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Trip Introduction

The 'Tortuga' is a fantastic way to discover several of the Galapagos Islands, especially for landlubbers. In a relaxed and active manner, you’ll snorkel, dive, hike and cycle, and cruise between the multitude of stunning islands in our comfortable dive boat, the ‘Pacific’ while staying on dry land each night. Starting with a short flight to San Cristobal Island, highlights of this incredible trip include snorkelling with turtles, rays and tame reef sharks, kayaking in a beautiful calm bay and hiking up an island volcano with one of the largest active calderas in the world. You’ll get up close to some of the most intriguing and docile wildlife on the planet, with visits to tortoise breeding grounds and iguana colonies, and even sharing the beach with inquisitive sea lions. We explore amazing lava tunnels, cycle through local townships and learn the mysterious history of Floreana Island.


  • Meet giant tortoises and iguanas
  • Swim with turtles and rays at Kicker Rock
  • Snorkel with reef sharks at Floreana Island
  • Optional Galapagos diving
  • Cycle on San Cristobal Island
  • Hike Sierra Negra volcano and Santa Cruz Island
  • Explore lava tunnels
  • Visit pirate caves on Floreana Island
  • Kayak Isabela Island

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Friday — Arrive Quito

Your trip begins in Ecuador’s capital city, Quito. If you’re flying in today, your Active South America trip leader will meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation. You’ll have the rest of the afternoon to explore the beautiful town squares, quaint cafés and colonial architecture of this amazing city. Quito sits in a beautiful valley surrounded by towering volcanoes just 22 kilometres (14 miles) from the Equator, giving it a mild, spring-like climate year round. In the evening, you’ll meet your trip leader and the rest of your group for a full briefing and our first dinner together.
Hotel Sebastian, Quito (Dinner)

Saturday — Fly to the Galapagos, cycle San Cristobal highlands

This morning we’ll take a short flight to San Cristobal, the easternmost island of the Galapagos Islands chain and home of the provincial capital, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. After lunch, we’ll head to the town of La Soledad to bike down through the lush highland cloudforest that blankets the top of the island. With stunning views of the coast, we’ll ride all the way to La Loberia, a beach that is home to a large sea lion colony and nursery. You’re not likely to see this many sea lions in one place anywhere else in the world! This evening, we’ll dine on local produce and fresh fish.
Casa Blanca or Bella Vista Hotel, San Cristobal (All meals)

Sunday — Snorkel with sea lions, turtles and sharks at Isla Lobos and Kicker Rock

Today we’ll cruise to Isla Lobos off the coast of San Cristobal, where we’ll don wetsuits, snorkels and masks (and tanks for the divers – diving option add US$250) and explore the underwater world for a close up view of sea lions as they fish for their dinner! Isla Lobos is home to one of the main sea lion, frigate bird and blue-footed booby colonies in the area. After a swim with the sea lions, we’ll get back on our boat and head for Kicker Rock, where we’ll either snorkel or take two dives around the remains of an underwater volcano with a rock face rising 150 metres (500 feet) above the surface of the water.

Your trip leader will give you a full briefing and then we’ll take to the water to explore the walls of the volcano. There will be chances to see beautiful tropical fish, turtles and sharks as they skirt the edges of Kicker Rock! Afterwards we call into a picturesque bay to have lunch and a rest before returning to port. Then it’s off to the Interpretation Centre to learn a little about the history and biology of the islands. Later there will be an optional hike to Frigate Hill Lookout to see the acrobatics of the local frigate birds as they dart around the cliff tops stealing the catch from other birds.
Casa Blanca or Bella Vista Hotel, San Cristobal (Breakfast, Lunch)

Monday — Snorkel and hike Floreana Island

After an early breakfast, our boat will take us away from San Cristobal Island towards the magnificent Floreana Island. Floreana is the sixth largest island in the Galapagos chain and one of the least inhabited (by humans at least!). With a population of around 120, this place has a pretty relaxed atmosphere. On the way, we’re often visited by friendly dolphins, so keep an eye out! Later, we’ll hike into the highlands of Floreana, where we’ll learn about the mysterious history of the islands as we visit the pirate caves and the area where the first inhabitants once lived. Then it’s back down to our accommodation in the tiny port of Puerto Velasco Ibarra – a fantastic hideaway lodge with incredible sea views and a great sunset!
Hotel Wittmer, Floreana Island (All meals)

