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Review ratings for our individual trips

Kauri 4.49
293 reviews
Kea 4.68
207 reviews
Kiwi 4.64
165 reviews
Manuka 4.39
797 reviews
Rimu 4.51
4192 reviews
Tui 4.59
1455 reviews
Weka 4.42
238 reviews
Winter Rimu 4.62
521 reviews
  • “I had always heard how beautiful New Zealand was, which was why it was at the top of my travel list, so I was prepared to be predictably impressed, but even with this anticipation, I was taken aback by each stunning vista. New Zealand is an amazing place and the Rimu trip captures so many aspects of its appeal- incredibly friendly people, adventure, beauty, good food- all rolled into one. Our guides, Dani and Tory, were phenomenal ambassadors for all that the trip offers and made each adventure fun and exciting, even when challenged by the, at times, unpredictable weather. Always with a smile and word of encouragement, their warmth and love for the country was infectious.”
    – Florida, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Perfect Vacation!

    “Our Manuka trip offered the perfect mix of locales, hiking trails, and even weather! Our guides Greg and Kim and Hillary shared history, culture, mythology, music, and laughter every day. They were so professional and enthusiastic. I loved visiting the variety of places that Manuka offers - rainforests, mountains, beaches, cities - and coming home with a reading list!”
    – Alabama, United States Manuka, January 2017
  • Can't wait to come back!

    “Ever since I arrived back home I wake up thinking about NZ and our Tui trip! It was exactly what I had hoped it would be like and better! Better because not just the scenery and activities were amazing, but because of the people. Our guides Claire and Rachael took incredible care of us, (down to how we liked our tea and coffee) were fun to be around, really knew their stuff, and were total
    professionals! We can't wait to come back!!!”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Excellent Trip!

    “Our entire family really enjoyed our 14 day Kiwi adventure. The guides, Amanda and Jess, were the best at everything from driving the bus, to knowledge of the area, flora and fauna, and also amazing cooks. The weather was challenging at times but as Amanda says, "there is no bad weather, just bad gear." The landscape was breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime.”
    – New York, United States Kiwi, January 2017
  • Best trip ever!

    “I went on this trip as a solo female traveler & am incredibly glad I did! The guides couldn't have been more informative of the kiwi culture and our group was perfect. Every activity was extremely organized. Highly suggest this trip for anyone only having 8 days to explore the South Island!”
    – Texas, United States Tui, January 2017
  • A Fantastic trip

    “This is the best way to tour South Island of New Zealand. Enjoy the spectacular views, experience the first hand of back country and meet the physical challenges. With small group of people and two dedicated guides, what else one ask for?”
    – Kansas, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Best trip I have ever taken

    “There are many layers to this trip
    1. The Group - It was really fun being in a group, and our group was really fun! Sometimes I hung out with people in my family, sometimes I hung out with someone else in the group. This variety and freedom was very enjoyable.
    2. The Guides - Koru and Ash were sooo great. Koru is a polished, learned and experienced leader. Ash is a fabulous cook, so much fun, and cared about each of us on the trip.
    3. The Country - Stunning! We covered so much of the South Island that we were able to see many sides of it's weather and terrain. Really great route.
    4. Activities - It was great sharing a physical activity with others, something I know brings people together. Hiking was great. At the end of a long hike was a fabulous surprise, like a glacial lake with ice burgs, or a beautiful high-mountain vista, or a glo-worm tunnel. Biking was super fun, and I wish there had been one more day of it. In hind site I personally would have selected the biking 3day excursion. The kayaking was great. Heavy chop or glassy lakes, we kayaked in it.
    5. Accommodations - These were just great. As nice as it can be being out in the countryside. I loved how we all ate together every meal.
    5. Pace - I thought the trip was very well planned. Just when we needed a break in the beginning from jet lag, and our trip activities, a two day respite was there in Queenstown where we could recharge. I recharged and my family bungy jumped! Also, activities were structured so that the not so keen could bail out at a stopping point.”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Rimu - A Kiwi Adventure

    “We knew we wanted to have an outdoor experience in New Zealand and our Active Adventure guides made our trip an adventure delight beyond our expectations. The group was well matched and we felt like a group of explorers rather than participants on a tour group.”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • “Best family trip ever. The South Island of New Zealand is one of the most spectacular places on the planet and the Rimu trip takes you to all the highlights. Our group hit the jackpot with Koru and Ash. They were fabulous. This trip gets my highest recommendation all around.”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Go hiking, they said. It'll be easy, they said!

    “Surpassed all my expectations on every level. Initially I was disappointed there were only four of us on the trip (plus two guides) but upon reflection, it ended up a great number to get a lot of stuff done. Every whim catered for, every problem anticipated before it became one. The hiking was not easy for me, but I persevered and was glad that Greg the Good Egg chose to encourage me to trek on, rather than pandering to my first instinct to lay down the poles when it got a bit hard. Scenery was brilliant, company was stimulating, and the variety of activities such that we were never bored.”
    – , Manuka, January 2017
  • Tui Trip 2017

    “How could this have been any better? Can't think of any way. Our guides were extraordinary and handled every request or complication with ease and grace. The weather can be tricky, making this somewhat challenging, but you'd never know that from how they acted with the group. They always had options up their sleeves. Every day was some new adventure. Some challenging, some not. Always choices if things were too challenging. We plan on coming back for another trip as soon as we can.”
    – North Carolina, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Loved NZ Kea Adventure

    “New Zealand is a beautiful country, but the experience would not have been half as memorable if it were not for our AA guides. They were professional, could answer any question about NZ, incredibly competent in all ways and so much fun! But it would be unfair not to mention the preliminary support team leading up to the trip. All requests and needs were handled quickly and efficiently. And last, but not least, the itinerary was so well thought out. I enjoyed every minute of the trip and was sorry to see it end.”
    – California, United States Kea, January 2017
  • New Zealand and Kiwis are the Best!

