The most important bit! While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our New Zealand trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves. We get a huge amount of feedback from our clients, all of which we read, process and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips.

Feel free to drop us a line and we can put you in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and find out what it’s really like to travel with us!

We've been running adventure trips for over 20 years, so we have a LOT of reviews. In the interest of not making you wait eons for the page to load, we've decided to show our 100 most recent. Though, if you'd like to read older reviews, please drop us a line and we'll certainly share plenty more with you!

Review ratings for our individual trips

Kauri 4.45
155 reviews
Kea 4.65
188 reviews
Kiwi 4.72
112 reviews
Manuka 4.37
747 reviews
Rimu 4.50
3893 reviews
Tui 4.59
1270 reviews
Weka 4.42
219 reviews
Winter Rimu 4.61
497 reviews
  • great trip

    “Special thanks to our 3 guides, who were fantastic!!! They made the trip so enjoyable. Anything I requested was attended to right away and with a smile. They were all good natured, really fun, and hardworking. Very capable..... I always felt safe and well looked after.
    Special thanks to Elly for all the work she did trying to track down my luggage.
    The bikes were good repair and high quality. Van was great and Nick was an excellent and courteous driver. Again, always felt safe. Loved the Braemar Sheep Station and having the guides cook for us. Most of the accommodation was really good. As I expected. there was quite a variation depending on where we were. No complaints. Will definitely recommend AA to friends. Thanks for the wonderful vacation.”
    – Alberta, Canada Weka, February 2016
  • Mark hatter's review

    “The guides were superb, the sights were fantastic...lots of fruits and snacks which was great! We did spend more time than we expected on the buss traveling between sights. Really enjoyed the mountain biking and would liked to have had option to do more. Not sure why we had day off in Queenstown in the Middle of the trip, it was not strenuous that required a rest day. Would have liked a contiguous trip with added day of activity (mountain biking?)”
    – Florida, United States Tui, February 2016
  • Beautiful Country!

    “Positives were the two wonderfully knowledgeable guides, Amanda and Rachel; the constant fresh fruit; the beautiful roadside "weeds'"; the stunning hikes and equally stunning rivers from babbling trickles to full blown rivers, and almost as good as the overall scenery was getting to experience a culture of courtesy everywhere we went. And although I did not like the hours spent traveling from activity to activity, it is probably the only way to cover all that we experienced within a short week's time.”
    – Florida, United States Tui, February 2016
  • Our guides made our trip so enjoyable!

    “Kate and Clara were professional, prepared, and fun as well as being great chefs and hosts. The hikes were varied, interesting and beautiful. The wine tasting and whitebait stops were true New Zealand. Thanks for a great trip.”
    – Ontario, Canada Manuka, February 2016
  • Awesome guides!

    “Kate and Clara were wonderful - informative, fun, intuitive of the group's needs, great cooks, kind, helpful and anticipated our needs! We loved them”
    – Ontario, Canada Manuka, February 2016
  • Best trip -ever

    “We were traveling as a family of 5 and each one of us had a remarkable time. The knowledge of the group leaders was fantastic. The food and accommodations were great. We relaxed on the bus, walked, kayaked, walked, biked, walked, and walked in total awe at every turn. We loved it!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, February 2016
  • Kia Kia Kaha

    “The trip was awesome from start to finish. Beautiful places with fantastic guides, a great group of people and heaps of fun things to do and see along the way. it made me happy, hungry and at peace. It was real life, proper hard work and fun - we laughed lots and made some genuine new friendships. FANTASTIC”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tui, February 2016
  • A Fantastic Field Trip!

    “My Tui trip was one of the best travel adventures I've ever experienced. New Zealand has unimaginable beauty that must be appreciated with your own eyes. Active Adventures did a great job in selecting a variety of majestic sites, as well as very fine lodging accommodations. Our guides were excellent! Nick, Tess and later Katie, took great care of our meals, transportation, safety and other adulting details. Because of their efforts, we were able to be like kids on a grand field trip, waking each day with only an itinerary of adventure to accomplish. They were also very knowledgeable, friendly and fun to be around. My only regret is not being able to visit longer. Thank you!”
    – Idaho, United States Tui, February 2016
  • “Active Adventures provided a venue that allowed us to enjoy the best scenery, have challenging hikes and cycling experiences, enjoy a variety of accommodations along with great food and wine. The Braemer Station provided a unique experience. The guides were flexible but kept us on track.”
    – Alberta, Canada Weka, February 2016
  • Loved the trip & guides

    “We enjoyed every day of our trip, and our guides Amanda and Rachael were so knowledgeable and accommodating. Our days were packed with fun activities and true to its name, it was a very active experience.”
    – Florida, United States Tui, February 2016
  • Best guides ever.

