The most important bit! While we could hang around all day telling you how wonderful our New Zealand trips are, the best people to listen to are our travellers themselves. We get a huge amount of feedback from our clients, all of which we read, process and use in the ongoing process of constantly improving our trips.

Feel free to drop us a line and we can put you in touch with one of our past clients. We have a long list of people who would be delighted to share their experiences with you if you’re thinking of coming on an Active trip. It’s a great way to get the nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth and find out what it’s really like to travel with us!

In the meantime, here’s a selection of our reviews:

Review ratings for our individual trips

Kauri 4.45
155 reviews
Kea 4.65
188 reviews
Kiwi 4.72
112 reviews
Manuka 4.37
747 reviews
Rimu 4.50
3893 reviews
Tui 4.59
1270 reviews
Weka 4.42
219 reviews
Winter Rimu 4.61
497 reviews
  • Great tour

    “Our trip was a father/son trip to spend some good quality time together in a different place other than the one we live in. New Zealand was a perfect venue. The variety of adventure and landscape was unparalleled. We live in Utah and have always loved the variety it offers, New Zealand is very similar in the variety it offers but an entirely different menu. Amazing mountains, rivers, glaciers, forests, oceans/seas and perhaps most of all people. Our guides, Claire and Alex were the perfect hosts, knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, personable and great communicators. They kept the tour moving smoothly and the group happy, entertained, challenged and engaged. Kudos to them, their training and their people skills were fantastic, and their love for their native country was admirable. Good fun.”
    – Utah, United States Tui, November 2015
  • Awesome

    “Your guides often used the word "awesome" about the week's worth of adventures - they were wrong, we needed a better superlative than awesome. It was an awesome+ week, with awesome+ companions and awesome++ guides.
    Being by far the oldest in the group with water and height phobias, the guides were always thoughtful and conscientious with their trekkers.
    A great shame we couldn't cross Tongariro because of the weather, and the last day with just a visit to Waitomo dragged a bit, but otherwise TOTAL AWESOMENESS.”
    – Essex, United Kingdom Kauri, November 2015
  • Showcased the beauties of the North Island

    “I really enjoyed the trip. Special events for me were the visit to Waipoa Forest with our Mauri guides, Billy Boy and Merepaea, the Cape Brett hike, and the Ruapekapeka Pa site. Andrew and Clara were wonderful tour guides, knowledgeable, patient, and concerned.”
    – New York, United States Kauri, November 2015
  • Would definitely recommend!

    “This trip was truly amazing! The guides were tons of fun and helpful in any aspect needed, definitely loved the whole experience and can't wait to come back for more of New Zealand!”
    – British Columbia, Canada Kauri, November 2015
  • A challenging adventure!

    “Although some of the scheduled activities were quite daunting for me, the guides were always encouraging and allowed me to modify my participation in extreme situations. They were always very supportive, and that resulted in my doing more than I actually thought I could!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tui, November 2015
  • Tough, but with help I did it!

    “Signing on for this NZ Active Adventures trip on North Island without a break from our first one on the South Island, was not the smartest thing for me to do. Nevertheless, the guides were accommodating and allowed me to modify some of the activities. They were supportive and always positive. I really appreciated their understanding.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Kauri, November 2015
  • All that I hoped - and more

    “I'd been looking forward to a trip to the south island for many years, but I tried to temper my expectations before this trip, thinking it couldn't possibly measure up to what I'd envisioned. But there was no need for that. This trip was incredible! I knew the scenery would be magnificent, but what I didn't imagine was how much our guides added to the pleasure of the trip. Our lead guide, Nick, was amazingly knowledgeable about the natural and human history of New Zealand, and I learned so much along the way. And I think we all enjoyed his wicked sense of humor that kept us laughing throughout the trip. Joe was an incredible cook and organizer, and his sense of humor also added a lot to our enjoyment. The trip was a perfect balance of activity and relaxation, with interesting sightseeing from the bus along the way. Added to all that was the fact that we had a fun group of 8 travelers who got along really well. Although we went on to the north island on our own for 5 days after the Rimu trip, and then to Fiji for 5 days, the Rimu trip is, and will remain, the absolute best part of this journey. Bravo!”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, November 2015
  • A wild and beautiful place

    “Had a wonderful time hiking, tramping, kayaking and biking in Middle Earth.”
    – California, United States Rimu, November 2015
  • “This trip exceeded expectations in every way. Being from Montana, I was not expecting to be in awe over the views, but I quickly learned that this is a place like no other.
    The guides were attentive to the group. James was always sharing his knowledge of the sites, fauna, history, and got us to our destinations, while Kirsten made amazing meals and showed us the true Kiwi spirit on a personal level.
    I felt I experienced the whole of New Zealand's South Island with rainforests, fjords, mountains, glaciers, farms, and dry lands by boot, bike, kayak and bus.
    The only time the trip rated three to four stars was for the backpack part of the trip. It rained and the higher hut was not available so we were not able to hike the planned route and did an out and back instead.”
    – Montana, United States Rimu, November 2015
  • “My husband and I loved our Tui trip. Our guides, Michelle and Tess, were wonderful, knowledgeable and very adaptable when dealing with our group. They made sure we had fun even when nature and the weather didn't always agree with our plans. The scenery was beautiful and we really enjoyed the variety of our activities (hiking, biking, kayaking). We had a great time.”
    – Tennessee, United States Tui, November 2015
  • First trip I've ever been on and the greatest

    “My Kauri trip was simply amazing!!! I can get quite anxious in any situation but Amelia, Alex and Duck made everyone feel really comfortable all the time and it was fantastic! I can't really put into words how amazing the trip was! Everything from service to accommodation to food to witty banter was simply amazing! They joked around with us and we're so incredibly friendly that it made it feel like you were on a trip with friends and they weren't working! Best thing I've ever done was go on a trip with active adventures!”
    – British Columbia, Canada Kauri, November 2015
  • Wonderful Trip

    “Wonderful! It exceeded my expectations. The company, exquisite scenery and excellent guides made the trip very special. Nick and Rach went above and beyond the status quo to make the trip as care free and enjoyable as possible. Thank you! Looking forward to another trip soon!”
    – Queensland, Australia Rimu, November 2015
  • No Way I Could Plan Something This Fun!

    “Kim, Nick and the Active Adventures team did an incredible job. Every day we had "once in a life time experiences." We were gently pushed to do things we would not have done alone, and we are so thankful that we were. If you want to experience everything that is so magical about the South Island in a relatively compressed time frame, this is your trip!”
    – Maryland, United States Tui, November 2015
  • Officially traveling only through Active Adventures!

    “New Zealand is the most beautiful and welcoming country I have ever been to. I was blown away by how green and beautiful it is. Amelia was the coolest guide and person I have ever met. She was filled with so much energy that was just contagious, she made you so excited for each adventure! Alex was so chill, which I loved because that's how I am, she gave me so many good tips and information for New Zealand and for my possible trip of the South Island that I would love to do. Duck was hilarious, even though I thought his name was Doug! He was very understanding of every issue that arose for everyone in the group. Even though I'm used to being in the woods where I'm from, I learned that New Zealand wasn't my home and that it's best to stay with the group, because I got lost haha but everyone was very understanding of the situation, which made me feel better. The food was so amazing, I never felt hungry, and the fact that snacks were available incase I did was fantastic. The hikes pushed me a little bit physically but that was good, I like to push myself, so with each hike I felt like accomplished something and the reward was the incredible sights New Zealand has to offer. Every person I met from New Zealand was so cool and kind wether they were a part of active or not. I was blown away by the kindness. The accommodations were so great, I was impressed. I was worried before the trip about sharing a room with a stranger, but I found out I had nothing to worry about. My roommate was very cool and it was fun to get to know someone from a different country. I was thinking I would be put in a small room with two beds and have to listen to snoring or have someone listen to me snore haha but that wasn't the case, it was like we had our own apartment since it was lodging and resorts! So there was plenty of space, privacy, and no snoring to be heard! I'm so excited to travel through you guys again, I've been telling everyone here at home that I miss New Zealand and was very sad to leave, because it is literally the most incredible place I've been to. My parents also love that I was with a group and guides so they didn't have to worry too much. Which I liked too, I felt very comfortable and look forward to my next Active Adventure:)

    – Idaho, United States Kauri, November 2015
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “We heard about this trip from a review in Outside Magazine. After a few calls from the Active staff, we signed up for the Rimu tour. All I can say is that I understand why National Geographic Traveler magazine rated it one of their 50 tours of a lifetime. Our guides Amanda and Laura were fantastic. We loved all of the activities on the trip, but our favorite was sea kayaking through Milford Sound. We will definitely travel with Active Adventures again. They are first class.”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, November 2015
  • Awesome trip

    “Lots of great hikes interspersed with Maori culture and a little New Zealand history. Even the driving was scenic. Had an amazing time!”
    – Georgia, United States Kauri, November 2015
  • Amazing Holiday

    “Second trip with Active Adventures, amazing scenery and I hope to come back again!”
    – New South Wales, Australia Rimu, November 2015
  • An adventurous trip around the South Island

    “Truly an unforgettable trip! The Rimu trip does a great job of giving you a taste of all the many things the South Island has to offer. There was always something new and different to explore around the next corner (or on top of the next hill). The guides Andy and Alex were great and their talents and knowledge worked well with our smaller adventurous group. They always knew of a special place to go visit, and every day seemed like we did something a little extra that wasn’t on the itinerary, making for really busy and tiring days! You can rest when you get home! Alex was a great cook and always tried to make sure everyone was happy and had what they wanted. Andy was great with his storytelling on the bus, sharing his love of his country with us visitors. I’ll never forget his jump off the bridge into the cold cold water of the blue pools either! Without the great guides the trip wouldn’t be half as much fun as it was. Accommodations every night ranged from great to awesome, with my favorites being Braemar and Franz Josef. Food was unbelievable, with a great range of New Zealand cuisine and special treats locals enjoy. I looked forward to supper each night! Trip is extremely well planned and put together by a first rate organization, Active Adventures. An amazing experience!”
    – Ohio, United States Rimu, October 2015
  • “Great Trip. Great Sites. Great food. Great people. Nick and Rachael are great at their job and they accommodate above and beyond. Book your's now! you will not regret it. When you come make every effort to have fun with your group. We had so much fun with the folks that were on our trip and we made memories that we will always be thankful for. New Zealand should only be done through Active Adventures! Aloha”
    – Hawaii, United States Rimu, October 2015
  • “The Winter Rimu trip simultaneously hit all of the South Island highlights while making us feel like the original NZ backcountry trampers.”
    – DC, United States Winter Rimu, October 2015
  • The perfect escape

    “I loved escaping the daily grind of office life to explore beautiful New Zealand with Active Adventures! The country side was incredible, our guides DK & Kelsie were fantastic & so down to earth, and the hikes were as challenging as they were rewarding. A great trip for shaking yourself up a bit, meeting people from all walks of life and seeing some pretty amazing scenery.”
    – Australian Capital Territory, Australia Winter Rimu, October 2015
  • Better than any of my expectations

    “My Winter Rimu trip was beyond incredible. It surpassed all my expectations and was definitely a trip of a lifetime (so much so that I cannot wait to experience it again). The itinerary was perfect, the scenery was spectacular, and the hikes were brilliant. But ever better than that, our guides were amazing. Mel is an absolute legend who not only knows the area, can hike better than anyone, but she can also cook like nobody I have ever met (I’m talking making a cheesecake in the middle of nowhere with little, to no supplies or equipment). Aaron may not always work for Active but he should. He was a wonderful driver and his knowledge of New Zealand and Maori history in particular added substance and depth to my New Zealand experience. I cannot recommend Active Adventures highly enough. If you are hesitating about joining one of their trips—don’t. Book it now you won’t regret it.”
    – Queensland, Australia Winter Rimu, October 2015
  • Best way to experience New Zealand

    “Fantastic trip, Active Adventures experience in doing these types of tours really shined through, from the pre trip preparations to the tour itself. Stayed in some fantastic locations and had the chance to do some great activities an hikes that can really cater for everyone, from the super fit to the causal hiker. Our guides Dan and Alex were fantastic and worked tirelessly throughout the trip to ensure the group had a great time and all needs were catered for. Would highly recommend the trip to anyone who wants to experience the south island and is up for an adventure.”
    – Western Australia, Australia Winter Rimu, October 2015
  • I'm living a natural adventure movie.

    “True, the Active Adventures New Zealand-Winter Rimu is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. I have never thought I would do unexpected journey with the finish tour guides and best friendship. I am lucky. I haven't just seen beautiful nature and wonderful weather, but I have learned a lot about New Zealand's extensive native forests. New Zealand's South Island showcases the purest natural landscapes. From its rugged coastlines to lush plains, the South Island has amazing views. Extra flavor to the trip was the fun activities. Such as ; Hiking & Hot camping, Horseback Riding, New Zealand Wine Tours and testing, Air Tours, Milford Sound, Scopa diving, Skiing, , and much more. I love to do it again and i advice all my friends and others out there to not miss New Zealand finest tours.”
    – , Saudi Arabia Winter Rimu, September 2015
  • Experience of a lifetime

    “Wow...what a fantastic trip. It was beyond my expectations. I have fallen in love with the South Island. The hikes were off the beaten track..creating unforgettable experiences. I loved every minute and would highly recommend the Winter Rimu trip. Our guides Dan and Alex were awesome...knowledgeable, encouraging and couldn't do enough for us.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Winter Rimu, September 2015
  • Amazing Trip!

    “Every day of the Rimu trip was unique and inspiring. The scenery of the South Island is stunning from the sweeping mountainous landscapes to the lush micro-world of its rainforests. Guides Craig and Amanda took great care of our group from making sure we were well prepared to sharing their in-depth knowledge of New Zealand’s history and natural environments. They were also fun, entertaining and genuine. As a novice hiker parts of the trip were challenging, but the views always made it worth the effort!”
    – Hawaii, United States Rimu, September 2015
  • A well organized and enjoyable trip.

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the winter rimu trip. I was anxious about travelling in winter and by myself. The itinerary covered everything I needed to cope with the winter and guides did an excellent job of integrating the groups. Nick and Mel were excellent guides and extremely helpful and friendly. Accommodation was lovely throughout the trip as was the food Nick and Mel always provided an excellent spread and accommodated everyone needs.”
    – Alberta, Canada Winter Rimu, September 2015
  • Trip of a lifetime indeed!!

    “Before I made the trip, I'd heard of New Zealand as a beautiful travel destination with adventure options galore. What I saw actually way exceeded my expectations! Coming from a crowded, populated, although a beautiful country (India), experiencing nature in isolation with our small group in the New Zealand winter was a mind blowing experience. The beautiful snow capped mountains and the lakes were a sight to behold. The night skies were the best I've ever seen. The hikes were well organised, and the stay was always comfortable. Our guides Nick and Melissa were thoroughly well informed, went out of their way to help us, and made sure that we enjoyed ourselves in the best possible manner. Lucky to have a wonderful group of people travelling along, made some good friends along the way. All in all definitely, the trip of a lifetime.”
    – Delhi, India Winter Rimu, September 2015
  • Awesome trip

    “Everything I expected and more”
    – Texas, United States Winter Rimu, September 2015
  • Winter Rimu 2015

    “Winter Rimu exceeded all of my expectations. The scenery was spectacular, the hikes well planned, and our guides, Mel and Nick, were professional yet lots of fun!”
    – Hawaii, United States Winter Rimu, September 2015
  • Does everything you want

    “The Winter Rimu trip is well organised and takes you everywhere you would want to go in the South Island if you like the outdoors. The guides take care of everything and are really nice friendly people. They take you on a variety of hikes from one day to three day and different terrain and difficulty levels. You get to explore the back country of New Zealand and go to some places that you wouldn't find on your own as well as the main tourist sites as well. The food and accommodation varies from hotel to outdoors hut and restaurant to sandwiches/trangia stew but good all round and they did their best to cater for my gluten free diet. It is expensive for what you get on the trip but it is an excellent trip and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to visit New Zealand and make the most of their trip.”
    – Lancashire, United Kingdom Winter Rimu, September 2015
  • Better than I could've imagined!

    “The Rimu Trip was amazing from start to end! The landscape, the people, our guide! Everything was perfect! Had a blast and would totally do it again! And a shout out to the people organizing all of this in the office - THANKS FOR YOU HARD WORK!”
    – Quebec, Canada Winter Rimu, September 2015
  • Winter Rimu

    “Beautiful country, wonderful food and fantastic guides. Mel and Nick work extremely hard to make the trip as enjoyable as possible. Mel works magic in the kitchen and on the trail with her culinary skills.”
    – Oklahoma, United States Winter Rimu, August 2015
  • Winter Rimu 2015 August

    “What a great way to see New Zealand! Mel and Nick are not only great guides, but wonderful people. The trip was amazing in so many different ways. Challenging when it should have been, relaxing when it needed to be, and fun overall. I can not wait for my next Active Adventures vacation.”
    – New York, United States Winter Rimu, August 2015
  • Best trip ever!

    “Aaron & Mel were amazing tour guides and I had the best time ever exploring the South Island with them. The views were unbelievable and the hikes were so much fun (even the Copland, but don't tell anyone I said that haha). The experiences and memories that I made on this trip were amazing and something that I will hold dear forever. It was a trip of a lifetime and there isn't a thing I wouldn't mind doing all over again!”
    – Hawaii, United States Winter Rimu, August 2015
  • Truly the trip of a lifetime!!

    “I honestly can't put into words how much fun this trip was. From the breathtaking scenery to our wonderful guides, Duck and Mel, it was an experience I will never forget. I would go back in a heartbeat!”
    – Minnesota, United States Winter Rimu, August 2015
  • Winter Rimu 2015 July

    “This trip was so fabulous I just wanted to stay on the South Island and start all over again.”
    – Maine, United States Winter Rimu, August 2015
  • Winter Rimu 2015 July

    “New Zealand is a magnificent place. Active Adventures has put together an amazing itinerary, perfect places to stay, wonderful food, impeccably organized travel with SUPER guides. Can't get any better than that!!!”
    – Maine, United States Winter Rimu, August 2015
  • Great Tour of New Zealand with Gluten Allergy

    “The Winter Rimu trip was a great first time for me in NZ. As someone with Celiac, I was very happy that AA offered from the beginning and while on the trip to be so accommodating for my condition; it really took a load off not having to worry about it. Even while on the overnight trips I was provided for by the guides very well. The variety of activities was well balanced and the guides were very friendly. I'll be back to NZ for sure! Luke, USA”
    – , Singapore Winter Rimu, August 2015
  • Best part of my trip!


    The hiking adventure was by far the best part of my trip. The other hikers that joined we bonded immediately and that had to do with how comfortable and safe our guide Danny made us feel. The locations, accommodations, meals, and memories were all so fantastic. I could not be happier with the outcome of my trip. Only regret is that I did not stay for the other half :( If I had known how great of a time I was going to have I would have stayed for the entire trip.
    Thanks for everything.

    Lauren Lemieux”
    – Alberta, Canada Winter Rimu, August 2015
  • Winter Rimu

    “Great trip....beautiful country, hiking, kayaking, bungee, skydive, luge, horseback riding, skiing....all great. NZ is the only country I've visited that I've ever thought about emigrating. Aaron and Mel were fantastic.”
    – Illinois, United States Winter Rimu, August 2015
  • Family Reunion

    “The guides made our trip. They knew the group and how hard to push/encourage each of us on the all day trek. They allowed the "youngsters" on the trip the freedom to forge ahead of the hikers who needed a slower pace. They were professional yet personal for the entire adventure. They really listened to each of us and surprised us with treats and incorporated activities based on random conversations among the group while traveling along on "Jean." Things like serving cold beer after our two days at Welcome Flat Hut felt like they were mind readers! Mel was so considerate of making sure dietary concerns were covered and the meals she prepared were presented as if in a 4 star restaurant in NY. We have many delicious memories! The friendships we made on our adventure are ones we will truly treasure. Whether we were trekking along the backcountry, playing cards in the hut, listening to Duck tell us a bed time story, or learning how to play rugby seaside, it was guaranteed that we spent most of the time laughing. We thank Mel and Duck for their patience, sense of humor, and mostly for their love of the stunningly beautiful country of New Zealand.”
    – New Jersey, United States Winter Rimu, August 2015
  • Trip of a life time!

    “From the moment we were picked up by our guides (Mel & Duck) until they dropped us off, we were treated like family in their home, not just their homeland. From snow capped peaks and remote huts to rain forests and fiords, they went above and beyond to ensure that each day of our two weeks with them was truly the "trip of a lifetime."”
    – Minnesota, United States Winter Rimu, August 2015
  • Fantastic trip of a life time

    “I didn't know what to expect on our Active trip. I've never done anything like it. I soon learned what an amazing country New Zealand is and what an amazing company Active Adventures is. The guides (Duck and Mel) were incredible. Their knowledge, kindness and skill were simply incredible.”
    – Minnesota, United States Winter Rimu, July 2015
  • The perfect trip!

    “The Winter Rimu trip was truly incredible! From the crystal clear waters and amazing sites of Milford Sound to the relaxing hot pools at Welcome Flat Hut I believe I got a taste of heaven on Earth. A huge thanks to Duck and Mel for flawlessly leading us through the beautiful land of New Zealand!”
    – Minnesota, United States Winter Rimu, July 2015
  • Better Than Expected

    “Don't get the idea from the title of this review that we had low expectations for our first trip to New Zealand. We all had looked forward to this trip for a long time, and we expected it to be great. And it was...and then some! New Zealand is beautiful, and the Tui itinerary gave us the opportunity to explore a good variety of its offerings. Our guides, Ben and Cristina, were tremendous -- prepared, knowledgeable, and lots of fun (and both are great cooks!!) They were able to accommodate everyone on the trip, from the young and speedy hikers to those of us that have a few more miles on our legs -- even those of us that may have taken a wrong turn on a hike!! All in all, a wonderful trip that met and exceeded our expectations!”
    – New Jersey, United States Tui, July 2015
  • Winter Rimu 2015

    “This trip couldn't have been better. It was the best trip I have ever had. The scenery was beyond spectacular and I achieved things I couldn't imagine I could do. Our guides Mel and Nick were exceptional.”
    – California, United States Winter Rimu, July 2015
  • Almost perfect

    “Great people, great scenery, great activities, good food, and fair weather... besides more sunny days, I couldn't have asked for anything else!”
    – Colorado, United States Winter Rimu, July 2015
  • NZ is magical and beyond!

    – Massachusetts, United States Winter Rimu, July 2015
  • Winter Rimu Is Perfect Action Against Stunning Scenery

    “Active Adventure's guides did everything to make this a trip of a life time. They did mention, as we all realized, that they have no control over the weather. And did we get weather! Instead of the trip turning into a dull inside focused venture, our guides led us through several "Plan B's" which many of us agreed were probably more to our liking than the original plan! The best part...I never had to rearrange meals or lodging or transportation. Our guides and the home office took care of every detail behind the scenes to ensure that rain, shine, snow, or gale force winds didn't stop our group from having an unforgettably wonderful experience. The group size of 12 was great for fostering camaraderie and allowing each of us to find that person who was exactly our own active speed. The food was spectacular -- a nice variety of healthy options for main meals and snacks. I loved that within days, our guides knew our coffee or tea preferences and often greeted us in the morning with our beverage of choice. I only hope I can live up to our chef Mel's reputation as I return home to cook for my husband! The level of activity was doable for anyone in good fitness level. The guides make sure that the ultra-fitties got extra challenges to keep them engaged and they also encouraged anyone having a little more trouble to keep going. The result was that each of us was challenged and stretched at some point on the trip in some way. My highlight was the hike up the Copland Valley with our entire group retiring to the hot pools together at night to stare in awe at the silvery swath of the Milky Way. Breath-taking!!! To anyone thinking of taking this trip, don't let the winter part discourage you. Mostly the weather was beautiful for hiking without cooking under summer sun. But, definitely follow Active Adventure's packing guide. We packed exactly what was advised and had perfect gear to keep us warm and dry when the weather turned. "There's no bad weather, only bad gear." Thank you, Active Adventures, and guides Duck and Mel for truly making this a trip of a life time. My husband and I were able to enjoy a wonderful holiday with our young adult son before he heads off to university. I would absolutely recommend this trip and look forward to tramping with Active Adventures in the future.”
    – Kansas, United States Winter Rimu, June 2015
  • Winter Rimu South Island

    “We faced some challenging weather, resulting in our trip's nickname: 'Plan B'. But honestly, some of our 'Plan B' activities were the best days of the trip! My personal favourite was the challenging Rocky Mountain trek and we were rewarded with amazing views on the descent.
    Our guides, Duck and Mel were really incredible; I couldn't praise them enough. They were both professional, caring and really motivating with great stories and full of support. Overall, the Winter Rimu was a wonderful trip and I'm already planning my next holiday with Active Adventures.”
    – Queensland, Australia Winter Rimu, June 2015
  • Tui 2015

    “This trip was a once in a lifetime adventure it was amazing to be in New Zealand and see the land of middle earth. Everyone was so nice from our guides to the people I traveled with. I will never forget any of them nor the trip I will be back. Would definitely recommend this trip!”
    – Missouri, United States Tui, June 2015
  • Epic

    “The Rimu trip was Epic to me in so many ways. I knew New Zealand was a beautiful place to visit, but, I had no idea how beautiful. As a solo traveler, I was also weary of how the active adventure group and guides would be. But, I couldn't have asked for anything better than the people I got to experience the Rimu trip with! The guides, the group, the accommodations, the active adventures and the weather were all superb. The South Island is a magical place to see. I'm so happy I chose Active Adventures to experience it!”
    – Connecticut, United States Rimu, June 2015
  • Best Way to See the South Island of NZ

    “Active Adventures and our guides Duck and Nick organized and operated one of my favorite vacations to date. Everything was first rate. When rain prevented us from crossing some rivers in the bus to make it to the trailhead of our first overnight hike, Plan B was already in the works and there was no noticeable delay in the itinerary. Accommodations and meals were booked and ready when we arrived. For the most part, food was excellent and the guides worked hard to cater to special dietary needs (we had 3 different ones in our group of 8). Coffee/tea and breakfast was ready every morning and I didn't have to wash a single dish for two weeks. Highly recommended.”
    – California, United States Winter Rimu, May 2015
  • Manuka trip review

    “We had a fantastic time with GT and Alex, we have already recommended this trip to some of our friends.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Manuka, May 2015
  • Challenging and fun

    “From beginning to end the personal attention and attention to detail from Active Adventures was exceptional. I have been on other organised tours and Active was by far the best company I have dealt with.

