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Dan Keys

New Zealand and Nepal Guide

Dan has been an important part of setting up Active trips in the Himalayas. It would have been easy to do exactly what everyone else does, but when you’re accompanied by an Active guide it bridges the gap between the cultures and it means you can learn more about the warm and friendly people of Nepal. Dan puts extra effort into each of his trips to ensure his guests have the very best Nepalese experience. He has an excellent rapport with all the people that work towards making your trip a trip of a lifetime.

Favourite quote and travel advice:
“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” - Henry Miller

"I'm a Kiwi with a long standing love affair with the New Zealand mountains and oceans. I have ten seasons of guiding under my belt throughout New Zealand, Australia and Nepal. Traveling and exploring the world, off the beaten track, with my guitar is when I'm at my happiest. I've plucked a tune in crowded Indian trains, under the Himalayas, around Australian outback campfires and on remote Costa Rican beaches. A fluent Spanish speaker, I have a passion for surfing, diving, trekking and seeing the world first hand. Nothing is better to me than sharing this beautiful place we call home with others." - Dan


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  • “D.K. made the trip for me. His connection with the land and culture made what was already mind-blowingly beautiful even more so. He's a wonderful guy and a great guide. He also exhibited extreme patience with a very loud and boisterous group. I can't think of any area in which he could improve.”
    Christopher Skinner (Boxford, Massachusetts, United States) February, 2013
  • “DK did an excellent job of running the trip smoothly whilst making it look easy! His enthusiasm for the trip was infectious. He enhanced our visit to Nepal by sharing his connection with the people and the places. I was impressed with how he has taken on the local language. DK was always available to answer questions & share information. All of this made our trip what it was.”
    Paula Barker (Arthurs Point Queenstown, New Zealand), Damon Stowell (Arthurs Point Queenstown, New Zealand) May, 2013
  • “My initial concern with having a Kiwi guide versus a Nepali guide was I wouldn't be able to have a truly Nepali experience. However, DK has really embraced Nepali culture and traditions and has cultivated relationships so I never felt I was being led by a "foreigner". He was incredibly patient and allowed me to be picky with my food while respecting the need not to waste our hosts food. He has a passion for Nepal and it shows in his interaction with the locals and the friendships he has forged. This translates into non-itinerary opportunities for participants (cooking lessons! water buffalo jerky sampling!) that enhanced this trip.”
    Sophia Jeng (Portland, Oregon, United States), April 2013
  • “DK is the definition of awesome. We felt completely confident with him as our leader. If he said we needed to cross a river, we did. He was very helpful to me on the Alex Knob trail and even loaned me one of his "sticks" (and consequently, made me a "stick" convert). He always had a smile on his face, is an excellent driver, very knowledgeable about the plants and culture....I can not say enough positive things about him!”
    Jane Abels (Fort Collins, Colorado, United States) December, 2012
  • “My guide Dan was phenomenal. I really cannot say enough good things about Dan. Made a wise choice to end a hike in very wet conditions. Always funny, good taste in music. Vast knowledge of botany and NZ geography.”
    Jeremy Hamal (United States) December, 2010
  • “Dan's experience leading groups with various skill levels and was right on the mark. He was sensitive to our needs and suggestions, yet maintained his professionalism at all times.”
    Egons Kubulins (Hingham, Massachusetts, United States) November, 2011
  • “Absolutely the best. He was knowledgeable about flora and fauna and took the time to inform us about each activity. And he loves his job, which is infectious. Both he and Sarah made sure that we were comfortable with all aspects of the adventure.”
    Roxanne Wazlaw (Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States) November, 2010
  • “Dan had a great personality and so enthusiastic!! So lovely to talk to. Very amusing and engaging as well. Perfect guide for the out back! We loved him!! Hard worker too.”
    Scot and Julie Gordon (Murray, Utah, USA) November, 2010
  • “Dan was wonderful. It was so refreshing meeting a young man with such wisdom about so many of the things in life that most people take for granted. His love and respect for New Zealand was very apparent. I learned so much about the "flora and fauna" of New Zealand, especially the endemic trees and birds. It was very interesting learning from him about the Maori culture and some of its vocabulary. Dan definitely made sure that we had an awesome trip. He is a great conversationalist. He turned us on to great Kiwi music. He was very fun.”
    Kim Dobyns (Saint Cloud, Florida, United States) November, 2010

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