    “Our guides, Katie and Alex, were so incredibly friendly and encouraging to everyone on the trip. I loved talking to them and they both took great care of all of us and the nature we were surrounded by. They are hilarious and very positive people and I would take another trip with them anytime, anywhere.”
    – Virginia, United States Tui, February 2016
  • Awesome Family Trip over Christmas With Claire and Melissa

    “We chose Active Adventures based on a colleague recommendation, and could not have been happier. After considering various options, including renting a camper, we were thrilled to have chosen Active Adventures and never looked back.
    While the itinerary was well made for families with children of similar age to ours, we feel Claire and Melissa were the real pillar of our entire vacation. They did everything! We saved so much time everyday compared to if we had remotely tried to organise our trip ourselves, making it so efficient and smooth. More importantly, they had such a big smile everyday and were a hit with our three children aged 10, 9 and 6. Our children cried when leaving them, they had adopted Claire and Mel immediately. With their great games ideas and spirit, through stories and sharing with them about New Zealand, their patience with all of us, they all made it happen! We can't thank you enough Mel and Claire! Oh and Claire is a fantastic bus driver and Mel a great chef!”
    – , Singapore Kea, February 2016
  • 20th Anniversary Adventure

    “There is no way we could have explored so much of the South Island without the great guidance of the Active Adventure team they took all the stress away of finding lodging , eating , driving etc and making sure we experienced all the best locations for hiking, biking and kayaking that we could possibly do it was truly a trip of a lifetime the best ever!!”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, February 2016
  • burke's trip

    “The trip was excellent and I felt the group experienced a large portion of the south island. The scenery was beautiful and often breathtaking. The hikes were fun and not real difficult. The guides we fun and very supportive. We were kept very busy, from early morning to night. These long days were seemed necessary in order to see the whole island.”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • Great trip

    “Our South Island trip was very good, I saw, and biked and hiked far more on this trip than I would ever have if I had tried to do it on my own. The guides were outstanding, the biking equipment was the best I have ever experienced (I've been on a few trips with other companies in Europe). I would highly recommend active adventures.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Weka, January 2016
  • Great trip!

    “I really enjoyed the RIMU trip! It was just challenging enough to put me out of my comfort zone and still enjoy the trip very much! The group I travelled with were great company and has made this a very memorable experience.

    Our guides Vanessa and Joe were outstanding and very much the reason the trip had been so enjoyable. Their experience, knowledge, kindness and patience as they took care of us for two weeks is very much appreciated. Vanessa was carrying a 22kg backpack on the second day of the Nelson's Lakes (1000m ascend!) hike and waited while I very slowly made my way up to the top! Joe is a wonderful guide dispensing technical advice and a fantastic chef - the group has named him the Man, the Myth, the Legend so that really says a lot! Vanessa and Joe gave really good guidance on the trails, difficulty level and clothing required for all our hikes, so we were well equipped to really enjoy them.

    I couldn't have picked a better trip to explore the South Island with! :)”
    – , Malaysia Rimu, January 2016
  • The RIMU Extravaganza!

    “If anyone had told us that we would be hiking with packs on our back for 3 days up and down a mountain, I would have laughed out loud! However, this actually happened in the most beautiful place in the world. With the help of our two guides, Jasmine and Kim, who encouraged, pushed and offered hot drinks (or beer) at the end of a long day, we made it.
    We were constantly amazed at the level of professionalism and organization our guides and AA put into the RIMU trip.
    From beautiful views of the Pacific in a bungalow on the side of a forested mountain, swimming with the seals, kayaking in Milford Sound with a hundred waterfalls coming down the mountains, seeing a glacier for the first time, mountain biking in the rain...everything was amazing with flawless execution.
    The food on this trip was exceptional...the guides cooked tasty fare on the top of a mountain in a hut, making all the other hikers jealous:} The restaurants were all very good and the desserts even better. Jasmine and Kim both had specialty treats they liked to make and they were great.
    The off day in Queenstown was not slow! We took a 2 hour perilous bus ride to Skippers Canyon and jet boated, had exceptional Italian food and rode the gondola. We even snuck in a Fly Fishing trip early.
    Overall, if you are in good shape and willing to get up and go everyday...then this is a great trip for you.”
    – Alabama, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • Rimu

    “A great trip which allowed me to sample all the delights the South Island has to offer.”
    – London, United Kingdom Rimu, January 2016
  • North island

    “The guides Alex and Amelia were the best, the trip was awesome”
    – , United Kingdom Kauri, January 2016
  • Rimu south island trip

    “Both Nic and Joe were great guides, the trip could be easily extended as there is just so much to see and do, but I was definitely taken to the best parts. I've travelled with other companies but easily Active Adventures are by far the best. It is obvious that the guides want you to get the best out of your holiday”
    – , United Kingdom Rimu, January 2016
  • Could not have asked for more...

    “Rimu was a wonderful adventure. Claire and Holly were the dynamic duo as guides: driving, cooking, guiding and encouraging us through multiple days of hiking, kayaking, touring and fun. Highly recommended.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • “My daughter and I planned this trip for almost a year. The trip did not disappoint in any way. We had great weather, great guides and an outstanding group to share the 8 days with.
    God has created an amazing place in New Zealand and we enjoyed every minute of the trip.”
    – Wisconsin, United States Tui, January 2016
  • Awesome trip!