    The trip itself was awesome. It was challenging and lots of fun. The NZ scenery is amazing and GT knows so many off the beaten track places that only a local would know.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Rimu, May 2015
  • The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

    “The North Island of New Zealand exceeded my expectations. I could not have been happier with the scenery, accommodations', food and especially the wonderful guides. Not only did we do some awesome hikes, but I was challenged to do some things that were out of my "comfort zone". (Like snorkeling and black water rafting) Keep up the great work.
    This was my second trip to New Zealand and hopefully not my last !”
    – Wisconsin, United States Kauri, May 2015
  • Perfect!

    “I did the southbound Rimu trip in Feb-March 2015 with Active Adventures. It was fantastic- pretty much perfect. This tour company is extremely well organized. Everything from the initial inquiry to the registration process to the trip itself went perfectly (even the parts that had to be changed due to weather). Our guides Daniel and Sally were exceptional- the best guides I've ever had. I've done a number of active tours with other companies. All have been good, but Active Adventures stands out as the best, and Daniel (Dan the Man) and Sally (Super Sally) absolutely could not have been any better. So fun, easy to talk to and be with, organized, and full of information. I found out late in the trip that they had actually never lead a trip together before, but we would have never guessed that. They both had their roles down so perfectly that everything flowed like they had done it hundreds of times together before. We awarded them with a cape (for Super Sally) and a crown (for Dan the Man) which were pretty hilarious. They always had special activities to surprise us with.

    The scenery was, of course, spectacular every step of the way. Some days included a lot of driving in the bus, but with the scenery, the music (some of what Dan played for us was very funny, including a song "Sally I love you" which was hilarious due to the fact that everyone in our group was raving about her constantly) and talking and laughing with all of our new friends, it never got boring. We stopped in lots of cute towns and got a feel for New Zealand life. And pies! The motels and inns were quaint and most had amazing views. The food was the best I've ever had (I think everyone in our group wanted to take Sally home as a personal chef). Two of us have some dietary restrictions, and they always catered to them. Meals were healthy too- tons of veggies! There were always healthy snacks available as well- a basket of fruit and granola bars in "Rob" (the name of our bus!) The few things that didn't go exactly as planned ended up being some of the funnest and most memorable parts. Mice in the sheep ranch the first night ended up bonding our group together and creating a lot of laughs. Pouring rain on the Nelson Lakes Hike lead to one of the most amazing and memorable adventures I've ever had. While some of the river crossings were challenging and a bit scary, we always knew we were in good hands and sure enough, Dan and Sally got us back to the mountain hut, soaked but in good health and with frequent laughs and a lot of comments, "that was so cool!" And then they built a fire and served us hot coffee or tea and a delicious hot meal (still better most restaurant meals, even though it was a backpacking meal).

    The day in Queenstown was a lot of fun too. I HIGHLY recommend bungy jumping! It will make you feel so good that you did it! Only negative was the Chinese New Year tourists had taken over the city and we couldn't stay at the preferred hotel. (Where we stayed was fine, just not as centrally located)

    The only thing I can think of that would have made the trip better is maybe more cycling (we only did a few hours one day unless you signed up for the 3 day cycling tour) and if the weather had allowed us to helicopter to the glacier and snorkel with the seals. But there were always great alternative hikes and obviously they have no control over the weather. Besides, they delivered us great weather for kayaking Milford Sound, which is apparently rare.

    I will definitely find another Active Adventures trip to go on again. This is how a well-run tour company works!

    Denver, CO”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, May 2015
  • Just wonderful!!

    “Our two weeks exploring the glorious South Island with Katie and Celia were truly special. They are smart, capable, very knowledgeable and lots of fun. We loved everything about the trip -- tramping, kayaking, biking, eating fine fine food, seeing, learning, and just being with our fellow travelers. Couldn't be better!”
    – Maine, United States Rimu, May 2015
  • Awesome North Island!

    “So much more than I was expecting, incredible landscapes and amazing hikes - an awesome adventure!”
    – , New Zealand Kauri, May 2015
  • Wonderful adventure

    “I can see why everyone who's traveled to New Zealand absolutely loves it. It is a stunningly beautiful country with diverse topography and no predators to worry about. I especially enjoyed our group that we traveled with, most of which were people who we had never met before. Our guides were absolutely terrific, and both Graeme and Jaclyn were so accommodating, and we loved Jaclyn's meals/food. She really went out of her way to make delicious food for all, including a few vegetarians. Parts of the trip were definitely quite challenging, but gave us all a sense of accomplishment after. Would definitely recommend this tour and will be looking to book with Active again.”
    – California, United States Rimu, May 2015
  • Memories that will last a lifetime!

    “New Zealand is the most beautiful place on earth! We experienced perfect weather, fantastic and entertaining guides, great food, new friends, challenging hikes and scenic active adventure. This trip meant the world to me and I would do it all over again. What a way to celebrate turning 40 and spend quality time with my dad! Honestly, this was a dream holiday! Thank you to everyone involved in the pre-planning and execution. Dan, Ceila, Button and Miriam are gems!”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, May 2015
  • Great trip

    “This was a fabulous trip. Our guides Kate and Celia kept us entertained, well-fed and outdoors in some truly spectacular locations. Their enthusiasm, knowledge, and energy were wonderful. We loved the hiking. The kayaking in Marlborough Sound and the biking trip into Wanaka were also very special experiences. All in all I wouldn't change a thing!”
    – Maine, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • Awesome Guides made the trip memorable

    “Andrew and Sally were extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. Awesome food and fun activities!”
    – Connecticut, United States Kauri, April 2015
  • Rimu 2015

    “This is an awesome tour of the South Island. We had wonderful guides (Craig and Amanda) who really did take great care of us. They were attentive, fun and genuinely extremely nice (just what I expected Kiwis to be!). The scenery is stunning (also as expected). The backpacking in Nelson Lakes was the highlight for me. I could have done that for the whole two weeks. There were necessary long van segments but they were made quite tolerable by frequent stops and Craig's awesome monologues which provided us with a lot of history and cultural backdrop for our trip. This is a great trip. I highly recommend!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • North Island Adventure

    “Fantastic coastal walks, beautiful islands and the icing on the cake was the Tongariro Crossing which our group completed in perfect weather.”
    – Herts, United Kingdom Kauri, April 2015
  • “Fantastic-you read the description, you think you are ready and the trip is even better! No way would I have tried the various activities without the Active guides, they made it seamless and fun!”
    – New York, United States Kauri, April 2015
  • Kiwi was sweet as!!

    “Bonding first thing with fellow hikers got us off to a great start! Vanessa was guide/cook/driver par excellence! As we were a very small group of 4 hikers, Vanessa did it all! Each day we were literally blown away by the beauty around us!”
    – Georgia, United States Kiwi, April 2015
  • Kauri Trip (thats "Coty" to those in the know!!)

    “We had previously done the Rimu trip which we loved and were inspired to return to see the North Island. The trip had many of the same attributes as the Rimu - great energetic and informative guides, full on activity with a focus on the enjoyment of the outside world. There was probabaly less hiking than Rimu and more variety in the activities - wait for the snorkelling at Poor Knights (best snorkelling ever!) Black Water Rafting which finishes the trip on a high. We were a small intimate group and that added to the pleasure of the trip, If you like the outdoors, whatever your age, are generally fit and up for things then Active New Zealand won't disappoint. Great value for money too.”
    – London, United Kingdom Kauri, April 2015
  • JAL North Island Review

    “The trip not only provided us with wonderfully diversified hikes and activities in the beautiful scenery of the North Island, but the incredible information provided to us by our guides gave us the background and understanding of the history and culture of New Zealand. It was an intellectually, as well as physically, rewarding experience.”
    – New York, United States Kauri, April 2015
  • March 14, 2015 KIWI trip

    “Our trip was great, something fun and new every day. Of course New Zealand is awe inspiring itself,but the places visited were the best. Our guide Vanessa made everything even better with her hard work and knowledge of the wild life, farm animals, and place names encyclopedic.”
    – Georgia, United States Kiwi, April 2015
  • Don't forget your poles! HUT! HUT! HUT!

    “This tour was more than I expected in every way! It was very efficiently organized and carried out by our guides, covering so many diverse areas (rainforest, tide pools, great walks, glaciers, beaches, cruises on sounds, etc.) I enjoyed the hikes, and appreciated that our guides make such an effort to have everyone make them all, regardless of weather! Most amazing was the food that Laura prepared! And when there were no cooking facilities, the restaurants chosen were great! We were never hungry with fruit and snacks available at all times! What made this such a memorable trip were the PEOPLE! With travel and hiking as a common interest, I have made some wonderful friends!”
    – California, United States Manuka, April 2015
  • Perfect Kiwi Adventure

    “My first trip to New Zealand lived up to all my expectations. Active Adventures is certainly the company to choose, as their organisation and attention to detail gives everyone a great time. The wine tasting on the first day was a fun way to get to know the group!
    Brilliant guides, fantastic weather, great company - what more could you want?”
    – Herts, United Kingdom Kiwi, April 2015
  • Have to come basck

    “Awesome country, awesome people, awesome trip”
    – Illinois, United States Manuka, April 2015
  • Memories for a lifetime!

    “Seeing and experiencing this beautiful country, with its diverse landscapes, with guides (Nick and Rachael)who are passionate about their country and the outdoors--and delivering an amazing experience to their guests--was a trip I will never forget. Really, I can't think of enough superlatives to describe this trip.”
    – Alberta, Canada Rimu, April 2015
  • The Perfect Introduction to New Zealand

    “This organised trip is now the standard by which I will measure all other trips. Jasmine and Amanda were fantastic in terms of guiding us around South Island and getting to our locations within a reasonable amount of time, whether it be driving (Jasmine was flawless in her driving) or hiking (Amanda could probaby do the entire two weeks of walking in her flip flops!) I was thoroughly satisfied. The great weather helped, but even without it, my opinion would not have changed.”
    – London, United Kingdom Rimu, April 2015
  • Rimu Trip March 23rd 2015

    “My Rimu Trip was simply outstanding. From the moment everyone joined the trip, our two guides Nick and Rachael made sure that everything ran smoothly in a most relaxed way and within a few days we were all the best of friends. Although the trip was very "active" with some early starts and some long days on the road they ensured that we enjoyed our travels keeping us happy, entertained and informed along the way. Nick and Rachael just could not do enough for us, preparing hearty breakfasts, wholesome picnic lunches and some lovely evening meals. They became more like close friends and fellow travelling companions rather than guides. Their understated professionalism was a credit to Active Adventures and New Zealand tourism in general.

    The arrangements for all the activities were extremely well organised and they took place in a "seamless manner". I personally snorkelled, hiked / climbed, trekked, sea kayaked and mountain biked over the course of the trip. Every single day of the trip was very special and a highlight for different reasons. I enjoyed every single day of the trip but one needs to be energetic to enjoy the trip to the full.

    We stayed in some excellent accommodation ranging from homesteads to hotels (and DOC Huts on the Trek in the Nelson Lakes National Park) I slept well, rested and ready for the next days adventure! We also dined out in some nice restaurants along the way.

    On the last day of the trip we had a wonderful visit to Morlea sheep farm where we had a lovely final lunch together which was a very personal and fitting end to a truly outstanding trip. Sadly the trip was for only 2 weeks. I did not want it to finish! Ideally it would have been nice to have had a few extra days along the way to have had even more "adventures".”
    – UK, United Kingdom Rimu, April 2015
  • Inspiring

    “A beautiful & inspiring trip. The guides were the best, Nick & Rachael! Would suggest to anyone to do this trip in a heart beat!”
    – Hawaii, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • Outstanding!

    “Your company is an outstanding organization. From initial contact right through to dropping us off in Christchurch your PEOPLE are 10 star individuals. You are incredibly well organized, and your service is beyond compare. How two 22 year old guides can be as good as Nick & Rachel is beyond me. To say they did a fabulous job is an understatement. They are absolutely amazing individuals.”
    – Hawaii, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • “Truly, this was a trip of a lifetime for me and my family. We enjoyed the time together we never seem to find the time for as our lives are so busy. New Zealand was the most picturesque, friendly, clean, comfortable and breath-taking country I have ever been to. I have always dreamed of doing an adventure travel like this and it was all it promised. Exciting, beautiful, challenging, comfortable and inspiring all at once. We were busy and active and experiencing new and wonderful sights and activities every day. The food was wonderful. The guides were absolutely great with all of us, no matter what our capabilities. Sally and Logan made the trip memorable and I so appreciate their expertise, fun, and patience. New Zealand is a place everyone should go to. My only regret is I wish I could have stayed longer.”
    – New Mexico, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • The BEST of South Island New Zealand and much more!

    “Activity started the first day, swimming with the seals in Kaikaroa and ended on the last day with an incredible sheep shearing and lunch visit to Morelea Farm. In between, kayaking Marlborough Sounds (Kenapuru and Queen Charlotte) and being completely spoiled at Tanglewood by Linda and Steve with gourmet food and very comfortable accommodations. Then on to Punakaiki's Pancake Rock via scenic Lake Rotiti, kayaking Okarito lagoon with herons, Franz Josef with up-close and far views of the glaciers and cycling to Lake Wanaka via Lake Hawea. Queenstown was a buzz of activity and a free day. On the way to Milford, a hike on the Routeburn with more glacial vies ending with a drive through the tunnel to be stunned by the cliffs at Milford as the NZ national anthem was sung by (I believe) Haley Westenra. Returning to Lake Manapouri after an early morning Milford kayak to walk the Kepler Track. The last stop Aoraki for more hiking bliss. We experienced many more stops along the way to enjoy the natural wonders of South Island. All the above was made exciting and fun by the extremely competent guides. We will be back for more!”
    – Hawaii, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • Finding myself through tree ferns

    “I have been on a lookout for a fine and exhilarating way to get both physically and mentally fit. I love to see new countries and hear new lore. Wit and wandering should always go hand in hand. I found good stimulation along this South Island quest with two marvelous guides. I am certain the two lasses could not have been better. I was also lucky to have fallen into a group of 11 fine outdoorsy types. Not all was smooth sailing for there was one very rough go at the start. Whether it was jet lag or those simply impossible stairs at Mt. Cook I will never know but they can take that one off the list... However every thing after was a dream. Of course the Angelus Circuit won me through and through and I only wish we could have kept on walking that ridge into the future.”
    – California, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • Trip of a Lifetime*

    “My friends and I planned this trip for over a year. We thought it would be a great chance to push ourselves doing multiple activities and see amazing sites. Certainly it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now, I find myself looking at the pictures I took and wondering when I can return - this time with my family!

    The trip was so much more than just a series of adventure activities. It was a group of strangers coming together to form a rather tight group. It was a constant lesson on the history, geology, flora and fauna of New Zealand. It was learning that "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad choice in clothing."

    I knew the adventure would be fun, but the people, especially our guides Craig and Amanda, put this trip over the top!

    *Until I come back!!!”
    – Ohio, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • Adventure trip of a lifetime in New Zealand

    “This trip surpassed almost every expectation I had! I tried not to pay attention to details ahead of time, preferring to be surprised by what each different day had to offer! I had researched what company to travel with and Active Adventures always rose to the top of my list and seemed to have the most variety in what they offered. The guides, Andrew and Amanda were quite a team! They worked together seamlessly to make everyone happy and I am not sure that they ever slept. Andrew should be a history professor!
    I am thrilled that I did the longest trip offered on each Island as there is so much to see and do. Lots of driving and understandably so as we covered a lot of ground!”
    – Colorado, United States Kauri, April 2015
  • South Island Adventure of a Lifetime

    “Loved traveling for 2 weeks on the South Island! So many beautiful places to see and wanted more time in each!The right size group and what an adventurous itinerary, keeping us more than busy and looking so forward to what lay ahead each day for us. The guides always had plan B and C when the group needed choices due to weather changes or whatever. Amazing guides!”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • Tui w/ Guides DK and Nick

    “A well-run tour. Guides DK and Nick couldn't have been nicer or more qualified. New Zealand is a beautiful country. Thank you to DK and Nick.”
    – Maryland, United States Tui, April 2015
  • Kauri

    “Awesome trip. Andy and Amanda went above and beyond the call of duty. Andy was so informative about the North Island and such a good sense of humour. Amanda paid attention to my dietary needs, she even found Dairy Free Chocolate!!!!!
    Both had a way of prodding one ever onward without being intrusive, demanding, or adding pressure to your experience.”
    – Alberta, Canada Kauri, April 2015
  • Fantastic Kauri an Active Adventure!!

    “Thanks so much to Andrew and Amanda for the marvelous time you gave us in New Zealand. We so appreciate your guidance and patience for the not real speedy Grandmas from Canada. Loved all the fun and adventures and the big highlight was hiking Tongariro Crossing. Spectacular! I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants an adventure.”
    – Alberta, Canada Kauri, April 2015
  • Kia Ora!

    “This trip was a dream come true for me. It met all my expectations and then some!”
    – Florida, United States Kauri, April 2015
  • A definite must

    “Going into the vacation I did not have any expectations or even really know what to expect. I'm glad I didn't because it made it even that much better. The whole trip was so well planned out, thought out and executed. Active has clearly figured out what works. I would take this trip again in a heartbeat!”
    – Missouri, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • “Vanessa was an excellent guide and did a great job accommodating everyone's needs. She pushed those who were up for the challenge and supported those who needed it. I don't think I've ever been fed so well while vacationing! There was a great balanced of amazingly cooked meals, some of which even related to the days activities (pancake breakfast when we visited the pancake rocks) as well as great explanations and tasting of traditional kiwi foods, not to mention the Tim tam slam . There were a few hiccups involving the vehicle/trailer, which, I think, ended up bringing the group closer together. Vanessa handled it with poise. Amazing trip in a beautiful country!”
    – Ontario, Canada Kiwi, April 2015
  • New Zealand - Brilliant!

    “Twenty years ago I first heard about New Zealand and what a special place it is. Well, I just retired and my wife and I decided to find out for ourselves.
    New Zealand and its wonderful people surpassed all of our expectations.
    The history, culture, and ecology had a profound impact on both of us.
    In addition, our two week Kiwi adventure introduced us to ten fellow travelers that became like a small family on our bus named Nancy. Our wonderful and patient guides, Craig and Sarah deserve most of the credit for making this experience, a trip never to be forgotten, thank you!
    Don Idaho USA
    Kiwi March 2015”
    – Idaho, United States Kiwi, April 2015
  • Rimu: South Island Adventure Review

    “It was an active, beautiful, challenging and breathtaking adventure. In two weeks my wife and I saw more places and did more things than we could have possibly done on our own. The guided trip was definitely active, well thought out, organized and well executed. Our guides were knowledgeable, skilled, helpful and proud to share their country with us. We had so much fun! This was a trip of a lifetime.”
    – New Mexico, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • Fabulous Rimu Trip

    “Our Rimu trip was wonderful from start to finish. Spectacular scenery, great hikes, kayaking, great food, comfortable accommodations, excellent planning and logistics. Our guides, Katie and Celia, were amazing. They were both so personable, knowledgeable, talented and fun! They worked so hard and did everything they could to ensure that each member of our group was comfortable and having a great trip. We enjoyed meeting and spending time with our fellow travelers. Two weeks flew by. We were sad to see our trip come to an end and say goodbye. My husband and I would highly recommend Active Adventures and the Rimu trip.”
    – New Mexico, United States Rimu, April 2015
  • Bucket list trip

    “The trip was truly an adventure. Loved the landscape, especially the West coastal area. Our Guides (GT & Alex) were great & really know their home land. This trip was a great way to see New Zealand in a short time frame.”
    – Ohio, United States Manuka, March 2015
  • Just what the doctor ordered

    “(warning - this is a little long :)
    We’re active Coloradans who summit high peaks and log lots of miles on the trails in our beautiful state. When we got married last fall, we decided to “go big” for the honeymoon and head to the hiker and adventurer’s place of paradise: New Zealand. Unfortunately, between the wedding date and our trip, I found out that my cancer had returned and I would need to undergo a 3-month cycle of treatment—which overlapped our trip dates. The doctors said I would just have to wait and see how the side effects would impact my travel plans. We of course had trip insurance, but I really didn’t want to use it. Thankfully the treatments were very tolerable and the few side effects would not impact my ability to hike or bike or kayak—we were still able to take our dream vacation! The trip was unbelievably amazing and went above and beyond my expectations. It was so great to let Dan and Sally take care of all the logistics and food (we often spend hours researching trails and routes) and I wanted none of that hassle or responsibility on our honeymoon! Everything was fantastic – from the food to the glorious views. Not only were my husband and I able to enjoy the great outdoors and soak up the adventurous spirit that embodies New Zealand, but it was certainly a great break from our reality back home. And I believe the awesome beauty and power of Mother Nature provided more healing than any treatment could possibly offer. We are so grateful we were able to experience the magnificence of New Zealand and we plan to return soon and often! Thank you for the trip of a lifetime.”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • New Zealand is a MUST DO!

    “WOW! Where to start? The RIMU South Island tour is amazing. From swimming with the seals to Milford Sound, our guides took great care of us. The 2 night backpack to Angelus Hut was difficult but well worth the effort. The views from the Robert Ridge Trail will take your breath away. Do bring a waterproof camera for your kayaking portions and in case of rain. The upper portion of Okarito Lagoon is almost tropical and then, the Heli Glacier trip is incredible. On our day off, we went rafting and the experience was unforgettable. After the Milford Kayak, we stayed at a peaceful little place next to Lake Manapouri. What a great place to wind down prior to heading to Mt. Cook. And the Shearer's Quarters are quite unique. I've never walked out to see sheep wandering around my porch before.”
    – California, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Outstanding Dream Trip!!

    “This was my first international trip and it was the BEST! From the moment I got off the plane to the day our journey ended, it was flawless...with the exception of one small hiccup. A few days into the trip, I became ill and spent 24 hours in bed. This can be a bit uneasy... getting sick in a foreign country...but, here's the best part. Our guide, Craig, took such good care of me and I honestly feel like I had my own personal angel. On his day off, while the others went and had fun... he stayed with me, making a Dr.'s appt. for me, taking me to the clinic, waiting for me and then making sure I was ok when we returned to our cottage. He went above and beyond and I truly appreciated his care and concern. After that one day, I was well enough to continue and every aspect of the trip was beyond any expectations I could have had. Our group was very special..and I do mean special. I felt like I was on a family vacation! We all got along so well... that doesn't happen very often. The scenery, the food, the new experiences and all the laughter will never be forgotten. Sarah and Craig... words can't describe how incredible these two were. Active NZ is very lucky to have them...and so was I!”
    – Idaho, United States Kiwi, March 2015
  • An awesome trip in an awesome country!

    “This was definitely a trip of a lifetime - one that was on my bucket list for a while! The tracks that we hiked were all great, from the rainforest to Mt. Cook. Our guides, GT and Alex, were great and worked really hard to ensure that our trip was seamless. If you are looking for a way to experience New Zealand by hiking and sightseeing, this is the way to go - a very professional outfitter that takes care of all the details! It was worth the wait!”
    – Ohio, United States Manuka, March 2015
  • March 2015 Tui Trip with Dave and Amanda

    “First time to New Zealand. Trip was a lot of fun and the guides were great and made it even more enjoyable. Their ability to change with short notice due to weather, etc. was also helpful and the food was very good as well.”
    – Texas, United States Tui, March 2015
  • Wonderful

    “My journey to New Zealand with Active Adventures was the absolute trip of a lifetime! From the Volcanic north to the towering alps of the south. Every day offered a new and exciting adventure. The guides were terrific, friendly and knowledgeable about the land, people and culture that we immersed ourselves in.”
    – New York, United States Kauri, March 2015
  • Amazing Way to See the North Island

    “All aspects of the trip were excellent. The tour guides were friendly and knowledgable, the food was fantastic and we went to some amazing places. I'll definately take a tour with Active Adventures New Zealand in the future.”
    – Washington, United States Kauri, March 2015
  • Active Rimu

    “Truly a bucket list trip! Great guides (Alex, Logan, Lina), and great new friends. We are still on an adrenalin high from this trip. Just be ready for some serious hiking and the reward of spectacular views and experiences!”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, March 2015
  • The best vacation ever!!!

    “Weve had many great active vacations in the past but our two week Kiwi trip trip was simply "beyond beyond".
    We were so fortunate to inherit a fantastic collection of travel companions as well as two of the best Active guides you hope for. Put that together with the natural beauty of New Zealand and you have the best vacation ever.”
    – Arizona, United States Kiwi, March 2015
  • Everything you want and more!

