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  • Amazing

    “I am not sure there are words to describe what the trip was like. D.K., Arjun, Claire, and Elder made two weeks into a lifetime of memories. The support, the friendships, the knowledge of the culture, the kindness, and the people made this trip. D.K. Had more knowledge of people and the culture so that you really were emersed in it for two weeks. It was far more than a hiking trip, it was a trip to learn and appreciate the Nepali people and their culture. The group was great and I think we all bonded over an experience that we will remember forever. Personally, I did get sick but I was able to keep going and never thought a lot about it as I had the support of Arjun, Claire and Elder along with D.K to help me along. They went way beyond what they had to do to make sure I along with everyone else succeeded on this hike. A hike of this magnitude is a difficult one and to be able to say everyone was successful and left with an incredible sense of accomplishment says tons about your staff and the people you employ. You have an amazing group and I cannot say enough positive things about all of them, from the guides to the office staff answering questions and helping us make sure we had all that we needed for the trip. I have already recommended you to everyone I have told about this trip and I do hope I am able to do another hike with you. I have hiked with other groups but you are in a league of your own way above all others. From the bottom of my heart..thank you for a gift that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Anna”
    – Kansas, United States AST, April 2017
  • Best Travel Company EVER!

    “I can't imagine any trekking company doing a better job than Active Adventures. Everything promised was delivered, and more. The head guide, DK, was the best trekking guide I have encountered in a dozen treks in places around the world. The group size was very small (9). A highlight was the warm and personal relationship with the Nepali porters and guide, so that we all felt like were were part of a big family, sharing language lessons, card games in the evening, Nepali songs, and developing a real rapport.”
    – California, United States AST, April 2017
  • Amazing adventure

    “Can't say enough about how great our guides were and how amazing our trip to Basecamp was! A defining moment in our lives for sure! Thank you for the most awesome adventure in our lives!”
    – Nova Scotia, Canada EBC, April 2017
  • Do It.... Don't Wait

    “In total, the Khumbu trip was outstanding. We expected the trek to be physically challenging and several times, those expectations were achieved. Our guides were great, comfortable, never stressed and took care of all the coordination’s, all the details required, from the simple to the more complex. We were totally immersed, enjoyed so many extraordinary moments, were impressed often and in awe of the spectacular views. We were thankful for the ease and harmony that our guides, Mel and Gokul, instilled in us. Thank you two for watching over the flock and for being so tremendously skilled at your jobs. We totally enjoyed the experience, the environment and will hold these memories forever and perhaps even return for another trip in Nepal in the near future. It was great.”
    – New Jersey, United States Khumbu, April 2017
  • BEST trip I've ever been on!

    “My 17-year old daughter and I went on the Khombu Trip March 12 - 26, 2017 and had the most memorable, amazing trip ever. I've had the privilege of seeing a lot of the world, and this trip to Nepal blew me away. Mel and Gokul were incredible guides who could answer every question we asked, knew all about the history of every place we visited, and you could tell they loved sharing the beauty of Nepal with us. Even our pre-planning was a breeze with the help of”
    – Colorado, United States Khumbu, April 2017
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “I have been to some pretty far away places around the world like Cambodia, Tanzania, Norway and France. As unique and fun as they all were, none of them can top the amazing experience I had in Nepal with Active Adventures. Everything was incredible throughout the whole trip, the food was incredible, every lodge we stayed in was great. The people above all were so nice and caring. The sightseeing was mind blowing and beautiful. This trip was everything I expected it to be and more.”
    – Colorado, United States Khumbu, April 2017
  • Worth it 100%

    “Honestly, this was probably the hardest thing I have ever done....but I don't regret going and experiencing everything that came our way. My guides were really great. They really cared for each person on the trip and checked in regularly with those who were having any sort of difficulty along the trek. The porters were also really awesome, they put in so much work for us and were always happy it seemed, we all really appreciated them! The trekking was hard....but we each made it to the next tea house each day. So it's all about perseverance over there.
    Some trials:
    *Several people including myself had travel belly. The guides always provided soap for hand washing and water tablets for our drinking water, but some of us still got hit. But the guides helped us right away and always checked in.
    *Weather. It was quite rainy for a good portion of the trip. It brought out the leaches...though they don't hurt and are easy to remove. It is kind of gross.
    *So many stairs!!! So much up and down. So it was rough sometimes. But now I love the stairmaster at the gym. Funny huh?
    In conclusion, you should go :)”
    – British Columbia, Canada AST, February 2017
  • Endurance and Joy

    “My trek to EBC was probably the most difficult single thing I have ever attempted and succeeded at. The first couple of days on the trail I just wanted to turn around and go back, but both DK and Gokul were there cheering me on like they were my biggest fans. That alone gave me the right mental attitude to charge ahead. My fellow trekkers were awesome giving me plenty of encouragement.I live in a beautiful place but the Himalayas are in a class all their own. When I reached EBC I was utterly exhausted but overwhelmed with incredible joy. I learned a few things about myself and and know that I can succeed at what I put my mind to. When I am ready for another trek Active Adventures will be my guide.”
    – Washington, United States EBC, February 2017
  • Khumbu Trip for Vaughts

