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The most important bit! While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our New Zealand trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves. We get a huge amount of feedback from our guests, all of which we read and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips.

Feel free to drop us a line and we can put you in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and find out what it’s really like to travel with us!

We've been running adventure trips for over 20 years, so we have a LOT of reviews. In the interest of not making you wait eons for the page to load, we've decided to show our 100 most recent. Though, if you'd like to read older reviews, please drop us a line and we'll certainly share plenty more with you!

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Review ratings for our individual trips

Kauri 4.49
271 reviews
Kea 4.66
199 reviews
Kiwi 4.62
149 reviews
Manuka 4.39
783 reviews
Rimu 4.51
4148 reviews
Tui 4.59
1407 reviews
Weka 4.42
237 reviews
Winter Rimu 4.62
521 reviews
  • Great food and activity coordination

    “Great overview of South Island hiking trails and activities. Michelle and Hilary did a great job with good driving, delicious cooking, and activity coordination.”
    – California, United States Kiwi, December 2016
  • kiwi

    “Michelle and Hillary were great and exceeded expectations!”
    – Maryland, United States Kiwi, December 2016
  • It was great

    “A combination of a great group and great guides”
    – Alberta, Canada Kauri, December 2016
  • Happy hobbit!

    “Totally enjoyed our kiwi adventure with Nick and Jess!!! The daily hiking trips were sometimes grueling, but the reward at the end, of being totally surrounded by the awesome natural beauty was truly worth it.
    Could not have asked for more... Truly a trip of a lifetime!!!”
    – Hawaii, United States Kiwi, December 2016
  • Great way to get a taste of South Island

    “It was the first trip to New Zealand for my husband and myself. And also a first trip we took as a part of an organized group. We weren't sure what to expect. The experience was great. We met like-minded people and enjoyed their companionship. The group was small - 9 people plus 2 guides and the minibus was big enough to spread comfortably. The guides were awesome - cheerful young people knowledgeable in culture and nature. They worked around the clock to make our tri as good as possible and were trying accommodate everybody's wishes. Our only regret was that we spent maybe more time on the bus than we wanted. On the other hand, all rides were were scenic and I do not know how else we could get to see so much. So no good advice how to change it. We loved all the lodges we stayed in, each one with a special charm.”
    – Texas, United States Manuka, December 2016
  • Wet and Wild

    “I really enjoyed our Rimu trip! Steve and Liana were great hosts and guides!
    The many parks in New Zealand are proof of Nature's Beauty!
    I heard my first Avalanche and saw icebergs on an inland lake!
    The waterfalls seemed endless and the fiords were spectacular!
    It was a pleasure to let Steve do the driving and allow us to relax and enjoy the scenery.
    The hikes along the Kepler and Routeburn Tracks were great! It was great to see portions of these wonders.
    I thank Steve and Liana and Ellie too for helping us with the arrangements.
    I will recommend Active Adventures to all my outdoor friends.”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2016
  • “Walking each day in varied and beautiful scenery was the highlight. At times I felt I was in a Lord of the Rings movie set - it was beautiful, wild and dramatic. Our guides, Greg and Clara made everything about the tour enjoyable and informative. The food was great and the good company along the way was a bonus. It was my first trip travelling solo and I didn't know what to expect, however it was quite simply a wonderful experience of the beauty of NZ on a relaxed and hassle free journey. Thank-you”
    – New South Wales, Australia Manuka, December 2016
  • Tui 2016

    “This trip was fantastic, one of the best holidays I have had!

    The guides were enthusiastic, had great local knowledge and were able to work around the weather conditions so our days were filled with enjoyable and safe activities no matter what
    The hikes were tailored to suite everyone so everyone could join in and enjoy no matter age etc but were still challenging enough for avid hikers
    The food and accommodation were excellent

    I would definitely recommend this holiday to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and being active, thank you for showing us around your beautiful country”
    – South Australia, Australia Tui, December 2016
  • Amazing Adventure in Beautiful New Zealand

    “New Zealand has been a dream trip for me for years and I was so excited and a bit nervous to set out on this group journey. Excited for all the amazing destinations along the way, but a bit nervous about "group travel" as I was traveling solo, tend to be pretty independent, and didn't know what to expect. However, from day 1, the group got along great and the camaraderie grew along the way. The group was primarily solo travelers, with a few couples as well. Our guides, Andy and Ash, were fantastic and really helped deliver an incredible experience. The scenery was amazing, and we did a nice job breaking up driving/traveling days with hikes and activities along the way. The hikes were beautiful and appropriately challenging, but be prepared for all seasons in one day. In November, we experienced quite a bit of rain, but we were well prepared for the conditions and that didn't hold us back! It is hard to choose a favorite destination of this trip, but from mountains to lakes, rivers to sea, the Rimu trip was an incredible experience. A few favorites: Braemar Station and Lake Punakaiki, the beautiful lupine flowers highlighting Lake Wanaka and the Hawea River Trail, snow capped alps, and green hillsides along the way. Milford Sound was majestic, and the Marlborough Sound region was equally gorgeous. I had such an amazing trip and am already dreaming of the next destination!”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2016
  • Rimu review

    “The accommodations were better than we could have found through our own research and the food was amazing the whole trip! What a great way to see the country and to spend our honeymoon!”
    – South Carolina, United States Rimu, November 2016
  • Rimu is Wonderful - A few tips if you plan to go...

    “My husband and I took the Rimu trip in early November 2016 and had a really terrific time. I encourage everyone who is seriously considering the Rimu to go ahead and sign up. That being said, with all of the fun we had, I do wish we had known a few things ahead of time. I include these tips for you, the soon-to-be Rimu traveler, to make your trip more enjoyable. However, I can promise that even if you do none of these things, you will still have a marvelous time:

    1. Guys, if you opt to snorkel with the fur seals be sure to shave your mustache before you leave home. It seems obvious now, but it never occurred to my husband that the mask wouldn’t seal properly to his face with his mustache. Do yourself a favor and shave it off or spend the afternoon dealing with a leaky mask.