    “I loved the challenge of this Tui trip, it definitely took me out of my comfort zone in all the right ways! At the beginning of the week, I was only able to make it half way across Douglas Bridge. By the end of the week, I couldn't wait to cross Rainbow Reach! Every day brought a new challenge and every night brought a new beautiful accommodation that allowed for a restful night. I met some amazing people who I will definitely keep in touch with. Dave, Elder and Vanessa were fantastic! They were incredibly encouraging and whipped up some mean meals, too. I loved learning a little about New Zealand's history while driving from one adventure to the next. It's impossible to put the breath-taking scenery into words, others will have to see for themselves!”
    – Indiana, United States Tui, March 2015
  • Absolutely Awesome

    “This trip was fantastic. Dave, Elder and Vanessa were great and always there to answer questions or give us a hand if needed. Each day was as spectacular as the last. The Tui trip was everything I could've asked for and more.”
    – Indiana, United States Tui, March 2015
  • NZ Epic Journey Kiwi Trip

    “I started my NZ journey with a throat/chest issue; however, Craig, Sarah and the other eleven guests refused to allow that to dampen my spirits. For 20 years I looked forward to visiting NZ outdoors and found the perfect professional company to tour with. Everything came together in such a great way even with a couple of hard rain days. Unfortunately our chopper rides were cancelled but two days of seeing Mt Cook from Brahmer Station more than made up for that. The trip plan allowed us the maximum time in places others probably don't get to experience. Although my fellow travelers had such enthusiasm for NZ's endless beauty the real trip success was due to Craig and Sarah. Professional yes but their ability to be one of us, coach us, feed us, advise us, shepherd us, greet us and entertain us was truly what made this Epic such a success.”
    – South Carolina, United States Kiwi, March 2015
  • Feb. 28 Kiwi-Trip of a Lifetime

    “This is the most spectacular country we have ever visited. We are semi retired professionals in our 60's. We have been in many countries around the world and I must say that this Kiwi trip was the best 2 weeks we have ever spent in a country. Our guides, Craig and Sarah were fantastic. Their knowledge of the flora, fauna, geology and history of the South Island places we visited was impressive. Their spirit and ability to guide, drive, lead hikes, organize accommodations and restaurant visits, cook or arrange many delicious meals and lead us around the best locations in the South Island in 2 weeks was amazing. Our group of 12 jelled very quickly and soon felt like a family. It helped that everyone was organized, considerate and on time as we moved around a lot. It also helped that almost everyone was in shape to do the hikes that ranged from 3 to 15 km. and two kayak trips. My highlights were staying at the Braemare Station Sheep Farm, kayaking Milford Sound and hiking up to the lake near Mt. Cook. We joined the tour after being on our own in the north island for a week touring Maori villages. New Zealand is a country that gets its priorities for residents and tourists right. The Maori seem to have been melded into the fabric of the country with pride. The people are friendly and helpful. On a point most countries ignore, there are well maintained free toilets everywhere you need them with sinks with running water and soap. We have not found that anywhere else in the world.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Kiwi, March 2015
  • Great Trip on the South Island

    “We spent two weeks with Rachael and Dave, who, by the way, were the best tour guides I have ever had, and enjoyed it all very much. We did some great hiking, sight seeing and kayaking. The highlight, if I were to choose just one, would be the kayaking on Milford Sound on a beautiful sunny morning. I found the travel times reasonable, and I am certain I could now write a book called "Biffies I have known and loved". The fruit basket was a real plus, and Rachael's quick response to the comment that all the non-fruit snacks contained peanuts, was very rapid and appropriate. Also, her handling of all my food issues made the trip even better. Hard to say how things could have been better. I envy you if you are about to take this tour.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Kiwi, March 2015
  • Kiwi trip

    “The trip was excellent and delivered everything it promised. Our guides were both very knowledgeable, both about the trails and about New Zealand in general. The food was great (good thing we were hiking a lot), and I really liked having the fruit basket on board for snacking as we drove. I highly recommend this trip for active hikers.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Kiwi, March 2015
  • Bucket List Worthy

    “A truly remarkable trip! Before I even booked the trip, the staff I talked with were extremely friendly and were able to answer all of my questions. The only concern as the trip date approached was that I was unable to kayak for the multi-day option (lack of interest from the rest of the group), I am extremely happy that I went backpacking instead because of the family-like atmosphere that was quickly created with Jasmine, Button, and everyone in the group. Both Jasmine and Button were knowledgeable and helpful beyond belief. They greeted me with smiles at the airport at the beginning of the tour and those smiles never disappeared. The food everywhere was delicious, nutritious, and necessary for every aspect of the trip. I rarely, if ever, needed supplemental snacks. When I returned home, I felt that I needed to change my dietary habits to try to replicate how I felt all trip. All accommodations were gorgeous in their own unique ways and I could not believe how magnificent the night sky at Braemar Station was (we were lucky to have 2 clear nights there!). The drive into Milford Sound is one experience that was so moving to me that I did not remember to take pictures, but that experience will always be in my memory. Thank you for the best vacation of my life (so far)! I look forward to booking another trip with Active Adventures!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “I had to write to let you know how wonderful our Rimu trip was. The Activities consisted of a good mix of challenge and relaxation. Of course, the stunning New Zealand scenery made it well worth the effort. Jasmine and Button were professional and friendly guides who kept us safe, informed and and well fed-
    Not to mention very encouraging when the hikes got tough. We had a great mix of people - couples and singles ranging in age from late 20's to early 70's - and we were all sad at the end Of two weeks to say goodbye to our New Zealand traveling family!”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Awesome vacation, awesome guides

    “From the challenging Angelus circuit hike, hiking Franz Josef glacier, kayaking Milford Sound to our last nights at Breamer Station, it was an excellent trip. The guides, Jasmine and Amanda (Button) added to our experience. I cannot say enough about their service and how they made us feel like we were home. I strongly recommend the RIMU trip to anyone who wants to see and experience the South Island.”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Our best vacation ever!!

    “Our Kiwi trip exceeded our expectations in every way! I enjoyed the small group - 12 of us plus 2 guides. We have been on large bus trips before and will never do that again. Craig, our driver & guide, was so knowledgeable about New Zealand. We learned so much about biology, history, geology and much more. Some of the days had a lot of driving because the South Island is a large land mass, but he kept it interesting with his many stories and facts. Sarah was our other guide and gourmet chef! The food was amazing! The restaurants were fine, but her meals were delicious. We would visit a salmon farm and that night have fresh salmon for dinner! We thought we would lose weight with all the hiking and activities, but with all her good food, that didn't happen!
    The itinerary was perfect. We are over 60 and it was not too strenuous. The scenery was breathtaking, and with a small group, we were able to stay in amazing places. We enjoyed a "down day" in Queenstown halfway through the trip, and I went paragliding! What a thrill!
    Milford Sound was spectacular! We kayaked, hiked & tried to do a helicopter ride, but the weather wouldn't cooperate. It was still a great experience.
    I will be recommending this trip & this company to anyone who will listen. From our first contact with Active Adventures, the office staff was quick to respond and always so cheerful! Their website and OBI were so organized with no detail left out. The entire experience was "Eepic". Amazing!”
    – Arizona, United States Kiwi, March 2015
  • Totally awesome

    “Each day was a new adventure and just as we thought it couldn't get better, it always did. Craig and Sarah were not only expert gides, cooks and drivers, but they created a family atmosphere that began in the first five minutes and continued thoughout the trip. Everything was incredibly well organized. We fell in love with New Zealand and our guides. The only bad thing was that the trip ended.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Kiwi, March 2015
  • It's worth it. Sign me up again!

    “Our South Island Rimu trek was the trip of a lifetime for me and my son, Jack. Our guides and fellow travellers made the experience uniquely fun. Each day was a new adventure, a breathtaking view, an adrenaline rush, a good conversation, a challenge, and a strong sense of accomplishment. And this doesn't take into account the great food and local wines, hilarious inside jokes, and actually sleeping in a hut with people you've never met before.”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • A Bucket List Must-Do

    “Being from New Zealand myself, but not having been to the South Island before, I was absolutely blown away by the sheer beauty of landscape that awaited us. The trip itself was packed with so many amazing activities, and the guides were AMAZING!!!”
    – Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand Tui, March 2015
  • More than I expected

    “First of all-you have the best trip guides!!! Craig and Sarah were outstanding. So much of a good trip depends on the guides and Sara and Craig were the best. Craig was full of information regarding history, vegetation and geology of New Zealand. I felt I learned a lot and Craig's love of sharing this information and his obvious love of his country was very much appreciated. Sarah had similar information and her love of adventure and country was equally inspiring. The meals that Sarah cooked were incredible. I ate food I had never eaten before and LOVED it. Both were good sports with all the teasing we gave them and were equal to the challenge of returning the teasing. This made for a lot of fun. This truly was a trip of a lifetime.”
    – Arizona, United States Kiwi, March 2015
  • Gods Country

    “I had been to the North Island back in the 80's for work. I always said I was coming back mainly due to the incredibly nice people as well as how beautiful NZ is. My wife and I decided to sign up for this adventure to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Since we have been back about all I can say to my friends and family is that no matter how many pictures you see of the south island or how much you hear about NZ and the people, you have to go to really get the jist. The scenery is mind boggling, the available activities run from awe inspiring to heart stopping (Nivas Bungee). Active Adventures (Nick and DK) were awesome all the way from cooking to driving to historians about the Mauri people to superior guides in getting you to the most beautiful spots on earth. These guys are a class act!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Tui, March 2015
  • Fantastic Guides, Amazing Food & Mind Blowing Scenery!

    “I'm a well travelled Kiwi, both overseas and in my own country of New Zealand. Having spent alot of time in the South Island, I thought I had already seen the best of New Zealand, but Active took us to the absolute cream of NZ. We visited places that were just awe inspiring and so stunningly beautiful! Our guides DK and Nick were heaps of fun but also very professional. They paid great attention to everyones needs, (they made sure that even a guest who had arrived with a sprained ankle didn't miss out on any of the experiences to be had). They told us lots of fascinating stories and facts about New Zealand and I have to say - know how to produce yummy food, everything from gourmet sandwiches to roast Lamb! And Nick - you cook a mighty good venison steak too! Can't say enough about how special this trip was, Active you really do know how to treat visitors to the best of stunning scenery and a top class travel experience!”
    – Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand Tui, March 2015
  • Trip of a lifetime !

    “The Rimu adventure provides a variety of ways to be active. Our group really liked the kayak option and enjoyed the biking, hiking AND eating as well.
    The guides were informative and fun! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or use Active Adventures again!”
    – Missouri, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Frank Chan FEB 2015 NZL Rimu Trip

    “We (My spouse Stephanie and I) enjoyed the 2-week loop around the South Island. There were sufficient variety of activities, we are glad we kept a log daily so that we can have an 'official' record to remember a wonderful endeavor.”
    – Connecticut, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Alan Fisser review

    “Our Rimu trip with Dan S and Sally was awesome! The scenery and activities were second to none. Dan and Sally were consummate professionals that added significant layers of pampering, information, fun, fellowship, and safety that we would not have had by doing this sort of trip on our own.”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Amazing!

    “More than I imagined! The views, the hiking, the service...all wonderful!”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • I was thrilled with our trip.

    “Dan S was an amazing lead guide whose stories of New Zealand each day on the bus were amazing. He not only educated us about the daily life of the people, animal population, and history but he told wonderful stories about the Maori tribes. (I always felt like I was listening to a story that was being read to me from a book.)
    Daniel kept us safe and was always able to work with our group on a plan "B" when plan "A" did not work out. Our change of plans at Nelson Lakes with the flooding and using the swing bridge worked really well... I never once felt worried about our change in plans.
    Sally was an amazing guide as well. We were continually amazed that Dan and Sally had never worked together as they could read each others minds. Sally was an amazing cook and continually provided us with "gourmet" dining catering to gluten free, no dairy, and vegetarian diets. We named her "Super Sally" and made her a cape.
    Sally and Daniel helped each and everyone of us with any assistance that we needed at anytime, from drying our clothes to helping us to adjust our packs.
    Our trip moved along like a well oiled machine and although we did not get to do everything at the end because of the weather we were not disappointed with any part of it. The accomodations were comfortable and provided us with what we needed.
    Thank you so much for making this experience so wonderful. Dan and Sally showed such pride when they shared their experience and knowledge of the NZ countryside. You have a wonderful country and you should be so proud.”
    – New Hampshire, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Challenging and Rewarding

    “I thought about the title for awhile but clearly not long enough. I considered Really Intense and Mostly Up or even Ridiculous, Insane, Mad Undertaking but both of these failed to take into account the true feel of this adventure. We had a great trip and were so happy to have had a chance to see the breathtaking (in more ways than one) beauty of the South Island with a wonderful collection of fellow travelers. Our guides were incredible and extraordinarily hard working. Alex produced miraculous dinner after dinner in the middle of nowhere. Logan's humour was infectious and I have no idea how he packed up the weight that he did on the hikes. Lina came in our second week and provided fun, strength, kindness, patience and encouragement, all at the exact time that they were needed. This trip has a few days of hiking that will challenge you but also reward you with amazing views. The mountain biking was fun and the kayaking spectacular at Milford. To really enjoy this trip you need to come fit and it would help to have done some stair work. After that, all you need is a positive attitude. I highly recommend the trip.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Rimu, March 2015
  • Totally AWESOME trip!

    “I totally enjoyed my trip! The Rimu tour is the way to see the South Island of New Zealand. The 2 weeks were filled with great activities and spectacular scenery. Our guides were amazing! Alex was full of energy & her smile was contagious! Boy, could she prepare food! No losing weight on this tour! Logan, I will remember for his devilish laugh when he would be explaining our upcoming hike. Walk fast to keep up with him! Lina, our celebrity guide - sorry Lina, had to say that - was outstanding and a real motivator plus quick witted to deal with our group! Our tour was made up of 5 couples. We meshed early on & enjoyed each others company. I would love to do another tour with our fellow travelers and our guides! Great memories!”
    – British Columbia, Canada Rimu, March 2015
  • Second half of Kauri

    “We did the second half of a Kauri after doing the Rimu. We enjoyed seeing the North Island and the opportunity to do the Alpine crossing which offered spectacular views and seeing the geothermal areas. This group was a different one for us than the Rimu in that the fitness level varied much more. Fortunately for everyone, the guides did everything that they could to provide the best experience that they could to every person and the group got on well. It was also a bit different to join a group in the middle of a trip but there were many others in the same boat and everyone was welcoming. We were able to take a slightly different option off the Alpine hike which allowed us an adventure and some relief from the crowds and I really appreciated that. The mountain biking was really fun but it might be challenging if you had not done much biking before. Amanda and Andrew were terrific.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Kauri, March 2015
  • Rimu trip with Dan and Sally 2015

    “If you are an active person and want to see some of the best sights in New Zealand this has to be the trip to take. We were doing something everyday with just enough rest thrown in to enjoy it all. The guides were awesome. Hiking at Nelson Lakes, night hiking to see glow worms, Mountain biking at Lake Wanaka, Kayaking at Okarito, and Milford Sound. One of these was my favorite, I just can't decide which one.”
    – New Hampshire, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Yes, It's all that and more!

    “My wife and I seek out adventurous and "off the beaten path" trips, and the Rimu itinerary was all that and more! We loved the Kiwi people, culture, and spirit. Active Adventures provided us a grounded experience that gave us the best of the South Island. So much so, that we started planning our next trip on our first flight back home:-) Till next time, please keep both Active and Adventure at the top of the list… Cheers!”
    – Arizona, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • What an adveneture!

    “Katie was a spectacular leader. I sent a note to your webpage chat room - hoping that mngmnt would get it so they know what an asset they have in her. Katie was helpful, knowledgeable about the area, our cheerleader when we really didn't want to get out of the bus in the rain(!). She encouraged us to complete tasks we didn't think we could do (day 2 and 3 at Nelson Lake) and she waited on us hand a foot. She made the trip. The only thing I didn't like was the 3 hour partial day in Queenstown after being in Milford Sound. We were already there for a day and a half - but then I don't like cities and would much prefer being in the wilderness. I know Katie and Celia had things to do or supplies to get to prepare for us, but I would have much rather been dropped off at a trailhead. But overall, it was a fabulous trip!”
    – Arizona, United States Rimu, March 2015

    “This was an incredible trip on all dimensions. I can't say enough glowing things about the places we visited, the activities we did, the food we ate, the guides (Daniel and Sally), and the rest of the group. Active Adventures has nailed the itinerary and logistics. Each day was action-packed and the driving seemed to be distributed well across the two weeks; it was fine to have a couple of longer driving days. And because the scenery at every turn in NZ is absolutely spectacular, there's no getting bored while driving. Plus all of Daniel's incredible knowledge of NZ history and culture (and fun music) being piped into the van contributed to the learning and entertaininment along the way.

    The group size was perfect -- we had 11 total, plus Daniel and Sally as guides. We were fortunate enough to go on the "Southbound" version of Rimu, which had the advantage of allowing the group to fully bond (well, that happened on Day 1) before we went off on our separate multi-day options. I know Active has no hand in "choosing" the groups, but there's something special I guess about the self-selection for these trips. We were all very different, and from across the US, but got to know each other well and laughed more than I have laughed in a really long time. Priceless moments.

    As for the "active adventures" themselves, every hike -- large and small -- (and the two kayaking trips and bike ride) exposed us to the beauteous wonder and biodiversity of NZ. We were challenged, we got some serious exercise, and we had tremendous fun even at the ostensibly worst of times, like hiking in the rain for 2 days straight at Nelson Lakes. Daniel and Sally were great at adapting our schedule as needed to the weather conditions to ensure that we were able to make the most of our time.

    And speaking of Daniel and Sally, wow. They were both incredible in their own unique ways. Daniel brought a depth of experience that was apparent from day 1, and we were so lucky to benefit from everything from his knowledge of the natural landscape, to NZ history and culture, to flora and fauna, to pretty much every NZ topic imaginable. He was patient, he was generous, he was entertaining, and he was damn funny. Oh, and he ensured our survival during the Nelson Lakes rain extravaganza, which will go down as one of the highlights of all of my travels ever. Sally was fantastic as well -- endless enthusiasm and optimism, incredible cook, on top of all of the logistics (as was Dan), and just all around wonderful to be around. She was very good about getting to know each of the guests and asking questions, remembering answers, etc.

    I could go on and on about how amazing this trip was. Suffice it to say, I recommend Active to anyone looking for adventure in some of the most beautiful places under the sun. They are top-notch all around.”
    – DC, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • New Zealand Adventure

    “The South Island of New Zealand is a wonderful place with some of the nicest people we have met while traveling. Jasmine and Rachael were amazing guides who definitely were the icing on the cake to a fabulous trip! If there weren't so many amazing places to visit in the world, we would be back. That being said we have already looked at other Active Adventures for the upcoming year. They do a great job with all the logistics and create an adventure where all you have to worry about is having fun! Thank you Active Adventures and Thank you Jasmine and Rachael!”
    – Arizona, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Well Rounded Trip

    “We have traveled a bit so we know when a trip shines. The Manuka trip shined for us because of the balanced itinerary led by great guides. So much to see and do in the South Island, but Manuka allowed us to get into it first hand and experience what all others describe as a beautiful place.”
    – California, United States Manuka, March 2015
  • Very active Active NZ

    “Our trip was just what we hoped for. Great hikes every day to very scenic spots. We didn't have to worry about a thing or plan an agenda. Food was great every day and accommodations were what we anticipated given the descriptions about the trip. The guides were great and kept us well informed at all times. They really made the trip enjoyable with plenty of knowledge about the places we went to. They both had a great sense of humor and did a great job creating a sense of comraderie in our group of 14.
    All in all a trip of a lifetime!”
    – Maryland, United States Manuka, March 2015
  • Tui

    “Helen and I had a great time on the Tui trip. Katie, our guide, was spectacular and kept us moving and entertained the whole time. We saw so many great sights and loved all the different activities we did in a weeks time.
    We will be back to New Zealand!”
    – New Hampshire, United States Tui, March 2015
  • Down Here Up High in Middle Earth

    “We left Haast township on Tuesday morning in our trustworthy Toyota minibus heading away from the Tasman Sea and over the divide in the Southern Alps. The rivers now flowed into the Pacific Ocean toward the east side of the island. In the township of Makarora we boarded a single engine plane and took off from a dirt runway and headed into the Siberian Valley. The pilot took us on a spectacular sight seeing route as we banked near the mountain cliffs and past turquoise lakes fed by waterfalls coming from glaciers. We touched down on another dirt runway in the Siberia Valley. After fording our first stream getting our boots filled with ice cold water, we arrived at a mountain hut where we pitched our tent while most others claimed a spot on the sleeping platform in the hut. Shortly after we began our 8 hour hike heading for Lake Crucible. We forded two more streams before beginning a steep "root hold" ascent. Our surroundings remained rain forest. Mark Knoffler's "brothers in arms" could have been in the valley as mist covered mountains were everywhere. A mostly steady drizzle kept us wet as we broke above the root hold area and the forest canopy. "This is the largest member of the marigold family in the world found only down here up high," said our excellent Kiwi guide, DK. I pondered the oxymoron and smiled on how descriptive this was. We headed higher and came into a hanging valley, a horseshoe canyon more accurately described as a cirque. Steep, glistening granite walls shrouded in mist and clouds hung above us as we approached Lake Crucible still too high for us to see. The final approach was steep and rocky. Finally we were treated to a small emerald lake at the end of the valley. 260 degrees of the view was shear granite slopes plunging into the lake. I counted 15 small streams and rivulets cascading into the water. Looking down the valley I saw clouds below us and above us and nothing but rain forest. Middle Earth came to mind. It was an incredibly spiritual place and well worth the effort. We arrived back at the hut about 7:45 pm tired and wet, but filled with another experience of a lifetime.”
    – Minnesota, United States Tui, March 2015
  • Rimu Feb 2015 - fantastic

    “Our group was 9 people; 2 couples in their 50's and 5 singles. Our guides, Jasmine and Elder were excellent. The 5 singles did the 3 day back packing trip and the 2 couples did the kayaking trip. Both groups had excellent things to say about their adventures. Our group got along well and we all enjoyed each other. We were lucky and had 13/14 days of beautiful weather; only 1 day of rain. Thank you for a great trip.”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • A fantastic week

    “We had a great time on our tui trip. The staff were fantastic and the sights were amazing!”
    – Queensland, Australia Tui, March 2015
  • Inspirational

    “Andrew and Natalie were an amazing duo providing an outstanding challenging adventure that has inspired me to keep on pushing for greater achievements in health, fitness and life in general. The driving, meal planning, story telling, activities, organizing, encouragement, accommodations, personal requests, sights, history, etc. is a lot of hard work for these two who pulled it off making it look easy. But I know from experience IT IS a lot of hard dedicated work especially with such a diverse group of individuals. Thank you for making it such an inspirational life changing adventure for me!!”
    – Alberta, Canada Kauri, March 2015
  • Perfect

    “This was honestly one of the best trips I have ever taken (and I have been on many, many great outdoor trips).”
    – Alberta, Canada Rimu, March 2015
  • New friends and breathtaking landscape

    “The "Tui" was a fantastic way to experience the South Island of New Zealand. My husband and I were blessed to be placed with a fun group of 15 individuals from the U.S., England, Canada, and Belgium (all ages) who became friends by the end of the week. Our leaders, GT and Celia, were knowledgeable, easy going, and entertaining. From Franz Josef glacier to Milford Sound and everything in between, New Zealand's beauty is breathtaking and indescribable. The length of the trip - 8 days - was just right for our schedule but certainly teased us in wanting to see more of New Zealand.”
    – Ohio, United States Tui, March 2015
  • “Very, very well organized and executed trip. Food was, for the most part, excellent and gave us an opportunity to eat as the Kiwis eat. Agenda was well planned and the tour leaders kept to the schedule. Our tour leaders, Dave and Rachael, were the absolute best. They worked very hard to satisfy everyone's needs and wishes and made everyone feel they were part of the group. They were very knowledgable and able to answer questions on a wide variety of subjects.”
    – Virginia, United States Kiwi, March 2015
  • New Zealand is friendly and fun

    “I loved the New Zealand scenery, the New Zealanders we met, and the hiking tracks we walked. This is not a hard-to-do hiking/kayaking trip. And it is so much better than seeing the country from a 60 passenger bus. If you don't want to drive, then this is the best way to see New Zealand!”
    – Virginia, United States Kiwi, March 2015
  • Walking With Wet "Wons"

    “We had a great vacation. The trip was well planned and organized with a flexible but robust schedule. The two ladies Kate and Laura were enthusiastic the whole trip with educational side stories. The group of people we were with were wonderful and after a very wet second day walking to the Glacier we knick named ourselves the Wet "Wons".......this somehow was a blessing since we didn't have a wet day after that. Awesome scenery, fun and challenging activities, we will be back soon.”
    – California, United States Tui, March 2015
  • More than a wee bit AMAZING!!

    “This was the most AMAZING and magical trip one can imagine! Outstanding in every way - from scenery, to weather, to fabulous guides (THANKS Ken and Sally!!!), to activity, to company. Never laughed so much in my life - good medicine for the soul in an unbelievably beautiful place. Thanks, AA!!”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Excellent NZ adventure!

    “We asked for "active" and Active Adventures provided it! Rimu took us to all corners of the South Island and kept us hiking, kayaking, backpacking, and biking for 14 solid days. The guides were excellent, the accommodations were interestingly varied from casual to city hotel and the activities kept our bodies moving, our hearts pumping and our minds satisfied in so many ways! It was a pleasure to spend 14 days with our fellow guests. The scenery was extraordinary and in some cases only available to us (Braemar Sheep Station). Get in shape and then go!”
    – Indiana, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Unforgetable trip. Changed how I want to travel moving forward.

    “This truly was an unbelievable trip. From the guides (Elder and Jasmine) to the weather (13 days straight of sun and warmth) to the food, the terrain, hikes and the lodging (for the most part) I 100% recommend every challenge this trip brings.”
    – New York, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • TUI Trip with Alex

    “This trip was memorable for many reasons. My first adventure trip, my first group trip, and of course my first time in NZ! The scenery was even more impressive and majestic than what we see in the movies.
    GT and Celia were the perfect guides. GT gave lots of background info in his calm voice. He has a calming influence, I find, and is such a gentleman! Celia was great as his sidekick and perfect for our trio of young adult boys! She encouraged them to have fun but you knew she also kept an eye on them.
    In fact, Alex and Greg had such a good time that they're returning to NZ for a week shortly.
    I would do this trip again, no question.”
    – Quebec, Canada Tui, March 2015
  • Sweet as!