    “It would be difficult to overstate how impressed I was with our Active Adventure tour. Mel and Claire were absolutely incredible!! Steve was great too, but he was only with us for the hike up and back from the Aspiring Hut. Plus, he was weighed down by a rock he so generously carried up the hill for Mel.
    Anyway, Mel and Claire made Active Adventures (and New Zealand) look so good! They were EVERYTHING I could hope for: friendly, funny, knowledgeable, professional, hard-working, kind, easy-going, energetic, .... Thank you for one of the best 2-week periods of my entire life!”
    – California, United States Kea, January 2017
  • Great trip

    “My experience with Active Adventures in NZ was so fun! The guides were really nice and perfect to play games with. Steve was also really nice and funny. I had such a fantastic time and I'm glad I got to go with Active Adventures.”
    – California, United States Kea, January 2017
  • Awesome

    “The South Island of New Zealand is incredible - the scenery is beyond description. The Tui trip provided us with a variety of activities and nature. Thanks for an unforgettable experience.”
    – California, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Manuka trip Dec 12 2016

    “Although summer came a month late, which meant that our trip was more wet than sunny, we lucked out with the company (our fellow travelers) and especially with Greg and Jess, our very thoughtful guides. I have only high praise and no complaint.”
    – New Mexico, United States Manuka, January 2017
  • Kauri Dec 26 2016 (second half)

    “We joined the trip during its second half. Full of interesting activities, and the final hike was the highlight.”
    – New Mexico, United States Kauri, January 2017
  • Wonderful Trip

    “The Rimu trip was incredibly beautiful. The guides did an amazing job of looking out for everyone. Highly recommend it.”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • The Perfect Trip

    “My husband and I went on the Rimu trip in celebration of our honeymoon. This trip was simply perfect. The guides went over the top to ensure that we enjoyed every minute of our trip. They took care of every single detail, from the basic logistics, to the individual food needs, to visiting each destination at exactly the right time. The accommodation is out of this world, with views that cannot be described in words. Each day was a new adventure -- whether hiking, kayaking, biking or creating your own adventure -- we spent every minute of the trip excited, active and very well-fed. This trip should be top of your life to-do list.”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, January 2017
  • Experience the best of New Zealand by foot, kayak and bike!

    “If you want to hike, bike or kayak the best places in New Zealand with like-minded folks, this is the trip for you. Our hardworking, personable guides made it easy for us to enjoy as much of Southern New Zealand as possible in two weeks...allowing for long hikes, beautiful cycling and kayaking through the sounds. We were able to stay in unique lodging, not easily available to the general public - especially at Milford Sound - and partake of local cuisine and wines through Active Adventure's contacts and experience. The van was very comfortable and took away the stress of driving in unfamiliar areas. Fellow travelers were friendly and easy-going, and like-minded in terms of the adventures they sought. Excellent trip!”
    – Nevada, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Tramp of Dreams!

    “Stunning views, experienced guides, Kiwi-fresh food, and great lodging! It felt like we were holidaying with old friends!”
    – , Thailand Manuka, January 2017
  • Manuka Trip

    “Action packed trip with lots of great hikes. Highlighted the South Island and was able to get a great flavor of New Zealand.”
    – New Mexico, United States Manuka, January 2017
  • Great treks

    “We went as a family of five and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
    The scenery was even better than you might imagine from gallery photos.
    The hikes were variable, some challenging and others easier but never felt pressured to do anything uncomfortable. The guides, Hiliary and Nick were fantastic.
    Highly recommended as a family trip for the adventurers.”
    – Michigan, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Professionalism and Exceptionalism Beyond Expectations!

    “Our recent Tui trip of the South Island was absolutely the trip of a lifetime and more than I could have ever hoped for! As a very seasoned, frugal, independent, tour-averse traveller, signing up and spending the money for this trip was a bit out of character for me. However, that being said, this was probably the best travel investment I have ever made in my life! We packed so many amazing adventures into eight days, with the kindest most knowledgeable and most professional guides ever, that I seriously doubt I could have recreated it on my own. I cannot recommend Active Adventures and our guides Claire and Rachael highly enough and am already looking forward to and planning my next adventure this year with them!”
    – Washington, United States Tui, January 2017
  • From Alan Roth

    “I love what you all do. For my 2nd AA trip I can't wait to try another.”
    – Florida, United States Kauri, January 2017
  • Kauri Trip

    “The last 5 days gave us a good flavor of the North Island, its culture and geothermal/volcanic activity of the island.”
    – New Mexico, United States Kauri, January 2017
  • Oh, What a Beautiful Country!

    “Beautiful places, accommodating and gracious guides, fun activities, and great meals. What's not to like?”
    – New York, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • No regrets! Accomplish the impossible!

    “I can't begin to describe my Rimu experience, from the amazing guides, Ken and Elder, to my fellow travelers and the detail that Active Adventures puts into everything we did. I was able to scale and climb those mountains and ridges that I laughed off as impossible, see the most amazing untouched scenery, completely decompress and completely check out from my daily life. If you want to see the south island the way it was meant to be seen, you're open to being active everyday with the conveniences for yourself taken care of, take this trip!”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • Amazing!!

    “An extraordinary trip. So well organized, amazing tour guides, with so many activities. A really lovely way to experience the South Island. Would highly recommend to anybody.”
    – Ontario, Canada Tui, January 2017
  • Amazing

    “Fabulous, Brilliant, Fun, Energizing, Escape, New Friends and Family Bonding.”
    – California, United States Kea, January 2017
  • Fun, interesting, beautiful, very well run.