    2. I also wish I had known just how intense and challenging the 3-day multi-hike through Nelson Lakes would be. If you’re an office worker and occasional hiker like me, then I encourage you to take this trip but do lots of practice/fitness training in advance. Load up your pack and get on the stair-master or start climbing really steep hills. The hike is gorgeous and worth it, but I can promise you it will be a lot more enjoyable if you’re in good shape for it. Also, there are no showers at the huts and only latrines (port-a-potties) for toilets, so bring baby wipes for exactly the same reason you would use them on a baby (wink wink). And also bring hiking poles! I know it says optional on the gear list, but I really found them to be essential. As for the water bottle – leave that at home and invest in a good water bladder system (a “Camelback” or similar). We found the water bottle to be a hassle to take in and out of the bag (forcing us to stop each time), which made us want to drink less water. The water bladders allow you to keep moving and you’ll find you’re more hydrated.

    3. The sea kayaks (and, honestly, New Zealand in general) are not made for people over 6’ 2” in height (187 cm). Watch your head everywhere you go, and as for the kayaks, it may help to have the taller person sit in the front seat of the kayak instead of the back.

    4. Also, pack enough clothes for a week and then expect to do laundry. Bring some travel-sized laundry soap packets to help save money and make sure you have enough 1$ and 2$ coins for laundry before you get to the hotel (the machines are generally pretty expensive: about $3 for the washer and between $3 - $5 for 30 minutes in the dryer).

    5. Bring good cycling shorts – yes, the ones with the weird-feeling padding on the bum. It will help prevent the dreaded ‘grumpy grundle’.

    6. And finally, a heads-up to my fellow outgoing introverts (yes, we exist): this trip contains long days of social interaction (think 7:15 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.), with few breaks for introspection/solitude. If you need some down time, skip dinner or unfurl all of the emergency blankets and build your own fort at the back of the bus and hang a sign that says, “Stay Out!” (just kidding about that last one).

    A great big thank you to our guides, Rachel and Jordan, who were informative and helpful beyond measure. How they managed to remain cheerful and engaging considering they had to do all of the exertion we clients had to do, plus all of their work on top of it, is beyond me. They are the embodiment of Kiwi hospitality! We are already thinking of coming back for a North Island tour sometime soon.”
    – Missouri, United States Rimu, November 2016
  • 50 Shades of Green

    “I highly recommend the full itinerary for the Kauri trip! Excellent hikes, fantastic scenery, and great variety of activities: sand boarding, biking, caving, and snorkeling.”
    – Maine, United States Kauri, November 2016
  • Great way to experience New Zealand

    – Indiana, United States Kiwi, November 2016
  • Wonderful trip.

    “Spectacular trip. It was like rolling together most of the US National Parks into one state. The great locations just kept coming one after another.”
    – Missouri, United States Kiwi, November 2016
  • “This trip exceeded every expectation. Every activity was more exciting than the last, never was there a dull moment. The hikes, especially the hike to Cape Brett and the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, were absolutely incredible. Andy and Jo were the perfect team. Andy always kept us occupied with good stories and always had a backup plan if we weren't able to do something on the itinerary. He took the time on hikes to stop and point out unique things that otherwise would have been missed. "Mama Jo" really looked after us and made sure we all had the most amazing time. I have no idea where she found the energy to always be the one running back up the mountain to help carry the backpacks of tired hikers and then get back to the accommodations and cook everybody a delicious dinner. They were more than just tour guides, they were our family. I highly recommend this trip!”
    – Vermont, United States Kauri, November 2016
  • Kiwi trip with Michelle

    “Michelle was the perfect guide, gently urging us to go as far as we could, cooking delicious meals, and a great companion.

    The trip included long walks, kayaking, and scenic drives in the perfect proportion -- we saw an amazing amount of beautiful scenery, both up close and from the van.

    Another plus was how friendly people were, on the trails and in restaurants. I have rarely felt so welcome and safe. New Zealanders are obviously concerned about their environment, and work to keep it pristine.”
    – New York, United States Kiwi, November 2016
  • Amazing Trip

    “This trip was amazing - the hikes took us to beautiful vistas, the guides were knowledgeable and fun, and the food was never in short supply ("Food is Fuel!" as one of our guides kept restating).

    Koru and Kim were great guides throughout and everyone had so much fun! I was traveling solo but 2 of the other 4 on my trip were as well, so nobody was ever left out! Having such a small group made the activities much easier to enjoy.

    The hikes, like I mentioned, were truly unbelievable, though somewhat more difficult than I expected. Everything was talked as 'full-on' or by time, but know that NZ hikes are up mountains then back down, so work on hills more than distance before you go! Even some of the small walks we did (Blue Pools, only 5 minutes from the road & the Chasm, 10 minutes from the road) were breathtaking. Kayaking the Milford Sound was another once in a lifetime experience we got to have on this trip.

    The only thing I would have liked (and got jokingly by the end of the trip) were straight communication prior to the hikes about how long they were updates mid-hike about how much longer/further. There was one day with miscommunications leading me to think the hike would be another 3+ hours uphill (nearly inducing panic) but was really only 30 more minutes.

    Overall, I really loved this trip!”
    – California, United States Tui, November 2016

    “I have been trying to pick my highlight of the trip, and I have come to the conclusion that the whole experience of the Tui trip was a highlight, especially for me coming from the hot Queensland sun where I had not even seen snow before. The country side of NZ is awesome, clear skyes, clean water ways, endless beauty every where I looked. You were able to clear your mind on the hikes and get back in touch with nature, I came home with eye strain from trying to catch and absord all the beauty around me. The trip was even more that I was expecting from start to end. The knowledge of Koru and Kim was great, also those two are machines!!!!!. They went out of there way to make us all feel welcome, nurtured, comfortable and my god, well feed . I can't speak highly enough about Kim and Koru.
    I have come home feeling great buzzing about hiking and exploring. Even the girls in the office from start to end have been so helpful and happy. Thank you for making a big decision so easy.
    I could keep ranting for ages it was the best thing I have done. Thankyou Active Adventures. 1 Happy little Aussie.”
    – Queensland, Australia Tui, November 2016
  • Don't delay, sign up today!

    “Active Adventures has developed a fantastic itinerary for touring the South Island while hiking, kayaking, and biking at some of the most scenic spots. The guides are fun and treat you like family.”
    – Maine, United States Rimu, November 2016
  • A once in a lifetime trip

    “From the moment Koru and Elder picked us up to the sad moment when they dropped us off after our adventure, they were incredible hosts. Every day, we had an incredible adventure - the weather worked out perfectly for stunning views - with each day being even more awesome (really full of awe) than the last. There were people with a variety of physical fitness on the trip, but our guides were able to adjust accordingly (and let those of us who are more athletic press a bit harder).

    I also did things I was afraid to do - I finally went snorkeling thanks to Dave in Kaikora, and Elder was an amazing coach on the bike trail.