Tuesday — Journey to Isabela, snorkel Tintoreras

This morning we’ll head to Isabela Island, the largest of all the islands in the Galapagos archipelago. After lunch, we’ll head out on small local boats to check out the crystal-clear waters of the Tintoreras rock outcrop. Keep an eye out for rays, marine iguanas, reef sharks, herons and the Galapagos penguin – the only penguins found close to the equator. Later, we’ll don our snorkels and masks again to explore the clear waters of this great snorkelling area. This calm and shallow body of water is home to sea turtles, and a multitude of colourful fish species.
San Vincente or La Laguna Hotel, Isabela Island (All meals)

Wednesday — Hike Sierra Negra volcano, Volcan Chico lavafields

Our hike today will take us to the summit of Sierra Negra volcano, rising nearly a mile above the ocean. See the lowland vegetation change before your eyes as we ascend through a lunar-like landscape on our way to the top. It’s quite a hike to the top of the volcano, but the views across the seven mile wide crater and surrounding coastline are worth the climb! This is one of the largest volcanic calderas in the world, and one of the most active. As we hike, we might be lucky enough to see Galapagos hawks, short-eared owls, finches and fly-catchers that inhabit this region. When we get back from our hike, we’ll head to Beto’s beachside bar to toast the setting sun over the Pacific.
San Vincente or La Laguna Hotel, Isabela Island (Breakfast, Lunch)

Thursday — Kayak Isabela Bay, visit giant tortoise breeding centre

This morning we’ll start with an early morning kayak in the calm waters of Isabela Bay. Here we’ll have the chance to see some of the island’s most amazing wildlife up close. Marine iguanas bask in the sun, blue-footed boobies sit in pairs on the rock tops, and Sally Lightfoot crabs scurry out of our way along the water’s edge. In the clear waters below us, rays gracefully swim by and turtles pop up for a breath of air. Later, we’ll head to a Galapagos giant tortoise breeding centre where we can meet these majestic prehistoric creatures. There will be a bit of free time this afternoon to find a hammock on the beach, or explore on your own.
Isabela accommodations, Isabela Island (All meals)

Friday — Hike Santa Cruz highlands and Tortuga Bay, visit giant tortoises

We’ll depart Isabela Island early this morning bound for Santa Cruz Island, where we’ll hike into the amazing cloud forest highlands. Once there, we’ll have our only chance to see giant tortoises in their natural environment, along with intriguing birdlife like the vermillion flycatcher. And we’ll take a look inside the lava tunnels scattered throughout the highlands. These tunnels were formed by molten lava flowing beneath the surface, which left behind large tube-like caves, some almost a mile long! This afternoon we’ll hike to Tortuga Bay, one of the most stunning beaches in the Galapagos, where we’ll have the option of trying our hand at bodyboarding or surfing, or just lounging around on the incredibly fine sand. Tortuga Bay is accessible only by foot and is home to hundreds of prehistoric-looking marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies and pelicans.
Mainao Hotel, Santa Cruz Island (All meals)

Saturday — Charles Darwin Research Station, return to Quito

This morning, we’ll visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about the breeding programs that are saving vulnerable species of tortoises and land iguanas. Also there will be a chance to see different types of carapace that help differentiate the tortoise species. Afterwards, we’ll take a short flight back to Quito on the mainland. This evening, we’ll share our final celebratory dinner together in Ecuador.
Hotel Sebastian, Quito (All meals)

Sunday — Quito, depart for home

Today is the last day of your 'Tortuga' trip. We’ll make sure you return home relaxed and refreshed from all the great activities, fine food and friendly people you will have met while travelling with us in the Galapagos Islands. See the itinerary for the 'Tapir-Tortuga' trip if you want to take a few more days to see more of mainland Ecuador as well.

