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Jasmine Shine

New Zealand Guide

Jasmine is from Pukekohe here in New Zealand, a region near Auckland known for horse racing and motor racing - those pursuits never made it onto her list though - she's more inclined to go hiking, snowboarding, ice climbing, diving or fishing! Quite the list! Clearly Jasmine loves adventuring in the outdoors and already has a major achievement under her belt - climbing Mount Brewster, a classic alpine route in the Mount Aspiring National Park. This year she plans to hike to Everest Base Camp!

When did you discover your passion for travel?
"I have always travelled with my family, since I was about three years old. Starting with small trips to the Pacific Islands, we worked our way up to safaris in Africa and Thailand. This gave me the travel bug and is the reason why I travel so much today."

Jasmine Shine with Active Adventures Group

Favourite Quote:
"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space."


  • “Jasmine was AMAZING! She was so fun to talk with. As a solo traveler, she really made sure that I was having a good time. She was very knowledgable about the history of the places we visited as well.”
    Elizabeth Derck (Nashville, Tennessee, United States), July 2016
  • “Jasmine was great - always relaxed and patient -- how she did all the driving, the activities and the cooking and remained so calm and polite I do not know. Her knowledge of New Zealand , the wildlife , history was very good, many engaging stories.”
    Harry Mountain (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom), July 2016
  • “Jasmine dedicated herself to our having a great experience. She is clearly an experienced adventurer and guide.”
    Peter Oldziey (Dover, Delaware, United States), November 2014
  • “Jasmine is an absolute legend in the making. For someone of her young age, she's very well travelled and has lots of guiding and active experience. She's definitely the counter-balance for the people who want to walk/run at pace (or like me, just have long legs). She never seems to get tired; she juggles large cases like they're nothing; and her driving ability was seriously impressive.”
    Rich Wale (Hayling Island, Hampshire, United Kingdom), November 2014

Perfect Trip for anyone who loves Nature!

“If you enjoy being outdoors and like to challenge yourself this trip is for you. I wasn't an avid hiker before signing up for the Rimu trip but after reading the itinerary I knew I couldn't pass up this amazing opportunity. You never know what you are capable of until you try and that is how I feel after climbing up to the Angelus Hut and hiking to Mueller ridge. I had never climbed a mountain before (since there are no mountains where I live) but the views are more than worth the climb.
This trip is the best way to see all that the South Island has to offer, it is the perfect balance between adventure, relaxation, self-exploration, and cultural immersion. Anyone can go to New Zealand and rent a car and go hiking, biking, and Kayaking; however, they will miss out on the best parts of traveling to a new place and that is the knowledge and culture that only someone who lives there would know. The guides (Tory and Vanessa) were awesome! Tory is an amazing cook, and Ness was great at making jokes and keeping the atmosphere cheery during the longer drives. I loved listening to the guides tell us about the Maori people and the local legends or folklore. I actually thought Ness was lying to me when she would tell me that the views get better after being left speechless by the scenery, but every day was better than the previous!
I have to mention the FOOD!!! The food alone is enough for me to sign up for this trip again. When I travel I don’t always know what the local food is or would be but with this trip the guides cook you all sorts of local food and all the food is fresh and delicious. If you don’t like something they will make sure to accommodate you.
Ness and Tory made you feel like this was a trip among friends and family, not strangers. I will come back to New Zealand again!”
Brian Heinz's Review Image
– Wisconsin, United States
Rimu, May 2017
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