    “Greg and Jess ran an excellent tour. We learned a lot, had so much fun, ate delicious meals, drank fantastic wine, and enjoyed gorgeous hiking every day.”
    – Maryland, United States Manuka, January 2017
  • Manuka Hiking December 2016

    “It was a wonderful trip that we will never forget. The guides, Jess and Greg, were excellent. They went above and beyond to ensure that we had a great time. We would have preferred more time on the ground v. time in the bus but recognize that it was necessary to cover the ground that we did. I would recommend Active Adventures to anyone looking to hike in New Zealand.”
    – Ontario, Canada Manuka, January 2017
  • Tui Trip

    “Colin and I had a great time. Even though the guide is our daughter it is accurate and fair to say she has was really great. Very accommodating, friendly and skill full as well as being a great cook. Nothing fazed her. A very 'can do' attitude which everyone appreciated. The trip itself was great fun and the weather helped with that. The kayaking team was very good and I trusted their judgement. The walks were perfect for anyone. A very good all around experience.”
    – , New Zealand Tui, January 2017
  • Oregon on steroids

    “We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and it's a great introduction to New Zealand. For us it was the right balance of hiking and touring.”
    – Oregon, United States Kiwi, January 2017
  • Ebner on Rimu

    “The Rimu trip was just everything we had hoped for, and Kim and Tory were outstanding guides. The places we hiked, biked and Kayaked were terrific choices and by the end we felt that we understood some of the diversity in the South Island ecology: plants and animals that were native and those that were introduced. Hard to say what was best, but one of my favorites was walking the Kepler Track. Thanks for a great introduction to New Zealand's South Island.
    Ford Ebner”
    – Tennessee, United States Rimu, January 2017
  • “What a fabulous trip this was! I have traveled extensively throughout the world and often avoid tours because I don't want to be too regimented and I don't want to be on a bus with 40 people! When we decided to go to New Zealand, our goal was to try to experience it rather than just see it and that is just what Active Adventures allowed us to do. The guides know their country well and truly shared it with us. Each day we were out tramping somewhere, rain or shine, but there was always an option to take it easy if one needed to do so. We loved the small size of the group, 11 of us, plus our two guides. They ran each day efficiently and were well-prepared for our meals. We had fresh wholesome snacks always available and all kinds of tips on how to do the hike of the day. Koru was especially knowledgeable about the Maori heritage of New Zealand and was constantly teaching us about the flora and fauna of the country. Liana and Koru both were working late and getting up early to make sure that our day went well. Even when the weather didn't cooperate, there was always another great alternative. They introduced us to the beauty and wonder of New Zealand and when the trip ended, we were excited to head out on our own, with the skills we needed to continue to discover and experience even more! It truly was a trip of a lifetime!”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, January 2017
  • An excellent "bucket list" trip

    “I'm typically a "planner" and will devote months to logistics before a trip. And where I work, I need to know about long holidays way in advance to ensure coverage and continuity of service while I'm away. When my husband and I were considering an international holiday to celebrate a relatively "big year" for both of us, a colleague suggested New Zealand. Man, I am so glad I listened. I mentioned New Zealand to my husband and he took a look around at possible tours...he found Active Adventures and thought we should investigate. A full year before our trip, we inquired with Active about how it all works in terms of planning, and when we were told that an online planning app would assist us, I thought, "OK, sure...I'll be doing a bunch of this." We put down the deposit, got the insurance, and dove in. I must say, my assumption?...So wrong. The OBI website really did get us prepped for the majority of the trip. The only logistic detail we really needed to handle was travel to and from LAX. EVERYTHING ELSE, Active could either help plan, or completely handled. So aside from getting in the deposit, getting travel insurance, getting the flights set up with the recommended agency in Seattle, working in OBI, paying the balance, and packing, we were set UP for this trip. In my experience - this is all pretty minor work in the greater scheme of a 2-week trip around a country. :)

    We had a small group (two couples) on our tour, and 2 fantastic tour guides (Holly and Amanda). We saw things that we would never have even known to find if we had followed a travel book. We wondered, and wandered, oohed and aaahed, took pictures, and just floated along as Holly and Amanda cooly transported us, prepped awesome meals, and all that. If a trek got tough, we'd pause and admire the view. Our guides were encouraging, enthusiastic, and really the absolute heart of the tour. The scenery is awesome - don't get me wrong. But the Active people...just made the whole trip sing. Parting was really (reeeeeally) hard for me after 2 weeks.

    So truly, we were on vacation. No glitches in the itinerary (we only had 2 that I could perceive) were actually a problem - we'd adjust and keep moving, and never regretted a single activity. We learned about tectonic plates, glacial advance and retreat, Mauri myth, greenstone, conservation efforts, Kiwi lifestyles...oh, and some flightless birds too. :)

    And we apparently put in the perfect call for weather, because Holly and Amanda not only commented that we were really lucky to see what we saw...they also pulled out their own cameras to take photos. THAT'S how lucky we were on this trip.

    What did we see? It's probably easier to say what we didn't see. Complications. Traffic. Smog. Bad food. Frowns. Worry lines. But seriously - we saw tree ferns, next to tropical evergreen trees so tall we couldn't take photos of them, whether in the north at Abel Taz, the more coastal West side of the Alps, or the more deciduous forests near Fiordland. We saw fruit farms that shouldn't exist in the same geographic area (eg, cherries, apples, corn, soy, and other crops all growing in the same season and region). Foxglove...everywhere. We saw waterfalls like lightning bolts down the mountains, snow-capped mountains surrounded by glaciers, fjords in the fog/rain and the sun (within 2 hours of each other), grassy plains abutting turquoise glacial lakes, milk-like rivers coursing down from glacial sources, iconic sheep farms with mountainous backdrops so perfect they looked "Photoshopped".

    Holly and Amanda would ask us what we thought of the view, often. Since, "Wow," "Holy wow!" and related comments didn't seem to fit (too small and insufficient), I started with "ridiculously beautiful"...proceeded to add words in between, like "absurdly," "surreal-ly,"...and quickly just ran out. By the end of it all I adopted the Kiwi way and went sardonic, answering the guides with "Bah!!" because I just had nothing else to describe the awe. I only adjusted the volume of the "Bah!" to fit how absolutely floored I was.

    What did I take? More than I can describe, personally. New Zealand affected me. In a great and irreversible way....and I got some great Merino wool stuff too. :)

    I was told to share this take on my trip with "only the worthy". To me, if you are seriously considering Active, you already appreciate what this type of tourism brings to your life, or seriously and earnestly want to learn, and that makes me suspect that indeed you are. Worthy. Bring your poles, bring your gear...but most importantly, bring your sense of wonder, your humility, and your appreciation for culture, mythology, and conservation. You will not regret it. And you won't be better cared for, possibly even by your own.”
    – West Virginia, United States Kiwi, January 2017
  • Excellent Itinerary, Guides, and Group

    “The ease with which we were moved throughout the South Island on the Manuka trip made all the difference. I cannot imagine another way to see so much in such a short time.