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Trip Date Status
Nov 7th 2014 – Nov 16th 2014 Filling up Check Availability
Nov 21st 2014 – Nov 30th 2014 Almost full Check Availability
Dec 5th 2014 – Dec 14th 2014 $400 OFF - limited seats Check Availability
Dec 19th 2014 – Dec 28th 2014 Almost full Check Availability
Dec 22nd 2014 – Dec 31st 2014 Full
Jan 2nd 2015 – Jan 11th 2015 Filling up Check Availability
Jan 16th 2015 – Jan 25th 2015 Great Check Availability
Jan 30th 2015 – Feb 8th 2015 $400 OFF - limited seats Check Availability
Feb 13th 2015 – Feb 22nd 2015 Filling up Check Availability
Feb 27th 2015 – Mar 8th 2015 Great Check Availability
Mar 13th 2015 – Mar 22nd 2015 $300 OFF - limited seats Check Availability
Mar 27th 2015 – Apr 5th 2015 Great Check Availability
Apr 10th 2015 – Apr 19th 2015 Filling up Check Availability
Apr 24th 2015 – May 3rd 2015 Great Check Availability
May 8th 2015 – May 17th 2015 Filling up Check Availability
May 22nd 2015 – May 31st 2015 Almost full Check Availability
Jun 5th 2015 – Jun 14th 2015 Great Check Availability
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Jul 3rd 2015 – Jul 12th 2015 New date Check Availability
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Aug 14th 2015 – Aug 23rd 2015 New date Check Availability
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Oct 9th 2015 – Oct 18th 2015 New date Check Availability
Oct 23rd 2015 – Nov 1st 2015 New date Check Availability
Nov 6th 2015 – Nov 15th 2015 New date Check Availability
Nov 20th 2015 – Nov 29th 2015 New date Check Availability
Dec 4th 2015 – Dec 13th 2015 New date Check Availability
Dec 18th 2015 – Dec 27th 2015 New date Check Availability
Dec 21st 2015 – Dec 30th 2015 New date Check Availability
Jan 1st 2016 – Jan 10th 2016 New date Check Availability
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Jun 3rd 2016 – Jun 12th 2016 New date Check Availability
Jun 17th 2016 – Jun 26th 2016 New date Check Availability

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Useful Info

Useful Info

Diving in the Galapagos:

Kicker Rock is one of the most interesting dive spots in the world. Our dive guides are all highly qualified with years of dive experience. If you’re a diver and would like to dive on the trip, there is an additional fee of US$250 for two dives plus a safety dive, including all the necessary gear. Please note: due to strong currents, the Galapagos is not a destination for novice divers. We recommend you have logged at least 10 dives before diving here and you must bring your PADI or SSI certification to dive.

Kayaking in the Galapagos:

The sea conditions in the Galapagos can be pretty varied, so we haven’t named a specific time for kayaking. If you’re keen to kayak, rest assured you will at some stage, when the conditions are right.

No Forced Single Supplement:

Most other travel companies charge all solo travellers a single supplement fee. We don't! When it comes to accommodation, our trip fares are based on a twin-share rate, which means we'll match you up with another person of the same gender to share a room with. If there's no one suitable to share with, there's no forced single supplement! Having said that, if you specifically request your own room, you can opt to pay the additional single supplement fee.

Recommended flights:

You can fly into Quito any time on the first day of your trip, but we recommend you arrive before noon. On the last day of your trip you can fly out at any time. If you want to arrive earlier or leave later, we’re happy to help you out with extra hotel accommodation.

Trip start:

If you arrive on the first day of the trip, an Active Adventures South America representative will meet you at the airport at 2pm and take you to your accommodation. If you’re already in Quito, you’ll meet your trip leader and the rest of your group in the lobby of the Hotel Sebastian at 6:30pm.

Trip end:

You’ll wake up in Quito on the last day of your trip, so you can book a flight home departing any time that day – we’ll be happy to drop you off at the airport any time before noon.


The 'Tortuga' is an active adventure trip around the Galapagos Islands, not a tour of the fanciest hotels! We stay in clean, comfortable and interesting accommodation and, unlike many other operators, we prefer to stay on the mainland rather than on live-aboard boats. This means you can interact more with the local communities and have better opportunities to hike and cycle as well as snorkel and dive. Many of the places we stay are off-the-beaten-track and truly spectacular. For instance, Isabela Island isn’t known for its glamorous lodgings, but has stunning beaches, an abundance of wildlife, off-the-beaten-track flavour and rustic charm. While we do our best to stay at the hotels we’ve mentioned in the itinerary, some of the locations we stay in have limited accommodation options, so we may need use other equivalent hotels from time to time.


