. Our guides (Tory and Jordie) went above and beyond during our South Island Rimu trip. Their passion for the outdoors as well as the traditions and culture of NZ enhanced the two week journey. As guides, I was most impressed by their attention to detail and safety. I appreciated the warm smiles, gems of knowledge and yummy meals on even the challenging hike days. For my birthday, during the three day hike at Nelson Lakes National Park, Tory and Jordie surprised me with two delicious cakes to share with my new hiking family. A moment I will treasure, enhanced by the breath taking views of the alpine lake at Angelus Hut.

    The beauty of the country surpassed my expectations, particularly sites like Milford Sound and Mt. Cook. Such a diverse, lush landscape, each hike offered a unique perspective of the stunning views. Combined with the kayaking and biking options, allowed for an exciting and interesting mix. The highlight of my two weeks was my heli-hike on the Tasman Glacier, such an unforgettable experience.

    I'm looking forward to future Active Adventure trips, but will definitely keep a little piece of NZ in my heart. A truly bucket list destination.

    Gigi (from The Bahamas)”
    – West Virginia, United States Rimu, July 2017
  • Flawless!

    “The Tui trip from Active Adventures was absolutely fantastic! Every detail was so well planned and executed. The places we visited were gorgeous, and each new day seemed even more beautiful than the prior. Our guides truly made the trip memorable....I don't see how Kim and Ken could have given us a more awesome experience. Thank you AA!”
    – Ohio, United States Tui, July 2017
  • Active Adventures is the Best!

    “The itinerary, varied activities, guides Andy and Jo, and exposure to North Island culture, history, the outdoors, and the landscape were the very best I can imagine. I would not hesitate to travel with Active Adventures again in the future.”
    – Vermont, United States Kauri, July 2017
  • Puts the "Active" in Active Adventures

    “What a great trip! The variety of stunning vistas in New Zealand is something to behold. We had a really fun group and our guides -- Kim and Ashleigh -- were amazing! We were on the move every day, seeing every corner of the South Island, getting in a pretty good workout most days through hiking, biking or kayaking, and eating wonderful meals, many prepared by our guides. I would highly recommend this trip!”
    – Georgia, United States Rimu, July 2017
  • Great Time and a Wonderful Trip!

    “New Zealand is beautiful and there is no better way to see it than on an Active Adventures trip. The activities, the views, the guides, the food and the camaraderie make it special!”
    – Georgia, United States Kauri, July 2017
  • Outstanding Adventure Vacation

    “Our Active Adventures trip was outstanding! The entire process was a tremendous experience. Staff were responsive and friendly during the "sign up" phase. Our guides Jordie and Holly are two of the finest professional, friendly and knowledgeable guides we've had the pleasure to work with. Shout out for both of these wonderful people! They did a marvelous job managing group dynamics to ensure everyone was motivated and individual needs were met. Well trained and both have mastered the skillful art of quality customer service. Keep up the good work!”
    – Texas, United States Tui, July 2017
  • Active Adventure Indeed!

    “My first comment is that this IS an Active Adventure. My husband and I consider ourselves fit, as we regularly run, do gym workouts, and added weekly hikes in the months leading up to our trip. We both found the Rimu hikes to be a challenge. I mean this in a good way. The hikes were the most difficult I've ever done, and I am so proud of myself for my accomplishments. My advice to potential travelers is to train hard. The vistas are absolutely worth the effort. Our enthusiastic, knowledgeable, energetic guides Kim and Ashleigh did everything to make this a trip of a lifetime for us. We traveled in late March and lucked into mostly perfect weather; the few times weather did not cooperate the guides shifted activities without missing a beat. The guides also set a positive, fun tone for our group. We really bonded during the trip. Food was great, accommodations were for the most part good to great. In all, I would not hesitate to recommend Rimu to anyone looking for a truly active New Zealand vacation. I for one cannot imagine experiencing the beauty of the South Island any other way.”
    – Georgia, United States Rimu, June 2017
  • Winter Rimu - May/June 2017

    “It truly was the trip of a lifetime. The guide was a local Kiwi who really knew her stuff in terms of hiking and activities, culture and local legends and flora and fauna. Could not have asked for a better guide. If you're lucky enough to get Amanda L. to guide your trip you're in for a real treat :)”
    – Massachusetts, United States Winter Rimu, June 2017
  • Everything We Could Have Asked For!