    “Really well organized, beautiful hikes and scenery and the guides were fantastic. This trip was pretty strenuous and even the very fit people were getting tired at some point, but you couldn't help but get excited at the descriptions of the next hike/attraction so we all kept going. Size of the group was perfect, and I can't say enough good things about how everything was taken care of and how great the guides were.”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • Kauri Trip

    “It was the trip of a lifetime. We got to experience the New Zealand culture, history, and outdoors effortlessly. I cannot put into words how meaningful Amelia and Nick Mc made our visit. We would have had a great time had we hiked by ourselves, but we would not have been able to arrange all the activities in just a few days or learned so much about the history and culture of New Zealand. We also would not have laughed so hard or so continuously. Amelia and Nick were very professional, knowledgeable, and experienced with the outdoors. The cooking was fantastic, the level of safety we felt while hiking over the Tongariro Crossing, and the simple things like homemade cookies, New Zealand Lemon Soda, and Chicken Noodle soup at the top of the crossing were very thoughtful on the part of the guides. The special American dinner on the last night was unforgettable. New Zealand's beauty stands alone, but the relationships with Amelia and Nick are what will last with us.”
    – New Mexico, United States Kauri, January 2016
  • Incredible trip to the South Island

    “We took an 8 day Tui trip through the South Island as a part of our honeymoon, and had a wonderful experience. Each day was planned perfectly, and we got to see so much more and do so much more than we would have on our own. The hikes were challenging but fun and with incredible scenery, and having someone drive you to your hotel and just HAND you your room key after a long day on the trail was priceless! The guides were wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. We definitely will carry the memories from this trip with us forever.”
    – Vermont, United States Tui, January 2016
  • Awesome adventure

    “The best way to see Nee Zealand for the first time with the best guides in the business ( Ken & Tess).”
    – Alaska, United States Tui, January 2016
  • Jan 2016 NZ Rimu Trip review by John Schaefer

    “I can't say enough good things about my experience on the Active Adventures RIMU trip on New Zealand's South! What an amazing place and led by truly exceptional guides. Melissa, Michelle, and Dave were awesome and made the trip easy and flawless. I thought the trip was very well designed and I particularly enjoyed the lesser known spots/locations we stopped to experience. I enjoyed the camaraderie of my fellow travelers as we tramped all around the island. The mountains, lakes, and coastlines were better than I could ever imagine. NZ is truly one-of-a-kind place in this world.

    I would highly recommend an Active Adventures tour to anyone looking for this type of holiday. I think the value you get is well worth the money as I will most certainly chalk it up as one of the best trips & locations I have been in my lifetime of 45 years!

    Thanks Active NZ team and especially Mel, Michelle, and Dave!”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • Worth every penny

    “We love to travel alone normally, doing our own thing and enjoying the privacy and 'together' time. But when we were going such a long way from home we thought it best to get some help from experts. Active Adventures didn't disappoint. We're already recommending them to others, for their support before the trip and the extensive choice and adaptability of the organised trips. Rebecca and I are quite different in our abilities and approach to adventure, and neither of us was disappointed really in what we got from the trip.”
    – Jersey, United Kingdom Tui, January 2016
  • Great overview of the South Island

    “Got to see and do so much on this trip. Each day was jam-packed with activities and breathtaking sights. Guides were informative and fun, and really helped to make this a memorable trip”
    – New York, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • "I never would have thought of this!"

    “So, we are slogging down from Nelson Lakes, along the ridge of....well....almost a crater. Wind coming off Antartica trying to blow us over -- and knocking Stephanie off her feet. But that's ok. Because the views are spectacular, we walk through 3 climate zones, and the scree gives way to lush grasses, hiding birds. We hear the birds. Then we cross a post-glacier bowl, and we drop down onto the overlook for the greenest valley ever seen. We sit miles away, and above. Lunch over all this.

    Active had taken us swimming with seals, tasting exquisite wine in a vineyard, and meandering through a rainforest.

    As I sat down for lunch on that overlook I heard myself saying, to no one in particular "I NEVER would have thought of this".

    Hey, thanks, Active!”
    – DC, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • An unbelievable journey through the South Island

    “Before coming to New Zealand, friends told me how beautiful the country is. After a week on the TUI trip, I can state emphatically that words alone cannot describe what I saw. Not only is the country unbelievably beautiful, the residents are welcoming and friendly. Our guides were terrific and made us feel welcome as soon as we arrived and throughout the entire trip. If we ever return to New Zealand, we plan to take a different trip with Active Adventures.”
    – Virginia, United States Tui, January 2016
  • Tui

    “I could not be happier with the quality of the trip. The guides, Katie and Alex were both excellent. Smart, funny, good communicators and problem solvers. They knew what we needed before we did! This was the best trip I had ever taken. Active surpassed our trip expectations. I would definitely go on another Active trip although it's hard to believe it could be better than NZ. The scenery, the people, and most of all, our guides, made it very special.”
    – Virginia, United States Tui, January 2016
  • Garden of Eden

    “Right off the bat, we knew we were some place special, a veritable Garden of Eden.
    Our Tui trip had it all - challenging hikes that were far off the beaten path, mountain biking, kayaking Milford Sound, jetboating, a backcountry trip, awesome sunsets. Great guides, excellent food and awesome new friends helped make the trip everything we had hoped.”
    – North Carolina, United States Tui, January 2016

    “The Rimu trip around the South Island of New Zealand was an awesome feast of nature's never-ending beautiful sights for my eyes, a healing balm for my soul and an exciting action-packed challenge for my body (especially the 3-day backpacking trip). The guides, Kim and Nick...... were the icing on the cake...... down to earth, personable , knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating to ALL our needs. The trip was rejuvenating and great...the best!”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • What a Life-changer!