    Our guides Jess and Greg were a great team and immediately put everyone at ease. We had a great group with us and thoroughly enjoyed the company and itinerary. With spectacular views and hikes almost every day it was a dream trip. We would definitely consider travelling with Active Adventures again even though we typically go it alone.

    It was lucky we had nice weather on Rocky Mountain, the hard day on the Milford Track, and at Aoraki Mt. Cook, but even on the bad weather days things went smoothly.”
    – Ontario, Canada Manuka, January 2017
  • The deep South

    “Top quality guide,great food,excellent bus commentary,excellent organisation.”
    – , New Zealand Tui, January 2017
  • Terrific Tui

    “What a great route and selection of activities! Informative and fun guides, well-managed accommodations, and good eats! A wonderful tour and experience.”
    – Hawaii, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Perfect amount of adventure

    “From gazing upon Franz Josef Glacier to biking along Hawea Lake Trail, to gliding on calm waters in Milford Sound, it's been a most memorable adventure! Our guides Tess and Amanda were a great duo! I loved that it was just enough activity without being sore while still being able to see so much of South Island.”
    – Hawaii, United States Tui, January 2017
  • Last 5 Days Kauri

    “So much packed into just a few days. From walking to tops of (several!) mountains to floating through underground tunnels, plus geothermal springs and Maori culture. A whirlwind central North Island adventure!”
    – Hawaii, United States Kauri, January 2017
  • 5 day Kauri Trip

    “Tongariro Alpine Crossing was the best hike of my life!”
    – Hawaii, United States Kauri, January 2017
  • Wonderful trip!!!!

    “This was a great trip! Well organized and well planned. Our guides did a great job of trying to accomodate everyone. This trip has a nice diversity of experiences and I really enojoyed that about this trip. I liked the variety in outdoor activites as well as the cultural elements and connections with the local and native people.”
    – Ohio, United States Kauri, December 2016
  • Everything went perfectly for us!

    “All the excursions were essential to understanding the South Island. Our guides were great! They made us feel comfortable and capable. All the adventures we tackled were exciting and challenging. We were able to complete them all! The provided food was good. The bus we rode in was new and nice. The rooms we stayed at were great. Having wifi at the accommodations was appreciated. In short, the Tui trip was amazing!”
    – Florida, United States Tui, December 2016
  • So much to do on the north island!

    “The North Island trip was very different from the South. It showed us a completely different side of NZ. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable about NZ history and culture and that made our adventures have much more meaning. The 5 days flew by and we were so sad when it was over! There is so much left to do in the north, we will undoubtedly return and we hope to be lucky enough to have the same guide.”
    – Florida, United States Kauri, December 2016
  • Amazing Experience, enhanced by an remarkable AA Staff

    “It was great doing it with a group of people who enjoyed it like we did.
    The two guides from Active Adventures made the whole thing excellent: perfectly organized, highly entertaining.
    The small group of 10 people, like minded with respect to nature and adventure, worked out well.
    The nights were spent in above-expectation locales. Those were welcome comforts after amazing hikes in the rain.”
    – California, United States Tui, December 2016
  • Awesome

    “If you are wanting to explore New Zealand at its best and want a physically active and varied adventure, Active Adventures is the tour to go on. The guides are knowledgeable, inspiring and motivating. You cover a tremendous amount of territory and leave feeling that you've seen the best of the North Island.”
    – California, United States Kauri, December 2016
  • 14 Day Rimu Trip

    “Exceeded my expectations.
    Each site was uniquely different. All were great and some were exceptional.
    What a wonderful way to get a feel for the North Island.”
    – Manitoba, Canada Rimu, December 2016
  • Amazing Experience

    “I fell in love with New Zealand on my first self-guided trip 5 years ago and this trip just renewed my love affair with the country. Beginning from when I booked the trip I've constantly been impressed with the high levels of organisation and communication from active. The trip itself was incredible, we went to so many stunning locations that I would never have known to look for on my own. Dani & Mel were amazing guides, cheerful, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and flexible. I couldn't have asked for two better people to have as guides for the two weeks. Thank you so much!”
    – British Columbia, Canada Rimu, December 2016
  • Ran out of adjectives to describe the wonder of this trip

    “Awesome, spectacular, amazing, jaw-dropping... just a wonderful vacation. The intinery was everything we'd hoped for and more. The guides were perfect ambassadors for New Zealand and Active Adventures. The country - truly one of the most special places on earth. If you're into the outdoors, make this pilgrimage.”
    – Florida, United States Tui, December 2016
  • The trip of a lifetime!

    “Amanda and Clara made the trip five stars! Clara loves ball sports! I wish I could travel every year with these two beautiful ladies. Thanks for making our trip so special.”
    – Florida, United States Tui, December 2016
  • Exceeding expectations and more!

    “We had been planning this trip for about a year and I had been dreaming about this trip for about 7 years, therefore the expectations were high. Active Adventures did an excellent job and our guides Kuru and Liana made this a trip of a lifetime. The most amazing part is that they always were one step ahead of planning the next meal, hike, bike or even maneuvering around the NZ wild weather. All the planning ahead and adjusting on the fly would normally turn a trip to be very stressful but we were able to sit back and relax (not literally because it was very active) and truly enjoy the beautiful landscape and everything NZ had to offer. Truly the trip of a lifetime!”
    – New Hampshire, United States Tui, December 2016
  • Tui

    “We had a truly great time. Our guides, Koru and Liana were the best. They made the trip so much fun, especially in the light of the unpredictable New Zealand weather! And Lynette was always right there to help us along every step of the way. I brought home memories of a lifetime, and discovered that Kiwis are absolutely the friendliest people on earth. The Tui Trip was a great introductory tour, but now I want to come back again and spend more time hiking and exploring the South Island.

    Many thanks to the whole Active Adventures team. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    - Mick”
    – Florida, United States Tui, December 2016
  • Awesome Tui Trip!