    “Our goal was to find an active trip which explored the various wildlife habitats and natural areas of the South Island. The Rimu trip was perfect for that goal! Never a dull moment, Nick and Tory were amazing guides, and even made up a ghost story to spook my wife (at her request)! I can't wait to travel with Active Adventures again!!”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, June 2017
  • You're Never too Old to Try Something New!

    “I had a wonderful holiday. Better than I expected. More Aussies should do this trip. Best experience kayaking on Milford Sound, lovely sunny day, no wind and water like glass. Amazing. Enjoyed all my hikes but learning how to mountain bike ride and enjoy it was also great.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tui, June 2017
  • A Great Overview of South Island's Attractions

    “The trip was great. We had hikes almost every day. The hikes were easy enough for my wife, a non-hiker, to enjoy but beautiful enough for me to appreciate. The key to the trip however, was the people. Rachael and Koru were fabulous guides. Their knowledge was outstanding. In addition, the other folks in the group were a great bunch. Their easy-going friendliness and happy willingness to participate and share in the adventure made it pretty much perfect.”
    – California, United States Kiwi, May 2017
  • Best Trip of My Life

    “This was a great trip from the start. The guides, Duck and Tess were great; very friendly, had great energy, and very knowledgeable about the South Island. Words fail to describe how amazing this trip was. If you're on the fence it is worth it. You will meet great people, and see the most amazing aspects of the South Island during the winter.”
    – New York, United States Winter Rimu, May 2017
  • Incredible Milford

    “Milford Sound was one of the most incredible places we have ever been.
    The three day hike to the Angelus Hut was difficult but the guides could not have been more helpful to an ageing hiker.
    The Okorito kayak trip was not great from our point of view, but some of that was not attributable to the organization.
    And the farm experience was unexpected and very enjoyable.”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, May 2017
  • So Much More Than Expected

    “I expected the adventure, and the outdoor activities. What I didn't expect was such an immersion in the history and culture of NZ. And a few of the activities on the North Island were unforgettable. Finally, right in the middle of our trip the weather decided to shut us out of a few of the more interesting activities and Phil came up with great substitutes on the fly.”
    – Colorado, United States Kauri, May 2017
  • An unforgettable adventure in South Island!

    “Amazing views, extraordinary wildlife (birds!), lovely guides (Tory and Nick), and memorable Active adventures (no rest for the wicked with a hike or two scheduled every day) - an unforgettable trip all in all.”
    – , Philippines Rimu, May 2017
  • Smorgasbord.

    “A great way to explore the North Island and get a taste of different activities.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Kauri, May 2017
  • The Kirk Family Reflections of Rimu 2016

    “It was a fantastic vacation, quite possibly the best we have ever taken. I know our son, Benjamin, rates it as his number one vacation. I actually have a small book summary of the entire trip, with which I will not bore others, but I wanted to remember the details so I wrote them down. The experiences, leaders, guests, accommodations and food were wonderful. On Sunday we had a Mother's Day celebration and my sons chose to prepare a New Zealand-themed meal for me, inspired by recipes from the cook book we purchased at the sheep farm on the last day of our trip. I baked a pavlova and made chocolate slice for the occasion. I wrote down ingredients of recipes prepared by Tess on the trip and made a couple of them within a week of our return in January. When asked about the trip, I continue to say that I did not want to leave New Zealand at the end of the trip.”
    – Georgia, United States Rimu, May 2017
  • Great trip with fantastic guides

    “I typically do not travel with group tours, but I found myself with a ticket to NZ but no time to plan my solo trip. I booked rather last minute but have no regrets. Our guides were not only very knowledgeable, but were also fun and caring. The accommodations varied greatly but were always clean and comfortable. The food was delicious as well. I would book another trip with Active in a heartbeat!”
    – Virginia, United States Tui, May 2017
  • Tui May 1, 2017

    “Trip of a lifetime. The guides were outstanding, accommodations were excellent. Great food... we even had a picnic!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tui, May 2017
  • Our Kiwi Special Holiday

    “This was a very well planned, organised and delivered holiday experience. The guides were excellent; they were both great individuals who clearly loved their job and made our family holiday such a memorable experience. The South Island is a magic place. Thank you Active for your efforts.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tui, May 2017
  • Sit Back and Relax!