    “Wow, this trip exceeded my expectations! From the quick bonding between my fellow adventurers and me to the SUPERB tour guides, Active Adventures really hit the ball out of the park. It was amazing to be in the middle of such beauty. Thank you Vanessa and Alex for cheering us on, making everything run so smoothly, and for just being so amazing with maintaining the ideal experience. Great driving and tasting cooking, by the way. Many thanks from Texas!”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • “Great guides, great itinerary, good pace, good food and company. Lovely not to have to worry about where and what to see. Charming accomodation.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Kauri, January 2016
  • A fabulously active adventure!

    “The trip really did live up to the company name. It was an active adventure from the start to the finish with lots of variety in between. I feel I made the most of my time on the South Island. The guides, Alex and Gary, worked hard to make it a special experience.”
    – Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Rimu, January 2016
  • What a great time !

    “My travels have taken me all of over the world on outdoor adventures and the time spent with Active Adventures was the absolute best! From the great staff and communication / website, to the ease of booking and planning, to the most professional, hard working and enjoyable guides, I can't wait to do another trip with Active.”
    – California, United States Kauri, January 2016
  • A real must !

    “WOW. So many awesome experiences in 8 days. Every type of environment. Every type of weather. A real Active Adventure... I think we smashed it !”
    – California, United States Tui, January 2016
  • Guides made the trip

    “Can't say enough about Andy and Clara. Their attentiveness, knowledge of the country and genuine enthusiasm was a huge part of what made the trip so great. At 62, the pace was right there at the limit of my comfort zone. But with their encouragement, I did it all!”
    – California, United States Kauri, January 2016
  • Amazing NZ

    “I found everything splendid, beautiful, and just fantastic. The trip was worthwhile and the adventure of hiking outdoors was fun and exactly what I needed. I'm happy to have booked this trip with Active Adventure first and grateful for Fiona persistence and friendliness from the time we emailed one another to the time I booked the trip. She was extremely patient and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the process of getting to know what I will be exploring on this trip with her. We were fortunate to have wonderful guides Clara and Andy with us who were very knowledgeable, kind, and detailed oriented. It was the most fun I've had practically ever touring with a group. It was intimate, fun, and became family. Enjoyed the outdoors as much as I did the company. Their hospitality was welcoming and can honestly say that I've learned so much about the land, food, and Mauri traditions and customs than I had expected. Sir Ed was a wonderful ride. Hands down I would recommend anyone on the fence to do just do it. You won't regret it.”
    – California, United States Kauri, January 2016
  • Kauri 22 December 2015

    “Having previously been on the Rimu trip in (justifiably the trip of a lifetime at the time) it is difficult not to make comparisons. However the two trips are very different, perhaps reflecting the differing nature of the North and South Islands of NZ. The trip certainly lived up to expectations
    – Warwickshire, United Kingdom Kauri, January 2016
  • Kauri 22 December 2015

    “Having previously been on the Rimu trip in (justifiably the trip of a lifetime at the time) it is difficult not to make comparisons. However the two trips are very different, perhaps reflecting the differing nature of the North and South Islands of NZ. The trip certainly lived up to expectations
    – Warwickshire, United Kingdom Kauri, January 2016
  • Amazing

    “An absolute awesome trip with Michelle and Alex. Exceptional quality care and thought for each individual on the trip. An extra special thanks for making a memorable birthday experience. As for the scenery, stunning and magical, no filter needed in this place. Keep up the fantastic work.”
    – Victoria, Australia Rimu, January 2016
  • Wonderful holiday

    “Our Rimu trip 14th-27th December was excellent. We did so much in the 2
    week period, stayed in such lovely accommodations and were blessed by wonderful
    weather most of the time. A highlight was Christmas Day and Boxing Day at
    the remote sheep farm in glorious weather, eating Christmas meal in the
    evening looking out to Mt Cook across the lake with wonderful clear views.

    We also loved the kayaking in Marlborough Sounds and Milford Sound and the
    helicopter ride over the sound too.

    Jasmine and Kirsten were excellent guides and Kirsten a great
    encouragement to me the eldest person on the trip and the slowest. The
    group jelled very well and we had many laughs”
    – Greater London , United Kingdom Rimu, January 2016
  • “So let me start off by saying I hardly ever review things.. But I wanted to make an exception, because the only thing that came close to how impressive the scenery, was the work rate, professionalism and friendlyness of Jasmine and Kirsten. How on earth they managed to do everything they did is beyond me, they certainly made the trip that much more special.