    “This experience was better than expected. A magnificent country with incredibly friendly people all packaged up in an extremely well organized trip at a very reasonable cost. Just about the right amount of hiking with terrains that a reasonably fit senior (65 yrs old) can handle. The food was very good, plentiful, frequent and included lots of locally grown products. Rachel always seemed to have a treat in her back pocket. Despite that, with all the fresh air and exercise I still managed to lose a couple pounds. The bus was comfortable and sometimes we would have to ride a couple hours or more between destinations, but the scenery was fantastic and Dave was a very capable driver and full of knowledge that he shared. Some of his jokes were even pretty good. The accommodations were at times abit rustic but always clean and we didn't expect to stay at the Ritz in the wilderness of the south island. Shared bathrooms were not the highlight of the trip, but worked out just fine. As for our tour guides Dave and Rachel, we couldn't have asked for anyone to be more knowledgable, helpful or friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend active adventures for a trip to the south island of New Zealand!”
    – Iowa, United States Kiwi, March 2015
  • Tui Trip, Feb. 2015

    “The trip was fantastic! We hiked, we biked, we kayaked. Great group of people and great leadership, which made for a great experience!”
    – Hawaii, United States Tui, March 2015
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “Words fail and photos don't do it justice! Seeing New Zealand with Active Adventures was the way to go. We loved being active and conquering the mountains and the fiords on our own steam which makes everything so much more rewarding. The trip was incredibly well organized and we felt that not a minute was wasted of our precious days in New Zealand. The guides were supportive and helpful, and bent over backward to make things special for us. Traveling with Active took us to many wonderful places we certainly would have missed if we were traveling on our own.”
    – Indiana, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Rimu Feb 2015

    “Active adventures led a spectacular journey into the wild forests and waterways of New Zealand. From expansive valleys to vast mountain ranges, the diverse and fantastic ecology of this country will leave your head spinning with childish wonder. Drinking cold water from the untainted rivers of Nelson Lakes National Park, appreciating the sublime nature of Mt. Cook and kayaking along the immense snow capped peaks of the Fiordlands were a few of the many highlights of this trip. Alongside the inspiring views, it's the enthusiastic and personable tour guides that help make this experience so special. The staff will dazzle you with their knowledge of the natural history of New Zealand and work tirelessly to ensure you are happy each day and night! This was an unforgettable vacation! Thank you Active Adventures!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Rimu Trip 2015

    “Great trip! We really enjoyed it. The guides were wonderful, the food was great and we could not have met and travelled with nicer people.”
    – Idaho, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Great Trip

    “We had a terrific time - New Zealand is beautiful.”
    – California, United States Tui, March 2015
  • Tui Trip was Magical, Active Adventures Guides Made It Unreal

    “If you are looking for a magical, active NZ adventure that it truly unforgetable and where you are spoiled daily by nature and your guides, this is the trip for you. Active Adventure Guides made my New Zealand trip beyond spectacular. It was by far the best guided trip tour I have ever taken. I'm not in the best shape and I have food allergies, so I'm not the easiest traveler to accommodate. They went above and beyond to make my trip go smoothly and make it extra special. - Susan”
    – Washington, United States Tui, March 2015
  • Februrary Rimu

    “Great hiking, great guides, great group.”
    – California, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • The Land of Giants

    “The Rimu trip was truly outstanding with just the right amount of challenging activities and creature comforts. My 2 older children and I had the pleasure of experiencing New Zealand through outdoor adventures with the trained guides of Sarah and Dan. We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the knowledge of your country the guides imparted upon us. The food was wonderful and it was a vacation of a lifetime.”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • The perfect way to experience NZ's South Island in two weeks

    “This trip was far better than I expected. A 'tour' can be off-putting for independent 50-something year-olds, but the Kiwi trip guides kept us moving and engaged. We had so many experiences exploring rainforests, glaciers, rivers, fiords, through hiking, boating, and kayaking. You really do come home feeling energized and rejuvenated.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Kiwi, March 2015
  • Sweet As! What an amazing trip.

    “Go Ken and Sally. This trip was the best ever. Outstanding scenery, perfect level of activity, off the beaten path. I could go on and on. Incredible. Not being a group person, I was slightly hesitant about a guided trip. No more - I'd do another with Active any day.”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • AMAZING!!!

    “I was blown away by the beautiful places that we saw during our trip. Our guides were amazing. At the end of the trip I didn't want leave. Even now I wish I was still there.”
    – California, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • They kept us moving

    “This was no resort vacation. We loved the fact that our guides, Cassie and Amanda ("Button"), kept us going and gave us the confidence to do even more than we thought we could. We enjoyed some very vigorous hikes, kayaked (even in the rain!), and tried mountain biking (on a bike trail along a river). Some of us, while experienced day-hikers, had never tried hut-to-hut backpacking. This was one of the highlights of the trip for me, especially with Amanda cooking us delicious meals at the huts and both guides getting us over a tough trail safely.”
    – Connecticut, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • FEB 2015 RIMU

    “Awesome guides, scenery, and country. New Zealand is a special place that I hope to return to. Dan and Sarah were very professional, punctual, and very well organized. Even the sand flies were cooperative by being far less of a nuisance than the insects here in SC.”
    – South Carolina, United States Rimu, March 2015
  • Tui Travels

    “Our Tui trip was the perfect way to see the South Island off the beaten path. We hiked, biked, kayaked, ate well, saw spectacular scenery, and made new friends. I highly recommend it!
    Cyndy, Denver, CO”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, March 2015
  • Dan's review

    “I was totally pleased with this trip.”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, March 2015
  • “The trip was awesome, and Amanda and Logan were even better. The scenery is beautiful, the activities fun. The only downside was the amount of time traveling in the bus, but given the distances, that can't be avoided.

    The preparation of the guides is amazing. Amanda was always early and prepared. Whatever came up, she was ready for it. Snacks, water, and great meals that she cooked. The guides made it an enjoyable experience, even in the rain.”
    – Texas, United States Tui, February 2015
  • RIMU 2 - 15 Feb Survey from Karen Kortendick

    “This is my 3rd trip with Active Adventures, and as always, an amazing ADVENTURE! Our guides, Sally and Ken, shared so much of themselves from an energy, knowledge, and just pure "wanna have fun" standpoint! Can't wait to start planning my next trip with you!”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • ODZIANA TUI TRIP - February 2015

    “EXCELLENT! Best trip ever... what also made the trip so enjoyable is that the group as a whole got along great. Good mix of personalities.”
    – Michigan, United States Tui, February 2015
  • Rimu - February 2015

    “What a fabulous trip. Our guides Vanessa and Elder were fantastic. We can’t say enough about their enthusiasm, humor, patience, cultural knowledge and professionalism. Having thoughtful, experienced guides made all the difference in the world. In addition, we were really fortunate to be in the company of a terrific group of fellow adventurers and the experience in many ways exceeded our expectations. We covered a lot of real estate in 14 days and we would do it again in a minute. While the Mueller Ridge and the Angelus Circuit hikes were physically challenging, the views and experience were well worth the effort. We’re extremely grateful for the time we shared on the South Island and look forward to another trip with Active Adventures in the future.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • Pristine!

    “The Rimu rocks! A great adventure in a beautiful place. Loved the combination of seeing all the best sites of the South Island and a few side adventures shared by the knowledgeable guides. Great return on investment!”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • Our Awesome Tui trip with Active Adventures

    “We spent seven amazing days with the most hard working and attentive guides we have ever had on an adventure trip. We were looked after every step of the way and shown the best of what the South Island of New Zealand has to offer. When there were times I felt challenged such as crossing the ice cold rivers, but Katie, our guide, always showed patience and encouragement. The food, when prepared by our guides was delicious and healthy. A million thanks and gratitude to both Katie and Laura for giving us a wonderful vacation and to the rest of our group with whom we experienced this adventure together!”
    – Texas, United States Tui, February 2015
  • 2015 RIMU

    “My trip was excellent! The guides were great-so knowledgable and helpful.The food that they prepared was delicious.The people that were on the trip were terrific-a really good group to travel with. I would absolutely recommend Active Adventures!”
    – New York, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • Rimu January 2015

    “I really can't think of anything that could be better. The trip delivered on everything promised, as well as some additional things that hadn't been promised (Glow worms!). Our guides were the most hard working, caring, and kind people you could imagine. I had sore muscles and joints most of the way, but it's the kind of soreness that you feel good about! My expectations were always met or (more usually) exceeded. Good show!”
    – California, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • Great trip!

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the trip - even the full day hike in pouring rain! Getting to the mountain hut felt like a major achievement in the conditions we had. The view the next day made it all worthwhile!”
    – Jersey, United Kingdom Rimu, February 2015
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “We were very pleased with the trip of a lifetime... Our guides were organized and fun to be with. We saw much of the South Island and kept busy with all the adventures! We made many new friends and hope to return someday on another Active Adventure!”
    – Minnesota, United States Tui, February 2015
  • Awesome Adventure

    “Wonderful trip! Exceeded my expectations!”
    – California, United States Tui, February 2015
  • My wonderful Active Adventure Trip in South Island, New Zealand

    “Such an extraordinarily well planned and executed trip - there is absolutely nothing I could fault. From the two fabulous, friendly and efficient team leaders, GT and Celia, to the comfortable bus and well planned itinerary which managed to pack in so much without being absolutely exhausting!”
    – West Midlands, United Kingdom Tui, February 2015
  • John H

    “My Manuka Adventure exceeded all of my expectations. Challenges were faced and I can happily say were "Overcome." Our guides, Dave and Celia were fantastic, they were very personable, knowledgeable, and took a genuine interest in not just my needs but the needs of our entire group. They are both a great asset to your organization. I had gotten to see the "AWESOME PLACE NEW ZEALAND REALLY IS."”
    – Florida, United States Manuka, February 2015
  • Guides make the trip

    “Our guides, Vanessa and Elder, made a very good trip into an excellent trip. Their skill level in so many areas was excellent, their enthusiasm, humor and attitude were awesome! They worked well together as a team and communicated very well with all the guests. Wonderful experience!”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • Rimu Trip

    “Great trip with fantastic guides. See all the best the South Island of New Zealand has to offer!”
    – California, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • I loved New Zealand

    “Touring the South Island of New Zealand with guides Laura and Cassie was an exceptional way to see the beautiful landscapes up close and personal. Hiking in the sun and rain, kayaking with seals, helicoptering onto the Franz Joseph glacier and everything else were all things I wouldn't have done on my own. Great trip, Active Adventures!! Thank you.”
    – California, United States Tui, February 2015
  • Do this trip!

    “Perfectly organized. Great locations. Energetic and fun fellow travellers. Knowledgable guides If you are fit and enthusiastic this is the trip for you.”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, February 2015
  • Our NZ Bucket-List trip

    “We were looking for an active guided trip that would involve us in the country. We like to DO things, not sit and watch, and we found it and more. Our guides were astounding!”
    – Georgia, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • In love with New Zealand

    “I loved our Rimu trip. Sally and Graeme were excellent guides. Every detail was covered, they were fun to be around, good cooks and very knowledgeable about New Zealand. All of our accommodations were nice and clean, and I enjoyed the range of motels, hotels, homes and B & Bs. New Zealand is a beautiful country and we really did pack a lot of activity into our two weeks. We hope to return some day!”
    – Oregon, United States Rimu, February 2015

    “I have wanted to hike the South Island of New Zealand for over 25 years, and was finally able to do it this year. The Active Adventures team (Cassie and Alex) were absolutely fantastic. For someone like me-- with limited time to plan, but who wants to see the very best of New Zealand-- Active Adventures was the very best way to do this trip.”
    – Missouri, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • Tui Trip February 2015

    “This is a "must do" trip for those who want to see the South Island with all its splendor doing multiple activities! You will never get bored on this adventure!”
    – Texas, United States Tui, February 2015
  • My trip of a lifetime

    “I had a wonderful trip. Dave and Amanda, our guides, were excellent. They took care of everything. No Worries. I would recommend the Manuka trip to all. Thanks”
    – Michigan, United States Manuka, February 2015
  • Great guides and beautiful country

    “Hello to all at Active Adventures. We just got home from our Tui trip. This truly was the trip of a lifetime. To begin, If one thing stood out that made the trip it was our fantastic guides. We had Logan and Amanda. While both went above and beyond to make sure the trip - and the food went flawlessly I have to single out Amanda. I could never have asked for a better guide. She has a head full of knowledge about New Zealand that never ceased to amaze. She even went as far as to bake gluten free muffins for my girlfriend. It was her birthday during the trip and she even baked a gluten free cake. Amazing! I really liked the diversity of hikes, bikes and kayaks. It really broke up the trip and kept us motivated. Besides a couple of bruises and some sore muscles we came out of the trip great. I will recommend you guys to all my friends - and to strangers too. We have started planning our next trip to NZ. We are thinking about going back every year. I want to give everyone at Active a special thank you for creating and managing such a great trip!! Brad Zefkeles.”
    – Washington, United States Tui, February 2015
  • Great trip

    “Thank you for such a terrific experience and vacation. The comraderie and the guides, Craig and Nick made the trip. The adventures and knowledge I gained was incredible and a trip of a lifetime.”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • Bill's very special adventure

    “There was so much to like about our Tui adventure I couldn't possibly put it all into words. New Zealand is beautiful but what made the adventure so great were the two very special guides we had: Cassy and Laura. Thanks so much to both of them.”
    – California, United States Tui, February 2015
  • The guides are gods!

    “Our two guides, GT & Sally, were so fantastic. They made us feel so at home in your beautiful country and so relaxed. They literally catered to our every need and they went above and beyond to make every little thing as great as it could be. They were more than the cherry on top - they were the essential ingredients.”
    – , Ireland (Republic of) Rimu, February 2015
  • Father - Son Rimu Trip

    “My son and I had one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips together when we took the two-week Rimu trip in January '15! We were in the north-bound Rimu group, and the sights and adventures seemed to just keep getting better and better. We had our share of drizzly/rainy days (liquid sunshine?) but we had plenty of bright beautiful days to view, hike and kayak in the Southern Alps. What a beautiful country. And our guides did a fabulous job of providing a broad range of interesting information about the culture and physical environment as we traveled. Looking forward to another Active Adventure one day!”
    – California, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • My trip of a lifetime - TUI, January 18, 2015

    “What a wonderful way to see and experience New Zealand for the first time. Our guides, Jasmine and Mel, were terrific in every way. They are knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating and fun to travel with. The meals were unbelievably good and they had no trouble pleasing my "fishatarian" palate. The TUI trip provides everything one needs to experience this beautiful country in every way possible in one activity-packed week. Bravo!”
    – Illinois, United States Tui, February 2015
  • South Island Kiwi Trip

    “It's hard for me to imagine how this trip could have been more enjoyable. The spectacular New Zealand scenery could stand alone as making the trip worthwhile, but add to that the knowledge, cordiality, and plain hard work of our guides (Amanda and Dave), and the friendships formed with interesting folks in our group, this trip was truly "over the top".”
    – Maryland, United States Kiwi, February 2015
  • Best Way to See New Zealand

    “The trip was everything I expected and more. The guides were great and helped me get the most out of my trip. There is no way I could have done and seen the amount of things we did without the help of Active Adventures.”
    – , United Kingdom Tui, February 2015
  • Rimu Trip January, 2015

    “My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our Rimu trip. We were looking for an "active" trip and this did not disappoint us. The activities were excellent and the locations for all of them were surrounded with stunning scenery. The guides were knowledgeable, thoughtful and kind with a very good sense of humor. The food was very good. Occasionally the lodging did not provide guests with the same degree of sleeping comfort. Some guests were given very small sleeping space. But all in all the accommodations were good especially considering the remote location of some of the places. In summary this trip provided exactly what we were hoping to experience --- a variety of scenery, activities, with knowledgeable and caring guides.”
    – Tennessee, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • Rimu January 2015

    “What made this trip especially valuable was the continual informative commentary and interpretation by the guides. I learned a lot about New Zealand's natural history, forest succession and native flora and fauna, which is a major reason I choose guided adventures--to teach me stuff and provide new insights. The guides on the Rimu trip met all my expectations in this regard.”
    – Hawaii, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • “Our guides were amazong persons and did an excellent job. This trip was a one in a lifetime experience and we couldn't have ask for more.”
    – Valle, Colombia Kea, February 2015
  • Kauri

    “The trip far exceeded my expectations. Great planning, cuisine, comfortable lodging and choices of activities. Andrew and Natalie were extremely knowledgable in all facets of the trip, from bird life to local knowledge. I highly recommend this trip to those seeking a very active and well planned tour.”
    – Florida, United States Kauri, February 2015
  • I want to live there!

    “This trip met and exceeded my expectations. Our guides took us to the absoute highlights of the South Island and we were able to experience these sites by land and sea. The kayaking, biking and hiking were each challenging, but very do-able. Food was outstanding and so were the stories our guide told us! Thank you!”
    – Missouri, United States Rimu, February 2015
  • Best decision I've ever made!

    “I have always wanted to go to New Zealand and this trip was better than my wildest dreams. Not only is the scenery beautiful beyond belief, the guides are amazing. GT and Sarah were my guides, and our group truly became a big family. Sarah is a great cook and as someone who is ALWAYS hungry I can say that they truly do a great job with providing enough food for everyone to be satisfied. GT has a lot of knowledge about New Zealand and was up for answering endless questions. I know it sounds cliche, but this truly is the trip of a lifetime. I have absolutely no complaints about this trip and would recommend it to everyone!”
    – New York, United States Rimu, January 2015
  • Definitely worth adding on to the south island trip :)

    “I did both the Rimu and the Kauri and I thought they were both amazing! New Zealand is all around a beautiful place, but the scenery that you get in the North Island is distinctive from that of the South. I think it is definitely worthwhile to do both trips (either adding the 5 day trip or the 11 day trip like I did). The Kauri trip has more culturally activities and has less intense hikes than that of the Rimu trip. That being said, the hikes can still be challenging if you decide to push yourself. I am so glad that I did both trips because it gave me a picture of New Zealand as a whole. Additionally, Nat and Andrew were amazing guides! I have no complaints about anything and would recommend this trip to everyone.”
    – New York, United States Kauri, January 2015
  • Family of five in New Zealand

    “We thought the activities were perfect for a family with three (7, 11 and 13) children. We were always busy and when we got off the bus and had extra time, Mel always had a game to play with the kids. Our three children loved the trip. The guides were so relaxed and fun.”
    – Shanghai, China Kea, January 2015
  • The perfect trip

    “This trip was one of the best experiences of my life. The sights we saw, and the friendships which were made, made the entire 8 days completely unforgettable. The tour was run perfectly by our tour guides Craig and Elder, whose intelligence, sense of humour and courage made them inspirational role models during the difficult hikes. Their adaptability in the face of adversity was impressive. From hiking the stunning Routeburn Track to kayaking through glorious Milford Sound, this was the adventure tour to end all adventure tours!”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tui, January 2015
  • Best time of our lives!

    “We had the most incredible trip! It was our honeymoon, and we couldn't have asked for a better experience of a lifetime. The guides were very informative, motivated, friendly, and great cooks! I would recommend this trip to anyone. Thank you for making it such a wonderful experience!”
    – Georgia, United States Kauri, January 2015
  • Christmas Rimu Trip 2014

    “Our trip to New Zealand with Active Adventures was awesome! Our guides Ken and Alex were the best! They were so much fun! They took such great care of us and took us to some amazing places. New Zealand is a spectacular country with such diverse topography. I felt like I was in at least a dozen different countries all in one. I would highly recommend Active Adventures New Zealand to anyone who wants to explore and get to know New Zealand on a local level. We went with our two adult children, who were 20 and 22 and they had the best time as well. It was also wonderful that we had such a great group of people on our trip, we felt like we had made a new family. Thank You Alex and Ken for making our trip such a trip of a life time!!!! and Thank You Active Adventures for setting us up with them and organizing such a wonderful trip! Our Kiwi Mascot "Maverick" thanks you as well :) Cheers”
    – Florida, United States Rimu, January 2015
  • Awesome trip!!

    “Our Tui trip took us through jaw-dropping scenery, on all kinds of hikes from easy to challenging, on a fun bike ride along a river and lake, and a sea kayaking excursion in the stunning and magical Milford Sound. Both guides were wonderful, so patient and helpful, always cheerful. I learned a lot, too, about NZ and its biology, culture, society - often relayed to us through colorful anecdotes. We had great meals and a terrific mix of accommodations, always in beautiful locations. Queenstown was great fun and allowed us to pick the kinds of activities we wanted - from bungy jumping to paragliding to river rafting and so much more the choices are almost overwhleming.”
    – California, United States Tui, January 2015
  • Active hiking

    “Great guides, walks and interesting food and accommodations.”
    – Colorado, United States Tui, January 2015
  • Awesome!

    “I had an amazing time on the Rimu trip with Ken and Alex, we saw many breathtaking places and went on lots of adventures, but I think what truly made this an incredible experience was our two incredible guides! They were so much fun, so engaged and they are the kind of people who you want to hang out with all the time, truly the life of the party!”
    – Florida, United States Rimu, January 2015
  • Fantastic Trip

    “First time to NZ, from the booking people on the phone to the guides to the guests, everyone was amazing. We all became fast friends and had a great time and great adventures. Can't recommend it highly enough. Hiking, biking, snorkeling, volcanoes, boating, Maori culture and more.”
    – Alberta, Canada Kauri, January 2015
  • Tui Trip

    “The trip was unbelievable. The guides were awesome, very knowledgeable and insightful. The food and accommodation selections were perfect for what we were doing. I will say the trip is very frontloaded in terms of the more challenging activities - I wish we could've had one more long hike towards the backend of the trip. With that being said, the trip does leave you feeling relaxed without anything strenuous towards the end.”
    – Texas, United States Tui, January 2015
  • “Great trip, made unforgettable by super guides and weather!”
    – Cornwall, United Kingdom Kauri, January 2015
  • Great experience

    “This was my second trip with Active in New Zealand- and maybe because it was summertime and the weather was great or just that the itinerary was well designed, or that my group leaders and co-travelers were awesome, but I had an amazing time!”
    – , Kauri, January 2015
  • Rimu-An amazing trip!

    “This was an amazing adventure. It was a great way to experience the beauty and wonder of the South Island.”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2015
  • Best way to experience the South Island

    “What a great way to experience the South Island without having to think about or plan any logistics especially driving on the 'wrong' side of the road!”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2015
  • Worth waiting for!

    “We had to postpone our trip by one year due to work commitments, and it was 100% worth waiting for. Everyone in our family (including 11 year old son and 12 year old daughter) had an amazing time. Our son said it was the best trip he has ever taken -- beating out a previous once in a lifetime vacation in Fiji. Of particular note were our two guides (Dan S. and Celia) who took incredibly good care of every detail of the trip and were a treasure trove of wonderful stories and facts about each of our stops. They also really helped out with figuring out activities for us to do during our days off in Queenstown and were really flexible in arranging an easier hike for my daughter who had a sore ankle. We will remember this always and hope to do a similar trip in the future. Highly recommended to anyone with active kids looking for a perfect family trip.”
    – Tokyo, Japan Kea, January 2015
  • “Beautiful country. Well organized. Great leaders. Wonderful people. Great level of activity. A winner!”
    – New Jersey, United States Tui, January 2015
  • “Wonderful trip. wonderful guides. wonderful fun.”
    – New Jersey, United States Kauri, January 2015
  • Rimu Dec. 2015

    “The Rimu trip we took in Dec. 2015 had well exceeded our expectations.

    1. Our tour guiders, Sarah and G. T. took very good care of everyone, from morning breakfasts, uploading/download luggage, daily trips guiding, to evening dinners, they are very kind and sincere, warm, patient and full of fun.

    G.T. is a great driver. very alert and focused on the road, very informative. We learned a lot about/enjoyed a lot more of New Zealand by listening to his humorous introduction. He was always very energetic, we were awed by his ability to do the driving, tour guiding/hiking and cooking/cleaning all together everyday for almost two weeks.

    Sarah always took our best interests as her top priority. She would guard us closely on those hiking and biking trips to ensure everyone is safe and happy. Often after a long day trip when everyone is tired/wet/muddy (so was Sarah), she would start cooking for us right away once we checked into our accommodation, make sure to let our group to take showers/refreshments first. There was one evening, she was too tired of eating after cooking dinner for us, I was very touched by her kindness and work ethic (and also felt guilty of letting her to shoulder so much).

    G.T and Sarah are great assets of Active Adventure. Because Active has such excellent tour guiders, we take them as our friends in New Zealand now, so we are looking forward to coming back to New Zealand in the near future and also considering to sign on other Active's trips, for example, Patagonia.

    2. The itinerary is very good, we almost covered entire S. Island. New Zealand is such a beautiful place, its lakes, sounds, forests, mountains, animals and plants had left great impression on us, specially its people, always warm and friendly.

    3. The trip arrangements were well thought, the operation was efficient and effective. The level of activities fitted very well with our group's physical strength . We loved both challenges and leisure time.

    Thank you very much for sharing with us your beautiful country and best wishes to Active Advantage.”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2015
  • Dec 2014 Kauri Trip

    “I loved this trip. A very good mix of activities both on and in the water, some challenging hikes, down time in the city, great food and stellar travel guides and companions. I've been on many small group tours in many places and I will remember this one as one of my very favorites.”
    – Keonggi-do, Korea, Republic of [South] Kauri, January 2015
  • Memories Forever & A Day

    “The New Zealand Active Adventures Tour was something to remember for a lifetime!!! Great scenery will be embroidered within me forever and the Kindness, Friendship, Humour and Excitment of the trip and its guides was an adventure and a half. From the scenery of Mt Cook to the exitment of Queenstown this was an ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME, ACTIVE ADVENTURES!!! Thankyou for the food, stories, history and of coarse the laughs of a lifetime Daniel and Celia!!! Theae are MEMORIES FOREVER AND A DAY!!! THANKYOU ACTIVE ADVENTURES NEW ZEALAND FOR A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!”
    – Queensland, Australia Kea, January 2015
  • A Whole New World

    “Taking the Kea trip for our first family holiday was the best decision. Not only did we have a fantastic time but we made some wonderful friends from other parts of the world. New Zealand is a beautiful country, we learnt alot about the history and our guides stories always had our ears pricked to the front! We will definitely be referring the Kea trip to our family and friends.”
    – Queensland, Australia Kea, January 2015
  • The perfect adventure holiday

    “I can't thank active adventures enough for giving us the perfect active holiday, our holiday guides were knowledgable, friendly and happy to do all they could to make the trip unforgettable. We would definitely choose active for any future holiday.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tui, January 2015
  • “Vanessa and Sally were great. very knowledgeable, great fun, great cooks/drivers. I completely trusted them. Thanks for giving us too strong female guides -we don't see enough of that and we do a lot of group travel. we would love to get their email addresses to send them a thank you note. the activities were spot on. the exercise level was perfect (we were exhausted every night in a good way). The places of interest we hit were perfect. Lynette was super responsive and helpful getting it all set up. would be happy to be a good reference at any time. we're already telling all our friends about it!”
    – California, United States Tui, January 2015
  • “The Tui active adventures trip was truly the trip of a lifetime. Our guides were fantastic and were constantly doing everything in their power to make sure that everyone was safe, and having a great time. It was the perfect amount of physical activity to make sure you went to bed each night feeling accomplished while never being too strenuous to the point of discomfort. Would do it again in a heartbeat and will definitely be looking to Active adventures again for any guided trips in the future.”
    – Minnesota, United States Tui, January 2015
  • “An amazing trip to a wonderful country with two excellent guides.”
    – Minnesota, United States Tui, January 2015
  • Sweet As...