Galapagos National Park is a fragile wildlife refuge and as such is sometimes subject to sudden rule changes that minimise potential damage through tourism. We may occasionally need to make itinerary changes in response to this. The Galapagos Islands are in a developing part of the world and we can’t tell you that everything runs like clockwork there. What we can tell you is that we are experienced adventure travel leaders, and our Galapagos operator is a local specialist who knows how to keep things operating as smoothly as possible, even when conditions are challenging! Often, because of changing sea conditions, we may need to make small changes to our itinerary for your safety and comfort. If you bring flexibility, an open mind and a sense of humour, you’ll find your trip is everything that adventure should be.

What's Included?

Our trip fares are all shown in US dollars, so our guests from all over the world can more easily relate prices to their own currency. The fares quoted on each itinerary include taxes and are pretty much all-inclusive, it specifically includes:
• All guiding services. We have an experienced trip leader with every trip and also have a specialist guide on many of the activities to provide extra local knowledge
• Comfortable accommodation for the entire trip. We can also organise pre- and post-trip accommodation for you if you let us know
• All meals, as indicated, except on free days and a couple of nights, so you can check out some local restaurants on your own
• All drinking water and puritabs where drinking water isn’t readily available. (Alcohol and other drinks are not included)
• All activities as described in the itinerary – such as hiking, snorkelling, canoeing, sea kayaking, biking and jungle boat tours – and you’re welcome to sit out or do your own thing from time to time
• Tips for local specialist guides, drivers and boat captains are taken care of by Active Adventures South America
• Transport including buses, boats, trains and domestic flights as indicated

Not included:

The Ecuadorian government charges every person who enters the Galapagos Islands a US$100 park entrance fee. You’ll be asked to pay this when you arrive to the airport in Galapagos. INGALA, the coordinating body of Galapagos, also charges a US$10 Transit Control Fee, which is paid through the airline as you check in at Quito airport.

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  • Galapagos -FANTASTIC!

    “I saw everything I had heard about and more! Marine iguanas, volcanoes, hammerhead sharks, white tipped reef sharks, Mola Mola fish, sea lions, sea horses, giant tortoises, turtles, penguins and flamingos (who'd think you could see them on the same trip!) and too many fish to mention. Beautiful scenery every day. Black sand beaches, white sand beaches, volcano hike was like being on another planet.”
    Karen Bleakley – Maryland, United StatesOctober 2014
  • Magnificent Galapagos!

    “Land based Galapagos is the way to go! I'm so grateful we got to really experience the islands by being immersed in the culture as opposed to being on a live aboard. Pepo is an awesome guide! I'm not sure there is a better naturalist guide on the islands - he's a great leader, teacher, and photographer! The food and accommodations were much more than I had anticipated. Buy yourself a good camera for this trip - you will take many photos - it's a trip of a lifetime!”
    Amy Schliem – South Carolina, United StatesSeptember 2014
  • The Wonders of our Natural World

    “How does one describe the Galapagos? Animals of every kind, lots of them; snorkeling like I've never experienced; a wonderful guide who not only loves his work and culture but who knows natural history! Every second of everyday was filled with WOW activities, experiences, sites. Plus there was enough time for personal exploration. Everywhere we went we were taken care of by competent, friendly people. It was a dream vacation.”
    Tim Touzel – South Carolina, United StatesSeptember 2014
  • Snorkeling the Galapagos

    “An excellent trip. We were able to snorkel the very first day, enjoying the sea lions off the beach. Food and accommodations were awesome. Our guide was knowledgeable about the islands' history and nature.”
    Marion Touzel – South Carolina, United StatesSeptember 2014
  • Galapagos, Islands of Wonder!