    I am particually thankful to Kirsten for looking after my mother who is of a certain age! And to Jasmine for her consistent friendly laugh and smile.
    These guys deserve a raise or something!

    Thanks once again to both of you,


    – Greater London , United Kingdom Rimu, January 2016
  • Great North Island Experience!

    “An amazing way to see the North Island. Every day offered something unique and memorable. It was great to see the sights and learn about the history, culture, and ecosystem of New Zealand. The accommodations offered beautiful views and Amelia and Elysse made sure we never went hungry! Thanks for the trip of a lifetime!”
    – Illinois, United States Kauri, January 2016
  • Excellent South Island Adventure!

    “This trip was a great way to see all the South Island had to offer. The scenery in the South Island was absolutely stunning. From Franz Josef and Mt. Cook to Milford Sound, all of the experiences were amazing! I couldn't have pictured a better place to spend the holidays. Gary and Alex were awesome guides and made this a trip to remember.”
    – Illinois, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • RIMU Sounth rip review

    “The guides, Ken and Elder, did an excellent job and provided an outstanding service.
    The food needs improvement and be of a better quality.”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • Andrea's Thoughts on Rimu

    “Most excellent trip. I would not have attempted the hikes I actually completed without the help of our fearless guides. They encouraged me every step of the way with kiwi humor and attention. The scenery is mind boggling. Beauty around every corner. We would not have seen or experienced half of what we did on our own. A lot of meticulous planning was done on AA's part to feed us, drive us and get us to the trailhead. I never got lost. Thank you all!”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • Tui Trip -Dec 2015 / Jan 2016

    “A fantastic way to see the West Coast of the South Island, enjoy some terrific tramps and breath taking scenery.”
    – Jersey, United Kingdom Tui, January 2016
  • Rimu -The best of an active New Zealand adventure

    “We had great expectations for this trip. It did not disappoint. We enjoyed all of the activities immensely. This is certainly an active trip, but not overly stenuous. We have been fortunate to have done some great trips all over the world. The Rimu is up there with the best of them.”
    – Tennessee, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • Rimu Nov 2015

    “It was a lovely way to experience the Southern Island of NZ and fully lived up to all the pre-trip promotional information. Based on our RIMU experiences we would certainly consider other Active Adventure trips in the future.”
    – Vermont, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • Great guides, vibe and pace

    “Nick and Holly were a great team, keeping everyone moving and happy (but at their own pace). Although we had a lot of the South Island to cover, the mix of activity and travel was managed well. The number of solo travelers made everyone feel included and part of a group.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tui, January 2016
  • Best Trip Ever!

    “We're active people, and were looking to experience the beauty of New Zealand in an active way. Active Adventure's Rimu trip fit the bill perfectly! Everything about the trip was great: the awesome activities, the stunning landscape, the knowledgeable and fun guides, and the like-minded fellow tourists in our group. You know a vacation was a good one when you find your mind drifting back to it long after you've come home.”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • Primo

    “Lucked out with near perfect weather. Guides were amazing, personable, resourceful, and unceasingly cheerful. Every sight was well chosen. Only downer was time "wasted" in Queenstown tourist milieu at Xmas, but the opportunity to summit Ben Lomond made up for 48 hours of urban crush.”
    – Vermont, United States Manuka, January 2016
  • Well done!

    “This trip was awesome. Great itinerary and flawless execution. Our guides Claire and Elder were the best. They definitely set the bar high for tour guides. The variety of activities, accommodations and food made the trip a lot of fun. Of course I can't overlook the fact that we had a great group. Made it much more enjoyable.”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, January 2016
  • Awesome Trip

    “Tui Tour Dec 13 – Dec 20, 2015

    This was such an awesome experience. For sure a bit challenging at times on the Siberia Valley hike, but well worth the effort. What truly made this trip were the guides, Holly and Nick, and the group of 7. We all blended well as a group which is always a good thing. Hats off to Holly and Nick for being exceptional guides and new friends. They were very attentive to the needs and interests of the group and went above and beyond to make this a wonderful time for all. A special thank you for making my 50th birthday a joy beyond measure. Holly and Nick: Your friendship has meant more than you will ever know. Thank you so much.

    As for the trip: of course there is a bit of driving to get from point to point, but the featured stops were wonderful even with the rain. No joke when they say pack for both warm and cold weather. I didn’t really get in shape for this level of exercise but still made it ok. It would have been more enjoyable had I worked out a bit.
    I was a little concerned about keeping up with the “rabbits” in the group but that turned out to be a non issue. We all took our own pace. It was nice to be hiking solo part of the time: just me and nature. Food food food!!! No shortage there. First nights meal with lamb and mint sauce: excellent. And last nights dessert was a BIG hit: Pavlova and passion fruit ice cream. Wonderful!!! I ate tons and actually lost a pound in the 8 days. I’m sure I left it on the trails.
    So glad I stayed in the hut instead of tent. Just less to mess with.