    “This was the trip of a lifetime! I cannot say enough great things about Active New Zealand. We had two amazing guides (Alex Malcolm and Ken Dixon)! They were the absolute BEST! We had a wonderful group and could not have asked for a better trip! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being AWESOME!”
    – Santa Rita, Guam Rimu, January 2015
  • “Our guides, Cassie and Amanda, were absolutely superb. They worked tirelessly to ensure everyone in the group had a great time in complete safety. The Rimu itinerary is world class in terms of the scenery and planned activities. It really doesn't get much better than kayaking in Milford Sound, cycling on the Te Araroa track, or hiking in Mt. Cook National Park. An awesome trip!”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2015
  • “I never tired of the beautiful views from all parts of the country. I loved the waterfalls. The flowers and greenery were awesome. The mountains are so different than what I have seen before that I couldn't see enough. Everything so different than what we have here in my home state of Missouri.”
    – Missouri, United States Kiwi, January 2015
  • “From the first hike to the last group dinner, this was without a doubt the best trip I have ever taken!”
    – Santa Rita, Guam Rimu, January 2015
  • Trip of a lifetime!

    “Amazing trip! My family and I loved it! Perfect way to see and explore the South Island.”
    – Georgia, United States Kiwi, January 2015
  • Salad Bowl

    “Great sights. Great people. Great time. Really enjoyed every aspect of the trip. New Zealand has everything to offer and we got to experience it all with our outstanding guides..Nick and Alex! Just an all around awesome trip. Thanks guys.”
    – Connecticut, United States Tui, January 2015
  • “Overall I really enjoy the TUI trip. Greg and Elder are excellent and experienced guides. I'll recommend the trip to my friends.”
    – California, United States Tui, January 2015
  • Christmas Rimu

    “I've wanted to visit New Zealand for years, and the Rimu trip fulfilled every expectation I had of the place...and more. Our guides, Ken and Alex, were great and went out of their way to make sure all members of the group got the most out of the trip. It was challenging at times, and I did many 'firsts' on the trip, but I had an absolutely fantastic time.”
    – Sheffield, United Kingdom Rimu, January 2015
  • Exceeded all Expectations

    “Prior to going on the trip I had concerns whether Sandy and I (not concerned about our kids) could actually do all the activities. I told Ken at the end of the trip, if I really understood what we would be doing, I might not have done the trip. That being said, we accomplished each and every hike (including the 3 day Angelus hike), bike and kayak on the itinerary and we now look at this as the greatest experience of our lives. Our guides, Ken and Alex, could not have been better. Ken's experience and can do attitude and Alex's youthfulness made for a great team of guides, attentive to everything and helping create the fantastic experience we had. New Zealand is absolutely beautiful, and being able to see it through the activities we did made it even more special. Everyone back here is amazed at these stories and photos we have come back with. Thanks to all for making this a great experience for all four of us.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, January 2015
  • A perfect honeymoon

    “My husband and I chose to celebrate our honeymoon in New Zealand with Active Adventures - it was truly the trip of a lifetime. We loved the hiking, the great accommodations, wonderful meals and absolutely spectacular guides! I can only begin to describe in words the incredible beauty that is New Zealand.”
    – Minnesota, United States Tui, January 2015
  • Kiwi

    “The style of this holiday was a perfect fit for me. I like to be kept busy and to spend my time outside. I loved staying in a variety of different accommodations in scenic places and loved the food prepared by our Guides.”
    – Iowa, United States Kiwi, January 2015
  • A lot of fun!

    “Great and excellent trip! Friendly people, the guides were cheerful, knowledgeable and were very caring of us (Amanda and Dave)! There were so awesome landscapes (To see the Mt Cook the first day of 2015 in sun Wow)! I had much fun than I've expected! So I would really recommend this trip!”
    – , France Kiwi, January 2015
  • Kiwi December-January 2014-15

    “This experience exceeded my exceedingly high expectations! Our guides, Amanda and Dave, were both terrific and worked well together to make our experience wonderful.”
    – Georgia, United States Kiwi, January 2015
  • Best trip ever!

    “New Zealand is breathtakingly beautiful and this trip was a great South Island experience. Our guides, Craig and Elder, were fantastic and made the weather a really important part of our adventure. Rain and shine we hiked in amazing locations and learned a lot about NZ history, kiwi culture and the birds! I couldn't call out one single highlight because every day was unique and special in its own way. From daily hikes to jetboating to heli-rides to mountain biking to kayaking we were on the go and it was fantastic! We had very full days and covered a lot of ground! We enjoyed the group comradery. It is a trip our family will always remember & appreciate!”
    – Minnesota, United States Tui, January 2015
  • Tui trip was loads of fun!

    “We had a fabulous time -- all four of us. We weren't sure what to expect and were a little concerned that the hiking/activity level might not be rigorous enough but it was, and we had so much fun exploring the spectacular scenery of New Zealand while enjoying great hikes and other activities. We really liked everyone on the tour and our guides were the absolute best! Our only regret was that we couldn't stay longer.”
    – California, United States Tui, January 2015
  • Awesome time in Kauri with Andrew and Natalie

    “We were done with an awesome trip and jumped into another one! You already know we love this is all about Andrew! He was amazing! His knowledge of New Zealand and its history truly made the trip complete! I loved listening to him while he explained the wars, people, animals, plant life and so much more! I cannot say enough about Andrew! The trip itself was amazing! What a diversity of things to do and places to see! We loved the Kauri trip!”
    – California, United States Kauri, January 2015
  • Manuka December 15-28, 2014

    “This was a really enjoyable trip that provided exposure to a broad range of habitats and some of the iconic scenery of the South Island. We were really lucky with the weather -- only a couple of days of rain and even then not heavy -- and traveling at the holidays was fun, even if it made things a bit more crowded in some places. I would tweak a few details but liked the itinerary overall.”
    – California, United States Manuka, January 2015
  • Jasmine and Nat Rocked Tui!

    “We really enjoyed our trip and New Zealand is gorgeous! We really enjoyed all of the activities. It was a nice balance between hikes, biking and water activities. We loved the plane ride to the valley - really awesome! All of the accommodations were really nice and the food was over the top. Our guides went above and beyond ensuring we had a great time.”
    – California, United States Tui, January 2015
  • Dec. 15, 2014 Rimu With Graeme and Sarah VB

    “This exceeded any guided trip I had taken so far. The scenery, the food, the guides were beyond my expectations!”
    – Tennessee, United States Rimu, January 2015
  • Adventuring on the Southern Island

    “We wanted to see and participate in the great outdoor activities offered in New Zealand but we lacked both time and the desire to drive on "the wrong side" of the road so Active Adventure tours were a great option. We loved kayaking in Milford Sound, doing day hikes along the Routeburn and Kepler tracks and seeing Mt Cook up close. The highlight of the trip was staying at the beautiful Braemer station. The scenery was breath taking and viewing the Southern night sky was a life long goal. We might have seen and hiked these sights with some other tours but staying at Braemer made this a one-of-a kind experience.”
    – Oregon, United States Rimu, January 2015
  • Awesome Trip!

    “Around every turn in New Zealand is another breathtaking view! Rolling green hills dotted with sheep, white capped mountain tops, fern forests, sparkling clear lakes and glacier rivers. It was great meeting the people in our group and each and every one really made the trip a lot of fun...never a dull moment! Our guides Alex and Nick were awesome!! They had a great sense of humor and went with the flow which was sort of ironic. Laughs and more laughs. Our trip took us beyond the ordinary....just amazing. Hiking, biking, flying, jet boating, kayaking... all off the beaten path. Do it again? YES.”
    – Connecticut, United States Tui, January 2015
  • Tui Trip

    “Long story short, I will recommend Active Adventures to anyone I know that is planning a trip to New Zealand. My trip started off a little rocky, thanks to a couple of delayed and missed flights. Luckily, all the stress and worry about getting to where I needed to be and meeting up with my group quickly disappeared. The wonderful people at Active Adventures sorted everything out. They even had a guide waiting at the airport when I arrived to drive me to meet up with my group. The two guides for my trip, Dave and Celia, were wonderful when it came to making sure I was introduced to the rest of my group and that I felt welcome. Overall, my trip was fantastic, and it's not anything that I'll be forgetting anytime soon.”
    – Ohio, United States Tui, January 2015
  • Awesome trip

    “Hey guys! Thanks for a great trip. You treated us like royalty and we couldn't have asked for more. It was definitely worth every penny! We hope to make another trip this time for the south island... keep a look out, we'll be back!”
    – , Brunei Darussalam Kauri, December 2014
  • Fabulous trip

    “Our trip around the South Island was fabulous, start to finish. We experienced so many unbelievably gorgeous sights, had wonderful hikes and other activities. The guides were a real pleasure. Some of the accommodations were among the nicest we have stayed at; others weren't so great though. Wonderful people in our group.”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • Great Trip!

    “The Rimu trip was fabulous! We saw so much and there was such variety in what we saw and did. I liked that the trip's accommodations varied from mountain huts to nice hotels. Ken and Laura were also amazing! They definitely added to our enjoyment.”
    – Virginia, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • NZ Rimu - Trip of a lifetime!

    “This was just truly an awesome experience. I've wanted to know what New Zealand was really like, and now I really know. Not just from pictures and hearing stories about how cool it is, but the experience of being there is an experience that can't be matched. The absolute vastness... the remoteness... magnificent colors of the countryside...the majestic beauty of Mt. Cook...the experience of a lifetime bungy jumping in the adrenaline junky capital of the world, Queenstown...the hours of trekking and joys of camping outdoors. Most importantly, discovering new life long friends and bonding with the group. I loved it all! I wish it was longer! Do yourself a favor and book this trip without thinking about it for another second!”
    – Illinois, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • “I cannot imagine a better way of discovering New Zealand than through Active Adventures :) Everything about our Rimu trip was fantastic!! We had great guides, the places we visited, the hikes we made, the scenery we saw...everything was just phenomenal! I made some wonderful friends and it really was a trip of a lifetime for me! I did things I had never done before...challenged myself and was glad to have been part of this adventure! I look forward to many more trips with Active :)”
    – , United Arab Emirates Rimu, December 2014
  • Kauri2014

    “Loved it - Andrew and Sarah were fantastic. The activities were perfect for me. And the other adventurers were great.”
    – California, United States Kauri, December 2014
  • Challenge Accepted!

    “Whatever your fitness level or limitations, this is a great opportunity to challenge yourself amid beautiful surroundings in a supportive group.”
    – Texas, United States Kauri, December 2014
  • Exceeded Expectations

    “The Rimu is everything advertised and more. As I reflect back on my two weeks from home in the U.S., I remember most how I felt cared for by our guides, Amanda and Jasmine. Everything they did was about the folks in our group having a great experience. Along with picture perfect days, we had our share of weather.... but, even the days of rain (and snow!) provided great memorable experiences. Going eye to eye with a fur seal....backpacking in Nelson Lakes.... walking on a glacier in shirt sleeves....cycling in jaw dropping beauty....kayaking among bottle nose dolphins...the unique accommodations....and the camaraderie that developed in our group....all of it together adds up to a trip of a lifetime. I so look forward to more adventures with Active.”
    – Delaware, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • Best Country on the Planet

    “If you take all the best bits of all the best places you have ever visited and put them all in one Country, guess what... you get New Zealand! Beautiful, enchanting, relaxed and that's just the Kiwi's! 10/10. Thank you New Zealand, you were magical.”
    – Essex, United Kingdom Tui, December 2014
  • Fell in love with New Zealand

    “Fabulous guides, a great itinerary and spectacular scenery -- we fell in love with New Zealand. And we loved every moment of our Rimu trip.”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • “I loved my Rimu trip. It completely lived up to my expectations. Graeme and Sally were great. Sally whipped up some really delicious meals and was so attentive to everyone's needs. Will definitely be recommending active to my friends & colleagues.”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • Nonstop Fun

    “I was pushed to my limits and loved every minute of it. I am 62 years old and in good shape but this was a lot of activity in two weeks under various weather conditions. I amazed myself that I could be successful at so many things. I enjoyed staying at so many different accommodations and the bountiful delicious food and snacks.”
    – Arizona, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • Amazing all the way around.

    “This was the best trip I could have paid for! The true highlights were our guides Ken and Laura. They were beyond enthusiastic about the trip, the people, and the country. their knowledge led to the profound enjoyment of our group. From the first lunch at Gore Bay they kept us on track without making anyone feel rushed. Laura's attention to each person's dietary needs and personal preferences were warm and well welcomed. There were a few activities that we could not participate in because of weather but that did not stop Ken from making sure that we all got to enjoy every moment of the day and the adventure that we were on. The accommodations were amazing, the food was great, and the people couldn't have been better. I will be recommending this to as many of my friends as possible. It was so good it made me want to be a guide for this trip!”
    – , Germany Rimu, December 2014
  • Indescribable

    “One thing I learned on this trip was that New Zealand is not just a country, it's a way of life! When the guides get excited about where you're headed on any particular day you know that your are in for something truly amazing! The places we visited, the places we stayed were 100% true to what NZ is about. Keep it simple, active and knock-your-socks-off spectacular. Active Adventures, (Mustang) Sally, GT(O), Phil and Paul... you guys nailed it! Thank you so much... see you soon :)”
    – British Columbia, Canada Rimu, December 2014
  • Awesome

    “Great trip! Got to see a lot of iconic sites for New Zealand not just from the bus! Loved how active the trip was!”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • I wasn't pretty, but I did it!

    “Obviously I glossed over the fine points of the trip description and just thought "heck I'm reasonably fit for a 50 something". The trip was more challenging that I thought it would be, but with that said...I wouldn't change a thing. Our guides Ken and Sally were awesome and with their support I was able to enjoy a trip of a lifetime. Each day had me in awe of the places I went and the things I did. THANK YOU KEN AND SALLY!!”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • Kauri

    “Had a great time! Lina and Andrew were extremey knowledgable and awesome. Was definitely more laid back than the Rimu-had a couple of good hikes. Didn't care for the boat day too much-maybe the last half of the Kauri would have been more fitting for me. LOVED the Cape Brett hike-was definitely my favorite part of the Kauri. Enjoyed the cultural experience with the Kauri guide. Learned a lot on this trip.”
    – Washington, United States Kauri, December 2014
  • Rimu October 2014

    “Having recently returned from a Rimu trip, I can see why it's been written up in National Geographic Adventure magazine as one of the top 25 trips in the world. If you have a spirit of adventure and want to challenge yourself while seeing a beautiful country, consider this trip. It had been on my bucket list since 2009 and finally got to go and bungee jump while in Queenstown - so double dipped. We had great guides and brought back many wonderfully, fun memories.”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • Rimu South Island

    “Our small group received lots of personal attention, and had lots of fun with the young, but wise, guides. The activities were appropriate, exciting, interesting and fun. Seeing the Southern Alps at every turn was breath-taking and amazing. I would love to come back to New Zealand, especially the South Island”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • “The trip was fantastic and I just wish we had stayed longer. I liked that all our needs and expectations were met fully.”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • travels among kiwis and tuis

    “"Essence of the South Island" really is a sampling of the phenomenal scenery flora and fauna of a beautiful, seismic, and waterfall laced temperate rainforest. Hiking, biking, kayaking and sharing meals with a small group of travelers, with experienced and unfailingly upbeat guides made for a warm experience. We could have spent much more time at almost any of the locations and activities we sampled!”
    – Iowa, United States Tui, December 2014
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “This was the absolute best trip of my life. The guides were professional and incredibly helpful. I enjoyed this trip so much that I am going to Ecuador with Active Adventures in April. I can't wait for another exciting adventure.”
    – Tennessee, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • Tui trip Nov 2015

    “This trip was such an ideal way to see New Zealand. I especially appreciated the expertise of our guides, Cassie and Alex. Not only did they know the history, culture, and mythology behind many of the sights, they could identify most plants and birds on the spot. Alex even had us eating leaves and ferns! Both Alex and Cassie really went out of their way to personalize the trip for each of us, which made it all the more special. Thanks again ladies for an awesome NZ experience!!”
    – New Hampshire, United States Tui, December 2014
  • Active adventures 2014

    “Everything was awesome!! Great people and the best scenery ever!”
    – , Netherlands Rimu, December 2014
  • The Pub Trip!

    “This was our third trip with Active Adventures (2010 South Island, 2013 Peru) and our high expectations were not disappointed. Guides Andrew and Sarah were above and beyond our greatest hopes: encouraging, adaptive, flexible, helpful, knowledgeable, and just plain fun! Our group became great friends, and ended each day finding the closest pub to share and re-live the day's adventure. Even though the abilities of our members varied, each one was accommodated and made to feel challenged but not intimidated. Nothing but fun, friends, and adventure!”
    – California, United States Kauri, December 2014
  • Kauri Nov 2014

    “This was truly a super trip of the North Island ~ I enjoyed every minute of it. Our lead guide Andrew was quite knowledgeable about the history of the areas that we passed through which was very interesting. I learned a lot about the Maori culture and history. Along with Nat our other guide who looked after all our concerns, cooked delicious meals and provided plenty of information as well. Both Andrew and Nat inspired us and motivated us and were very positive and fun to be around. Having taken the Kauri previously when it was only a 5 day trip I really enjoyed the extra days and seeing the Northern part of the North Island.”
    – California, United States Kauri, December 2014
  • Fantastic Experience!

    “From the first inquiry about a trek and all the way through to the trek itself, Active Adventures was a pleasure to do business with. Office staff are friendly, quick with responses to questions posed and very knowledgeable. The guides were friendly, fun, experienced, professional, knowledgeable, patient and made sure every participant had the experience they had come for, and then some. I hope I can trek with them again some day. Based on my personal experience I would not hesitate to recommend Active Adventures to anyone looking for an exciting and fun way to see New Zealand. You are well taken care of and all that is left to you is to enjoy the experience. Bring a can do attitude and they'll make sure you have the trip your life!”
    – Oregon, United States Tui, December 2014
  • Fantastic trip, beautiful country

    “Active really did take care of everything. Our guides were knowledgeable, organized and made sure we got everything we could out of the trip. The layout and coordination behind the trip were fantastic, with a good pace that ensured a consistently enjoyable experience throughout.”
    – APO/FPO AP, United States Rimu, December 2014
  • Yes, You need to take this trip

    “Lots of Active Adventure in an absolutely stunning country.”
    – California, United States Rimu, November 2014
  • 2014 Spring Rimu

    “Even if you've previously done other trips on the South Island, the Rimu proves there is still more magic to be found and enjoyed. It is a perfect 2nd-trip for those wanting to revisit the beautiful South Island.”
    – Hampshire, United Kingdom Rimu, November 2014
  • Rimu Nov. 2014

    “I expected Active New Zealand to be excellent, and it was. Our guides Rachael and Logan were so helpful, organized, knowledgeable, and friendly. Rachael especially had an amazing amount of knowledge, and Logan handled the driving expertly. I felt very safe the whole time. I was very impressed with how organized things were with regard to dealing with the sea kayak companies we toured with. Everything ran like a well oiled machine. One of the nice (and unexpected) touches was the personal way Rachael took into account everyone's preferences toward food and things we looked forward to most on the trip. In the mornings, Logan was always there with my coffee with cream and 2 sugars! The professionalism of Active NZ and the stunning New Zealand scenery made it the trip of a lifetime. I am ready to come back already!”
    – Maryland, United States Rimu, November 2014
  • Best Holiday EVER!!!!!!

    “This was the most wonderful trip with the greatest two guides we have ever had. I was smiling the whole time. Each hike, every meal and accommodation was perfect. There are hardly enough words to describe the awesome Southern Alps and the rain forest on the Wild West Coast. Loved it all!”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, November 2014
  • Nice Surprises

    “Our tour guides (Katie & Laura) really went above & beyond to make our experience seamless & special. A particularly wonderful highlight for me was when they arranged & surprised us with a trip to the Wrinkly Ram Cafe so we could feed lambs!”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, November 2014
  • Rimu Northbound - early season

    “A beautiful, pristine, and scenic country; a great way to see many of the best areas around the South Island and experience a variety of outdoor activities; fantastic guides who made sure we had a good time rain or shine; great accomodations and meals; perfect group size and mix of people - this one will be hard to beat!”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, November 2014
  • Rimu 20 Oct - 2 Nov 2014/Everything was Awesome

    “An absolutely wonderful two weeks which left me on top of the world, and everyone following my adventures back home completely jealous. The itinerary lived up to everything it promised, even when the weather played havoc with plan A, there was always an alternative which did not disappoint. And having now had a taste of what NZ has to offer, I will definitely be hopping the ditch again to explore more of the amazing landscape. The guides were both exceptional - friendly, knowledgable, patient and inexhaustible. We always felt in safe and capable hands whether out tramping through the wilderness, or driving along the cursedly winding roads in Nancy. And no one would be surprised to hear me say how much I enjoyed Amanda's cooking.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Rimu, November 2014
  • Cant wait to travel again with AA

    “I can't say enough good things about this Company, from the time of booking to the end of my trip. Very user friendly booking and everyone I spoke to was very helpful and always very happy, which was great for someone who had little personal time to plan a vacation. The group was small (9) which was great in both being able to meet new people while not feeling lost in a crowd of people. The guides Dan & Sarah were quite amazing in keeping us seeing and learning about the beauty of of New Zealand and accomodating our style of "active and adventure level". The guides went to the nth degree to make sure you were having a great time and were happy. Its been 1 month now since my trip with AA and I'm still roaring about it to my friends and family. What a blast -Thank you AA! -Tracy”
    – California, United States Tui, November 2014
  • Tremendous, fantastic trip!

    “Cannot say enough about our excellent tour guides and the overwhelming beauty of the South Island. Trip blew away our incredibly high expectations.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tui, November 2014
  • Whirlwind Tour

    “This trip is a fantastic sampling of what the South Island has to offer. There's so much to do that most places you wish there was just one or two more days. But that's exactly the point. Something new and interesting every day, and by the end you've seen so many things your next three vacations are already planned! Great guides, great food.”
    – California, United States Rimu, November 2014
  • “We spent our honeymoon in New Zealand and traveling with Active Adventures was the best decision. Ken and Sally were a formidable team and made the trip that much more memorable with their stores and knowledge of the places we visited.”
    – , Singapore Rimu, November 2014
  • Winter Remu September 2014

    “The Winter Remu Trip was amazing. The South Island of New Zealand is absolutely beautiful and it was awesome to be able to travel to and experience as many things as we did in one trip. I couldn't of asked for a better tour guide (Cassie!) or a better group of fellow travelers! Because of them I was able to push myself and accomplish things I didn't think I was capable of! Loved it! This was a great experience for me!”
    – New York, United States Winter Rimu, September 2014
  • I Want To Go Back!

    “Going into this trip, I really didn't know what to expect since it was going to be with a very small group of people. I have to say that I was blown away and it was indeed the trip of a lifetime. Cassie, our tour leader, was amazing and extremely accommodating to the needs of the group. She actually fit in extra hikes that were not on the itinerary because we expressed interest in doing more. I feel that we got a comprehensive tour of the South Island, and I can't wait to go back to New Zealand.”
    – New York, United States Winter Rimu, September 2014
  • The Spiritual Center of the Universe

    “This trip was first class, all the way! Hands down, there is no better way to experience the Kiwi culture, lands, and adventure. It was remarkable on a daily basis the level of planning, experience, and wisdom our guides led us with. In all seriousness, our expectations of what New Zealand would be like were blown away on a daily basis. Kiwi hospitality, attention to detail, and leadership from two world-class guides, Mel and DK, showed us the south island on a truly, truly, unforgettable journey. This was not a once in a lifetime trip, as that implies we won't be back. I am very grateful to have been able to experience part of the world in such epic fashion.”
    – South Carolina, United States Winter Rimu, September 2014
  • :)

    “The Winter Rimu trip was amazing!!! I'm so glad both our guides were kiwis - they had the accent, the lingo, and a lot of life experience knowledge about the culture and landscape of New Zealand. I was especially lucky because I signed up for the trip on my own and didn't know anyone before I got there - both guides were really outgoing and always seemed to have time to answer questions and chat.”
    – Utah, United States Winter Rimu, September 2014
  • College sendoff

    “We wanted to do something special as a family before our only son left home for college. After friends recommended Active Adventures New Zealand, we looked into participating in the Winter Rimu. We couldn't have been more pleased with our choice. Our guides Dan and Sarah were warm, professional, and highly organized. Happily, our fellow travelers were engaging and easy to get along with. And of course New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful place to explore.”
    – Washington, United States Winter Rimu, September 2014
  • Winter Ramu 2014 was truly a trip of a lifetime

    “I highly recommend this trip as an ACTIVE adventure. We did lots of hiking, a VERY intense backpack, sea kayaking, biking, and lots of site seeing. The views are unbeatable, the food is delicious, and the guides are great. I really enjoyed being taken care of and not needing to help with the dishes and cooking. It made it so we could really relax and enjoy this vacation.”
    – Mississippi, United States Winter Rimu, August 2014
  • The BEST way to see the South Island!

    “The beauty of the South Island is well off the beaten path and needs to be seen with guides who know where to go. That's the reason we decided on this trip with Active Adventures. It was excellent-from the scenery to the food to the very helpful guides as well as the weather. It's not for the faint of heart but is for the adventurer who wants to see nature, snow capped peaks, have a few rugged hikes and make friends with your fellow trek members.”
    – Idaho, United States Winter Rimu, August 2014
  • Great Trip for Challenge seeking Trekkers

    “This trip offered unbeatable scenery and a great view of the South Island of New Zealand. The hikes offered a range of scenery from rain forest to glacial valleys to snow-capped mountains. The backpacks were a nice length, but be prepared to do a lot of stream crossing and scrambling over rocks. Milford Sound was beautiful from a kayak and the short walk to view the Franz Joseph Glacier was nice.”
    – Idaho, United States Winter Rimu, August 2014
  • New Zealand Trip: From Handbag to Outdoor Type!