    “One of the best things about this trip was the variety of activities we participated in. Everything from hiking to mountain biking, kayaking and snorkeling. Also, I absolutely loved that we stayed on land overnight. This allowed us to really engage in interaction with the people and culture of the Galapagos Islands and explore on our own. Each day brought a new surprise in what wildlife we would see. A trip of a lifetime for sure!”
    Pat Maccariella-Hafey – South Carolina, United StatesAugust 2014
  • PABLO made the Galapagos a truly special experience

    “The Galapagos with any tour company would be great. With Pablo and Active Adventures, this trip moved into first place in our family trip ranking. The overall schedule and organization were supreme, as there was little waiting around for the next activity to start. Each activity was amazing, only to be followed by an even better experience. Pablo was a knowledgable and considerate tour guide who made everything, from the Galapagos geology to the frigate bird feeding habits, seem interesting to our entire family.”
    Larry Kanter – New Jersey, United StatesAugust 2014
  • Reality tops imagination every time

    “I knew this trip would be amazing, but the real thing was so much better than I could have imagined. The group was great, the activities were perfect, the guide made sure we took advantage of every opportunity for greatness that we came across. Truly amazing.”
    Jen Hallett – Georgia, United StatesJune 2014
  • Another Planet!

    “Going to Galapagos has been on our bucket list for at least 3 years. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to see the country through Pablo's eyes. Pablo was a phenomenal guide - very patient, kind, caring, accommodating, knowledgeable and passionate about his beautiful home! He certainly inspired us to want to continue to share the beauty and awe of the Galapagos Islands with our family and friends!”
    Kim Bobb – Pennsylvania, United StatesJune 2014
  • Another Planet!

    “Going to Galapagos has been on our bucket list for at least 3 years. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to see the country through Pablo's eyes. Pablo was a phenomenal guide - very patient, kind, caring, accommodating, knowledgeable and passionate about his beautiful home! He certainly inspired us to want to continue to share the beauty and awe of the Galapagos Islands with our family and friends!”
    Jason Bobb – Pennsylvania, United StatesJune 2014
  • Loved the Galápagos Islands!

    “When I returned from the Galapagos Islands, family and friends would ask me to tell them what the highlight of my trip was. My answer began with watching my child snorkel with the sea lions... the penguins ... the sea turtles ... And then I continued with seeing the blue footed boobies ... the tortoises ... the hammerhead sharks ... hiking to the volcanoes ... and the list goes on and on. We had the most amazing guide, Pepo, who shared with all 9 of us, his expertise and knowledge of the Islands. This was an adventure, a vacation, and an education all in one.”
    Lisa Summerfield – California, United StatesJune 2014
  • This truly is the trip of a lifetime!

    “Our group of 16 did the Tortuga trip with Pablo and Pepo in April and what a fabulous time we had! The Galapagos are stunning and I am so glad that we got to stay on the islands rather than on a cruise ship. Staying on the islands gave me a more intimate feeling of the people, the land, the birds, the marine iguanas and of course all the sea lions! Pablo and Pepo were fantastic guides and I was always amazed at their knowledge as well as their amazing ability to get all of us where we needed to be in the most efficient way possible. It seemed like we could ask Pablo and Pepo anything about the Galapagos and they knew the answer. This made the trip for me. I'm a nature lover but a birder first and I was so happy that I could ask either one of them the names of the birds I was seeing and they could tell me. I also liked that Pablo and Pepo both shared what it was like to live in the Galapagos with us. Just an all round amazing trip. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone especially if Pablo and Pepo are your guides!”
    Robin Halls – Ontario, CanadaMay 2014
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration to Remember

    “I have wanted to visit the Galapagos for years, and this trip didn't disappoint! What a fabulous place to celebrate any of life's milestones!”
    Laura-Lee Love – California, United StatesMay 2014
  • Endemic Galapagos

    “A unique trip for a unique destination. Every one knows the islands are home to some very special endemic species. By using land-based accommodations this trip also lets you appreciate the Galapagoean community.”
    Geoffrey Love – California, United StatesMay 2014
  • Incredible!