    I could go on and on about the trip, but overall it was a great experience. So glad I signed up.”
    – Texas, United States Tui, January 2016
  • Kauri trip

    “Beautiful, wonderful, adventure to New Zealand. The guides, Andy and Clara were wonderful. The meals prepared by Clara were delish. They both listened and created a trip suited to the group.”
    – California, United States Kauri, January 2016
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “We loved our Tui trip! Our guides Nick and Kim were awesome. They answered all our questions about New Zealand and made our entire trip wonderful. We saw so many beautiful things, that would have been missed if we tried to do it on our own. I would definitely recommend this trip to family and friends.”
    – California, United States Tui, December 2015
  • "Rimu" Northbound December 2015

    “This was my first professionally organized trip and I must say I really enjoyed it.
    The guides: Jasmine and Kirsten, both young and experienced, they had full control the entire trip and gave us a really good understanding of the "kiwi"(new zealand) ways.
    From the first meeting with the guides to the end everything was well planned. Every evening they give you the plan for the following day, what you are doing, what you should bring etc.

    The "Rimu" trip is spread around most of the south island, even so the driving really didn't feel that bad, this is due to the experience Active has. The drives are split up in lots of small walks and visiting small townships along the way.

    For most of the activities there are options of more challenging things to do if that is what you are after.

    Everyone in our group got to know each other really well and especially the muliti-day-hike was a good bonding opportunity when spending time in a small hut.”
    – , Norway Rimu, December 2015
  • Loved every minute

    “Claire and Elder provided us with the best possible tour of New Zealand. They, and the tour itself, exceeded my already high expectations. I have already recommended this trip to many friends and will continue to do that. Thanks for a wonderful time!”
    – DC, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Hiking, Biking and Rafting in the North

    “Although we had high expectations for a fun and active week I had been nervous as to how group dynamics would work and whether or not I would be fit enough (or have the capability) to keep up with others on the various activities. My fears were totally unfounded and the enthusiastic guides ensured that within hours we were a very happy team. All our individual needs and wishes for the holiday were catered for and we had the most amazing week. I was just sad that we weren't continuing for another.”
    – Essex, United Kingdom Kauri, December 2015
  • Fantastic Memories

    “What an amazing trip. The food, the people, the sights, and the trip leaders. Couldn't have asked for a more amazing vacation. Spent two weeks in pure heaven. Would go on the trip again in an instant.”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Adventure in an Unfamiliar Land

    “How do you describe a trip like this? Transformative! Majestic! Spectacular!
    We glimpsed the natural world of New Zealand in a deep and personal way, in combination with the wonderful people we met along the way. Our guides showed us a special New Zealand that is only accessible to those who know where to find it. We met amazing people and ventured to amazing places.We took the roads less travelled and roads travelled by all.
    We climbed to exhilerating heights, trekked forests and floated the glassy oceans.
    It all seems like a dream now sitting at home, but every now and then when I feel the sting of the wind on my cheek, the strain of the pack on my back, the rain washing down my jacket I feel like I am there again.”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Rimu trip

    “A great way to experience the best of the South Island. Exploring this island is not so simple due to high mountain ranges, huge lakes and rivers and limited roads. With the help of our expert guides, we were able to get to explore remote sites and see the topography and otherworldly flora in a way the few other tourist are able to do in a similar time span.”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Active adventures

    “It was really an active trip and full of adventures for me. Got me out of my comfort zone and do things that I really enjoyed.”
    – , Singapore Rimu, December 2015
  • As happy as a hobbit in Middle Earth

    “This really was the trip of a lifetime. The accessibility of the most amazing landscapes I've visited was second to none - hats off to the NZ DOC for their great work there! The guides (Andy and Alex) were simply the best. We had a small group (first trip of the season) of only 4 travelers, and we and the 2 guides were all the best of friends by the end. Only disappointment was that my heli-hike on Franz Josef glacier was cancelled due to the weather, but you can't win em all I guess. Highly recommended trip! Get out there and do it! :)”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Great Adventure!

    “I had a blast on the Rimu trip! It was well thought out and planned - there was a good variety and balance to our activities, and the guides always had a fun Plan B if the weather or other circumstances got in the way. I feel like I got to experience the best parts of New Zealand. The local guides were awesome and really added a lot to the trip - they are fun and knowledgeable and love to share stories and information. Overall, it was fantastic!”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Sandy, Denver Colorado

    “Steep glacial clifts, big mountains, pristine vistas, wild west, wild weather, awesome beaches!!! The Rimu trip delivers a fantastic excursion in the South Island including must sees like Queenstown and Milford Sound and less traveled like the Kepler Track and Braemer Station. The itinerary is spectacular and Amanda and Kim were excellent guides and hosts to this wonderful country. I couldn't have asked for more and didn't want to leave!!!”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Rimu November 2015

    “Beautiful country, excellent companionship and expert guides - couldn't have been better!”
    – Saskatchewan, Canada Rimu, December 2015
  • Walter's review

    “Magical surroundings, breathtaking scenery and Fun! Fun! and more Fun!,”
    – Ontario, Canada Tui, December 2015
  • Beyond Expectations