    “Our Khumbu trip was spectacular. The Himalayas are absolutely breathtaking and our guides were phenomenal. We had a few unforeseen hiccups, some significant, but the guides handled every single one of them with grace and 110% effort to make the best of our situation. They were kind, patient and knowledgeable
    The hike is amazing; massive vertical walls of lush mountains piercing the sky. You hike into the clouds only to discover that those huge mountains were just the foothills of the snow-caps behind them. Unforgettable and worth every tiring step!”
    – Georgia, United States Khumbu, January 2017
  • EBC Nov 2016

    “Quit my job, booked my flights and off I went. I had no expectations as I did not have much time to prepare and plan. Perhaps that's what made it an even better adventure. You will be challenged. You will need to dig deep. When things get tough at the higher altitudes, just put one foot in front of another and stay positive!”
    – Pennsylvania, United States EBC, January 2017
  • ABC

    “ABC hike was a once in a life time experience! The views were breathtaking and only got better each day we hiked. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys hiking.”
    – Minnesota, United States AST, December 2016
  • Incredible experience from start to finish

    “This was my third trek with Active and like every trip I've been on with them, they exceeded all expectations by miles. The entire EBC Trek is unbelievable and breathtaking from start to finish. Our guides, Brad and Arjun, did a fantastic job in all aspects. Their knowledge and expertise helped lead our group of 6 trekkers through the trails and into the most beautiful sights Nepal has to offer. Their warm personalities, extensive knowledge of the region, and their ever-present good spirits and optimism led our group of 6 through the streets of Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp. The carefully planned itinerary of the trek proved to be the perfect formula for tackling a difficult region at a pace that allowed our group to take in the incredible surroundings without ever feeling rushed or fatigued. Even on the hardest of days, Brad, Arjun, and our friendly team of sherpas provided us with reassurance and instilled us with the confidence that helped us tackle the many lengthy (sometimes seemingly impossible) treks up daunting steep trails and into the heart of the Himalayas. All of the logistics behind the long trek were handled perfectly - there was never any doubt that at the end of a long day of hiking we would be staying in the best accommodations available and served the best food the region had to offer. From start to finish, we were treated to incredible views and wonderful companionship that made the entire experience a treat that exceeded all expectations. It was the trip of a lifetime and one I will never forget. I would absolutely recommend booking with Active Adventures to anyone who wants to trek one of the most gorgeous regions the world has to offer with the best guides and companions you could ask for. Thanks for the amazing trip and I look forward to my next adventure with your company :)”
    – Colorado, United States EBC, December 2016
  • Amazing Experience!

    “The EBC trek was fantastic, I found it challenging in parts but fantastic none the less. The active team were great! I genuinely could not have asked for better guides and local sherpas. Would recommend this trip without a doubt!”
    – Lincolnshire, United Kingdom EBC, December 2016
  • The best thing I have Ever done

    “Great Trip...Great People...EPIC”
    – BOI, New Zealand EBC, December 2016
  • Can't believe I did it

    “Right when we touched down at Lukla airport, I began to get sick. I didn't think there would be any way that I could continue, but my guides were well-prepared with medicine and advice to help get me back on track, and they let me walk at my own pace. Mercifully, I rebounded and made it through some of the most stunning hiking that you can do anywhere on earth. Everyone in my group was positive and a joy to be around.”
    – Georgia, United States EBC, December 2016
  • Just go, you won't regret it!

    “If Everest Base Camp has ever been on your bucket list or even if it has just recently caught your attention, don't hesitate, just GO! You are in the most capable hands with Active Adventures! First off DK... I really truly can't say enough about his guy! He is genuinely interested in every traveler. If you need encouragement he is right there cheering you on rewarding you with a big hug at the end! He will remind you frequently to drink your water and you'll do it to keep him happy! He knows the people, culture, geography and language and shares it readily with the group. Gokul our second guide is the vision of patience and compassion and the most ridiculously hilarious Spoons player on the planet hands down! Then there are the porters... just, wow! The hardest working guys I've ever met. I respect these guys immensely and they can all sing and dance the evening away even after lugging our crap around the entire day. I think it took me about an hour to miss the experience that is Nepal and I hadn't even boarded the plane yet! This trip isn't for the faint of heart, it gets cold like really cold, you are not a 4 star hotel so expect simplicity, and yes, you walk every single day so it requires physical training but every minute you spend training with be rewarded in spades on the trail. There really isn't any place on the planet that will humble, awe and inspire you like Nepal does. Namaste!”
    – British Columbia, Canada EBC, December 2016
  • 10 years to Everest.

    “Since the age of 13 I have had a love of the mountains. On the 6/11/06 I took my last alcoholic drink, and to celebrate, I booked the EBC trek.
    I've. Been dreaming of going to see Everest most of my life and now I've bone it.
    Thanks to DK Gokul, Bibek and the rest of the boys I struggle to think how this trip could have been better. Absolutely superb on every level. From accommodation to food to local knowledge from the guides, scenery, atmosphere speed of trekking, relaxed and professional. It really was the dream trip of my lifetime.
    The all inclusive package worked brilliantly for me, we had the best accommodation avaliable on. Route and I'm sure I ended up spending less overall.
    Can't recommend active adventures highly enough.
    I won't be looking at any other trekking companies next time I go to the hills.
    Superb brilliant magical spiritual journey.
    DK Gokul Bibek and the boys, you are legends thank you from the bottom of my heart. X”
    – Lancashire, United Kingdom EBC, December 2016
  • Annapurna Sanctuary