    “We had an awesome experience with Active Adventures! My buddies and I hit the New Zealand countryside for our 40th birthdays, led by our trusty god-like Active guides Dan (D.K.) and Sarah. It was an amazing trip! D.K. and Sarah were superstars and made sure everything went as smoothly as a Lenny Kravitz song. They led us on some outstanding hikes, kayaking, mountain biking, late-night card playing, you name it. The food they prepped was mouthwatering good, and the ever-present milos and flat whites warm and cozy. The accommodations were great, and the pace of the trip was just right. The sites were incredible! I can highly recommend D.K., Sarah, and the rest of the Active team-- I would use them again in a heartbeat. They turned a bunch of handbags like us into full-on Outdoor Types. I give it a score of 5 moustaches and 2 wristbands! Loved our trip- I can't wait to visit N.Z. again!”
    – California, United States Winter Rimu, August 2014
  • Fantastic time

    “My wife and I had a great time on the Winter Rimu. Both DK and Mel were really great, knowledgeable guides. The scenery we saw was just breathtaking. The trip was very well paced with the bush-bashing alternating with luxury. I wouldn't hesitate to do another trip with active!”
    – New South Wales, Australia Winter Rimu, August 2014
  • KEA in the Winter

    “This trip was really fun and had lots of activities suitable for all folks. The scenery was magnificent, the food was fantastic (thanks Mel!), and the guides Dan and Mel were full of interesting facts and stories!”
    – California, United States Kea, July 2014
  • Winter Rimu Jul 14

    “Awesome! Hiking through the valleys beneath clear blue skies & snow capped mountains was definitely a highlight. Not to mention our amazing guides DK & Mel who always cooked great food & shared interesting local/cultural knowledge wherever we were. Overall this was a fantastic experience & would definitely recommend this trip to others!”
    – Queensland, Australia Winter Rimu, July 2014
  • Thank You for Being Awesome!

    “Our trip was incredible! Duck and Mel were such wonderful guides. Our entire family (which included myself, my husband, my parents, my sister, my nephew, and my soon-to-be brother-in-law) traveled together for the first time and by the end of the trip, Duck and Mel felt like family as well! We enjoyed every minute of it! THANK YOU for being AWESOME!!!”
    – Texas, United States Kea, July 2014
  • Kea

    “My only ended too soon! Most of the pictures seem to show New Zealand as it appears in summer. Don't be fooled -- winter is gorgeous and perfect for hiking. I think the locals try to keep winter a secret to keep the tourists away :-) And speaking of locals.... Duck (Dan) and Mel (Melissa) are a national treasure -- we couldn't have had better guides for this trip!”
    – Texas, United States Kea, July 2014
  • A Delightful Journey

    “The July Winter Rimu trip with Dan & Mel was outstanding. These two were fantastic, it was a real delight being in their company. All the hikes were stunning and not too demanding and the weather was perfect. We certainly came home feeling enthusiastic and we would definitely look at another trip.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Winter Rimu, July 2014
  • A great trip, even in the rain!

    “We are in our early 60s and were a little bit worried about the hikes. We wisely went on only the first 8 days of the Winter Rimu trip. We had a WONDERFUL time. The guides, Sarah and DK were fantastic: funny, helpful, warm, and really well-organized. We couldn't hike as fast as the rest of the group, but Sarah and DK made us feel like we were world-class trampers! The food was wonderful. The day we hiked in driving rain and 90-km wind, Sarah surprised us with a thermos of hot soup, which we ate in the shelter of a little hut. On our overnight, DK surprised us with two bottles of red wine to accompany Sarah's great pasta dinner, made without electricity or running water! It was a terrific experience that I will never forget. Thank you Sarah and DK and Active Adventures!”
    – Victoria, Australia Winter Rimu, July 2014
  • ANZ in NZ

    “The only weakness of this trip was in my legs after a long, wet, sloppy hike (my fault, inadequate conditioning). The guides, scenery, and general plans were outstanding. Particularly impressed with "Duck" and "Mel" (Dan and Melissa) for their knowledge, attitudes, and support. Well worth the money, time and effort!”
    – Texas, United States Kea, July 2014
  • Rimu - April 2014

    “The Rimu in April trip was spectacular. Book it...Book it right now !”
    – Vermont, United States Rimu, July 2014
  • Kiwi Adventure

    “Fabulous trip! Great hosts and guides (Duck and Sara)! Fantastic group of travelers, great food and libations. The weather was totally unbelievable. This trip stands out as the best trip I've been on in 2014.”
    – Minnesota, United States Kiwi, June 2014
  • Kauri Adventure

    “Fabulous North Island adventure. Great guides (Lauren and Sara).”
    – Minnesota, United States Kauri, June 2014
  • Amazing trip!

    “The Kauri trip was wonderful! A great blend of active and cultural adventures, with opportunities to learn, try new things, and take on challenges. And the guides were great - very knowledgeable, friendly, and fun! I would recommend this tour to anyone looking to explore the North Island.”
    – Wisconsin, United States Kauri, June 2014
  • Winter Rimu

    “This was a great trip, but don't expect to stay on the itinerary. Due to weather, it changed many times over the course of the trip. Despite that, the guides always found fantastic places to hike and explore.”
    – Florida, United States Winter Rimu, June 2014
  • Best trip I've been on

    “I lived in Germany for two years prior to visiting New Zealand, and in that time I was able to travel all throughout Europe and see many of the "most beautiful places in the world". However, I have never been to any country that was more beautiful or amazing than New Zealand. More than just the aesthetically pleasing aspects that New Zealand has to offer, but also the people, the food, and the general outlook on life is unlike any other place that I have ever experienced.”
    – Indiana, United States Rimu, May 2014
  • The discovery of hidden treasures

    “A good trip right from the start, as the group formed itself - and this was a key to enjoying what Active brings you to. Unpredictable, of course, but in this case the chemistry worked well. Above that, we had a well-led, fascinatingly revealing journey of great variety. We are busy recommending to our friends. upcoming diversions will keep us somewhat anchored at home for a year or so, but we will be back!”
    – Quebec, Canada Tui, May 2014
  • Ultimate Father-Son Experience

    “I'm an orthopedic surgeon. I've been in practice for 32 years. My son Tom is 25. His elder brothers are 27 and 33. All my sons have paid dearly for their dad's obligation to be away from them much of the time they were young children. A time of retreat and renewal was what I hoped from the Active trip. Sweating and gasping for breath surrounded by awesome beauty of God's most magnificent creations, and sharing that experience with my son fulfilled every hope and dream. With the support of GT and Sarah I was able to surpass everything I expected possible of myself. I had feared failure. The feeling of accomplishment is profoundly satisfying. Even more moving was seeing Tom who had nearly reached the top of our last climb hiking back down to the mid point to check on me and give me water. I eventually completed that climb, and was cheered upon reaching the top.”
    – Indiana, United States Rimu, May 2014
  • My second trip with Active, and definitely not my last. Amazing!

    “New Zealand is a beautiful country and the Rimu lets you see a great deal of it in only two weeks. GT was great fun and I won't forget Sarah's constant encouragement when I thought I'd reached my limit and of course her amazing ability to cook up cordon bleu food at the top of a mountain! Would highly recommend- this is my second trip to New Zealand with Active and they never disappoint.”
    – Co. Antrim, United Kingdom Rimu, May 2014
  • My second trip with Active, and definitely not my last. Amazing!

    “New Zealand is a beautiful country and the Rimu lets you see a great deal of it in only two weeks. GT was great fun and I won't forget Sarah's constant encouragement when I thought I'd reached my limit and of course her amazing ability to cook up cordon bleu food at the top of a mountain! Would highly recommend- this is my second trip to New Zealand with Active and they never disappoint.”
    – Co. Antrim, United Kingdom Rimu, May 2014
  • “Lauren and Sarah were excellent guides. They are really good at what they do! We saw some wonderful places and participated in some really good activities. We loved the Maori experience, the mountain biking and the trekking. A great trip all round”
    – Ireland 7, Ireland (Republic of) Kauri, May 2014
  • Rimu Rocks!

    “Great trip, great people, great guides. The guides really made the trip. Dan was so knowledgeable and charismatic, he made every stop and town we went through more alive with a little bit of history about the place. Was sorry that the rain and the cyclone on the west coast eliminated a couple of our planned events but the interruption was hardly felt.”
    – California, United States Rimu, May 2014
  • Exactly as promised, better than I imagined!

    “This was truly a trip of a lifetime!!! The scenery was spectacular, our guides knowledgeable and hard working and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our trip went as planned. I can't recommend Active Aventures highly enough!!”
    – Ohio, United States Kauri, May 2014
  • We loved it!

    “We had a great time and were really pleased with every aspect of the trip.”
    – Ohio, United States Kauri, May 2014
  • Southern Island

    “Great trip! Beautiful country and we saw it all. Guides were fantastic and we had an excellent group of people from all over.”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, May 2014
  • Tui trip with Lauren and Amanda Feb 2014

    “Wonderful leaders who we had complete faith in. They went out of their way to help us. We liked the varied accommodation and the activities suited us. The walks were appropriate for the party. The size of the party was right though not sure about booking one single and 8 couples. Loved the biking the jet boat the plane ride and kayaking. Maybe giving us an hour before the evening meal to relax and socialise would be good. Overall v well organised.”
    – Lancashire, United Kingdom Tui, April 2014
  • Awesome Jeffery family adventure

    “We couldn't have asked for a better way for our family to spend the Easter holidays together. Certainly never a dull moment! Fantastic guides and lucky to have a great group to travel with. Such a beautiful environment to keep everyone interested in all the activities, 15yrs old to 50yrs old!”
    – Queensland, Australia Tui, April 2014
  • Spectacular Time!

    “This trip is everything promised - and more! When I look back on all that we did in just a few short days, I am amazed. If you really want to get away from it all and experience the magic that is New Zealand, grab a good friend and sign up for this trip.”
    – Texas, United States Tui, April 2014
  • Rimu in March

    “The 2014 Rimu trip was one of the best organized trips I have been on. It took us to most of the South Island main sights, which naturally involved a bit of driving. The scenery was spectacular and the activities well balanced. There were options for more physically demanding hikes, or less so, depending on your inclincation. I think the fitter you were, the more you enjoyed the trip as the scenic rewards were better the higher you got. The March 2014 weather was really good, which was a bonus. The guides were fantastic.”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, April 2014
  • Eleven days on Kauri

    “The eleven day Kauri trip takes you through most of the sights of Northern and Central North island. Having already done the South Island, I appreciated the different activites and sights of the North Island. The Tongariro crossing is a highlight, so be sure you are physically fit to do it. I much enjoyed the snorkelling and sight of the Poor Knights Island. Despite being a bit ho-hum about the sand-boarding before trying it, it turned out to be a blast. The Maori cultural experiences were also great.”
    – Ontario, Canada Kauri, April 2014
  • Adventures in New Zealand

    “My wife and I are extremely happy with our experience with Graemme an Alex and our bus mates! We were able to see and experience New Zealand while we were hiking, kayaking, and mountainbiking. We feel we were able to see New Zealand much more intimately by immersing ourselves on hiking trails and in kayaks. We got a much better feel for the country than from a tour bus window.”
    – Nevada, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • “We loved this trip! It was the perfect combination of hiking, riding and kayaking. In addition to our daily adventures, we also learned a great deal about New Zealand's culture, history, people and way of life from our outstanding Kiwi guides GT and Alex.”
    – Nevada, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • Tui South Island trip reivew

    “Fantastic trip for folks that want activity and not just a tour! I will go again with them on another trip to another destination. Great attention to detail and great guides. I felt I was in great hands and trusted them completely. The itinerary was perfect.”
    – Florida, United States Tui, April 2014
  • Could not have asked more from an outfitter!

    “My wife and I have taken many active vacations in the past (mostly road cycling with an array of outfitters), but this trip stood alone for the quality and intimacy of its superb guides. It may have been made easier by the small size of our group, but for two weeks we could not have asked more from Andrew and Sally, who made us feel as welcome as possible in a world very remote and far away. They were quite a team, supremely knowledgeable about everything New Zealand; always organized, proactive, empathetic; every single day we enjoyed great food and conversation, filled with lots of laughter and good spirit. In short time they not only became our very trusted leaders in whom we had the utmost confidence, but also good friends with whom we were very comfortable sharing our lives. Neither of them could have possibly done a more superb job in hosting us during our unforgettable Rimu trip.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • Sensory overload?

    “An amazing 8 days. Packed with just enough challenges and experiences. New Zealand providing the backdrop and our guides taking us to all the right places and awakening all those sleeping city living senses.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Tui, April 2014
  • The South Island Adventure

    “I think it Is difficult to express in words our South Island experience. New Zealand's South island is a paradise on earth. The beauty of nature is stunning. The attitude of the locals is extremely friendly. The culture of life centering in the participation of outdoor activities is one to be imitated worldwide. Nevertheless I am sure that our experience was even more pleasant having the privilege of sharing this experience with Sarah and Huw. From the first day Sarah spoke to each one of us... Trying to get to know us better. Whether we had any health issues. Whether we preferred some type of food. Huw been such a strong man at the same time been so gentle and noble. They always went the extra mile to please us. The food was perfect. When Sarah cooked it tasted so good. Everything so organized. So much warmth in their demeanor. We will not only miss New Zealand... but we will also miss them.”
    – Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Tui, April 2014
  • “The Tui trip was excellent. It was very well planned and was able to be adapted to all different interests and fitness levels. The food and accommodations were beyond expectation. I have already recommended this trip to a number of my friends and family and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a more active way to see NZ.”
    – California, United States Tui, April 2014
  • “Amazing! I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who really wants to see and explore New Zealand!”
    – Western Australia, Australia Rimu, April 2014
  • “Great adventure! Everything I expected and more, Ken and Nick were more like family than tour guides. I would not hesitate to book another Active New Zealand adventure tour.”
    – California, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • Rimu

    “Great itinerary, scenery, weather (lucky) & guides, who took us to areas we wouldn't have done on our own. I also loved the sea kayaking in Marlborough Sounds.”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, April 2014
  • 11 day Kauri

    “Loved the new far north section, including the sand boarding (rivals Queenstown activities). Great guides again. The Tongariro Crossing was the highlight - I felt so lucky to have done it.”
    – Ontario, Canada Kauri, April 2014
  • Great trip!

    “Didn't know what to expect when booking this trip. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. The people, country, food, accommodations, etc were great. Our guides were outstanding and very accommodating. Hikes were doable for a 67 year old in good shape. Highly recommend this trip for all age groups.”
    – Hawaii, United States Kiwi, April 2014
  • Amazing

    “Our Tui trip was amazing. It was physically challenging and we felt so accomplished after each activity. We didn't worry about anything. The entire trip, it was so nice to be told what time to meet up in the morning and thats all you had to worry about. Even when our helicopter ride to the glacier got cancelled due to weather, they had a plan B and we went straight to another hike. The guides were great and were always talking with us and telling great stories. We got to experience such beautiful places and I am looking forward to doing another active adventure trip!”
    – Florida, United States Tui, April 2014
  • Outstanding Trip!

    “This trip was amazing! Everything about it was first class. We were not looking forward to all the time in the bus, but we understood that in order to see so much of the country, it was going to be required. As it turns out, the bus ride was great. Our guides (Ben and Christina) had fresh fruit and snacks and made lots of stops at out of the way places (where only locals would know) for coffee, shopping or photo ops. We were rarely in the bus for more than an hour or so. Not to mention, the scenery along the way was unbelievable! Ben and Christina treated us like we were family visiting and really made the trip special. They took care of every detail, allowing us to do nothing more than enjoy the trip. We were also concerned about the activity level, but there were people on the tour that ranged from 21 - 67 years old, somehow Ben and Christina were able to cater to every one of us according to our capabilities. Some went for the rigorous mountain hiking, while others kayaked. We were very impressed how they could keep everyone happy at the same time. We stayed in out of the way lodges most of the time and they were all awesome! The food was outstanding, we didnt have a bad meal the entire time, however, we were partial to the meals prepared by our guides, some of the best food Ive ever had! The trip really was an Active Adventure, we mountain biked, kayaked, jet boated, white water rafted, hiked a glacier, helicoptered and took several day hikes. We saw lots of wildlife and everywhere you looked was an amazing view. New Zealand is truly an amazing place, if there is somewhere else on earth that is more beautiful, I cant imagine what it would look like. We are experienced travelers, and have visited many places all over the world, but this by far was the best! New Zealand sells itself, but you guys make the experience something special! We thank you for sharing your beautiful country with us and we will come back again!”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • RIMU, February 2014

    “Our guides were amazing. They were very informative and relaxed and made us feel so welcome in New Zealand. Our weather was over the top. The landscapes were breathtaking. Our activities were the best and got us close and personal to the beauty. And should I mention the food?”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • walking around NZ

    “Seamless delightful trip with great food. Thanks for ordering up the good weather as well!”
    – Alberta, Canada Manuka, April 2014
  • Tui Experience

    “This trip was the perfect length for someone with limited time. You get a great feel of the country's nature beauty and diversity.”
    – Florida, United States Tui, April 2014
  • “This truly was a trip to remember! We are so glad that we combined the longer Kauri trip with the Rimu so that we got a good flavor of both islands.”
    – Iowa, United States Kauri, April 2014
  • “Combining the Kauri and Rimu trips for a month long adventure in New Zealand was the perfect choice!”
    – Iowa, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • Travelling solo with Active New Zealand

    “It can be a bit overwhelming to travel halfway around the world by one's self.
    The Active Guides made me instantly comfortable and within a day our group gelled as we began to hike, bike and kayak through the most beautiful landscape I've ever seen. We learned a lot, we laughed a lot and became a family of happy travelers. If you're going to see the Southern Cross for the first time... New Zealand is a perfect place to do it. I made lifetime friends and memories that will carry me through until the next adventure. Active makes every effort to make your trip extraordinary. The friendships you create, make it even more special. Until we meet again... Thank you.”
    – Connecticut, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • Rimu trip

    “Extremely well run and enjoyable trip with excellent guides!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • “The Rimu trip exceeded our expectations. We usually like to research areas and travel independently, but we would never have been able to see and do so much on the South Island on our own, nor would we have had the chance to get to know the 12 others who traveled with us. Leaving the day trip planning, accommodation arrangement, driving, cooking, and even the research to our guides, Ken and Nick, made for a "no worries" holiday, without my nose stuck in a guidebook. The kayak option was phenomenal - we recommend it to anybody who enjoys paddling and feels apprehensive about the backpack option (although, we wish we could have done both)! Trip of a lifetime.”
    – California, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • Kauri - March 2914

    “Truly a magical experience. We had a beautiful mix of activity, culture, and history of New Zealand. Duck was a special guide who made New Zealand come alive. We enjoyed his information, encouragement, and cooking. It also helped that the weather was perfect. This trip is a "must do" if you want to appreciate the totality of New Zealand.”
    – Iowa, United States Kauri, April 2014
  • Rimu - March 2014

    “Wow. The Rimu trip is jam-packed with adventure, activity, and scenery. We were awed with every aspect of this trip, and felt challenged by the itinerary. I told Cassie and Amanda every day, "keep this in the trip". I believe you captured the essence of the South Island in the 2 weeks we explored your paradise.”
    – Iowa, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “This trip was amazing, great guides, gorgeous scenery, my only complaint is that it had to come to an end”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • RIMU, February 2014

    “Our first group tour since we usually book the itinerary on our own. Since this was our first international trip we decided to give Active a go. Wow are we ever glad we did - all the details were taken care of from the lodging (at great locations), food (delicious) and activities (challenging hikes worth every step for the beautiful views) and all we had to do was enjoy it. Our guides GT and Mel showed us to a bucket list type of vacation during the RIMU trip, can't imagine how we could have packed more in on a tour of the south island. One of my highlights was celebrating my 60th Birthday at Angelus Hut - waking up to a warm cupcake with candle on top of the world! Going to be hard to top this trip in the future!”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, April 2014
  • Maria's big 50

    “I really enjoyed the trip. For me it was just the right length. Amanda and Dan really made the trip awesome! Met new friends which is always a plus. Can't wait to do another one in the future.”
    – Florida, United States Tui, March 2014
  • Awesome trip

    “We had a great time on our Active New Zealand Trip. Ken and Nick were awesome tour guides. They fed us well, kept us entertained, answered all our questions, and they were just so easy to get along with. The Rimu trip was beautiful. We had great weather the entire time except for one day where it rained and didn't complete one of the hikes because it was raining and views were clouded in. Otherwise, we had a great taste of the South Island!”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Travels with Ken and Nick

    “I concur with all Karen has written and would especially like to underline the people skills, good cheer, enthusiasm, knowledge and patience of our leaders. We have been on a number of similar adventures in other countries and hands down, Ken and Nick were the finest guides. They enjoy what they do and the people who do it with them. I need to inject just one negative note- you must ditch the pizza and chips meal we had near Milford lodge. Aside from it obviously not having been designed by a nutritionist, it was awful pizza and awful chips. Otherwise the trip was perfection.”
    – New York, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Kauri trip

    “We saw so many amazing beaches, hikes and waterfalls. It was so nice that everything was planned for us but sometimes they changed it up a bit to meet our group needs. Lauren and Sarah were always in a good mood joking around with everyone. The food they cooked was great but when we did eat out they would find just the right spot for us . I loved all the small places we stayed and that they always had milk in the refrig. for you in the morning for your coffee or tea. This trip definitely was a 10. I would not have changed a thing. Thank you, Thank you. I will spread the word about Active Adventures.”
    – Virginia, United States Kauri, March 2014
  • January 2014 Rimu... one highlight after another

    “The variety of activities - kayaking, hiking, biking - in the most beautiful places imaginable, organized and led by knowledgeable, tireless, excellent guides - storytellers, chefs, drivers - sharing their love of New Zealand's outdoor offerings, hidden gems, side trips to amazing gems (coffee shops to beaches to green stone shopping). On the go go go!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Feb 2014 Kauri...Tops with Lauren and Sally

    “Wonderful beauty, variety: Much more to the North Island than we thought! Starting with Poor Knights and Bay of isles cruise, it felt like a relaxing vacation from the frenetic Rimu we'd just come off! Then it cranked up: great sand dune hikes, evening Maori hike through the kauri forest, hikes up waterfalls and Rainbow Mountain. Lauren and Sally made the Tongariro possible...encouraged the worried among us we could do it...and so glad I did!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Kauri, March 2014
  • Great Trip, Wonderful Guides

    “Had a fantastic time on the Rimu trip in March. Every location and activity was wonderful. I loved the diversity of locations, lodging, meals and activities. Our guides Kate and Sally couldn't have been better!”
    – Florida, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • What a great time!

    “Kate and Sally were just fantastic guides. They went out of their way to make the trip very special for everyone - even if different people had different needs. Sally was a great cook and instead of losing weight by hiking or kayaking or biking every day, I actually gained a few pounds on the trip!”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Kauri (5 day)

    “Extraordinary 5 days! Were it not for the Kauri itinerary I wouldn't have chosen to visit the Maori exhibit, Te Puia. Thank you so much for including it as it provided a valuable touchstone for interpreting the rest of my tour.”
    – New York, United States Kauri, March 2014
  • Magical Kiwi Trip

    “We loved our Active Adventures experience! Our guides, Sarah and Duck, really took care of us. They thought of every detail from baking a birthday cake to adjusting the itinerary so we could have the best opportunities to enjoy each destination and hike. New Zealand's South Island lives up to its reputation as a place of beauty and grandeur, unique in the world. We felt the whole experience was magical.”
    – Oregon, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • Tui trip 23 Feb thru 2 Mar 2014

    “Our Tui was a compact adventure-rich introduction to the South Island replete with easy-going companions and guides and perfect weather. We were blessed to have it all!”
    – New York, United States Tui, March 2014
  • Relaxing, invigorating, and packed with fun

    “I think it would be hard to organize a *bad* trip of New Zealand - the natural beauty and the friendliness of the culture are advantages that simply can't be negated - but the Active trip built on them wonderfully. The guides were cheerful and knowledgeable. The hikes were well-planned - never long enough to be boring or exhausting for the hiking neophyte, but always interesting and challenging. Even the drives were packed with interesting stops and activities. It was an awesome vacation!”
    – New York, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • Amazing New Zealand - North

    “Booking an adventure trip like this from the other side of the world can be a real shot in the dark, but I am SO very glad that we found Active Adventures and decided to go with them. My first visit to New Zealand could not have been more "magical" and the care, attention to detail, and general top notch organization -- both of the materials sent beforehand and the planning by the guides along the way -- were truly first class. I would return to New Zealand in a heartbeat ... and when I do, it will be again with Active Adventures! It was truly a pleasure spending time with everyone!”
    – Arizona, United States Kauri, March 2014
  • Amazing New Zealand - South

    “This was the second part of my New Zealand adventure, after having spent the first week plus on the North Island. I had settled in nicely with the group in the North, and very much missed them when we parted. So it took a day or two to reacclimate with the new AA team and group of participants. Having said this, the South Island adventure was every bit as wonderful and magnificent as the North. The islands are so very different, and I am grateful I chose to see some of both areas in order to get a good feel for the country as a whole, something I would highly recommend to anyone visiting New Zealand for the first time.”
    – Arizona, United States Tui, March 2014
  • Rimu - challenging and breathtaking

    “I actually described this trip to my friends at home as the trip of a lifetime. For any avid hiker/backpacker, I would definitely recommend this trip. Our group ranged from 26 to 66 yrs old, with varying degrees of fitness, and the guides were excellent at putting us on the trails that were appropriate for our abilities. To get the most out of this trip, I strongly recommend that you come in with a HIGH degree of fitness, as you will do more difficult hikes, and see more of the breathtaking scenery. Everywhere you turn around on this tour is a WOW moment! I didn't want to nap in the bus for fear I would miss something. I loved how the guides told us Maori stories and cultural traditions, and also about the native plants and animals. Can't say enough about how enjoyable this trip was to me. Thanks Active!”
    – Florida, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Great way to sample New Zealand's South Island

    “Guides did a great job. They adjusted the schedule to meet most needs and weather conditions. The hiking was enough to be able to see many sites as we worked our way around much of the South Island. Food was very good and allowed a chance to try some of New Zealand's fine dishes.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • Awesome awesome trip

    “Our Kiwi trip was definitely the trip of a lifetime. Every day was full of great hikes and other activities, interesting information on New Zealand (geography, history, culture etc.), and fantastic scenery. Our guides were knowledgeable, helpful, just a lot of fun. I could have stayed another week or two! We will definitely be back!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • Fabulous Trip! Beautiful Country! Delightful Tour Guides!