    “I've heard too many people say skip the North Island. I am so happy I ignored that advice. This was a fabulous trip--outstanding itinerary, eye popping scenery, great people, excellent food, and spectacular guides. I loved the North Island forests. They are definitely unique. The Footprints tour with the local Maori guides was a highlight of this trip. I've been on a lot of guided trips and Andy and Clara were two of the best guides ever. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of New Zealand, attentive to every detail, fun, and great cooks. I would travel with them again and look forward to my next Active Adventures trip.”
    – Indiana, United States Kauri, December 2015
  • Definitely Trip of a Lifetime

    “The Rimu Trip was absolutely amazing. The itinerary included a great variety of activities amidst some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Never a dull moment on this trip. Kayaking Milford Sound was a highlight and lodging at Braemar Station was tops. I can't say enough good things about Active Adventures and the Rimu trip--great locations, scenery, people, food, and some of the best guides ever. This is an award winning trip for good reason.”
    – Indiana, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Great guides, great trip!

    “This trip powers through the best scenery in the South with great guides, sensitive to all our needs and enthusiastic beyond; making it possible for our gang to bond successfully.”
    – Quebec, Canada Tui, December 2015
  • A real adventure!

    “We loved all aspects of our Manuka trip. Nick and Elysse were terrific. They worked VERY hard ... keeping us informed, cooking meals, handling baggage, describing the scenery and history and animals and plants in New Zealand, and making needed adjustments on the fly. Not to mention their being our terrific and thoughtful hiking guides for 2 weeks! I would do it again with them.”
    – Oregon, United States Manuka, December 2015
  • Bucket list trip fulfilled!

    “We have wanted to go to New Zealand for at least 10 years and finally did in 2015. We had a fabulous trip with Gary and Rachael and 6 other new friends. We were lucky that our group was small, so we had lots of fun interactions with our guides and our group. Everything was special--the weather, the hikes, the kayaking, the food, the scenery, of course. Thanks!!!”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Manuka November 2015

    “This was my first time travelling with a hiking group trip. I was a little concerned prior to the trip - would I be able to keep up, will the group members be compatible, will the guides be responsive and care. Happy to say all of my concerns were for naught. Even though I was slowest member of the group, everyone was wonderful. The group members were great and the guides were very supportive. Needless to say, I will do this again. Active adventures were great to work with.”
    – Oregon, United States Manuka, December 2015
  • Sandy, Denver, Colorado

    “A moonlight walk among the Kauri Trees with songs and prayers sung by a lovey Maori couple was the perfect introduction to the Kauri Trip and Maori culture. How could it get better than this?? Just wait....Andy and Clara made every day exceptional with their knowledge of NZ, love of their country, attention to details, surprises!!!, good humor and zest for adventure travel. I didn't want the trip to end!!!”
    – Colorado, United States Kauri, December 2015
  • Manuka

    “A great trip – amazing scenery, fantastic hikes, wonderful food and people”
    – Ontario, Canada Manuka, December 2015
  • Assessment of rimu trip

    “Really great trip. Chance to see most of the South Island and to experience a diverse set of activities including snorkeling, sea kayaking, hiking, and cultural activities. Plus, the hut to hut hike in the Nelson range is quite a challenge. A fantastic trip with two amazing guides.”
    – Oregon, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Memorable action packed trip

    “This trip was amazing! I felt that it packed in everything I could ever want in my short stay. Jasmine and Tess were fantastic guides, and I felt very well cared for. This trip far exceeded any of my expectations. I only wish I could have stayed longer.”
    – Texas, United States Tui, December 2015
  • Superb guides, awesome scenery, exhausting hikes

    “Gary and Joe were fantastic guides; approachable, knowledgeable and attentive to everyone's needs. They provided lots of laughs and are excellent cooks too! In terms of the trip, there was a great variety of activities and stimulating experiences, not to mention the magnificent scenery almost everywhere we went. Some of the hikes were quite gruelling though and do require reasonable physical fitness. Sandflies were an issue and the itch seems to get worse as time goes on so I'd advise covering your hands and feet at all times or using strong insect repellant, especially in Siberia where there were literally thick clouds of them. Overall a really exciting and memorable trip.”
    – Victoria, Australia Tui, December 2015
  • Thank you Gary and Joe

    “Although the weather might have been better, it was a wonderful way to get a chance to see some of the natural beauty of New Zealand in such a short amount of time. I was happy for the fact that there was some latitude in what we were doing and we were extremely lucky in that it was a small group. . I greatly appreciated the care our guides took in caring for us. I was also happy that they were able to join us zip-lining above Queenstown on our one free day (you should consider adding that to your program).”
    – California, United States Tui, December 2015
  • Excellent way to see the south island

    – California, United States Tui, December 2015
  • Truly Memorable

    “Between the scenery, experiences and people, this was a truly memorable trip. The landscape and natural beauty were stunning. The weather allowed us to see a more mystical side of New Zealand (I only wish rain gear featured less prominently in my photos). Our guides James and Laura were positive, encouraging, knowledgeable, and so much more. They ably dealt with the changing conditions, and kept us challenged but always safe. I felt a sense of accomplishment reaching the top of Ben Lomond and kayaking through a storm in Milford Sound. Finally, the tour group was fantastic, and I have great memories with new friends.”
    – Illinois, United States Tui, December 2015
  • Carol Haspel