    “Wonderful trip thanks to Brad, Arjun, and the porters. Despite a rocky start, everybody pulled together and loved the beauty of Nepal, the people, the history and culture. Brad and Arjun both very knowledgable.”
    – Wisconsin, United States AST, November 2016
  • EBC October 2016

    “The whole trek from start to finish was an incredible adventure. It was far tougher and more challenging than we thought but that only added to the achievement. The people were great, our guides were outstanding, the mountains were stunning and even the stars in the night sky were amazing.”
    – Lincolnshire, United Kingdom EBC, November 2016
  • “A lot tougher than I expected, we all agreed on that. It wasn't always enjoyable but that is part of the challenge.....I think!!!”
    – Cornwall, United Kingdom EBC, November 2016
  • “The ebc adventure was fabulous. Dan and gokul could not have been better leaders. And the group of travelers was uplifting.
    This was, truly, the trip of a lifetime. Thank you active adventures. You guys saved my life with the down jacket and sleeping bag. And it was so much fun to get the active adventure buff and cap.
    I have passed my excitement on to several friends - we will be back with you in the near future.

    Thanks again.”
    – Arizona, United States EBC, November 2016
  • Active Adventures Himalayas Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

    “I thoroughly enjoyed this guided tour and trek in all aspects. The trek although physically challenging, was amazing, from seeing beautiful Nepal, its mountains, terraced farming, numerous waterfalls, jungle forests,... To also experiencing Nepalese culture by walking through small villages and staying in Bunk style teahouses along the way. Our tour guides, Kate and Shree were the best, attending to anything we needed as well as informing us about Nepal and its people.”
    – Minnesota, United States AST, November 2016
  • Annapurna Base Camp

    “My first multi-day trek and first trek with a guide --- would definitely do it again with Active Adventures. Great guides that were fun and took great care of us. The trek itself was challenging, but so worth it!”
    – Idaho, United States AST, November 2016
  • “An incredible journey through a truly mystical land.”
    – Alberta, Canada EBC, November 2016
  • EBC Oct 2016

    “I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to everest base camp. It was challenging but ultimately very rewarding. The whole crew from active adventures were absolutely brilliant.”
    – Northland, New Zealand EBC, October 2016
  • Really--The Trip of a Lifetime

    “Everything, from the experience of Kathmandu to the trekking, was inspiring. The exposure to a different culture, the food, the hospitality, the unbelievable views, and the guides combined to make my time in Nepal a total enjoyment.”
    – Missouri, United States Khumbu, October 2016
  • Great trip

    “This trip was amazing and I learned a lot about trekking. It was my first trekking experience and I'm sure I'll do it again. Everything was organized well, guides and porters were great and I felt safe and sure of what is going on. I highly recommend this trek.”
    – Florida, United States Khumbu, October 2016
  • ABC

    “This is my second trip with Active Adventures and I am completely spoiled. Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp, the Land of OZ that is Kathmandu (trust me, the trip from the airport to the hotel will convince you you are not in Kansas anymore), Pokhara. The scenery is breath taking. The experiences are life changing.
    I continue to be so impressed by the care Active takes to make sure each little camper is prepared, educated, cared for, has a good time. You guys go so far out of your way to make sure everything is as special and perfect as possible. The guides are fantastic. How you find people that are technically sound , the patience of Job and great sense of humor I just don't know. Maybe I was just lucky enough to hit the best - Mel and Amanda rock! The Nepalese porters are now my fam. Keep wondering how I'm going to get Christmas presents to them.
    Thanks for sweating the details. I have every confidence that the Active organization will chart the best course and handle any contingencies that come up. You're the best and I thank you for making this trip possible for me.”
    – Texas, United States AST, October 2016
  • Khumbu September 2016

    “My high expectations for this trip were exceeded by our guides Kate and Gokul as well as all of the supporting staff. Our trip had some weather-related issues which required some adjustments to the itinerary, something that Kate and Gokul handled seamlessly. The food and accommodations throughout the trip were excellent. I'll never forget the scenery and experiences that I had and would highly recommend Active Adventures for a Himalayan trip. Thanks again to everyone!”
    – Massachusetts, United States Khumbu, October 2016
  • Awesome trip!

    “Being that this was my first trek ever, I really picked a great one. Mel and Arjun were great guides and very attentive to the trekkers making sure we were well hydrated at all times and that we ate well to fuel ourselves for this demanding trek. The trek was challenging considering the high altitude and the steep gradients we encountered but Arjun and Mel kept us at a slow and steady pace so that completing the trek was attainable. At no point did I feel our safety was compromised because Mel and Arjun kept a close eye on us. They both have a great sense of humor and that kept our spirits light. The ancient monasteries and other sites they brought us to rendered me speechless. Experiencing the Himalayas including observing the people's day-to-day life is unforgettable.”
    – Hawaii, United States Mustang, September 2016
  • “One of the best trips ever”
    – New Hampshire, United States Mustang, September 2016
  • Best trip yet!!