    “My husband and I traveled to New Zealand for a late honeymoon and our adventure started with the Tui Trip which couldn't have been better! Between the amazing places we visited along the South Island from our unbelievable guides who quickly became friends, the trip definitely exceeded our expectations! We quickly learned how kiwis truly cherish and appreciate what their beautiful country has to offer and are so thankful to have had such a wonderful experience. New Zealand will always hold a special place in our hearts, along with our memories of hiking, biking, cheers-ing, and chatting with new friends. Thank you Koru and Liana, for making our trip so unforgettable!”
    – New Hampshire, United States Tui, December 2016
  • Awesome New Zealand experience

    “Wow, what a great trip! New Zealand was at the top of my bucket list & this trip was everything I expected and more. Mt. Cook on a beautiful evening with no clouds and the lake in front was one of my favorites. Milford Sound kayaking was another. Just getting to Milford Sound is spectacular! I'd go back in a heartbeat if it weren't so far away.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, December 2016
  • Amazing tour of an amazing country!

    “The Rimu trip took us to what must be some of the most interesting and scenic locations on the south island. Each day Koru and Elder took us to a spectacular location, only to be topped by the next day's destination! After hiking in Nelson Lakes, traveling the west coast to Franz Joseph and Okarito Lagoon, the day in Queenstown, and Milford Sound, it didn't seem there could be anything more spectacular. But then we arrived at Lake Pukaki and its glacial waters, and went off the main road up to Braemar station, with its panoramic view of the Southern Alps. The skies cleared for us, and we enjoyed watching sunset and the following day sunrise that were just amazing. The group dynamics were great too - after one week I think we all felt like good friends, including Koru and Elder. Koru was an excellent driver and guide, telling us about some of the culture and legends of each area we visited. Elder was a friendly and capable guide who turned out to also be an excellent cook, who delighted us with some terrific food on the nights we ate in. I recommend this trip and Active Adventures highly! Thank you! We will return to New Zealand to explore the country further.”
    – Maine, United States Rimu, December 2016
  • Amazing Adventure!

    “My husband and I joined for the five-day Great Walks segment (Takahe) of the longer Manuka trip with Active Adventures. We really enjoyed the trip - Greg and Clara were wonderful guides who took such good care of everyone along and really went the extra mile, making Thanksgiving lunch for their group of (mostly) Americans - and we were lucky to fall in with a great group of fellow travelers. Because we traveled with Active Adventures, we were able to see much more than we would have done on our own, and relax while doing it as we didn't have to drive ourselves or scout the best hotel / lodge options and other arrangements to arrive at trailheads, identify local flora and fauna, and all the other advantages of having a good guide. We will definitely look to Active Adventures for similar trips in the future.”
    – , Thailand Manuka, December 2016
  • “My wife and I were 62 at the time of our trip and were concerned that we were getting in over our head. However, the guides carefully monitor our "activity" level to make sure we were fit enough for most activities. We also opted out of some activities but alternatives were available. We enjoyed our trip immensely because we got out of our comfort level and "experienced" the true beauty of NZ including the local accommodations, the food and the people. We tried whitebait and meat pies. We discovered that Makarora was an undiscovered treasure. We also discovered you could dine in Queenstown without waiting in line at Fergburger! We were also blessed with fellow guests that were patient and fun.”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, December 2016
  • Outstanding!

    “First, there is the magical place that is New Zealand -- unique, varied, and beautiful. Second, there is the operation that is Active Adventures -- organized, engaged, and attentive. Together, they make for an outstanding experience. Thank you!”
    – Tennessee, United States Kauri, December 2016
  • A wide variety of activities in a varied landscape

    “Our Kauri trip followed the Rimu South Island trip. The North Island turned out to be quite different from the South Island, but just as interesting and rewarding. The first few days of the trip were sea based, incorporating boat rides to the day's activities, which added an element of adventure. The second half of the trip introduced us to the volcanic nature of the North Island, and culminated in the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, which was fascinating and satisfying. Our guides were very knowledgeable and greatly added to our understanding of Maori and local culture. Highly recommended!”
    – Maine, United States Kauri, December 2016
  • Worth every penny!

    “This was an amazing trip - highly recommended! Our guides, Koru and Liana, were great - kept us moving and active in all kinds of weather and conditions. Some of the planned tour had to be modified due to weather - it does rain a lot - but no regrets at all. We got a taste of New Zealand on beautiful days, rainy days, and once in rain, sleet and hurricane force winds, but we were always well cared for and felt like we'd seen New Zealand in all of it's majesty. The hiking was strenuous enough to feel like a challenge and leave us tired and a bit sore most days, but never too difficult. The Siberia Valley part of the trip was just spectacular! Koru's knowledge of New Zealand's native plants and animals, history, Maori heritage, and Lord of the Rings stories were particularly fascinating. Would love to go again!”
    – South Carolina, United States Tui, December 2016
  • Nov 19 2016 Kiwi

    “Our KIWI tour really exceeded all our expectations of a guided hiking tour and seeing beautiful New Zealand scenery. Our two guides, Michelle and Hilary, made it all happen. They efficiently organized all the varied itinerary, transporting us to some of the most remote and scenic locations on the South Island and produced some of the best meals and desserts we have ever eaten. Michelle and Hilary are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. The perfect combination to guarantee any successful and rewarding tour experience.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Kiwi, December 2016
  • Nov 5 2016 Kiwi with Nick B and Jess

    “Active Adventures allowed me to experience the breathtaking beauty of the South Island, New Zealand. I had so much fun. I had really high hopes for the trip of a lifetime before we left. My expectations were not only met but surpassed. Nick and Jess were great as was our small group of fellow travelers. The Active Adventures team were responsive to needs and made the trip care free. I would highly recommend the Kiwi trip and would do it again in a heartbeat. I would also look to do Active Adventures other trips when we go to travel again. At the conclusion of our trip, my wife and I asked ourselves what would we do differently if doing it again. Both of our answers was nothing different.”
    – Indiana, United States Kiwi, December 2016
  • We got a great taste of the South Island of New Zealand