    I fell in love with New Zealand - the scenery, the people we met, the people on the trip, and our guides. Overall, a truly wonderful experience.”
    – New York, United States Rimu, November 2016
  • Tui

    “Amazing exciting adventure with great guides!”
    – Texas, United States Tui, November 2016
  • A beautiful adventure with fantastic guides

    “My wife and I had an unforgettable experience discovering the beautiful beaches and volcanic regions of the North Island.
    Every day was jammed with fun and diverse activities. I cannot think of a better, more efficient way to learning and exploring a new country.
    Andy and Jo make a great team too. Andy is extremely knowledgeable, smart, fun, cheeky and helpful. Jo is the perfect partner and she cooks fabulously!
    There are so many small details that have made this trip so awesome. Birthday cakes, surprises, trip music selection, great weather, great travel companions, the list goes on!”
    – British Columbia, Canada Kauri, November 2016
  • Lovely holiday

    “New Zealand is the place to visit. People like our guide, Nick, were so helpful and flexible and "no problem" about everything. Things were so flexible on this Active Adventure trip. When we wanted to do something special, it happened. We were able to have a 5 day trip that covered hiking, cruises, sightseeing. Nick answered questions and came up with all sorts of things to do, including bringing his Frisbees. He gave us information about what to do and places to go after the Active Adventures trip.”
    – Georgia, United States Manuka, November 2016
  • Excellent taste of the Great Walks

    “Active Adventures designed a individual trip for us trying out several of the Great Walks and climbing some peaks. Our guide Nick did a great job tailoring the trip for our interests. Great experience. We will definitely be checking with Active Adventures about future trips.”
    – Nevada, United States Manuka, November 2016
  • Lifetime Experience

    “What an amazing time! An experience to remember forever. The Active Adventure Guides Hilary and Greg were fantastic and made this a memorable adventure.”
    – California, United States Rimu, November 2016
  • Experience of a Lifetime!

    “Active Adventures was an incredible trip. We had two excellent and knowledgeable guides that were a real team and complemented themselves very well--plus the meals they prepared were awesome. They REALLY made our trip special! There were so many new activities for me that I had never done before that I can't even pick a favorite--I loved them all. New Zealand is a beautiful country, and your well thought out itinerary certainly allowed us to see and experience it in unique ways--hiking, cycling, kayaking, wine tasting, etc. Celebrating my 66th birthday with champagne and fresh strawberries after hiking up Searly Tarn trail was a birthday I will truly never forget! Thank you Active Adventures!”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, November 2016
  • Amazing Kiwi Trip

    “The Active Adventures Kiwi Tour took us to one beautiful hiking destination after another. We loved the opportunity to be outdoors and active on our vacation, and to see so much of the South Island. We were thoroughly spoiled by the delicious and healthy meals provided by our extraordinary guide, Michelle. We also enjoyed learning Maori legends and about the flora and fauna of New Zealand. Active Adventures clearly knows what they are doing, and hire great people.”
    – Missouri, United States Kiwi, November 2016
  • Chris Darcy review of Rimu Trip

    “The term trip of a lifetime gets used far too frequently. This was one. The South Island of New Zealand is likely the most beautiful place on earth, pound for pound. Nowhere else can you find so much beautiful landscape, diverse landscapes and microclimates packed into such a small area, which can be travelled in such a short amount of time while still doing it justice. Our guides, Holly and Claire, were fantastic - wonderful dispositions, knowledgeable, tireless and attentive - and made the trip special. And Kiwis are some of the nicest folks on earth (after Canadians of course) - we didn't have a single negative experience the whole time we were there. If you've been thinking of going to New Zealand don't wait - you can't do better than this trip - just make sure you take extra memory cards for your camera.”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, November 2016
  • Best Trip!!

    “The trip was everything and more of what I expected!! Our guides were amazing and very helpful and attentive. My group was super cool!”
    – Distrito Federal, Mexico Tui, October 2016
  • Exceptional

    “I could not have had a better experience on my Tui trip. From start to finish, Claire and Alex were professional, organized, informative, patient and above all else... just amazing human beings. Claire (bear) had an incredible knowledge about New Zealand. No questions went un-answered. She clearly loves her country and it showed in her passion for the culture and the great outdoors. A true guide and educator at heart (I believe.) Alex was so fun and such a great chef. She has an amazing amount of travel experience (especially for her age) and it showed in her skill-set while guiding us.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Tui, October 2016
  • Awesome Adventure!

    “Our guides Tess and Nick were amazing!! They had great chemistry and really went above and beyond what I expected from them. They made sure everyone was happy and included in everything we did. I can't say enough good things about those two!”
    – Utah, United States Rimu, October 2016
  • Wonderful Tui Trip

    “I wanted to visit NZ since I was six years old and a friend moved there. It took 50+ years for me to get there but Active Adventures made the wait worthwhile. Spectacular scenery, great guides and interesting travel companions made the trip go by too quickly.

    I just wish I had brought less stuff than the list recommended. Way overpacked. But Ken was good about it, moving bags around without a complaint. In fact, having Ken as a guide really helped make the trip. He has an indepth knowledge of NZ and a great storytelling style.

    I'd take the Tui trip again, well, except that I want to see other parts of NZ!”
    – New Hampshire, United States Tui, October 2016
  • Rimu Trip (September 2016)

    “This was by far the best tour that I have ever gone on! I really wish the trip could go on for another month! From the moment the trip began, Claire and Holly created a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere and made an effort to know everyone personally. They were very knowledgeable about various facts in New Zealand and when they didn't know the answers, they searched for them right away. Everything was very organized, from the daily itinerary to the meals prepared. Food was absolutely delicious and definitely one of the highlights! The places to visit were well chosen and I was amazed by the beautiful landscapes of the South Island. The hikes and stays at Nelson Lakes are a must-do! A fantastic group dynamic as well. I would recommend this trip without any hesitation!”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, October 2016
  • Perfect first trip to breathtaking Southern Alps

    “As upper-middle-aged travelers, we approached this trip with high expectations but slight trepidation due to the intense terrain. Our guide smoothed all the rough edges, enabling us to simply enjoy ourselves throughout the trip. His good humor and competence were unflagging. He was also a fantastic cook!
    The trip spanned an amazing diversity of natural settings and welcoming towns. The New Zealand system of maintained backcountry huts provided very comfortable and convenient shelters and facilities. We are already discussing when we can come back!”
    – North Carolina, United States Winter Rimu, October 2016
  • “The Winter Rimu is such a wonderful way to visit the highlights and hidden gems of the South Island! Since it's the off-season, the trails are sparsely populated, and you really get to enjoy nature (without sand-flies). The gorgeous snowy peaks certainly don't hurt either.”
    – California, United States Winter Rimu, September 2016
  • Winter Rimu - July 2016