    “A great trip of a life time!! Beautiful sceanry and awesome experience.”
    – California, United States EBC, August 2016
  • EBC April 2016

    “Our guides DK and Gokul made this trip full of great experiences and memories. They had a great sense of humor and playing cards at the tea houses and DK's singing and playing the guitar or ukulele made time go fast. The weather was fantastic and the sights majestic. This was an epic trip and I hope to make another trip with this duo in the future.”
    – Wisconsin, United States EBC, June 2016
  • Truly the trip of a lifetime

    “EBC had been #1 on my bucket list for years & it did not disappoint. It was challenging and it was beautiful. This was my 5th trip with Active and again they did not disappoint. I believe it was thanks to our knowledgable guides that the majority of the group (of 11) made it successfully to Base Camp in good health & in good spirits.”
    – California, United States EBC, June 2016
  • Amazing!

    “Best trip ever. The guides were super knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. I couldn't have asked for a better company or group to go with! Love AA. Kate, Gokhal and Bishal were excellent!!”
    – California, United States EBC, June 2016
  • EBC May 9, 2016

    “DK was so professional and caring. I had some health issues on the trip and he was most attentive. He, Mel, and Gokul were so competent. It was incredible.”
    – California, United States EBC, June 2016
  • Great employees

    “We had many trekking companies to choose from for our first Nepal trip, so it was a happy serendipitous chance finding yours. Any company can impress when business goes as planned, but the true quality of an organization reveals itself when things go awry. Active Adventures was superior in taking care of us when my wife became ill and had to descend prematurely. Mel was encouraging on the trail, Dan looked in on us all night long my wife was sick, and Gokul was exemplary while accompanying us to a clinic. As long as Active Adventures retains employees like these, its success in this highly competitive field will be assured. Feel free to use us as a reference for prospective clients.”
    – California, United States EBC, June 2016
  • Alan Roth - Amazing Journey

    “Honestly, it was even more than I expected. You are lucky to have DK as the man on the floor. He is honest, inspiring and loves his job. Mel was also fantastic but DK is a blessed dude.”
    – Florida, United States EBC, June 2016
  • AST Who needs a bucket list?

    “Let's start at the top. Our two guides, Mel and Arjun were stupendous. Both their training and natural abilities with a diverse clientele stood out. As our questions poured in our leaders responded calmly and professionally. Whether on the trail or in the cities our needs were met.
    Secondly, our porters/servers provided us with care that I thought beyond what might be expected. At each stop our orders were taken and our food delivered. This shouldn't leave out my happiness with having my gear hoisted to each stop and deposited at our room.
    The journey itself was beautifully crafted. An easy pace acclimated us so that no one became sick or fell too far behind. I was daily reminded that such a trek is a journey and not a race, and that being in the mountains is its own reward.

    Thanks to the company and all involved. It should not be missed that the support staff, Lynette and a few others, helped prepare me so that I might fully enjoy the experience.
    Battle on,
    Steven Rodgers”
    – California, United States AST, May 2016
  • AST

    “Awesome trip! I loved everything about it, our guides (super cool), our porters (incredible), our group (determined), the food (delicious), the trek (beautiful beyond words) - what a perfect combination. It's so much better than the description in the brochure. Thank you AA Team for all the wonderful experiences, your expertise and thoughtfulness to our every need and want.”
    – South Carolina, United States AST, May 2016
  • Epic Adventure

    “I started to say I can't say enough about my Annapurna Sanctuary Trek but I'm actually struggling for words because the truth is words don't do it justice. The breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas go without saying but a friend asked me the other day what was the best part of the trip? The answer to that question was the people I spent time with while I was there. The warmth of the Nepalese people and there smiles in the face of adversity, post earthquake, was contagious. The most impressive part of the trip however was my guide Dan (The Man) Keys. His selfless, tireless, humanitarian work with the charity he created Active Hearts Himalayas was awe inspiring. This is the second Active trip that Dan has led me on and it won't be the last. I want to come back next year if at all possible and do the Mustang Trek! Thank you Active for being the kind of company that supports what Dan is doing in Nepal and caring about the people in the countries where you provide World Class experiences. You Guys ROCK!”
    – Florida, United States AST, January 2016
  • EBC

    “Nepal was great. Kate is obviously very passionate about Nepal. The local guides were great as well. Shame it snowed and we didn't see all the views but I was the only one outside at Lobuche taking photos of the snow. Never see a lot of snow at home so it was all good.”
    – Bay of Plenty, New Zealand EBC, January 2016
  • “I had originally booked my trip for May and of course due to the earthquake it had to be cancelled. I will start here because the way it was handled was exceptional. I was convinced to rebook for oct and I feel quite lucky I did. Active did a most exceptional job w all their team down to every detail and the fact that Nepal was less crowded made for a good trip. By the Nepalese were so grateful we were there and I was glad active convinced me to go. I would not have liked the trip had the trails been more crowded. So for me it was perfect timing. My only comment would be that the 2 days at end of the trip in Kathmandu were too much. Wld of rather had the last inn on trail as the extra day. Thank u active team for a wonderful and lifetime journey.”
    – California, United States EBC, December 2015
  • Amazing Annapurna

    “There are no words to describe the unforgettable experience I had while in Nepal. Everything went perfect, and the team Dan, Arjun, Badrit and Borat were always there to make the trip flow with the highest quality possible. While waking it perfect, each individual was always there to also make it fun, exciting and unforgettable. I have to specially Dan to introducing me to the local culture and make me falling in love with Nepal. I cant wait to come back and see more!”
    – Florida, United States AST, December 2015
  • Everest Base Camp, Oct 2015