    “This trip was a continuation of our first visit to New Zealand that started a week earlier in the North Island. The South Island welcomed us with the earthquake on the first night. Thankfully it did not interrupt our trip that turned out to be a wonderful experience. We could not wish for a more relaxing vacation. It's nice to have locals to show you around and tell you the myths and stories of the land.”
    – Texas, United States Manuka, December 2016

    “Tui trip November 2016 with Tess and Jordie was one of the best experiences of my life! Great vibes and a chilled out atmosphere to enjoy the best of the South Island! Hikes were different every day as were the scenic drives on board Ed! The mountain bike riding across Lake Wanaka was spectacular as was the scenic flight across Siberia Valley! There was a great workout every single day! Jordie and Tess made us feel so welcome and were super knowledgable of every town and national park they took us to! We were never hungry, they never let us lift a finger to do any of the work! FELL IN LOVE with NZ on this trip and will be back within 2 years.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tui, December 2016
  • Cara Gambill

    “Best adventure trip ever. Every day the scenery and adventures got better. I'd highly recommend the trip.”
    – North Carolina, United States Tui, December 2016
  • An amazing experience

    “This trip reflects the professionalism that Active Adventures brings to presenting the best of the South Island for those seeking a challenging experience within a length of time that is just right. The itinerary is well-thought-out, with distances between points that are manageable, covering a variety of places and interests. The accommodations were always comfortable, with a gathering space in most. We were treated to excellent cooking by our guides and/or meals in restaurant settings, with time for a glass of wine at the end of days that were full of adventures to reflect upon. Our trip was made pleasurable at every turn by our guides, Nick and Jess, who were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, helpful, and talented in so many ways.”
    – Tennessee, United States Kiwi, December 2016
  • The trip of a lifetime absolutely! Kauri.

    “The whole trip was just fabulous. So many different activities, each amazing and unique so that every day was a new adventure....or two..or three! Our guides Phil and Jo were so great! Knowledgable, enthusiastic, accommodating, adaptable and absolutley a pleasure to be with for the 11 days of the tour.
    We loved the little extras too, the Kiwi release, the wine tasting, the music, the food, did we mention the homecooked food?, and especially the celebration at the end of the Tongariro Crossing. Such a treat!
    Thank you for an amazing introduction to New Zealand! We will be back.”
    – Alberta, Canada Kauri, December 2016
  • Active Adventures listened and acted

    “After some rescheduling disappointments during the early part of our trip due to the earthquake, the team at Active Adventures bent over backwards and succeeded in making our trip exceptional.”
    – New York, United States Rimu, December 2016
  • Trip of a Lifetime is a good way to put it

    “Our guides were absolutely amazing! They catered to all of our needs, which is not always the easiest task. I was impressed with how much we fit into our schedule, there is no way I would have been able to do what we did in such a short period of time on my own. It was exactly what I was looking for in a tour group.

    It was hard to leave our group and our guides!”
    – California, United States Tui, December 2016
  • Amazing!

    “Rimu took us through the most gorgeous landscapes and scenery I've ever scene.”
    – South Carolina, United States Rimu, December 2016
  • An Excellent Adventure

    “Hillary and Michelle were fabulous guides! They were funny, knowledge, open, energetic and master naturalists who taught us all about New Zealand's amazing and unique birds and plants.”
    – Maryland, United States Kiwi, December 2016
  • South Island Sampling

    “Despite starting the trip with a little rattle and shake (earthquake) the trip was a wonderful experience. We saw so much of the South Island and were able to enjoy the beauty of a sunny day as well as a cloudy one. Greg and Clara were amazing guides and took great care of us.”
    – Georgia, United States Manuka, December 2016
  • Great food and activity coordination

    “Great overview of South Island hiking trails and activities. Michelle and Hilary did a great job with good driving, delicious cooking, and activity coordination.”
    – California, United States Kiwi, December 2016
  • kiwi

    “Michelle and Hillary were great and exceeded expectations!”
    – Maryland, United States Kiwi, December 2016
  • It was great

    “A combination of a great group and great guides”
    – Alberta, Canada Kauri, December 2016
  • Happy hobbit!

    “Totally enjoyed our kiwi adventure with Nick and Jess!!! The daily hiking trips were sometimes grueling, but the reward at the end, of being totally surrounded by the awesome natural beauty was truly worth it.
    Could not have asked for more... Truly a trip of a lifetime!!!”
    – Hawaii, United States Kiwi, December 2016
  • Wet and Wild

    “I really enjoyed our Rimu trip! Steve and Liana were great hosts and guides!
    The many parks in New Zealand are proof of Nature's Beauty!
    I heard my first Avalanche and saw icebergs on an inland lake!
    The waterfalls seemed endless and the fiords were spectacular!
    It was a pleasure to let Steve do the driving and allow us to relax and enjoy the scenery.
    The hikes along the Kepler and Routeburn Tracks were great! It was great to see portions of these wonders.
    I thank Steve and Liana and Ellie too for helping us with the arrangements.
    I will recommend Active Adventures to all my outdoor friends.”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2016
  • Amazing Adventure in Beautiful New Zealand

    “New Zealand has been a dream trip for me for years and I was so excited and a bit nervous to set out on this group journey. Excited for all the amazing destinations along the way, but a bit nervous about "group travel" as I was traveling solo, tend to be pretty independent, and didn't know what to expect. However, from day 1, the group got along great and the camaraderie grew along the way. The group was primarily solo travelers, with a few couples as well. Our guides, Andy and Ash, were fantastic and really helped deliver an incredible experience. The scenery was amazing, and we did a nice job breaking up driving/traveling days with hikes and activities along the way. The hikes were beautiful and appropriately challenging, but be prepared for all seasons in one day. In November, we experienced quite a bit of rain, but we were well prepared for the conditions and that didn't hold us back! It is hard to choose a favorite destination of this trip, but from mountains to lakes, rivers to sea, the Rimu trip was an incredible experience. A few favorites: Braemar Station and Lake Punakaiki, the beautiful lupine flowers highlighting Lake Wanaka and the Hawea River Trail, snow capped alps, and green hillsides along the way. Milford Sound was majestic, and the Marlborough Sound region was equally gorgeous. I had such an amazing trip and am already dreaming of the next destination!”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2016
  • Great way to get a taste of South Island