    “This trip represented the first two weeks of our 4 and a bit in New Zealand. It wasn't the cheapest way we could have 'done' the South island but it was worth every penny. Although we are confident and capable in the outdoors we felt that the combination of expert local knowledge in an environment with which we weren't familiar (particularly from a 'weather in winter' point of view) and not having to worry about logistics was worth spending a wee bit of money on. We weren't disappointed. The guides Mel and Gary, were excellent throughout; whether they were telling us stories, motivating, cooking, reassuring, improvising or just doing the basics of guiding - everything was done to a really high standard. We did have to learn Kiwi guide speak though - 'around the next corner' - about 5 miles, 'a bit undulating' - mountainous, 'west coast weather' - days of solid rain and so on. We also learned to judge the weather by how much Gary's socks were pulled up - right over the calves - a bit chilly, long trousers - 'batten down the hatches it's pissing down'....and so on. The itinerary and structure of the trip was excellent - yes you move around a fair bit but it doesn't get wearing and there is a good mix of activity so that whilst you are always active it's not one huge day after another - there's plenty of time for 'recovery' should you need it. You'll get the best out of the trip if you have some 'get up and go' about you - the second week on the west coast was almost solid rain and sometimes torrential - that's why you bring a good attitude and a full set of waterproofs! Drying things out overnight became a daily challenge! The wet weather actually prevented us from undertaking one of our multi days hikes but the days were seamlessly filled and accommodation arranged so that we wouldn't have noticed had we not known the itinerary in advance. A specific mention goes to Mel's cooking which was awesome - even managing to rustle me up a birthday cake in one of the huts and also to Gary the Glowworm - you just had to be there. Personal highlights included kayaking on Milford Sound and Okarito, climbing Alex Knob in the snow and getting great views across the Franz Josef glacier as we ascended as well as Mt Aspiring hut - just a few of many.
    Overall an excellent trip and on the back of it we would definitely use Active again for trips elsewhere around the, where did I put the Patagonia itinerary....?”
    – Scotland/Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom Winter Rimu, September 2016
  • A "Sweet As" adventure

    “The 14 day Winter Rimu trip was the best guided tour trip I have ever taken! Everyday was action packed with great 2-3 hour hikes that took you to places you never would of seen alone. Jasmine and Elder were our hospitable guides, they cooked for us delicious meals, took us to local places to explore the culture, told us great stories and made sure each of our questions were answered. During the 14 day trip I felt like we formed a family of 8. We hiked, ate and explored beautiful New Zealand together. Making friends this way was the most fun part. When the hikes were tough and the rain was pouring on us, not only did Jasmine and Elder provide encouragement but the other tour mates were there to give you a boost.
    I was very impressed with the organization and the accommodations that were arranged, they were cozy, clean and had amazing views. I would definitely do this tour again in another part of the world.”
    – Texas, United States Winter Rimu, September 2016
  • Winter Rimu Trip with Jasmine and Elder

    “Over the course of a fortnight the activities vary, the destinations change, and the weather does what weather does so the only constant is the guides. Jasmine and Elder, from the moment I met them in Christchurch on the first day until the moment when they dropped all of us off at the airport two weeks later, were patient, flexible, attentive, and infinitely good-humored. When a day's activity had to be cancelled (no kayaking on Milford Sound due to 80-km.-an-hour winds) they responded quickly and proactively (a cruise of the sound with lunch). Nothing seemed to bother them and they seemed to want nothing more than to ensure that we had a memorable trip filled with new experiences and minimal inconvenience or (unwelcome) surprises. (The Pavlova cake on our last night, which appeared out of nowhere was a surprise of the best kind.)
    As for the trip itself, independent of the guides--if that's possible--it was exceptional. Nothing is more eyebrow-raising than to hear a tourist come back from a city, or country, or island claiming to have "done everything," but we came close. The tour was designed to show us the mountains, valleys, historic towns, and beautiful countryside of New Zealand. By the end of the trip I had a deep first impression of the country and its history, the topography and the culture. (Jasmine and Elder could lecture at university on just about any subject that came up.) I would love to get back to New Zealand but if that isn't possible I'll know that I had the best time possible.”
    – New York, United States Winter Rimu, August 2016
  • “I had a fabulous time. Loved the variety of activities. The accommodations were comfortable and the meals great. Our guide, Gary was helpful and a wonderful cook.
    I look forward to traveling with you in the future.”
    – California, United States Winter Rimu, August 2016
  • Harry , UK

    “Hiking in stunning scenery, mountains more rugged than I imagined, beautiful lakes and glaciers wonderful, strange looking forests, kayaking on a beautiful coastal lagoon. Led by knowledgeable, incredibly helpful and fun guides... Visiting many curious towns. All very interesting - A great introduction to the South Island. Brilliant.”
    – Staffordshire, United Kingdom Winter Rimu, August 2016
  • Everything I Hoped for and MORE

    “My trip to the South Island of New Zealand was an adventure I won't forget! It is impossible to pick one favorite activity or day. From the first day of an "easy" hike at Kaikoura (and one very territorial seal); our very rough return trip on the water taxi from our hike at Abel Tasman where some of us got soaked; to our kayaking in Milford Sound (something I had never done before and one I now love).
    Our free time in Christchurch where I went white water rafting in the glacier water (what an experience). Also, while I was in Christchurch I had the opportunity to stop by the Active Adventure office and meet Lynette. It was great finally being able to put a face with some one whom I had been talking/emailing with. Everyone at the headquarters made me feel right at home!
    The pancake Rocks and blowholes; my first helicopter ride to Franz Josef Glacier (how do you top that). These are just some of the exciting, breath-taking destinations!
    When I first read the reviews, I couldn't imagine how the stay at Braemer Station could possibly be the highlight of my trip. But, even with all the truly unforgetable sites (and most I have permanently etched in my mind), my time at Braemer's is how everyone of my --- tell me about New Zealand -- talks ends!! What a truly remarkable place. The pure since of beauty, calm and peace I felt while I was there. It is hard to describe. It not only puts a smile on my face just thnking about it, but also tears of joy!
    Our group was lucky to have an amateur astronomer with us. We went outside both nights to gaze at the stars. Our whole group laid out on a borrowed table cloth gazing at the Southern Cross and the Milkey Way. We were totally enamored with our surroundings. What a place to spend my final night on the South Island of New Zealand!!!
    I certainly do not want to forget about James and Kirsten. Both making sure all our needs were not only met, but exceeded. From Kirsten's culinary skills to knowing just how much to push me hiking to accomplish my goals. She made sure I succeeded! And James, making sure he found out what made each of us tick! There aren't enough "kudos" to tell you how much they made my trip the success that it was!
    I could go on and on - and often do when I'm asked about my adventure to New Zealand. I have nothing but positive comments about my trip and Active Adventures (which I have recommended to several people).
    Well, now that I have written a "small" book I want to Thank You Active Adventures for making this my adventure of a lifetime -- something I will never forget!”
    – Ohio, United States Kiwi, August 2016
  • Joy Project; New Zealand's North Island