    “Scenery was beautiful, trail conditions great, weather great in early October. The tea houses were an indoor camping experience with no heat or plugs in the rooms but beds were comfortable and food was excellent. Dingboche was my favorite town for sure. Monks playing volleyball in their long red robes was unreal.”
    – New York, United States EBC, December 2015
  • The trip of a lifetime

    “I had looked forward to trekking in Nepal for more years than I would care to admit. The AST trip was truly memorable and made me want to return to Nepal.”
    – Maryland, United States AST, December 2015
  • A cultural treasure

    “The Annapurna trek was a lovely, low-key hike though a part of Nepal that felt worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the Everest trek. I was a thrill to see the first 8,000 meter that had been summited.”
    – New York, United States AST, December 2015
  • Great trip

    “Fabulous experience- cultural immersion, gorgeous and varied landscapes, pleasant walking and not too difficult!”
    – Maryland, United States AST, December 2015
  • The Gents, that took us made the trip

    “Thank you heaps”
    – New South Wales, Australia EBC, November 2015
  • Everest Base Camp Oct 19, 2015

    “This trip met all of my objectives and more. Completed trek to base camp, awesome scenery along the entire trip up and back. Was exposed to and interactive with Nepali citizens in villages along the way and the big city of Kathmandu. Enjoyed the company and expertise of clients, guides and porters during the entire trip. Food and accommodations were beyond expectation though it got a wee bit cold from time to time at night and in the mornings at higher elevations. Was able to purchase gifts at great prices along the way and in Kathmandu. Side trips in Kathmandu were exciting and very educational. Our base hotel in Kathmandu was clean, comfortable, and convenient.”
    – Iowa, United States EBC, November 2015
  • Trip objective was achieved, but I was not really the customer!

    “Purpose of this trek was to hike to EBC and to climb Kala Pattar and these objectives were achieved, bravo to Dan Keys for that! An unfortunate in-your-face downside was that DK was impressively condescending to me on almost a daily basis. It became painfully clear that DK's preferred customer was really the Nepalese people and that I was essentially there to transfer my money into their income. DK would do far better with a crash course in customer service - as the payer of $3995 - I am the customer!!”
    – New York, United States EBC, November 2015
  • Mustang - a true Active Adventure

    “The Mustang region of Nepal is such an amazing part of the world, and trekking in this region really is for experienced trekkers seeking a real adventure in a spectacularly remote area.”
    – , New Zealand Mustang, November 2015
  • Nancy Werner

    “Everything was well done. DK and Arjun were excellent guides. It was great fun to see Arjun again after Annapurna. He and DK make an excellent team. Bebek was an excellent assistant guide. Everyone was very respectful to the guests, guides and porters. Accommodations were very good and the food, excellent. Scenery was the best ever!”
    – Arizona, United States EBC, October 2015
  • “Absolutely amazing part of the world. If you like trekking this trip is for you. Easy enough but yet challenging too. Safe, experienced guides and excellent food!”
    – New York, United States EBC, October 2015
  • Review of trip of a life time (EBC)

    “Having never trekked at a height before it was with anticipation that we met with other members of our team in Kathmandu. Seven in all were to attempt the trek (five would succeed). Nick and I had trained but not at heights. The reassuring aspect of the trek was that the Leader, DK was informative and considered everyone's needs. The trip was largely successful due to the planning and understanding of DK. The plan was to reach Everest Base Camp, not to see who could get there first! I cannot thank DK and 'the boys' enough for the effort they put in to ensure we made it. Trip of a lifetime.”
    – New South Wales, Australia EBC, October 2015
  • Mustang August 2015

    “Awesome adventure, but not for novice or intermediate trekkers. High altitude and elevation gains and losses daily are a real challenge. Trip very well supported, however and traveling in the region is like going back in time with tiny villages, beautiful people and magnificent views.”
    – California, United States Mustang, October 2015
  • Mustang Trip

    “The group and the guide were terrific as were the porters and the Nepali guides. The scenery was amazing and I especially enjoyed learning more about the Buddhist culture in this area. The hiking was very challenging.”
    – California, United States Mustang, October 2015
  • Trekking Nepal's Mustang - Challenge and Discovery

    “As far as treks go, this Active trek is unparalleled. Twelve days of stunning scenery, challenging climbs, wonderful food and good company. And throughout, meeting and greeting some of the most friendly people on Earth. Some days took us up to 4000 m, views of green valleys and buckwheat fields fed by glacial rivers, villages and towns, each with its own monastery, and citizens carrying on their everyday tasks of living. It was a trek of challenge, beauty and culture. I would love to go back.”
    – Nova Scotia, Canada Mustang, September 2015
  • Above and Beyond...