    “This trip was truly incredible - from the wildlife encounters that have to be seen to be believed, to the beautiful islands, to the funny nights out and the delicious coffee. It was well organised, tonnes of fun and our guide Zambo was amazing - he shared a huge depth of knowledge and did it all with a smile. Couldn't ask for more.”
    Vanessa Thomas – New South Wales, AustraliaMay 2014
  • Over the top

    “This was a truly amazing trip. Expensive but worth every penny. I believe it would be impossible for anyone to utilize their trip time anywhere near as well as Pablo and Pepo did. One morning we had breakfast, went by bus to beach, kayaked for an hour, watertaxi to iguana island and walked around, watertaxi back out in bay to snorkel, watertaxi back to dock, bus to lunch. And if that's too fast paced for you, no problem, you can sit out on some of it. Both guides kept a finger on the pulse of the group and varied the itinerary accordingly. For example, stopped the bus on the way home one day and we all got out and picked guava's which were then dropped off at the breakfast restaurant for guava juice the next day. Loved all the wildlife and natural surroundings and the history the guides provided. Staying on the islands in small hotels gave a wonderful feel for life there. Just an amazing trip.”
    Nancy Glover – Ontario, CanadaMay 2014
  • Best time of my life

    “This trip absolutely blew my mind. The Galapagos Islands are simply like no other place on earth. We were able to see such a diverse array of wildlife and so many animals up close and personal. Pepo, our guide was so passionate and knowledgeable. My personal favourite was the snorkelling, what an indescribable experience to be surrounded by fish, sea turtles, sharks and sea lions all at once. I cannot wait to return!!”
    Paige Bechard – Ontario, CanadaMay 2014
  • “Torture trip is absolutely the trip of a lifetime. It was much more than an adventure trip!”
    Christina Hay – Ontario, CanadaMay 2014
  • Great trip into pre-history

    “A unique trip exposing a person to a unique new world of volcanic rock with birds reptiles and fish which have adapted to this strange land, unlike anything one would see anywhere else!”
    Scott Garner – Ontario, CanadaMay 2014
  • “Tortuga with Pablo was a fun trip full of great activities & information. Our 2 entertaining guides were knowledgable & very expressive. The accommodation & food was terrific. I especially appreciated the attention paid to keeping us safe. I enjoyed staying on 4 islands & the variety of activities.”
    Linda Tiley – , May 2014
  • Simply Amazing, Trip of a lifetime!

    “The tour was so well organized everything flowed from one activity to the next. Our guide Pepo was so informative, friendly, and spot on when finding wild life. Didn't want to come home, and can't wait to go back.”
    Brian Maloney – New York, United StatesApril 2014
  • Fun and More Fun in Ecuador

    “I had a fantastic time. The guide (Jessica) was a charming eloquent individual. My companions were interesting and cool people. The wild life was a gas. My only problem was that equator sun. I'm a red head and didn't put enough sun screen on my face and looked like I was attacked by a jaguar at the end.”
    Tom Williams – Illinois, United StatesMarch 2014
  • “We had a fabulous time. Our guide, Jessica, was amazing. She was extremely versed in all aspects of the trip. A walking encyclopedia!”
    Barbara Kelley – Alabama, United StatesMarch 2014
  • “We had a fabulous time. Our guide, Jessica, was amazing. She was extremely versed in all aspects of the trip. A walking encyclopedia! I called her "sunshine"”
    Carlton Kelley – Alabama, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Really happy we did the land based tour

    “This trip exceeded our expectations. I am so happy that we went on this trip via land vs. sea. This way we were able to learn about the local communities that help ensure the longevity and beauty of the area. Our guide, Pablo, made the trip excellent. His knowledge and love of the area is infectious.”
    Shelley Cooper – New York, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Amazing trip

    “This trip was everything I hoped it would be! Definitely a trip of a lifetime, absolutely amazing!”
    Vicki McLeod – California, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Must see Galapagos

    “This is my second trip with Active and I have not been disappointed. I must say the guides were very knowledgeable, informative and not to mention easy on the eyes. Being from a small island myself I was pleasantly surprised by the culture, history and the pride the people of the Galapagos Islands have. I will recommend to my friends.”
    Cathie Fitzwilliam – , Trinidad and TobagoMarch 2014
  • Don't see the islands from a boat...