    “The Tongariro Crossing was the highlight of my visit of the Northern Island. I felt as though we were trekking on another planet.

    Andrew and Claire shared their extensive knowledge of New Zealand’s culture, land, flora and fauna while offering great music on Dick, the bus and fabulous meals!

    I was asked about traveling to New Zealand alone. I explained I was not alone but traveling with twelve friends I had not met yet. This turned out to be factual.
    Lynn Marie”
    – Michigan, United States Kauri, August 2016
  • Best Decision I have ever made so far,

    “Having time during my transfer to do what ever I wanted to do, I decided to visit New Zealand after hearing about it's beauty and adventure. I can say it met all my expectations and more. I enjoyed every meal they provided, every hike, and even when I wanted to do a little more then the group was up for they were very supportive of making sure I had the time of my life. Snowboarding in Queenstown was amazing and such a great little place to go out on the town. Even when nature decided to change our plans the guides didn't miss a beat. I had a great time and will continue to cherish the memories and fun we had.

    Thanks guys.”
    – Hawaii, United States Winter Rimu, August 2016
  • Amazing Adventure!

    “I just got home from the Winter Rimu trip throughout South Island of New Zealand. To say it was simply "amazing" does not accurately describe the trip. The views, adventures, service and guides were extraordinary. The trip was worth every penny. Even when snowstorms came or other inclement weather hit, there was always a backup plan that allowed us to keep experiencing the awesome culture, people, mountains, lakes and glaciers of New Zealand. I was very impressed with Active Adventures and can not wait to plan my next trip through Active Adventures!”
    – Tennessee, United States Winter Rimu, August 2016
  • NZ in the winter is pretttttty

    “The Winter Rimu trip is very cool. Our guides (Jasmine and Elder) were fantastic, very laid back and super-well organized. Winter in New Zealand is volatile and some of the segments needed to be adjusted, but I was really impressed by how Active Adventures adjusted based on frequent weather forecast checks by always have options available which all ended up being very impressive. If you haven't been to NZ, just go, any season you can make it!”
    – Ontario, Canada Winter Rimu, August 2016
  • Winter Rimu to Remember

    “Coming from a small island which is tropical year around, I didn't expect to have a wonderful winter experience. We had amazing adventures all around the southern island from hikes, kayaking, and food. Everything was well planned out. Even when obstacles with the weather occurred, their alternate plans were just as amazing! Mel and Gary were our guides. These two are the best in each their own. They both displayed great hospitality and patience. I've learned so much about New Zealand while trekking with a great company. Overall, I would return to New Zealand to do more adventures.”
    – GUAM, Guam Winter Rimu, August 2016
  • I wasn't ready for the trip to end!

    “I don't even know where to let's start at the beginning. I spent the last year dreaming about going to New Zealand, trying to talk just one friend into going with me, and finally, with some encouragement from family, booking this trip as a first time solo traveler. And let me be clear- that was the best decision I could have made! I enjoyed every single minute of my trip and wouldn't change the experience of traveling solo for anything. From the moment I met Gary and Mel, I knew that I had made the right decision. They were welcoming, to all, from the moment they met us. Right away I knew I had nothing to worry about, and worry I did prior to the start of the trip. I could not have asked for a better group of travel mates; it was as if you had hand-picked who should be on the trip together. They were amazing! The experiences on the trip would not have been nearly as amazing if it wasn't for these awesome people with whom I had the good fortune to travel.
    Gary and Mel were kind, patient, and so easy to be around. They answered every question a novice like myself asked, without ever making me feel like an idiot. Gary was witty, kept us going, and a super safe driver! ( I am not a big fan of mountain roads with cliffs on the edge that lead to instant death and not once did I fear for my life.) Mel's cooking...holy smokes was it good; so much so that the pounds I was so sure I would lose on the trip didn't happen. She has even inspired me to try to cook a couple of her dishes this winter. She made it look so easy, even with the varied diets of the group. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had chatting with both Gary and Mel wherever we were: on the bus, hiking, eating or playing cards. They brought us all together.
    Now, for the adventures! Every day was different from the day prior. I saw and experienced so many new things that I can't stop talking about it. I loved the really challenging hikes (Sealy Tarns and Alex Knob) and the slower paced treks through the rain forest and valleys. The night sky at Mt. Aspiring Hut is indescribable! While we were unable to go on the second overnight hike due to weather, Gary and Mel didn't miss a beat. We were so busy and had so much fun, even in the rain, that you would never have known that we were doing almost 3 days of alternate activities. Major kudos to them for this! I could keep going on how much I enjoyed every aspect of my trip. This was the first vacation I have been on where I didn't want it to end and it truly was the trip of a lifetime. I can't wait to book my next trip with Active Adventures!”
    – California, United States Winter Rimu, August 2016
  • Incredible family trip!

    “We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our guides did an excellent job being understanding of the food allergies of my daughter”
    – Minnesota, United States Kea, July 2016
  • Thank You Active Adventures

    “Active Adventures' Winter Rimu trip allowed me to experience many things for the first time. Coming from an island of Guam, I was able to see something so different than what I normally see in my backyard. It was my first time to climb up to 1,100 meters. The climb was at Sealy Tarns which overlooked a lake, Mt. Cook village and most especially a fantastic view of Mt. Cook. It was my first time doing an overnight hike as well. We trekked through the scenic landscape towards Mt. Aspiring hut and was rewarded at night with an unspoilt sky of the Southern Hemisphere. It was so clear that we were able to see the Milky Way (another first). We also did a hike up Alex Knobb to get a good view of Franz Glacier and on the way up, we experienced so much elements in one day. We experienced hail and snow (both for the first time) and enjoyed some picturesque views the more higher we climbed.