    “This trip was pretty awesome. The guides were personable while being professional and they were organized and knowledgable. It was nice to relax and let all the planning and coordination be done by someone else.”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, May 2017
  • Active Adventure Indeed

    “It was a great trip with just enough activities to keep it interesting and challenging. Koru provided good insights on locations, while Tess took care of all our needs. The group was small enough to feel like family and we bonded well during the trip. I highly recommend this trip to anyone that likes to stay active during vacation.”
    – Texas, United States Tui, May 2017
  • Exceeded my expectations

    “Everyone said it'll be a trip of a lifetime, and it really was. Our guides Jordie and Holly were excellent, and Holly was an amazing cook! I was a single traveller and the rest of the group was made up of some wonderful individuals from all age groups and walks of life. Would highly recommend to anyone who is hesitant like I was, go for it! You won't regret it.”
    – Tennessee, United States Tui, May 2017
  • Tui Trip

    “The Tui tour was the best trip I've ever had, all the group was great and very friendly, there was a very good feeling with all the group. It was so great to see all the nice places that you have in NZ, the tour passed so fast that I would love to do another one with you guys! And what about the super guides that we had - Jordy and Holly! They are the best ever, I would like to thank them again so much for the great time we had with them, I'm ready to do more! Holly next time we'll do the swimming race in the lake? Thanks a lot again, Ia orana from Tahiti.”
    – tahiti teahupoo, French Polynesia Tui, May 2017
  • South Island trip of a lifetime

    “An absolutely awesome adventure with fantastic guides Vanessa and Tory. Experiencing parts of the great tramps in New Zealand of Kepler, Routeburn, Mueller Hut, Inland pack track at Punakaiki and Angelus Hut are a great introduction to tramping in NZ. I will definitely be back to complete some of the tramps. The Angelus hut hike was one of the hardest I have done (I hike regularly in Western Australia) and I loved every second of it. I would do the Angelus hut Nelson lakes hike again in a heart beat. The cycle along the Hawea river was stunning. Every day was a highlight of the trip.”
    – Western Australia, Australia Rimu, May 2017
  • Rimu Trip Southbound

    “I would recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys being active and loves the outdoors! New Zealand is an absolute GEM of a country and Active Adventures ensures that you experience the beauty and diversity of its land. I cannot say enough about every aspect of this trip from start to finish. The tour guides, accommodations, food, activities all EXCELLENT!!”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, May 2017
  • 2017 Manuka

    “Went into the trip not knowing what to expect. Took the trip solo. Was hesitant on taking a guided tour. Felt like i wouldn't have the freedom to do things at my own speed. Not the case at all! Had virtually no restrictions on the hikes. Amanda and Holly let us move at our own paces. Overall trip was a blast! Couldn't have wished for more. Great hikes, great food, good sleeping accommodations, hard charging guides, everything was taken care of, didn't have to lift a finger. I will be back.”
    – APO/FPO AP, United States Manuka, May 2017
  • Quick thinking on the fly

    “I can't say enough good things about our guides Andy and Jo. We had not one but two cyclones hit the North Island during out tour and they still managed to find places to take us and keep us challenged and entertained. When we wanted down time, they understood and let us opt out.”
    – Bangkok, Thailand Kauri, May 2017
  • Horizons Broadened

    “We normally take two hiking/walking holidays a year but really enjoyed the variety of activity on this tour. We were challenged to do things we'd never done before and it was great fun.”
    – Bangkok, Thailand Tui, May 2017
  • Good trip

    “Good overview of the South Island. Friendly, knowledgeable guides, good group.”
    – New Hampshire, United States Rimu, May 2017
  • A gem

    “Excellent trip. Enjoyed this trip as much as the better known South Island.”
    – New Hampshire, United States Kauri, May 2017
  • Best Way to Check NZ Off Your Bucket List

    “If you want to check New Zealand off your bucket list, this is the best way to do it. Active Adventures showed us the South Island, taught us about the eco-system and the history of the country, and kept us active while we did it. We made new friends within our group and had a thousand laughs along the way.”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, May 2017
  • Southern Exposure

    “There could be no better way to experience the south island than with an Active Adventures trip...hiking, biking, kayaking, backpacking... all with exceptional guides, facilities, equipment and food. A dream come true...!”
    – California, United States Rimu, May 2017
  • Perfect Trip for anyone who loves Nature!