    “I love to travel, and I've done a lot of it. This trip was a little out of the norm for me, since I chose to go with an adventure company rather than organize everything on my own. But I couldn't have been happier with the results! Active puts together a GREAT trip, and it was wonderful to just be able to get up and enjoy myself every day and not worry about any of the details. I really and truly enjoyed myself!! The hiking, the food, the people, the scenery...words (and even my pictures) can't possibly do it justice. You're just going to have to come out and experience this for yourself! Thank you, Active, for helping me check this trip off my bucket can rest assured that I will be back to take another trip with you guys!”
    – Idaho, United States EBC, May 2015
  • A trip to remember

    “It is hard to describe the beauty that surrounds you the entire trek. The scenery is constantly changing from the green of the lower mountain to the rugged views of the the upper mountain. All of this while surrounded by the snow covered mountains. This is an experience I will always remember as one of the best times of my life.”
    – Texas, United States EBC, May 2015
  • Best Guide Ever

    “It was an amazing trip and Mel went beyond what she had to do from tucking me into bed at night to taking my bday suit photo for me :) and she got me a birthday cake with balloons!!!!!”
    – British Columbia, Canada EBC, April 2015
  • Revisiting and retracing my step to Nepal & Everest Region

    “By now, I trust you folks know I had an excellent trip with great experiences, accomplishments and memories. Trip of a life time, well I think any long term trip to Nepal is a trip of a life time. I have now been fortunate enough to experience three of them. As I mentioned to the Team at our farewell dinner, I have been fortunate to been to the Everest region on three occasions, and to now revisit and retrace all of my original steps after over 20 years. With that, I offered to my Team that sharing this trip with them made it the best of the three. I continue to standby that assessment. Thanks guys!!”
    – New Jersey, United States EBC, January 2015
  • Grand Time in Himalayas

    “First time trekking and surrounded by beautiful mountains, greenery and villages. Wow factor was incredible. Couldn't wait to wake up and start each day. Felt safe and secure. Porters and guides had incredible smiles and tolerated my endless questions. Mentally checked out and felt energized by the simplicity of the outdoors. Best vacation in years. No worries !! Highly recommend it.”
    – Ontario, Canada AST, December 2014
  • “Amazing part of the world that can't be appreciated until you actually experience it. There aren't enough words to describe the beauty of the Himalayas and the people that live in Nepal. Fantastic trip!”
    – Alaska, United States EBC, December 2014
  • EBC Nov 2014

    “Trekking in the Himalaya was a life list dream come true!! Breathtaking mountain views around every bend in the trail and to be able to experience the culture of the Nepali people was what made this trip extra special. This trip was a blend of adventure and culture that has changed me forever.”
    – Massachusetts, United States EBC, December 2014
  • Incredible Trip

    “I join all the other reviews in saying this was a trip of a lifetime. The trip was well-organized, the guides were awesome and the people of Nepal were so kind, helpful, inviting and warm. And of course the scenery was breathtaking all the way up to Base Camp/Kala Patthar and back. Lucked out by joining up with a fun group of travelers who love to laugh despite the thin air.”
    – Colorado, United States EBC, December 2014
  • Everest Base Camp

    “This was an amazing trip. Much tougher than the previous Active trips we have done and with so many more risks. On the mountain it seems everything can be against you-altitude, cold, dust,risk of sickness,etc but we felt very confident with our team of guides and porters. Duck was a thorough and extremely competent guide and "Daddy" and cared for us all as individuals and as a group in general.”
    – Prince Edward Island, Canada EBC, December 2014
  • Everest Base Camp

    “This was an amazing trip. Much tougher than the previous Active trips we have done and with so many more risks. On the mountain it seems everything can be against you-altitude, cold, dust,risk of sickness,etc but we felt very confident with our team of guides and porters. Duck was a thorough and extremely competent guide and "Daddy" and cared for us all as individuals and as a group in general.”
    – Prince Edward Island, Canada EBC, December 2014
  • Shorten Your Bucket List!!!

    “A superb once in a lifetime trip, with great people and extremely well organised by Active Adventures..... Make no mistake, this is not an easy trek, mainly due to its shear length, daily changes in temperature, altitude and (dare I mention it) sanitation! That said, I'm so glad that I went with Active Adventures and Dan T whose professionalism and attention to detail got our whole group to EBC and back in one piece, allowing for a lot of laughs along the way.”
    – London, United Kingdom EBC, December 2014
  • Trekking among the world's biggest mountains!

    “I live in the mountains of Colorado. I have always wanted to do a trek among the world's largest mountains. The trek with Active Himalayas made this dream come true for me. Every morning of our trip I awoke with excitement on what I might see that day. I was never disappointed. The views, the people, our guides made everyday of this trip a memorable one for sure.”
    – Colorado, United States EBC, December 2014
  • Trekking in the Annapurna Sanctuary

    “Beautiful scenery, great itinerary, great guides = awesome trip!”
    – Iowa, United States AST, December 2014
  • Trip of a lifetime!

    “It's hard to put into words how wonderful this adventure was. Everything was just so beautiful. The mountains, the nepali people, our fellow adventurers.”
    – Iowa, United States AST, December 2014
  • AST - MLK

    “With the remote nature of the Annapurna Base Camp trek, Active does a great job from start to finish!”
    – New York, United States AST, December 2014
  • fantastic

    “This was my greatest outdoor adventure, it was everything, and more than I expected, I've been showing pictures to my friend's since I got back and they're all amazed”
    – Ontario, Canada AST, December 2014
  • Nepal Review

    “The guides and porters were awesome. The trip was well organized, and the guides re-worked the trip so we could leave on time to start the trip.”
    – Colorado, United States AST, November 2014
  • “Most Epic Adventure! I traveled alone and was never lonely on this trip. The guides were friendly and well knowledgable and the fellow travelers rounded out the whole expeirence. Unforgettable views of the Himalayas, delicious food and caring & warm people. I couldn't have asked for more!”
    – California, United States AST, November 2014
  • EBC October 2014

    “This trip was amazing. Although the destination (EBC) was the reason we signed up, it was the journey that made it such an epic experience! The scenery as we trekked in the Himalayas was spectacular and the small villages along the way gave us a unique way of connecting with the wonderful Nepalese people. Our tour guides were awesome and our fellow traveling companions were so much fun combining to truly make this a trip of a lifetime.”
    – British Columbia, Canada EBC, November 2014
  • A Trip Beyond Words!