    From the beginning of the trip, Lynette and Miriam were wonderful at helping to book my trip with Active Adventures. During the trip, Mel and Gary were so hospitable and helped make the trip memorable. Mel and Gary understood that we haven't hiked at this capacity or weren't seasoned hikers, yet they remained with us at the back and encouraged us every step of the way. They helped to show the true essence of New Zealand's natural beauty as well as the friendliness and hospitality of Kiwis. This trip has been amazing and thanks to Active Adventures, New Zealand has become my favorite place in the world.

    Thank you for the memories and for these experiences. <3”
    – GUAM, Guam Winter Rimu, July 2016
  • we had a blast

    “We had the best guides, best group, Good mix of people, Perfect itinerary, cant ask for more for the South Island”
    – Texas, United States Tui, July 2016
  • Perfect way to see the north island

    “had a really good time. Guides were very professional and met all our needs”
    – Texas, United States Kauri, July 2016
  • “The Winter Rimu Trip was an unbelievable experience. It was the perfect combination of exploration and relaxation. Not to mention the food was phenomenal!”
    – Florida, United States Winter Rimu, July 2016
  • I loved every second of my Rimu Trip!!

    “I honestly don't think I could have had a better trip. Every aspect was incredible. We had a great group, only 3 of us and our awesome guide Michelle. We were pretty easy going and up for most anything, so I think that helped with it being really relaxing, while also active and challenging. I loved kayaking in Queen Charlotte Sound and others. The accomodations were always very nice as well as the food we were served. Again, it really was an epic trip. I have so many favorite parts, but Milford Sound was the coolest experience I think. We ended up driving into Milford during a rain storm so it was if the mountains around us were crying. SO. MANY. WATERFALLS. It was a magical event and I was mesmerized by it. The next day we woke up and they were all gone,dried up. It was crazy! Hiking on and near the Franz Josef glacier was incredible. I really didn't have a bad moment. I would highly recommend active adventure to all of my friends and hope to take another trip in the future. Thank you!!”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, July 2016
  • Above and beyond

    “We couldn't have been any more pleased with our Winter Rimu trip! We loved every part of the trip and were amazed at how Active Adventures thought of everything! Not to mention our amazing trip guides who went above and beyond in every way to make the trip that much more memorable. Definitely a trip we'd recommend!”
    – Texas, United States Winter Rimu, June 2016
  • Winter Rimu

    “The trip was fantastic. Well thought out and organized but the real bonus was our guides. One of our party had some physical issues arise and The AA team was able to adapt in such a way that our companion was able to have great time even though he couldn't be all that active.”
    – Florida, United States Winter Rimu, June 2016
  • Great Fun & adventure

    “It was a well-organized and run trip with a wide variety of activities that were challenging, but also fun. It was great to get to know a lot of what New Zealand has to offer outdoor-wise. Sometimes we felt in a little over our heads, but looking back that was the whole point of an adventure. The leaders, Ken. Laura, & Ellie were personable, friendly and approachable and getting to know the fellow travelers on the trip was a great part of the trip. We felt lucky that everyone did get a long well. Since we had been to New Zealand previously, it was great to see & do a lot of things we hadn't had a chance to before. Having AANZ as a guide allowed greater depth & insight into the character of the country and its ecology. Brilliant trip!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tui, June 2016
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “This trip has been in the planning for over two years to celebrate my grandson's graduation.
    We spent three weeks in New Zealand, the last two with Active Adventures. The entire process of working with Active Adventures has been an unbelievable positive experience.
    The most amazing were our two guides Gary for the entire two weeks and Mel the last week.
    Their experience and knowledge was really impressive and their cooking was fantastic.
    I injured my knee the second day but Gary found alternative short hikes I could do and experience the amazing country of New Zealand.
    Words are not sufficient to express the splendor of the snow covered southern Alps or the
    beauty of kayaking on Milford Sound.
    Thank you Gary and Mel for making a fantastic trip the trip of a lifetime!”
    – Florida, United States Winter Rimu, June 2016
  • Winter Rimu - 2016

    “The Winter Rimu trip was a fantastic experience! The guides were professional, enthusiastic, knowledgable and made the trip so enjoyable. Even during some of the minor challenges we encountered, the unwavering positivity from the guides was incredible. What a beautiful trip, I will never forget it and can't wait to come back for another visit! Cheers!”
    – North Carolina, United States Winter Rimu, June 2016
  • Great trip!

    “We had a great time on the Rimu trip. Our guides were extremely organized with pleasant personalities. I was amazed at how excellent the food was. They were great cooks in addition to knowledgeable guides. We did have more rain then expected which caused some changes in the scheduled activity. I would highly recommend Active Adventures for a guided trip where everything is provided with super guides. I am planning to use Active Adventures in the future for a trip to Peru.”
    – Idaho, United States Rimu, June 2016
  • Great experience, Must do it once at least

    “It was my great pleasure having the chance to be a member of this tour in May 2016.
    It is way beyond my expectations, the guides:Jasmine and Elder were great guides and friends, they never hesitated to help any of us at any time.

    The program was well planned and organized, we were very lucky with the weather and I truly had an amazing life-changing experience.
    Trust me, it's worth it!”
    – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Winter Rimu, June 2016
  • Absolutely awesome

    “I visited New Zealand three times in the 1980’s and 1990’s and a fourth visit – a more “active” adventure - became my top bucket list item . . . it was worth the wait! The "Tui" adventure was truly a trip of a lifetime, and our guides, Katie and Alex, were terrific – it’s obvious they love what they do.”
    – California, United States Tui, June 2016
  • Tui with Michelle and Joe!