    “It was the first trip to New Zealand for my husband and myself. And also a first trip we took as a part of an organized group. We weren't sure what to expect. The experience was great. We met like-minded people and enjoyed their companionship. The group was small - 9 people plus 2 guides and the minibus was big enough to spread comfortably. The guides were awesome - cheerful young people knowledgeable in culture and nature. They worked around the clock to make our tri as good as possible and were trying accommodate everybody's wishes. Our only regret was that we spent maybe more time on the bus than we wanted. On the other hand, all rides were were scenic and I do not know how else we could get to see so much. So no good advice how to change it. We loved all the lodges we stayed in, each one with a special charm.”
    – Texas, United States Manuka, December 2016
  • “Walking each day in varied and beautiful scenery was the highlight. At times I felt I was in a Lord of the Rings movie set - it was beautiful, wild and dramatic. Our guides, Greg and Clara made everything about the tour enjoyable and informative. The food was great and the good company along the way was a bonus. It was my first trip travelling solo and I didn't know what to expect, however it was quite simply a wonderful experience of the beauty of NZ on a relaxed and hassle free journey. Thank-you”
    – New South Wales, Australia Manuka, December 2016
  • Tui 2016

    “This trip was fantastic, one of the best holidays I have had!

    The guides were enthusiastic, had great local knowledge and were able to work around the weather conditions so our days were filled with enjoyable and safe activities no matter what
    The hikes were tailored to suite everyone so everyone could join in and enjoy no matter age etc but were still challenging enough for avid hikers
    The food and accommodation were excellent

    I would definitely recommend this holiday to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and being active, thank you for showing us around your beautiful country”
    – South Australia, Australia Tui, December 2016
  • Rimu review

    “The accommodations were better than we could have found through our own research and the food was amazing the whole trip! What a great way to see the country and to spend our honeymoon!”
    – South Carolina, United States Rimu, November 2016
  • Rimu is Wonderful - A few tips if you plan to go...

    “My husband and I took the Rimu trip in early November 2016 and had a really terrific time. I encourage everyone who is seriously considering the Rimu to go ahead and sign up. That being said, with all of the fun we had, I do wish we had known a few things ahead of time. I include these tips for you, the soon-to-be Rimu traveler, to make your trip more enjoyable. However, I can promise that even if you do none of these things, you will still have a marvelous time:

    1. Guys, if you opt to snorkel with the fur seals be sure to shave your mustache before you leave home. It seems obvious now, but it never occurred to my husband that the mask wouldn’t seal properly to his face with his mustache. Do yourself a favor and shave it off or spend the afternoon dealing with a leaky mask.

    2. I also wish I had known just how intense and challenging the 3-day multi-hike through Nelson Lakes would be. If you’re an office worker and occasional hiker like me, then I encourage you to take this trip but do lots of practice/fitness training in advance. Load up your pack and get on the stair-master or start climbing really steep hills. The hike is gorgeous and worth it, but I can promise you it will be a lot more enjoyable if you’re in good shape for it. Also, there are no showers at the huts and only latrines (port-a-potties) for toilets, so bring baby wipes for exactly the same reason you would use them on a baby (wink wink). And also bring hiking poles! I know it says optional on the gear list, but I really found them to be essential. As for the water bottle – leave that at home and invest in a good water bladder system (a “Camelback” or similar). We found the water bottle to be a hassle to take in and out of the bag (forcing us to stop each time), which made us want to drink less water. The water bladders allow you to keep moving and you’ll find you’re more hydrated.

    3. The sea kayaks (and, honestly, New Zealand in general) are not made for people over 6’ 2” in height (187 cm). Watch your head everywhere you go, and as for the kayaks, it may help to have the taller person sit in the front seat of the kayak instead of the back.

    4. Also, pack enough clothes for a week and then expect to do laundry. Bring some travel-sized laundry soap packets to help save money and make sure you have enough 1$ and 2$ coins for laundry before you get to the hotel (the machines are generally pretty expensive: about $3 for the washer and between $3 - $5 for 30 minutes in the dryer).

    5. Bring good cycling shorts – yes, the ones with the weird-feeling padding on the bum. It will help prevent the dreaded ‘grumpy grundle’.

    6. And finally, a heads-up to my fellow outgoing introverts (yes, we exist): this trip contains long days of social interaction (think 7:15 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.), with few breaks for introspection/solitude. If you need some down time, skip dinner or unfurl all of the emergency blankets and build your own fort at the back of the bus and hang a sign that says, “Stay Out!” (just kidding about that last one).

    A great big thank you to our guides, Rachel and Jordan, who were informative and helpful beyond measure. How they managed to remain cheerful and engaging considering they had to do all of the exertion we clients had to do, plus all of their work on top of it, is beyond me. They are the embodiment of Kiwi hospitality! We are already thinking of coming back for a North Island tour sometime soon.”
    – Missouri, United States Rimu, November 2016
  • Great way to experience New Zealand

    – Indiana, United States Kiwi, November 2016
  • 50 Shades of Green

    “I highly recommend the full itinerary for the Kauri trip! Excellent hikes, fantastic scenery, and great variety of activities: sand boarding, biking, caving, and snorkeling.”
    – Maine, United States Kauri, November 2016
  • Wonderful trip.

    “Spectacular trip. It was like rolling together most of the US National Parks into one state. The great locations just kept coming one after another.”
    – Missouri, United States Kiwi, November 2016
  • “This trip exceeded every expectation. Every activity was more exciting than the last, never was there a dull moment. The hikes, especially the hike to Cape Brett and the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, were absolutely incredible. Andy and Jo were the perfect team. Andy always kept us occupied with good stories and always had a backup plan if we weren't able to do something on the itinerary. He took the time on hikes to stop and point out unique things that otherwise would have been missed. "Mama Jo" really looked after us and made sure we all had the most amazing time. I have no idea where she found the energy to always be the one running back up the mountain to help carry the backpacks of tired hikers and then get back to the accommodations and cook everybody a delicious dinner. They were more than just tour guides, they were our family. I highly recommend this trip!”
    – Vermont, United States Kauri, November 2016
  • Amazing Trip

    “This trip was amazing - the hikes took us to beautiful vistas, the guides were knowledgeable and fun, and the food was never in short supply ("Food is Fuel!" as one of our guides kept restating).