    “This was a wonderful trip. We were pampered and pushed at the same time. Holly and Dave couldn't have done a better job of caring for us. Holly made miracles with the food even though she was restrained by our kosher dietary requirements and she had the added burden of cooking two different meals. Dave was a gentlemen, helping us with our extensive bags, even picking us up at the bus stop after the sabbath when we rejoined the group. We hiked in conditions we might not have normally done so (extreme rain), which at first seemed troublesome, but then felt like an adventure. The scenery was wonderful but the weather was disappointing. We did not anticipate so much inclement weather (rain doesn't feel like liquid sunshine) which prevented the heli-hike and serious hiking at Mt Cook National Park . Nevertheless there was much adventure and fun packed into the two weeks.”
    – New York, United States Kiwi, December 2015
  • Fantastic Kiwi Trip

    “This was our first trip to New Zealand, and we had a fantastic time. The South Island is truly magical. Our guides, Holly and Dave, were incredible. They took wonderful care of us and insured that the trip was a success.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Kiwi, December 2015
  • Exceeded my expectations

    “We have to correct people when they ask how was the vacation. "It wasn't a vacation; it was an adventure." The hikes were glorious and they tested us. Even though our Milford Track excursion was non-stop rain, we couldn't stop grinning. It was like a fair tale. Our guides were wonderful - knowledgeable, helpful and full of energy. We're planning on a return trip to tackle Routeburn”
    – Minnesota, United States Manuka, December 2015
  • Tui

    “The variety of activities was perfect. James and Laura did a wonderful job with our diverse group in our strengths/weakness and excitement/fears. We got to see and do so much on the south island which makes for fantastic stories to tell at home. The weather was uncooperative which was disappointing but James and Laura made the best of it for us!”
    – Iowa, United States Tui, December 2015
  • “Great trip! The landscapes are exceptional and varied. Milford Sound and Milford Track were absolute highlights. Thanks so much for letting us travel with you!”
    – Ontario, Canada Manuka, December 2015
  • A Truly Great Experience

    “I enjoyed my trip with Active Adventures/New Zealand. The guides were suburb,and the accommodations were very good,often excellent.The food served was quite good also.Nick and Elysse prepared some delicious meals.
    Both of the guides seemed genuinely concerned about our well-being.
    Nick was an excellent driver and explained things well as we went along.
    The hikes were quite enjoyable and you were given choices to do as much or as little as you chose.
    I would highly recommend Active Adventures to other hikers.”
    – South Carolina, United States Manuka, December 2015
  • Tui is for everyone

    “This was a great trip for folks with limited travel time, mixed outdoor experience and for those who want to get exposure to the variety of the South Island. It was the perfect venue for our first visit to New Zealand. James and Laura did a fantastic job dealing with the changing weather conditions and really helped make the group experience one to remember for everyone.”
    – New Hampshire, United States Tui, December 2015
  • Bucket List Satisfaction

    “Great guides, particularly Rachael, our very personable guide and encyclopedia of everything flora, fauna, sheep, and food. Never a want for a bite and a room with a view with this crew. Couldn't have had a better introduction to the south island and the myriad of trails sampled left me wanting to come back and knock off the Great Walks. Hope to see Active on another tour in the near future...I'm hooked.”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • A Stunning Feast for the Eyes

    “In spite of the fact that the weather was simply awful, I mean raining everyday, the trip was most enjoyable. The staff was upbeat and didn't let us get down because of the weather and we still managed to see why this country is probably the most beautiful place on the planet.”
    – Ontario, Canada Tui, December 2015
  • Tui Trip

    “James and Laura were awesome. Best days were when the were lots of hiking and activities, especially when the day started with those. Starting a day with lots of bus travel was not enjoyable for me.”
    – Indiana, United States Tui, December 2015
  • Thank you!

    “What a wonderful way to spend 2 weeks! The sights were amazing and the company was superb. I couldn't have asked for a better trip! Thank you!”
    – Ohio, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Rimu Nov 16 2015--TIME OF MY LIFE

    “My review of the Rimu trip with Active....hands down the single most amazing experience of my life. I can't possibly say enough nice, good, wonderful things about the trip. The sights, the guides, the food, the friends. Start to finish first place all the way. I would go again next week.”
    – South Dakota, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Rimu Trip

    “New Zealand's South Island is truly the adventure capital. I highly recommend this trip along with the mountain biking at Queen Charlotte Track and Queenstown if you are a bike enthusiast!”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, December 2015
  • Tui trip Exceeded expectations

    “This was our first group travel and it exceeded our expectations. We were 8 guests and 2 guides. We really appreciated the New Zealand travel sensibility - very comfortable, but not too posh. Traveling with Active Adventures provided an insiders experince and especially into hiking in Mt Aspiring National Park (Siberia Valley) and exploring Milford Sound. We loved the small plane and helicopter flights and jet boating out from one of our hikes. Guides were superb and flexible in coordinating all the logistics. We highly recommend Active Adventures.”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, December 2015

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