    “I enjoyed every minute of my active adventure. Sara and Duck were superior guides and very accommodating when it came to meals, activities, etc. Every detail was organized to the Nth degree. Plus the food was delicious, healthy, and always freshly prepared. The Heli-hike on Franz Josef Glacier was incredible. I am so glad I took this trip.”
    – Maryland, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • It is Not the Country We Seek, but the Company We Keep

    “We shot roughly 30+ hours of video on this trip and spent over a moth editing it all. Each clip I reviewed and each frame I played returned a fond memory. Each memory made my desire to return burn a little hotter. It is far from common for me to experience such intense longing to return to a place we just traveled. I was attached to New Zealand as if a bond had been forged and flying home had stretched this bond like a rubber band so that I felt the country desperately trying to pull me back. Night and day I obsessed over the time we spent there, reminiscing every laugh we had and every meal we shared. With the memories of its sights, sounds, and smells fresh in my mind I realized exactly why this adventure was so much more meaningful than any other trip I have ever had the fortune to take. It was not merely the fact that New Zealand is one of the most stunningly beautiful places on earth, but also because the people we shared the experience with were some of the most genuine, friendly, and fun people I have ever met. It does not matter where you travel as long as you travel in good company. Active knows how to plan trips and they know how to make them exciting. More importantly they know how to pick good people. The guides, the group, you name it, Active has done it right. This trip deserved every one of those five stars and nothing less. Thank you, thank you for everything!”
    – Arizona, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Great

    “Great active way to explore the South Island, NZ in a small group”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, March 2014
  • Susan's Bucket List

    “NZ has been on my bucket list for years!!! This was a wonderful way to see NZ and just what I wanted. Perfect in every way and excellent guides!!! I am so happy with the trip.”
    – Virginia, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • “We both thought it was one of the best guided tours we have experienced with a lot of prior experience. Well balanced and good traveling group. Christina was wonderful. Every day was interesting.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • “Simply the BEST!”
    – Indiana, United States Manuka, March 2014
  • “I felt the trip was really wonderful with amazing scenery and many great activities. Both guides were so fun and enthusiastic and were always willing to answer our many questions. Dan was obviously very proud of New Zealand and was happy to share everything he knew... something much appreciated by travellers who are wanting to learn about NZ. Amanda was a great cook so our meals were all really good and I particularly appreciated the fruit basket on the bus... small but important! The activities on our trip seemed to be a good mix of hiking, kayaking and biking... somewhat strenuous but not too taxing with lots of rests on the bus. Overall I felt Amanda and Dan did an amazing job of keeping the group engaged, comfortable and happy throughout our adventure.”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, March 2014
  • An Off the Planet Experience!

    “As a seventy year plus lady, I anticipated some physical challenges beyond my comfort zone, but with the excellent customized guidance of our two entertaining, superbly informed leaders Lauren and Sally, and encouragement of my fellow trippers, I felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day's "active adventure!" Thanks, too, for all the thoughtful packing and travel tips, and your attention to detail prior to our departure for the trip.”
    – Vermont, United States Kauri, March 2014
  • More Adventures on Another Planet

    “After the five days on our Kauri extravaganza, Tui became another "other world" experience! Prior to the trip, when sharing concerns about the physical challenges I might encounter, my friends told me that I didn't have to do activity, but with Andrew and Sarah's thoughtful suggestions, I was able to challenge myself and feel satisfied that I accomplished a few personal feats!”
    – Vermont, United States Tui, March 2014
  • “This was a well designed trip that allowed us to sample the highlights of the South Island. It involved a lot of driving , but Dan and Amanda were able to make it interesting while in the bus. Some of the hiking was very challenging, but doable for us middle aged, slightly overweight, partially in shape tourists. The scenery was amazing of course and well worth the effort. The logistics worked well, Dan and Amanda worked hard at keeping everybody happy, and succeeded. They were just outstanding. It overall was an awesome trip, hopefully we'll make it back some day”
    – Ohio, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Perfectly Wonderful!

    “The Manuka trip with Nicole and Dave in February 2014 was amazing! Great scenery and hiking, wonderful fellow travelers, delicious meals, lots of unique experiences, the BEST guides, and just loads of fun! I couldn't have asked for a better New Zealand adventure!”
    – Colorado, United States Manuka, March 2014
  • 2014 New Zealand trip - Tui tour

    “In February, 2014, we made our first visit to New Zealand. After spending the first week on the North Island with friends, we flew to Christchurch for the start of Active New Zealand's Tui tour. Tui was wonderful - a very nice mix of places we saw, excellent tour guides, a great mix of hiking and other activities, and an exceptional group to travel with.”
    – Maine, United States Tui, March 2014
  • Wonderful

    “The trip met all of our expectations!!! The details were clear, the guides superb!!! They were helpful, clear and caring. They made the group come together and everyone enjoyed the time. The timing of hikes and sights was just right and comfortable.”
    – Virginia, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • “A wonderful hiking holiday”
    – North Carolina, United States Kauri, March 2014
  • great active trip

    “I love the trip and happy that it was as active as it was. We were able to do things that I would have never thought I would be able to do. and with two guides our group was able to adapt to everyones active level.”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Manuka 2014

    “Our Manuka trip exceeded all our expectations. I knew the trip was going to be great, but our accommodations, food, and especially our guides Nicole and Dave were "over the top" fantastic! First class all the way. It didn't hurt that we had outstanding weather too. New Zealand shined in every way.”
    – Indiana, United States Manuka, March 2014
  • Amazing journey through middle earth...

    “Wow what a beautiful pristine country! NZ has been on my bucket list for some time and I'm so happy to have chosen Active Adventures. The Rimu trip was a perfect introduction and exploration of the South Island. Each day was a new adventure; hiking, biking, kayaking, eating and driving through magical countryside. We were lucky to have a dusting of snow on the mountains which made it all the more picturesque. We will definitely be back!”
    – California, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Thanks for the New Zealand adventure!

    “A great introduction to New Zealand. I felt I was in really good hands with our guides: great personalities, competent, patient and they went out of their way to provide personal attention. The itinerary and choice of accommodations was just right. The holiday was very well-organised and co-ordinated but still had a completely relaxed feeling. Thank you Andrew, Nicole and Cassie.”
    – South Australia, Australia Manuka, March 2014
  • Worry free in NZ

    “Without a doubt the best vacation we have taken in 30 years. The island is fantastic and the weather was very cooperative. Being able to sit back and take it all in was a true blessing; no worries about lodging, driving, food, where to go, what to do, and how to make it all fit into two weeks. Daniel and Amanda are top flight guides that really went above and beyond to make the whole package flow from start to finish. They did a great job of making the small adjustments that let individuals set a comfortable pace while keeping the group moving in the same direction, easier said than done. Seems like a dream that you never want to end. Well Done.”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Amazing

    “Everything I was hoping for and more! Great guides, great food, great activities, incredible scenery, and great people.”
    – Maine, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “I want to give accolades to the guides for knowing all the neat little extra places to see. The guides attention to all the details made all our activities fun. The meals were great. Most amazing was just seeing the beautiful New Zealand countryside.”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Rimu fun and adventure

    “The Rimu adventure is great overview of what the South Island has to offer. Lots of great sights and activities. Wonderful guides; planned and unplanned activities; great food; glad we went.”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Well organized and few surprises

    “This is a well organized and detail-oriented tour. I can see that there were thoughts that put in to make this a fun and enjoyable tour. We had two wonderful guides, Daniel and Amanda, they were very helpful and knowledgeable. We even had champagne and strawberries on top of the mountain after a hike. What a luxury...”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Great trip in a beautiful country

    “We had an amazing time on our Tui Trip. The itinerary brought us to some of the most breathtaking scenery we have ever seen and even getting to these spots was an adventure in itself, whether it was hiking, biking, kayaking, flying, or heli-hiking! Our wonderful guides Cassie & Natalie & our group made an amazing trip even better, everyone got along so well & really enjoyed each other's company. Highly recommended!”
    – Washington, United States Tui, March 2014
  • Hey, Sheep!

    “Absolutely awesome trip! Every individual need catered to by an exceptionally competent guiding team. Perfect mix of pre-planning and flexibility. Wonderful food daily. Felt that we got to see and experience the genuine New Zealand! Go. Do. This.”
    – Virginia, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Meadowbank bill

    “A great trip - once in a lifetime - worth the flight to get to NZ from the east coast of the US. Scenery was great and the adventures and people helped make the adventure what it was.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “This trip not only met but went beyond our expectations. Duck and Sarah, our guides, were wonderful. We saw the best and most beautiful parts of New Zealand, enjoyed great food and made new friends.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • Wow!

    “Active Adventures has set the bar high - it is going to be hard for us to ever best this trip! What an amazing journey we had. Every day was action-packed, full of amazing sights and awesome adventures. We loved our guides, our kids especially. Sarah & Huw really made the trip special. They took care of everything so that we could really soak in all the wonders of New Zealand. I'd book again with Active Adventures in a heartbeat - this was truly a trip of a lifetime.”
    – Virginia, United States Kea, March 2014
  • This trip should be on top of everyone's Bucket List!

    “My husband and I are very seasoned travelers having lived overseas for 20 plus years. Needless to say we have been on countless trips and over one hundred countries so we have a lot to compare this trip with. The Rimu was thoughtfully planned with just the right amount of active adventures and unique places to visit and stay. I love the fact that our guides sometimes prepared the food for us which was better than most restaurants we tried. I would highly recommend both Dan and Amanda as guides as their knowledge and attention to detail were amazing. They both seem to love their jobs and we loved getting to know them. The one piece of advice I would give to those that are very keen bikers is; the bike option looks to be three days but in reality is only really one full days ride which was great, but the other two days are just small 1-2 hour trips. Do the Nelson lakes hike instead! Overall, we loved the trip and made some friends from all over... don't hesitate to sign up!”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Great trip!

    “The Kiwi trip was challenging for me. I read that it was the 'gentlest' of all the active trips and that it was appropriate for all fitness levels. I also read that hikes were 1-3 hours in length and thought, 'no problem'. It turned out that some of those hikes were 1 hour uphill climbs that I had trouble with. Of course, I was always rewarded with a spectacular view at the top. I cannot adequately express the natural beauty of New Zealand. 'Awesome' takes on a new meaning. Accommodations were adequate, food was good. Guides were helpful and fun. Our group was friendly, and everyone got along well. New Zealand totally met my expectation and I appreciate being able to see it with a small group, guided tour.”
    – Missouri, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • Aotearoa, Afoot and Afloat

    “Or "The South Island for Shits and Giggles". Our guides brought knowledge, competence and enthusiasm, we brought the good weather, an adventurous spirit, and good humor and this awesomely beautiful country did the rest in making this a magical experience.”
    – Washington, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • A great taste of the South Island

    “Our Tui Adventure in February was absolutely amazing! Our guides were spectacular and the itinerary was well thought out and included so many things we never would have gotten to had we done this trip without Active Adventures. Thank you so much for the incredible memories!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tui, March 2014
  • Marvelous Manuka

    “Active Adventures is certainly the best way to experience New Zealand. The varied landscapes and hiking trails gave a true feel for the South Island. The guides, Dave and Nicole, kept us well in tow and well fed. Loved the trip!”
    – Florida, United States Manuka, March 2014
  • Rimu Excursion

    “What a fabulous trip! It exceeded my expectations. My wife and I (OK, mostly me) were looking for an active vacation and we got this in spades. Everyday there were new sights that just got better each day. Our guides were wonderful and the food we had was plentiful, great tasting, varied and really healthy. I think the South Island of New Zealand (need to come back and do the North Island trip) is probably the most beautiful country that I have visited. I really enjoyed our time with the group we had and our guides. Well done Active Adventure!”
    – Illinois, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • New Zealand done right

    “Active allowed us to experience New Zealand in its truest form - culturally, intellectually, and physically. The company accommodated our special needs and worked hard to make seamless and smooth transitions and transactions before, during and after the trip. Go for it!”
    – New York, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Exceeded Expectations

    “This trip was truly fantastic. I had been anticipating it for a long time and it easily exceeded my expectations. Words can't adequately describe the splendor of New Zealand's natural landscape. I appreciated the variety of locations and activities (even if it did mean more driving than I'd expected). Our guides, Huw and Nick, were fantastic, planning every detail, keeping us stocked with snacks, preparing delicious meals, answering all my (many!) questions about native flora, and staying positive throughout. Their energy was endless! My friends and family followed my adventures through my blog and none of them could believe what an incredible country New Zealand is and all the amazing, fun, cool things I was doing.”
    – Virginia, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Kiwi February 2014

    “A once in a life-time experience taking in the beauty of the South Island of New Zealand, from the sea to the mountain tops, from the glaciers to the lakes and rivers. Hiking New Zealand is a not-to-miss life adventure.”
    – Washington, United States Kiwi, March 2014
  • Rimu Feb 2014

    “Great way to see New Zealand's South Island. Wonderful people, well organized, delicious food. Had a fantastic time and would happily travel with Active again.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, March 2014
  • Best Vacation Experience

    “This is one of those trips you'll never forget. The tour guides were excellent and complimented the trip and experience perfectly. The only problem was that it wasn't longer! Getting to know the fellow travelers was a lot of fun and we had a great time with everybody. They catered the adventures for the skill level of those in the group, so we'd break off when we wanted more challenges and could sit back when needed. I can't wait to take another Active Adventures trip ... and can't wait to get back to New Zealand!”
    – Florida, United States Tui, March 2014
  • Tui Tour - CG

    “Loved this amazing Tour!”
    – Queensland, Australia Tui, February 2014
  • Incredible Experience

    “This trip was the most amazing time! To see the beauty of the South Island and really see it in slow motion via hikes and kayaking trips was incredible. We enjoyed our guides and the members of our tour. We loved the trip.”
    – Florida, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • Rimu Trip Feb 2014

    “This was absolutely the trip of a lifetime! The attention to detail, the concern for the traveler and the love of their land was more than evident all through the trip. Every venue was beautiful, and every experience was first rate. I could not be happier with Active and their staff.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • Man, what an adventure.

    “It was the most exciting and exhilarating adventure of my life. Daniel was the BOMB as we say it here in Barbados. He thought of everything, and was always surprising us with treats and excellent food. Around every corner was always another post card panorama, and the hikes were to die for. I would say that New Zealand and Active together, are an unbeatable combination. I so look forward to coming back to do the 2 week Rimu, and to experience the wonders of the most beautiful country I have ever visited. Until then, keep up the Kiwi spirit of adventure.”
    – Christ Church, Barbados Tui, February 2014
  • Amazing Country and Trip!

    “My husband and I had a fabulous time on the Tui trip. Cassie and Natalie were amazing guides and made the trip extra special. The places we visited were absolutely gorgeous and we really lucked out with the weather. The highlight of the trip was the night spent in Siberia Valley and hike to Lake Crucible.”
    – DC, United States Tui, February 2014
  • Tui review

    “The Tui trip was wonderful! I saw a lot of amazing new places, tried new things, and met some great people, and I can't wait for my next trip with Active Adventures!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Tui, February 2014
  • Something beautiful to see everyday

    “There was a lot of driving given the amount of the South Island we covered in two weeks but the rhythms of the days were always enjoyable. Katie and Alex, our guides, always arranged stops for coffee, photo ops, and occasionally, shopping making the long drives pleasant. The accommodations were always comfortable and occasionally quite spectacular. ( One night I enjoyed an ocean view!). I loved having 14 days to move - to hike or to bike or to kayak and the scenery New Zealand provides is beyond believable. Katie and Alex were fantastic. I felt they were my friends and well as my guides by the trip's end. I have one criticism. When we arrived at the sheep herder's place, we were told to tackle the issue of room assignments among ourselves. This caused some upset for a brief time but, fortunately, we were all mature enough to work it out gracefully. I suggest having the travelers pull straws. My only regret is that I did not discover New Zealand when I was younger!”
    – California, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • Rimu

    “Exceptional landscape with exceptional guides and wonderful fellow-travelers doing fun activities! Can't imagine another way to get so much out of this stunning island.”
    – California, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • Diane's Rimu trip 2014

    “A trip to New Zealand has been on my list forever so I obviously had high expectations. I came home having had them met and even more. At every step along the way I received lots of useful information and felt the enthusiasm of the staff. And our guides, with whom I had the most contact, were wonderful, helping to make this a most memorable trip!”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • A Breathtaking and Inspiring Experience

    “Before arriving in NZ I wasn't sure what to expect, but was always excited and looking forward to it. Coming from a small country in the Caribbean this trip lived up to and exceeded my expectations. It was well organized and the country itself is awe inspiring, the areas that we visited are like nature's art room.”
    – Christ Church, Barbados Tui, February 2014
  • The time of my life!

    “I know it is a song title, but how else to describe a trip that includes wonderful landscapes, daily adventures, delicious food, culture and information, all with the two greatest tour guides ever (and in many cases, guardian angels)?”
    – Sao Paulo, Brazil Rimu, February 2014

    “The past two weeks in New Zealand brought some of the most incredible experiences of my life. The guides made everything seem effortless and I was amazed at the beauty around every corner. Absolutely one of the best decisions I ever made!”
    – Alabama, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • “Jax and DK were amazing guides for a beautiful country and action packed trip! Best lamb chops of my entire life. I'd travel the 24 hours just to get those again.”
    – New York, United States Kauri, February 2014
  • Amazing country and amazing times!

    “I have always wanted to see New Zealand and the pictures on the site truly do not do justice to how beautiful it is. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I loved every minute of it.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • “The South Island trip was truly amazing. We loved all the activities and all the great meals that Kate and Graeme prepared for us. Fantastic cooking that provided great meals, and enjoyable conversations while dinner and lunch were being prepared each day. I liked that we could ask either guide many questions about the area, and found them to be very knowledgeable. Kate and Graeme were excellent guides that enjoyed their jobs, and were amazing with all of us. This was a trip of a lifetime for us, and we do not have any concerns or complaints about this trip in a negative way... only wonderful memories that I do not want to forget, and two individuals that I will always remember and wish that someday in our future our paths may cross again. Loved this experience, and hope that we can someday return to New Zealand.”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, February 2014
  • Rimu Janaury 2014

    “The wonderful weather and excellent guides combined to make this trip a true New Zealand adventure.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • KIWI TRIP 2014

    – Michigan, United States Kiwi, February 2014
  • New Zealand Jan 2014

    “I really liked the kayaking and most of the hikes were great! The time in the buses was a little longer than expected because the roads do not allow for high speed travel.”
    – Michigan, United States Kiwi, February 2014
  • Wonderful New Zealand

    “Fantastic trip for fit people of all ages. We were a group of 8 senior adults and the guides made the trip enjoyable for everyone, no matter what their level of fitness. I would highly recommend the Kiwi trip for anyone who doesn't want to just see New Zealand from the bus window.”
    – Michigan, United States Kiwi, February 2014
  • “A trip of a life time in an exquisite country. Two charming, knowledgable, warm, enthusiastic, fun loving, efficient guides. Thank you to them and you for affording us this view of New Zealand”
    – Michigan, United States Kiwi, February 2014
  • Rimu February 2014

    “An Active New Zealand Adventure trip is a wonderful way to see the highlights as well as some of the lesser known areas of New Zealand. From the first phone call, the staff of Active were thoughtful and helpful. Specifically, Matthew was very creative in getting our trip organized. Our dates did not align with any trip offered and he made it possible for us to join a trip in progress that suited our needs perfectly. Graeme and Kate were fantastic guides that made our trip unique and memorable; and they are both excellent chefs! Their enthusiasm and attention to detail made every day a thrilling adventure. Thanks for a wonderful holiday!”
    – Georgia, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • Takin it to the max!

    “The Rimu trip was clearly designed for those who like challenges & a variety of activities. Guides Ken & Mel made this trip for me a pleasure & offered much support as well as local knowledge. Having celebrated a birthday during the trip made it even more memorable.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Rimu, February 2014
  • Barb and Greg

    “This trip was all we hoped it would be, and more. You promised an active schedule, and our days were filled with great hikes. You promised good food, and it was gourmet quality, cooked to group and individual needs. You promised a memorable trip, and it truly was.”
    – Colorado, United States Kiwi, February 2014
  • Sea kayak Malborough Sounds

    “I've never seen such a beautiful and peaceful place for kayaking, and staying at Lochmara Lodge. Just impossible to describe how many special places I visited for my retirement vacation in New Zealand with classy, superb, fantastic guides. And mountain hiking and beach walking with incredible views. I will long remember this special trip. And also, we were very well fed. In addition, mountain hiking and beach walking with incredible views! I'll never forget. No question, this was the trip of life time!”
    – MD, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • “Beautiful country, amazing guides, everything exceeded my expectations.”
    – Kentucky, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • You gotta do this trip!

    “Amazing scenery. The guides were incredible. Lots of challenges and fun.”
    – DC, United States Rimu, February 2014
  • HEAPS of fun and HEAPS of memories for a lifetime!

    “To summarize in a small paragraph cannot do justice to the amount of joy this trip brought to our family! We travel a lot, all over the world, and like to pretty much do it on our own, not afraid to be adventuresome! We have two college age boys that have been raised doing outdoorsy things all their lives. Soooo when I signed on for a two week, group guided trip, I sort of, kind of held my breath! Please, please let this not be a mistake, I repeated to myself. Kate and Natalie Active Adventure guides extraordinaire!!! The places we went, the adventures we experienced, the meals we shared, the friendships we found, the landscape we awed over, the seascapes we coveted, the laughs we had, the conquest of Angelus Circuit we cheered for and the memories etched in our hearts that will last a lifetime says it all. Our Rimu trip was the greatest trip of all!”
    – Arizona, United States Rimu, January 2014
  • This is not your standard adventure trip!

    “I think the ability of our guides to refine our activities to achieve maximum enjoyment for all of us was a credit to them and the Active Adventures organisation. They observed, listened well and executed changes when needed to make sure the excitement was non stop.”
    – Vermont, United States Rimu, January 2014
  • This is not your standard adventure trip!

    “I think the ability of our guides to refine our activities to achieve maximum enjoyment for all of us was a credit to them and the Active Adventures organisation. They observed, listened well and executed changes when needed to make sure the excitement was non stop.”
    – Wisconsin, United States Rimu, January 2014
  • “Our guides were fantastic, and we loved every minute! The Nelson Lakes backpacking trip was definitely the highlight of our trip but we really enjoyed everything - the hiking, biking, kayaking, and the food!”
    – Alabama, United States Rimu, January 2014
  • “New Zealand's South Island is unbelievable - the juxtaposition and continual change of the diverse scenery is jaw-dropping; it was impossible to rest your eyes on the minibus otherwise you missed something spectacular. I absolutely have to come back.”
    – , United Kingdom Rimu, January 2014
  • Worth every penny

    “Lauren and Nicole MADE this trip! Funny, knowledgeable and willing to do anything to meet our needs. NZ is a beautiful country with lovely people.”
    – Iowa, United States Tui, January 2014
  • Rimu 2014

    “The trip exceeded my expectations in all ways. Our guides Ken and Mel were fabulous sharing their passion for New Zealand and the outdoors. Stunning scenery, great variation in hiking, kayaking, and biking. Loved the ability to customize the trip with alternative activities. Mt. Cook and the overnight stay at the shearer's quarters was a highlight. The guides, the other group members, and the trip activities made this a most memorable experience.”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, January 2014
  • Rimu with Ken and Mel

    “NZ Rimu with Ken and Mel was wonderful in every way! We had amazing adventures, made new friends, got great exercise and ate very well! All together a very well planned and managed trip in a beautiful country. Thanks!”
    – Minnesota, United States Rimu, January 2014
  • A Very Kea Christmas and New Year

    “Our family of five (16G, 14G and 9B) thoroughly enjoyed our trek through NZ's South Island on the Kea celebrating both Christmas and New Year. Lauren and Mel were fantastic and knowledgeable guides each with a sense of humor. Mel was a great cook, and we never went hungry. The hiking, rafting, jet boating and the activities were great even if the weather did not always cooperate. The long weekend in Queenstown was great to explore, rest and be with the family finishing with bungy jumping in the rain on the bridge where it was invented. It was a very memorable vacation and the pre-planned itinerary made for a very relaxing vacation. It would have been a much different vacation if we had had to drive, cook and schedule all the activities. Would definitely do another trip like this again!”
    – Bangkok, Thailand Kea, January 2014
  • “The incredible beauty of the New Zealand landscape took center stage at every turn. Active Adventures allowed us to enjoy it from remote locations, without crowds.”
    – New York, United States Tui, January 2014
  • Kauri trip

    “We had a great honeymoon in New Zealand and the 5-day Kauri with Active was definitely part of it! Amazing landscapes and hikes, wonderful guides and a great group, makes an unforgettable experience. We had nothing to worry about and just enjoyed every moment. Thank you!”
    – , France Kauri, January 2014
  • Tui trip review

    “It was an amazing trip and even with the rain I wouldn't have traded it for anything. Dave and Sally were great guides getting us to where we needed to go and ensuring it was all safe. The whole trip was great, my favorite part of the trip was going to the Siberia Valley. The whole trip from the plane ride to the hike (almost to Lake Crucible), to the stay in the hut and the jet boat ride. I was disappointed that we weren't able to make it all the way to Lake Crucible but that was only due to the weather. I also really enjoyed kayaking in Milford Sound. The trip overall wasn't entirely what I was expecting. I expected there to be more hikes like the one up to Lake Crucible. The only thing that I don't feel I got my whole money's worth was the heli ride to the glacier. The original plan was to ride the heli to Franz Josef glacier and hike the glacier, but because of weather the helis were not flying. Later at Milford Sound we got a heli ride and did a snow landing and had a great view of a glacier. I really enjoyed it; however, I don't feel it had the same monetary value. I am really glad I found Active Adventures and I look forward to my next trip.”
    – California, United States Tui, January 2014
  • So very happy...