    “Wow! such a fun trip! Great guides! Really enjoyed them both. Very professional yet so friendly. Toward the end of the trip, felt out group was really close!”
    – California, United States Tui, June 2016
  • Challenging...and Rewarding

    “This was a beautiful trip through a beautiful country. The South Island has lots of environments and the folks we encountered were uniformly friendly and welcoming. The trip was beautifully organized to give us a variety of experiences and our guides were professional and fun. All I needed was more time to take pictures of this wonderful place!”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, June 2016
  • North Island Adventure

    “After finishing the South Island tour, I joined the North Island tour for the last five days out of Auckland, a city I like for the short time I had to explore it. The 12 mile hike over the mountain and the tire tube experience in a cave were highlights along with mountain biking. Andy is a good cook, and a lucky man to catch a good woman from Wales.l”
    – New York, United States Kauri, June 2016
  • Manuka 2016

    “Excellent route, hiking, leaders, vehicle, meals and companionship.”
    – New York, United States Manuka, June 2016
  • Rimu trip March 2016

    “I was a little apprehensive about a group tour but it was a fantastic experience all ways round! The trip organisation was excellent, the guides were awesome & the group was great. We would not have done as many walks nor have seen nearly as many beautiful parts of the South Island if we'd organised the holiday ourselves. I would recommend it to anyone with a good level of fitness who wants to get out there and experience the great outdoors!”
    – New South Wales, Australia Rimu, May 2016
  • A delightful couple of weeks

    “First off, New Zealand itself is just majestic!

    This was the first time we had ever participated in an organized travel sojourn and we had a lovely time. It was a treat to have someone else doing all the work and taking care of the logistics (especially nice for us perhaps since we're still deep in raising our own kids). Dan (K) and Tess were tireless in their efforts and unfailingly good humored, and it was fun getting to know the rest of the group traveling with us.

    Overall, I would say the trip was a little different than I expected (somewhat less active, somewhat older audience, etc) but no less enjoyable for it. Given that it is a group activity, there is some compromise involved in terms of people adjusting to each others pace and fitness levels. But that is offset by the enjoyable camaraderie of the group itself.

    The food was always plentiful - not always inspired, but usually quite tasty, and special efforts made to accommodate people's preferences. And there is a good amount of time on the bus, but hard to avoid that given how much ground the trip covers. Most days the travel time was broken up in such a way as to not seem onerous at all.

    All around, a very relaxing two weeks. Well recommended.”
    – California, United States Rimu, May 2016
  • South Island

    “It was a great way to see and experience New Zealand and its people. Michelle and Elder are excellent tour guides, and the 7 people with me were good company. I don't know if I will ever get to NZ again, but I definitely would return based on my experience. It would be a nice place to live.”
    – New York, United States Tui, May 2016
  • Kauri Mar 2016

    “We joined the Kauri for the second half in Auckland, Andy & Alex welcomed us into the group that was continuing from the first half of the trip, we immediatly felt comfortable. The knowledge that Andy & Alex have tucked away in their brains to share with the guest is amazing, the hiking, biking, cultural events at Te Pau all leading up to the "beast" the Tongariro Alpine Crossing were amazing. The weather for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing was not at its best, but that is the weather in New Zealand in the fall. Learning about the legend "Shrek" and glowing poop rounded off the trip.. Having only completed half of the Kauri trip, are appetites are whetted to return to do the full tour. The camaraderie amongst the tour group was great, the food that Alex prepared & Andy helped with during the tour was amazing, so my waist line tells me.”
    – Alberta, Canada Kauri, May 2016
  • Fantastic Way to See New Zealand!

    “I had been to New Zealand before and knew I had to come back. I also knew I wouldn't settle for a normal tour. This adventure ticked all the boxes! There was some time spent on the bus, but that's the only way you can get to all the amazing places this tour will take you. The food is fantastic, accommodations range from "primitive" to amazing, depending on your choices, and the activities are flexible enough for almost everyone. Gary and Laura are the best! I had so much fun getting to know them and the others in our group. I would say 20% of a trip is who you are traveling with, but it can be 80% of your feelings about it. We hit the jackpot! Everyone was fantastic! I do need to qualify my 5-star rating. This trip was indeed excellent! But I have been on some amazing trips and they ALL warrant trip of a lifetime status.”
    – New Mexico, United States Rimu, May 2016
  • The BEST:)

    “This was one of the best trips I have ever been on! Only downfall was it was only 8 days long...will definitely be going back to New Zealand:)”
    – California, United States Tui, May 2016
  • Best trip ever!

    “From the moment we arrived at the airport, we never worried about a single detail for two weeks - not food, not transport, not what we were going to do -- it was all perfectly planned and wonderfully executed. All we had to do was hike, bike, paddle, and relax!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, May 2016
  • “As a keen hiker turned tramper Active Adventures certainly helped me discover and explore 'Shangri-la' and I feel blessed to be a short 3hr flight away living just north of Sydney - I will return!”
    – New South Wales, Australia Rimu, May 2016
  • Tui was amazing for me!

    “The South Island of New Zealand is the most beautiful place I've ever been. Our guides, Michelle and Joe, were extremely intelligent, kind, and fun! Our fellow tripmates were who you would pick without knowing that's who you'd pick. I had the best time and without Active Adventures I wouldn't have explored this splendorous country and it's natural beauty so thoroughly. It was some of the most adventurous, peaceful, and enjoyable days of my far...”
    – California, United States Tui, May 2016
  • Fabulous trip, every day a new adventure

    “We loved our Active Adventures Kauri trip. Every day we had new adventures hiking in the beautiful North Island. The scenery is spectacular. At the end of the day we'd gather with local bottles of NZ wine and delicious home cooking by Andy and Kim--a great way to recap our day and to learn about the day ahead. Our guides were friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely caring, thank you!”
    – Colorado, United States Kauri, May 2016
  • “This was an amazing trip where I found that even a certified klutz like me was able to survive going up and down mountains and doing other crazy adventures that got me out of my comfort zone; with the help of 2 great guides and the encouragement of the group.”
    – Texas, United States Kauri, May 2016
  • Incredible opportunity!

    “Every day was a fresh challenge and a delightful experience in New Zealand. Our guides were fantastic. I can't really imagine how the trip could be improved. It was simply an expertly organized and led expedition. I hope to travel more with Active Adventures because you obviously know what you are doing!”
    – Virginia, United States Tui, May 2016
  • Tui in the Fall

    “The Tui trip was an amazing way to see the Southern Island. It gets you to places that would be very difficult to access on your own visiting New Zealand for a couple of weeks. Guides were wonderful and very entertaining. Would suggest it to anyone wanting to see the beauty of the South Island”
    – Washington, United States Tui, May 2016
  • Great trip

    “The North Island had a little more variety than the South Island, which I enjoyed. Both trips were excellent.”
    – Texas, United States Kauri, April 2016
  • Great trip

    “Of course New Zealand is beautiful, and Vanessa and Holly made the trip as smooth as possible.”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, April 2016
  • Everlasting Memories in NZ