    “I didn't want to see Galapagos islands from a cruise boat. I wanted to stay on the islands and mingle with the locals...both human and otherwise. This trip did just that.”
    Jason Waitkins – New York, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Tortuga

    “The Galapagos exceeded my expectations! The tortoises, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, sea lions were everywhere and so accessible. Our accommodations were good and frequently located right on the beach. Wonderful seafood meals and entertaining companions. I highly recommend this trip.”
    Vicki Cefola – Pennsylvania, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • Tortuga Trip Review

    “I was so very happy to have chosen Active Adventures land-based Galapagos trip. Not only did we experience all the incredible wildlife and fantastic natural history, but we also got a close-up sense of island living by staying each night in small towns. The wide variety of activities kept us going all day long. I am not sure how the trip could have been any better.”
    Doug Johnston – Colorado, United StatesDecember 2013
  • Tortoises in Tortuga

    “If you have an interest in endangered species and the biology behind Darwin's theories, the Galapagos is a fascinating place to explore. This trip gives you a great perspective from land and sea of this important place.”
    Laura Johnston – Colorado, United StatesDecember 2013
  • Tortuga Trip comments

    “Good trip and good guide (Pepo). We had only 4 people (including us) on the trip so it was very personal and excellent interactions with Pepo. He did a great job getting a substitute guide for our time on Santa Cruz (he had badly hurt his ankle the day before on Isabela). The trip was a bit less active than we had expected....more free 'explore on your own' time we used for some additional hiking....but we felt perhaps a guide on these would have been helpful.”
    Bruce Kirchner – North Carolina, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Land based trip is the best

    “So glad we chose Active and a land based trip to the Galapagos. I think we got to see more and experience the islands more than you could from a boat.”
    Marty Kirchner – North Carolina, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Pablo Rocks!!

    “Wow, trip of a lifetime. I would move to Isabella and live there for awhile. Pablo absolutely made this trip. He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his islands and all that is on them (including the people on his island). We saw turtles and penguins and sea lions and flamingos and iguanas everywhere, everyday. Swimming with the turtles and penguins and sea lions is amazing (if somewhat shocking at first!). Beautiful to see and be a part of.”
    Lisa Fagan – California, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Bucket list experience

    “The Galapagos trip was perfect. Would not change anything. Pablo was amazing as was the itinerary.”
    Alan Gordon – California, United StatesNovember 2013
  • JUST GO!

    “It was tremendous! I feel so lucky and privileged to have visited this fabulous place. Pablo our guide was so passionate about the history ecology and preservation of this beautiful part of the world. We saw every animal there was to see and super close up! Snorkeling with sea lions, turtles and penguins was definitely a highlight! So fun.”
    Reilly Mahoney – Massachusetts, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Wonderful experience

    “The trip was wonderful. Pablo is an excellent guide and his passion for his work and his home certainly shines through. I truly believe that having him as our guide made our Galapagos experience that much more special. We were fortunate enough to have a captain and a skipper that were very skilled - we even were so lucky to spot a humpback whale and dolphins when traveling in between islands. So happy to have gone on this trip to such an extraordinary place!”
    Samantha Favis – New York, United StatesSeptember 2013
  • Pregnant and Happy!

    “This trip was wonderful. I am so glad I was able to take this trip with my Mom. We got to spend some quality time together in a wonderful place observing wildlife that we could not find anywhere else in the world. I was a little concerned before getting to Ecuador because I was five months pregnant and wasn't sure I would be able to participate in all the activities. But our guide Pablo was amazing and, while I generally stayed in the back of the pack, his enthusiasm for the Galapagos and nature in general kept me motivated. I didn't want to miss anything he had to say or show us. Outstanding!”
    Kim Cruz-Rodenback – Colorado, United StatesSeptember 2013
  • Wow!

    “What a great adventure!! Extraordinary leader! Unforgettable wildlife experiences! Wonderful activities! LOVED IT!”
    Joan Krueger – New York, United StatesAugust 2013
  • Thanks!

    “Pepo was a wonderful trip leader. Sam, the intern that joined us, was particularly supportive during my first snorkeling experience. I appreciated the individualized encouragement! Loved the varied activities!”
    Sari Oxman – New York, United StatesAugust 2013
  • Absolutely magical.

    “The Galapagos are everything you'd hope them to be - absolutely magical. I was stunned by the variety of wildflife I saw and was especially thrilled to get up close and personal to both sea lions and turtles whilst snorkelling. And seeing giant tortoises in the wild was a privilege.”
    Jenny Hemming – West Yorkshire, United KingdomApril 2013

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