    Koru and Kim were great guides throughout and everyone had so much fun! I was traveling solo but 2 of the other 4 on my trip were as well, so nobody was ever left out! Having such a small group made the activities much easier to enjoy.

    The hikes, like I mentioned, were truly unbelievable, though somewhat more difficult than I expected. Everything was talked as 'full-on' or by time, but know that NZ hikes are up mountains then back down, so work on hills more than distance before you go! Even some of the small walks we did (Blue Pools, only 5 minutes from the road & the Chasm, 10 minutes from the road) were breathtaking. Kayaking the Milford Sound was another once in a lifetime experience we got to have on this trip.

    The only thing I would have liked (and got jokingly by the end of the trip) were straight communication prior to the hikes about how long they were updates mid-hike about how much longer/further. There was one day with miscommunications leading me to think the hike would be another 3+ hours uphill (nearly inducing panic) but was really only 30 more minutes.

    Overall, I really loved this trip!”
    – California, United States Tui, November 2016
  • Kiwi trip with Michelle

    “Michelle was the perfect guide, gently urging us to go as far as we could, cooking delicious meals, and a great companion.

    The trip included long walks, kayaking, and scenic drives in the perfect proportion -- we saw an amazing amount of beautiful scenery, both up close and from the van.

    Another plus was how friendly people were, on the trails and in restaurants. I have rarely felt so welcome and safe. New Zealanders are obviously concerned about their environment, and work to keep it pristine.”
    – New York, United States Kiwi, November 2016

    “I have been trying to pick my highlight of the trip, and I have come to the conclusion that the whole experience of the Tui trip was a highlight, especially for me coming from the hot Queensland sun where I had not even seen snow before. The country side of NZ is awesome, clear skyes, clean water ways, endless beauty every where I looked. You were able to clear your mind on the hikes and get back in touch with nature, I came home with eye strain from trying to catch and absord all the beauty around me. The trip was even more that I was expecting from start to end. The knowledge of Koru and Kim was great, also those two are machines!!!!!. They went out of there way to make us all feel welcome, nurtured, comfortable and my god, well feed . I can't speak highly enough about Kim and Koru.
    I have come home feeling great buzzing about hiking and exploring. Even the girls in the office from start to end have been so helpful and happy. Thank you for making a big decision so easy.
    I could keep ranting for ages it was the best thing I have done. Thankyou Active Adventures. 1 Happy little Aussie.”
    – Queensland, Australia Tui, November 2016
  • Don't delay, sign up today!

    “Active Adventures has developed a fantastic itinerary for touring the South Island while hiking, kayaking, and biking at some of the most scenic spots. The guides are fun and treat you like family.”
    – Maine, United States Rimu, November 2016
  • A once in a lifetime trip

    “From the moment Koru and Elder picked us up to the sad moment when they dropped us off after our adventure, they were incredible hosts. Every day, we had an incredible adventure - the weather worked out perfectly for stunning views - with each day being even more awesome (really full of awe) than the last. There were people with a variety of physical fitness on the trip, but our guides were able to adjust accordingly (and let those of us who are more athletic press a bit harder).

    I also did things I was afraid to do - I finally went snorkeling thanks to Dave in Kaikora, and Elder was an amazing coach on the bike trail.

    I fell in love with New Zealand - the scenery, the people we met, the people on the trip, and our guides. Overall, a truly wonderful experience.”
    – New York, United States Rimu, November 2016
  • Tui

    “Amazing exciting adventure with great guides!”
    – Texas, United States Tui, November 2016
  • A beautiful adventure with fantastic guides

    “My wife and I had an unforgettable experience discovering the beautiful beaches and volcanic regions of the North Island.
    Every day was jammed with fun and diverse activities. I cannot think of a better, more efficient way to learning and exploring a new country.
    Andy and Jo make a great team too. Andy is extremely knowledgeable, smart, fun, cheeky and helpful. Jo is the perfect partner and she cooks fabulously!
    There are so many small details that have made this trip so awesome. Birthday cakes, surprises, trip music selection, great weather, great travel companions, the list goes on!”
    – British Columbia, Canada Kauri, November 2016
  • Lovely holiday

    “New Zealand is the place to visit. People like our guide, Nick, were so helpful and flexible and "no problem" about everything. Things were so flexible on this Active Adventure trip. When we wanted to do something special, it happened. We were able to have a 5 day trip that covered hiking, cruises, sightseeing. Nick answered questions and came up with all sorts of things to do, including bringing his Frisbees. He gave us information about what to do and places to go after the Active Adventures trip.”
    – Georgia, United States Manuka, November 2016
  • Excellent taste of the Great Walks

    “Active Adventures designed a individual trip for us trying out several of the Great Walks and climbing some peaks. Our guide Nick did a great job tailoring the trip for our interests. Great experience. We will definitely be checking with Active Adventures about future trips.”
    – Nevada, United States Manuka, November 2016
  • Lifetime Experience

    “What an amazing time! An experience to remember forever. The Active Adventure Guides Hilary and Greg were fantastic and made this a memorable adventure.”
    – California, United States Rimu, November 2016
  • Experience of a Lifetime!

    “Active Adventures was an incredible trip. We had two excellent and knowledgeable guides that were a real team and complemented themselves very well--plus the meals they prepared were awesome. They REALLY made our trip special! There were so many new activities for me that I had never done before that I can't even pick a favorite--I loved them all. New Zealand is a beautiful country, and your well thought out itinerary certainly allowed us to see and experience it in unique ways--hiking, cycling, kayaking, wine tasting, etc. Celebrating my 66th birthday with champagne and fresh strawberries after hiking up Searly Tarn trail was a birthday I will truly never forget! Thank you Active Adventures!”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, November 2016

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