    “My Everest Base Camp Trek with Active Adventures went way beyond what I expected, it was life-changing. Not only is Nepal a magical place, the scenery indescribable, and its culture one to fall in love with, but our guide, DK, was knowledgeable and well-connected to the Nepali people and the customs and traditions of this vibrant country; we, as trekkers, were treated with the utmost care and kindness. We learned some of the Nepali language, ate incredible foods, sipped on yak butter tea and other fine teas, and endured some of the most giving AND unforgiving landscapes in the world. In addition, we enjoyed native music and dance, toured Monasteries and experienced a Puja ceremony, and observed firsthand, the everyday life, crafts, and skills of these peaceful people. We recognized immediately, the value in traveling this country with an experienced guide/outfitter for many reasons, partly feeling as if we had VIP treatment. We would definitely travel with Active Adventures again. And though it was heartbreaking to leave Nepal; I hope to make my way back again some day.”
    – Colorado, United States EBC, November 2014
  • Annapurna Amazing!

    “This was a once in a lifetime experience. Our group ranged in age from 27 to 82! I enjoyed getting to know everyone. The scenery was spectacular (even in the rain). We truly learned the importance of great guides and porters in this unpredictable area of the world.”
    – Washington, United States AST, November 2014
  • Nepal EBC trek

    “Great trip! DK & the guys are the best. The scenery is remarkable. The pace was easy & allowed everyone to acclimate. Everything was well planned. I'm only bummed out we missed out on fresh Yak steaks. Ha!”
    – Oregon, United States EBC, November 2014
  • A lifechanging experience....

    “The amazing Himalayas, humble, happy, generous people, strong, rich culture and the best guide/porter team ever all added up to quite a lifechanging experience for me - wonderful, wonderful place and brilliant trek!”
    – London, United Kingdom AST, November 2014
  • Annapurna Sanctuary

    “I wanted to do this trip 27 years ago. The time was right. Friends of ours had just made this trip with Active Adventures & encouraged us to just go.Why did I wait so long? And after talking with others on the trail I was convinced we made the right choice of outfitter. I'm so glad I went. I cannot begin to describe how I felt when I arrived at ABC without getting mystical. Go”
    – New York, United States AST, October 2014
  • “Absolutely fantastic trip. It was like walking in a postcard”
    – Indiana, United States AST, October 2014
  • “It really was a fantastic trip. Everything was well organised and on schedule. I thought this trip was very top notch and special having local guides and porters. It made it that we were privileged of some information other tours would not get.”
    – British Columbia, Canada Mustang, October 2014
  • Upper Mustang - Nepal

    “Best trek I have been on, well organised, great food (3 chefs) and awesome guides, porters. The remote villages, mountains, the people, the chant/music of the Monks will remain in my memory for a long time.”
    – Victoria, Australia Mustang, October 2014
  • Time Travel

    “Once you leave the tea house in Jomsom, headed for the Upper Mustang, you enter a different world. You slowly begin to travel back in time to an agrarian existence, almost devoid of modern intrusion. Were it not for the occasional motorcycle or jeep, you would swear your group has entered a time warp. Gone is the cacophony of Kathmandu and the hustle of Pokhara, replaced by a silent and very peaceful countryside. The overwhelming vastness of the landscape is occasionally broken up by a small settlement. Don't look for the sporadic modern conveniences of the EBC or ABC trips. You are in the lost kingdom and what a fine place to be!”
    – Arizona, United States Mustang, October 2014
  • Stellar trip to Mustang:)

    “This was just an amazingly awesome experience. I've wanted to know what the Tibetan plateau was like, and now I really know. Not just from pictures, but the experience of being there. The absolute vastness of the place... the remoteness... the rich and vibrant local culture... the ups and downs of the land, and the magnificent colors in the rocks and hills... the hours of trekking and joys of camping to "just be"... I loved it all! My only regret... It could have been longer!”
    – British Columbia, Canada Mustang, September 2014
  • Mustang - The Trek of Treks

    “Personally, the Mustang Trek was as much a pilgrimage as it was a trek. At 71 with several recent operations, I knew this was going to be a most interesting adventure; I was not disappointed. I was the slowest and at times it took all my focus and effort, and the moral support of the Active Team to take the next step up the mountain. But the journey was worth it and the reward of seeing and experiencing the land and people of the Mustang was priceless. But what was just as meaningful was the camaraderie and support of the Active Team, (DK, Mel, Sudip, Gokel, Gangi, the porters, cooks, and the pack animal drivers. In essence we all became one large extended family. I cannot say enough regarding the forethought and sincere care and concern the Active Team, showed to each of us. Every effort was made, with no detail spared to make this Trek both safe and memorable; from the first morning tea to our impromptu concerts in the evening. Because the Active Team made the effort to sincerely connect with the people in the many Mustang villages and monastaries we visited, the Nepali and Tibetan people were especially friendly and open. We were able to see and experience historic, cultural and artistic events that one could only have read and dreamed about. I could write more, but better yet, I encourage anyone with a thirst for going to distant places; to a land so uniquely beautiful, where the people are sincerely friendly, and guided by the most amazing Team to please check out Active's next trek to the Mustang... if you go, I know it will be as it has a been for me the Trek of Treks.”
    – California, United States Mustang, September 2014
  • EBC hike in May 2014