    “If you enjoy being outdoors and like to challenge yourself this trip is for you. I wasn't an avid hiker before signing up for the Rimu trip but after reading the itinerary I knew I couldn't pass up this amazing opportunity. You never know what you are capable of until you try and that is how I feel after climbing up to the Angelus Hut and hiking to Mueller ridge. I had never climbed a mountain before (since there are no mountains where I live) but the views are more than worth the climb.
    This trip is the best way to see all that the South Island has to offer, it is the perfect balance between adventure, relaxation, self-exploration, and cultural immersion. Anyone can go to New Zealand and rent a car and go hiking, biking, and Kayaking; however, they will miss out on the best parts of traveling to a new place and that is the knowledge and culture that only someone who lives there would know. The guides (Tory and Vanessa) were awesome! Tory is an amazing cook, and Ness was great at making jokes and keeping the atmosphere cheery during the longer drives. I loved listening to the guides tell us about the Maori people and the local legends or folklore. I actually thought Ness was lying to me when she would tell me that the views get better after being left speechless by the scenery, but every day was better than the previous!
    I have to mention the FOOD!!! The food alone is enough for me to sign up for this trip again. When I travel I don’t always know what the local food is or would be but with this trip the guides cook you all sorts of local food and all the food is fresh and delicious. If you don’t like something they will make sure to accommodate you.
    Ness and Tory made you feel like this was a trip among friends and family, not strangers. I will come back to New Zealand again!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Rimu, May 2017
  • A Must Do!

    “The Kauri trip will give you an intensive view of the north island with all its greenery along with its variety of art, culture, activities, waterfalls, seascapes and volcanic landscapes. An absolute must-do!”
    – California, United States Kauri, April 2017
  • Rimu

    “Rimu with Active was an excellent fit for us! Pace, guides and hikes were just amazing and heaps of fun!”
    – Illinois, United States Rimu, April 2017
  • A most excellent adventure..

    “The Tui experience is active and adventurous, exactly as described. From scaling summits to kayaking in the Milford Sound and many long and shorter hikes in between. Our excellent guides took the group to remote places, encouraged and supported us as we did some easier and then really challenging hikes, giving ongoing commentary on the history and culture of New Zealand and cooking delicious meals along the way, the final feast was an absolute treat. The groups are small which makes for a really personal experience, our group got on so well as one of us said ‘it feels like family’ at the end of the trip. The most memorable experience for me in a stream of stunning memories was the drive to the Milford Sound in the setting sun, one of the great road trips of the world. The trip is meticulously organised and you get ongoing emails to support what you need to bring and what to expect. Highly recommended, it was the trip of a lifetime.”
    – Australian Capital Territory, Australia Tui, April 2017
  • Even Cyclone Cook couldn't dampen our fun

    “I hopped onto the last half of the Kauri after two weeks on the South Island in the Rimu adventure. It just so happened that we had a cyclone hit the island that week, so everything was very wet, to say the least. But everything still worked out okay! We still did lots of hiking in the rain, which was fun in itself. The views were not the same as they would be on a clear day, but different doesn't mean bad. They were unique, and there were a lot of rainbows thanks to the water. We even did the mountain biking in the downpour, which was hilariously muddy and still a lot of fun. Overall, the people were good, the guides were excellent, the food was fantastic, and the trip was terrific.”
    – New Hampshire, United States Kauri, April 2017
  • “Awesome trip. The staff was great to work with. Very accommodating to a last minute change in our trip plans. Our guides were fun, encouraging and adapted well to our needs. Meals were delicious and well organized. Our lodgings were excellent.”
    – Minnesota, United States Tui, April 2017
  • Fun Trip

    “I very much enjoyed the Active Adventures Tui trip. The guides were phenomenal and very knowledgeable about the sites in New Zealand. We saw many beautiful places and I enjoyed the activities that were planned.”
    – New York, United States Tui, April 2017
  • Wonderful Choice!

    “A trip to New Zealand was on my "bucket list" and my husband chose this trip for the south island. I think this is a wonderful way to see the outstanding scenery of the south island. We will be back!”
    – Tennessee, United States Tui, April 2017

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