    “Jacs and DK were phenomenal hosts for our short five days in the North Island. Accommodations were great and the food was plentiful. Our hikes and bikes were well planned and had options for all skill levels. We are looking forward to our next Active trip!”
    – Washington, United States Kauri, January 2014
  • Kauri with DK and Jacs

    “Our time in New Zealand and with DK, Jacs and the 'Kauri gang' was nothing short of absolutely amazing. The facts about New Zealand and stories of Maori culture were a great accent to all the beauty New Zealand has to offer. The hikes, the accommodations and the food provided were superb. This is a trip I have already recommended to friends.”
    – Washington, United States Kauri, January 2014
  • 29 Dec 2013; Tui Tour with Dave and Sally

    “Even the rain did not effect the quality of our trip. The Tui trip was great. Dave and Sally were super guides.”
    – Washington, United States Tui, January 2014
  • TUI

    “Thanks to Active Adventure and our fantastic guides, Daniel and Jackson, for a great trip! This trip was more than I could have imagined. My favorite parts included a hike to Lake Crucible and a chance to swim in a glacier lake; my first time, but hopefully not my last. The food and lodging exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the opportunity to partake in the external activities, I loved bungy jumping the Nevis! This trip was fantastic, and I could not have asked for a better group to enjoy this amazing adventure across the South Island of New Zealand with!”
    – New York, United States Tui, January 2014
  • Rimu December 2013

    “Andrew and Nicole were excellent! They showed us an amazing time through the South Island with vast knowledge, great food, and lots of laughter.”
    – California, United States Rimu, January 2014
  • “Trip was wonderful. Our guides worked hard and were extremely efficient.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tui, January 2014
  • South Island trip

    “This trip is a fantastic way to tour the South Island and see key highlights of the stunning nature and scenery of New Zealand. The trip is well planned and structured so that you really maximize your time and get a taste of so many things - kayaking, hiking, biking and wildlife. The guides are amazing - really dedicated, tireless and do a great job keeping the group cohesive and encouraging people with diverse fitness and travel backgrounds. And great cooking! I highly recommend and rate this trip.”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, January 2014
  • Unlike anywhere else

    “Very organized, outstanding guides whom were not only knowledgeable and proud of their country but could discuss in detail the entire New Zealand eco-system. I must admit these same guides could cook an amazing meal. I really enjoyed the accommodations and various activities scheduled during the Tui trip, many of them being first time experiences and memorable.”
    – Illinois, United States Tui, January 2014

    “Amazing country! Ben and Cristina were wonderful as well. We would recommend Active NZ to anyone. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, January 2014
  • “Great guides (Dave and Nick) to complement the great outdoors and activities.”
    – Texas, United States Tui, December 2013
  • Wow!!

    “Wow!! I think that was my most frequently used word on my two week Kiwi trip! Amazing country, kind of overwhelming sometimes so much to see, you just don't know where to look. The company was great and our guides (GT and Kate) were awesome! Thanks Active, definitely a trip of a life time and one I won't forget in a hurry!”
    – , United Kingdom Kiwi, December 2013
  • Tui Dec 15, 2013

    “I had a blast on the Tui trip. Our leaders, Dave and Nick, were very knowledgeable about New Zealand's history and different animals and plant life we encountered. They were extremely professional and addressed any and all questions and concerns. The range of activities from hiking, mountain biking, boating, and an airplane ride provided new and exciting experiences.”
    – Illinois, United States Tui, December 2013
  • Delightful Rimu

    “The Rimu was a delightful eyeful. We visited many wonderful places. I will go back and spend more time at several of them. The Nelson Lakes backpack was the highlight. Amanda and Ben were superb guides. They were very well prepared, energetic and always on time.”
    – Alberta, Canada Rimu, December 2013
  • Awesome trip! I will go back to NZ

    “One of the best trips I have ever been on! Well organized, beautiful places to visit and stay, super active itinerary, friendly and knowledgeable guides ... I felt like I was part of a big fun group of friends traveling around and seeing the highlights of the South Island. The right mix of back roads and tourist jaunts, it was fabulous.”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2013
  • Fantastic trip in a magical land

    “Our Rimu trip was stunning at every turn and full of adventure. It was no mistake that we saw the brightest single and double rainbows I've ever seen. Apparently the end of a rainbow does not contain a pot of gold, but rather the Rimu trip, which was even better. Our group was fantastic and Jacs and DK (aka Mom and Dad) couldn't have been more fun, enthusiastic and helpful guides. The forests were magical and I can't think of anything as cute as the little seal that kept pausing below me in the water to check me out with those huge, adorable eyes as I was doing the same. What a unique and beautiful trip! I can't wait to go back.”
    – Tennessee, United States Rimu, December 2013
  • Truly was a trip of a lifetime

    “The Rimu trip exceeded all of my expectations. I had an amazing time with my fellow travelers and our guides Duck and Sarah! They rocked! I traveled solo and felt super comfortable and at ease the entire time. The activities were fun, some more difficult than others... all in all a nice balance. New Zealand is a special place, memories to last a life time!”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, December 2013
  • A most memorable adventure! :D

    “Physically challenged nearly each day of our trip, this adventure was not only a sensory fulfillment but one which inspired us to reach for greater heights! With our intimate group of 8 and our fun, witty guides Ben and Cristina, we certainly had a whale of a time trampling in beautiful New Zealand! It would be even more enjoyable though should there be a few more variety of activities such as offering a hot air balloon ride.”
    – , Singapore Rimu, December 2013
  • “The South Island trip now tops the US as the most beautiful place I have ever been to. Andrew's stories made this all the more interesting. I have been reliving experiences every day for two weeks so far.”
    – New York, United States Kiwi, December 2013
  • Beautiful Location and Incredible Guides

    “We enjoyed the beautiful hikes, waterfalls, geysers, culture, lodges and landscape. The guides were first class and the lodging was first class! It was unfortunate that our flights were delayed getting into New Zealand so we missed the first two days of our trip but the management, staff and guides worked together to help us meet up with the rest of the group and enjoy the remainder of the vacation.”
    – Ohio, United States Kauri, December 2013
  • Most amazing landscape, guides, accommodations EVER!!!!

    “This is by far my favorite vacation EVER because it had the most amazing activities, landscape, guides, accommodations EVER!!!!!”
    – Ohio, United States Rimu, December 2013
  • Definitely a once in a lifetime trip!

    “Overall I would have to say that this trip was amazing. Because of the information on the website I was well prepared and knew what to bring. The food the guides prepared was amazing. Light for the hikes and deliciously satisfactory for dinner. The highlights of my trip would probably be the three day hike. I wish there were more summits to climb along the way. And the helicopter tour in Milford Sound. The only complaint I can think of would be non-cooperating weather and some snoring roommates along the way. Thank you guys so much for providing a tour with plenty of action and a ton of adventure.”
    – Texas, United States Rimu, December 2013
  • Bucket List Item Fullfilled to the Max

    “The trip was exactly as described in the itinerary EXCEPT for the exceptional service we received from our guides; they made the trip outstanding. The group we were with was equally wonderful and the vacation was exactly what my husband and I wanted.”
    – Texas, United States Tui, December 2013
  • Loved it - our favourite holiday to date

    “Tour guides DK and Jacs are awesome. It was so refreshing to have a great holiday that fits our lifestyle yet be so carefree - not having to worry about transportation, hotels, meals and fun. It was like being a teenager again - no worries.”
    – Saskatchewan, Canada Rimu, December 2013
  • Family of 5

    “Ended up that we, as 3 siblings and two spouses, were the only ones on the trip. Loved being able to spend the trip of a lifetime with family. Our guides, Alex and Andrew, were absolutely relentless in their pursuit of our sheer enjoyment of our trip. New Zealand is our new most beautiful country we have ever been to. The trip was worth every penny we paid. The country is stunning, the food and lodgings were very delicious and comfy and I cannot say enough wonderful things about our guides. We were leaving friends behind when we got dropped off at the airport. Alex and Andrew, we miss you already. We would definitely consider another trip with Active Adventures. Thanks for all the lasting, wonderful memories we have of your country.”
    – Michigan, United States Kiwi, December 2013
  • Amazing trip for hikers

    “This was by far the most comprehensive trip of the South Island we found when researching tours. It didn't disappoint. The guides were incredibly knowledgeable, down to earth, and totally willing to cater to our fitness and comfort levels with the different activities (biking, kayaking, hiking). It was great knowing that they were there to help, but I still felt like the hikes were challenging. The accommodations and food were much better than I was expecting as well. The hikes themselves were amazing and I was really grateful that the guides found time in our schedules to sneak in extra stops where they could. The highlight for me was staying in the Siberia Hut - I've never been that remote in wilderness before, and the hike to Crucible Lake was incredible. I would recommend this tour in a heartbeat to anyone looking to experience the South Island!”
    – Alabama, United States Tui, December 2013
  • Challenging!

    “Fantastic scenery every day and very challenging for me! Our group of hikers were great companions with which to share this adventure. As one of the oldest in our group (more than twice the age of half the group), it often was a struggle for me to keep up ... but I did. Our 3 guides were delightful in every way, well informed and supportive with a great sense of humor which helped immensely. Doubt if I'll ever do this adventurous and rigorous tour again but am ever so glad that I did this one. The marathon of my life!!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tui, December 2013
  • Best ever

    “One of my best vacations ever, excellent hikes, great food.”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, December 2013
  • North Island

    “Enjoyed this 5 day visit around North Island - so very different than the South. It was interesting to see how volcanic activity has and still is influenced the development of the country.”
    – Bucks, United Kingdom Kauri, December 2013
  • Awesome trip

    “Although it started out with a shooting in LAX putting us hours behind schedule and luggage lost for 6 days, Tim and Sally worked very hard to ensure I had a great trip. Sally is a top notch chef. Both Tim and Sally made sure we all had a great experience.”
    – Michigan, United States Rimu, December 2013
  • The best guides you could ask for

    “We had three guides and they were an awesome team! We loved the Maori stories from Daniel while driving 'Bert', the special occasion desserts by Amanda, and river crossings and mountain hut meals with Cassie! Our group was great, and we hope we might travel with them again some time!”
    – Connecticut, United States Tui, December 2013
  • Trip with Ken and Nick

    “Nothing short of FANTASTIC! Truly the trip of a lifetime that could not be duplicated. The guides Ken and Nick were awesome (where do you find these folks???!!!), knowledgeable, hospitable and just great to be around. They both gave an amazing energy to the entire trip. There is no way I would have ever found the places to visit or stay by myself at double the price and time. It was great just to speak with them together or individually as they always had some interesting fact or insight about their country that they were willing to share and were extremely proud of. Amazing individuals.”
    – Georgia, United States Rimu, December 2013
  • Great adventure trip!

    “The trip was super well organized. Nothing was left unplanned. The guides followed the schedule without making us feel rushed during the various activities. 'Active' is an understatement. It was more like HYPER-Active, but in a good way. It was challenging and exhausting, but fun. The outdoor activities were immersed you, allowing you to enjoy the surroundings. This tour definitely takes you off the beaten track so it was nice to have time to relax between activities at the lodges of the different towns that we visited.”
    – Florida, United States Tui, December 2013
  • Blue water, gorgeous views, great service!

    “This trip was absolutely everything I expected. I felt like every day was full of activities and I had so many great experiences. Each day was long but the week was short! The food and accommodations were not luxury, but we stayed in comfortable and clean places and the food was great, especially the food the guides prepared. The group we went with was amazing. In fact, the whole experience was so great I'm looking at the Galapagos trip! I would travel with Active again in a heartbeat.”
    – Wisconsin, United States Tui, December 2013
  • Short and comprehensive

    “This was a great way to see the North Island! I had a blast and it was the perfect addition to the Tui trip. I would love to try the extended version of this trip as well!”
    – Wisconsin, United States Kauri, December 2013
  • North Island Fun!!!

    “Great trip on the North Island! Hiking the Tongariro Crossing and black water rafting at Waitomo Caves were the highlights for me.”
    – California, United States Kauri, December 2013
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “This was a trip of a lifetime.......we hiked to fabulous vistas off the beaten path not known to most tourists. I noticed in the Angelus Hut guest book that there were only 12 other Americans there all year! Although somewhat demanding, the level of exercise was right up my alley and I felt challenged and exhilarated. Our guides, Amanda and Ben, met our every need and were lovely young people. They possessed great cultural and geographic knowledge of New Zealand and were truly skilled at making our trip the best possible. This was my second Active trip and I would definitely go again, perhaps to the Himalayas next time. Thank you Active for a spectacular adventure!”
    – North Carolina, United States Rimu, December 2013
  • I'm in love!

    “I fell in love with New Zealand and with Active Adventures. New Zealand was even more beautiful than I had imagined. The South Island is roughly the size of my home state of Illinois, and yet it has glaciers, ocean beaches and rainforest - and we saw it all on the Kiwi trip! Our guides Sarah and Graeme made it so enjoyable. Of course they were informative, but even more important, they were just great people to be around - funny, encouraging and attentive. I loved the quirky motels we stayed in and the large houses we shared. It was so nice to stay in and enjoy Sarah's cooking rather than having to go out to a restaurant every night. This is my fourth hiking trip with four different companies. I definitely prefer Active Adventures' approach to housing and food, more adventurous and more relaxed at the same time. Our last two nights at the shearer's quarters at Braemar Station were amazing! I'll never forget rounding the bend of the driveway and seeing the view for the first time. It's simply stunning! What a wonderful way to end the trip.”
    – Illinois, United States Kiwi, December 2013
  • Yeah!

    “This was by far one of the best adventures I have ever been on. Tim and Sally were an amazing team and they are both as cool as. The organization, timing and backup plans through the entire trip were spot on. We were quite lucky as the weather was in our favor the entire trip. It was awesome to have good home cooked food for the majority of our trip...thanks Sally! I must say that I miss New Zealand and our Active team Sally and Tim. I am already looking into returning in 2015. This trip was worth every penny and I cannot wait to return.”
    – California, United States Rimu, December 2013
  • Best trip ever!

    “Even after travelling in over 30 countries, New Zealand and this trip in particular rank right at the top. I've never been on a more diverse trip in terms of activities, landscape, food. We were able to see so many different sites in just 7 days. Very well organized, and the smallest details were looked after by our excellent guides. A great mix of physical activity, sightseeing in our van, great food, and wonderful conversations with our fellow guests and guides. Can't say enough good things about this trip!”
    – Florida, United States Tui, December 2013
  • Kauri trip October 2013

    “This was truly the trip I will never forget and the people that I shall always cherish in the fact that I was able to meet them and learn something of their lives. Sally and Lauren were great not just as tour guides but as hosts and ambassadors of a spectacular nation. I hope to return soon if only to attempt to replay the adventures and experiences of the first. Many thanks to Lauren and Sally.”
    – Georgia, United States Kauri, December 2013
  • Rimu trip Nov 2013

    “This has to be one of my all time trips of a lifetime. The tour was extremely well organised, the places visited were amazing and the tour leaders were incredible. If only I could do it all over again.”
    – , United Kingdom Rimu, December 2013
  • Kauri and Rimu

    “OUTSTANDING!!!!! Kauri and Rimu back to back - what an experience. Thanks to Lauren, Sally, Andrew and Mel (chef extraordinaire), our respective guides who took such good care of us catering to our every need. It was great not having to eat in a restaurant all the time. While due to weather/snow conditions we were unable to complete all hikes, we trekked as far as we could, the challenges and scenery no less spectacular. The Kauri with its volcanic and thermal activity, the glow worm caves, the farmland, learning about the Maori culture, the Rimu's amazing mountains, Franz Josef and Milford Sound were breathtaking. Would we recommend this bet!!!”
    – Ontario, Canada Kauri, December 2013
  • Oh my freakin' goodness!

    “Well, this truly was the trip of a lifetime. We got to see the most beautiful country (and I have been to many beautiful places) led by two amazing guides (Sarah and Graeme were stellar) with a wonderful group of fellow trekkers. It was so nice to have everything planned out for us so that all we had to do was relax, enjoy the scenery and get our hike on! We will definitely be doing another Active Adventure... the big question is where?”
    – California, United States Kiwi, December 2013
  • First time for group travel!

    “The Rimu trip was awesome! Great variety, great activities, great guides.”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, December 2013
  • Awesome!

    “Our Tui trip was awesome. Our guides went to the extra effort to give us more hiking and biking options to make our trip even more enjoyable and tailored to our specific level of activity.”
    – Michigan, United States Tui, November 2013
  • Spectacular scenery

    “Our Rimu trip was incredible. We got lucky with amazing weather for all of our activities (even the rain in Milford Sound didn't stop us). The trip definitely challenged me and it felt great each time I accomplished a climb, a bike ride or a morning of kayaking. GT and Nicole took great care of us and the meals were outstanding. I couldn't have asked for a better adventure.”
    – Ontario, Canada Rimu, November 2013
  • Tui trip November 2013

    “Our trip could not have been better. New Zealand is so very beautiful, the people kind and welcoming, the country so clean. Cassie, Dan and Sarah made the trip fun, interesting and different every day. They were all amazing hikers, great sources of knowledge and so very gracious about every detail.”
    – Texas, United States Tui, November 2013
  • Rimu flavor

    “Active did an excellent job encompassing the full flavor of the South Island. I really feel I saw it all. The variety of locations and activities maintained excitement through the entire trip. Andrew and Mel were the best guides I've ever had on a tour and I have traveled the globe. I would recommend Active!”
    – Colorado, United States Rimu, November 2013
  • Our guides were awesome

    “Every night I went to bed thinking it wasn't possible to be any more stunned by the scenery and diversity of New Zealand and everyday, I saw more. Words can't do justice to how special this place is. Not just the scenery but some of the warmest people I have ever met.”
    – Ohio, United States Rimu, November 2013
  • Our Trip of a Lifetime!!

    “My partner and I went on this trip to celebrate her retirement. We so looked forward to going off the beaten track and being active on our vacation and with Active Adventures help we did that and more. Expert, kind, supportive and fun guides, incredibly beautiful country, well planned hikes, biking and kayaking all added up to eight days we will never forget. Worth every penny and more!!!”
    – California, United States Tui, November 2013
  • Wow, just wow!

    “What an absolutely breathtaking country! We saw everything from bubbling mud pools and geysers to a hail storm on top of Tongariro Crossing. We had a blast on this trip and we created new friendships that will last a lifetime! Cheers!”
    – Ohio, United States Kauri, November 2013
  • Memories for a lifetime!

    “I didn't want it to end!!! New Zealand is an amazing country, and the best way to experience the most you can in two weeks is to take the Rimu trip with Active Adventures!”
    – Ohio, United States Rimu, November 2013
  • Tui Trip

    “This trip was truly a trip of a lifetime. The combination of hiking, biking and kayaking was such fun in the midst of constantly changing but gorgeous scenery. Our guides were superb. They were friendly, warm, funny and created opportunities for those at different fitness levels to get the most out of the trip. We had a blast in one of the most scenic and spectacular places on earth: the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. I highly recommend this trip!”
    – California, United States Tui, November 2013
  • Everything I hoped it would be!

    “I had never done any group travel before, so I wasn't totally sure what to expect. The trip was everything I hoped it would be an more. It felt like being on a vacation where someone has done all the planning, selected all the right locations to visit, then expertly organizes your days for you. I was also travelling solo for the first time and the guides and group members all made me feel very welcome.”
    – Massachusetts, United States Tui, November 2013
  • Perfect Honeymoon

    “My husband and I had such a great time on the Rimu trip. I truly believe we saw all of the highlights of the South Island, and because our group was so small we were able to sneak in a few other stops too. Our tour leaders were top notch. Andrew (lead guide) gave us such a rich history of New Zealand that when we were on our own for another week after the trip, we were telling other people about the things we learned. Mel is such a fantastic cook, I felt like we were treated with restaurant-worthy meals every night she cooked! Definitely recommending to others and will also look into other places Active Adventures goes...”
    – Massachusetts, United States Rimu, November 2013
  • “The Kauri trip was great, and in true Active Adventures fashion, the guides were awesome. We were lucky when it came to the weather, and our guides pulled no punches in letting us know what to pack and what to expect if the worst happened. They also did not hesitate to make a decision when the 'bad weather' never came urging us to press on and continue the adventure.”
    – APO/FPO AP, United States Kauri, November 2013
  • Epic adventure!

    “Our guides were awesome, Lauren and Sally, we couldn't ask for 2 nicer people. They were so organized, great food, and safe driving of course. We were looked after extremely well. Visited some fab places and just had a great time. We were also blessed with a great bunch of travelers. Cheers!”
    – Victoria, Australia Kauri, November 2013
  • Kiwi Trip October 2013

    “It took just a few days into the trip to realize that I had never felt quite like I was feeling on this trip. It was a wonderful feeling. All the pesky details were being taken care of and we were being delighted by wonderful sights, great activities, great food and lovely company. It was like being a kid again without any of the negative aspects of being a kid. Our guides, Sarah and Graeme were wonderful. They worked so well together to create a true trip of a lifetime. It couldn't have been better.”
    – California, United States Kiwi, November 2013
  • Perfect in every way

    “"If the trip is as good as the pre-travel customer service, these vacations will be amazing" was my thought before boarding the plane. Well, Active Adventures New Zealand team Jacks and Loren managed to surpass my highest expectations. I really hope I can go back. What an amazing trip in every sense; food, adventures, and fun.”
    – Florida, United States Tui, October 2013
  • Tui with Ken

    “We loved our Tui trip. We covered most of the South Island with Ken leading the way. We hiked (tramped), biked and kayaked in your beautiful country. Haast Pass had been closed due to weather so Ken changed our trip and we saw a few places not on the itinerary including a hike in an abandoned gold mine filled with glow worms. One highlight was sea kayaking in Milford Sound with two Fiordland crested penguins.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States Tui, October 2013
  • Spring Tui trip with Lauren and Jacs

    “We really had great time! Lauren and Jacs were wonderful with my 14 year old daughter! They provided encouragement to her throughout the trip and she was able to accomplish tasks that I would never have been able to get her to do (e.g. bike ride and cold water!) They provided a wonderful energy to each day that was infectious! We hope to return for another adventure!”
    – Hawaii, United States Tui, October 2013
  • Best trip ever

    “I knew it at the time and coming home hasn't changed my view that it was two of my favorite weeks on this planet. I think it was a combination of the wonderful scenic country of NZ, the well organized Active NZ, the activities, and last but not least the expertise of our guide Ken and the company of my fellow travelers. Every day was full of fun, laughter, adventure, good food, exercise, and great company. Who could ask for more? Ken as a guide is professional yet playful, knows how to challenge each individual, anticipates the needs of everyone, and is always available to answer questions or chat or share a laugh. We couldn't have been luckier than to have him as our guide. Active NZ is great value for the money and a definite for anyone looking for a combination of nature, adventure, exercise and fun. I can't wait to come back. Cheers.”
    – VI, Virgin Islands (U.S.) Winter Rimu, September 2013
  • A perfect trip to maybe the most beautiful place on earth!

    “I couldn't have been happier with my trip to New Zealand with Active Adventures! The country is absolutely amazing and the trip was well planned, organized, and had the perfect balance of activity, adventure, flexibility, free time, and local flavor. Our guide Ken was the best! He made the trip so much fun, accommodated all of our individual interests, and made adjustments as we went. This is one of my favorite trips that I've ever taken and will be recommending it to anyone who'll listen.”
    – Virginia, United States Winter Rimu, September 2013
  • Fresh air and views galore!

    “I'm so glad I picked coming to New Zealand in the winter. The views and outdoor activities on the South Island were spectacular and the temperatures were perfect for being active outside. Our guide provided the best customer service I have experienced and was very knowledgeable and helpful in teaching us about the activities, areas, and wildlife.”
    – , Guam Winter Rimu, September 2013
  • As good as it gets

    “Shortly after returning to the States I said to my 19 year old son, "I think the Winter Rimu trip was as close to a perfect family trip as I could have imagined." He responded that he totally agreed. We loved every aspect of the our recent trip. The hiking was beautiful and was different every day. The kayaking and biking was also great fun. Our guides, Mike and Lauren, ensured that the trip met everyone in the group's expectations, keying in to every individual's needs and doing everything in their power to meet those needs. Thanks so much for everything.”
    – Colorado, Peru Winter Rimu, September 2013
  • Awesome Winter Rimu!

    “We had an amazing adventure on our Winter Rimu trip in July and will definitely be back to New Zealand. Our guides were Lauren and Jax and they were fabulous every single day. We were excited to see what each day would bring and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip. Every day brought a new adventure, either hiking somewhere incredible, or kayaking, or driving through scenery that blew your socks off. Lauren and Jax also adapted the trip when weather caused issues, or to make sure we saw as much as possible - more than the brochure promised! We loved our trip and would do it again in a heartbeat.”
    – California, United States Winter Rimu, August 2013
  • Kea July 2013

    “We had a great time on our Kea trip with Duck and Dan! They were great with my kids, catered to our every whim, and were awesome hosts for a beautiful country.”
    – Wisconsin, United States Kea, August 2013
  • “My trip was fantastic! I didn't really know what to expect beforehand (not being used to travelling in groups) and was a little nervous, but everything was lovely. The guides were incredibly helpful and friendly, and made sure that everyone had fun, even when the weather didn't cooperate (which did happen, although very rarely). The places we went were absolutely breathtaking, and it was amazing to visit New Zealand at a time when there were so few people on the tracks.”
    – , United Kingdom Winter Rimu, August 2013
  • Active Adventures New Zealand rocks!

    “Great food, beautiful country, wonderful guides! I would give this trip an A+!”
    – Oregon, United States Winter Rimu, July 2013
  • NZ Chamber of Tourism Wish List

    “Top of the line guides, equipment, facilities, fellow travelers and perfect weather made this a trip of a lifetime that I hope to repeat with my upcoming trip to Peru (Jaguar Trip 4/14) with Active S. America.”
    – Kentucky, United States Manuka, June 2013
  • Amazing Rimu

    “This was my second trip with Active and once again it was extremely well organized and a "trip of a lifetime". Rimu was an amazing adventure with lots of challenging activities and spectacular scenery. The trip highlighted all the best of the South Island. The accomodations at off the beaten track locations were great. Ken and Jacs were the perfect guides and I can't say enough about the food. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking for an active adventure!”
    – Nova Scotia, Canada Rimu, May 2013
  • Really enjoyable trip

    “Really enjoyable trip, Angelus Trek the highlight together with my fellow trekkers. Hard work but rewarding.”
    – New South Wales, Australia Rimu, April 2013
  • Kayaking on Milford Sound was awesome

    “Kayaking on Milford Sound was awesome, even as we wore our Dr. Seuss striped long underwear and kayak top.”
    – Ontario, Canada Tui, March 2013
  • Wow, did we actually do all that!

    “Activity packed tour. Our guides who were more like guides, friends, cooks, handy persons, and chauffeurs, made it possible to rise early, have active days, crash late and repeat with out wearing us out.”
    – Washington, United States Rimu, January 2013
  • Incredible trip of a lifetime!

    “New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country and to see it "from the saddle", there are no words to describe "this adventure"! Incredible and amazing, jaw-dropping! Cycling the south island allowed us to "get up close and personal" to the beauty of New Zealand and to the Kiwi people and their visitors - what a privilege! Our heartfelt thanks to Ben & Kate - we are grateful and we miss you!”
    – Alberta, Canada Weka, January 2013

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