    “From start to finish, our Tui Trip with Active Adventures was everything we hoped for and more. I have never experienced a more action packed, stunningly beautiful, adventure filled 8 days in my life! Thank you for the many memories made Active!! NZ will forever have my heart!”
    – California, United States Tui, April 2016
  • Brilliant Kauri trip

    “First trip to New Zealand far exceeded expectations. Wonderful country showed off to its best by a superb itinerary and first rate guides.”
    – Scotland, United Kingdom Kauri, April 2016
  • “Our trip was absolutely fantastic. The country is spectacular! Holly and Vanessa were great guides and our whole group was of lot of fun.”
    – New York, United States Rimu, April 2016
  • “We had such a wonderful time touring the North with a great bunch of people. The beaches and forests were so unique, and the mountains were amazing. Andy and Kim were great guides. We had so much fun hiking, and trying new things.”
    – New York, United States Kauri, April 2016
  • Kauri trip adventure and culture of the North Island

    “Normally a solo traveller so this was my 1st group tour and I found it so much more relaxing and enjoyable not having to drive, organise meals, accom etc. Every little detail of the trip was covered, our tour guide Andy was awesome, shared so much knowledge of the areas we travelled, was accomodating and adaptable, and a great cook. Jasmine who also joined us on the trip was lovely, such a pleasure travelling with her. I was after a tour with adventure and culture and it provided plenty of both. Already planning to do a South Island tour with Active Adventures in the future.”
    – Western Australia, Australia Kauri, April 2016
  • Best Trip Ever!

    “What an amazing experience. I wasn't sure what to expect as this was my first time in New Zealand. Our guides were excellent and every bit of the trip was fantastic!! Definitely the trip of a lifetime!”
    – California, United States Kauri, April 2016
  • Fantastic 'trip itinerary' lead by 2 of the best guides

    “This is one of the best outdoor trips my wife and I have ever taken. The scenery to the trek sites is just fantastic and the trek routes are real great.
    We had 2 of the best guides ever!! The driving, guiding and the food preparation were just superb - kudos to Dave and Jasmine :)”
    – Sarawak, Malaysia Tui, April 2016
  • second half of Kauri trip

    “To be honest, there is no way to compare the two trips I took. South island activities blew me away, not to mention the pristine wonder of the land.
    I tell everyone go to south island, spend your time there!
    Aukland on north island was fun and the caving experience with glow worms was thrilling and magical. Due to poor weather we were unable to hike the pass...a lost day unless you chose to go for a little hike in pouring rain.”
    – New Hampshire, United States Kauri, April 2016
  • Beautiful North Island

    “We spent one week traveling around the North Island with Active Adventures. The tour was focused on the Maori culture and the incredible ancient forests. The tour took us to places that we never would have found on our own.”
    – Iowa, United States Kauri, April 2016
  • Tremendous Tui!

    “8 days of intense activity but soooo worth it! Great company, amazing places and just sheer awesomeness - from hiking up mountains, biking around beautiful lakes to jumping off mountains, small planes, jet boats and sea kayaks. Laughs and spills coupled with the odd glass of New Zealand wine - what more could you ask for!”
    – Berks, United Kingdom Tui, April 2016
  • Wonderful South Island adventure

    “Enjoyed all of the hiking, especially the beautiful Milford Track and the challenging Mt. Cook hike. Excellent accommodations and food everywhere we went.”
    – Alabama, United States Manuka, April 2016
  • North island at its best

    “From great hikes, breathtaking views, wonderful snorkeling and kayaking, best mountain bike trails I have ever seen and finally the spectacular Waitomo Caves, our North Island adventure was outstanding.”
    – Alabama, United States Kauri, April 2016
  • Generally a great trip.

    “Generally a great trip.”
    – Washington, United States Tui, April 2016
  • Very well organized with great Guides

    “Overall the trip was very well organized and the guides were great. The guides were very knowledgeable about the areas visited and they kept us entertained with their experiences. The food & accommodation over the trip was quite good and I understand all well vetted by the Active team over the time they have been running their tours. Understandably some accommodation was basic, to other a little more lavish (like in Queenstown) based on the area we travelled through…however in general is was all very comfortable.

    The activities were also well organized - with most of the hikes being relatively easy (and some options for harder ones). As a portion of each day is spent travelling the mode of transport becomes key – the 20-seater bus was definitely a lot more comfortable with us just being a small group of 8.

    Was my first time in New Zealand and definitely was a great tour to get a glimpse of some of the divers areas of the south island.”
    – , Hong Kong Tui, April 2016
  • Rimu Adventure!

    “Stunning scenery, awesome adventures, and fantastic guides made this truly, a trip of a lifetime!”
    – California, United States Rimu, April 2016
  • The Gear List gave me a fright!

    “I come from a tropical island in the Caribbean and when I received the gear list, I thought I had signed up for an Extreme Adventure. Summer is defined differently in the South Island in New Zealand, but this trip was the most spectacular experience of my life and the places we hiked and visited were breathtaking.”
    – , Puerto Rico Rimu, April 2016
  • Hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing on my birthday!

    “I hiked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing on my birthday and it was the most wonderful birthday of my life!”
    – , Puerto Rico Kauri, April 2016
  • Tui Experience - my best ever trip

    “NZ is meant for adventure. It has a beautiful weather, huge open space, amazing scenery and friendly people. I figured that i can't be visiting NZ on a normal sightseeing mode. One need to experience the beautiful landscape and parks via active adventure such Tui. I think it's the best decision I've made. Tui adventure with Katie and Clara was a joy. They are a good team. Tui trip has given me the opportunity to meet and make new friends with people from different part of the world, all of whom share the same passion for travel and adventure. Tui makes me want to come back for more daring adventure NZ has to offer. Well done guys.”
    – WP KL, Malaysia Tui, April 2016
  • Rimu March 2016

    “I had the enormous pleasure to part of a Rimu Trip this March. I cant speak highly enough about the guides. They made us laugh, fed us gourmet meals (even while backpacking) and were a pleasure to spend time with. Good weather and bad, this trip is designed to make every moment enjoyable as long as you like being outside. Along with the planned swim with seals, our group was lucky enough to have dolphins jumping alongside our kayaks in the Milford Sound. Cant wait to come back!”
    – Alberta, Canada Rimu, April 2016
  • Rimu 2016

    “Our guides, Claire and Kirsten were prepared for any circumstance and the itinerary was extremely well planned. The many years of experience that Active Adventures has leading trips to the South Island culminated in a fantastic trip.”
    – California, United States Rimu, April 2016

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