    “We really enjoyed the EBC hike. Guides were the best, scenery was awesome and the people we hiked with were a fantastic bunch. Would recommend this hike to anyone!”
    – Alberta, Canada EBC, July 2014
  • AST by Roy

    “The AST trip met and exceeded all my expectations. The guides and porters went out of their way to make sure that we were all safe and happy. I will recommend it to all my friends and anyone else that cares to listen.”
    – Pennsylvania, United States AST, July 2014
  • I'll be back for Everest :)

    “I came for the mountains - and, yes, they were spectacular! - but I fell in love with the people. What an amazing trip! From a double rainbow on our first day of trekking to the first clear sight of the Annapurna range at Chomrong to making it to base camp - it was simply phenomenal! Thanks to our fabulous guide and porters, we all made it to ABC. And it only got better after that! Trekking back on the "other side" of the river through the Gurung villages was an unexpected treat. I honestly did not want to come back to the "real world". A million thanks to DK and his team for everything you did! I look forward to coming back for the EBC trek one day.”
    – Massachusetts, United States AST, June 2014
  • Unique challenge

    “What an adventure, hard to put in words the breathtaking views everyday, the physical challenge of hiking so long and at such altitude, the exhilaration at accomplishing the challenge. And now I want to do the Annapurna hike. Kate was a level headed quietly encouraging guide. I would love to do another trek with her.”
    – California, United States EBC, June 2014
  • “Amazing trip!! I loved it from the awkward first dinner to the tearful goodbyes... DK, Arjun and the boys made this an unforgettable trip!”
    – Florida, United States AST, June 2014
  • awesome trip

    “I was very excited to be able to visit Nepal and was overwhelmed with Sudeep and Kedar, as they made the trip much more enjoable!!”
    – Colorado, United States AST, May 2014
  • An incredible Experience

    “I would love to thank you for an incredible experience - I found the trip challenging but very much appreciated the Active Team's support along the way. They could not have been more helpful! We were given first hand experience of the Nepalese culture - something I will always value.”
    – Queensland, Australia AST, May 2014
  • AST 2014

    “The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek (AST) was a wonderful melange of sights, sounds and serendipitous moments. From the brilliant color and clamor of Kathmandu, to the crisp, clear morning at Machapuchare Base Camp, our trekking experience was unique and memorable. Our group was an interesting combination of people from across the globe, and as we hiked, we learned about our fellow trekkers, our guides, and about the lives of the Nepalese people, literally passing their doorsteps in the picturesque mountain villages. The AST is full of surprises. It was challenging, it was fun, and it was very gratifying.”
    – Arizona, United States AST, May 2014
  • A Challenge Worth Taking

    “Thanks to group leaders, Dan and Arjun, I was able to complete this sensational journey with pride and dignity. The hiking was difficult for this 75 year old, but it was also exhilarating to trek so close to the powerful and magnificent peaks. Enjoyed the consistently good and satisfying meals and congenial company of the group.”
    – New York, United States AST, May 2014
  • Awesome Adventure Trekking

    “The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek was absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed getting up early every morning and going outside the Tea house for the most exceptional views in the peace, quiet and serenity of the early day. As the upper peaks of the Himalayas slowly reveal themselves along this Trek, I was always in awe that I was going to walk to that place and experience it in full.”
    – Colorado, United States AST, May 2014
  • Touching the snowy highest mountains in the world...the Himalaya

    “Thoroughly enjoyed this adventure of a lifetime. We had always wanted to trek the foothills of the Himalays and immerse into the Nepalese culture. All of this happened and more. Totally taken by surprise at the amount of hiking (up down thousands of stairs) necessary to be at the base of these majestic giants, but if you want to touch them you have to hike six days to get there; making this hiking achievement the most difficult we have yet experienced. "All of the familiar signposts are not there"...making the reality of having truly been on an adventure so real and so never happened before. All of this was the result of an extremely qualified God given truly gifted leader, D.K., followed by the best people I have known Arjun, Bahrat, and the six other porters that teach lessons in life on humility, love, and perseverance. To the inn keepers at tea houses, how wonderful, fresh, wholesome the food prepared was...they make the best French fries. The rest will live in my head and the views of Annapurna 1,2,3, South; Machhapuchhare, Hiunchuli--great times with fellow hikers (now friends)...I'll take them all to the next world.”
    – Arizona, United States AST, May 2014
  • Sensational Adventure

    “This trip was spectacular in every way -- challenging trekking amid the jaw-dropping magnificence of the high peaks, exposure to the warm and gracious Nepali people and culture, expert leadership and strong comraderie of the group. Simply said, an A++ experience.”
    – New York, United States AST, May 2014

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